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LINKS TO NEW PLATFORM! 2020-02-01T11:29:03+00:00

Here's the list of all my subscriptions links! :D If you want support me, just choose yours! ^^

OnlyFans subscription 12$ monthly~ www.onlyfans.com/siffya

Candies subscription 7$ monthly ~ www.gum.co/siffcandies

Donuts subscription 10$ monthly ~ www.gum.co/siffdonuts

Cheesecake subscription 15$ monthly ~ www.gum.co/siffcheesecake

Fancy Cake subscription 25$ monthly ~ www.gum.co/sifffancycake

Wedding Cake subscription 45$ monthly ~ www.gum.co/siffweddingcake

Or, you can just purchase a single set from my shop! www.gumroad.com/siffya ^^

Have a beautiful day, xx <3

I AM??? MOVING??? 2020-01-30T20:48:15+00:00


I think its time

to try this out

and move, fully, to Gumroad.

I'm gonna message my current patrons directing them to their respective tier on my Gumroad

I think that is the right decision, at least, until Patreon doesnt get their sh*t togheter, holy moly, have you seen their graph updates lately????






That's literal shite and I'm not gonna do it anymore hahahaahahha

SO what is happening here on today.

I am stopping my patreon account, like, on a momentaneous time pause, because, who knows, maybe someday it will get better as a platform?

Or maybe it will get even worse WHO KNOWS

What I know is that I found it better to move now. Since I've seen Gumroad is a platform veeery easy to use, and a lot of people is familiar with it.

So yeah, I'm putting this acc on a hiatus! And I will message all my patrons next month on their email! ^^ Thanks for sticking with me

End of the month! owo 2020-01-28T19:49:51+00:00

Its the last days of January!

You have just a couple days to grab this month rewards!

We did not reach our 25 patrons goal! But maybe we can next month, who knows ^^

I'm gonna send out the February rewards on Monday 3rd! ^^

HURRY UP! 2020-01-25T11:47:31+00:00

Last 6 days to get this month rewards!

Sexy nudes and lingerie pictures waits for you in this month tiers! ^^

Dont miss them!

only 5 more!! 2020-01-21T16:05:05+00:00

only 5 more patrons to reach my monthly patrons goal! **

help me out by joining <3

Let's reach my goal! 2020-01-20T15:17:05+00:00

Hey hey!

This month goal was to reach 25 Patrons! But sadly we're just at 18!

We need 7 Patrons to complete this month goal! ^^
Would you help me out?

You're still in time until the 31th january!

HOT HOT SETS °//w//° 2020-01-19T15:00:02+00:00

This month is soooo full of HAWT pictures in my sets, if you join, you can get up to 360 FILES!!! OMG

Chose your tier and get your eyes spoiled ^^

Have a nice day~

Dont miss out! 2020-01-14T15:00:02+00:00

If you're looking to join my Patreon this month, dont miss out the rewards! :D

I have tiers for every taste and each one gets a reward!

Dont forget to read the captions well and get your rewards as soon as you pledge! ^w^

Have a nice day~

Help me with my Goal~ 2020-01-07T15:00:03+00:00

Help me out reaching my Ko-Fi Goal~

you can even chose to get a rewards with your donation aswell! :D


Meiko Shiraki is such a babe **

Would love to cosplay her somewhen in this 2020~

Rewards sent☻ 2020-01-04T15:15:02+00:00

Hey everyone!

I've just sent out to everyone's email your rewards! Yaaaay!

Hope you like them ^^ Let me know if you apreciated them in the comments!

January Resume!
January Resume!more_vert
Post file flag
January Resume! 2020-01-02T14:37:58+00:00close

Hello Dear~

Last month we broke all of my expectation and reached my 20 patrons goal! **

Here is an Update about this January rewards~

So if you are not sure to pledge or not for this month, this will clear out your doubts!

One SFW Selfie Set (SheHulk casual version) - TIER $1

All the Selfie Sets /Without implied/full nudity/ (+ SheHulk casual, SheHulk lingerie, Lucoa Swimsuit) plus all above!- TIER $5

One HD Set (SheHulk casual version) plus all above! - TIER $7

Two Set of the month! (SheHulk Casual version and lingerie) plus all above! - TIER $10

All of the sets of the month (SheHulk Casual, SheHulk lingerie, Lucoa Shower Set) plus all above!- TIER $25

All of the sets of the month WITH NUDES (SheHulk Casual, SheHulk Lingerie, Lucoa Shower Set) plus all above! - TIER $40

Hope you'll decide your pledge~

This month goal is to reach 25 Patrons! :D

Hopefully with your support we can do it! ^^

Even joining for tier 1$ is very much helpful and shows your support!

Have a nice day!



Media (1)

reward_0jhj.png (715.3KiB)

January Rewards~ 2020-01-01T15:16:42+00:00

Hey everyone!

I'm currently editing this month rewards! :D I'm almost done, this month is a lot of editing because there are a looot of pictures and in most of them I need to edit my skin green so you can understand that it is a little bit time consume HAHAHA

I will send them to you next week!
Remember to check your inbox because that's where I send them! I dont post rewards on my Patreon feed but I directly send them to you on your Patreon email!

That's all for now, have a nice day~

Next Month Preview!
Next Month Preview!more_vert
Post file flag
Next Month Preview! 2019-12-30T22:10:54+00:00close

I decided to bless you with a preview for the next month rewards~

also you'll get the SheHulk sets both casual and lingerie+nude

for the Lucoa set you get a swimsuit shower set + nudes ^^

so you can decide what to do with your pledge now that the next month is approaching!

Media (1)

29.png (47.2MiB)

New KoFi Goal~
New KoFi Goal~more_vert
Post file flag
New KoFi Goal~ 2019-12-24T14:23:05+00:00close

Hey everyone!

I just bough Raikou Minamoto cosplay, and I've set the new KoFi Goal ^^ This time is a smaller amount to reach so I think we're gonna be able to clear it out faster! :D


If you want to help me out reaching my new goal, donate on my KoFi ^^

Media (1)

B00F3VOWIM_1.jpg (48.5KiB)

Hello New Patrons! 2019-12-18T19:11:30+00:00

Wow! So many new patrons this month! It's just overwhelming the quantity of support you're giving me ^^
I'm very happy you appreciate my content this much! :D

Just a little spoiler for next month rewards:
SheHulk casual outfit

SheHulk Lewd Outfit

and I'll bring back my Lucoa cosplay, but with a sexy microkini (different, from the one used last year!)

If you want to help out with reaching my goal and funding my next cosplay, while maybe getting as a reward some old sets, you can donate on my KoFi!

We're missing just the last little bits! ^^


or if you want to just buy the sets, you can get 30% off my gumroad shop using code "xmas19" at checkout~ the funds will go into my cosplay project anyway! :D


Let's reach my goal~ 2019-12-17T17:47:08+00:00


What do you think about reaching my goal of 20 Patrons?
Cmon if you help me out, you'll receive content from any tier! :D

There's no loss in this!

Happy New Year! 2020~ 2019-12-31T09:59:59+00:00

Yayyy New Year! ^^

Another Year passed away! This year really flyied! :O

I wish you all a very happy 2020 full of joy and success! ^^

Party hard and dont drink too much! Or dont drink at all if you have to drive! hehe

Merry Christmas! 2019-12-25T10:00:00+00:00

Merry Christmas/Holidays to everyone! :D

Hope you're spending some quality time with your loved ones and having your mouth always stuffed with good food 24/7 hahaha!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9122180 - 25 Dec 19 16:03
Merry Christmas
December Rewards Remind! 2019-12-18T10:00:00+00:00


Here's a reminder about this month rewards~

One SFW Selfie Set (Mercy Christmas version) - TIER $1

All the Selfie Sets /Without implied/full nudity/ (+ Mercy lingerie, Sexy bikini n apron) plus all above!- TIER $5

One HD Set (Mercy Christmas version) plus all above! - TIER $7

Two Set of the month! (Mercy Lingerie version) plus all above! - TIER $10

All of the sets of the month (Mercy sexy bikini n apron) plus all above!- TIER $25 Implied and full nudes starts from tier 25$!

And dont forget the sale on Gumroad aswell~


just use code XMAS19 on www.gumroad.com/siffya

Custom set 2019-12-29T10:00:00+00:00

Do you want me to make you a custom set?

It's easy!

Just send me an item from my amazon wishlist and you'll receive a fitting custom set for the item you sent me as a gift **


Even if Christmas has passed gifts are always appreciated and they really help out creating the content! ^^

Want to make me a Christmas gift? 2019-12-15T10:00:00+00:00

You can! And you will get a custom set about the item you gifted me from my Amazon wishlist! ^^


Send me a message of the receed of the item you sent me and I'll plan out a reward fitting for that item with you! **

1$ Rewards! 2019-12-14T10:00:00+00:00

Hello followers!

Have you realized that with just a dollar you really get rewards here?? *w*

Why dont join the Patreon so? Its amazing!

And you can upgrade your pledge any time!

Reminding you that we're having a sale on gumroad too!


for christmas month only!

use code XMAS19 to get 30% off! On any product!

Help me reachin my goal~ 2019-12-11T09:59:59+00:00


I've been trying to reach this goal on KoFi from a long time! ;w;

I am planning to reach it in time for the end of this month!

I really love Raikou and would love to cosplay her <3

Help me reaching it by donating on my KoFi, take a look at the chart and see how much to donate to receive the kind of reward you want!


SALE On Gumroad Shop~ 2019-12-08T09:42:21+00:00

Special deal for Christmas! :3

Get 30% off on the whole Gumroad shop using code XMAS19 :D


Adding this month rewards right now~

December News~ 2019-12-02T13:37:14+00:00

Hello Dear~

December rewards are on their way! I will start by sending out the seflie sets today, and then taking the rest of the day off because im very sick! But I will certainly send out the HD pics in time for the weekend or next Monday!

Here is an Update about this December rewards~

One SFW Selfie Set (Mercy Christmas version) - TIER $1

All the Selfie Sets /Without implied/full nudity/ (+ Mercy lingerie, Sexy bikini n apron) plus all above!- TIER $5

One HD Set (Mercy Christmas version) plus all above! - TIER $7

Two Set of the month! (Mercy Lingerie version) plus all above! - TIER $10

All of the sets of the month (Mercy sexy bikini n apron) plus all above!- TIER $25

Implied and full nudes starts from tier 25$!

Also launching the Christmas sale on my new Gumroad shop!

Use code "XMAS19" for 30% off everything!

Let me know your feedback ^^

This month goal is to reach 15 patrons! Last month we did but then a lot of people decided to unsub! Anyway I am sure we can reach them again!

Since its Christmas, I'll leave you here my wishlist, in case you would like to gift me something! Ofcourse, personal rewards are given as a thank you for any purchase from here! https://www.amazon.it/hz/wishlist/ls/B0V9QL6B5LJE?ref_=wl_share

Have a nice day!



Happy Thanksgiving! 2019-11-28T21:49:01+00:00

Hi everyone~ uwu

A reminder that you're only 2 days apart the end of the month!

Lets reach the goal of 15 Patrons (again, since many left!)

Also remember that when we reach 25 patrons I will start doing full nudity sets! So if you wanna support that, you better up your pledge or resubscribe~

Here's a reminder of what you will get this month!

1$: Yuri Date vrs Selfie Set

5$: All the selfie sets of the month~

7$: HD Yuri Date vrs (+ all from above)

10$: Yuri POV White lingerie set (+ all from above)

25$: Yuri Black Microkini Yandere set (+ all from above)

Also Happy Thanksgiving to who is celebrating it!

Have a nice day, xx


If we reach 30 Patrons...!! 2019-11-25T18:48:50+00:00

At the reach of 30 Patrons I will edit the Fancy Cake Tier in not only having Implied nudes but actual nudes! :D
And I will also create a new Tier with a full custom set (plus all the other rewards) for each month! (May be expensive because custom sets usually means more props and costumes)

So if you want to help reach the goal, JOIN NOW! :D

Finally!! 2019-11-19T22:11:31+00:00

All Rewards have been finally sent out! ^^ Phewwww

I dont like to be late!
Hope everyone is enjoying their rewards!

Rose Quartz Cosplay~
Rose Quartz Cosplay~more_vert
Post file flag
Rose Quartz Cosplay~ 2019-11-12T21:38:17+00:00close

Media (3)

1.png (46.5MiB)
2.png (49.7MiB)
3.png (47.4MiB)

UPDATE November Rewards~ 2019-11-07T19:52:53+00:00

Hi everyone! ^^
I have started to send out this month rewards! By starting with the selfie sets!

If you have some problems with the download and such, please let me know! :D I will try to solve the problem

Hope you like your rewards!

November rewards~ 2019-10-27T21:07:05+00:00

Hello everybody! I hope your weekend has been great!

Just wanted to throw here some updates for November's rewards!

First of all, they're all gonna be Yuri from Doki Doki Literature club themed!

First will be her date outfit, the set will be inspired to her date scene

Second will be a POV Undressing/lingerie/implied nudes set

Third will be a striped Microkini set with implied nudes!

There will always be the selfie sets!

The selfie sets rewards will be sent out ON 6 FEBRUARY

The other sets will be sent out after 11 FEBRUARY 😋

As always they're gonna be sent directly to your email so keep it checked!

October Rewards!
October Rewards!more_vert
Post file flag
October Rewards! 2019-09-30T08:24:46+00:00close

Hi everyone! Thank you for sticking with me yet another month! Your support is always precious to me <3 This Octobers rewards will be Samus Aran, Samus Aran Microkini and Super Sonico Halloween Bikini~

The Samus Aran set will be sent out as soon as I receive your pledge, meanwhile for the Samus Microkini and Super Sonico Halloween you'll have to wait a couple days since I still have to finish editing them!
For this month we also have some news!

I will start making selfie sets for each set I make, so that people who cant pledge high amount of money will still be able to get a taste of what I am doing and support me anyway!

Samus Aran selfie set will be avaible from 1$ tier, Samus Microkini and Super Sonico ones will be avaible from 5$! And the other tiers will all receive them :D

As always only tier Fancy Cake will receive implied nudes, that are present in the Samus Microkini set~

I will also shoot more pictures this month because I'll go to a big convention and I want to take some awesome pictures~ I still have to decide if I want to put them on sale or post them as freebies c: Btw the sets will be: Padme Amidala, Super Sonico Halloween (full cosplay), Rose Quartz and maybe Female Jotaro Kujo or Lisa Lisa (again), I still have to decide v.v

Media (1)

reward_preview.png (656.9KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
Siffya - 30 Sep 19 08:24
read, its interesting
Fast update 2019-09-07T14:18:26+00:00

I planned to do a big post about why I changed my name yet again but I just have one thing to say: I was done lol explaning shit to people who just want to target me and tag me as a racist was a bummer

I am not changing my name because of them, I am changing it because I was tired of them.

I wonder what the next thing to target me about would be hmmm

I am not going to complain about how fucking much these people rape MY culture, because I could go on for months.

Bye bye to the Raccoon Kween, because it was SO OFFENSIVE.

Pledge now! 2019-08-14T11:15:03+00:00

Hi normal follower! Would you be interested in joining the patreon gang this month? That's the ideal month to! Why? Because with just 1$ you can get a full set! And get a sneak peek of what you could get EVERY MONTH! Wow! That's cool!
Join now! :D

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2848601 - 14 Aug 19 11:29
Highly recommend! Your sets are high quality, sexy, and fun!
user avatar
Siffya - 14 Aug 19 12:31
Thank you 😊
August Rewards updated!
August Rewards updated!more_vert
Post file flag
August Rewards updated! 2019-08-08T07:09:46+00:00close

I updated the rewards preview~

Next month rewards!
Next month rewards!more_vert
Post file flag
Next month rewards! 2019-06-29T09:31:31+00:00close

July rewards preview, updated!

New Platform! 2019-06-19T20:38:15+00:00

Hello everyone!

I would like to inform you that if you would like to support me on a different platform than Patreon, now you can! I opened a Gumroad shop, you can buy separate sets or subscribe to the same price as the one here on Patreon! But with less commissions! (you pay less!) If you're interested, here's the link!


All Rewards sent out! 2019-06-19T12:08:20+00:00

Hello everyone!
I sent out aaaall the rewards!

I think that from now on I'll take a little easier on the rewards and try to shoot the sets more slowly instead of rushing it all to send out the sets "in time" for the beginning of the month. I need to take things with more calm ;O; so the content will be better!
(I used to shoot al the sets in one day and I realized that, at least, in summer, I cant do that, its too much, I barely can shoot 2 sets, so shooting 3/4 sets all in one day is pure suicide lol)

Good things need time!

Remaining rewards update! 2019-06-10T07:14:53+00:00

The remaining rewards will be shot this sunday! (June 16th)

The Polaroids will be sent out as soon as possible (Monday) and the pictures will be sent when I'll be done with editing them! (So, I guess, at least 2 days!) For the bodyfansign I'll send them out with the remaining pictures, so you can get everything at the same time! v.v

If you want to join the Fancy Cake tier for this month you should take the chanche to because you can still get this month polaroids! :D

Thank you for your kind patience <3

Have a nice day!


Rewards you will have to wait for this month! 2019-05-31T07:48:13+00:00

Hello everyone! This June, unfortunately, you will have to patiently wait for these rewards to arrive! They still need to be shot!

1) Super Sonico Cheerleader set

a bonus of 5/6 pictures will be sent out even to 1$ patrons! I'll shot some bonus for you to show you my appreciation!

2) Bodyfansigns

3) Polaroids shots

They both need to be shot with the last cosplay!

Dont worry, everything will be sent out to you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience!

June Rewards list updated!
June Rewards list updated! more_vert
Post file flag
June Rewards list updated! 2019-05-31T07:45:47+00:00close

Are you diying to see them? You will receive them tomorrow as soon the pledge is processed!

Sweet Thank You for my Patrons! 2019-05-27T11:19:30+00:00

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take some time to thank you all for the support you give me each month! It really helps me out in this period of my life where I struggle to find a job, just know that your help is the most precious thing I have! <3 I always hope that my content will bring you joy and that you appreciate the rewards! ^^

Thanks you again to everyone! Even for the smallest amount of pledge it is very helpful for me! <3

Pledge for May! 2019-05-16T11:58:57+00:00

If you want to make your pledge this month, do it now! This month is full of super cute content! It is also the month of my birthday, so it would be very nice☺️ 💕🎉

Rewards, sent! 2019-05-02T13:50:55+00:00

Rewards has been sent to every patron this month!

For the 1$ tier no rewards this month! Im sorryy! Maybe next month I'll make a bonus one for you aswell! ^^ But if you really really cant wait, you can always change your pledge! :D

Everyone is always welcome of course!

Anyway you'll still gonna get HD versions of the pics I post on Instagram, so you're gonna get something cute anyway ^^

Next months rewards theme! 2019-05-05T11:59:59+00:00

Here we are, its time for a little update on my future rewards themes!


Super Sonico themed month!

Cheerleader Super Sonico, maybe a two part for that set, with a SFW part and the other more lewd

Sukumizu Outfit, in the bathub probably, I dont own a swimming pool unluckily..

and maybe a remake of my Nurse Sonico cosplay! We'll see!


Goth Gf Realness month

3 sets all goth and latex themed! Not much to talk about this one so its not that hard to describe, but its gonna be very cute!


Summer and Swimsuit basically(?)

Zarya Beach Outfit, hopefully will be actually shot at the beach, lol.

2 Others Swimsuit outfit sets! Its gonna be a surprise, its not like I havent figured it out already. But trust me.

September maybe I'll finally get to cosplay Samus! Hopefully! hahaha

New Month New Rewards~ 2019-04-30T10:42:37+00:00

Hi gang~

Thanks for the support this month! Hope you enjoyed your rewards, tomorrow is a new month and new rewards are ready for you!

Stay tuned and I'll send them as fast as possible!

Have a good day ^^


Peachy bath >w<
Peachy bath >w<more_vert
Post file flag
Peachy bath >w< 2019-04-11T18:21:54+00:00close

Hello everyone who's still unsure to join or not this Patreon (yes hello everyone who's following me here!) here's a peak of the set you can get by subscribing to my Cheesecake tier~ Cheesecake is very good :> You should try it!

Shop news!
Shop news!more_vert
Post file flag
Shop news! 2019-04-12T18:00:03+00:00close

Hello gang! Have you checked out my Shop?


You can get any set you still dont have, or if you've never been a patron, you can check out how my content is and decide!

This month only, you can get a 40% discount using the code "SIF" ~

Bathing in pink~
Bathing in pink~more_vert
Post file flag
Bathing in pink~ 2019-04-10T16:00:00+00:00close

Want to see this full set! Subscribe to my Cheesecake tier and you'll receive 30 pics reward this month! ^^

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9858838 - 10 Apr 19 16:24
Wait, the 10$ One Is not the entire set?
user avatar
Siffya - 11 Apr 19 06:34
Yes it is! It's a total if 30 pics from the 3 sets
Happy Easter Everyone!
Happy Easter Everyone!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Easter Everyone! 2019-04-21T07:59:59+00:00close

Have a nice day and a happy Easter! Dont eat too much chocolate uwu


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