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Finished Confuzzled! 2019-05-27T13:10:04+00:00

Confuzzled is now over for us vendors! Me and my bf won’t be leaving to go home until tomorrow (should have brought my ipad darnit!)

The convention itself went well! Not our best in terms of sales but it was like that for every vendor. But despite that we still broke even, so that’s good. It was also our first furry convention so we went in not knowing what to expect.

But anyway I’ve got my next conventions in July. First Hyper Japan and then Galacon and Bronycon straight after.

Although they are over a month away I still want to start right away on new merch. Need to work on anime/gaming merch for Hyper Japan and new MLP stuff for Galacon and Bronycon. I’ll have one week working on those, then one week commissions, and so on.

So with all this going on I may need to put my webcomic on hold until after Bronycon, or maybe even until we settle in the new house, even. So I hope thats ok! At least it isnt started yet, haha

As always thanks for your support. Can’t wait to get back to drawing again 💖

Away for the weekend! 2019-05-24T00:12:05+00:00

Hey guys! My first convention of the year is here, will be travelling by train tomorrow to Birmingham for Confuzzled and will be back on Tuesday.

So obviously that means no posts for a few days, but I will post updates on my twitter!

Sorry for brief post, I’m soo sleepy xD

As always, thank you for your continued support!! 💖💖💖

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #66072 - 24 May 19 00:43
Have a great con!
user avatar
User #5063555 - 24 May 19 01:57
Have a great time!
Quick Update 21/05/19 2019-05-21T06:39:51+00:00

Hi all! So as you know I have a convention this weekend. Because of how busy I’ve been with commissions and house refurbishing I haven’t had much time to work on everything I wanted for the con.

So far I managed to get 6 bookmarks drawn and three new prints drawn. I’m currently working on sticker designs. I was hoping to draw more bookmarks (since i let you guys vote on which animal to draw next) but I dont think I’ll have time for it x.x

I still want to draw a couple more prints, and I need to print everything out, cut the stickers out, cut and make the bookmarks, cut and make the buttons. Those on its own takes a while.

Depending how much time i have left when all this is done I may be able to squeeze in more bookmark designs before Friday, but thinking realistically, I doubt it.

So apologies for that, I know some of you were looking forward to seeing more bookmark designs. ;-;

On another note I’ll have some cute sticker designs to show soon and more WIPs of my next prints so look out for those!!

Thats mostly everything for now! Hope I can get everything done in time before Friday 😅

Thanks for your continued support 💖

Quick Update on webcomic 2019-05-03T13:08:45+00:00

Hiya! Just thought I'd give a quick update on my webcomic. I was hoping to start it a couple weeks ago but I got sick, then the week after I was busy working on house decorating, and then this week I've been busy with commissions. I hope to get all my commissions done by beginning of next week, however I also have a convention I'm going to end of this month and I still need to draw new prints for it, so I'll be spending next week doing that.

So I don't think I'll have time to start my webcomic this month. Hopefully after the convention I can finally get to work on it. ;o; This is a very busy time in my life right now, heh.

But at least I'll hopefully have some cool stuff to share next week!

Thanks for understanding and continuing your support! <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #66072 - 3 May 19 17:25
Thanks for the update!
Quick Update 2019-04-18T09:03:27+00:00

Just a quick update! Sorry I haven’t uploaded much this week. I’ve been running everywhere sorting out the house. Been so busy. And last night my bf caught the stomach bug that’s been going around so I’m looking after him right now.

I’m still going to be busy next week as well. I just feel bad when I don’t make any art >.< I’ll try to draw something later if I can. I promise things will settle soon.

Thanks for your understanding and support! 💖

Edit: i do actually have a couple things I can show, so I’ll upload those later on. Hate not uploading anything for you guys!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3429924 - 18 Apr 19 17:58
Please don't apologize for having a life! this is a big life-changing time for you with moving into a totally new place, not to mention everyone's getting sick! please take your time and get everything sorted out. Nobody's going anywhere and you have plenty of time to chill and draw once you're all settled into your new home <3
user avatar
User #193218 - 18 Apr 19 17:44
Nooooo! I hope that Al's feeling lots better soon, and that things settle back down for both of you. Please take care!
user avatar
User #5063555 - 18 Apr 19 12:18
Take your time!
user avatar
User #16008491 - 18 Apr 19 11:20
Don’t worry about it! I do hope Al gets better tho ✨
(PS File) RA website cover
(PS File) RA website covermore_vert
(PS File) RA website cover 2019-04-09T20:17:32+00:00close

The photoshop file for you $10+ pledgers, as promised! <3

(also ignore the fact i spelt attached wrong, ;^; ''' )

Attachments (1)

ReinasAngel Website cover.psd (121.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3429924 - 9 Apr 19 20:30
Aaaaa thank you!! always fun to study from the best! 8D
Quick update 2018-11-16T22:01:26+00:00

Hey guys! Sorry for being so inactive recently. Mostly been playing the remastered Spyro this week. I was hoping to get back to working on commissions Monday but I accidentally spilled drink over my keyboard and messed it up so I hd to go and buy a new one. And since it’s the weekend I have no idea when it’ll arrive.

I DO have my ipad though so while commissions may have to wait I can still draw some stuff on my ipad so hopefully I can have some drawings up soon!

Thanks for you support ?

- Claire

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3429924 - 16 Nov 18 22:26
You got this, Claire!! <3
New Patreon benefit for $10 pledgers! 2018-10-31T15:52:52+00:00

Hey guys! So I just made a journal on DA which pretty much explains everything, you can read it here:


But most of all I've included a new benefit for $10 pledgers. You now have the choice to skip the waiting list queue for commissions. Which means instead of waiting a month or two, I can work on your commission straight away :)

I've also included a couple of new rules to commissions in the journal as well, but nothing major. If any of you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me! ^^

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 31 Oct 18 22:42
Does this include people already on the waiting list?
user avatar
dvixie - 31 Oct 18 22:42
It does, yep!
user avatar
User #5063555 - 31 Oct 18 22:43
Might take you up on it after this weekend. ^_^
user avatar
dvixie - 31 Oct 18 22:44
Sure dude! Message me anytime! ?
user avatar
User #5063555 - 31 Oct 18 22:45
Back home! 2018-08-31T11:00:02+00:00

Just arrived back home in the UK yesterday! Will be taking a few days to just chill and maybe work on some of my own stuff before continuing commissions again. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to show you guys soon! <3

Away for a week! 2018-08-21T23:36:14+00:00

Will be leaving tomorrow for my yearly trip to Spain and I’ll be back on the 30th!
I will be bringing drawing stuff but I won’t be updating patreon. Just a heads up, but I will be back soon! :D
See you guys soon, and thank you always for your support <3

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #8577986 - 22 Aug 18 05:35
Lol where city?? Madrid or??
user avatar
dvixie - 22 Aug 18 07:25
user avatar
User #8577986 - 22 Aug 18 08:33
Uhhh nice haha, take care with the taxis :3
user avatar
User #3429924 - 21 Aug 18 23:43
Bye bye, Claire!! have a safe trip! :D
user avatar
User #2479225 - 23 Aug 18 02:19
I hope u take lots photos and enjoy urself!
Quick message 2018-04-12T00:49:09+00:00

Hi guys! Just wanted to say sorry for not being super active here lately. I’ve been quite busy with commissions. Trying to find the time to work on my own stuff as well, so still trying to fit into a schedule that works. I’ll do my best to post as many WIPs and exclusive artwork for you guys here as much as I can.
Thank you guys so much for continuing to support me, I massively appreciate it. ❤️

Username Change (dennyvixen to DVixie) 2018-03-09T16:49:55+00:00

I already let people know on twitter and deviantart, but I'll be changing my username from dennyvixen to DVixie on all my social media. Reason for this is well, I want to, nothing really more than that. Plus I prefer the nickname "Vixie" than "Denny". If you're wondering what the username means, it's a mix of "D.Va" and dennyvixen. But more to do with D.Va.

Anyway if you need update linked, I have all the links on my pinned tweet of my twitter. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up! :)


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #457947 - 11 Mar 18 19:02
user avatar
User #198755 - 10 Mar 18 04:50
What's D.Va?
user avatar
dvixie - 10 Mar 18 10:00
D.Va is a character from Overwatch :)
user avatar
User #198755 - 10 Mar 18 12:57
Ahh that makes sense haha. I know you love that game
G1 Twilight Pony style test
G1 Twilight Pony style testmore_vert
Post file flag
G1 Twilight Pony style test 2018-02-11T19:49:43+00:00close

Been having a lot of fun with the chibi style lately, so I thought I'd incorporate it into my pony drawings, just for fun. I decided to mix it with my usual style so they don't look mega chibi and my gosh I love how it looks. I'm going to draw a few ponies to keep testing the style out! :D

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #601552 - 11 Feb 18 19:58
Dawww! It's cute!
Mercy chibi line comparison
Mercy chibi line comparisonmore_vert
Post file flag
Mercy chibi line comparison 2018-02-09T18:35:37+00:00close

Just testing some things while I finish up the rest of the chibi Mercys (been working on other stuff in between hence why it's taken a while to get them done) But I thought I'd show you guys this. They're exactly the same image, but on the left I gave it a dark outline, and honestly I quite like it and I think I'll go with it for all my chibis especially since I want them to stand out more (may even use them for stickers). Just wanted to show the comparison :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #601552 - 9 Feb 18 19:41
I definitely like the right one better. You're right about it popping more.
Anniversary sketch
Anniversary sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Anniversary sketch 2018-02-06T16:41:27+00:00close

Drawing a little something for my bf for our 4 year anniversary tomorrow! Not showing him until tomorrow! :) I'm loving this so far, wanting to draw something mega cutesy! <3 And I've been having so much fun drawing chibis lately.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 6 Feb 18 17:18
Aww, how sweet!
user avatar
User #601552 - 6 Feb 18 17:48
Sunset Shimmer sketch
Sunset Shimmer sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Sunset Shimmer sketch 2018-02-04T16:43:45+00:00close

Haven't drawn my girl in a while, better fix that! <3

Chibi Spitfire Mercy (coloured)
Chibi Spitfire Mercy (coloured)more_vert
Post file flag
Chibi Spitfire Mercy (coloured) 2018-02-03T23:02:33+00:00close

Colouring my chibi Mercy's, starting with London Spitfire Mercy. I'm super happy with how it's turned out! I actually took my time with it, (I really need to do that more often lol)

Eevee the Queen of cute! (early preview)
Eevee the Queen of cute! (early preview)more_vert
Post file flag
Eevee the Queen of cute! (early preview) 2018-02-03T13:04:01+00:00close

Early preview of today's Eevee update for you guys! :D

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #104017 - 3 Feb 18 14:56
I bet she's saying "Off with their heads!" So darling...
OWL chibi Mercys (coloured)
OWL chibi Mercys (coloured)more_vert
Post file flag
OWL chibi Mercys (coloured) 2018-02-01T00:49:16+00:00close

All lined and coloured. Phew. This took a while but it was the first time in a long time I genuinely enjoyed working on something and was super in the zone, not once getting distracted and it was super nice to work on these!

It's late now here though so I'll have to shade them tomorrow, but here they are all coloured :3 I love them so far. I saved the line art so I can recolour them in other skins if I want to (like her default skin)

6 more chibi Mercys! (sketches)
6 more chibi Mercys! (sketches)more_vert
Post file flag
6 more chibi Mercys! (sketches) 2018-01-29T19:17:56+00:00close

Another 6 sketches! I had a stupid amount of fun drawing these. It'll be a bit of a pain lining them though (I know they look like they are already lined, heh...) But I'm looking forward to colouring them!

12 Mercys for 12 Overwatch League teams!

6 chibi Mercys (sketches)
6 chibi Mercys (sketches)more_vert
Post file flag
6 chibi Mercys (sketches) 2018-01-28T20:52:01+00:00close

6 more to go!

I'm actually really enjoying drawing these so much! I kind of want to take a break but at the same time I kind of want to keep drawing, haha

Chibi Mercy sketch
Chibi Mercy sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Chibi Mercy sketch 2018-01-26T18:40:24+00:00close

Felt like drawing chibis today, and actually kind of want to draw different chibi Mercy poses, all differently coloured in the Overwatch League skins. (which means I have to draw 12 different Mercy chibis lol) But that's ok because I seriously enjoyed drawing this. (I kind of feel like drawing more cutesy stuff anyway)

Post file flag
Skyvixie 2018-01-25T16:35:19+00:00close

Working on a Skyfox update today. Reminder I'm not the one who makes Skyfox, my bf is the one who makes the cute animations and drawings. I'm just drawing an update for him today so he can work on other things :)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #193218 - 25 Jan 18 18:20
EEEEE! You own 'em, SkyVixie! :D
user avatar
User #4364010 - 25 Jan 18 16:37
I can hear the "I'm #1" just from that face :D
user avatar
User #5063555 - 25 Jan 18 17:20
W1nky f4c3!
user avatar
User #3871634 - 25 Jan 18 22:44
Whata cutie ♥ Kick their tails ;)
Reina portrait (coloured)
Reina portrait (coloured)more_vert
Post file flag
Reina portrait (coloured) 2018-01-23T14:31:14+00:00close

Can't get over how much I love her colourscheme! *v*

Now onto shading!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #779877 - 23 Jan 18 15:43
Awww. She`s so cute and really pretty with that long hair.
Reina portrait (sketch)
Reina portrait (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Reina portrait (sketch) 2018-01-22T16:16:37+00:00close

Felt like drawing my OC Reina, nothing too special. But I'd like to colour this. Maybe experiment with shading styles, we'll see!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 22 Jan 18 16:23
Always nice to see Reina
Kitty D.Va (sketch)
Kitty D.Va (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Kitty D.Va (sketch) 2018-01-19T16:36:12+00:00close

I'm super excited to see if this spray becomes a skin (Blizz are teasing content every day until the cosmetics update so here's hoping!)

Decided to draw her, will probably make this a new twitter icon too :3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 19 Jan 18 16:38
I can't wait to see the skin ^_^
Kid Angel (sketch)
Kid Angel (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Kid Angel (sketch) 2018-01-18T18:56:50+00:00close

Felt like drawing my characters this evening, and I felt like drawing my lioness OC Angel as a little kid. She's a lot different as a kid than when she's older. Here's a drawing I did a while ago of her when she's older:


As you can see, huge difference. She was a lot girly as a cub. She also went to ballet classes where Joen's mother was her teacher. She went from being sweet and elegant to a rebellious punk rocker. What happened? Hopefully one day I can show that in my comic if I ever get to make it!

I'll probably sketch some other OCs of mine as kids, and then maybe colour them all. :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #779877 - 18 Jan 18 19:37
Oh my god. She is just so tiny and super adorable. * drowns the cute lioness in hugs and kisses *
Early Eevee update (Eevee is bored)
Early Eevee update (Eevee is bored)more_vert
Post file flag
Early Eevee update (Eevee is bored) 2018-01-17T11:00:24+00:00close

Drew up an Eevee update I'll upload later today. You guys get to be the first to see it :D

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #66072 - 17 Jan 18 11:27
user avatar
User #5063555 - 17 Jan 18 13:19
That's pretty much been me the past few days. Work's been dead.
unmotivated pony sketches
unmotivated pony sketchesmore_vert
Post file flag
unmotivated pony sketches 2018-01-14T19:10:34+00:00close

Struggling with motivation lately, so I thought I'd doodle something I haven't really drawn in a while, (or at least it has felt like I haven't drawn them in a while), also one of the easiest and quickest things for me to draw, some pones. These are actually Tales ponies, (Starlight, Bon Bon and Patch)

My own designs of them I drew a while ago.


I really need to doodle more on days like this when I struggle to draw. It really does help, even if what I draw doesn't turn out perfect.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #66072 - 14 Jan 18 22:47
You're really great at cute faces!
Eevee teehee WIP
Eevee teehee WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Eevee teehee WIP 2018-01-11T16:47:30+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #193218 - 12 Jan 18 00:02
So happy to see these again. They never fail to make me grin. :D
Connect with Vixen (COLOURED)
Connect with Vixen (COLOURED) more_vert
Post file flag
Connect with Vixen (COLOURED) 2018-01-04T18:24:59+00:00close

Now onto shading! Will be adding little icons of my social media above her after the shading is done.

Also changed her mouth to a blep, because I think that's cuter c:

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 4 Jan 18 18:28
Blep is always cute
Connect with Vixen sketch
Connect with Vixen sketch more_vert
Post file flag
Connect with Vixen sketch 2018-01-04T16:42:34+00:00close

Drawing something I can use to promote all my websites and social media (twitter, deviantart, instragram, etc)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 4 Jan 18 17:42
Your sona's so dang cute!
First day, First drawing
First day, First drawingmore_vert
Post file flag
First day, First drawing 2018-01-01T18:59:32+00:00close

I'm actually feeling kind of dizzy right now but I'm going to quickly finish an Eevee drawing and then go lay down. I started drawing this and I thought it was way too cute to just stop drawing it. ;3;

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #601552 - 1 Jan 18 19:00
user avatar
User #66072 - 1 Jan 18 22:48
So cute! But do look after yourself.
Happy New Year! 2018-01-01T10:54:03+00:00

Hope you guys have a wonderful year!

Sorry again for being inactive here, thankfully my medication side effects are wearing off now, so hopefully soon I can get back to work!
It’s my goal this year to get well so I can work hard and create a lot of content!

Thanks again for sticking around with me and supporting me. It really means a lot! ?

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #193218 - 3 Jan 18 01:13
Here's hoping that 2018 is a much-better year for you! Sounds like it's at least headed in the right direction. :D
user avatar
User #5825654 - 1 Jan 18 21:01
Happy New Year!!! ^3^
user avatar
User #5063555 - 1 Jan 18 16:04
Happy new year!
user avatar
User #66072 - 1 Jan 18 11:39
Happy New Year and may your 2018 be inspiring!
Quick update 2017-12-23T15:43:08+00:00

Hey guys. So I was hoping to finish up my Star Stable drawing this weekend but it miiiiight be a bit difficult. I’ve just started some medication for my anxiety today and the side effects have hit me fast and hard. I’m hoping I’ll feel better later on but at the moment I’m feeling like I’m sedated and really out of it..
Since Christmas is in a couple days too I’ll be busy with family and stuff.
So just wanted to let you guys know if I don’t upload anything for the next few days. We’ll see how things go though with these side effects.

Thanks again and hope you guys have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it! ❤️

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3118312 - 23 Dec 17 15:53
What do prescribe as anxiety medication these days?
user avatar
User #3118312 - 23 Dec 17 15:53
Hope you feel better
user avatar
User #193218 - 23 Dec 17 21:31
New meds can definitely knock you for a loop. Please take good care, there! I hope that you and everyone there have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. :D
user avatar
User #66072 - 23 Dec 17 15:58
Merry Christmas and best wishes!
user avatar
User #5825654 - 24 Dec 17 00:33
Take care~ Hopefully the meds help so that the funky side effects are worth it in the end :P Merry Christmas Denny!!! <3
user avatar
User #823491 - 23 Dec 17 16:55
I'm so sorry that you are feeling the side effects from the medication. I hope you feel better soon. And it's ok, take care of yourself first. That's the most important thing.
idk what to call this (WIP)
idk what to call this (WIP)more_vert
Post file flag
idk what to call this (WIP) 2017-12-19T18:25:41+00:00close

May or may not be a gift for my bf >w>...

edit: also I'm an idiot I forgot to give Al fox a hat to wear

Ruby & Ember (flat coloured WIP)
Ruby & Ember (flat coloured WIP)more_vert
Post file flag
Ruby & Ember (flat coloured WIP) 2017-12-19T14:36:06+00:00close

Continuing my Star Stable drawing of my character in the game and one of her horses Ember. All coloured, including Ember's dapples and darker points. Before I shade I'm going to draw out the background first (gives me a better idea of the lighting so I know where to shade)

I might start on something else today though before I continue this (probably should just finish this first but oh well)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5825654 - 20 Dec 17 01:37
Eeeeee, looking good~ I personally acquired the brown dapple Connemara from Dundull, their animations make them adorable >^3^
user avatar
User #3871634 - 21 Dec 17 01:31
This is looking great so far ♥
Reina with glasses (sketch)
Reina with glasses (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Reina with glasses (sketch) 2017-12-17T18:49:22+00:00close

Just experimenting a little with my OCs. I want Reina to look more stereotypical "nerdy" so it got me thinking what she'd look like with big round nerdy glasses so I sketched her with some and I love it! I won't make her wear them 24/7 but she does wear them often. Still need to figure out how to make her hair work though. I want it to look messy and somewhat poofy but I end up just making it look wavy. xc

Anyway yes! I love Reina and she's even more precious now

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #823491 - 17 Dec 17 21:20
Ohhh, nice idea on the glasses. Really cool looking. And far as her hair goes, I'm really liking how it looks too. But what were you looking for in terms of the perfect hair style? Like when you say messy and poofy, are you looking for that fizzy hair look with a puffed up body type, or maybe closer to that curly hair type that is more tangly that straightened? Honestly, either way, including the wavy hair scenario would look cool on her. I just didn't know the type of hair you were actually looking for.
Happy PandaFox (NSFW available)
Happy PandaFox (NSFW available) more_vert
Post file flag
Happy PandaFox (NSFW available) 2017-12-11T21:00:52+00:00close

Thinking I might change some of the body markings to my personal fursona. (or at least test to see how it looks). Also gives me an excuse to practice more with anatomy.

Here's the uncensored version if you want to see it:


Comments (5)
user avatar
User #66072 - 11 Dec 17 22:21
I love your facial expressions!
user avatar
User #3288115 - 11 Dec 17 21:16
So cute!!!!
user avatar
User #601552 - 11 Dec 17 21:44
Awww <3
user avatar
User #3340510 - 11 Dec 17 21:22
Hot cutiepie! Red panda fox is just so <3
user avatar
User #5063555 - 11 Dec 17 22:15
She's so damn cute!
Ruby & Ember (WiP)
Ruby & Ember (WiP)more_vert
Post file flag
Ruby & Ember (WiP) 2017-12-11T19:22:09+00:00close

Felt like drawing my character from Star Stable Online, Ruby, with a horse I recently got in the game I named Ember. She's currently wearing some really nice Christmas themed tack and it really made me want to draw them both. Plus I haven't drawn any Star Stable related art and I'd really love to.

I'm actually so pleased with how this turned out, especially Ruby's face. Normally I spend ages sketching out a human face but this didn't take long at all, I think I'm definitely improving. ;v;

I'll most likely colour this tomorrow, since there's something else I sort of want to work on at the moment, but I'll probably work on this tomorrow! May or may not experiment with shading styles too.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5063555 - 11 Dec 17 19:46
Oooh, this is really nice!
user avatar
User #5825654 - 12 Dec 17 01:56
Beautiful line art~ <3
Random headshot practice
Random headshot practicemore_vert
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Random headshot practice 2017-12-06T19:34:50+00:00close

Just some doodles I did this evening, nothing special other than I used references of the actual animal for these, which I really need to do more often. I need to practice expressions more at some point too with these different animals.

I think a lot of anthro artists fall into the trap of making every animal look like a dog, and I'm hoping to not let that happen and hoping all my animals look like the animal they're meant to be.

Anyway on the left we have Reina, and two Joen headshots on the right. I should probably draw some of my other OC's too at some point.

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User #5063555 - 8 Dec 17 01:30
Agh, Patreon's doing the thing where I don't get phone notifications even though I have them turned on. These look really nice though. ^_^
Winter Mercy icon
Winter Mercy iconmore_vert
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Winter Mercy icon 2017-12-05T18:47:15+00:00close

I got impatient and drew myself a new twitter icon for this month anyway so here it is! I'm starting to like my human faces a bit more...so that's a good sign, at least I must be improving somewhere.

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User #1009237 - 5 Dec 17 21:18
It's so lovely :3 I love how her haircolor goes so well with the blue color scheme in the picture ^^ And your humans are indeed becoming better! Next time try a bit of a longer face than the round face here ;) it would make her look more mature (unless you want to keep a "young and chibi" feel for your humans ^^)
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User #601552 - 5 Dec 17 19:03
It's so perfect for you!
Mercy skin concept: Snow Angel
Mercy skin concept: Snow Angelmore_vert
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Mercy skin concept: Snow Angel 2017-12-03T18:41:59+00:00close

All I want for Christmas this year is a Mercy snow angel skin for the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch~

I'm not going to get my hopes up though so I decided to just create my own, mainly just for fun. I obviously traced the concept art of Mercy (you can find the image here, so credit to that: https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/media/overwatch.gamepedia.com/thumb/d/d2/Mercy-portrait.png/654px-Mercy-portrait.png?version=d06b40a209046bb8bed5ffd4b258fda8

I just needed a base so I could draw out the concept, so I won't be uploading this anywhere else, because once I have the design down I'll be drawing my own picture of Mercy with this skin design. Not sure if I'll change anything to this, will probably just go ahead and colour, maybe change things as I go along.

I half knew what I wanted and half didn't (I'm no fashion designer.)

I wanted to go for something cute and wintery. My plan for the colours is to keep most of the clothes with an icy blue colourscheme. I decided to go with an actual floating halo because this is meant to be a legendary skin so I didn't want to use her default halo, plus I thought it would look too out of place. I was thinking about putting her hood up, but I didn't really like how it looked, plus I've seen a couple other people draw her with a hood up and I dunno, I want to show off her gorgeous hair lol

By the way she'll have white leggings or tights on, since you know, it is winter and everything, she'll be cold otherwise xD

Again, might change things here and there, this was only drawn for fun, just thought I'd show you guys! Full credit to the original Mercy drawing.

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User #5063555 - 5 Dec 17 02:11
This looks really cool! It'd make a great skin.
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User #601552 - 3 Dec 17 19:33
Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished picture!
Animal Crossing: Fauna (traditional)
Animal Crossing: Fauna (traditional)more_vert
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Animal Crossing: Fauna (traditional) 2017-12-02T12:38:05+00:00close

Ok so Patreon isn't letting me upload photos from my phone so sorry if you got two messages.

Anyway I feel like I haven't drawn traditional in a while so I decided to draw my favourite Animal Crossing villager Fauna. I love her, she reminds me so much of my OC Reina.

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User #601552 - 2 Dec 17 16:39
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User #170790 - 2 Dec 17 14:02
What a cutie! Is she a deer? I haven't played the games.
Animal Crossing: Rosie
Animal Crossing: Rosiemore_vert
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Animal Crossing: Rosie 2017-11-30T12:28:21+00:00close

Another Villager! Mainly going to draw villagers from the Pocket Camp game since I'm obsessed with it lately. Anyway here's Rosie! Such a cutie.

Animal Crossing: Goldie
Animal Crossing: Goldiemore_vert
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Animal Crossing: Goldie 2017-11-29T14:57:47+00:00close

Hi guys! So I'm hoping I can get back to drawing now that my bf's friend has gone home and things are a bit more settled. I started things off today with drawing some Animal Crossing villagers (been obsessed with Pocket Camp lately) starting with Goldie!

I did try drawing this more in the game's style, but then I really wanted to try drawing in my style and honestly, I really like how it looks a lot more, so I think I'm going to stick with this. :)

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User #3429924 - 30 Nov 17 03:12
Sooo cute!! yeah, they look much better like this <33
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User #5063555 - 29 Nov 17 15:04
Goldie's definitely my new favorite. So cute.
Small break 2017-11-22T10:55:37+00:00

Hey guys! Sorry for being absent these past few days. I’ve been sort of stressing out with my anxiety issues, irl issues, and it’s just taken a lot out of me. I am feeling better though, yesterday I saw one of my doctors who is going to try to get help for me, so that’s awesome!
Besides that, a friend of my bf is visiting this weekend, from Friday to Tuesday, so I will most likely be busy.
Just thought I’d let you guys know! Sorry again for all these absences lately, it’s been a crazy past few months but I’m really hoping things start picking up again. If I find the time and energy I’ll definitely share some doodles and drawings with you!

Thank you as always for your support. ❤️

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User #682740 - 22 Nov 17 16:53
Keep healthy and continue to create the most amazing works. Thank You for what you do!
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User #193218 - 23 Nov 17 01:01
Depression and anxiety have been sapping my energy and kicking my butt again of late as well, so I definitely understand. Just, please, do take care of yourself, there! I hope all goes well and smoothly with your company this weekend. :)
Ohhi (Early Eevee update)
Ohhi (Early Eevee update)more_vert
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Ohhi (Early Eevee update) 2017-11-16T12:48:23+00:00close

Just a quick drawing for an Eevee update today!

Again sorry for slowness these past few days, but thank you guys for sticking with me and being patient! <3 Things have been difficult lately but I'm doing my best to get through it. :)

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User #601552 - 16 Nov 17 12:50
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User #193218 - 16 Nov 17 21:03
Nothing to be sorry over. I hope that things ease up for you again soon so you can recover!
Random Joen headshot sketch
Random Joen headshot sketchmore_vert
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Random Joen headshot sketch 2017-11-13T19:56:07+00:00close

Just a quick sketch this evening, I've mostly been working on the Klausen script today but I still wanted to draw a little something. ;c;

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User #601552 - 13 Nov 17 20:06
A horse and a deer
A horse and a deermore_vert
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A horse and a deer 2017-11-12T20:58:20+00:00close

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend, a lot has sort of been happening with me, (good stuff though) You'll probably know what I'm talking about if you follow my twitter.

Anyway, hoping to work on a lot of stuff this week. Here's a rough sketch I drew tonight which I suppose can be considered a concept. It's my OC Reina with a horse, (not necessarily her horse)
I drew this because in the story of Klausen, while it's about anthropomorphic animals, I like the idea that certain animals are not anthro, like birds and horses and reptiles. It might seem odd to some people, but I kind of like the idea to be honest. It would mean there'd be no horse anthros though, or no equine anthros for that matter. I'll also draw the horses more realistically rather than stylized to distinguish them from the anthro animals.

I dunno, I really like this idea, especially since Joen originally grew up on a farm with horses, it'd be nice to keep that detail in there. Especially as a horse lover myself. :')

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User #5825654 - 12 Nov 17 21:23
That'd be something quite nice and different from most anthro comics, plus that'd mean we'd get to see more realistic horses (and other animals) from you~ ^3^ <3

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