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Update: Apology and Plans 2019-09-03T07:53:59+00:00

Hello Everyone.

This past month had been absolutely my worst month I've had since I've opened this Patreon account.

I'm terribly sorry for what I've done. I've promised you the most number of releases ever, and I failed, miserably. I released the least number of chapters in any month since I started.

I know your trust is shaken, I can see it in how your support was cut by over a third, and to be honest, I can't blame you one bit. The month was terrible... and I froze. I kept lying to myself thinking that I will make it, and kept promising you even with the last day drawing near.

I can try and make excuses all I want. Sick on this day, lost chapters on another, and while it's all true, I know what truly happened: Burnout! I've fatigued myself with other work for so long, but none of that is your fault! It's all mine. You've all been supportive and kind for some long; I was the one to make a promise, and fail!

I couldn't sleep (43 hours straight right now, and this happened often this month), and I couldn't work. I try to translate, and I just translate slower than I did with my first chapter.

I discussed this with the man I trust the most, my father, and he told me that I should never make promises that I don't know for sure I could keep. Pretty obvious I guess, but I truly believed I could pull it off.

Again, I know your trust is shaken by now, but I'm deciding to not listen to my old man one more time. I've promised you 30 chapters last month, I still have 25 due. I have 15 more for this month, so yes, this month I'm releasing 40 chapter.

To pull this off, I'm actually extending my vacation from my day job by one extra month. I know this will hurt me financially, but that's the price I must pay.

To make sure I cannot afford to fail, I'm making the stakes really high:

If I don't pull this off this time around, I'll REFUND every one of you for September by the end of the month!

On top of that, I'm no longer gathering chapters for mass releases. By the end of each day, I'll be uploading what I translated. Tonight I have three chaps. Two planned for tomorrow.

Again, I'm really sorry, and I know I say it every time, but I truly mean it: I love you everyone: thank you so much for your support!

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #17147736 - 3 Sep 19 08:24
Don't overwork yourself, do not end up making a massive promise, that can end up injuring your health. Try to keep up, but don't stretch yourself thin.
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 Sep 19 17:03
Thank you! I'll try to do my best! It really makes me happy to notice how much you all care for my health and well being!
user avatar
User #17134291 - 1 Oct 19 05:17
I appreciate what you do and I think I can speak for many of your loyal readers that while we get excited about mass releases and more chapters we always hope that more than instant gains that your story will go the distance and last until the end. There is not much else as disappointing as a great story being dropped because of burnout, so please go at a sustainable pace that takes your physical and mental health into account so that we can look forward to your story for a long while to come, thank you for your hard work
user avatar
J_Otaku - 1 Oct 19 06:37
As long as I'm alive, free, have eyes and finger, I'll never drop it! It's your support and kind words that help me go on!
user avatar
User #21057653 - 3 Sep 19 08:03
Try to keep your promises but don't stretch yourself too thin.
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 Sep 19 17:02
I'll do my best ^^
user avatar
User #12991251 - 6 Sep 19 22:33
I was wondering where the uploads were, well your honest about messing up and thats all that matters. I'm looking forward to the releases thanks!
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 Sep 19 17:01
Thank you for being so forgiving. I'm very grateful! Releases tonight!
user avatar
User #11045550 - 6 Sep 19 23:06
So when can we expect chapters,to be released?
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 Sep 19 16:59
Tonight I'll try releasing 3 of them before midnight PT. After that, I'll try to have an average of 2 chapters a day, with some exceptions.
user avatar
User #7011001 - 19 Sep 19 18:10
I don't see 2 chapters a day so I won't ever be donating again. I just hope you at least follow through on your promise to refund.
user avatar
User #9765985 - 3 Sep 19 08:01
I hope you find your groove soon but I'm enjoying the story so I wish you luck for this month just dont burn yourself out to much otherwise who will translate this story.
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 Sep 19 17:00
Thank you Videogame, you've been with me all the way. I'm very grateful for your support and kind words!
user avatar
User #14794819 - 3 Sep 19 22:32
hakuna matata 😁
Celebrating! Read all chapters at 50%!!! 2019-07-29T22:56:23+00:00

Hello everyone!

Join us as we celebrate the passing of two years since the inception of TranslatinOtaku! It’s been such a wild and exhilarating ride for every member of our team, and you’ve been by our side every step of the way!

To celebrate your support, we’re celebrating with a massive special offer: For one time only, read everything we’ve translated for just half the usual pledge! That’s right; you can now get all the rewards for the highest tier of any of our Patreon accounts, for just 50% of its usual pledge amount! The offer lasts until the 31st of July at midnight pacific time.

- To benefit from this offer, choose the new Thank you! (Special Offer!) tier.

- If you are already pledging less than the new tier’s pledge amount, you will only be charged for the difference between your current and new pledges.

- If you are already pledging an amount equal to or exceeding the new tier’s pledge amount, you have to switch to the new tier to enjoy its rewards. This does not apply to the Kage Tier.

- Fear not however; if you switch to this new tier while already pledging an amount equal to its pledge amount or exceeding it, you will not be charged at all, and you will get to read all the chapters!

- This tier will last until the 31st of July at midnight pacific time. After that, it will be deleted. To get rewards after that, simply pledge to whatever tier you want to join by then.

Again, we’re all very thankful for your support. We love you everyone, I hope you all enjoy!

One Year Anniversary!!! 2019-04-14T23:33:52+00:00

Hello everyone! i hope you're all doing great!

Today marks our one year anniversary on this Patreon! Exactly one year ago, I started translating this novel. As time went on, your support has carried me through all sorts of difficulties.

How you helped me get my life together goes beyond what I can express in words. From the bottom of my heart; thank you!

Like I mentioned before: At least 5 Bonus Chapters this month! I hope you all enjoy them.

Again, thank you everyone! I love you all <3 Enjoy life, and keep on reading ^^

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6966385 - 18 Apr 19 00:04
Hey mate, thanks for translating this awesome story! There's a problem that's cropped up on your site translatinotaku.net where Chrome as well as IE keeps redirecting the site to use the https instead of the http header and then blocking the site due to certificate error (ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_REVOKED) saying the site is not secure. I haven't found any way to bypass this and it's made your site completely inaccessible for me. This has been going on for a few days and I thought I'd let you know. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have a great day! :)
user avatar
J_Otaku - 18 Apr 19 14:41
Hello Red. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve! I've notified the site managers of this problem, and they are working diligently to fix it. Meanwhile, try to use Chrome, for the problem seems to only occur with Firefox for now. It's my pleasure to work on this novel, and I'm glad you're enjoying it, and sorry for the inconvenience this has brought you. A great day to you too ^^
Thank You! It's my Birthday Today! 2019-04-01T18:55:19+00:00

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you're doing fantastic!

So, March was extremely rough on me, mostly for health reasons. I've been so sick and tired, some chapters even took over 10 hours to translate. On top of that, members of my family got sick as well, and I just couldn't be timely on my releases.

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I'm not. It was a rough month, both financially and health-wise, but you stuck with me all the way through. For that I say, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

This month will be special! April 14th marks the day I started this account! On top of that, today is my birthday! (I know it sounds like it's April Fool, but it isn't XD).

This month, the plan is make up for old debts, and celebrate one year passing since this journey started by going all out and delivering over 20 chapters! It's going to be hard, but with your support, I know I could make it happen!

Again, thank you so much for your support! I love you everyone <3 Enjoy life, and keep on reading ^^

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #8066304 - 2 Apr 19 02:19
Happy birthday! just joined today, so i guess that's an unexpected birthday present.
user avatar
J_Otaku - 2 Apr 19 11:15
Thank you! A great present Sarah! Welcome to the family <3 and thank you for your support ^^
user avatar
User #11623683 - 1 Apr 19 18:56
Happy birthday!! Thanks for your hard work!
user avatar
J_Otaku - 2 Apr 19 11:10
Thanks Beavaa! You've been supporting me for so long! Thank you <3
Post file flag
SCHEDULE! 2018-05-06T22:20:55+00:00close

Hey guys, I'm re-posting this and giving it a featured tag so that new patrons have easy access to it.

A few things that are worth noting:

-All regular reward chapters will be posted on the days mentioned in the schedule.

-All bonus chapters are to be released on the non-scheduled days.

-The schedule follows Pacific Time.

-Delays that are not related to health, connection or computer issues that make me physically unable to release chapters will be penalized. I'll have to give you an extra chapter in return within a month of the delay.

Thank you all for your amazing support. Enjoy life and keep on reading!

PS: Schedule was changed on June 2nd 2018, by adding more chapters per month.

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #11042461 - 6 May 18 22:21
😹Thanks that's help!
user avatar
J_Otaku - 6 May 18 22:26
My pleasure :D
user avatar
User #6114798 - 7 May 18 06:33
Thank you for the help
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 May 18 06:56
My pleasure :D
user avatar
User #10839952 - 16 May 18 00:28
where's the extra chapter today?
user avatar
J_Otaku - 17 May 18 11:14
Hey, extra chapters are not always evenly distributed between days.
user avatar
User #960351 - 13 Apr 19 17:56
Where are the previous chapters?
user avatar
J_Otaku - 17 Apr 19 03:48
Hey Thiago, I'm not sure about what you're asking about. If you are wondering about chapters 1 to 10, they are here: "https://translatinotaku.net/hokage-ryos-path/ If you are wondering about something else, please tell me!
user avatar
User #11045550 - 14 May 18 00:33
Just sign up for the paetron cause i think this novel is really good and wondering where is chapter 25 cause i reading it on translating otaku and trying to continue it cause im hook
user avatar
J_Otaku - 14 May 18 11:07
user avatar
User #6114798 - 7 May 18 02:14
Is the red colour the day that you will post the chapter? Sorry I don’t really know how to read the schedule
user avatar
J_Otaku - 7 May 18 06:23
Yes! exactly. Every month in the year has its fitting row in the table. For example, May's release days are the red days in the second row.
user avatar
User #12130883 - 12 Jul 18 22:44
H.R.P is one of my fav novels i'm currently reading and i have 6 bookmark tabs filled to the brim with web novels keep up the good work looking forward to more
user avatar
J_Otaku - 13 Jul 18 00:48
Really glad you're loving the story ^^ Thank you so much for your support <3 I'll do my best!
Announcement!! 2018-04-14T17:03:43+00:00

Hey guys, thank you all for your support. As promised in the tiers I will finish all chapters for all the tiers by the end of this month (April).

I hope You enjoy these 1st 5 chapters! More enjoyable stuff coming your way!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #7099053 - 14 Apr 18 21:02
Loving the chapters
user avatar
J_Otaku - 14 Apr 18 23:12
Glad that you do my friend <3 More on the way soon!
user avatar
User #8558895 - 14 Apr 18 20:16
Thank you for translating this story.
user avatar
J_Otaku - 14 Apr 18 20:38
My pleasure <3 Enjoy!

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