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September progress 2020-09-16T14:37:32+00:00

I’m here with this month’s progress! Let’s see what new content I’ll bring this month, shall we? :)

This time only one new enemy will be added to the game, but she will have 2 separate animations (the ones I’ve posted before). She will also have alternative scenes. I hope you guys will like it <3. The blonde succubus will also have an alternate scene added ;).

I have implemented a new type of trap: Rope traps! If you happen to walk into them, you will get bound and have to escape from it by mashing enter a few times. Until then you are completely defenseless and if you get caught, then you’ll get raped ;). The new loli succubus will have an alternative animation if she catches you while you are bound by a rope trap.

A little bit of polish here and there: now when pushing crate the player has an actual pushing animation.

It is now possible to go back to the main menu from the pause menu! I know this is how it should have been in the first place, but back then I had a bug that prevented me from doing this. It is however now fixed. :)

And finally, I think I managed to fix that annoying item/inventory bug that rarely happened to you guys! I can’t confirm it as I can’t reproduce the bug myself, but I am very confident now that I fixed it.

The gallery is here! A lot of you guys requested it, so I’ve added an animation gallery, which you will be able to access from the main menu. Here you will be able to view all the animations that are currently in the game. You will have to go near your favorite enemy and by pressing up and down you will be able to cycle through their animations.

From now on I will also release Android builds of the game as well! Another feature that I heard a lot of people wanting to see. I worked a lot with this, but in the end, I think it was worth it. You guys will be able to play the game on your phone now as well :). I managed to play the game through on my phone and I think while it’s still not perfect, it’s in a pretty good state and can be released along with the new build.

Aaaaand that’s it for now… Expect the new build to be uploaded sometime next week. I got a lot more support than I ever imagined, so I would like to thank you guys for supporting me and my project :) I also would like to encourage everyone here to leave more feedback if you feel like it and don’t forget, I’m always open for suggestions! It can be regarding the development of the game or even certain scenarios that you’d like to see in the game :)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #9393413 - 16 Sep 20 14:54
Awesome, didn't expect the gallery so soon. But glad it's in this early as well. Wanted to know, is there a way we can rebind our keys or is that not yet implemented? I would like to be able to remap some key binds as currently its a little uncomfortable, specifically browsing the inventory. Otherwise again, excited to see the update and excited to see this game grow. Its nice to have another FOBS like game, but with more consistent updates and more "content full" updates as well I would say. Wishing you the best :)
user avatar
Kredyn - 16 Sep 20 16:45
Thanks! :) I'll look into a key rebind system, though, I don't want to promise anything. I do however plan to rework the basic settings. What would you suggest, if you could what key bindings would you use?
user avatar
User #20911592 - 16 Sep 20 15:49
How the gallery works, do I have to lose to a succubus then I'll have it or completing the map?
user avatar
Kredyn - 16 Sep 20 16:41
No, everything is unlocked at the beginning.
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(☉_☉) 2020-09-14T11:17:47+00:00close

What's happening here I wonder?

New enemy - Loli succubus
New enemy - Loli succubusmore_vert
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New enemy - Loli succubus 2020-09-03T13:33:31+00:00close

This time I wanted to create a loli like character into the game. She is smol and wears a cute dress... Oh and she doesn't like when she's looked down, that's when she will show you her riding technique.

She will have an alternate scene as well, but that will be in another post next time. With that I will also show you guys a new kind of trap I've been working on: the rope traps. And this enemy will have an alternate scene with the rope trap :)

Hope you enjoy it!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #20646234 - 3 Sep 20 13:35
Oh cool to see you’re doing an alternate scene, any chance of the previous girls getting new positions? I’d love to see the red-haired or brown-haired ones getting something!
user avatar
Kredyn - 3 Sep 20 13:51
I didn't plan an alternative scene for them, but it is definitely possible. I don't want to promise anything though as of now. I may make a poll in the future as of who you guys want an alternate scene of :)
user avatar
User #9393413 - 3 Sep 20 13:52
Looks really good. Honestly very excited to see this game expand and grow. So far the talent I am seeing is really impressive, glad I found this gem of a game! Also wondering if you are planning to add a gallery room of sorts later on at all? Obviously no rush, but I guess like, do you have an idea of when you'd like to add it, if at all, sort of thing?
user avatar
Kredyn - 3 Sep 20 13:54
Wow, thank you for the kind words! <3 Yes, I do plan to add a gallery in the future, though I'm not sure when yet. But I want to have a gallery that's for sure :)
V1.0.1 Release 2020-08-27T15:35:04+00:00

Here is the new Patreon build! Please enjoy :)

If you find any bugs or en errorLog.txt next to the save file, please immediately tell me.

This build's end is indicated by a sign, which tells where the current content ends.


Attachments (1) (27.6MiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #2671587 - 27 Aug 20 17:34
There is a bug with the book puzzle, I placed each colored book onto each respective shelf, it used up the books in my inventory, but the green bookshelf still had a ? over it even thought my green book was consumed. The path forward was still blocked as well.
user avatar
Kredyn - 27 Aug 20 17:40
Ohh yeah I know about this bug... Please check if an errorLog.txt has been created in the DrainMansion_Data folder
user avatar
User #20646234 - 27 Aug 20 20:04
Holy fuck man I love the princess, wish I could become her slave forever. <3 Also seriously, I fucking love how many lines you're giving the girls, God I just loved going back to the brown-haired succubus and having her 'take care of me', her lines are absolutely the hottest, I just turn into mush when she pulls out the 'good boy' lines. There's a small bug btw which I also remembered getting in the first version of the game too, when you're at the first jumping part with the moving platform (with the brown-haired succubus at the bottom), if you're going back there seems to be a glitch when standing by the edge where if I try to move my character just won't go right, I have to move back left then go right in order to move.
user avatar
Kredyn - 27 Aug 20 20:34
Thank you for the report! I'm aware of this, but I haven't yet found an easy fix for it. And since it's a mild annoyance I didn't really bother to fix it yet... But yeah, I should fix that as well.
user avatar
Kredyn - 27 Aug 20 20:52
Actually, I think I fixed it... So next time I upload a build this will be fixed :)
user avatar
User #5032055 - 2 Sep 20 21:29
I need help with the library lol
user avatar
Kredyn - 2 Sep 20 21:53
What do you need help with?
user avatar
User #5032055 - 2 Sep 20 23:23
Just need a hint after the books
user avatar
Kredyn - 3 Sep 20 06:10
There is a little green arrow indicating where you should go (The big crack in the wall)
V1.0.1 changelog 2020-08-27T08:37:09+00:00

I'll be uploading the new build for patrons very soon. Till then, here is a list of changes... There are some spoilers regarding the new scenes and enemies (about where and how to find them), so if you want to find them yourselves, then skip those parts.


- New enemies:

- Red-haired bratty princess succubus. She will make you her slave!

- Blonde-haired succubus. She has big boobs and is quite lazy, but she likes to eat, so she
will still gladly milk you!

- New scenes:

- After the library puzzle, if you go back to the library, the succubus chasing you will be
there and be quite surprised that you went back after escaping.

- When going back from the dungeon to the mansion, the brown-haired succubus will be
very pleased that you went back to her.

- The red-haired succubus has two slightly different scenes now, one is if you encounter
her normally and the other one is if you let her out of her cage.

- Lots of new environment graphics for the dungeon.

- 5 new maps.

- Pressure plates.

- Options menu added.

- Now start game puts you into the tutorial, instead of it having a separate button.

- Dungeons have new music.

- Added exception logger. I hope this will help me track down bugs. If the game will have an internal crash, then it will be logged into a .txt file called errorLog.txt.

- Added the ability to give up when caught.

QOL Changes:

- Added icons to switches and objects where items can be used.

- Talk text is a little smaller, now more text fits into the talkbox!

- There can be multiple sounds now during an animation!

- Added little flashes during scenes and when an enemy catches you.

- Reworked tutorial a little.

- Lots of small bugfixes...

- It was possible before, that if an enemy has seen you, it just suddenly lost interest.

- Enemies now don't animate when moving towards walls.

- When only 1 strength of succubus remained while raping, in the endless scene, after
pressing enter, the player could break free.

- Lots of others, I don't remember...

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #20646234 - 27 Aug 20 08:55
Can't wait! I'm so glad you added these alterations to if you go back to a certain succubus, I especially can't wait to see what the brown-haired and red-haired ones say. xD
user avatar
Kredyn - 27 Aug 20 09:12
Don't worry, you don't have to wait for long now :)
user avatar
User #659371 - 27 Aug 20 15:30
cant wait to test out the new stuff, specially revisiting old ones that you escaped seems very interesting
user avatar
Kredyn - 27 Aug 20 15:33
Then you only need to wait for just a few minutes ^^
You can decide which scene will be in the new build! 2020-08-22T17:18:33+00:00

So like I mentioned in my previous post, I'd like to ask you guys to decide which animation should I put in the next build of the game. The two options are the following:

(The yellow-haired enemy from before)

Or this alternative pose of the green-haired enemy. This is WIP currently. :)

The one that gets the more votes will appear in the game first. Both will be included later the poll is only about the order.

Comments (1)
user avatar
Kredyn - 24 Aug 20 15:36
Okay, I don't think the end result will change anymore... I'll implement the blonde enemy into the next build then <3
August progress... 2020-08-20T09:41:22+00:00

Hello guys!

This time I wanted to talk about the specific changes that were made in the game. I made a lot of quality of life changes, like adding small icons above usable items and switches. Switches will have a small hand icon and the places where you can use items will have a question mark above them. I hope this will help a little bit in dark areas, I heard some of the players not seeing a switch because it was too dark. I also added the ability to flash the screen, so now when you are caught and when the MC cums, short white flashes will happen. I think this looks cool in practice and makes the game slightly more polished. I also made the enemy talk text a tiny bit smaller, so I can write longer sentences (previous character limit was 50, now it is 70). This lets me add more character to an enemy.

Now about the dungeon part. I drew a lot of tiles for this part and I will draw some more later on. I think it turned out pretty cool. This will be the starting area of the dungeon and the safe room.

I implemented Pressure Plates, which operate the way you would expect them to. I hope I can make some fun puzzles with them in the future.

Another big change is in the main menu. I added a version number, a Patreon link, and the most important part, an options menu. Now you can set some stuff like resolution and music/sound volume. These settings should get saved and load automatically when you start the game. The tutorial button had to go, there wasn't enough place for it, so now the game starts at the tutorial map instead of the beginning of the game. I think this is fine since it is very short.

And finally, I put the new enemy into the game. I plan to add another enemy in August's build, but I haven't decided yet who it will be. I will probably make a poll for it where you guys can decide which one should be the second enemy in this month's build :). I will also post this pic to my twitter.

I think I made a ton of work this month... You guys gave me a ton of motivation, I'm very thankful for that. The game got a much better reception than what I could ever imagine, and I will continue working on it in the future. I however want to emphasize that I was on holiday this time which let me work on the project much more than I normally would. I may not be able to keep up this pace in the future, but I will try my best. :)

Thank you again for supporting my project, I wouldn't be here without your trust and support!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #20646234 - 20 Aug 20 11:57
Awesome update man, seriously cannot wait to play the new build! Looking forward to that poll as well! :D
New enemy - Bratty princess!
New enemy - Bratty princess!more_vert
Post file flag
New enemy - Bratty princess! 2020-08-13T05:13:48+00:00close

I was having trouble with this one haha. So much so that I almost gave up. I think it's good that I did not, though. The pose is very extreme, but I really like the outcome. I tried to make this enemy have kind of "bratty princess" look. She likes cute pink things and milking the MC of course. She will probably be similar to the brown-haired succubus in that she will be almost impossible to get away from once she catches the player.

With this done, there are 2 completely new animations that are ready to be imported into the game. I was really on a roll now I think made a ton of work done. 99% of it was animation and graphics, so the game build itself is pretty much the same, but this is also an important part of developing the game.

Soon I'll start working on the build itself, as I plan to release a Patreon only build, that includes a new enemy and a little bit of the next area of the game (don't expect much gameplay-wise as I'm currently focusing on developing new enemies).

With that said, please enjoy this new set of animations of this bratty succubus <3.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #20646234 - 13 Aug 20 13:27
Hell yeah I can't wait to have my balls drained by this cutie, that leg raise position is so fucking sexy. She even looks like the kind of enemy that should be an instant loss, real glad we're already getting another one of those like the brown-haired succubus. Man it's hard to explain with words alone, but there's just something that turns me on so much about these girls in particular, the ones you can't get away from, it's like no matter how fast you tap that enter key there's nothing you can do, she feels too amazing that you want to lose and become hers, I love how this even projects to me irl, I love that moment where I just lose the will to keep on tapping and give into my desire to fuck her. The cherry on top of all this is the dialogue, I can't wait to see her lines, her being bratty already gives me a really good feeling as to how hot they'll be. :3
user avatar
Kredyn - 13 Aug 20 14:10
Oh I know what you mean, I'm feel the same :) Don't I'm planning to make insta lose enemies in the future as well!
Meet a new enemy
Meet a new enemymore_vert
Post file flag
Meet a new enemy 2020-08-07T11:32:26+00:00close

So I've been working on this girl with huge boobs riding the MC. I know I showed it on my twitter before, but I polished it a lot since then, and did not have to cum animations back then. Now this enemy is completely finished as far as animations go. I tried to make her bored/sleepy/having lack of interest. She also has a messy hair because she doesn't really care as long as she can milk you. I also think her boobs turned out great but you be the judge of that. I'll probably won't make bigger boobs than this haha. Maybe if there are special requests for that, but I think this is more than enough.

About the future sections of the game, the next part will be in a dungeon beneath the mansion. That I hinted at in the last room with the rock walls. But I still have to do the graphics for that first.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #20646234 - 13 Aug 20 11:50
She's cute, and as far as boob size goes, I definitely agree with you that this is big enough to be as hot as it can be, without it being too big that it gets off-putting. :D
user avatar
Kredyn - 13 Aug 20 12:57
I'm glad you liked it. I'm a big boobs person, but even I have my limits :). It's really fun to see her tits juggle though as she rides. I also thought about making an alternate version as well where her boobs would be out of her latex suit.
user avatar
User #20646234 - 13 Aug 20 13:31
That alternate version sounds amazing, I really do love the latex 'feel' the boobs have as in this preview, but at the same time there's a really big appeal to having the tits busting out of the suit as she rides you. <3
Public Demo V1.0a 2020-08-06T07:16:48+00:00



-Hopefully fixed inventory items disappearing when they shouldn't (please tell me if this still happens)

-Added a little arrow in the library scene indicating where you should go

-Fixed a small bug where you could open the inventory while the level was loading.

You can download the public demo from the attachments section of this post. Please let me know if you find any bugs to fix! Thanks. I hope you enjoy it. :)



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