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July Updates/Plans and New Overwatch Poll! 2020-07-01T21:26:07+00:00

So July is here and it's time to talk about all the plans and ideas! First, let's review June.

I did take it easier last month as I honestly got burned out, that being said we still got four main Illustrations and 3 of those were bigger projects overall with more characters or further story variants so I'm happy with that. I did have ideas to continue Ashe's picture but those ideas were much bigger so I will do that later.

Only one patreon story this month although Teyza and the fairies stories were updated at Hentai Foundry. We also got however 2 new mixes from old pictures, Twintelle and the Doomer Girl, so that's a new thing I'm experimenting on and hope you like those.

As usual , thanks to everyone for supporting me, and now let's talk about what's new

- Patreon Changes, Tax and More:

You might have already been notified by Patreon, and I had already made a post weeks ago, but once again; starting this month there's a new Tax applied in parts of the US and other 17 countries. Most Patreon users won't be affected by these and they are relatively minor, for example a 5$ Supporter would have around 20-50 cents extra to pay.

That being said, I have used Patreon's Tax Tool to minimize the amount you'd have to pay per tier as to save you as much money as possible, so it's much closer to the 20 cents than 50.

Speaking of Patreon however. Maybe you had seen it floating around in social media but recently they got DMCA'd by Nintendo, and a lot of creators had to take down Nintendo stuff from their pages. Now Patreon is troublesome a lot of times, and honestly I don't know when they are just going to straight out ban porn, hopefully never. But I do recommend Checking out my SubscribeStar page: https://subscribestar.adult/ardham Where I offer the same stuff as here for the same prices, it's also less likely to censor stuff given the service was made for adult purposes. If you'd like, you can swap and support me there, get the same stuff.

And on the SS topic, I had a goal over there back in the day, set for creating an online store and I reached it. So I'm still working on building it, it is hard to find a service that allows adult material AND works in my country however, but hopefully I'll have a page available this month.

- June Rewards

As usual, rewards will be sent on the 5th of the month which is the day Patreon finishes processing the payments. So if you had any trouble with your payment you can fix it up by then!

Now for July

- Pictures

So, I've started the Yrel comic. First of all, I will continue it until I finish it, don't know how much of the month that will take. I might get something commissioned too, but other than that I will be working on whatever wins polls of course. Provided we have time after all that however I already have ideas for stuff to draw.

I will also post random new variants of old pictures like I did last month.

- Contact

Now I've Created a cardd.co page where you can find links to my Social, media Galleries and more, as well as my commission information. Check it out here


- Polls

The Theme this month is looking to be cartoon girls so far. This has been the first patreon-only poll in a while and it worked well, so I will be doing more.

Since Yrel will be a big focus with the comic, that will be a lot of Warcraft so I decided to skip the Warcraft Babe of this month and instead do an Overwatch Poll which is another Blizz property with lots of hot girls.

Therefore, here is the Overwatch Poll, so, vote for which girl you'd like to see get Lewded!

Yrel's Persuasive Tactics - Cover and Page 1
Yrel's Persuasive Tactics - Cover and Page 1more_vert
Post file flag
Yrel's Persuasive Tactics - Cover and Page 1 2020-07-01T02:13:14+00:00close

So Right before the month ends here's the start of Yrel's comic as the Girl of the Month.

I wasn't sure how to approach this with my usual variants way of work, since this is supposed to be a storyline. So I decided to take the first pose I drew her in, make her nude and use that variant to make a cover for the comic so it would make sense.

With that, it allows me to do many more sexy variants of the cover, so of course once again tier 2+ will get further lewd variants. Right now there's a non-forged one!

Now For this I took her Heroes of the Storm design as the base because she just looks the hottest there. and the best in that concept art so here she is. On top of that, I figure she would already be Lightforged at this point so I took the base lightforged design and applied it to her making her still bluer like her normal skin and using the Velen rune she got in WoD. Then I figured having her armored wouldn't be a good idea for how this will develop, plus she not exactly being at war at this point, so I reduced her HotS armor to a mix of her initial WoD outfit and what Draenei wear in BC.

So the process of designing her did take a bit longer than just a direct fanart, but I'm glad that's done and decided now.

Orcs are just normal orcs, they are funny to draw.

Hope you like this, and of course further pages will raise the temperature.

Media (8)

YrelCP1.jpg (1.5MiB)
YrelCCover.jpg (1.2MiB)
YrelCP1.jpg (1.5MiB)
YrelCCoverNonforged.jpg (1.1MiB)
YrelCCoverNonforged.jpg (1.1MiB)
YrelCCover.jpg (1.6MiB)
YrelCCoverNonforged.jpg (1.5MiB)
YrelCP1.jpg (1.5MiB)

Twintelle Rejected
Twintelle Rejectedmore_vert
Post file flag
Twintelle Rejected 2020-06-29T00:42:01+00:00close

I had a fun idea for my Twintelle picture after the Min Min smash announcement. So this is a new variant I made for it. And of course some extra variants were posted for tier 5+ as well. Decided to leave this one open to all. Enjoy!

Media (1)

TwintelleBJRejected.jpg (1.5MiB)

Poll: July's Main Girl Theme 2020-06-27T23:56:48+00:00

Once again it's time to vote for what the next month's theme will be.

This time we go for something more traditional and we go back to choosing a theme, since summer started on the northern hemisphere I figured we would go with some options along those lines or some more neutral ones.

-Cartoon girls: Girls from many cartoons (2d and 3d) from all networks.

-LoL Girls: Girls from LoL

-Summer skins: Skins from summer events from a variety of games.

-June releases: Girls that were released in june this year, be it in videogames, comics, series etc..

- Fire powers: Any fire themed girl fits!

So, vote for your preferred theme!

Additionally. I'm of course currently working on this month's main girl. I already mapped out how the comic will develop and I'm currently working on the first page which will be here before june ends.

Jaina and Genn
Jaina and Gennmore_vert
Post file flag
Jaina and Genn 2020-06-25T02:31:38+00:00close

Of Course this was the main purpose of the dialogue variant. Hope you guys like it. The Lewder versions will be available for tiers 2+

I am currently Working on the comic and I'll be posting it here as I finish pages. As this is a new thing I'm doing, I'm not sure how long it will take to finish all.

Media (3)

JainaGenn.jpg (2.3MiB)
JainaDialogue.jpg (1.9MiB)
JainaGenn.jpg (2.3MiB)

Warcraft Babe Nr 9: Jaina Proudmoore
Warcraft Babe Nr 9: Jaina Proudmooremore_vert
Post file flag
Warcraft Babe Nr 9: Jaina Proudmoore 2020-06-20T20:11:07+00:00close

The Daugther of the sea comes here representing BFA. Now I took a long time on this one , because honestly I got a bit burned out so I needed some rest and also this one ended up being surprisingly more complex than it seems. I also tried some colouring here and of course it has a more complex Background than usual.

As usual there's many more lewd variants of this for higher tiers. Once More, I will post more variants later, as well as give even more at the end of the month as rewards, and for sure they will be fun.

In any case hope you like her and...of course, should Genn Help her?

Other than that, Yrel won the poll so I will be working on that.

Media (5)

JainaLingerieDialogue.jpg (1.9MiB)
JainaDialogue.jpg (1.9MiB)
JainaLingerie.jpg (1.9MiB)
JainaMain.jpg (1.9MiB)
JainaNude.jpg (1.8MiB)

Batwoman - A Lesson Unlike Any other 2020-06-16T03:10:51+00:00

After the disappearance of Bruce Wayne, several years ago, Kate Kane has risen into the defense of Gotham City as its main vigilante. Alongside her, Damian Wayne has fought and grown into a very young adult. As Kate hopes he can take on the mantle of the bat one day, her plans seem be in danger as the young man can't concentrate for his hormones are making a mess of his head. Kate and Damian might have to learn a few new things together.

This was a commissioned story that I had on my queue for a while and I was finally able to work on. 2 Chapters long and one that explores something that I never wrote before, so I hope you like it.


Attachments (1)

Batwoman - A lesson unlike any other.docx (34.4KiB)

GOTM Poll: Vote for a mini comic theme! 2020-06-13T00:14:54+00:00

So as I had said, June would have a bigger project for the fun of it. Mini comic was the category that won, so let's start voting on the subject for it. Above we have the girls that would star in each of the options.

So these are the general ideas.

Yrel: There's one thing orcs wonder, how did Yrel convinced AU Garrosh to join the Lightbound? there's always an answer.

Maiev: As Tyrande goes on to hunt down Sylvanas, Maiev is left at home, in a position where she can experience Tyrande's doings in a reverse of roles.

Gardevoir: Sometimes a pokemon is chosen to battle at the worst times possible, soon some trainers will learn that.

Venusmon: The goddess of beauty embraces her mythological greek nature as she seeks to negotiate with the dark area.

Ami: Confident as usual, Ami can take any challenger on a race, or so she thought.

So, vote for which idea you like the most! I'll leave this open for a bit over a week.

Zyra and Elise
Zyra and Elisemore_vert
Post file flag
Zyra and Elise 2020-06-11T23:24:18+00:00close

So this one tool a longer time than usual given it was too girls. This was a commission which intended to feature both Zyra and Elise kissing on the ground of summoner's rift with some water sports elements.

Once again, I'll be putting lewder variants for tier 2+ here soon as well as give even more variants as rewards at the end of the month.

Updates on Polls Results
So, BFA won the poll, which of course might be the only expac poll that BFA could ever win. I mean, makes sense, the entire premise of it started with the warbringer series featuring three prominent female characters. So I'll be working on the BFA babe now.

That being said, Legion being second place also made a lot of sense to me considering all the important female characters there but Cata on third place was a bit surprising to me given I just drew Alex and there aren't many other prominent female characters there, I mean I would've gone with Ysera now which was probably what you thought.

I'm also surprised WoD just got one vote given that WoD clearly meant Yrel but it is what it is. In any case BFA was a good choice.

As for the GOTM Theme. Seems I'll be working on a mini comic which will come the later part of the month. I'll be putting up the options for what that should be soon as well.

Hope you liked this one. Will be having some stories here soon too.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 12 Jun 20 16:41
This look very very interesting... their design really show all those color shade
Rewards Sent! 2020-06-05T21:26:12+00:00

Rewards for May sent, if you didn't receive your reward check that your payment actually went through.
In any case, thank you all for your support and let's continue the good work around here. Currently working on the 2 girls LoL picture and writing stuff.

Rewards for 2+ this month included:

Jun Tao: 20 Variants

Alexstrasza: 26 Variants

Gabriela: 24 Variants

Chapayev: 32 Variants

And for the highest tiers, there's the Builder file and some extra assets there to make more versions of their own.

Once again

Little Red Ashe is a very popular skin
Little Red Ashe is a very popular skinmore_vert
Post file flag
Little Red Ashe is a very popular skin 2020-06-02T23:35:46+00:00close

So, this skin is everywhere and Blizz even wrote an article just about it because of how popular it got. So in the vein of that I made this picture, perhaps a bit more comedic.
As I said before, this might not be the only piece about her because I got other ideas, but this was actually the simplest of them all so I made this one first.

Now What I'm going to do, and I think this will be the new format, tomorrow I'll put a post with some Tier 2+ variants. And later at the end of the month as usual I'll send many more of them as rewards.

As usual tier 2+ gets the kinkier variants and so on.

Hope you liked this.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 5 Jun 20 12:29
Dang... bless my eyes from seeing this
user avatar
Ardham - 11 Jun 20 23:34
I said the same when I saw the skin itself haha.
June Updates/Changes/Plans and New Warcraft Poll! 2020-06-01T20:00:20+00:00

So June arrived and let's talk about all the plans and stuff!. First, this is the review of the previous month. I did not manage to finish the last Illustration but that actually will be here this month soon, either today a bit later or I'll just post it tomorrow. Still, I'm happy with the content last month considering the more elaborated Sailor moon quick Drawing as well as having much more stories, including two big 6 chapter ones.

This Month also got a lot of new subscribers so I'm thankful for everyone who is choosing to support me. I'm still a small creator but hopefully will continue growing and I'll continue doing my best so you can enjoy my work.

A few Words.

Now I know currently the world is still in a very shitty place, specially the US. I know a lot has been going on there. My country went through the same back in October-November, those who were here since then might remember I told you about it and I realize these are hard times in many ways and from many perspectives. I just hope you're all safe and I hope that things get better soon both in the way of improving unjust systems as well as keeping peace and safety for everyone.

I think I am not in a position where I know all the intricacies and more about this situation so I can't really further anything on this discussion. Just wish you the best mates, and I'll continue doing my best so you can enjoy these lewds.

So, Onto work now:

- May Rewards

As usual, rewards will arrive on the 5th of the month which is the day Patreon finishes processing the payments. So if you had any trouble with your payment you can fix it up by then!

Now for May

- Pictures

So, as I said, the first picture of the month will be here very soon and it's Little Red Ashe. Now, have you seen that skin? that's just a 10/10 in coolness, funny factor and sexiness, amazing job by Blizz and of course I am a big Ashe fan, I've drawn her many times already and being honest this might not even be the last time I draw Little Red Ashe, or the last time I draw her this month even.

After that, there's a big LoL commission I got recently featuring two of the sexiest LoL girls so I'm sure you'll enjoy that.

Following that we have the upcoming warcraft babe picture and the GOTM project, which, depending how it goes, might take all the rest of the time for the month, we'll see.

- Stories

Now we had voted for what story project I would follow. I haven't started it yet because last month was very busy with stories and I also was hoping to get some visual representation of the girls before so that also ties with picture plans. Maybe some quick drawings will fill that out. However this month we'll definitely get a lot of stories too.

- Changes to my Patreon tiers

Now I have mentioned this to you guys. Patreon and other online services are getting new taxes applied to them on 17 countries. This is not a big tax, Patreon should've e-mailed you all the details by now. However in order to reduce this as much as possible I worked with a tool they provided us, on my tiers.

Now if you check them they are much less wordy now so everything is as understandable as possible. I did not remove any benefit you are currently getting but I did remove benefits that I couldn't work with yet because they will be instated with future goals fulfilled, like more polls. These will be added back once the goals are fulfilled.

I also did remove the Discord stuff. Now what's up with the Discord server? here's the thing, my computer slows down a lot when I open Discord. I don't know why really, I can have photoshop, 2 browsers and some videogame open and it's fine but Discord kinda kills it, which is of course not good for my work or if I want to play games and stuff. So I only connect if I want to check if any client has talked to me and so.

So perhaps I should try the browser version? but even then since I hardly use it I honestly don't know much about Discord and managing a server, perhaps that should be something I work on, and once I learn more I will open it.

- Polls

The GOTM Theme poll is still open for 3 more days here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/poll-next-months-37640637

More polls this month of course and here's the first one! The Warcraft babe poll.

Now this time we'll vote on expacs. So if an expac wins, I'll draw an important/protagonist girl from that expac. So if there's a particular girl you'd like to see, target an expac where she was important and I might choose it. Remember that I'll draw lore characters/canon NPCs, no OCs here. So Feel free to vote for which race should be portrayed next!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 2 Jun 20 14:14
I agree with Discord server stuff and I think the right move. Better to remove it than just available but unmanaged, doesn't look good for overall "image" as creator. I myself joined a lot of Discord but hardly active because it is a hassle lol. Having Discord account as a way to contact should be sufficient All in all, can't wait for the Ashe picture, will be eye candy one
user avatar
Ardham - 2 Jun 20 23:48
Yeah I thought that too, thanks mate.
Poll: Next Month's Main Girl Theme. Something extra. 2020-05-28T23:34:24+00:00

So, next month I'm actually thinking on doing something special to work on. This time it won't be a main girl picture per se but it will be a bigger project. Depending on which option wins here and in the subject poll it could take longer or shorter time.

So here's what each option means:

A Mini comic: I've done mini comics before but they were always single page even if somewhat multipanel. This time I want to do something with perhaps 2-5 pages so there would be multiple Illustrations there. Both lewd and comedic. Of course the comic would have a storyline that certainly would be shorter than a chapter that I write but enjoyable nonetheless.

Harem picture: My idea is let's say "X character's harem" so in the picture we'll see x character with all his pairings, slaves or whatever in a lewd way. It would include many characters, the option that would show the most I believe, at least the most in a lewd way.

Multiple Character Sex Scene: It could be a threesome, or a foursome or even more or something similar. While I've done 2 girls 1 guy before in double BJ pictures, I always just showed the cock and the girls head and maybe torso, this time it would be all characters full body on the picture.

1 Template, multiple characters: Like a YCH thing, one blanket template that could fit more than one girl. Lets say a blowjob pose, and then over that base body I'll draw and colour the details of many different girls. Depending on how complex are the girls in each group, each option to vote for could have 3-6 girls that would be applied here.

Picture + Written story: I've been doing this with the latest warcraft pictures. Both Katherine the Pure and Alexstrasza got stories. In this case could be a multiple chapter story or maybe the main picture will have a more explicit scene taken directly from the fanfic.

I've ideas for all of them, these are plans I've thought for a long time but of course they require more time than a regular project so I can't do them all. So let's vote and let me know what type of project you'd be interested in.

Chapayev, the Captive Cavalier
Chapayev, the Captive Cavaliermore_vert
Post file flag
Chapayev, the Captive Cavalier 2020-05-27T19:16:56+00:00close

So here is Chapayev, our girl of the month in both of her skins with quite a fun scenario and some variants.

As usual tiers 2+ will get more variants at the end of the month as rewards.

Tomorrow we'll get a new poll for next month.

I'm also working on a last girl for this month, might work her on time or she might come as the first one for June.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 28 May 20 13:36
oh man this is amazing, probably the best body shading you have done yet..... made me drool daaang
user avatar
Ardham - 28 May 20 23:46
Glad you liked it! Chapayev is such a hottie I'm glad I was able to portray her so lewdly.
Kavar's good luck (Warcraft Fanfic) 2020-05-26T01:44:28+00:00

"I want him to enjoy his short life" That was Reina's philosophy when it came to her husband, Kavar. As a night elf, she'd live dozens of times longer than he ever would, he was a human after all. Because of that she had given him free range to enjoy the company of most women who came on his way, and that's exactly what he did.


So this is a 6 chapter long story, a commission that follows the story I posted here before, "To be like Reina" and adds 5 new chapters to this tale for an epic finale. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Attachments (1)

Kavars Luck.docx (72.4KiB)

Did the Sailor moon thingy
Did the Sailor moon thingymore_vert
Post file flag
Did the Sailor moon thingy 2020-05-24T22:02:01+00:00close

So, this was just a quick drawing while I'm working on the Chapayev Illustration. Wasn't really sure I wanted to tackle this challenge s that's why I'm so late haha but oh well, here it is my NSFW take on it, hope you like it.

Media (2)

SMRD.jpg (1.5MiB)
SMRDCum.jpg (1.6MiB)

Updates about Patreon, Poll and stories 2020-05-22T23:56:45+00:00

New Sales Tax Requirements on Patreon
Hey guys, so first thing is about Patreon. We've been informed that there will be a new tax applied to the service in parts of the US and other 17 countries starting on July 1.

Here's an article explaining it as well as showing which parts of the world fall under this category

Now what I am doing is use a tool that Patreon provided us which qualifies the benefits of each tier and it will inform patreon what exactly you are receiving and therefore they will calculate how much tax is to be collected so they can reduce the tax charge as much as possible.

In doing this I will be editing the tiers in the following days, you will not lose any benefits but I will improve the wording more succinct and order around some stuff so the impact of the tax is as reduced as possible.

That being said, if this could present a problem for you I always invite you to support me at https://subscribestar.adult/ardham instead where I post the exact same things as Patreon, it's just an alternative to keep in mind in case there's any other reason you want to leave patreon as well.

GOTM Poll Winner and more Polls

So this poll was very very close with Cammy, Chapayev and Armstrong all getting 7 votes and Abby not far behind at 5. However Chapayev also got a couple of votes at SubscribeStar (0 for everyone else) so, she is the winner as girl of the month and I'll be working on her now.

Her picture will be here in a few days.

I also have some ideas for what the GOTM poll will be next month. This time it will be something special as I have some fun ideas. That will be posted in a few days as well.

Story projects

So, the story projects I've talked about. One is the OC one and the other is the Lightforged story.

For the second one I have some stuff ready but now sure if I should post it now or wait until I have the chance to draw the girl herself. What would you think? Do you prefer the visual aid first?

I'm also working on another large 5 chapter Warcraft story Commission that will be here soon.

Finally, Gabriela is here

The OC that will be my main mascot around here got her sketch upgraded to a full Illustration with many lewd variants and you can find her here as I posted her a couple hours ago.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 28 May 20 13:41
Nice keep the good work man
Gabriela more_vert
Post file flag
Gabriela 2020-05-22T20:23:26+00:00close

So, who's Gabriela? she's an OC of mine, the first I illustrate actually, at least first NSFW dedicated. In any case she started as a random OC who has appeared in different stories I have written as commissions in quite lewd situations or sometimes just as cameos. Clients seemed to like her and eventually became a recurring character of mine. As to why I created her , not sure really, the idea just came to my mind and she was a very hot idea for sure.

This is her first main Illustration as I envisioned her and it's worked over the quick sketch I did back in Easter (included in the post to see the difference).

Here she is in her main outfit, bunny suit, a non-bunny variant of it and of course, naked.

As additional info; she's supposed to live in a modern era, she's 28 and of course, she's sort of a nympho.

As I mentioned before she will be sort of my mascot so I will be drawing more of her in the future perhaps if I make a banner or so, etc... And if you like her, I could do even more stuff with her.

She's also not the OC that I will write the story about, that one's coming later.

In any case, as usual, tiers 2+will get even lewder variants of her!

Media (8)

GabrielaBunny.jpg (1.4MiB)
GabrielaDialogue.jpg (1.2MiB)
GabrielaMain.jpg (1.2MiB)
GabrielaNude.jpg (1.1MiB)
GabrielaOLD.jpg (714.4KiB)
GabrielaLeotard.jpg (1.3MiB)
GabrielaDialogue.jpg (1.2MiB)
GabrielaMain.jpg (1.1MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 28 May 20 13:44
oh snap Gabriela is back
user avatar
Ardham - 28 May 20 23:45
I have to do more of her! I really need more OC work.
Working with Alexstrasza / More stories
Working with Alexstrasza / More storiesmore_vert
Working with Alexstrasza / More stories 2020-05-21T02:05:35+00:00close

Here's a little ending about the Alexstrasza picture and attached here is the story of it and how it all happens. Hope you enjoy it, just thought on going a bit further with this one.

Of course tiers 2+ are still getting even lewder variants with Alex facialized and other seed placements, facial expressions, and more.

Other stories:
Teyza's Journey and the Fairies' life both got new chapters at Hentai Foundry, you can check them out there as the client requests chapters to be posted directly over that page as usual. Hope you enjoy them.


Media (2)

AlexstraszaEnding1.jpg (1.7MiB)
AlexstraszaEnding1.jpg (1.7MiB)

Attachments (1)

Working with Alexstrasza.docx (27.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 28 May 20 13:45
These piece both the art and story are amazing
user avatar
Ardham - 28 May 20 23:44
Thanks man, Alex is always a girl that deserves a lot of lewd attention haha.
Warcraft Babes Nº8: A selfie with Alexstrasza
Warcraft Babes Nº8: A selfie with Alexstrasza more_vert
Post file flag
Warcraft Babes Nº8: A selfie with Alexstrasza 2020-05-18T06:35:16+00:00close

So, the dragon girl is finally here with 8 timeline variants. Of course it had to be Alex, one of the top tier girls of WoW. Personally I took some features from the WoW model but mostly based her look here on her "Dragons of the Nexus" appearance, that's the HotS cinematic where she fights with Hanzo, she looks the hottest there and hopefully that model will be reused in the future.

In any case, so I wanted to do something fun with her and came up with this idea. This time Alliance-side only because drawing a whole entire character takes much more than just a dick. That being said Alex did take a lot of work compared to most girls, mostly because I wasn't sure what to do or how to approach it at first.

Now working on this picture also led to come up with a whole story for the scene so that will be coming soon as well so you know how things get to this point and further.

In any case, as usual there will be lewder variants for tier 2+ at the end of the month.

Now I'll be working on some stories I've got commissioned. Was resting from writing after the big commission at the start of the month so some of that will be coming soon and I already know which girl to draw next.

Hope you liked this bois.

May's Girl of the Month Poll 2020-05-13T20:18:34+00:00

While I'm working on the WoW Dragon girl picture, here's the poll for the GOTM.

As voted on, Military girls are the theme this month. We've got Cammy from street fighter, a classic, The badass Oliver from FMA Brotherhood, Chapayev from Azure Lane who is just super hot. Abbey Chase the bombshell from Danger girls and Meene the hottie X-law from Shaman king.

Tao Jun
Tao Junmore_vert
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Tao Jun 2020-05-12T02:51:55+00:00close

So this is the anime girl I mentioned, Jun Tao from Shaman King . Recently I finished re-reading the shaman king manga after a decade and honestly it's as good as I remember. Jun is top tier waifu material and I think she was the first anime girl I ever had a crush on so I took this chance to lewd her in a very lewd picture.

Hope you like her. As usual, tiers 2 + will receive even more sexy variants.

Now it probably felt like I took longer with her it since I worked on a story instead on an Illustration first this month, and that did made me feel bad because I suddenly got a bunch of new patrons while I was working but not uploading anything here. But hey, here she is, and I thank everyone who joined, I hope you enjoy the content here.

New poll coming soon as well as the next girl which will be from Warcraft, the Dragon girl.

Media (5)

TaoJunMain.jpg (1.5MiB)
TaoJunNude.jpg (1.5MiB)
TaoJunNudeND.jpg (1.5MiB)
TaoJunPergamins.jpg (1.5MiB)
TaoJunLingerie.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 14 May 20 04:29
oh snap I remember her, Saw Shaman King like almost 2 decades ago
user avatar
Ardham - 14 May 20 06:19
Yeah, SK is an oldie at this point. But man it was a great manga and Jun was just the bombshell of the series for sure.
Story: Capturing Alleria (Commission) 2020-05-08T04:31:45+00:00

Elu, a disgraced Zandalari rogue makes a pact with Bwonsamdi to obtain amazing power. This way he decides to take revenge on the Alliance for the death of King Rastakhan which brought him ruin. In order to do this, he'll capture Alleria Windrunner and have his personal fun with her. But, can he fulfill his promise to the Loa?


This is a big six chapters commission I got a while ago and managed to finish up now. As the title might hint, this is a story with pretty dark themes, however (spoilers) it does have a happy ending.

Hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile I'm working on the first picture of the month, it's coming out nicely.


Attachments (1)

Capturing Alleria.docx (51.7KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #5528421 - 16 May 20 15:53
Do you plan make pics of Alleria?
user avatar
Ardham - 16 May 20 23:50
I do have ideas for Alleria, because honestly she's the hottest Thalassian elf by far. However the best way to get her on the schedule would be to vote for a category that fits her, say "void elf" "high elf" or "hunter" or something when I do a warcraft poll so she wins.
user avatar
User #5152965 - 14 May 20 04:31
Noice...... the premise is interesting
user avatar
User #5528421 - 18 May 20 22:21
You should also consider Veressa Windrunner too. She one of the kind hot babe.
user avatar
Ardham - 21 May 20 01:21
She is indeed! I'm thinking she'll be the helf representative and Alleria the velf maybe. Right now I'm hoping she gets a unique model some day like Alleria's.
Rewards Sent!
Rewards Sent!more_vert
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Rewards Sent! 2020-05-05T22:20:47+00:00close

Thank you all for your continued or new support during April. I sent the rewards for everyone. And here's one last type of variant I wanted to introduce for Echo and Ashe that's the double Ashe now available here. Of course tier 2 got a lot more of it and kinkier stuff.

Hope you all enjoy your rewards and of course all the work that's coming in May. Including, what seems to be the winner from the WoW poll, unless something changes, the Dragon waifu coming.

The poll for the Girl of the Month, Military theme will be up soon as well as a new Wow story that was commissioned to me and another hottie I'm working on.

Media (1)

AshechoTY.jpg (1.4MiB)

Katherine the Pure - Facial/Faction Variants
Katherine the Pure - Facial/Faction Variantsmore_vert
Katherine the Pure - Facial/Faction Variants 2020-05-05T02:57:19+00:00close

So I've worked more on the image of Katherine the Pure and as I said, all the reward variants will be sent tomorrow. But here are a couple more for the timeline plus something extra.

Attached to this post are two stories. One that depict each of the scenarios here. The Alliance version with a Lightforged and the Horde version with a Zandalari. These are fanfics that I thought to write as a way to practice and show a bit of what I would do outside of commissions now that I will try a bigger story like that.

Funny thing is, originally the idea for my patreon was to make a story for each Illustration I made, like this. However that turned out to be just unrealistic so , sometimes I will make special stuff like this so hopefully you enjoy it.

Media (2)

KatThePureA.jpg (1.4MiB)
KatThePureH.jpg (1.4MiB)

May Updates/Plans and new Warcraft Poll! 2020-05-01T21:06:17+00:00

So this is what we managed to get from April. Plus a quick drawing from my OC Gabriela which I'm going to improve and use soon as well as a few chapters that went directly to HF. Overall I'm pleased since we did get around the amount of workload that I proposed at the start of the month. Particularly with Auriel and Echo/Ashe pictures being more demanding due their nature and variants.

- April Rewards

As usual, rewards will arrive on the 5th of the month which is the day Patreon finishes processing the payments. So if you had any trouble with your payment you can fix it up by then!

Now for May

- Pictures

The first picture of May will be a bit of an indulgence of mine for a girl that's not really that popular as she's from a decade old anime/manga but needs more R34. Will be quite hot nonetheless.

There's also still something more planned for Katherine's picture.

Then there's my OC Gabriela, I will improve her picture and make some sexy variants, she'll be sort of the my main girl mascot here.

We'll have the girls that win the polls as well as usual, and any commission I may get. Finally, I'll move on with the Azshara picture I still have in my mind if there's time.

- Stories

There are some commissioned stories in the works as well that are coming up. One that is quite long.

- Polls

First we have the upcoming Military girls poll, lots of sexy girls to pick from there for the GOTM.

The Story poll got a tie between Lightforged and a completely original OC so I'll be working on that but first of all I'll get to draw the girls. I'm thinking I'll first draw the new OC and that is not Gabriela but she is quite sexy nonetheless.

Now this is the first poll of the month. For this month's warcraft babe. Remember that I'll draw lore characters/canon NPCs, no OCs here. So Feel free to vote for which race should be portrayed next!

(So far we have: Naga, Lordaeron Human, Night Elf, Dryad, Blood Elf, Draenei and Stormwind Human girls. Let me know if I'm forgetting some other sexy race so I add it to the poll next time!)

Warcraft Babes Nº7: Katherine the Pure
Warcraft Babes Nº7: Katherine the Puremore_vert
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Warcraft Babes Nº7: Katherine the Pure 2020-05-01T00:20:28+00:00close

So the Paladin Hall had won the poll for the next warcraft Girl (next poll coming soon BTW) and I didn't choose Liadrin because I've done 2 Blood elves so far this year and I kinda hate Delas so I looked for another hottie that had some role there and found the Class Trainer. After seeing her title, I knew I had to lewd her.

She's the last girl this month and there's much lewder ideas I had for her that I'll post later as well as give as tier 2+ rewards as usual.

Hope you like her.

Poll on Future Story Project 2020-04-29T01:53:25+00:00

So I've been thinking on going back to writing my own fanfics/original stories. If you check my Hentai Foundry profile, basically I've been doing nothing but commissions for over a year. This is not bad at all, I love commissions, but I do think I should make some stuff on my own too.

So, here's the plan; I used to have this big Yrel fanfic but since Blizz ruined the AU I lost the interest really, however I want to do something on the same vein.

In that fanfic I had "routes" that you could read between the chapters and "options". A bit like a game but not really a game of course. I also planned to have Illustrations for some chapters although I only ever did one.

So what I would do Is the same here. Sometimes I'd illustrate scenes of the story, and I'd have routes the main character could take. That is of course just to make it more fun.

Now, the protagonist will be a female who ends up in a lot of sexual situations. I was thinking either doing it with a WoW OC or an original story. So the poll is to decide the protagonist.

There's also the option of "all of them" but that would mean each story advances way slower and ends up with less options in general, but of course might be more fun too.

So, who should be the protagonist?

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 30 Apr 20 16:10
Would love to see continuation of Teyza but I think original character will be fun
user avatar
Ardham - 1 May 20 00:22
Well More of Teyza and other stories are also coming up as those are commissions. I will continue taking them of course, this idea is just to also have some original story going on the side. So, of course we'll see other girls, as long as the clients want of course haha.
Auriel's Capture /(And some future plans)
Auriel's Capture /(And some future plans)more_vert
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Auriel's Capture /(And some future plans) 2020-04-26T22:19:39+00:00close

So when I saw Auriel won I had to think more on how to make something special for her picture as GOTM and also because I wanted to make something bigger than usual for you guys as a nice bonus during these times. I checked her skins in HotS and got inspired by her demonic one.

Figured a corruption scene was perfect. So of course I couldn't do a whole comic but I decided to use the variants in a manner that advanced a sort of storyline in 10 pictures. Now, while doing Demonic Auriel wasn't the same as a completely new picture it did take a lot more work and extra time than a usual variant as this changed the image dramatically more than just different clothing or facial expression given I had to redraw/paint some parts and add or change others, etc.

So with this, it became what I would call a "skin variant" and it give me the idea that I could do more in the future. For example here in itself I could re-skin this picture and make it about the WoW spirit healer for example (just like how Auriel has a spirit healer skin in HotS too) and stuff like that. Which would take some time but not as much given I have the basic lineart would be there.

So I'm thinking next month maybe I'll do a poll to see which of 4 or 5 pictures I re-skin into another idea.

In any case, I hope you like this. I know not everyone is into this kind of content but of course different kinks vary per person, so if that's the case, then I hope at least the idea of possible re-skinning images is appealing to you.

Of course, there's still even more variants of Auriel/Demonic including breeding, cum on body, no dialogue, etc... for tier 2+ coming as rewards at the end of the month.

I'm also currently working on the last picture of the month, our warcraft paladin picture.

Bound Hope - GOTM
Bound Hope - GOTMmore_vert
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Bound Hope - GOTM 2020-04-24T03:11:09+00:00close

Here it is, the Girl of the Month Auriel in some bondage. Figured those ribbons she uses as a weapon would come in handy. Hope you enjoy it, there's more special variants of this one that will come later, and of course even kinkier ones for tiers 2+ as always.

Media (2)

AurielGaped.jpg (2.9MiB)
AurielMain.jpg (2.7MiB)

What should be next month's Main Girl Theme? 2020-04-23T03:50:39+00:00

As I'm close to finishing the Auriel Picture I realize I haven't put the usual polls this month yet so first I'll put the one for the next month theme for the GOTM as Auriel, this month's GOTM will be done soon.

Some are very explatanatory

X-men girls: Girls from the X men franchise.

Anthro girls:Humanoid Girls who are pretty much a mix of human and animal as anthropomorphic animals with all the important human features.

Girls with special eyes: Girls who have weird eyes from various media.

Military Girls: Girls who are soldiers or otherwise military themed from varius media.

And Egyptian girls.

Bastila Shan - Lineart pic
Bastila Shan - Lineart picmore_vert
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Bastila Shan - Lineart pic 2020-04-19T19:25:22+00:00close

Hey there guys. So This is not a WIP, I got a commission to work on 2 lineart pictures of Bastila Shan from KOTOR, One at high angle and another from low angle, so I decided to work on them before finishing Auriel. They did take a bit longer than I imagined but I hope you like them either way,

Auriel's picture is coming and this one is coming a bit more fun hah.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #10086649 - 19 Apr 20 19:26
Bastila is awesome! These are coming out great!
user avatar
Ardham - 23 Apr 20 04:12
Yeah, turns out she's quite hot too. Was glad to learn about her.
user avatar
User #5152965 - 20 Apr 20 15:05
Sheeeet man this Lineart actually look really great
user avatar
Ardham - 23 Apr 20 04:12
Bastila turned out to be quite the hottie, I enjoyed drawing her.
user avatar
User #5152965 - 30 Apr 20 16:16
Man you should do Lineart more, this actually nice to look at
To be like Reina / And other stories. 2020-04-15T23:51:27+00:00

"Syragosa, a dragon who takes the form after a gnome, finally gets to meet her heroine, a Night elf named Reina and her boyfriend. In order to be like Reina however, the dragoness might have to learn what it is to be with him."

This was a commission about the client's OCs in some interesting situations.


There's also 2 new commissioned stories that have been posted on my Hentai Foundry profile in the last weeks. Teyza's story continues with a new chapter as well as a new Easter-themed story about two OC fairies called Melissa and Cassandra which can be found there. I don't post/link those here because the themes go against the rules of Patreon and well, patreon can be troublesome even for small creators like me. But if you are interested, you can find them there.


Attachments (1)

To be like Reina.docx (22.9KiB)

Ashe and Echo - More Variants
Ashe and Echo - More Variantsmore_vert
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Ashe and Echo - More Variants 2020-04-15T02:00:02+00:00close

So, Echo was released today and I said I would put some bonus variants here. She's been super fun to play, and Ashe is a total beast now too with her new buffs.
Here's Ashe with her shirt opened and her tight pants, and at least for me that's actually hotter than the fully nude Ashe but well, that's preferences I suppose. Also hot rod Echo and some new dialogue.

Tier 2+ will get the facial, mouthful, double ashe, etc... variants at the end of the month.

Media (3)

AsheEchoD2.jpg (1.7MiB)
AsheEchoRed.jpg (1.5MiB)
AsheEchoShirt.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 15 Apr 20 16:20
Oh man that Ashe look nice
user avatar
Ardham - 15 Apr 20 23:56
Best girl, been getting better at drawing her. Perhaps I need to try other OW girls though haha.
Ashe and Echo Fixed.
Ashe and Echo Fixed.more_vert
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Ashe and Echo Fixed. 2020-04-13T22:41:24+00:00close

I was not content with the first version of this, so with some shading and modifications I think Ashe is looking more like the actual Ashe we all know and want to fuck.

Media (4)

AsheEchoLearning.jpg (1.8MiB)
AsheEchoMain.jpg (1.7MiB)
AsheEchoLearning.jpg (1.6MiB)
AsheEchoMain.jpg (1.5MiB)

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!more_vert
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Happy Easter! 2020-04-13T00:20:43+00:00close

Hey there guys. Hope you had a good easter/holy week.

Here's a quick drawing of my OC Gabriela dressed for the occasion. I should draw her more.

EDIT: Improved her a bit and might improve her further later given that I don't draw my OCs that much. Leaving the old version for comparison.

Media (3)

Gabunny.jpg (703.7KiB)
GabunnyMain.jpg (876.4KiB)
GabunnyOLD.jpg (703.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 15 Apr 20 16:21
Eeey great to see another Gabriela
user avatar
Ardham - 15 Apr 20 23:58
Need to draw her more, I'll make a character sheet soon I believe.
Ashe teaches Echo
Ashe teaches Echomore_vert
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Ashe teaches Echo 2020-04-12T04:23:34+00:00close

After all, what better experiences should an all-learning robot get to know, right?

So, As I said I was going to work on Echo, and she's coming with Ashe. I started playing for both of them back when their cinematic was released a couple of years ago. Glad we'll have Echo in game now.

Hope you like this one. Took a bit longer as 2-girl images usually do.

As usual, there will be even more variants for tier 2+. And I'll be posting an extra variant here on Echo's release day.
Now, to work on that GOTM piece!

Media (2)

AsheEchoLearning.jpg (1.5MiB)
AsheEchoMain.jpg (1.4MiB)

Rewards sent! 2020-04-05T19:10:15+00:00

All rewards have been sent to patrons, hope you enjoy them. If there's a reward you have not received, let me know there might have been a problem with the system.

As usual, thanks for your support, it's very appreciated specially during these hard times in the world. I'm hoping you are all okay and safe during this crisis!

Twintelle Blows a fan
Twintelle Blows a fanmore_vert
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Twintelle Blows a fan 2020-04-03T02:41:55+00:00close

So, got the chance to play ARMS because of that new promo of Nintendo that has it free until the end of the week and damn, Twintelle is quite something. Top tier lewd material. So I decided to lewd her. Hope you enjoy her. As usual tiers 2+ will get more variants as rewards at the end of the month.

Girl of the Month Poll! - Holy Girls 2020-04-02T00:08:03+00:00

The Holy girls theme won and so here's an assortment of angels and goddesses to choose from!

Updates and Plans for April and the next Quarters 2020-03-31T22:16:18+00:00

Hello everyone. So here's the content we had on March. I wanted to do one last picture but these were some more busy days and I did not want to rush and finish it today, it will however be ready by tomorrow or April 2. The next girl is Twintelle from ARMS!

As usual I will send all rewards on the 5th of the month which is when Patreon finishes processing the payments.

Now, things coming next month:

Poll Results:

Seems we'll have a holy month coming up

Warcraft babes series: Paladin Class Hall won the vote, so I'll work on it I have an idea already and I hope you enjoy it.

GOTM Poll: It's clear that Holy girls won the theme so I'll have the selection to vote posted tomorrow.

New Girls:

As I mentioned earlier, Twintelle is coming up with a very hot pic.

I also want to Work on a new Azshara picture, I've got an idea since Nyalotha was released so this month might be the perfect time for it.

I'm also planning on working on Echo from overwatch. That robot is just too interesting, don't worry though I promise my current idea will be hot even for those who aren't into such exotic girls as she might come alongside another hottie.

Now the girls mentioned here are bound to change if I get new drawing commissions that take up time but that's fine too as I'm sure those would be hot ideas.

Improvements and new ideas incoming

- As of right now every month of 2020 I've done up to 4 Illustrations, some with two characters in them plus a few chapters in writing. I actually want to go back to how I was working the last quarter of 2019 doing 5-6 Illustrations per month (and the written chapters too). Admittedly that was quite exhausting and I also had the motivator of doing one Olympos per month as an extra Illustration which doesn't exist now, those are the reasons why I kinda slowed that down.

However I do want to draw quicker and over here we're now quarantined until April 30 so that might help with time, who knows. Most likely we'll have 5 Illustrations as Twintelle is close to be finished but we'll see how that goes, maybe we reach 6.

- About my Writing. I do want to make a new warcraft story about some OC of mine, however make it more interesting. If anyone has read my Yrel story over at HentaiFoundry, you'd know that I had a bunch of "options" and "paths" there. I stopped writing it because blizz kinda just ruined the AU Draenei and also I'm fonder of writing OCs.

As to how this will go, I have many ideas for many OCs, as well as non-warcraft stuff and more original things. So I might do a Poll here to see what we choose to go with first as I won't just start releasing a lot of stories at once, would be too much. I don't think I could draw a big comic but I want to make Illustrations for these fanfics scenes as well so that would be a good visual enhancement.

- I'm reaching my Goal in SubscribeStar which was about opening a store so one can buy entire sets, specially of old pictures that aren't given these months. That being said I don't know of a good e-store where I can sell this without being against the rules and that also uses a payout method that isn't paypal. I can't use paypal in my country so that makes things harder but I will be researching and hopefully find a good place.

- I'm also planning on doing YCH stuff. I already have a pose ready that I'm having some plans for it, but want to tweak the idea more, so I'll talk about it later.

New Stuff you can find right now:

- A new chapter was added to Lorucka and Korona's story over at Hentai Foundry. This time it's a lesbian adventure so you might like it which might be something you enjoy.

- I'm also putting another extra variant for 5$+

Hope you Like these ideas. Of course, we're all being hit by COVID so I'm hoping to do my best work and I appreciate your support a lot.

Fap happily my friends.

Zatanna's true Magic Ch. 3 - Who catches who 2020-03-30T00:07:03+00:00

As Zatanna decides to continue her life normally, she takes on the task to capture the villain General Immortus, however things might not go as planned, but perhaps for the best.
Another commission chapter of this ongoing story.


Attachments (1)

Zatanna - Who catches who.docx (19.0KiB)

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Mummified 2020-03-27T03:03:59+00:00close

This one was a commission I recently finished. Client asked for a sexy lady struggling in mummification bondage. This voluptuous blonde got herself in quite the pickle. This kink was a first for me but hey it's fun to try new stuff.

As usual there are more variants for all 3+ patrons, and I'm working on some last stories and one last picture for the month now. Stay tuned!

Also hope you guys are okay, I've been told by some that COVID 19 is hitting their areas hard, same here for me. This plague is truly awful, hope you are all safe and best wishes mates. I appreciate your support a lot and will continue doing my best here.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 28 Mar 20 13:29
A mummified.... this is weirdly attractive
user avatar
Ardham - 28 Mar 20 23:52
Yeah, certainly something new.
Poll: April's GOTM Theme 2020-03-25T20:58:30+00:00

It's time to vote on what should be the theme for the main girl in April. The month of easter, it has a lot of themes that fit the idea. Lots of colours, religion, spring and resurrection.

Multicolor hair girls: Girls who have hair sporting 2 colours or more.

Plant-related girls: Girls who have plant powers, or might be plants themselves, etc...

Holy girls: Girls with holy powers, goddesses, angels, etc...

Girls from remakes: With so many remakes coming up recently, we can have many girls to choose from these.

And Bunny girls: Girls who are related to bunnies somehow.

Pick Your Poison (New variant)
Pick Your Poison (New variant)more_vert
Post file flag
Pick Your Poison (New variant) 2020-03-24T23:04:23+00:00close

Another variant added for the timeline.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 25 Mar 20 04:04
Double pie woohoo
Girl of the Month: Pick your poison
Girl of the Month: Pick your poisonmore_vert
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Girl of the Month: Pick your poison 2020-03-22T23:20:26+00:00close

Generic Warcraft Demon Huntress won the Demon Hunter-themed GOTM poll and since there's only two races that can be DH, I decided to draw them both for this.
A dom or a sub, a Nelf or a Belf, which would you prefer to take home?

Hope you like them. As usual tier 2+ will get even more variants as rewards.

Ishanah and Velen
Ishanah and Velenmore_vert
Post file flag
Ishanah and Velen 2020-03-20T00:19:02+00:00close

A couple extra variants for Ishanah. Enjoy!

Warcraft Poll - This time based on Class halls 2020-03-17T19:22:24+00:00

As I did Ishanah's picture I realized I could base it on the Class Halls, same as Mylune. That means there's 10 Class Halls I haven't touched, with Priest and Druid done.

So this time, vote for one of the 10 classes left and I'll choose a hottie (champions, important NPCs, etc..) from their hall. That means I'll choose from characters that are found at the hall, not every character from that class. If you have a suggestion for a particular character from the class hall, feel free to post them too.

Warcraft Babes Nº6: Ishanah
Warcraft Babes Nº6: Ishanahmore_vert
Post file flag
Warcraft Babes Nº6: Ishanah 2020-03-16T23:52:48+00:00close

The 6th entry on the series. So, Draenei won the vote and of course the obvious route is to draw Yrel, but not only have I drawn her before, Blizz also F up her lore for no reason so I didn't really feel like drawing her. Instead here's the Draenei's second in command, High Priestess Ishanah, leader of the Aldor and one of the main Priest champions in Legion. The original draenei hotti.e

Here's a bunch of variants for y'all. She has variants that include facial expressions, different dialogue, outfits, cum, etc...

I'll put the lewdest variants for tier 2+ rewards as usual, however, I also will put a few more here on the timeline later. After all we're all a bit enclosed nowadays.

Some Words...

Figure you're all affected by the coronavirus, I mean in the way that there's a bunch of governmental measures taken all over the globe. I hope you're all fine, it's been a few hard days but well. I managed to prepare, hope the same for y'all, Over here we're all mostly all quarantined, I haven't caught the virus and I'll continue on working on lewd material for you all. Hopefully that helps out during these times.

Good luck mates!

Now I see that the generic warcraft Demon huntress won the poll, so I'll be working on her!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5152965 - 17 Mar 20 13:38
oh my look at this pretty lady
Taking bets seriously - A Witcher 3 Fanfic / And More 2020-03-11T23:18:36+00:00

Another one shot story. This was a commission about Ciri and the Baron from The Witcher 3.

"Ciri needs a new strong mare for her journey. She decides that a small gamble will be her perfect chance for it. Would she regret it?"

There's also a new chapter of Teyza's Journey at Hentai Foundry that's been recently added.

I'm currently working on the Draenei, which was the race winner of the warcraft Poll. Coming soon!


Attachments (1)

Ciri - Taking bets seriously.docx (19.8KiB)


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