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All Content is now FREE to all! 2020-06-30T08:10:45+00:00

As you know, we haven't been operating for a couple months now - so we've decided to make all the content we've created free to everyone for personal use! You should be able to access all of the content posts by either scrolling through the feed or sorting by tags - you can use our monsters, items, maps and compilation PDFs at your leisure!

Just an update for our followers since last time - I've been busy working on my art portfolio and I've actually started up my own personal patreon doing art prints! If you're interested in checking that out, head over to:
I'm actually giving away a bonus signed print there to every new patron in July!

And Micah Watt is still Pyromaniac Press! Head to www.pyromaniacpress.com for adventures and designs.

Bye for now!

Sad news 2020-03-28T02:07:40+00:00

Hey folks,

Sad news today, folks. Due to a variety of strenous circumstances, we are shutting down our Patreon indefinitely, so we as individuals can better focus on and provide for ourselves and our families amid this global crisis. Covid19 has affected countless people across the world, in extremely difficult ways - myself included. The decision to close down Patreon has not been an easy one, but it is imperative that I focus on making choices that aid me in caring for my little boy, without sacrificing important time and energy when so much is at stake - and enjoyable as running Homebrew Inn has been, it does indeed take a lot of time, effort and money to do so. Both Ming and Micah are supportive of the decision to close as well, disappointing though it is.

We have had a great run however, and sad as it is that it has come to an end for now - we are extremely grateful to have had your support along the way. We all hope that through our effort and creation, we have brought you moments of joy, excitement and most of all, fun. That's what D&D is about, and the reason we ever embarked on this journey in the first place.

Though Homebrew Inn comes to a close, our love of D&D is unconditional - and we shall continue to play, share and create in our own separate ways. I would like to heartily thank Micah Watt. He was brave enough to jump aboard when times were hard, and I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Micah still runs Pyromaniac Press - creating awesome adventures - I heartily suggest you check him out if you're looking for something ready to run: https://pyromaniacpress.com/

Ming, who I first started this journey with - is a good friend of mine. He has been patient and a pillar of logical thinking that I've been able to throw myself against in times of great stress and anxiety, and rely on to keep things running smoothly. As someone who can't see the trees for the forest, Ming is an awesome dude to have around. Ming has mentioned to me that he is looking at streaming and Youtube as a hobby, but hasn't decided yet. Whatever form that takes, we wish him all the luck and success - he deserves it.

As for me, I will be focusing on being a good dad. My little man is my everything, and the reason I strive to be a great artist. One day, when he's older, I hope to be able to hand him a copy of the Player's Handbook, and say "Look, your daddy drew this!" To that end, I will continue honing my skills, practicing and taking on commission work. If you so desire, you can follow my journey here: www.instagram.com/alexsturdee
I am so grateful for everyone's support - some of you even followed me before Homebrew Inn. I actually cannot thank any of you enough for all you have done. I have learned so much along the way, and will continue to use the skills and knowledge I have acquired thanks to your support.

Thank you again, to every single one of you. Within the next week or two, we will be unlocking the content we have made since we first started - we see no reason to keep it locked to a small population, and would rather see it shared amongst the community. Please be patient with us as we do, we have quite a bit going on at the moment. We love you all, and we hope to see you on the next step of our respective journeys, wherever they shall take us.
With all our love, thanks and kindness,

-Alex Sturdee, of Homebrew Inn

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16235037 - 28 Mar 20 17:44
Best of luck to you all. You guys have been one of my favorite pages to follow on Instagram.
user avatar
User #5475100 - 1 Apr 20 13:08
Sucks. I just found you! But you've gotta take care of you and your own first. Hope y'all get the chance to do this again
user avatar
User #22248799 - 28 Mar 20 02:38
Best of luck guys. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.
user avatar
User #31342498 - 1 Apr 20 14:32
Stay safe, I'm really sad to see this happening, but I completely understand. Return. This community will be here for you always.
[Item] Screaming Mace
[Item] Screaming Macemore_vert
[Item] Screaming Mace 2020-03-23T21:03:29+00:00close

This horrific weapon is made of twisted metal forged into three screaming heads, each dripping a differentgreenish-blackichorin increasingly dark hues. When swung a faint screaming can be heard emanating from the grotesque visages.

Weapon (mace), legendary (requires attunement)

You gain a +3 to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Each successful strike deals an additional 1d6 damage of one of the following types, selected by you – acid, poison or necrotic. Once a damage type has been dealt its reservoir is momentarily depleted and cannot be used until the start of your next turn.

When you score a hit with this weapon, the heads viciously bite down on the target. The damage dealt by the hit cannot be regained by magical means, only by completing a short or long rest.

As an action, you can cause the mace to emit a horrific scream in a 20 foot radius, centred on it. All creatures in the area of effect, except you, must make a successful DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or take 4d6 psychic damage and must use their next turn to flee from you by the most direct, safe route, using their action to dash. A creature that cannot flee safely instead cowers, gaining the prone condition. A successful saving throw halves the damage and negates the compulsion to flee. This ability can be used three times, the mace regaining all uses at dawn.

Media (1)

Art_Screaming_Mace__social.png (987.3KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22248799 - 23 Mar 20 22:10
Zolthur the All-Seeing print file has arrived!
Zolthur the All-Seeing print file has arrived!more_vert
Zolthur the All-Seeing print file has arrived! 2020-03-17T01:00:00+00:00close

He has arrived! Zolthur the All-Seeing - our most popular creature creation - is now available as a printable mini! Now you can represent him on your table with the perfect piece! He comes in two parts, Zolthur himself and a base, to make painting easier! The print file includes supports.

Also included for your convenience is Zolthur's statblock PDF and Warlock Patron PDF and artwork! The ultimate Zolthur collection!

Click Download below to get your access now!

Theme Announcement: Nightmare Fuel!
Theme Announcement: Nightmare Fuel!more_vert
Post file flag
Theme Announcement: Nightmare Fuel! 2020-03-04T20:09:34+00:00close

This month's theme announcement was made by our Patron Karl - and won by a landslide! This month, we will be focusing on the dark, the macabre and the downright creepy! Do you have suggestions for the content this month? Ideas for monsters? Player options? Items? Leave a comment below!

Media (1)

Nightmare_Fuel_Logo.jpg (160.8KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #24681519 - 6 Mar 20 18:41
Ngl that would be an awesome tattoo design
user avatar
homebrewinn - 4 Mar 20 23:33
Beautiful! We actually made a post on Reddit asking the Dark Souls community for ideas too and got quite an enthusiastic response. A tiered boss fight is a must!
user avatar
User #22248799 - 4 Mar 20 22:30
I'd like to see a boss that gets more painful as the fight goes on. For the most part, boss characters feel like they die way too quickly. Maybe you have to 'kill' this creature 3 times before it goes down, each time it gets abilities unlocked or different legendary actions. Otherwise items or things for players would likely be religious relics. Items that potentially double as a weapon and another object.
[Subclass] Warlock Patron: The Sightless Seer
[Subclass] Warlock Patron: The Sightless Seermore_vert
[Subclass] Warlock Patron: The Sightless Seer 2020-03-01T15:35:56+00:00close

Here's something a little different, an entirely new subclass!

This time round it's the Sightless Seer as a warlock patron, and it's our first go at creating something like a subclass but we wanted to expand on Zolthur a little more.

Normally a subclass would be part of our new Hero's Feast Patreon tier but we like to initially release things for free so everyone can experience the content that we make!

Grab either the PDF or png below, they're the same page :)

[Creature] Stonesong Keeper - CR6
[Creature] Stonesong Keeper - CR6more_vert
[Creature] Stonesong Keeper - CR6 2020-02-28T15:03:04+00:00close

Dwarven mages with a dark ability to help their spells stick. There's a fair bit of potential to combo their Blood Sacrifice ability with vampiric touch or false life to lessen the burden on their hit points. Just like the sneaky Stonesong dwarves to find a way around a harmful ability...

[Item] Linebreaker Helm
[Item] Linebreaker Helmmore_vert
[Item] Linebreaker Helm 2020-02-28T01:58:31+00:00close

"The orcs are holding formation! There's no way we can break those defenses!" Benethan spat onto the ground as the horde jeered and clamored behind their wall of spiked shields. Hrogar strode into view.

"Stand aside, lad. There's a way through, alright." The dwarf shuffled forward, his voice somewhat muffled by the fearsome helm he wore. He looked up at Benethan with a grin, before lowering himself, ready to charge.

"Sometimes you just need ta use yer head!"

Upcoming Content Poll, comment your theme suggestions here and we'll vote! 2020-02-28T00:32:34+00:00

Hey folks! We're going to be voting on our theme soon! Instead of providing a bunch of random themes to vote on we'd love you to shout 'em out to us instead! Comment your theme suggestion for next month (feel free to sell it with ideas you have that fit!) and we'll include it in the vote! You've to 2 days to comment below with your suggestion before we post the poll up!

Lets hear em!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #22594414 - 29 Feb 20 11:25
Costal and sea themed <3
user avatar
User #7611449 - 28 Feb 20 00:33
Menagerie - baby animals (could be pets - like a stat block for a baby owlbear) (you could reference the Hook Horror Maturation Table).
user avatar
User #22248799 - 28 Feb 20 02:19
Darksouls/Bloodborne style horror bosses.
Evolving Content and Tier Changes 2020-02-27T23:47:50+00:00

Hey guys!

You might’ve noticed we’ve been branching out somewhat in the content we create. Previously, we focused on just creating monsters and items for you to use in your games at home – but in recent months we’ve done racial stats, sub-classes and even adventures!

This slow but deliberate change has been to shift focus away from a fairly saturated market (there are *lots* of item content creators out there now!) and move more towards adventures and player content. This shift does *not* mean we will no longer be making items and monsters – far from. We are simply offering a wider variety to cater to a multitude of needs. Every month, we will continue to vote on a theme – our consistent content will include items and monsters, but our higher tier could be anything! From adventures, to player options, maps and even miniatures!

This change means that our current Tiers no longer reflect our content aims, and thus we’re updating it! The change is very simple:

Tier 1 A coin in the tip jar– For $1, Patrons get access to our voting and can comment on theme polls to suggest content.

Tier 2 A mug of your finest ale! - For just $5 a month, in addition to poll voting, Patrons can now enjoy both our item and monster content (at least two items and two monsters each month - sometimes more). Choose this tier if you only want monster stats and item cards to use for DMing.

Tier 3 Hero’s Feast– For $13, Patrons get access to our premium content – which will differ every month. Examples of this content could be a fully narrated and illustrated adventure, a printable mini file, a player race, encounter maps, an adventure setting or a subclass! Patrons will be able to suggest and request specific content in our poll. Choose this tier if you want the full Homebrew Inn experience and want to best aid us in creating new and exciting content!

One last thing: It is worth noting that due to the nature of Patreon and its debit cycles, we will be changing the payment settings so that your first debit will begin when you first sign up, instead of on the next cycle. If you have any questions, let us know! We hope you’re as excited as we are to be embarking on this new and exciting venture!

Kindest regards,

-Micah, Alex and Ming, of Homebrew Inn.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7611449 - 27 Feb 20 23:56
Thanks for moving the monsters down to tier 2! I can afford $5 and monsters *and* items is worth it for me to switch from $1 to $5. What are the chances of you releasing all previous monster posts during this reshuffling?
user avatar
homebrewinn - 1 Mar 20 09:06
Beautiful! We saw you upgraded, and we're stoked! It shall indeed, though because we have to go through and edit each one we will have to make it a process - expect to see all of them by available by the end of March.
user avatar
User #7611449 - 2 Mar 20 01:30
That’s super reasonable. :) thanks for making awesome stuff!
[Creature] Dwarven Treasure Seeker - Various CRs
[Creature] Dwarven Treasure Seeker - Various CRsmore_vert
[Creature] Dwarven Treasure Seeker - Various CRs 2020-02-25T17:51:54+00:00close

These creepy fellas will add flavour to any ruin or abandoned dwarven stronghold you come across! Ranging from tiny to huge in size, there's surely one that will fit your needs!

  • Gem Sniffers are tiny and CR 1/4
  • Treasure Retrievers are small and CR 1
  • Lair Raiders are medium and CR 3 (and come with some nifty variants)
  • Hoard Plunderers are large and CR 6
  • Dragonbane Reavers are huge and CR 10

All the statblocks and lore are together in the PDF, or you can download pages individually.

[Item] Stonesong Shield Gauntlet
[Item] Stonesong Shield Gauntletmore_vert
[Item] Stonesong Shield Gauntlet 2020-02-23T07:09:10+00:00close

Weapon (gauntlet), very rare (requires attunement)

This bulky gauntlet has multiple linked plates that wrap around the wearer’s entire forearm. A large ruby is embedded into the outer plate. The ornate design seems cumbersome but is not impairing in any way.

The gauntlet acts like a weapon, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage on a strike. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, and this bonus extends to any unarmed strikes you perform while wearing it as a gauntlet.

As an action, you may transform the gauntlet into a shield, gaining a +3 AC bonus while it is in this form. You do not need to be proficient in shields to use the gauntlet in this way, but you cannot use it as a weapon while so transformed. Returning it to a gauntlet requires an action.

The gauntlet has three charges, regaining all expended charges at dawn each day. You may expend charges to generate the following effects;

  • On a successful hit with the gauntlet you may expend 1 charge to deal an additional 3d6 force damage to the target. This damage is doubled against objects and structures. If the target is a creature, it must succeed a DC 15 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.
  • As a reaction when hit with an attack, you may expend a charge to immediately transform the gauntlet into its shield form, applying the AC bonus to the incoming attack.
[Creature] Stonesong Talemonger - CR3
[Creature] Stonesong Talemonger - CR3more_vert
[Creature] Stonesong Talemonger - CR3 2020-02-20T17:19:09+00:00close

The Stonesong Talemonger can be used as a quest giver, merchant, or all round pain in the ass companion to your party members!

Although they're perfectly capable to getting into a scrap, they have many other skills that make them more than just another creature to fight.

[Subrace] Stonesong Dwarf
[Subrace] Stonesong Dwarfmore_vert
[Subrace] Stonesong Dwarf 2020-02-13T13:19:30+00:00close

Time for something a little different, we have a player subrace for the Stonesong Dwarves! Shrouded in magic and mystery, the Stonesong dwarves are self-serving and greedy.

In saying that, the subrace is perfect for someone who wants to be a Dwarven wizard and will be handy for all those classes without ritual casting!

We'd love to get some feedback on the direction we're going, and definitely value our patrons' opinions :)

[Item] Our final item from 'Gallant Goblins' - the Stirge Lance!
[Item] Our final item from 'Gallant Goblins' - the Stirge Lance! more_vert
[Item] Our final item from 'Gallant Goblins' - the Stirge Lance! 2020-02-03T07:22:20+00:00close

Skag answered the summons when she heard his voice in her mind. Dismounting from Razor, she led the engorged stirge into the massive iron cage constructed along the wall of the cavern before making her way to the shrine in the dark below. Her footfalls echoed in the massive chamber. Skulking by the far wall, shrouded in shadow stood the clan leader - Gorbok. In his hands, an ornate and sculpted, cracked brass lance.

"A gift for you, my child..."

The wizened and pale skinned goblin's voice rasped from beneath its hood. Skag eyed the lance with suspicion. Gifts were a scarce gesture in goblin society. Especially to an underling. Perhaps sensing her thoughts, Gorbok grinned.

"Flikbik has regaled me with tales of your kills. He says you are the best rider he has ever seen." Skag scowled, expecting some plot.

"Wot isit?"

Gorbok handed it to her. "I told you. A gift. A celebration of your promotion. I have on good word that a group of adventurers are on their way up the mountain. I trust you will not disappoint."

"What are you talki- " Comprehension dawned on Skag's face as she gripped the lance in her scarred little hands. "Yes, m'lord...They won't know what hit 'em!"

Media (1)

Stirge_Lance_-_social.png (1.0MiB)

[Item]  'Brave Juice'! A disgusting concoction that goblins use to harden their resolve!
[Item] 'Brave Juice'! A disgusting concoction that goblins use to harden their resolve! more_vert
[Item] 'Brave Juice'! A disgusting concoction that goblins use to harden their resolve! 2020-02-03T06:46:00+00:00close

The Nightblood Goblins have mastered their fear. When your boss hands you a viscous jar of blood red fluid and tells you to drink it, that's what you do. Well of course you do, he's your boss. Plus: You're fearless. At least, that's what he says, anyway. Bottoms up!

This disgusting potion made from the contents of a Stirge's gut instills a vigorous bloodlust. When the alarm is raised, and intruders draw close to goblin sanctuary, the Stirge Wranglers pass through the forward units, passing out jars of the stuff. As soon as their foe is spotted, the goblins give a rousing cheer and toss it down. Its probably a bewildering sight, at first. Adventures rush towards the mob, weapons drawn. But when they draw close, their steps falter. The goblins aren't drunk... or panicked. They're giggling. And their mouths are dripping blood...


DM note: Now this stuff causes attacks to be more powerful, similar to a barbarian's rage. Bear in mind that the effects *do* stack with a rage, so if your party barbarian finds it and drinks it before going into a rage, they'll become a powerhouse. A reckless barbarian in this frenzied state will soon realise that the exhaustion stacks too,,,

Give a couple jars of this to your stirge wrangler boss! Do be careful giving this to too many goblins, as it can make quite a difference in combat, the more there are. Don't forget to describe the goblins that have imbibed the fluid as manic, doe-eyed and each with a thick, dripping ooze of blood pouring down their chin!

Media (1)

Brave_Juice_-_Social.png (1.0MiB)

[Creature] Snuff Sorelicker - A goblin champion with lofty dreams!
[Creature] Snuff Sorelicker - A goblin champion with lofty dreams! more_vert
[Creature] Snuff Sorelicker - A goblin champion with lofty dreams! 2020-01-30T22:41:39+00:00close

Hey folks! A bonus character for you as we do up the final touches on this month's legendary creature (we are a little behind on art due to Tribute Troubles!): https://www.patreon.com/posts/our-very-first-33373899

But we shouldn't be too much longer!

In the meantime, we present Snuff - a goblin very dear to my own heart. Snuff was an adventurer in a game I used to DM for. A sneaky, disgusting little assassin that used his cape to glide down from above and plant a dagger in the back of victims! We've presented here a stat page to use Snuff in your own games, either as a villain or as a potential ally to the party. Snuff is energetic and spritely, and oddly enough, carries an air of optimisim - giggling with glee as he vanishes into the shadows to await a victim. Be sure to have him offer to lick someone's wounds ("It really works, I swears it!"). He wears a Mantle of the Rattledrake, so check out that item card - but all the abilities are included in this statblock too!

Stirge Cavalry Rider and Blood-gorged Stirge
Stirge Cavalry Rider and Blood-gorged Stirgemore_vert
Stirge Cavalry Rider and Blood-gorged Stirge 2020-01-28T10:07:01+00:00close

Edit 03/02/20: Skag's bio has been updated to reflect her equipment and provide more info on her mount, Razor.

Our second last creature release of the month shows what happens when a stirge wrangler masters his craft! The stirge cavalry rider and his mount are a blight upon the skies - erratic flyers that flyby and spear unsuspecting foes!


Skag is a female Stirge Cavalry Rider of chaotic evil alignment, with maximum hitpoints for her type (45 hp). Being vibrant, cruel and especially cunning, Skag uses her wiles to keep herself at the head of her squadron - squashing any foolish enough to challenge her - sometimes even before they knew they were thinking about it! Skag is brash, has a short fuse, and is prone to violent fits of anger. Skag wields the Stirge Lance, a gift from her warboss, Garbok, in addition to a shield (which brings her AC up to 16).

Skag's mount, named Razor is a Blood-gorged Stirge. He's missing one of his front legs and carries a few scars but is well fed, with maximum hitpoints for his type (18hp). Razor is aggressive, even for a stirge. Even Skag must be wary around him at feeding time.

Ideal: Ride to die.

Bond: I'm attracted to folks that live without fear.

Flaw: I know you're plotting against me! I see the crazy look in your eye!

Our very first adventure module - 'Tribute Troubles'!
Our very first adventure module - 'Tribute Troubles'! more_vert
Our very first adventure module - 'Tribute Troubles'! 2020-01-22T23:50:19+00:00close

We are so excited to announce the release of our very first adventure module, Tribute Trouble.

Tribute Trouble is a 14 page adventure for a party of characters at levels 4-6 and features treacherous dwarves, sneaky bandits, a trek through the desert and a climactic battle with a terrifying rattledrake! You can find the downloadable pdf at the bottom of this post, under 'Attachments'.

This is our first adventure, and we are so so excited to share it with you guys. We would love your feedback on it - please leave a comment and let us know how your game goes.

This module can be easily slotted into your game, but has been designed specifically to be a part of Tostlemire Basin - our ambitious new setting we've been working on. This module is free to the general public (so share and link your friends/DM!) but the next few adventures will be exclusive to our Patrons.

If you're here from Instagram, Facebook or Reddit, welcome! Please consider becoming a Patron to unlock some exclusive creatures, items, artfiles, in addition to our future adventures and setting booklet!

We hope you enjoy it!


Homebrew Inn

Media (1)

Tribute_Trouble_screenshot.PNG (791.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Tribute Trouble.pdf (86.4MiB)

[Item] Wrangler Armor
[Item] Wrangler Armormore_vert
[Item] Wrangler Armor 2020-01-15T08:47:44+00:00close

Clever girl. This armor is not for the faint of heart! Whilst it inspires savagery in your animal friends, they will remain loyal only as long as you stand tall. They can smell your fear!

An exciting new project - The Adventurer's Guide to Tostlemire Basin
An exciting new project - The Adventurer's Guide to Tostlemire Basinmore_vert
Post file flag
An exciting new project - The Adventurer's Guide to Tostlemire Basin 2020-01-14T14:41:36+00:00close

Hey folks!

This is our formal announcement of an exciting new project we have been working on these past few weeks! Micah and I have been discussing how best we can better reward and thank our Patrons - and we've come up with something we are super excited about!

We have begun work on an adventure guide and setting, exclusive to our Patrons. This adventure guide is for a modular region, called Tostlemire Basin - and features an adventurer-run town, set in the ruins of an ancient kingdom! This is a small town, a sanctuary in a savage land of strange monsters amid ruins of an ancient citadel. The format of this booklet will follow the likes of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and Tales from the Yawning Portal - in that it revolves around a specific town, but has modular adventures and areas you can include in your game (as opposed to a full-campaign). The adventures are likely to start as small, several page chapters initially - but we hope to expand on them into fully-realised adventures in time.

This guide will be an evolving, changing document - including all the work we've done so far, and being expanded upon with all our new content. In addition to changes by us, this document will be open to edits from our Patrons directly, meaning you will be able to shape and change this world, too! The changes we envision from you, our Patrons, are anything from NPCs, to adventure hooks, to locations and even positions of power within the world. Changes made by Patrons will add to the lore and history of the world, making this a unique and interactive experience not really seen before in published homebrew content!

Obviously this project is a pretty big undertaking! Thankfully Micah has done adventures before - I'm extremely grateful to have someone with his skill and experience whilst undertaking this booklet. That said, neither of us have worked on something of this magnitude before, so we welcome your feedback, encouragement, patience and constructive criticism! It is worth noting we will be updating our Tiers with the release of the first edit of this adventure guide, but we will give you more details and notice prior to.

Chat to us in the comments below! What would you like to see? What do you want in a setting guide? Do you have ideas on how Patrons can contribute?

This project relies heavily on your input - and we would love your thoughts. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I'm so looking forward to our first release, and updating you as we draw closer!

Thank you, again. You guys really are the best.

Kindest regards,

-Alex, of Homebrew Inn

P.S. I've included a sneak-peek at some of what we've been working on! Just a note that because its early stages, some of this may be subject to change and be updated as time goes on... I just wanted to show you because I'm way too excited! ;D

[Creature] Goblin Stirge Wrangler
[Creature] Goblin Stirge Wranglermore_vert
[Creature] Goblin Stirge Wrangler 2020-01-09T23:58:29+00:00close

Within the Nightblood clan of goblins, perhaps the most curious vocation is that of the Goblin Stirge Wrangler. Despite the insanely high death rate among new recruits, the profession remains one of the most highly sought - besides that of Clan Leader of course. It is perhaps less vexing when one considers what a lucky few of the stirge wranglers can become - provided they finally manage to actually tame and gorge their stirges without being sucked dry themselves. Most would consider the task terrifying - but these goblins are fearless.


Jobo the Bloodlord is a Goblin Stirge Wrangler, of Lawful Evil alignment. Despite goblins' lack of lawful behaviour, Jobo rules his warriors (and his stirges) with an iron fist - and demands they follow a set of strict and somewhat nonsensical rules. Any goblins that wish to become a wrangler must adhere to these rules, or be locked in the cages with the stirges. In addition to having maximum hitpoints for his type (27), he wears a specially crafted set of armor - Wrangler Plate Armour. Contrary to a standard Stirge Wrangler, Jobo has +4 Animal Handling, and his stirges actually follow his commands (provided they are recently fed). Within his employ, he has four Stirge Wranglers, six Goblin Warriors, and two Stirge Lancers atop Blood-gorged Stirges.

Ideal: An army of tiny creatures is still an army.

Bond: I would sacrifice all my followers to feed my babies.

Flaw: I get easily side-tracked boasting of my accomplishments.

(Note: Both the Wrangler Plate Armour and Blood-gorged Stirges are set for release next week.)

[Item] Staff of Dread
[Item] Staff of Dreadmore_vert
[Item] Staff of Dread 2020-01-06T03:45:59+00:00close

"I knew you would come... I had foreseen it."

"Y-yes, O Sightless One! We... I... I seek-"

Flikbik's voice peetered out fearfully, and he averted his gaze. Zolthur loomed over the tiny goblinoid figure. Wretched it was, snivelling and pathetic. The Seer grinned.

"You seek a means to end your mindless war. To strengthen your clan - destroy your enemies. I know. But a vision of the future will not help you. You do not need my foresight.. You need a weapon."

The nasally reply echoed in the chamber. "A... a weapon? What weapon? Where!?"

The grin widened. "Your fear betrays you. This will slake it." The pale, empty eye beneath the hood began to swirl. "Look upon its resting place. But be warned... It comes at a price."


Oooooh, Zolthur returns! We hope you enjoy this month's first item creation! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Our first Gallant Goblin, the Terror Shaman!
Our first Gallant Goblin, the Terror Shaman! more_vert
Our first Gallant Goblin, the Terror Shaman! 2020-01-03T12:27:32+00:00close

The Nightblood goblin clan are renowned for their fear-mongering tactics - few goblin clans inspire terror as much as these pale, cave-dwelling little monsters. This reputation is owed largely to the Terror Shamans - nightmarish little terrors, whom have made a pact with a being from down in the dark...

The very first Terror Shaman, Flikbik the Black-hearted was sick of cowardly-living. When he found an ancient and terrifying Staff of Dread (released next week!) he resolved to turn fear against the enemies of his clan. Through a dark pact with a powerful entity, he learned how to harness dark magic to quell and inspire terror - and in turn taught it to eager disciples.


Flikbik the Black-hearted is a Goblin Terror Shaman, wielding the Staff of Dread. He has a stirge familiar, like his disciples, named Mincer. Unlike most goblins, he is especially loyal to his clan - or at least cunning enough to know that a strong clan means a longer life. Flikbik is cunning, but ironically, is terrified of losing his power. Flikbik has maximum hitpoints for his type (35) and wears a brass breastplate beneath his robes, increasing his AC to 16. He is especially cruel and malicious, even for a goblin. Flikbik is not the clan leader, but does lead his own band within the clan. When encountering Flikbik, he is guarded by 6 goblins and 2 goblin terror shamans, each with a stirge familiar. Flikbik orders his goblin warriors forward, whilst he and his shamans inspire from behind, using their Steal Courage feature and their spells too.

Ideal: Fear is a weapon, and I know how to wield it.
Bond: My dearest Mincer is my darling, and I'll kill anyone that dares to harm him.
Flaw: I have a creeping fear that without my staff, I'm nothing.

[Theme Announcement] Gallant Goblins!
[Theme Announcement] Gallant Goblins!more_vert
Post file flag
[Theme Announcement] Gallant Goblins! 2019-12-29T03:16:00+00:00close

Thank you to our voters! For January, you have chosen "Gallant Goblins!"

Micah and I are super excited about this theme - we look forward to our first batch of both item and creature in the first month of January! These goblins will all be from the same tribe - a tribe known for its bravery and fearless warriors!

As requested, we will be creating some goblin champions too - do you have any good goblin names? Leave a comment below and we might use some of them!

Media (1)

Month_8.png (1.0MiB)

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!more_vert
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! 2019-12-22T07:11:43+00:00close

Merry Christmas all! We are pleased to present the first collaboration between Alex and Micah - a CR 10 Santa Clause! Santa is Lawful Good - naturally! Do you have a team of evil characters owed a visit, and a reminder to be good? Or perhaps Santa himself has been overtaken by an evil force and needs rescuing by some very good boys and girls? Surely Santa will have a gift for any such adventurers!

We hope you enjoy, please let us know your thoughts and feelings about this fella. We'd love to hear of any of your party's adventures with Santa!

Media (1)

10.png (1.5MiB)

Attachments (9)

Santa - Pg1.png (2.7MiB)
Santa - Full PDF.pdf (15.2MiB)
Santa Clause (no base).png (20.1MiB)
Santa, Full Download.zip (61.8MiB)
Santa Pg. 2.png (3.7MiB)
Santa Statblock.jpg (3.2MiB)
Santa_SM.png (1.5MiB)
Santa_SM_NoLogo.png (1.4MiB)
Santa Clause.png (21.2MiB)

[Item] Stormcaller's Mace
[Item] Stormcaller's Macemore_vert
[Item] Stormcaller's Mace 2019-12-02T10:21:52+00:00close

Today's release is an item crafted from the almight Stormbeast, pictured above. This huge creature's tail has been used to create a mighty and powerful mace!

The Stormbeast will be released tomorrow!


"Ha! Looks like your little toy is spent." Valiric looked down at the heavy club in hand. The necromancer was right. The Stormcaller's Mace no longer thrummed with energy, and the skeletal, robed figure spoke.

"You destroyed my minions... " Charred bone and scorched flesh was scattered about the chamber. "They were good to me... I think it's time you got a taste of your own medicine."

Slowly the hooded figure raised its arm, and a bolt of lightning shot toward Valiric. By reflex, he brought the mace upwards. With a resounding TOOOOOM, the mace became lit with crackling energy once more. Valiric held it aloft, and the surging blue light reflected in his eyes. The necromancer took a step back, showing fear once more. "It... It can't be."
Val smiled. "How bout that? "

Media (2)

Art_Stormcallers_Mace__social.png (944.6KiB)
Stormbeast.png (1.2MiB)

[Creature] Rattledrake - CR 4
[Creature] Rattledrake - CR 4more_vert
[Creature] Rattledrake - CR 4 2019-11-28T19:50:19+00:00close

Large dragon, unaligned [CR 4]

This slithery fellow will be sure to rattle your players, and its bite is just as bad as its bark - well its rattle. As a side-note, the poison on its bite is quite powerful so make sure you've got some healers and/or tanks if you're facing as an appropriate CR monster.


📖Story Time!📖

That hideous rattling sound. It pierced Foley's ears and scrambled what lay between them. In a daze, he watched as Torful was snatched up in the maw of the slippery drake. Torful screamed, wide-eyed and pleading. Sandar stood beside Foley and shook his arm. "Snap out of it, man!"

"Hrr..flerph" Foley drooled in response. Sandar hurled a spear at the creature, gritting his teeth and trying to focus. It went wide. With a blast of sand and a hiss, the creature lifted into the air, sailing like a ribbon caught in the breeze. The rattling sound dwindled and eventually went silent. Slowly, Foley regained his senses.⠀

"What... What happened?"

Sandar blinked, then steeled himself. "It took Torful! Come on, we need to track it down before it swallows him."

"How long do we have?"

Sandar didn't answer.

Media (1)

Art_Rattledrake__social.png (1.3MiB)

Mantle of the Rattledrake
Mantle of the Rattledrakemore_vert
Mantle of the Rattledrake 2019-11-27T14:55:23+00:00close

Wondrous item, rare

This mantle is fashioned from part of the wings, tail, and scales of the venomous rattledrake, and although it defies physics – it can still glide very effectively.

Falling with Style. You may grip the edges of the mantle with both hands and use it to fly at a speed of 30 feet, however you cannot ascend or hover while flying in this way. If you ever fail to grip the mantle’s edges while flying in this way, you lose this flying speed. When you fall from less than 100 feet, you may use your reaction to throw out the wings at the last second and negate any damage you would take from the fall.

Spiked Mantle. While wearing this mantle, a creature takes 5 piercing damage when it successfully grapples or restrains you with part of their body and at the start of each of their turns as long as they maintain their hold on you.Somewhere, an alarm tolled. Soldiers in crimson cloaks scurried about, shouting orders in a panic. Apparently, some delinquent had slit the throat of the gateguard.


📖Story Time!📖

"Do you see it?" called one.

"Where is it? I cant see it!" Fear stained their cries. One turned quickly as a shadow passed overhead. Nothing there.

"Ahhh! Its over here! Its over he-" With a splash and a clatter, another fell.

"This way!" called the captain. The patrol hurried back and forth, whittled away - one by one. "How is it doing this!? Sir?" The soldier turned back to the captain, who only gurgled in response. Draped over him, shrouded in shadow, a figure sat. Blood spattered to the floor. Yellow eyes glared back. The creature giggled.

"Tasty, tasty," it said.

[Item] Trollhide Armour
[Item] Trollhide Armourmore_vert
[Item] Trollhide Armour 2019-11-27T14:15:15+00:00close

Armour (hide), rare (requires attunement)

While wearing this armour, you can use an action to bestow regeneration on yourself for 1 minute or until you take off the armour. During this time, you regain 3 hit points at the start of your turn, however if you take fire or acid damage, the regeneration doesn’t function at the start of your next turn. Once this action has been used, it can’t be used again until the next dawn.


📖Story Time!📖

"Why won't you die!?" The barbarian raider screamed, raising his dripping axe again.

Weakly, Thalion smiled through bloodied lips. Slowly, he lifted his hands and waggled his fingers.

"Magic," he said. The raider snarled, and he clenched his fist around the haft of his weapon as he looked down at the fallen fighter.

"Wait a minute," he thought. "Is that armour... bleeding?" He stared, and before his very eyes, he watched as gashes he himself had gouged began to seal and knit together before his eyes. "You are wearing regenerating armour! "

"Its true," said Thalion. Slowly, he got to his feet for the fourth time. "I've got the troll kit and caboodle."

[Creature] Treasure Tyrant - CR 14
[Creature] Treasure Tyrant - CR 14more_vert
[Creature] Treasure Tyrant - CR 14 2019-11-19T17:57:20+00:00close

Large aberration, lawful evil

A beholder variant that's chock full of defenses and alternate eye rays, but is more of blob than an eyeball. Best used as a roleplay monster, but it can certainly unleash some hurt if push comes to shove.


📖Story Time!📖

As the party of adventurers approached the double doors of the palace, they couldn't help but stare at the decor. Two golden statues flanked the gem-studded door, each in elegant dancer's poses. The door itself was over 40 feet high, and ostentatiously gilded with gold and platinum patterning, with guards in matching crimson robes stood to attention at the top of the stairway. Even the walls were draped with gleaming tapestries of gaudy color.

"Gee, they could've cleaned up before we got here." Halazan smirked. A robed figure with a bent hat behind him scolded. "Mind your tongue. Our manners are what will keep us alive today." The rogue rolled his eyes and kept pace. The others nervously followed behind. The guards opened the doors for them, and together they entered the dimly lit chamber. Milling about the room were all manner of creatures. Humans, dwarves, elves...even the odd goblin and orc - all dressed in the same crimson finery and glittering with gems and jewels. The room was abuzz with music, and chatter - and the group was ushered down to the end of the room, past countless pillars and stages.

Before them, he sat. Kanakar the Collector. Bulbous and sneering, he watched the new arrivals approach from upon a pile of cushions, coins and gems. Each and every one of his eyes turned to face them. Each were black like onyx, but the irises were shining gold. His fat lips pulled up into a toothy grin. "You seek an audience with me, the almighty Kanakar?"

Halazan stepped forward, and bowed low. "Your Honour, we do." Kanakar's smile widened. "And you bring me... tribute?" Halazan nodded, and reached into his bag. The tyrant shifted impatiently and eyed the bag hungrily. A fat, wormy tongue slid over his crusted lips. Halazan pulled from the bag a platinum amulet with a palm-sized diamond sat in its centre. As it entered the torchlight, sapphires sparkled around its edge as Kanakar regarded the amulet for a moment. It was only now that Halazan realised the room had fell silent. Everyone had slowly approached to watch the tribute take place. After a tense few seconds, the monstrous creature sucked in a great breath and let out a deep sigh as its eyestalks slowly turned to the rogue, "is that all...?"

Media (1)

Art_Treasure_Tyrant__social.png (1.5MiB)

[Item] Dragonslayer's Shield
[Item] Dragonslayer's Shieldmore_vert
[Item] Dragonslayer's Shield 2019-11-19T13:29:40+00:00close

Well folks, here we are! Our first item item for this month is a prime example of the spirit of the theme! This resplendent-yet-macabre shield will make a fine addition to the arsenal of any warrior - and will be sure to gain the respect of his or her peers! The wielder can use the shield to draw on the terrifying presence of the...ahem... previous "user" of the affixed skull. In addition the scaled hide provides a natural resistance to damage that one would expect. Just be careful not to show any dragons on your journey - unless you're looking to start a fight of course!

Stay tuned, because in the next few hours we have a legendary creature coming!

[Creature] Doomsayer - CR 4
[Creature] Doomsayer - CR 4more_vert
[Creature] Doomsayer - CR 4 2019-11-07T11:38:32+00:00close

Medium undead, lawful evil.

GM note - careful using these guys in combat against a group of melee-focused characters! They can fly and attack at range! They do have an ability that requires them to get up close, which is an opportunity for melee focused fighters to attack - otherwise consider including them with some ground based enemies.


"The skies darkened...the winds roared. Even out here on the dunes, I am not safe from the necromancer's presence. As soon as the storm began to pick up, I sought shelter. There were ruins nearby and I managed to hole myself in under a collapsed stone wall. Who knows how long ago it was built. The storm continues raging. It isn't long before it's as dark as night, and an unnatural chill settles in. Peering out into the dark, I could hardly see - but there, in the shadows... floating 40 feet off the ground, I can see three figures, all staring directly at me - emerald eyes under black hoods. I clutch my holy symbol, and draw my blade..."

Media (1)

Art_Doomsayer__social.png (1.4MiB)

Theme Announcement - How to skin your dragon
Theme Announcement - How to skin your dragonmore_vert
Post file flag
Theme Announcement - How to skin your dragon 2019-11-01T09:16:43+00:00close

Voting has concluded, and it certainly was very close this month! This month, Homebrew Inn brings you "How to skin your dragon", where we will be bringing you a bunch of monstrous creatures, then showing you exactly what cool kinds of items you can make out of them!

We've already started on the first batch of stuff, and boy is it fun to think up ideas for this one! If you have any of your own, shout em out in the comments below - we might use some that we like!

Media (1)

How_to_Skin_Your_Dragon.png (975.7KiB)

[Creature] Underghoul - CR1
[Creature] Underghoul - CR1more_vert
[Creature] Underghoul - CR1 2019-10-28T13:28:29+00:00close

Medium undead, chaotic evil

Beware the underghoul for they are slightly faster, more ferocious, and more acid spitty than their regular cousins. Worst of all, they can reproduce - icky! At least they don't like the sun. Use these instead of regular ghouls if you want to challenge your players a bit more, particularly in dank dark tombs - don't let the same CR fool you, these are a significant step up for a low level party in the dark.


📖Story Time!📖

"Few things from... down there could be considered pleasant. But these things... They are the worst. Sightless crawlers, lurking in shadow. Shrieking and gurgling. They sound tormented... Like they just want to die. ⁣

When we were excavating, we broke into some kind of nest... They were quiet at first. Slowly they turned to look at us... But-but they had no eyes. They opened their mouths and long tongues slithered out, like worms. The gurgling sounds they made will haunt me til the day I die.. They got Tolson, they did. Splashed him with thick, reeking gunk. Stank like a carcass left in the sun.⁣

We ran, and barred the doors. He didn't stop screaming for at least an hour. We had to hold his arms lest he slit his own throat. Maybe we should've let him. He wouldn't stop screaming... Pained, agonising screaming that eventually turned to gurgles, then finally, mercifully to silence. His face was melted off before he stopped breathing.⁣

So no, adventurers - I will not be taking you into that tomb."

Media (1)

Art_Underghoul__social.png (1.2MiB)

[Item] Blades of the Scorpion
[Item] Blades of the Scorpionmore_vert
[Item] Blades of the Scorpion 2019-10-23T10:40:44+00:00close

Gattarn spun on the spot, blades flashing in torchlight. Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead, ran down his nose. His lungs burned, and his body ached. Good. That meant he was doing the drills correctly. His dual swords swept through the air, singing as he increased his speed. He gritted his teeth with the effort, and his breath escaped him in grunts. He could feel the blood pumping in his ears. The thrill of it was -

"Gattarn." The blades stopped, mid-stroke and he paused, as his adrenaline surged without release. His lip curled as he lowered the blades and turned to face the doorway. "What do you want, isthillik?" The hooded figure made no acknowledgement of the insult.

"Travellers spotted. Northern wastes."

"Northern wastes? From the dunes?" The figure nodded. Gattarn turned and regarded the golden hilt of his blades with pride. The scorpion sculpted atop it sat ready, its tail oozing a thick, viscous toxin. "Then let us give them a taste of the desert. "


Another weapon from Arleum, specifically the harsh desert continent of Karkaan. The sect of the scorpion have long been a thorn in the butts of my players, as their quest has led them deep into sacred land often!

These rare blades are wielded by the Sect of the Scorpion - an ancient religious cult of men and women dedicated to protecting sacred ruins - out there in the desert. These warriors are raised from birth to live off a sparse and unforgiving land - and how to use it to their advantage. Their most common method of killing intruders involves lying in wait to ambush them.

Each pair of blades is unique, forged by techniques long forgotten, and when a new warrior finishes his trials, he is given his own to wield. As such, each pair of these blades has been in service for hundreds of years, and are greatly revered within the order.

Media (1)

4.png (1.1MiB)

[Item] Wyvern's Claw Gauntlets
[Item] Wyvern's Claw Gauntletsmore_vert
[Item] Wyvern's Claw Gauntlets 2019-10-18T12:11:17+00:00close

"Why do we train?" The captain circled the new recruits, his blackened gaze searched each of their faces without reserve. As one they answered in chorus, "Discipline."

"And what does discipline bring us?" His footfalls clicked on the polished marble. Together they spoke again "Abatement." A slight breeze passed through this top level of the spire. Somewhere an eagle screeched.

"Abatement from what?" he snarled. In unison, they cried, "Our curse!" The captain stopped and turned to the nearest recruit. His eye was split, and blood ran down his face, soaking the ceremonial robes. Scales were beginning to push through the skin. It would heal soon enough. The Brood were not a frail people. The captain held a pair of gauntlets high.

"Warrior Zandar fell to his curse, and my blades. He did not yield, as is tradition... I made him suffer. May his sacrifice not be in vain. " The recruits stiffened at these words. Some could not help sidelong glances. Yellow eyes, clawed hands and wings twitched involuntarily. The curse had taken hold of some quite quickly. "Today, only one of you will ascend within the order. Now...begin."


The Brood are a cult of accursed Men - their blood tainted with that of a long dead, corrupted dragon. Each is born with the curse, and the Brood follows rumors of scaled children turned savage, growing claws or roaring flame. They recruit and teach these children to control their powers, and keep the savagery at bay - for a time. And when finally an adult warrior fully succumbs to his curse, he is killed. It is best this way - a warrior of the Brood that has time to fully transform...is a truly monstrous creature.

These gauntlets are the perfect weapon for a Brood warrior in training - they teach the warrior how best to utilise their claws before they have even begun to transform. Of course, these gauntlets are rare - but many mercenaries and bounty hunters would pay a pretty penny to own a set of these powerful claws.

Comments (1)
user avatar
homebrewinn - 23 Oct 19 08:26
Changelog; - Clarified that the gauntlets are magical (i.e. count as magical for the purpose of damage reduction) - Changed blade damage from slashing to piercing. - Clarified that the bonus to AC is only for the one attack.
[Item] Oathbound Blade
[Item] Oathbound Blademore_vert
[Item] Oathbound Blade 2019-10-16T12:34:46+00:00close

"By this blade, and the creators. I vow to protect these lands, and those that dwell upon. No orc, goblin, or creature of dark design shall pass through my gaze unchallenged. I live and die by these words."

Zalthon slowly stood, clenching the blade's hilt in his fist. As the last of the rites were completed, a chill wind blew over the stone ruins, a brief respite in the shade under a relentless sun. The warrior turned to a bent and withered figure. "It is done." The figure nodded, and pointed off to the horizon, where small figures trudged wearily across the sands. It was difficult to make them out, but they were clearly armed. Zalthon nodded.

"As you wish, m'lady." He strode out into the sun, clutching the sword. It felt heavier than it should... Nevertheless. It was time to fulfil his oath.


This sword was wielded by a boss in my old campaign! Bara-Khulad, an ancient gladiator was honor bound to protect the McGuffin that the heroes sought. Thus, they challenged him, killed him and now many years later, still carry his soul within the sword. The best part? No wizards on the team to Identify it, so they have no idea. :D


[Item] Rise
[Item] Risemore_vert
[Item] Rise 2019-10-13T22:11:53+00:00close

"Seems a shame to leave such a fine lookin' hammer in a place like this!" Skilgore hefted the weapon and his voice echoed down the tomb. The dwarf noted it felt a little cold in hand.

"Leave it, Skilgore." Darist frowned, looking down into the sarcophagus from where it was pried. The blackened skeleton inside grinned back. "We dont know who this was. It could carry some dark magic... or a curse."

Skilgore chuckled and brushed him off. "Don' be silly, lad. This'll look just fine on the mantle back home!" Darist shook his head. A call echoed from the room beyond.

"That elf has got himself into trouble again... Come on." He gave a hard look at the young dwarf.

"Fine, fine." With a sigh, Skilgore dropped it back into the sarcophagus. The taller warrior left, cursing the elf. Skilgore tarried a moment, then reached back in and lifted the hammer out again, quietly. "It'll be our little secret." He smirked as he slid it into his bag, and gave the corpse a wink. "Not like someone will come lookin' for it anyway."


So this ...innocent little thing was found by Skilgore Farthammer (yup that's the player character's name) in the tomb of a dead emperor in our first campaign. It currently *is* sitting on his mantle too, so when the risen emperor returns in our second campaign, that should make for an interesting development. >=D

This is a good 'plot' item - the fact that any number of souls can be linked to Rise means you could have any number of nasties seeking it out when the players find it - their life is tied to it after all. Like it? Hate it? Questions? Suggestions? Leave us a comment below!

Media (1)

2.png (1.1MiB)

Attachments (6)

[Art] Rise _nobg.png (401.3KiB)
[Art] Rise _noname.png (1011.9KiB)
[Art] Rise.png (1012.3KiB)
[Art] Rise _social.png (1.2MiB)
[Item Card] Rise.png (703.3KiB)
[ZIP] Rise.zip (4.3MiB)

Theme Announcement - Scorching Sands
Theme Announcement - Scorching Sandsmore_vert
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Theme Announcement - Scorching Sands 2019-10-13T00:33:06+00:00close

Well folks, its time to announce our next theme! We've decided to do things a little differently this time, and instead of focusing on a type of enemy, or a general theme, we've decided instead to do our theme based on location!

As you might've guessed, this month's theme is a desert environment, which we've dubbed "Scorching Sands"!

This particular theme is quite close to my (Alex) own home game, set in my homebrew continent of Karkaan - so I've taken the opportunity to make some items and creatures be from this harsh, unforgiving place stricken by dark magic. I hope you like them as much as my players did! There is plenty of pre-existing lore about this place, so if you'd like to know more about any particular aspect, shoot us a question, we don't mind! Maybe one day we'll do a campaign book.

Happy adventuring,

- Alex and Ming

Media (1)

1.png (996.7KiB)

Oasis Watchtower Map
Oasis Watchtower Mapmore_vert
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Oasis Watchtower Map 2019-10-08T10:56:22+00:00close

Hail adventurers!

As we get back into the swing of things we decided to try something different! Here is our very first digital map pack!

Perhaps this alludes to what we're working on... or maybe the heat is just getting to you! ;)

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, its our very first and we'd absolutely love your feedback on it, for everything from design to aesthetics!

Included here are four variants of the same map - a day and night version, each either with gridlines or without.

A Short Hiatus
A Short Hiatusmore_vert
Post file flag
A Short Hiatus 2019-08-23T09:27:26+00:00close

Hey folks! The most Perceptive of you (ha!) may have noticed a lack of content this past week - apologies on our lateness in letting you know. Rest assured we are still creating, just these next few weeks we are moving and so our posting ability is slightly squanched! We do still have a couple more items and creatures planned for this month's theme to go, they may just be posted afterwards, that's all.

We have cancelled this month's billing cycle as a result, so you will not be charged for this month's content! Now's a great time to hit up your friends and get them to join and take advantage of the lack of billing - maybe they'll decide to stick around and help us grow even more!

Thank you so much for your patience. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook if you don't already, we're likely going to be posting a few spotlights on previous content, and we'd love you to get involved - maybe shout out some ideas on how you've used some of our creations, get the rest of our followers thinking. The more we recruit to the cause, the more content we can produce...WIN/WIN!


We are looking forward to jumping back in, stronger and bigger than ever before! If you have any questions, suggestions or conspiracy theories, comment below!
Love you guys,


Alex and Ming

Media (1)

Copy_of_Appendix_Page.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22090129 - 24 Aug 19 15:01
Cool, I hope it's all going well.. I've been working on a project myself.. hopefully it'll be done by the time you guies are back up.. and i can share it with you and everyone else here as well
[Item] Mask of the Deep One
[Item] Mask of the Deep Onemore_vert
[Item] Mask of the Deep One 2019-08-14T15:12:16+00:00close

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)⁣

This mask and headdress evokes feelings of unease when one stares at it for too long. While wearing it you gain the following benefits:⁣

  • ⁣You no longer need to sleep. To gain the benefits of a long rest, you can spend all 8 hours doing light activity like keeping watch or contemplating your meagre existence.⁣
  • You can breathe underwater, but always feel like you are slightly drowning.⁣
  • You are immune to the frightened condition, but you’re sure something is watching you.
  • As an action, you emit a blast of psychic energy in a 15-foot cone from the mask. Each creature in the area must succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw or take 4d6 psychic damage and become frightened of you for 1 minute. A creature that fails the saving throw can repeat it at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. Once used, this property of the mask can’t be used again until the next passing of midnight. ⁣


📖Story Time!📖

Day 33⁣
“I know they are following me. The Eye, it keeps me safe from the shadows in the corners of reality, it keeps them from reaching beyond their realm. It is not enough, however, to stop their mortal kin – insane, the lot of them. I’ve seen them around town, watching me and taking notes. They stare at me with empty eye-sockets and tentacled faces. I will uncover their secrets. I will dig into their minds before they get their hooks into mine.”⁣

Day 40⁣
“I can’t breathe in this blasted mask! It feels like water is constantly filling my lungs, and I can’t cough it up no matter how much I try – what does come up is simply my own blood. But no, I must endure. If I break now, they’ll know I’m here among them. It was enough trouble to strangle one of their leaders and take its face. Since then I’ve been unable to sleep, but that’s probably for the best. They’ll take me in my sleep…”⁣

Day 41⁣
“They will fear me.”⁣

Pages found scattered around an abandoned abbey. It looks like a ritual took place there.

[Item] Eye of Deino
[Item] Eye of Deinomore_vert
[Item] Eye of Deino 2019-08-06T14:51:01+00:00close

This lantern keeps away things that go bump in the night. But at what cost?


Wondrous item, very rare

This bullseye lantern contains an inhuman eye that casts a bright light in a 30-foot cone, and dim light for an additional 30 feet. It takes an action to open or close the eyelid of this lantern.

Bastion. An aberration that enters the light for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of the light for 1 minute and take 2d10 psychic damage. If it is already frightened of the light, it simply takes the damage again without repeating the saving throw. It may make another saving throw each time it leaves the light, ending the effect on itself on a success.

Creatures immune to being frightened aren't affected by this feature.

Rising Terror. Any living creature that isn’t an aberration that is within 30 feet of the lantern while the eye is open experiences a feeling of unease that slowly grows into existential dread. Any creature that suffers this effect for 1 continuous minute must make a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw or manifest a short-term madness. Unless a creature is already mad, it must repeat this saving throw for every minute it remains in the vicinity.


📖Story Time!📖⁣

"Day 14. ⁣

⁣The manor's shadows hide terrible secrets. In the darkest corners of every room, when one presses their ear to the walls - a gurgling can be heard. Not the gurgling of a dying man, no. Nor the snarling of some fiendish beast. It is a sound far more terrible - the gurgling is the sound of eddies and currents unseen. The roiling, curling waves of unspeakable forces. Bespeaking of some hidden place, beyond vision. Every door a portal, every light a beacon to draw them near.⁣

⁣I still carry the lantern with me. Whether or not it aids me is unclear, for many a time I have sworn to see some dark, writhing shape just out of the corner of my eye - then upon casting my light upon it I see but bare walls or faded carpets. But it is a comfort. I sit awake, every night, staring into its eye. It staring back at me. I need not for sleep, drink, or food now. I am more than a vessel. I am beginning to understand. With the help of the eye... I am beginning to see."⁣

⁣Ramblings filled a journal found within the manor's basement. There is a greasy burn in the shape of a fallen body next to it, and an ornate lantern turned on its side. The eye is shut.

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[Creature] Eldritch Growth - CR 2
[Creature] Eldritch Growth - CR 2more_vert
[Creature] Eldritch Growth - CR 2 2019-08-03T16:42:33+00:00close

Small aberration, neutral

These terrifying creatures attach themselves to curious townsfolk that investigated a space rock, gestating for a month before exploding in a violent gush of blood and flesh buds.

This release contains a relatively detailed breakdown of its life cycle, but clever DMs will definitely be able to make these super terrifying - having it spread through the town before the players rock up. What's worse is everyone is acting as if its normal to have a baseball sized goiter attached to their jaw!


📖Story Time!📖⁣

The adventurers stared at the shopkeeper with horrified expressions. He smiled kindly in return. "Will that be all today?" ⁣

Tio was the first to break the awkward silence. ⁣

"What the f#*& is that thing!?" The tiny halfling pointed at the meaty protrusion on the shop keep’s shoulder - like a veiny, throbbing, sack of wheat.⁣

"Tio," an elderly man in a pointed hat and grey robe spoke up. "Don't be rude!"⁣

Amidst their scolding, the shopkeeper smiled and pushed the provisions over the counter towards them. "It's quite alright." ⁣

Tio hopped up onto the counter and stared at the growth. "It's just... You're not the only one. This is the biggest we've seen, but everyone in town seems to have one."⁣

The shopkeeper smiled again, but it didn't reach his eyes. "It's really nothing to worry about," he scooped up the supplies and pushed them somewhat roughly into the halfling's hands, "I suggest you get g-going." ⁣

Tio leaned forward and squinted at him, despite the warning. "There's something you're not telling us..."⁣

The shopkeeper grimaced, and his hands gripped the counter. The growth shuddered and pulsed, and he began to moan in pain. With a terrible tearing sound, long, coiling appendages burst from the sack and began to curl and intertwine with his flesh. He let out a terrible scream as they burst outward from his body and Tio fell back off the counter, spattered with blood. ⁣

"Run!" he gargled, "Run for your lives! "

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[Item] Ring of Seasons
[Item] Ring of Seasonsmore_vert
[Item] Ring of Seasons 2019-07-30T16:48:12+00:00close

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

You have resistance to one damage type while wearing this ring, indicated by which gem is presented in the outer ring. You may use your action to rotate the outer ring and change the presented gem, as well as the damage type you are resistant to:

Damage Type | Gem

Cold Tourmaline

Fire Ruby

Lightning Aquamarine

Poison Emerald


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[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bones
[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bonesmore_vert
[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bones 2019-07-24T05:49:23+00:00close

Includes the following items and notes:

  • Da Drum
  • Orc Siege Flail
  • Orc Skullbombs
  • Shaman's War Pick

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[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bones.pdf (7.4MiB)

[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bones
[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bonesmore_vert
[Item Inventory] Smoke & Bones 2019-07-24T05:47:47+00:00close

Includes the following items and notes:

  • Cap of Faux Appearance
  • Grappleshot Crossbow
  • Honorous Duster
  • Wistful Wine

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[Item Inventory] The Homebrew Inn.pdf (7.5MiB)

[Item] Sunshine's Embrace
[Item] Sunshine's Embracemore_vert
[Item] Sunshine's Embrace 2019-07-23T17:03:11+00:00close

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This cloth of this resplendent cloak appears to be woven from living flames. While wearing this cloak you are resistant to cold damage and the effects of extreme cold weather.

Additionally, raising the hood causes the cloak to ignite and you gain the following benefits:

  • The cloak sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. This light is sunlight.
  • A creature that hits you with a melee attack while within 5 feet of you takes 1d6 fire damage.
  • When you are attacked by a creature within 30 feet of you that you can see, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. An attacker that can’t be blinded is immune to this feature. Once used, this property of the cloak can’t be used again until the next dawn.

Pulling the hood up or down requires an action.


📖Story Time!📖

The Everglade sparkled all around Enya; twilight reflected off the mirror-like pools of the grove. Don’t touch anything, the girl had been warned, but everything looked so inviting. The pools looked like a whisper would disturb the unmoving surface, fireflies drew meandering paths through the grove, and bubbling giggles dared her to travel deeper. Enya gulped down her curiosity and pushed through, holding her own hand so as to not reach out, searching for her prize.

In the very centre of the mirror-pools she spotted it, the cloak woven of sunlight, and quick as a cat she skipped toward it. Enya plucked it from its resting place, draped over an overgrown bough, and slipped into it. The girl sighed as the warmth of summer filled her to the brim, but her celebration would have to wait – the giggles turned to a harsh cackle as a voice called out, “An eye for an eye, take something from this world and we’ll hunt you down forever girlie!”

Enya shuffled over to the edge of a mirror-pool, smiled, poked her tongue out, “Catch me if you can!” she called, before falling back into the frozen waters of the pool – disappearing into another world.

[Creature Catalogue] Smoke & Bones
[Creature Catalogue] Smoke & Bonesmore_vert
[Creature Catalogue] Smoke & Bones 2019-07-19T18:06:53+00:00close

Includes the following creatures and notes:

  • Orc Bomber
  • Orc Butcher
  • Orc Firestarter
  • Orc Venomfang

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[Creature Catalogue] Smoke & Bones.pdf (13.2MiB)


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