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Almost done with this cosplay !
Almost done with this cosplay ! more_vert
Post file flag
Almost done with this cosplay ! 2019-12-28T13:02:57+00:00close

So when I am done I will be doing a massive set with it !

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10847402 - 28 Dec 19 19:27
its looking amazing
Big cosplay update
Big cosplay update more_vert
Post file flag
Big cosplay update 2019-12-05T22:13:53+00:00close

So this is how far I am in my massive cosplay I am building which so far Has cost over 1000 dollars in materials and it’s just ... such an undertaking lol

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3299714 - 5 Dec 19 22:46
Looks amazing!
user avatar
User #5184263 - 5 Dec 19 23:56
Looks Incredible!
Life After Injury ♥️
Life After Injury ♥️more_vert
Life After Injury ♥️ 2019-12-02T04:23:02+00:00close

Attachments (30)

82A67640-CE1A-4E72-9AE5-18882E0611E3.jpeg (754.9KiB)
D522FB83-3158-442A-9DE9-22B4F5B0CDB7.jpeg (943.4KiB)
9F5F1B25-28A6-4AA3-B4C6-1C7D8B3D3AC1.jpeg (1.1MiB)
25B23132-A8CC-4354-A008-6B029EFF7808.jpeg (936.3KiB)
FC5CD238-0FE6-4498-97E6-C7F55FB54E0A.jpeg (625.7KiB)
3C295A35-A7F3-448F-BE7E-45FD22B2F817.jpeg (994.0KiB)
FDAABE8E-2E76-44A0-8823-837A0B8AB54A.jpeg (751.5KiB)
2E6FD634-A18E-4E04-A963-982E07F0DA91.jpeg (885.4KiB)
0E02F0C4-3AC8-4326-AEB8-B30E107E71CC.jpeg (681.8KiB)
FA63AB73-1FA4-401C-9E6D-6534F86CE744.jpeg (569.0KiB)
AA2C7F76-1308-47F8-9839-04EF2412885C.jpeg (621.1KiB)
EC05043A-46EF-4411-A52B-7AEA47B19281.jpeg (622.3KiB)
72528438-7EF1-46E5-8E2D-E95A7A4D9740.jpeg (659.9KiB)
8C6E0AC0-6C5F-4E15-BEC4-5033625AF5DB.jpeg (397.8KiB)
837E3504-2BA8-4F68-8900-38037FAFE56E.jpeg (723.3KiB)
62681248-75CB-4DF8-A4F1-5251C0C108DC.jpeg (436.0KiB)
36AF1823-138F-4932-A640-3ED58D925CAB.jpeg (374.2KiB)
5D98FA7D-D627-49E9-BDB3-5C0A9281AC2F.jpeg (372.3KiB)
7056E39F-34AA-4B8D-8B12-D88578C11A16.jpeg (380.1KiB)
869574DA-8ACE-4691-B600-07713972CB7C.jpeg (382.7KiB)
DBEA22D4-9F25-4329-B8EB-879A44CA0C12.jpeg (430.2KiB)
57F40FED-E2BF-4321-BDAA-08F9242C2408.jpeg (433.0KiB)
D3A2B67D-F10B-43D5-9916-2104CC15C0EB.jpeg (382.9KiB)
0ED33DB7-16B9-4DFF-B8C0-9028B63EE240.jpeg (429.6KiB)
87615B8D-3599-4E76-8E30-A774527C9ED2.jpeg (427.8KiB)
F0165C25-EFE1-4C0C-B23E-2240A0BAC477.jpeg (369.0KiB)
6D06C4A2-C9DC-4573-B517-0FF2B3112DBE.jpeg (438.7KiB)
4A8F3867-4350-4A86-87A4-24B7390D845B.jpeg (453.7KiB)
C1605D9B-9BF4-4468-BD5F-C5C9F1468489.jpeg (436.0KiB)
9D7872D5-4595-429A-BFC1-CD4023E9BFA3.jpeg (372.0KiB)

Bathroom booty time 😜🖤 2019-10-25T03:41:17+00:00

Laugh time
Laugh time more_vert
Laugh time 2019-08-07T14:36:26+00:00close

Attachments (1)

AEDEB4B2-638D-41A9-AD12-8FB19F198EB8.MOV (19.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #23397123 - 18 Aug 19 06:05
So worth joining here awesome content
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 18 Aug 19 13:31
Awh thanks hun!! 🥰
Is there good content ? 2019-05-01T20:29:50+00:00

Just curious - I’ve been doing more “flashy” content for 100 dollar tiers where there’s more skin And some nudity . but I’ve also been posting every day and if I miss a day I post tons the next day.

question is - is there good content so far ?

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #19179373 - 28 Dec 19 12:20
Wasn’t enough nipple for me, I tapped out
user avatar
User #19689525 - 1 May 19 20:32
So far the content I have been seeing is great, no complaints on my end.
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 1 May 19 21:25
Aw okay that means a lot !! 🤗
user avatar
User #20080934 - 10 May 19 20:43
Some nudes in 45 Tier would be nice 😋 just some
user avatar
User #19917671 - 6 Jun 19 19:35
My only issue is that I feel you use way too many filters and stuff. It gets distracting from what I'm really trying to look at, i.e., you. Especially in videos. Some of the video effects just straight up wash you out, or blur you.
user avatar
User #21046333 - 10 Jun 19 18:59
One day I'll see but right now I'm just on snapchat
user avatar
User #8500390 - 1 May 19 22:00
I enjoy everything you do for us. Theres real effort and i appreciate that
user avatar
User #15538890 - 1 May 19 21:07
At the $45 tier the content is always great, totally appreciate all the effort you put in to please us.
My motto
My motto more_vert
Post file flag
My motto 2019-01-15T13:47:21+00:00close

Who I am !

Twitch tonight live !!
Twitch tonight live !! more_vert
Post file flag
Twitch tonight live !! 2019-01-10T23:52:44+00:00close

Okay You choose !
Okay You choose !more_vert
Post file flag
Okay You choose ! 2019-01-07T01:35:38+00:00close

Okay so do people like the direction where I’m trying to go live and do twitch and gaming videos or do people want to just leave this more a picture site and picture content ?

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15538890 - 7 Jan 19 01:46
It's great your going live, I just missed it today because I was over at a friend's watching football and getting my butt kicked at Risk
user avatar
User #11523057 - 7 Jan 19 03:04
I like that way, go on 🖤 🖤
Next cosplay ?
Next cosplay ? more_vert
Post file flag
Next cosplay ? 2019-01-03T18:17:20+00:00close

I’m going to be ordering new clothing and making new cosplay - which should it be ?

Lara Croft


This suit from the movie ghost in the shell

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #9743357 - 3 Jan 19 20:30
user avatar
User #11523057 - 5 Jan 19 09:06
Ryuko ❤️❤️
user avatar
User #9317574 - 4 Jan 19 18:52
definitely felicia or Lara Croft with short shorts.
user avatar
User #15898154 - 3 Jan 19 23:30
Felicia for sure !!
user avatar
User #13007082 - 3 Jan 19 18:19
user avatar
User #5836370 - 3 Jan 19 18:26
Felicia ❤️
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 4 Jan 19 09:13
Lol ok I’ll price it out and see if I can get it customly made
user avatar
User #7067386 - 3 Jan 19 18:37
user avatar
User #15538890 - 3 Jan 19 19:20
user avatar
User #14980151 - 5 Jan 19 01:41
user avatar
User #9335282 - 3 Jan 19 18:27
user avatar
User #14980151 - 5 Jan 19 01:38
Kill la kill
New notification
New notification more_vert
Post file flag
New notification 2019-01-01T20:44:22+00:00close

Every 100 dollar patron or more will get 2 nudes sent to their Snapchat every week !!

please anyone who is a 100 dollar patron comment below and I will make sure to get you your first ones today

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #3900334 - 9 Jan 19 12:10
Lol I dont have that kinda of money #mustbenice☝️
user avatar
User #16275061 - 6 Jan 19 15:17
Yes please
user avatar
User #13007082 - 1 Jan 19 21:21
yes please
user avatar
User #9317574 - 2 Jan 19 16:31
yes please
user avatar
User #10984254 - 7 Jan 19 21:20
yes please
user avatar
User #15653830 - 21 Jan 19 02:03
Just rejoined 100 dollar tier. Tellico1077
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 21 Jan 19 08:59
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 21 Jan 19 09:00
Added you again add me !
Goals this year !!
Goals this year !! more_vert
Post file flag
Goals this year !! 2019-01-01T18:17:33+00:00close

I want to bring you all some really really good content ! So on my agenda is I’m going to try to save up for

-a game capture card , elgato pcie

- a GeForce rtx 2080 graphics card

- more ram for my computer

with these things I will be able to blow all of you away ! I want to do live streaming and processing for you all and I want to really entertain everyone instead of just be solely a picture platform !! I want to bring so many shows to you that you can watch not just me gaming but me doing more and more big videos ! And these things will help me really produce things better !! So I’m saving up this year and stay tuned for some cool stuff !!

Boobs fixed in a hurry !! Let me show you
Boobs fixed in a hurry !! Let me show you more_vert
Post file flag
Boobs fixed in a hurry !! Let me show you 2018-12-30T17:15:16+00:00close

How to make your boobies look good https://youtu.be/6rXInZ3PQRI

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15779564 - 30 Dec 18 17:15
user avatar
User #14447410 - 1 Jan 19 08:05
Man, the fat me from a decade ago could really used this tip.
Accenting butt cleavage
Accenting butt cleavage more_vert
Post file flag
Accenting butt cleavage 2018-12-30T17:14:15+00:00close

How to Accentuate Your Butt Cleavage!! https://youtu.be/r-geZsjfPfY

Here’s the video !!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #15779564 - 30 Dec 18 17:15
So good😍🤤
Accenting breast cleavage
Accenting breast cleavage more_vert
Post file flag
Accenting breast cleavage 2018-12-29T23:46:01+00:00close

How To Accentuate Your Breast Cleavage!! https://youtu.be/npP5b6n601Q

I made a tutorial :-) a funny one

Contest drawing rules !!
Contest drawing rules !! more_vert
Post file flag
Contest drawing rules !! 2018-12-29T15:20:39+00:00close

Ok this one is simple !!

New Years I do the drawing !!

Send me proof you either watch a YouTube video I did - or subscribed or watched either of my films on Hulu ( Anna) or ( allegiance of powers )

And if you do you gain one entry each thing you do . I will put all of these entries into the app and your name and you will be in the drawing for the poster !!

Now when you get the poster please make sure you send me a pic of it up !!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9335282 - 29 Dec 18 20:12
Subscribed! Watched both videos in youtube :)
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 30 Dec 18 01:53
Happy holidays but serious question 2018-12-24T19:28:52+00:00

I want to wish everyone a happy holidays but -

Question -

Is there something that I’m doing people don’t like or think could be improved ? I am trying to always take pics but also add more content like the videos and everything - so if people like one thing but not another please let me know .

I know I can’t talk on Snapchat all of the time and such because there’s only so much time in the day plus I have a full time job . But it’s as much as I can do ! If that’s not enough let me know - I can figure things out .

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #8158044 - 24 Dec 18 20:58
I think you're doing a solid job. I've seen you progress from the beginning and theres no complaints here. You have a wide variety of ways you get content to those of us who dont ruin our snapchat priveliges lol. No complaints here
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 24 Dec 18 23:12
user avatar
User #3900334 - 24 Dec 18 19:32
Do you have a discord?
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 24 Dec 18 19:33
Yes I do
user avatar
Would this be an interest 2018-12-22T22:03:07+00:00

Would people be interested in giveaways - like






-or whatever you can think of

(Let me know I’m open to discussion)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16438723 - 12 Jan 19 14:49
Everyone loves giveaways and nudes especially of you 😍😍
user avatar
User #15538890 - 22 Dec 18 22:52
All sound interesting for sure, what would the giveaway be for? Raffle tickets? Example: 1 raffle ticket per $10 on Patreon, additional raffle tickets be bought for $10 donation. Draw X amount per month, add more tickets per month if don't win. Gives incentive to stay as a Patreon to you all year long.
user avatar
User #15833476 - 23 Dec 18 03:20
Everyone loves a giveaway
user avatar
User #15122322 - 23 Dec 18 02:21
Anything coming from you would be amazing. I'm sure everyone would be interested in giveaways
Tonight !!
Tonight !!more_vert
Post file flag
Tonight !! 2018-12-20T16:12:44+00:00close

New pics !!!

For tier 100 - individual personalized videos - 2

For tier 45 - 1 shorter video

For tier 10 - access to pics and cute Snapchat and private YouTube content !!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9743357 - 20 Dec 18 16:14
Aww yay merry Christmas to us!
Hulu movies I’m in
Hulu movies I’m in more_vert
Post file flag
Hulu movies I’m in 2018-12-19T15:27:56+00:00close

So there’s two films on Hulu that I did years and years and years ago that are right now on Hulu if anyone wants to check them out

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #15779564 - 19 Dec 18 16:33
I might cancel doing anything tonight 2018-12-19T01:04:47+00:00

I want to cry - someone went in and hacked my phone and iTunes and spent 180 dollars and then when I called to get it fixed it was another 100 dollars taken from me cause they hacked my phone and got me to give them more info ... and I just want to cry -

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #15779564 - 19 Dec 18 01:06
Dont worry they wanna have an punishment 😡
user avatar
User #9743357 - 19 Dec 18 01:05
Oh no!!!
user avatar
User #15538890 - 19 Dec 18 01:20
Terribly sorry, some people are horrible especially during the holidays
user avatar
User #9335282 - 19 Dec 18 05:58
Omg, don’t worry, everything has a solution
user avatar
User #9743357 - 19 Dec 18 01:05
Oh my God I'm so sorry!
Power outage at home !!!
Power outage at home !!!more_vert
Post file flag
Power outage at home !!! 2018-12-06T22:53:33+00:00close

Ok so I’ll keep you updated when I can post tonight and such but I have a power outage and have to wait for it to be fixed !!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #9743357 - 6 Dec 18 23:21
Hope it gets fixed soon so your food doesnt ruin!
user avatar
User #14889568 - 10 Dec 18 07:39
Nice !
user avatar
User #15779564 - 18 Dec 18 23:33
Cortana update
Cortana update more_vert
Post file flag
Cortana update 2018-12-05T18:34:07+00:00close

Okay so I’m soo close to getting enough to do Cortana !!

Im going to attempt to do them next week so if anyone feels they can spare a few more dollars for the Cortana cosplay please send me a message and I’ll give you the PayPal again . And by doing so I’m going to also shoot a bit of a video with it too! Try to get everything professional - now when I say shoot a video I mean !! I’m gonna be professionally put into the game movie and act out Cortana in an iconic scene

Comments (1)
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 6 Dec 18 00:49
The wig will be here by December 11 !! So now after that if I can get all of the funds I can get it professionally Painted on me !!
New contest !!
New contest !! more_vert
Post file flag
New contest !! 2018-12-03T08:20:45+00:00close

Last contest two of you won which was good guess - the characters I cosplayed in the answer were gaara -1 and Harley Quinn -2

Now newest contest -

Poetry ! The contest is not writing the best poem cause it’s not fair , but to write a poem dealing with the most stuff about me by going through the discord and patreon and talking to me !!! That will win - I will give this two full days by Wednesday !!! I need your poetry entry sent to my Snapchat !! There I will save it !

Winner gets !! - to win strip game free ticket

2nd place gets - to have access to a higher tier’s pics for a day or a second chance at a question on strip game

3rd place gets - three exclusive videos made just for this place !!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #15172337 - 3 Dec 18 15:02
Oh my!! Nice one <3
user avatar
User #15472750 - 4 Dec 18 08:27
U are so beautiful
user avatar
User #11523057 - 3 Dec 18 08:26
A nerdy poetess, u are so beautifull 😸😻
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 3 Dec 18 08:27
Cortana more_vert
Post file flag
Cortana 2018-12-02T02:56:24+00:00close

I need your help guys !

I am going to do this cosplay I’m pricing it out and it’s —- something pricey but I think I can do it ! If you guys want to help if you have any extra money to help pitch in it’s greatly appreciated .

For this I will take so many behind the scenes of creating it and making this so if anyone is interested in that and in seeing an actual scene shot using it !!! Yes !!! I will shoot a short movie with this cosplay with a professional crew!! And if you donate some even slightest bit you will get the video!! Anyone else will be able to see the pics depending on the tier but even a dollar gets you the video ! Now the more you donate the more behind the scenes you get and the more I will send you. I will be taking 1000 pics on this !! So yeah you can get all of that !!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #11523057 - 2 Dec 18 13:50
Sure I will give some help, tell me the way 💗
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 2 Dec 18 04:40
https://discord.gg/TxCpWG. My discord
user avatar
User #15172337 - 2 Dec 18 03:26
Contest !!
Contest !! more_vert
Post file flag
Contest !! 2018-11-30T18:49:55+00:00close

Okay I’m going to do black cat cosplay it costs a bit ... so I will need help anyone who donates will get raffle tickets for a free sexy video that details I can not say right now but it will be very very nice !!!

Every 2 dollars donated will give you a raffle ticket

Anyone who wants to just donate a good amount could earn one of these videos

- strip tease

-long ahegao

-twerking while stripping

-black tape removal and wiggle

- banana eating

Donate to PayPal - alienwolfmgi@yahoo.com

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #15172337 - 1 Dec 18 07:46
Tonight snapchat games as Harley
Tonight snapchat games as Harley more_vert
Post file flag
Tonight snapchat games as Harley 2018-11-27T01:48:49+00:00close

Three people can play first three people to message me on discord will play strip Snapchat with Harley

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #14089627 - 27 Nov 18 02:03
Still don’t have your Snapchat
user avatar
User #15172337 - 29 Nov 18 16:17
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 27 Nov 18 16:57
Please give me your Snapchat name I’ll add you
user avatar
User #14089627 - 27 Nov 18 19:47
Tonight will just be a fun shoot 2018-11-20T14:52:16+00:00

Tonight I do rias Gremory
Tonight I do rias Gremory more_vert
Post file flag
Tonight I do rias Gremory 2018-11-19T15:37:15+00:00close

The highest tiers will get video from this !

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6048280 - 19 Nov 18 16:43
we will see a lot of skin:)
Yoko is in I’m getting pro pics tomorrow !! 2018-11-18T06:47:57+00:00

You will all love today’s post !! 2018-11-17T16:54:24+00:00

😋🤗 you’ll see the amount of pics coming for today’s cosplay!!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14287605 - 18 Nov 18 03:57
Bout time!!! 😚😚
I’m sick today :-( 2018-11-13T23:56:43+00:00

I came down with a small sickness today so no games or posts but I will tomorrow after I kick this things butt

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14980151 - 14 Nov 18 04:30
Hope you are feeling better
user avatar
User #13007082 - 14 Nov 18 12:12
Feel better :(
I will be doing pro pics 2018-11-09T18:01:20+00:00

Of Harley soon!! Very very soon !!

Professional Hinata pics 2018-11-05T19:18:04+00:00

Today we got pro pics of Hinata coming !!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14287605 - 5 Nov 18 20:50
Bring it on!!! 😋😋
Game 2
Game 2 more_vert
Post file flag
Game 2 2018-11-01T14:56:00+00:00close

Starts off with copy cat !!

Take pics of yourself - dog - cat- anyone -copying one whole set of mine !

Now it has to be a proper set not just one or two pics

That brings you on to round 2

Round two is a secret that will be revealed to those who finish round 1 !!

Finalists will know cause I will contact them on Snapchat

Game 1!! 2018-11-01T14:39:39+00:00

Okay first let me give you what you’ll win ! So tonight I’m doing Hinata but I bought the full costume including the eyes so I’ll have all of that on and you will min uncovered uncensored version of all Hinata 😇 pics .

The game !!

There be treasure in them there hills!

I will give you clues of what land marks make up this treasure map - the landmarks all all my pictures you have to go through and choose which matches the “riddle” and then !! You must take pictures of yourself acting like you are going to these landmarks seeking them out and pointing to each where you will also show what you believe is the answer to each riddle and then at the end Indiana Jones style you must show you opening the big treasure box ! Did you win ? Or did you uncover the ark of the covenant?

FYI - if the riddle just points to. Set them show one pic from that set if it asks for a specific picture then go for a specific picture !


1- the peaks run high when they run red , following her will make you dead

2- she is cozy when in the cool , but don’t get bit by this ghoul

3- in this cavern try not to stare , it dwells a pillow of despair

4- bear it be, this boy be flashed you see

5- the loot be closer then you can smell, delight with her’ll put you in hell.

Now open your treasure you scurvy dog and see what delights come inside !!

Harley Quinn suicide squad 2018-10-31T18:07:28+00:00

Also bought the professional version of the suicide squad cosplay for Harley

And another cosplay coming
And another cosplay coming more_vert
Post file flag
And another cosplay coming 2018-10-31T14:28:35+00:00close

I hired someone to make this directly according to my body and I purchased the wig and all! It’s all custom and let me tell you the wig along was 95 dollars so yeah this was an expensive costume but I think you all will love what comes of it !!

I’m not just going to take pics with it we can do some “games “ using it too!!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14570472 - 31 Oct 18 15:59
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 16:11
Cosplay coming !!!
Cosplay coming !!! more_vert
Post file flag
Cosplay coming !!! 2018-10-31T14:25:16+00:00close

Okay so I have a special secret one I bought for this month !! It’s a female version of captain America nomad -

I was inspired after seeing this picture above so I bought all the materials to do the nomad version of this captain America !

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #14287605 - 31 Oct 18 14:28
I can do this all day!!! 😍😍🤩🤩
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 14:28
user avatar
User #13007082 - 31 Oct 18 23:25
Yessss love Captain America
Black tape project and me
Black tape project and me more_vert
Post file flag
Black tape project and me 2018-10-30T21:56:31+00:00close

So in the pic is someone who has done this but this is just tape but to do this will cost around 350 dollars in tape and materials - electrical tape is used and it will also cost a pro to come in and tape me for hours so

If you want a full set of this I would need help I would need around 500 in total to do this - so if you could donate to me at alienwolfmgi@yahoo.com - PayPal and label it - black tape project.

So let’s see if we can get this going for this next month and I’ll have you guys a very sexy sexy set!!

Comments (8)
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 30 Oct 18 22:13
user avatar
User #14570472 - 31 Oct 18 14:08
Or like a painted on costume
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 14:09
Well let me look into the type of paint I need for that and the expense
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 13:42
Lol like latex paint ?
user avatar
User #14386684 - 31 Oct 18 12:36
How about a body paint job after?
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 14:22

user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 31 Oct 18 14:23
To do the body paint job I would need to get the liquid latex body paint from these people - it’s a bit pricy so it is something I will look into in December ! After I do this one this month!
user avatar
User #14570472 - 30 Oct 18 22:13
Straight up need this in my life
last nights game
last nights game more_vert
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last nights game 2018-10-26T14:50:15+00:00close

I played with my tiger head

mid you didn’t get to play last night I’ll play tonight with three more . And Remeber it’s either questions about me or of just Random Everyday things - you can google questions . But there is a time limit so don’t take too long .

Reaon for time limit ? Well I’m actually sitting and waiting with top off or this or that off and I don’t have All day I have to play with others too . Spread the love 😋

2. New tiers !! 2018-10-25T17:39:26+00:00

You all want to see more skin and personalized to you !! Here’s your chance !!! I also add some videos and much much more !!

Tonight is sally! 2018-10-24T18:10:17+00:00

From nightmare before Christmas !!!

Getting professional make up artist in to do it for me !!

In 5 hours I will be also playing games 2018-10-23T18:14:01+00:00

With you all!!!

Okay so here is the game !!! Each of you are on a scavenger hunt !! Here it is !! I will have a super super sexy dva pics that will not be shown to just anyone !! You have to win it !!

So it will be this

Find -

A donkey in the back of a truck

a large panda and man cuddling or hugging

a bird doing a dance

firemen running from a fire

a fish that looks like a man

a train flipped over

a woman hanging from a bar with only her teeth

If you can send me a pic of each one of these items be it found online or in real life I will send you the ultra sexy pictures on Snapchat !!

Don’t share keep your winnings !!

Comments (8)
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Shannnwow44 - 23 Oct 18 18:38
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 23 Oct 18 18:56
user avatar
User #1014240 - 23 Oct 18 19:03
If i find these, can i get more pics? hahaha
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 23 Oct 18 18:39
😱. Okay you won that scavenger hunt and I’ll have to give another out for everyone else
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 23 Oct 18 18:37
Don’t post it for everyone to copy from you !!
user avatar
User #1014240 - 23 Oct 18 18:55
deleted already! hahaha :x
user avatar
User #12103063 - 23 Oct 18 21:35
Answered on snapchat
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 23 Oct 18 18:38
Send in personal message
Next cosplay is going to be DVA 2018-10-23T04:46:41+00:00

Yes yes there will be some - toplessness involved !!

Comments (1)
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User #14394494 - 23 Oct 18 09:21
Yes yes yes!!
Okay it’s official 2018-10-22T19:36:54+00:00

Today I’m doing <br><br>Snapchat games <br>Topless bed shoot <br>Learning to twerk <br>And fansigns <br>:-) <br>

Today I post ? 2018-10-22T13:26:25+00:00

Let’s see wha Tim posting on my day which Im around 5 hours behind all of you.

Comments (2)
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User #8158044 - 22 Oct 18 21:49
Can I get a fansign? I mean.....I am your first after all hehe
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 22 Oct 18 19:35
Okay so just to be nice what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make some fan signs - do a good shoot and I’m gonna play Snapchat and I’m going to learn some twerking ! Upon requests !! Sound good ?? So that’s the content I’m doing tonight
Should I do a tier that has nudity
Should I do a tier that has nudity more_vert
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Should I do a tier that has nudity 2018-10-20T17:14:09+00:00close

What should I charge if I did ?

Comments (15)
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User #8158044 - 20 Oct 18 21:13
I mean.....its kinda hard for us to say no to that lol.
user avatar
User #607442 - 20 Oct 18 19:43
how about 40$?
user avatar
User #1014240 - 20 Oct 18 18:51
The stories? Loved them :3
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 18:50
Let me know if you all like the videos I posted
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 19:44
Hmm - maybe I’ll think about it
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 19:41
But how much would be just eight
user avatar
User #8158044 - 20 Oct 18 21:15
Idk like 20 bucks maybe a little more. Just not an astronomical amount if you do. Some girls charge WAY too much but I understand why you wouldnt wanna charge too little.
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 21 Oct 18 01:28
Hmm I’ll think about it
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 19:41
user avatar
User #607442 - 20 Oct 18 19:40
I'd be up for it!
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 22 Oct 18 13:34
I think my main reason about not doing it is that I don’t want tons of tiers and end up. Effecting people and such . I like the almost one click send to all of you and not the separation and neglect of so many and only two or three getting the best stuff
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 19:50
Maybe ... maybe I’ll just have you guys work the game for nudes
user avatar
User #1014240 - 20 Oct 18 17:17
Yeah! Turn the $20 into that one 🤤😆
user avatar
Shannnwow44 - 20 Oct 18 17:19
Hmm just a 20
user avatar
User #1014240 - 20 Oct 18 18:53
But really, that depends. Just occasionally nudes? Or full sets?
I’m so mad I have to make another 2018-10-19T21:35:48+00:00

My instagram is like ... messing up or terminated or something it’s bullshit

okay edit - I got my Instagram back after I put my little foot down but it’s back


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