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Sketch of "The Big Mistake"
Sketch of "The Big Mistake"more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch of "The Big Mistake" 2018-10-08T08:10:31+00:00close

The next Character / Monster I'm working on is an homage to a time when big movie studios didn't care about getting a comic book character right. When most superhero films were generally a slap in the face of the original creator.

The reason why I chose Ryan Reynolds as the face of this homage was on some obvious and some personal grounds. The obvious is that he still makes fun of these characters himself (Green Lantern mostly) and that he has gone through some bad renditions (also milking of a series (like blade)). The personal was watching them destroy Deadpool the first time around in Wolverine, which was one of my favorite comic book characters at the time.

The Big Mistake is basically a hybrid being that has access to some of the powers displayed in these renditions like disintegration rays and misty stepping. As always the character will include a backstory that is based on all of this.

BONUS CONTENT: Castle Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
BONUS CONTENT: Castle Map 2018-10-05T13:40:19+00:00close

Sponsored by the Dragon Tier you can now find this battlemap and all its layers in the MAP FOLDER of the Back Catalogue! (I had made an animation for it but apparantly patreon sucks at videos!)

Package nr. 6
Package nr. 6more_vert
Post file flag
Package nr. 6 2018-10-02T08:06:17+00:00close
Battlemaps: A 3 layered church / chapel building with PNG layers.

Character: Terryan the Bardbarian (sheet + artwork)

Tokens: NPC's: Acolyte Female + Male in multiple colors, Archmage Female + Male in multiple colors, Assassin Female + Male in two colors, Bandit Captain, Bandit Female + Male and a Pentadrone Modron

Free Forest Road Map
Free Forest Road Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
Free Forest Road Map 2018-09-30T10:19:56+00:00close

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on figuring out a way to create an interesting perspective that combines a more visual isometric approach with a standard topdown perspective for battlemaps. Especially when it comes to designing multistoried buildings. In my upcoming pack on Patreon I will be introducing my latest designs where I explore this new technique, but before I launch them I created a basic forest map to figure out what I could do with implementing trees (an element I’ve never really gotten right in the past in my mixed technique). Which makes use of a simple technique, one I created for doing roofs or multistoried buildings, where I create a base maplayer with tree trunks and a png layer with just the tree tops. This creates multiple solutions in one design as I can upload them as two separate layers in Roll20 or print them either separately or with a lower opacity on the tree layer.

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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!



PNG Map Layers in Roll20
PNG Map Layers in Roll20more_vert
Post file flag
PNG Map Layers in Roll20 2018-09-27T17:48:26+00:00close

So I've been fine tuning my perspective for some time and this is the latest update in the design of my maps. In this map it won't be super obvious why I use this pespective, but when I upload my first building map next week you'll get a better idea why I decided to use this alternative perspective.

You can find the map in my MAP folder located in TERRAINS - TRAVEL MAPS (it's part of the castle map)

Embed data


Provider URL

Pseudo Isometric Battlemaps in Roll20 & Dynamic Lighting

In this short video I talk about using my custom pseudo isometric battlemaps in Roll20 and how you can set my maps up yourself. You can download this map for free on my website www.crossheadstudios.com. The tokens & more maps can be found on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Crosshead



Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13741230 - 28 Sep 18 14:23
I like the perspective you use for your maps! I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but do you create your own assets (trees, roads, statues) or utilize pre-made ones?
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Sep 18 15:36
Hey Shelby! I draw all my assets by hand on a cintiq drawing screen in photoshop. I'm currently putting together a new feature for dragon tier patrons to be able to build their own creations or variants with my assets. I'll be releasing a video on the feature somewhere in the future. On my YouTube channel you can also find a video of me drawing out a couple of maps from scratch, if you're interested in my process
Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGEND
Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGENDmore_vert
Post file flag
Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGEND 2018-09-21T13:03:15+00:00close

So here is a more detailed approach on the design of my Dwarven Ruins. The idea was to create six distinct maps, each with their own "gateway", that could also be used as one single interlocked map with the theme "Dwarven Ruins or Abandonded Dwarven Outpost".

The concept was that the outpost was built near a mine filled with precious metals, located near an active vulcanic source. Hence all the lava.

The Dwarves made sure they would be able to protect their mining operation by building a layered defense.

First is the map of the gateway that leads into the complex, with a massive gateway that could be guarded from an overlook. In case of an attack, the Dwarves could run a counter attack from the stables that were located behind the entrance gateway. Running their mounts through the passages underneath into their foes. (I had an alternative idea where the ceiling in the stables is open, so they could use flying mounts as well). Next is a system of ancient caves running near the entrance (Which was hard to navigate at the time the outpost was built, but has been burrowed through afterwards).

The legend above goes into minor details on the design of the separate areas. What I had in mind when creating them.

The next three maps focus on the layout of the rest of the outpost, including a burial site inside the mountain, which was connected to the stables (in case warriors were wounded or killed in battle). Then the fortress itself with a layered defense system and the mine.

Parts of the outpost have collapsed, the idea was to create a sense of a breach from inside. Either creatures living in the system of caves long before the Dwarves came there or creatures that used the ancient portal stone and conquered the Dwarves using old passageways running through the mountain.

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #7052489 - 23 Sep 18 15:14
where can I download this awesomeness?
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Sep 18 19:10
Hey Lady Ahiru! You should be able to download all these maps by going to the Back Catalogue (see it on featured tags on the front page of my Patreon). There should be a link there you can click that will take you to all my content!
user avatar
User #11772993 - 21 Sep 18 13:24
This is amazing! I can't wait to use it in a game. Might have to build a one shot around this map pack. Do you have the grid dimensions for the big map? I'm thinking I might use this in a Roll20 game. My players love maps like this with so much detail.
user avatar
Crosshead - 21 Sep 18 13:43
The Dimensions of this map is 84 x 90 squares. Each separate map is 42 x 30 squares!
user avatar
User #8936422 - 8 Oct 18 10:14
Hey, I just checked the map pack and I saw you had print PDF files for every map. Is that something you did specifically because I asked or were they there all along? Either way, thanks a lot!
user avatar
Crosshead - 8 Oct 18 10:25
Hey Freek! It was a bit of both, as I have always been working with print in mind (why the dimensions of my work have always been determined by it), but something I had forgot to take care of and request like yours got me to put some more attention in making sure it got done! One of the main reasons I'm glad I transfered to Patreon when it comes to growing as a creator: the instant feedback and a chance to fix things on the fly!
user avatar
User #14509205 - 26 Oct 18 21:55
Hi! Just subscribed at Explorer level, specifically because I love this map! But, I can't seem to access it...?
user avatar
User #702427 - 24 Sep 18 03:38
Wow. This is gorgeous. New patron here. How do you make such beautiful maps?
user avatar
Crosshead - 24 Sep 18 07:40
Hey Kit! I basically just draw all of my maps by hand in Photoshop. It's something I started doing a couple of years ago and have been trying to perfect ever since. It was my way of recreating 3D printed terrain tiles on paper basically.
user avatar
User #702427 - 24 Sep 18 17:23
Damn! That’s amazing. How long do they take you do you think?
Terry Crews - Bardbarian
Terry Crews - Bardbarianmore_vert
Post file flag
Terry Crews - Bardbarian 2018-09-15T11:54:16+00:00close

Terry Crews is the Bardbarian, if people are interested I'll post all references made in this work later.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7631369 - 17 Sep 18 06:52
This is so great!
Terry Crews - The Bardbarian
Terry Crews - The Bardbarianmore_vert
Post file flag
Terry Crews - The Bardbarian 2018-09-12T09:12:44+00:00close

Here is a preview sketch of the work I am doing on the Bardbarian NPC based on terry crews. As part of this design I was trying out a couple of new techniques for building a painting, the fine linework marking the planes of the muscles and materials. It's a mapping sketch, so some details you see here are still up for lots of changes (like his face).

In an effort to pull out all the stops to make this piece one of the most detailed paintings I've made so far. I will also be looking into a new presentation for the statblock itself, after updating all my other assets. A design that will possibly set the tone for everything from now on.

Should have the NPC finished by the weekend, so you can expect a LQ version popping up by then.

Every item used in the design has a reference to Terry or the character. I challenge you to try and find them. Will post a list of these references when I upload it this weekend!

Post file flag
BACK CATALOGUE 2018-09-10T11:14:50+00:00close

Introducing: the "BACK CATALOGUE", a neat folder of all the content I've created thus far. Here you will find all the MINIATURES, MONSTERS AND MAPS I've been able to create with the support of my patrons.

At the end of every month the link to the Back Catalogue expires, as soon as I've uploaded the new content for the new month I refresh the link and send it to everyone in person, and also refresh the link right here.

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #18204492 - 11 Mar 19 12:14
Brand new Patreon, still learning the ropes of navigation, but wanted to say great work! I appreciate the effort you've put into this.
user avatar
User #20041963 - 3 Aug 19 18:45
Drop box link is offline
user avatar
User #15924809 - 23 Dec 18 03:55
Top quality work! Some really inspired work.
user avatar
User #7631369 - 10 Sep 18 11:25
Yay, this is really cool!
user avatar
User #10794197 - 28 Feb 19 16:32
This does have all the content that has been released since it was posted, correct?
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 Mar 19 18:40
user avatar
User #7182011 - 13 Jun 19 10:20
Back catalogue is a good move, it's a chore having to download each map in the feed
user avatar
User #18699557 - 5 Apr 19 17:15
Your work is awesome! I've gone digital for all of my live D&D sessions and was struggling to find enough content that looked like it had the same style and tone. Your stuff is knocking it out of the park!
user avatar
User #16267012 - 30 Oct 19 21:48
Hi, I can't access the link tonight. It seems to be offline?
user avatar
User #100066 - 10 Sep 18 11:37
Nice! Is there a link for the stuff, or is that email being sent later?
user avatar
Crosshead - 10 Sep 18 11:41
Wow, totally forgot to add the link! Adding it right now!
user avatar
User #9625698 - 6 Apr 19 11:58
Killer Maps!!!! Could you do Pathfinder versions of the monsters?
user avatar
User #2521481 - 14 Aug 19 16:24
Can't access the back catalog.
user avatar
Crosshead - 14 Aug 19 16:38
Mmm... I checked the link and it seems to be working on my end. I'll send you a link in PM
Mountain Pack - FINISHED
Mountain Pack - FINISHEDmore_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - FINISHED 2018-09-08T10:03:43+00:00close

The last map in the Mountain Pack is finally finished! If you guys are interested, I will upload a detail description of the map and what every room was designed for, later this week.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2355618 - 25 Sep 18 14:43
what is the gridsize for the complete big map?
user avatar
Crosshead - 25 Sep 18 14:55
Hey Mads, the full map is 84 by 90. Individual maps are 42 by 30
user avatar
User #2355618 - 25 Sep 18 15:34
Thank you. Love your work btw!
user avatar
User #11772993 - 8 Sep 18 12:36
I would be very interested in seeing your detailed description and room design for this map.
user avatar
User #13508660 - 20 Sep 18 17:13
I would love to read your descriptions of the rooms. I'm planning on using this full map as the final dungeon of the first part of my homebrew campaign. Your work is fantastic!
user avatar
Crosshead - 20 Sep 18 17:38
Uploading the description tomorrow! Had a slight delay working on my new maps!
user avatar
User #12751140 - 8 Sep 18 14:32
Looks amazing, good job, I'd also like to see detail/room description
Package nr. 5
Package nr. 5more_vert
Post file flag
Package nr. 5 2018-09-05T10:11:52+00:00close


Battlemaps: A Galleon, Schooner, Rowboat, Canoe, Fisherman's Boat (all available in PNG (with alpha layer).

Character: The Bloated Bard (sheet + artwork)

Tokens: Beholder (angry + neutral), Darkmantle, Kuo-Toa, Merfolk, Sahuagin, Sea Hag, Waterweird

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2221072 - 14 Jun 19 00:57
bit of a silly question here, but how do I actually download this? I can view the package, but I don't see where to access it.
user avatar
User #299779 - 24 Jul 19 13:06
user avatar
User #13492960 - 11 Sep 18 01:37
These are awesome!
Mountain Pack - PART 5
Mountain Pack - PART 5more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - PART 5 2018-09-05T09:30:35+00:00close

Finished the top right part of my Mountain Pack Map.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5221210 - 6 Sep 18 04:10
Amazing! any estimate when the final part will be out?
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 Sep 18 07:17
Before the end of this week!
Introducing: Sticking Around Content
Introducing: Sticking Around Contentmore_vert
Post file flag
Introducing: Sticking Around Content 2018-09-05T09:25:55+00:00close

I'm introducing a new feature for my DRAGON MONARCHY TIER which rewards patrons of the tier for sticking around as my patron. Every six months I will release a pack of sticking around content, which will probably mostly be map packs and the first of the milestone mappacks will be the FOURREALM map pack. Fifty maps I designed for my old Campaign Setting. (Check it out on Roll20 Marketplace)

As this is a new feature, I will also allow all patrons, who have sticked with me so far in other tiers to sign over to the Dragon Tier and get the pack in the remaining time.

Mountain Pack - PART 4
Mountain Pack - PART 4more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - PART 4 2018-08-31T13:37:02+00:00close

Finished the upper middle part of my Mountain Pack Map.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

Mountain Pack - PART 3
Mountain Pack - PART 3more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - PART 3 2018-08-31T13:35:42+00:00close

Finished the lower middle cave of my Mountain Pack Map.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

Discord 2018-08-25T22:00:35+00:00

Will be integrating discord into our Patreon, a place where you can ask questions regarding content, addressing things that will help me improve the workings of this site, or whatever you'd like to come and talk about.

I will also add tier specific channels, or at least try to as I am quite new to setting all this up, where patrons can ask priority question or talk about tier related information.

Mountain Pack - PART 2
Mountain Pack - PART 2more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - PART 2 2018-08-25T11:59:19+00:00close

Finished the top left corner of my Mountain Pack Map.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

Mountain Pack - PART 1
Mountain Pack - PART 1more_vert
Post file flag
Mountain Pack - PART 1 2018-08-24T11:57:16+00:00close

Here is the first entry for my large mountain map, the lower left corner of a 6 piece map. The map can easily be used as a separate map as the introductory map to a dungeon. Each one of the mountain maps in this pack will have a unique gateway of some sort.

You can download the High Res version (Gridded and Gridless) right HERE

I will be uploading the rest of the maps in the following week, including a post with the full map and detailed information about the ideas behind the entire map.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #26502266 - 13 Nov 19 21:19
Are these in the Supreme Back Log? Having trouble finding them
Cave Network Pack Preview
Cave Network Pack Previewmore_vert
Post file flag
Cave Network Pack Preview 2018-08-20T20:35:56+00:00close

I just finished the linework and coloring of the bottom left corner of the massive Mountain Pack. It's again somewhat of an experiment, working with a bit of a twisted perspective instead of just going for a standard aerial view.

It features the gate to the ancient dwarven stronghold, or if used separately to whatever you need a gate to an underground structure for. There will probably be separate elements that I will introduce after this massive map is finished that connect all the gates going underground. As each of the six maps will feature an element that leads underground. I hope that makes sense...

The Mountain Pack is the first in a new line of assets (maps, tokens & characters) that I will release as BONUS ASSETS for all my patrons. It will be a separate map that anyone can access at any time with all the bonus content I create outside of my standard packages. Basically if I finish this entire map before the month is over you will be able to access it straight away instead of having to wait for it!

Basically more bang for your buck!

Cave Network - Entrances
Cave Network - Entrancesmore_vert
Post file flag
Cave Network - Entrances 2018-08-19T07:49:55+00:00close

I am currently working on a massive set of six bonus maps (maps that will be available for all patrons as soon as they are finished) that feature a network of caves.

If used together they feature the ruins of a dwarven city or fortress, which DM's can use for a single adventure, but if used separately they can be used as 6 separate entrance maps to a dungeon in a mountain.

The following weeks I am focusing some extra energy into creating extra maps and content that will be placed in a bonus folder accessible to all paying patrons. Hopefully expanding my patron base somewhat so I can keep creating extra content outside of the packages I deliver each month.

I've also updated my Patreon page somewhat, hopefully making it easier to navigate.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13246668 - 29 Aug 18 08:31
Can't wait to see. I've just signed up for the DM tier based on these maps and plan to use all of them!
user avatar
Crosshead - 29 Aug 18 09:58
If all goes to plan, I'll be finishing them by the end of this week!
Naval Transport Battlemaps
Naval Transport Battlemapsmore_vert
Post file flag
Naval Transport Battlemaps 2018-08-18T11:30:49+00:00close

Here is a preview of this months battlemaps. All of these ships will be available as both full maps with background and as separate png's with alpha layer, so you can use them on top of any other surface.

The Schooners also have 6 unique sail options that you can put on top of the top deck.

I am also finishing up another extra map pack of 6 connected mountain/cave maps that I will be sharing with you before the end of this month!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 18 Aug 18 18:39
I... ship it. Er is that even still a thing? I'm so old.. Nice work :)
Tokens 2018-08-16T06:59:49+00:00

Thinking of switching over to top down tokens, or at least giving it a shot instead of the front view tokens. Wanted to know what you all would prefer. Stay with the front view tokens or try out a couple of top down tokens for this batch instead?

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #100066 - 29 Aug 18 19:02
I just started playing DnD again couple months ago, after a 30 year life break. ;) Now using ROLL20 and wouldn't mind seeing what you could do with TOP DOWN TOKENS.
user avatar
User #6401639 - 16 Aug 18 08:23
Front view is better for VTT.
user avatar
Crosshead - 16 Aug 18 09:21
I tend to generally use the front view for VTT tokens as well, that's why I started out that way and because you can print them for live use too.
Alex Jones - Bloated Bard
Alex Jones - Bloated Bardmore_vert
Post file flag
Alex Jones - Bloated Bard 2018-08-11T10:55:30+00:00close

Here is the first version of my Bloated Bard Monster. Loosely based on the persona of Alex Jones

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 11 Aug 18 11:10
I love this so much and cannot wait to use it!
Monster based on Alex Jones
Monster based on Alex Jonesmore_vert
Post file flag
Monster based on Alex Jones 2018-08-10T11:17:08+00:00close

Was reading a bit in the papers about Alex Jones and I realized that he is a brilliant subject for a D&D character/monster. Rounding the finishing details on this creature and will post more about it on Saturday.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 10 Aug 18 14:04
I cannot tell you how excited this makes me! OBAMA MADE THE KUA-TOA GAY!
Ships in Progress
Ships in Progressmore_vert
Post file flag
Ships in Progress 2018-08-06T21:22:23+00:00close

For this month I'm working on a bunch of ships as part of my Transport Package, here is a sneak peak at what I'm working at.

Starting out with a rowboat - canoe - fisherman boat - going into bigger ships after this (with multiple decks etc.) for all your naval needs.

Fourth pack of the Patron Assets!
Fourth pack of the Patron Assets!more_vert
Post file flag
Fourth pack of the Patron Assets! 2018-08-03T12:33:42+00:00close

Holiday Delay 2018-07-31T10:25:45+00:00

Just got back from a two week holiday and working hard to get all the goodies done in time for this months package. Might come with a slight delay, but I'm expecting to get extra work done in the coming months. Basically you can expect some extra content coming in (for all my patrons) in August to make up for the delay caused by my holidays.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4674060 - 2 Aug 18 05:26
Hope you had a great vacation!
Post file flag
Sauron 2018-07-14T10:33:10+00:00close

Introducing: the Dark Lord himself, Sauron.

Again I chose to create my own unique rendition of the character, which is a post War of the Ring Sauron. The concept here is that he, like most demon and devil creatures in D&D, discorporates when he is defeated. Basically saying: When Sauron drops to 0 hit points or dies, his body and belongings are destroyed but his essence travels back to “the Abyss” and he is unable to take physical form for a time.

Originally his statblock was much longer, including the passive ability Discorporation with text, but I wanted it to fit on a single page for my entry here, so I had to cut some things including the ability to Dismiss Demon, where he can dismiss the “Balrog” he summoned. Summoning a Balrog didn’t just sound fun, but I thought it felt appropriate as demons/devils can generally summon weaker demons in D&D. The idea being that I might create a printed card deck, with my illustrations, and a booklet with the full text (including lair abilities) in the future.

The way I see it, is that this Sauron is an ideal opponent for a custom homebrew campaign (not necessarily taking place inside the LOTR setting) or a short adventure where your party travels to the Abyss (or whatever location you think is appropriate for Sauron to have been returned to) and kills Sauron for good. It could be the behind the scenes tale of the actual heroes who defeated Sauron, but who were never given praise for it.

Designing my rendition of the Dark Lord, I wanted to incorporate some of his past like his cut off ring finger (although it might not be very clear in my artwork) and a reference to the iconic burning eye. In my concept of the character, it would only light up when he uses his legendary action: I See You. Since he already had so many unique nick names before, I decided to include my own addition to the list to mark him as separate from what came before.

A HQ version of Sauron will be included in this month’s Patreon Pack, including the artwork and linework

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5817802 - 14 Jul 18 17:56
This is freaking awesome and epic! Very much here for more goodies like this!
A video about Worldbuilding
A video about Worldbuildingmore_vert
Post file flag
A video about Worldbuilding 2018-07-14T10:09:33+00:00close

I decided to make a video about building a world. If people enjoy these kind of videos, I might make more.

Embed data


Provider URL

Fantasy Universe - Creation Law, Dungeon Wright #4

This is my first video on creating a Campaign Setting or Fantasy Universe. The video includes all custom made artwork using a set of brushes created by the wonderful Dave Greco. I would like to continue building one of the Campaign Settings designed in this video and leave it up to you which one I will continue working on. You can vote for either my Race/Genealogy Setting or my Magical Items Setting in the comments below. If you have any questions or things you would like me to elaborate on in the future, feel free to ask me questions. You can find more of my content on my updated website: www.crossheadstudios.com You can also follow me on instagram: @crossheadstudios



Releasing Video + Sauron
Releasing Video + Sauronmore_vert
Post file flag
Releasing Video + Sauron 2018-07-13T08:32:14+00:00close

Saturday I will be releasing a new video on worldbuilding on my youtube channel, focused on creating a campaign setting from scratch and I will be posting my design for a D&Dified version of Sauron. The HQ files of that character will be included in the pack of this month of course.

Sauron D&Dified
Sauron D&Difiedmore_vert
Post file flag
Sauron D&Dified 2018-07-04T06:58:41+00:00close

Working on a post destruction of the ring Sauron character for D&D. The idea being he used to have the ring as a phylactery, but since he is basically a God he is able to regenerate himself very slowly. While in this state he is beatable and even flawed. Incorporating things like the tower falling down, with the eye of Sauron attached, making this character blind.

If players do defeat him, it will take him quite some time to manifest himself again and the cycle will start over again.

Ending with a final twist, I was thinking of also changing his name to Saurof the Blind. A silly pun on one end and also because of the fact that I will be putting my own twist on the entire background story of the character.

Third pack of the Patron Assets!
Third pack of the Patron Assets!more_vert
Post file flag
Third pack of the Patron Assets! 2018-07-02T10:59:43+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 Jul 18 11:15
Starting working on developing a new technique of painting, used in the this months map pack. This month also includes 4 png files of a Trebuchet, Battering Ram, Ballista and Pikes as featured in the map itself.
Siege Camp Map
Siege Camp Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
Siege Camp Map 2018-06-28T19:37:06+00:00close

Here is a sneak peak at my sketch for this months Map. I'm actually loving the map so much I am going out of my way to be able to play a session in it this Friday.

It will include 4 png files of siege equipment including a trebuchet, ballista, pikes and a battering ram.

My First City Map
My First City Mapmore_vert
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I fell in love drawing city, region and battle-maps for my Homebrew Campaigns from the first moment that I started playing D&D. Here is a throwback to about a year and a half ago when I started really putting in the effort to make more detailed maps for the new Campaign Setting I was about to introduce to my party.

The underground part of a city called Skypeak, located inside a mountain with the the same name. The city winds up and down inside a massive cavern, divided in several districts including a Market district with 3 tiers and an entertainment district with a Colosseum like arena.

In the center of the city is a massive mechanical platform that is attached to four pillars reaching all the way to the top of the mountain. The second and more exclusive part of the city is located there. Located high above the clouds, hence the name: Skypeak.

You can find a HD version of the map inside of my FREE dropbox folder.

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Crosshead - 28 Jun 18 17:48
A. THE HALL OF ENLIGHTENMENT The Hall of Enlightenment marks the entrance to the lower levels of Skypeak. It is a large open hallway filled with statues of all the enlightened minds that head the Grand Charter. Above each statue is a large slab of text, which tells of its owners deeds. The statues and their slabs are illuminated by three horizontal rows of torches on each wall. All the way from the city gates to deep into the gargantuan cave where the city has been built. Every member of the Charter can pay for their own entry within the Hall of Enlightenment. It started out as a couple of statues, all the way in the back of the Hall, where it opens up into the City itself, you can find the oldest entries of the first Inklar King and Queen. Now it has expanded all the way to main gates and even outside deep into the crevasse. B. THE MARKET DISTRICT (“THE SHOPS”) The market district is a bustling place. Divided in several quarters, each quarter home to a specific trade. You can also find small temples dedicated to the God of wealth, Lothar, all over the district. There are small streets and alleys that connect the quarters, where you will find shops of all sorts. The district is built out of different levels, and the higher you go, the more money you will have to spend. You can allow them access to all sorts of shops. You should be able to find almost anything in this city. The shop owners in the lower levels might be a bit rough on the edges, dishonest outright, but the ones on the high levels are intelligent and will try to gauge the sort of buyer he is dealing with. They will swindle if they think it is someone inexperienced they’re dealing with. The High Street shops have strict security, so they are not easily scared either. You can also find several inn and pubs around here. There are some pubs where you might only find a couple of costumers lurking about, and taverns that are booming. To find any information you might talk to a bartender in one of these places, especially the ones that see a lot of people coming and going. Most taverns have a place to sleep as well. The High Street The top floor of the Market District. Here you will find items of the highest quality or, at least, the most deftly decorated items. All the shops here are owned by wealthy families, who sell their patented wears here. Walking all the way at the top of the Market District, you bathe in the light of the Caval Ray. Some of the finest taverns are located at the edge of the District, providing you with a glorious view of the city. True Malt Inn: The famed tavern owned by the dwarven Malt family. They have the patent for the Inklar Malt, the most widely available beer in all of Inklar. What once used to be a beer for people of all trades, has become one of the more high class brews. As the family rose within the Charter, so did their products become more exclusive. Sparkles Inc.: The headquarters of the Sparkles retail chain is located right here in Skypeak. These stores are famous for adding gems to any sort of equipment or clothing. The only Inklar business that seems to do very well in Modanai. Owned by the orc Sparkles Family famous for their catchphrase: “NEEDS MORE SHINY!” They demand that their employees try to slip it into conversation with a client as much as possible. The word shiny should definitely be overused. Buff Boys & Bouncers: The orc family Buff’s training facilities are well known throughout the country. Training quality guardsmen, nobles and even the royal offspring. Here you will find the highest quality of protection for sale. The Tiny Dancer: Clothing imported straight from the fashion capital of the world. The Tiny Dancer sells clothing for any respected nobleman or noblewoman. They have a large special section for costumed balls. Owned by the human Cotillion Family. The Maul Mall: A store dedicated to blunt weaponry and axes. Owned by a human family with the surname Le Pernach. The Katana Kings: A boutique store dedicated to fine swords. Owned by the elven Katana family. Repro’s Replicatas: This store looks more like a fancy warehouse. It is home to thousands of books, from all over the world. You won’t find an original book here, these are all duplicates. The elven Repro family became filthy rich, patenting the idea of copying books. So every time a book gets remade, anywhere in Inklar, they would get a share of the taxes that are paid on that replica. Naughty Knights: A store where you can find very skimpy armor. Located in a side alley of the main street. You will see people glaring through the window, not really daring to go in and younger people, who seem to have no shame, just walk in there very casually. Naughty Knights is for warriors, who believe that looking sexy, should always be on the table, even when going into battle. Owned by a human family named the Von Tramps. Twin Street Located at a lower level, on the midlevel underneath High Street and above Shady Street, Twin Street is an exact copy of High Street. Here you can enter the basement level of the stores on High Street. You will find the similar wears as the store on High Street above, but most of these wears are old models or even second hand. The middle class loves to come here to find bargains of products that are normally only affordable for the nobility. Shady Street All the way at ground level, Shady Street doesn’t just derive its name from its ill-lighted street. When you are looking for something off the books, Shady Street definitely is the place for you. You will need to earn the trust of the people that work here, before you gain entrance to the most interesting places. Mighty Brew Inn: The busiest tavern in all of Shady Street. Here you will find people from all over the world. If you are looking for information on anything, you should be able to find it here. It may cost you though. A great place to gamble, drink and fight. Preferably in that order. The Cloak and Dagger: A shop that always seems to be closed, but if you spend a little time around you easily notice people going in and out constantly. All the people that enter have a unique knock, upon which the door opens to a slit. After that they whisper something to the owner and the door opens just wide enough for them to come through. The shop sells all sorts of equipment for people who like to operate in the shadows. They have books on all their clientele, this allows them to operate within the cities laws. They cooperate with local police, something most shoppers aren’t aware of. Each of their items bears a unique brand, so they can finger criminals when the crime has been committed with their equipment. They get paid twice this way. Owned by the Masked Lord. The Crusty Blade: If you are looking for something sharp, the Crusty Blade isn’t really the place to be. But it is the cheapest place to find something to stab someone with in the entire city of Skypeak. It’s worth coming in, just to witness the state of their goods. The Readit: A second hand book shop. Whatever you find here, you probably already read it. C. THE ARCANE DISTRICT (“ARCANIA”) Magic users from all over the country come together in the Arcane District to share their knowledge. Several libraries dedicated to the arcane disciplines can be found all over Arcania and open colleges can be attended by those who seek knowledge. Deep inside the colleges, spread all over the district, you can find small altars dedicated to Lunus, God of Knowledge. Although it seems like a very welcoming place, many of the students and teachers, who live in the dorms and houses of the district, are very weary of people who enter their domain. Spies are everywhere here in Skypeak, who are constantly lurking about trying to uncover the latest discoveries and inventions made by the academy. It is a tiresome game of cat and mouse, but because it such an old game, the people, who live here, are excellently trained at keeping their secrets safe. D. THE PITS The citizens of Inklar love a good fight. Especially here in Skypeak, people love the distraction of watching two people bash each other’s brains in. The Pits are an entire districted dedicated to that distraction, with several smaller fighting arenas and one main stadium (THE CHROME DOME), where people can fight and take bets on the fights that are taking place. The Chrome Dome: is the number one attraction in the pits, it is a large oval stone building, surrounded by large pillar-like statues of the Goddess Regna, completely covered in chromium. Here people come to watch large scale battles take place, emulating the great battles of the past. The Chrome Champions are held in great esteem all over Skypeak, they are even granted audiences with the King himself. E. THE JUDICIAL DISTRICT (“THE COURT”) The Judicial District is the most important, and therefore, the largest district in Lowtown. The district houses several offices, almost exclusively offices, which are linked to the Grand Charter in some way. The smallest and cheapest buildings house independent lawyers, who are making their way up the food chain in the judicial system. The larger ones house firms, with names like: “The Chain and Whip”, “The Golden Gavel”, “The Royal Ruling”, etc. All the way in the center square of the district you can find penalty offices, where the claims are submitted, and the tribunals where the cases are decided. The largest buildings in the district are all dedicated to the Grand Charter: The Houses of Charter (the HoC = where you submit your patent request), the Charter Penalty Office (the CPO) and the Charter Court (the CC = Where the High Council of the Charter convenes). In the center of the square is a statue dedicated to the first King of Inklar, Donald McPatentson the First. The statue is surrounded by several stone benches, where you see lawyers conversing with other lawyers or their clients. F. LOWER CLASS DISTRICT (“THE PLEBS”) & THE SLUMS Located in the back of the city, these two districts are home to the two largest groups of citizens of the Capital. Players can buy a home in either of these two districts. Or in any other if they have the gold for it. G. THE MILITARY DISTRICT (“THE GARRISON”) The military is an important part in the Inklar culture. Everyone in Skypeak has great respect for the soldiers, who serve in the Garrison. A grand part of the military force of Inklar is stationed right here in the city of Skypeak. They spend their days training and patrolling the streets of the capital. The Garrison also serves as a barrier between the common folk and the wealthy. Only Lords or people with a permit are allowed to pass through to visit the Middle Order and Uptown. H. MIDDLE CLASS DISTRICT (“THE MIDDLE ORDER”) & THE GREAT LIFT Located all the way in the center of Lowtown, this district is home to the middle class citizens of Skypeak. The people who live here, are actively taking part in the Grand Charter, trying to make their way up the ladder. They actually live right at the bottom of The Great Lift, a massive elevator that takes you up to the second part of the city: Uptown.
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User #6658445 - 28 Jun 18 15:18
The map looks awesome thanks for sharing. You said the city apart of your campaign setting, mind giving a bit more of the city or the people who live there?
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Crosshead - 28 Jun 18 17:48
Sure! Here is a list of all the districts and notable buildings inside of the city:
Captain Urakh Grimclaw
Captain Urakh Grimclawmore_vert
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Captain Urakh Grimclaw 2018-06-23T13:09:57+00:00close

Here is the finished version of Captain Urakh Grimclaw the flightless and armless Aarakocra. Statblock and images will be provided in this months package!

Sketch for my Kiwi Pirate
Sketch for my Kiwi Piratemore_vert
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Sketch for my Kiwi Pirate 2018-06-21T14:20:46+00:00close

It started out as sort of a joke, to create this Kiwi Aarakocra Pirate, wingless and armless, with a Gnome on his shoulder. Somehow I started falling in love with the idea though of this Pirate captain with no arms or wings, who uses shadow arms to wield his massive two handed rapier and I'm now currently in the coloring stage of bringing this character to life.

He will come included with a double stat block, one for him and one for his sidekick Tiny Pete. The name of the Kiwi Pirate is Urakh Grimclaw

Tokens for June - PART 1 finished
Tokens for June - PART 1 finishedmore_vert
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Tokens for June - PART 1 finished 2018-06-19T13:23:51+00:00close

Here is a sneak peak at the token package for June, which will mainly focus on Goblins and Orcs. I tried to be as faithful as possible to the stats in the monster manual.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvaniamore_vert
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Hotel Transylvania 2018-06-13T14:23:51+00:00close

Was drawing some tokens when I came across the trailer for the new Hotel Transylvania movie. Seemed quite fitting to do an equivalent poster of the movie with the RPG versions of those monsters.

You can download these 7 tokens (the vampire, vampire spawn, mummy, flesh golem, werewolf, gelatinous cube and yeti) HERE for free.

Dungeon Wright Episode 2 + Map Update
Dungeon Wright Episode 2 + Map Updatemore_vert
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Dungeon Wright Episode 2 + Map Update 2018-06-09T11:06:48+00:00close

I've uploaded the making off video of my city map of Hellhest. Also updated my map folder to include the 2D city map. (I will add more versions like the line version and one without the numbers later)

You can find the video on my YOUTUBE

Nordic Pack - May
Nordic Pack - Maymore_vert
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Nordic Pack - May 2018-06-02T09:28:59+00:00close

Second pack of the Patron Assets!

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User #3273872 - 25 Sep 19 00:11
I can't find links to any of the packs anywhere
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User #2640201 - 12 Jun 18 22:10
Is there a link I am missing for the pack?
The Black Knight CR3
The Black Knight CR3more_vert
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The Black Knight CR3 2018-06-01T12:22:37+00:00close

Introducing the Black Knight and the new character layout.

The Black Knight
The Black Knightmore_vert
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The Black Knight 2018-05-31T12:08:56+00:00close

I'm working on a possible different approach to my character designs for the future. Starting with the design of this undead Black Knight, based the Black Knight from Monty Python. Basically what I would like to do is spend more time perfecting the colors and the linework instead of rushing them to get more of them done in less time.

I would also like to go into more backstory on each design. Writing up small pieces of text to go along with the design and a statblock. Basically like is done in the Monster Manual.

Once I'm finished I'll post the design and you can give me feedback.

The Birds - Roster of Aarakocra
The Birds - Roster of Aarakocramore_vert
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The Birds - Roster of Aarakocra 2018-05-30T06:22:53+00:00close

As I was working on this months batch of tokens, I started working on an Aarakocra token and got so got up in the possible variations that I made a small series of them. Once I got started I wanted to vary both species and classes so players could use all of them in an Aarakocra inspired adventure. Most tokens are based on basic npc’s you can find stats for in the back of the Monster Manual, that way it would be very easy to throw one of these npc’s in your game on the fly. (Insert bird joke)

Once I had created a bunch of them, I just knew I had to use them for something else as well and thus the Hitchcock reference was created.

You can download all these tokens for FREE right HERE

Viking Mountain City
Viking Mountain Citymore_vert
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Viking Mountain City 2018-05-22T14:48:05+00:00close

I started working on this Viking Fortress located in the mountains and things got a bit out of hand. (insert joke about the fact that the fortress is built inside massive stone hands) Next thing I knew I was working on this entire city.

To get the layout somewhat right, I am no expert at this, I drew a 3d model of the city by hand. (insert more hand jokes) What started as an idea to just draw a 2d fortress map, then became a 2d city map and is now slowly turning into this super complex drawing of a 3d map (the final version will both contain a 3d version drawing and 2 layout map of the city).

Now why?

I just really got exited about the idea of a city built inside these massive stone hands protruding from a mountain. I have always favored fantasy cities with a visual story to them, like cities inside mountains, at the edge of a waterfall or in a tree. For this city I immediately had some possible backstories coming to mind. One example could be that a powerful wizard wanted to destroy the city and summoned a stone giant to crush it, getting stopped at the last moment by a group of adventurers.

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User #11348218 - 23 May 18 01:22
I really like the idea here can't wait to see the final product! Also I think I am going to use that backstory idea.
Six-in-One Forest Battlemap.
Six-in-One Forest Battlemap. more_vert
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Six-in-One Forest Battlemap. 2018-05-19T10:51:50+00:00close

This massive forest battlemap consists out of six individual interlinked battlemaps. Perfect for random forest encounters! Download these six forest battlemaps for free here right HERE

You can also check out this video tutorial of how I made these maps from scratch on YOUTUBE.

Dungeon Wright - Youtube Tutorials
Dungeon Wright - Youtube Tutorialsmore_vert
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Dungeon Wright - Youtube Tutorials 2018-05-14T18:55:28+00:00close

I've started working on my first episode in a series I'm calling Dungeon Wright. Giving out my tips and tricks for creating content for RPG's. In this first episode I will show you the making off of the massive forest 6 in 1 battlemap that I am creating.

Free FourRealm Maps 2018-05-07T19:38:05+00:00

I've uploaded high quality maps of the FourRealm maps that I have been publishing on reddit and tumblr. These are part of the map pack of 50 that comes with the game and are not part of my patreon published maps.

You can find em for FREE HERE.

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Suratan 2018-05-07T19:32:14+00:00close

In the east of my Campaign Setting is an empire called Modanai. Located deep in the jungle, this empire, based on Eastern mythology, is divided into three sections. Three Wards. Divided by massive walls, each of these sections represents one of the three stages in life.

The Inner Ward

All the way in the center of the empire is the Inner Ward, home of the Eternal Empress and the council of Lords, who rule all of Modanai.It is a place filled with energy and life, where everything moves at lightning speed. Only the youngest generation is allowed entrance to the Inner Ward, there isn’t room for people who can’t keep up.

Every citizen born in the empire is granted what is known as a life-loan, money they can spend freely but will have to repay over time, its grants inhabitants of the Inner Ward the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life, worrying about repaying these debts later.


Growing older, means losing the ability to keep up and once this has happened, citizens are removed from the Inner Ward and brought to the second Ward, known as Midway. By the time people are in Midway they have spent most of their life-loan and are forced to start working more, in order to repay their debts.

People here tend to be more serious, taking their time to think and figure out where their life is taking them.

The Outer Ward

Where ever life had taken them, the people who live long enough to reach a certain age in Modanai will always end up in the Outer Ward. A place where everything has slowed down to a crawl.

Having been left to their own devises, the elderly of Modanai band together in small towns, trying to help each other weather the dangers of the encroaching jungle.Building their homes in ancient ruins, too weak to construct actual houses for themselves.

The village of Suratan is one of these townships that has been built in an ancient ruin. Located all the way at the edge of the Outer Ward, right next to the massive wall that marks its borders.

Forest Pack Preview
Forest Pack Previewmore_vert
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Forest Pack Preview 2018-05-03T12:30:44+00:00close

I'm working on a massive forest map, that basically exists out of 6 separate maps you can use for random forest encounters.

Top Left: This part of the map is a small mountain road, with details like a massive split rock, a small river, a camp site and a fairy ring (mushrooms).

Top Middle: Here you can find a grassy hillock, with a wooden shelter inside and a circle of tree stumps located nearby. There is a also a small path that leads up a rocky cliff.

Top Right: Main road leading through the forest with an encampment on the side of the road. Could be a camp of highwaymen or guards.

Bottom Left: A druidic circle, Stonehenge type of construction located in them middle of the forest. There is an entrance that leads into the mountain side.

Bottom Middle: A waterfall and a small campsite.

Bottom Right: A stone bridge over a large river.

Dragonborn Pack - April
Dragonborn Pack - Aprilmore_vert
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Dragonborn Pack - April 2018-05-02T07:20:54+00:00close

Just released our first set of patron exclusive assets: the Dragonborn Pack.


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