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Fluttershy beach trouble (Finished commission)
Fluttershy beach trouble (Finished commission)more_vert
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Fluttershy beach trouble (Finished commission) 2020-01-17T00:45:23+00:00close

Kinda unusual, but i enjoyed drawing it ^_^

Media (1)

MLP_Fluttershy_quicksand.jpg (764.9KiB)

Starlight Glimmer (finished commission)
Starlight Glimmer (finished commission)more_vert
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Starlight Glimmer (finished commission) 2020-01-15T04:42:40+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #889303 - 15 Jan 20 05:08
Well fuck, that's gorgeous😍💕
user avatar
oldskullkid - 15 Jan 20 05:12
Well thanks ^-^ i wish i had time to make more works like this one
Changes to my gallery. 2020-01-14T21:49:30+00:00

On friday i will start to make some changes to my patreon gallery some images will be deleted so if you wish to download any please do it before that time.

Thanks all for your attention ^_^

Comments (3)
user avatar
oldskullkid - 15 Jan 20 19:13
all my patreon exclusives so far are on the patreon channel on discord, as most of my early works are on the gallery channels there too. Also most of my works are on deviantart. I would work on a place to upload all my works but it might take time.
user avatar
User #2761357 - 15 Jan 20 19:39
I started using another browser to download the sketches and things not on the Discord. It's all good now! ^_^
user avatar
User #2761357 - 15 Jan 20 19:09
Is it possible to have like a Dropbox folder for the early pictures that aren't posted to Discord and such? Downloading from Patreon can be a pain. :(
Petition from the winner of the January raffle.
Petition from the winner of the January raffle. more_vert
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Petition from the winner of the January raffle. 2020-01-14T06:06:16+00:00close

I still practicing this kind of explicit art. I think i did well.

Media (1)

MLP_Sweetie_Belle_Loli.jpg (420.7KiB)

Finished commission. Happy new year!!
Finished commission. Happy new year!!more_vert
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Finished commission. Happy new year!! 2020-01-09T00:25:08+00:00close

Media (1)

commission_for_mintea.jpg (1.2MiB)

Finished commission. Nicole
Finished commission. Nicolemore_vert
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Finished commission. Nicole 2020-01-09T00:21:18+00:00close

Media (1)

commission_nicole.jpg (476.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2761357 - 9 Jan 20 08:43
I love it so much! ^_^
user avatar
oldskullkid - 9 Jan 20 15:47
Thank you. I enjoyed doing it ^_^
Happy new year!!!
Happy new year!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy new year!!! 2019-12-31T22:15:46+00:00close

Thank to all of you great people who support me and encourage me to be a better artist. I promise i will do my best to make great works for you this coming year!!

Cute ribbon dancer
Cute ribbon dancermore_vert
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Cute ribbon dancer 2019-12-31T22:13:35+00:00close

Media (2)

OSK_Aerial_ribbons.jpg (560.4KiB)
OSK_Aerial_ribbons_nude.jpg (552.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #889303 - 31 Dec 19 22:18
user avatar
oldskullkid - 1 Jan 20 18:08
Thanks ^_^
Happy holidays!! (opened presents for my patrons only)
Happy holidays!! (opened presents for my patrons only)more_vert
Post file flag
Happy holidays!! (opened presents for my patrons only) 2019-12-25T19:12:18+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #889303 - 25 Dec 19 19:24
Happy holidays! Love this!💕
Liy Pad Naked exclusive December preview
Liy Pad Naked exclusive December previewmore_vert
Post file flag
Liy Pad Naked exclusive December preview 2019-12-20T05:38:54+00:00close

If you are an active patron on December 2019 message to get this reward.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #889303 - 20 Dec 19 17:01
Cherry bomb
Cherry bombmore_vert
Post file flag
Cherry bomb 2019-12-19T15:46:22+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Cherry_Bomb.jpg (676.1KiB)

Lily Pad
Lily Padmore_vert
Post file flag
Lily Pad 2019-12-18T01:04:11+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Lily_Pad_loli.jpg (533.8KiB)

Megan more_vert
Post file flag
Megan 2019-12-13T21:32:55+00:00close

Petition from the winner of the December raffle.

Media (1)

MLP_Megan_loli.jpg (642.8KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #889303 - 13 Dec 19 23:07
Oooh my💕
Ring of blood: Gabrielle
Ring of blood: Gabriellemore_vert
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Ring of blood: Gabrielle 2019-12-12T16:58:17+00:00close

First drawing for project i want to start next year. All i can say is that it will have bloody fights and vampires.

Media (1)

ROB_Gabrielle.jpg (548.1KiB)

Post file flag
Roomates 2019-12-10T16:13:31+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Roomates-1.jpg (566.9KiB)

Lovers in Hell
Lovers in Hellmore_vert
Post file flag
Lovers in Hell 2019-12-06T19:23:17+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Charlie_x_Vaggie.jpg (358.3KiB)

Post file flag
Vaggie 2019-12-03T18:22:25+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Vaggie-2.jpg (539.6KiB)

Hazbin Hotel: Vaggie
Hazbin Hotel: Vaggiemore_vert
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Hazbin Hotel: Vaggie 2019-11-28T23:51:09+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Vaggie.jpg (577.4KiB)

Come Sinner!!
Come Sinner!!more_vert
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Come Sinner!! 2019-11-22T23:28:45+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Charlie-2.jpg (617.1KiB)

Hazbin Hotel: Charlie
Hazbin Hotel: Charliemore_vert
Post file flag
Hazbin Hotel: Charlie 2019-11-21T00:02:54+00:00close

Media (1)

HH_Charlie.jpg (584.0KiB)

Thank you!!
Thank you!!more_vert
Post file flag
Thank you!! 2019-11-20T01:23:01+00:00close

Media (1)

hikaru_patron_day.jpg (730.9KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #792334 - 20 Nov 19 01:45
Thank you
Mizuno Atena
Mizuno Atenamore_vert
Post file flag
Mizuno Atena 2019-11-15T17:50:54+00:00close

Media (1)

Mizuno_Atena-6.jpg (608.8KiB)

Aisha (Original character)
Aisha (Original character)more_vert
Post file flag
Aisha (Original character) 2019-11-11T21:52:11+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Aisha-Bio.jpg (516.3KiB)

Alex (Original character)
Alex (Original character)more_vert
Post file flag
Alex (Original character) 2019-11-11T21:41:32+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Alex-bio.jpg (539.7KiB)

Mai Shiranui.
Mai Shiranui. more_vert
Post file flag
Mai Shiranui. 2019-11-11T20:15:51+00:00close

Media (1)

Mai_Shiranui.jpg (1.0MiB)

Apple Bloom Loli. (Price for the winner of the November Raffle)
Apple Bloom Loli. (Price for the winner of the November Raffle)more_vert
Post file flag
Apple Bloom Loli. (Price for the winner of the November Raffle) 2019-11-08T22:44:53+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Apple_Bloom_Loli.jpg (435.3KiB)

Scootaloo x Rainbow Dash
Scootaloo x Rainbow Dashmore_vert
Post file flag
Scootaloo x Rainbow Dash 2019-11-06T18:57:15+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Scootaloo_x_Rainbow_dash.jpg (604.6KiB)

RWBY Bondage (finished commission)
RWBY Bondage (finished commission)more_vert
Post file flag
RWBY Bondage (finished commission) 2019-10-29T23:19:10+00:00close

Media (1)

commission_RWBY_Bondage.jpg (645.5KiB)

Silver Spoon. Winner of the october raffle.
Silver Spoon. Winner of the october raffle.more_vert
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Silver Spoon. Winner of the october raffle. 2019-10-23T17:36:00+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Silver_Spoon_loli.jpg (293.4KiB)

Thanks for the support!!
Thanks for the support!!more_vert
Post file flag
Thanks for the support!! 2019-10-18T16:55:34+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Alex-3-bottomless.jpg (341.8KiB)

Lilith (Sketch)
Lilith (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Lilith (Sketch) 2019-10-12T09:13:23+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (276.4KiB)

Post file flag
Lilith 2019-10-12T09:12:06+00:00close

Media (1)

Lilith.jpg (337.6KiB)

Happy Halloween 2019
Happy Halloween 2019more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Halloween 2019 2019-10-09T16:44:59+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Alex-haloween_2019.jpg (658.4KiB)

Thanks for 300 watchers!!
Thanks for 300 watchers!!more_vert
Post file flag
Thanks for 300 watchers!! 2019-10-07T16:51:49+00:00close

Media (1)

OSK_Alex-3.jpg (348.0KiB)

Bulma and Delia
Bulma and Deliamore_vert
Post file flag
Bulma and Delia 2019-10-04T19:18:11+00:00close

Media (1)

Duelo_Bulma_vs_Delia.jpg (438.9KiB)

Zecora Nude (Sketch)
Zecora Nude (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Zecora Nude (Sketch) 2019-10-01T23:00:32+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (451.8KiB)

Zecora nude
Zecora nudemore_vert
Post file flag
Zecora nude 2019-10-01T22:59:57+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Zecora-1.jpg (541.4KiB)

Finished commission.
Finished commission. more_vert
Post file flag
Finished commission. 2019-09-27T23:31:31+00:00close

I am not totally used to this gory stuff. But my client was happy so i am happy with the result.

Media (1)

Commission_Clementine.jpg (884.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3038062 - 28 Sep 19 19:27
Finished commission (first time i do something like a comic page)
Finished commission (first time i do something like a comic page)more_vert
Post file flag
Finished commission (first time i do something like a comic page) 2019-09-25T18:41:39+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_erotic_comic-2.jpg (2.0MiB)

Babysitting (Sketch)
Babysitting (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Babysitting (Sketch) 2019-09-24T20:40:16+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (317.1KiB)

Babysitting (Finished commission)
Babysitting (Finished commission)more_vert
Post file flag
Babysitting (Finished commission) 2019-09-24T20:39:25+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Pinkie_Pad-1.jpg (505.1KiB)

Starlight Glimmer
Starlight Glimmermore_vert
Post file flag
Starlight Glimmer 2019-09-23T14:50:19+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Starlight_Glimmer-1.jpg (297.7KiB)

Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratchmore_vert
Post file flag
Vinyl Scratch 2019-09-23T14:49:27+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Vinyl_Scratch-1.jpg (228.9KiB)

Redheads (Sketch)
Redheads (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Redheads (Sketch) 2019-09-12T14:45:39+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (416.3KiB)

Post file flag
Redheads 2019-09-12T05:38:33+00:00close

Media (1)

Duelo_Frakie_vs_Wendy.jpg (724.3KiB)

Apple Bloom (Sketch)
Apple Bloom (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Apple Bloom (Sketch) 2019-09-05T18:18:39+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (384.3KiB)

Apple Bloom
Apple Bloommore_vert
Post file flag
Apple Bloom 2019-09-05T16:56:41+00:00close

Media (1)

MLP_Apple_Bloom_CS.jpg (568.9KiB)

September exclusive coming this week. 2019-09-02T04:51:08+00:00

And i hope you like it, it is something i had been asked for a lot ^_^

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12685357 - 5 Sep 19 14:27
Me muero por verlo
Mizuno Atena (Sketch)
Mizuno Atena (Sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Mizuno Atena (Sketch) 2019-08-27T15:49:03+00:00close

Media (1)

0-creatives.jpg (273.9KiB)

Mizuno Atena (Mexican Cosplayer)
Mizuno Atena (Mexican Cosplayer)more_vert
Post file flag
Mizuno Atena (Mexican Cosplayer) 2019-08-27T15:43:43+00:00close

Media (1)

Mizuno_Atena-4.jpg (458.9KiB)


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