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Skye Deva Bennett (skyedevastjohnbennett)

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Health & Productivity Update 2020-03-17T15:44:12+00:00

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all doing well and steering clear of the new plague!

As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve found myself completely overwhelmed with free time and unsure of how to proceed. My top priority is getting my lungs back to normal. Last night was a tough one. The new nebuliser antibiotic (neb) didn’t sit well with me at ALL! It was like having my mouth on a car exhaust, awful! I had a massive coughing fit and my throat and lungs have been pretty inflamed ever since. So, I came off that immediately. I feel better now, and every day my voice is a little clearer.

There’s also a common risk with this antibiotic that it could do irreparable damage to my hearing - which is a hella no no from me. I’d rather spend the next two years with a needle in my arm. If I can’t sing/talk or hear, that’s my whole livelihood. I’ve requested to have the prescription changed. They optioned a new antibiotic which won’t damage my hearing but will take longer to absorb into my system. Easy yes from me, so will hopefully get that through soon!

On the plus side, my blood work is coming back showing a low level of infection, liver function is a little high but not scary high, sooooo - long story short - I can relax a little. Just need to eat right and strengthen up my body so I’m in top shape to fight this fucker. Yoga and jogging mostly, I’m not keen on going to the gym with the coronavirus sweeping the globe. I hope everyone is doing okay and not panicking too much. It’s serious, but not the end of the world. Ration your toilet paper, your pasta and how often you go outside!

My mum is working from home now, my dad is still working at the school, and Sam still has to work at the pub. Though, we suspect the pub might close soon. Not crazy about continuing to test fate by hanging out while Sam may be exposed to any and all bugs and viruses during his shift.

Band practice has been impossible, Stu’s roomie has to be isolated, so by association, so does Stu. Already had one gig cancelled and am pretty sure I should cancel the headline BBC Introducing gig. Which is a huge bummer, because I’m really looking forward to that one. It’s only a fortnight away though, and Stu won’t be out of isolation until the 1st. The day of the gig!

At the end of April I really want to get back into the studio and record the new single. Hopefully the coronavirus will fuck off in a month’s time, though that does kind of feel like wishful thinking.

Can’t gig, can’t record, can’t practice, nobody is casting anybody at the moment...

BUT! What I CAN do, is write!

I can write and maybe I can do an online gig with Sam? Cover some of my fave songs and post them up here? Being forced to not pursue anything I want to has got me thinking more creatively, which is cool. How else can I spend my time? I’m planning on streaming Fire Emblem 3 Houses and Persona 5, as everyone on Twitter was raving about them. I can get better at cooking, yoga, maybe read a book, plan ahead for the Preacher release *oop, new single name-slip* so that when we can all get back to our lives we can dive STRAIGHT back in!

Stay safe out there!

Wash your mits, your pits, and your no-no bits.

Soooo... this new song needs big guns. 2020-01-09T15:41:14+00:00

Hey guys,

I'm just dropping you a quick post before it goes live - as I don't want you to get the wrong end of the stick! Sam thought starting an Indiegogo for this new song might be a good idea.

The Indiegogo is for friends and family and anyone on social media with a fiver who isn't a patron!!! I do not expect to see any of you on there! Nor do I want to! I'm not making this post for that, I'm just worried you'll see the Indiegogo online and be like "wha? they're asking for more money? what about us?" so I wanted to explain myself.

Sam started an Indiegogo for his System of a Down cover, and he accumulated a decent amount of Facebook followers from the Lad Bible posts. The logic was "new Facebook followers, potential Indiegogo supporters?" Plus, there's only so much a few pub pay checks can contribute, and we need to split the budget 50/50 or it's not happening!

(Lol, Split The Budget.)

For XV, Patreon-wise, we'll only be able to use January to March for my part of the budget - which is a HUGE amazing help and it's covered recording, mastering, and given us a basic video budget, but it's not enough for publicity or enough to pay the video crew or rent the ideal location or equipment.

I'm using my own dosh for this too, I was aiming to use a further £2k video game pay check to help with publicity, but then I got dumped with a monstrous tax bill that I wasn't expecting, so that kind of blew our publicity plan to hell. My own fault for using all my savings on The Information Age. I forgot I also exist in society and need to pay taxes... whoops.

adulthood sucks.


With the BBC Introducing support happening right now, it's never been more vital to have a publicity budget, so that's why we're doing the Indiegogo. That's it. The song will still come out and sound amazing and the video will still happen even if we can only afford for it to be a basic version of what we're aiming for.

Is it useful for me to break the budget down for you? To give you a better idea of what we have to work with? How much we need for a basic release with a modicum of get-back? Let me know. I don't like talking about money, so I'll only share that stuff if you're interested. I want to be transparent with you. This is so important, as it's your investment too. So let me know.

But yeah, I just wanted to let you know that's happening. The last thing I want is for you to feel blindsided.

Chat soon. Will let you know if I get a massive, well-paying job and this is no longer a problem, lol. What I wouldn't give for a McDonald's commercial right about now.

(Also, I'm going to make this post public, just in case we get a few social media stragglers who are feeling how I feared! this is why!)

Comments (16)
user avatar
User #11050990 - 9 Jan 20 18:43
Carbonara! Now!
user avatar
User #8244392 - 9 Jan 20 15:54
I don't know what's happening, but count me in 👌
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 15:55
user avatar
User #7187849 - 9 Jan 20 16:06
2nd that!
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 17:09
user avatar
User #4798003 - 9 Jan 20 17:35
We ALL in for this. ^_^
user avatar
User #11050990 - 9 Jan 20 15:50
I’m in.
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 15:54
well, you're my mum. so thank you 😜 Sam will make you another tray bake and I can make us carbonara whenever you want it! I will also move out as soon as I can!
user avatar
User #946881 - 9 Jan 20 15:47
You can’t stop me 😛
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 15:53
Andy, you are amazing. please please please don't break the bank or feel obliged. I really didn't make this post for that!!!
user avatar
User #946881 - 9 Jan 20 15:55
I know you didn’t. Don’t worry, the kids won’t go hungry!
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 17:10
Dude 😭❤️ I don't know what to say. thank you
user avatar
User #182426 - 9 Jan 20 17:47
Ima jump in on this train.
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 19 Jan 20 15:30
duuuuude ❤️
user avatar
User #17066055 - 9 Jan 20 15:54
Embrace the challenge life gives you, you only fail if you give up.
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 9 Jan 20 15:55
Very true!
It's New Year's Eve! 2018-12-31T13:38:07+00:00

I had to do it, I had to write about 2018. I've also made this post public, so it's available to the people in the XC2 community that haven't pledged. I owe you all a HUGE debt of gratitude, so yeah. Here it is.

(This is going to be cheesy.)

So, last year, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out. It was my first ever voice acting job for a video game, and it was so fun. I remember telling my agent how great the process was. How silly and strange and interesting it all was. Then, when the game came out, there was a brilliant, funny, passionate fanbase that came with it. You found me on Twitter, we started exchanging memes, and it turned into a really cute internet connection.

My (at the time) new friend, Alejandro, and my boyfriend Sam had this awesome idea about streaming the game on Twitch. I was skeptical at first, I didn't even really know what Twitch was. I didn't think people would care enough to tune in, and I didn't feel like I was cut out for streaming anyway. I'm not the kind of person to be overly-animated for the sake of it, and I was also conflicted about accepting money from an on-average, relatively young audience, just for streaming a game. (As I knew there was this kind of unavoidable donation culture on Twitch.)

Anyway, after they explained it to me, I changed my mind. I made a Twitter poll asking whether anyone would be interested in watching me stream the game, and I got more responses than I had followers!

So, starting on my 23rd birthday, May 2nd 2018, we launched the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 stream. 50% of any donation I got went straight to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and the other 50% went into a creative fund. I figured I'd use the opportunity to raise some money for charity and maybe get the ball rolling on some of my personal projects.

It was so much more than I ever expected.

We were able to send £3,000 to the CF Trust, and I was able to dedicate some serious energy into making art. I made a short film, I bought some equipment, and I was able to release my first single, Afterlife, on the 31st October.

It's impossible to convey how grateful I am to the stream, the community, and the game. It's so important to have the freedom to create without financial burden, and I'm not kidding when I say that I need art to stay sane. Although, with the end of the game, I didn't really see a future for me on Twitch. I really enjoyed the game, but in the end, I only really loved spending time with the community. Everything else I could've taken or left.

Enter, Patreon. The 2019 project! I'm so excited about this. To those of you who have pledged, I've gushed at you so much you're probably sick of it! You know how much I love you. People who care about art are so important. People who love to not only see it grow and develop, but to be directly responsible for it's existence... it's fucking incredible, and so are you. As you know, there's a lot coming up in the very near future!

Being an actor, it's easy to wait around for the phone to ring. To trick yourself into thinking a stranger in a Soho office cares about your life as much as you do. It's very easy to make excuses not to work hard.

This year, I learned how to take up an active role in my own life. I was able to shift my focus, and re-discover my soul with music. I was able to gain a much healthier, more fulfilling perspective through introspection and self-exploration. Man, all that good shit. I recommend it.

I'm self taught with everything, and with self-tutelage, you get a lot of growing pains. Which, at first, I really hated. You want to be perfect on the first try! Again, unsurprisingly, that's not how it works.

With this short film I did, and also a music video I did a year ago, there are a lot of imperfections. They're still good, they still represent themselves well, they're just not perfect. However, I've accepted now that it's cool! It's chill. I'll just apply what I learned to the next one, and move on. I guess another major thing I learned this year was with failure, you gain wisdom. So, fearing failure is completely irrational, as it doesn't really exist. With failure, you still succeed.

And people came to the stream, and said that it made them happy. That single fact in itself is enough to make this year one of the absolute best.

I love you all so, so much. I truly mean it. You're all interesting, complicated, beautiful people, and I'm so grateful to have met you.

Xenoblade fans, Patrons, random people who are here for some reason! (Nice to meet you!) Happy New Year. Thank you for everything.

Keep doing you, life is beautiful. Here's to 2019!


- Skye

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #15818335 - 31 Dec 18 17:06
Happy New Year's Eve! Let's make 2019 an even more enjoyable year!
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 31 Dec 18 17:51
Woop woop!
user avatar
User #15798744 - 31 Dec 18 13:46
This is beautiful happy New Year’s Eve Skye! I know that 2019 will have a lot in store for us. Can’t wait!
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 31 Dec 18 14:00
Happy New Year! I can't wait either!
user avatar
User #15799344 - 31 Dec 18 13:54
To a new year! “We can change the future!” -Shulk, because it seems appropriate here.
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 31 Dec 18 14:01
Yay! Haha! A wholesome XC2 quote is certainly appropriate here.
user avatar
User #15799344 - 31 Dec 18 14:04
Oh hey Skye, I actually went ahead and posted the first chapter to the new book I told you about and was hoping to get some feedback from you and anyone else. It won’t officially start releasing until 01-12, but I trust this community enough to post it here and get feedback without worrying about it getting republished or something. XD
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 31 Dec 18 17:46
Hey, yeah I saw that! Any time to dedicate to reading anything is a privilege I don't currently have. (I've got 3 half-read books on my windowsill.) but I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would be more than willing to take a look at it! Might be worth posting to the Discord as it's a more immediate route to people's attention.
user avatar
User #15799344 - 31 Dec 18 18:17
You have a valid point, thanks for the info! Hope you do get around immediately. My first book has about 11.7K reads somehow so I guess I’m doing something right😅
user avatar
User #7187849 - 31 Dec 18 14:56
Happy New Year Skye! The more I hear of your music the more I think you should be featured on Red Dead Redemption 2's soundtrack since the tone of your songs isn't too out of place with its tracks. Here's hoping your audience grows and before ya know it you'll be churning out a 5-part prog rock opera that will total 45 mins! (ok that probably might not happen but that would be insane if it did)
user avatar
skyedevastjohnbennett - 31 Dec 18 17:50
Thanks Chris! You too! A 5 part prog opera would be awesome! I've always liked the idea of writing a musical one day. Not a cheesy, toothy one, or a vanilla attempt at a rock one, but like an actually cool one, lol.
Okay! So, I've edited some of the benefits! 2018-12-17T21:36:38+00:00

Now, starting from the $3 pledge, you have access to the Discord! Your role will change if your pledge does, and I imagine the Discord and it's logistics will develop over time while we get the hang of it. I figured that was a fairer way of doing it, while still having it be worth people pledging differently from each other!

I've also added to and adjusted some of the tiers. I'm trying to work quickly! This is tough but exciting. Thank you for your patience and most importantly your SUPPORT! I promise after all of this upkeep bullshit is behind us I can actually start posting cool stuff for you to sink your teeth into.

Also, regarding the Patron-only Discord 2018-12-17T19:10:26+00:00

I'm going to try and think of a way to open it up to smaller tiers. This is all so new at the moment, I'm still working out the kinks.

If you have any ideas for what we can include/adjust in the tiers, please let me know! I need more ideas!


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