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August Update 2019-08-23T17:05:00+00:00

Hey guys! Sorry for the update so late into August, I just havent been home for most of the month, meaning I havent had that much time to draw and all. But Im getting back into it, as you can see since I posted the Sketch Tier rewards from last month.

I wanna address that too: Since I owed those sketches from last month, I didnt open the slots for the tier up this month. Hopefully next month I will be able to open the slots, but that depends on how busy the month gets.

Anyway August is probably gonna be another month with only one reward, but it will still have alternate versions (some exclusive to the higher tier) like the Banjo one.

In case you didn't see, I hinted at what my next reward will be with a Practice Sketch I posted on Twitter earlier this week:

July Sketch Tier #3 - Batter Wulph
July Sketch Tier #3 - Batter Wulphmore_vert
Post file flag
July Sketch Tier #3 - Batter Wulph 2019-08-23T17:02:01+00:00close

Here's the Sketch Tier Reward for SpaceWulph, who asked for his character with a baseball theme.

Media (1)

Wulph_Sketch.png (363.9KiB)

July Sketch Tier #2 - Tumble
July Sketch Tier #2 - Tumblemore_vert
Post file flag
July Sketch Tier #2 - Tumble 2019-08-23T17:02:00+00:00close

Here's the Sketch Tier Reward for Eugene, who asked for Tumble the Skunk feeling his chest.

Media (1)

Tumble_Sketch.png (393.8KiB)

July Sketch Tier #1 - Yunobo
July Sketch Tier #1 - Yunobomore_vert
Post file flag
July Sketch Tier #1 - Yunobo 2019-08-23T17:01:01+00:00close

Here's the Sketch Tier Reward for Matthew, who asked for a flexing Yunobo.

Media (1)

Yunobo_Sketch.png (344.8KiB)

End of Month Update 2019-07-28T16:00:04+00:00

Hey everyone! Just hopping on quickly to apologize for the lack of updates after the first few at the beginning of the month. Between travelling, spending time with family, and running other errands, I havent had much time to sit down and draw. Ill try making something quick to post before the end of the month, but the next proper reward will comer after the month rolls over.

Also to those $25 Tier patrons: I am working on your sketches, and hopefully Ill be done with them very soon. Even if the month rolls over and I'm still not done with them you will be receiving them, so you dont have to worry about it.

Update on the Image Pack Tier, + Recap 2019-07-05T20:00:02+00:00

Hey guys! Just making this post because there's still quite a few of you who are still in this tier, even though I announced I will be deleting it soon. I assume some of you might still be here because you missed the previous announcements, so here's a recap:

I will be removing the $10 Image Pack tier before the month ends. I'm doing this because I just can't keep up with putting out content for it constantly (as previously demonstrated) so I'd rather stop failing you guys and remove that extra stress for me.

I will still be doing Image Packs and I'm still dedicated to finishing the Animal Crossing Pack, there just won't be a dedicated Patreon Tier for that content, and you will also will only be able to purchase packs from my itch.io. Rewards for this tier like previews and special polls will be moved to the $5 Full Rewards Tier, and polls for choosing themes and characters will be available (as always) to all patrons.

People who pledged to the $10 Tier at any time in between the release of the Halloween Image Pack and the deletion of the tier will still receive the Animal Crossing Image Pack, I'll just be sending it to you privately, so dont worry about not getting it. You will also be getting any bonuses included.

I was planning on deleting the tier at the end of last month, but I wanted to give people enough time to get their bearings, switch to the other tiers, get caught up, etc. Judging by the fact that theres still 12 patrons on this tier, I assume I made the right call.

So now that we're done with the recap, here's the update:

I moved all the posts that involved the Image Packs to this tier. That means that basically only you guys have access to those posts, and for a reason: I'm planning to delete most of those posts along with the tier. Or maybe not! I would like your input on that. Since theyre mostly just previews for the pasts Image Packs theres no point in keeping them around, and nothing would be lost since I have them saved anyway. If you guys think differently, if they should be moved to the $5 or $1 tier, I dunno. I would like to hear y'alls opinions.

If you would like to see all the $10 Tier Posts, you can find them here. (If the link doesn't work please let me know).

And lastly, and maybe most importantly, the post with the direct download for the Halloween Image Pack will be removed. For obvious reasons that's not something I'd wanna change to a different tier, but it was there so that every newcomer to this tier immediately obtained the previous pack as a reward. If you weren't aware of the post, and would like a download it before its gone, you can find it here.

As I said, I'd like to delete this tier before the month ends. It will be removed once everyone has either switched to another tier or removed their support altogether, as long as the tier is empty. However even if there's still people in this tier by the end of the month I will still delete it altogether. I dunno what happens to the people in the tier when you do that, but if you still wanna support me I would recommend switching your pledge before then.

If you don't know what tier you wanna switch to, I recommend the $5 Tier, since its getting some of the benefits of this tier from now on (including a new preview for the Tom Nook illustration that just went up), or maybe taking one of the slots of the $25 Tier, and get yourself a sketch in the process.

Image Pack Preview - Tom Nook
Image Pack Preview - Tom Nookmore_vert
Post file flag
Image Pack Preview - Tom Nook 2019-07-05T19:01:00+00:00close

Here is a WIP of the first illustration from the upcoming Image Pack. I had a different version of this preview up for the Image Pack tier but since then I made quite a few changes so here's a NEW preview for the new $5 Tier.

Media (1)

Patreon_Preview.png (864.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4055592 - 6 Jul 19 16:25
Good angle here <3
user avatar
User #10351975 - 5 Jul 19 19:10
oh hell yeah now I'm extra excited for this pack
Banjo's Chest Play (Full Rewards)
Banjo's Chest Play (Full Rewards)more_vert
Banjo's Chest Play (Full Rewards) 2019-07-05T18:01:01+00:00close

Here's the first Reward with the new tiers put into effect! So, this being the Full Rewards tier, you guys get all versions of this picture.

I spread out all the pictures in between both versions of this post, but you can just download them all below. You can download all versions individually or through a ZIP!

Banjo's Chest Play (Small Rewards)
Banjo's Chest Play (Small Rewards)more_vert
Banjo's Chest Play (Small Rewards) 2019-07-05T18:01:01+00:00close

Here's the first Reward with the new tiers put into effect! As such, this being the $2 version, you get the 3 "tame versions" of this reward. The full version contains more chest action, including nipple play, pec play, and a pec job.

You can find downloads for all three pictures below!

Attachments (3)

Banjos Chest - 1 Clean.png (481.9KiB)
Banjos Chest - 2 Boba.png (533.8KiB)
Banjos Chest - 3 Bulging.png (495.2KiB)

NEW $25 TIER: Monthly Sketch Tier 2019-07-03T20:30:42+00:00

Hello again! Im here to announce a new special kind of tier! This is another one I've been thinking about making for a while but didn't know how to implement yet.

As you may have guessed from the title, this $25 tier gets you a one-character, uncolored, cleaned up sketch a month. With that I mean you're getting a sketch similar to my sketch commissions in quality, something like this:

Of course, this basically means you're getting a commission for me. As such, my usual commission guidelines apply for every sketch. That means NSFW is ok, no underage characters, I have the right to reject your commission if I'm uncomfortable, etc. If you want a full look at the commission guidelines, jus click here.

Since this is basically a monthly "cheaper" commission from me, this is gonna be a limited tier. That means only a set number of slots will be open for this tier monthly. That number may change depending on how "available" I am on that month.

And since the slots are limited, I would be very grateful if after the month is over and you got your sketch, you give up your slot for someone else who might want it. If by the next month the slot is still free and you still can get it, then feel free to pledge again! I'd just prefer it if there was a fair rotation of the slots among the people who can afford them, and not just having the same person taking up the same slot every month.

When the slots are taken, I will contact you privately (first through Patreon PMs but if you can provide me with a telegram or discord or twitter for DMs I would highly appreciate it), and you're gonna have to explain what you want and provide references for the character. Just like commissions, I will keep in touch and show you WIPs and everything. Since it's just a sketch you'd theres not gonna be much to be shown back and forth regarding WIPs, but I usually make more than one version of a sketch and the roughs before I'm satisfied with how it looks. And of course, your feedback is always appreciated.

This tier is pretty different from all the others. As such, Im not gonna go ahead and just put it all out there right from the get go. This first month of the tier is gonna be fairly experimental, meaning the number of slots wil be pretty limited (only 3 slots for July) , and it also means that the price for the following months might not be the same. I just wanna give this a fair test run before figuring out how I could have made things better or if the tier as a whole was a mistake at all lol.

Any feedback is appreciated! I would like this tier to be a mainstay and something you guys can enjoy, so if you have any suggestions, like maybe youd prefer it if the sketches were colored even if the price is higher, or something of the sort, feel free to let me know!

TL/DR: New tier, $25, gets you a one-character uncolored sketch, 3 slots only, all my commission guidelines apply. Feel free to update your pledge if you're interested!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10351975 - 4 Jul 19 03:40
Def interested!
To People Switching Tiers 2019-06-29T21:24:44+00:00

Hey! I forgot to mention that if you switch before the next period where they start charging you (I think July 1st) they're gonna charge you for both months.

So for example if you switched from $1 to $5 today, you'll be charged that extra $4 today, plus the $5 on Monday. So if you don't wanna pay twice I'd advice you to switch your pledge until after Monday.

Sorry if you didn't know and you switched before, if you want I can refund you that extra that you were charged (just remind me privately before the end of next week because I can't do that right now). And to compensate those who already switched, I'm gonna post that Image Pack Preview I mentioned to the $5 tier.

Tiers Updated (+ Reminder) 2019-06-29T19:00:02+00:00

The new tiers have gone in effect today! In case you missed the previous post explaining them (or simply didnt bother reading it), here's a reminder of every change:

NEW TIERS (Changes will Apply to All Rewards from July 2019 Onwards)

$5 USD - Full Rewards Tier - Get access to all the exclusive pictures in all their versions, participation in YCH events, and previews for Image Packs. Plus everything from the Small and Legacy Tiers.

$2 USD - Small Rewards Tier - Get access to a curated versions of all the exclusive pictures, and participation in polls and other ways to give your input for future rewards and image packs. Plus, everything from the Legacy Tier.


$1 USD - Legacy Tier - Get access to the full archive of rewards released before July 2019, and receive access to the newer tiers before theyre released publicly (at least a month earlier). From now on ex-exclusives will be released in lower resolution and without all the variations, and can only be found in full and higher resolution here.

$10 USD - Image Pack Tier (DECOMMISSIONED) - This tier will be removed, some of the benefits will be moved to the $5 Tier, and youll only be able to get the packs from my itch.io. If you pledged $10 between the release of the Halloween Pack and July 2019, I'll send you the Animal Crossing pack privately once it's finished.

I previously said that the $10 Tier would be deleted tomorrow, but i found out I can just unlist it, so I did that to give people more time to switch over to the newer tiers, and eventually it'll be completely removed it. That also gives me more time to move the rewards in the tier around.

And that's it! ...Or is it? I will be announcing another new tier once the month turns around. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, and it's gonna be a little experimental the first month, but hopefully it'll be something you can enjoy if you can join it.

In the meantime don't forget to switch over to the new tiers! If you wanna keep getting the new stuff of course. Also if you already changed the ammount you're pledging before I made the tiers go public I think you actually have to go and select the tiers to get the rewards. Just letting you guys know so you won't miss it.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4055592 - 6 Jul 19 16:26
Alright tier changed, looking forward to the AC image pack <3
Unpausing my Patreon, Tier Changes 2019-06-27T17:01:01+00:00

I'm back! That was a weird month, and pausing my Patreon definitively put me in a weird spot financially, but you know what I really just couldnt have made any rewards this month so this was probably still the right option.

Either way, before pausing my Patreon I said that some changes would be coming when I unpaused and well, they're finally here. There's gonna be a major restructuring of every tier. This is absolutely something that if you care about supporting me in the future you should read in detail, but if you don't really care THAT much to read the long winded explanations I'll put a TL;DR version in a couple of days (as a reminder of the changes).

Tier Changes

$5 USD - NEW TIER: Full Rewards

This is the star of the changes. This is the tier that you're gonna wanna get.

What is it? As the name suggests, it's "the complete package". It essentially means that you get the full version of each reward. With that, I mean that every reward is gonna be shown in full here. That means that every version of every reward, like clean and NSFW versions, or different versions with clothes, underwear, nude, ghost hands, no text, etc. are gonna be available to everyone on this tier.
Why the Change? In the past I have continuously overshot my plans for rewards. I start working on something that should be simple and find myself still working on it a few weeks later because I decided to add so many things to it not taking into account the time and effort that they would take past the sketch phase. By doing this, I can at least guarantee that Im fully "compensated" for the extra effort I put into them, and also letting you guys still get rewards that got a lot of effort put into them, instead of trying to make 'em too simple.

$2 USD - NEW TIER: Small Rewards

The accesible version. The "coke zero" of patreon tiers.

What is it? It's the "less-complete" version of the full tier. That means that you still get the rewards, but if there's several versions of each picture, you're not gonna get to see all of them, maybe even just the clean version. Some of the more elaborate stuff might even stay entirely exclusive to the full tier, and you only get a preview. What you get depends obviously on the reward, but I would basically be choosing which one would be the best to show. Of course, if a reward only constitutes one picture, you get that one picture, and you wouldnt be missing out on anything.
Why the Change? As mentioned in the explanation for the full tier, I sometimes "overshot" with my ideas for rewards, and it kinda felt like giving it all away for $1 was selling myself short. Of course, this means that I can still give you guys rewards without asking for a minimum of $5, all while keeping the Patreon "paywall" accesible. Don't worry, you'll still get regular rewards every month, I wouldn't cheapen out on you guys.

That's the gist of the new stuff, and all of these changes will be applied to all the future rewards from July onwards. "But wait, whats happening to the old tiers and rewards?"

$1 USD - Legacy Tier

An archiving tier. A place to revisit old frie- er... rewards.

What is it? Instead of removing the $1 tier completely, I've decided to keep it as an "archive" of sorts. Every single reward (before June 2019) for the $1 tier of the past will be available here. It will also be the place where full resolution versions of every (current and future) ex-exclusive rewards will be available. That means that when I release something publicly, it will only be available in full resolution in this tier (for example, when I made the King Dedede reward from last year available on Twitter, I had to post a much more scaled down version, and if you wanted to see it in full, you would have to pledge to this tier). From now on, it will also be the only place to get every version of multiple-picture ex-exclusives (for example, that 18-picture reward featuring Yoshi, when made public, will only be available in full here).
Why a Legacy Tier? Put simply, I didnt wanna completely alienate people who can only pledge $1. I understand that $2, let alone $5, is sometimes out of some people's "patreon budget", so I wanted to give those people something. It might not be new rewards, but hey, if you wana get the new stuff, it is only $1 more. Besides, I like keeping Patreon as an easily accessible archive of all the stuff I've made for Patreons, and bumping old rewards to one of the new tiers just didn't feel right.

And that's whats happening to the old stuff. "But wait, aren't you forgetting something?"

$10 USD - REMOVED TIER - Image Pack Tier

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. But we must move on to better solutions.

What was it? It was a tier for everything Image-Pack-related. You know, those things I totally couldn't keep up with making on a regular basis, which meant this tier was kind of a complete failure. I mean not the tier itself, but me. Im the failure.
Why remove it? Well like I said, I just can't keep up. And that's unfair to you guys. And that was a big source of stress for me. Every stress period I had about Patreon basically boiled down to "oh god I have a $10 tier that people are pledging to and I just can't keep up with it". So, it's just better gone.
Does that mean Image Packs are going away too? No, Im still gonna be working on those. I'm definitively commited to finishing the Animal Crossing one, at the very least. The big difference now is that if you wanna get the pack, you're gonna have to get it directly from my itch.io page, instead of Patreon.
I pledged to get the AC Pack, does this mean I'm not going to get it? It would be kinda extremely shitty of me to suddenly be like "jk guys youget nothing lol" so everyone who pledged to the $10 Tier in between the release of the Halloween Pack and the deletion of this tier will still receive the pack, I'll just be sending it to you privately.
What happens to all the Image Pack content? All the pre-production parts of the packs will be staying on Patreon, such as the polls to decide the themes and characters and all that. Previews for the illustrations will also be moving to the Full Tier, because you know, complete package and all that. That includes the WIP for the Tom Nook illustration I posted earlier this month.
Anything else we should know? Yes actually, I believe if you're currently pledging to this tier you can download the Halloween Pack from Patreon. That will of course be going away, so I'm giving you a few days notice to download it if you're pledging and you haven't. Tier will be deleted on June 30th 12PM CDT.

And that's it! I've been thinking about making these changes for a while now, and what better time to implement them than after coming back from a hiatus, just like a new season of a show coming back after a few months of showing reruns. The new tiers will be added on the 30th at the latest, and I will be sending out a reminder so that you guys remember to either update your pledge or even delete it if you aren't down with the changes.

Please, let me know what you all think, even if you think things should stay the same and you don't like this, that's fine. I'm just always interested in hearing what you guys think.

And, to show you guys what's coming up next (and to maybe nudge you guys to consider the new tiers, wink wink), here's a preview of the new reward coming up in July.

Of course to show off the new tiers, this is a multiple-picture reward that will be available in full in the Full Rewards Tier, while the Small Rewards Tier gets, well, a smaller version.

If you read everything up to this point thank you so much! See you again in a few days!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10351975 - 27 Jun 19 18:35
Bruh your work has been worth more that $5 a month since day 1! Definitely switching to that one.
user avatar
User #3112571 - 27 Jun 19 17:11
Good luck with the revised Patreon plans. I will stay in 1 dollar tier for now.
AC Image Pack: Tom Nook WIP + Poll 2019-06-05T17:01:01+00:00

Whoa I can still make posts while paused, awesome. So as I said I would continue working on the Image Pack, and here's a preview of the Tom Nook pic. I already had a sketch for this made weeks ago but I did not like how it came out so I remade it into the sketches on the left last night. However I also wanted to see how it would look with a different pose (sketches on the right) which I made this mordning.

I'm turning this into a poll but not because I'm necessarily going to consider the decision final. I'm already leaning more towards the version on the left, but I wanna see what you guys think, and also I'm using this as a way to keep you guys updated. If anything, I might just incorporate "elements" of the loser into the winner.

Also it's kinda obvious but the arms on both are just extremely rough, I just wanted to show a vague idea of what they would be before I spent 2 hours frustratingly sketching them.

Also yes, both the hard and flaccid versions of the final picture would be inclded in the Image Pack.

Patreon PAUSED for June
Patreon PAUSED for Junemore_vert
Post file flag
Patreon PAUSED for June 2019-05-30T23:01:32+00:00close

Hello! I said I had something to announce, and this is it: I'm pausing my Patreon for the next month! What does that mean? It means that I won't be uploading anything, and you don't have pay anything! Effectively, it just means a break for both me and you.

Why am I doing this? June is gonna be a little complicated for me to assure any uploads, and Id rather make it so that you guys arent paying for nothing than stress out about having to put something out and make things even more complicated for me.

Another reason why I'm doing this is because I haven't been able to make much progress with my current Image Pack, at least not enough to show, so I wanna take this break from regular uploads as a means to give myself time to work more on it so I can get it released in either July or August. That means that while I won't be drawing for Patreon, that doesn't mean I won't still be drawing. I might also put out some commissions I have pending or regular doodles and practice sketches, so be sure to check out my Twitter for those.

This pause is only planned for the month of June right now. There's a big chance that I might also pause it for July, but I'll let you guys know before hand. Also, when the Patreon is unpaused, some minor tier changes are coming. But that'll be later, for now, you don't have to worry about it, just enjoy some of that extra pocket money from not paying for June.

Like I said, I'm mostly doing this so that you guys don't have to pay for me to not put out rewards. However, if you still wanna support me during this month, there's always my Ko-Fi, if you feel like making a donation.

Lastly, the pause is actually coming in effect tomorrow (May 31st)! This is the first time I've done this and the Patreon FAQ wasn't exactly clear on this, but I think you can't pledge while a Patreon is paused, so I was worried that if there were any folks who wanted to see the new Rocket reward and were waiting for the next month, they would miss out on it. So I'm announcing it early so that if anyone wants to pledge to see it, they can still do it today. Also because I dont know if it also locks you guys out, and so I'm giving you guys time to, I dunno, download anything you havent downloaded or something.

Thanks for reading so far if you did! And if anyone misses this, I think Patreon sends you an email when someone you pledged to pauses. Remember, I'm pausing on May 31st at around 12pm CDT! That's 18 hours from now!

Rocket Raccoon's Space Adventures
Rocket Raccoon's Space Adventuresmore_vert
Rocket Raccoon's Space Adventures 2019-05-28T23:00:01+00:00close

When not on the job, Rocket likes to wander the galaxy to have as many adventures as possible.

Sorry for the lateness of this reward! I know we're almost in June, but I wanted to get this out before the end of the month. I also tried something different for this, so I hope it's to your liking!.

Small announcement: Some changes are gonna be coming to my Patreon, but I'm gonna let you guys enjoy this thing before I tell you all about them.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #11559483 - 28 May 19 23:31
when can we expect to know more about these changes?
user avatar
wolfbuns - 28 May 19 23:38
Friday at the latest!
user avatar
User #5198536 - 28 May 19 23:57
Hey, both downloads don't have the text.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 28 May 19 23:57
Whoops, I'll change it when I get home! Thanks for letting me know
user avatar
wolfbuns - 29 May 19 03:01
Actually the files are correct, are you sure you didn't download the same file twice?
user avatar
User #5198536 - 29 May 19 03:11
Somehow, I did. Must've misclicked. Sorry!
user avatar
User #511454 - 29 May 19 06:28
I’ll admit that this is your best work! I’d be more than willing to eat for material like this this!
user avatar
User #10351975 - 28 May 19 23:03
Yo is that my boy THANOS??
user avatar
wolfbuns - 28 May 19 23:38
I mean I can't really convincingly say no or yes, cause it's just a big purple disembodied penis and you can think that's Thanos' dick if you want, but personally no I didn't intend it to be Thanos, I just wanted to color that dick purple cause it was a nice color lol
Richard Watterson
Richard Wattersonmore_vert
Richard Watterson 2019-04-26T18:01:01+00:00close

It's still easter month so it's still in good spirit to post fat bunnies right?

Attachments (2)

Richard Donut.png (1.8MiB)
Richard No Donut.png (1.8MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4055592 - 26 Apr 19 18:10
Perfect blend of chub and feets, nicely done~
He's Made the Bed, Now Lie in It
He's Made the Bed, Now Lie in Itmore_vert
He's Made the Bed, Now Lie in It 2019-04-23T16:01:01+00:00close

A reward I wanted to get out before easter but when I'm visiting my family (for spring break) my time to draw is severely limited, so I couldnt finish it until now, hope you enjoy it!

There's also a version where he's covered with bed sheets, so its a little more tasteful in case you wanted to use it as like a wallpaper or something I dunno.

Bailed Out 2019-03-25T18:02:00+00:00

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the reward that just went up. It's a little more simple than usual, but there's a good reason for that:

I bailed out on the reward I was working on! I dont know how many of you follow me on Twitter but you might have noticed that I have been talking about how its been stressing me out how long the picture I was working on was taking me. As always when I'm late with a reward, I got a little too ambitious with a drawing, and this one was taking too long. So since I knew I wouldnt be able to finish it before the end of the month, I chose to make a new reward, one that I could finish relatively quickly, and Ive been wanting to draw Roy for a while.

I will get back on working on that picture though! I just know I wont be able to finish it this week because I'll be too busy, but it will definitively be like, the "main" reward in April, and then I might be able to make another reward (hopefully way less ambitious) then.

Also Image Pack tier: I will try to get the preview for the 1st picture of the pack out before the end of the week. Sorry progress on that has been slow but life and stuff.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #13013260 - 25 Mar 19 18:03
Don’t worry man, you’re comfort is most important in this.
It's Rude to Stare
It's Rude to Staremore_vert
It's Rude to Stare 2019-03-25T18:01:00+00:00close

Seems like Roy has issued you a a challenge, do you really think you're up for it?

You can find a Text-less version below!

Attachments (2)

Roy Koopa Patreon.png (1.0MiB)
Roy Koopa (No Text).png (832.5KiB)

Help a Brother Out
Help a Brother Outmore_vert
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Help a Brother Out 2019-03-04T22:30:27+00:00close

The next Patreon reward is taking me longer than anticipated (I have once again gone way overboard with a drawing) but I'm hoping I can get it out this week! In the mean time, have a Goron Lizk that you might have missed if you don't follow me elsewhere.

Addressing the Hiatus, Refunds, and More art. 2019-02-14T14:30:01+00:00

The Hiatus

I'd just like to apologize to everyone for my radio silence on Patreon these last couple of months. I mentioned back in November that that month is particularly tough for me to get stuff done, but that also kind of applies to December... and this particular year it also
somewhat applied to January. I also get really bad anxiety, so the more time passed without me having anything to post the more, um, scared i was to check patreon at all, which is why I didn't even make a post saying explaining myself before.

And then the anxiety also seeped into my art, so even when I did have time to draw during January I just super didnt have it in me at all. It took a lot of effort to finally start drawing again, and I'm a little more confident in being able to post semi-regularly again. Not quite there yet though, but I do have something to post later today.


So since I didn't post anything during December or January, it only made sense to me to refund those months to folks. Which is why most of you probably got an email today about getting refunded? Not quite sure how that really works, but you should probably see the refund in your accounts either already or in a few days. If I missed you, please let me know!

I only refunded active members because I feel like people who already removed their pledge already like, took their money? I fully understand folks who decided to do it though.

That's not the only reason though, but also like uuuhhhh... I think refunds dont take into consideration the Patreon tax and Patreon makes you pay it all off your pocket? Cause even though I only refunded December and January, I had the money for those months AND February on my payout, but after refunding only the first 2 months I was left with literally only $20 dollars. So... I did consider refunding non-active Patrons but I literally can't afford it lol. This whole situation kind of left me in the red but it was my cross to bear lol.

More Art

Anyway, like I said I'll be posting more. The next Patreon reward is already scheduled to be posted a little later today, and I will resume work on the AC Image pack as soon as I can.

I also wanted to point you guys towards the other sites where I post my art. I recently made an art-only Twitter account (@WolfbunsArt) where I have already posted some of the art I tried doing when I was trying to get back into the art groove, plus some Patreon ex-exclusives and where I also retweeted some old art from my regular account (@lizkbuns).

I haven't been great at posting old and new art to my other galleries like FurAffinity or my Tumblr, mostly because I wanted to at least update on Patreon before updating those accounts, but I will be posting stuff on those sites throughout the rest of the day.

I will also have the Patron-only Discord done before the end of the month. I'll probably be asking for feedback on that later, but for now know that it is something that will happen.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading so far if you did!

And again, apologies for, you know, *gestures in every direction*.

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User #2213625 - 14 Feb 19 17:25
Thank you very much for being upfront with us, and also for the refund, I really appreciate that ^^ your honesty and eagerness to do right by your subscribers is one of the reasons I support you in the first place!
user avatar
User #3384662 - 14 Feb 19 14:40
? thank you for the apology! I didn't mind, but I'm a low paying patron. Hopefully others will be fine too!
user avatar
User #5217509 - 14 Feb 19 14:44
Actually I was a little worried. Your art is really great and even I understand that we need time, so I hope everything goes well and don’t stress yourself just take easy
user avatar
User #13013260 - 14 Feb 19 14:31
We’re not mad, atleast I’m not. Take your time and don’t stress yourself.
Valentine's Diggersby
Valentine's Diggersbymore_vert
Valentine's Diggersby 2019-02-14T15:01:00+00:00close

I posted a WIP for this picture back in November, but I didn't really have time to finish it until this month. The new timely valentine's date didnt really influence the pose or the colors or anything like that, but it did influence the hearts on the background haha.

As always you can find alternate versions below with less butthole showing, without the hands, and one without nipples if that's your thing!

Diggersby WIP Preview
Diggersby WIP Previewmore_vert
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Diggersby WIP Preview 2018-11-27T18:00:03+00:00close

Hey just wanted to show a preview for the next reward I'm working on just so you guys don't think I'm lying when I said I wanted to post something before the end of the month lmao.

I usually don't show this much on a preview but you know what I know how my life usually unfolds, and I KNOW something can still happen that prevents me from finishing this in time so I wanna show more before I finish it. Alternatively, I might finish this quickly so there's no need to be so secretive haha.

Comments (2)
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User #13013260 - 28 Nov 18 05:14
I saw the tweet and thought I had to reestablish my patronage.
user avatar
User #13013260 - 28 Nov 18 09:00
Still very excited to see it done. There’s not enough Diggersby stuff
Animal Crossing Image Pack WINNERS 2018-11-23T16:01:00+00:00

The results are in! Now I remember that I mentioned someone was getting a free pass, so all the other places had to be moved down to accomodate for them:

WINNERS (Characters that WILL be featured in the pack.)

  • 1. Tom Nook
  • 2. Apollo
  • 3. Kyle
  • 4. K.K
  • 5. Alfonso
  • 6. Mr. Resetti

LOSERS (Characters that will not be featured in THIS pack.)

  • 7. Booker & Copper
  • 8. Curt
  • 9. Kicks
  • 10. Coach
  • 11. Cyrus
  • 12. Rolf
  • 13. Shep
  • 14. Roscoe
  • 15. Biff
  • 16. Beau
  • 17. Walt
  • 18. Punchy
  • 19. Bud
  • 20. Brewster
  • 21. Kapp'n

So as you can see there's a couple things different from previous Image Packs:

First of all, there's 6 winners instead of 5. Like I said, to acommodate Tom Nook the other winners had to be moved down one place, but I'm still gonna do the 5 winners. I'm confident that this will not increase significantly the ammount of time I have to put on this Image Pack because i've drawn Tom like 500 times before so I know how to draw him haha.

Second of all, none of the losers will be featured in this pack. In the previous packs, bonus characters would be selected from the losers of the poll (In the summer one, it was the runner ups, and in the halloween one, it was the winners of a second poll i made a year later, oops), but I decided to go against that and choose the bonus characters before hand. They're only two, unless I think of a good third addition, but I wanna keep them a surprise until later.

However, I do hope you noticed the wording. They won't be featured in THIS pack, because I plan on doing at least one more Animal Crossing pack in the future. This is because I was legit disappointed that so many good characters ended up losing (there were a lot of good characters in this poll) and I wanna give them a second chance, by making another poll and substituting the winners of the first pack with new characters and all that. But that won't be anytime soon, because a) I gotta finish this pack first b) I dont wanna do them back to back, and I think the next pack will be the Winter-themed one.

Either way, thank you so much for voting and suggesting characters! I'll get started working on it literally as soon as I can, which is either very soon or maybe never (but probably very soon). Remember that $10 Patrons get exclusive access to WIPs and Previews of the illustrations as I work on them, so they'll be the first to know about the status of the pack!

Comments (1)
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User #13471856 - 24 Nov 18 01:10
That's pretty cool results <3
Last Day to Vote 2018-11-22T05:59:59+00:00

Hey guys! The poll is almost over, and it's kinda clear who's probably going to win, but who knows?, things could still turn around for some of the characters at the bottom.

I mostly wanted to make this post to remind those who might have missed the post or got a notification and forgot to vote, but also because: I noticed a lot of people voted only once? Like for only one character? And it makes sense if that's what you wanted to do, to vote for only one character, but I just wanted to make sure to tell you all that you could vote for more than one character (I think it lets you vote up to 10 times?), just in case you thought you couldn't. So if you indeed thought you could only vote for one you can still go back and vote for as many characters as you want (again, up to 10 I think).

Edit: Oh yeah, here's a link to the poll in case you haven't even seen the post.

Also sorry for the lack of updates! Like I said, November is super busy for me, but hopefully I can have a picture done before the end of next week.

AC Image Pack Character Poll Selection Explanation
AC Image Pack Character Poll Selection Explanationmore_vert
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AC Image Pack Character Poll Selection Explanation 2018-11-16T18:01:03+00:00close

Hello! Here's a quick rundown on how the characters were chosen, not because I feel like I need to explain myself, but because maybe someone might find this interesting. I was gonna include this in the poll post but it was too much rambling so I decided to make it a separate post.

You guys gave me a lot of good suggestions, so to trim it down to just 20 characters, I had to cut a lot of chracters based on one rule: one character per species. So for example a lot of eagles had to be cut down because basically everyone suggested at least one eagle. To choose which character would rule over their species, I chose based on:

  • Characters that several people suggested.
  • Characters that would be easier to come up with ideas for.
  • Characters with interesting designs.
  • Characters I personally really like.
  • Some Twitter polls for when I really couldn't choose (if you follow me on Twitter you know what I'm talking about).

I had to make some compromises, for example one of the last ones I picked was Coach, because there were 3 different bulls suggested, so choosing one of them instead of a character from a species with only one suggestion (Hamsters, Birds Elephants, etc.) felt like a good compromise. Or how I went with Bud instead of Mott for lions, because even though I love Mott, Bud seems like it would be more interesting to draw.

I also tried to make it so that everyone had at least one of their suggestions picked, but based on the one character per species rule that became a little impossible so, sorry guys...

Also originally the selection was going to be 10 NPCs and 10 Villagers, but since there were so many good selection for the villagers I chose to cut out some NPCs (sorry, Blathers and Digby). Also, giving Booker and Copper different slots didn't feel right.

One last thing: Unlike the other Image Packs, where the bonus illustrations featured select "losers" that didn't make the cut in the poll, I have already chosen the characters that will be featured in the bonuses. This is not only because these characters not only really stood out from the rest, but they shared something in common and I really wanted to include them no matter what.

Either way, this was just the selection for the poll, you still gotta vote for the characters that will make the cut. So if you haven't, please go vote on the Poll post!

It's time to vote for your favorite Animal Crossing characters!

Every vote counts, and you can vote for all the characters you want. You have one week to vote! Poll ends November 23rd, and I will be announcing the winners that same day.

If you wanna know more about the selection of these characters, please check this post where I explained the process!

Animal Crossing Image Pack Character Suggestion Thread 2018-11-13T21:01:00+00:00

Animal Crossing won over Undertale with just one vote! So now it's time to pick the characters that will be featured in the pack.

As always, I'm gonna pick 20 characters from all the suggestions based on my own personal and artistic preferences, and afterwards I'm gonna make a poll where patrons can vote for the characters that will appear in the pack, with a minimum of the top 5 winners making the cut.

A Few Guidelines (Please Read Before Commenting):

  • A little obvious, but only characters from the Animal Crossing series.
  • You can suggest more than one character.
  • Try not to choose a character that someone else already mentioned. If you wanna give extra "support" to that character, try liking the other person's comment instead!
  • Please suggest Villagers. By that I mean characters like Apollo or Bob that are the neighbors in the series, and not characters like Tom Nook or Copper that are more known as "NPCs". I will put NPCs in the poll, so you still gotta choose them, but I want more diverse suggestions, not just everyone suggesting Booker or something. You can suggest NPCs so that I know which ones y'all really wanna see, but please also suggest regular villagers, not just the NPC.
  • Also I'm obviously going to put Tom Nook in the pack, like, come on, he gets a free pass.
  • You guys know what I like and what kind of characters I usually draw, so suggest accordingly. Even if it's a character I don't know much about I could still choose them if I like their design enough.
  • Suggestions from $10+ backers will have a slight preference/advantage in my selection.

Please post your suggestions below! A lot of the time on posts where I ask for feedback many of you don't actually take part in it, so it kinda complicates gauging what everyone's preferences are. I mean, with the last poll only 35/84 Patrons actually voted. So please make an effort to suggest at least one character, that way we can all make a better pack!

(EDIT) Since I got so many good suggestions and I'm almost done with the selection, today (Thursday 14/11) will be the last day to suggest characters! And also because it seems like most people have suggested already. The poll with the chosen characters will go up tomorrow (Friday 15/11) and will run throughout a whole week.

Comments (24)
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User #13013260 - 13 Nov 18 21:09
Definitely Roscoe, he looks like the horniest one. Or Elmer, you could use his cum for a glue pun. :B
user avatar
User #11910984 - 14 Nov 18 06:13
Louie or Peewee!
user avatar
User #744723 - 13 Nov 18 23:08
Apollo and most other birds have already been mentioned, but Sterling also deserves some love!
user avatar
User #14331823 - 14 Nov 18 22:12
Bud, Jacques, Lobo, Shep, Mott
user avatar
User #4831963 - 15 Nov 18 21:01
You should draw Kevin (the pig (like Kevin Bacon)). He's really cute and chubby looking but never gets any love
user avatar
User #2582232 - 13 Nov 18 21:29
I'd like to see Pierce, Kyle, and Frank!
user avatar
User #10291791 - 15 Nov 18 19:30
Kicks and Wolfgang
user avatar
User #2592896 - 15 Nov 18 19:49
Angus, Avery, bob :3
user avatar
User #7973052 - 13 Nov 18 23:20
T o m n o o k
user avatar
User #196945 - 13 Nov 18 21:24
Kicks, kicks and kicks!
user avatar
wolfbuns - 13 Nov 18 21:31
Any villagers though? I said in the guidelines to not suggest only NPCs haha
user avatar
User #196945 - 13 Nov 18 21:50
Alfonso and Beau! :D
user avatar
User #429217 - 14 Nov 18 08:24
Ganon, Curt, Buck, Limberg, Tucker, Alphonso, Rowan, Avery
user avatar
User #13445915 - 13 Nov 18 21:02
Well, I mean, you gotta have Apollo, am I right? Big Borb is best!
user avatar
User #10086351 - 13 Nov 18 21:24
Biff, Butch, Kicks, Curt, Lucky, Tank, and Teddy are my faves. Obviously don't even consider doing all but for you to look at and consider.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 13 Nov 18 21:30
I actually prefer that, I prefer having you guys suggesting a lot of characters so that I have a lot more to consider haha.
user avatar
User #4055592 - 13 Nov 18 21:28
Walt for sure~
user avatar
User #693213 - 13 Nov 18 21:19
K.K. Slider, Butch, Lucky. Curt, Rolf, Teddy, Shep, Wolfgang
user avatar
User #970882 - 13 Nov 18 21:02
Grizzly and Big Top are my biggest favorites
user avatar
User #11559483 - 13 Nov 18 22:40
Butch, Shep, Punchy, Rowan, Coach, Beau, Hamphrey and of course Lopez! Maybe the pig Ganon from welcome amiibo? Also Digby!
user avatar
User #89437 - 14 Nov 18 03:31
Maybe Sven, Drago, and Beau!
user avatar
User #10351975 - 13 Nov 18 22:32
Blathers and Brewster
user avatar
User #13013260 - 13 Nov 18 21:01
You should try a horse character? I’d love to see you draw a horsecock
user avatar
wolfbuns - 13 Nov 18 21:06
Well there's several horses, any one in particular you'd wanna see?
NEXT Image Pack Tie Breaker Poll 2018-11-12T20:00:14+00:00

Hello, I made a poll for my Image Pack tier to choose what my next pack's theme should be, and among four options, 2 ended on a tie. The options that tied were:

  • An Animal Crossing Pack (Characters chosen by Patreons)
  • An Undertale Pack (Characters chosen by Me)

To break the tie, I'm opening up the poll to all patrons. Voting ends in 24 hours!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #970882 - 13 Nov 18 02:28
Undertale pack, pleeaaase
The NEXT Image Pack (POLL) 2018-11-09T17:00:03+00:00

Hello! I'm speaking to you from the past with a scheduled post! I'm writing this before the release of the Halloween pack so I hope nothing horrible has happened that somehow fucked up the release. Did y'all get it? Did you like it? I hope you don't mind I made 54 different versions of the Slippy illustration!

Anyhow, there's no time to rest, I'm like a shark that needs to keep moving, except I need to be thinking constantly about new art projects. Like I said before, development for the next pack would start immediately after the release of the Halloween Pack,

And that starts with selecting the theme and structure for the next pack. I have come up with 4 ideas that I need you to make a vote on so we can get started.

  • A Winter-themed Pack (Characters chosen by Patreons): Keeping with the theme of the seasonal packs I made previously, the first option follows the same structure: Characters chosen by Patrons having some winter fun. I actually feel better about this theme than the other seasons because there's way more you can do with winter than with summer or fall (or even halloween).
  • An Animal Crossing Pack (Characters chosen by Patreons): I haven't drawn Animal Crossing characters in a while because I drew them too much last year, so I came up with this compromise. I'll have you suggest and vote on both NPCs and Villagers.
  • A Goron Pack (Characters chosen by Me): Here's where things get different. I will choose the characters for this pack myself, though I may let Patrons pick one or two of the slots. Since Gorons are all kinda similar I'm more confident in being able to finish this pack sooner (1-2 months at best) because I don't have to learn how to draw different characters.
  • An Undertale Pack (Characters chosen by Me): Again, I will be choosing the characters, but it won't be done as soon as the Goron one could be done because of how different all the characters are. Maybe it could include Deltarune characters? We'll see!

So there you go, what do you think? Which one is your favorite? Do you have better ideas? Do you perhaps not like any of those ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Also! I wanted to make this poll exclusive to the $10 Tier, but there's not many of you, and a good chunk of you don't actually participate in the polls or suggestions and all that, so I dunno just how much feedback I can get here. If you want I can remake this poll and make it available for all Patrons (and make your answers worth DOUBLE POINTS) but I leave that up to you. For now it's gonna stay exclusive to this tier.

I'm gonna be out all weekend so voting ends on Sunday!


The Halloween Image Pack is out now! Thank you all so much for your support!

You can download the base pack (with no bonuses) here. The version with bonuses will be sent privately to everyone who was part of the Image Pack tier at the time of the release.

This post will be available until the release of the next Image Pack, so everyone who pledges to the Image Pack tier during development of the next one can get the "current" pack here.

If you wanna purchase the version with bonuses, you can find it here.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10086351 - 9 Nov 18 06:13
Thanks for the hard work! It looks so good!
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LAST DAY TO PREORDER THE IMAGE PACK! 2018-11-08T22:00:36+00:00close
Well, more like last 8 hours. The pack is releasing tonight at 12:00 AM CST. If you preordered it, you will receive an email with the download for the Image Pack + Bonuses. If you’re part of the $10 Patreon tier, you will also receive a message with a download link that includes the bonuses.

After the release, the pack will be available for purchase on wolfbuns.itch.io with or without bonuses, though the version with the bonuses will cost $15. That will be the only way to get the version with the bonuses after the release.

Also after release, the pack (without bonuses) will be available for all $10 Patreons from that point until the release of the next pack, just like the Summer Image Pack. That means that if you pledge at any point in between tomorrow and the release of the next one, you don’t have to purchase this pack elsewhere.

That also means that I will delete the download post for the Summer Image Pack from Patreon, so if you are a $10 Patreon and you hadn’t realized that you could get it from there, you have 8 hours left to download it. Update: It's gone now.

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the pack as well as those who pledged to my Patreon! I hope you enjoy the pack as much as I enjoyed making it!

One Last Addition to the Image Pack? (Poll) 2018-11-06T22:00:20+00:00

Hey guys one last poll/update on this Image Pack. Now that I'm done working on the Bonus illustrations I still have (some) free time until the release of the Pack, and I wanted to put that free time into either another bonus illustration OR puttin more effort into the 2 I made.

What I meant with "more effort" is that both illustrations, like with the last pack, are not shaded and have a very simple background, so I would use that free time FOR shading and making a background, basically making them the same quality as the regular illustrations.

So which one would you prefer? One more picture, or for the pictures you're getting to be "better". Or should I just, don't do anything and call this Image Pack done and move onto other projects lol.

Last 3 Days to Preorder my Halloween Image Pack!
Last 3 Days to Preorder my Halloween Image Pack!more_vert
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Last 3 Days to Preorder my Halloween Image Pack! 2018-11-06T21:06:02+00:00close

If you preorder it, or if you’re part of the $10 Patreon tier, you will receive 2 bonus illustrations featuring Rotor the Walrus and Kumatetsu.

More info on the Image Pack here: https://wolfbuns.itch.io/halloween2018

November Update + Poll 2018-11-04T20:02:09+00:00

Hey guys! Just a quick rundown for November:
As I mentioned in my previous post the first week of November my free time was mostly out of my hands and unfortunately that's kind of what my Novembers are always like. It's the last month of classes, it's finals time, I have to travel a lot during the month, lots of family outings, etc. I think last year during November I either completely skipped that month or posted just one picture, so instead of that happening without notice I wanted to let you know before hand.

I'm not saying I won't post anything, and I will try to get at least one picture done before the end of the month, but don't expect more than one full body illustration. Or maybe you can expect more but they're gonna have relatively simplified (unlike the last reward that was 18 different Yoshi pictures).
I also have two very good ideas for rewards but they both involve 2 characters so I can't even do those until I have more free time (like during December) so those are gonna have to wait. I also know I owe you guys some Dribble & Spitz, and that's one of them.

But yeah, I wanted to let you guys decide what I should draw next! I don't wanna commit to any one character though, so I'd rather have you guys choose from a franchise. No end date to the poll within this month either, cause who knows when I'll be able to start working on it, so I can just choose from whoever is the winner at the time that I start working on it.

I will be deciding which character though, so vote wisely!

$10 Tier Patrons: If you're thinking "Hey I just signed up this month for the Image Pack and you're telling me you're not gonna be working much? I feel ripped off!": as soon as the Halloween Pack is released, I'm gonna start the pre-production of the next pack: choosing the theme for the pack, the characters, etc., and I'm gonna get started on the illustrations too. You will at least get to see the preview for the first picture of the next Image Pack this month.

Halloween Image Pack - Delayed to Nov/9
Halloween Image Pack - Delayed to Nov/9more_vert
Post file flag
Halloween Image Pack - Delayed to Nov/9 2018-11-04T14:00:47+00:00close

Hey guys! I have to apologize but I had to delay the release of the pack until next week. I super underestimated how busy I would be this week so I in between traveling and some health issues/doctor's appointments I didn't have time to finish the preorder bonuses.

I wanted to show off previous for the bonuses before the release like last time but unfortunately I didn't even have time to finish one of them until last night cause I've been so busy. I also didn't really have time to plug the pack enough, so I wanna give people who might have missed the announcement time to preorder and all that.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone! I swear this will be the final delay for this pack, and at least I can have some extra time to either make the preorder bonuses even better or make one more illustration than I had anticipated.

More info on the Image Pack here: https://wolfbuns.itch.io/halloween2018

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 17 Dec 18 03:17
Ok =)
user avatar
User #3112571 - 4 Nov 18 17:55
Can I still update my pledge tier between now and then and get the image pack?
user avatar
wolfbuns - 4 Nov 18 20:04
Yeah! The preorder period is still active. As long as you're on the $10 tier at the moment of it's release, you will receive the pack with the bonuses. Or if you prefer, you can just preorder it from itch.io and it will still include the bonuses too.
Rawk Hawk YCH - Background Only
Rawk Hawk YCH - Background Onlymore_vert
Rawk Hawk YCH - Background Only 2018-10-28T20:01:00+00:00close

Someone suggested on the Finished YCH post that I show off the Background and I actually was going to do that but I forgot haha. Anyway here's the background with nothing on the way blocking it! I also changed around some layers so that it would be easier to look.

Attachments (1)

Rawk Hawk - Background Only.png (5.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3384662 - 28 Oct 18 20:34
Thanks for posting it!
user avatar
User #11559483 - 28 Oct 18 20:04
I love this background so much haha thanks for posting it Lizk. Now tag yourself, because I’m literally all the goombas.
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This Image Pack is finally finished, and will be releasng just a few days after Halloween. The illustrations included feature:

  1. Big the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  2. Gengar (Pokémon)
  3. Sonic the Werehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  4. Charizard (Pokémon)
  5. Slippy Toad (Star Fox)

+ Bonus Illustrations for preorders and $10 Patreon backers.

More info on the Image Pack here: https://wolfbuns.itch.io/halloween2018

You can preorder the pack for $10 USD on itch.io, or you can get it as part of the $10 Patreon tier! The pack will be released on November 4th at the same time for both methods.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #13308929 - 16 Nov 18 09:41
This file isn't supported my phone or tablet?
user avatar
User #3112571 - 28 Oct 18 20:06
I hope this is the beginning of a lot of great image packs. :3
user avatar
User #17605773 - 26 Feb 19 03:31
Ok ?
user avatar
User #13308929 - 16 Nov 18 09:41 - revision 2
This file isn't supported my phone or tablet?
Image Pack Release + Bonus Poll 2018-10-27T22:00:22+00:00

I'm super excited to finally type these words: The Image Pack I've been working in for a while is gonna be released next week. I'll probably be posting some information on it tomorrow, including exact dates, when its releasing, price and all that.

Remember how I couldnt figure out if I should keep the halloween theme for this pack because it got delayed so bad that it wasnt halloween time anymore? Well...

I'm going back and fixing some stuff on some of the older illustrations but it's pretty much finished. Except for something: The Bonus Illustrations.

In case you don't know the Image Pack includes 5 illustrations focusing on a different character, and the bonus illustrations are some extra illustrations that are more simple (less detailed background, minimal shading, etc.) that I include for the people who preorder the pack, for the $10 backers, and for an extra price if you purchase the pack after the preorder period. I dont know how many bonus illustrations I'm going to do, probably just 2, maybe even more if I have the time.

For this Image Pack I made a poll about a year ago, in which 5 characters were picked for the illustrations, and 15 were not chosen. Just like with my previous pack, I wanted to pick from the losers some characters to do the bonus illustrations, but I can't really choose.

It's been like a year though, and in that time I have gained (and lost) a bunch of Patrons with different likes and interests, so I thought I could do a new runner-up poll to see which ones you would like to see be included in the pack.

The runner ups (in order of position in the previous poll from #7-#20) are:

I removed #6 because it had more than one character and I probably don't have time to do them all together, and I dont wanna separate them.

Anyway please vote below for your favorites! Voting ends in 24 hours.

Also a reminder that this poll is open to all Patrons but the Image Pack itself is only available for the $10 USD backers and and for purchase from my itch.io.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3112571 - 27 Oct 18 23:07
I'm excited for the image pack.
Image Pack - Slippy Toad WIP
Image Pack - Slippy Toad WIPmore_vert
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Image Pack - Slippy Toad WIP 2018-10-26T23:00:02+00:00close

I am currently working on the Slippy pic, which is the last of the Image Pack illustrations, and I am super determined to get it finished really soon. But in the meantime, here's a Preview of how the sketch is coming out, which I hope you enjoy!

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User #970882 - 27 Oct 18 01:32
Saving the best for last and all, amirite?
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User #13013260 - 26 Oct 18 23:00
Ooooooooooooooo!!~ Lizk keeps bringing goodness to this site!!
Rawk Hawk VS The Red Avenger
Rawk Hawk VS The Red Avengermore_vert
Rawk Hawk VS The Red Avenger 2018-10-26T18:01:01+00:00close

Here is the finished Rawk Hawk YCH Commission for Matthew Allen! With his character The Red Avenger taking a pounding from the Feral Nuclear Reactor.

You can find a few alt versions below, including some Patreon-exclusive versions featuring a solo Rawk Hawk showing off for the fans.

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User #3384662 - 26 Oct 18 18:37
Well, I don't have a problem with losing that YCH, the Red Avenger's pretty cool looking! I might go overboard with this, but the background progress you had put on your twitter was really good looking... If it's not too much trouble, cooould we get a pic of it? Hope I'm not asking for too much, great work anyways!
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User #4257320 - 27 Oct 18 00:41
Shame I couldn't run for the YCH, but it was gonna be amazing either way. Great job, man!
Last 12 Hours of the Rawk Hawk YCH Auction 2018-10-20T11:00:01+00:00

Hello! Just a reminder for those who have bid or have been waiting to bid until the last minute.

The auction ends today at 6:00pm CST (12 hours from now), so if you're still interested in placing a bid, you only have a few more hours to do so.

Im really sorry that Patreons comment system sucks ass (no reply notifications to your comments in 20 goddamn 18?) and that made bidding more difficult for everyone. I think for the next time I'm gonna go ahead with the Patreon Discord idea, after all, Patreon has some pretty good Patreon integration. I just couldn't set it for this auction cause I didn't have much time this week to set the Discord up and everything, but I'll try to have the Discord set up before the end of the year, but I dont know when the next YCH will be (or what it would be).

However I think I have an option to "go live" on a post and that somehow turns the comment section into a live chat? Maybe that will work better for notifications, so I'll try "going live" around an hour before the auction ends (so around 5:00pm CST) to test it.

I wanna do that an hour before it ends because that's when I assume most final bids will be placed. If live chat also turns out to not work as expected, I'll keep updating the post with every bid within that hour so you guys get that notification. Remember to have push notifications turned on! Or... turned off if you don't wanna know any more about this until it ends, which is understandable lol.

Remember though, that, to avoid "sniping",if any bids are placed within the last 5 minutes of the auction, the auction will enter a "blind bid" mode. Which means that everyone still placing bids has to send me ONE final bid directly to my email, and whichever is the highest wins.

So to sum it up, I'll try going live within the last hour of the auction, and last minute bids could potentially make winning harder for everyone (including you).

In case you somehow missed all about this YCH Auction, you can check it out here.

And in case you missed the Yoshi Patreon Reward that I posted yesterday, you can check it out here. I spent all week working on it so I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed drawing it!.

Yoshi's Butt Adventure (18 Pictures)
Yoshi's Butt Adventure (18 Pictures)more_vert
Yoshi's Butt Adventure (18 Pictures) 2018-10-19T19:00:04+00:00close

Seriously it's crazy how long it took me to get to Yoshi.

These pictures were definitively ambitious and I spent a long time working on them so I hope you enjoy them! You can get them all through the Dropbox link below, which I think will let you download pictures separately so you can pick and choose the ones you want, or you can get them all at once by downloading the ZIP below!

Donwload Link on Dropbox (18 images)

Attachments (1)

Yoshi's Butt Adventure.zip (24.4MiB)

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User #3112571 - 20 Oct 18 05:05
I'm glad we got this at even the 1 dollar tier. Thanks for that. Honestly, I was feeling a little burned at how after initially being a 10$ Patreon, there were very rarely any image packs, but glad that is being made up for. Thanks.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 05:36
I honestly considered making the blue yoshi alts like, exclusive to the $10 tier to just have something to give them, but I couldn't justify it with how little difference there was.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 05:39
My honest to god problem with doing the Image Packs is that I tend to get too ambitious with my pictures, so instead of doing just 5 pictures and moving on to the next pack I always like, do a really complicated background or do different versions, increasing the time it takes me to finish even one picture, let alone 5. I really want to just like, Do smaller simpler IPs so I can do more more often but its hard not to overwork myself on just one picture haha. I mean this Yoshi pic was legitimately only going to be one picture with a plain background. That was the plan from the beginning and then it spiraled out of control.
user avatar
User #3112571 - 20 Oct 18 06:47
Sounds like a pretty consistent problem. :\ Seems like you're making the effort to post more often and that's good.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 07:53
That's also the issue, I'm always trying, life just gets in the way haha
user avatar
User #4257320 - 19 Oct 18 23:21
Omg, this is amazing! Love it
YCH Update (+ Next Reward Preview) (UPDATE) 2018-10-17T19:01:00+00:00

Hi I'm just making a quick post to show that I am working on the next thing (The Rawk Hawk YCH was not the next Patreon reward lol), but first I have a question for those of you who have placed bids so far:

Do you get notified when other people reply to your comment? I'm asking cause Patreon shows all replies as being replies to my comment specifically, so I don't know if the person you're commenting under knows that you commented. I just wanna make sure so you don't think "oh nobody's placed any bids after me" if that's not the case lol.


According to some Patrons you do not get notified when other people reply to your commment. That kinda sucks because you guys have no way of knowing if someone else has placed a bid after you.
That means that I'm gonna have to find a different method or place for the next time I do a patreon-exclusive YCH. I'm thinking something like a private Discord or something. But that's a story for another day.
Right now replies to the Patreon post are the only way to bid for this auction, so unfortunately you guys are just gonna have to keep checking back to see if any bids have been placed. In any case, I'll post a reminder on the last day of the auction, so if you forgot to check back, you can at least do it on the last day.
Update 2: A friend suggested to me doing an update to the YCH post at the end of the day, that way everyone can be updated to what the last bid of the day was, since Patreon lets me send a notification to all Patrons whenever I update a post, so I'm gonna do that, since it's the best way to keep you guys updated (in a not very annoying matter).

Also in case you forgot or somehow missed this, I'm doing a Rawk Hawk YCH Auction! You can find it HERE but here's the general gist of it:

Anyway I'm drawing Yoshi next! Yay! I can't believe it's taken me this long to draw Yoshi for Patreon considering how horny I am for Yoshis.

I'm almost done with the lineart (there's gonna be several alternate versions) so I expect to get it done for posting this weekend... but as always I don't wanna make any promises. But be aware that Yoshi butt is coming.

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User #13013260 - 18 Oct 18 00:46
I always wanted to have you have a Discord open ever since I became your patron, if you do it, I’d be very happy to join
user avatar
User #3384662 - 17 Oct 18 19:33
Confirming with Matthew, I didn't get notified either. I assume we're basically answering to your comment, instead of the last bidder's comment.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 18 Oct 18 00:24
That's too bad but thanks for letting me know! I'll try to let other people know, I guess in the mean time you guys are just gonna have to check back on the YCH manually.
user avatar
User #11559483 - 18 Oct 18 00:42
A discord exclusive to patreons as you mention would be a good idea, maybe it would be an easier way for you to share info too. There is apparently integration with it so you don't have to babysit who is allowed on the discord or on specific channels according to their pledges https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213552323-How-do-I-set-up-Discord-roles-for-my-patrons-
user avatar
User #4257320 - 19 Oct 18 23:23
A Patreon Discord server sounds like a great idea!
user avatar
User #970882 - 17 Oct 18 19:09
I don't get notified, no.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 17 Oct 18 19:12
Oh weird, are you replying to ther comment or my comment? Is that a thing?
user avatar
User #970882 - 17 Oct 18 20:12
I know I always make sure to hit reply to their comment, but I feel like it may not matter either way? i.e., I hit reply in response to Setsuki's bid specifically, and according to them, they still did not get notified.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 18 Oct 18 00:23
Geeze that kinda sucks. Next time I'm gonna have to come up with something else (or somewhere else rather) to do these because Patreon comments don't seem like the right place lol. Maybe like a private Patreon discord or something.
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User #970882 - 18 Oct 18 03:18
I'd love something like that!
Rawk Hawk YCH Auction (Finished)
Rawk Hawk YCH Auction (Finished)more_vert
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Rawk Hawk YCH Auction (Finished) 2018-10-15T01:00:59+00:00close
UPDATE: This auction is now over.

Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait, but I wanted to get the background of the picture done before I started the YCH.


  • The auction is exclusive to Patreon, but after the picture is finished the winner may post the picture wherever they want
  • Minor adjustments might be done to the background but the only thing you can freely change (within reason) is your character.
  • The winner will receive a full resolution version of the picture.


  • Any gender is allowed.
  • Any furry species is allowed, that includes fantasy species like Koopas or Pokemon, as long as they have humanoid bodies.
  • I will not draw humans, feral animals or any underage characters.
  • Your character should belong to you, or somebody else as long as I can confirm with that person that I'm allowed to draw their character.
  • All body types are allowed and the size difference can be adjusted within reason, but should preferrably be close to the "example" above,
  • Winged characters will either have their wings removed or severely reduced.


  • Bidding starts Sunday October 14th 2018 at 8:00pm, Central Standard Time (CST), and ends Saturday October 21st 2018 at 6:00pm CST.
  • All bidding shall be done within this Patreon post, in response to the comment I will leave after posting (Reading Bidding Starts Here).
  • Starting bid is $40 USD.
  • Whatever the winning bid is I will discount the ammount of your current pledge. So if the final bid is $100 and you're pledging $1 USD you only have to pay $99 USD, or if your pledge is $10 you only have to pay $90, and so on.
  • Bidding must increase in increments of 5 or multiples of 5.
  • Bids posted elsewhere will not count, unless the next rule applies:
  • If bids are still being placed within the last five minutes of the auction, all active bidders will enter a blind auction, where they have to submit a final bid to me through email. If it comes to that I will post my email in response to the last bid in this post and the winner will be the highest final bid.


  • If you can't pay it, don't say it. If you don't have the ammount you're bidding, please don't even bid it.
  • Only the winner has to pay anything, and it'll be done after the end of the auction.
  • All payment will be done through Paypal. I'll contact the winner privately and send them an invoice.
  • Payment must be done within 24 hours after the end of the auction. If you can't pay, the next highest bidder will win instead.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. However, dont reply to the bidding comment with a question. Only bidding replies are allowed to that comment.

Comments (49)
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:25
Nah I definitely don't have to refresh the page now
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 22:26
But are you like, getting notifications for the comments?
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:28
None at all, I still have to stare at the number but I can watch it increase live
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 22:28
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 22:29
lmao immediately after making that comment I got a pop up to rate the patreon app
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:34
I'm NOT using the app though I'm on the website. Also, not too important, but some "answers" comments show as a "new" comment (they are not indented to show which comment they answer). It'll be fine!
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:59
I JUST got one notification
user avatar
User #13013260 - 20 Oct 18 22:01
I really wanna commish you one day
user avatar
User #6251382 - 19 Oct 18 16:01
Damn, with the cock that big, I'm hoping for belly bulge in the final product~
user avatar
wolfbuns - 15 Oct 18 01:01
user avatar
User #282545 - 15 Oct 18 01:15
user avatar
User #970882 - 15 Oct 18 05:05
user avatar
User #3933271 - 17 Oct 18 08:49
user avatar
User #3384662 - 17 Oct 18 17:09
user avatar
User #970882 - 17 Oct 18 19:07
user avatar
User #3384662 - 17 Oct 18 19:31
user avatar
User #970882 - 17 Oct 18 20:14
user avatar
User #3933271 - 18 Oct 18 17:37
user avatar
User #970882 - 19 Oct 18 05:23
user avatar
User #3933271 - 19 Oct 18 16:00
user avatar
User #970882 - 19 Oct 18 19:17
user avatar
User #3933271 - 19 Oct 18 20:12
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 10:55
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 18:37
user avatar
User #3933271 - 20 Oct 18 21:21
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:11
user avatar
User #3933271 - 20 Oct 18 22:22
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:29
user avatar
User #744723 - 20 Oct 18 22:48
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:51
user avatar
User #3933271 - 20 Oct 18 22:52
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:53
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:53
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 22:59
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:59
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 23:00
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 23:01
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 23:02
Alright guys, you know the rules, since bids were placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction, this will go into a blind bid. You have to send me a final bid privately to lizkmb@hotmail.com within the next 10 minutes, and whichever bid is the highest wins.
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 23:03
(So the auction is now ending at 6:10pm CST)
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 23:11
Auction is over! Congrats to Matthew Allen for winning, and thank you all for participating!
user avatar
User #970882 - 20 Oct 18 23:12
Eyyy, awesome! :D Sorry for overwhelming the bid, but really excited for this
user avatar
User #3933271 - 20 Oct 18 23:15
congrats !!
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 22:03
Did going live change literally anything
user avatar
User #3933271 - 20 Oct 18 22:17
I’m on mobile and I haven’t seen a difference
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:24
I THINK I just saw a comment pop up on mobile, but I'm in "force desktop version" mode
user avatar
wolfbuns - 20 Oct 18 22:24
Not only did it not change anything I also dont know how to turn it off and the notification that I'm live will noy leave my phone lmao
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 22:54
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 23:00
user avatar
User #3384662 - 20 Oct 18 23:13
Congrats !
Rawk Hawk Preview (And YCH?)
Rawk Hawk Preview (And YCH?)more_vert
Post file flag
Rawk Hawk Preview (And YCH?) 2018-09-28T20:09:51+00:00close

Hello! Sorry that it's been a while since the last reward. Let's just say stuff has happened haha. Mostly, that I got my Patreon suspended! In case you didn't know about that, I actually made a Patreon post about it.

Anyway the next reward is gonna have Rawk Hawk and I've made some good progress on it, I'm just posting this preview right now cause it's been a while. But also because I wanted to ask you all a question:

Would you like to get Rawked by the Hawk?

Like a billion moons ago I suggested that I might do some Patreon-exclusive YCH (Your Character Here) pictures. Well, the time has finally come. In this picture Rawk Hawk is pounding a fortunate challenger, which I originally had decided to make a faceless, transparent dude like those disembodied dicks you see in like all the porn ever. Then I had a better idea of a character to put there, but then also thought, hey, what if someone wants their sona to get rawked by the hawk?

I would only really have the time (and energy) to do one of these though, so I'm probably only gonna do it for one YCH winner. You'd have to bid for it, and the highest bidder wins. If not enough people are interested I'd still do it outside of Patreon cause I just kinda really wanna try out doing a YCH, but I would REALLY rather it stayed Patreon-exclusive.

The YCH is not a definitive thing yet btw! I wanna know your thoughts on this first, I'll let you guys know when it would start and finish ahead of time.

Anyway PLEASE let me know your thoughts on this! In the meantime, I'll keep working on this picture so it's done either before the end of the month or in the first few days of the next one.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3933271 - 29 Sep 18 05:54
I'd bid for a YCH with the Rawwwwk. A very good idea.
user avatar
User #744723 - 28 Sep 18 23:08
I'd love it if you did go for it, love Rawk Hawk so much and I'd love to be the lucky one ???
user avatar
User #100982 - 29 Sep 18 03:46
I'd be up for that!
Charizard Preview
Charizard Previewmore_vert
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Charizard Preview 2018-09-28T19:53:27+00:00close

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait on updates on te Image Pack. Truth be told I finished this one like a week or two ago, and I wanted to post it together with the next regular reward but then stuff happened, my patreon got suspended for a bit and everything and I kinda forgot to post it.

Oh also I actually lost all the progress I had done on this picture when the PSD file for it got corrupted? I had to redraw the entire thing all over again, like some higher being really didnt want this picture to be finished.

Now all that's left is the 5th picture, featuring Slippy, and then maybe some bonus pictures. Sorry again for the wait!

Gusty Gulch Adventure
Gusty Gulch Adventuremore_vert
Gusty Gulch Adventure 2018-09-08T17:00:03+00:00close

To start off the Mario theme I decided to draw everybody's favorite Paper Mario character! You all love Tubba Blubba right?

I know Dribble & Spitz was the favorite pick of pretty much everyone who commented in the suggestions post but since I have a bad track record of taking entirely too much time drawing more than one character interacting at once (tiny little boos dont count) I decided to draw them last. So I am going to do them, but not yet.

Either way I still hope you enjoy this one! I've wanted to draw Tubba for a long time and honestly it's really sad that when trying to find some porn of him for inspiration I only found like, 4 pieces tops lol.

As always it's my responsability to give the underrated cuties more art.

(I've also always wanted to draw smut of boos in general, but there's also a boo-less version below if you're not into 'em)

Attachments (2)

Tubba Blubba and Boos.png (1.1MiB)
Tubba Blubba Solo.png (928.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2213625 - 13 Sep 18 02:04
user avatar
User #13471856 - 13 Sep 18 22:40
Need see that ass
Mario Month Suggestions
Mario Month Suggestionsmore_vert
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Mario Month Suggestions 2018-08-22T17:01:00+00:00close

Hey everyone, this is the theme that I had planned for August but due to time constraints I'm gonna start late (and gonna end up covering mostly September)

If you were here last August, you'll remember that I did Koopa month, and I asked you for suggestions on Mario-universe characters I could draw. From those suggestions I made a list, and I did some of the characters on the list. I ended up doing four (Iggy and Roy Koopa, Parakarry and King Koopa), but I kept the list of the characters I didn't do.

I found that list a few months ago and I decided to pick up from there, adding four new characters to replace the ones I already did. So here's the list, and I'm gonna be drawing characters from it in my usual way (just drawing whoever I can come up with a good idea for first).

However I'm not all too pleased with the list, since I like having wider options, and I wanna hear your suggestions again. Like last year the rule is simple: Any character from any series adjacent to the Mario series (including the Wario series, the RPG games, spin-offs, etc.) and if I like your suggestion enough I'll add it to the list, either taking out a character I don't like enough or making the list longer. Please give me your suggestions! If there's too many good suggestions, I'll make a poll on friday so we can all choose.

Alternatively, you can tell me which characters from the list you already like!

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #429217 - 22 Aug 18 19:22
midbus and sledgebros would be great
user avatar
User #13115743 - 10 Sep 18 17:50
I'm probably a bit late, but mibdus and rawk hawk would be my picks.
user avatar
User #822649 - 23 Aug 18 00:26
Would love dribble and spitz
user avatar
User #89437 - 26 Aug 18 23:27
Love seeing Dribble/Spits and Rawk Hawk on the list! Only other one I can think of is Dunk the Rabbit from the Wario games. :3
user avatar
User #2213625 - 25 Aug 18 02:03
From the list you have already, I love all of them frankly! Croco don't get enough love, neither does Midbus or Rawk Hawk <3 Outside of your list: - Bobbery the bob-omb - Plessie - Chain chomps! - Gobblegut the dragon from Mario Galaxy ....and that's all I can think of for now!
user avatar
User #744723 - 22 Aug 18 17:50
I'd love to see Rawk Hawk and Dribble!!!
user avatar
User #6180502 - 23 Aug 18 02:41
Sledge bros! No one ever makes them nice and big!
user avatar
User #11559483 - 2 Sep 18 05:19
Dribble and Spitz obvs but im biased!
user avatar
User #7000010 - 23 Aug 18 19:19
Rawk Hawk and Dribble and Spitz would be my choices
user avatar
User #905057 - 29 Aug 18 03:17
Dribble and Spitz ^w^
user avatar
User #6251382 - 22 Aug 18 20:38
Yoob from Mario & Luigi Partners in Time! He's a nice h u g e yoshi.
user avatar
User #5996046 - 22 Aug 18 23:41
Dribble and Spitz would be pretty cool
user avatar
User #4685058 - 24 Aug 18 17:13
Midbus and Rawk Hawk
user avatar
User #10351975 - 23 Aug 18 01:59
Dribble and Spitz!!
Wolfbuns' most Patreon stuff 1579062123

Inside the .zip file packs a good amount of Patreon rewards, including the complete Halloween image pack with bonuses.


Knuckles reward 1493188286