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Maps of May 2019-05-02T08:51:31+00:00

So far I've enjoyed working on the Fragmented Dungeon concept a lot, I think there is still a lot of room to create content for it that will allow you to create even more unique dungeon with a more expansive set of tiles and I also think there is future in creating software + maybe even printed versions of the tiles, but as always I defer to your votes when it comes to what actually does get made in the end and see where we take this Patreon.

Now to persuade you all to try and maintain the current course I would like to talk about two possible bonuses that come with the continuation of the concept:

-The first one being an actual set in stone one as I will devote extra time this month in finishing some final tiles for the pirate set (meaning a couple more connection tiles and a large tavern set of tiles) if we chose to stay the course

-The second one being that I will push to get a site up and running that will make it possible to create randomized dungeons with the tiles in the catalogue. I can't make concrete promises here as I'm working with other people and I'm at their mercy to get parts of it finished that I can't create. However if we do get to making this thing I will make sure to also include a bunch of blank bonus tiles to create cave like dungeons. The idea is that you have input like needs 5 areas for enemies, 1 for a boss and be this big and it generates something using my tiles.

If we do vote for keeping on course I would like to return to the proposals I made last month about themes, with a little bit of elaboration:

1. Structures in the Mountain

In this set I will focus on more infrastructure inside a mountain. It could be used to create a village, but also a more fancy hideout where some areas consist out of stone structures instead of just wood. It would mean that the connection tiles would also include small stone structures to connect cave to stone.

2. The Lost Mines

In a mines based set I would focus on creating the possibility to create elaborate mine like structures, using connection tiles with rails and turning platforms. While the main tiles might include both lost ruins, mysterious arcane phenomenons and simple mining infrastructures.

3. Hardcore Dungeon

This would be a set based on creating tiles you can fill any dungeon with. Connection tiles with murderous traps, lava, ice, acid, anything you want to terrorize your players with.

4. Re-imagining Classic TTRPG Dungeons

A final idea, and something I've had people ask me for in the past, is doing tiles that can be used to recreate classic dungeons from D&D or any other roleplaying game you think had a great atmosphere. They would be re-imagined as I do need to adapt some of the design to fit the Fragmented dungeon concept, but these would be tiles you can both use as pieces of your own dungeon or use x amount of them to build the original dungeon they are based on.

I won't do a pitch for something NON-Fragmented Dungeon just yet, but if the vote does end up going in another direction I'll do a second poll to see what that might be!

As always feel free to pitch stuff in the comments, I always try my best to take in account any suggestions you send my way!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5488238 - 6 May 19 00:25
Voting for just one is so hard!
Tiles of April 2019-05-02T08:23:17+00:00

So for this month's selection you either have the option to pick from what I made this month, or get the second half of last March. This month includes the Panoramic map (which also comes in a larger version with more sea area) and a set of 15 tiles.

In the poll below you get to vote for what is included in your package!

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 18:46
If they are relevant to each other, you may want to label the various pictures as what voting option(s) they are a part of. It doesn't make much sense as it is
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:22
If you check out the main tiles you'll notice the 1-6 numbers are linked to the voting options. You can also always check out my instagram for a better reference image. I had marked the voting options in a similar fashion as last time, I thought patrons understood the system that time so I repeated it here. I'll have to be more clear next time if I failed to do so this time.
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:26
That explanation helps, thanks! Although it seems to only apply to the 2nd set of "main tiles" rather than the "panoramic tiles" which are also labeled 1-3
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:29
So in the full post you can read: "This month includes the Panoramic maps (...) which include a set of 15 tiles. In the vote below (...). That was meant to refer to you get the panoramic tiles plus 3 main tiles plus 12 connection tiles.
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:37
Right, but which voting option represents that choice?
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 May 19 19:41
So what I try to say with that is that the Panoramic tiles (the first tiles in the image labeled 1-3) are included already in this month's package so you don't need to vote for it. You do however need to vote for 3 of the 6 Main tiles (labeled 1-6). Then you need to vote between two sets of connection tiles (12 out of 24 tiles that I made this month). If however you prefer to get the remaining tiles from last month's package you can vote for option 7 (which gives you a third option basically)
user avatar
User #3040715 - 2 May 19 19:44
Ah got it, thanks. Reading through the original post, it wasn't clear that the Panoramic Tiles were already included on top of whatever was voted on. And I had no idea that it was picking 3 of the 6 options for 1-6, as well as the connecting tiles! That explanation helps a lot
user avatar
User #13409879 - 4 May 19 16:19
So what are we voting for here? Is the vote we put in going to be the one that we personally receive, or if I get outvoted will I just not get what I voted for in the package? I've read through everything and checked your instagram too, but I just don't understand what happens once I vote.
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 May 19 13:19
Hey Matthew! It seems that I still need to be a bit more clear when it comes to posting these votes. The idea is that the popular vote wins the pieces that go in the package. It's basically a way for you to get what are generally considered to be the best bits of what I make each month. It's a good way for me to separate costs instead of doing like pay per creation where I'd either have to ask much more or make much less in a month to make it worth my while to create work in this fashion.
APRIL 2019
APRIL 2019more_vert
Post file flag
APRIL 2019 2019-04-30T14:07:29+00:00close

The theme for April was Pirate Hideout and it gave me a little room to play around with the Fragmented Dungeon system. Creating new types of connection tiles but also try out combining exit types on main tiles (like on my dock tile).

Now in order to optimize patrons using my tiles I've enlisted the help of another programmer, as I've already got two working with me for my largest map building project, to try and create a handy little website that will make creating maps with these tiles much easier. It's a bit of a side gig, a bonus thing for you fine folk, so we'll see where it goes but the idea is to create a dungeon creator with a randomizer in it. So you can input some basic data and it will create random dungeons using the tile system. It's something for DM's who either run out of inspiration for an upcoming run or people who need something quick made on the fly. Unlike my bigger project, which is much more complex in design, this should take less time to put together and I hope to have something to show for a lot sooner.

I mention this because I'm going to try and convince you all of doing another run of these type maps and I think that the prospect of something like that website that helps you put the pieces together might help make that decision. I'm also looking into getting this concept into print so doing some more of them might create a good batch to work from for that project as well.

I'm finishing off the current series with a final set of tiles that isn't included in this image. Three more panoramic tiles to finish of the pirate theme: a big underground tavern.

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #19438930 - 30 Apr 19 21:57
Hi, I'm a fairly new patron who is also new to using Patreon. Where do I actually download them and are they formatted for Roll20?
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 May 19 05:43
Hey Tristan! Currently the Pirate maps are only uploaded in HD, but once I finish the set I make sure to convert them all to a size for ROLL20 too, like most of my maps have been. I prefer to do this iconversion in bulk. Now if user do need a map converted before that just contact me at any time and I'll try to get it done asap.
user avatar
User #15607678 - 30 Apr 19 15:46
Love these. Thank you!
user avatar
User #3040715 - 30 Apr 19 19:01
Hi, since we don't get direct links with these posts to the content being released, please make it clearer when new content has been added to the "Back Catalogue" folder that we need to go check and download from
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 19:40
Hey Sleepnir, it should be quite straigth forward the way I release content: Either you are in a higher tier and get everything I release straigth away or you can expect new content at the start of the new month. The monthly content dump is announced via direct message as I update the Back Catalogue link each month and you can find new content in the Folder per Month Section under the month it is released. The posts I make on the site are only for updates, or polls or announcements. I will always use direct messages to update everyone at the end of each month as I update the link to the Back Catalogue. Does that sound good?
user avatar
User #3040715 - 30 Apr 19 20:04
Got it. I didn't get a direct message at Dungeon Master tier for March, which was why I was confused. Went back to the Back Catalogue link and checked the By Month folder there and found the March content, though, thanks.
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 20:09
Aha that makes sense. The direct messages I generally try to send to everyone whose been cleared at the beginning of the month. The Patreon system does sometimes take some time to clear accounts and that might have happened to you last month. In the end you should see new content pop up in the first week of every new month. Any exceptions will be messaged about!
user avatar
User #6031838 - 31 May 19 16:38
You are my hero
user avatar
User #10869468 - 30 Apr 19 15:01
Gotcha. Keep up the good work!
user avatar
User #19473565 - 30 Apr 19 15:52
Going to be using these for my Fantasy Grounds campaign. Wizards is just coming out with Ghosts of the Salt Marsh, so the Pirate Theme is perfect!
user avatar
User #10869468 - 30 Apr 19 14:53
I JUST upped my sub to Dungeon Master. Any chance it's not too late to get a link to these?
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Apr 19 14:56
Coming up is a vote to see what tiles will be added to the tiers for Dungeon Masters and Lords. All these tiles are already available for Kings and Gods tiers. Lower tiers get a selection of what I make in a month.
user avatar
User #4309245 - 10 Jun 19 04:20
Bit late to this post but I just signed up. The dropbox back catalogue appears to be missing some expected tiles. I can't find the #2 main tile with the blue crystals or the East and South water walls. Where they left out for some reason? Everything else looks and works great tho.
Pirate Hideout - Quarters 2019-04-23T12:57:56+00:00

So for the next three tiles I'm going to divide them up into A and B, to sort of figure out how big of a role the river is going to play inside this hideout. Either it will only span one tile in the next set or multiple depending on your votes.

So A will be the tile options with water coming through, and B without.

Also I would like to do a large piece in this dungeon, a three tile or two tile piece that features a big tavern, what I believe could be a great feature of this pirate hideout, as the next set of tiles after the quarters. I'll have a vote for that as well in this poll to see if you would like to see that happen.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2740842 - 23 Apr 19 17:44
the multi tile sets are so cool and my players love them. I vote a city set at some point.
user avatar
Crosshead - 24 Apr 19 08:53
Yeah, definitely something with interior structures inside this concept should work. I could even make connection tiles that make them work as both interior of buildings or use them as the interior of a reinforced cave structure
user avatar
User #2740842 - 24 Apr 19 09:36
YES! I use your boats in my campaign now and I have laid the foundation for my party to venture into the Pirate Hideout. It adds so much to the game.
Pirate Hideout - Starter 2019-04-15T10:18:28+00:00

I've finished and uploaded the first tiles for the Fragmented Dungeon - Pirates, and would like to continue working on the first set of tiles inside the hideout. Starting off with a couple of basic introduction areas for the dungeon. Each with a unique setting. For one I had in mind to create a place where the crew might hang out near the entrance, one is a waterway entrance (I will feature some waterway tiles in this one) with some natural elements and the other will be a feature tile that builds on the galleon stuck in the side of the mountain feature.

I'll divide the tiles in A - B - C and you can vote what features I should include in each tile, features (like natural elements) that will again be continued in some other parts of the dungeon.

Pirate Hideout / Cave Set Entrance 2019-04-06T16:55:40+00:00

For our next foray into the Fragmented Dungeon I would like to start with another setpiece entrance to get us started in our theme. It's a good way to set the mood for what follows and have a better understanding of the full map in terms of the setting.

So again i would like to suggest a couple of concepts and we'll see what direction were going to take to kick this off. Remember that you are always free to suggest more subthemes for each set of tiles (generally they go by three) and even specific requests (or even sketches) of tiles in a subtheme in the suggestion box discord channel. It's the best way to get your ideas in upcoming polls!

Shipwreck Coast

A rocky island inlet littered with the remains of half sunken ships.

Ships built into the Mountain

This one is a bit more fantastical with the back ends of ships sticking out of a mountain side, connected by wooden bridges with a steep drop down into the ocean below.

City Docks

A fragmented of a City Dock with a couple of buildings or wooden shops that hide hidden entrances into a hideout beyond.

City Sewers

The Entrance to this hideout is hidden in the sewers below, a quiet entrance with staircases leading up to the inside of the hideout.

Treacherous Caves

This will feature a deadly coastline with some environmental dangers that lead into a system of hidden caves.

Exotic Island Coast

This one will be a much brighter setpiece with elements like a fisherman's hut and small boats docked nearby.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #2740842 - 6 Apr 19 19:35
YES! I'm running a sea heavy campaign right not and this is so exciting. I already use your ships for my PCs and they love them.
user avatar
User #18819840 - 6 Apr 19 21:11
Potentially even a few cages like a prison/storage area in the caverns. Also floating the idea of "feeding pools" a series of small (or large) sea pools big enough for creepy crawlies to appear from?
user avatar
Crosshead - 9 Apr 19 11:54
Like the cages idea as something I could already introduce in the entrance design.
user avatar
User #100066 - 6 Apr 19 18:53
I really like the idea of ships in the mountain with docks below. Just a thought. Nice pirate theme.
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 Apr 19 18:58
Yeah that's a good idea indeed! I'll keep it in mind if that one makes it, it will depend on the amount of space is left after the main design and making sure that adding too much doesn't make it too cluttered. Always feel free to leave tips like this, I will keep it in mind when piecing together my design.
user avatar
User #2740842 - 6 Apr 19 19:35
Fragmented Dungeon PART 2 (Theme) 2019-03-28T20:17:48+00:00

So the way things are going in the poll so far it looks that we are going in the direction of a continuation of the fragmented dungeon concept, it might still shift but I want to give everyone time to vote ahead of time so once I can make it definitive I can just start doing polls about the individual tile sets.

Now first of I'm still doing 3 tiles that will feature a big throne room and a whole lot of room to do a nice boss battle as a final touch to the first part of the fragmented dungeon. After that I would like to dive head first into a new larger theme (that will determine the smaller themes for the next set). All the tiles that are made as part of this theme will be made in the same format as before so every tile that is made as part of this, can be used with the tiles made so far.

There are themes down here that can be mixed and matched somewhat and they don't have to dominate the look of all the tiles made in the set, but it would be nice to have a direction you all want me to go in. If it is super divided, I will either try to combine the most popular or just do more random tiles as I've done before.


1. Dwarven village in the Mountain. I've done one preview of buildings inside the cave system already, but people might enjoy the idea of a full village with small buildings (as many as I can manage in the time I'll be working on it because this is a very time consuming theme, meaning less tiles but high quality with possibility of roofs going on and off). The style that seems most fitting is dwarven, so nordic style, but if people would prefer I could go elven/asian style as well (which might fit less). This theme is also easy to combine with mining and the tiles might be a nice fit for my old dwarven ruins map.

2. Pirate Hideout in the Mountain. This theme is basically a combination of water and locations that resemble buildings, but more rough on the edges. With room for traps and maybe sewers or rivers that connect tiles. Could be combined with the straight up dungeon and is perfect for creating hideouts for gangs etc. using the individual tiles.

3. Mining operation gone wrong. A theme that revolves around mining tracks, and mischief. What that entails exactly will be decided in polls after this vote. Could be combined with all other themes.

4. Mystical Natural Caves. This is basically another one of those can be combined with a lot, but it focuses heavy on the mystical and fantastical natural elements that put the players in fun locals like large mushroom dwellings, crystal mazes, fire, ice, water.

5. A Straight up Dungeon. The Straight up Dungeon is all about creating a dungeon with as many possible rooms that can be used to throw standard dungeon contraptions at players like burial grounds, trap rooms, arcane portals, etc etc. A set made for Dungeons.

To make things a little bit more interesting I've added a bunch of reference art, stuff I'll use as inspiration for each theme. Take a look and thing of what you like most. I'm also thinking of doing another entrance, so you have some more entrance options for this new dungeon set. Each first image should give you a good idea of what an entrance for that kind of dungeon could look like.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #10794197 - 1 Apr 19 19:15
I like the he idea of 2 + 4. I would definitely use. That reminds me, my party liked your maps. Thank you for what you do! I'm gonna keep supporting!
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 Apr 19 09:44
That's great! I love hearing about maps getting used in actual play, or getting images of them in action. It's such a trip as a creator to see people use what you make.
user avatar
User #10794197 - 1 Apr 19 14:56
I really like 1, 2, and 4.
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 Apr 19 19:06
The way I see it so far, I'm most likely going to combine 2 and 4 because they are very easy to combine. With a heavy emphasis on 2 first. I think there is a lot of room for some natural caves in this pirate hideout, I'll most likely have some influences of it throughout the dungeon so I can make some separate tiles dedicated to them. 1 is a bit hard to combine with the two of them, but who knows, maybe people like the tiles enough for me to do a third run of them.
TILES FOR MARCH 2019-03-28T19:30:57+00:00

Here we go, the first poll for our package made from tiles! As I've mentioned before there are 3 types of tiles: panoramic, which span multiple tiles, main tiles, which have a view and four exits, and finally connection tiles, which create space between tiles and don't always connect all exits but might connect 2 or 3.

In the poll below we will be putting together a package that will consist out of the panoramic, 4 main tiles and a set of hallway tiles. It will depend on what you vote for most, each patron has multiple choice votes. So let me know what you'd like best and that set will be uploaded to the back catalogue. 13 tiles out of 24. You can find previews of all the main tiles individually on my instagram for a better look.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #10478361 - 28 Mar 19 23:54
I just want to say that I love your work! I debuted some of your maps in my game that I DM with my friends. We had a huge boss battle in the Dwarven Ruins and they loved it!
user avatar
User #15320714 - 28 Mar 19 20:06
Why dont you release them all in the catalouge?
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Mar 19 22:24
Hey Christian, so for the last couple of weeks I've been posting updates about the two major changes I'm implementing on Patreon and the reasoning behind those changes. The first being that I won't work in the three monthly categories any more because I think that doing series is much more beneficial for creating quality content instead of being stuck in the system of having to fulfill each separate category as promised. So it basically means maps first, tokens second and whatever comes after that third or more of the same. The second change is that I've decided to spend more time doing maps and at the same time actually giving the higher tiers more bang for their buck. What this entails is two things, what you were getting at the base tiers basically stays the same ($2 and $3) but at $5 and up you now just get more, about double when it comes to maps. What the upside is for the base tiers is that you don't just get a package of a map, or multiple maps, but you get to make a selection out of more things and put a package together. Now the reason why I chose this path is because I want to be able to start creating more, but keep doing standardized monthly fees. If I for instance would switch over to pay per creation and do four creations for a dollar each or whatever. I'd start looking to postpone creations, instead of just dropping content whenever it is ready as I've been doing now in the $5 tier. Also if I start doing per creation I'd have to define creations, and lets even say 3 tiles is a creation, or maybe 4, I'd be asking more money than I do now for content, but I'd be restricted in the sense that now I can just create a lot in certain months or keep doing multilayered content etc, without having to figure out what a creation is and just provide. Now in implementing these changes I've been trying to do my best to keep everyone up to date, answer questions as best as I can and hear out suggestions people put forward, being transparent by keeping everyone up to date before new payments are made and knowing exactly what you are getting for your money. As always I invite anyone to message me directly and have a chat about what they think could be better, I'm trying to provide a quality service so always looking to improve. Most of the changes I've ever made on my Patreon came from requests to implement them in the first place and careful consideration.
user avatar
User #15320714 - 29 Mar 19 06:03
I am all aboard with all the changes, makes a lot of sense and I really appreciate the time you take to dialogue with us. Have a lovely weekend!
user avatar
Crosshead - 29 Mar 19 06:21
Will always do my utter best to achieve that. In the end it's a two way street and without good communication a lot might get lost. The same reason why I hope everyone always feels free to get in touch with me if there is an issue. Can't improve on things I don't know about. You have lovely weekend too!
user avatar
Crosshead - 29 Mar 19 06:03
That's awesome! Hope to provide you with much more content for many more boss battles to come!
Council Meeting - April 2019-03-27T15:53:35+00:00

Fragmented Dungeon. I feel that creating the tile based dungeon set, also known as the Fragmented Dungeon, has been a success so far. There is so much to explore in creating dungeons like this and especially because there is a lot of room for back and forth between the creation and the output of each tile. In the long run I think there are so many paths to go down when creating more of these modular tiles, not just dungeons but also outside maps or even buildings that are designed with this modular style in mind. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, as I do think it is most wise to continue building on what we have already especially because it will expand the range of dungeons, small or big, one can build with the set. In the end it will depend on what you would like me to continue working on. I feel there is still so much to explore with this theme, but you all might feel different about it and that is what these monthly polls are all about! So what will it be, more of the Fragmented Dungeon or something different?

One of the first things I'd like to have a poll on if we keep working on the dungeon is possibly doing a multitiled piece (like the entrance of the map), where there is room for a more epic encounter. I was thinking of building on the previous poll and doing a large throne room with lots of elements we could have a vote on as soon as this poll has been voted for.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #15320714 - 27 Mar 19 18:56
Is it possible to have an underground city that connects to the dungeon? 🤔 I am very impressed and share your thoughts, I believe this is the perfect way for me as a GM to utilize every experience. Would very much in a later stage want to see a modular city like this. Keep on doing your magic!
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Mar 19 19:04
Oh yes!!! This is exactly something I had in mind. My next tile is an example of this in theory, it's part of the ruins of a city in the mountain. Once I finish this set, I'd like to do another overarching themed dungeon, and one theme I had in mind was a city/town in the mountain. Like a dwarven city or town, or whatever people would vote for. I'm thinking of adding a couple of visual references for people to choose from when I do get there. I think it's a great major theme and I could also always add something like an assault on the city. Where there are tiles with tunnels being dug, or siege weapons being build etc. The options are endless.
user avatar
Crosshead - 27 Mar 19 19:09
Doing a dwarven based city could even be a perfect fit for people who want to use the tiles to build the second layer of the Dwarven Ruins map
user avatar
User #15320714 - 27 Mar 19 21:33
Yes i would have great use of it in the distant future of my campaign when the party needs to make allies with the old race of dwarves. I run a Scandinavian mythology inspired campaign that spans over many years. I would also need a dungeon city for my main villain of the metropolis of this world. A beholder running an underground guild under the noses of the other guilds (this is sooner rather than later tho). I’d like to think the concept of tiles could be used for a variety of places tho, and would like for example a Harbour town scenery done in this way or why not a huge desert where the gym could reuse the same tile over and over again. So many ideas 💡 Anyhow I am sure what ever you create will be of great inspiration to the many
MARCH 2019
MARCH 2019more_vert
Post file flag
MARCH 2019 2019-03-26T15:26:46+00:00close

Package Update

I'm going to attempt to add a new layer to my content creation, where I do not only give updates on my instagram on the content I'm making but also give you updates on how much is already in the content pool and how far I'm in the process of creating (map related content specifically). Before the month is over, I'll have a poll to put together a content package for the lower tier that will be accessible to everyone in that tier that will even give you an exact understanding of what is in the package before you pay for it.

Maps: Currently I'm in the final stages of drawing up the tiles for the Fragmented Dungeon. The full pool consists out of 3 Panoramic Tiles (tiles that can't be used out of order) - 6 Main Tiles (tiles one would use for main areas in a dungeon, with four exits that can each be blocked off to piece together several unique dungeon layouts) - 11 Connection Tiles (tiles with hallways and doors that connect all four exits of a tile or 2 - 3 exits ). I'm working on 2 more tiles (maybe more before the end of this month).

(Currently every Patron gets 5x what I said the minimum amount of maps they would get, 10+ tiles for $2 & $3 tiers and 20+tiles for 5$ and up)

Patreon System

In the near future I plan on selling sets of my maps on websites like DMsguild and Drivethru as well, but you won't get content as cheap as you'll find it right here. I'm choosing to stay away from the pay per creation system because this way some months you'll get a bunch more than what you pay for and some months exactly what you pay for but in the long run your contribution will remain exactly the same each month and I'll try to provide enough input to let you know what you're paying for. I could chose to do per creation and do like 4 creations per month, where I just delay maps I've made for and deploy them over time instead of this system. Honestly I think this is a way better deal though for you, in multiple regards and it allows me to experiment with new ways of creating work on the fly.

Also the whole thing of defining a map is still a bit hard for me in the sense that for the current set I'm doing main tiles (with complex drawings) and connection tiles with more simple layouts of hallways. In the pay per creation deal creating those hallways might seem like a bummer to pay for (in comparison), but in this set it actually improves the quality of the set by including them (giving users the ability to draw out more complex dungeon maps). If I do per month, you can expect a steady amount of work hours basically. Getting both complex maps, more simple maps, all of which have value in their own way.

Again Patreon is a learning experience and I'm always open to suggestions and tips to do a better job of providing content. Feel free to contact me any time, as people have done in the past, and I'll always do my best to incorporate suggestions and see what I can do to make the system better.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #678266 - 1 Mar 20 14:18
How do I access that large panoramic dragon map? It looks gorgeous.
Fragmented Dungeon (Structures) 2019-03-18T08:22:09+00:00

So for the next three tiles of the Fragmented Dungeon I would like to introduce some underground structures to the mix. As we have already determined there is this hint of an ancient civilization that permeates throughout the dungeon, but other factions might have also made their ways inside these halls.

For the first part of this poll I would like to focus on the possibility of these factions having made camp on top of the ruins of what was before or that whatever raged inside the dungeon never gave outsiders a shot to settle and that you only have the remains of the ancient civilization.

The second part will focus on what kind of structures we find inside the dungeon, depending on the votes it might be a combination (old and new like an ancient prison turned into a room filled with traps by an goblinoid faction). As usual feel free to get on discord and drop suggestions or themes (like this theme "structures") that will determine what comes after.

Again you can cast as many votes as you'd like and having possibly multiple highly voted for choices in the first part could have me introduce a clash of these factions in the scenery or have a tile for for each.

The Fragmented Dungeon
The Fragmented Dungeonmore_vert
Post file flag
The Fragmented Dungeon 2019-03-15T14:11:52+00:00close

I've just finished the prototype version of the inside of what I'm calling the Fragmented Dungeon. It is basically a dungeon I'm putting together through a series of votes and suggestions made by the +$3 Tier Patrons consisting out of tile fragments of a dungeon that is designed to either be played as a dungeon as is or repurposed as fragments to create your own dungeon. In the gif above you can see how the four hallways that connect the tiles to each other can be blocked off by dropping a simple png file on top of any of the tile jpg, redirecting the flow of the dungeon.

As mentioned before the +$5 tiers will get all the tiles made this month (their bonus content) but the lower tiers will get access to a selection of tiles that is voted for.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #29250804 - 21 Jan 20 05:06
Hi mr. crosshead. I am a little youngling in the great world of life. I don't have a credit card to become a patron yet. But I hope when I grow up you are still making content for everyone to enjoy. I saw the maps you have made and posted on pinterest and I just couldn't get enough. I then did some digging and found your patreon. I was so glad to here that I could get more of your content here at a low price of 2 dollars a month. I realized that I couldn't use the Google play gift cards I have stored up to pay for the content and begged my mom for the subscription. My parents aren't into the hole DnD stuff. But who cares their just missing out. I just wanted to comment about the great idea the fragmented dungeon is and how you can just peice every tile together and make your own dungeon. Keep up the great work.
user avatar
User #3040715 - 15 Mar 19 18:04
Excellent idea, very much looking forward to assembling a dungeon once this is all done!
Post file flag
BACK CATALOGUE SUPREME 2019-03-12T11:27:09+00:00close

Introducing the "BACK CATALOGUE SUPREME", a folder for all the top tier patrons with more content than the old Back Catalogue. You will find ALL MINIATURES, MONSTERS AND MAPS I've created in the past and ALL the new stuff I'll be creating right here.

I've also added a new folder (PER MONTH) which will contain the last three months of content, organized per month, starting this month (MARCH 2019). After three months I'll delete the previous stuff, but it will still (as usual) be available in the back catalogue itself.

Just like the Back Catalogue, I'll be updating the link once a month and send a copy of the link to every one in person. I've already added a first taste of the Fragmented Dungeon we are building together in the polls and you can expect more drops during the month!

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #3152775 - 18 Feb 20 21:30
I can't update the download on my computer :/ If I try it says I'm unable to open it as it's locked
user avatar
User #26728119 - 17 Jan 20 23:15
I might be missing something but I can't seem to find a download link. I've clicked everything that looks like one and nothin's worked.
user avatar
User #17047786 - 6 Feb 20 00:56
I cant open the link. New subscriber here :)
user avatar
Crosshead - 6 Feb 20 08:08
Hey Corey! Sorry about that, I forgot to update the link here yesterday, should work now!!
user avatar
User #23210303 - 13 Aug 19 03:24
If I am looking to get everything you have done (all great by the way!) do I need to get the supreme back catalog AND your normal back catalog? Or does the supreme have everything everything?
user avatar
Crosshead - 13 Aug 19 10:47
Hey Erick! Everything you need is in the Supreme Back Catalogue, no need to mix match content from both folders. That would make things a bit too difficult to navigate with the different types of tiles and PNGs that come along with them.
user avatar
User #23210303 - 13 Aug 19 22:56
Awesome! Thanks for the response, and keep up the awesome work!
user avatar
User #22906982 - 4 Aug 19 09:13
Hello, link is not working right now.
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Aug 19 09:54
Sorry about that, must have copied the wrong link. Should be fixed now!
user avatar
User #3985549 - 12 Mar 19 13:29
That is perfect, thank you!
user avatar
User #546455 - 10 Dec 19 20:51
Supreme Back Catalog Clocking in at 9+ GB :)
user avatar
User #37214817 - 20 Jun 20 17:52
does this cover ever map youve created?
Fragmented Dungeon (Gateway Drug) 2019-03-08T16:09:51+00:00

As we enter the first section of the dungeon, beyond the mountain gate, I would like to design 3 tiles (with a unique theme each) that serve gateway drug to the rest of the dungeon, a first taste of what lies beyond. Could be anything that introduces adventurers to the dangers of a dungeon. I'll keep it vague so I can either mix match suggestions, or you can leave stuff in the comments to guide my hand.

I'll most likely keep this system going of doing 3 tiles per "theme", in the beginning it will be pretty straight forward like the two I've already done, but after that I might go into more random category like themes. Again feel free to suggest overall themes in the discord for me to use for the next ones or separate tile ideas I can put into one of the categories.

You can expect (the Kings and up) the first maps dropping in your Supreme Back Catalogue next week, Lords will get a taste of each section and at the end of the month will get to make the selection of what maps will be included in their pack of the month. Pick of the litter.

Fragmented Dungeon (Entrance) 2019-03-04T19:22:48+00:00

To start this dungeon I would like to create a fun 3 tile entrance for our dungeon. Something that will provide it with additional atmosphere. Let's figure out what that entrance should look like and what the tone is.

Remember it will be fragmented so the rest of the dungeon doesn't have to be bound by the rules we set up here. We could have minor details return but the goal is to have freedom in our creation of separate elements.

Check as many boxes as you'd like in the poll below or suggest additional themes in the comments.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #100066 - 4 Mar 19 23:27
I am thinking ancient underground city that was covered by the sands ages ago and has been partially unhidden now.
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Mar 19 11:36
Very cool idea. The entrance will be at the size of the rest of the map so about 150 feet across, not a lot of room to populate enough of this city, but maybe a fragmented part. Would also be a cool way to have parts of houses that have been buried under to put a story to the mix of dungeon fragments
user avatar
User #3234818 - 5 Mar 19 03:48
I'd also love to see a sci-fi entrance, a la Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
Arcane Prison
Arcane Prisonmore_vert
Post file flag
Arcane Prison 2019-03-04T14:26:27+00:00close

Battlemap: The Arcane Prison is a bit of an experimental map. Looking into animation and higher quality rendered areas. This is something I am playtesting for upcoming map creation like the dungeon builder I am working on. Where I will be able to crank the quality of my content up by a large margin.

Tokens: 15 BEASTS: Flying Snake, Frog, Giant Ape, Giant Badger, Giant Bat, Giant Boar, Giant Centipede, Giant Constrictor Snake, Giant Crab, Giant Crocodile, Giant Eagle, Giant Elk, Giant Fire Beetle, Giant Frog, Giant Goat

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #10869468 - 4 Mar 19 17:15
Looks great! Is getting a gridless version in with it a possibility?
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Mar 19 17:38
But of course! I'll get on it asap
user avatar
User #10869468 - 4 Mar 19 17:40
Thank you! I run a projector tilting down so I always scale the map against a white grid paper I have on the table. It's nice cuz I can run maps at different scales too. Keep up the good work! I'm excited for this animated dungeon builder you speak of as well.
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Mar 19 18:07
I'm super excited about that as well. Currently it's in the hand of the IT guys, can't wait to start interface and asset design as soon as the preliminary tests are on the go. From then on I can get to focus on just expanding the lists of assets so people can build multileveled dungeons filled with goodies
user avatar
User #100066 - 5 Mar 19 00:12
Is there a short story involved on the crystals and the magical doorway?
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Mar 19 11:33
So the idea is that the crystals have enforce an arcane barrier that is placed on each individual cell. The doorway can either be a portal, as to keep the location of that exact part of the prison complex secret or a large barrier either as a wall of force or something else to keep the inmates in. In the animated version (which I've been working on, but I don't want to press forward at the cost of the maps I want to publish this month (so I'll keep at it as a sort of side project )) the lines on the floor actually have magical energy flowing to the rotating crystals. The portal flowing with magic too.
user avatar
User #10910052 - 5 Mar 19 03:31
Is dungeon master tier not high enough to get this one? I don't see the dropbox.
user avatar
User #10910052 - 5 Mar 19 03:32
ah, I see it in the back catalog! Thanks!
user avatar
User #16496122 - 9 Apr 19 18:25
Oh, perfect! I wanted the croc and I knew he had stats so I figured hed be in monsters. I just had to dive even deeper. Thanks for the help and the incredible content. My bulkywugs riding crocs were a big hit!
user avatar
User #16496122 - 8 Apr 19 23:46
So I can't get this to open and I can't find any of the creatures in the back cataloge? Is this no longer available at the $5 level?
user avatar
Crosshead - 9 Apr 19 00:13
Hey Casandra, you should be able to find everything that's on the website in the back catalogue or the back catalogue supreme you have access to. Have you tried opening it through the main link on the featured tag? If so than I'll have to look into what's going on to make sure it's fixed asap.
user avatar
User #16496122 - 9 Apr 19 02:44
I opened all the folders in both back catalogs and couldnt find them on both mobile and laptop. The only monthly release folder I see is March 2019
user avatar
Crosshead - 9 Apr 19 10:24
Hey Casandra, I see what you're looking for now. The By the Month folder was a first time test I ran last month to see people liked it and I would continue running it from then on. The Arcane Prison Map, you can find in the map section of the catalogue (DUNGEONS - ARCANE PRISON) and the tokens from this set you can find in the catalogue (MINIATURES - NEW TOKENS - MISC CREATURES - (name of creature)). Hope that helps?
Patreon Update by the end of March
Patreon Update by the end of Marchmore_vert
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Patreon Update by the end of March 2019-03-04T12:04:53+00:00close

I've been on Patreon for a while now and I'm still fine tuning the way I want to distribute and manage content. I started off with a pretty rocky start (managing my content in separate maps per month and having new patrons be able to access older content on a monthly return rate) and took a complete u-turn by instating the back catalogue system (having new patrons be able to access all content instantly, with no differentiation between tiers (except for the one dollar tiers)). Something that really turned things around, not just in an immense increase in backing but also in the amount of administrative work I didn't have to put in anymore.

In this newest update, which might be the end station of my way of taking care of things, I want to cut down on micromanaging some more, by taking down the separate $1 TiERS, because I want to focus on creating a more diverse base of work (with a main focus on maps as usual, but having the breathing room to do larger series that aren't bound to the confines of 8 tokens and one custom creature, but could expand more into 16 tokens this month and nothing else or both or maybe tokens and custom items, or a whole series of custom creatures etc... That and having people who do support on a higher tier actually get access to unique bonus content on a monthly basis (which most likely will consist out of more unique maps, introducing something I will most likely call: Back Catalogue Supreme.

Now for 85% of current patrons that means that not much will change. Only in the sense that higher tiers will be getting more unique content and I will define the tiers a bit more clearly. For the other 15% I understand that I might lose your support, but in the long run it will be a much healthier and transparent way for me to run things. I think it will give me more room to improve the quality of my content and have the liberty to double down on something that I think is worth exploring (and patrons agree on that is worth exploring). Like just doing nothing but maps for a month if the theme is really interesting.

DUNGEON MASTER - Will become my base tier, basically staying pretty much how it was. You can expect a monthly map, plus tokens or custom homebrew work like creatures, items. A goody bag of monthly digital content.

DUNGEON LORD - Is the tier votes on what gets made, but will also get to vote for their tier (and the masters) what unique map their goody bag will contain that month.

DUNGEON KING - Won't just support bonus content, but will have access to the new Back Catalogue Supreme, which will contain monthly bonus maps (or whatever digital content they would like me to work on. With this month's fragmented dungeon I'm going to attempt weekly map drops to kick things off.

DUNGEON GOD - Get access to the Supreme Catalogue as well. Discounts on bigger projects as I've already mentioned in Future Endeavors (like the upcoming Creatures Companion Deck and the Dungeon Builder that I'm still working on).

I will however still be updating the links to all content one last time this month, including for all the $1 TIERS. So you can expect the post for that content dump coming up very soon!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #3985549 - 4 Mar 19 20:45
I normally just interact through Dropbox's website, but it makes things very difficult to track down if I've gotten all the new things, since I don't appear to be able to sort by date, and additions are made across three different folders. Is there a way I can make things simpler on my end?
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Mar 19 21:05
Well Justin that is actually another thing I could introduce by having a single folder for all. I could add a new content folder to the main folder where I drop the new pack of the month and delete the content when I upload the next month's content. If people would like that,I would be happy to add it
user avatar
User #3985549 - 4 Mar 19 21:16
I guess I'm really more lamenting that I can only sort by name and not by date on Dropbox's site. Which probably isn't something you can fix :)
user avatar
User #11406151 - 9 Mar 19 02:58
I would really love if things were labeled like Dec 2018_Map/Dec2018_Tokens etc. That would help so much personally.
user avatar
User #6876018 - 4 Mar 19 12:41
Will sticking around rewards still be a feature?
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Mar 19 13:10
Hey Jenny! I sort of skipped out on providing more information on sticking around rewards, because it is clearly something I have to develop further and will in the future have to reintroduce to new patrons. All patrons are still illegible for said content however and can always contact me via message to fulfill the sticking around rewards. The reason why I am holding out on it a bit is because I plan on tweaking it for the better, making it more of an accumulative reward system. Where patrons will possibly get custom tailored content depending on their milestone. Again any current patron on track of a reward can get it as advertised originally, I just want to fine tune it before I go into more exact detail what it will look like in the future.
user avatar
User #6876018 - 4 Mar 19 13:12
Thanks! I’m not a patron yet, so I’ll keep an eye out for further updates about that 💕 the new system seems very sensible and the tiers are easier to understand than before. I’m interested in the Back Catalogue Supreme! Looking forward to it.
Council Meeting - March 2019-02-28T14:03:39+00:00

So as you might have noticed I skipped last month's council meeting in favor of doing some experimenting. The idea was that I would have some stuff finished in like the middle of the month that I could present and have a vote after that. The experimenting includes a animated map I'm still working on, having some updated graphics (which I would like to possibly introduce into the digital dungeon builder I'm still working on) and really gunning it for a first printed product: the Creature Companion (which is made from those miniatures I draw). All of which will be revealed in due time during March (some of it in the beginning as a package (the map and tokens), and other stuff as I finish the final stages of the expanded work (the printed deck and the animation).

Outside of that I would like to keep experimenting however and try out some different approaches to dungeon builder ( a different approach to the thought process).

MAPS - For this month I would like to try out something different, maybe it'll work maybe it wont, but I was thinking of doing a sort of fragmented dungeon design which is based on the way some people create posts for instagram or some boardgames are put together, where it is build out of tiles. Each tile would basically be like x feet by x feet and have 4 exits/entrances. This will make it possible to rearrange the tiles into any sequence you want, with sections that have themes. Like one part could be a lair of a creature, the other might be a maze of hallways, the other filled with traps etc. If we go do this idea it will also make it possible for you all to have maximum input in designing the separate tiles. You can leave suggestions, as many as you can think of for the fragments, in the comments and if this is the direction we take, I'll just do a second poll or multiple polls where we vote what chambers you'd like to see me create first. You can be as descriptive as you'd like or keep it very basic. I'd design a tile and upload it and try do one tile every x amount of days. build the dungeon as we go. Who knows maybe we do this over multiple months and we'd have like dozens of tiles you can rearrange to create your own customized dungeon.

TOKENS - Tokens for the upcoming months will mainly be drops of the beasts I've been drawing. I've done about 70 in the past month so I will have enough content to last us some time. If anyone really needs something, just let me know in the comments.

CHARACTER - So for monsters I've basically done 3 last time to give me some leeway, but I've got this idea for a bunch more I'd like to work on. Including animated armor that is possessed by beasts (like a wolf themed armor possessed by a wolf that will have passive abilities like a wolf). It's a way for me to train doing armor and it is also a way to add content to my campaign adventure. Which has been stalled a bit with the card deck.

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #100066 - 28 Feb 19 16:39
Fragmented Dungeon sounds awesome. May I suggest blank rooms as well and an asset pack for us to put in stuff which would randomize it more. Maybe even a asset to change an entrance, exit on a map blank closing it off? You said something about animated maps, what about assets like animated gifs of traps that we can put in the gm layer and spring it when its time.
user avatar
User #15320714 - 1 Mar 19 06:09
Focus more on maps
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 Mar 19 07:58
If the fragmented dungeon comes through you can expect weekly maps getting dropped this month. Since I've done enough miniatures to last the next couple of months, I'll have more time on my hand to do maps in the following months.
user avatar
User #16555789 - 3 Mar 19 21:06
Fragmented dungeon, could be cool. Kinda sounds like betrayal at the house on the hill
user avatar
User #13236390 - 1 Mar 19 19:35
That’s awesome man thanks for the great work I’m really loving your art!
user avatar
User #13236390 - 1 Mar 19 17:07
I really loved your tokens for the bestiary, I have two druids that use them a lot and I’d love to see some more. I loved the direwolf and giant eagle that you did, but I’d love to see some basic forms as well like a regular wolf or eagle maybe a few more aquatic options, especially with the stat blocks. They are really helpful for a lot of my newer players
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 Mar 19 17:25
All 88 beasts will be available digitally and for print somewhere this March, with all the options available in the Monster Manual
user avatar
User #2740842 - 28 Feb 19 20:39
I agree with Chuck, fragmented dungeon sounds awesome, and a way to customize it a little like scatter terrain doors and bits and bobs that can be printed and cut out to maximize customization. .
user avatar
Crosshead - 1 Mar 19 08:08
So doing customizable content is possible but it is always important to remember that it will slow down content creation by somewhat. The idea I had for this fragmented dungeon was to really hash out a bunch of small maps in a short period of time to get a big map you can scramble. I do however really agree that cutout terrain doors will be an important part of making it more userfriendly. Maximum customization is something I'm working on in the long term, as I'm really still invested (and trying to push my programmers hard to continue working on) in creating a digital dungeon builder, which will be optimally customizable. Where you can just drag and drop elements which are specifically designed with high quality dungeon building in mind. I can elaborate why I'm not just already dropping bits and bobs of these png files that one could use in their dungeon already if you're interested, but for the fragmented dungeon I would love to focus on creating sections you can use separately for short quick encounters and tiles you can mix match for larger encounters at any time. I can always put up another vote for that too (as well be doing a couple of polls if the fragmented dungeon is the way we go)
user avatar
User #5835187 - 2 Mar 19 21:38
I think a fragmented dungeon is a cool idea! There was a board game I played when I was younger called Labyrinth, that was sort of like this and I think the idea is awesome!
The Underworld Pack
The Underworld Packmore_vert
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The Underworld Pack 2019-02-04T16:34:29+00:00close

Had a bit of a scrambled setup in my packs over the last couple of months, double the miniatures in January and now I am posting three monsters instead of my one. Made me start to rethink my delivery system somewhat, as it is just better sometimes to keep on track when you are really on point with one of the three subcategories. Like when I was designing those creature cards or the somewhat more stylized artstyle I'm putting together for my monsters. It might sometimes be more interesting to do a couple of monsters one month, while I skip the miniatures for a larger batch for the next etc. Just to get a better arc in the quality of my content or just finishing a concept piece like the creature cards I'm working on. For now I'm keeping everything as is though, feel free to pitch in your thoughts on the whole process though, I'd love to hear from you folk.

The Underworld Pack contains a new color version of the Underworld Map and a second level of said map. The second level showcases the design of the height in the map much better and will make the lower area much more visible. It was a bit of a weird thing to be working from top to bottom, but in this case (with the big arcs and massive hallways) it was the best way to go at it.

You will also find 3 new Monsters in the Back Catalogue, which fit in perfectly with the setting of the underworld map. I will post a monster sheet later on this month, which will go into much more detail on the origins and behavior etc of these creatures.

I've also already uploaded an additional 3 Miniature Creature Cards to the catalogue, which come with another step in my design for the cards. At first I had planned on doing a separate folder for the cards, but as I am still in the design process for those and you will see some more variations for them along the way, I don't plan on putting them in a separate folder just yet. Once I'm happy, and once I've had a vote on the design of those cards with your input, I'll redo all the cards in that single style and I will also make them available for print. Something which will still take me some time, there are a lot of creatures to go through haha.

I'm working on a bunch of more exiting stuff, still writing the booklet, still pushing my programmers to get a first version of that dungeon builder out there, and even more exiting stuff on my plate, including some possible bonus map content for Dragon Tier and above, I hope on sharing with you all as soon as possible!

My goal is to keep you all exited about what is being produced on this Patreon and hopefully keep it growing so I can keep making content in the future!

Kind Regards to all!

Bert / Crosshead

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #14592501 - 5 Feb 19 01:08
Knowing level 2 is below level 1 makes a big difference, plus my wife is happy since she tried telling me this before I made the post. :-) I can follow most things on the map now. Two rooms still confuse me, both are on level 2. One room is to the immediate left of the northern middle room (circular lave room), this room also has lava but it's a rectangular room and it seems almost like it's cut off or something. The other room I don't understand is the one with the big plus symbol with 5 dots in each quadrant. There are gears in the room too, I'm thinking it's a trap room or the inner workings of a trap room. I'm really sorry about this, I don't want to be a bother.
user avatar
User #18699557 - 5 Apr 19 18:24
I am having trouble figuring out the room with gears as well.
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Apr 19 18:31
It seems I haven't gotten back on this question. So the gear room is located underneath the archery range and the training room. You can get to it by going through that little library and going down the stairs. It was designed in my story as a trap room for soldiers who didn't do as instructed, as they were minions designed to obey. It's basically a killing pit
user avatar
User #21470946 - 23 Jun 19 07:40
When is this booklet supposed to be available?
user avatar
Crosshead - 24 Jun 19 08:19
Hey Hipolito, for now I've decided to take a breather on writing this booklet because there are a lot of other projects I would like to focus on first that I think are a lot more exciting to get started on right now. Mainly creating digital tools that allow DM's to help create good looking content (cards, maps etc) for their games. Projects like these requires a lot of time and so does writing booklets like these. Once I clear a couple of bigger projects though I plan on getting back to writing modules for people too. I've got a small throve of short adventures like this metal campaign. I even plan on writing a sort of module directory campaign setting that DM's can use as the center of modules that take them to all sorts of settings. I hope that answers your question.
user avatar
User #14592501 - 4 Feb 19 17:53
I'm having trouble understanding the second floor layout. Seems like the purple shading has meaning but I can't figure it out. It's almost like level 2 is below level 1. Some of the stairs look like they go down from both level 1 and 2. This is such a cool map I'd really like to understand how it works.
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Feb 19 18:20
Hey Chase! The purple shading was basically just added to bring a bit of atmosphere to all the areas where there is lava flowing through the area. I felt it make entering those areas more significant. You are right though, as I've mentioned in the text above, that level 1 is the top layer and level 2 is the bottom layer, maybe the naming doesn't make sense but it felt weird naming the second part level 1. I don't know, maybe it still confusing. The reason I made the map from the top to the bottom was because that some of the hallways would be visible on both maps and specific elements, like the chained titans, would span both drawings. The second layer is basically a better view of the lower part of those larger hallways (in some cases the walls lowered so the battlefield isn't obscured anymore and in others, like the bit between the entrance and the top, I also erased the bridges that span the area above). All the staircases in the lower area are connected to the staircases of the higher area. The idea being that they rise above the area of the lower part of the map. If this doesn't help and if people still have difficulty with the maps, I'd be happy to make a sort of legend of the map (something I plan on doing for the booklet anyway, as there will be a detailed layout of how I would play this specific map for a group of players, but that's something that will take some time to put together).
Metalhead Race - 300 Patrons Bonus Booklet
Metalhead Race - 300 Patrons Bonus Bookletmore_vert
Post file flag
Metalhead Race - 300 Patrons Bonus Booklet 2019-01-19T13:56:06+00:00close

I've uploaded my first preview of what the booklet will look like on the inside once it's finished including a custom race I've designed for the story. You can find the pdf and some art in my Monster Folder in the Back Catalogue (RACES)!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #17338887 - 11 Feb 19 03:47
user avatar
User #56233 - 20 Jan 19 04:02
Now that seems fun.
Miniatures + Statblock Cards
Miniatures + Statblock Cardsmore_vert
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Miniatures + Statblock Cards 2019-01-11T09:16:35+00:00close


Had some catching up to do on the part of my miniatures / tokens and as promised I have delivered two batches of them to make up for it! 16 tokens and even one remake (of the ape miniature).

I've also included a brand new concept to the miniatures, featuring a simplified statblock for the beast cards. Not all of them are finished as of yet, as I am still tweaking the layout somewhat, but this is what it will most likely end up looking like. It was a design I wanted to make for all the druids out there (and DM's too), making it easier to whip out the stats for a beast. I might start doing cards like this for all the basic creatures (complex ones are probably a bit too hard to simplify like this). Once I've finished all the beasts, I'll upload pdf sheets you can print too!

I've also updated the underworld dungeon folder, because I had noticed that the sizing had been a bit off and included exact tile x tile size for each map.

Comments (15)
user avatar
User #10964300 - 24 Apr 19 02:39
Are these still available? I haven't been able to find them so far.
user avatar
Crosshead - 25 Apr 19 12:49
Hey Mike, These limited cards are only available in the folder of the creatures from that batch. The full Creatures Companion, a project I put a lot of extra hours in is separate from my Patreon as I am selling them as actual printed cards on drivethroughrpg. I will be doing a giveaway of those next week most likely on my Patreon.
user avatar
User #10964300 - 26 Apr 19 05:16
Thank you for the follow up and clarification!
user avatar
User #4908203 - 17 Jan 19 14:10
The card idea is excellent ! The best would be blank card but they are so many element to add to customise it, it seems complicated ^^ Anyway keep the good work !
user avatar
User #23969118 - 2 Sep 19 19:56
hi is there a way we can get them all. they are not on rpg drivethru
user avatar
User #74531 - 11 Jan 19 18:18
how do I download these?
user avatar
Crosshead - 11 Jan 19 18:28
Yeah I guess I should really just put them in a single folder to make it easier for you guys. Currently each statblock can be found in the folder of the miniature I made it for (look for (NEW)). I'll fix it on Monday though
user avatar
User #13758918 - 17 Jan 19 15:27
loving this
user avatar
User #16424983 - 12 Jan 19 01:30
My girlfriend just got into D&D and is loving her druids. I got her the spellcards for Christmas and she would absolutely LOVE these. I'll be sure to mention you to her once I've printed them out and laminated them
user avatar
User #16115269 - 11 Jan 19 10:57
So cool, thank you!!!
user avatar
User #8891487 - 11 Jan 19 16:11
This is great! the beast stat cards are why i just joined your paetron. One quick question; once you're all done creating them, will they be put in their own separate folder, that would be super helpful to me. Thanks
user avatar
Crosshead - 11 Jan 19 17:56
Most definitely! I'll even do easy to print sheets in European and American print formats for people who would enjoy a printed version
user avatar
User #402664 - 11 Jan 19 15:57
What an awesome idea! Lately I've been using Initiative Tents to track players and monsters. This design you have would be excellent as the DM side of those tents. On the other, player-facing side it could just be a picture of the creature for the benefit of the players. I dig it!
user avatar
User #143471 - 12 Jan 19 13:56
I have a player in my campaign who's playing a druid that I know will appreciate something like this.
user avatar
User #399999 - 11 Jan 19 11:22
These look so amazing!!
Council Meeting - Januari 2019-01-09T08:55:50+00:00

MAPS -Would love to work on my level 2 of the titan dungeon map. I could also work on another dungeon map if you prefer. Other suggestions are also welcome

TOKENS - I will be working on the creatures in the back of the Monster Manual. I'm also working on simple design for monster cards using my token art. Been looking for some additional uses for the art, this might be interesting.

CHARACTER - I'm going to try to create two monsters this turn around, with the help of a new friend of mine. If it works out I might do more work with him, which will give me more time for art.

What's in store for 2019
What's in store for 2019more_vert
Post file flag
What's in store for 2019 2019-01-07T20:26:19+00:00close

Happy New Years!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy around the house here, but it looks like things are finally cooling down. In order to make up for that lost time I am planning to double (or even triple) the amount of tokens (as I didn't get to finish last month's batch in time) for this month. Theme is the creatures in the back of the monster manual. As always I don't tend to post too many updates on Patreon, as I don't want to spam your email, but you can follow progress on everything on my instagram, where I will be keeping anyone interested up to date on what I am currently working on.

Digital Dungeon Creator

My biggest goal for 2019 is to finish my Dungeon Builder, for which the Dragons among us can expect a beta version in one of the following months. I can't make any exact promises as of yet, but we are working hard to start the testing asap in order to get your feedback on the main features, like the actual artstyle and the basic editing options.

Metalhead - A D&D Adventure Booklet

I've also been hard at work on putting together the adventure booklet, called Metalhead, for which you have seen some of the artwork on the site already. A lot of the maps in the booklet have been especially redesigned taking special care to include recommendations from the Royal Council, as you have seen in my Titan Prison Dungeon. More maps from that series will be uploaded in the following months and I've enlisted the help of a writer / game designer who will help me make sure all of the math is done right from the get-go.

And much More!

There is much more I plan on working on if things keep working out as they have been so far. So I hope I can keep bombarding you folks with good news throughout the year! Thanks for sticking with me so far!

Titan Underworld Dungeon
Titan Underworld Dungeonmore_vert
Post file flag
Titan Underworld Dungeon 2018-12-30T12:18:58+00:00close

When they locked away Elterok, they had made sure to take all the right precautions. Imprisoning him in the darkest reaches of the underworld, guarded by powerful titans and a whole consortium of creatures under their command, and for thousands of years, all had seemed to have gone according to their plans.

Unbeknownst to them however Elterok had been biding his time, studying the habits of his keepers. It was foolish of them to think that locking him up and robbing him of his powers would be enough. The man hadn’t earned the nickname ‘The Deceiver’ for no reason, now did he?

The first part was simple. Twisting the minds of the mindless who tended to him in order to start building his web. Using them to contact his followers beyond. For Elterok knew that breaking out was only the first part in the grand scheme. He needed to know he had people he could lean on the other side.

Once that moment was upon him he knew that the first die had been cast. A chain reaction that would end with him back where he belonged and watching his keepers squirm was only just the beginning.

In designing this underworld dungeon, I was looking to introduce a range of old-school puzzles that would force the players to explore what I was putting in front of them. Using the elements on the map as part of a visual aid to guide them through. The idea is to drop them in at the front gate and have them come to grips with an enemy that can overpower them easily enough in his current state and that it is up to them to use the tools that are put in front of them to solve the puzzle.

It starts after they drop out of the gate (1), faced with an evil that is currently engaged in a ritual to bind his jail with the world outside (7), trying to avoid attention from him and a turned undead titan that is wandering the main halls (4), in an attempt to redirect the energy flowing through the prison.

Each piece of that puzzle will face them off with unique enemies that were once part of the workings of the prison itself. Like a facility designed to resurrect or summon guardians from beyond (6 + F), a house of arcane research (3 + E), a training grounds (D) and a forge that provides both the fuel and the weaponry for the prison’s protection (8 + A). Redirecting the flow of the lava (B), the fuel, will not only power up certain areas one needs to access but it also takes care of obstacles created by the lava and frees up new pathways (C).

Comments (17)
user avatar
User #11563704 - 31 Dec 18 14:22
Was this added to the back catalog?
user avatar
User #6233404 - 31 Dec 18 14:43
It is in there yes!
user avatar
User #6233404 - 30 Dec 18 22:29
This is amazing! When will the full size version be available?
user avatar
Crosshead - 30 Dec 18 22:35
You can already find it in the map catalogue under: Dungeon - Titan Underworld. Level 2 is on the to do list, can't give an exact estimate on that but somewhere in the next two months
user avatar
User #6233404 - 31 Dec 18 11:02
Wow, found it, thanks so much. This is EPIC.
user avatar
User #18582180 - 22 Oct 19 17:25
is there a gm/dm version or notes on room features?
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 Oct 19 17:41
What do you mean by a DM version? You mean as in like notes for an adventure? I currently don't have any like that, I do hope to focus on it more in the future. Looking into teaming up with people to get more stuff out to feature stuff like this
user avatar
User #18582180 - 22 Oct 19 18:14
on the image above it has numbers and stuff was wandering if there was notes and such... like Area 5: This room is empty, a broken bridge before you, lava beneath it feeling the area with dim light...etc...
user avatar
Crosshead - 22 Oct 19 18:16
Oh! Yes I do have some notes on the Dungeon, you find them at It's not super detailed but it does talk about the central ideas I had when creating the map. I hope that helps?
user avatar
User #18582180 - 22 Oct 19 18:28
Yes that does, thank you.
user avatar
User #6233404 - 31 Dec 18 11:42
Is that an 80x80 pixel grid? Having some issues importing it into Roll20 and having it match the grid. How can I find out how many units across each map is?
user avatar
Crosshead - 3 Jan 19 16:48
Hey Daniel, sorry for the late reply! The map is a 90 x 84 square grid. Next week I'll be doing a bunch of updates including some new content and I'll be sure to double check everything and add grid details like I did with the Dwarven Ruins maps
user avatar
User #14889568 - 17 Jan 19 22:23
user avatar
User #11523414 - 1 Jan 19 17:26
Thanks for giving us all we asked for and more. It’s nice to see your suggestions used in a map.
user avatar
User #8186851 - 2 Feb 19 15:04
Where can I download this? I'm explorer level but cant find the 'map back catalogue'... Only one is the main one and thats restricted to $2 pledges.
user avatar
User #893559 - 31 Dec 18 04:08
This is an insanely awesome map. I only hope to have a campaign that could use this one day.
user avatar
User #6233404 - 31 Dec 18 11:03
This is the kind of map that makes me write campaigns!
The God Tier - Dungeon Builder & a Bonus Map
The God Tier - Dungeon Builder & a Bonus Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
The God Tier - Dungeon Builder & a Bonus Map 2018-12-07T16:01:32+00:00close

Hello one and all!

For the past couple of weeks / months, I've been working on a "untitled" dungeon builder project. What originally was designed to be just a simple folder with building blocks or terrain tiles with my artwork, that you could manually copy and paste into photo editing software, has slowly expanded into a Digital Dungeon Builder. The goal of the dungeon builder is for you to be able to build custom dungeons in my artstyle that you can access via a website. Focused on a user friendly way of converting your line drawings / sketches of maps into fully detailed dungeons.

Now I'm not just working on this project by myself though, as I've enlisted the help an experienced programmer, who has in turn involved a second programmer to come to our aid, in order to bring this project to life.

If you are interested in putting this project on fast track, and sponsor more projects like it in the future, I've introduced the God Tier to my Patreon tiers. In return all patrons who sponsor this tier will be the first to gain access to the expanded content like the Dungeon Builder, and be able to give us personal input as soon as the beta launches. (disclaimer: I will let you know as soon as a first version of the Dungeon Builder has launched, we are still in the stages of writing the basic code). You will also get discounts the moment the full product is launched, and get a chance to request custom content for all these types of projects. Think custom assets etc. I will also make sure anyone who sponsors this is mentioned in the "thanks to" section of each project that is sponsored during their pledge.

I will make sure to post updates on the Dungeon Builder from time to time for all patrons as well, and keep you up to date for when you can expect a launch of the full product.

Like promised I have also dropped a new Bonus Map in the Back Catalogue as part of my Mapvember campaign, so be sure to check it out in the folder Dungeons - Snowy Outpost & Dungeon!

Kind Regards!

Bert / Crosshead

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4672731 - 7 Dec 18 22:48
Hey hey just joined, dope! But i don't see a gold tier, maxes out at PANTHEON OF THE GODS.
user avatar
Crosshead - 7 Dec 18 22:51
God tier is pantheon of the gods, sorry for the confusion! You can always message me directly if you have questions or get to me on discord if I can help you out with anything.
user avatar
User #4672731 - 7 Dec 18 23:00
Oh it's all good. Saw the post on reddit said "oh man this dope" and came to sponsor before I saw this post, just wanted to make sure I was doing all i could :-p
user avatar
Crosshead - 7 Dec 18 23:04
That's very kind of you!
MAPVEMBER 2018-12-04T16:19:27+00:00

As decided by the Dragon Council (and with my campaign booklet in mind) I've decided to turn December into Mapvember. Meaning I will focus on maps first, making sure I will fill my quota of miniatures, but possibly skipping my monster creation for this month. If all goes well I might be able to do everything.

This means you wont have to wait another month for a new map but that you can expect bonus maps popping up in the map folder in the following weeks. A list of possible map options will be introduced to the Royal Council somewhere this week, where all members can vote for the options (multiple votes for each member) they would like me to work on first.

Council Meeting - December 2018-12-04T16:12:26+00:00
MAPS - I want to do another larger Dungeon Map. Something with a couple of big set pieces like the Dwarven Dungeon or just a bunch of small outside maps like the forest map. I can also do another building if people are in for that.

TOKENS - I would like to start doing all the miscellaneous creatures listed in the back of the monster manual. Should come in pretty handy for druids and general combat encounters.

CHARACTER - I'm holding off for the character for now. More info in a follow up message!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #100066 - 4 Dec 18 16:17
I like the idea of another dungeon map.
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Dec 18 16:41
For Mapvember I will look at all the previous councils and collect the second most voted map options from the old polls, including this poll and put that as one of the multiple choice options for the Mapvember poll. Whatever receives the most votes on there will be the first thing I start working on, going down the list to finish as much as possible. Feel free to also put down requests right here if you'd like to put them down for voting. (for now it is mainly puzzle maps, as requested by the Dragon Council) that make up the bulk of Mapvember.
Package nr.8
Package nr.8more_vert
Post file flag
Package nr.8 2018-12-04T16:08:28+00:00close
Battlemaps: Inn + Tavern two layer underground cultist dungeon.

Character: The Craftsman (sheet + artwork)

Tokens: NPC's: Noble, Scout, Spy, Thug, Tribal Warrior + Misc Creatures: Ape, Awakend Shrub

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #7498020 - 5 Dec 18 13:37
Jpg, I didn't see any roll20 specific versions of those maps in the back catalogue.
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Dec 18 13:40
I see! I thought I had uploaded them already, I've fixed it in the meanwhile. If you go in there now you should see the ROLL20 versions
user avatar
User #7498020 - 5 Dec 18 13:41
You're the best!
user avatar
User #13503594 - 10 May 19 17:52
How do I get access to this dungeon now? I don't see it on the Back Catalog Supreme.
user avatar
Crosshead - 10 May 19 17:54
BUILDINGS - TAVERN + INN has all the files for this dungeon. Tell me if you still can't find it!
user avatar
User #12460148 - 17 Jan 19 03:21
So, as a patreon how do I access this content?
user avatar
Crosshead - 19 Jan 19 13:53
You should be able to access it from the Back Catalogue on the featured tab on the front page if you haven't found it yet? I'll drop you a message if you need help
user avatar
User #7498020 - 5 Dec 18 03:01
Hey CH, I love this map but I am struggling to upload Tavern Lvls 1-3 to roll20. What am I doing wrong?
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Dec 18 11:32
Hey Ben, which versions are you trying to upload?
Mapvember 2018-12-02T08:28:35+00:00

I am planning on turning December on my Patreon into Mapvember, skipping a character for more maps. These bonus maps will most likely also be featured in my booklet, so it is up to your vote to make that happen. After this vote I will introduce more polls that will map out where the adventure in my module takes us.

What do you say: Mapvember or business as usual?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12088945 - 2 Dec 18 21:37
Love your maps! The town maps are really neat but your battle maps are always a hit at my table.
Coastal Village Map
Coastal Village Mapmore_vert
Post file flag
Coastal Village Map 2018-12-01T13:36:40+00:00close

As part of the campaign module and with the support of the Dragons Patrons, I will be making more maps in the coming weeks than I usually make. The first of that series is this village map of Slumberhaven. In the campaign module I will share info and details about the village, but for now I will be adding it to the package I'm releasing this monday on top of all your regular content.

The bonus maps, I am creating for the module, will be posted online as soon as each one is finished. So you can expect some bonus content as a holiday present for all you fine folk. I can't promise you how many, but I will be doing a big push to release as many as possible (in between all family stuff I have to attend this month).

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #14675987 - 1 Dec 18 13:55
This looks great, and just the kind of village I have been looking for in a campaign I am about to launch centred around the Moonshae Isles. Top quality.
user avatar
User #12155942 - 2 Dec 18 17:10
DONE! Starting a new campaign in a couple weeks and this will fit the general vibe perfectly.
user avatar
User #33901530 - 2 May 20 14:36
Are the details for this village available somewhere?
user avatar
User #56233 - 2 Dec 18 12:47
Perfect to launch my upcoming campaign! Looking forward to it.
user avatar
User #4740544 - 5 Feb 19 19:57
This is the map that drew me here. This will be the site of much horror in the Realm of Dread.
Matt Mercer is the Craftsman
Matt Mercer is the Craftsmanmore_vert
Post file flag
Matt Mercer is the Craftsman 2018-11-23T12:14:06+00:00close

This character originally had a lot more baggage, as I had planned on adding so much more. What remains is a character that has a lot of references to the shows Matt was in, the class he designed and some references to D&D in the backstory. It also includes a statblock for my steampunkish take on the maneuvering gear, in an effort to make it more era appropriate. I think it could be a fun magic item to hand to your players, basically a piece of equipment that allows you to fly with a twist.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2457430 - 23 Nov 18 12:23
This is fantastic. Post it to r/criticalrole or tweet it at him!
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 18 12:28
Will definitely try that! Thanks!
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Nov 18 21:11
It appears that someone else succesfully tweeted it at him and he saw it.
Campaign Booklet - UPDATE 1.0
Campaign Booklet - UPDATE 1.0more_vert
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Campaign Booklet - UPDATE 1.0 2018-11-21T20:13:43+00:00close

After reaching 300 patrons I officially started working on the Campaign Booklet I had promised to create. I will try to post updates from time to time in order to show you what exactly I am working on, starting with this sketch of my cover artwork for the booklet.

As you can see the title of the mini campaign is Metalhead - The death of the Full Metal King. What it is, I've mentioned it to patrons of the Dragon Tier before, is basically a campaign set in a Metal / Viking style setting with references to actual heavy metal bands (similar in how I reference stuff in my character designs, completely coated in a medieval fantasy flavor).

The setting will include a class called the Kitharan (which is basically a reconstruction of the spell point / mana based system for magic users), a race called the Metalhead, at least 2 unique enemies and a bunch of battlemaps, a worldmap, and some region maps.

The maps I will post whenever I finish one, so you can get access to them before I finish the booklet. The booklet will reference them, including detailed descriptions + a short campaign tying them all together.

All of this content will be free for all my Patrons and is additional content to what you already pay for.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #20360601 - 5 Mar 20 14:44
Hi, where do I find this completed booklet?
The Craftsman - Character Sketch
The Craftsman - Character Sketchmore_vert
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The Craftsman - Character Sketch 2018-11-13T19:31:58+00:00close

Working on this month's character, starring Matt Mercer as "The Craftsman". It will be a blend of characters he has provided the voice for in series and games, and some of the ones he has created for critical roll. The statblock will include a couple of unique features (focused on those characters) plus references to his own 5e homebrew class: the gunslinger. The backstory will include some of his own history and references to everything I've mentioned before.

Roadstop Inn - PART 2 2018-11-07T13:07:48+00:00

So in continuing to work on the Roadstop Inn, I thought I would let you vote for what is hiding underneath the surface exactly and provide each option with a small description of what I had in mind:

Demonic Cultists: In search for humanoid sacrifices, the cultists use the inn as a front for their ritualistic killing temple hiding in the dungeon underneath. This dungeon will feature places of worship, sacrificial circles and all the way at the bottom an, as of yet, unopened doorway to Hell.

Alien Intruders: Hiding deep underneath the inn is a fragment of an ancient alien relic and slowly but surely an alien life-form has been expanding in the caverns below. An Aberration. This dungeon will feature alien plant life and twisted vistas (think Annihilation). All the way at the end they will face the hive mind of this alien life-form.

Vampire Nest: An insatiable hunger has driven a clan of vampires to take bold steps in their hunt for humanoid blood. Building an inn for weary travelers on top of their lair, where they can feed upon their unsuspecting tenants. This dungeon will feature expansive living quarters and feeding grounds for the vampires living underneath. All the way at the end will be a throne room of sorts, inhabited by the leader of these vampires.

As always feel free to add your own suggestions and vote for the suggestions in the comments as well!

Delay + (NEW) Designation
Delay + (NEW) Designationmore_vert
Post file flag
Delay + (NEW) Designation 2018-11-06T20:52:14+00:00close

Hello all!

I've just finished the final tokens for October, catching up from my break. You can find all 8 new tokens in the miniature section of the Back Catalogue. I am still updating some of my links for Roll20 and a couple of print stuff, but that should definitely be finished by tomorrow.

Starting on the new batch of tokens is the first thing on my list, in order to make sure they don't come in last in another unexpected break from my schedule.

I have also started adding (NEW) to the folder names of all my new content, in an effort to help you make the distinction when browsing my content. If you have any other suggestions to make stuff stick out, or are happy with this change, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Short Tutorial for uploading Multilayered Maps
Short Tutorial for uploading Multilayered Mapsmore_vert
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Short Tutorial for uploading Multilayered Maps 2018-11-06T13:09:49+00:00close

Thought I'd make a quick tutorial for a recurring question. If you like dynamic lighting on the other hand I would keep to using multiple pages or layer the drawings adjacent to one and another in a single page.

Embed data


Provider URL

Creating Multilayered Battlemaps in Roll20

In this video I showcase a couple of simple tricks one can use to play on multilayered maps on Roll20. Although stacking maps like this does eliminate the possibility to add other features like dynamic lighting, it does make travel between different stories in a building much more dynamic. You can find more of my maps on Java Script Code to Remap the Zoomslider: javascript:(function()%7Bif%20(_.isUndefined(window.superAlpha))%20%7Bwindow.superAlpha%20%3D%200.55%3Bdocument.getElementById('maincanvas').getContext('2d').save2%20%3D%20document.getElementById('maincanvas').getContext('2d').save%3Bdocument.getElementById('maincanvas').getContext('2d').save%20%3D%20function()%20%7Bif%20(this.globalAlpha%20%3D%3D%20.55)%20this.globalAlpha%20%3D%20window.superAlpha%3B%20this.save2()%3B%7D%3Bvar%20e%20%3D%20%24('%23zoomslider')%3Be.slider(%7Borientation%3A%20'vertical'%2Cmin%3A%200%2Cmax%3A%20100%2Cvalue%3A%2055%2Cstep%3A%205%2Cslide%3A%20function(e%2C%20t)%20%7Bwindow.superAlpha%20%3D%20parseInt(t.value%2C%2010)%20%2F%20100.0%3BCampaign.activePage().reorderByZ()%3B%7D%7D).addTouch()%2Ce.on('dblclick'%2C%20function()%20%7Bwindow.superAlpha%20%3D%20.55%3BCampaign.activePage().reorderByZ()%3B%7D)%3B%7D%7D)()



Tokens of October (Coming Soon)
Tokens of October (Coming Soon)more_vert
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Tokens of October (Coming Soon) 2018-11-02T10:44:32+00:00close

The linework of my delayed tokens for October. You can expect them in the catalogue by next week (Monday or Tuesday).

Package nr. 7
Package nr. 7more_vert
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Package nr. 7 2018-11-02T10:40:38+00:00close
Battlemaps: A 4 layered Inn + Tavern with PNG layers.

Character: The Big Mistake (sheet + artwork)

Tokens: NPC's: Berserker, Cult Follower, Druid, Gladiator, Guard, Knight, Mage

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #8936422 - 2 Nov 18 15:05
Hey CH, I really like the Inn. I espcially like all the options for both story and adventure it gives. Did you have PDF versions for this map as well? :)
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 Nov 18 15:08
Hey Freek! First of all thanks, secondly I do have a pdf for this map but I just haven't uploaded it yet. Had been away for some time, so I'm slowly getting back in the flow of getting everything in order (like uploading the tokens a bit later than usual). Thanks for reminding me though, will get to it asap!
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 Nov 18 15:10
Also noticed I haven't uploaded the gridless versions either. Have some catching up to do!
user avatar
User #8936422 - 2 Nov 18 15:27
Sweet, I was just double checking! Don't hurry on acount of me. I won't have the opportunity to print until monday. Do you by chance still have the PDFs for the airship maps? :$ I'd love to be able to use those in my home game.
user avatar
Crosshead - 2 Nov 18 16:07
Sure no problem!
user avatar
User #14730031 - 4 Nov 18 16:55
New patron here. How do I download? Many thanks!
user avatar
Crosshead - 5 Nov 18 09:04
Hey Jason, You should have received a welcome message when subscribing that points you in the direction of the BACK CATALOGUE. A featured tag at the frontpage of my Patreon, where you can find all the files I've ever created and will create in a single Dropbox folder. If you haven't let me know so I can fix it for future reference
Council Meeting - November 2018-11-02T10:07:22+00:00
MAPS - Either continue working on the tavern map I just finished, adding a dungeon layer underneath (so a basic dungeon map) or create another building style map to keep working on the larger picture of building a massive city with building maps. You can always leave something in the comments and vote for that too!

TOKENS - I would like to continue working on the NPC's of the Monster Manual. Feel free to request other specific or even a theme of tokens in the comments.

CHARACTER - For my character I want to create a Matt Mercer NPC, that is based on some of his homebrew characters and some of the characters he's provided voice overs for. Will probably be some sort of gunslinger/mechanic.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11406151 - 4 Nov 18 04:19
After seeing Terry I'm excited to see you draw Matt. I will say, if you use his likeness, he is a really big fan of bards/playing them when he actually gets to play. So if its possible to work those elements in too, itd be cool. :)
user avatar
Crosshead - 4 Nov 18 13:15
I did not know that! Will definitely look into it. Feel free to drop any other stuff I could include into his background or his art!
The Big Mistake
The Big Mistakemore_vert
Post file flag
The Big Mistake 2018-10-12T10:17:27+00:00close

Introducing: The Big Mistake

Making series and movies about superhero franchises, and other nerd culture, has become so popular in the past few years, that I thought it might be interesting to reflect on the days before the “golden age”, when it felt like a lot of the productions were handled by buffoons, who didn’t care or know anything about the content they were mishandling. One of the actors who has played a central part in some of these, and actually jokes about some of the adaptations he’s featured in, is Ryan Reynolds, making him the perfect posterboy of this creation.

The three movies, I mashed together in this design, are also the perfect representation of the most common injustices. Starting with my favorite miscreant of all time: Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. Where shutting up the “Merc with a Mouth” was one of many wrongdoings, giving him a grab bag of powers and turning him into some sort of monstrosity. Next I wanted to pull in some minor references to Hannibal King, a character I’m less familiar with, but Blade Trinity was definitely one of those keep milking the cow till it is dead movies. Another common sin in the movie franchise business. Finally Green Lantern, a movie that was actually made in the Golden Age of Superhero movies. A reflection of all the CGI gone wrong movies and how most of the observant creators have learned to dial it back somewhat to create better looking movies. (Definitely not all of them)

I tried my best to include most of these ideas in the character design and try and translate some of it into the D&D universe. For the stat block I tried to create something a bit different, something based on the stats of a beholder, where you get randomized attacks. It seemed fitting for the concept. It might be very unbalanced, as it is a bit of an experiment, and would love it if people pointed out any glaring mistakes I made. Like the beholder it doesn’t take in account concentration in some of the spells and they are all ranked from level 2 to 7.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4663119 - 12 Oct 18 11:32
Can I say you are doing the lords work, your quality is sooo high and so cheap!!! it makes planning dungeons soooo much easier especially for a novice DM like myself. Thank you for the awesome affordable content!
user avatar
User #3985549 - 27 Mar 19 22:50
I'm about to deploy this guy in a game hopefully whenever we play next, (which could be a while still the way our schedules work). I'm curious if anyone had had a party run into this foe and how it went! I'll report back, for better or worse, with what I find.
Sketch of "The Big Mistake"
Sketch of "The Big Mistake"more_vert
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Sketch of "The Big Mistake" 2018-10-08T08:10:31+00:00close

The next Character / Monster I'm working on is an homage to a time when big movie studios didn't care about getting a comic book character right. When most superhero films were generally a slap in the face of the original creator.

The reason why I chose Ryan Reynolds as the face of this homage was on some obvious and some personal grounds. The obvious is that he still makes fun of these characters himself (Green Lantern mostly) and that he has gone through some bad renditions (also milking of a series (like blade)). The personal was watching them destroy Deadpool the first time around in Wolverine, which was one of my favorite comic book characters at the time.

The Big Mistake is basically a hybrid being that has access to some of the powers displayed in these renditions like disintegration rays and misty stepping. As always the character will include a backstory that is based on all of this.

BONUS CONTENT: Castle Mapmore_vert
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BONUS CONTENT: Castle Map 2018-10-05T13:40:19+00:00close

Sponsored by the Dragon Tier you can now find this battlemap and all its layers in the MAP FOLDER of the Back Catalogue! (I had made an animation for it but apparantly patreon sucks at videos!)

Council Meeting - October 2018-10-03T09:19:56+00:00
MAPS - I've been working on a new technique of developing buildings and would like to continue making maps in this trend. This will be part of a project of slowly building a village worth of buildings and in time I could create a village map where you can zoom in to any building and open the roof. It also means I can expand on the building blocks project. I will give you more options in the polls below too, so we can pinpoint what maps you would like me to work on and you can always leave more detailed descriptions in the comments.

TOKENS - I would like to continue working on the NPC's of the Monster Manual, finish the entire list of both female and male human characters. Feel free to request other specific or even a theme of tokens in the comments.

CHARACTER - For my character I would like to work on a monster I call: "The Big Mistake" and it's basically this monstrosity born from the bad calls Ryan Reynolds has portrayed in the old superhero movies like wolverine, green lantern and blade 3. I know he makes fun of them himself and I would love to build a creature with disintegration rays coming from his eyes and maybe carrying around a lantern of immense power.


Building Blocks - Peak Preview 2018-10-02T08:15:05+00:00

Hello Dragons!

For the last month I've been putting in the extra effort of deconstructing all the maps I create so you can start messing around and create your own custom content with my assets.

The first map I did this with was the church map, now I call it a peak preview because it will only give you a sense of what is in store with the building block concept. Once I finish the castle map and start deconstructing that one, you will have much more content to play around with. Now what is unique about these types of assets is that there is a 3D aspect to it, meaning you can create quite detailed content, but it requires very specifically designed content. In the next addition you will for instance see a bunch of similar looking chairs, all drawn from different perspectives. Since it is all hand drawn it will maintain a unique quality but that means it will be somewhat more difficult to play around with.

I think it could be a great tool if I expand on it. Check it out, see if you like it and we can start talking about expanding on it once I upload the castle building assets. I'll even make a short tutorial on how you can use it.

You can find the building blocks folder right HERE.

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User #7631369 - 2 Oct 18 08:29
This is very cool man, thanks!
Package nr. 6
Package nr. 6more_vert
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Package nr. 6 2018-10-02T08:06:17+00:00close
Battlemaps: A 3 layered church / chapel building with PNG layers.

Character: Terryan the Bardbarian (sheet + artwork)

Tokens: NPC's: Acolyte Female + Male in multiple colors, Archmage Female + Male in multiple colors, Assassin Female + Male in two colors, Bandit Captain, Bandit Female + Male and a Pentadrone Modron

Free Forest Road Map
Free Forest Road Mapmore_vert
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Free Forest Road Map 2018-09-30T10:19:56+00:00close

For the last couple of months I’ve been working on figuring out a way to create an interesting perspective that combines a more visual isometric approach with a standard topdown perspective for battlemaps. Especially when it comes to designing multistoried buildings. In my upcoming pack on Patreon I will be introducing my latest designs where I explore this new technique, but before I launch them I created a basic forest map to figure out what I could do with implementing trees (an element I’ve never really gotten right in the past in my mixed technique). Which makes use of a simple technique, one I created for doing roofs or multistoried buildings, where I create a base maplayer with tree trunks and a png layer with just the tree tops. This creates multiple solutions in one design as I can upload them as two separate layers in Roll20 or print them either separately or with a lower opacity on the tree layer.

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Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!


PNG Map Layers in Roll20
PNG Map Layers in Roll20more_vert
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PNG Map Layers in Roll20 2018-09-27T17:48:26+00:00close

So I've been fine tuning my perspective for some time and this is the latest update in the design of my maps. In this map it won't be super obvious why I use this pespective, but when I upload my first building map next week you'll get a better idea why I decided to use this alternative perspective.

You can find the map in my MAP folder located in TERRAINS - TRAVEL MAPS (it's part of the castle map)

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Pseudo Isometric Battlemaps in Roll20 & Dynamic Lighting

In this short video I talk about using my custom pseudo isometric battlemaps in Roll20 and how you can set my maps up yourself. You can download this map for free on my website The tokens & more maps can be found on my Patreon:



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User #13741230 - 28 Sep 18 14:23
I like the perspective you use for your maps! I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but do you create your own assets (trees, roads, statues) or utilize pre-made ones?
user avatar
Crosshead - 28 Sep 18 15:36
Hey Shelby! I draw all my assets by hand on a cintiq drawing screen in photoshop. I'm currently putting together a new feature for dragon tier patrons to be able to build their own creations or variants with my assets. I'll be releasing a video on the feature somewhere in the future. On my YouTube channel you can also find a video of me drawing out a couple of maps from scratch, if you're interested in my process
Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGEND
Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGENDmore_vert
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Dwarven Ruins - Mountain Pack LEGEND 2018-09-21T13:03:15+00:00close

So here is a more detailed approach on the design of my Dwarven Ruins. The idea was to create six distinct maps, each with their own "gateway", that could also be used as one single interlocked map with the theme "Dwarven Ruins or Abandonded Dwarven Outpost".

The concept was that the outpost was built near a mine filled with precious metals, located near an active vulcanic source. Hence all the lava.

The Dwarves made sure they would be able to protect their mining operation by building a layered defense.

First is the map of the gateway that leads into the complex, with a massive gateway that could be guarded from an overlook. In case of an attack, the Dwarves could run a counter attack from the stables that were located behind the entrance gateway. Running their mounts through the passages underneath into their foes. (I had an alternative idea where the ceiling in the stables is open, so they could use flying mounts as well). Next is a system of ancient caves running near the entrance (Which was hard to navigate at the time the outpost was built, but has been burrowed through afterwards).

The legend above goes into minor details on the design of the separate areas. What I had in mind when creating them.

The next three maps focus on the layout of the rest of the outpost, including a burial site inside the mountain, which was connected to the stables (in case warriors were wounded or killed in battle). Then the fortress itself with a layered defense system and the mine.

Parts of the outpost have collapsed, the idea was to create a sense of a breach from inside. Either creatures living in the system of caves long before the Dwarves came there or creatures that used the ancient portal stone and conquered the Dwarves using old passageways running through the mountain.

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User #11772993 - 21 Sep 18 13:24
This is amazing! I can't wait to use it in a game. Might have to build a one shot around this map pack. Do you have the grid dimensions for the big map? I'm thinking I might use this in a Roll20 game. My players love maps like this with so much detail.
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Crosshead - 21 Sep 18 13:43
The Dimensions of this map is 84 x 90 squares. Each separate map is 42 x 30 squares!
user avatar
User #33043335 - 4 Apr 20 17:57
Obviously you posted this comment awhile ago but thanks for asking so I didn't have too! I've been searching for a great way to introduce a new Dwarf NPC and this is going to be the perfect way. Much appreciated.
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User #36104183 - 27 May 20 15:14
Hey there just joined as a Patreon because this map looks perfect for my game, but can't seem to access it in your archived dropbox. Any guidance?
user avatar
User #7052489 - 23 Sep 18 15:14
where can I download this awesomeness?
user avatar
Crosshead - 23 Sep 18 19:10
Hey Lady Ahiru! You should be able to download all these maps by going to the Back Catalogue (see it on featured tags on the front page of my Patreon). There should be a link there you can click that will take you to all my content!
user avatar
User #3783925 - 19 Aug 20 23:24
I found this in a google search and signed up BECAUSE of this awesomeness, but now I cannot find it! HALP!
user avatar
User #3783925 - 19 Aug 20 23:26
NVM I found it! Left my comment intact so you could see how happy I am to have found it! :D :D :D :D
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User #14509205 - 26 Oct 18 21:55
Hi! Just subscribed at Explorer level, specifically because I love this map! But, I can't seem to access it...?
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User #38327372 - 5 Jul 20 17:53
This map is why I became a contributor! Just curious - does the main gate (4) connect directly to the stables somehow (15)? Just trying to understand the flow of connections.
user avatar
User #939438 - 26 Mar 20 15:41
I am also trying to get the full pack of maps for this. I also found this place because of this map. I would love to know how to get them now that I have pledged?
user avatar
User #8936422 - 8 Oct 18 10:14
Hey, I just checked the map pack and I saw you had print PDF files for every map. Is that something you did specifically because I asked or were they there all along? Either way, thanks a lot!
user avatar
Crosshead - 8 Oct 18 10:25
Hey Freek! It was a bit of both, as I have always been working with print in mind (why the dimensions of my work have always been determined by it), but something I had forgot to take care of and request like yours got me to put some more attention in making sure it got done! One of the main reasons I'm glad I transfered to Patreon when it comes to growing as a creator: the instant feedback and a chance to fix things on the fly!
user avatar
User #702427 - 24 Sep 18 03:38
Wow. This is gorgeous. New patron here. How do you make such beautiful maps?
user avatar
Crosshead - 24 Sep 18 07:40
Hey Kit! I basically just draw all of my maps by hand in Photoshop. It's something I started doing a couple of years ago and have been trying to perfect ever since. It was my way of recreating 3D printed terrain tiles on paper basically.
user avatar
User #702427 - 24 Sep 18 17:23
Damn! That’s amazing. How long do they take you do you think?
Terry Crews - Bardbarian
Terry Crews - Bardbarianmore_vert
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Terry Crews - Bardbarian 2018-09-15T11:54:16+00:00close

Terry Crews is the Bardbarian, if people are interested I'll post all references made in this work later.

Comments (1)
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User #7631369 - 17 Sep 18 06:52
This is so great!
Terry Crews - The Bardbarian
Terry Crews - The Bardbarianmore_vert
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Terry Crews - The Bardbarian 2018-09-12T09:12:44+00:00close

Here is a preview sketch of the work I am doing on the Bardbarian NPC based on terry crews. As part of this design I was trying out a couple of new techniques for building a painting, the fine linework marking the planes of the muscles and materials. It's a mapping sketch, so some details you see here are still up for lots of changes (like his face).

In an effort to pull out all the stops to make this piece one of the most detailed paintings I've made so far. I will also be looking into a new presentation for the statblock itself, after updating all my other assets. A design that will possibly set the tone for everything from now on.

Should have the NPC finished by the weekend, so you can expect a LQ version popping up by then.

Every item used in the design has a reference to Terry or the character. I challenge you to try and find them. Will post a list of these references when I upload it this weekend!


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