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A delay due to several factors
A delay due to several factorsmore_vert
Post file flag
A delay due to several factors 2020-02-10T17:00:48+00:00close

Greetings, everyone. This is a public post to annount this week's Wilfreda strip will be delayed a couple of days.

Part of it is because this weekend I attended a new art exposition, as you can see in the photos posted up there. It was a very nice event, but it did take much of my time to set up. On the bright side, I drew a couple pics while I was there: that Suckstobe sketch (which I'll ink and color in the following week) and that rather amusing guy on a monocycle. I may also color that one digitally. We'll see.

The delay is also because today and tomorrow I need to focus on sudden tasks of higher priority in Real Life. -.- I was hoping to finish the comic earlier, but things didn't go as planned.

Please accept my apologies for this delay. Stay tuned for that new Wilfreda strip later this week.


Media (6)

muma1.jpg (277.1KiB)
muma2.jpg (338.6KiB)
muma3.jpg (318.9KiB)
muma4.jpg (282.3KiB)
muma5.jpg (289.2KiB)
monociclo.jpg (198.1KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 211
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 211more_vert
Post file flag
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 211 2019-12-23T14:04:56+00:00close

Merry Christmas, everybody! There's no joke in this week's Wilfreda strip, mainly because it's a holiday greeting! To mark the event, this post is available to everyone! May you all have a nice holiday!

To my Patrons, don't worry! Tomorrow I'll post something a little special for you! ;-) Stay tuned for that!

Nothing else to say, really. We're officially on the last week of the year. What a ride the past twelve months have been. I'm really looking forward for what 2020 will bring. In the meantime, let's just enjoy these celebrations with our loved ones.

Again, Merry Christmas to all!

(Megawacky Max)

Media (2)

Wilfreda_211_English.png (236.2KiB)
Wilfreda_211_Espaniol.png (234.1KiB)

Halloween Special 2019 (pages 1-2)
Halloween Special 2019 (pages 1-2)more_vert
Halloween Special 2019 (pages 1-2) 2019-10-05T05:42:02+00:00close

Is that time of the year again! It's time for a new Super Spooktacular Halloween Special!

This year our young Trick-O-Tricksters are... staying home?? What?! Turns out, rain CAN ruin Halloween!

However, Wilfreda has an idea that could prove rather amusing. How about a fun Roleplaying Game? It's time to bring back the Cellars & Critters game set! Check the attached files to read the first two pages, in both Spanish and English!

That's right, here you have the first two pages (out of 13!) of this little story. Everybody can read them, but the rest of the comic will be available for my Patrons first, and I'll post each new page as I finish them! Then, on Halloween, I'll make the comic available for all.

So, if you're a Patron, stay tuned for more! And if you're not... have a little more patience. ;-)

Let's get this story going, then!

(Megawacky Max)

Media (1)

PreviewHalloween01.png (153.9KiB)

Attachments (4)

Halloween2019_ESP_01.png (371.2KiB)
Halloween2019_ESP_02.png (386.7KiB)
Halloween2019_ENG_01.png (368.2KiB)
Halloween2019_ENG_02.png (372.2KiB)

No Wilfreda this week, because of Wilfreda!
No Wilfreda this week, because of Wilfreda!more_vert
Post file flag
No Wilfreda this week, because of Wilfreda! 2019-09-09T04:23:38+00:00close

This week there won't be a new Wilfreda strip. Why? Because of Wilfreda!

More precisely, because this past week I officially presented my Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch compilation book at my city's Book Fair!

What's more, all week there was a new YESO exposition, with artists from my city showing their stuff. Wilfreda was there as well!

Due to these events, focusing on drawing a new Wilfreda strip was impossible. Stress and anxiety and all that. I decided to just skip it for this week.

Now that the events are over, there's a few things I need to go back to. Let's get things back to normal, shall we?

Also, Patrons, remember that you can request a sketch from me! Send me a private message with your request!

(Megawacky Max)

Media (3)

feria2.jpg (180.8KiB)
feria3.jpg (92.3KiB)
yeso_bookfair.jpg (337.5KiB)

A project, finished! (and more!)
A project, finished! (and more!)more_vert
Post file flag
A project, finished! (and more!) 2019-07-24T14:08:22+00:00close

Wow... Hello, my dear Patrons. I must start this text by thanking you for your infinite patience. I've been... quite busy in the past month, but my big project is finally done. Can you see that pic up there? Do you know what it means?

It means I've finished writing my new book. At last.

Actually, that photo is from a week or so ago, but ever since I've been re-reading and correcting the text. Now that is done as well, meaning the book is REALLY finished!

Writing this thing was a bit of a nightmare; not only because it took me three years to finish, but because all the bad things that happened while I was attempting to finish it. This story was originally gonna be written for a special Short Novel contest in honor to a departed fellow writer from my city. Of course I was gonna participate, but the first year I started to write this story, I messed up and got the deadline wrong, giving me only one week to write an entire book. OOPS.

I ended up writing about half of the entire book (most of the story was already in my mind, after all; I just had to put it down in text), but I couldn't finish it on time. "No worries," I said to myself, "I'll finish it next year, for the second contest." Fast-forward ten months and a new contest begins. I already had half a book ready, so it would be easy to finish, right?

Well, no... because right when I started writing it (and I really do mean RIGHT WHEN), my grandmother had a little accident and she basically broke her knee. Cue a long, difficult time with the entire family running back and forth to try to help grandma recover. That is a story I don't even want to talk about anymore, because it's full of stress and more bureaucreacy than I like to admit. I'll just say that attempting to write a book in such a stressful environment was impossible, thought I had advanced a bit on the text.

Cue next year, i.e. THIS year. Third time's the charm, right? Grandma had recovered over months and months of medical assistance; things calmed down; it's now or never. I get ready to write again... and now my own mother has a knee issue, starting a new, complicated process to deal with. Her situation is a bit different, but THAT is, also, a long story full of twist and turns, so let's just say that her situation, while in many ways less dangerous than grandma's, was even more stressful to me, because now I had to take care of everything mom did on a daily basis.

And yet I kept on writing. It was not easy. At all. But I dragged on, just wanting to finish this story, for once and for all... and I've finally achieved it. Deadline to deliver the printed copies of my story for the contest end next week, so in the following couple of days I'm gonna do that; and now I can finally start to go back to my regular art stuff.

What happens now?

NOW I start to prepare for Wilfreda's return. That's right, I'll be writing down a series of plot summaries for incoming Wilfreda strips. Our adorable wanna-be witch will return on August for more kid shenanigans, so stay tuned for that!

But there's something else...

I wanted to work on this much earlier, except all the stress got to me first (bleh), but I've been also working on a little side project for a while, too. A little game developed in Bitsy, called "DRONN".

This is a very small game, hopefully with an interesting story behind. I'll be attempting to finish this in the following couple of weeks. I already have all the maps finished, plus most of the texts.

I better get on with it, then...

Once again, thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned, now; many things are in the works!

(Megawacky Max)

The Sketch Experiment - April 2019 Edition
The Sketch Experiment - April 2019 Editionmore_vert
The Sketch Experiment - April 2019 Edition 2019-04-30T16:27:53+00:00close

A new month, a new Sketch Experiment; and this time we move out of my comfort zone!

Once again, only Novalis requested a sketch. He requested Yellow Diamond (from Steven Universe) checking Galactus profile on a Tinder-like App. I loved the idea. In fact, I may eventually ink this piece, because it's that amusing. Check the attached file for a high-quality version of the sketch!

Come on, guys, you can request, for real! Give it a try! FOLLOW THE RULES and request your sketch before May 20th!

(Megawacky Max)

Attachments (1)

sketch_0003.png (2.1MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #584113 - 30 Apr 19 18:16
Sweet, thank you!
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 30 Apr 19 20:56
My pleasure! Make sure to request again next month!
The Yeso Event
The Yeso Eventmore_vert
Post file flag
The Yeso Event 2019-04-08T04:20:13+00:00close

Hello, everybody. There won't be a new Wilfreda strip, this week. This is because in the past couple of days I've been attending a convention in my city: "Yeso 2" (basically "Plaster 2"), and I didn't have time--nor energy--to focus on anything else.

But here are some photos and drawings!

Take a look at that arrangement! But wait, there was more!

My table was full of printings, stickers, and the books I've published in the past. I've also brought some binders with several other works of mine, and a couple of albums with most of my sketches.

The event was wonderful, but extremely tiring. Last night I went to bed feeling the beginnings of a cold, and by morning I was feeling very, very weak; so I decided to take things slowly and just skip this week's strip.

Here's all the drawings I did while I was attending the event, though:

You've seen this one up there, yes? This is the original version. This was also the very last pic I drew; just Wilfreda and Betty attending the event.

Homemade cookies! There was a little stand with snacks to purchase, and these homemade cookies were great. I just had to draw'em!

This one came out of nowhere; just a simple nature scenery. I like this one because I didn't use any guide nor sketch, just good ol' bare marker.

More food? Why not? Another guide-less, sketch-less pic, drawn straight with marker. You can tell I was feeling hungry. Also a bit cold already; there were gusts of wind. I could have done with a nice, warm cup of coffee.

And finally, here's Vlad, my reformed vampire. I haven't drawn him properly in ages. That's one of the one-shots I really need to redraw.

So, yeah... No new Wilfreda strip this week, but a bunch of photos and drawings.

SPECIAL REMINDER TO MY PATRONS: It's a new month! Remember that anyone supporting me with any amount can now request a sketch every month! Make sure to follow the rules in THIS POST, then message me with your request! Don't miss this chance!

(Megawacky Max)

The Sketch Experiment - March 2019 Edition
The Sketch Experiment - March 2019 Editionmore_vert
The Sketch Experiment - March 2019 Edition 2019-04-02T05:52:18+00:00close

As promised, I've accepted requests from my Patrons to draw sketches, although in this first month I only ever got one... So let's draw that one!

The only Patron requesting a sketch was Novalis, who asked for Christie trying out Watson-like clothes. This was quite fun to sketch, actually!


Now it's April! Did you like the sketch? Would you like to request one? If you support me on Patreon, you totally can! Make sure to FOLLOW THE RULES, then send me a message with your request. Give it a try!

(Megawacky Max)

P.S.: My Patrons have Early Access to this post. It will go public in two weeks. I may change this system in the future, but I'm still not sure. I'm testing stuff, here!

Attachments (1)

sketch_0002.png (2.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #584113 - 2 Apr 19 08:04
Thank you, it turned out well!
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 2 Apr 19 14:00
My pleasure! It's a new month, too; make sure to request another one! ;)
IMPORTANT: The Sketch Experiment
IMPORTANT: The Sketch Experimentmore_vert
Post file flag
IMPORTANT: The Sketch Experiment 2019-03-03T13:35:17+00:00close

Hello, dear Patrons. As I've announced in a previous post, starting on March I would be accepting request from you to sketch. In other words, my Patrons can now request a monthly sketch from me.

I have never done this before, so expect some roughness... some sketchiness (heh) involved; but hopefully it's something I'll improve with time. There are also a series of rules I've come up with, which could also be modified with time.

These rules are as follow:

  • Each Patron can request one sketch per month, no matter how much they support me with.
  • Please no NSFW requests (this is not that kind of Patreon).
  • For the time being you can request one character, be it one of my original characters, a character you like from somewhere else, or your own OC. Part of the Sketch Experiment is for me to try drawing more and diverse stuff, after all.
  • Right now the quality will remain at Sketch; like the sample image on top of this post, only slightly better. If the experiment has positive results I will seriously consider other options in the future.
  • Please submit your request before March 20th.

How to request a sketch:

  • Send me a Private Message detailing the character you want me to sketch.
  • Please try to include one or two reference pics, especially if you want me to draw your OC. Those help immensely.
  • Wish me luck!

So, there you have it. It's your chance. Go ahead and request away!

If you have comments, suggestions, and critics, please do write them down in the comments down below. Thanks!

(Megawacky Max)

Merry Christmas to all...
Merry Christmas to all...more_vert
Post file flag
Merry Christmas to all... 2018-12-25T00:47:18+00:00close

...and may you have a wonderful New Year as well.


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 15 Mar 19 19:37
user avatar
User #584113 - 25 Dec 18 09:51
Thank you man, and all the best of wishes to you!
user avatar
User #2493677 - 25 Dec 18 00:55
Thanks, and to you as well. :hug:
THEY'RE HERE!!more_vert
Post file flag
THEY'RE HERE!! 2018-11-29T22:23:19+00:00close

Today I got word from the Editorial and they said the books were ready!

Yes, I just got the Wilfreda Compilation of the first 106 strips! It's only in spanish, though. Now I need to start moving around to distribute these babies in several bookstores around my city.

The quality is quite good. Maybe I can sell some of these before Christmas.

I just wish I could have worked out an english version as well, but every option I found eventually dropped off. :( That's quite disappointing.

Let's see what happens, now!

(Megawacky Max)

Thank You, Patrons
Thank You, Patronsmore_vert
Post file flag
Thank You, Patrons 2018-11-19T16:11:01+00:00close

Surpise! Today we thank all our Patrons!

I've been receiving your humble support for three years now, and while I only have a handful of you guys, it's the handful that helped me keep going with my comics and assorted projects. You guys help me stay motivated.

I often wish I could do more. Just so much more. So many projects in my head. But as some of you already know, setbacks and interruptions are a constant in my life. I'm still gonna work them out, one at a time, and it's in those times when I'm truly thankful for such loyal followers.

So what's in store, now? Wilfreda's Halloween Special is nearly finished (late, but still), then I'll focus on certain RPG I've been working on for way too long.

And then? What else is there?

Ooooh... I have at the very least two new comic projects in mind. One involves a certain Nerd Succubus, while the other is planned to be a series of short comics (4 pages each, max) about some original characters that had been lurking in my works for ages.

And of course, there's always more Wilfreda.

One way or another, there's always something more to write, draw, and even program. But it's thanks to YOU guys that I've found most of my footing in difficult times.

And for that... Thank You, Patrons!

(Maximiliano "Megawacky" Baldo)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2493677 - 19 Nov 18 21:52
Thanks to you as well for the fun series and so much other fun. Best of luck catching up with all of the ideas that Real Life likes to keep nudging you away from. :)
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 19 Nov 18 22:16
I'm currently working on the very last page of the Halloween Special. Will be released today, most likely! After that... who knows? Well, actually, I said I would go straight for the Wedding RPG, so, that's it.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and apologies)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and apologies)more_vert
Post file flag
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and apologies) 2018-11-01T02:46:45+00:00close

I knew I wouldn't be able to finish the Special on time, but even the past couple of days proved to be a MESS for working on the new page. I will continue working on this post-Halloween, but this delay is inexcusable at this point.

Please accept my most sincere apologies. Happy Halloween. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Thanks for your patience.


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2493677 - 1 Nov 18 03:03
It's okay, and definitely worth the wait. Just remember that, especially on Halloween, "The TimeKiller is inside the house!!!" 🎃
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 1 Nov 18 03:07
Thanks, man. I've been planning this special ahead of time, but Real Life had a few tricks up their sleeve as well. I'll try to finish the last four pages as soon as I can, but I'm still gonna take a bit of time. -.-
user avatar
User #584113 - 1 Nov 18 06:42
It's okay, it's still fun after Halloween
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 1 Nov 18 12:15
Thank you. I'll do my best to delay as little as possible.
(Preview) Late for Halloween
(Preview) Late for Halloweenmore_vert
Post file flag
(Preview) Late for Halloween 2018-10-20T14:29:42+00:00close
Hello, everybody. I'm here to talk about this year's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special; about what it was going to be and what ended up being.

If you have been following me for a while then you might have noticed that I've been upping up my Halloween specials through the years, starting with simple series of standard strips and ending up with a full special issue, last year. Well, this year I was also aiming at a full issue. The plan was to release everything at once for my Patreons about a week before Halloween, so I could then upload one page per day for everyone else, ending the comic right on Halloween Night.

This, as you might be guessing already, is not going to be the case.

Ironically, this time I've started planning this special earlier than any previous year, just so I didn't end up doing everything on the last moment, as I usually do. Due to a long and annoying series of unexpected setbacks and priorities, however, that's exactly what ended up happening. I just recently finished writing the script, and last night I drew the pages' layout, as you can see in the image of this post.

This year's Halloween story consists of ten (10) pages of adorable Halloween Tricks. Problem is, it is absolutely impossible for me to draw all ten pages before the estimated deadline (I was planning to release it all to my Patreons on the 21st; i.e. tomorrow), so... I'm making a couple changes.

I will start drawing today and I will release pages for my Patreons as soon as I finish them. The "ideal scenario" here would be one page per day, so we end right on Halloween. While this would be ideal, at this point I am certain the following ten or so days will be so annoyingly full of unexpected setbacks and interruptions that I can pretty much guess I won't even finish this by Halloween.

But I will try nonetheless.

So, to my Patreons, stay tuned. Starting tomorrow I should start posting the beginning of this year's Halloween story. As for the rest, I'll post the story either close to or slightly after Halloween. It's not ideal, at all, but this is what I've ended working with.

Please accept my most sincere apologies.

Right... Let's draw!


(PREVIEW) Choose your Team
(PREVIEW) Choose your Teammore_vert
Post file flag
(PREVIEW) Choose your Team 2018-10-09T13:07:42+00:00close

Do you like Cyberpunk, or do you prefer Steampunk?

One way or another, this year's Wilfreda's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special is taking shape, mwahaha!

Stay tuned!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #584113 - 9 Oct 18 18:03
Well, I like the steampunk costumes the best
Birthday feelings
Birthday feelingsmore_vert
Post file flag
Birthday feelings 2018-09-26T15:11:40+00:00close
"Happy Birthday!!", they say. "Meh," I reply.

Don't mind the grumpy cartoonist, he's actually extremely thankful (he just finds it difficult to express those feelings).

Many known faces in this pic. Some of them come all the way back from 2005. Wow.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2493677 - 26 Sep 18 20:17
Yay! Now you're old too. :) I hope you're having a great one. :hug:
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 26 Sep 18 21:52
37 years-old, to be precise. Thanks!
user avatar
User #584113 - 26 Sep 18 16:32
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 26 Sep 18 18:47
F0LL0W TH3 WH1T3 BUNN13more_vert
Post file flag
F0LL0W TH3 WH1T3 BUNN13 2018-09-11T21:29:29+00:00close


A slight delay... WITH DRAWINGS! 2018-08-20T17:34:15+00:00
Hello, everybody. I just wanted to say that the new Wilfreda strip will be slightly delayed, either for later today or tomorrow at most.

This is because yesterday I went to a small comic-con in my city and I stayed longer than expected, so I was off-schedule already. To make things worse, this morning I woke up with a searing headache, and I think I'm on the verge of a small cold.

I'm not leaving you empty-handed, though. Yesterday, while I was on the con, I drew a few pics that I would like to share with you.


First sketch of the day; people waiting in line before the door opened. It was a cold day, yesterday. We're still going through a rather strong winter over here.


SLYTHERIN PREFECT: How did you manage to get them all?

WILFREDA: MAGIC!! (and I'm friends with the cartoonist)

So, there was a Harry Potter corner in the con and it had a couple games. One of them was a ring toss with witch hats. How could I NOT draw a Wilfreda mini-strip with that?


NOLAN: Look at those prices!

GRETHA: It's not a con without the overcharged prices.

Oh, look, Nolan and Gretha are cosplaying, too. And yeah, while I loved the merchandize, some items' prices were hard to grasp. I guess it's part of the experience.


Final and most adorable pic: the children are enjoying some of the con candy, including pocky sticks, donuts, and cake balls. And soda, of course.

Ah, yes, and Milagros is wearing face cat ears. They were selling them at the con.


Hope you enjoyed this little apology for the delay on the newest Wilfrerda strip. Please stay tuned! It'll be ready by tomorrow, most likely!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #584113 - 20 Aug 18 20:40
You didn't rent your own stand at the con, then?
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 21 Aug 18 00:14
I didn't because right at the time they announced artists could ask for a spot, I was in the middle of my recent family crisis. I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to go at the con at all. So, I left this one pass.
A quick re-schedule 2018-06-17T14:47:23+00:00
Hello, everybody.

Due to an unexpected series of family-related issues, this week's Wilfreda strip will be delayed a day or two. Apologies in advance for such a slip. Don't worry, everything is fine; the past week was just messy and tense.

In other news, I would ask some of my Patreons to please check your donations, since it seems there have been issues with some credit cards (Visa, mainly). Sorry for all the problems.

Thank you for your patience.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2493677 - 17 Jun 18 17:38
Sorry to hear stuff has been messy, but I'm glad it's getting better and you can relax a bit. Take care.
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 18 Jun 18 12:59
Thank you.
Even more Fan Questions!
Even more Fan Questions!more_vert
Post file flag
Even more Fan Questions! 2018-06-11T16:00:05+00:00close
Hello, everybody! This is a public post to let everyone know there won't be a new Wilfreda strip, this week.

Why? Because it's the E3 WEEK!! I'll be very busy writing about the conferences and other stuff, so there's no time for PROPER content. This does not mean I'll leave you empty-handed!

Go right now to Wilfreda's Tumblr and you'll see four new questions answered by Wilfreda and her friends.

Next week things should go back to the usual schedule. Stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #116468 - 25 Jun 18 12:01
Very cute. What happened when that big bubble burst?
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 25 Jun 18 14:39
It goes "splat", of course.
A quick announcement: Schedule and projects 2018-03-30T16:55:08+00:00
Hello, everybody. This is a quick announcement of some changes in my schedule. Nothing too important, but worth mentioning.

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch

Starting on April I will post Wilfreda strips for my Patreons on Monday instead of Saturday, and then I'll re-post them on my website and social media accounts on the Friday of the same week. This is so I can draw the strips during the weekend (a much better time for me to draw) and also to give my Patreons a longer exclusivity period before I release the strips to the public. Also, it's a good way to both start and end the week,don't you think?

The Wedding RPG

I've started working properly on the Fourth Memory. There's another minigame here (a couple of them, actually), but they are much simpler than the Third Memory's "Breathing Bar" thing. Not much else to say.

A new game project

All through April I will be working on a new game project I've been meaning to try for a long time, now. I'll be doing this as part of a Game Jam I'll be participating in. The main concept involves alchemy and a bit of puzzle, so stay tuned for more news about that!

That's pretty much all. So, remember, there's no new Wilfreda strip, this Saturday. It's been moved to a Monday release. Let's see how that works, okay?

(Megawacky Max)

Fan Art Showcase!
Fan Art Showcase!more_vert
Post file flag
Fan Art Showcase! 2018-03-17T04:59:04+00:00close
Hello, everybody! Wilfreda will return next week. In the meantime, I've posted a collection of Fan Art my little webcomic has been getting since it's origins.

Go on and take a look! And make sure to come back next week! Wilfreda IS coming back!

(Megawacky Max)

SKETCH - Young artist
SKETCH - Young artistmore_vert
Post file flag
SKETCH - Young artist 2018-03-13T19:52:52+00:00close
Hello, everybody. It's been one of those days where Reality insists on wasting my time; in this case, making me wait in line to pay taxes. And, as usual, I like to bring my notebook to sketch something while I wait.

This is the result. Betty is summoning her inner Bob Ross. Well done, kid.

I may be inking and colorizing this piece for the weekend, since there won't be a new Wilfreda strip (still practicing), but I will definitely show something cool.

Ooh, it's gonna be FANtastic, indeed! Stay tuned for that!

(Megawacky Max)

An unexpected delay
An unexpected delaymore_vert
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An unexpected delay 2018-03-03T01:42:26+00:00close

As you can see in the image above, I am not feeling too well. I woke up with what seemed to be the beginning of a mild headache, so I had a painkiller and started working on this week's Wilfreda strip.

Well, it was not just a mild headache and it now evolved into a mild fever. Feeling extremely tired, so I decided to just stop drawing and rest.

Apologies to everyone. I will resume drawing as soon as I feel better. Please take care.


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User #584113 - 3 Mar 18 11:31
Take care, man
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 4 Mar 18 15:18
Thanks! I'm all better now. Caught it on time and it lasted less than a day, but it was annoying to say the least. Comic coming up!
user avatar
User #2493677 - 3 Mar 18 09:00
Just take care of yourself, so no worries about how much time it will take. I just hope the illness passes soon and you feel better. Take care.
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 4 Mar 18 15:17
Thank you! I'm feeling much better now. I caught it on time and it only lasted less than 24 hours; but those were less than 24 hours that I did not enjoy at all. I'll post the comic in a bit!
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 147
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 147more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 147 2018-01-20T06:45:35+00:00close

In this comic...

Dr. Alexis Greenman takes a look at Wilfreda's teeth. How is our wanna-be witch dealing with it? Check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

Heat waves! Heat waves everywhere! This South American summer sure has some extremely hot days... and I can deal with that. What I can not deal with is the severe humidity and air pressure. Those slow me down, big time.

Even then, I've already written the next several Wilfreda comics, so now it's a matter of drawing them; which is always good. I've planned most of February's strips, too.

The Wedding RPG is also advancing. This weekend I'll finish the triggers for the Third Memory and move on to the Fourth and last Memory. After that comes the final scene (endgame plus epilogue) which are low on triggers, so that's good.

Once these triggers are set in place I will begin to work on filling up these segments with proper cinematics and texts, as well as working on the new sprites and tilesets. I should also start looking into translating the original script to english, so I can have it proofread for typos and grammar mistakes.

One way or another, this month of January has been productive. Not as productive as I expected, but productive nonetheless. Let's keep up this last week of the month, so we end on a better note.

Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_147_English.png (103.7KiB)
Wilfreda_147_Espaniol.png (102.9KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 146
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 146more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 146 2018-01-13T12:07:34+00:00close

In this comic...

Looks like our little wanna-be witch is annoyed by something. What could it be? You better check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

It's Summer in my country, and one of the hottest ones at that. The past week was mostly a haze in which the extreme temperatures totally messed up with my inner clock. I'm currently typing this half-asleep, so be wary of even more typos than usual.

The extreme heat didn't help me to focus on my projects, but I worked on them anyways; just not as much as I would have liked to. I did write a couple extra Wilfreda strips, so I have that done and now I just have to draw, which is quite a feat when the high temperatures strike you down (Team Winter, here; although Fall is my favorite season).

I've also advanced a bit on the Wedding RPG. Added more triggers and kept the story flowing through the Third Memory. Not finished with it, yet, but I'm now entering the final set of dialogues, which is a long, long, long slog of textboxes and one particular gameplay mechanic I need to figure out in RPG Maker. I'll find a way, surely.

And that's pretty much it. Thank you all for your kind support. Please stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_146_English.png (115.2KiB)
Wilfreda_146_Espaniol.png (113.3KiB)

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User #584113 - 13 Jan 18 12:27
I'm sure he gets that a lot
Wedding RPG Update No.4: Back on track
Wedding RPG Update No.4: Back on trackmore_vert
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Wedding RPG Update No.4: Back on track 2018-01-08T14:12:01+00:00close
Well, now, what's this? Take a look at that video up there. Why, but if it is the Wedding RPG!!

As promised (at last), I'm sharing more info about this project of mine. As you can see in the video (all in spanish, sorry), the game is still up and kicking, so let's talk about Bits & Bytes: The Wedding.

What's going on?

Just as I said in previous posts, I was going to be using January to crunch on this project, and so far I've done quite a bit. What you can see in the video is a basic trigger testing; i.e. I'm checking that the right triggers activate at the correct time in order for the story to flow.

Setting up triggers is the current order of business. I've already designed all the maps and scenarios, so now I must make them "interactive". First thing, then, is to make sure I can play the game from beginning to end; and for that I must set the basic triggers and test that they work when they are supposed to.

What you can see in the video is the first half of the Third Memory, which is Nolan's house when he was 18. The video ends right when the second half of the Third Memory starts, which is a bit of a slog in regards of dialogues and sets the stage for the Fourth (and last) Memory, which will be Gretha's house when she was a little girl.

What's next?

Next is the long, boring job of slowly setting up the rest of the triggers until the end of the game is reached. That means the second half of the Third Memory, the entire Fourth Memory, and the End Scene. This is key.

Once the triggers are all set and the game can be played from beginning to end, I'll work on a custom tileset for the scenes. I'm thinking something simple, to reflect the webcomic's style and to give the game a bit more personality. Plus, I must draw sprites for other characters who are currently using placeholders (Mama, Zess, Elthorn, and many more).

After that comes the "meat" of the coding, which is to properly fill the game with cinematics, dialogues, interactions and a couple of special... well... let's call them "minigames", although they are not quite that. Anyway, since the script is 100% completed this won't be difficult, just incredibly long and boring; but the end result will be worth the effort.

Along with the "meat" of the coding will come a very important addition to the game: language selection. The game is currently being developed in Spanish, but I want an option to switch between Spanish and English. This means that the coding got doubled, just to keep dialogues in both languages.

Speaking of languages, I am well aware that my english, while acceptable, is not that good for a full-length game, so I may be hiring help to correct the typos and grammar of the english version of the game; so, don't worry about that one.

Lastly, I'll work on the sound assets. As in every game project I've been involved, I always leave the sound for last. I believe RPG Maker already has a competent music library and I wouldn't mind using it, but if I can scout for specific melodies, the better.

Release date, when?

A year ago I had promised "February 2017", which clearly was very optimistic of me. I'll be honest, this time: I do not know when I am going to finish this, other than "as soon as I can", because I really, really want to finish this game.

If I keep this pace I can certainly finish the triggers and start working on the new graphics by the end of January, so that would be a nice advance. I don't know how long it'll take me to program and coordinate all the cutscenes and stuff, so it'd be foolish of me to risk a date.

Best I can do is to keep you guys informed on my advances in a more regular schedule, especially since the previous update was almost a year ago. That's not good. So, I'll be posting more frequently, maybe showing you a couple extra screen captures, or how the new graphics are looking, or how those "minigames" will work.

More screengrabs, please?

Sure! Take a look at THIS LINK HERE to check a handful of new screens of the game. WARNING, some may be mild spoilers!

Last words...

I honestly don't know what else to add. The Wedding RPG project is back on track and I'll try my best to keep the updates flowing.

Thank you all for your kind support and massive patience. Please stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

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Bits & Bytes: La Boda (Pre-Alpha Footage)

ESPAÑOL: "Bits & Bytes: La Boda" es mi proyecto de juego actual; una historia relativamente corta, construida en el motor de RPG Maker, que muestra el final de mi webcomic, Bits & Bytes. Si sos un Patreon podés leer todo al respecto en este post (en inglés):: (AGREGAR POST LUEGO) ENGLISH: "Bits & Bytes: The Wedding" is my current game project; a relatively short story built on the RPG Maker engine, depicting the finale of my webcomic, Bits & Bytes. If you're a Patreon, make sure to read all about it in this post: (ADD POST LATER)



Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 145
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 145more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 145 2018-01-06T12:35:46+00:00close

In this comic...

We've seen what Santa brought to Wilfreda's friends... but what about Wilfreda herself? Go and take a look at those attached files to see our wanna-be witch's present!

In other news...

Well, Happy New Year, everybody! The first week of 2018 has been quite busy, all things considered. There are a couple of things I'd like to talk about, so let's get on with it.

I'm currently drawing Wilfreda's strips with a mix of Paint Tool SAI for the main graphics, then PhotoShop for speech bubbles, text, and other arrangements. While this method has worked so far, I'm looking into other options.

I've recently tried both Clip Studio Paint and FireAlpaca, and both have given me good results in different aspects. I still need to practice a lot with each, but I think my goal here will be to start using either of them to replace the SAI/PhotoShop combo.

It's not decided, yet. I need to run several tests and draw a lot on each to see which software feels more "homely". I may or may not end up drawing some test strips here and there, just to check the many tools available.

And now, let's talk about the Wedding RPG...

As promised, as soon as 2018 began I've been focusing more on this project. Due to the festivities, though, I've only managed to properly tackle it starting last Wednesday, but even with just three days I've advanced more than expected.

I'm currently in the middle of the Third Memory, which is when things start to get messy. "Messy" as in "Oh, Gods, Look How Many Triggers And Events There Are Here!". It's not difficult, it's just long and tedious, so I'm taking my time and crunching it one bite at a time.

The important thing is that there is a clear advance. I need to write a proper post about this, so perhaps next week I'll get to it. In the meantime, the project is back into focus.

That's all by now. Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_145_Espaniol.png (126.0KiB)
Wilfreda_145_English.png (126.7KiB)

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User #584113 - 8 Jan 18 14:22
Ooh, "Santa" is clever
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 144
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 144more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 144 2017-12-30T13:06:32+00:00close

In this comic...

It looks like Victor got a Christmas gift, after all! Did Santa finally got him something nice... or did something else happen? You better check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

Last post of the year... It's been a trip full of ups and downs, let me tell you. The past dozen months were full of things to do, goals achieved, and many other projects put on hold. I won't bore you with the details.

Now begins a new stage, I think. January 2018 is meant to be full of... advances. I'll probably talk more about that next week, when I have a bit more clear of a schedule, for these pre-festivities days (Christmas, New Year) are very hard to focus on anything else. Plus, the current heat wave going through my city is nothing to be laughed at, and it also sets me back a lot.

But hey... a new stage is just before us. Let's not waste yet another good chance, okay? I'll see you in 2018. Until then, thank you all for your huge support. Stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_144_English.png (124.0KiB)
Wilfreda_144_Espaniol.png (123.4KiB)

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! 2017-12-25T13:53:53+00:00close

Two of my lesser-known characters join forces for these festivities: Mistletoe the Christmas She-Elf and Suckstobe the Nerdy Succubus. What a duo!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (1)
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User #2493677 - 25 Dec 17 16:45
And very much to you as well. Thanks.
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 143
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 143more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 143 2017-12-23T06:04:10+00:00close

In this comic...

It's Christmas! What kind of presents did our adorable characters get? Check the attached files and find out!

In other news...

Merry Christmas, everybody! I know, it's still a couple of days for that, but consider this strip will be released right on the 25th, so... it fits, okay? May you have a wonderful holiday season!

There isn't much for me to add, really. I'm slowly getting ready for 2018. There are a couple of things I want to get started on as soon as the new year begins. For the time being, just enjoy my little webcomic.

Thank you all for your support. Please stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_143_English.png (133.5KiB)
Wilfreda_143_Espaniol.png (132.6KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #584113 - 24 Dec 17 22:23
Victor is still going to be the Grinch of the group, I see
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 24 Dec 17 23:16
Maybe his hearth will grow three sizes, too!
New designs? New designs!
New designs? New designs!more_vert
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New designs? New designs! 2017-12-18T19:42:40+00:00close
Hello, everybody. Allow me to show you these few sketches I've drawn, today.

You may have noticed that all the kids in my webcomic dress just alike; save Wilfreda and Agatha. I've been wanting to enrich their wardrobe, so today I took the chance to come up with new clothes for them.

I'm liking these a lot. What do you guys think? I believe I will start using these designs sometime early 2018.

Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #584113 - 19 Dec 17 09:17
No design for Wilfreda?
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 19 Dec 17 13:27
That's simply because Wilfreda will remain the ame. After all, she was already the only kid with a design of her own. ;)
A couple fan questions
A couple fan questionsmore_vert
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A couple fan questions 2017-12-17T13:03:30+00:00close
Hello, everybody! Wilfreda is taking a break this week, but I'm leaving a little something else instead. Go and check my answers to a couple fan questions I just posted on Wilfreda's Tumblr!

Do you have a question for Wilfreda and her friends? Don't be shy! Ask away with the Ask Wilfreda section!

See you all next week!

(Megawacky Max)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 142
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 142more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 142 2017-12-09T14:54:10+00:00close

In this comic...

Wilfreda is a bit sad because her attempts to fly didn't work. Luckily, Milagros reminds her of something that cheers her up. What could it be? Check the attached files and find out!

In other news...

As December dances by, new setbacks emerge. This past week I was delayed by a series of annoying financial issues. Don't worry, it's all fine, but a lot of paperwork needed to be dealt with, and so it was.

Once I was done with those setbacks, it was Friday. Where had the week gone to? Hopefully those issues won't happen again any time soon, so I can return to a stable Wilfreda schedule and, more importantly, resume working on the Wedding RPG.

There are news about that, too. I began planning my approach for January. It's mostly a rough schedule of progress through the month, just to give me a general idea of my situation. It's still just a rough estimate; I want to set a minimun goal in order to have a playable game, with a second goal for a polished, playable game.

As for next week's Wilfreda comic... there won't be one, BUT I will upload something, still. I have a couple of private messages sent to Wilfreda's Tumblr account asking things about the characters, and I think it's a good moment to take a little break and draw a handful of reply-drawing.

That takes me to a special request for you guys: do you have any question refarding Wilfreda and her friends? Ask something, and I may draw a bit of lore as reply! You can ask by directly replying to this post, or by using Tumblr's ASK form!

So, that's all. On we go through December, and let's see what the last month of the year has in store for us.

Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

Attachments (2)

Wilfreda_142_English.png (132.0KiB)
Wilfreda_142_Espaniol.png (129.4KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 141
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 141more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 141 2017-12-02T04:54:00+00:00close

In this comic...

Well, that's one extremely happy close-up of Wilfreda. Why is she so thrilled? You most definitely need to check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

The new schedule seems to be working well, and as we enter the last month of 2017, I think it's time to take a long look at what happened in the current year, and what I can do to improve starting 2018.

Let's address the elephant in the room first, shall we? Yes, the Wedding RPG. I originally envisioned it finished by late February of 2017, but Reality taught me a thing or two about making optimistic plans in advance. Through all this year I have been working on this project, but nowhere near as much or as frequently as I wished.

Is the game cancelled, then? Absolutely NOT. I'm going to finish that thing if it kills me. It's more important for me that I give it credit for. It's the end of an important chapter for Bits & Bytes.

So... what to do?

I'm already making plans to have all of January 2018 work-free, so I can focus on this game, for once and for all. Luckily my work schedule is very flexible, provided I give warnings in advance. I will use part of December to organize myself and plan out how I will tackle this one, but the main idea is to get as much done in the first month of 2018. Given that it's a Holiday Month for us South Americans, chances are good. I need to take advantage of this.

It's also important so I can start working on some other projects. I have a few nice ideas for potential games I could work on, but all of those require me to figure out which programming software I will use, so, I want to start messing around with a couple good options I know. I will NOT do any of that until finishing the Wedding RPG, though, or I will never, ever see the end of it.

That's for the Gaming part of my Patreon. On the Comics side, Wilfreda stays as the current focus. I keep thinking on the compilatory book, but I won't do that until I don't do a massive spellchecking, because I am well aware that my english is not that great.

So, the current path of action is to use December to get ready for January, and on January I'll focus heavily on the Wedding RPG. Knock on wood, guys... 2018 is just ahead!

Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_141_English.png (130.9KiB)
Wilfreda_141_Espaniol.png (130.4KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 140
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 140more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 140 2017-11-25T07:01:14+00:00close

In this comic...

Wilfreda is preparing for take-off, but she needs to arrange things with her aide. Check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

This was the first week in the past couple of months where I felt more at ease. I was able to work on my webcomic earlier than usual, which meant this week's strip came up smoothly. I need to keep this pace and I may just get something good going on, here.

I've been also poking at the Wedding RPG. Currently working on that third Memory scene. This one has many interactive spots that vary depending on which moment of the scene you examine them. Still a slow advance... but an advance nonetheless.

I've got an idea for a new Visual Novel, but I'm not really gonna expand on it just yet, since I already have a project in the works. Still, I'll keep that one nearby, so I can take a proper look after the Wedding RPG is properly finished.

Other than that, things have been surprisingly calm, these past days. This weekend I'll work a bit more on the RPG, now that I have the time. At last, things are moving on. Crossing fingers it stays like this for a while.

Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda_140_English.png (124.5KiB)
Wilfreda_140_Espaniol.png (123.1KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 139
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 139more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 139 2017-11-18T17:02:50+00:00close

In this comic...

What's this? Wilfreda is actually flying? Quick, go check those attached files and fins out!

In other news...

So here's a funny story: For the past couple of months I've been struggling to draw Wilfreda on time, only to end up drawing things on the last moments, more often than not up late on Friday nights or on early Saturday mornings. So last week I thought "No, not this time", and so I began working on today's strip last wednesday.

I somehow ended up drawing it today, Saturday. The week was THAT messy.

I'm hoping it's just an isolated issue. I'll keep trying to work things out earlier, so I won't draw in a hurry on the last moments, but lately my other responsibilities have been piling up. I will always make time for Wilfreda, though, even if it keeps me up at night; I love drawing these characters and their amusing adventures, so don't worry about not having your weekly dose of cuteness.

But yeah... More things to do, so, more things to organize. I'll try to start working on next week's strip earlier than wednesday, just in case. One little bit every day, that's the key.

Thank you all for your kind support. Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

Attachments (2)

Wilfreda_139_English.png (134.9KiB)
Wilfreda_139_Espaniol.png (136.2KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 138
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 138more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 138 2017-11-11T21:05:59+00:00close

In this comic...

Wilfreda is planning something BIG, but her friends are not entirely sure of the potential success rate. What is all this about? You better check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

First of all, my most sincere apologies for the delay on this week's comic. This past week was one of the messiest I've had in a while, so I should start to reconsider several slight changes in my schedule for events like this. I'll be thinking on that the next few days.

Not much else happened, this week... Okay, that's a lie; a ton of things happened, but none of them are relevant to this Patreon. Creatively speaking, I got to draw today's comic and... that's pretty much it. The rest was an endless amount of annoying errands and paperwork. I am seriously hoping this incoming week to be a bit more friendlier.

And so we end in a vague note, because there really isn't much else to say. Please enjoy the comic. Thank you all for your constant support!

(Megawacky "I Really Need A Nap" Max)

Attachments (2)

Wilfreda_138_English.png (137.9KiB)
Wilfreda_138_Espaniol.png (135.0KiB)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 137
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 137more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 137 2017-11-04T16:39:23+00:00close

In this comic...

Julian and Victor are enjoying a nice, calm day at the park. What could possibly happen? Check those attached files and find out!

In other news...

We're back! After an extremely tense month that ended in a very satisfying note, Wilfreda and her friends are back to the regular schedule.

Right now I'm sticking to the one-strip-per-week routine. I just returned from a little vacation to the coast and so I'm slowly getting back to speed. I would love to go back to the two-strips-per-week thing, but there is one specific project I need to finish: the Wedding RPG.

I've advanced more on that game and I've reached the third important scene (one intro, four important scenes, and a finale) and I've already designed the base maps, so I need to code the basic wiring in order to have the game keep advancing. It is of my absolute interest to give this a proper ending, so I'm gonna start focusing more on it.

Thank you all for your kind support. I hope you've all had some wonderful Halloween time. Stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

Attachments (2)

Wilfreda_137_English.png (129.0KiB)
Wilfreda_137_Espaniol.png (128.0KiB)

Wilfreda's Spooktacular Special is now available!!
Wilfreda's Spooktacular Special is now available!!more_vert
Wilfreda's Spooktacular Special is now available!! 2017-10-20T21:04:12+00:00close


Whew! This took me one week more than planned, but here it is: Wilfreda's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special, 2017 Edition, and this time is a full comic issue!


Check the attached files! Those are CBR extensions, meaning it's an eComic for you to enjoy! You should be able to read the comic with any digital comic reading software.

If you can not read the comic, then no problem! The CBR format is actually a RAR file, so you can uncompress the file and read every page as a regular image file!


On this third Special, Wilfreda and her friends celebrate a Halloween Party at school. There, we learn about the mysterious "Always-Locked Door", an entrance that stays locked for all eternity. Wilfreda is eager to know more about this strange phenomenon... and she will.

Oh, she will.

What hides beyond the Always-Locked Door? What is making those strange noises? Find out in this year's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special!!


Guys, drawing this Special was a lot of fun, although Life got in the way so many times that it also took a severe toll on my stress levels. It happens. Now I'm gonna take a little break, go on a short vacation to the sea, so there won't be more Wilfreda strips, this month. The rest of the month, in fact, will be daily posts of this Special's pages for non-Patreons.

However, those will be standard-sized pages. You guys got slightly bigger pages in those CBR files!

Thank you all for all your awesome support. Please have a safe, spooky, and all-around FUN Halloween. I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks!

(Megawacky Max)

A special is coming!
A special is coming!more_vert
Post file flag
A special is coming! 2017-10-03T17:32:22+00:00close
Hello, everybody! I'm currently working on this year's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special. Take a look at that image! Can you guess the references?

So far I'm right on schedule drawing all this. If everything goes as planned, then I'll be posting one page daily during the last week of October, just on time for Halloween!

However, my Patreons will get to read everything at once, before anybody else! Stay tuned for that, guys!

(Megawacky Max)

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 136
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 136more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 136 2017-09-30T17:20:04+00:00close

In this comic...

Milagros gets her tablet back... this time for real! Yes, this is the end of the Security Tablet arc, so you better check those attached files!

In other news...

Attention, everybody! This is likely the last Wilfreda comic for the next few weeks! Does it mean I'm not drawing anymore? Not at all! It just means it's time for... yes... Wilfreda's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special!!

I've finished the script for this year's Special, and it consists on 14 regular-sized strips! That's two entire weeks of Wilfreda to go through, one page per day! However, I may do things a little different, this year...

Given that I'm currently testing up my new PC and all the new cool drawing software (that's the main reason of this week's delay on the comic), I may try to draw this comic in a different format; either a full-feature comic with larger pages, or a manga-style endeavor. One way or another, it will mean the amount of pages will go down from the original 14 (which is based on the current 4-panel configuration) to something between 7 to 10 pages, depending on how many panels I can stick in each page.

I'm quite thrilled to give this proyect a go as soon as possible, but since I do not know these new programs that well, I just can't tell how long it will take me. So, I'm gonna skip most of October's Wilfreda strip in order to focus on this full issue.

My Patreons will get to read everything before anyone else, most likely as soon as I finish the whole thing. Everybody else will have one page per day, starting sometime around the middle of October.

As you can tell, this is a big deal for me. Stay tuned, guys! Some spooktacular content is coming!!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 135
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 135more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 135 2017-09-23T07:07:45+00:00close

In this comic...

Oh, look! It seems Milagros got her tablet back! Isn't that nice? ... Wait... What's going on? Ooh, you better check those attached files!

In other news...

My birthday is next Tuesday 26th. 36 years old. Sheesh. I'm not really big on celebrating it, but... hey... why not?

On more important news, I'll use this next week to finish the script for Wilfreda's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special. I've written half of it already, so I should finish it soon. Then I'll start drawing it... however...

...I am soon to get a brand new computer, and that means I'll spend a couple of days installing stuff and setting things up once it arrives, especially my drawing software and tools. This should NOT interfere with the current schedule, but it's worth telling, just in case.

Right, then. Let's work on that script and start drawing the Special, shall we? Thank you all for your kind support, and stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Rainy Springtime
Rainy Springtimemore_vert
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Rainy Springtime 2017-09-21T16:26:31+00:00close
Hello, everybody. Just a quick post with a quick drawing. Today Spring starts here in Argentina... but it's raining! That's not a problem for Agatha nor Christie. Some of us like rainy weather, okay?

Stay tuned for more, guys!

(Megawacky Max)

P.S.: Text reads "Happy Springtime... even with rain!!"

Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 134
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 134more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 134 2017-09-16T05:04:48+00:00close

In this comic...

Milagros tells Wilfreda what happened after the Credit Card incident. Want to know? Check the attached files and find out!

In other news...

We're already in the middle of September. Halloween is a month and a half away. You know what that means, right?

Yes, it's time for a new Super Spooktacular Halloween Special!

I'm already writing the script for this year's special. I know what the story will be about, but I have yet to decide on the format. What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, remember that I recently purchased a nifty piece of drawing software? I was thinking on trying it out with this new project, either giving the special a manga-ish style (a bit like that SuccuBusted page test I showed a little ago) or by giving the classic square-page a new spin.

One thing is for sure: a new Halloween Special is coming and Wilfreda and her friends will embark in a spooky mystery for this one, so stay tuned for more details!

That's pretty much the main news, this week. I'm gonna try and focus on it, since I have a hard deadline to complete the story.

Thank you all for your support! As I said, stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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Potential new software...?
Potential new software...?more_vert
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Potential new software...? 2017-09-10T15:21:49+00:00close
Hello, everybody. This is a public post to show a little test I did on a trial software.

I've been researching on new drawing software for my comics. I'm currently using a mix of Paint Tool SAI for general drawing and PhotoShop for framing and speech bubbles, and while it seems to do the job just fine, I'm looking for new tools for the job.

I'm currently looking at two great candidates that seem to work well with my digital tablet: MediBang Paint Pro and Clip Studio.

MediBang seems like a nice drawing software, and it has many interesting tools that I could take advantage on; especially the Perspective Point tools. However, despite its many benefits, it seems to work a little bit wonky with my potato with wires. I mentioned in a recent Private post that I am also looking to replace my current PC with a more powerful one, so that little issue should be solved by then.

Clip Studio, however, gave me a whole new perspective on my drawings. It's a paid software but it's currently on sale, so I decided to download the trial and see what's up. And oh my... Look at this...

That's a manga-style page I doodled in matter of minutes (also, that's Suckstobe from "SuccuBusted!"; this may or may not be canon). Clip Studio has special tools to make drawing panels and speech bubbles SO much easier.

I've also tested the coloring options and, for a first attempt, it looks kinda nifty:

Performance-wise it seems to run a little bit better than MediBang. It does lack a few features, like the Perspective Point (or maybe I didn't notice? I just dabbled on it), but overall I loved just how responsive and intuitive it felt.

As I said, Clip Studio is currently on sale, so I'm very, very tempted on purchasing it. I don't think I'll switch software for Wilfreda or even Bits & Bytes... but I would be more than willing to give it a try with a new project... like, for instance, SuccuBusted!.

Do you like what you see? Do you find the format interesting? Is it worth a risk? Let me know with a comment! Also, if you can't see the images properly, try taking a look here: http://imgur.com/a/Z1phm

(Megawacky Max)

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User #2493677 - 11 Sep 17 05:16
It all looks good, but along with what you're saying I know that lots of artists I follow swear by Clip Studio for just about everything. I've even played with it a bit, though I don't know what all of the icons mean and haven't been able to find a good tutorial about all that. (I've been using Paint Shop Pro since the last millenium so I never learned what the Photoshop icons mean. I'm guessing that's what CSP uses since everyone else seems to have no problem understanding). If it's on sale then it's worth grabbing. Best of luck on the new compuer situation too. I finally got a system to replace the two that died months ago, and I went for way OP this time. Take care.
user avatar
MegawackyMax - 11 Sep 17 14:42
I've already purchased Clip Studio. I will most likely test it by drawing a few test pages of random nature, so we'll see. As for me, it was incredibly easy to get used to the software. It's pretty much like Paint Tool Sai, but with added functions and features, so the adaptation was pretty smooth.
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 133
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 133more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 133 2017-09-09T15:16:50+00:00close

In this comic...

Milagros downloaded a new game for her tablet, and is about to face the harsh, harsh, harsh realities of the Freemium model. Go ahead, check those attached files and take a look for yourself!

In other news...

So, I'm starting a bit of a "moving on" phase. An "upgrading" period, so to speak. I'm browsing for a new PC because my current one is just too old for the current generation. It works well enough, but since part of my job consists on playing games and writing reviews, I'm in dire need of a better system.

That means that there will come a time, hopefully soon, where I'll be a bit quiet because of the whole updating business. Not a big deal, but it may cause a slight delay when it happens. Just to let you guys know.

The "upgrading" phase is also going though my art. I'm more and more interested on upgrading both my drawing software and my drawing tablet, so I'm looking around to see what I can find. I found a very nice piece of software, MediBang Pain Pro, that has several special tools that could aid me immensely on my comics... but, sadly, it doesn't seem to register my current tablet's pen pressure, which is regrettable. It's an old Genius model, but I'll try to see if there are updates or workarounds for it.

I've advanced on the Wedding RPG, if you can believe it. I "finished" another scene, meaning the characters can go through the main events from beginning to end. That's good, but there's still more to do. I need to keep a steady pace on this projectsç, at least to keep advancing a little bit every day. One step at a time, I guess.

I'm also writing a few scenes for SuccuBusted, the story of my succubi characters. Amusing stuff, so far. It may delve into NSFW territory, though, and this Patreon is not really about that, so... I'll see how I deal with that.

All in all, it's been a week full of things to do. Thank you all for your kind support. Please stay tuned for more news and comics!

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 132
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 132more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 132 2017-09-02T06:33:45+00:00close

In this comic...

We haven't had a proper Betty strip in a while. What is our quiet girl doing? Ooh, she's looking for videos online, but... what about? One way to find out: go and take a look at those attached files!

In other news...

September is here. Hey, my birthday's month. Oh, joy, joy, joy.

More importantly, Halloween is merely a couple of months away. Feels like a lot of time? It's not, and I am already thinking up this year's Super Spooktacular Halloween Special. I already have a couple of nice ideas, but I need to write a few scenes, first. Better to work this one as soon as possible!

I've been also working on some other random projects, mostly just tossing things to the walls to see what sticks. That's not exactly good, because what I should really be doing is focusing on my current proyects, like certain darn Wedding RPG that I keep advancing at a snail's pace. Oh me oh my... I'll finish that thing if it kills me, which it probably will.

Not much else to add right now. Thank you all for your kind support, and stay tuned for more comics and news.

(Megawacky Max)

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Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 131
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 131more_vert
Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch 131 2017-08-26T07:34:51+00:00close

In this comic...

Wilfreda is back, and is getting ready to go to school... more or less! Just five more minutes, Miriam; that girl needs her sleep. Check those attached files to see what happens to our sleepy witch!

EDIT:Due to some issues with Patreon's posts, you may or may not be able to get the comic through attachments. I've uploaded both in a private IMGUR mini-gallery. HERE YOU GO: http://imgur.com/a/jlJid

In other news...

Whew, it was a fun week, all things considered. I went to that comic-con that took place in my city, last weekend, and it was a blast. I drew a few sketches; I gave some of them to some cosplayers that were at the event; all good fun.

I really don't have much else to say, because the rest of the week went on at a steady pace. I guess it was time to take things easy... as easy as possible, anyway. Now, on with keeping a regular schedule for our wanna-be witch, shall we?

In fact... perhaps... just perhaps... there could be a new Plug & Play comic soon, in regards of... certain gaming news taking place in the past hours. But I'll see about that, it's not 100% certain... maybe 90% certain. We'll see.

Thank you all for your kind support; and stay tuned for more comics and news!

(Megawacky Max)

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No Wilfreda this weekend...
No Wilfreda this weekend...more_vert
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No Wilfreda this weekend... 2017-08-19T06:25:35+00:00close

... 'cause the girls are going to a convention that's taking place around my zone! The "Little Panda Fandom Freak" convention, hence why Wilfreda is holding a little panda plushie.

Next week Wilfreda should finally go back to her regular schedule. Thanks for your patience!

(Megawacky Max)

Comments (1)
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User #2493677 - 19 Aug 17 06:57
Have a great time there, and we'll see you and the kids all bright and happy when you get back. :)

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