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MLP comic issue #93: RI cover
MLP comic issue #93: RI covermore_vert
Post file flag
MLP comic issue #93: RI cover 2020-09-18T21:40:42+00:00close

and here it is my second IDW cover! It'll be released in December :)

Media (1)

EiM6hPEXsAAs4SF.jpg (97.7KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #222551 - 19 Sep 20 05:37
Yay! That is simply great! You must be so proud. And I am too. :)
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 19 Sep 20 16:25
happy and proud yes :D
user avatar
User #9662643 - 18 Sep 20 21:49
That’s awesome that IDW reached out to you again, man. And it’s the CMC, again!
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 19 Sep 20 16:25
yeah, they picked my CMC ideas both times x)
Just Can't Get Enough
Just Can't Get Enoughmore_vert
Post file flag
Just Can't Get Enough 2020-09-14T20:46:12+00:00close

Poor Longhaul.

Media (1)

Just_Cant_Get_Enough_pat.png (1.6MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 15 Sep 20 00:31
Ah, Southern Comfort is there in spirit.
Peak Performance
Peak Performancemore_vert
Post file flag
Peak Performance 2020-08-28T12:59:06+00:00close

featuring Silver Sickle and Final Drive

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6797558 - 28 Aug 20 19:19
They will destroy our jobs with their fancy automatons! Workers of Equestria united!
What if Celestia (page 5)
What if Celestia (page 5)more_vert
Post file flag
What if Celestia (page 5) 2020-08-23T13:41:33+00:00close

So here's a link to What if Celestia page that I made lineart for.

Embed data


Provider URL

What If Celestia... 05 by doubleWbrothers on DeviantArt

dracoblair xxangeluciferxx ponyberserker alternate_past mr_spider_the_bug friendship siblingrivalry mylittleponyfriendshipismagic nightmaremoon twilightsparkle lusterdawnmlp


Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirrormore_vert
Post file flag
Mirror Mirror 2020-08-15T22:02:38+00:00close

A little comic made of 3 twitter sketches I posted today as a little experiment.

Media (1)

mirrormirror.png (364.9KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 16 Aug 20 06:46
...when you aren't full of yourself, yes. You are cute. ;)
Random sketches 63 - 69x3
Random sketches 63 - 69x3more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 63 - 69x3 2020-08-12T08:56:31+00:00close

Another serving of twitter sketches for those who don't follow me on twitter.
I don't post every single sketch here first so I don't spam your mailboxes ;)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #222551 - 13 Aug 20 10:26
Dash NO! Bad Dash!
user avatar
User #2730844 - 12 Aug 20 17:30
sit on his face...
Naptime: Limestone Pie
Naptime: Limestone Piemore_vert
Post file flag
Naptime: Limestone Pie 2020-08-05T17:17:18+00:00close

So that's that :P

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6797558 - 6 Aug 20 08:08
Even in her sleep she looks angry. I begin to believe her attitude is more a consequence than a cause for her facial expressions !
Too Much Information
Too Much Informationmore_vert
Post file flag
Too Much Information 2020-07-27T20:00:38+00:00close

I regret nothing.

Media (3)

blew_a_seal.png (379.1KiB)
blew_a_seal.png (380.1KiB)
blew_a_seal.png (379.1KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #222551 - 27 Jul 20 20:48
Wahahahaha! XD
user avatar
User #500017 - 27 Jul 20 20:50
"Just fix the thing and leave my personal life out of it!"
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 28 Jul 20 15:42
changed it to a similar line
user avatar
User #500017 - 28 Jul 20 16:11 (source of gag)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 28 Jul 20 20:59
Ah, so I see it’s a reference older than my internet activities. But, like Shrek, it the reference still works as a stand-alone line without knowledge of the reference. Sure hope Middy remembers the Top Gear DIY Caterham episode that was full of innuendos...because brake system bleeding calls for a lot of it!
user avatar
User #9662643 - 28 Jul 20 00:10
Bahahahaha oh my. Given how willingly that information was given up, it must have happened on the boat! Agh!
Age (In)appropriate (Part 19): Just Us, Now
Age (In)appropriate (Part 19): Just Us, Nowmore_vert
Post file flag
Age (In)appropriate (Part 19): Just Us, Now 2020-07-18T23:09:56+00:00close

the story slowly comes to its inevitable conclusion...

Media (2)

Age_Inapprio_19_fin.png (801.7KiB)
Age_Inapprio_19_fin.png (801.5KiB)

Random sketches 55-62
Random sketches 55-62more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 55-62 2020-07-12T18:19:46+00:00close

Another serving of twitter sketches

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #799539 - 12 Jul 20 19:13
Oh God, that first one. Cheerilee, you are in for it now.
user avatar
User #222551 - 13 Jul 20 15:24
I would so like that you colour that one with AJ and Rainbow. :D
Allergic To Nice
Allergic To Nicemore_vert
Post file flag
Allergic To Nice 2020-07-05T22:00:37+00:00close

The script was spontaneously created through a conversation between me and Middy

Media (2)

Say_My_Name.png (405.5KiB)
Say_My_Name.png (405.3KiB)

One Shot
One Shotmore_vert
Post file flag
One Shot 2020-06-28T21:24:34+00:00close

A Monthly reward for MDGLee, feat. his OC and other "Patreon OC's" Longhaul (who is retiring for now) and Southern Comfort

Media (1)

One_Shot_fin.png (1.3MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #222551 - 29 Jun 20 07:59
Longhaul deserves it - and a looong vacation.
A Grey Hair: A Retrospective
A Grey Hair: A Retrospectivemore_vert
Post file flag
A Grey Hair: A Retrospective 2020-06-25T20:04:20+00:00close

Media (1)

not_grey_hare_pat.png (2.6MiB)

Seems Balanced
Seems Balancedmore_vert
Post file flag
Seems Balanced 2020-06-24T22:14:35+00:00close

Media (1)

Balanced_patreon.png (2.4MiB)

Hysterical Revisionism
Hysterical Revisionismmore_vert
Post file flag
Hysterical Revisionism 2020-06-20T03:24:53+00:00close

So that's that :))
Art and story by me
Colors by Saturdaymorningproj
OC's featured in the comic: Shadowed Ember and Silver Sickle

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #222551 - 20 Jun 20 05:46
Woona! Yay! That's so funny. :D
user avatar
User #309023 - 20 Jun 20 03:30
user avatar
User #84735 - 21 Jun 20 23:39
Okay, I learned a new word, "bowdlerize."
Random sketches 49-54
Random sketches 49-54more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 49-54 2020-06-09T19:06:41+00:00close

Another serving of my sketches from twitter.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 9 Jun 20 20:55
They are hilarious - once again. :)
The Paradigm Shifts
The Paradigm Shiftsmore_vert
Post file flag
The Paradigm Shifts 2020-06-08T18:04:05+00:00close

Labor Management
Labor Managementmore_vert
Post file flag
Labor Management 2020-06-01T23:53:11+00:00close

As I said - it's a silly joke.

Media (1)

Labor_Management_fin.png (480.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 1 Jun 20 23:58
Ah, not the Labor Management that I was responsible for! Also cue “Wait, you guys are getting paid?” The security deposit is non-refundable, and the helmet is made out of toy firefighter hats. XD
Even Villains Have Parenting Issues
Even Villains Have Parenting Issuesmore_vert
Post file flag
Even Villains Have Parenting Issues 2020-05-28T22:09:09+00:00close

So this is a promo comic for a new comic series titled Firewake featuring its villain Sable Nox and his daughter Angel

I Kid You Not
I Kid You Notmore_vert
Post file flag
I Kid You Not 2020-05-18T19:08:45+00:00close

You all saw this coming, didn't you?

The Funniest Comic I've Ever Drawn
The Funniest Comic I've Ever Drawnmore_vert
Post file flag
The Funniest Comic I've Ever Drawn 2020-05-12T15:39:38+00:00close

I committed this art to amuse myself

Media (1)

funniest_comic_ever.png (413.4KiB)

Random sketches 42-48
Random sketches 42-48more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 42-48 2020-05-08T20:20:54+00:00close

Another serving of twitter sketches

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 9 May 20 06:54
Oh goody. :D
Barrels of Fun
Barrels of Funmore_vert
Post file flag
Barrels of Fun 2020-05-04T11:00:13+00:00close

So this is MDGLee's reward for April. Sorry for being late, I'll try not to be late this month :P

Media (1)

Going_Down_Again_pat.png (1.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 4 May 20 11:19
“I left a waterproof notepad in the bottom of each of your barrels. Yes, I’ve been thinking ahead!” XD
Paper Wings (page 3)
Paper Wings (page 3)more_vert
Post file flag
Paper Wings (page 3) 2020-04-20T11:40:56+00:00close

What are your guesses about this story? Is reality or hilarity gonna ensue?

Media (1)

Paper_Wings_p_3_pat.png (1.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #340487 - 21 Apr 20 07:33
Whatever ensues, she does have a point about multiple methods of flight being available. I hope for the best. (While fearing things like giant slingshots :)
Tug of War
Tug of Warmore_vert
Post file flag
Tug of War 2020-04-08T14:27:21+00:00close

This silly little comic is a collab effort between me (Lineart+Colors), Julunis14 (sketches) and Snaprol (story).

Media (1)

tug_of_war_fin.png (1.3MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 8 Apr 20 15:21
Hahaha! XD
Random sketches 36-41
Random sketches 36-41more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 36-41 2020-04-07T21:58:38+00:00close

Another serving of my twitter sketches

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #222551 - 7 Apr 20 22:54
AJ is right. Bacon IS tasty. ^^
user avatar
User #3884546 - 7 Apr 20 22:12
I think I read that horses are actually omnivores, but that it is not very common to see them eat meat. Although I once saw on television that a cow ate a chicken, so I wouldn't be surprised.
Paper Wings (page 2)
Paper Wings (page 2)more_vert
Post file flag
Paper Wings (page 2) 2020-04-02T19:37:42+00:00close

Are you guys interested in this story? Do you wanna see more of it?

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #799539 - 2 Apr 20 20:53
Yep, definitely want to see more.
user avatar
User #10560663 - 3 Apr 20 01:26
I'd like to see this continue.
user avatar
User #222551 - 6 Apr 20 02:44
Scootaloo intensifies.
user avatar
User #9662643 - 2 Apr 20 19:52
Independent trailer braking? It just occurred to me that Sweetie Belle’s head either compresses or enters a pocket dimension in the cart.
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 2 Apr 20 20:20
Don't tell me you've never seen cartoon characters hitting a surface and having head flattened. the trailer bumped into the scooter as indicated by bump star and movement lines
user avatar
User #9662643 - 2 Apr 20 20:40
Would you believe I had to jog my memory to find a specific instance. Tom and Jerry satisfies the requirement quite nicely, though. Yes, cartoon head compression is funny. I suspected the cart did hit the scooter; kind of hard to express essentially two directions of motion in one frame, so that’s understandable. Also, to answer the question, yes, I’d be interested in more.
Paper Wings (page 1)
Paper Wings (page 1)more_vert
Post file flag
Paper Wings (page 1) 2020-03-27T21:25:50+00:00close

So the page to kick off a series that I don't know if I'm even gonna finish :P

Media (1)

Paper_Wings_p_1_fin.png (1.4MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 27 Mar 20 22:48
Oh...that’s last panel is quite the stinger. Could definitely go two different ways, huh.
user avatar
User #222551 - 30 Mar 20 22:05
Oh yeah! I can't wait for the sequel.
Random sketches 31-35
Random sketches 31-35more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 31-35 2020-03-21T19:27:48+00:00close

another serving of twitter sketches

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 22 Mar 20 07:07
AJ trying to wield chopsticks and Pinkie booping Twilight's nose is so funny. :D The rest is funny too...
One More Time
One More Timemore_vert
Post file flag
One More Time 2020-03-19T16:53:35+00:00close

So that's that :P

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2730844 - 20 Mar 20 15:20
he got his cutie mark while filling in for a crash test dummy ^_^
Random sketches 25-30
Random sketches 25-30more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 25-30 2020-03-08T17:23:14+00:00close

A serving of sketches I upload regularly to twitter.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #799539 - 8 Mar 20 18:12
What's with the one in Chinese? Am I totally missing something here?
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 8 Mar 20 22:08
it's Japanese and it's an old "Special Feeling" meme
user avatar
User #799539 - 8 Mar 20 22:14
Ah, found it. Must've missed that one when it was circulating.
user avatar
User #84735 - 11 Mar 20 13:45
A lot of times I think it can get cringey, but P-changelings are adorable!
Twigg'd Out
Twigg'd Outmore_vert
Post file flag
Twigg'd Out 2020-03-06T14:36:37+00:00close

So this is mine and Midnight-Blaze's origin story for Twiggie.

Media (1)

twiggcelopathy_fin.png (744.4KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #222551 - 6 Mar 20 15:30
That is hilarious! XD
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 6 Mar 20 15:59
Thank you <3
user avatar
User #9662643 - 6 Mar 20 16:20
Now I’m visualizing this as an animatic. The more ridiculous that “pop” transition goes, the funnier it gets!
Age (In)appropriate (Part 18): Back to Reality
Age (In)appropriate (Part 18): Back to Realitymore_vert
Post file flag
Age (In)appropriate (Part 18): Back to Reality 2020-02-29T22:02:57+00:00close

The song from the comic

Big thanks to Saturdaymorningproj who colored this page making it possible to show it to you faster than I would do it. I'm not particularly interested in this series but I know some people want to see it wrapped up. I can tell you there are 20 parts in the script plus 1 page of an epilogue so we're getting to the end.

Media (1)

AI_Back_To_Reality_p_18_fin.png (1.8MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 1 Mar 20 09:35
I can't wait. ^^
Random sketches 19-24
Random sketches 19-24more_vert
Post file flag
Random sketches 19-24 2020-02-17T17:07:47+00:00close

Several sketches I uploaded last month on twitter

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 18 Feb 20 09:35
The second one is really hilarious! XD
A Mare Yelling at a Bunny
A Mare Yelling at a Bunnymore_vert
A Mare Yelling at a Bunny 2020-02-12T12:51:48+00:00close

a ponification of a well-known meme. A template in attachments.

Broadly Popular Stick Figure Comic
Broadly Popular Stick Figure Comicmore_vert
Post file flag
Broadly Popular Stick Figure Comic 2020-02-04T15:06:48+00:00close

A parody of Cyanide and Happiness and XKCD comics drawn in Cyanide and Happiness style

Media (1)

Broadly_Popular_censored_v2.png (643.0KiB)

Post file flag
Aack! 2020-02-01T16:00:00+00:00close

So here it is - a parody of bobthedalek's pictures shipping Sunburst and. Bob's work has always reminded me of this "slice of life" newspaper comic about Cathy.

Media (1)

aack_fin.png (1.4MiB)

Pony's Scribbles
Pony's Scribblesmore_vert
Post file flag
Pony's Scribbles 2020-01-28T13:37:47+00:00close

What if Sarah Scribbles was a pony? WONDER NO MORE, VIEWER!"

Media (1)

Berserkers_scribbles.png (324.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #267197 - 28 Jan 20 15:14
I don't think she means to say it's "good" to suck, rather that it's okay. And by the way many sociable and "popular" extraverts are in fact terribly insecure people who can't stand being quiet or alone because deep down they are depressed ;-)
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 28 Jan 20 19:19
I get the vibe like it says you shouldn't even bother to strive to be better... at being a responsible adult...
Horseapple Comix
Horseapple Comixmore_vert
Post file flag
Horseapple Comix 2020-01-23T22:55:19+00:00close

A ponified parody of Shen Comix

Media (1)

Fluttershen_fin.png (956.1KiB)

Chain Reaction
Chain Reactionmore_vert
Post file flag
Chain Reaction 2020-01-17T19:21:47+00:00close

so here it is :P

Media (1)

And_Now_You_Kiss_patreon.png (6.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #222551 - 18 Jan 20 03:07
Hahaha! That hysterical. XD
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 18 Jan 20 08:09
thanks xD
Twitter sketches 13-18
Twitter sketches 13-18more_vert
Post file flag
Twitter sketches 13-18 2020-01-15T04:34:15+00:00close

Can't Go Home This Way
Can't Go Home This Waymore_vert
Post file flag
Can't Go Home This Way 2020-01-09T17:32:11+00:00close

Final Drive at his best.
The idea of a two-way cart seemed like a good one.

Media (1)

double_cart_fin.png (660.3KiB)

Pony-Berserker's Art Summary - 2019
Pony-Berserker's Art Summary - 2019more_vert
Post file flag
Pony-Berserker's Art Summary - 2019 2019-12-27T22:00:00+00:00close

The year is ending so it's time to do that weird meme many artists keep doing.... so do I.
What can I say about this year? I didn't draw as much as I wanted and should. I was focusing on shorter projects rather than longer ones because my depression often took the strength out of me and I would find single pictures or short comics more rewarding. I definitely improved with the speed of drawing but the quality of my art hasn't improved.
As for the quantity, I managed to keep an average of more than 1 art piece a week, especially if we include twitter sketches at the end of the year :P
Let's hope the next year will be better. I don't feel burnt out but I don't feel very motivated because of my constantly bad mood. It's difficult to fix it.

Media (1)

2019_art_summ_2.png (2.7MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #267197 - 28 Dec 19 00:46
February is my favourite :D
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 28 Dec 19 15:56
yeah, Non-Cannon Regicide was a good story x) Draw some bugs!
user avatar
User #222551 - 2 Jan 20 10:03
Hugs. ^^
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 6 Jan 20 20:49
thanks ^^
user avatar
User #340487 - 28 Dec 19 04:14
I sympathize with the depression. Nice that you kept going nonetheless.
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 28 Dec 19 15:56
I'm trying. what else can I do ;c
user avatar
User #2572107 - 5 Jan 20 22:44
Twitter Sketches 8-12
Twitter Sketches 8-12more_vert
Post file flag
Twitter Sketches 8-12 2019-12-22T16:25:50+00:00close

Sketches I uploaded to twitter, here in a single post for those of you who don't follow me on twitter :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 23 Dec 19 11:23
Nice jokes. ^^
Human Teacups
Human Teacupsmore_vert
Post file flag
Human Teacups 2019-12-21T18:00:00+00:00close

In the next episode, we'll talk about hammers.

Media (1)

human_teacups_2.png (1.7MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #222551 - 23 Dec 19 19:53
I love that you have taken this up. ^^
user avatar
User #2730844 - 22 Dec 19 09:03
if you're gonna go with hammers, you might as well just do "HANDles" in general
user avatar
User #7813845 - 21 Dec 19 18:17
The other ponies say that she's crazy....but Lyra knows better....they are somewhere out there....or the Twin princess are in real humans….they are hidding the truth in canterlot…..sombra was a inside job
user avatar
PonyBerserker - 21 Dec 19 19:39
Canterlot Siege of Changelings was an inside job, just ask Moondancer!
user avatar
User #7813845 - 21 Dec 19 21:16
they pour love into the hive to make changelings colourful!
Human Teacups (WiP Lineart)
Human Teacups (WiP Lineart)more_vert
Post file flag
Human Teacups (WiP Lineart) 2019-12-20T22:44:00+00:00close

Media (1)

human_teacups_2_lineart.png (1.2MiB)

Human Teacups (WiP sketch)
Human Teacups (WiP sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Human Teacups (WiP sketch) 2019-12-20T15:04:06+00:00close

It's obvious human ancestors started life in Equestria

Media (1)

Human_Teacups_sketch.png (169.2KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9662643 - 21 Dec 19 04:49
The Sonic the Hedgehog US comics explain that their planet is a terraformed future Earth that was heavily reset by some aliens...Equestria could be some future Earth as well...
user avatar
User #424230 - 20 Dec 19 19:11
You maniacs! You blew it up! Gosh dang you! Gosh dang you all to hell!
Berzie and Dopple for Derpibooru Collab 2020
Berzie and Dopple for Derpibooru Collab 2020more_vert
Post file flag
Berzie and Dopple for Derpibooru Collab 2020 2019-12-18T17:07:52+00:00close

And the last of the duos... I felt a bit lazy and didn't really want to draw Berzie but I kinda thought it'd be appropriate to draw Dopple as I don't draw him often enough. So I can draw Berzie as well.

Media (1)

berzie_and_dopple_db_2020.png (281.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #267197 - 19 Dec 19 09:28
user avatar
User #7813845 - 18 Dec 19 18:09
so happy to see dopple =D
Slipstream and Silver Sickle for DB community collab 2020
Slipstream and Silver Sickle for DB community collab 2020more_vert
Post file flag
Slipstream and Silver Sickle for DB community collab 2020 2019-12-17T16:17:45+00:00close

And the third duo is done.... I will think of drawing Berzie later :P After all, even without Berzie, I participated in the collab ^^

Southern Comfort and Longhaul for derpibooru community collab
Southern Comfort and Longhaul for derpibooru community collabmore_vert
Post file flag
Southern Comfort and Longhaul for derpibooru community collab 2019-12-14T18:50:19+00:00close

He's not happy with the ornament

Media (1)

Longhaul_and_Southern_db_2020.png (331.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #222551 - 16 Dec 19 11:09
I wouldn't be either.

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