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Citra Team (citraemu)

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Citra for Android is here!
Citra for Android is here!more_vert
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Citra for Android is here! 2020-05-22T22:33:36+00:00close

Hello there emulation aficionados! Today we are unveiling the most requested addition for Citra: Android Support! That’s right, you can finally play 3DS games on the go!

Learn more about Citra Android

Furthermore, we would especially like to thank you for continuing to be a Patron for Citra, and supporting the dedicated team of developers that continue to make this project the best 3DS emulator! While this app is free, we do offer an in-app upgrade to Premium, which gives access to some minor cosmetic features, such as Dark Theme and texture filtering. Primarily, Premium is a way for other users to continue supporting the developers of the project. Since you've already been a supporter, we'd like to offer you this upgrade for free, as a token of our thanks!

Please keep an eye out for an email within the next 24 hours with a promo code to redeem Premium.

Media (9)

poke_fixed.png (2.4MiB)
smash.jpg (1.1MiB)
img3.jpg (983.0KiB)
oot.jpg (1.0MiB)
img5.jpg (1.2MiB)
ac.jpg (996.8KiB)
img7.jpg (891.2KiB)
img8.jpg (965.4KiB)
img1.jpg (605.7KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #35894211 - 22 May 20 23:04
Good job developer. Already tried it but still do not support mediatek processor. Well i hope this will be optimised in near future. Anyways good luck, i looking foward for future update
user avatar
User #32303262 - 22 May 20 23:21
Amazing work, hope feature Install CIA will add soon, cause some game very need it.
user avatar
User #16534730 - 23 May 20 04:33
I'm so proud of this project and am happy to be a part of it.
Citra Android – Progress Update for 2020 2019-12-31T20:22:55+00:00

As 2019 comes to a close – I’m sure that many of our fans are excited for an update about Citra Android development. It’s no secret that we have been hard at work on the Android port and we are just as excited about it as you are! While work has slowed a little bit around the Holidays, we’ve actually made great progress in 2019, and we are still on track for a release in early 2020.

As a sneak peak, here’s some of the work we’ve already done for Android

  • While the 3DS also uses ARM, there’s some complications that arise when you try to run an unmodified 3DS game on an Android device, so we recompile the game on the fly with our new ARM64 backend for Dynarmic, Citra’s Just-in-Time (JIT) CPU compiler. This has hugely improved performance, and special thanks to Sachin-v for his hard work on this!
  • As a second general improvement to the CPU JIT we just wrote, we changed how the JIT accesses memory using a technique known as fastmem, which allows this new JIT to directly access memory. This is a very solid FPS improvement across the board for all games.
  • Mobile CPUs aren’t near as powerful as a desktop CPUs, so we need to take advantage of multiple cores. We added work-in-progress multi-core support to run GPU emulation on another core, just like Dolphin’s dual core mode or yuzu’s async gpu option.
  • It’s hard to play on a tiny mobile screen without physical buttons, so we added Gamepad Support

In addition to all those, we worked on other things for Android that we decided we could bring to Citra Desktop before we release Android

  • We added support for caching shaders to disk, which will reduce in-game stuttering. This issue is much more severe on Android, as mobile GPUs are more limited than their PC counterparts.
  • We have mostly completed an OpenGL ES 3 backend, which has fixed most graphical issues with games.
  • We found some issues with how the frames were displayed on Android, and finally took the plunge to fixing a long standing issue in Citra with VSync. We ripped out a lot of old code and redesigned how we display the final image so that it will work properly with VSync and actually improved performance a bit with it too!

So why not release what we have?

While we’ve made significant progress in 2019, the current app simply does not work as well as we would like to warrant an official release. You’d likely find that unofficial Citra Android ports floating around the internet run pretty well, so why not release already! The truth is these ports have taken some leaked changes from our Android development (such as our new JIT backend and graphical fixes), added further hacks, and have not complied with GPL. It’s no coincidence that the unofficial ports have gotten so much better while the Citra team has been investing in Android. Consider their work a preview of what’s to come 😊

As a consequence, we’ve had to be a little stricter than we want to be, and are developing the app behind closed doors. We apologize for anyone who wants to contribute to Android right now, we’d love to work with you, but sadly releasing what we have too soon just leads to us competing with our own work in unofficial ports! As soon as the Android app is ready, all of the code will also be public and we look forward to collaborating with everyone who wants to contribute. In the meantime, all of the improvements made to Citra Desktop will be in Citra Android as well, so contributing to the Desktop is still very important if you want to make the Android version even better!

We believe it’s important to release a polished app from day one, and we think you’ll agree when you try it out.

So what is left before a release?

While our app is in pretty good shape already, it’s missing a few things that make it not quite right for primetime. Our goals before a release in early 2020:

  • Full speed emulation for the most played games on medium to high end Android devices, with many games at least “playable” on lower end devices. Nothing’s more frustrating than audio pops and slow downs, which really kill the experience, so we have been hard at work to smooth out any slowdowns.
  • Test out various improvements and continue ongoing work on asynchronous shader compiling, multi-core, New Nintendo 3DS support, optimized shader decompiler, GL state tracking, faster format reinterpret, and more. Essentially, we have good direction on how to improve performance and removing stutter, we just need to keep working at it until we finally get the smooth playing experience we all want.
  • Further polish and refinements to the Android UX.

While our goals have been lofty, the list of remaining work is actually pretty short! If all goes well, we may be releasing an app sooner than expected!

Happy New Year!

- The Citra Team

Comments (24)
user avatar
User #30332667 - 17 Feb 20 15:05
What is the minimum target sdk for the official android citra and which phone do you suggest citra team
user avatar
User #7751393 - 1 Jan 20 09:11
Cheers for the work. Added my support
user avatar
User #29507744 - 18 Jan 20 04:50
Gente não estou achando o downlaod alguém me ajuda
user avatar
User #30408545 - 9 Feb 20 06:01
Tbm não estou
user avatar
User #30760041 - 17 Feb 20 16:42
Can it play in huawei p30 lite
user avatar
User #29124042 - 9 Jan 20 01:15
No meu não tá funcionando o meu Cell é um j5 prime
user avatar
User #28194488 - 13 Jan 20 03:12
Sometimes (Most times), your Mobile is Arm64, but your OS is Arm.
user avatar
User #29344854 - 14 Jan 20 04:01
Can it play in sd 855 ??
user avatar
User #18171490 - 28 Jan 20 14:05
Will citra android version will it be free or paid anyone?
user avatar
User #24194160 - 9 Feb 20 06:58
Free in the google buy in the playstore.
user avatar
User #28243351 - 10 Feb 20 14:05
Its a Close door development for now. So no one knows any progress 😊
user avatar
User #30332667 - 10 Feb 20 15:02
user avatar
User #29912577 - 29 Jan 20 14:09
How to download citra??
user avatar
User #28829578 - 18 Jan 20 06:15
It works in android version 5.0.1
user avatar
User #28243351 - 3 Feb 20 15:03
just head to there official website citra-emu.org
user avatar
User #24194160 - 9 Feb 20 06:55
It's going to released in playstore?
user avatar
User #29331956 - 14 Jan 20 15:30
No meu é moto E5 não consigo instalar
user avatar
User #29388197 - 15 Jan 20 05:05
Citra for iOS??
user avatar
User #29599390 - 20 Jan 20 13:02
I have OnePlus 5 6ram and snapdragons 835 Android pie 9 I played the last update for me citra i tried the game pokemon y I mean well there is some mistake in it very few but in Pokemon sun there is a lot of mistakes in the graphics and frameworks and I tried Mario 3D in it also made a mistake in error and graphics and weakness of the tires Thank you very much for this fatigue, my success
user avatar
User #30332667 - 9 Feb 20 15:53
Any new progresses? ?
user avatar
User #20417734 - 1 Jan 20 08:35
looking forward to trying it out on Switch ^^
user avatar
User #28243351 - 3 Feb 20 15:03
It will be free... After all its an open source
user avatar
User #29357334 - 14 Jan 20 13:01
Como eu baixo ? Assinei já
user avatar
User #29632176 - 21 Jan 20 06:28
lol it is amazing i really want run nintendo 3ds games on exynos based my galaxy s 10 e.
What next feature do YOU most want? 2018-08-08T17:36:21+00:00

We promised we will ask you what you want for your money - So we ask you now: What do you want to be in Citra most?

Disclaimer: We can't promise those features get implemented soon, since all of our Devs are working on Citra in their free time. Which means we can't force them. But there is a big chance they might listen to you.

We also aren't asking you if you want Pokemon X/Y fixed. We already know you want that :)

Comments (15)
user avatar
User #17794484 - 25 Feb 19 22:42
Custom texture support would be amazing.
user avatar
User #8734016 - 8 Aug 18 17:46
As you noted in the question, compatibility fixes and improvements will always be the top priority for most users (myself included, though for me it's the prospect of KH:DDD improvements that entices me more than X/Y fixes, haha)---but after that, expanding to cover aspects (or versions) of the hardware that aren't yet covered by the program would be next in line, in my opinion. Thanks for the poll!
user avatar
User #2388233 - 9 Aug 18 04:29
3D functionality would be cool, but I want game compatibility fixes now. I think I'm in the same boat as you. Thanks Citra Team!
user avatar
User #3656674 - 25 Jun 19 05:38
Mostly, I'd like to see the more compatibility with Fire Emblem games. I'd like play and reach end game for Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fates, and Shadows of Valentia using Citra Emulator.
user avatar
User #4838314 - 8 Aug 18 18:12
Ability to run NTR plugins would be nice, if that's at all compatible with an HLE emulator.
user avatar
User #23066371 - 8 Aug 19 20:22
The ability to save state? That would be helpful.
user avatar
User #12871582 - 12 Aug 18 09:20
Nice, I've played Shin Megami Tensei IV. Only this emulator can work real not fake.
user avatar
User #7745510 - 8 Aug 18 22:31
I want easily configurable gyro support for the Switch Pro/DS4/Steam controllers more than anything else.
user avatar
User #4361672 - 8 Aug 18 23:39
Well you're in luck, I already added that yesterday ;) in canary, just open up configure -> input -> motion controls
user avatar
User #7745510 - 10 Aug 18 01:18
Thanks, it seems to work really well with the Switch pro! The only problem is that it makes the controller unusable with Steam's configuration support until betterjoyforcemu is uninstalled, which makes it a lot harder to manage the touchscreen on a gamepad.
user avatar
User #19350319 - 18 Apr 19 20:17
I would love to see Android development prioritized a little more. SachinVin's work was pretty impressive, if mostly nonfunctional. It would be awesome to see development proceed in earnest for this. :)
user avatar
User #14107145 - 11 Oct 18 09:56
I want Pokemon X/Y fixed xD Really, I think the main focus should be performance improvements and better compatibility. I would help if I could, but I'm a web developer, the learning curve to this thing seems a bit steep.
user avatar
User #3237942 - 8 Aug 18 18:00
Compat. with Donkey Country Returns 3D, Mario Golf and Mario Sport Superstars would be cool too. ;)
user avatar
User #4793920 - 8 Aug 18 19:44
Citra core for RETROARCH (ANDROID version). Whatever, i love your job guys !
user avatar
User #8149091 - 19 May 19 14:05
Vulkan support for us poor AMD users?

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