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Untitled 2015-11-09T15:00:49+00:00

Announcing new "Patron Weekly Game Video!" exclusively for you patrons!

Step 1. Every Patron suggests games.

Step 2. Every Patron votes for their favorite out of the suggestions.

Step 3. I'll record a video for you guys on the voted for game and if it's possible any $25+ Patrons who wish to be in the video can be!

Step 4. I'll upload the video privately for you guys as soon as it's done and any $5+ Patron will be able to watch it many days before it hits YouTube. (if it does, some of them will be just for you guys).

Sound like a cool system? I think this'll be awesome to do! Let me know what you think!

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #796239 - 15 Nov 15 21:04
Luckily this is essentially youtube content by itself, we just get to see it sooner
user avatar
User #17670242 - 22 Nov 19 01:48
Pro vs noob dark souls pvp?
user avatar
User #843709 - 9 Nov 15 15:06
So if you never end up uploading it to YouTube us poorer patrons never even get to see it at all?
user avatar
โ˜… RageGamingVideos - 9 Nov 15 15:10
It's nothing to do with that. There has to be better Rewards as the tiers go up that's how it works. Currently the $5 and $10 tier are lacking and this is a good way to address that.
user avatar
โ˜… RageGamingVideos - 9 Nov 15 15:12
What I might do though if this is a success is make the Patron only email apart of the $1 tier so you guys can talk to me/ask me stuff etc.
user avatar
User #843709 - 9 Nov 15 15:32
Sigh, yeah you're right. Also, I'm only pledging 25ยข a month haha I'm really just here to get to comment on this stuff, but maybe I'll move up to a dollar after I get Christmas money.
user avatar
User #673730 - 9 Nov 15 21:37
I like the concept. But don't put too much work in those. Youtube content shouldn't suffer at all from this and has more priority.
user avatar
User #306551 - 9 Feb 16 05:48
I want to do a single month of 200 then move to 25 or 50, I may work every day, but I cannot afford an extra 200/month lol, would be more of a donation
user avatar
User #5148807 - 21 Feb 17 02:27
user avatar
User #916378 - 9 Nov 15 15:09
Its a really good concept. Really like it

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