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Short Comic #10~12
Short Comic #10~12more_vert
Short Comic #10~12 2020-01-14T18:52:17+00:00close

pretty sure no one ask for this one but it's done.

Download .zip below for HD version ( 100 pages )

Media (109)

manga_thumbnail_patreon.jpg (80.8KiB)
1.jpg (525.2KiB)
2.jpg (457.4KiB)
4.jpg (543.5KiB)
7.jpg (546.0KiB)
6.jpg (537.6KiB)
13.jpg (598.9KiB)
14.jpg (24.0KiB)
18.jpg (380.4KiB)
20.jpg (576.7KiB)
21.jpg (500.1KiB)
3.jpg (515.6KiB)
5.jpg (519.6KiB)
8.jpg (24.0KiB)
9.jpg (582.3KiB)
29.jpg (137.2KiB)
10.jpg (591.3KiB)
25.jpg (24.0KiB)
24.jpg (572.7KiB)
26.jpg (19.0KiB)
23.jpg (495.2KiB)
11.jpg (632.6KiB)
12.jpg (555.5KiB)
15.jpg (19.0KiB)
16.jpg (197.7KiB)
17.jpg (161.7KiB)
19.jpg (24.0KiB)
22.jpg (565.0KiB)
28.jpg (172.8KiB)
30.jpg (24.0KiB)
27.jpg (313.4KiB)
31.jpg (408.7KiB)
32.jpg (24.0KiB)
33.jpg (581.6KiB)
34.jpg (578.8KiB)
35.jpg (573.8KiB)
36.jpg (571.6KiB)
37.jpg (24.0KiB)
38.jpg (19.0KiB)
39.jpg (219.9KiB)
40.jpg (182.7KiB)
41.jpg (129.6KiB)
42.jpg (24.0KiB)
43.jpg (552.6KiB)
44.jpg (539.1KiB)
45.jpg (61.6KiB)
46.jpg (24.0KiB)
47.jpg (546.7KiB)
48.jpg (65.2KiB)
49.jpg (601.5KiB)
50.jpg (24.0KiB)
51.jpg (594.8KiB)
52.jpg (578.3KiB)
53.jpg (568.4KiB)
54.jpg (24.0KiB)
55.jpg (442.1KiB)
56.jpg (798.7KiB)
57.jpg (24.0KiB)
58.jpg (19.0KiB)
59.jpg (245.4KiB)
60.jpg (514.1KiB)
61.jpg (158.6KiB)
62.jpg (24.0KiB)
63.jpg (164.5KiB)
64.jpg (837.3KiB)
65.jpg (710.5KiB)
66.jpg (69.9KiB)
67.jpg (24.0KiB)
68.jpg (585.5KiB)
69.jpg (584.2KiB)
70.jpg (580.4KiB)
72.jpg (535.1KiB)
71.jpg (24.0KiB)
74.jpg (526.7KiB)
73.jpg (541.9KiB)
75.jpg (24.0KiB)
76.jpg (380.8KiB)
77.jpg (366.8KiB)
78.jpg (358.0KiB)
79.jpg (373.6KiB)
80.jpg (1.2MiB)
81.jpg (49.5KiB)
82.jpg (24.0KiB)
83.jpg (203.4KiB)
88.jpg (495.1KiB)
84.jpg (24.0KiB)
85.jpg (76.7KiB)
90.jpg (584.7KiB)
89.jpg (569.8KiB)
87.jpg (1.7MiB)
86.jpg (608.5KiB)
92.jpg (465.8KiB)
94.jpg (506.3KiB)
93.jpg (447.9KiB)
96.jpg (497.8KiB)
95.jpg (474.4KiB)
97.jpg (515.6KiB)
98.jpg (503.8KiB)
91.jpg (460.2KiB)
99.jpg (605.4KiB)
100.jpg (592.5KiB)
101.jpg (1.2MiB)
102.jpg (1.2MiB)
103.jpg (49.5KiB)
104.jpg (28.2KiB)
107.jpg (29.7KiB)
105.jpg (101.2KiB)
108.jpg (1.2MiB)
106.jpg (542.2KiB)

Attachments (1)

[ NTRMAN ] Awakening of a Goddess.zip (87.3MiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #830782 - 15 Jan 20 02:33
Getting better at this- NTRMAN. Not sure if you see these but nice work. The male perspective is enjoyable- and the auto-accept of the call adds an explanation to see the wife outside the times she expects which can lead to interesting teasing and unexpected encounters. Plot developed rather quick- but as a short comic and not a straight novel or a visual novel- can't ask for too much. Looking forward to another huge project like one of the VNs or something though- to give more time to develop a teasing story with a satisfying end. Definitely got the fundamentals down to make something nice.
user avatar
User #7839748 - 14 Jan 20 18:54
Wow i just want to sleep and the notice apear...
user avatar
User #4204915 - 14 Jan 20 19:00
Damn nice!! Woulda also been hot if there were more scenes of her in her regular clothes too :3
user avatar
User #311957 - 14 Jan 20 21:45
I dont know why doubted yourself, this is great!
user avatar
User #10869883 - 15 Jan 20 02:00
have I ever told you that I LOVE YOU NTRMAN... no? WELL I DID NOW
user avatar
User #5879308 - 14 Jan 20 19:41
10/10 comic man. Not gonna lie tho, those last few pages killed my boner hard. Seeing the family decay to that extent hits way too hard when combined with post nut clarity. But that's just good immersive writing. Good work and keep it up. Also I agree that more regular clothes scenes would've been fantastic.
user avatar
User #19669940 - 14 Jan 20 22:45
Realy like it, don't doubt yourself !
user avatar
User #8512191 - 14 Jan 20 21:16
Wow, I really like this story. It's bit different from the previous comic you make. Maybe I'm alone in this but I definitely want more of this. :)
user avatar
User #11970868 - 15 Jan 20 03:29
This was great. Definitely need more :^)
Quick Update [ Project #4 + Comic #10 ]
Quick Update [ Project #4 + Comic #10 ]more_vert
Post file flag
Quick Update [ Project #4 + Comic #10 ] 2019-12-31T11:02:24+00:00close

[ Adelaide 2 ]

  • 9 / 17 Scene CG Illustrations ( includes re-work ) are done.
  • Writing Adjustments for early in-game scenes are done.

[ Comic #10 ]

  • 25 / 55 Pages are done. Typesetting to follow
  • This is a new story.

Please wait for the completion. Thank you.

Media (1)

update_dual.jpg (207.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #311957 - 31 Dec 19 11:34
2020 already looking great so far
user avatar
User #10869883 - 31 Dec 19 23:32
NTRMAN will be my favorite creator the whole 2020. nobody will change my mind
Season's Greetings 2019 + Ranking
Season's Greetings 2019 + Rankingmore_vert
Season's Greetings 2019 + Ranking 2019-12-21T20:31:47+00:00close

( Rankings are surveyed via Random direct messaging )

Most Well-known Character Ranking

1. Mira ( Adelaide 1 & 2 )
2. Mayuko ( Tomato / My mom who got immersed in Live streaming )
3. Akemi ( Rural Homecoming / Short Comic #1 )
4. Haruka ( Breeding Program )
5. Lilith ( Adelaide 2 )
6. Emi ( A Small Village )

Thank you for continued support, especially to those who have been with me for the last 9 months, this marks my 1st year as a creator and i must say it's been quiet a ride so far.

I shall continue to improve and work harder on my craft.

Please wait for the new projects announcement for 2020.

Media (7)

BANNER_HQ.jpg (872.5KiB)
1.jpg (165.0KiB)
2.jpg (144.0KiB)
4.jpg (126.3KiB)
5.jpg (119.9KiB)
3.jpg (123.3KiB)
6.jpg (153.4KiB)

Attachments (1)

textless_hq.zip (4.8MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16972546 - 21 Dec 19 20:41
I'd sign up for mayuko's onlyfans
user avatar
User #5661624 - 22 Dec 19 20:03
I'm probably the few fans of Emi still around. Her tomboy-ish nature is what makes me like her. Plus, even when has a hangover, she still manage to work hard.
user avatar
User #844044 - 21 Dec 19 23:51
I have a girl crush on mayuko 👀
user avatar
User #5824662 - 22 Dec 19 11:12
Mira <3 Excited for Adelaide 2 next patch!!
New rewards + project(s) announcement soon..
New rewards + project(s) announcement soon..more_vert
Post file flag
New rewards + project(s) announcement soon.. 2019-12-19T20:41:02+00:00close

upcoming comics ( 55+ pages )

Media (1)

Screenshot_10.png (349.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #24628137 - 19 Dec 19 21:34
Thanks for the blessing NTR-sama
January Billing cycle is paused 2019-12-09T10:16:21+00:00

Due to the recent events, i've decided to pause billing for January ( Yes, you won't be charged for that month but will still receive exclusive rewards). a huge chunk for Adelaide 2 requires mandatory revisions (due to the current issue)

Updates and creations will still be posted as usual.

I apologize.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #402718 - 9 Dec 19 21:27
Agreed, don’t mind continuing to pay. Was never here for Sh*ta stuff anyway
user avatar
User #27143569 - 9 Dec 19 10:26
但是我这月也资助了 补偿我?
user avatar
User #4104703 - 9 Dec 19 20:12
I'd happily pay regardless of this event. Your a good developer and artist. Glad to be your patreon
user avatar
User #24628137 - 10 Dec 19 06:23
We're all here for one tag ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Project#3 Discontinuation 2019-12-09T08:11:48+00:00

Regarding this announcement,

I will also have to revise a great portion of Adelaide Inn 2. as the next update contains the said guideline violations.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has brought to all of those of you who waited for it, I will be shifting some of the December rewards and create new rewards to abide the rules.

To clarify the following:

  • ASV will no longer be continued and will be permanently removed as well as other creations including Short comics #2 and #5
  • I will have to revise a great portion of Adelaide Inn 2. as the next update contains the said guideline violations. this will be a mandatory change considering the recent issue.

Please send me a direct message if you would like to ask for a refund.

Again i sincerely apologize

Comments (16)
user avatar
User #19573203 - 10 Dec 19 17:28
just hope you dont have to change it much, i really like the concept of your work. :)
user avatar
User #4217191 - 9 Dec 19 08:25
Fucking patreon is becoming just like tumblr
user avatar
User #402718 - 9 Dec 19 21:28
At least they have given a warning and time to remove the content
user avatar
User #341425 - 10 Dec 19 00:11
Patreon doing BS again with awesome works and creators. you could always follow other creators examples and move to Pixiv or Subscribestar
user avatar
★ ntrman - 9 Dec 19 08:13
I have already removed all the contents that violates the said guidelines.
user avatar
User #18339825 - 9 Dec 19 14:53
I will still follow if you move to somewhere else, censorship is a bummer.
user avatar
User #4104703 - 9 Dec 19 20:11
Secret patch on twitter? Hope it goes well
user avatar
User #16972546 - 9 Dec 19 08:15
user avatar
User #24628137 - 9 Dec 19 08:18
Aww :/
user avatar
User #669779 - 9 Dec 19 11:38
This is a shame but will still follow!
user avatar
User #6489130 - 9 Dec 19 08:41
user avatar
User #5575869 - 10 Dec 19 06:08
patreon is fucking trash, they did the same to dr bones and his adult game. dont worry NTR you still rock <3
user avatar
User #7839748 - 9 Dec 19 21:19
Noooo why, tell us if you move somwhere...
user avatar
User #21434960 - 9 Dec 19 08:37
feel sad man
user avatar
User #10642791 - 9 Dec 19 16:59
Is adelaide v2 0.4 being postponed to January release then?
user avatar
User #7531976 - 9 Dec 19 11:50
Move to subscribestar adult. Many adult content creators are doing that now.
Discord Channel
Discord Channelmore_vert
Post file flag
Discord Channel 2019-12-03T11:16:32+00:00close

It seems that a lot of you are having trouble getting access
So here's an invite link for everyone:


Media (1)

1.jpg (65.3KiB)

Short Comic #8 / #9
Short Comic #8 / #9 more_vert
Short Comic #8 / #9 2019-11-29T16:41:21+00:00close

[ UPDATE: 翻訳を追加しました ]

I apologize for the long wait. i had to redraw some pages. [ 96 pcs. ]
i'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out. i hope you guys enjoy it.

Korean translation will be available shortly.

Thank you.

Media (96)

COVER_wide.jpg (391.4KiB)
1.jpg (259.5KiB)
2.jpg (261.6KiB)
3.jpg (240.6KiB)
4.jpg (272.6KiB)
5.jpg (255.0KiB)
6.jpg (267.7KiB)
7.jpg (271.3KiB)
9.jpg (238.0KiB)
10.jpg (273.5KiB)
15.jpg (238.5KiB)
17.jpg (267.8KiB)
18.jpg (227.8KiB)
20.jpg (195.3KiB)
22.jpg (317.0KiB)
27.jpg (260.5KiB)
28.jpg (194.7KiB)
29.jpg (201.9KiB)
31.jpg (196.3KiB)
34.jpg (277.5KiB)
35.jpg (214.5KiB)
37.jpg (262.7KiB)
43.jpg (33.1KiB)
44.jpg (400.9KiB)
46.jpg (392.2KiB)
49.jpg (378.1KiB)
53.jpg (340.4KiB)
52.jpg (359.5KiB)
8.jpg (264.1KiB)
58.jpg (70.4KiB)
57.jpg (321.8KiB)
60.jpg (352.6KiB)
11.jpg (31.7KiB)
62.jpg (298.3KiB)
12.jpg (266.6KiB)
13.jpg (224.3KiB)
14.jpg (226.9KiB)
68.jpg (239.5KiB)
69.jpg (288.2KiB)
16.jpg (257.4KiB)
19.jpg (175.6KiB)
21.jpg (260.2KiB)
69_1.jpg (290.7KiB)
23.jpg (293.1KiB)
24.jpg (282.4KiB)
25.jpg (289.6KiB)
26.jpg (258.0KiB)
32.jpg (193.6KiB)
33.jpg (271.7KiB)
30.jpg (194.5KiB)
36.jpg (261.2KiB)
39.jpg (255.8KiB)
38.jpg (246.0KiB)
42.jpg (233.0KiB)
45.jpg (406.6KiB)
47.jpg (394.8KiB)
48.jpg (342.7KiB)
50.jpg (376.2KiB)
51.jpg (377.5KiB)
54.jpg (338.0KiB)
55.jpg (415.5KiB)
56.jpg (326.5KiB)
59.jpg (344.4KiB)
61.jpg (345.8KiB)
63.jpg (275.7KiB)
64.jpg (249.2KiB)
65.jpg (259.5KiB)
66.jpg (286.4KiB)
67.jpg (250.1KiB)
70.jpg (273.0KiB)
71.jpg (259.4KiB)
72.jpg (262.1KiB)
73.jpg (260.5KiB)
74.jpg (243.5KiB)
75.jpg (256.1KiB)
76.jpg (254.9KiB)
77.jpg (258.8KiB)
78.jpg (296.3KiB)
80.jpg (226.5KiB)
79.jpg (241.8KiB)
81.jpg (274.0KiB)
82.jpg (271.6KiB)
83.jpg (241.5KiB)
84.jpg (248.2KiB)
85.jpg (245.0KiB)
86.jpg (240.2KiB)
88.jpg (254.2KiB)
87.jpg (265.4KiB)
89.jpg (233.4KiB)
90.jpg (232.0KiB)
91.jpg (211.0KiB)
92.jpg (263.8KiB)
93.jpg (301.5KiB)
94.jpg (284.8KiB)
96.jpg (409.3KiB)
95.jpg (26.2KiB)

Attachments (2)

scomic_8.zip (44.2MiB)
scomic_8_日本語.zip (51.0MiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #402718 - 29 Nov 19 21:20
Also hate to be this guy, but what's up next? Are you taking December off since you didn't take November or are you going back to the games?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 30 Nov 19 07:46
back to the games.
user avatar
User #22088860 - 30 Nov 19 10:24
The rate at which you make content is insane. Quality stuff, perfect for ending NNN with!
user avatar
User #402718 - 29 Nov 19 21:16
Good job. Loved her expression just after she came the first time. Also when they were getting started in the room.
user avatar
User #5637288 - 29 Nov 19 16:42
Never clicked on notif so fast
user avatar
User #21434960 - 29 Nov 19 16:55
i need download link, it's frustrating when read on site, it take time between pictures.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 Nov 19 16:56
hello .zip file has just been added.
user avatar
User #6420502 - 29 Nov 19 16:45
hmmmm, why i cant find the download link.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 Nov 19 16:47
it's added now~
user avatar
User #19573203 - 29 Nov 19 17:00
A day til the end of NN November. Why are you doing this to me ;_;
user avatar
User #8512191 - 30 Nov 19 14:16
Seriously what's up with you like to drawing ugly bastard with plain-looking housewives haha. Still, that was really comic and I think you should continue to make a comic. I just have a question. Why is the ugly bastard's penis censoring?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 30 Nov 19 14:26
censored due to patreon tos.
Short Comic #7
Short Comic #7more_vert
Short Comic #7 2019-11-04T10:30:45+00:00close

Short continuation of Tomato

Media (23)

manga_thumbnail_patreon.jpg (35.0KiB)
1.jpg (368.2KiB)
2.jpg (400.1KiB)
3.jpg (346.2KiB)
4.jpg (460.3KiB)
5.jpg (348.1KiB)
6.jpg (340.0KiB)
7.jpg (440.7KiB)
8.jpg (416.6KiB)
9.jpg (176.5KiB)
11.jpg (507.5KiB)
12.jpg (517.6KiB)
10.jpg (165.8KiB)
13.jpg (532.4KiB)
14.jpg (438.7KiB)
15.jpg (434.4KiB)
16.jpg (431.3KiB)
17.jpg (498.0KiB)
18.jpg (449.0KiB)
19.jpg (461.5KiB)
20.jpg (463.4KiB)
21.jpg (455.9KiB)
22.jpg (761.6KiB)

Attachments (2)

scomic7_bundled.zip (31.0MiB)
scomic_7_日本語.zip (36.0MiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #4842303 - 13 Nov 19 03:31
Do you have plan to make her skin tanned ?
user avatar
User #10869883 - 4 Nov 19 12:58
user avatar
User #23788649 - 4 Nov 19 12:21
oh my god
user avatar
User #7839748 - 7 Nov 19 14:57
user avatar
User #812713 - 9 Nov 19 01:33
Definitely make this into a series please
user avatar
User #10421786 - 7 Jan 20 06:12
maybe more tattoos?
user avatar
User #669779 - 4 Nov 19 13:14
Great continuation ! Was happy to see more. Mega hot!:)
user avatar
User #5486977 - 4 Nov 19 13:31
edit: thanks for the comment change/deletion. keep up the good work!
user avatar
User #10991057 - 4 Nov 19 10:53
Short Comic #6
Short Comic #6more_vert
Short Comic #6 2019-10-24T07:18:11+00:00close

Longest work i made so far.

Media (42)

manga_thumbnail_patreon.jpg (44.0KiB)
1-min.jpg (951.9KiB)
2-min.jpg (1021.0KiB)
3-min.jpg (1020.3KiB)
4-min.jpg (915.1KiB)
5-min.jpg (988.4KiB)
6-min.jpg (954.3KiB)
8-min.jpg (943.3KiB)
7-min.jpg (926.8KiB)
11-min.jpg (1.1MiB)
12-min.jpg (1.0MiB)
9-min.jpg (987.6KiB)
10-min.jpg (983.6KiB)
13-min.jpg (750.5KiB)
14-min.jpg (814.0KiB)
15-min.jpg (940.2KiB)
16-min.jpg (843.2KiB)
17-min.jpg (739.9KiB)
18-min.jpg (773.8KiB)
19-min.jpg (763.9KiB)
20-min.jpg (1.0MiB)
21-min.jpg (869.0KiB)
22-min.jpg (147.7KiB)
23-min.jpg (677.2KiB)
24-min.jpg (511.6KiB)
25-min.jpg (833.3KiB)
26-min.jpg (915.4KiB)
27-min.jpg (780.7KiB)
28-min.jpg (738.3KiB)
32-min.jpg (639.9KiB)
30-min.jpg (644.5KiB)
29-min.jpg (692.8KiB)
31-min.jpg (693.4KiB)
35-min.jpg (636.6KiB)
36-min.jpg (666.0KiB)
37-min.jpg (826.3KiB)
38-min.jpg (773.3KiB)
33-min.jpg (528.4KiB)
34-min.jpg (748.0KiB)
39-min.jpg (715.6KiB)
40-min.jpg (718.5KiB)
41-min.jpg (454.9KiB)

Attachments (1)

scomic6_hd_compressed.zip (17.2MiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #3903306 - 24 Oct 19 20:03
Good shit, was looking forward to this. Love the variety.
user avatar
User #844044 - 25 Oct 19 00:55
I love this a lot, wow!
user avatar
User #4204915 - 25 Oct 19 03:29
Holy crap thats awesome!! Would've been really cool if she kept her married wife look cuz I personally like the cleaner look but I can understand the gal change lol
user avatar
User #3086758 - 26 Oct 19 19:45
Yeah I would have liked, especially since I prefer light hearted NTR. But it's still a great CG set, I absolutely love the escalation from pure mother to Twitch THOT.
user avatar
User #5637288 - 24 Oct 19 17:20
S-tier my guy. Thanks for the grinding my guy
user avatar
User #11820813 - 26 Oct 19 19:04
truly the best h-comic/manga I have ever seen. idk why but your work just works.
user avatar
User #402718 - 24 Oct 19 19:47
Nice one, didn't quite got the way i exepcted. but I liked it.
user avatar
User #8118195 - 10 Nov 19 20:30
This was a real pleasure to read. Thanks!
user avatar
User #23788649 - 27 Oct 19 18:26
user avatar
User #24865807 - 25 Oct 19 14:34
v0.2a Released [ Project#4 ]
v0.2a Released [ Project#4 ]more_vert
Post file flag
v0.2a Released [ Project#4 ] 2019-10-15T13:13:35+00:00close

A lot of the point system in here are still at it's infancy and will be further improved. I will try get this to v1.0 before the year ends as i want to to focus more on season 2 projects. After this i'll be working on the short comics for this month.


  • +5 CG H-Scenes
  • New Guests Characters
  • New Corruption Leveling
  • New Tavern Planning Board
  • Unlockable Costumes




Please provide your feedback below if you can
it'll help me make general adjustments for everyone.

You may report issues or bugs on discord channel or simply send a DM.

Special Thanks to
Cert (Adelaide 2 )
crazymaniscrazy ( Adelaide 1 / 1.5 )

Thank you to everyone who supports my projects.

Media (1)

rh_banner.gif (267.8KiB)

Comments (23)
user avatar
User #17470624 - 15 Oct 19 23:58
Please don't forget the android version...
user avatar
★ ntrman - 16 Oct 19 00:14
fixing it atm. should be available shortly.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 16 Oct 19 01:44
user avatar
User #14336836 - 21 Oct 19 19:32
I cant get the scenes for week 3. Only seen one and it wont unlock
user avatar
★ ntrman - 22 Oct 19 06:07
hello, i'm patching it up atm. might take a bit while though as i'm working on the comics too.
user avatar
User #5575869 - 23 Oct 19 04:07
hey bro just fix it when you release 0.4, love your work as always <3
user avatar
User #14336836 - 19 Oct 19 21:49
A Los have trouble with week 3
user avatar
User #6473753 - 15 Oct 19 23:04
Yeah I’m not sure what I’m missing. I got the bath scene, vanilla scene, both witch scenes, and the knight scene. Yeah the knight scene doesn’t unlock in the gallery. Can’t seem to unlock anything else.
user avatar
User #20752193 - 20 Oct 19 00:04
Excellent work ! I look forward to more features being added to the calendar. Hopefully some random sexual harassment from pub patrons slapping Mira's butt while she is serving food, or groping her breasts while she pouring drinks. Maybe having her dance on tables to increase gold for the night?
user avatar
User #14336836 - 20 Oct 19 01:08
I'd like to see animations and female sound effects
user avatar
User #10822473 - 19 Nov 19 11:21
Is there a walkthrough for this game? Been trying to figure out how to get every scene.
user avatar
User #13919964 - 5 Dec 19 06:14
I really like your kid with ladys works ,that was awesome
user avatar
User #23788649 - 16 Oct 19 04:45
care to post a guide?
user avatar
User #12893657 - 18 Oct 19 21:47
Can you change font? My computer don't print text. I don't know what problem. Please solve this problem.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 19 Oct 19 02:36
hello. i'll look into this issue and patch it up quickly.
user avatar
User #12893657 - 19 Oct 19 05:45
Thank you!! Ver 1.0 font can print text.
user avatar
User #402718 - 15 Oct 19 20:25
I can't work out how to unlock a couple of the scenes. Week one scene 1. Week 3 I have seen the Knight scene but it won't unlock. Not sure if this is 1, 2 or 3. With the management element it makes it very tricky to work out what unlocks things and when
user avatar
★ ntrman - 15 Oct 19 23:42
will patch it up shortly. thank you
user avatar
User #8512191 - 16 Oct 19 05:02
Just wanna ask. Will it feature an gangbang scene? Or at least DP.
user avatar
User #4293473 - 16 Oct 19 04:09
Love the game, but have a couple of problems. some of the CGs are not being unlocked in the gallery, and I cannot seem to unlock all of them. also can I have a hint as to how to unlock different outfits?
user avatar
User #5575869 - 20 Oct 19 20:28
so is 0.4 coming last week of October??
user avatar
User #14336836 - 19 Oct 19 21:48
Cant figure out how to unlock 1st week events
user avatar
User #10535016 - 16 Oct 19 19:36
Thank you so much for your great work.
November Billing Paused 2019-10-03T16:42:55+00:00

Reason : REST

Why: been crunching production for almost 5 consecutive months already. need to recover some health so i can continue to create stuff.

Rewards for this month

  • Adelaide 2 (4th week)
  • 2 short comics

Season 2 Games (3 new titles) will be announced on December.

Thank you

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #3791660 - 3 Oct 19 16:45
Rest well~
user avatar
User #17317868 - 3 Oct 19 16:57
Take care of ur body
user avatar
User #23788649 - 4 Oct 19 02:23
lol jk
user avatar
User #5637288 - 4 Oct 19 11:43
Bro Idgaf about my money when it comes to ur content. Take it even while u rest Boio
user avatar
User #5661624 - 3 Oct 19 17:10
Take all the rest you need.
user avatar
User #14178785 - 7 Oct 19 00:37
The passion and dedication not only shows in your work but in the genre in your name. Take all the time you need.
user avatar
User #23788649 - 4 Oct 19 02:23
user avatar
User #311957 - 3 Oct 19 16:45
Good on you, i hope you can propely recover.
Update #1
Update #1more_vert
Post file flag
Update #1 2019-09-24T09:07:03+00:00close

All CG's for EP 1 & 2 is done (8 sets/ 20 pcs.).
moving on to EP 3 & 4

Target Release for v0.5 is 4th week of october.
hopefully everything continues smoothly.

Please look forward to it. Thank you.

Media (1)

Untitled-1.jpg (478.8KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #10535016 - 24 Sep 19 21:59
Mira is best! Her preg or lactating?
user avatar
User #6659578 - 25 Sep 19 08:35
So hype
user avatar
User #14336836 - 24 Sep 19 14:03
Will there be android version
user avatar
User #17470624 - 24 Sep 19 19:24
Android version please
user avatar
User #8451864 - 24 Sep 19 09:30
how long to wait (. But really looking forward to!
user avatar
User #14503961 - 24 Sep 19 11:35
Nice mira is my favourite, thanks for the work
Short Comic #5
Short Comic #5more_vert
Short Comic #5 2019-09-13T20:07:55+00:00close

Media (26)

manga_thumbnail_patreon.jpg (38.4KiB)
1.jpg (321.1KiB)
2.jpg (447.1KiB)
6.jpg (450.3KiB)
3.jpg (406.5KiB)
4.jpg (260.9KiB)
5.jpg (427.0KiB)
7.jpg (414.4KiB)
8.jpg (415.5KiB)
9.jpg (415.5KiB)
10.jpg (389.1KiB)
11.jpg (367.5KiB)
12.jpg (404.6KiB)
13.jpg (399.8KiB)
14.jpg (408.9KiB)
15.jpg (424.5KiB)
16.jpg (399.2KiB)
17.jpg (417.9KiB)
18.jpg (373.0KiB)
19.jpg (478.6KiB)
20.jpg (488.5KiB)
21.jpg (429.5KiB)
22.jpg (452.7KiB)
23.jpg (438.2KiB)
24.jpg (286.9KiB)
25.jpg (311.9KiB)

Attachments (1)

scomic_5.zip (16.6MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #17014683 - 14 Sep 19 04:30
If this is the new style for the short comics, I'm in!!!
user avatar
User #20412286 - 13 Sep 19 20:10
user avatar
User #10991057 - 13 Sep 19 20:48
Magnifico!! ;) Tus dibujos son de los mejores.
user avatar
User #669779 - 13 Sep 19 21:02
that was awesome man good work!
user avatar
User #4217191 - 14 Sep 19 06:01
How can I download this?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 14 Sep 19 13:30
i've just attached a zip file. thanks
user avatar
User #6659578 - 13 Sep 19 22:16
Woah, best short comic. My new favorite so far!
Production Boards 2019-09-06T13:20:20+00:00

Adelaide Inn 2 ( ACTIVE )

A Small Village (v1.0) ( STANDBY )

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10642791 - 29 Sep 19 20:27
What is the expected release date of adelaide in v2?
Short Comic #4
Short Comic #4more_vert
Short Comic #4 2019-09-04T14:11:26+00:00close

Thank you for reading.

More on the way.


Media (1)

manga_thumbnail_patreon.jpg (50.7KiB)

Attachments (1)

scomic_4.zip (8.0MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #844044 - 4 Sep 19 20:14
user avatar
User #15135903 - 5 Sep 19 08:52
I would say.. this one isn't as good as previous ones.
user avatar
User #27953081 - 23 Dec 19 22:09
Hey, NTRMAN, how to get clean art without text? I want to make a translation into Russian, but there are no skills to work with Photoshop
user avatar
User #14503961 - 4 Sep 19 20:02
Very nice, I'm looking forward to Adelaide expansion. Its my favorite game from you
user avatar
User #6388794 - 5 Sep 19 09:01
God damn now if only u included the daughter
user avatar
User #23788649 - 6 Sep 19 04:37
I agree
Rural Homecoming Resource Files
Rural Homecoming Resource Filesmore_vert
Post file flag
Rural Homecoming Resource Files 2019-09-01T12:45:11+00:00close



  • CG Pack
  • Character Pack
  • Background Pack

I will also update you guys shortly on September's Rewards

Thank you.

Media (1)

banner_resource_inn.jpg (50.3KiB)

Final Stretch 2019-08-20T19:51:22+00:00

prod board is updated


nearly there.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8341917 - 21 Aug 19 18:25
A good game needs a lot of time.
user avatar
User #19748561 - 20 Aug 19 19:55
Hey dude. I’m not sure if you have a team or whatever. But regardless taking on a project like this take a lot of commitment and I just wanted to say I appreciate it. You’re doing great, and keep up the good work!
v1.0 Released [ Rural Homecoming ]
v1.0 Released [ Rural Homecoming ]more_vert
Post file flag
v1.0 Released [ Rural Homecoming ] 2019-08-27T19:20:41+00:00close

UPDATE 3: Replay Gallery fixed

UPDATE 2: Progression Bug fix

UPDATE 1: Release now available to other tiers.

This project was very draining and exhausting.but it's finally out. so cheers everyone.
Thank you for staying with me till launch.

DOWNLOAD LINK (32-BIT) [ Update 3 ]

DOWNLOAD LINK (64-BIT) [ Update 3 ]



  • Fully Reworked Story
  • Full-Colored Drawn Backgrounds
  • Full-Colored CG Sets
  • Reworked Characters
  • Scenario Replay Gallery
  • 2 Endings

Feedback: (Would love to hear some of your feedback)

You may report issues or bugs on discord channel or simply send a DM.

Special Thanks to
Kazuna ( Rewrite )
crazymaniscrazy ( v0.4a )

Thank you to everyone who supported my projects.

Media (1)

rh_banner.gif (649.1KiB)

Comments (22)
user avatar
User #17470624 - 27 Aug 19 21:39
Thanks for the android version!
user avatar
★ ntrman - 27 Aug 19 21:43
Your welcome! Please do tell if there are some issues as the apk is untested on my side.
user avatar
User #210293 - 29 Aug 19 00:53
I redownloaded the game, but it still doesn't seem like the gallery is working. Is anyone else having this problem?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 Aug 19 01:11
sorry i haven't finish patching that yet. the update 2 is for a progression bug. i'll try to patch this one up before the day ends. sorry for the inconvenience
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 Aug 19 15:42
hello i patched up this issue. please give it a try once again. sorry for the inconvenience
user avatar
User #210293 - 29 Aug 19 22:26
The gallery still does not appear to work, even after downloading the new update.
user avatar
User #12318654 - 30 Aug 19 08:17
just tried the new patch, still the same. gallery aint working.
user avatar
User #23788649 - 31 Aug 19 11:39
Gureito Geimu!! 素晴らしい!!
user avatar
User #17014683 - 10 Sep 19 13:50
Really liked NTR ending!
user avatar
User #5575869 - 28 Aug 19 10:15
is there anyway to rewatch the scenes after unlocking them?? they are still inaccessible after unlocking them in the gallery
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Aug 19 10:40
that is a known bug. fixing it atm.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 Aug 19 15:47
hello i patched up this issue. please give it a try once again. sorry for the inconvenience
user avatar
User #4857177 - 28 Aug 19 11:36
Tried all three games and they only show text and no background images. Can anyone help.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Aug 19 11:43
hello please send me a DM regarding the details on how it occurs. so i can give it a look
user avatar
User #830782 - 29 Aug 19 03:15
My own opinion but I wish the NTR was more front-perspective and male oriented. Like- many NTR games allow you to play through them with male perspective and then female perspective- or simply choose to hide scenes. It would be a short game with the akemi perspective switch taken out but it's still nice to see the changes in her behavior only- And the comments on the strange stains or messy hair or something.. NTR from just out of view of the male protag- leaving just a bit to imagination is the best form of it. Hope you try sprite stains and more sprite expressions and add a male perspective only focus in the future. NTR is less about art and more about development and teasing. On that note- your art is really great for NTR so i'm looking forward to see how far you branch out of the comfort zone and try new versions and perspectives of it.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Aug 19 05:46
UPDATE: Release now available to other tiers.
user avatar
User #6473753 - 3 Sep 19 03:29
This game was amazing! Kinda wish you coulda added the office sex scenes but besides that, loved this game. Keep up the great work!
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Aug 19 09:37
UPDATE 2: Bug fix
user avatar
User #18262337 - 3 Oct 19 11:28
your skip botton is so hard to click hahahahah
user avatar
User #439293 - 17 Sep 19 23:14
I just finished this and was wondering if there was going to be any more to it or if this was it. I am GREATLY appreciative of what you've done thus far and do say thanks for the great work.
user avatar
User #18112656 - 28 Aug 19 02:53
"I finally rest. And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe"
user avatar
User #14336836 - 23 Sep 19 21:46
I really enjoyed this visual novel. You have a gift for creating an narrative, especially in the ntr genre. The only thing I would like to see is actual animations in some of the scenes. And also increase the use of sound effects (mainly female sounds of pleasure). Ive just recently became a patron of yours, I cant wait to see what you come up with in the future
Apologies 2019-08-07T15:18:39+00:00

Hi everyone, There's been a lot of question regarding the status of production.

i'm still hard at work and working as fast i could to drop the build releases this month w/o affecting quality of work. i apologize for the inadequate amount of content to the previous weeks.

i hope to make up for all those time and to hopefully please everyone with the upcoming new releases ( i personally think i somehow manage to greatly increase quality this time ). i might need at least a few weeks more to finish this said builds.

2 Releases planned for this month:

  • v0.9 A Small Village [ Main Story concluded ]
  • v1.0 Rural Homecoming


EDIT: If you guys have doubts whether the said builds will be available this month. please wait for an official posts with titles such as "v1.0 Released" or something alike before making a pledge.

Again i apologize and please just hold on a bit more.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4677725 - 10 Aug 19 08:33
No need to apologise for the delay, good stuff takes time and I really think your games are top tier. Really looking forward to the new releases!
user avatar
User #21172073 - 10 Aug 19 01:04
Thank you. Will be waiting with excitement.
user avatar
User #12420995 - 14 Aug 19 13:03
Thanks for explanation
Short Comic #3
Short Comic #3more_vert
Short Comic #3 2019-07-16T11:41:32+00:00close

Short Update

Yes, i'm still alive and development is still in progress.

there's a bit of struggle on the dev side a week ago, due to a lot of new components being added to the VN engine for the new features however things are back to normal and Art materials is going smoothly as usual.

Attachments (1)

scomic_3.zip (8.2MiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #5661624 - 16 Jul 19 13:09
Ah, Aunt Aiko. Interesting to see where this series go now.
user avatar
User #341425 - 17 Jul 19 01:29
user avatar
User #983127 - 17 Jul 19 18:47
Love your work though I prefer it when guy doesn't find out... ;)
user avatar
User #17014683 - 10 Sep 19 13:51
Agreed, I get more enjoyment from the guy being too dumb and happy to realize, than the shame from rubbing his nose in it
user avatar
User #4636074 - 16 Jul 19 14:16
Just fantastic work as always!
user avatar
User #19573203 - 17 Jul 19 01:04
this is what i am here for, thanks !
user avatar
User #10991057 - 17 Jul 19 00:04
user avatar
User #17014683 - 10 Sep 19 13:52
Really nice escalation!!
user avatar
User #4217191 - 16 Jul 19 15:07
Id like to download it so that i can read without network. Can u plz upload it on google drive and share?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 16 Jul 19 15:52
added .zip attachment. thanks~
New Features for Adelaide Inn 2
New Features for Adelaide Inn 2more_vert
Post file flag
New Features for Adelaide Inn 2 2019-07-03T21:22:13+00:00close

Hello everyone, here is what's going under the production mantle at the moment, i won't provide breadcrumb updates, this is to reduce spoilers.

Ongoing Progress:

  • Corruption Mechanics
    Decisions will now decide the outcome of your story, no matter how small or big it may be. it will make an impact on your wife's actions, personality and even her way of clothing

  • New & Old Visitors
    visitors of different race will stay at your inn as well as old patrons and they will be staying a bit more longer than the usual. are you going to offer them some "extra" once again or is that "service", a thing of the past?

Prototype build. will be improved further.

  • Beverage Mixing
    New way to Earn gold
    by doing some bar-tending work as you mix beverages and drinks for dwellers and casual drunkards. And you might never need to let your wife provide some "extra" to the guests again. (but who am i joking..)

Early build. will be improved further.

  • Inn Management
    Keep your Inn alive and kicking by maintaining it's facilities with your hard earned gold to keep away the king's bureaucrats from tearing down your Inn.

  • Conditional Endings
    Want a vanilla ending?
    Want a not-so-bad ending? No Problem.
    Want a bad ending? Brothers, I exists for this reason alone.

Thank you guys for supporting me until now. i will give my best to make Adelaide an NTR Story to remember.

Every pledge will help me find an extra hand to make the art production much faster as i do both art and development alone. except for writing which i do have some good friends who helps me create the story along the way

i won't be able to finish everything in a month but i will try to provide an early build as soon as it's ready else you will continue to receive other rewards this month like manga and such.


Questions and Concerns? Drop a message.

Comments (27)
user avatar
User #3722877 - 5 Aug 19 07:53
is it possible to add more girl(waitress) and currupt her along with his wife.
user avatar
User #20752193 - 16 Jul 19 03:10
Keep up the good work ! I played part 1 and I couldn't put it down. (The game I mean.. >_>;)
user avatar
User #14053500 - 31 Jul 19 19:46
So wait, this is a continuation of the story? Whats the point of a vanilla route? The wife is already a cheating bitch and you have already been cucked. No one who doesn't like NTR will be able to enjoy that route with the already canon background, and NTR players wont enjoy it as it isnt NTR. Literal no point in a vanilla route, just add it in your next game instead.
user avatar
User #21825073 - 6 Aug 19 17:32
Agreed, unless this is a alternate timeline or something whats the point of making a vanilla route when your forced to be a cuck? Seems like even the dev wont address this.
user avatar
User #4677725 - 10 Aug 19 08:55
But vanilla route/ending in this game would surely still involve your character being cucked because the MC is a cuck. So vanilla would be getting cucked but not loosing his wife. No?
user avatar
User #21824867 - 11 Aug 19 08:16
I wouldn't consider cuckold vanilla at all. If that's his definition of vanilla hes -1 drain cells. Its a useless route in this game in particular, adding it in future games would be the best bet.
user avatar
User #21790058 - 3 Jul 19 22:23
HOLY SHIT! this is a very freaking huge improvement compared to the first one!! can't wait man! love your work. your a freaking hidden gem. i'll upgrade whenever i can to help you hire another hand.
user avatar
User #2346361 - 8 Jul 19 18:26
This looks amazing. Hope you do a lot of content where both husband and wife agree and enjoy her sleeping with others. Not just bad ending. They should both still love each other even if they both want her to fuck others...
user avatar
User #8512191 - 6 Jul 19 01:08
Hope the android version for this come soon.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 6 Jul 19 01:29
sorry but android version will not be available for Adelaide Inn 2 due to UI constrains for mobile resolution.
user avatar
User #2600590 - 13 Jul 19 21:05
Yeah I actually expected different outcome for each decisions. Nice!
user avatar
User #4636074 - 3 Jul 19 22:55
Man I can't wait! I'm definitely looking forward to those corruption levels. This definitely looks great and keep up the good work!
user avatar
User #3086758 - 4 Jul 19 20:21
Im more of a happy netorase kind of guy so Im happy that a not so bad ending is planned.
user avatar
User #15371556 - 25 Jul 19 00:47
So will the vanilla route actually have content? Or is this just a ploy to boost numbers?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 25 Jul 19 19:59
vanilla branch can be achieved and will depend heavily on choices.
user avatar
User #15371556 - 27 Jul 19 06:27
That's not what I asked at all. Is the vanilla route going to have a equal amount of CONTENT, aka scenes?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 27 Jul 19 11:03
it does. why waste time to develop a vanilla branches in the first place if it won't have the same amount of vanilla sex content.
user avatar
User #15371556 - 28 Jul 19 07:39
You would be surprised, there's multiple creators that like to flaunt optional NTR despite it being 99% of the game.
user avatar
User #2737587 - 7 Jul 19 10:07
This looks absolutely amazing! I’d be more than happy to support your work
user avatar
User #18277420 - 3 Jul 19 23:26
user avatar
User #341425 - 4 Jul 19 00:03
Awesome, really excited to play the next version! Don't rush anything, do a nice pace for your comfort and the high quality and keep with the great work!
user avatar
User #311957 - 3 Jul 19 22:27
Looks great!
user avatar
User #20544132 - 4 Jul 19 01:10
I saw the email at work and I was so hyped since I thought there was already an early build and got home and was sad lmao. But this is good news though! Looking forward to it
user avatar
User #446728 - 6 Jul 19 23:42
Wow looking forward to the update. I really enjoy your games, only thing I see lacking is choices, decisions, and a little bit more CG in the scenes. However I see that you're work hard on improving. I'm glad to be supporting you. Thank you for the amazing work.
user avatar
User #305059 - 19 Jul 19 04:18
Just Jumped on Board, your a gem my man! Can't wait to see this in action!
user avatar
User #10642791 - 7 Jul 19 18:47
Awesome! when can we expect v2 to drop?
user avatar
User #4910230 - 7 Aug 19 11:32
when is gonna come out this update? i can t wait for real
Short Comic #2
Short Comic #2more_vert
Post file flag
Short Comic #2 2019-07-02T08:41:50+00:00close

Have some short-manga while your waiting for the main dish.

Full Ver:


I'll also share some progress updates soon. i ask for your patience.

Update# 20
Update# 20more_vert
Post file flag
Update# 20 2019-06-24T08:20:32+00:00close

Everything i'm working on at the moment: ( Developed in Parallel )

i ask for your patience.

A Small Village: Chapter Emi (Final Update)

  • Eiji's POV
  • Conditional Endings
  • Additional Scenes for Emi
  • Android Build
  • Grammar and Bug fix

Adelaide Inn: Chapter 1

  • Android Build
  • Bug fix

Short Manga (7~8 pages)

  • NTR as usual..

Adelaide Inn: Chapter 2

  • Expanded Story-line
  • New Characters / New H-Scenes
  • New Events (Internal / External)
  • Tavern Mini Game (Experimental Phase)
  • Conditional Endings
  • Same Couple

The Rural Homecoming: Rewrite

  • Full story rewrite
  • Redesigned Characters
  • Conditional Endings

All will be worked on in Parallel Development (worked side to side w/ each project)
Publish dates for each will be declared consecutively.

Questions and Feedback, Just drop a message thanks.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #21172073 - 26 Jun 19 20:07
Small village is awesome. That cliff hanger though lol. Excited for the update.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Jun 19 16:35
thanks, please look forward to it.
user avatar
User #14178785 - 26 Jun 19 02:47
You're the best NTRMAN.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Jun 19 16:34
thanks, i will work harder.
user avatar
User #10151731 - 25 Jun 19 19:41
Hey, just saw you and immediately wanted to be a patron! love the Genre!
user avatar
★ ntrman - 28 Jun 19 16:34
thanks, i will work harder.
user avatar
User #885465 - 30 Jun 19 13:12
Visual Novels Game ??
user avatar
User #5575869 - 28 Jun 19 19:06
Lol the inn is the best, keep up the good work
user avatar
User #1004725 - 2 Jul 19 09:15
Yep the inn is my favourite, cant wait for more updates. Fantastic work NTRMAN!
Post file flag
Update#16 2019-06-18T11:17:18+00:00close

Base CG Scenes are now complete. i shall add some final variations to them and do some cleanup on character renders after that some last touch editing to the story/script then it'll be ready for QA check.

if everything goes well and i'm fulfilled with the final quality it should be ready for build release.

Please look forward to it. Also some important announcement will be made post-release.

v0.7 Released [ Project#3 ]
v0.7 Released [ Project#3 ]more_vert
Post file flag
v0.7 Released [ Project#3 ] 2019-06-22T14:54:55+00:00close

Hello Everyone,

Previously on my updates i did mention that the release for this month is v1.0 This release in fact is already the v1.0 build. (the original story only composed of Emi's POV). However, After playing it repeatedly, i find that it still lacks more content and could be improved further, so i decided to expand it a bit more and decided to rewrite the ending ,future updates is detailed further below :


  • Eiji's Side
  • Additional Scenes for Emi
  • Conditional Endings (2 endings)

I will also provide updates regarding new content for ADELAIDE INN soon.

and i did listen to your feedbacks so i tried to improve on what i can and added more raunchy scenes and tried to increase visual quality as much as possible.

i hope you enjoy this build and find it satisfactory.

DOWNLOAD(64-bit) (If this won't work on your side please try the 32-bit)


Just extract and play.

For bugs and issues, please do send me a message or contact me via discord


Comments (11)
user avatar
User #23515111 - 4 Sep 19 08:25
Should this be played on a phone or computer?
user avatar
User #11534681 - 23 Jun 19 19:42
Amazing work
user avatar
User #8512191 - 22 Jun 19 18:30
Do this have an android download version?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 23 Jun 19 01:40
it does have one. but it's currently not optimized for mobile atm.
user avatar
User #2600590 - 23 Jun 19 21:15
It says the work has been updated, are there any changes from yesterdays upload?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 23 Jun 19 04:00
Android build will come at a later date.
user avatar
User #5575869 - 22 Jun 19 19:20
hey ntrman, i was wondering if you would ever do a story where mc gets cucked by the opposite gender. meaning his girl gets stolen by a lesbian?? would be unique if you do it, no problem if not.
user avatar
User #341425 - 22 Jun 19 19:17
Awesome work man! Your art and the narrative reminds me of Hana Hook's work, were you inspired by that?
user avatar
User #5579198 - 1 Sep 19 15:29
DOWNLOAD(64-bit) link for 32 bit version(A Small Village_v0.7_32-bit .zip), is this normal?
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User #14336836 - 23 Sep 19 21:50
Do you have android versions for other vns? Or is it just for rural homecoming at the moment?
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User #3791660 - 22 Jun 19 22:53
would love to have an android version of this <3
Update #14
Update #14more_vert
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Update #14 2019-06-10T16:58:32+00:00close

Hi guys, just a short update. I've started scripting the full story. i just realized that the entire story exceeded the word count that i thought it would have. so far everything is going according to timeline. I've also finished drafting the CG scenes (12 scenes in total each w/ variations) and i will start polishing them after i finish the scripting and adding sounds to the scenes

Also i've started studying live2D. i might implement something someday.

Thank you and Please look forward to it.

Comments (2)
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User #11272898 - 11 Jun 19 10:32
Can't wait
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User #6659578 - 12 Jun 19 07:34
I love more dialogue so I don't mind the extended word count as long as its NTR enough for me X3 <3
Update#13 + Archived Contents 2019-06-06T02:59:54+00:00

Since a lot of new dwellers were asking about "those" contents:
(This post will be removed after a few days.)


Completed Shorts

WIPS (Manga(s) that are not yet done.)


I'm trying something new with visuals for Emi with simple face animations (like expressions and stuff) i can't really assure if i could implement it to the main game as i've said this is pretty new to me but i'll do what i can.


Update #12
Update #12more_vert
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Update #12 2019-06-02T15:50:39+00:00close

This Project's story is now 70% complete. i will now proceed to the most tedious part The "Art (CG Scenes)". I will go dark for possibly a week or two to create the visuals. (and there's a lot of it.especially background works.).so i apologize in advance if i might not be able to respond or post content during the said period.

As always please do look forward to it this month.

Thanks a lot guys..

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User #11272898 - 2 Jun 19 22:05
Can't wait!
Update #11
Update #11more_vert
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Update #11 2019-05-29T17:36:12+00:00close

Project Emi is a go. ( showa )
Working on Interior Backgrounds Visuals and Scripting. Story is at 50%.CG's are still at draft phase. but will be relatively many than previous one.

Will provide more details soon.
and yes i will still continue illustrations series as soon as i clear my workload


Adelaide Inn Resource Files
Adelaide Inn Resource Filesmore_vert
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Adelaide Inn Resource Files 2019-05-29T17:09:43+00:00close



CG Scenes (HD):


I was hoping to also share some of the speed paint progress videos i have but unfortunately the disk drive holding most of those files was corrupted due to an electric outage ( i was royally pissed that day ) ( i did tried to revive it. but unfortunately it still won't work. )

Questions and Feedback just drop a message or comment.


Comments (10)
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User #6659578 - 29 May 19 17:45
My favorite game so far, only question is, will you draw more CGs in future VNs? Like will there be an increase CG set.
user avatar
★ ntrman - 29 May 19 17:51
i'm hoping i could work on a faster phase but having more CG sets actually requires a lot more time. (adelaide took 2-3 weeks alone for the art resources and 1 week for scripting/audio/editing). so the more CG sets i plan to make the longer it will take.
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User #20853670 - 14 Jun 19 03:57
Hi I am new to your patreon but do you usually do good or bad endings for your games ?
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User #2346361 - 13 Jun 19 19:48
really hope this game continues. hopefully with some more choices
user avatar
User #603275 - 6 Jun 19 11:06
the game said to be continued is there going to be more of this story maybe a NTR ending from one the characters
user avatar
★ ntrman - 6 Jun 19 13:07
there's a planned content update for this but its still in a document format. right now, i'm working on a new project which i could hopefully share within this month.
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User #10642791 - 13 Jun 19 02:48
when do you think you will begin the continuation of this vn?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 13 Jun 19 02:59
at the end of this month.after i finish the current one.
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User #13183045 - 1 Sep 19 09:22
all links are down :(
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★ ntrman - 1 Sep 19 12:15
sorry, the links should be fix now.
v1.0 Released [ Project #2 ]
v1.0 Released [ Project #2 ]more_vert
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v1.0 Released [ Project #2 ] 2019-05-28T12:01:00+00:00close

Download: (64-bit)

Download: (32-bit)

Big thanks to everyone who stayed and wait.

I hope this earns me my sleep as this project has been on full prod for the last 3-4 weeks. a lot of nights were sleepless and a lot of energy has been spent.

Also this is by far my very first project that uses Medieval/Fantasy Visual Elements so it might have some flaws here and there. still we put a lot of effort it creating this.

So please grab a coffee and perhaps some Kleenex. sit back and enjoy the game.

For bugs and feedback Please do report them at the Discord Channel

Android port not available atm.
- Comic Version will come at a later period.

I would also like to announce that Akemi will be pushed and released after Emi's Story as I've decided that it's quality is substandard after so many many revisions for Patreon's Rulebook ( and also because making it was very tiring and stressful. ) it will still retain it's origin flow but will be standardized for PT guidelines.

Comments (13)
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User #7128792 - 28 May 19 23:37
Try SubscribeStar, they're nowhere near as strict
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User #7128792 - 28 May 19 23:37
+ I hate patreon so I'd feel better donating there bc it won't support this website
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User #4217191 - 10 Jun 19 17:02
Just a recommendation, u dont have to do it if u dont want, but can u add the scene replay as well, not just cg plz?
user avatar
★ ntrman - 10 Jun 19 17:17
that will be implemented on the next content update.
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User #12042361 - 31 May 19 13:36
I don’t want to seem pushy but when can we expect the next release for this project and the others. I’m a huge fan btw.
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User #14178785 - 18 Jun 19 00:58
Amazing. Just amazing, please continue. Loved every moment of it.
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User #4677725 - 27 Jun 19 00:43
Amazing game loved it, think getting a chance to see the full h-scenes from the wife's perspective would be awesome!
user avatar
User #9902989 - 29 May 19 10:53
Congratulations! Your work is awesome! I would like to see much more sex scenes in other projects! Keep going man!
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User #5463977 - 10 Jan 20 16:04
i downloaded the game, how do I view it on mac?
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User #20752193 - 24 Sep 19 20:08
By far, the hottest of all the games. I am looking forward to the sequel!
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User #4293473 - 25 Sep 19 00:44
I agree!
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User #3115023 - 5 Jun 19 23:43
This is definitely a favorite of mine. It said "to be continued", how much more content do you expect to make for this? Love it
user avatar
★ ntrman - 6 Jun 19 03:11
there's a planned content update for this but its still in a document format. right now, i'm working on a new project which i could hopefully share within this month.
Update #10
Update #10more_vert
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Update #10 2019-05-21T15:36:39+00:00close

Please look forward to it. We worked hard for this one.

Comments (2)
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User #3233639 - 21 May 19 16:14
Nice~ I'm looking forward to it.
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User #19221729 - 22 May 19 11:05
can't wait to play
Update #8
Update #8more_vert
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Update #8 2019-05-16T13:06:09+00:00close

Apologies for my Inactivity here. this is my quarter update.

The Rural Homecoming's Story Status..
Due the recent suspension of Patreon's Safety team a lot of scenes we're rewrite due to it's Non-consent nature and Humiliation Themes. i will be sharing the revised build once it's approved including the remaining contents.

So what i'm doing right now...
Background Locations.I can't disclose too much details other than this.but this will be worth the wait and i hope you guys embraced it.

And about that Unaffiliated "2nd Project"...
Apologies again.but I'll be sharing new details regarding this only at my personal discord channel to abide the content guidelines and rules of Patreon.

Thank you so much and Please look forward to it.

QUESTIONS / FEEDBACK > Send a message here or at my discord.

Comments (1)
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User #4206486 - 18 May 19 05:29
Do you have a discord? I’m
Suspension lift.
Suspension lift.more_vert
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Suspension lift. 2019-05-10T18:37:32+00:00close

Due to the previous suspension a lot of contents where removed there will be some changes on the contents that i'll be posting and affiliating Patreon's name to adhere their Rules & Guidelines.

Discord for unrelated stuff:
https://discord.gg/dgtp3cS (UPDATED)

Please send me a message on your username so i can assign a member role.

Thanks a lot and i apologize for the inconvenience this has made.

Comments (11)
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User #3810529 - 11 May 19 12:39
Marlonpacino #0596
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User #10991057 - 10 May 19 20:38
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User #19887358 - 13 May 19 02:52
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User #4049957 - 13 May 19 19:55
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User #311957 - 10 May 19 20:02
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User #8512191 - 10 May 19 23:26
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User #4712591 - 10 May 19 18:55
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User #16484250 - 10 May 19 22:36
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User #6090411 - 10 May 19 22:40
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User #3032307 - 13 May 19 01:56
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User #19237396 - 14 May 19 06:06
Temporary Suspension 2019-05-07T04:29:34+00:00

i just want to update you guys that my account has been temporarily suspended and i'm already consulting to them as i typed this. there will be some changes on how i will be releasing future contents from now on.

i will still be posting content and updates

a lot of contents have been removed.

Question & Concerns please send me message.

Preparations 2019-03-05T07:42:25+00:00

please wait as i'm preparing my schedules for ya'll to be aware of what to receive on what day or what you will receive.

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User #2586938 - 9 Jun 19 06:07
How much do I have to hate myself to enjoy your game?

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