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Freebie Show Me That Smile
Freebie Show Me That Smilemore_vert
Post file flag
Freebie Show Me That Smile 2020-01-14T21:03:10+00:00close

"Don't waste another minute on your cryin'."

Had this Tawny pic on my HDD so posting

Media (1)

Tawny-SoMeThatSmile.png (950.4KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #807111 - 14 Jan 20 23:18
user avatar
User #4077588 - 14 Jan 20 21:33
Presh ;w;
user avatar
User #148056 - 15 Jan 20 03:59
Quite different, very interesting.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmasmore_vert
Post file flag
Merry Christmas 2019-12-25T20:54:13+00:00close

Merry Christmas

Media (1)

Drea-Christmas2019.png (682.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4077588 - 25 Dec 19 21:05
*Christmas intensifies* Good mix of naughty and nice :B
Naming Troubles 2019-08-29T21:46:06+00:00

Due to Copyright issues I don't believe I will be able to call my comic, "Dragon Knight" so I will have to come up with a new title.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #705907 - 30 Aug 19 00:50
How about 'Drakken Ward'. Some sudo-german that sounds like dragon knight.
user avatar
User #252949 - 2 Sep 19 21:53
Could use a different word in there, found Chivalry Legacy seems to be an open possibly or something like that. Could also make a play on the times and use Dame(s) as well for reversal of roles/expectation.
user avatar
User #807111 - 30 Aug 19 01:29
That's going to be difficult, as anything that matches that level of straightforwardness is likely going to be taken as well.
user avatar
User #16637355 - 30 Aug 19 01:05
Dragon Chivalry maybe?
July 4th 2019
July 4th 2019more_vert
Post file flag
July 4th 2019 2019-07-05T14:56:46+00:00close

Happy 4th

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4077588 - 5 Jul 19 17:16
*America intensifies*
Making some changes to Tiers 2019-04-28T22:19:13+00:00

I've been on Patreon for a long time. After a lot of consideration I'm altering tiers to make things smoother on both you guys and myself.

So starting next month (May 2019), these will be the new tiers.

[$1 Tier]

This will give you access to my completed works as soon as they're done. (These are timed exclusive; they will be released publicly at a later date.)

[$2-3 Tier]

Here you'll be able to view:

- Completed Works early

- WIPs and Concept Art

[$5 Tier]

This will allow you to see:

- Completed Works early

- WIPs and Concept Art

- Rough drafts of my stories; may be able to give some input

[$10 Tier]

At this level, you'll get to see all of the above and you will get to view the completed stories early when they are done.

If you guys have any suggestions then I'm all ears

Are you guys enoying the light sketch uploads? 2018-10-15T14:11:11+00:00

I figured you guys would like to see pieces from their conception to completion

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #326876 - 15 Oct 18 18:07
Always a nice thing to see. Keep it up.
user avatar
User #807111 - 15 Oct 18 21:07
It's proof of life, so of course.
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Dec 18 16:03
Cool !
user avatar
User #3644049 - 17 Oct 18 20:04
yes yes
user avatar
User #211605 - 16 Oct 18 10:16
Yup we are ^^
user avatar
User #252949 - 15 Oct 18 22:10
They're nice to see and enjoyable to get a look at the rough work.
user avatar
User #148056 - 16 Oct 18 01:51
Most definitely. ^^
Have you ever felt Less than or not good enough? 2018-09-17T16:32:34+00:00

Well these are feelings I've struggled with my entire life. If you're like me then it's a struggle just to get out of bed in the mornings and you'll sometimes (most of the times) stay in bed for 3-4 hour hours before getting out. Trust me, I know that pain. Your mind goes back to every mistake you've ever made in life and you often use that feeling to degrade and berate yourself.

"Way to say the wrong thing to her, now she'll hate you forever!"

"All you had to do was nod and agree, now you've said too much and they all thing you're weird."

"You never make friends because you're too much of a spaz."

"No one will ever love you because you're too needy, creepy, ugly, et cetera."

"You like furry art and no will like you because of that."

Again, I know the feeling very well. it''s been my life ever since I was aware of myself.


There is a way out. I'm going to tell you how. Are you ready? Here's the secret.

You have to want to change.

You have to want to change enough to change your routine. I'm not saying anything drastic, start small and work your way up. If you slouch, straighten your back every time you're aware of it. Go for walks around the block. get a a morning, night, and cleaning routine. eat 3 meals a day. You'd be surprised how well you'll start feeling just by doing stuff like that.

If you're like me and feel doughy and out of shape, You can buy dumbbells and exercise right there at home. A big myth about working out is that it takes years to get a good-looking body. in reality You can drop weight, build muscle, and look fit in 6-12 weeks with consistent workouts and proper eating (I'm going to start documenting my progress on my Instagram). By "Proper eating" I don't mean dropping all fatty (good) foods, I mean lowering your portions. For instance, When I ate sandwiches I would always make 2 and add sides to it, Sodas, Chips, or 1-2 bowls of ramen, et cetera. If I lower it to 1 sandwich, a handful of chips, and juice instead of soda not only do i help myself get fit I also save money on groceries. Little adjustments like that can go a long way. I should also add that it's ok if you misstep just as long as you get started again.

As for those of us who are socially awkward, talking to people and making friends is the mental equivalent to scaling Mt. Everest. It seems impossible, but it's been done before. If you're like me then you tend to blame yourself if things don't go like you thought they should. Maybe you smiled and waved at a coworker and they didn't respond. Or you told a joke and no one laughed, or you goofed up a sentence and your associates laughed at what you did. Don't feel bad. This isn't the movies they're not all against you. Truth be told, they're probably just like you and trying to get through their day with minimal issues. So don't feel bad. I know it's hard and you will sometimes feel like you have to fight not to feel bad, but you'll be better off for it. As for starting conversations and making friends What I've discovered is, not to talk about yourself unless asked, ask people their opinions, listen to said opinions, and not be afraid to politely disagree. I know it feel like times are tense these days but people respect those they feel they can talk to.

But everything I just said means absolutely nothing to you if you yourself don't want to change.

If you fight taking the action is too difficult then start by just saying, "I'm going to be better." and eventually you'll start to feel it.

I hope this has helped some of you and I wish you good luck and good mental health.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #4200481 - 17 Sep 18 21:43
just a little bit of help having gone through the same thing because of blood pressure issues...I would strongly suggest water...drink nothing but water. better for you and you don't get all the sugars that are added to fruit juices. Its still OK to have a surgery drink every once in a while as a treat but the less sugar you consume you will find that even low sugar items become too sweet!... Also READ the labels on what you eat anything with more then 13% daily sugar intake is not that good for you, in addition to other things such as carbs, fiber, mono and poly unsaturated fats. (Get your Omega 3 and 6 they are good for you) I went to a dietician to deal with my food issues...me I LOVE fast food, burgers and fries are my weakness (and still are)...I am by NO means and expert but I had to get my weight down because of high blood pressure (which runs in my family)
user avatar
Neme303 - 18 Sep 18 01:00
Demonika in here with the knowledge! Thank you very much!
user avatar
User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 13:50
user avatar
User #705907 - 17 Sep 18 17:04
I relate to this on so many levels, especially finding the desire to change. I’m tempted to move my phone across the room. That way I have to get up instead of laying in bed on my phone for an hour. Good luck with the exercise routine. I might take a look from time to time.
user avatar
Neme303 - 17 Sep 18 17:48
It doesn't matter where you start, so long as you start
Image Of The Month August 2018 2018-08-06T03:45:40+00:00

The Subject for this month is none other that our beautiful Beach City Fox, Natalie

Image of the Month poll 2018-08-06T03:04:28+00:00

Hey everyone! I was thinking about new content I can do to give you guys and I figured I'd do an image for every month only you guys would get a say.

How it would work is every month I would come up with 4 options for an image of the month, and You guys (Sophomore Tier and Up) would get to vote. Voting would go on for the first week and at the end of the week I would stream the image that won the poll.

Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draftmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft 2018-07-30T03:21:48+00:00close

Next up is the wanderer, Petra. Originally all her attire was red and a bit more uniform. With the final draft I wanted her to look like she's been out for a while. Her knight's sash is worn and tattered. Her pauldrons are over-sized as they were taken off of a warrior she bested in combat. Her shield is a relic of the past and while nowhere near as durable as the newer shields given to knights like Sayla, it's heavy enough to do enough damage in its own right. Her "cleaver" is actually the remains of a former opponent's broad sword that she broke during their battle.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4694736 - 31 Jul 18 01:27
Please draw to Gardevoir
user avatar
User #4077588 - 30 Jul 18 07:17
Rough and ready for battle. Looks a barrel of laughs -w-
user avatar
User #705907 - 30 Jul 18 03:57
Her expression is quite striking and somehow intimidating. Well done with the thighs as well.
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (HiRes)
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (HiRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (HiRes) 2018-07-30T03:11:19+00:00close

Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (FullRes)
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (FullRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Petra Final Draft (FullRes) 2018-07-30T03:09:48+00:00close

Dragon Knight Aria Final Draft (FullRes)
Dragon Knight Aria Final Draft (FullRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Aria Final Draft (FullRes) 2018-07-01T07:30:33+00:00close

for $20 patrons

Dragon Knight Aria (HiRes)
Dragon Knight Aria (HiRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Aria (HiRes) 2018-07-01T07:29:19+00:00close

for $10 patrons

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #326876 - 4 Jul 18 13:11
Have to admit, been doing a lot of analyzing with this one, because this and still does feel like a fitting outfit for a thief. I think the top portion of the outfit looks pretty dope. The sharp yet clean lines of everything as well, the well designed shoulder pad(s), the luxurious-ish cloak; all just real cool. Then I scroll further down and... she's feels naked? This is what got me analyzing so much because while this all still feels fitting of a thief, it feels like maybe there could've been leggings of the same color as her shirt that could be put on over the portions of thighs and hips and butt that are exposed. Maybe even some padding similar to her shoulder pad(s). Alternative, you could've forgone the shoulder pad(s) as it also makes it look like there a lot more going on up top then down below and thus causing a small imbalance in the outfit. ...will admit I was also a bit hesitant on it as well due to what looks like a large amount of butt hanging out her leotard from the back (doesn't have been drawing particularly large/huge bottoms lately). But after a large amount of analyzing, I see she actually doesn't have as large as a bottom as I thought. It and the bottom portion of her leotard is just hidden behind her accessories. Along with the angle we're seeing her at, I'm assuming it actually still covers a moderate amount of her buttock still. Not really immodest, but not quite modest either. So I will give this "critique" an overlook. (...thanks to the analyzing, though, I will also admit she a nicely-shaped bottom. Sorry.) Also, digging her tools and acessories. And ya did good on making the dagger more dagger-ish (shorter in length and such). Sure there's some lore (big and/or small) behind all those, like "why are the daggers different from each other" and such. But overall, I can't dislike this outfit. It's still pretty cool. Just could have a bit more (or even a bit less in certain places) to be even better, in my opinion. So yeah, I feeling this one. I like it. Pretty fitting of a thief. Just hope she herself is just a nice. Design along can only go so far. And sorry for the wall o' comment.
user avatar
User #6487620 - 1 Jul 18 14:29
Absolutely lovely. All these designs are top notch.
Dragon Knight Aria Final Draft
Dragon Knight Aria Final Draftmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Aria Final Draft 2018-07-01T07:26:37+00:00close

Next up to be finalized is our dark elf thief, Aria. on this design I took down some of the muscle definition, added more leather armor, and better designed her daggers.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #148056 - 1 Jul 18 07:27
Nicely done. ^^
user avatar
User #3068441 - 1 Jul 18 07:35
Very nice!
user avatar
User #4077588 - 1 Jul 18 10:12
Aww yis, the coolest one is still looking good :3
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (FullRes)
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (FullRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (FullRes) 2018-06-30T19:29:53+00:00close

for $20 patrons

Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (HiRes)
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (HiRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft (HiRes) 2018-06-30T19:28:20+00:00close

for $10 patrons

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #326876 - 4 Jul 18 12:18
I am absolutely impressed with the changes made to this character's outfit. Veers away from the stereotypical "sexy nun" look it showed before while still letting her general figure show just enough. However, will say that the shading/lining down her cleavage line there could be toned down some. I'm assuming the fabric is just form-fitting a bit around her breast and suppose to be creating a slight indention along her clevage, but with how dark that area is, it looks like it's wrapping around each individual breasts in an super tight manner. All in all, I really like this new design. Looks cool and appealing while not being overtly sexy. Something that makes "battle nun" come to mind instead of "sexy nun". (I know she's suppose to be a sort mage, but I keep seeing a nun.)
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draftmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Ingrid Final Draft 2018-06-30T19:26:08+00:00close

Ingrid is finally done. I felt her last design wasn't creative enough, and she just looked more like a "Sexy Nun." By covering more of her up it's allowed me to be more creative with the design. In the original design I wanted to use the idea of creation and destruction (Right and Left, respectively). So i made her left side open and her right side covered. That motif still lives on in the final draft. Her right hand is the hand she uses to channel creative mana ("Healing, protection, etc.) and is identified by her white glove. Her left hand is the hand she uses for battle identified by her black glove and exclaimed by her ring bladed staff.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4077588 - 30 Jun 18 21:16
Good job I say, looks nice, and less sexy nun aye -w- Good reasoning behind the conceptualising too ^^
user avatar
User #705907 - 30 Jun 18 20:06
I like this. All the different fabrics and lace is quite interesting to look at. Also, conservative clothing that is still somehow revealing is always sexy.
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (FullRes)
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (FullRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (FullRes) 2018-06-23T01:34:57+00:00close

for $20 patrons

Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (HiRes)
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (HiRes)more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft (HiRes) 2018-06-23T01:33:24+00:00close

for $10 patrons

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #326876 - 23 Jun 18 19:25
This picture makes something I've been wondering about for some time clear: They have their shirts tucked in underneath something so the bottom portion ends up creating a "skirt" effect (think "Hey Arnold!"). It was a lot harder to tell with the outfit Sayla and the others wear because it's not tucked into a belt but under their vest and it looked like the skirts were trying (barely yet failing) to be long enough to cover their... "battle bottoms", for a lack of better term. On that note... how do their battle bottoms look from the back? I'm curious because they seem to not cover much up back, potentially even looking almost like a thong from the back. All in all, as I stated before, think this type of armor is more fitting of a char like this and lets me appreciate it and the details more; both on her equipment and her herself.
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draftmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Mira Final Draft 2018-06-23T01:31:39+00:00close

the final draft of Mira is finally done, the goal with Mira was to make her armor look more cobbled together. She's not a knight but will give it her all regardless

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4077588 - 23 Jun 18 10:15
Good gal, wants to protec best she can ^^
Mira Stream 6/22/18
Mira Stream 6/22/18more_vert
Post file flag
Mira Stream 6/22/18 2018-06-22T22:51:33+00:00close

Embed data


Provider URL

Picarto.tv - NemeDraws' Channel

NemeDraws is live on Picarto.tv! Watch our streamer do Adult stuff and chat with likeminded people. 8127 have watched NemeDraws' stream!



Dragon Knight: Mira cast picture WIP
Dragon Knight: Mira cast picture WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight: Mira cast picture WIP 2018-06-22T20:07:40+00:00close

A work in progress for Mira's cast picture. I will be coloring this image for the $10 and $20 patrons in tonight's stream. The stream will begin at 6pm CST

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #148056 - 22 Jun 18 21:38
Mira's a babe. XD
user avatar
User #4077588 - 22 Jun 18 20:16
Big goofy grinner =p ^^
New Patreon Tiers have gone live 2018-06-16T07:49:21+00:00

thank you again for your continued support

Changes To Patreon Tiers 2018-06-14T23:41:27+00:00

After some serious thought, I am changing Patreon tiers to give you all notice that at the end of the week I will be changing tiers and their rewards

Starting Saturday, June 16th the New tiers will be as follows

$1-Tier Thank you for your support

$5-Tier Access to completed works (Low-res), Access to Lore-building WIPs( every piece of art involving the worlds of Dragon Knight, Room 351, et cetera)

$10-Tier Access to completed Works (Hi-res), Access to ALL WIPs (Lore-building or otherwise), and access to weekly private streams

$20-Tier Access to completed works (Full-res), Access to ALL WIPs, Access to private streams, and access to the month's sets (Access will be terminated a week after each release ).

All previous posts will remain as is, but going forward these tiers will be the standard.

Thank you again for your support and patience. I couldn't ask for better patrons.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #148056 - 15 Jun 18 05:39
user avatar
User #5362203 - 14 Jun 18 23:42
Much love! Looking forward to working with you on that project.
Dragon Knight Sayla Ryouth Final Draft
Dragon Knight Sayla Ryouth Final Draftmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight Sayla Ryouth Final Draft 2018-05-31T20:44:15+00:00close

After all this time, I have finalized Sayla's design


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6487620 - 3 Jun 18 15:19
She looks super cool. Great job!
(Another) New Tawny Concept
(Another) New Tawny Conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
(Another) New Tawny Concept 2018-05-20T23:22:48+00:00close

I'm getting closer to a final design.

This one was made to really embody the Girl Next door ideal

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #326876 - 21 May 18 00:35
This definitely feels like this is on (or at least nearly on) the level of "Girl Next Door". A diggable outfit combination. I am surprised how much hair you've taken off. Personally think a inbetween of this size and one of your previous BIG hair sizes you recently had on her work as her one of her staples always seemed to be "big hair". Also, I'm noticing you're starting to get on point with making shorts of that "leg" length looks like they wrap around a girl in a manner that would give her backside proper coverage. Still say you should try to make more shorts of varying leg lengths as well (both the same and different characters), but one step at a time works. Nice, nice.
user avatar
User #110046 - 21 May 18 17:17
This isn’t even her final form? X3
New Amy concept
New Amy conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
New Amy concept 2018-05-09T20:04:47+00:00close

Continuing with character redesigns, here's Tawny's fraternal Twin Sister Amy

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4077588 - 9 May 18 20:06
Ultimate throwbaaaack. Very cute ^^
user avatar
User #3068441 - 9 May 18 20:37
Shes very cute!
Univeristy Red
Univeristy Redmore_vert
Post file flag
Univeristy Red 2018-05-05T21:08:13+00:00close

The obvious winner of the poll

Best Natalie color scheme 2018-04-30T18:49:12+00:00

I'll let you guys have a say in Natalie's future colors

Comments (1)
user avatar
Neme303 - 5 May 18 20:43
ok So it's clear which won, now to see who gets 2nd and third...
Natalie H
Natalie Hmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie H 2018-04-30T18:44:24+00:00close


I only got these colors because Moutain Dew Baja Blast is back in stores and I really liked the colors on the label.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #110046 - 30 Apr 18 18:45
Mmmmm, Baja Blast… :9
Natalie G
Natalie Gmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie G 2018-04-30T18:41:24+00:00close

It seems I can't stop...

Next Set Sketch 3
Next Set Sketch 3more_vert
Post file flag
Next Set Sketch 3 2018-04-29T22:36:17+00:00close

Remy uses you as support so she can reach the wall to test some color swatches

Next Set Sketch
Next Set Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Next Set Sketch 2018-04-29T22:34:01+00:00close

Next in sequence, Remy begins to review the space an asks what colors you like.

Next set wip sketch
Next set wip sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Next set wip sketch 2018-04-29T22:30:45+00:00close

Natalie F
Natalie Fmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie F 2018-04-29T20:26:24+00:00close

I lied. here's one more. I came up with the idea for somewhat "Tropical" colors While I walking to he store

Comments (2)
user avatar
user avatar
User #2322110 - 29 Apr 18 20:47
okay, I take it back, this one's better. Was totally waiting for the multicolored shoes and the pink booty shorts
Natalie E
Natalie Emore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie E 2018-04-29T18:37:07+00:00close

University Red

Last one for now

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2322110 - 29 Apr 18 20:17
Nice, each color palette had its ups and downs, think I dig this one the most
Natalie D
Natalie Dmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie D 2018-04-29T18:13:21+00:00close

can you say, "Super Nintendo?"

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #110046 - 30 Apr 18 18:46
I like this one, cuz nostalgia… ^_^
Natalie C
Natalie Cmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie C 2018-04-29T18:01:39+00:00close

this color scheme was to make her seem more "extreme."

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #317809 - 29 Apr 18 18:04
She’s gorgeous, either way c:
Natalie B
Natalie Bmore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie B 2018-04-29T17:59:15+00:00close

this color scheme was inspired by the wrapper for Blue Razz Blow-pops

Natalie A
Natalie Amore_vert
Post file flag
Natalie A 2018-04-29T17:57:47+00:00close

I've been spending too much time on instagram. But hey at least the models there have inspired me in some way.

Updating Natalie https://www.patreon.com/posts/natalie-6894578

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #110046 - 29 Apr 18 17:59
Dragon Knight: Officer Sylvia Clarke
Dragon Knight: Officer Sylvia Clarkemore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Knight: Officer Sylvia Clarke 2018-03-09T22:57:13+00:00close

First Tax Guard subordinate to be completed, Sylvia is the most "relaxed" of the group. It is of course a tactic of hers, She likes to get close and personal and when fighting she uses it to lure her foes away before striking them down. with her sword.

Concepts from Dragon Knight 2018-03-08T13:10:35+00:00

Like the the title suggests, what are some things you'd like to see from the world of Dragon Knight? I'm still working on fixing 351 at the moment so I figured for the time being I would get a little input from you guys. Would you like to see casual fashions? Other nations, more villains/rivals? Men? Or more of the character you like most so far? Leave a comment below. Thanks and have a great day!

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #705907 - 8 Mar 18 14:37
Causal fashion would be nice. Busty woman in pretty dresses.
user avatar
User #72220 - 8 Mar 18 19:22
I’m a sucker for background and world info
user avatar
User #807111 - 8 Mar 18 20:42
Other nations and the people who inhabit them.
user avatar
Neme303 - 9 Mar 18 01:45
Of the characters I've shown so far, the nations/cultures I've drawn from are England ( Sayla, Ingrid, Aliece, Claudia, Tax Officers), Germany (Heda), Nordic Scandinavia (Reina) , and the Roma/Gypsies (Mira and Petra) I have a few more characters and Nations I want to do, So I'll go ahead and post some of the designs I've done so far.
user avatar
User #238686 - 9 Mar 18 05:10
Reversed gender roles would be funny. https://e-hentai.org/g/1117004/bbe644de66/ for reference
user avatar
User #3815360 - 8 Mar 18 16:01
Causal fashion please.
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User #2554482 - 8 Mar 18 20:44
Men only as squires and servants. Fashion sounds awesome too. There doesn't have to be good vs evil if you want it to be. It could just be a clash of ideologies. For example, the crusades or the roman empire vs germanic tribes.
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Neme303 - 9 Mar 18 01:35
I i usually don't like to be so black and white
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Neme303 - 9 Mar 18 01:36
So you only want to see male characters as Squires and Servants?
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User #2554482 - 10 Mar 18 11:16
Yea, but that's only my preference. Seeing as most of your leading characters are female anyways it makes sense. They don't have to be slaves or anything, just more subservient roles, I guess?
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User #2554482 - 10 Mar 18 11:24
I agree with you. There could always be underlying agendas and motives that your characters possess that don't always align with their employers or nation. I think the good vs evil thing is a but overdone. Use current international trade tensions as an example. Say, one nation has a surplus of iron while another had grains and cotton.
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User #150128 - 8 Mar 18 17:06
Other nations and the way they dress (casually and armor) may be interesting.
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User #326876 - 8 Mar 18 17:03
As much as I want to say casual fashion first like everybody else, I'm honestly want to see males knights(and trainees/cadets). Mainly because there's only been female knights and I want to know if the male knights actually exist. And if there are actually any male knights, I'm curious to see how they're dressed in comparison to the women. Then after that casual fashion... then personally, wouldn't mind seeing more of... Aliece. was it?
Second (Technically Third) Sayla design
Second (Technically Third) Sayla designmore_vert
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Second (Technically Third) Sayla design 2018-03-02T20:23:06+00:00close

I was feeling Sayla's outfit needed to look more like a uniform. I'm not too sure about the gauntlets and grieves but otherwise I think this is a good improvement.

Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain (third draft)
Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain (third draft)more_vert
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Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain (third draft) 2018-03-02T21:12:14+00:00close

third draft of the outfit. I do like it but I feel it might be too fancy for her job title

Dragon Knight: Tax Guard sly subordinate
Dragon Knight: Tax Guard sly subordinatemore_vert
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Dragon Knight: Tax Guard sly subordinate 2018-03-02T20:12:23+00:00close

Of the original sketches I really liked her and the captain.

Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain concept
Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain conceptmore_vert
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Dragon Knight: Tax Guard Captain concept 2018-03-02T20:03:22+00:00close

I still don't have a name for her just yet But I wanted her to be built like a JoJo character.

Roundwhal Tax Guard  Sly Subordinate
Roundwhal Tax Guard Sly Subordinatemore_vert
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Roundwhal Tax Guard Sly Subordinate 2018-03-02T20:16:41+00:00close

A quick color test. I wanted the tax officers to evoke to look of British Red Coats.

This outfit design didn't work too well so I never finished this one

Dragon Knight: Roundwhal Tax Guard
Dragon Knight: Roundwhal Tax Guardmore_vert
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Dragon Knight: Roundwhal Tax Guard 2018-03-02T18:52:32+00:00close

about a month ago, I was thinking up enemies for Sayla's group to battle.

So here's the thought behind this group.

Roundwhal is a massive walled city with a lot of districts. So logically that would be a lot of citizens to tax which would mean a lot of money to transfer. So each Tax man is assigned a group of Tax guard to protect them while they collect from the citizens. Essentially they are the fantasy equivalent to Armored truck drivers.

This was the first draft I came up with, a captain(left) and 3-4 subordinates

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User #4077588 - 2 Mar 18 19:24
She is the size of a truck so makes sense =w= ^^
More Dragon Knight Development Art in March 2018-03-01T21:23:14+00:00

I've hit a bit of a snag in Room351 so in the mean time I'm making more Dragon Knight art to compensate

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User #2322110 - 1 Mar 18 23:36
That's cool, the Dragon Knight ladies all have interesting design so far

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