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Individual Story Price Opinions! 2020-10-26T15:28:13+00:00

Hey all,

Hey all, my website is going live soon, and I'll be making all the great stories that you guys get every month for sale to those who aren't able to pledge or just want to check out one or two of the over 30 stories I've written just for you guys! It would be in word doc format, to read on the site of available for download.

I'm just wanting to gage what's a good price to charge per story (based on word count) so that I can get some feedback before I set pricing. Thanks so much for the input!

This will be geared for what you think the price is fair per one of my monthly entries (5000-6000 word story)

Just to be clear, Patreons still get all these stories for the monthly pledge of $6 or more, plus early drafts, polls on what stories I should do next, etc!

Work updates and plans for the near future 2020-10-14T18:11:03+00:00

Hey all, just wanted to provide a few updates!

So, I'm in the process of having a website designed for myself, which will house all of my works and allow the purchase of my patreon-only stories to non-patreons or those who want them in an easier to read format. Eventually, I will need to rework a backlog of 50+ stories to get them ready, which is a bit daunting. I may have bite off a little more than I can chew in terms of work load.

As such, I might be slowing down a little on Patreon exclusive content while I get caught up. I'll still be finishing up this months Patreon only stories, and starting the rewards and commissions I've already taken. If anyone doesn't mind their commission on the backburner for a while, let me know, but since it's something I've already promised I don't want to make you wait too long.

As compensation, I need to tidy up old stories and ideas from my archives and will post them here first. Also, I'll be working on the next longer stories for my $40 patreons as well to give you all some exclusive content.

I suspect the editing work will take me into December and I understand if that affects your decision to provide patronage for those months. I thank you for your continued support of my endeavors. If anyone on my list is OK with postponing their commissions/rewards until after I am done my editing backlog, please message me to let me know, otherwise I'll plan to work it in. I'll still take waitlisted commissions for after I'm done the editing from my 10$ and up patreons as usual.

On the plus side, the website SHOULD allow a better library of all of my stories for those who like to browse them. I think its a worthwhile idea to have them in my own paid space, as well as the four other platform sites I use now (Patreon, FA, Sofurry, and docs lab). Also, I'm excited to sell some patreon only stories to fans in ebook format for those who have been wanting to read particular tales (Patreon support is going to offer you the best deal cause you will still have access to EVERYTHING I'll be selling at the $6/month tier)

Also haven't forgotten about the Q&A! It's coming!

On a personal note, I may be taking a two week vacation in the coming months. I haven't taken a stress free break since... ... ... yeah...

I don't want to go into too much personal detail, but due to the pandemic, I have been cut off from someone very special (He knows who he is <3 <3 <3 ) and due to a restriction removal I may finally have the chance to see him provided the necessary paperwork goes through. I'll keep you posted, but, knowing me, I'll probably still poke away at some work here and there while on vacation, just not on a regular schedule.

Instead of the usual decent worded gratitude speech, I'm just going to say, thank you so much, you are all amazing, you're helping me make a career out of writing, and wow I never thought three years ago that was a thing that could happen!

(Please ignore the typos, my 'D' key is acting up :(

The Cattle Barn 2020-10-13T20:22:24+00:00

You stand in front of the thick metal door fuming, wondering if you should storm off or slam your fist on the window. Maybe you’d break the glass if you tried. Serves them right! You came all this way, and they kept you waiting!

So what if they are the only gym taking customers during the pandemic? It’s not your fault that you finally get the motivation to go to the gym, only to have the fucking world shut down! You’ve been putting it off for so long, psyching yourself out for getting the swole body of your dreams. There’s a lot of shit to think about, like trying to get the scheduling down and working on cutting sugar and carbs from your diet.

And just like that, bam! No more gym! Not even your deposit back! Fucking virus. Everything closed, just like that. You quickly got tired of sitting on your ass all day. No Gym. No movies. No bars. Nothing. Just work, drink, sleep, work, drink some more. You were gonna get fat, living that way. Just when you finally had the chance to get swole!

Your only alternative was to buy your own goddamn home gym. What, were you made of money? And where were you going to cram all of that equipment into your one-bedroom? Plus, the whole place would reek of your sweat! You couldn’t even bring a girl home to that, even if they weren’t all too scared of getting sick!

That's when you found it. Some Reddit blog about a gym still taking clients. Off the books, mind you. No credit cards or paper trail. It would look bad, and the government would probably swoop in and shut em’ down. But there was a contact, a guy who would get you in touch with another guy. That was your chance! It wasn’t too much hassle. They wanted clients. Cash only. But you didn’t care. It was still way cheaper than the home gym option.

So here you are. Freezing your ass off mid-March in front of a sketchy looking door. The sign says ‘Cattle Barn’. What the hell kind of name is that? But you don’t really give a fuck if you can finally get started on the body of your dream body.

Soon, the door opens, and a guy with sunglasses and one of those stupid face masks looks in. What the fuck is he doing, wearing one of those like all the other cattle? You do your best not to look disgusted with him. He is letting you in, after all.

You fake a smile and follow him to the reception area. The place is dirty, the lights dim, and leading down a long hallway, where you assume the exercise equipment is. You have the cash on hand, more than you want to pay but better than the alternatives. He offers you a complimentary bottle of water, and you drink it down, wanting to be hydrated. He then shows you where you can get changed and then leaves into a back room.

You get dressed, excited to hit the floor as soon as you can. The typically sweaty scent of a locker room is stifling, but you figure you’ll get used to it. It simply means that the floor will be filled with guys who, like you, aren't too scared of a simple cold to come and work out. Maybe you can make friends with some of the guys, help each other get swole.

You start into the back area when a pungent odor hits your nose. Far stronger than the scent of the locker room, it nearly makes you gag. It stinks like a barn! Sweat, hay, and even something you can’t help but think is shit. What the hell is wrong with the place? Was this why it was called 'The Cattle Barn’?

Yet the sight that greets you takes your mind off the odor almost immediately. You see the gym equipment, relatively new and scattered around a floor strewn with hay. That must be where the smell is coming from, you reason. It doesn’t explain the stench of cowhide or manure, and you have a sinking suspicion that this place is used for more than gym equipment. They must have had to move their equipment into this space in short order to allow people to work out. Clearly, it was only recently used to store livestock!

You instantly relax when you see three other men already working out. Surely, if the smell isn’t bothering them, you can still work out yourself. One is on a treadmill, one is lifting weights while the third is spotting for him. At the sight of you entering, they all stop, waving you over. You smile and introduce yourself to Greg, Stu, and Gary. They seem friendly enough. You try not to stare too long at their muscled, hairless bodies. Each set of muscles would be enviable on your own frame!

Stu asks you to spot for him while Gary goes back to do the same for Greg. As you follow, you take in the sight of his sweat-soaked workout shirt and throbbing muscles underneath. Damn, you have a long way to go before you get there! But, judging from his eagerness, you have a feeling that Stu wants to help you.

You help him get started at 150 on the bars, and he lays down and starts his reps. Yet after ten, he stops, telling you to add on weight. You raise it by ten pounds, but he tells you not to be a pussy. Feeling nervous about being shamed, you put the weight up to 220, and he continued his reps.

You watch his arms bulge as he lifts effortlessly. His arms swell, the veins underneath pumping needed oxygen to his muscles. He continues his reps and every motion that makes you envious. He has clearly been doing this a while!

He stops, telling you to up it to 300. You think it's a little much, but you don’t want him to jab at you again. He commences his next set, feeling slightly strained this time. With an awkward grunt, you catch a whiff of his breath. It's a little foul, and you catch a glimpse of his large, yellowed teeth. But it's only a minor inconvenience, given the other strong scents of the barn.

You watch with rapt attention as the muscles ripple across his body as he works the bar in a steady rhythm that makes you envious. His pecs are flattened, his stomach paunch firm and toned. Swollen arms seem to expand even further, as though each lift is increasing his mass. You swear you can almost watch the muscle fibers tearing and reforming right before your eyes as he reaches what you assume is the form of his desires. You are sure it is exactly what you want!

A foamy sheen of sweat slicks his skin and makes you gag a little. The pungent odor is a little stifling, and if you didn't know any better, you could swear it carried with it notes of the barnyard stench. You simply figure he’s been working out for a bit too long, and the cloying odor has clung to him.

Stu is grunting now, the sounds coming from his mouth deeper than the voice he used before. You want to suggest that he stop, but before you can, he bellows, starling you from your reverence. “MOOORE!” He yells, and you instantly reach down to add another 100 pounds, the max the bench can support. Part of you worries he will hurt himself, but from the way he is lifting, you doubt that is possible. And besides, you are here to spot for him, right?

This time you notice the strain as he tries to lift. Yet his powerful muscles seem up to the task. His entire body is flushed with sweat now, soaking his brow and staining the front of his work shirt. His grunts of pain turn to ones of determination as he continues to lift, causing his veins to pop out and even more muscle to swell under his skin.

A slight peppering of hair catches your notice, and your eyes are drawn to the exposed skin on Stu’s chest. Wasn’t it chest bare before? You can’t quite recall. You do find the black hair fetching, your eyes transfixed. To your surprise, the hair runs down towards his abs, sticking out from under his shirt. The fact it seems too small for his chest when it covered him adequately only moments ago is lost on you in your reverence.

To your delight, you can see a treasure trail forming, pooling at the base just above his groin. Even as it thickens in the center, you can tell it is extending outward, preparing to cover every inch of his skin in a fine coat. You can’t help imagining what it would look like to see it covered in more of that gorgeous black hair!

You resist the urge to touch it, wondering what it would feel like to run your fingers through the soft manly fur. Yet before you can do such a thing, you stop, shaking yourself from the intrusive thoughts. Why do you want to…?

The sight sends an uncomfortable ache in your crotch, and your hand brushes the tip of your cock. Immediately, you jump back, the alien desires disturbing you. You're not gay, not a faggot! Surely, this guy isn’t either. He’s just a guy like you, wanting to get ripped to show off to the ladies!

But no matter how you try, you can’t seem to get your boner to go down. In fact, the throbbing of your cock seems to grow more intense, and you can sense it leaking in your gym shorts. It takes every amount of willpower not to stroke it to the sight of the man working out. Yet you can’t look away, not as his spotter. And, in truth, you don’t want to.

The scents in the air start to alter from sweat and barn that have been pervading your senses. It is one that comes with hard work, musky and thick. Another quality mirrors the odor wafting off your own groin, like something you only smell in the bedroom. You sniff audibly, finding it rather pleasant.

Your eyes lower, and the sight of Stu’s crotch makes you gasp. To your horror, or perhaps delight, there is a familiar bulge that makes your mouth water. Desires to pull down his shorts and drink in his masculinity flood your thoughts. You try and ignore the urges; after all, maybe the workout is making him hard. But the idea is firmly in your mind nonetheless.

A heavy grunt catches your attention, and your eyes are drawn up to his face. His scalp is a deep red, as though wincing with the effort to continue the reps. Yet that is not what has you enamored. Two massive bumps, like bruises, seem to be pressing irritatingly against the flesh. They appear to throb in tandem, threatening to pierce the skin and burst for like an abscess.

But they did not seem to be causing his pain. Rather, Stu welcomes the agony, as though his struggle is making him more powerful. “Ah yeah, more, MORE, MOOOOOOORE!” Stu bellows, forcing the growths tauter.

A light tearing of flesh resonates in your ears as the two bony protrusions pop their way out. Thickened at the base, they start to curve, rising above his brow. Soon their circumference spans the entire surface of his forehead, birthing bloodlessly through the flesh. It seems as though they are a proper part of his anatomy now. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say they are the horns of a bull!

“AH fuck yeah!” he bellows, finally setting the bars down after his reps. Even though this man has just grown horns, you can’t help but be happy for him. He truly is the form that you’ve always envisioned for your own frame. And, in conflict with your stringent heterosexuality, he is smoking hot!

Hoots of excitement reach your ears, and you look over to see Greg and Gary walking towards you, patting each other’s shoulders and backs in celebration. As you stare, you start to get the impression that their touch goes on a little too long. And their hands seem to be caressing each other’s ass cheeks intimately, indicating something more than just work out buddies. But then, who are you to judge? Maybe they are a couple!

Much like Stu, the sight of their glistening, sweaty bodies has you enamored. You figure it must be your imagination, but their muscled forms seem significantly larger than when you saw them ten minutes ago. Like Stu’s, their chests and chests are stretched tight in their shirts, veins bulging against the skin. Each inch of flesh seems perfectly sculpted, as though they’ve been lifting for years. You can’t help but admire the level of dedication!

Your eyes play hungrily over their forms, drinking in the peppering of brown and black hair that seems to cover their bodies in a fine coat. Like Stu’s, it is centered in a treasure trail, though slowly spreading over their pecs, stomach, and even their arms and legs. The skin around the hair seems to be darker, almost leathery in texture, but you think it might be a simple trick of the light.

Yet no amount of dimness can explain the matching set of bovine horns adorning their heads. Looking identical to the ones crowning Stu’s own, both men rub at them occasionally in reverence of their size and stature. Neither seems bothered by their presence, even though they had not owned them before today.

“Hey, good job man!” Greg comes in, patting Stu’s arm. As he does, the sight of his perfect bubble butt fills your vision. But it's not the muscled rear that has your interest. It's the growth sitting two inches from above his ass, its tufted tail teasing the backs of his shorts. Greg has a perfect bull’s tail protruding from his rear!

Your eyes can’t help but look for the similar growths sticking from the other men’s rears. With their bodies turned to the side, it's easy to spot the presence of abnormalities. To your shock, they, too, seem to be sporting bovine protrusions. Like Greg’s, their ass cheeks seem to have receded to accentuate their muscled hips and thighs. It doesn’t escape your notice that a pair of weighty testicles seem to visibly sway underneath, clearly visible through their shorts!

You want to call out to warn them, but soon Stu’s hands are on your shoulders, encouraging you down onto the bench. You want to protest the bizarre nature of the situation, making you reluctant to continue pumping iron. But the scent of their sweat and musk compel you down, making it hard to focus on why it is you are concerned.

You take the bar in your arms, enjoying the gentle touch of their rough, encouraging fingers on your flesh. You start to lift, finding the weight they start you with a little troublesome. But the other men whisper words of encouragement that keep you going. As you hit your first rep, you can feel how powerful your arms seem to be from just this minor exercise. They seem to be swollen, yet not aching as you might have expected. In fact, you seem ready for more!

The weight on the bars is doubled, and you lift again, this time effortlessly falling into a rhythm. Your body starts to tingle all over, like the muscles under the flesh are pulling apart. But the process leaves no pain. Rather, you feel amazing, the meat underneath seeming to rip apart and knit together, just as Stu’s had not moments ago. Are you about to get as big as him?

All over your body, you can feel the pricking of hair teasing their way through your pores. You had been relatively hairless, unable to grow more than a little stubble. Now it seems that every inch of your skin is sprouting small hairs, thickening the more you lift. The sudden tickling irritates your sweaty body, but you don't let it stop you. The idea of swelling as large as the other men around you is a powerful incentive!

You continue to lift as though your muscles are made for it, effortlessly tearing and rebuilding back stronger. Nothing you have ever felt has been so exhilarating, the idea you will soon have a body to match those of your friends. Your lips elicit a groan from the effort as you continue your motions. You know you should be sore right now, but the increase in muscle mass seems to aid in your endeavors. You are hardly aware when your new friends add more weight to the bars. It only takes a few reps of the new number to achieve the same pattern. You are getting bigger!

You ignore the itching playing over your body as you continue your reps. You can literally feel the hairs lancing from your flesh, covering every inch of your muscled form as though you’ve received a direct infusion of testosterone. The pooling of hair in the center of your chest and belly excites you, providing you a treasure trail beyond your highest hopes. The thought of what you'll look like sends another shiver through your loins and strengthens your resolve to continue lifting.

Stu’s fingers are soon gently massaging your own, and you stop, relaxing from their grip. “Hey man, you've been lifting long? Good show! I bet you can go even higher!” He says, and you instantly blush.

Something begins pressing uncomfortably against the seat of your pants, and you have to readjust yourself on the bench several times between lifting. It feels though your spine is being tugged down around your ass cheeks and is moving of its own accord. You are instantly reminded of the tails your brethren seem to sport, and you panic, almost dropping the bar.

Worry over the growth in your pants subsides as Stu reaches down to tease your new appendage. “That’s a big one!” Stu says, turning your skin red once more.

Greg and Gary add more weights to the ends, and you start lifting again, your eagerness to show off fueling your efforts. The words of compliment are fresh in your mind, and you feel another tugging in the front of your pants, one of your cock aching to be free and touched. The idea of lifting so much has you powerfully aroused!

You figure you should be embarrassed, but Stu’s hand teases your bulge, and you moan, struggling with the bar for a moment. The other men are at the ready, spotting for you to minimize the risk of injury. You allow the sensation of stuff fingers to play over your leaking cock head, teasing the tapered tip and coaxing more precum from your shaft.

“Man, you’re packing just as much down there as you are in the arms, dude!” Stu says, and you immediately blush once more. The drive to impress these guys becomes your world as you struggle with the added weight they’ve given you. You hardly care how itchy your ball sack is, or how a new, fuzzy foreskin seems to have replaced previously cut cock. Your gaze falls to the stiff meat in your new buddy’s pants. Maybe he’ll show you his if you show off for him!

An aching sensation in your widening forehead makes you want to stop and rub the spot. Greg’s hands are there to help, even though the rough, calloused skin of his fingertips causes you some discomfort. Gary’s are rubbing your shoulders, as though encouraging the muscles underneath to bulge and grow. Stu’s are running over your widening pecs, making them itch with spreading hair and hide. He can’t help but lower them down your treasure trail, encouraging more masculine hair to sprout from your pores and your cock to press a few more inches inside your shorts.

Lost in the reverie of the pampering you are receiving, you hardly care about the discomfort of two bovine horns bursting out of your skull. They stretch the skin apart, crowning your head with the bony protrusions. They are massive, maybe even more so than those of your friends. The knowledge of how big you are almost makes you blow a load in your shorts!

“SO GGGOOOOOOOD!” You bellow, unaware of the deep baritone in your voice as your horns tear their way through your skin, curbing above your head as you bring the bar down one more time in triumph.

Carefully, the other guys help you up, and you steady yourself, unaccustomed to balancing with your new body size. You look at the number at each end and realize that you were benching 400 pounds with ease on your first day! If this kept up, you really would reach the swole form of your dreams!

The first thing you realize is how close to their own dimensions you have gotten. Your arms are massive, pulling your shirt tight across your chest. Your muscled belly hangs underneath it, clearly too large to fit into the weak clothing. You grin, thinking that a few flexes might tear it off your body. If you keep up your new routine, you're going to need a new wardrobe!

The idea of walking with your exposed belly makes you smile as you run your fingers over the new flesh. You think it should feel leathery, maybe soft in the areas thickly coated with hair. But your fingers don’t seem to have the same tactile abilities they did earlier today. A quick inspection reports the nails are bulbous, coving the flesh around four of your digits. But you don’t mind how thick they have become to accent your meaty arms!

You suddenly become aware of the heavy stench in the room, the one reminiscent of a barn or stable. It seems to be wafting off your own sweaty form as much as it has been hanging in the air. Yet it doesn’t seem to bother you anymore. In fact, you rather like it, flaring your nostrils to down as much as you can. To your delight, it seems to be wafting off all four of your bodies, signaling your success.

Dizzied from the scents in the room, you are hardly aware of the bizarre nature of the circumstances. Though even in your haze, you faintly note something is off. How did you get so muscular so fast? For a moment, you wonder if some sort of steroid in the water did this to you. One more potent than anything you could imagine to give you bulls horns and a tail!

Stu’s hands on your shoulder brings you out of your trace, and you find yourself lost in his handsome features. His beard is thick and black, covering his face except for his bulbous nose. His eyes are dull brown, where before you were sure they were olive green. But you can’t help but feel how handsome he is!

Before you realize what is happening, Stu’s lips are on your own, and he is kissing you deeply. You want to pull away, afraid for the straining threads of your heterosexuality, but the flavor of his lips on your own is sublime. You can feel how hard your boner is in your pants, and to your delight, Stu’s own massive cock seems to be frotting against your own. No matter how much you think it should be wrong, you can’t deny how right it feels!

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Greg and Gary making out as well, running those beefy hands all over each other’s glistening muscles. Their thickening lips are pressed into a tight embrace, their own cocks as turgid as your own. You are only able to glimpse them for a moment, however, entranced with your own lover as you are. The sight is only sufficient to spur on your own arousal!

You continue making out with your muscled beau, lost in the erotic sensation of his tongue entwined with your own. You feel it getting thicker, much to your delight. In fact, your own lips and tongue start to feel numb, as though they’ve expanded as well. You find it difficult to focus on the bizarre sensation until his mouth seems to push itself away from your own. You open your eyes, hearing a sloshing in your ears as Stu’s jaw starts to expand. With his bulbous nose and brown eyes, he looks almost like a bull!

You want to pull away, but your own face is drawn towards his as the two of you continue to kiss. Your heads are still expanding, your noses dripping mucus as your ears grow floppy. You know the changes should panic you, but you are so desperately horny, and you keep your lips locked with his. Nothing can satisfy your needs better than the proximity to the muscled Adonis before you.

Your hands are rubbing his arms now, playing over all the contours of his body. At first, you enjoy the wonderful connection, and the sculpted perfection his lifting has crafted. Yet something seems off, as though the skin is altering before your eyes. Leathery hide and thicker fur seem to be spreading over his flesh, covering every inch. The muscle and bone underneath seem to be warming with a series of sickening pops, shifting rapidly under his flesh.

You try continuing to rub his skin, but something over your fingertips limits their ability to feel. You spare a brief glance, noting your nails are hard and encompass the entire surface of your fingers. The tips are pointed, and you realize with some shock that they don't seem to be moving as well as they should be. Two of them are much shorter and retracted around your palm, while the others are twice their normal size. Worse, your thumbs are nearly gone, wriggling stubs sitting high on your wrists. They almost remind you of bovine hooves!

Yet you hardly register the changes in your lusty embrace with Stu. A semblance of reason knows this is wrong, that these homosexual acts are changing you in more ways than one. But each time you try to pull away, your body just craves the contact more. You want to continue kissing your lover, perhaps go even further to satisfy the ache in your balls and your throbbing cock. You don't care what your body will look like so long as you can get fucked the way your body craves!

Out of the corner of your eye, you see that your companions are in worse shape, far-flung from their prior humanity. Gary is having difficulties standing, his massive body top-heavy. His hips have flattened with his ass cheeks, making him lean forward heavily. Greg’s shoulders are thick and flat, and despite the strength in his body, he seems to lack the range of motion to hold up his lover. Still, that doesn’t stop them from maintaining their lip lock as their bodies continue to grow and cover with bovine hide.

With a heavy thump, Greg allows Gary to fall to the floor on his front hands, now clearly front hooves. A resounding rip echoes through the room as what remains of his shirt is torn from his frame. His ass and cock have stretched his gym clothes to the limits as the elastic exercise shorts pop apart, exposing an expansive backside compete with a gaping pucker and heavy balls. Of most note is the massive, drooling bovine cock hanging heavily from his front!

Yet Gary’s only panic seems to be his lack of proximity to his lover’s lips. Though given his body language, Gary seems to have something else in mind. Bellowing in bovine fashion, he turns around, making his lover’s gaze grow distant as Greg flares his nose to drink down the musky scents. Soon, Gary’s asshole is facing Greg’s heavy body, and Gary is lifting his tail in a clear indication of his needs!

“FUCK MMMEEEEEEE!” Gary bellows, backing up towards Greg’s body in obvious need as he does so. His chest continues to barrel, his face and head growing larger to match in his new frame. There is hardly anything human left in the bovine body, but Gary’s lusts seem no worse for wear.

Greg is happy to oblige, using his friend's massive frame to aid in his conquest and prevent his massive bovine body from falling over. Greg can’t seem to hold and guide his cock in his new hooves, but that is of little consequence with how massive Gary’s asshole seems to be. With little effort, Greg’s cock head finds its target, and the soon-to-be bull is shoving his way in, preparing to fuck his mate. Yet Gary seems no worse for wear from the painful invasion. You can still see the pleasure plastered on his bovine feature as the two changing men prepare to rut in earnest!

The sight should disturb you, but you only want to feel the same way, sexy and muscled with the perfect body to entice Stu to fuck you. You can’t hold a care for your humanity or your heterosexuality as you let yourself succumb to the changes overtaking you.

Your body is getting massive now, your hips and shoulders sloshing into your flanks with an audible crunch. It is getting harder to stand, but from the sight of your friends, you know you don’t need to. Your asshole is thick, expanding under your flicking tail and pulsating with the need to be fucked. Your prostate is screaming, desperate for the stimulation that will bring you the release you need.

You allow yourself to fall to the floor, your thicker fingers catching your new weight perfectly. You don’t mind that the two center ones resemble cloven hooves now. All that matters is the feeling of your bulk ripping apart the frail fragments that cling to your body. Your exercise shirt tears down the middle, your shorts ripped apart by your massive ass. The stench of your sweaty hide wafting into your nose makes your cock harder as it sways out of its sheath below your massive bulk. All that matters is that your anus is exposed and that you can take your mate like a proper horny beast!

The sensation of warm breath on your backside makes you moan, and you crane your thick neck to see that Stu has lowered himself to sniff your anus. His own clothing is ripping off his bulky frame, filling your broadening face with his manly musk. You feel him fall onto your expanding back, gripping your flanks with his own bovine hooves. Yet your own bulk is sufficient to hold him in place as he struggles to find his place.

Most exciting is the feeling of his pointed cock head poking around your buttocks for the gaping hole that you need to have filled. The tip seems far more pointed than a human cock should be. His entire shaft is three times his former size as it seeks your fuck-hole. Yet it needs to be to fill a rectum as wide as yours.

Stu grunts, his leaking cock tip sinking into the folds of your pucker, making you bellow. You’ve never taken anything in the ass before, his forceful intrusion more than you had prepared for. The notion of being taken by such a masculine being makes your own cock leak, and you firm up your stance to allow him to plow you. Inch after inch fills your rump as Stu’s growing body works its way over your broadening back. You crave its entire length to stimulate your prostate and make your weighty testicles throb.

You are barely aware of the continued changes playing over your form as you are fucked towards completion. Your teeth feel thick as your neck fattens, and your jaw pops out into a proper bovine muzzle. Your shoulders flatten into your flanks as your ribs expand against your fat, rounding belly with each breath. Your hips are wide, and you are standing on the tips of toes that are hardening into cloven bovine hooves. Yet the alterations to your humanity hardly bother you now. All that matters is how massive you are becoming, and how sexy your mate finds you!

The sensations ebbing into your backside grow more pronounced as Stu continues his thrusts in earnest. He needs to cum in your gaping asshole as his pressure continues to play exquisitely over your prostate. His black bull balls slap insistently against yours, and you feel they are about to blow at any moment.

Stu’s thrusts are increasing in intensity, and you can feel his cock throbbing in advance of his release. The thick, sweaty stench of his hide spurs your arousal as your pleasure grows past the tipping point. Your long cock is slaps insistently against your belly, preparing to blow its load. You only need a little more…

Suddenly, you can feel your bovine lover thrashing as the first shots of ropy bull cum enter your bowels, and you can no longer hold back!



Chores of bovine bellows erupt in the space as all of you ejaculate in unison. You can feel your asshole being filled with bull cream as your own cock shakes violently and shoots several thick wads all over the straw on the floor and your thick belly. The stench of cum fills your nose and makes you blow more of your load until your balls seem to deflate from losing their burden. You can’t recall ever being this sexually satisfied in all your life!

Huffing and panting, you are hardly aware of several human men in the room, ones carrying cattle prods and talking in hushed tones. You don’t pay them much mind with how small they are in relation to your massive body. Even when they start to poke you, you don’t grow agitated, not while distracted with all the semen leaking from your asshole. You are content beyond human reasoning, nostrils thick with the scents of rut and your herd. You willfully move, the odor of hay and food filling your nose as you lumber forward with your males in tow.

As you do, the sounds of lowing hit your ears. Your dim vision spots several other bulls past a newly opened broad door, all standing in a coral. There are a dozen of your fellows in here, but their musky scents don’t bother you. In fact, the idea of being with so many other masculine males makes your cock rise from your sheath once more.

You hear the men guiding you saying something about stupid muscle heads, not caring about the flu, and being the perfect targets for their operation. The flu combines well with their own serum, creating a mutagen that can change useless humans into productive, horny bulls. Your seed will make a killing on the market, and the fact that you end up gay makes you more docile and easier to extract semen from.

But the words need little to the bull that you’ve become. Though you understand them, they aren't part of your life anymore. The sight of your mate Stu raising his tail and showing you his bovine asshole brings your cock to full attention once more. You care only for the shape of his meaty pucker, and how well it can clamp on your cock as you rut all your human cares away into the muscled body of your deepest fantasies!

Stay in your (New) Home if you Show Symptoms 2020-10-12T18:36:46+00:00

The massive habitat towered over me as I lumbered slowly towards the railing. I drew a deep breath, ignoring the ache in my backside. Despite my trepidation, I needed to get a look at it from the outside. It would be my first and only chance to see it from this angle. After all, I would be living here, and gorillas usually didn’t take a step outside their pen.

It was pretty impressive, even by my human standard of living. The gorilla family that lived here before was pretty happy, at least by gorilla standards. I have no idea what that meant for me. The fuckers running the zoo were probably trying just hyping it up to me when I’d applied. All they wanted was my fucking money. Typical

“We did our best to clean it out and prepare it for your arrival. I think you’ll find we did a fantastic job, especially given the time constraints,” The director said, seemingly sure of himself. It was hard for me to tell, with the visor over his face.

I did take a good look over the place for cleanliness, for whatever that meant to me. It looked clean enough, but what did I know? The floor of the habitat was still largely rock and dirt, not my idea of sanctuary walking. I knew they didn’t have any inhabitants living here in the past few weeks, but I would be pretty pissed if there was a bunch of gorilla feces leftover or the like. Still, there was little I could do about it, either way.

“And of course, we’ve redone the interior to be much more accommodating. You won’t even miss your own home!” The director said with a laugh. I resisted the urge to punch him. Who the fuck gave him the right?! Fucking salesman.

I held my tongue, nodding at his words. As much as I loathed it, I needed him. This man had the one thing I required more than anything in the world. And he knew it. Of all such establishments in the country, this was the best money could buy. And this man was only interested in my money. Another high bidder with the same condition could easily fill my spot.

I sighed, though trying not to let the director hear me. It wouldn’t do me any good to piss him off. I was going to be his spokesperson, the first man to change into a gorilla to be given this facility. He would advertise his humanitarian efforts and drown in grant and donation money, and I would receive a subpar existence in a revamped zoo. The worst part was, I was getting as much out of the deal as he was, given the alternatives.

Though he kept up a charade of generosity, I wasn’t fooled. I knew his kind well. As soon as the camera was off, he wouldn’t give a damn about me. In many respects, I was his prisoner, a slave to his whims. I had no doubt that he would do everything to save money and cut corners at the detriment of my comfort. And no one would be the wiser.

Though I was paying for a private residence, I had no doubt that my benefactor would like nothing more than to sell out the space to as many people infected with my strain as he could. It was too much of a money grab from him not to. He could easily charge any other soon-to-be gorillas the same amount of the space he was me.

This habitat originally housed over a dozen individuals before they were relocated. I could just imagine having to share my space with a whole group of gorillas, with no way to defend my right to live here in private. And the public would go along with it. After all, wouldn’t I be lonely? Wouldn't I want to spend my life with others going through the same thing as me?

I shuddered at that. Bad enough to live in a zoo for the rest of my life, but to not be able to choose my roommates? The idea sickened me. Yet I knew it was a likely scenario, especially if I gave the director any incentive to do so.

I knew I wouldn’t have much power over my living condition after I lost the ability to speak. That was what kept me so skeptical in the end. I did my best to go over the legal paperwork myself, making sure all the I’s were dotted, and the t’s were crossed. Fuck, it had been my profession for the last ten years, and I was damned if I was going to outdone by my own system.

Yet I knew the trade as well as anyone. It was not a difficult thing to argue the legal terms of an agreement with an infusion of fresh jargon. Without the ability to communicate my wishes, it would be a simple task for someone willing to find a loophole in my contract. If there was a way for the director to take away more power and autonomy from me to fill his pockets, he would.

There was no denying that soon I, and the rest of the residents would be little more than animals. Though we would retain our sense of self or most of it, we would be physically animals. And even though we had all been human, there were still legal battles for how much we retained human-level rights in our new bodies.

I forced myself out of the self-pity session and allowed myself to truly take in my new digs. I knew this facility was set up for the use of those infected with the later stage effects of the novel zoomorphic virus. It was advertised to provide close-to-human treatment as possible. Full-service staff would tend to all the needs of the residents. It was bullshit, I knew. It would be dangerous for any employees to get too close in case they were infected by those still changing. The treatment would be subpar at best. We would be likely to be fed and have our cages cleaned regularly!

Yet, with no cure for the secondary effects of the virus, people needed permanent residences to house their eventual species. Thousands of infected people showed signs of total physical conversion after exhibiting the initial symptoms. Their new bodies would be ill-adapted to living in the apartments and homes where most Americans frequented.

Most of the people infected tended to turn into more…‘domesticated things’. I guess it had to do with proximity with them in our day-to-day lives. Fuck, I’m a lawyer, not a scientist. Not many people regularly encountered lions or tigers or bears. There was a better chance of someone turning into a dog or a bull or a horse. Good for them?

It was much easier to find permanent homes for those victims who were on their way to becoming mundane species. There were plenty of barns and kennels and the like if they couldn’t be placed with their family. If I was a dog, maybe my wife would have kept me! Nah, she hated having me home as a man; there was no way she’d stand me barking all day!

For those whose bodies were only seen in America at the zoo, they needed suitable places to live. There weren’t as many people in that category, but there were enough. There wasn’t much choice than to convert existing facilities like zoos into new housing for changed people. It was lucky that those places were converted as quickly as they were to meet the needs of the infected.

Hell, only a little over a month ago, I could have never imagined that might be me someday. Yet, here I was. Even with all the evidence of the virus’s effects, how it changed society overnight and ruined lives. It was never going to happen to me, right? I had money, a house well out of the city. We had all we needed to stay hidden away until a vaccine was developed, and it was safe to go out.

My wife complained of being stuck inside, of course. Hailee hadn't worked since I’d gotten my position in my law firm. I was fine with her being a stay at home mom. We didn’t need the money, and in the end, it saved on babysitters. She liked the arrangement well enough before the virus hit. Without the ability to attend her country club, church, or any of the tea social and book club meetings she seemed to thrive on, she was in a constant state of boredom.

It didn’t take long in those first few weeks to realize much of our marriage was a sham. Being forced to live in a house with someone you shared nothing in common with was agony. I hadn’t even realized it before, but none of our hobbies matched. We never really spent time together, save for dinners and family functions. Finding something to fill our days without work became a chore. Forced to stay home with bored kids and an even more bored wife was not my idea of paradise. without contact with my friends and coworkers, I was going crazy.

The weeks of isolation gave me too much time for introspection. I soon realized that I hadn’t been into Hailee for much other than her looks. I really did see her as a trophy wife, chosen for arm candy rather than love. She was just as guilty, likely just interested in my money. She had everything she wanted with me, the car and house and kids and material possessions, anyway. Before now, I guess neither one of us knew we were missing love and companionship, let alone wanted it.

It only got worse when the quarantine period extended from weeks to months, with no end in sight. I was working entirely from home now, and Hailee was still unable to attend all those things that kept her happy. We began to resent each other, hating that we were stuck inside and hating each other for the false charade we’d kept all this time. She constantly criticized my drinking and lack of attentiveness with the kids, and I lamented that she did nothing around the house, now that she had no weekly housekeeper. Our discontentment soon turned into shouting matches, the likes of which could be heard all the way down the street.

Every day, I cursed the damn virus. We were blissful in our ignorance, damnit! We didn’t need each other in our lives to have lived together. Forced together, it only drove us apart.

I was getting fucking sick of the quarantine rules. I didn’t believe this ‘transformation’ bullshit. It was some sort of government hoax to keep us inside. It had to be. I didn’t have any clue what they gained from it, mind you. But what else could it be? As a lawyer, I always looked into facts and figures. But people becoming animals? That was grade A, farm grade bullshit.

I didn’t give a damn about all the new regulations for social distancing and the like when things did start to open up a little. I mean, I wore the damn masks and kept 6 feet away at all times. But what was the fucking point? The fucking flu killed more people, and I didn’t wear a mask for that!

My biggest escape was when the bars opened up again. I’d been fine drinking at home until the wife’s nagging turned into outright hostility. Eventually, I didn’t even have a moment of peace. Can you blame me for wanting to escape reality for a little while?

I had this nice little dive outside town where I wouldn’t be seen by the neighbors. At first, I only went out once a week, just to blow off some steam. But the more Hailee started nagging me, the more I felt the need to go more often. Money wasn’t really a problem; after all, we couldn’t exactly save for a vacation! It was one of the few vices I’d been allowed and I took to it like a horse to water.

This particular watering hole was great. Run by one of those old-timers named Gus. They didn’t even make me wear a mask! Pretty low crowd due to fear over the fucking pandemic, anyway. That suited me just fine. I had my own little booth, the TV set to what little constituted a sports channel these days. It was fine with me.

As the weeks went on, the joint started getting busier, and it became harder to secure my table. A few twenties usually did the trick, though. Still, I hated heading out to see the place full. It was part of the reason I started going more often in hopes of finding the nights where it wasn’t so damn crowded. At least, that’s the excuse I came up with.

I didn’t give a fuck about the news much these days. At least they stopped using the zoomorphic virus as a scare tactic so much. Still, it focused too much on shitty politics and other stuff I didn’t give a rat’s ass about. My caseload had skyrocketed in the past few weeks, a result of the dumpster fire our country had become. Coming here to blow off steam was my only reprieve.

Even with the news of a ‘second wave’ I still didn’t pay things much mind. There were more cases of the virus in my city again, followed by cautions of repeated lockdowns. But old Gus was determined to keep this place afloat before the government shut it down. He even had a shotgun under the bar in case the ‘man’ tried to take away his rights to do business. The old Geezer had balls, I’ll give him that!

I was with the minority who still wasn’t scared. The right minority, so I’d told myself. I ignored the cautions, even when the stupid app my wife made me get went off, saying there was a reported case I’d come in contact with. I only had the fucking thing installed cause she was worried about the kids. I’d gotten into a yelling match with her over that. Not anywhere in the world did a kid ever come down with the ‘secondary symptoms’!

I didn’t listen, though, and went about my trips to the bar even more frequently. Until one morning, when I woke up with a massive headache and cough that barely allowed me to get out of bed. When I did, my wife insisted I immediately get a test, along with the whole family. I was positive, the only one in the household.

The first week was hell. The flu hit me full force, coughing so hard I was sure I’d lose a lung, and throwing up any food that hit my lips. I was confined to bed that entire week. I wasn’t much for movies, but nothing else could occupy my time while sick. Worst of all, I couldn't even go out and drink! The only benefit was that I didn’t have to work, and I had more than enough sick days to get by. That and the wife stayed far away from me in her own corner of the house!

Even after I started to feel better, I still had to stay around the house in isolation. That was hell on its own. Even worse was how I felt just days after the flu let up. I could barely stand the damn itching! It was mostly centered around my legs and right above my feet. But after the first day, most of my body was plagued. It was maddening!

I was more worried I’d developed a reaction to my fabric softener than any kind of fucking transformation. Even the pepperings of black hair were not enough to sway my opinion. I was supposed to report it, but I didn’t fucking bother. It wasn’t their business.

That was before my feet changed. I don’t know what was worse. The searing pain of feeling my big toes dislodge and rotate up my heel, the skin turning dark and leathery while the muscle and bone underneath tore and reformed and grew twice their size. Or the fact that I was FUCKING WRONG. I was so goddamn wrong. There should have been no way a human being could change into another animal. It defied every truth I knew about the world. They were all liars, weren’t they?

Even if it was true, why did it have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? I'd worked hard to get where I was. I had everything a man desired. A hot wife, tons of money, a nice house, and a fancy car. I wanted for nothing, save for some fucking space that I was denied due to pandemic centric quarantine. Now, it seemed, I was going to get all the space from the rest of the world I could ever want.

I realized that I’d been staring off into space for too long. It happened a lot these days. I wasn’t one for self-pity, not usually. Any shit I ever had happened to me, I either dealt with it like a man or took to the vice of drink till it blew over. Not this time. There was nothing I could do when my literal body was betraying me. When the very skin and muscle were warping underneath against my will, robbing me of every bit the man I once was. How could I not fall into severe hopelessness?

The director was getting impatient. Well, it was hard to tell through the suit, anyway. My eyesight wasn’t as good as it once had been. But I was pretty good at picking up on body language. It was like my brain was being rewired for it. Part of being an ape, I’d researched. Apparently, they used body signals to make up for the fact that they didn’t speak.

I could still speak, so I didn’t give a shit about it. For now, at least. My voice was already gravely, and it hurt to say certain phrases. The one doctor who was actually worth his paycheck told me that I wouldn’t be able to speak, even though I likely wouldn't lose my memory. My fucking gorilla vocal cords wouldn’t be capable of it, I guessed.

I gave the director a nod, not wanting to speak out and embarrass myself. He told me to take my time, but he had other pressing needs to attend to. He had done his fucking news segment to bring his publicity. The man had better things to do than to deal with me. To be honest, I would rather be left alone.

The staff excused themselves and left with the director. It was for the best. I didn’t think I could stand them overhead. And, I still had the hands to get into my own cage. The building would be locked from the outside, just as much for my safety as anyone else. I had the run of the building, though there was little outside the actual habitat.

Most of this building was converted into a sizable gorilla habitat when the zoo was constructed. A few smaller animal exhibits had dotted the outside, but they were vacant now. The main area was walled off from visitors, but I now had access from the lower part.

There was a hill separating parts of the habitat, with a decent-sized pool of water at the bottom. The top area had plenty of toys, a tire swing, and climbing equipment in the shape of trees. There were a few artificial trees in the center, with thick branches the size I assumed that gorillas required.

An entire dome of metal bars, integrated interwoven shapes around the cage reminded me too much of the monkey bars I grew up with as a kid. I couldn't stop myself from staring, memories of my childhood flooding my mind. I had acted quite the monkey in my youth, spending hours swinging from one bar to the next. A lot of the kids in my age group were too afraid to climb as high as I did. But I love it, being higher, being BETTER than all the other kids. I had apparently developed my competitive streak early.

Even after falling from a tree and breaking my arm, more than once, I never gained a fear of heights. It was only another problem for me to overcome after I healed. I was back up in the trees as soon as it didn’t hurt anymore. That made me laugh. With the feet I now had, I wouldn't be falling out of trees anytime soon!

I couldn’t see much of the lower area from my vantage point here. Which, as the director made a point to say to me, was the purpose. Captive gorillas needed as much privacy as humans. Another advantage of my new situation, if you could call it that. I had a place to hide away whenever I didn’t want to be bothered. Not that I expected any visitors. But I had the option to tell them to fuck off. Well, not that I could use words after the changes set it. I’d only be able to hoot and grunt and growl.

The studies of sign language would have been handy, had I bothered to look at them. I figured trying to learn gorilla sign language would be a use of my time now that I was a fulltime monkey. I had nothing better to do now. It was my own fucking fault, living in denial those last few weeks at home. No matter how much my face changed, how much fur I grew, and how my back bulked up. No matter how thick the sagittal crest swelled behind me. No matter how rubbery my lips became, how girthy my fingers were. No matter how inhumanly strong I became. I refused to believe I was going to be an ape for the rest of my days.

I spent as much time as possible distracted by legal work, though mostly my own. Even though I didn’t have to, I kept up my caseload as much as I was able. It was my own personal denial. I was so engrossed that before I knew it, it was time to move in.

No matter how I stared, I couldn’t imagine living here. Living in a cage, like an animal, being fed all my meals, being cleaned up after, not able to speak. A month ago, I never could have imagined this would be me. Even standing here now, it was surreal. I don’t think it would fully hit me until I was here for a few days.

Resigning myself, I went downstairs, entering the unlocked door to where once the zoo manager’s area lay. The cage that separated the gorilla sleeping area was still there, along with the straw that made their bedding. Hastily thrown in was a mattress, heavy-duty to support the 600-pound body that would soon be mine. Beside it, kept in place by an extension cord, was a TV and DVD set up. Fuck, did people still buy DVDs? All the money I was throwing into this place, and they couldn’t even afford internet streaming services! I sighed. Looking down at my hands, it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to use it.

To my absolute excitement, a rudimentary toilet was set up in the room, though closer to my bed than I would have liked. At least it worked. It was better than going on the floor like a common animal. And even though my digits were restricted, at least I could wipe without any assistance. It seemed like such a small victory, but at least it was something.

Some of the others I’d seen would not be so lucky. I wasn’t the only one being given the ‘grand tour’ of their new homes today. I didn’t want to pry too much, figuring they had their own shit to deal with. Yet I couldn't help looking at what fates awaited others coming into the zoo. I wouldn't get the chance again, not being able to leave the grounds now that I was in my new home.

One guy was naked, save a massive cloth over his back. I doubted much would fit him at his size now. I didn’t get a good look at his face, since his back was to me. But I could see the beginnings of his trunk waving around in agitation. One other thing was that he STANK. Guess it was hard to wash himself mid-transition. It was a combination of body odor and the other smells you’d expect from a primary herbivore. I felt for him.

One thing that did catch my eye was the size of his dick. Look, I’m not gay or anything. I just had a little curiosity, like any other man. The dude was HUNG. Well, at least as much as I could tell from the size of his sheath. It had to be way bigger than his human self. I did envy that. Mine was...well, gorillas aren’t exactly packing. Pros and cons, I suppose.

There were worse fates than that. One woman had waddled in, arms tucked under her armpits as she staggered on massive pink legs. She was more changed than anyone else present. Didn’t even bother wearing clothes, though I could see why. There was nothing to cover. No breasts, no genitals, nothing. Just smooth curves covered with feathers. The only thing human remaining was her head, hair, and all. She’d be quite the looker as a woman.

Another couple came in with a similar set of changes. Well, at least I'd assumed, at first, they were a couple. They didn’t seem to like each other, though. More likely, they were changing into the same species and forced to cohabitate. Each of them had bizarre-looking beaks sticking out of their lips, and their heads were hairless. The woman’s fingers didn’t seem to work right, and the man had massive iridescent feathers sticking up above his backside.

It dawned on me that the two of them were to become peacocks, or something similar. Given the difference in genders, it was likely they would have little recourse in their caged proximity but to mate if they came into season. It was impossible to say how much instinct or desire would influence the situation. I felt for them, being forced together without a choice. I didn’t like my wife, not really, but at least I had chosen her. Losing that choice was the thing that scared me the most.

I found it a little funny that there weren’t any lions or bears or wolves among the changing. I know it's silly, but I always thought of myself as a predator, going for the weaknesses of my opponents on the courtroom floor. Now I would likely spend the rest of my life as a monkey. Not that being a cat or a bear or a wolf would be any better. I’d be one of the cool animals, but I wouldn't have working hands. Fuck, I hated this. Too much fucking time to think!

I sighed, closing the door of the habitat behind me. It didn’t matter since I was technically locked in the main building, but it gave me some semblance of control. What little control I had, I would take. All my hard work, all my struggles, and successes meant nothing to a monkey. Everything I’d worked for, erased by the stupid flu. The rest of my life, however long a gorilla’s life was, stuck in the zoo that was to be my new home.

With nothing much else to do, I sat on the bed, trying my best to sleep and escape the thoughts plaguing me. I could try my hairy body on the gym equipment in the upper area, but in the transitional state I was in, I wasn’t interested. The DVD’s held no allure for me, and I had no cable or news channels to watch on the TV. I could try and practice the sign language, but what was the point if no one would be coming to visit, anyway? My wife all but disowned me, and I didn’t want my kids to see me like this. All I had was my work…

A thought hit me then. It was so obvious, I chastised myself for not thinking about it earlier, even with the amount of stress I was under. A future for myself, one with a purpose beyond being an ape in the zoo. And if I acted upon it quickly enough, maybe I wouldn’t need the sign language to voice the idea...


My eyes opened to the familiar white walls of my room, and I yawned, admiring the thick eye teeth in my periphery. I’d gotten pretty used to seeing them, and had to admit they were impressive. They, along with my protruding black muzzle, had become a familiar sight in my day to day life. I didn’t look too bad, all things considered.

I wanted to sleep, my body craving more than the typical human 8 hours. But I had work to do. I forced my body to roll over, my feet gripping the thick pencils on the floor and the papers I’d been working on. They worked even better than my hands for writing! My hands reached up to the cupboard install above my bed, and I ate an apple in a few bites while I started signing my name to the documents.

It had been a few weeks since I’d settled into the new routine, and I had to admit, I wouldn’t change a thing. The deal with my firm and the zoo management had been pretty easy to draw up. I couldn’t believe how much flexibility I had on the bargaining table! Thankfully, I'd gotten most of the details worked out while I could still speak. Sign language was still kinda slow with my hands so thick, and I was otherwise preoccupied with other work to learn it in detail yet!

I’d settled into a long-term contract with my firm, allowing me to continue my law practice in a limited fashion at my new home. Though my abilities were restricted by my thicker fingers and dim eyesight, the publicity of having one of the transformed doing legal work was well worth the fame my firm gained. It kept my mind sharp and occupied during the long days. The added funds gave me sufficient creature comforts, including the privacy in my habitat that I’d wanted most of all!

There was one other advantage in my situation. In the new world, there was a spotlight on those who had changed. Everyone likes a sob story, after all. And what’s sadder than a man who lost everything to be a monkey at a zoo!

Choice cases. Extra funds to support my creature comforts. And even a few spots on TV and news channels in the coming days! Fuck the virus. Like everything else in life, I’d worked hard to overcome and make the best of my situation.

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New series-medieval/magic setting, man starts a slow unaware change towards bulldom, and features the soon-to-be bulls and cows he meets along the way

Witches brew-'The Witches' test a new brew on a frat party, because frat boys stink worst of all!

Nanite Costume Halloween party-Because the best costume party is one where your host chooses for you, and makes all your friends watch you change!

and the first part of a series for $40 tier patreon WLB, where the protagonist's partner helps him create his fursona for real!

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User #3326374 - 1 Oct 20 21:16
Yay! Looking forward to the nanite story! :3 (But something keeps telling me that you'll probably release it at Halloween... arrrrg, have to wait a month xD)
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GabrielMoon - 1 Oct 20 21:19
Well, I wasn't gonna, but since you suggested it XP
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User #3326374 - 1 Oct 20 21:20
A Hard Donk at the Office (Preview) 2020-10-01T18:49:41+00:00

“Hey, I’ll take a refill!” Barry yelled, perhaps louder than he intended. He was already feeling a steady buzz, but it would take several more drinks before he was finished tonight.

The bartender, shaking his head a little, obliged his host. Pouring another measured level of amber liquid into a glass, he pushed it in the man’s direction. He didn't need to confirm the order. The man had been in here almost every day for the past couple of weeks.

The bartender had given the guy a thorough look, once realizing the guy was to become one of his regulars. He wore relatively decent suits, not too pricey, but not enough to register that he had a low paying job. Much to the bartender’s delight, the patron had been relatively generous with tips. That, and his regular bar tab, seemed to indicate he was well enough off. His slightly overweight body suggested an office worker of some kind.

As the bartender passed the drink down the table, he gave the man another once over. The man lacked a wedding ring or any other indication that he was tied down. The presence of a single man was more than a curiosity. This wasn't the kind of bar to visit when looking to hook up. It was more the dive where someone came to escape marital bliss.

Barry raised the drink in cheers as he took a quick gulp of the bitter liquid. In his early 30’s now, Barry had been working as an office drone right out of college. It had paid well enough, and he had a decent car, a house, and a relatively decent portfolio of stocks and retirement savings. It was the American dream, so to speak. He should have been happy.

But it was becoming evident that something essential was lacking for Barry to achieve true happiness. He had no luck with women, no matter what his income told him. Hell, he wasn’t actually looking for the white-picket-fence and two and a half children or anything. But a good lay would be a welcome reprieve from the daily monotony!

He had achieved a relatively high position within his company, but there was no room for advancement without blood ties to the C.E.O.'s. What was the point? Beyond work, he had no goals or aspirations. And so, he found himself frequenting this bar, intoxicated by the brief reprieve the liquor provided him. It was all he had as of late, but for the time being, it was enough.

Barry looked up to the barkeeper's watchful gaze. He tried to avert his eyes, but the man seemed to have no intention of leaving him alone. Sighing, Barry took another swing before asking, "So, here to offer me advice?"

"You don't seem like the kind of man with a problem I can advise," the big man said as he cleaned his glass in hand with the typical barkeep motion. It was cliche, Barry knew. But there really weren't any other customers in the area to attend. Fuck, he didn’t want to talk to this guy!

"Then, why are you here?" Barry asked with a little more malice than he intended.

“Why don’t you tell me?” The bartender asked, hoping to see where the conversation would lead them. In truth, he found the man rather curious. There had to be something he wasn’t seeing at first glance.

Barry gave the man a once over, noting the beefy barkeep’s concerned expression. Shit, he really the fucking stereotype. Did he really have nothing better to do than butt into someone else’s business?

“Can’t a man fucking drink in peace?” Barry asked, clearly getting pissed off now.

In truth, he was more pissed at how annoying office politics had been of late. But that was the bullshit of the business. Barry didn’t want to bitch about it to a stranger. It was the life he chose. He needed a good night with a relatively attractive woman, which wasn’t in the cards for him. But he could at least be afforded the luxury to get drunk without something butting in. He was a paying customer, after all!

“In my experience, a man doesn’t come here to drink in peace,” The bartender replied, seeming to busy himself with tasks near Barry’s seat.

Barry snorted. What was this fucker’s deal? He looked around with an obviously slow gaze, trying to find someone he could point out that the bartender would do better ‘helping’. To his chagrin, the establishment was nearly entirely empty. He sighed again, cursing his luck. Didn’t anyone else need to get drunk tonight? He needed to tell this annoying asshole something, so that he might leave him alone, save for refilling his drink!

“Look, my work is shit, OK? And I can’t score if my life depended on it! Not with any women I’ve ever met. So, yeah, all I’ve got is getting drunk in this shit-hole!” He said with a raised voice, downing the rest of his drink in one gulp. He slammed the glass down on the table, motioning for the bartender to get him another. The nosy man could at least be useful for that!

The bartender walked over and poured another beverage, keeping his polite demeanor despite Barry’s reaction. Barry figured the fucker just wanted to get a better tip. If that asshole kept to himself for the rest of the night, he might do just that!

Barry regarded his drink for a moment, waiting for the gurgle in his guts to settle. Then, he took the glass and downed the warm, bitter liquid with a single gulp once more. The alcohol burned on the way down, but Barry could hardly feel it now. He figured this might do the job, but he was prepared for a few more if need be!

Yet the rumbling in his stomach made him aware he was getting more than a little buzzed now. He was usually immune to the discomfort of alcohol consumption, but tonight he’d been a little too quick in downing his drinks. Barry couldn’t help but let out an audible belch to relieve the gas in his belly. He would have been embarrassed, but he was a little too buzzed to care. And there was hardly anyone else in here, right?

To his dismay, the ambient noise in the establishment silenced, and Barry looked around, sure that it was his noise that was the cause. His paranoia was confirmed with the occupants of the few filled tables that were all staring in his direction. It looked like a group of women in their thirties, likely having a lady's evening or the like. They were trying their best to hide their gaze from him, but Barry knew what they thought.

Normally, Barry would have made his retreat, but the alcohol had him emboldened him. He might as well seize the moment!

“Hey ladies! You like what you see? There’s plenty enough to go around!” He yelled, followed by an audible burp.

All of the women, in turn, rolled their eyes and went back to their drinks, evidently disgusted by the show. Barry should have expected such a reaction, but the booze was having an ill effect on his psyche. He was feeling entitled. So what if he was drunk off his ass! He had money, and he wasn’t that bad looking. Who were they to reject him?

“What?! You all have a problem? Mind your own damn business!” Barry yelled, going back to his drink to take another gulp. “Fucking jackasses, “ He muttered, before realizing that it was empty.

He wanted to slam it down again, but before he could, the bartender was back with another drink. This liquid was dark, a little thick, and carried an aroma of hay or barley. Barry looked up at the bartender, wanting to tell him to fuck off, but the bartender’s words stopped him.

“I see what it is that you are lacking. Here, I think this will help! It’s on the house!” said the man as he presented barry with the beverage.

“What is it?” Barry asked, slurring his words. His previous pissed off reaction was gone, replaced by curiosity. Why was he getting a free drink when he had acted like a jackass himself?

“Old family recipe, guaranteed to bring you the fortune you’ve been lacking. As an added bonus, it works well as a ‘hair of the donk’! Or is it ‘dog’? Whatever!” the man said with that cheery demeanor that pissed Barry off to no end.

Clearly recognizing the man’s confusion, the bartender only smiled down at him. “You need an escape from your job and better luck with your love life, right? This will do the trick! Not that I don’t enjoy your patronage, but there are other ways you can help!” Said the man, before finally walking away.

Barry was about to inquire about the meaning of the man’s words. Yet soon, in his inebriated state, he realized he just didn't give a fuck. He took another sniff of the foul-looking fluid, but it was hard to discern anything specific. Surely it wasn’t poisoned or anything. He figured what the fuck, and took a swing.

The liquor was at first tasteless, but as it ran down his throat, Barry was overcome with the aftertaste of wheat and nearly coughed. As it lingered in his throat, however, he found the taste started to grow on him. Barry took another gulp, the taste somehow even better the second time. He’d never had anything so tasty!

The bartender gave him a knowing glance, and Barry actually smiled, raising his glass in thanks as he downed the rest of it. He wanted to order another, but his facilities were diminishing, and he wasn't sure it was the best move, given his state of intoxication.

Besides, his head was swimming, images of the women floating through his thoughts. But they weren’t women. They were big, firm with muscle and massive...wait, what? It was nice. Barry wanted to get a little closer to the figures, maybe touch. Their bodies were so hairy, with nice, big ears...


The blaring sound of his alarm jarred Barry from his sleep, and Barry sat upright suddenly, confused to find himself in his own bed. The last thing he recalled was drinking in his new dive bar. The period between there and now was a total blur. Fuck, that final drink must have been potent shit!

Barry got up slowly, expecting his head to pound. He’d had the foolish notion to drink mid workweek. Yet, to Barry's surprise, he felt rather good. Well, not hungover at least. He dimly recalled the bartender's words of ‘hair of the dog,’ and figured that last drink was some kind of hangover cure. How considerate!

Yet some annoying sensations were plaguing his body that was not the norm proceeding a night of binge drinking. His entire body felt stiff and sore, more akin to an evening of working out rather than that of alcohol consumption. His stomach felt bloated, distended, and his skin itched fiercely like he’d used too much fabric softener on his bedsheets. Even rubbing at his skin insistently did not seem to alleviate the irritations.

He hurried to his morning routine, taking longer in the bathroom than he'd preferred. Soon, he was dressed and ready, and would likely make it to work on time, unless traffic was a bitch. Usually forgoing breakfast in favor of a caffeine infusion, Barry found himself inexplicitly hungry. He tried his best to ignore the pangs erupting from his belly but found that the sensation of his rumbling stomach soon became impossible to ignore. Frantically, Barry scoured his apartment for anything to sate his appetite. Due to long hours in the office, most of his meals were take-out, and he lacked anything substantial on hand.

Groaning, he forced himself and his empty stomach in the car and headed into work. Barry hoped he could stave off the hunger, but its intensity was becoming unbearable. He made his way to the nearest fast food place, ordering a breakfast meal. He stopped in the parking lot to devour his sandwich in a few gulps. His coffee was also downed in a few sips despite the heat from the beverage. He felt his belly rumble from the intake of greasy food and caffeine, but, for now, at least, there was some relief.

Getting back on the road, Barry felt himself growing impatient. There were several traffic jams, which wasn’t entirely abnormal for this time in the morning. But today, for some reason, the wait made him nervous. There was a certain level of anxiety that accompanied this particular trip, despite the distractions from the podcasts he normally listened to. If Barry didn’t know any better, he might assume he was claustrophobic in his car.

The longer he sat there, the more the aches and pains plaguing his body became an annoyance. He had to struggle with his foot to press on the pedal, a strange tingling making it seem like they were asleep. His muscles felt stiff in his clothes, and moving his arms to work the steering wheel was more of a chore than he was accustomed to. His shirt had started off tight around his shoulders and chest like it had barreled out somewhat overnight. Geez, he had to lay off the booze or update his wardrobe!

He was hot and itchy, sweat staining his underarms and making him embarrassed. Much to his chagrin, a peculiar odor started wafting into the car, one that made him nearly gag. It resembled his own sweaty B.O., but another quality made him nauseous. It was a heady smell, one oozing from his pores reminiscent of a barn. There was a wheat quality that reminded him of the scent of the beverage he’d drank last night. He was clearly sweating it out, but it was RANK.

He tried to roll down the window but was assaulted by the sounds of traffic and the outside world. Everything was much louder than he was accustomed to, and he promptly decided the smell in the car was preferable. He was certain that his ears were even twitching to avoid sensory overload!

Yet the longer he remained in the car, the easier it was to put it out of his mind. It became part of the background, and he found its presence was relaxing. There was a familiar quality that brought with it the feeling of safety and home. So enraptured with the musky odor, he almost missed the flow of traffic starting up, to the angry honks of vehicles behind him.

Finally, Barry was able to make it to his familiar parking garage spot. Getting out of the car and breathing the fresh air was a welcome experience. The unusual, heady scent in the car was far more intense than he was accustomed to. Frankly, it made his head dizzy.

As Barry entered the building, his stomach groaned audibly. Another few steps made him aware of the trembling in his bowels, and an insistent need to make it to a restroom. Barry cursed himself for the greasy breakfast that made him late for the start of his shift.

After twenty minutes of discomfort, Barry was finally ready to leave the bathroom. He sincerely hoped no one needed to use this restroom in the foreseeable future. Barry was more than 50 minutes late by now and had checked his phone to a tirade of angry messages. He simply let his boss know he was coming and made his best haste to his cubicle.

Work was shitty today, more so than usual. Barry had a hard time concentrating on the tasks at hand. The numbers in the spreadsheet made no sense, and more than once, he had to stop and study them several times, putting him well behind his expected schedule. His thoughts kept drifting to the dreams from last night, and embarrassingly, he realized several times that he was sporting visible wood in his work pants.

The hangover wasn’t helping matters, the pounding in his head finally catching up to him. It seemed that ‘hair of the dog’ shit wasn’t real, after all! It was as though his skull was being expanded, his brain and eyes being squeezed by the pressure.

The pain was actuated by a dull ache in his ears, particularly at their tips. He had to stop and rub them several times, feeling their surface was longer than he was accustomed to. Was he maybe sick? He wanted to chalk it up to the excessive drinking, but either way, it was difficult to finish the day.

Lunch could not come soon enough, and Barry was distraught to feel the same intense rumbling in his stomach from before. Thankfully, there was an office function today that provided a free luncheon for anyone in attendance. To Barry's chagrin, the meal was mostly veggie platters and finger foods, something he was normally avoidant of. Yet today, for some reason, he found the treats mouth-watering. He made his way immediately to the carrots and celery stalks, crunching them down without bothering with the provided dips. He attracted stares by those gathered, but Barry paid it little mind with how hungry he still was.

Stomach finally satisfied, for the time being, Barry allowed himself to take in the others present at the luncheon. He felt a little out of place, given his eating habits, but nonetheless ended up chatting with a few of the guys from the office below him. They were talking about some sports team season, something Barry had no interest in. Yet he did feel a sense of comfort being in their presence.

His thoughts drifted as he stood there, finding it nearly impossible to concentrate on what was being said. There was a particular scent in the air that was of far more interest, and Barry was content just being in his proximity. It had a note of the musk from his car, but it was far more potent and carried with it a pleasurable sensation that emanated from his groin. He found himself sniffing audibly and did his best to hide the behavior. Yet the more he stood in its presence, the more difficult it became to avoid his desire.

“Hey, what's your problem?” a voice said, breaking Barry out of his trance. He met the man’s eyes and gazed down at his crotch, which was sporting a rather impressive boner. Immediately, he blushed, excusing himself as he walked away. The muttered whispers were more than enough to accentuate his shame.

He was significantly behind to start his work shift, and hoped that he wouldn’t get shit for it, pun intended. Barry returned to his station with an angry glare from his floor’s supervisor, Gerald. Who the fuck named their kid Gerald in this day and age! He was never a fan of the young, early thirties man brought in fresh from his first managerial job at another company. Barry hated that office politics bullshit. Fuck if they ever even thought to give anyone within the company a promotion. They always had to bring people in from the outside!

Sitting in his open-concept cubicle, Barry had a clear view of all of his co-workers, which was just another in a long line of reasons he hated working here. It was supposed to promote some sense of teamwork within his floor or some bullshit. That just meant that all his nosey co-workers could pry into his business.

The afternoon dragged on painstakingly, partly due to the monotony, and in part due to his increasing discomfort. His entire body felt stiff and sore as though he’d been working out. Not like Barry ever had time with this shitty-ass job! His middle fingers seemed to have swelled, and they kept getting in the way and making it harder to type. The aches in his fingers and palms didn’t help matters either. Something was irritating him under his ass, and he had to readjust himself on the chair several times to try and make himself comfortable.

His skin was prickling with itching hair making him warm and uncomfortable in the sweltering heat of the office. He needed to shower. The smell wafting off his body was rank, far worse than it had been in the car. Barry had to stifle a cough a few times from the stifling odor! And he kept sneezing, his lips and nose feeling loose and rubbery. He had to stop and blow his nose a few times, which slowed him down. Fucking early fall cold!

Gerald eventually caught sight of his snuffles and made him way over, meeting Barry’s eyes. Barry tried to look away and look busy, but he was going to get an earful anyway.

He looked up expectantly when the sight of his boss’ features caught his eye. He’d never noticed it before, but the man before him was rather...handsome. His square features, well-kept suit, and decent body tone were all powerfully attractive. He’d never even stopped to stare at men aesthetically, but he found his gaze transfixed on him as Gerald approached. Everything about the man’s body was just so pleasing.

Only when Gerald was on top of him that the blot on Barry’s pants caught Barry’s attention. Much to his embarrassment, his cock was at full attention once more. Barry did his best to hide his length under the table before Gerald could see. The sight of the stain should have surprised him; it was far lower down his leg then his erection should have allowed. At the moment, Barry was only embarrassed to have such needy wood in the presence of his boss!

Despite the suddenness of his movement, Gerald seemed not to have noticed. Still, Barry could feel it tugging on his pants, the head leaking even more from the proximity to the muscled man. Fuck, he even SMELLED better close up!

A slight musk covered the man, one that Barry could detect even under the man’s cologne. It was more pungent than the scent he’d discovered in the air during the luncheon. Barry attributed it to the man’s virility. Surely such a specimen would exude a more potent male musk!

It was then that Barry realized what he was thinking. Not only was he turned on by the guy, but it was the man’s smell that was arousing him. What the fuck was wrong with him?! Did that drink make him a faggot?

Yet he couldn't deny the effect the musk was having on him. Gerald was a little sweaty as well, amplifying his male pheromones. It took every ounce of willpower to not raise his head and drink them in. Even the thought of sniffing the man's stench made him leak more into his pants!

Gerald was tapping his foot now, waiting impatiently for Barry’s attention. “Not feeling well today, Mr. Porter?” Gerald asked in that no-nonsense way that usually grated on Barry’s nerves. Yet today, he found the man’s words domineering. The way he took charge was absolutely arousing!

“Y-yeah... a bit of a cold...I think?” Barry looked up, a dreamy look in his eyes. Part of his being wished the man would notice or even reciprocate. The other part screamed at him, fear for his sexuality and what it would mean if a man shared his desires!

His expressions were lost, however, much to Barry's salvation. “Well, next time, use your sick days, so we can replace you,” Gerald said as he walked away. Even the man’s swagger was sexy!

The encounter left Barry a little shaken. He’d been sure of his sexuality before today. He hadn’t had a girlfriend in months, work keeping him too busy. But he was into women. He was sure. He certainly had never gotten turned on by his boss! What was it about today that made the arrogant man so attractive?

Worst of all, the man’s stench still lingered in the air around his desk, and Barry could no longer resist the urge to sniff aggressively. Each breath sent shivers into his loins, despite his initial distaste at the thoughts. His cock was hard in his pants, and it was a Herculean task not to pull it out and stroke it right there and there.

Its head was pushing insistent at the fabric of his pants, throbbing even from that contact. It was well out his underwear, its girth making a distinct impression. Barry sneaked a glance at it a few times, noting with some alarm that it was much longer than it had been. The stain reached halfway towards his knee, clearly not the cock he was accustomed to. Was he so gay that he could achieve arousal beyond anything he’d thought possible with his physiology?

Barry did his best to keep it in his pants and carry on with his tasks. He barely got anything done and figured that he’d be called in for a meeting on productivity. Yet it did not dim the thoughts of lust crawling over his mind, or the urge to stare as his boss whenever Gerald patrolled the floor.

Finally, the workday was done, and Barry was able to drag his way to his car. He was starving, despite his belly being distended as though he’d eaten a huge meal. Barry felt bloated and a little gassy, much to his chagrin. His clothes felt too tight over his body, as though perhaps he’d added a few pounds during his shift. Why had he eaten so much at lunch?

He passed his new dive on the way home but thought better of drinking tonight. He might really be getting sick, and besides, his body had other needs tonight. The ache in his pants was getting insistent. He’d have to touch himself when he got home, despite what his heterosexuality might have told him about thinking of a man during. Besides, it had been forever he’d taken the night to jerk off!

Dinner was a mix of veggies that he’d hastily mixed into a salad. A quick dip into a grocery store provided the necessary ingredients. He had a hard time carrying his groceries with his arms stiff, and his chest barrelled. His bloated body received a few stares, but he ignored them mostly. At least it took his mind off the temptation to eat everything right in the store was hard to fight!

It took every ounce of willpower for him not to eat his meal before he prepared it properly. Drool dripped from his lips the moment his eyes feasted on the plain salad he had made. The scent of the food was intoxicating, and his face was in the bowl before he knew what was happening. His thoughts were lost in the primal act, only focused on filling the ache in his belly.

Awareness only returned when the bowl before him was empty, and his lips were wet with lettuce and salvia. Barry should have been disgusted when a hearty belch escaped his lips, but he simply found he was still hungry. He made his way into the kitchen, eating his lettuce off the stalk until the rumbling in his belly was finally satisfied.

Another belch announced his relief, bringing his attention to how tight his shirt had become, even since getting home. Barry looked down to see his work shirt stained and dirtied by his meal. Worse than that was how big his belly had bloated. He could see it sticking out from under the shirt, rounded and thick. Was it hairier than before?

His fingers rubbed the warm flesh, noting that his treasure trail was indeed thicker. Running his hands over the areas that itched insistently, if felt like prickling hairs were growing at his touch. Barry felt momentarily worried, but rubbing the skin further alleviated that fear. Barry envisioned how hairy he was going to be if this kept up. Barry was more like a bear than a man now! No man he wanted would be able to resist him!

The belch had brought up remnants of his meals today, but it was hardly able to overpower the musky odor that had been a part of him. Though he'd grown accustomed to it, Barry was still aware the stench wafting off his form was ever-present, and he'd likely need a shower. Besides, his clothes were getting painfully annoying, and he desperately wanted to be free of them!

His shirt was pulled taut by his expansive belly, and pulling it off without tearing it took great effort. He was sure a few of the seams came loose in the process, but he didn't care. The moment he was naked, the stench of his sweaty hide assaulted his senses 10-fold, making him a little dizzy. It was more potent than any B.O. he'd experienced on his body. Accustomed to it or not, he needed a shower!

The warm water hitting his skin refreshed him, and Barry let himself relax as he soaped himself up. The washcloth caught on his skin, and a quick inspection reported thicker body hair than he was accustomed to. It seemed the hair had not been limited to his belly. In some places, he could barely see the skin! Any bare skin seemed dark, almost black, and leathery to the touch. Had it been that way before?

Barry's fingers continued playing over his skin, his sore muscles protruding against his touch as though they had grown significantly. He was bigger all over, though the fat he was accustomed to seemed to overlay firm, packed meat that had been absent on his frame. Even with the obvious weight gain, the thought of being more muscular was appealing!

In the process of washing, his seeking hands eventually found the growth that had been plaguing his backside all day. They reported a bump sticking several inches from his tailbone. The moment his fingers played over it, it jumped off its own accord, sending shivers up his spine. The sensation should have shocked him, but Barry soon found the flesh was sensitive, particularly around the base. A deep moan slipped from his lips as it continued to caress the tender skin.

Even through his self-discovery, Barry couldn’t help but notice how insistent his erection had become. It was hard to see his growth with the steam in the bathroom. The weight in his balls and his throbbing shaft seemed to indicate a change in his set of tackle. Curious, Barry removed his hand off his growth enough to stroke his member.

“Oh, FuAAAWWWWk,” Barry moaned, a distinctly deeper baritone escaping from his lips from the incredible sensitivity of the flesh. Never before had such the briefest touch to his member been as tantalizing as at this very moment.

Both hands moved down to encircle his rod, and Barry moaned again, leaning back against the wall. He could feel it throb from his touch, the entire surface raw with the need to be stimulated. It was as though the mere touch was enough to make his member grow. He could feel the entire circumference throbbing outward, a pleasant tingling that signed its length was preparing to add another inch.

Eagerly, his skilled digits traced their way across the turgid expanse of his cock. Even in the warm water, the sticky fluid it oozed clung to his hands. Though Barry was undeterred, his precum was a sign of his lust and vitality. Early, he groped the flesh, trying to force more from his cock. Never in recent memory had his arousal been so potent!

Even as he masturbated his sex, Barry could feel it growing, begging for stimulation. He was sure he was already at full mast, yet his penis seemed to unfurl even more to his touch. It was as though every stroke seemed to pump more blood and fluid into his penis, preparing it for the explosion to come. Each stroke forced the flesh to expand, as though genitals were crying out to him, begging for an orgasm.

A warm, thick patch of skin met his touch, and Barry was surprised that his foreskin seemed to peel away as he stroked his rod. The flesh of his cockhead was fully exposed now, and to Barry’s shock, he could fit his digits all the way into it, down to the base! Barry let himself fall into the sensation, never experiencing such tactile delights in all his life.

A trailing hand managed to cup his balls, and the slight weight playing over them was alleviated. The flesh seemed leathery in some places, covered with a light coat of hair that had been absent just this morning. The more he played over the skin of his ballsack, the more the leathery skin seemed to spread. Yet the course flesh and fur only served to allow rougher teases and more adequate stimulation.

Gently, Barry grouped his balls, feeling the weighty orbs within. The testes within did not seem to correlate to their human counterparts, feeling more the size of grapes than their previous stature. But their swelling girth only served to excite Barry at the prospect of what their release might feel like! Never had Barry realized how...full they seemed. The testicles within seemed to swell with cum, needing to burst forth with their burden.

The growth above his ass twitched in excitement, and Barry forced it to rub against the tile in a bid for more stimulation. The waves of ecstasy caused Barry to writhe against the shower wall. The extension lifted, and, in shock, Barry could feel the bare skin of his anus rubbing against the cold tile. He yelped; his anus had not been that high on his backside, had it?

A seeking hand moved from his ballsack towards his asshole, curious to explore its contours. He gasped as his fingers seemed to sink into the flesh like his anus was desperate for penetration. His anus had a mind of its own as it pulled the digits towards an eager prostate. Thoughts of his boss’ glorious member inside him were excited. The homosexual urges were more erotic than anything he ever knew!

But it was the needs in his cock that took most precedence. His turgid girth throbbed in agony, begging for stimulation. The veins rocked against his touch, an unfamiliar ring of flesh granting a foothold for his ministrations. The head seemed to mutate as Barry explored, the tip flattened and the cleft melding into the shaft at his touch. His hands seemed to be crafting his penis into a form far from the human shape Barry held all his life!

Yet he didn’t care. All it would take were a few more simple strokes to send him into the orgasmic bliss he craved. Nothing else mattered but the bestial appendage and all the pleasure it could grant him!

“Fuck...Yes...HHHAAAWWWWWWW!” Barry yelped as his cock unloaded, and thick wads of stinking spunk coated his shower. He nearly fell down in the tub as torrents of jism covered his hairy body. Not even the force of the water was sufficient to clean him as his cock continued to spew its burden.

The force of his release left Barry exhausted, and he barely had the energy to make it out of his shower and turn the water. The stench of body odor was amplified by the reek of cum, but it didn’t bother him. In fact, the primal male stink served to rouse his cock from an unexpectedly warm home.

Glancing down, Barry was greeted with the sight of a brown-furred cocoon attached to his groin. He should have been alarmed that he now owned a bestial sheath, a mottled, leathery shaft, and the flattened cockhead. It looked more fit for a farm beast than the human member Barry had before. Yet all he could focus on was the pleasure it gave him. It was far better than the cock he had previously owned!

The sight of something waving in his periphery gave him pause, and Barry looked up to see that the tips of his ears seemed higher on his head than he recalled. A gentle touch made them shiver, and Barry was shocked to discover new muscles underneath them that allowed them a modicum of movement. Forcing on his new abilities, Barry tried twisting them back and forth, marveling at their new range of motion.

Distracted by the sensations they granted, Barry was hardly bothered by the flared nostrils that sat in from on his face or the peppering of facial hair that dotted his previously clean-shaven skin. His fingers simply traced over the itchy skin, not caring that the texture seemed dim to his dull fingertips. It was impossible to deny how handsome he looked!

He yawned, exposing buck teeth still stained from the greens of his meal. They seemed thicker than before, and the slimy sheen of the yelled dentures was not present this morning. Part of his mind seemed to sense concern over the bizarre alterations, but he found it hard to hold those thoughts. He was full, his balls were empty, and he was tired and needed sleep. What more was there?

Even in his stupor, Barry was able to make it to his bed. Though the moment his hairy skin hit the covers, he flinched, the fabric irritating him. Barry eventually opted to lie atop his blankets, rolling around several times until Barry was comfortable. Such a position should have been uncomfortable, but he was asleep far faster than his usual drunken nights.

His sober dreams were surprisingly vivid. He found himself outside, in a large grassy field. Barry was naked, save for a thick covering of hair over his body, but the nudity didn't bother him. Especially since he was in the presence of others, all as naked as he. And to Barry's excitement, all of them were male!

Even in the dream, Barry could feel his cock extend, eager to mate with the massive males he found himself with. Even though each was preoccupied with grazing, one of the erect men was willing to raise his tail to present his need. Wait, tail? Barry should have been concerned, but the sight of a thick, meaty pucker beckoned his cock to be filled.

To Barry’s excitement, a thick nose began sniffing his asshole, and Barry felt his own tail rise in anticipation. Barry grunted as a fat cock was shoved into his tight pucker, shoving him towards the gaping male ass hole that had enraptured his attention. The sensations shot through his body like a rocket, the prostate stimulation making every thurst more erotic.

Soon he was settled into a rhythm, taking cock from both ends as a thick, inhuman shaft was thrust into his face. It smelled better than the grass around him, and he reached out to taste it with rubbery lips. Nothing he had ever experienced was more arousing, and he was unable to hold out against the onslaught of sensations-

"HHHHEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!" He brayed, feeling his cock jerking uncontrollably. He was wide awake in time to feel his throbbing meat shooting his burden all over his furry body and the blankets.

He shivered a few times, his cock blowing its load without having even touched himself. Evidently, the stimulation of slapping against his belly in tandem with the erotic thoughts was enough to bring blessed release. His cock continued to throb, oozing out several thick, smelly bursts as he emptied his balls.

Even after his cock burbled out its last bit of cum, Barry was forced to lay there, reveling in the sensations of post-orgasm. His entire body shivered with pleasure, his flesh rippling as a sense of calm washed over his mind.

The scents in the room were heavy, the sweat and musk he had acquired evidently not erased by the shower. Though the more pungent odor was leaking out of his cock, coating his belly and chest white sticky seed. He hadn’t recalled his ejaculate being so rank before, but Barry had to admit, it wasn’t unwelcome. It gave him a sense of purpose to cum and spill his seed. If only he had a male to breed with…

The sound of his alarm jarred him from his thoughts, and he realized that in his distracted state, he’d forgotten to call into work. Trying to stand, Barry realized that the aches and pains plaguing his body had only worsened overnight. His back felt stiff, leaving him hunched over bulbous hips. Thankfully, the growth above his ass had extended, allowing him to balance as he hobbled towards his dresser.

Barry knew he should call into work today. His condition had obviously not improved. Yet the image of Gerald in his mind made his cock rise from its warm home. He was still powerfully horny, despite his recent release. The thought of smelling the man’s pungent pheromones once more stuck in his mind as Barry struggled to gather his clothes.

Regarding the shower, the scents wafting off his sweaty body beckoned Barry towards it. After all, he couldn't go to work like this. But was he dirty? He did smell, but it wasn't so bad now that he'd gotten used to it. And he showered last night, right? The idea of hot water didn't seem so appealingly across his fur this morning. Damp hair reeked worse than his natural musk!

Ignoring the intense irritation against his flesh, Barry forced himself to don his clothes. Some part of his mind was certain they were required for the workday, and that he wouldn't be able to greet his supervisor without them. The fabric was hell against his hairy flesh, but Barry managed. They were painfully tight all over, especially around his chest, belly, and ass. Their presence made his movement restrictive, every step threatening to pop a few of the seams.

Soon, familiar hunger pangs started plaguing his guts, and Barry was thankfully he'd purchased a large quality of lettuce. This time, he didn't even bother to make a salad. He bit into his meal with gusto, not even leaving the stalks behind in the quest to sate his hunger. Soon nothing was left, save the remnants of lettuce dripping from his drooling maw. Yet Barry was only thankful that his belly was full for the time being.

Part of his mind was certain he was in no state to attend work. His face and clothes were filthy, and his sweat and musk hung cloyingly around him. His shirt barely covered his bulging belly, rushing up towards his pecs. His pants barely concealed the growth above his ass, though his receding butt cheeks did provide extra room. His slacks were tight around his bulging calves, and longer ankles did not accommodate their cuffs. His feet were far too large to fit in his shoes, his middle toes bulbous and numb against the leather.

Yet Barry's dull perceptions were only focused on the delectable scents in the office from yesterday. His cock throbbed from the thought, pressing against his slacks and leaving a leaking stain. He needed to release with that scent entrenched in his nose. Despite how horny he'd been the past evening, it paled in comparison to the pleasure the company of his boss promised!

Getting to his car, Barry felt a little dizzy, as though slightly buzzed. Thankfully, muscle memory from years of commuting allowed him to save travel to his workplace. Traffic was.again slow, but the musty smells of his own body odor kept him in a placid state even in the confined space.

The aches and pains continued to plague his body, making him shift in the car seat a few times. The thing above Barry's ass was twitching, seeming to take more space in the back of his pants and making him uncomfortable in the seat. At one point, the sensation of his asshole bruising the fabric made him almost leap out of the car. He had to be careful as the sudden swerve of the steering wheel nearly made him go off the road!

Images of Gerald flooded his mind, and the stain on his pants showed his arousal. The man’s toned body was a fabrication of Barry's horned psyche, but enough to leave him stuck in the daydream. The homosexual urges should have disturbed him, but Barry was too engrossed in the fantasy. All he could see was the form of Gerald naked in his mind. Regardless of how true it was to reality, there was no denying how much the man's smell would do it for him!

Barry got out of his car, rubbing his sore back as he did so. His gut seemed to stick out from under his work shirt, no matter how much he pulled it down. His fingers brushed over the hair that seemed to have spread from his treasure trail, peppering the skin. Rubbing the flesh above his pecs revealed even more hair.

The itching irritated him even more as he started walking into work. Barry had a hard time remembering why he needed to wear clothes as he got into the elevator. He always wore clothes heading into the office before, but never had they bothering him so much! Besides, didn’t he eventually want to get naked with Gerald?

Imagining his boss naked sent a shiver into Barry’s loins once more, eliciting a sensual moan despite being in earshot of others in his building. His leaking cockhead pressed against the front of his pants, its outline clearly visible. The images were still firmly on his mind as he strode into the office, not noticing the stares of his co-workers. He was proud of his boner, and how horny its sight would make his would-be lover!

His ears twitched to take in the hushed whispers, difficult to discern in his distracted state. Words like 'packing', and 'slob', 'freak', and other such words of disgust should have bothered him. In his hyper-focused state, he didn't care.

Getting to his desk, Barry flared his nostrils a few times, digging for any trace of the scent from yesterday. To his delight, a few molecules of his boss' pheromones lingered in the air, sending shivers through his cock. Yet it was a far cry from smelling them in person.

Barry's eyes scoured the office, looking for any signs of his quarry. Yet Gerald didn't seem to be around, despite his nearly perfect record of punctuality. The despair was evident in his posture as Barry continued to sit in his chair, gazing longingly at the door. He only wanted his muscled Adonis to show himself!

Eventually, his patience ran out."Hheeey! Gerald in?" Barry yelled out, his tone heavier than he'd expected. Though he'd preferred to be modest, the needy notes did not escape his voice.

The room went silent for an eternity before the woman closest to him responded. "He's at a meeting right now. I'd get cleaned up before he goes back. Ever hear of a shower before?" She said, mockingly, followed by a chorus of laughter from a few others from the room.

Their disapproval was stifling, making Barry squirm in the seat. How dare they mock him?! If he wanted to show up for work, musky to attract his mate, that was his choice! He stubbornly clung to the anger, growing more irritated as their laugher carried on.

"Whhhaaawwets wrong with how I look!?" Barry yelled, pissed off at what the woman was insinuating. Yet the quality of his voice made him pause. Had his voice always been that deep?

The woman muttered something about not wanting to cause drama, telling Barry he should shut up and get to work. His ears lowered themselves to match his fear and rage. He didn't bother to respond.

The morning struggled on eternally, Barry staying in his cubicle and doing his best to focus on work. He was so behind from yesterday, and the numbers and spreadsheets made even less sense. Why was he tasked to do such things?

His fingers were even stiffer than the prior day, and the water balloons in the tips on the middle one made it impossible to type. And when he tried to employ his other fingers, Barry became painfully aware that his middle was one in the day. Was it perhaps longer, or were the other digits shorter? It made completing the workday impossible.

He tried to flex them a few times to work out the stiffness, but each digit, save the middle fingers, was unusually immobile. Thankfully, he kept some cream in his drawer, but getting the cap off and implementing it was a bothersome task. Even after waiting a few minutes, it seemed to have no effect on the stiffness. Applying it to his swollen middle digits also provided no relief. The tips were numb, the skin hard and calloused. And were his nails always this thick and blackened as though bruised?

Not only did his job seem to make no sense, but the confining cubicle made him nervous. He belonged in an open area, with the wind and sky over him. This was too small for his body. He wasn’t free to walk around, grazing, or interacting with his herd. Wait, herd?

Barry shook his head a few times, ignoring how annoying his floppy ears were against his head. Where were the intrusive thoughts coming from? He didn’t think of his co-workers as anything other than people he hated interacting with. They certainly weren’t… and why was it when the word ‘herd’ came to mind, that he suddenly felt so relaxed? They weren’t his herd. Then where was…?

His rumbling stomach took precedence, and Barry got up, his back stiff and making the movement difficult. His shirt was stretched, and Barry could feel the warm air playing over the exposed flesh. But all he could focus on was the hunger plaguing his belly. He hadn’t had the foresight to pack a lunch, though with how much he’d eaten the day prior, he didn't have any greens left.

He considered going out to eat, but thoughts of fast food didn’t appeal to his stomach. Burgers, chicken, or meat in general made his stomach turn. And there were no grocery stores anywhere near his work. He groaned, his stomach making its desires known. How was he going to fill it…?

A sudden, succulent odor wafted into his nose, and Barry followed it, entering a vacant office filled with hanging plants. They made his stomach rumble, and his lips salivated. The plants were so lush and green; they would make the perfect meal!

Mind in a stupor, Barry wandered towards them, reaching out with his thick lips towards the leaves. He pulled off a massive one, bringing into his maw and chewing. The taste was sublime, and Barry was quick to grab another one, needing to fill his belly. His mind went into a peaceful stupor, the knowledge that he would sate his hunger giving him peace.

Realization of what he'd done only returned once every plant in the office had been stripped. He recalled that some had tasted better than others, but none had been unpleasant. Part of his mind was repulsed by the idea of eating someone else's office plants, but he couldn't deny how happy he was with a full stomach.

Satisfied, Barry went back to his office, his thoughts growing excited at the prospect of arousal. He knew the source of the scent that had so aroused him would be back soon, and despite his discomfort from being in the office, his cock was wide awake in his pants. His slobbery face was not lost to his co-workers, his ears able to discern every harsh word and disgusted expression.

Soon, a hint of that familiar cologne and musk hit his nose. Barry raised his head, his nostrils flaring in an attempt to drink it in. “Porter?” came the recognizable voice, and Barry raised his head to the exciting visage of his boss coming towards his cubicle. But the expression in the man’s eyes was not one of lust, as Barry had been expecting. Why was Gerald so mad?

“Porter, I’ve been hearing some complaints-what the hell!?” Gerald yelled, stopping to waft his hand in front of his nose from the stench circulating Barry’s cubical. Barry felt his heart sink. He knew he was sweaty, that his musk was hovering over the area. But why was no corresponding smell to share Gerald’s arousal?

“Mr. Porter, you were given explicit instructions to stay at home if you were sick. You are clearly unwell, and I suggest you meet with your physician before returning to work. You should have sufficient sick days if that isn’t an issue. You-” Gerald started to say. Yet his voice was stopped by the sight of Barry's pants. Why was… was he hard?

A dopey grin plastered on his face, Barry reached down to stroke the erection pressing against his pants. It was clearly all the way down to his knees now, leaking rivulets of precum down his pant leg. Barry rubbed it gently, causing more of that musky scent to waft into his nose. Surely, Gerald would smell it too and take what it was that Barry offered!

“What are you doing!? What the hell is wrong with you?!” Gerald yelled, but Barry was undeterred.

Barry continued to stroke his shaft, getting up despite his wobbly stance. His asshole ached with the desire to be fucked, his cock throbbing from the prospect of prostate stimulation. As though in response, the growth above his ass raised, pressing against the already-tight fabric. He moaned a little, the feeling of his tight pucker rubbing the fabric of his underwear surprisingly sensual. Images of being filled and fucked played over his mind, memories of the dream from last night powerfully vivid. He wanted to be bred like that in the waking world!

Part of him struggled with the desires plaguing his mind. He knew something was disgusting about wanting to be fucked by a man, perhaps one not willing. But the needs in his loins could not be ignored. The musky scent of the man's perspiration only served to accentuate the needs in his crotch!

“FUUUWWWWK, you’re HHAAAWWWTTT!” Barry brayed, unable to hold back his feelings.

"Wha-" Gerald started as Barry reached forward. Before his boss could resist, Barry's lips were on his own, and he took his boss into a passionate embrace. Despite the lack of flexibility in his fingers, Barry's strength was great, and Gerald had a hard time resisting his advances.

Barry could feel the man struggle against him, pushing with all his might. His powerful body was insistent, but Barry had him right where he desired. He started thrusting forward, feeling his cock cocooned in his pants and rubbing against his would-be mate's.

Yet even with the prospect of Barry's sexy body, Gerald only seemed to fight harder, leaving the changed man confused. The scents wafting from the prone man reeked of fear and disgust. This wasn't right!

The momentary hesitation was all Gerald needed to push Barry off him. Barry stumbled, toppling over from how top-heavy he was. Unable to balance on his longer heels, he fell backward, hitting the floor with a heavy thump.

The force of the fall put pressure on the already precarious strain of the growth against his fabric. Barry grunted, feeling the strain as several of the seams of his slacks started to pop away. The tail reflexively moved out of the way as it struggled to burst free.


A responded rip echoed in the room as Barry’s hairless tail tore out of his pants, all 2 inches wagging of its own accord. Yet all he could feel was a relief from the pressure that his pants were putting on his spine. It continued pushing its way out, as though excited to be in the warm air. Barry shared the sentiment. Why did he have in his pants the whole time with all the irritation it had caused him?

Yet the sounds coming from the other people on the floor did not match Barry’s relief. A chorus of shocked cries met his ears, making them pull against his head in an attempt to drown them out. Their length picked up every muttering, however, filling him with a deep sense of shame.

“What the fuck?”

“What’s that fag... I mean, fuck!”

“Did he shit himself?”

“What is that thing?”

“Did he fucking bray?”

“What the hell is wrong with him?”

“HHHAAAWWWWWW!” he brayed, an unexpected sound in his attempt to cry for help. “Hawww… Whaawww…” He muttered, wondering why the words were escaping him. He couldn't even defend himself if he couldn’t speak!

"Out! Get out!" Gerald’s voice rang in his ears. Despite the difficulty he had in standing, Barry leaped to his feet in shame.

Stumbling forwards, Barry made his way to the exit, his cheeks reddening in embarrassment. Even with the ripe male hormones swirling in the air, his cock retracted into his sheath. Gerald didn’t want him! How could another man resist the potent male stink of Barry’s powerful body? Barry had never been into men before now, and the first man in his eyes rejected him outright. What did that mean?

Conflicting thoughts swirled through his head as Barry took the elevator down. He was clearly gay now, even though the notion had shamed him only yesterday. How could he have embarrassed himself in such a way? Wasn’t it proper to present to a potential mate? Then why had the rest of his herd shamed him? Wait, were they his herd? Then why did they smell so… wrong?

A few people entered the elevator with him, trying not to look at Barry’s disheveled clothes or sweaty features. He kept his back to the wall, ashamed of the exposed growth that had excited him before. A few times, the other passengers wafted their hands in front of their noses, the sweaty odor of Barry’s flesh seeming not to set well with their senses. Even strangers were disgusted to be in his presence! He was truly alone!

Feeling defeated, Barry rode the elevator all the way down to the parking garage, figuring the best idea was to get home so he could think. The repercussions of the day were hard to fathom, Barry finding it difficult to conceptualize the future. It was a trying task to think beyond the shame that had pervaded his thoughts from the humiliating display.

Halfway to his car, Barry became aware of a familiar gurgling in his belly that signaled the need to relieve his bowels. Barry looked around, not able to sight a bathroom in the dark parking space. He recalled the closest washroom was up the stairs and started to head in that direction with the pangs in his stomach becoming insistent. He could feel his asshole puckering as he broke wind, knowing he had very little time.

Yet his thoughts started to dull from the panic as the needs in his body took over. Why did he need to bother himself with a closed stall to relieve himself? It didn’t make much sense to find privacy to take care of his bodily functions, did it? Had he always sought refuge to take care of his bowels? If so, why?

The panic in his mind started to wane as his body took care of itself. Grunting, Barry felt his tail raised, and his bowels push forward as he dumped several large dollops of manure onto the concrete. Barry didn't even have time to consider pulling down his pants from the insistence in his rectum. Thankfully his anus was situated under his tail now, escaping confinement from his underwear.

A small part of Barry’s mind knew he should be shamed by the act, but it was impossible to fight the relief it gave him. The pungent scent seemed to be out of place amidst the concrete and machinery of the underground. But he could tell that he was healthy and had eaten well, so he put it out of his mind.

Barry got to his car, once more hotboxed by the primal scents wafting off his body. It took him a few minutes to get the car going, forgetting where he was supposed to insert the key. The sound of the engine starting shook him from his stupor, and Barry set the vehicle in motion, nearly scraping against the wall of the garage before exiting out onto the road.

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Getting off on the Right Foot 2020-09-25T21:34:53+00:00

“Comfortable?” Ariél asked his lover while trying to balance his tone between lusty and cautious. He wanted to be sexy for their first time, but he didn’t want to come off too forceful.

Fresh out of college, Ariél finally had his own place and the space to have someone special spend the night. He had been dating Chris for a couple of months and had enjoyed the weeks of courting that had led up tonight. It was wonderful to go on dates, get coffee, see movies, and eat out at restaurants. Even better were the late-night messages and role-play sessions. Ariél had strong feelings for his Caucasian partner and was highly anticipating this evening of taking things to the next level!

“Oh yeah!” Chris responded, moving closer to Ariél and rubbing his boyfriend's legs.

Chris was just a week away from finishing his own degree and was in some much-needed rest before the final grades came in. Although it wasn’t quite time to celebrate yet, he had set aside the night to spend with his boyfriend. He was the shyer of the two but wanted Ariél to feel comfortable to lead things where they both wanted to go, just as he did in their many teases.

To his delight, Ariél moved down to take Chris' hand in his own, entwining their fingers as they had several times before while on dates. Neither liked to make a scene in public, not wanting to invite scrutiny from those less enlightened. Still, whenever they got a moment, the two would share a handhold, a sign of their affections and joy towards each other’s company.

“What are you thinking, my love? Tell me?” Ariél said in an accent that made Chris' knees weak. Though his voice was sultry over Skype calls, in person, it was even better!

“Would you...ummm...want to...kiss me?” Chris asked nervously, though the eagerness was not lost in his tone. They had kissed a few times, but never as a prelude to physical intimacy!

Without a word, Ariél reached down and gently pressed his lips against Chris' before the passion overtook them both, and they started to kiss in earnest. Ariél reached out to take his lover’s shoulders, pulling him close as Chris reached out to rub the man’s broad forearms. Never before had they had the chance to make out like this, and neither man wanted to waste it!

Emboldened, Ariél reached out with his tongue, entwining it with his lover’s. He was the larger of the two, and he found his lover’s lithe form powerfully attractive! His dark-skinned arms ran down the length of his Chris' back, reaching up under his shirt and teasing the bare, warm flesh. Chris tried to stifle a moan but was unable with the feeling of rough fingers caressing his flesh.

Giving himself into the kiss, Chris felt his fingers playing over his Hispanic lover’s arms, rubbing up the somewhat toned flesh and under his shirt. He couldn't wait to feel the rest of the man’s powerful body!

To his delight, Ariél felt his cock rising to attention, the head already leaking from anticipation. Feeling frisky, he traced his hands down to Chris' groin, hoping for a similar texture to greet his fingers. To his delight, a shiver resonated through his boyfriend’s body, and the familiar sensation of an uncut cockhead met his touch!

Their make-out session lasted what felt like a fortnight, but the needs in their loins would not be ignored. Both men were rubbing their leaking shafts through their shorts now as they continued their session. Their lips were pressed tightly as their tongues intertwined, and their spare hands were running over every inch of warm flesh they could find!

At last, Ariél broke the kissing, momentarily eliciting a disappointed look from his lover. Yet, at the realization of what was to come, Chris smiled, pulling at the bottom of his lover’s shirt. Ariél let his shirt be removed before reaching down to take off Chris' own, exposing the man’s relatively bare belly. In contrast, Ariél’s stomach was surprisingly hairy, and Chris' hands played over it with excitement.

Both men took time to savor the sensations before taking things further. They had all night after all, with no chance of being interrupted. Each second they waited to expose themselves fully caused tremors of need to ebb from their pricks and accelerated the experience.

Soon, Ariél’s deft fingers were removing the belt buckle of Chris' shorts, pulling them off to explore the precum-stained navy blue underwear underneath. Chris allowed his lover a few moments to tease his confined cock before reaching down to pull off the Hispanic man's own shorts, drooling at the throbbing erection waiting for him. Both sets of fingers teased oozing shafts, eliciting moans of anticipation and furthering the make-out of eager lips and exploring fingers.

Not breaking their lip lock, Ariél took his lover’s hands and raised him up, guiding him towards where Chris assumed was the bedroom. Chris followed eagerly, almost racing ahead, knowing full well what kind of fun they would get up to.

Ariél closed the door behind them, mostly out of habit. It was part of the ambiance, he supposed. The two of them were on each other once more, kissing and groping and playing over each other’s eager bodies. Their groins continued to grind against each other, musky fluid leaking into the air and accentuating the experience.

At last, they stopped, the needs in the loins no longer able to be ignored. Ariél pulled out a pair of special condoms he’d procured from a sex shop downtown. Though it was a little embarrassing, he’d wanted to get something exceptional and sexy for their first time. He’d settled on some expensive condoms, both wanting to stay safe and give his lover some added pleasure.

Ariél handed Chris one with a leopard-spotted ornament while taking one with a brown, hyena-spotted pattern for himself. He thought it was cute to have animal patterned condom wrappers when they would soon be rutting like beasts!

Chris carefully took the unwrapped condom from his lover and slid it over Ariél’s cock, making the Hispanic man moan. Once it was secure Ariél returned the favor, teasing the tip of Chris' cock with his tongue before placing the condom carefully over it. With delight, Ariél realized his lover was long, perhaps surpassing his own length. It mattered little with how entranced he was with the man it was attached to!

Ariél rose and took his lover’s lips in his own once more, as both of them rubbed their condom covered cocks against each other. Ariél’s hands were soon on both of their rods, the connection sublime as they frotted together.

Chris soon broke the contact, moving over to the bed and getting on his back before raising his feet for Ariél’s inspection. He knew it was an interest both men shared and knew that once they had played with each other's feet, orgasm would not be far behind!

Ariél climbed on the bed with him, looking into his lover’s eyes as he lowered himself towards the man’s twitching feet. Ariél was delighted to notice that his lover’s toes were long and flexible, the flesh smooth and hairless. Chris' dexterous toes played over the man's nimble fingers, causing Ariél’s cock to leak in anticipation. Chris had taken great pains to properly look after his feet much to Ariél’s excitement.

Without hesitation, Ariél reached out his tongue to tease the flesh, causing Chris to moan. He relished the idea of being pampered in such an intimate way and his cock throbbed furiously through the condom. His toes twitched excitedly as Ariél’s tongue became familiar with all of them, his lips sucking at their tips and teasing in between them before reaching around to caress the flesh of his soles with his fingers. Chris gently wrapped his flexible toes around the tongue, encouraging it to continue its important ministrations over his flesh. Chris was in heaven!

Lost in his rapture, Chris was barely aware of an itching coming from his leg, one that centered at the top of his foot before spreading outward. The feeling of Ariél’s tongue washed away the pangs and twitches of his bones and muscle as they started to reshape. His heels stretched while his tarsals shortened, and his phalanges reshaped to make room for the growth of a new nail.

Ariél, meanwhile, felt a similar prickling over his own feet, followed by a slight ache as the bones and muscle started to snap and reshape. The feeling of his tongue on his lover’s foot prevented him from doing little to relieve the discomfort.

The texture of the skin under his tongue was starting to change, becoming coarse and rough as the familiar feeling of hair caught his attention. He was startled; wasn’t Chris' foot bare before now? There was no mistaking the sensation of hairs touching his tongue, making him gag a little before realizing they were thickening as he licked. What the hell…?

Chris was hardly aware of the changes or the discomfort they brought, lost in the relaxation from the pampering he was receiving. It took every bit of his concentration to avoid touching his cock with how horny he was. He wanted to wait and cum with Ariél inside of him but DAMN it was hard to hold back!

Yet the sensation of Ariél’s tongue being removed did give him some pause. Chris went to ask about it, but the intense prickling over his feet made him wince a little as he tried to flex the digits. Yet they no longer seemed to have the level of flexibility. Their surfaces were itching, the discomfort running all the way up to his ankles and calves. His aching toes seemed to contract in on themselves while something irritated the tips as though threatening to pierce their surfaces.

“Ow...what the...Chris, trim your...wait...WHAT THE FUCK!” Ariél cried out as he backed away to the sight of his lover’s foot changing before his eyes.

Chris leaped up, and both men stared in horror at Chris' diminishing digits, something sharp and translucent poking from the tips. His big toe was soon gone entirely, retreating into the flesh of his stretching heel. Long before the former digit dissolved with no impression Chris realized that he could no longer move it. The other digits were mere stubs now, the flesh on the underside coarse and calloused as they ballooned into distinctive nubs.

The hairs dusting his foot were getting thicker, spreading up his heel as the soles of his foot contracted with a painful crunch. Chris winced, his foot altering as the entire surface continued to cover with fur. Its color was primarily yellow though lines of black sprang up at intervals, forming circles that looked like miniature rosettes.

The most shocking feature of his mutating feet was the translucent nails that continued to stick out of his remaining toes. The keratin continued to stretch out, pointed into curved crescents as his former nails bloodlessly popped off. A secondary sheath of flesh poked out from the base, and when Chris went to reflexively twitch his toes, he was shocked when the nails started to retract into them. A similar motion extended them painlessly, and Chris felt them dig into the blankets of his lover's bed.

As the nails moved in and out with Chris' beckoning a thought crossed both men's minds. Retractable claws sat upon four stubby toes, and thick pads was a signature feature of feline paws. His stretched heels gave him a digitigrade stance even as his lower legs continued to shift to accommodate it. The most distinguishing feature was the golden yellow fur, the black rosettes accenting them in a pattern that resembled leopard spots. Was Chris turning into some kind of leopard?

Ariél’s twitching toes made him cry out in shock, and both men's attention turned to see the Hispanic man’s appendages sprouting thick, brown fur that ran all the way towards his ankle. Ariél struggled to scratch the flesh, but it did nothing to stop the fur growth as it spread. The skin underneath was coarse, pricking all the way up his leg as the fur raced to cover it.

The cracks coming from his toes were of most concern. Though it was relatively painless, Ariél was still disturbed to see his toenails thicken out his digits, curved into wicked-looking talons as they gripped the bedsheets.

His toes were changing as well, fattened into little stubs with almost no flexibility. He tried to twitch them, but the more they pulled into his foot, the less motility they seem to retain. His large toes were worse off, reduced to immobile lumps at the sides of his heels, though not entirely gone as were Chris'.

Though his heels were stretching, it seemed evident that his feet were to remain plantigrade as the sole of his foot continued to broaden. Whatever they were changing into, it did not seem to be the same creature.

The brown, spotted fur color matched the condom on his cock rather well, Ariél realized with some shock. It couldn't be a coincidence, especially since Chris' condom matched the leopard print pattern now adorning his feet.

"What the fuck man?!" Chris yelled, bringing Ariél out of his reverie. In truth, he'd been too stunned to say anything but the words of his lover brought him back to reality. There was no way such a thing was possible, especially not something that could be caused by a condom!

“I don’t know! How is this happening!?” Ariél yelled, echoing his boyfriend’s sentiment. He reached over, rubbing the flesh on Chris' leg in comfort. His fingers instead brushed the thickening fur that was spreading up his legs. In shock, Chris pulled his leg away quickly, impulsively retreating on the bed.

“I-I’m sorry! Are you OK?” Ariél said, his demeanor softening to a more comforting tone. Whatever was happening, he needed to be there for his lover.

Y-yeah, sorry…” Chris said, feeling guilty for making his boyfriend worry. It wasn’t Ariél’s fault, and he didn’t want to shun the other man’s comfort, whatever was happening to them both.

Ariél reached out to caress his lover’s cheek, reassuring Chris of his presence and comfort. As he did, the sight of his lover’s throbbing cock cocooned in that tight, leopard print condom caught his attention.

Chris' eyes followed his lover before settling on the likely object of their transfiguration. With a start, he reached down to pull off the condom, hoping that it wasn’t the source of the infection. The moment his fingers caressed his cock tip, he moaned, the contact sending ripples of ecstasy through his body. His cock was more sensitive than before, leaking in the condom and coating his prick in slick precum.

‘OOOHHH…” Chris moaned, trying desperately to reach down to the base. Any contact he made with his cock sent his senses into overdrive, and he couldn't even come close to remove it without falling over in pleasure.

“Chris, are you OK? Let me help!” Ariél ’said, reaching down to pull off the condom. Yet as his fingers touched the latex, Chris shot like a cannon, filled the condom with rank spunk. His leopard paws twitched and dug into the blanket, causing a series of pops as they tore into the material.

As his lover continued to cum, Ariél removed the condom, trying gently to pull it off as a rush of semen coated his hand and the bed. As it did so, an intense itching covered his hand, and he was shocked to see more brown hairs coating the surface where he was covered with cum.

Not wanting the elastic to hurt his lover, Ariél reached down with his other hand, the tingling of fur growth covering it the moment his flesh touched the slick juices. Still, he was able to roll the condom off his lover’s penis as Chris' still-throbbing cock dripped fluids over his hands and bed. Even though he had just cum Chris' penis seemed to still be fully erect, as though the single orgasm was a simple interlude in his lust.

The exposed penis was not quite the one that Chris had before donning the condom. Both men stared in shock as the flesh became red, and his foreskin peeled down to the base. Chris resisted the urge to scratch as the entire surface of his new sheath became peppered with white fur. The same hair was beginning to cover his groin, running down all the way to his throbbing testicles, which themselves seemed to swell slightly.

Yet it was the shape of his cock that really took both men’s focus. The reddened flesh was growing pointed at the tip even as the entire length extended slightly. Chris winced momentarily from the intense tingling of tiny spines erupting from the head. Thankfully, the sensations were painless, and soon, they died down, the change evidently completed.

“It looks like a fucking cat’s!” Chris yelled, and Ariél pondered for a moment as to how Chris knew the specific configuration to make that assumption. It was clear to both men that his cock was now bestial. The sight of his replaced manhood made him shiver. Chris didn’t want to be part animal. He desired to take his lover as a man!

“Ariél, your hands!” Chris yelled suddenly, drawing Ariél’s attention to the slight tingling. His digits had thickened slightly, though thankfully, retained their human configuration.

His fingertips were now adorned with fearsome claws. The familiar black-spotted brown fur coated their surfaces, running all the way up to his wrists and replacing the comforting sight of human skin. His palms seemed most altered, the skin thickened to coarse black lumps over his palms and the underside of his fingertips. They resembled paw pads, something Ariél had no interest seeing on his own hands!

“Taking off the condom didn’t help!” Chris said, the fur on his groin growing thicker as it ran down his perennial region, coating his ass cheeks and pooling over his hips. The entire surface of his lower body was beginning to itch uncomfortably. Chris was certain that his body would be covered with the same black-spotted yellow coat.

Meanwhile, Chris' legs were continuing to alter, his heels stretching while his calves receded. They were clearly swelling with muscle, writhing almost visibly under the skin all the way down his legs. The flesh started to warp, maintaining his lean stature though making him wonder how powerful he might be. Chris was concerned that he might not be able to walk, but the limbs still seemed somewhat functional, even though his altered stance might take time to get used to.

An ache in his spine drew his attention to an irritated backside. Chris reached back to try to alleviate it when his fingers brushed over a bump that was continuing to extend. He winced, the new flesh sending electrical signals up his spine as the growth started to move.

Soft fur erupted from the tip as it expanded even longer, several inches now and clearly not at its full length. Chris now owned a leopard’s tail. Even in his stunned stupor, he reached out with new neural connections to make it twitch in several places as it gained newfound flexibility. The sensation of moving a new limb soon became all-consuming, something only his child-self had ever experienced.

Ariél, meanwhile, felt the muscle in his arms swelling as the skin became covered in a bestial furry coat. Already a rather beefy man, Ariél felt his tingling muscle press almost painfully against the flesh, the tissue tearing and reforming painlessly, as though he’d be in training for months. Soon, they grew beyond that, far larger than his frame should be able to support. Ariél couldn’t help but run his fingers over it, relishing the feeling of the veins and outlines that his new bulk afforded him. How strong was he now?

Even with much of his focus on his new tail, Chris' attention was drawn to the condom entrapping his lover’s cock. It, too, was throbbing, as though eager to be released. He knew it was unlikely to help hinder the change, but Chris wanted to free it all the same. Part of his mind was excited for the sight of the beastly dimensions it would be granted.

Tentatively, Chris reached out, rubbing over the erotic flesh before heading down to the base. Even the briefest touch sent Ariél into orgasm, his deep voice moaning as he blew a thick load into the condom. His wet spunk leaked all the way down out of the condom, soaking Chris' fingers as he struggled to roll it off. His lover’s shaking body made Chris excited even over the fear of the changes!

Chris knew that exposure to the condom and his lover’s jism might change him, so he hurried on with his work, not wanting to stab Ariél with newly grown claws. As he’d surmised, the backs of his hands started to itch, more black-spotted yellowed fur sprouting from his flesh. His fingers snapped slightly but did not shrink as did his toes. His new sets of clear feline claws grew in soon after, painlessly piercing the flesh before a new sheath moved to cover them. Chris flexed them a little, loving the power they held over his former hands.

The condom popped off with an oozing string of cum, coating Chris' hands with the sticky seed. As it touched him, however, Chris felt a compulsion to remove the irritation from his fur. Throwing the condom onto the floor, Chris raised his hands, sniffing the pungent fluid before reaching out with his tongue. The taste was divine, and Chris started licking with gusto, savoring the musky flavor.

As his tongue worked over his changing hands, pad-like imprints swelled from his palms and fingertips, growing coarse and dark like the feline he was becoming. Chris choked a little bit at the texture, his human tongue not used to it. The leopard fur bothered him too, akin to kicking a shag carpet. He couldn’t stop with his hands so dirty!

As he lapped up the remnants of cum on his dirty paws, however, the texture started to become more pleasant. The irritation of fur and coarse flesh started to fade, allowing Chris to lap up the rest of the cum that was staining his hand-paws.

Lost in the pleasure of cleaning his flesh, Chris was hardly aware that his tongue was flattening. Backward-facing, minute spines started lancing from the surface, taking any stray remnants of seed from his sprouting fur. Chris was only slowed down from a wincing pain near his nose as several dozen thick hairs erupted at the sides.

Meanwhile, coming down from his intense release, Ariél stared at his lover’s feline-like actions and warping face. Ariél wanted to stop him and warn of his change, yet the sensations welling from his still-turgid rod took precedence. He reached down, holding his fingers at bay lest he changed himself further. Even without direct contact, Ariél could feel his cock throbbing to life, oozing more precum down its already stained length.

Like Chris' penis, the flesh encompassing it split down from below the head and began to cover with brown fur. A swelling, ursine-like knot pushed almost painfully at his bestial sheath before it popped out, growing ever thicker.

His penis continued to darken towards deep crimson, the head melding into the shaft as it grew pointed. Its length continued to press outward far beyond the 8 inches that Ariél had enjoyed. The temptation to touch it was all-consuming, but Ariél was determined not to. Even as his weight balls dubbed in size and the testes within swelled into golf balls, he resisted the urge to be some kind of animal-man!

No amount of willpower could slow the changes. Ariél could feel his thighs swell with muscles, his skin pulled taut around the meat. The itching intensified around his groin as it became covered in more of that spotted brown fur all the way between his legs, his ass cheeks, and accenting his tightened pucker. Every inch of his furry legs thickened with hard-packed muscle, far beyond what his former human frame could support.

Even as he changed, it became difficult to determine the species his form was based on. His fur resembled a hyena, but his heels had not stretched, and his cock was far thicker. In fact, if he wasn't mistaken, it seemed more...ursine.

An ache in his backside made him turn around. A short, thick tail worked its way out of his spine and itched with the growth of new fur. Its stubby shape seemed to confirm his suspicions. Perhaps his form was to be a combination of the two?

A moan entered his ears, and Ariél raised his head to see his lover licking his hands and rubbing the saliva over his face. As Chris groomed himself in feline fashion, his cheeks began to grow puffy, swelling around his newly formed whiskers. His nose had taken on a pinkish shade, flattened on his visage and forcing his cheeks into curved indents. His lips grew dark, pulling back to reveal that his eye teeth were starting to lengthen into predatory fangs.

To Ariél’s shock, Chris seemed to enjoy rubbing the humanity from his face, replacing it with leopard features. His puffy lips and cheeks started to extend with an audible crack, forced forwards into the beginning of a blunt muzzle. The fur was running all the way to the top of his head, his own hair shrinking away to join the forest of leopard hairs that covered his visage. Even his skull seemed to reshape a little, his forehead sloping to resemble a cross between human and cat.

Chris rubbed at his eyes, covering them with his paw-hands before blinking to reveal golden, feline irises. Yet despite the bestial features, his humanity shone through. An eagerness met Ariél's view as Chris stopped his cleaning regiment and gazed back at his lover.

“Chris, don’t..." he started to moan, but an ache in his face caught the words in his throat. His nose swelled before his eyes as the surface became rough and moist. Ariél raised a clawed hand to it, feeling it being forced forward from his face. He could see it turning black, signaling his nostrils expanding towards the more ursine visage he was likely to carry.

His nose started twitching of its own accord, drinking in the air through his wider nasal cavities. Various odors leaked into his awareness, but none more potent that the thick scent of musk and cum from their activities. The smells were cloying to his senses, overriding the concerns he had for the changes they were undergoing. The pungent odor was powerfully attractive. Ariél found himself audible sniffing, desperate for more.

Despite himself, Ariél felt his cock burble out another bit of precum. His thick, girthy rod was crying for his touch, beginning for release. Yet he knew deep down his hands would be insufficient. He was in the presence of a lithe, sexy, leopard-man, and he wanted nothing more than to bury his thick girth into his lover’s male cunt!

Ariél’s vacant stare did not go unnoticed by Chris' golden eyes. Chris stopped licking himself, his head nearly changed by this point. It was the needs in his loins that took precedence. All his fear of the change was replaced by the power and sexiness his new form offered. The sight of a massive, virile beast-man ready to mate him and take Chris as he desired was more than he could bear!

Without hesitating, Chris crawled to the end of the bed to present to his boyfriend. Instinctively, his new tail raised, exposing a backside that was steadily being covered with fur. Chris could feel the fat from his asscheeks recede and his puckered asshole rotating up towards the base of his tail. Chris grew excited; his fuck-hole was now in a much better position to be bred by his lover!

“Take me, my love,” Chris said, his tone pleading. Though he’d taken a few lovers this way in the past, he'd never had such strong feelings towards another man before making love the first time!

Ariél stared enraptured by the willing offering before him, his nose drinking in the rank musk from the leopard man’s scent glands. He could feel his face jutting forwards as though desperate to partake in all the sensory inputs from his boyfriend’s body. With a wet ‘CRACK’, his jaw pressed forward, taking his black nose along with the thick, rubbery lips of the bear he was becoming.

His teeth thickened into predatory points that Ariél assumed to befit his hybrid form. His entire head was expanding, growing to match his bulging muscles and larger body. It was a powerful visage that made him proud, the masculinity worthy to mate his leopard lover.

Ariél wanted nothing more than to take what was offered. However, his body was still wracked with changes. His entire chest itched, modest body hair thickening at the center of his treasure trail, though the brown spotted fur spared none of his flesh. Ariél was delighted to maintain his dominant male assets, particularly the hair atop his groin and his armpits. He was sure his lover would approve once their bestial lusts were satisfied!

Ariél crawled forward, feeling his biceps swell with mass, but soon, his altering dimensions make it easier to maneuver. His belly ballooned outwards, a bit of fat hardly hiding the hard-packed muscle underneath. His pecs swelled and flattened tight across his frame as they reached towards his massive upper arms. His biceps, triceps, and deltoids all tore apart and knitted together in rapid succession, pressing almost painfully against his thickening flesh before bulging out into their new proportions. Ariél was truly becoming a beast of a man!

“Yes, I need you...take me!” Ariél cried as he rubbed his drooling cock head all over his leopard's tight tail hole. Chris purred, a strange sound to both of them yet not entirely unwelcome.

Gently, Ariél pushed his cock in, eliciting a pained moan from his lover. They had not bothered to replace the condoms. All notions of protection were lost in a bizarre situation. It was unlikely there was any need for such things in their new shapes.

Chris did his best to stifle a moan; the size of his beast-man’s cock was far larger than what he was prepared to take. His lust was great, and his new body was in a better position to stretch and repair itself. With a thick ‘Plop’, Ariél’s cock made its way in, and both beasts panted, allowing themselves a moment to grow accustomed to their bonding.

It did not take them long to give in to their desires and began rutting in earnest. Ariél started gently thrusting in and out, and Chris rocked his body back in tandem, clamping his rectal muscles as tight as he could over Ariél’s girthy penis.

Chris' body mass was nearly that of a half-leopard man, his chest deepening and his stomach stretching out with lean muscle. His own upper arms were swelling with strength, though it was a far cry from his beasty mate’s. That was of no concern. His beautiful yellow-spotted coat left none of his skin bare and was accentuated by a white covering across his chest that ran towards his groin.

The rest of Ariél’s skull pressed forward, his human hair thinning as it stood straight upon his head and ran down his beefy neck. His ears had expanded to rounded lobs, reaching atop his head and twitching to take in the new sounds. They matched the set of leopard ears that Chris now sported, stretching up atop his own head as the two rocked back and forth in unison.

The most prominent new sense from both men was the enhanced smell of their partially animal bodies. The thick, musky scents in the room only serve to swell their lusts to unfathomable levels, making their cocks throb and leak as their orgasms drew near. Even though they had cum not 10 minutes prior, they would not last long from their throes of passion.

Ariél felt something pressing insistently against his lover’s anus, trying desperately to make its way through. It was a thick bulge at the base of his penis, an ursine knot that seemed desperate to work its way in. The stimulation of Chris' asshole on his knot made his orgasm draw near. Ariél knew its entry would be all it would take to bring him to his end.

He growled, lowering his paw hand towards his leopard’s cock to stroke it in tandem with his thrusts. The leopard's feline member started to leak insistently from the contact. His balls shock against the hyena bear’s massive ones, drawing their release in unison.

“Yes...Knot me! Cum in me, my love!” Chris yelled, lost in the bestial rut. Deep down, he was thankful that it was Ariél to take him like this. He could imagine wanting no one else to share this bizarre experience!

“Yes, take my knot! Take my cum, my love!” Ariél yelled, and with a mighty thrust, his cock popped in with a wet ‘POP’. The sensations rushed over Ariél’s penis and into his prostate, forcing his body to go into orgasm as he thrust uncontrollably.

“AAWWW, I’m gonna cum!” Chris yelled, his balls jerking as his cock throbbed and released all over Ariél's paw and the bedsheets. The stimulation to his prostate flowed over his entire body, making his skin tingle as he basked in the amazing glow.

“I’m cumming! I’m nutting!” Ariél yelled as his lover’s skilled grip on his cock coaxed his viscous seed out of his balls and all over his lover’s insides. Copious amounts of jism poured from his throbbing shaft as it washed his cock tip in warm cream, sending his body into wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Spent, both beasts collapsed, not caring that Chris' cum was coating their fur and the sheets they had fallen into. Chris could feel a glorious warmth as excess seed flowed from his bowels and onto the bed.

Ariél tried to pull out slowly against the comfortable sensation of being in his lover but found that his knot held them firm. The notion of being tied to the leopard-man had wonderful connotations as he spooned with Chris. Both beast-men held each other close while they basked in the afterglow.

“How was it, honey?” Ariél said in his deeper voice, nipping the leopard’s ear as Chris purred in contentment.

“Better than I could have hoped, my love,” Chris muttered happily, raising his lips to kiss the hybrid beast that had become of his boyfriend.

Purring, Chris rubbed his lover’s muscles through the fur, content to be tied to such a magnificent beast. It was the fulfillment of his dreams to be mated to such a strong male who would protect him and breed him whenever he was horny and required copulation. Given the vitality of their new bodies, it seemed likely that would be as often as he’d always hoped!

They stayed tied like that for some time, Ariél’s bulge remaining inside as they tenderly explored each other’s bodies. Ariél felt the stirrings of lust once more and humped his mate, his paw bringing the leopard with him as they came again. Their balls were heavy, and their thick musk only served to accentuate their needs for each other. Ariél was thankful that he’d bought a house; any neighbors in an apartment would have been surely altered to the bestial sounds of their rut!

Ariél’s thick knotted cock finally popped free as he gripped his lover, a rush of seed spilling on the blanket. The scents mingled with their sweaty musk and served to relax the new lovers as they curled up together. Their soft fur and warm bodies made rest come easy, the comfort of their closeness a welcome reprieve from the shock of the change and the events that led to this moment.

Though lost in the pleasures of the flesh, they each held fear that the changes were not receding. There was every chance they would wake up to the world as half-beasts, unsure where they could find a place in it. Those thoughts carried with them countless challenges impossible to fully fathom.

That was a problem for tomorrow. Whatever happened, the new couple would face it together. Tonight, they were content to lay together, enjoying the afterglow that baptized their connection as lovers.

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So, I'm in the process of preparing my own website, where I can keep my works in one spot and sell separate patreon only stories and low cost ebooks for those who are only interested in a few of my stories!

since I'll be selling individual stories, I would like to have another eye go over my work, since currently I am proofreading my stories on my own. I would be looking for someone to judge spelling, word choice, punctuation, and clarity. I would eventually want to get through my library perhaps, though focusing on the ebook stories would be priority

as for payment...I'm not sure what a fair price would be to ask, so I'm open to offers. probably by word count or time spent or both.

note me if interested!

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User #696968 - 24 Sep 20 23:37
Website sounds like a really cool idea! Hope that treats you well, man! ^^
A Dark Beast 2020-09-17T18:06:33+00:00

I hung up the phone, sighing audibly now that Nick was no longer on the other end. Honestly, I didn’t care if he knew how annoyed I was with him. Not that Nick would have noticed. He was too damn engrossed in whatever new hobby that had caught his interest.

It was about a month ago that I started to notice the changes. It was just after Nick's birthday, which he refused to celebrate with me. Feeling guilty, I had gotten him something for his collection, a figurine of Beast that I'd seen on sale. I knew he would love it, and he did, in fact, express his sincere gratitude for the gift. Nick was always obsessive about his collections, but that behavior paled in comparison to what he was showing now.

But that obsessive behavior seemed to rapidly progress to other areas of his life. He seemed engrossed in whatever hobby of the week cropped up. One week it was classic literature, authors I had never heard of and wouldn't be able to stomach. The next week it was books on genetics, and the following week, from the way he talked, I was almost convinced that he had gotten a doctorate in medicine in the interim.

But I was most concerned about his physical well being. He mentioned that he hadn’t eaten in days, apparently too wrapped up in the new endeavor. I tried to invite him out of the house a few times, but he rejected me each time. I wouldn't be so worried, but Nick lived alone. If something happened to him, then no one would be around to see it. And in his current state of obsessiveness, I didn’t trust him to keep himself safe.

The more I thought about it, the more his behaviors reminded me of...well, Hank McCoy. It was a bit of a long shot, I knew. He always liked the old x-men cartoons, as did I in my youth. But it was a coincidence how Nick seemed to take to hobbies that were beloved by the series titular Beast. The timing of having given him that new figure didn’t escape my notice.

After about a month of this, I decided to go visit him. I would have gone sooner, but I was a little worried about what I might find. And, to be honest, I was a bit more pissed at Nick than I preferred to admit. Still, I couldn’t leave him to his own devices. He might have developed some sort of undiagnosed mania and needed a push in the right direction to get him help.

I got to his place to find a locked door, no real surprise. Nick never bothered to answer the phone, no surprise either. I left him several messages saying I was coming over, which went unread. I even tried calling him a few times, no answer. So, I was left standing on his stoop, knocking angrily as I waited in the slim hope that he would actually answer. I knew I should leave, but I had a bit of a stubborn streak.

After about half an hour, I was shocked to hear a click as the door unlocked. I flung open the door, expecting to see Nick waiting for me. But I could see little in the dark living room. The clouds in the sky didn’t make it any easier to see. It was a bit later in the day and the sun was already going down, although it was impossible to see through the cloud cover.

I stepped inside, waiting for my eyes to adjust. Every light was off, every curtain drawn. Yet, more annoying for me, that asshole didn’t even seem to bother to stay in the room. I could hear Nick stomping away, as though letting me in had been an afterthought.

A stench hit my nose, something in the air that concerned me. It reminded me of the men’s locker room at the gym, sweaty and musky. I had to hold my nose as I walked further in, the heavy stench hanging in the air and getting worse the longer I stayed here.

“Hey, dude, what the fuck! You could at least open a window!” I yelled, fumbling for the light switch on the wall I knew was there. Yet my fingers missed the mark. Frustrated, I pulled the curtain and reached for the latch.

The footsteps stopped, and I turned around to catch sight of Nick. He was squinting from the light, but he wasn’t moving. As I got a good look at him, I went to yell once more, but what shocked by his visage. The first thing I noticed was that he was stark naked. It was one thing to be naked in one’s house, but he had come to the door knowing someone was there!

I tried to avert my eyes, but the sight before me made me do a double-take. Nick's body was covered in hair, but I didn't know if he’d been that hairy before, never even seeing him shirtless. It looked almost unnaturally out of place on any man, but who was I to judge?

Yet the hair did little to cover the other unusual features of his body. He was big, taller than I recalled, which startled me. His gut seemed toned, filled with rock hard muscle. In fact, his arms, thighs, and chest seemed to be larger, the muscles built solidly under the hairy skin. Of all the things he had obsessed over, I had no idea that bodybuilding was on the list!

But that wasn’t the thing that had me so stunned. Hanging from Nick's groin was a fully erect cock, its tip flared and leaking. I tried with all my will to avert the sight of it. I didn’t want to stare at another man's junk! But it was so large that its presence drew my eyes downward. I had no idea how big he’d been, nor did I want to. But right now, it was more than 12 inches! That couldn’t be right. Could it?

Much to my shock, Nick didn’t seem to be phased that I was seeing him naked. In fact, my presence seemed to have the opposite effect. He reached down, absentmindedly rubbing his hanging balls. And to my confusion, he started stroking his turgid girth, using the leaking fluids to lube up his fingers.

“Oh, What’s up Matt?” He asked, and I couldn’t even respond. He was stroking himself off in front of me like it was the most casual thing in the world!

It was then that the odor hit me again, and I gagged a little. It was a pungent, rank stink, though not that of an unwashed man. It was almost as though Nick’s scent glands were working overtime. It was the overwhelming quality of the musk that had hit me, not the offensiveness of the smell itself.

Distracted as I was, I barely noticed that Nick was slowly walking towards me, a sway in his step that was unnerving. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was seductive! I hadn’t thought that Nick was gay, or, at least, he hadn’t told me about it. But from the way he was approaching me, and how his cock was throbbing, it was hard to deny the attraction he seemed to be displaying!

“Nick, I don’t-” I started to say, but he was on me in an instant.

Shocked by his proximity, I barely had time to respond before he was leaning into me and forcing me into an eager kiss. Bewildered, I stood there, letting it happen before realizing how fucked up it was. I tried to push Nick off but was stunned by his strength. He kept me close, barely fazed by my protests as he continued to oral contact.

I tried to struggle once more when the pungent stick assaulted my senses. I was left frozen, almost distracted by the lips on mine as my nostrils flared, as though attempting to drink it in. I had grown somewhat accustomed to it over the past 5 minutes, but now it seemed as though I needed it. I found myself stepping into it, not caring about the lips on my own as I eagerly partook in the potent musk.

I was only cognizant of Nick’s presence when his tongue invaded my own. Distracted as I was, I could only entwine my tongue with his as he continued to make out with me. Despite my hesitation at the interaction, I couldn't help but enjoy the taste of his lips on mine. The flavor carried with it the musky qualities of the perfume in the air, and Nick’s proximity to me only made me crave it more!

An ache in my crotch distracted me, and despite myself, I could feel my cock rapidly rising to attention, pushing insistently at the confines of my briefs. I started thrusting my hips forward in a vain attempt for any contact to relieve my lust. I couldn’t recall the last time I was hard!

I realized, with some embarrassment, that I felt Nick’s cock against my own, leaking into my pants as he rocked his hips in an attempt to rut against my body. Somehow the notion that he was turned on made me even more aroused, and against my better judgment, my hips were rocking against his, trying to get stimulation.

My lips were on his own the entire time, his breath as intoxicating as the musk that hung cloying in the air. I couldn't believe I was kissing another man, but in my lust-fueled haze, I found it hard to recall why that was necessarily a bad thing. I allowed myself to fall into the sensations, unable to focus on the bizarre circumstances as I let myself go into pleasure.

All at once, Nick pulled away, and I almost reached forward, desperate for him to return. He just stared at me, smiling as he licked his lips. “Dude, you taste divine!” He said, in a tone that didn’t entirely match his own. It almost reminded me of-

Yet before I could reflect on it too much, I was once more hit with that musk ten-fold, and I backed away, dizzy from the overhanging stench. I needed a few minutes to adjust to the newfound intensity, but once I did, I found myself instantly craving more. Like an addict, I sniffed the air, desperate to drink it in.

It seemed to be leaking from every pore in his body, but the more I sniffed, the more I was able to identify a source. To my shock, or perhaps excitement, the stench seemed to be wafting off his throbbing manhood. I lowered my head a little, licking my lips, and I sniffed it deeply. Yup, that certainly was doing it for me.

Without realizing it, my body was lowering itself towards his erect maleness. The scent only became stronger the closer I moved, and its proximity was exciting to me. A stray thought raced through my mind, one that was alien yet not entirely unwelcome. If it smelled this good, what would it taste like?

“My body is catacomb for your exploration,” he said in that same strange accent. I wanted to comment on it, but my focus was entirely on his cock. I needed to get closer, maybe taste it. As opposed to the idea as I was, I couldn’t imagine not doing it with the idea so firmly entrenched in my mind.

As I lowered myself towards my friend’s offering, it did not escape my notice that what little light left in the room was waning. It became harder to see my buddy’s sexy body, but its scent told me all I needed to know. Part of me recognized a thin trail leaking in as moonlight, but I cared only that it allowed a beckon to my target. It served to accentuate the contours of his muscled form and make me more eager to go down on the muscled Adonis!

I hesitated for only a moment before the gaping cock head drooling in front of me. It left me memorized before recalling my desire to taste it. Tentatively, my tongue reached towards it, lapping at the sticky fluid as I would a fine wine. It was slow, deliberate. I wanted to experience all the different flavors and layers it provided.

The taste was sublime, surpassing all my expectations. It was musky, salty, and carried elements of the musk in the room. Each lap provided undertones of Nick’s vitality and made me eager for more. It was like an ever-flowing fountain, more fluid than even I could possibly lap up even if I had all night.

I wrapped my mouth all the way around it, eager for the sensation of his throbbing dick in my mouth. My tongue traced the ridges and veins of his member, exploring every inch as his ample pre leaked down my throat. It was almost more than I could bear, my jaws aching as I struggled to work over it. But his grunts of pleasure were more than enough insensitive to carry on my important work.

Though I thought I was becoming somewhat accustomed to the size of the penis in my mouth, it seemed to be expanding the more I sucked. I gagged a little, its girth a little too much to envelop. I had to pull back a little, leaving my buddy’s penis slick with my saliva and his precum.

The sight of it entranced me as it grew more gargantuan before my eyes. It seemed to visibly extend, touching my chin as swelled beyond the massive size it already encompassed. I couldn’t believe it was altering so rapidly, but the notion served to turn me on even more.

I licked the tip, the size of my jaw insufficient for the task. My oral ministrations were not lost to my buddy, however, from the grunts of approval leaving his lips. Being edged on, my hands went down to cup his hairy balls, feeling them throb with cum as I traced the outlines of his veins. Yet to my surprise, much as his penis had, his balls started to swell, their grape-sized testicles ballooning to the size of tennis balls, then even larger! I could hardly believe what I was feeling as they continued to expand beyond the dimensions of lemons now. How much cum could they churn out?

My fingers could feel how hairy they were, and a peculiar prickling against my touch told me it was thickening. I could hardly believe it was possible to grow any denser, forcing any errant skin to fade from sight. I played my hand over the growth, the idea that Nick was becoming even harrier sitting well with the changes to my mentality. Even his pulsing foreskin was developing a fine layer of fuzz!

The entire time, I did not stop lapping at the torrents of precum he oozed. It was thickening in consistency the more I lapped, and to my excitement, I could tell he was close to cumming. The salty flavor grew in intensity, and I found myself craving the taste of his cum. I wanted nothing more to make this beast of a man spill his virile load down my throat.

His throbbing penis started jerking uncontrolled, and I licked more fervently, wanting to coax out his load. Nick wasn’t able to last long as with a cry of release, his cock forced a thick wad of cum into my face. His pulsating dick continued to eject its load, coating me in sticky jism as he reveled in his pleasure.

I tried my best to swallow as he unloaded, but the sheer quantity was too much, and I was left with a faceful of his jism. Still, the salty flavor was divine, and the thick texture surprisingly enjoyable. I lapped it up, rubbing my face and chin, not wanting to waste a drop.

Soon, he finished, and I looked up, eager to see what he thought of my performance. But, too much shock, the familiar face of my friend was already altering. The hair on his face was lengthening, its shade turning from its off-gray to a brilliant blue. His jawline was widening, sagging a little as his eye teeth extended pointy fangs. His eyebrows grew thick and bushy as that blue hair covered every inch of his skin. Even the hair on his hair was becoming blue though maintaining a distinct consistency difference between the more animalistic hair covering the rest of his features.

I could tell that his ears were growing pointed, elf-like in nature as his scalp continued to expand. Yet they were dwarfed by his thickening hair, reaching outwards on either side like thick, ear-like tufts. His hair continued to lengthen, accenting his rather square jawline.

The face staring back at me was familiar, as impossible as it was. There was no mistaking the real-life version of the X-men’s Hank McCoy. I had no idea how it was possible, but it was hard to muster forth the concern that was hiding in the fringes of my psyche. He was simply too handsome for me to worry about it, and growing more so by the moment as he continued to mutate.

I stared in fascination as his already muscled form started to expand, the skin twitching as it covered with hair. His pecs began widening as they continued to flatten, pressing outward towards his bulging biceps. Veins throbbed over his flesh before becoming coated in the same blue hairs that were slowly covering his body. Dips, creases, and mountains covered their surface as they continued to bulge outward. Layers upon layers of muscle stacked underneath, tearing and regrowing in rapid succession. They were twice, maybe three times their former girth, and to our collective delight, they seemed far from done!

His chest and belly became peppered with blue hair as the flesh continued to firm up. What had been relatively toned before started to thicken and bulge outward, a distinct 6-pack forming under the fur. The contours of his belly continued to stretch while the divots and lines pressed outward, his rock hard abs looking tantalizing to touch.

His pecs had grown so tight against his biceps that it seemed impossible that he could move. Yet from the way he stretched and flexed them as he grew into his bestial form, I could tell he still possessed the flexibility enjoyed by Hank on television. And likely the strength to match!

His waist continued to thicken, his stance widening as his thighs bulged with writhing muscles to take the weight of his new form. His stance was bowlegged yet suited to his more apish body. His ass continued to firm up, broadening into a square shape that made me whine at the thought of grasping it. But in my current stupor, I could only gawk as his muscled form took shape.

Sudden itching in my flesh caused me to rub the skin, and the texture of soft fur greeted my fingers. I reached down to caress the skin, feeling thickening hairs peppering my arm. I was confused for a moment until I recalled a line from the show, about how a love interest of Beast’s reported how soft his fur was. Was I changing, too?

The feeling of warm hands on my shoulders drew my gaze up towards the sexy visage of my beastly friend. ‘My, what a handsome specimen you’ll make,” He said in a familiar voice as his hands worked to coax out the fur and muscles on my flesh. I could only moan as his touch seemed to reshape my flesh. To my surprise, the fur covering my flesh was not blue as was my lover's, but rather a darker gray. I knew I should have been frightened, but I couldn't help but anticipate my own body coming beastly to match his own!

His hands were still comically small in comparison to his frame, but that was soon to change. I winced for a second as his nails thickened, growing out into white claws atop his ballooning fingers. His palms were broadening, their strength increasing as they dug into my flesh. I could feel the surface of his hands expanding over my skin, even though the forest of fur that was covering me.

The warmth of the change continued to flow from his touch as he worked me over as would a lover. My muscles started to twitch and add new layers that stretched at my skin. My pecs widened, pressing against the fabric and moving it taut towards my arms. They, too, were swelling, their thickening contours pulling at the cuffs of my shirt sleeves.

The warmth spread down to my belly, causing it to stretch and raise my shirt from the increase in size. I trailed my fingers over the skin, loving the sensation of muscle tone forming at my touch. Dips were forming in the hardening skin, the beginnings of a six-pack. My chest continued to barrel, bringing my shirt up even higher as it became evident it was several sizes too small for my current body.

My waist started to widen, making my pants uncomfortably tight as my thighs swelled to match. The cuffs of my pants were pulled upwards as my calves filled the loose fabric in the jeans. They were growing so fast! The sprouting fur made my legs itch intensely as they rubbed against the fabric. It was getting increasingly uncomfortable to wear clothing as my swelling legs moved to encompass the entire inside of the jeans!

The feeling of something rubbing against my pant legs distracted me, and I looked down to see still human-sized feet playing over the exposed skin of my ankle. My cock sprang to life as I felt his eager digits, their dexterity starting to grow. The claws bursting from his feet only irritated me for a moment before my skin covered with fur and thicker hide. I was loving this!

I let Nick take over, watching with rapt attention as he played over the exposed skin of my calves. I'd never told him about my interest in feet, but he seemed to share the fetish as he eagerly continued his careful caress. His big toe started to balloon outwards, rubbing against the flesh with its added dexterity. I moaned, the vibrations exquisite against my skin, even as the light grey fur covered the surface. His toe continued to grow, forcing him to readjust as he kept up his attention. I growled slightly, the claw from his toenail irritating my skin for a moment, yet not enough to diminish my pleasure.

My cock grew needier the further I watched his feet expanding. They went well beyond the size of an ape, filling for the literal beast he was becoming. The bottom pads became hard and calloused, though he retained his plantigrade stance.

He reached out with the other foot, playing it over my shoes as it continued to grow. It was twice the size it had been, necessary for his massive body. His other digits, nearly as adept as his fingers, worked over the leather, wanting to tease the supple flesh underneath. I nearly busted a nut at the thought of him touching me directly!

The more he rubbed my shoes, the more the flesh underneath started to prickle. The leather pressed painfully into my feet as it swelled beyond the confines of the diminutive footwear. It seemed as though the shoes were several sizes too small, impossible for me to fit into had my feet been this size. I could feel my big toes extending, desperate to twitch just as Nick’s was. I grew excited at the notion that my feet would be just as dexterous as my hands, able to hang from the ceiling if I so desired!

Nick’s foot teased the stretched shoelaces, as though taunting my bestial appendages to burst forth. I felt my big toes squirm of their own accord, reveling in the sensations of its new flexibility. They forced the seams apart, ripping apart the glue with a satisfying pop. The laces were soon to follow, snapping at the bases before they could come undone. I was going to rip right out of the shoes!

With a deep-throated grunt, I forced my growing feet out of the confines of the leather, my growing nails taking out the tips as my flattening heels burst out the back. The soles of my feet pushed away from the remnants until even my white socks were ripped apart. Nick wasted no time, rubbing the exposed flesh with his own gargantuan feet and encouraging the dark fur to grow. My cock leaked torrents of pre from the sensual contact, making me moan as I entwined my big toes with his.

Lost in the intimate contact, I hardly felt my face stretching, my jaw growing squared, and my new fangs sticking out of my pursed lips. My cheeks grew itchy with the growth of a fine layer, growing bushy up the way to my own hair. It could feel it thickening as well, stretching out into a mane of sorts that accented my pointed ears and widening facial features. The hair reached out from the sides like a second pair of ears, giving me handsome features to match my mate!

My changes were coming to an end, though the thought left me more and more excited. Nick's body was so damn handsome, and now I was to share in his power.

I gazed into his eyes before the lust overcame me. A small part of me knew I should have resisted, that I had changed in body and mind. But it was impossible to deny the attraction I felt. And as my body continued to swell beyond human limitations, I allowed myself to take what I needed. I moved in quickly, tasting his lips as I brought him in for a passionate embrace.

“Oh, my stars!” Nick muttered as he kissed me back, his cock brushing against my own, still enclosed in my pants. He was loving this as much as I was!

The look reflected in my lover’s face seemed off, and not only just in demeanor. Was he maybe...more mature? Both of us were in our mid-twenties, but Hank McCoy must have been older than that. I dimly recalled a fact from the comics, how Hank had not gained his beastly features until later in life, as a result of an experiment to alter his mutation. Were we both aging? It did seem like the muscled physics that we now sported would not exist on someone our age. My cock burbled at the thought of aging to my sexual prime, even anticipating a subtle hint of gray in my lover’s beard.

My body continued to swell to match my desires, its contours not meant for these meddlesome human trappings. My hulking shoulders pressed against the shirt sleeves, the ridges and divots of their new mass perfectly accented through the fabric. I marveled over their size, knowing that a simple twitch would be all it took to remove them from my body. I couldn’t hold back the urge to feel the frail material tearing as I flexed, the resounding rip running up the length of the sleeve. It took little effort to remove the rest of the shirt; it was already impossibly high up my stretched, muscled belly, and a few more flexes were all it took to tear it down the back to fall off my hairy form!

My muscled ass was putting immense pressure on my strained undies, while my cock had already worked against the fabric from the front. My ass cheeks tore off the jeans, unable to take the strain. A wet rip ran down the crack as the scent of my own sweat and musk assaulted my senses. I reached back, gripping the firm asscheeks as they continued to balloon into a hairy bubble butt the likes of which could not have fathomed on my frame. The pants themselves were not fated to last long, my muscled calves already stretching the torn cuffs to the breaking point, while my waist and tights took care of the rest as my sweaty furry form worked out of them.

Now, I was left clad only in my undies, but my cock would not be denied. My garments tore at the front, the grey-furred foreskin exposing a fat, oozing cock tip the envy of any man, save the one before me. My turgid girth stretched forth, 9, 10, 11 inches, and even longer as it bobbed towards my lover’s. My balls swayed heavily inside the frayed fabrics, painfully tight until I finally reached a clawed hand under them. They swelled at my touch, busting with virile cum as I watched the softball-sized orbs that hung heavily under my lover’s.

As the changes to my body seemed to conclude, a series of impulses and urges welled up in my mind that was foreign yet enticing all the same. I had become accustomed to my change in sexuality, the pleasures of male flesh too enticing to question. But underneath that was something...sinister. My morality tried to struggle with dark desires, but it was swept away. The prospect of pleasures the impulses could give me was all-consuming.

For the moment, all my freedom was focused on the beast before me, wanting to explore the full range of tantalizing tastes that his body could grant me. It was a wondrous moment, feeling our cocks bob together as we made out. But I wanted more. There were so many experiments to perform on my lover’s muscled body, and we had all night to experience them!

I guided my lover’s thick frame onto his bed, pushing him down as I straddled his chest and groin. With a sinister groan, I forced my eager asshole over his, sinking down with the lubrication of his cum to aid me. He looked up at my expression, a mix of curiosity and pleasure plastering his face.

“This might hurt a little,” I said, menace in my voice as I took my claws and ran them down his chest.

Nick, or Hank, I realized, started to groan as my claws drew red lines down his chest before they sealed up, a result of his were-physiology. Not to be denied, I continued my abuse of his flesh, eliciting a mix of pain and pleasure from my lover’s lips.

The notion of inflicting pain resonated well in my changed psyche as I continued to graze my lover, all while riding his massive cock. My feet followed suit, their claws digging into the flesh of his legs and assaulting his senses. But I could tell he welcomed the pain from the expression on his pursed lips. I growled, digging in deeper as I relished the evening of bestial sex I was to partake in!

My lover’s cock throbbed in my bowels, making me moan from the contact as my skilled rectal clamps held him tight. Though he had come only moments before, his leaking prick would not be denied as I felt a swelling in his balls. I grasped his chest as I felt him rock inside me, his veins throbbing against my inner walls. He cred out as his entire body shook, and a glorious warmth flooded my bowels. He had cum!

The notion of taking his seed forcibly was more than I could take. I felt my own cock throbbing, the notion of dominance overwhelming my already tenuous hold on my release. My cock throbbed of its own accord, my balls tensing and blowing a massive eruption into the air. The stink, foul-smell spunk landed all over our hairy chests. I roared, the release far superior to any I'd felt with a woman before.

Yet, to my delight, I did not feel the cock inside me soften at all. In fact, Nick’s rod inside me seemed to throb to life once more, its leaking member oozing with the preparation for another load. And with a quick graze of my fingers over my cock, I realized I would soon cum again on a hair-trigger if this magnificent beast stayed inside me! With the power in our bodies, we could cum and cum again before the light of day touched our flesh...

I woke up that morning, the heavy stink of musk in the air making my cock rise a little more. The night's activities hung in my mind. Though certain events were a blur, I was certain we had orgasmed more than once. How was I still horny after all that amazing sex?

I gazed down at the form of my larger lover, still fast asleep. He looked handsome as fuck, and despite my previous conceptions of my sexuality, I lusted for nothing but his muscled, hairy form. He was human once more, the hulk of a man I had seen when I first entered his house last night.

I took a moment to gaze at my own form, having returned to a semblance of humanity. Yet like Nick’s body, I could tell I had been enhanced by the process. My muscles were well defined, yet I was leaner than he was. And my body hair, though just as coarse and thick, was darker than the almost bluish-gray that adorned Nick’s. But, to my delight, my uncut cock was just as large in its semi-erect state!

Nick rose too, looking at me in the eye as he drank in my body. I could tell from the stirring in his cock that he thought I was just as sexy as he was. “You make a handsome specimen,” he said in that tone that I now knew was Hank McCoy from the cartoon!

“I can see why you like this so much,” I said, smiling as I reached down to kiss him. This experience was more tender, more intimate than before. Though my mind was secure in the knowledge that he was here to fill my asshole whenever the need overtook me, it was nice to see him as a mate or a partner as well.

I felt a now-familiar stirring in my mind, an impulse to explore and experiment. My mind had clearly increased in intelligence. I could see why Nick had been so focused on his endeavors. My interests seemed to lie in biology and medicine. I suspected, from my knowledge in comic lore, that my passions might be a bit less... refined than my mates. But I was certain I could curb the more macabre desires of my comic counterpart.

But for now, enraptured by the taste of my lover's tongue and the feeling of his sexy muscles, I was content to let my intense focus stay only in this moment. There would be time to enjoy all the other enhancements this new body and mind offered. But now, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy the closeness with a beast as handsome as I felt. I knew I would love my new existence as a were-Beast, as much as I loved being mated to the real McCoy!

Reaching New Shores 2020-09-09T23:40:37+00:00

Joel had never seen a more exciting sight than the sandbar in the distance. He breathed deeply, trying to regain his energy, as drained as it was from the late afternoon sun bearing down on him. Yet having an obvious target in sight gave him the motivation to row. It would only be a few short minutes, then his lifeboat would hit land, and he would finally have shelter and protection! He would not die out at sea, but be able to recover and wait for a rescue!

Joel had recently purchased a recreational boat and had looked forward to a relaxing day on the waves, just sitting on his deck and fishing. Yet, his experience on the water was somewhat lacking, and the boat he’d purchase was second hand. Therefore, when the engine failed suddenly, farther from the shore than he’d ever been, he found himself helplessly stranded. Though he'd filed a plan with the coast guard, Joel was left to wait until they realized he had not returned at the scheduled time, or another boat happened along.

Yet to his dismay, he was still helplessly adrift as the clouds rolled in, and the water became rough from the onset of a summer storm. His boat rocked by violent waves, Joel had no way to escape from crashing into a rock and taking on water. Left with little recourse, Joel hopped onto his life raft, forced to float away as his boat sank beneath the waves.

So, Joel was adrift in the tiny boat as the storm abated, and the relentless sun beat down on him. Having no idea where he was or if anyone was even looking for him, Joel was left only to his thoughts, lamenting his foolishness and poor luck. His fate was entirely up to chance now.

Imagine his surprise when he saw land in the distance. Yet it was far removed from the port city where he had set sail from. His maps had not noted any islands around the city that he could have possibly floated to in such a short amount of time. Yet finding any landmass was far more preferable to dying at sea.

After what felt like an eternity, Joel’s life-raft hit the sandy shore, and Joel fell out in a heap, breathing heavily from the exertion. Taking a few needed moments to rest, he finally got up and pulled his boat onto shore, out of the sun and into the shade of forest along the beach. Finally, protected, he allowed himself to collapse, burned out from the ordeal both physically and mentally.

He took a few moments to regard his surroundings. The trees seemed off, but in his current state, he could hardly place why. All he knew was that they didn’t seem to exist naturally in his hemisphere. And the weather was unseasonably warm, almost humid, a stark contrast to the late summer coolness that signaled the onset of fall weather. He hadn’t realized it until just now, but the beach was far too pristine, as though it had not been touched. Were there any other humans on the island?

Yet before he could contemplate the situation further, fatigue suddenly overtook him, and Joel closed his eyes, passing out almost immediately. Vivid dreams assaulted his thoughts, ones that made him a little disturbed. Images of naked men surrounding him, muscled, sweaty bodies beyond anything he’d seen at the gym. Joel felt he should be disturbed by this, having never had any interest in the male form.

Something about their visage seemed to have him entranced. The more their male musk wafted into his nose, the more interested he became. He wanted to get in closer, get to know them better, maybe feel up those well-groomed muscles. Despite himself, Joel could feel his cock getting hard, and he found himself wondering, if maybe...

It was that smell that aroused him from a deep sleep. The odor reminded him of the images of the dream, but it was far more pungent, more...present. Joel dreamily opened his eyes, waking from the dream feeling a little disturbed. How had he found something like that so...enticing? He’d never liked men before!

Yet much to his shame, he couldn’t ignore the insistent ache in his penis. He looked down, embarrassed to see how tented it appeared in his pants. He couldn't recall the last time he'd been so hard!

Joel tried to convince himself that it was simply too long since he’d last gotten laid, a pent up need from blue balling so long. Yet it was impossible to deny the effects the dream was still having on him as the images danced in his mind. Joel was thankful he was alone on the island; he didn't want to think about anyone stumbling upon the poor man in such a sorry state!

Yet his thoughts were diverted by the recollection of the thick, sweaty smell that hung cloyingly in the air. The odor carried with it strong symbiosis with the dream, drawing Joel’s attention more than he suspected it should. He took a few cautious sniffs, trying to place its source. He couldn't quite recall where he'd encountered anything similar in the past. Perhaps in a men's locker room, but this scent was far more pungent. It was as though all those pheromones had collected in a single source, shoved up his nostrils, and forced itself upon his senses and sensibilities.

It took a few moments of sniffing the air to realize that the scent was coming from his own body. He stood up sharply, rubbing his arms and sniffing himself, trying to locate the source of the stench. It didn't seem to be wafting from his pores, which was of some small relief. Rather, the odor seemed to be emanating off his clothes. It was bizarre, the notion that something so pungent could get on his clothes as to override the scent of seawater than had permeated his nose for almost a day. What was going on?

A movement from the trees caught Joel’s attention, and he turned to see a pair of eyes atop a dark face that made him yell in fright. He hadn’t been expecting to encounter anything or anyone. The sight of another being with him was startling. “H-hello?” He called out weakly, but the thing did not answer. Joel found himself wondering if he was perhaps imagining things.

Rising to his feet, more in curiosity than fear, Joel gazed into the woods, determined to find the source of the eyes, and quite possibly the scent. As he did so, the thick musk seemed to intensify in his nostrils, making him moan as his body went a little limp. It was as though the smells seemed to trigger something in him, making him almost placid and relaxed in its presence. Was perhaps the source of the smell one that would keep him safe?

Joel could barely contemplate such complexities in the dreamy state he was in. All he knew was that sniffing that musk made him feel good and that he wanted more!

With his senses occupied as they were, it was nearly impossible to track the movement of the being beyond the eyes he had seen. His semi-drunken gaze scanned the forest, though it was not rapid enough to follow an animal beyond his abilities. After a few moments of searching, Joel gave up, feeling frustrated that the musk in the air was starting to dissipate, its source evidently absent from the area.

Yet the feeling that he was being watched could not be ignored. Joel knew he should have been wary of a presence so near to him, watching his every move. But, in truth, the promise of the musk in the air had lowered his resolve. He looked eagerly into the jungle for the source of those tantalizing eyes.

The sudden sensation of a hand on his shoulders was a massive shock. Joel knew he should have turned around, to see what sort of creature would touch him in such a familiar way, but before he could act, the hands were rubbed as flesh, digging in gently, yet firmly. A moan elicited his lips as the fingers played over his muscles, allowing the tension to flow from his body.

Joel was surprised at the level of comfort the adept fingers seemed to grant him as he allowed his body to go limp. Some part of him screamed in protest; it was not natural for someone to remain hidden, yet approach him in such an intimate manner. Yet he could also not deny how wonderful the contact felt against his skin. The musk in the air seemed stronger in the presence of the stranger, lowering Joel's resolve even further.

The fingers moved lower down his back, working their way under his shirt as they brushed the skin. The fingers were surprisingly rough, yet expertly played over his flesh, eliminating any traces of resistance that Joel might have harbored. He moaned as the coarse fingers grabbed his butt in a way that should have shocked the prone man. He wanted to protest, but the touch simply felt too good.

Joel became lost in the reverie of being teased. It was impossible to focus on anything other than the pleasure playing over his sore flesh. And why should he? Joel had been through quite an ordeal, after all. He deserved to be pampered by any being that saw fit to pleasure him Initially, he'd hoped it was a woman to show him attention, but the girth of the fingers implied otherwise. Still, the notion of it being another man wasn't as disturbing to Joel's psyche as Joel might have once assumed. In fact, a man's touch might be the exact thing he needed!

The thick fingers reached down to his ass cheeks, tenderly rubbing and squeezing the flesh. He gasped slightly, the fingers forcing their way the crevices in his pants until they found Joel's tight anus. Joel tried to pull away, suddenly very disturbed from the attention. That kind of intimacy was too much, even in his currently dazed state!

Joel leaped up, turning around to gaze upon his benefactor for the first time. In his musk-fueled haze, the idea did not actually occur to him before then. He was expecting a man, albeit a muscled one, hopefully handsome. Even with the man’s forwardness, Joel's cock was still rock hard at the mental image. Maybe after they talked for a few moments-

Yet the sight before him was far beyond any man he’d ever seen. The creature before him was naked, clearly taller than Joel, or any other man that Joel could recollect. At first, Joel mistakenly assumed it was simply a hairy man. But the slightly protruding muzzle, the rubbery lips, massive ears, and dexterous feet denoted an ape-like appearance.

Yet he was far larger than any ape Joel could ever have expected. He stood more than 6 feet tall, its body rippling with toned muscle. His wide shoulders, protruding, thick gut, and narrow stance were more human than ape. Its thick fingers had more flexibility than befit an ape. And the full, 15-inch erection hanging from its crotch looked more at home on a horse than either man or ape. He was some sort of hybrid beast, the likes of which Joel had never seen before!

Joel knew he could be terrified by the visage before him. After all, he was in the presence of such an unnatural creature. Yet, the thick musk was far more pungent in the face of the beast. He had no doubt that this creature had touched him while he’d been asleep and left its influence. Yet he could not bring himself to feel any ill-intent towards the beast. In fact, the more Joel stared, the more his own raging erection pounded at his pants, desperate for release.

Before he could fully explore the implication of his body’s response, the creature was on him in an instant, grabbing Joel's body in massive, muscled arms. Joel barely had the facilities to consider resisting as the creature held him fast, and hesitated only briefly before pressing its slobbering, rubbery lips against the helpless man. Joel tried to cry out his protest, but the ape took the opportunity to force his tongue inside, wrapping it against the stunned man.

Joel tried to instinctively struggle, but his body was weak from its exposure to the sea, and the creature was far too powerful. And the more it pressed its smelly, hairy form against the shocked man, the more Joel found himself starting to relax. The heady musk that had invaded his dreams was swirling around him, forcing his body into a state of hyperarousal. Joel was helpless to even question the bizarre situation as the male stink crept into his mind.

Without thinking, Joel reached out to kiss the male back, forcing his tongue to entwine against the beast's own. The flavor was sublime; though it was raw and unkempt, it carried with it notes that Joel recognized from the male’s pungent musk. Part of his mind seemed to float from his body, allowing his instincts to take full control and fully revel in the pleasures of the moment. Never had the human Joel felt so...right!

The feeling of fingers running down his chest tore him away from the bliss momentarily as he felt a thick, leaking cockhead playing over his stomach. He reached down to grab it until the shock and fear of what he was doing entered his mind. He wasn't gay, wasn’t into men! Yet this male creature was wrapped around him, kissing him and rubbing his cock all over the poor man’s clothes. And worst of all, Joel was liking it!

Joel could hardly stifle a moan as the ape’s hand guided that thick cock tip against his own, currently cocooned in his briefs. The beast's cock was massive, uncut and fat, hanging from the ape-man’s groin above weighty, black testicles. It looked decidedly human. Joel couldn’t get the sight of it out of his mind's eye, even as the ape-man kept his lips pressed firmly on the poor man’s own. He knew it should be disgusting to be this close to another man’s junk, especially a beast-man. But he couldn't deny the urges from his body. He was terribly aroused, and the scent wafting from the other man only served to accentuate his need.

Barely conscious of the action, Joel's hand reached down to unzip his pants, allowing his own modest cock to flop out in the air, still encased in his damp underwear. Joel did not protest as the ape-man’s hand guided that fat cock until the tip was running against Joel’s own. The contact was exquisite; Joel could hear himself moaning in the ape-man’s mouth as his cock head was stimulated by the beast’s own male sex. His hips seemed to work of their own accord, thrusting against the contact in a desperate bid for the erotic sensations.

Joel moaned from the overwhelming sensations as the beast matched his movements. The ape man’s hand kept both their cocks together as he guided their frotting. He was amazed by how skilled the ape-man was; he clearly had experience with this kind of male on male contact. This creature was no animal.

Joel couldn't recall the last time that he’d ever let himself go in such a fashion. It was more intimate than any sexual experience he’d ever known! No matter how much the back of his mind protected against the abhorrent actions, Joel couldn’t come up with any reason to stop. With everything he’d been through, he deserved to let go and listen to his body, right?

As he desperately rutted his hips and cock against the beast’s own, Joel could feel his body heating up, as though his flesh was on fire. The burning skin was preceded by the intense itching, becoming so insistent that Joel could hardly ignore it. Yet whenever his fingers raced to rub his skin, they were caught by the ape man’s own, guided to play over the coarse fur and taut flesh.

The alarming sensations playing over his skin made Joel pull back. Yet the gap only allowed the rank musk of their sweat and fluids to waft into Joel’s nose. The stench was overpowering, even more so than the perpetual cloud that hung over their lust.

His muscles felt sore and stiff all over, worse than when Joel had crashed on the island. It was as though they were twitching, pulsating under the skin. Joel longed to run his fingers over the flesh for the brief reprieve the contact might give him. Yet it was impossible to pull from the siren song of the musk and the sensation of need swelling from his turgid rod.

The sensations of growth rising from Joel’s sweaty, overheated body were now assaulting him 10-fold. But he was helpless in the face of such a potent aphrodisiac as the male’s thick, musky stink and gargantuan cock. Joel could only allow his clothes to swell tightly around him, the garments being slowly pulled taut as though a few sizes too small. His shirt rode up to his chest, exposing a bare, itching stomach to the cool island breeze. His pecs pulled the edges of the short taut as their surface broadened. The waist of his jeans felt tight even with his zipper down, and their cuffs seemed secure above stretching ankles. Even his shoes felt restrictive, his large toes particularly mobile and begging for room to flex.

The itching was growing more insistent now, an almost painful pricking that made him uncomfortable in the confining clothes. He desperately wanted to scratch at it, but every time he did, more of that alluring musk overrode his senses, and he was forced back into the blissful dullness he felt making out with the ape.

Thankfully, the ape man’s thick digits worked their way under his shirt, running the bare flesh as it continued to prickle, a similar impression to days without shaving. The beast's touch seemed to soothe the sensations, making Joel moan dully in relief. In his musk-driven stupor, Joel was barely aware of what was happening, even as the ape teased a trail of damp hairs that had not been on his chest prior.

A stray finger reaching for the ape’s own played over a patch of skin covered with wiry black hairs over Joel's flesh. Joel opened his eyes, focusing on an exposed belly that was far more barreled than he recalled. Worse than that, his previously pale skin was coated in a forest of black hairs, centered on his belly in a bear-like treasure trail. As Joel watched, the hairs continued to reach skyward, covering every inch of his flesh in a dense black coat. It seemed nearly identical to the fur coating his new lover.

A sudden moan escaped his lips as the feelings swelling from his cock increased ten-fold, nearly making him lose his balance. The flared head pulled painfully against the sweat-soaked briefs, desperate to connect with the bobbing ape dick still playing over it. Joel reached down to free it, not caring about the alterations to his body, yet his thicker fingers had difficulty making it under the waistband.

Even as he struggled, his hands were taken by the ape-s own. The coarse flesh brushed against his skin, Joel's meaty digits swelling to match the ones holding tightly to him. Still maintaining humanoid dexterity, his fingers swelled to twice their girth, their flesh coarse and rough as it brushed the same skin texture of the ape’s hands.

Panic-stricken now, Joel tried to pull back from his lover, yet the tingling in his penis and the potent male pheromones made it a conflict. His nostrils flared, as though desperate to inhale as much of the male stink as they could muster. They seemed to visibly extend from his face, drawing his lips forward to support their stature. An intense pricking denoted drying flesh, pulled tightly across his head as his cheeks and lips grew puffy. The bones and muscle underneath thicker skin seemed to writhe, adding bulk above his eyebrows and jaws. Even his cranium started to ache, his forehead being pulled forward while a crest began forcing its way out of the back of his skull to merge with his thickening neck muscles.

Too late, Joel realized what was happening to him. The alterations to his body made it evident that he was transforming to match the body of the ape he so lusted after. Pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, why no humans knew about the island, how such a creature came to be in the first place. No one could report its location if they were rendered a horny, homosexual ape-man upon reaching its shores!

Joel realized that allowing the dance to continue would result in his fall from humanity, likely a permanent one. Yet it was so difficult to grasp onto the fear with the redolence of male musk in the air. The ape-man did not seem afraid of his state of being. He seemed powerful, confident, sexy as hell with his thick muscles. And he was HUNG, the envy of any mortal man. The more Joel tried to struggle, the more the cravings of pleasure played over his mind, and the more troublesome it became to grasp onto that initial terror. If it felt this good, why was he fighting?

The ape’s lips on his own crushed those initial feelings of resistance and sent the lust plaguing Joel’s body into overdrive. The thick, pungent male musk drove deeply in his nostrils, making his body feel light and warm. Joel's cock stretched closer and closer to the flesh of his lover’s own, desperate to connect as their hips frotted them together with a bestial insistence. Joel could feel it growing, well beyond his modest four inches towards a girth resembling his benefactor. It was as though it was lancing to meet his mate's, desirous to joust that mammoth cock as a prelude to whatever pleasures the male had planned for him!

All the while, Joel’s clothes were growing impossibly taut over his frame, his muscles seemingly eager to burst free. His stretched shirt was irritating the itching fur that was thickening over his body. His bulging biceps pulled insistently against the sleeves, creating a slight tear that reached towards the stitches at the cuff. The shirt itself was pulled up nearly towards his pecs, his bulging gut and powerful shoulders stretched it to the limits. Though lost in the reverie of rutting, he was still able to flex his bulging biceps and tear the shirt down the back, exposing his black, furry flesh.

His pants were next to fall, their cuffs pulled to the breaking point over thickened, muscled calves, and his thick, firm ass made short work of the back of his tattered denim. His shoes were pulled painfully taut as his thick, muscled large toe struggled with newfound flexibility. Joel felt them pressing against the seams of the shoes, their already mangled state unable to cope with the muscled appendage. His shoes removed, he was able to tell that his large toe was now as opposable as his thumbs. The dexterous digits dug into the sandy bar, experiencing the pleasure of their increased motility.

It was becoming more troublesome to think of anything other than the feelings of pleasure radiating from his frotting cock. Any hesitations he might have harbored were lost on the lust of the intimate action. Yet it was more than that. Recollections of his life events, his salvation from this island, and even his humanity were slowly melted away the more he made out with the ape.

A final fragment of his mind tried to struggle away from the hold the creature had over him. But it was soon silenced in the cacophony of musk and the promise of paradise it had to offer. It was powerfully enticing to surrender his human concerns for the future at the promise of present pleasure.

The changes were still encroaching over his form as Joel continued to swell to proportions to match his mate. His biceps, though not as large, matched any bodybuilders. His muzzle continued to protrude into a blunt simian snout, allowing a superior olfactory intake of the sweaty reek of male sweat. His ears extended slightly, the sounds of the forest and the island opened to him in a way a human could not perceive. His vision was dulled by furrowed brows, but he did not mind, closing his eyes to better focus with flared nostrils and broad ears. His skull continued to slope, cranium compacting and limiting the space for his human brain, and with it, his ability to think in human terms.

All that remained of his human clothing was his underwear, already pulled to the breaking point by his turgid girth. It was easily 14 inches long, clearly unfit for the clothes he still wore. With a resounding rip, his thick, pink cock hung into the air, its flesh finally touching the apes. It was covered with a thick, fuzzing black sheath, but Joel hardly cared at its bestial features. All he cared for was the promise of pleasure it might grant him.

Suddenly, the beast lifted Joel’s body into the air, bracing his legs as he guided Joel’s backside just above his turgid rod. Instinctively, Joel reached down, spreading his cheeks in response to the aching in his asshole. The human Joel could never fathom having something in his backside, but the creature he was becoming burned with desire from the prospect.

Bracing his arms against the beast’s knees, Joel guided his open asshole over his lover's cock, its insistence creating a solid pole for Joel to sink down on. For a moment, Joel worried about the logistics of such an act, but somehow, his open anus was able to swallow a thick, manly cock such as this. With a bestial hoot, far deeper than his human vocal cords would have allowed, Joel felt himself sink down on his lover’s meaty rod, the sensations of being filled painful and intense all at once. Yet he was desperate to see his action through to the end and found himself slowly working down over the ape’s cock, his ample precum creating a faucet sufficient to aid their rut.

At last, Joel could feel a pleasurable pang ebbing from his innards, and the fading humanity was dimly aware he was experiencing prostate stimulation for the first time. Slowly, he guided himself up, getting used to the position as he came down again, an approving grunt from his lover all he needed to know of his success. Slowly, Joel settled into a rhythm, riding gently up and down despite the agony in his bowels. Yet as he gained traction, the pain started to wane as his innards were stimulated, and steadily, he was able to pick up the pace. The ape reached up with rubbery lips, and Joel felt the last of his humanity leak from his head as he kissed the creature back.

Lost in the sensations of fucking, he was hardly aware of the chorus of corresponding hoots that seemed to echo in his ears. A shift in the wind brought with it the pungent male stink of dozens more, each individual scent more enticing than the next. It seemed as though an entire society of ape-man existed on the island, at least 20 or 30 individuals in a range of his nose alone. And to Joel's delight, they were all male!

Yet the presence of so many more horny males only made Joel’s ministrations over his lover’s cock more insistent. The swelling in his balls was becoming maddening, and Joel knew that he would need to rut many times to fully empty them. His bestial instincts relished the idea of mating with each and every horny ape, in turn, to get to know them as intimately as the beast he was riding.

But currently, he was enraptured with riding the pole that had thrust further inside him than Joel could have ever fathomed possible. He slid up and down, any pain washed away from the sensations welling from his prostate. His hand was on his cock now, allowing the beast to keep his hands on the ground to stabilize himself. His thick fluids gave his hand ample lube as he worked his way up and down the shaft. His end was approaching so quickly, yet his only concern was bringing his lover's seed in his bowels when he came.

The feeling of a muscled beast's thick cock in his bowels and the heady perfume of rut and orgy was too much. He could feel his pendulous balls swelling, their torrents of seed forced up through his thick shaft, preparing to erupt. His anus started to clench and unclench uncontrollably, persuading the cock inside to throb before blowing its load. He allowed his humanity to wash out of his head as he began to embrace the bestial orgasm enveloping over his form.



The former human could feel his shaft larch thick wads of cum into the air, landing all over their bodies in an eruption of sticky seed. Though nearly enraptured by the pleasure, the spray of warm cum filling his bowels was not lost on him as both beasts emptied their burden. The ape-man’s powerful form held them aloft as they rocked back and forth, the first orgasm of Joel's ape form more than he could bear.

The beast that had been Joel lay there for a moment, his entire form trembling from the release. The heady stench of their rut hung in the air, nearly making Joel pass out from the relaxation. He could vaguely feel thick dapples of jism dripping from his abused asshole, and sticky, drying cum covering their sweaty, furry chests. Yet he could not think beyond the pleasure pulsating from his form, and that suited the new ape just fine.

Lost in post-orgasmic reverie, the ape-man was hardly aware that they were being surrounded by a series of masculine forms until their stench made his cock spur to life once more. The new ape hooted his approval as his troop gathered around him, welcoming their latest member. Though his human mind was erased, part of him was still aware that it was unusual for him to be erect after such a short period between release. But the beast he’d become knew instinctively that it would take many sessions for him to properly empty his massive ape-testicles, and he had a troop of horny males to help him.

The new ape-man started hungrily as one of his own bent over, showing off its massive red ass and gaping pucker. Without hesitation, the ape formerly known as Joel took his cock in his hand and thrust it violently into his lover, not considering his mate’s pain as the other ape grunted from the forceful intrusion. Lost in the need to rut, the newest ape started rocking back and forth as another from his tribe inserted his own rock hard cock into the new beast's used asshole. The three rocked in unison as the rest of the tribe rutted and bred, savoring a night of bestial sex in celebration!

Shoot me Holiday Story Prompts! 2020-09-08T19:28:21+00:00

You guys sent me a lot of really fun ideas in the last one, and I've loved thinking about them/writing them! I was going to wait a few months before posting another one of these threads, but with Halloween and Christmas approaching, I would love some themed TF ideas from the community!

Special themed rules

1. Must have something to do with the holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, etc. Should take place on the selected Holiday.

2. Themes for the holiday are encouraged (fear, scares, body horror, costumes, etc for Halloween, Gift giving, fellowship, selflessness for December holidays, etc)

3. Ideas I choose will be on the voting list for the appropriate month, or may show up in future lists

Here are the general rules:

1. Must be no more than two-three sentences

2. Must contain scenario, trigger, victims, and species

3. I will pick these based on ones I like/number I get (if I only get one, I'll likely do it!)

4. Only one per person per post!

5. Must be started here, and not in a private note!

6. These are not commissions! I will just be using the prompt for a story idea that I may submit for the monthly voting list! (I can credit you with the prompt though if you like)

7. Have fun!

Comments (17)
user avatar
User #359254 - 9 Sep 20 02:45
Normal costume party, but the host makes each partygoer wear an extra costume piece from an animal. Costumes are typical - pirate, princess, clown, etc - but does not predetermine what they become. Mostly farm animals and there are mate pairs or multiple of the same. Not revenge, just business.
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 9 Sep 20 03:16
I like it!
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User #653588 - 8 Sep 20 23:09
Mid-Autumn Festival: A few close friends stumble upon a magical Asian-style street festival taking place in a mythical 'realm'. They partake in the festival, enjoying the light of the full moon and the mooncake treats being served before gradually realizing the people around them are not what they seem. Unfortunately (fortunately?) for them, they end up joining the mythics in celebration as were-species, kitsune, lycanrocs, and/or other Asian-inspired creatures as the night drags on and the moon reaches it's apex.
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 9 Sep 20 03:15
I like the idea but my knowledge of Asian holidays is limit and I'm not sure if i could do the idea justice
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User #3326374 - 9 Sep 20 21:53
Group of friends attend a "costume" Halloween party where the hostess transforms the attendees into their "costumes" by using nanite tfs. To make matters more interesting, she decides to give the members of this group shapes which are at odds with their normal personality / appearance (for example a beauty queen becomes a hideous giant spider, buff boxer to beautiful pegasus, heavyset boy a nimble giant cobra, shy girl an imposing cerberus or similar)
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 9 Sep 20 23:41
a more light-hearted idea!
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User #861304 - 8 Sep 20 19:46
Idea for a Thanksgiving TF: A (North) American History professor starts the last lecture before break discussing what the continent looked like before European colonization. Students to Bisons (and maybe other endangered native species)
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 8 Sep 20 20:04
I like it!
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User #861304 - 8 Sep 20 20:18
user avatar
User #8914632 - 9 Sep 20 05:31
A young college athlete picks up a cursed pipe in an antique shop as a Christmas present for his father, but he is compelled to smoke it. Over Christmas break the more he smokes the pipe the more he gradually begins to prematurely turn gray, adds unwanted pounds, and gains the odd ability to talk with the reindeer on his parent's neighbor's farm.  He struggles to hide the changes from his friends and family as he transforms into a reindeer before a large family Christmas Eve party.
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User #9146951 - 9 Sep 20 10:14
Love that idea
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GabrielMoon - 9 Sep 20 16:52
why smoking is bad for you ;)
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User #8650793 - 10 Sep 20 06:58
A young male college student, who's generally a loner and reclusive wakes up with a hangover in the aftermath of an intense alcohol filled Halloween party held by one of his class mates, realizes they've turned into a female werewolf. Worse still, his- Erm... Her clothes are destroyed and there's a bunch of other passed out or hung over college students also transformed into werewolves in the same room. To make matters worse, the cops have shown up and are trying to bust in. The protagonist need to find a way to get home to their apartment without being seen, while trying to retrace their steps by remembering how exactly they transformed and what even happened the night before to lead up to it.
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GabrielMoon - 10 Sep 20 17:31
that one seems fun!
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User #8650793 - 10 Sep 20 20:16
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User #8711733 - 8 Sep 20 21:28
Would you be interested in doing a halloween TF related to the Roald Dahl classic "The Witches"? Maybe the witches do a beta test of their new formula in a frat house during the frat's Halloween party, by putting their latest formula in the beer! Could lead to some interesting scenarios, like partial TFs for those that don't drink enough, or monstrous transformations for those that drink too much >:3
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 8 Sep 20 22:08
oohhh, that's a cool idea!
Upstream 2020-09-08T16:38:34+00:00

Cassie took a deep breath before feeling the familiar tingle of the nanites taking over. Cassie was alone in the chamber, but that suited her just fine. She didn’t need to see her colleagues’ reactions to the process.

It gave her time for introspection before the transition began. It seemed almost impossible to be undergoing such a drastic change. Part of her mind wanted to take a moment and rethink the task, but it was far too late to back out. It was a frightening prospect to give up months of her life for the assignment. And to willingly sign up for it...but no.

Her first-hand accounts, along with the data acquired through the nanite program, would be invaluable. She’d already resolved herself, having already made the necessary arrangements in her personal life to be away for the several-month experience. And besides, it was a once in a lifetime experience. How could she not be excited?

Since the advent of nanite technology, there had been numerous scientific advances in the fields of biology and medicine. Most genetic diseases could be cured, shortages of supplies and food were a thing of the past, and humanity as a whole was free to spend their time with personal pursuits. As a species, many decided to use their freedom to explore a variety of scientific and artistic endeavors.

One such scientific branch involved using the technology to change one’s body into another completely non-human animal. The idea was to explore the world through the eyes of an animal. It was a way to study other lifeforms that were previously not dreamed of. And for Cassie, it had been a life-long dream to join a team conducting those very experiments.

For the experiment, the nanites would regress her body into that of a trout egg. She would be transported to a nearby stream as soon as the change was completed. She would live the entire life cycle of a trout, experiencing it first hand with all her memories intact. Though she would be in control of her body, the instincts of the fish Cassie would become would guide her actions. The experiment would end once she reached adulthood and returned to the initial site to spawn.

The nanites in her system would convert her form into that of a trout egg and begin the cycle. The cycle would be accelerated, leaving only months between egg and spawning adult, as opposed to waiting for an additional to reach sexual maturity. The act of egg-laying would cause her to revert to her human form, where she would return to the station.

The process, though not without risk, was as safe as possible, given the drastic nature of the experiment. The nanites stored all aspects of her consciousness; so long as one survived, Cassie would not die. The nanites had the capacity to self replicate indefinitely, so that even if she was eaten or killed, then she could regenerate to continue the experiment. It would be a traumatic experience, should she die, but it would at least not be a permanent one.

The idea of experiencing life as another creature, even as banal as a fish, was powerfully appealing. If she was to do well at this assignment, there was every chance that she would be selected to participate in future transformation experiments. It was not something she wanted to pass up.

A dizzying sensation started to overtake her, and Cassie was broken from her reverie. She was disoriented for a moment before the realization hit her that the nanites were taking effect. It seemed as though the room was expanding around her from all dimensions. She had a long way to go before she reached the required size. Thankfully, the process was entirely painless. It would be impossible to fathom undergoing the transformation otherwise!

As she shrank, Cassie was aware of several alterations to her form. She was losing height, as well as muscle mass throughout her entire body. Her breasts started to tingle as they lost their fat and began to deflate into her chest. Yet, even after rubbing them, they did not seem to fade entirely. They were smaller, reminding her of their appearance just entering puberty. They still maintained the familiar points of nipples, though they were sat upon an entirely flat chest.

The sensations swelling from her groin removed any sensitivity she processed down there. It was as though the hormones in her body were being rewritten, regressing to a state before she hit maturity in her teenage years. She was not only changing species but returning to a prior state of her own human development first!

Her body was steadily shrinking, losing inches as the minutes passed. She was about the height of her 10-year-old self now, and her anatomy was beginning to reflect that. Her skin was smooth, her body hairless save for her head. The freckles she had as a child returned to her face, and her hair became immaculate, lacking any of the wear of her adult self. It was a nostalgic sensation, to return to a form that she barely recalled possessing at the time.

The changes carried on more rapidly now, forcing Cassie to try and overcome the extreme disorientation. She was less than 4 years old now and continuing to shrink. Her previously lithe form was growing chubbier as Cassie returned to the dimensions Cassie possessed as a toddler. She tried to speak, but her voice came out high pitched in a way that left her extremely discomforted.

Two years old now, Cassie found it troublesome to stand as the muscles in her body started to lose their development. Her flesh became pudgy, adding its baby fat as the hair on her head retreated back into her scalp. Her head was much larger concerning her body as she toppled over, unable to stand or walk without the proper support.

As she repressed past a one-year-old, Cassie was aware of an unusual discoloration spreading over her flesh. The color was a stark contrast to her human skin, a sign her species was finally beginning to alter. Her spine started to extend, though the bones were dissolving as the growth protruded beyond half the length of her current form. At 6 months now, her skin was entirely orange as her head started to bulge out, her lips and nose forming some sort of snout. 1 month old, her legs and arms stopped moving, the physiology of a fish starting to take over the infant human shape she had acquired.

The expansive room started to darken as her eyes became vestigial. She had prepared for this, but it was nearly impossible to fully comprehend what it would be like to be blind. She was truly helpless, barely able to move as her legs and arms reduced to stumps, and then nothing. The receding bone and muscle all throughout left her no longer able to move. Not even to wag her tail, open her mouth, or twitch her body.

Her senses were reduced to mere tactile experiences, but even those were dwindling from lack of nerves in her underdeveloped body. Cassie would not have known her torso was extending relative to her body, or that her spine was now a simple notochord, had she not researched the assignment in great detail before. She lacked even the basic sense of touch to be aware she was lying along the floor.

Yet, there was one sensation that still entered her awareness. It was as though her body was oozing a gelatinous substance, one that covered her entire being. It felt alarming to her psyche as it proceeded to envelop her in what her human mind knew to be an egg capsule. She would be completely encased, unable to interact with the world. It was akin to a nightmare from which she could not wake. Even those words failed to describe the horror. Even in a nightmare, she could see, could hear, or smell. In this egg, she would experience almost nothing.

As the gelatinous fluid continued to ooze from the remnants of her flesh, something else began to emerge as a weight on her lower half. It was attached directly to her insides as it swelled larger than her entire body. As it completed its progress, it began pumping what Cassie knew to be life-giving nutrients. It fed its resources directly into her, giving her all her developing body required. She would exist entirely on this yolk sack for the duration of her time as egg, and even into her juvenile trout life.

The egg continued to envelop her body, forcing it to contract in on itself. She could perceive that her tail was nearly in front of her where her face was. It was far thinner than her head, which itself was a relatively bulbous structure with the remnants of her eyes on either side. Yet, in their vestigial state, they could not perceive the world around her in a meaningful way. Only the egg around her and her swelling egg yolk was known to her.

With that, the changes were complete. Cassie was entirely transformed into a fertilized trout egg, nothing but an embryo persisting only on the yolk sac that covered her belly. She had no concept of the world beyond her gooey egg. Cassie knew that she would be taken to the water, to be placed in a stream with millions of other eggs of her species. But she had no way to tell when that occurred. Even being placed in the water would not trigger her senses. Her only knowledge that she was eventually placed was that her egg had not become desiccated. Even if the nanites repaired it right away, she was certain the dryness would be overwhelmingly alarming.

Cassie didn’t know how long she stayed there, her egg sitting among millions of others that she was unable to see or hear. It was extremely unnerving to be so cut off from the world. The passing of days, changes to her watery environment, and the presence of predators that might find her egg a tasty treat was all beyond her reach. She feared she might go mad from the sheer terror of the nothingness. It was truly purgatory, with no outside stimuli to satisfy the parts of her memory that craved such contact.

Cassie had first tried to occupy her thoughts with things like movies, books, tv shows. Any of the hobbies she loved, the stories, and fiction that allowed her an escape from her nightmarish reality. Cassie even developed games to try to maintain some semblance of sanity in her personal hell. Yet, no matter how she tried, it was impossible to fill the vast nothing that had become her world. The silence was near maddening.

The eggshell she was in was her whole world, its own self-contained ecosystem. As time passed, that realization came to the forefront of her daily thoughts. Cassie found it hard to worry about life beyond those walls. Soon, her mind started to shut down, her thoughts becoming foggy as she began to realize that there was nothing beyond this egg that mattered. The yoke sac provided all the nutrients she could ever need, eliminated her waste, and kept all her bodily functions intact. What more could anyone possibly need?

With that, Cassie found herself experiencing a kind of inner peace that far surpassed the human fear of loss. It was akin to being in the womb, only this time she was semi-cognizant of the experience. It brought a level of comfort that no human had likely ever experienced.

Throughout the experience, Cassie remained thankful the nanites kept her alive, regardless of the circumstances outside the shell. Even if her egg was to float away, or be eaten, she could be reconstituted. She felt a bout of nausea from the thoughts that she might be digested, even if afterward she would return to her egg-state. Thankfully, even with her limited abilities, she knew it did not occur during her tenure as an egg.

All the while, she continued to grow, her body developing as it fed on the yolk. Her eyes slowly took in the world around her, though they could no longer blink. Its color was lost to her with only the lightening shade within the egg to denote their development. She was thankful for that, knowing her stage of development left her skin translucent. She didn't need the mental image of seeing her internals organs, her spine, and brain visible before her eyes!

The features on her head were slowly growing more pronounced, creating a distinct line for gills, a separation from her trunk, and a longer tail. It was still impossible to smell or hear, but her senses seemed to be preparing themselves for life beyond the egg. Cassie felt herself growing excited at the prospect. She would kill to be able to hear or see at even a fraction of her former ability!

She had no concept of how long she’d been an egg. As time passed, it became harder to recall what life beyond its boundaries was like. It seemed like an out of body experience, a memory from another life. Yet as the days passed and her body developed through nutrients fed into her system, the memories returned. She recalled the autonomy she’d enjoyed, and part of her longed for it again. As peaceful as it had been to regress to the womb, the natural progression was to develop and grow and experience all the world had to offer.

Her body was wriggling a bit more each day as her form gained strength. She could almost feel her muscles tensing and growing as they prepared for her eventual fate. Her body even started to move now and then, her tail and torso thrashing back and forth as her body slowly developed. The larger she grew, the greater her desire became to explore beyond the confines of the egg.

She was surprised when it actually happened. One day, her wriggling body simply tore a hole in the haven of her shell. With a fluid motion, she forced herself out of the gelatin and swam in the water. With that, she knew she had officially progressed to the alevin stage.

The temperature of the water was perfect, making her feel comforted and relaxed in her new home. Her eyes weren’t too developed, but she could make out vague shapes in the water around her, ones that her human mind seemed to determine were rocks. Though given her size, they were likely only pebbles.

She could still feel the familiar weight of the yolk sack on her belly, the one that had given her life in the egg. Part of her human recollection reminded her that it would continue to be a source of food for some time. It would nourish the level of development she would need to strengthen her eventual escape from the gravel that comprised her hatchery.

As the days steadily carried on, she was aware her yolk sac was dwindling in size. It would only last her for so long, a period of days or weeks as opposed to the months that it would take for her brethren to develop. Each day she felt her body grow stronger, her tail able to better propel herself forward. She could perceive the sack was shrinking as her entire body sucked out its nutrients.

There was little for her to explore in the alevin stage. She was in a daze those first few ways, swimming lightly with her limited senses. She knew both instinctively and from memory that it was a poor idea to move beyond the gravel pit she had found herself in. And she had no need to leave her, her yolk sac able to provide all her needs.

Still, it was a great comfort to see her environment slowly coming into focus. Her eyesight had improved significantly, and she was thankful for the piscine lenses that allowed her vision in a watery world. Colors were muted, muddy, and it took some days to make sense of things in human terms. Her head could almost move of its own accord now as she explored the rocky floor of her home. It aided in alleviating the boredom she was condemned to in this state of being.

Massive spires of green towered over her, looking more like trees. It was surprisingly difficult to distinguish them as grasses and reeds from her underwater perspective. To her trout mind, they invoked a sense of safety.

Similarly, the floor of the river was full of boulders, with enough space for her to hide and rest if she desired it. Her world was shared with a myriad of other invertebrates, things smaller than her and relatively harmless. And naturally, her fellows were present as eggs and alevins, hidden in the reeds and boulders as she did.

Her other senses were surprisingly acute, though she expected they would continue to develop as she aged. She could smell, at least to a degree. The molecules in the water were alien to her human mind, and even her trout instincts could not properly distinguish them. One familiar odor, one she recognized as her fellows, was ever-present. With some effort, she could distinguish individuals easier than with her sight. She could hear as well, though mostly the sounds of crawling creatures moving the boulders that attracted her ears. Anything beyond this safe haven was lost to her senses as an alevin.

Cassie could tell her body was continuing to grow, though it was difficult to see the changes in her form. The color of her skin was starting to change, darkening from its original orange towards a brown shade. The flesh was no longer translucent now, which Cassie was grateful for. It was not something she needed to see for the rest of her piscine life.

The actions of her fellow trout took up most of her attention. Like her, they seemed content within the boundaries of their hatchery learning their world as they slowly developed. Occasionally, she saw them leaving the confines of their shallow depression, but did not yet have the urge to join them. It was only a few in number at first, but as time went on, more and more of them left safely for want beckoned beyond.

It became obvious to Cassie that her body was preparing for that same journey. Eventually, near the end of her yolk-sac reservoir, she was driven to leave. It was mostly from a place of hunger, but also from the very human boredom of remaining here too long. The piscine parts of her psyche craved something that this habitat could not provide, while the human was eager to explore the world beyond this tiny depression.

Cassie braced herself before taking that critical first swim towards higher waters. By now, she had become somewhat accustomed to using her new tail to propel herself. Yet this was a more urgent need, and her new appendage moved more frantically than at any point in her life. Deep down, she was able to discern the dangers of such a swim. It was her first time leaving the safety of the nesting grounds, and the first real experience she would have with the threat of predation. She knew the nanites would keep her safe, yet she had no desire to experience being eaten and reconstituted nonetheless!

Yet reaching beyond the confines of her birthplace was insufficient for her instincts. Cassie started to realize that she was being compelled towards the surface, yet had no idea why. She didn’t need to breach if she could breathe through her gills, right?

Yet the reason for her ascension became clear. It was a Herculean task to rise to the surface as she could not currently retain buoyancy. A trout lacked the energy required to prevent sinking to the bottom of the river on their own. She was required to take this initial excursion to the surface, to fill her body was the air necessary to fill her swim bladder. It was referred to as a ‘bottom-up’ event, one that marked her transition into her next life stage.

As she ascended, Cassie could make out a barrier above her that filled her with a sense of dread. The water became more difficult to traverse the further she rose to the surface, and she could make up several of her fellows being swept further down. She assumed she was in a shallow part of the river; anything further out would send her downstream, far away from the safety of her gravel. But even so, it was difficult to reach her destination with her tiny body.

Her visual capabilities as a trout became easier to understand the more she grew accustomed to moving in three dimensions. It was easy to see the barrier above her, but harder to see the shapes of other alevin ascending with her. But the threats weren’t from others of her kind, and she cared little for their own journeys. Her goal was only that brilliant wavering from above her.

At last, her mouth hit the surface, and for a moment, she panicked. She could not see anything above her; that world was beyond the perception of her piscine eyes. She did not raise any further, worried for her mortality should her gills breach the surface, but her gaping mouth was sufficient to draw in the oxygen she required.

It was a terribly frightening prospect to remain so exposed, but she was compelled due to the necessity of oxygen intake even over her fears of self-preservation. It was evident to the vibrations in the water that something relatively massive was nearby, removing her hatchery mates as it ate its fill. Evidently, predators made their living waiting for alevins such as she to breach the surface, looking to pick them off. Again, Cassie found herself afraid for her life. The idea of being eaten and digested was not a pleasant one. Though she would not perish, due to the nanites, it was still not something she wished to experience first hand!

Soon, her swim bladder had its fill, and she was able to descend to safety, leaving the now alien world behind. Life after that started to change rapidly. She was hungry, terribly so, and compelled to eat zooplankton, tiny organisms that evaded the human eye. There were literally billions of them in her small corner of the river, enough to satisfy even her appetite. Her body was still too small to go beyond the calm river water near the shore, and not large enough to evade danger. Rocks, reeds, and trailing plants were her cover as she fed.

Her senses had been steadily advancing as time passed, and the world was slowly starting to make sense to her prior human knowledge. Though her vision was muddied, she could still see the world above and below her with clarity. Threats to her life came from those angles. Her side to side vision was not nearly as acute, due to its lack of evolutionary importance.

She was better able to distinguish scents as well, not just the ones of her hatchling-mates. Soon, the unique pheromones of predators were committed to memory, larger fish, insects, and frogs of particular threats. She soon learned to avoid them, her human knowledge allowing her to seek shelter at the slightest hints of their scent molecules in the water.

One sense that took some effort to adapt to was her hearing. It was different than the human equivalent, more sensitive to vibrations in the water rather than sounds in a manner that humans were accustomed to. But she found, to her delight, that they were far more useful to her life. She existed in three dimensions, able to move up and down as well as back and forth. The direction from which she detected vibrations became far more accessible to her.

Yet far superior to her hearing was a new sense, one that her human self could not make heads or tails of. A tingle along the sides of her body allowed her to detect the location of other fish relative to herself. Her human mind recalled the research she had done on lateral lines, electrical signals that fish used as another form of locational sense. But to actually experience it was something different entirely! In tandem with her smell and hearing, she had a much wider view of her surroundings than a human in a wetsuit could ever hope to achieve!

Though she had not been predated, many of her fellows were not so lucky. Often, she felt the vibrations of something dangerous approaching, and her human awareness with piscine instincts were sufficient to avoid potential threats. But dozens, if not hundreds, of the fry near her, were denied such escape. Yet Cassie found she cared very little about their fates. Trout juveniles had a very high rate of mortality, and there was every chance that every alevin she had hatched with would perish. Less than 5 percent of her species would reach adulthood, claim territory in the river, and eventually spawn.

The power in her body had been steadily increasing as the days went on. Her tail started to sport a fin-like appendage, while several other sets seemed to form from the light protuberances her juvenile body was born with. She had eight fins in all, four swelled from the tissue that would have made her mammalian limbs, one dorsal and one caudal, with two additional fins in between. She was thankful for the presence as her body continued to develop, and her needs to traverse greater territory increased. The additional fins allowed her to steer, to better control her piscine body as she explored her new environment.

She had grown larger by this point, faster than the other alevin she had hatched with. She assumed she was beyond the fingerling stage now, closer to what was known as parr. With her increase in mass came several changes to her lifestyle. For one, her hunger had grown, and the zooplankton no longer sufficed to feed her. Her instincts demand she feed on insects, larva, and other invertebrates, something the human part of her found revolting. Cassie was aware it was a part of her new physiology, but one that she did not have to like. She still kept low to the gravel as she hunted for her prey, but now, her larger size was sufficient to venture out into deeper waters.

Her body color had metamorphosed, but her awareness of it was a product of her recollection. She should see the shades of her body as it moved, but its distinctive patterns were lost to her field of focus. Still, she knew her scales were likely peppered by fingerprint patterns on the side, ones that would eventually fade into the black spots of the adult trout. It was almost like a rite of passage, one that gave her a strange sense of pride.

Another startling change was how defensive she felt about her space. Before, the presence of other parr did not bother her so much. But now, whenever their pheromones touched her nose, or her lateral line detected their proximity, she felt anger. No, it was not human anger, not exactly. She was compelled to assault them, swimming rapidly and pushing them away, or biting with her gummy jaw until they fled. Her human mind knew she was potentially attracting unwanted attention from predators, but it was worth the risk, to keep others from her space. She needed a territory to feed on, or else she would not have sufficient food to grow!

This stage of her life was by far more dynamic and interesting than her juvenile life had been. She spent the time exploring, marking the bounties of her land with active aggression. It gave her a sense of purpose, to explore this space, to eat, and to push away any intruders. Her territory did not have defined borders, so she had to patrol its boundaries constantly. And exploring the ranges she could feasibly defend, learning its topography, and translating her piscine sensory inputs to human experience was a task that satisfied even her human intellect!

Yet the more she grew, the duller her piscine life became. She finally had a suitable territory; she dared not leave its confines lest she lost it to another trout. Therefore, she could not explore the rest of the river, or all it had to offer like the human part of her mind wished to. It became boring in the ensuing months, to know every inch of this space and unable to traverse further.

Yet the piscine part of her mind saw things differently, and that contrast allowed her to maintain a semblance of sanity. Her trout self relished the idea of having a boundary, defending it from rivals while remaining relatively hidden from potential predators. The larger she grew, the easier it became to protect her territory and map out places of relative safety. She had the added advantage of maturing far faster than her fellows, her larger size able to compete with any of the remaining parr and even some of the other adults, in tandem with human intellect.

Cassie was vaguely aware that summer was steadily passing, though the season had different implications for her underwater life. She was certain that she was coming into her adult colors as the water warmed and became more shallow. Her scales would be darker on top, speckled with black dots as befit her species. It made her hidden to predators from above, as best she could be. Her larger size saw no underwater threats, her species the apex being in this watery habitat.

The shallow depressions in the summer river served piscine needs well to her piscine brain, and she was compelled to seek them out. Often, she would position her head upstream, the cavity fitting her body and allowing little additional energy to maintain her position. From there, food would flow into her mouth, invertebrates that tasted little to her tongue but helped to fill her up. She was getting used to the disgusting crawling feeling in her mouth before they were forced into her gullet. Her previous disgust was slowly waning, which was thankful. She spent so much of her time eating invertebrates, and her existence would have been maddening otherwise.

Life continued much in the same fashion for many months. Though there were times she needed to move, to push out intruders from the best depressions, the quality of her existence was monotonous at best. She longed for sleep, for the rapid passage of time that allowed her human cognizance a brief reprieve. It was a substandard existence to live in longing for tomorrow, for the next stage of her development.

Yet, in contrast to the monotony, she found something oddly peaceful, existing as a fish, all of her cares and troubles a distant memory. Aside from the invading trout, or the shadow of a hawk looking for piscine prey, there was little she needed to worry about. Food literally swept into her mouth without her needing to hunt. It soon became somewhat of luxury unknown to human life, to allow herself to go, to live in the knowledge that existing without struggle was sufficient. It was like a vacation of sorts, beyond anything a human could ever enjoy. Cassie allowed her human thoughts to drift for days at a time, surfacing only when needed, finding some peace with piscine life that she never expected.

At last, after months of existing as a fish, the colder November water signaled a change in her physiology, one she had been anticipating with some excitement. The peace of her watery home was no longer required for this next stage of life. It inspired her to move into deeper waters, traveling upstream to an area she had not explored. Yet part of her found the journey familiar, as though she was returning to the place of her birth.

The need to travel was spurred by a desire in her loins. She had not been granted pleasures of the flesh in her time as a trout. In truth, she longed-for the contractions of orgasm. Though normally, trout would require an extra year to reach sexual maturity, the nanite program allowed her the luxury of being able to lay eggs now. Her time as a trout was nearly over.

As she swam, the feelings of other piscine bodies touching her gave her pause. Though this time, she felt none of the previous aggression at their presence. She knew it was a risk to spawn, that so many of her kind in one place would provide a smorgasbord of morsels for any predators. Indeed, she felt the vibrations of a large beast in the river, swiping at her kind as it ate its fill. She assumed it was a bear, a deadly predator for her kind. To her dismay, she found she had to avoid more than one as she continued her trek upstream.

Yet soon, she found it, the place her instincts beckoned her towards. It was a relatively shallow area, rich with gravel deposits, similar to the one that she had risen from several months ago. It took her a few moments of scouring the area, but at last, she found the ideal spot. Oxygen-rich water flowed over where she would make her redd. She lowered herself towards the river floor, rubbing at it with her anal fin. The impression needed to be deep enough to allow her eggs the best chance at survival.

Finally, her twitching, writhing body was done, at least to her trout psyche. It was now a sufficient depression that she could lay her eggs into without risk of them being swept away. Her loins had been quivering all this time, beckoning her to place her vent over the hole. Both the nanite-created piscine instincts and the human Cassie were elated with the idea of laying. She could feel them swelling in her body, her ovaries preparing to churn them out to complete her final task as a trout.

The quivering in her vent rose to a crescendo as the first of her clutch began to descent. Cassie could not have anticipated how good it felt to a fish to lay her eggs! She would have moaned if she could, but her mouth could only open and close in ecstasy. Her insides writhed with the sensations of eggs passing the inner walls, and with delight, the first clutch of slimy, gelatinous eggs fell from her vent and settled into the gravel below.

Her entire body writhed in an orgasmic release as the next clutch of eggs started pushing from her ovaries, prepared to exit her vent, and fall to the gravel below. This one seemed larger than the last, and although it did not cause her pain, it did stretch her insides impossibly wide. Yet it only served to accentuate her lust to lay so many eggs at a time. Another clutch fell from her vent, the stirrings of the next few hot on their heels.

Cassie had no idea how long she lay there, her body wracked with the pleasures of orgasm as she laid clutch after clutch. She knew one trout could lay hundreds of eggs, and they had been developing silently in her sex for the past several months. It would take literal hours for the task to complete, and each wave felt better than the last over her fishy body. It was far beyond any orgasmic sensation she knew from her humanity, almost worth the long wait for this one annual spawning session!

Finally, after an eternity of orgasmic bliss, she felt the contractions diminishing. Spent, she rose from her place, smelling what her senses told her was a male, one that had won the right from several other males to fertilize her clutch. She could scent the thick, spicy scent of milt as the male lay over her redd, spilling load after load of milky white fluid to be washed over her orange eggs. It seemed evident that his body, too, was wracked with the same ecstasy as she had been, though it was impossible to be certain. One thing she did know was that the length of time he knew it paled in comparison to her own.

Afterward, Cassie was compelled to descend to the redd once more, needing to cover her clutch as a final act of parenthood. Using her anal fin and twisting her body, she pushed the gravel back over her eggs, doing her best to cover them. Her mind was eager to erase the orange from the sandy bottom to allow her clutch the best chance of survival before leaving the potential next generation to their fates.

Cassie lay there, hovering in the post-orgasmic bliss of having completed her life’s purpose. Though she would not die, perhaps having a few more spawning sessions left in her, she felt a sense of completion that made her smile inwardly. It was so fulfilling, she hardly noticed the tingling of nanites as their trigger activated them, and she began her reversion to her human self.

Her body grew massive, making it harder to float there as her dorsal fin breached the surface of the water. The wind against her scales made her shiver, but soon they melted into her form to make room for equally chilly human skin. Her tail stopped thrashing in the water as it receded into her asshole, while her legs and arms scrapped across the gravel, returning to their human shapes. She coughed for a few moments as her gills receded, her body no longer designed to survive underwater. Thankfully, her body had developed sufficient muscle to lift her head above water, and she breathed deeply in the air for the first time in months.

Cassie rose to her knees, slowly able to take in the world as her eyes shrank relative to her body, and her nose formed on the end of her receding muzzle. She gagged a little, the piscine stench above water offensive to her human senses. But soon, the rest of her scales receded, and her skin-covered body no longer exuded that distinctive stench. She drank in the surface world through human eyes, disoriented to see what literally felt like the other side in perfect clarity to what she was now accustomed to.

Familiar sights entered her eyes, and Cassie looked up into the faces of her coworkers as they helped her up to her feet. Handing her a coffee and wrapping her in a towel, they allowed her a few moments to stand there as she regained her balance. It took some time to readjust to a bipedal stance, even though her muscles and bones were none the worse for wear from the transformation. In some ways, she found herself missing the three-dimensional travel she enjoyed as fish. But, it was time to return to human life. For now, at least.

As she was led towards the car, Cassie resisted the urge to rub the flesh around her crotch. The nanites provided her a wetsuit of sorts, to protect her modesty. But something grainy was rubbing against the surface between it and the flesh of her groin. She did her best to make conversation with her coworkers, distracting them as she drew her fingers discreetly downwards. It was nearly impossible to stifle a moan of pleasure as her fingers cleared away a small pile of trout eggs from her groin, making room for the rest of them to fall from her vagina.


Cassie felt the cool splash of water on her gills as her shrinking body hit the waves. T\Her scales were not hindered by the cold; however, as she made her way to the bottom of the artificial stream. Her stretching tail propelled her forward, as she swam happily, eager to return to even a brief time of piscine life!

Her colleague, Tyler, had been surprised to hear she wanted to change back, especially so soon after her assignment. But, her debrief showed her to be perfectly sound in body and mind. Once the reports had been written, she was entitled to vacation time. And she had access to a variety of nanite programs she could use for recreational purposes. So, after a bit of persuasion, she was allowed to live in the office freshwater tank as a sort of pet.

There was another reason she wanted to return to the state where she’d been those last few days of her life as a trout. She had to be discrete about the actions, lest she alerted her colleagues to her rather embarrassing hobby. It had been something she’d designed the nanite program to do, something easily overlooked from any developer.

She had to make sure to resist the urges until night, while she was left alone in the tank. Yet even her limited piscine sense could tell when the lights were off, and when she knew she would not be seen. The urges in her loins would not be kept at bay much longer. Completely on instinct, she made her way to the bottom of the tank, her fins making a sizable indent while her cloaca screamed at her with the promise of pleasure. One the impression had been dug to her mind’s content, she relaxed, allowing that perfect fulfillment to flow over her body as her vent started to twitch and throb and ooze out the first of many egg clutches she would lay that night.

It seemed that her nocturnal activities did not go unnoticed for long. One light, she felt the vibrations from a slap above as a form more massive than her own hit the surface of the water. But soon, it began to shrink towards dimensions that she found more familiar. Though it was difficult to make out, her eyes did discern a descending shape that was a mix of both man and fish. Soon, it took on the dimensions she understood as a trout like she was. And from the pheromones in the water, she could tell it was a mature male.

Soon, a familiar spicy scent hit her nose as the male swam over to her clutch. Uncontested for the right to mate, he spilled his milt over the eggs, writhing in pleasure as he did so. His body shook and writhed in the water, thick clouds of trout cum landing over the eggs. Though they would not hatch and mature with the nanite program she had used, it was still evidently powerfully arousing for the male to fertilize them.

The sight and smell of him lit up Cassie's loins once more. She had no idea who had joined her on vacation as a trout. Most likely, it was Tyler, having discovered her desire to procreate over and over each night. Perhaps he was curious about experiencing his own orgasmic release as a trout.

Whatever the reason, Cassie cared little. What mattered most was how his sight and scent turned her on. The knowledge that a male was here to fertilize her clutch was a more potent aphrodisiac than she could have ever anticipated. Cassie felt the urgent need in her loins to lay more gooey eggs as her body started contracting with the need to orgasm. She would certainly be laying many more times tonight!

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That's quite the interesting trigger/cause. I hope to see more from this setting.
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I have a few older ones of that nature that I plan to reupload/reedit!
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“Hey, Youtube, what’s up! It’s your girl Evelyn here with another product demo for Transgen inc! Of course, you know their products can cure cancer, heart disease, and even aging, but that’s not what you’re here for, is it! You wanna see the recreational side of changing your body! Welp, I’m here to deliver!”

“What I have here in my hand is the top voted product you guys picked. Today, I’m going to live out every girl’s dream and turn into a horse, onscreen! My bestie Allison will describe the process as I change, and then we’re gonna take me on a test ride!”

“Alright, Allison, are you ready on your end?” She asked off-screen. Allison stepped into the frame, giving her a thumbs-up as she walked over to Evelyn’s side.

“Ok, it's go time! If you like what you see in this video, don't forget to like and subscribe! And hit that little bell button in the corner to get notified whenever I post a new video and let those kind youtube moderators know how much you love me!” Evelyn said, cheerfully as she injected the device carrying the nanites.

“Oh, I almost forgot to talk about this little number! Transgen’s patented injector system is super easy to use! The most common injection site is the arm, but, really, you can do it anywhere! And there’s no risk of your product accidentally being used on someone else! The scanner will have been preprogrammed to your DNA, and the nanites won’t work unless it's you! And if for some reason you aren't satisfied, you can return your injector for a full substitution or refund!”

Evelyn was an up and coming Youtube influencer, but it was a side gig, something she did between working hours. Her channel posted videos talking about pet care procedures, and little DIY animal-related projects. Yet she always thought it would be nice to make it a more permanent career. When the opportunity to be an influencer for Transgen inc had come up, Evelyn jumped at the chance!

Evelyn had assumed she would never be considered for the position, with such a modest viewership as she had. Still, she spent hours pouring over the information about Transgen and the products they provided. By the time her interview came up, Evelyn could nearly list every customer inquiry as well as any company representative. She had been exceptionally through about her responses to the intake questions, and something must have resonated with the hiring department. To her amazement, she had gotten the sponsorship!

Evelyn looked into the camera as the nanites warmed her system, preparing her for the change. She had always been interested in the idea of transformation but was in far too low an income bracket to ever afford it. With this sponsorship, not only would she be given access to any number of transformation programs, but she would be paid to do so!

“OK, Evelyn, have time to take a few questions?” Allison said while reading her chat screen. “How do you feel about becoming a horse?’

“Well, I’m a little nervous. Horses are so big, and it's my first time becoming one!” Evelyn answered as her skin started to prickle with change. It was really happening! SHe hadn’t expected it to occur so fast!

“Hey guys, it’s starting! Let's get a close-up!” Evelyn said as Allison set the camera towards a patch of chestnut hair growing from her arm. Allison followed as the blackening flesh ran down her arm and up her shoulders.

To preserve her modesty, Evelyn was given a nanite bodysuit that would be integrated into the change. It wouldn't hide any of the equine parts once the transformation started, but it did ensure a significant subset of her fanbase wouldn’t just be perverts. She was certain that Transgen inc. catered to sites like those, but, thankfully, Youtube wasn’t one of them!

“Another quick question before you start neighing! Does the change hurt? How does it feel?” Allison read off the chat screen.

“Nope, it doesn’t hurt at all! I feel a little odd, but the nanites remove any of the physical discomforts! It feels kinda warm, actually!” Evelyn replied with a scripted response. It was a question she expected to get often!

The tingling now centered in her hands, and Evelyn was somewhat shocked to see her fingers retreating up her wrists. Though expected, it was still unnerving to lose dexterity in each digit before they reduced to nothing, leaving only one thickened middle finger. The tip swelled up with bubbling keratin that took a crescent shape to resemble an equine hoof. The bones in her lower arm stretched until she had a perfect pair of front horse hooves to flail excitedly.

Allison took over with the explanation. She was a vet by trade, and her analysis of changing animal anatomy was sure to spark user viewership. “Now, we commonly think that horses have all their fingers merged into a hoof, but that’s not the case. It’s really just the one finger, with the bones all arranged differently than in a human hand! For example, her carpal bones have all fused to become what’s called a ‘knee’ on the horse’s front legs!”

Next, Evelyn felt her lips grow puffy as they started to enlarge, and the bones of her face stretched forward. Her teeth grew thicker, the incisors yellowed as they stuck out of splotchy gums. Evelyn thought it was a little embarrassing, having such big buck teeth, but it was all part of the process. She snorted, her nose growing brown and massive as her equine muzzle continued to stick out of her face.

“Ah, look at those beautiful teeth! Horses actually have more teeth than we do, but most of them are further back in their muzzles for grinding! There’s a huge space between the incisors and molars, where the bit will go! Evelyn will show that off a little later!”

Next, Evelyn could feel the muscles in her skull rearrange and was surprised that, in twitching them, her ears started to move. She marveled over the sensations as her forehead continued to flatten, pushing her face forward into a muzzle and taking her nose along for the ride.

The pale human flesh darkened to brown as it expanded, the mucous membrane within catching scents that the human Evelyn could not have imagined. She snorted, his nostrils drinking in the air and all the tantalizing aromas it carried. Her human abilities were a stark contrast to the natural smells of grass and plants that made her stomach rumble.

The size of her muzzle forced her eyes apart as the iris grew dark, and the pupils contracted into horizontal slits. For a few moments, Evelyn enjoyed the expanding field of vision but then panicked as her eyes grew too far apart, and the world was separated into distinct images! An equine whicker escaped her lips until her vision settled, and Evelyn was treated to the entire expanse of the field, albeit in different shades and less focus.

“Look at those ears! Evelyn can move them in any direction to catch sounds on the wind! And those massive eyes! I bet she can see the whole field without even turning her head! No predator is gonna sneak up on her!”

Evelyn let out a convincing whicker as the bones in her skull continued to rearrange underneath. Her neck thickened, the muscle bulging to better support her swelling cranium. The top of her scalp itched insistently from an intense pricking, and she flicked her mane, creating a rather majestic image that echoed cheers from her friend.

Evelyn continued to grow, her equine hide covering the nanite suit as it rippled over her chest and torso. Her ribs pressed tightly out against the skin as her chest barreled and forced her breasts to recede. Simultaneously, she could feel a slight ballooning sensation in her groin that she assumed was the development of a mare’s udder. But from the angle of the camera, the audience couldn't see. She wouldn’t be able to hide it once the transformation was completed, but horses had no need for that kind of modesty.

Her chest and stomach continued to grow, and Evelyn lowered her top-heavy body, positioning her hooves so that when she fell forward, she could catch herself without risk of injury. Her stretching spine snapped audibly, though, of course, the nanites prevented any sensation of pain from reaching her brain. Swelling hips and a protruding pelvis forced her further down until her lengthening arms eventually did hit the ground. She was amazed how easily her thin arms held her weight, and how little her hooves could feel underneath, save for pressure against the dirt.

Evelyn’s hips continued to swell, as the muscle and fat of her rear expanded exponentially.“Now, turn around Evvy, show us that tail!” Allison said, and Evelyn hesitated, only just now feeling the tingle of her tail sprouting. She was rather embarrassed to feel her horse pucker thickening and rotating up on full display, just above the cavernous opening of her sex. With the changes forcing away the nanite covering, her privates were on full display!

Yet, soon, the distinctive itch of coarse hair tickled her backend, and Evelyn realized that she indeed had her tail to cover her privates. Obediently, she turned around, her changing legs making the movement awkward. But by that time, her swishing tail had covered everything, and Evelyn played with it, showing it off for the camera. She was certain that her rear was somewhat exposed, but felt less self-conscious knowing it perfectly mimicked a mare’s!

“She’s almost done, guys! Just need those legs to shape up and that horse body to put on bulk! Evelyn makes a lovely mare, wouldn’t you say?” Allison continued to narrate as Evelyn felt the steady tingling enveloping her body. She was massive, easily five to ten times heavier than the girl she was!

Her body became more comfortable as her back legs stretched, thighs sinking into relocated hips as her calves shrank. Her toe bones made up the difference in length for a proper quadrupedal stance. Like her hands, the bones in her toes faded away, eaten by the nanites as her middle toe ballooned into a rear hoof to help support her weight.

“And there you go, folks! My best friend is a mare now! The change went a bit slower, but that was just to show off what the nanites can do! You can actually set the program to change you faster or slower, whatever your preference is!” Allison declared as she walked over to the laptop and opened a new window.

“Now, for the fun part! The nanites are linked with a voice program that will let Evelyn talk to you! I’ll read out the questions you guys post, and Evelyn can transmit her thoughts to the nanites, and the program's voice will read out what she wants to say! Pretty cool, right?” Allison said, looking over to the mare that was once her best friend.

Evelyn, for her part, was more than happy to show off her new equine body. She loved the sensations of being a horse, the power and speed and elegance everything she had hoped it would be, and more.

“Now, let's get started! First question! How does it feel being a horse?”

Evelyn took a moment to think about the answer and said the words in her head, focusing them on the computer. To her delight, the automated voice read them aloud, in a tone that wasn’t too far from her own!

"It feels amazing! I love how powerful and BIG I am!"

“Alright, looks like everything is a go! Next question! Can she pose in her new horse body? Let's see! Evvy, wanna show off for the camera?”

Without a word, Evelyn started to move, working up to a trot as she pranced around in a circle, so the cameras could catch everything. It was surprisingly easy for her to walk on all fours. Evelyn would have been tripped up by the sensation of having all four legs moving in unison, but the instincts that were programmed into her form allowed her full control. It was amazing how balanced she felt, walking, and trotting on her thin legs. They were perfectly able to support even the bulky horse she had become.

Ever the show pony, Evelyn worked her way up to a canter, and eventually a full gallop, taking off across the field and then back again. Proud of her power, and still exhilarated from the wind in her mane, Evelyn raised her head and neighed, showing off her equine form in all its glory.

“I think that answers that question! Let’s see...can she be ridden? Well, we’re about to find out!” Allison said as she picked up her tackle and brought it towards the prancing horse. Evelyn forced herself to stay still as a halter was placed over her head, the bit sliding effortlessly in the space between her teeth. Evelyn did her best to remain stationary, but her body really wanted to escape the uncomfortable sensations.

“There, there, that’s a good girl! Evvy, why don’t you tell the viewers what it’s like to be bridled?”

“It’s...a bit degrading. I really don’t like the snaffle in my mouth!” Thought Evelyn with a corresponding nicker.

“Sorry about that Evvy, but it will be over soon! Hopefully, it won’t be so bad once you get used to it!” Allison said as she proceeded to attach the saddle, eventually bracing herself to jump onto her best friend’s back.

Evelyn, hating the feeling of a human on her back, started to resist, unable to hold back the equine discomfort in her mind. Yet Allison was an experienced rider, and with a few kicks and tugs to her reins, she was able to guide Evelyn into a steady gait.

After a few moments of walking, Allison’s words of ‘trot’ hit her ears, and Evelyn remembered her eagerness to show off her body. Reflexively, she obeyed, working into a guided trot, allowing Allison to lead the way and control her speed.

At her rider’s insistence, Evelyn worked her way up to a full gallop, Allison steering her around the field. Allison even had a camera on her head, to capture the experience from the rider’s perspective!

After a solid twenty minutes, Evelyn was guided back towards their set up, her body soaked in a sheen of frothy horse-sweat. But she didn’t mind. In fact, it felt invigorating to be so powerful and fast! Even letting Allison control her movements was exhilarating, allowing focus on the wind in her mane and the power rippling through her legs. Even the smell of her sweaty hide wasn’t too bad, a familiar odor to her bulbous nose.

Allison dismounted, walking back to the camera and grinning as she looked back at the screen. “Looks like we have time for a few more questions before we have to change her back! This injection series has a device that someone like me can use to trigger the transformation before the session is up, but it won’t last any longer than what Evvy set it to beforehand!”

“Let's see, here’s one for me! ‘Could you feel any difference between riding Evelyn and riding a real horse?’”

Allison took a moment to think before answering. “I really couldn’t tell the difference! Evvy rode just like a regular horse! Well, except for being a little stubborn, even for a mare!” She joked, as Evelyn raised her head and snorted in defiance.

“Oh, here’s a good one for you, Evvy! How did it feel to run?”

“It was AMAZING guys! I’ve never been so powerful before! And so energized! It was like being hooked up to a battery! I could run all day if I wanted!”

Even the robotic drone of the voice program did little to hide the excitement in her voice. Her enthusiasm was genuine, the joy of being a horse the fulfillment of every childhood dream. She really was the perfect face for Transgen inc.!

“And one more! How did you mind letting Allison ride you? Did you mind being treated like an animal?”

“Actually, it was kind of nice! Allison really knew what to do, and I was just able to focus on running and being a horse. It’s...kind of like a vacation, really!”

“Alright guys, that’s it for now! Evvy’s going to enjoy a few more hours out in the field, and we’ll make a follow-up video on the process and a poll for the next species!” Allison said as Evelyn whickered her excitement, rearing up on her back legs to show off.

“That was amazing, guys! Can’t wait for the next one! Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you liked the video, and I’ll see you all next time!”


“That was great!” Allison said, turning off the camera as Evelyn stood up, wiping the dirt off her suit. She faked a bark; being a husky was wonderful, and had almost allowed her to forget the troubling news that had been plaguing her thoughts all day.

Over the last few weeks and months, they had experimented with several different forms, mostly ones that were voted on by her watchers. Viewership had risen by thousands, and her Youtube channel was trending! She had become a multitude of animals; a bear, a tiger, a deer, and the husky she had become today. There was every chance that she would get to be an eagle or dolphin in the coming months, provided the company allowed her the funding to shoot on site.

But this morning, she’d received an email with an odd set of instructions. She had never been requested to perform a specific species by the company directly. A little curious, she had opened the attached information packet, only to be disgusted at the image.

It was a creature plucked directly from her nightmares, a hellish beast that had not existed in a film or franchise before now. It was all teeth and eyes and spidery legs. She was to showcase its form as part of a movie deal with Transgen inc, a way to arouse hype for a new movie monster. The nanites she was sent were the same program that the actor had used in the film! Hollywood was actually doing that now?

“What’s wrong?” Allison asked, seeing the look of trepidation on her friend’s face. Evelyn had been quiet all morning, though put on her game face for the stream. But now that it was over, Evelyn could no longer hide her fear.

Sighing, she brought Allison over to the laptop, bringing up the email and allowing her to read over the attached sheets. Allison went white at what was instructed, but after taking a few minutes to mull it over, she smiled.

“Let’s do it!” She said, in an excited tone that confused Evelyn. How could her best friend be so gung ho over this? She wasn’t the one changing, after all. She had no say over what happened to Evelyn’s body!

But then, Evelyn's eyes drifted to a part of the text that she had glazed over before. She read and reread it, disbelieving the words in front of her eyes. At the realization of their implication, she was even more shocked that Allison wanted to go through with it. The company actually wanted Allison to…

Yet the more Allison excitedly talked up the idea, the more calm Evelyn became, especially from the implications of what making the video would be. It would not only promote the film but would likely increase her viewership dramatically. The thoughts of the money she would make from new sponsors made her drool. She’d be able to finally afford a vacation, to choose any form in Transgen's catalog to live out her dreams!


Soon, the day arrived, and Evelyn did her best to keep her fear in check as both her and Allison set up the equipment. It would be a troublesome change, and she wanted to back out, playing over all the scenarios to do so. But, in the end, it was futile. She kept telling herself the pros outweigh the cons. And she was a performer, after all! She had an audience to impress, and there was a good chance they would like what she had to show them!

“Hey Youtube, it’s your girl, Evelyn! Today we have a very special show for you! Transgen Inc. partnered with New Moon Pictures to bring you a special behind the scenes look at the film ‘It Crawls’, now in theaters! If you haven’t gone to see it, then I highly recommend it! I saw it myself last weekend!”

“Now, I know that it was hard to see the monster in some scenes, and I bet anyone who viewed it has a lot of unanswered questions. Well, today’s your lucky day! You’re going to get to see it in all its glory! And, like we usually do, you’re gonna get a full Q&A on not only what the monster can do, but what it’s like to become it! That’s right, this nanite program is going to turn me into the movie's villain, affectionately known as ‘Tara'”.

“How are we going to change me into a creature that doesn’t exist, you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little bit of cinematic magic! The creature in that film wasn’t actually a special effect. In fact, the actor used this very same nanite program to make the real monster! Most of the scenes were shot using nanites and their effects!”

“But that’s enough of me talking, it's time for the real show! I’m going to get ready, so get your questions ready for Allison!” Evelyn said as she took her eyes from the script.

Evelyn sighed heavily, trying to calm her breathing before taking the injection. She had done an expert job presenting her expected charm, at least in her opinion, though she would review the video later. But that was a problem for future Evelyn. Present Evelyn had to undergo a disgusting transformation on camera, likely only the second person to do so.

The script she was to follow as the creature was more than a little unnerving. She couldn't believe that Allison had agreed to do so. Yet the fear of being in such proximity to the beast paled in comparison to actually being the thing.

Both she and Allison had spent the last week doing extensive research on the dossier they had been given, pouring over all the pictures and accounts within. Both were familiar with the creature’s anatomy and capabilities from the descriptions and the images they had been shown. Perhaps more relevant was the first-hand accounts of the actor that had become the monster, how its body moved, and perceived the world. Though even with that knowledge fresh in her mind, Evelyn found it perplexing to imagine working that many legs, eyes, teeth, and claws!

Allison smiled excitedly as she looked at her phone to start reading off the more appropriate questions from the stream chat. “Here’s a good one! Evvy, how do you feel about becoming ‘Tara?’”

Evelyn took a moment to think before responding. “Honestly? Scared out of my mind! I think the thing is disgusting! But, I’ve been looking into it, and I think it will be OK. And besides, I don’t want to let you guys down!” She replied with a forced smile.

“Here’s a good one! How do you feel about losing your shape to a creature with so many limbs?”

Without missing a beat, Evelyn replied. “I’ll let you guys answer that one! Make sure you let us know what you think of watching this lovely body morph into a horrifying abomination!”

That got a chuckle from both of the girls. Allison felt herself relax a little. She was worried about how Evelyn would react now that the time had come, but her friend’s calm demeanor was reassuring that they could indeed pull this off!

“Last chance to back out, Evvy!” Allison said, trying to keep the joking tone in their banter.

“It’s go time!” Evelyn said as she pushed the plunger into her arm and allowed the nanites to enter her system and begin the horrific transition.

“Do you have a good idea of what the creature looks like, and what’s the most disgusting body part for you to change?’ Allison read from the screen.

“Well, the whole thing is really scary! But if I had to pick one, it would be…” Evelyn started before the tingling in her hands grew insistent. She stopped mid-sentence as she watched her middle finger ballooning outward before the rest were sucked audibly into the flesh of her palms.

Evelyn watched with rapt attention as the single remaining digit swelled to the width of her arm. She gasped as her nails started spreading over the flesh, growing pointed at the tips and darkening towards midnight black.

“Well, this is a pretty gross one!” Evelyn shrieked as the nail suddenly forced itself outward into the beginning of a thick claw. It was nearly the width of her finger and twice the length as it curved into a wicked-looking talon.

A series of cracks resounded from her arms as the bones within broke apart and dissolved away. The nanites in her system were literally eating the calcium, converting it into the chemicals needed for the monstrous form. Evelyn was worried that her arms would fall limply to the ground as they lost their human skeletal and muscular structure. To her surprise, the nanites rapidly replaced the flesh underneath that she was unaware of any lapse in mobility. She tried moving them, the sensations not too far removed from flexing her own.

Allison took a moment to compose herself, still a little shocked at the sight of such a horrific change. “Umm...lets see...this monster is based on, you guessed it! A spider! Spiders don’t have internal bones, but the skin of their flesh acts as a chitinous barrier to keep their insides protected!

“And look at that hair growth! Spider hairs have multiple sensory receptors that allow mechanical vibrations from the world around to transmit right to the brain!” Allison added in response to the next change.

A series of long, firm hair lanced their way out of Evelyn’s skin. They tickled the blackened flesh as they tore out of her pores, covering her with a fine layer while thicker hairs towered over them. Evelyn was shocked when she could, in fact, feel vibrations in the air triggering the tiny hairs and allowing her a range of tactile senses that she found fascinating!

A wet crack resonated through the limbs as they straightened at the elbows and popped in two seperate locations, along with the third at her former wrists. The hardened flesh around their base tingled as multiple new joints and ball bearing-like structures allowed her fromer shoulders movement in all directions. Immediately, Evelyn could feel her changed limbs twitch and was deeply disturbed by the level of articulation they seemed to possess. The limbs began to wave frantically, difficult to control in her panicked state. She tried to keep her human expression neutral, but it was hard to quell the terror of possessing such alien appendages!

She could hear the wet cracks and pops of her body as her arms started to rotate behind her back, finding their new position. Evelyn had thought she was prepared for this next part. Yet she was unable to repress a shriek as several lumps formed all around her body. They ran from her torso all the way to her legs, and even over her ass. Evelyn took a deep breath and counted; including her arms and legs, there were 16 protuberances as she’d expected. By the time the change was done, they would be perfectly symmetrical around her body.

Evelyn gasped as her torso started to contract with a wet pop, her neck fattening to match her head as it was pulled lower. Her shoulders ballooned up to around her head, seeming to absorb into the flesh as her human hair fell away. Within moments, her entire head had been drawn into her torso, with no discernable separation. It seemed as though her trunk was dissolving from within, the complex arrangement of systems hollowing out to make room for her retracting head. It seemed as though her brain itself was dissolving as well, its functions being spread through her torso with no centralized organ. Yet, somehow, the nanites kept her alive while the transformation raced onwards

Her legs started to crack, and she lowered herself onto her front claws as similar ones burst from her remaining toes. The bones dissolved as a series of cracks crushed them into shapes that matched her front limbs. Evelyn was thankful for the lack of pain as her leg bones separated from her hips, the multi-jointed attachment all that remained to keep them connected to her body.

Her body was fattening all the while, ballooning outward into a circular shape. Her former human legs were forced apart, to give room to the bumps she’d seen birthing from her backside. Her ass was gone at this point, the cheeks receding into flesh that was quickly covered with spider-like hairs. The organs that had dissolved within were rerouted outward with her circular body, creating a perfectly symmetrical inner working system.

“This is quite the change! Everything in ‘Tara’s’ body is symmetrical, making it the perfect hunter! It’ll be able to move in any direction as soon as Evvy’s done!” Allison said, trying her best not to be too bothered by the rather horrifying visage of her best friend.

Still, it was hard to hold down her lunch when the audible sloshing of Evelyn’s internal organs dissolving and reorienting resonated through their equipment. She hoped that it wouldn’t be too disturbing to the viewers, but it was necessary for the process! The spider her form was based on had no organs or bones that bore any semblance to her humanity. Her body would be supported by the hard exoskeleton-like structure that her pale, human skin was becoming.

Evelyn, meanwhile, was disturbed by the sensations of her heart, her lungs, and her bones being robbed from her. All of them gave way to a circular digestive, respiratory, sensarory, neural, and vascular system that ran around the ring of her body. Her head had been pulled towards the center of this new torso, leaving only her eyes, nose, and mouth staring at the ground.

Evelyn wanted to shriek as the lumps of flesh, spaced evenly across her torso, started to writhe and pulsate as new claws burst forth from each. The sight was akin to snakes being birthed and would have made Evelyn gag if she could. However, from her eyes positioned under her trunk as they were, she was mercilessly granted a reprieve. She could only see where the claws stretched down towards the ground, articulated in the same manner as her former human limbs. She had sixteen in all, spread evenly across her circular body.

All of a sudden, her vision went dark, and Evelyn could feel her body start to thrash from the shock. She could still feel through the hairs on her body, but her sense of smell and hearing had all but became vestigial.

Yet, just as quickly as it had happened, her world opened up to her once more. Yet it was different, somehow. It was...oh, god!

Evelyn realized with a start that she was seeing out into the world from 22 separate prospects. They had opened up on her body all at once, new eyes that started opening and closing of their own accord. She assumed each eye was placed on her body as symmetrical as the rest of her anatomy, though it was impossible to be certain.

Past the initial shock of having so many eyes, Evelyn was able to attempt to make sense of the world around her. Each individual eye processed superior acuity than her human equivalents. The range and color of the spectrum before her was much different than she was used to, the hues of ultra violets and heat sensitivity particularly useful for hunting. Each eye, to Evelyn’s shock, was situated on a sort of stalk that she could move independently. Though if she allowed her focus to slip, the entire range of her ocular senses would hone in on Allison, being the only other living thing Evelyn could detect.

As she rotated the eyes, she realized, with some surprise, that she could smell from the same direction as they stared. It seemed as though the stalks carried secondary scent receptors, drinking in molecules in the air wherever she looked. Her olfactory senses were more akin to many of the other animals she had been, far beyond her human abilities. What an efficient design!

Nothing remained on her underbelly, save a still human-sized mouth that had migrated to the center. All of her features, her breasts, her abs, and her stomach were eradicated at this point. Her mouth felt oddly out of place in the void of her body. Yet soon, it began to expand, her lips quivering as they receded into the darkened flesh. Her tongue melted into the floor of her mouth as the opening cracked wetly.

Her ripped maw pulled her human teeth to its rim as it stretched the circumference of her underbelly. The space between her gums remained even along the length. The muscles under the gums, however, started twitching of their own accord, and Evelyn would have screamed aloud in surprise if she could. The spaces under each started moving, a range of motion that soon made the former girl curious. All of her teeth could rotate each independently, much like her limbs and eyes.

Yet as soon as she attempted to explore this adaptation, all 36 of her human teeth fell out, dissolving midair before they could hit the ground. Each space started quivering as a new, 2 inch, yellowed dripping fang burst bloodlessly forth.

Yet instead of being frightened by this new development, Evelyn found herself excited by the range of motion they seemed to possess. They could rotate around her lips at 90-degree angles, compress on the gum line or extend to dig into flesh.

A series of perfectly-spaced spots between each fang started to erupt all along the circumference of her gorge. Countless fangs birthed out of her gums, each as flexible and as deadly as her maw dripped vicious yellowed saliva.

Yet it was not to end there. The flesh of her inner jaw twitched with a new ring-shaped growth of deadly daggers. There were fewer in number, but if Evelyn tried, she realized that collapsing them on each other caused an overlap. A third ring of flesh birthed forth with fearsome fangs, and a fourth, until no space existed all the way down to where Evelyn felt her tight stomach lay. After playing with them for several minutes, Evelyn realized that there was no space in her maw where a potential meal could escape from their grasp.

As the changes started to wind down, Evelyn became aware that her fear had dissipated with her humanity. It was more exciting than terrifying to BE the monster, once the process had concluded. It was fascinating to explore the range of so many new appendages, each tantalizing to her senses as she worked to control them. It made her feel powerful, to be this apex predator on this or any other imaginary world.

Allison, meanwhile, stared at the horrific visage that had become of her friend. Evelyn's eyes were opening and closing in rapid succession, making Allison unnerved. She knew the thing looked gross on paper, but being alone, right next to it, sent twinges of primal fear through her body.

Yet she still had a job to do, and strode confidently towards the speaker, leaving room for the camera to track Evelyn’s crawling motions as she slowly grew accustomed to the new body.

“What’s it feel like, Evvy? The chat’s blowing up! Everyone’s dying to know!”

“It’s...different. There are so many parts! But it’s not too hard to control them!” Evelyn said with a cheery cry.

When she tried to move, the entirety of her legs responded to her command at once. But if she focused, she could wave individual arms, the others adjusting automatically to compensate for her change in stance. To demonstrate, she lifted a few of her legs and waved to the camera. It was so bizarre a gesture from such a creature that Allison couldn’t help but laugh. Her heart rate immediately began to slow as her panic ebbed.

“OK, next up! How can you tell her front from her back? Welp, I can answer this one. She doesn’t have them! Her entire body is divided evenly, and she can move just as adeptly in any direction. Show em’ Evvy!”

Eager to please the crowd, Evelyn started to shuttle in all directions, changing direction with no hesitation or effort. Though disorientating at first, soon she became accustomed to the circular nature of her body and the new dimensions that comprised her movement. It was powerfully freeing not to be restricted by mammalian bilateral symmetry!

“Hey, Evvy! These folks want to see you climb! Do you think you’re up for that?!”

Without missing a beat, Evelyn raced towards a wall previously set up for her time as a tiger. She was a little fearful of how to control her body’s abilities, but her pointed claws easily dug into the rocks, and her limbs worked in tandem to ascend the obstacle. She found she could just as easily scale several large trees on the outskirts of the field, though only without concentrating on the individual movements too much. The nanite-induced instincts took care of that!

“Hey, Evvy! Can you move your eyes independently, too?” Allison yelled out the next question, as Evelyn found herself getting distracted by the maneuverability of her new body.

“Yup! Watch this!” Evelyn replied, as she returned to her starting point. She focused the muscles of six of the stalks towards her best friend. Allison stared in some disgust as six of the eyes in her line of view stopped twitching randomly and extended in her direction. Each unblinking object started directly at her, making Allison seem small and weak. It was akin to having a predator size up a meal, which was a reasonable allegory in this instance!

“Freaky!” Allison said, the disgust not lost even as she tried to keep her voice level.

“Really? Try LOOKING through them!” Evelyn quipped, making both girls giggle.

“Alright, guys, ready for the demo? Let's see how ‘Tara’ eats!” Allison said to the cameras, and Evelyn found herself growing excited.

“It’s about time! Just as a warning to our more squeamish viewers, this isn’t going to be pretty!” Evelyn said as she reared up on several legs to reveal her circled, salivating maw to the camera.

She noticed Allison freezing in shock for a moment upon seeing her terrifying maw for the first time, and a delightful hiss erupted from her gleaning fangs. "Maybe I’m a little TOO convincing as a monster?" Evelyn asked, cheerfully.

Allison quickly recovered, answering with a giggle. "Yes, absolutely!" But in truth, she was starting to become a little TOO convinced in Evelyn's monstrosity. Yet there was nothing to be afraid of. Evelyn wouldn’t ever hurt her. Right?

“Alright, so now let's talk about how ‘Tara’s mouth works,” Allison said, as Evelyn started moving each of the teeth in tandem.

“I can move them all at once, or control them individually! Then I can grind prey with the inner teeth while holding it in the outer ring!” Evelyn said, while simultaneously moving the inner ring in sync and moving the other fangs individually.

While Allison found viewing Evelyn’s level of control relieving, it was still an unnerving sight to see all her teeth in action. If anything did get caught in her maw, it would have mere milliseconds before being shredded and devoured. Allison had no inclination of being on the receiving end of that!

“Alright, it's time for the final show! Let’s take a look at how a human head fits in for comparison! And don’t worry, Ally, I won’t bite!” Evelyn said with a giggle.

Allison looked with great trepidation at sight of Evelyn’s massive, wide-open dripping toothy maw. She knew it was part of the script, yet it didn’t escape her notice that the creature's eyes were still tracking her in the manner it might track prey. And there was a sinking in her stomach that Allison couldn’t ignore. Still, she forced herself forward, placing her head right under the creature's raised body, nearly touching the first rim of teeth.

Suddenly Allison cried out as her body was covered in a foul-smelling slime-like fluid. Yet she knew she needed to stay there. It might ruin their partnership if she didn’t follow the script!

Allison could barely suppress her whimpers as all Evelyn did was respond with an, “Oops! Sorry! I can’t help it, you just smell soooo tasty!”

Allison could no longer hold back her sobs as the teeth in front of her started spinning, just barely grazing her flesh. She knew she needed to keep her head here. Yet as the mighty mobile jaw circled itself around her slime-drenched hair, seeming to almost tighten around her scalp, her blood froze with the terror of being helpless in the face of a deadly beast.

After only a few seconds, however, Allison felt she had enough. She tried moving her head, only to have the fangs reach out instinctively to block her. Allison hoped that it was simply a reflex, but was startled to hear Evelyn’s voice over the speaker.

“Nope, not yet! We need to show the audience how I kill, right?”

“Y-yeah…” Allison tried to mutter. But her words were lost in the gullet of the creature that firmly had her head in its maw. If she moved even an inch, then Evelyn could easily tear her head from her body, and she’d be dead in seconds. And there was something about the way she said ‘I’ and not ‘Tara’ this time...

Evelyn’s robotic voice took over the narration while Allison was held firm. “The claws at the end of my feet can pierce the target just long enough to draw into my mouth. The first row of teeth can rip a human’s head off with no effort! Then the body would be pulled through the ring of independent jaws like a kind of meat grinder, devouring a whole human in under a minute!”

With that, Allison was pulled in further, much more slowly that Evelyn described, though fast enough that her body was stabbed in several places. A warm trickle ran down her leg, and Allison assumed it sweat before a thick, coppery smell wafted into her nose and made her panic.

“T-That’s enough! Evvy, let me go!” Allison screamed, yet Evelyn’s maw had her firm.

“Aww, don’t leave so soon, Ally! Not when you smell sooo good,” Evelyn said in a voice that was dripping with anticipation. She really sounded like she wanted to devour her best friend!

“E-Evvy?! Stop! Help!” Allison screamed as she tried to pull away. But she was helpless as Evelyn’s claws wrapped around her in a swift motion, pulling her inside the massive maw underneath the twitching legs and shifting eyes. The grip on her head was only released enough to make just sufficient space for the rest of her body.

Evelyn’s teeth were quivering in anticipation as she pulled her prey inside her jaw. Several of the rotating fangs dung into Allison's flesh, drawing blood that only spurred on her advance. Allison stayed still, knowing that any movement would be met with those eager fangs tearing her apart. She could only scream her protests as she was dragged towards the innermost layer of teeth, where she would be sheared apart in seconds...

“Gotcha!” Allison yelled, the laugh genuine as the chat exploded with comments. She could only hope that she didn’t inadvertently give anyone a heart attack!

Evelyn instantly let her friend go. Allison didn’t have a mark on her even from where the teeth had pierced her flesh. The nanites couldn’t allow her to harm another human, even if Evelyn was so inclined. There were far too many safeguards in place for that. It had been a little terrifying to put on the act, but Allison was a horror buff, and the experience had been more exhilarating than frightening!

Evelyn’s attention returned to an alluring aroma from earlier, but it wasn't wafting from her friend. She crawled rapidly to retrieve a pig carcass offscreen that had been willingly donated for the purpose of the demo. Grasping her 'victim' gingerly, Evelyn returned to the view of the camera, effortlessly dragging the carcass along with her.

She held the pig by the head, much as she’d done with Allison’s. Yet this time, there was nothing to hold her back. With an audible crunch and a spray of crimson, the swine’s head was separated from its body and turned into a thick slurry by the rows of meat grinding teeth as it swirled inside.

“There you have it, folks! ‘Tara’ makes short work of its prey with all those teeth! And you can see it in all its horrific glory in ‘It Crawls’, now in theaters!” Allison said with a laugh as she delivered the line.

Yet her enthusiasm was natural. Both girls made perfect sales people. They genuinely loved the products and the process of change that they shared with the world. They hoped Transgen Inc. would keep them on for a long time to come!


Alternate ending

Evelyn’s teeth were quivering in anticipation as she pulled her prey inside her jaw. Several of the rotating fangs dung into Allison's flesh, drawing blood that only spurred on her advance. Allison stayed still, knowing that any movement would be met with those eager fangs tearing her apart.

Evelyn could hardly fathom the excitement of having Allison firmly entrenched in her jaws. The poor girl was completely at her mercy. Never had Evelyn been so in control, so dominating over another person’s life. Allison could only scream her protests as she was dragged towards the innermost layer of teeth, where she would be sheared apart in seconds…

There was no holding herself back. Evelyn bit down rapidly, feeling the still-struggling body of her friend die within seconds. An audible crunch resounded as the head was detached from the body with a spray of blood.

The copious salvia lubed it up as it was ground into a mush that was drawn into her body. Her maw rapidly reached down, grabbing the body until it was pulled in as well, leaving only a foot on the ground, that lay there dripping blood.

“Tastes like chicken!” Evelyn announced nonchalantly.

In truth, she found the meal relatively bland. Her body did not need to feed as often as would a mammal, and the taste was of little importance. It could eat basically anything with no ill effects! Yet it would kill any living thing in its territory, much as in the plot of the movie. The creature had a strong drive to defend itself and its lair!

Her many eyes played over the chat logs as they erupted into virtual chaos. Most people were certain it was some sort of stunt, but more are becoming increasingly convinced that it was real. Questions ranged from "Did she lose control" to, "Oh god, she’s dead!” to “What the fuck is this shit!?”

Evelyn was loving this! It was just the reaction she wanted! Not to mention, just the one that Transgen Inc. had hoped to gather!

“Nope, sorry to say, but Allison was really eaten! We wanted to show off the full capabilities of the creature and how it could kill and eat a person, just like in the movie! And I have to admit, it was a lot faster than I expected!”

Evelyn waited a few more moments as the chat log blew up, then continued. “It feels pretty satisfying to eat with this body, but I also wonder what it’s like to BE eaten? Allison, how did you find it?”

Evelyn’s eyes played over the triad of horrified and pissed off messages playing over the scream, before a still-robotic, yet separate voice resonated over the speakers.

“Not painful, thank god! But it was WEIRD. Like, I’m still me, but suddenly I have no head, no eyes, and ears, then no ability to move my body, then nothing! Kinda scary! Can I turn back now?”

“Sorry about that, Ally! Go ahead! I think they got the idea!”

To the horror of the onlookers, the foot on the ground started to twitch. The rest of the leg grew from it, all the way to the hip, where a second leg formed. Within the span of a few minutes, Allison was standing there, no worse for wear, covered only in the familiar nanite body suit.

“I still can’t believe I agreed to do that! Don’t worry, it was all staged! I took a dose of nanites and transformed into myself! The nanites can’t actually harm another person, remember. It's nearly impossible to hack the safeguards!"

“But you CAN program them to cause a body to break down, once you've been injected with your own, of course. That way, you can safely reenact scenes from a variety of films, to your heart's content! You could even be 'eaten', just like this! And if you liked this scene, go check out ‘It Crawls’ in theaters!” Allison said, trying to keep the rapture out of her voice.

She found herself wondering how Evelyn felt about the whole thing. Allison, for one, would do it again in a heartbeat! And with the sponsorship money, Allison and Evelyn could afford any type of nanite program they desired. Maybe next time, they could try another, similar digestive scene. Maybe from 'Jaws,' or 'Alien', or 'It'...

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Stalls Six Feet Apart 2020-08-20T21:11:51+00:00

The barn wasn’t too bad, all things considered. Well, at least not nearly as bad as it could have been. And why would I have high hopes for a barn? I knew it wasn’t going to be glamorous. At best, I hoped it would provide me at least a modicum of my human dignity, even after the virus had taken its course. And in my initial opinion, that was to be the case.

It was large enough to house 50 or more animals over an indefinite period. I could tell it was recently renovated, down to the still dripping paint on the walls. No doubt it had been abandoned for the foreseeable future, but when the need arose, someone dumped a ton of money into it. I had to admit, I was glad. I would be fucked without places like this.

The walls and ceiling were airtight with not a sliver of sunlight filtering in, save through the massive picture windows at either end. Everything from the mechanical door to the feed and milking machines to the showers on one end was automated. Fans lined the ceilings, enough to keep the occupants cool and free of pesky biting flies. Hell, there was even a series of TVs set up along each of the stalls with floor-bound remotes for the stall occupants to use if needed. Everything a dumb beast could ask for. A beast like I was soon to be.

Still, despite all the fans and air fresheners, the scent of a barn was unmistakable. Body odor, sweat, urine, and feces were nearly impossible to remove even in the most modern of barns. It helped that the residents were intelligent enough to clean up after themselves as best they could, but there was always the chance that some of them lacked the cognizance, or the willpower, to take care of their bodily functions in a manner befitting someone with once-higher stature. It was hard to imagine living that way, but I’d only just been here a day. How would the weeks and months affect my self-respect?

The barn’s proper care and maintenance were made more difficult by the fact that it lacked cleaning staff. Apparently, a few caretakers in hazmat suits would occasionally come in to clean up the worst of it as well as run maintenance on the machines. Due to the insidious infectious nature of the virus, any unlucky caretakers were liable to end up as new occupants. This was a fate that even the most well-paid farm hands would prefer to avoid, given that they couldn’t exactly do their jobs with hooves. It was only safe if none of the current occupants were infectious, and I would be so for at least a month or two. This left us to have to live in the conditions that our new bodies dictated. It was better than nothing, but oh boy, was it ever not going to be pleasant.

It’s hard sometimes for me to believe that back in January, the world was going about its business oblivious to the eventual plague that would sweep the globe and change life as we knew it forever. Pandemics move fast, especially in a world ill-equipped to handle them, and soon enough, we found ourselves overrun.

This one, dubbed the novel zoomorphic virus, was beyond the scope even the most prepared governments could handle. The risk of mortality of this particular virus was low. It was one thing for the infected to become sick, needing urgent hospital care as they fought for their lives. A very different thing was to prepare for those who showed secondary symptoms that led to them becoming animals. I honestly say, as mad as I am, I can’t blame them. It was a small mercy when the chance existed that you might start sprouting fur or flippers as the first sign of losing your humanity as opposed to dying outright.

For even 1% of the infected population to show those secondary effects was an astronomical number to think about. The risk of others becoming infected and suffering the final result was enough to shut down life as we knew it. Anyone in the initial stages of the virus showed flu-like symptoms: cough, headache, the works. I know how much of a stupid umbrella term that can seem these days. ‘Flu-like symptoms’. Everything can be considered fucking flu-like symptoms! How the hell are we supposed to tell what ends up being the zoomorphic virus from the annual flu?

The idea of even one aspect of the body you grew up with changing into a new form was daunting enough. It was far different than losing a limb or finding one of your senses impaired. Those elements were SUPPOSED to be there. No human was meant to have a tail, or animal ears, or fur or scales, and that was only the first sign of the eventual secondary effects of infection.

Maybe some could live with just that, freaks to be sure but still able to function in human society. Maybe even I could. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for most that showed symptoms. The effects came in bursts, changing one aspect almost entirely before slowing down for days or weeks. If it became active again, it was almost a guarantee that over a few short weeks or months, the unfortunate soul would find themselves losing their entire physical form to that of an existing animal species.

The whole world should have been on lockdown for a few months to allow the least amount of people to be infected, thus lowering the chance of that secondary transformation kicking in. Fact is, no one was prepared to have their life uprooted in such a way. People were restless, unemployed, and pissed off. Small businesses were going bankrupt. Some people had no source of income and were forced to wait for government aid with the threat of eviction over their heads. People had nothing else to do but sit at home and watch the bad news continue to pour in. I was one of the lucky ones that remained busy, but I did listen to friends and people in transit who were constantly bitching.

Naturally, there was a huge push to return to a sense of normalcy, so much so that misinformation ran rampant. Phrases like, “It's not that bad” or “it's a government hoax” and even “It will all go away” were thrown around so much that even those willing to follow the rules had their doubts. In truth, we could have opened up more safely had we used a few extra weeks to put preventative measures in place but no. In a rush to resume everyday lives, people disregarded safety precautions. Maybe if they hadn’t, I would be in this barn right now. I had a right to be bitter.

The population was torn in half between those wanting to follow precautions and those declaring them an infringement on human rights. No amount of fiction could have prepared us for the reality that people would turn a global pandemic into a political issue. Add that one to the list of tropes that’ll show up in fiction for the next decade or so.

Of course, the ones who suffered most were those that showed symptoms. Not only were they living with the reality of becoming an animal, but the virus continued to shed from its host until the change was complete. Those infected people were ostracized from society, seen as pariahs and disease vectors. Even basic rights were denied to those infected. They were forced to deal with the reality that they were losing their ability to live as humans. Many were even abandoned by their families and friends for risk that they, too, would become infected. I couldn’t have imagined that happening to me a month ago, but here I am.

The idea of long-term care facilities for those impacted was a relatively new initiative from the government. Most of the victims would be essentially disabled, living like an animal with little autonomy and the threat of only needing basic care. They would require permanent relocation to facilities that could tend to the needs of their new bodies and lifestyles.

Most opposed the idea of taking up residence with other animals of their new kind due to the dehumanizing nature of that treatment. A select few were lucky that their families owned land or facilities that could care for their changed kin and had the heart to do so. Others were fortunate that their family members had become something domesticated enough that they could continue living at home. These souls were, unfortunately, in the minority. I was not one of them.

With so many people needing such drastic levels of care, the conditions of anyone undergoing change was… less than ideal. Things like old barns, abandoned zoos, and kennels supposed to be ‘temporary’ homes ended up being the permanent ones. In defense of that, the cost of facilities to house animals of human intelligence, to give them a semblance of humane life, was astronomical. In a world where seniors and the mentally ill were locked away with hardly humane treatment, how is one to expect to give human-minded animals better conditions than what their naturally born brethren receive? The world was far more focused on preventing more cases, not on building a utopia for animal people amid a pandemic. Again, I couldn’t really blame them. Even if I was one of those people who needed care.

I was diagnosed positive about a month and a half ago. I was a fast-food worker moonlighting as a freelance journalist. I hoped to eventually make enough to live on writing alone, but in the meantime… there were bills to pay. It barely covered the cost of living for my tiny bachelor. I was diligent, hopeful that my progress towards my dream career was coming along just steadily enough that it kept me motivated.

That was before the onset of the pandemic and my exposure to the virus. I didn't pay it too much attention at first. Of course, no one took it seriously at first. It was halfway around the world and I had no money for travel even if I'd wanted to. Even when stores and businesses started closing, I wasn’t concerned. After all, in the restaurant business, things were only closed long enough to figure out a way to bypass safety regulations. They would go out of business otherwise!

I wasn’t even home long enough to qualify for assistance before I returned to working full time. Thankfully, with the ability of contactless delivery and online ordering, the restaurant where I worked was back in full swing. There were so few people leaving their homes around that time, and people were ordering out left, right, and center. The tips were pretty good, I recall. Not that it matters anymore. What can I do with the extra money now?

At first, it was a little intimidating, going to work every day with warnings of a pandemic running rampant. The initial case rate was high, and a few people in the city even started showing signs of changing. It was scary, but I had to get up and go to work every day or risk losing my apartment.

As time went on, I didn’t even think about the pandemic. I still kept my protective gear on when I was told, of course. I washed my hands as much as I remembered. It’s just… after a few months, with things starting to improve, it became harder and harder to keep up the strict measures. I like to think it wasn’t my fault, but I don’t have anyone else to blame. I wish I did.

I think I contracted it on the bus to work one day. I’m not entirely sure. There was another outbreak recently, but things weren’t set up to have proper contact tracing, not like now. Even if I did catch it on the bus, it's impossible to say who else was on that route, and I just as easily could have been infected it on one of several rides I took that week. I didn’t even recall what my work schedule was or what times I was on various bus routes, and maybe I caught it at the transfer depo or even at work itself. There were too many possibilities.

Regardless, I caught the flu, and I stayed home and asked for a test. It lasted well over a week, and, if I’m being honest, it was the worst flu I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even get out of bed for a few days, and anytime I did, I was confined to the bathroom. I was lucky that I had everything I needed at home, and some of my coworkers had even dropped by with supplies. Even after I recovered, I still suffered intense migraines, and I was bloated and stiff even after the other symptoms had abated.

I hadn’t been thinking about exhibiting secondary symptoms, especially with the reality of my current financial situation. I didn’t have any insurance, so I was praying that my application for compensation went through. In short, I was more worried that I would lose my apartment rather than lose my humanity.

Even after I seemed to fully recover, the headaches would not go away. They were more intense than the worst migraines that I could ever imagine, and with each day, they only seemed to grow worse. It felt like something was drilling through my skull from the inside, leaving me blinded some days from the agony.

It didn't take a genius to realize that, in tandem with the continued positive tests for viral shedding, I was starting to exhibit symptoms of secondary infection. For me, the first changes were a pair of bovine horns. Fetching, right? Yeah, you try waking up screaming so loud you’re sure the homeless guy across the street can hear you. As a side note, I’m assuming I infected him too since he always got a little too close when asking for change. I hadn’t seen him there since about a week after I’d first caught the virus myself. Hope he’s doing well.

I was hopeful that the process would stop there. Given the irony that I worked in a restaurant, becoming part burger meat myself would be a hilarious running joke on the line. Besides, the horns looked kind of cool, aesthetically. I mean, once I got over everything else they meant. Which I didn’t and haven’t. They were a little too heavy for my head, likely forcing me into a neck brace for the rest of my life. I could have lived with that. I could have gotten them trimmed, decorated! Birds could light on them, maybe make a little nest! Endless possibilities!

That’s not where the transformation ended, of course. I was warned that it seldom ended with such a cosmetic thing and to not get my hopes up. Even with how big my ears became, or how fat my neck grew, there was always this slim bit of hope in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t undergo a second major change. Nope, I was pretty sure I was damned the moment I felt the insistent ache in my tailbone that just wouldn’t go away no matter how I sat on my chair. It was no surprise when I spent a night hunched over in pain as my new bull’s tail inched its way out above my ass. It didn’t stop me from bitching about it, though! Man, my journaling blog viewership skyrocketed after that! The ad revenue was incredible! Shame, I wouldn’t have hands much longer to keep them updated!

Life after that secondary bout of change was… shitty. Each day I forced myself into the same routine, keeping the thoughts of the horrors of my future at bay. Some days I just broke down in tears for no reason. Others I took my frustrations on anyone who came within earshot, feeling immense shame afterward. I won’t get into it much beyond that. I lamented a future that had already come, and now I had to adapt to fit in with others who had experienced the same thing.

Honestly, it was a blur of paperwork and phone calls and diagnoses. Telling my family was hard. Hadn’t been in too much contact with them in recent years. They seemed to treat it as a death sentence. And, truth be told, it was, in some sense. Wish they gave a fuck about me before when I needed rent money. Not that it mattered anymore.

By now, I had a confirmed diagnosis that I was turning into a bull. It was some domestic breed but all things considered, I didn't really give a shit about which one. There were lots of talks about what I would do after the change progressed. I was hesitant to look into assisted living facilities for those becoming domestic farm animals. It wasn’t the most desirable prospect. But living on a farm outside my parents’ little hick town? No thanks!

I stopped paying attention to the world after that. For all I cared it could go fuck itself. It had fucked me over enough. The cases were surging as things were opening, and more people were likely going to end up in the barn with me. Sucks for them. I wasn’t going to get a penny from my job or the government, and I couldn't even spend it if I wanted to. I had enough for food and necessities, and that was it. I was surprised they didn't turn off my electricity or water; I hadn’t paid them in months.

I kept busy on the projects that I’d wanted to finish before I transformed too much. There were some ideas that I’d put off for a while, short stories, and the like. But I mostly wrote for my journaling blog documenting the changes. I wanted to keep my writing output high while I still had the hands to do so. Plus, it kept my mind off shit.

It was the third major change that did me in. The stiffness in my feet was a telltale sign. Though I’d been growing fur, leathery skin, and a distinct sweaty bovine odor, things hadn’t been too bad. Soon, though, my toes were all but impossible to move. Two had grown thick, their tips were swollen and bloated. Every morning they seemed a little larger, while the two at the ends became small and immobile and I didn’t even fucking have big toes anymore! After a night of pain-induced weeping, the changes started to finalize. The bones within thickened while that merciless solid keratin crawled over them. My heels were pulled up painfully far, the bone underneath torn apart and reshaped in ways that should have killed me or made it impossible to walk again. By the time it was over, I had hooves, cattle hooves. Perfect for walking on all fours with a cattle’s hips. Useless for me.

I knew there was no way I was going to remain bipedal after this. There was no way to balance on hooves with my human legs. I could barely get to the bed or bathroom like this, which was humiliating enough. I didn’t have anyone to care for me at home. Like I could have afforded it to begin with.

So, I was relocated into one of the newly set up barns outside the city, used to house victims such as myself. There were a few dozen or so in my area, but this was the only one with vacant stalls. Yeah, you read that right. Stalls. Not rooms. Stalls for the fat bull I was gonna live out the rest of my life as. It wouldn't cost anything for me to be there, but I had the option to donate my worldly possessions to get in. Which amounted to a sum total of fuck all. All my physical belongings, limited as though they were, would either be given to my family or donated to pay the rent money the government wasn’t going to give me. At least I'd be given a stipend to fund my new digs, but what was it going to do? Buy me flavored hay? Pay for the latest hoof-shoe fashions? Money meant so little to a bull. That was abundantly obvious.

There were worse places. Regular farms, shit holes that didn’t even care that their occupants were once human. That might have been worse than a death sentence. Sure, some of them were actually killed for meat (yes, there apparently WAS a black market for that,) but I think it was worse living like a fucking animal, watching those around you going to the slaughterhouse, knowing you might get “mixed up” and sent one day with them.

Even more drastic was that some people just took off for the woods to make the best of their situation. In some ways, that freedom might have been tempting, given the state of the world. But in the wilds? Dealing with parasites, the elements, rabies, and predators? That was no fantasy escape. It was a shorter life expectancy, existing as a simple beast. For some, those who may have lost their minds, it might have been for the best. I'm personally sad for the ones who had no other option. Fucking American dream indeed.

I've been requested to write a little journal about my first night here. Seems one of the people who got me set up at this barn had been a follower of my journaling. I figured what the hell. One last story before I lose my hands. My “one song, before the virus takes hold,” as it were. Sue me, I’m a sucker for musicals.

So far, it's been my personal hell. Yes, I know, I was optimistic at first, what with the fans and the automation and the TV, but that was just concerning what my fate COULD have otherwise been. I didn't expect any different, so I’m mostly staying quiet on the subject. Well, OK, so this next part is probably going to consist ENTIRELY of my bitching, but it is what it is.

After the initial tour, I was assigned my own personal stall and provided with plenty of fruits and veggies to get me through the next little while. These were given to all the residences at regular intervals, in addition to plenty of hay and clean water. For anyone who could, or wanted to stomach it, there was a field full of grass outside. We could come and go freely between the barn and the adjacent field, but it was fenced in and inescapable even with human-level intellect. Not that there was anywhere else to go or anyone who would have us.

I mentioned about 50 stalls, and about 19 of them are full from a headcount. They had 4 fully formed horses, 2 bulls, 3 rams, a donkey, a goat, and 4 pigs. Mostly guys, though three of the pigs and the goat were once women. Most of them were from the initial waves of infection and were relocated here from other facilities once this had been erected. Each one of them retained their human intelligence, which was a small blessing. I wasn't sure how much of a common occurrence that was, for the changing to lose their minds fully to an animal. I hadn’t once seen it directly.

There were about 4 of us, however, who had not finished our changes. It made the other once-human animals irritable, knowing that their daily routine of being cleaned and cared for was interrupted by the introduction of more people who were still infectious, but they had no say in the matter.

Of the more recent arrivals, one woman was turning into a ewe and another becoming a jenny. She, the jenny, was kept in a private stall for even in this new world of animal transformation, a woman’s risk of rape was still high. It was a small mercy to keep them protected or segregated from all of the stallions and jacks, who had nothing more to lose. I couldn’t blame her. The ewe-woman, however, seemed eager to get fucked once she’d changed enough. For some, losing themselves in mindless sex meant at least they were choosing to lose their minds. At least, I guessed she was allowing it from her demeanor and her response to the interested rams in the facility. Fucking sheep musk stank up the place even worse.

One guy, Ted, was the only one I really conversed with. He was turning into a pig, though it didn't seem to bother him. He could still talk, which he considered a mixed blessing. The donkey-woman could as well, but she wasn’t keen on exiting her private stall to do so. So, on that first day, I shot the shit with Ted.

He was an engineer, overworked, single, and driven. Yet, when he’d lost his hands, his first change, he found it… strangely liberating. He was free from all the insane expectations that were thrust upon him all his life and could literally just BE for the first time. He even had some romantic prospects in his future; one of the pigs had gotten quite insistent with him, and after talking it out (one-sided, of course), they figured they might try mating. Ted wasn’t down to do it until he had changed fully, which I found understandable and respectable. Even if they were human once, the idea of… doing it with a total animal was repulsive, for now, at least.

He'd been here about a week before me and had an interesting perspective on life in this barn. It made great material for this paper, so I listened intently. Used it in tandem with my own experience that first night to write this. As much as it scared me to think of what life might be like as a bull in this barn, I needed to know.

Most of the residences spent their days outside in the fresh air, congregating much as their fully animal counterparts might. Given the conditions here, it was hard not to slip into animalistic patterns of behavior. I think it was easier just to mindlessly graze, walking out into the fields for fresh air and generally living the lives of the beasts we’d become.

I envied the horses. I spent the first day watching them, running in the fields together like a herd, enjoying their powerful bodies. I didn’t appreciate the smell of their sweaty hides when they came back to the barn at night, but I was starting to smell just as bad, so I wasn’t at liberty to complain.

As the sun went down, everyone started making their way back into the barn. Mostly they stayed in their assigned stalls and started grazing on hay. Some busied themselves with TV, but usually just to watch the evening news or sitcoms. They seemed to tire of it rather quickly.

It did make me feel worried about how much the residents acted like animals, but all their intelligence tests came back as cognizant. Was it simply that boring for them to watch TV, or was it better to let the human thoughts sink down while the animal ones took over? I didn't have any answers, and I was afraid to ask.

After a while of TV watching, all the animals were soon snoring, most standing up straight in their stalls. The lights didn't even turn off, sadly. I would have preferred it for sleeping. The TVs turned off automatically after a while, likely to save power. A few of the animals still stirred, but with so little to do, I guess there was nothing better to do but sleep as much of their lives away as possible.

I didn’t get any sleep that night. I’d been trying to get myself ready for it all week, but I'd never lived in a barn before. It really was an entirely different world. Fuck.It was a combination of factors, really. The first was the smell, and I don't just mean the aroma of sweaty bodies, which was bad on its own. Farm animals were extremely… flatulent, to say the least. Even the fans didn’t waft away the digesting smell of plant matter being digested by animals that spent most of their waking hours eating. I’m sure it was something that they all got used to, and maybe it didn't stink so bad to them. But even in my changed state, it bothered the fuck out of me.

The fans did nothing to stop the pungent smell of piss, either. Naturally, the residences were pretty lax with their bladders. I don't think they really had much say in the matter, which made me a little anxious. Still, the audible splash of urine on concrete or hay was a regular occurrence. In tandem with the smell, it kept me pretty distracted.

There were worse sounds. I heard some of the horses alleviate some… urges that night, slapping their cocks on their bellies. All five were stallions, though maybe at least a couple were willing to help each other out. I think I pretty much got confirmation as the night went on. Pretty sure the donkey had a thing with one or several of the stallions. The brays were distinctive, and the sounds of slick bodies rubbing each other were impossible to confuse. I didn't much feel like looking up to see. I mean, I can't say I blamed them. They were adults, and what else did they do to pass the time, regardless of what their preferences might have been before the infection?

My wakeful state left me some time to do some musings, get some things off my mind while I document this first day. Private thoughts, but what good would they do in my head? None of the bovines were cows, which gave me some mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was going to be really difficult to wank when I didn’t have hands. I knew the horses could do it, but I hadn't heard any of the bulls doing the same. Maybe they weren't as horny? I hadn't bothered to introduce myself yet. I'd taken a stall away from the animals for now. I'd have the chance to get one closer if I wanted, but did I want to? Would I have any inclination to have a relationship with a cow-woman if one did show up? Would I be interested in any of the bulls, or they in me? I’d always considered myself at least a little curious about the same sex. I’d never wanted it to come to this, with no other choice or outlet for any sexual frustrations. Just another thing lost to me.

As bad as the night was, I hated the morning even more. I'd managed to get some sleep, though it was scattered, and nightmares kept plaguing my thoughts. The stench woke me up first of all, before even the sounds of chewing and stomping of hooves. Seemed like all the former humans were regular, at least. Probably usual for farm animals, whose digestive tracts required them to void their bowels more often than I was either used to or comfortable with.

The lavatory situation was less than ideal. There was a series of grates on the floor for us to piss or take a dump. Thankfully they remained at one corner of the barn and seperate from the stalls. Naturally, given the nature of their bodies and diets, not all the animals got there in time. Or maybe, some of them didn’t even care. Animals in barns didn't care about modesty, and some were more inclined to act like it than others. I, for one, didn’t fancy the idea of taking a dump in my stall for the rest of my life.

There were shower facilities that could activate simply by stepping in the right spot. Some sprinkled water from above, with an option of some soap to clean off sweaty bodies, and ones sprayed from the floor, better for cleaning off genitals and asses. Still, the showers could only do so much. Some of the residents didn't seem to use them as much as was sanitary, preferring not to care as did the animals they now resembled. Without someone to regularly tend to and care for their needs, most of them were left dirty, no better than regular animals on a farm. This shit, quite literally, was going to be their lives.

After their morning routines, the residences took their places in the fields to begin the day anew. And that’s it. That’s the life of a human-turned beast. Maybe I'll write some more details later on when I receive some inspiration. I think I’ve painted a pretty good picture for anyone that wants to bother reading it.

I know it’s not a hopeful entry, but it’s the truth. As someone who once wanted to do this for a living? The truth is what I’m after, as horrible as it is. This is going to be my life now, living as a bull. Walking will be hard, but so long as I can crawl, I can still get around, and even if I can't, everything I need is in the stall. The food isn't so bad; I'd already switched to a veggie lifestyle when my species was diagnosed. I’m tempted to try hay, but I doubt it will be very tasty yet.

From the current rate of change, I'll likely take at least a month to become a total bull. The thought of that terrifies me. Still, at least, the more I do think about it, the easier my life here will be. Barns aren't really meant for people to live in.

Maybe, someday, there’ll be a cure, and we’ll be able to return to our human forms. There's really not much hope of that, but it helps retain sanity to keep up on current events. We do at least get access to the news though it's hard to sift through all the bullshit. Pun intended. The one thing I'm not going to lose is my bad sense of humor and shitty puns. For now, at least, it's something.

That’s it for me. Thanks for reading this installment on Bullshit: The Zoomorphic Virus and one Horned Journalist’s Take. I’ll miss the old life, but this is all I have. If I have one take away? Wash your damn hands and wear a fucking mask! If you don’t... maybe I’ll see you on the farm?

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User #16914608 - 21 Aug 20 17:35
The part about the virus and how people reacted sounds some how familiar hmmm wonder from where?
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GabrielMoon - 21 Aug 20 18:17
hmmm, I wonder :) I think for some, this fictional setting might be favorable to the real think, sadly.
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User #8914632 - 21 Aug 20 04:50
Wonderful story!
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GabrielMoon - 21 Aug 20 18:17
thanks so much!
Poetic Justice 2020-08-14T19:15:04+00:00

“Hey, fatass, get back here!” Conner shouted, taking off at full speed towards the woods. Luke had a head start, but Conner would catch up before he got too far. He would give that fat kid the beating of his life this time for sure!

Luke had been bullied for as long as he could remember. Terms like ‘fatso, lardass, tubby, and the like were frequent forms of mental abuse, though, eventually, Luke had learned to tolerate it. He was large, well over 50 pounds heavier than the recommended weight for a 14-year-old male. His absentee parents, always away at work, used material possessions to make up for the guilt they felt for not being present in their son's life. They were fond of using food, particularly sugar and grease, as substitutes for their love. Even if he wanted to try to eat healthier food, which he had no access to, he craved the sugary goodness that became, in tandem with his ‘nerdy’ interests, his only pleasures in the world.

It made his school days a living hell, to be the butt of everyone’s ire, just based on who he was. Luke was considered to be a ‘gifted’ child, excelling at both math and literacy. Naturally, his peers took offense to it. Luke's insistence at being respectful to his teachers got him labeled a “teacher’s pet.” The bullies never left him off their radar, even if their jeers towards his physical attributes were not a factor. Luke quickly learned to keep quiet in class, though his eagerness for praise made it a difficult feat to constantly perform but also remain vigilantly silent.

His hobbies earned him no friends, either. Even since he could recall, he’d had a fascination with cryptozoology, animals and entities that were as of yet unnamed by science. His curiosity had been inspired by local legends of a being in the nearby woods, a glowing, feminine apparition that appeared before those before they went missing. It was all superstition, of course. Few people in town believed in such things. Still, it had inspired Luke to search out evidence of it and other legends he became aware of along the way. He had sadly learned to keep his hobby quiet after it became fodder for the teasing he’d experienced regularly.

Naturally, it was his demeanor and weight that made up the bulk of his tormenting. Yet as soon he seemed to adapt to one form of punishment, his bullies seemed to concoct some new horror to rouse his reactions. It began with simple dares, any friends he might have made being told to raise his hopes before leading him into an ambush. Even the most sympathetic people were under constant pressure to ostracize Luke’s presence, lest they receive even a fraction of bullying that Luke himself did. Things rose to the point of Luke being told to ‘kill himself’ that his life was worth nothing, and everyone at school would be happier if he was dead.

The taunting of his physical attributes paled in comparison to the slights against his perceived sexuality. At first, girls would ask him out, only to call him a fag when he turned them down. It didn’t matter that Luke knew they were being dared to do so: even though he told them he knew they didn’t even want to date him, that they would just laugh if he said yes, they still called him a faggot when he refused their obvious ruse. It hurt so much. Some of the guys were dared to do the same, threatened with being called fags or cowards (both of which were schoolyard suicide to a young man trying to build a reputation) themselves if they declined. It was always more humiliating to endure the prank from other guys. Worst of all for Luke, there was a good chance he might actually be gay. Even so, he would likely never have the opportunity to explore those feelings in his small, homophobic town. Even if there was another boy to share his curiosity, Luke was at the bottom of the pecking order. He was undesirable. A loser. A freak.

Conner, Oscar, and Quin were by far the worst offenders. All three were on the football team, the envy of the rest of the student body. Though their grades were lax, their prowess on the field made up for that and allowed them a pass required for their scholastic pursuits. In short, they were privileged. Privileged young men could do no wrong in Luke’s hometown, so long as they kept up the school’s win record. Even if his abuse was witnessed it was just chalked up to horseplay. Boys will be boys, after all. No one cared.

The list of tournaments they were not held accountable for was long. They had promising careers, so how could some little fat kid like Luke try to destroy their lives just because they played too rough with him? They were angels in their parents’ eyes and brilliant to their hometown’s desires for fame. The very notion that it was just “making a big deal over nothing” was what Luke found so painful, and they just continued to get away with it.

The trio's history of harassment started with stealing, taking any money, toys, games, or books that Luke had thought comforting to bring with him to school. Never satisfied with destroying his stuff, the boys took their abuse steadily up in intensity. At first, it was humiliation in school: being forced headfirst into lockers, garbage cans, and even urinals and toilets. Once, they threw his book bag into the giant garbage bin out behind the school and left him to flounder through it to get it back. Another time, his head was forced into a broken urinal, pissed in by his bullies before using his hair to wipe the insides. Luke could vividly recall the misery of having to walk home crying from school, stinking of garbage or piss, and unable to explain his side without contradiction from the other three boys. His word against there’s, after all.

Luke didn’t think it could get much worse, yet his bullies were relentless. His tormentors went as far as to stalk Luke outside of school, hiding to throw garbage, rocks, and even bottles at him! Forced to trespass through people’s backyards just to avoid the telltale van as it rolled slowly along after him, Luke cursed his weight and the neighborhood who witnessed his torment but never, ever intervened.

The endless taunting and threats made Luke feel insignificant and small, unworthy to be in the presence of other humans. Of course, they never hit him directly, preferring their rocks and garbage as they hunted him down like prey even in their off-hours. Luke almost would have welcomed a physical beating, the undeniable proof of their abuse. Even so, he knew they would just lie and vouch for one another, get an uninvolved friend to say he’d seen them, and that they hadn’t done anything or that Luke had started it, and it was self-defense. Luke knew there was no hope. Even if they left bruises all over his body, it would be ignored as always.

So, Luke was alone, either bullied directly by a group of the more “popular” kids or ostracised by the rest of his classmates. It was a pitiful existence, made worse in that he had no escape. His family had no job prospects beyond the small town, and there were no other school districts where he could easily be transferred to without running into the same kids who hated him for the simple, cruel joy of it. The years of humiliation felt like an eternity to the fourteen-year-old.

Luke had no way to fight back. Any attempt to report the abuse was met with adamant denial by the staff. It was always a “his word against theirs,” with no one to back Luke’s side. All of the students kept quiet for their own safety. It was 'keep quiet and stay popular' or 'speak up and lose the protection of being in the popular kids’ good graces'. Being in the “in” group was a powerful motivation to lie. Besides, who would willingly want to be Luke Number Two? It was friendship, safety, and the promise of a social life versus getting labeled a fat, loser faggot. There was no contest.

Luke wished daily for a chance at revenge. He dreamed about it, fantasized about seizing his moment and making his tormentors cry all of the collective tears he’d wept. Enough to fill a lake, he thought. The chance arose one day, almost as if by fate, to finally enact some justice. He was well aware, as was the majority of the student body, that the three jocks often partook in weed and booze. While not unusual, it was something that the facility could not tolerate from their athletes, something that would bar them from premises-bound games. Though their chosen spot was beyond Luke’s knowledge, he happened to one day overhear his grandfather complaining about “Kids over in his fields smoking up.” As luck would have it, a few hours of teaching his grandpa how to work a phone camera, and it was only a matter of time before his old man would catch them in the act. The promise of the photographic evidence being a more powerful deterrent than anything he could yell at them was so tantalizingly close to being his!

Victory in hand, Luke presented the facility with the photograph. Several booze bottles were in the shots, and what could easily be inferred as cigarettes or joints in the kids’ hands as they glared in anger at the old geezer that was encroaching on their buzz. Soon after, the trio was called into the office, and to Luke’s unexpected delight, they were kicked off the team, and even temporarily suspended! It was better than any high knowing sweet vengeance had been his. He’d wished they’d been expelled, and he’d never have had to see them again, but honestly, just knowing they weren’t untouchable felt so good.

Luke’s retribution had been short-lived, however. The rumors quickly circulated about his involvement with the incident, as much as he tried to keep it secret. He was almost prepared to take the beating, just to get them off his back. But it never came. All week, the three bullies were suspended, allowing Luke some room to breathe. Yet, a quiet tension lingered in the empty spaces the trio used to occupy, almost as if an unspoken promise was etched in the air that they would be back. Even so, he was finally able to stay in the library, out of sight to allow him the meager pleasures of academic life for even just a short reprieve.

Lost in his book, Luke had disregarded the time in an escape to a far off fantasy. Even in his current tale, one where a man turning into a wolf lay waste to a village who had slain his family, Luke felt some level of kinship with the antagonist. Even as a beast, he’d been granted the revenge he so desperately deserved. Hundreds of years later, a descendant of the man dealing with the same curse was tempted to seek revenge on the school bullies that had abused him. How Luke dreamed of such a thing in real life! To be able to slip out of his human failings and into the liquid muscle of a powerful wolf!

After a while of being lost to his fantasies, the shifting shadows and growing silence alerted Luke that something was wrong. He got up, walking over to the clock with a gasp of horror. Not only was school over, but Luke had missed his bus! Without a cellphone, he’d have to hoof it home. A mile didn’t seem like much, but Luke was very overweight, and he’d be chafed and sore from sweating and rubbing his thighs together in his clothes.

Luke decided in vain to check around the schoolyard, hoping that someone was still around to give him a ride, but there were no cars in the lot, and all access to landlines was locked behind office doors. He didn’t have any way to contact his parents without walking towards town. He sighed audibly, cursing his luck as he kicked an errant can in the parking lot.

As he walked out into the fading light, a familiar piercing laugh hit his ears. He felt his heart plummet into his guts. Like a rabbit caught in a trap, he looked back to see his least favorite people at the other end of the parking lot, slowly advancing on his position. They walked as if they had all the time in the world. At this point in the day, all of the other teachers and faculty had gone home for the day. None of them were supposed to be on school property, and no one would be around to provide him with any support!

“Fight me, faggot!” Conner yelled, brandishing his knife as it glittered in the sun. He had a crazed smile on his face as he opened his arms wide in an invitation for Luke to attack.

The sight of the weapon made Luke’s blood run cold. He knew there might be repercussions for getting his bullies in trouble, but never expected to be threatened with his life. Were they actually going to kill him?

He didn’t have time to question or ask. He had to get the hell away from there, from whatever it was they were planning. His life could be… no, definitely was in danger.

Luke raced into the woods surrounding his school, his only potential escape. He was too far away for help. Old fears of this place haunted him as he entered the trails, knowing of the legends that surrounded them. Though many had walked the paths before with no ill befalling them, there were a few instances where someone would report lights and others where someone went missing who had been known to travel the woods. Luke had even enjoyed a tale or two where the missing victim had been chasing or assaulting someone else. But that kind of poetic justice was too much to hope for. Right now, Luke's thoughts were focused only on escape.

His pants and shirt were torn from branches as he ran off the trails. Nearly tripping over debris on the forest floor, he was huffing and sweaty and on the verge of collapse within even the first thirty seconds. He cursed his weight and the effort it took to do the things others found easy. But he had to keep going. He didn’t know if they would kill him, dismember him, or just carve their names into his skin, but they had lost the most important thing to them: their spotless records. They were crazed, desperate. Luke didn’t want to imagine what they were capable of in such a state!

Rage filled Conner’s eyes as he hit the tree line, gazing around the woods for any trace of his prey. Repercussions be damned. If he didn’t have a spot on the team, then what the fuck was he going to do with his life? Failing grades and going home to his father yet again beating the everloving shit out of him, Conner Conner knew he might as well take whatever opportunity for vengeance he could get when he was already in so much trouble anyway. In his mind, he’d already lost everything. What was teaching the little fag pig a lesson going to add to it?.

He wasn’t going to kill the kid. No, being sent to juvie aside, it wouldn’t get his point across. He wanted the kid to live with the knowledge of his place in the world. A fatass faggot like that should be under the heel of a star like him. A star that Conner would eventually be again. Soon the school would recognize the necessity of his position on the team, especially in the more competitive leagues he would qualify them for as he advanced in high school.

Oscar and Quin weren’t exactly on board. Beating the kid was one thing, but stabbing him? Cutting him? They hoped that Conner had no intention to do anything else but carve the word ‘“faggot” into the fat kid's belly as he’d planned. But they didn’t have any choice. Conner was their leader, after all, and pissing him off might have Conner turn on them. Despite their number, Conner was the biggest of the three. He had the weapon and might be in a crazy enough state to try such a thing. And besides, they felt some rage towards the little fat kid that had fucked things up for them, even if not to the level Conner was taking it.


Unbeknownst to the four young men, the glow of an extra-dimensional entity floated above, eyeing the sight of their presence with a mixture of curiosity and ire. So few humans trespassed on her domain, and when they were unfortunately present during one of her limited periods of wakefulness, they were privy to her whims, as demented as they could be considered.

Her personal preference was to punish perpetrators by pulling away their humanity. If they sought to enter her domain, she would make them part of it, relishing in the screams of their frayed psyches.

It has been so many years since she last caught an unfortunate interloper invading her space. Now low and behold, she was encountering four in one day! She could change them all, making them unaware of the process until it was too late, as was her preference. But with so many gathered, it might be more amusing to change them one by one, as each watched in fear before learning their own fate. This was to be a most pleasurable experience.

Slowly, the unnamed entity opened her mind to the thoughts of the four young boys, reading them the way humans read written words. She would delve into their deepest depravities, finding the most twisted forms to bend their bones into as their cries of agony satisfied her demented desires.


Luke puffed and panted, knowing his pursuers were closing in. He had run far faster than he'd expected he would, and perhaps if he was able to push himself farther, he might actually escape his tormentors, at least for today. But he was done. His sweat-soaked body ached and cried out for mercy. He nearly collapsed as a sharp shooting pain ran through his chest, making him wheeze and spit up bile. A single, thick branch sent him flying forward, forcing the air from his lungs as he hit the soiled ground hard.

His world went black for a moment, and Luke was terrified that he might have given himself a concussion, but the pain seemed centered on his stiff muscles and strained chest.thankfully, he didn't have a headache. He had averted any serious injury from the fall, at least, but there was no telling what would happen when his pursuers caught up with him.

He raised his head, looking around to see if they were closing in. So far, it didn’t sound as though they were right behind him, but Luke's face rose to a world that was a far cry from the late afternoon sun of the woods he had escaped into. He could hardly see the treetops through a dense fog that had settled over the forest. The somewhat familiar trail he had run into was gone, and Luke found himself surrounded by strange trees, perfectly spaced gnarled branches that extended as far as he could see in the gloom. Luke was no expert, but it seems as though these trees did not belong in the forest that he had entered.

Still, he had little time to reflect further on the trees as a pair of strong hands grabbed him and forced him onto his knees. He’d had no warning, and it seemed not only had his pursuers been nearby, but their rage had overridden any fear from being in an unfamiliar place.

“Hold him!” Conner ordered, a wide grin on his face as he once more brandished the knife that had sent such fear through Luke’s body.

“No! No, stop!” Luke squealed, wanting desperately to be anywhere but where he was. He was powerless to escape in the face of the three.

“Shut up, fag.” Conner spat, the hatred and disgust playing over his features as he allowed the handle of the knife to dance through his fingers. “I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson about being a fucking snitch, you squealing, fat, pig bitch."

Luke’s cries were inaudible, snot dribbling down his face and mixing with the tears cascading down his chubby cheeks. “Hey, don’t worry too much, lard ass! We ain't gonna kill ya! Well, I mean, I wasn’t going to.” Conner said, glancing toward the alien sky with a look of contemplation that made Luke cry out in terror. They were going to kill him!

“No, no, no. Killing you wouldn't be fun! Tell you what. I’m just gonna brand you a little! You know, like the fat little piggy bitch you are!” Conner declared as he reached down to pull up the boy’s sweat-soaked shirt.

“What do you think of this? Maybe I'll carve the word “faggot” in big letters on your fat fucking gut, huh? Mark you as a fag! If everyone knows you’re a faggot then we can call you a piggy because of how much you squeal! WRREETTTT WRREEETT!” He yelled, mocking the boy's cries by mimicking a pig’s squeal. Luke sobbed. It was too much to even imagine. If he even survived, how would he ever live with it?

Luke kicked and screamed but was helpless as the two boys held him firm for Conner. Conner took his time, making fake slashes and thrusts with the weapon before bringing it close to his prey. They were alone in the woods, and Conner intended to savor the moment as he brought the knife down. Luke squirmed a little, feeling the tip of the cool metal tease over his skin. He could only manage to whine out a desperate and feeble “no!”

All of a sudden, Quin let go, his arms shaking as though something had bitten him. “What the hell… Ah!” he cried, pulling his hands back. The other three boys, Luke included, looked to see the pained expression on Quin’s face as his eyes closed, and spasms wracked his body. Luke couldn't be sure, but there had been a flash of brown as Quin pulled his hands away.

Oscar had let go of Luke’s arm by now, and Luke knew he should run… but something kept him rooted to the spot as he stared at the agony on his tormenter’s face. Quin’s teeth were clenched, and as Luke stared at him, it seemed as though his front teeth were getting… larger? His front incisors started thickening, their square tips darkened from their off-white shade to yellow to orange.

They quickly became larger than his lips would allow, and Quin raised a hand to touch them, only to be further startled by the sight of his hand. The back of it was covered with brown fur, but that was the least of his worries. His fingers were shorter, blunt nails sticking out from them as thick pads grew from the flesh of his skin. It was obvious that Quin was trying to flex them, shaking his hand as they seemed to shrink in comparison to his arm. Soon his fingers, in particular his thumbs, were mere stubs sat upon arms that were steadily shrinking and covered with brown fur. He had the paws of an animal!

All three of them stared in stunned silence as fur ran up his arm, towards his shoulders, and under his shirt. Quin tried to pull it up to see his belly, but the fingers on his other arm were undergoing the same fate, and he had no grip with the useless appendages. Still, he was not to be trapped as his clothing seemed to sag over him, already several sizes too much for his shrinking body. The other three boys could easily see more brown fur sprouting from the skin wherever the billowing clothes exposed it.

“What the..fuck...help meeeeeee! “Quin bleated, his voice suddenly sounding inhuman. He tried to raise his paws to cover his mouth but could hardly rotate his hands as his cheeks puffed out, adorned with thick whiskers.

The contours of his face continued altering, the same brown fur accenting his cheeks before running up his face to merge with his hair. Slowly, his ears, now long, rose well above his head and began swerving back and forth independently. His nose, too, started to twitch, flattening into his face as his jaw continued to press forward. Even his changing eyes could not hide the expression of pure terror on his face, beady though they were. It was obvious the boy was turning into a rabbit!

Oscar reached out to touch him, but his own hands were suddenly overcome with change. The digits darkened to black as his nails pressed outward into a blunt set of claws. His hands seemed to shrink as well, giving him a tiny pair of paws that Luke now recognized belonged to a rabbit as well. It was clear he was changing too, making the remaining boy’s blood run cold.

Oscar cried out suddenly as he reached down to take off his shoes, his feet seemingly too large in the runners. Luke could see the heel pressing against the back of the shoe, evidently growing to match his human proportions. Yet his hands no longer worked, and he winced as his massive rabbit feet burst out of the confining runners.

The pain of his growing feet did little to distract from an ache in his back as Oscar reached for it, obviously restricted by his compressing chest. From his contracting body, it was not hard for everyone present to see the puffy tail sticking out above his rump, evidently painfully pressing out his spine. He seemed to be able to move it, even as his back hunched and continued to shrink.

Quin was on the ground now, falling into his clothes as the horrific changes washed over him. Thankfully, his feet had shrunk before they could pressure his shoes, though it was a small reprieve in the face of the transformation itself. Even as his body continued to diminish, Luke couldn’t help but notice that the boy’s muscled frame was filling out with fat, even beyond what he might have expected in a bunny. Even as Quin's body shrank, his stomach continued to balloon outward, and any notions of vengeance Luke might have harbored were lost in the terror of the sight.

In less than five minutes, nothing was left of the young man Quin other than a common brown snowshoe hare. His rabbit nose twitched in fear from his size; he was by far the smallest and weakest of those gathered. And oh, he was fat; his rabbit body holding more weight than was natural for a creature of his size. He knew he could run but wasn’t sure he could make it very far if needed. And worst of all, whatever magic had changed him left him rooted to the spot with an all too human mind.

Oscar seemed soon to follow, using what was left of his voice to beg for mercy from whatever force saw fit to change him, but it did stop his nose from flattening, his buck teeth jutting out embarrassingly before his muzzle could cover them. Like Quin, his belly bloated out with fat, even as he shrank into lapine proportions. He, too, kept the expression of pure terror on his beady bunny eyes as his skull shrank and his ears curved. The new hare sat still in his clothes, evidently as frozen as his buddy. From the expression still plastered on both their lapine faces, it was clear their minds were still present, likely trying to process the horrific transformation.

Conner stared down at what remained of his entourage before he felt an uncomfortable bloating in his own stomach. He reached down to rub the skin before letting out a rather loud and uncomfortable burst of flatulence. Embarrassed, his hands left his stomach, even as it grew large enough to pull up his shirt, exposing the pallid, sweatless skin beneath.

A tingling in his ears drew his attention upward, and his hands played over the hot, now hairless crown of his head as his hair fell away, leaving him bald. All the while, his body was ballooning up with fat, and his chest and neck pressing outward. Luke was rather surprised to see the once worshipped athletic body being swallowed up by the obese figure that was clearly so different from the bunnies his friends had become.

“No! Stop, please! I don’t wanna WRRREEEEETT!” Conner tried to yell, but his words were cut short as his throat altered too much to allow human speech. He raced to put his hands over his mouth but was not fast enough to cover how upturned his nose had become or how two of his incisors began pressing from his puckered lips.

All the while, his body continued to expand, putting on fat faster than his teenage body could support it. His ass, in particular, was stretching the waistband of his shorts painfully tight. Though Luke didn’t want to look, he couldn’t help but stare at the curly tail that seemed to erupt from his spine.

Much to Luke’s disgust, he got another whiff of Conner’s flatulence just before the backs of the pants were stained with feces. Luke finally tore his gaze away, not wanting to watch even his bully give into animalistic urges. From the look of red on Conner’s face, Luke could tell that the action was involuntary. The shame was not lost even as his cheeks fattened, and his skull sloped to better support his growing muzzle. Luke was reminded of the time he'd been pushed into the filthy urinal or the trash bin, though was unable to enjoy the justice under the bizarre circumstance he was witness to.

The changes continued to play over Conner's fat body as his shirt was pulled painfully over his entire frame. His flabby pecs were clearly visible through the fabric, and Luke could even see that lines of porcine nipples running down the contours of his belly. All the muscle Conner had spent his life working to perfect was lost in the blink of an eye. Had Luke not been so terrified, he might have considered it a fitting punishment.

Conner tried desperately to remove his shirt, but his stiffening fingers, in tandem with the tightness of the fabric, made it an impossible task. Conner ceased his attempts as keratin covered two of the digits, and the others either rotated to the front of his hands or disappeared entirely. Within minutes, he was left staring at a pair of perfect pig trotters. His loose shoes were an indication that his feet were undergoing a similar transformation, supported by his change in stance, making it evident that Conner would not last on two legs much longer.

A loud tearing resounded as the pig-boy’s ass split his pants apart, leaving the soiled clothes to fall to the ground. Even with his expanding ham hocks, his shorts were able to slide off his form easily. His fattening thighs, merging with his growing belly, were sufficient to force him to the ground with a squeal. His rear trotters fell out of the shoes, heels stretching to support his girth as his spine extended. His shoulders sank into his barreling trunk until his body was forced on all fours forever.

“RRREEEELLLPPP WWWRRRRREEEET” *snort* *grunt* Conner tried to yell for help, but his voice was far too warped to make human sounds anymore.

The stinking hog, formerly a star athlete, looked up at his bully-victim with beady eyes. Even through his porcine features, Luke could see the pleading expression and knew that the boy’s mind was still in there somewhere. There was some poetic justice in the formerly muscled jock being the very pig he had always taunted Luke for being. But such things did not happen naturally and left Luke more terrified than overjoyed at contemplating whatever process could do this to a human.

Conner, the pig, seemed unable to move, much as the bunnies that had become of his friends. Whatever spell had robbed them of their humanity seemed intent on having them present until it had run its course. Luke had a frightening feeling that their lack of mobility meant the process was not finished, and the only one who remained to be changed was himself.

Still gazing at what had become of his bullies, Luke was barely aware when an intense itching started covering his own arms. His entire body went cold as a series of pangs wracked his chest and body. He cried out, feeling his frame shifting. The aches centered on his fingers and toes, a dull thrumming as they altered from their human shape. Luke didn't need to see his growing gray fur or sprouting claws to know that he was changing too!

Luke wanted to run but clearly knew that it would not save him, so he stood there and let come what may. Curiosity won out, and being only in the presence of the boys-turned-animals, he stripped off his clothes to watch the process. He looked down, almost fascinated as a lighter layer of white fur covered his belly and coarse gray fur lanced around his sides and shoulders. Luke was glad that whatever force that was transforming him saw fit to protect his modesty. He was unable to see anything downstairs, save for a swath of fur covering the area much like it was covering the rest of him.

Still, it would not be preserving his humanity as Luke felt his fingers stiffen and shrink, pulling into his hands until only stubby claws remained, rough paw pads the only traces of skin. The same was happening to his feet, and Luke knew that he would soon no longer be able to stand on two legs, his foot paws and stature unable to support such locomotion.

Yet one thing did seem to be unexpected. Luke figured, being so fat, he would turn into something disgusting, like a fat hog or cow or something similar to the former jocks. But, instead, Luke felt his fat evaporating under the flesh, leaving only lean muscle to stretch from his belly. Though his arms were shrinking, shoulders sinking into his barreling chest, he could feel the strength as his hunched shoulders expanded inside his powerful frame.

He was already so much larger than even his human self, and he continued to expand, in particular around his skull, which was now only just starting to warp his human visage. His jaw became thick and heavy as it cracked forward, and his teeth shifted sharper even as a flat tongue curved around them. His neck thickened as well, its expanding muscle needed to work such a jaw as the one that was to adorn his face.

Even before the changes were completed, Luke already knew what was happening. It had been so fresh on his thoughts, after all. And it seemed to be progressing how he’d always imagined it might. Though in this case, as his pelvis realigned and he lowered himself onto his new front paws, he knew he would be a complete animal, not one that stayed on two legs in memory of its former shape. Somehow, that notion sat well with Luke. The less chance Luke would have to return to his human life, the happier he became.

As if to confirm his suspicion, he could see his blackened nose stretch before his face, sniffing the air as if for the first time. He could feel his ears growing pointed atop his head, swiveling this way and that. His body was heavy, firmly planted on all fours as he continued to grow. Something twitched behind him, and if Luke tried, he could move it, wagging his new tail as a dog might.

At last, the warm tingling of transformation faded, and Luke knew it was over. The new, muscled wolf licked his lips as he stared in eagerness at the frightening prey animals before him. Luke still retained a bit of himself, just enough for him to enjoy this role reversal. It reminded him much of the story he’d read, the idea of becoming a wolf to take vengeance on his tormentors vastly appealing. And the forms that his bullies had taken on would allow Luke the retribution he’d craved all these long years.

Now Conner couldn’t hurt him or threaten him when he, Luke, was the one with a mouth full of knives.


The extra-dimensional entity floated up in the air to watch the new beasts running for their lives as her wolf prepared to hunt. She figured it fitting to leave their fates to the bullied human. If he decided to spare their lives, their overweight, unhealthy bodies would not last long in the merciless forest. But that was his business now. She liked it best that way. Set events in motion, and let nature take its course, as it were. It would surely give her hours of entertainment! Well, minutes at least. Perhaps she’d made them too fat.

Smiling, the entity looked upon her work, marveling especially at the new wolf she had created. She had intended something more malicious for all four of them, but after reading the tormented boy's thoughts, she felt enough compassion to select a different fate for him. She could not let him leave as a human; no one was granted that reprieve in her presence. But she strongly felt that after presenting her gift, the boy would no longer wish to return to the world of man. The idea was so firmly at the forefront of the boy’s thoughts, it was impossible not to grant him that wish. And the idea of watching him take his justice was far too poetic a prospect to pass up.

The bumbling bunnies would likely get away for the time being. They were mostly compliant in their leader's activities. Living their lives as helpless prey animals was sufficient punishment. Though, their affinity for calling their victim a ‘faggot’ was not lost on her ears. They would quickly find their enhanced lapine hormones lusted only for each other and would have to deal with the inferred shame of only mating with males. At least they would have the comfort of each other’s bodies to lead them into their new lives.

Their porcine leader was not so lucky. The entity would have seen it fit to change the former boy’s sexuality as well, but she doubted he would live long enough for it to matter. A pig had been a fitting choice, given how he had referred to his victim all those times. And not just any pig. A true hog would not be helpless. Tusks and hooves and an aggressive demeanor made hogs dangerous prey, and even a wolf would find some risk in taking one on. But not this one. With no instincts to guide him, and his body vastly overweight, the former boy was well at the mercy of whatever the wolf saw fit to do with him!


As though finally realizing they were in the presence of an apex predator, the three prey creatures discovered they could run. The two hares tore off in the same direction, bolting through the underbrush to look for a hole in the ground to hide from the wolf that would find them a worthy meal. It was awkward, their minds too afraid to access the instincts of the beasts they’d become. Yet, at least their legs were fast, and though their bellies were fat and they were soon out of breath, the fear pumped enough adrenaline to keep them moving. They would burn off all those extra calories quickly, assuming they lived that long!

Conner, too, tried to run but managed to trip on his new trotters as he struggled to get back up on all fours. Unlike the others, he received no instincts on how to properly use his new porcine body, and his human mind struggled in vain against the confines of his changed anatomy. Even if he had, his mind would not be accustomed to such a harsh forest, and he would have no place to run or hide to escape his predator. Conner writhed and squealed, but only managed to thrash a few inches away from the wolf that was now staring at him with murderous intent.

Luke, meanwhile, allowed the lupine instincts to slowly creep into his mind. The scent of his scared prey was more appetizing than any buffet. Soon, he would leave here in search of a different meal. Perhaps a real wolf would eat his kill, but Luke had enough humanity to know that torturing his former bullies would be a far more fitting fate. He would not allow them to get off easily. And besides, with how fat Conner had become, Luke was sure that he would never get far enough away to avoid his predatory senses.

Letting out a low growl that caused Conner to piss himself, Luke lowered his muzzle to lick the chubby neck of his once-proud tormentor. He reveled in the position of power, savoring the delicious porcine squeal as he gently leaned in, biting ever so slightly. His deadly fangs pierced the pallid pig flesh, just enough to draw a few drops of blood. The new wolf lapped at it fervently, enjoying the salty flavor as Conner screamed his protest and panic. The first loss of blood was only a prelude to what the wolf would eventually do to the boy who had made his life a living hell.

And what hell could be greater than living in squalor, having small bits of your body eaten away until hunger and the elements robbed you of any chance at life?

What a hell it would be for Conner and his friends to beg for mercy from the one they had taught so well to never, ever grant it.

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that was amazing, thanks
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I'm glad I could do your idea justice!
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Donkey Anatomy 2020-08-10T19:50:33+00:00

You allow the needle to prick your skin after a moment’s hesitation. You’ve wanted this for as long as you can remember, to be an animal. Not just any beast, but a jackass, a dumb, smelly brute with a place in a herd of your brethren. The thought of losing your humanity is a potent aphrodisiac, and you can feel your cock getting hard at the mere notion.

Yet now that it is happening, you can’t help but feel a twinge of anxiety towards the change. Fear of the unknown is a human trait, one of many that you will no longer possess as a jackass.

The skin around your arm starts to darken, and despite your initial trepidation, you aren’t about to let a moment of the transformation slip your notice. You run your hand over the area, marveling how thick and leathery it seems to become. Your flesh thickens and turns black, spreading all the way down your arms and up your shoulders. You know that such a hide has numerous industrial applications, but even as it encroaches on your flesh, you have every intention of keeping it to yourself!

“Fuck, i-it's happening!” you stammer as the skin starts to prickle from the growth of your new donkey coat. Part of you doubted that the serum would work, but there is currently no denying the results you see before your very eyes!

You watch as a dense coat of long, coarse hairs lance their way out of your skin, covering your blackening hide in a wave. The fur on your upper arm and shoulder is much thicker than the fine fur running down to your wrists. Soon, the fur thickens to the point where you can no longer see your skin, which is a small relief. It is so bizarre seeing leathery skin on your human body!

A stiffness resonates in your fingers, and you look down in shock to see that they are shrinking. You try in vain to move them, but the flexibility in the digits seems to be waning. A moment of panic overtakes you. You knew this was to happen eventually, but you had not expected it so soon!

Your fingers continue to retract into your skin, unable to twitch and move as the joints and tendons fade away. You know that equines have only a single digit, and the others retain no presence on the outside of the leg. Still, it is disconcerting to feel your fingers, your way of interacting with the world, dissolving into your wrists, where the remnants of the bone merge with your carpels.

The bone within your middle digits starts to expand as the rest of your fingers fade. You stare in more fascination than fear as the third phalanges seem to thicken at the tip far faster than the rest. You can tell that the bone underneath is swelling, forming what will soon be your set of donkey hooves. The first and second phalanges stretch, pressing almost painfully against the skin as the darkening flesh moves to envelop them. Soon, your former finger bones become the pastern bones of your equine leg. Your metacarpals elongate next, extending your hands as they fuse to become the cannon bone. Your former wrists crack and lose their flexibility, some of the bones fusing to become the knees of your equine front limbs.

Your third phalanges, meanwhile, continue to widen inside your finger, thickening along the bottom as the tips become pointed. The blackened nail spreads over the skin as layers of keratin and elastic tissue covers the entire surface. The planar sole of your nail becomes flattened as the outer surface adds layers of protective, hardened keratin in an oval shape. Your developing hooves take on several dimensions; thick, spongy tissue under the bone for support, a thick outer wall for protection, and an indented ‘frog’ for elasticity. You want to turn them around to see the soles, but your knees don’t flex as well as your former wrists had. Still, you can almost perceive the heavy indent of the frog, surrounded entirely by the wall or margin of protective covering.

You stare down at your new hooves, feeling incredibly embarrassed that these things are all that remains of your human hands. Yet there is a sense of pride knowing that these hooves are tougher than those of a horse. You need not have them tended as often to keep their functionality, even though they will continue to grow all your equine life.

A crack in your back brings you back to the reality of the changes, and you stumble forward as the muscles and organs slosh in your chest. A wet crack resonates through your body as your pelvis brakes apart and starts to diminish dimensionally. Thankfully the process is painless, you think, unable to fathom the pain of such a transfiguration. You still are forced to moan as your loosened pelvis extends, pushing back against your hips as they threaten to break the surface. You do not need the same level of weight-bearing space between your pelvic girdle in your eventual quadrupedal stance.

The much slimmer, longer bones, in conjunction with your extending spine, make it nearly impossible to remain upright. You fall forward, surprised as your hooves clack against the floor. Yet their thick surface allows you to feel next to no impact from the fall. You try to right yourself, but your hips no longer move that way with your rearranged skeletal structure.

“I’m on all fours...I’m an ass!” You yell, unable to keep the excitement out of your voice. Your ass hangs awkwardly in the air, the length of your still-human upper arms insufficient for a comfortable stance.

You expect that your lower body will continue to change to better fit your changed stance. But instead, the tingling seems to emanate from your teeth. You want to reach up to touch them, but of course, you lack that ability. Instead, you are forced to feel them squeeze out of your lips, your front teeth getting larger and pushing the others back in your mouth. A second set seems to press out of the space, while your incisors grow thick, splotchy, and yellow. You can almost see them, hanging out of lips far too small to contain them!

“Can’t believe I’m gonnhha be a donekeee!” You try to cry out, suddenly embarrassed by the equine tone escaping from your lips. You want to raise your hands to cover your teeth, but of course, you lack the ability with new hooves.

Your hips start to balloon up now as the muscle underneath thickens. You seem to recall that your hip muscles will require extra strength to better move your powerful running and kicking power. The flesh around your pelvis, which is still sticking from your skin, starts to thicken with layers of muscle and fat, ballooning outward comically so on your mostly human anatomy. Your femur cracks audibly as it draws itself backward on your frame, finally allowing your back to settle into a more comfortable stance. You can feel the bone underneath thickened as well to suit your much larger rump.

"Faawwwkkkk, this is so weird..." You mutter through your equine incisors. You feel increasingly embarrassed, looking at the massive, fur-covered ass of a, well, jackass. You knew you would suffer some humiliation from the change, but you never expected this much! Thankfully, no one is here to see you!

To make matters worse, you can feel your anus starting to pucker, growing thick and meaty as it slides up your backside. As massive as your hindquarters are, the formerly rounded human shape starts to flatten, leaving your puckered asshole to kiss the air as you release an unexpected bout of gas, due to the reorientation of your bowels and lower intestines. The stench, in tandem with your sweaty hide, smells extremely repugnant to your still-human nose. You are even starting to reek like a donkey!

“HHAAAWWW! I stink like an animal!” You yell, the bray still forced but exciting to elicit from your still human lips. Soon, you’ll be braying like a real jackass!

You loathe the idea of having your asshole on full display but are relaxed a bit as you feel the bones in your coccyx starting to unfuse. Each bone extends, pinching off in the center as they form additional linkages. Soon, they lengthen as well, connected by the new muscle and ligaments developing to move them. The force pushes into a red lump on your backside before the extension presses out of your hide. Yet the muscles and flesh needed to cover those bones races out in front of it, before the bones could break the skin. Soon, the new appendage hangs several inches down your body, starting to tickle your furry legs. You have a jackass's tail!

Your new asinine tail starts to wag of its own accord as the new system of coccygeus muscles extend its length, allowing it a full range of motion. The bare skin touches your exposed anus, making you shiver slightly and thankful for the ability to raise it as high as you can. Its entire surface bursts forth with the same grayish-brown fur that covers your hide, save for the pointed tip. The itching is far more intense there, the coarse black hair brushing against the skin of your lower leg to form a tassel.

Your back legs are aching slightly now as the bones of your lower leg fuse, and their length diminishes. You feel your lower legs start to warp as did your hands, and you know your third phalanges will soon be the start of your hind hooves. You try once more in vain to enjoy the sensation of moving your toes, wrigging them one last time. But, like your fingers, they, too, are no longer part of your anatomy.

The remaining bones of your middle toes continue to stretch, filling up the inside of the digits as the nails begin to cover them. The former phalanges thicken, equating to equine pastern bones as your hard, keratinized hooves form over the third bones. You know that even as you fatten into jackass proportions, your hooves will continue to provide adequate support. They are much more square-like, compact to suit the needs of your body size. Though your legs lack the elegance of a horse, your stance is more upright than most equines.

Your heel seems to stretch backward, raising you upward to a more comfortable position. Yet it is actually your metatarsal bones that are contributing to the increase in height, your second and third metatarsals fusing into an equine cannon bone. Your heel bone is shoved outwards from your tarsals, which have rearranged with your heel into a hock. The protrusion formed by the former heel provides an essential place for muscles necessary to operate the powerful, asinine legs you are now in possession of.

Suddenly, your nose begins to itch, and you sneeze reflexively, the action an evident catalyst for the next shift. Your nostrils flare as the flesh around them becomes rubbery, the first bit of change in your face. The leathery skin becomes peppered with tiny white hairs as the contours of your nose push forward, even past the reaches of your rubbery lips. The base is still black, however, as the rubbery skin continues to stretch out beyond the confines that your human face can match. What a sight you must make!

"Haaww, I am one ugly ass!" You say, enjoying your words while you still have them. You know the moment that your neck starts to change, you'll only be able to elicit bestial brays!

Your nose starts to flare in and out, and you steadily realize even with this minor bit of change that you are pulling in more air, and with it, more molecules to be detected with your olfactory senses. As you breathe in, you start to realize that the scents in the air are more intense. You’d been smelling the stale stench of donkey hide as your changes have progressed. But now, the stench is amplified, and you snort a little, uncomfortable with your odor. Is this what you will smell the rest of your time as a donkey?

The rubbery texture seems to be taken in by your lips as well, as they start to grow black. You can feel the tingling erupting over your gums, knowing they are turning splotchy with pink and black, like any other farm beast. The taste in your mouth is terrible, your new salivary glands are not something that you’re comfortable with. How much worse will it taste when you are eating grass and hay like a common beast!

By this time, your entire hide is covered in a slick sheen of sweat from the exertion. The stench of donkey hide is more pungent now that you have an equine nose on your otherwise human face, and you nearly gag, your body not yet accustomed to the odor. You reek! Is this really what you want, to live like a jackass in squalor with others of your kind, their body odors just as pungent? It will only get worse, dealing with the stink of manure and piss as any common barnyard donkey would. What are you thinking, letting yourself change like this?!

Yet a sudden stirring in your groin reminds you all over again as your cock comes to full erection. The amount of blood flowing into it is far more than its human counterpart could ever take. You gaze down in delight as the contours of your erection start to expand, and the tip leaking as the head flares your lust.

You stare, excitedly, as the color of your penis begins to turn black, to match the still-spreading equine flesh over your human body. But in some places, the penis shaft keeps its pinkish shade, giving it a mottled appearance. It continues to engorge with increasing tummerance in the paired corpus cavernosum erectile tissue. As a male jack, you know you can grow up to 18 inches long, and right now, you feel every inch of that hanging from your underside!

Next, your foreskin starts to split, running down the center of your shaft as more of that mottled black and pink jackass flesh becomes exposed to the air. It pulls down over your cock, finally reaching the base, while the top half zips up to your distending belly. You recall the proper term is prepuce, a dark black sheath to house your cock close to your groin to keep it protected. You know you possess a penile retractor muscle, which will allow your girth to properly retract to a fraction of its size inside your sheath. But with how hard you are now, there is no way your cock will retreat until you've satisfied your lust!

As though in response to your need, you can feel your testicles start to tingle, the horizontal oval orbs within swelling with cum. Though not as impressive as the 5 inch long testes of a stallion, yours are still massive for the frame of your asinine body.

A strange tingling catching your attention, something on the outside of the blackening skin that is more sensitive than anything down there should be. You recall, unlike horses, male donkeys maintain a pair of vestigial teats where a mare’s would be. You have no way to stimulate them, and you suspect that they are not as sensitive as your former human ones. Still, you welcome an influx of new sensations!

So enamored by the awareness of change, you can barely feel your erection press painfully forward with the need to cum. Yet with your hooves and lack of fellows, you have no way to get off! Frantically, you hump your hips, feeling your mammoth member start to slap against your ballooning belly. The feeling, while not nearly as exquisite as mating, has the desired effect of putting just the slightest bit of pressure on your penis. From how hard you are, you don’t think it will take much!

You continue to thrust, an audible slapping reaching your ears as your glans flares, and your urethra leaks copious amounts of pre. Each sensation brings you closer and closer to the release you so crave. You can feel every inch of your cock being stimulated by your fuzzy belly, every tingle running down the sensitive flesh to gather at your great ballsack.

It will only take a few more...just a bit further...soon you will blow the load that’s been building since the change started. You can already tell it will far dwarf anything the human you have ever experienced, and likely even exceed your expectations!

“HAAAAAWWWW YEEEEHHHAAAWWWW!” You bray as the feeling of your cock slapping against your belly allows you the pressure you need. Your thick, black testicles throb with uncontrolled release as they shoot a large volume of donkey jism into your hose-like cock. The putrid odor reaches your nose as asinine spunk shoots from your donkey dick, covering your belly, sheath, and the floor with your maleness. The waves of pleasure ebb from your cock, trembling under your skin as your cock empties your bestial balls of their burden.

You pant for a few moments, the orgasmic waves washing over your body, making your skin twitch here and there from the release. The force of blowing from such a hose is more than your changing body could take. Yet you can tell that your cock is not spent. The equine refractory period is much shorter than a human, and you can't wait to put that to the test as you eventually start breeding your herd mates in earnest!

A tingling erupts from your ears as they start to itch with the growth of fur. The ears themselves meld like wax, adding flesh as they raise themselves further up your head. Though they are becoming much larger, their bases do not originate on your head. You assume their position will adjust with your changing skull. The edges start to curve, forming a sort of funnel that you realize will allow you to better capture sounds. The long wisps of hair forming on the insides protect from too much ambient noise while allowing you an extensive auditory capacity.

Your chest starts to barrel now, the ribs pushing painlessly against the skin to make room for your equine organs. Your heart, your lungs, and stomach all need to be larger to sustain your new physiology. Yet all you can perceive is a gurgling in your guts as your system grows longer to better derive nutrients from nutrient-poor plant matter. Your tail lifts as you flatulate uncontrollably once more, and you can't help but blush in embarrassment from the lack of control your body seems to have.

"Faaawwwk, I'm gonnnaaww be a smelly ass!" You say, the brays become more natural as the changes conclude.

Your belly distends even further, forcing your spine to push back as well. You have read you will have six more thoracic vertebrae than your human spine, and the added length will allow your belly the girth it needs. Your stomach continues to swell, all human tone erased for flat skin and white underfur. You lament the loss as the skin around your hips loosens to allow it to properly attach your chubby donkey belly. You brace your legs a little as you feel your spine pushing further backward, your skin and muscle spreading, and reshaping to account for the increase in body length.

Your chest continues to barrel as your pecs and nipples dissolve into the flesh, leaving only the ones below your cock. Your shoulder blades push forward, sinking into your fattening flanks as their edges poke slightly under your back. Like your legs, your elbows form the same loose bit of skin that connects them to your trunk. Unlike other equines, the dorsal processes of the vertebrae that comprise your withers are much shorter, preventing that distinctive feature in your frame. Instead, your barreling chest creates a more pronounced sternum, making you look far less impressive than your equine counterparts. But you don't care. You haven't chosen to be a majestic horse, but rather an ugly donkey!

Your fattened neck elicits a wet sloshing sound as the bones within start to stretch. Your spine still carries the same number of cervical vertebrae as their human equivalents. They are much longer, however, more sturdy to support your soon-to-be massive equine head. Your thicker neck fits perfectly into the expanse of your still-growing chest.

"HHAAAWWWW YYEAAAH! It's HHAAAWWW HHOOVVVHHEEEWWW!" You bray, your voice much more asinine now. You can feel your head start to thicken at its apex as you prepare for your final stretch of change.

The fur covering your body seeks to cover the rest of your head, moving to cover the bare skin as it spreads from your lengthening neck. Yet there is a more insistent itching coming from just the center, as coarse, bristly hairs erupt from the pores. You can feel it spreading all the way down your neck, right above the area where your shoulders now sit. The hair on your hair starts to retract into your skull, what little remains is coarse and thick and black down the center. You are now in possession of a jackass mohawk.

Your face itches as the rest of your shaggy fur grows in, starting with your beard. You can feel it growing thick, spreading into gray jackass fur as a shorter coat tickles your chin with white stubble. The short white coat runs down your bare neck, touching the shorter belly fur rising to meet it. Your beard is thick, a shaggy donkey coat that meets the jackass fur spreading from your skull. All the remains of your skin are the flesh around your eyes and muzzle. Yet those, too, are soon coated with a fine layer of black shirt hairs.

Finally, the changes begin to overtake your scalp, and you let out a bray, excited to enter your new form. The bones in your cranium undergo a drastic rearrangement, though they retain their same human number and names. You can feel your skull starting to shift, the extension of your frontal bone forcing it a sloped appearance. Your parietal bone grows with it, pressing against the skin and muscles until they can wrap around it.

Your occipital and temporal bones, in contrast, start to collapse, their size not needed for your much smaller equine brain. Your head is relatively larger than most equines, in particular your brain, and your eyes. You take a little pride in that; although a horse is considered more majestic in appearance, your new species is more intelligent, with better senses. Perhaps it is why you are considered stubborn, your increased mentality makes you more aware of a need for self-preservation!

As your head continues to change, you are aware of new muscles branching underneath your ears as your sloping head raises them up. Instinctively, they start to move independently, twitching this way and that to catch sounds from all directions. What an important adaptation for a prey animal like you, to be able to take in sounds and pinpoint their location!

The pinna in each ear allows them to rotate independently from your skull. You take a few moments, enjoying the sensations of swiveling them back and forth. You can bend them back, eliciting feelings of fear or anger, and realize that even without your voice, you are just as capable of emoting as any human. Your ears are massive, and you recall they can even help regulate your body temperature. You take a moment to marvel at how well your body is developed to live in more arid environments compared to other equines.

The pressure of your skull reshaping starts to force your eyes outward, and you realize that as their occipital cavities increase in size, so, too, do your eyes themselves. For a few moments, you marvel as your ability to see broadens, allowing you to take in more and more of the room. But soon, it grows too wide! Things start to seem blurry at the far corners of the room. As your vision settles, you realize that things like patterns and movement draw your attention, while everything else is largely uninteresting.

The world changes shade as the number of rods in your equine iris increase to the proportion of cones, washing out colors somewhat. But you are surprised at the level of detail you can still make out, even from the two seperate fields of vision you seem to have. You have a blind spot behind you, as well in the area in front of you where your growing nose takes your full attention. You do have a field of view right in front of you where your range and acuity is equal to your humanity.

At last, the final changes encroach upon you as your maxilla, incisive, and mandible bones start to extend far past their human counterparts. You sneeze again, the space of your nasal basin becoming far more vast in your properly proportionate head. Your senses have already been enhanced, but the expansive cavities significantly increase the amount of air you can take in, as well as increase the capability of your mucous membranes to take in scent particles.

At that, the stench of your own body hits you full force, as well as a plethora of other scents that make you more curious than off-put. The newly developed Jacobson’s organ, as you’d read, creates a secondary pathway, that, in tandem with the wider space for mucosal membranes and nerves, allow the better intake of stimuli for analysis!

Finally, your rubbery lips are pushed forward, expanding to encompass your bulging teeth. Your tongue grows with them, and you are pleasantly surprised to find that it can even touch your nostrils, licking at the snot dripping from your nose. The muscles in your lips seem to swell, and with surprise, you realize you can flare them, lifting them all the way up to expose your front teeth. You play with the gesture for a few moments, loving the level of dexterity your lips have.

Your molars and premolars are forced back along your jaw, leaving an empty area you had not been anticipating. You take a few moments to feel the interdental space with your tongue, an expanse of gum line with nothing to show for it. Visibly, you are only left with your incisors, 12 now instead of your human eight. You will use those to bite, to establish yourself in the herd, or just to pull your grassy meal from the ground. You still have your canine teeth, but they are flattened, shorter, likely a vestigial part of your equine anatomy. Your molars and premolars are much larger, the cheek teeth just for grinding your food into a slurry that you will swallow as you gaze for more than eight hours a day.

In a triumph of your new form, you let out an audible bray, the first fully asinine sound to your asinine ears. The racket, considered obnoxious to human ears, is music to your own as you bray and bray. The sound can be heard for several kilometers and lasts 30 seconds or more as you bray your expansive lungs out. You know that you are calling for others of your kind, alerting other asses of your presence, and of the need in the donkey cock between your legs.

You are somewhat surprised to hear a bray in response, followed by several dozen more. You grow excited, knowing that others of your kind are near. You make your way out of the room, wanting to get away from sterile smelling human things. You hear the sound of a door opening, and you know it will lead you into your new life, a coral of donkeys whom you will join with.

The pungent stench of your fellows reaches your nose as you walk into the pasture. Their sweat, their musk, and their leavings fill your nostrils, making you feel a little dizzy. You thought that perhaps your mind would be relaxed in their presence, and that is the case to a certain extent. But the smells are far more potent to your enhanced nostrils and take some time for your human mind to process.

The daylight is waning as you walk to join your fellows, yet your vision does not seem to be limited. You recall an aspect of equine eyes called a tapetum lucidum, allowing you superior night vision. Something you will need, should you be at risk of predation, but you think you will be safe here with your herd mates.

At the thought of being safe with your herd, you feel yourself start to relax. You suddenly feel an embarrassing rumble in your bowels, and before you are aware of their action, your tail is lifting, and you are adding to the stench on the ground. You know you should feel a deep sense of shame, losing control as you dump like an animal. But even as your cock unfurls and you urinate as well, you start to relax. Such is the way of your new body, and the notions of shedding human morality is a welcome thought.

You walk through the gathering cluster of donkeys, not watching your step as your hooves are barely able to tell what it is you are stepping in. Much to your annoyance, your hide is being assaulted by biting insects, in particular around your christened equine ass. But your tail and your twitching skin seem to eliminate most of them, and soon you put them out of your mind, seeing they seem to attack your herd mates as much as your own.

The succulent, sweet scents of hay override your nose, and you move into the coral, working your way over to the bale. A few of your fellows are grazing, pulling up their dinner with dark, pliable lips. Yet there is still room for you as you lower your head, the aroma of food eliciting a rumbling in your empty belly. You start to graze, at first aware of the action of your lips pulling up hay and chewing before feeling it slide down your throat in a sort of slurry.

Yet soon, your thoughts start to drift, your eyes glazing over as you enable yourself to fall into a rhythm. The slow breeze, the stench of other asses, and the comfort of their presence allows you to relax fully, in a way that the human you have never known. Only the occasional shove from a fellow donkey or the bite of an insect catches your attention, but even those things seem far off. Lost in the mindless reverse of filling your belly, you start to experience true peace.

The relaxation causes your mammoth donkey dick to come to full attention. You become painfully aware of all the jacks and jennies, who, like you, have come here to find a simpler life, and are just as eager to sate their own lusts as much as you are. As your cock slides out of your sheath, you are fully aware of why it was you wanted to experience bestial life, feeling how much energy you have in your loins.

One of the donkeys beside you, scent your need, lick your lips and brays, beckoning you to follow. You do, your cock nearly touching the ground as you start at the asses' backend. Your mate is ready, tail raised in an invitation, needing it just as much as you do. You feel contentment, knowing you have made the right decision. You want this more than anything you ever have before. As you raise on your hide hooves to mount your new mate, you bray in triumph, preparing to baptize yourself into asinine existence.

Jurassic World 2020-08-04T20:40:24+00:00

“So, you mean you actually have preserved dino DNA? Like some real-life Jurassic shit?” Your friend Terry asks, looking at your group with an expression resembling horror. “How many movies does it take to show how bad an idea that is?!"

His partner, Jessica, looked at him dumbfounded before taking a swig of her beer. “Yes, because CLEARLY, we are going to take that DNA and making a fucking theme park! It's not good enough that it's the most important paleontological discovery in the history of the world. Nope, definitely gonna kill a park full of guests with real-life dinosaurs!"

You all chuckle at that for a moment. Your girlfriend, Vicki, passes you your own beer, and you take a swing, enjoying the flavor of the cold brew in the late afternoon heat. At least it was cooler in the woods than the city. You’d all wanted the chance to go camping for months, and now that it was finally safe, it didn't take the four of you long to book a weekend off. Your camp is across the way in a field, but you are all a bit further off in the woods, not wanting the summer sun to beat down on you.

Jessica had been telling you about her researcher position in the paleontology department of the local university. Her job had gained some infamy in recent days with a minor news report on a discovery that threatened to shake the field, and perhaps the world. Most people paid it little mind, in light of other world events. Still, you all knew Jessica was part of the team working on the findings, and although it was far too soon for a public announcement, she promised to let you all in on it during your trip. Still, none of what you had fathomed could have been this good!

“Anyways, it's more than just dinosaur DNA, we think, but that’s not the point. We have no idea how it was gathered. An entire cavern of preserved amber, all in one place! No way that's happenstance. There were runes in the cavern with them, but they didn’t match any known language. There’s another group working on the possible translations, but I haven’t heard anything more on that front.”

“But you know the really messed up thing? How did someone from the ancient world acquire all those amber samples? Maybe some were collected locally, sure, but some of the specimens have been traced to halfway around the world! Even if we can figure out who did it, what does it matter if we don’t know HOW they did it? All that amber, gathered in once place? It's both scientifically and logistically impossible!”

You decide to speak up. ‘Yeah, but like, we thought the pyramids were made by aliens, right? It wasn't until recently that we discovered how people could do that with the technology of the times. Maybe it’s like that? Like, in twenty years, we’ll figure out how someone went all over the world, collecting the only amber that specifically contained the fossilized DNA of dinosaurs, and brought it here to a single cavern to be found thousands of years later."

You have to admit, the moment the words are out of your mouth, you realize how little sense they made. Your argument is extremely weak at best.

“Yeah, but how did they even know what DNA was, thousands of years before its discovery? And to have it all perfectly preserved and hidden away? Hell, maybe it was aliens!” Terry said with a chuckle.

“Well, maybe we’ll figure it out at some point. But that’s not the important thing. It’s gonna take us years to catalog all the samples! I’ve pretty much gone through them all at once, just to sort them based on sample type, but to actually match them to known species? Let’s just say, I don't ever have to worry about job security. Or retirement,” She added, jokingly.

You all spent the next few hours speculating and chatting, the few beers each starting to help your buzz along. It was finally nice to do this, now that the world had returned to some semblance of normality. You wouldn’t have expected a pandemic to put your lives on hold for all those months, but now that it is finally coming to an end, you are grateful for the return to normalcy.

Jessica sneezed, taking out a tissue to wipe her nose. She’d had a bad reaction to the vaccine, and was recovering from the mild cold it has given her. Having all been vaccinated yourselves, you knew there was no danger of infection, not anymore. So, you made sure to invite her, hoping she would feel better within a day or so, despite all the drinking you were planning on doing!

So far, she seemed to be doing alright, save for the sneezing, worsening as the day progressed. You don’t mind so much until a shift in the breeze blew some of the droplets your way. All three of you yell out as it touches your skin.

“Hey, we have to go back to social distancing already!?” Vicki yells, and you all chuckle at that. While the virus was still raging, such contact would have greatly alarmed you. Now, it's finally nice to return to a time where such an act was a simple inconvenience, if not a little gross.

Yet as the night wears on, you can see that Jessica only seems to be getting more congested. Her nose is red, the skin around it raw and peeling. You can't tell over your few beers, but her nose appears larger, close to her mouth. And she seems to be focused on her head, rubbing at a bump of some kind under her hair. You want to ask her if she'd hit her head, but are a little worried about the state she is in to form the words.

Yet even odder is the way she seems to be acting. Her head is upturned, darting back and forth as though searching for something. She appears on edge, full of nervous energy. She sniffs the air a few times, looking like she is detecting something lost on all of you. Even in your somewhat buzzed state, Jessica's sudden change in behavior seems rather off-putting.

Finally, she excuses herself, making her way over to your camping gear and rubbing the skin on her arms, seeming irritated by a tingling that has overcome them. As she does, you can’t help but notice that her clothes seem unusually loose, her shirt billowing over her in places. You are certain it was form-fitting before, though you'd tried not to stare or anything creepy of the sort. But at the minor, unexplained changes, you can't help but sneak a few glances.

As you do, you nearly gasp, the sight of her skin a bit alarming. The red patch of rash seems to be covering most of her body, or at least from what you can tell under her clothes. But worse than that is the greenish tinge you can tell from the areas where the skin seems to be peeling. It appears coarse, shining in the light where a patch of sun hits it. It almost looks like...but no. That can't be possible. Maybe you are mistaken?

You are more than a little alarmed as Jessica moved away into the field, seeming oblivious. You move up to check on Jessica, but Terry goes in your stead. He, too, seems concerned, and you think maybe a private chat with her partner would do Jessica better. You sit back down, Vicki rubbing your back to comfort your concern for your mutual friend.

So, you and Vicki return to making dinner, the succulent scent of meat wafting into your nose as you do. You feel a little dizzy and light-headed; however, the smell of food is the only thing keeping you going. A few times, you have to stop and rub your skin as well, as though that same irritation bothering Jessica was plaguing you.

You glance briefly at Vicki, seeing the same reaction on her arm as she picks away at peeling skin. You feel a little worried, seeing patches of red rubbed away as she insists on frantically scratching at them without regard. You decide to get up, a little frustrated that she won't stop, and want to grab some itch cream before she does real damage.

As you do, your gaze focuses on something a little off about the grass of the field. There are a few large patches of what looks like...leaves? You stop and inspect them a moment, recognizing them as ferns of some sort. You aren't a botanist by any means, but you are sure you've never seen plants like these in your climate. Worse, you are certain you would have noticed them on your hike in. And the pattern of their distribution is all wrong. Normally, you'd expect that any plants would grow randomly, wherever their seeds dropped on the ground. But these are in a perfectly straight line, along the walking trail as far as you could see into the field. The path that Jessica would have taken, you are sure.

You try to put it out of your mind as you make your way to the tent. Yet as you do, an intense itching overtakes your arm, and you reach to scratch without thinking. You immediately realize the coincidence and look at a patch of skin on your own arm that seems to be peeling away. Are you all sunburned? Was there a patch of poison ivy nearby? Was it maybe the ferns you’d only noticed just now?

Reaching your supplies, you pull out the cream from your bag, applying it generously over your arm. But as you do, you rub away more of your skin than you'd intended, and something smooth and patterned greets your touch. Looking down, even though the thick cream, you can see a shade that looks surprisingly brownish-yellow. Are those…?

Suddenly, you are distracted by the sight of something buzzing by, something much larger than what you’d expect this close to the ground. Your head immediately snaps up as what looks like a dragonfly whirls past your head. Yet it is easily 20 times the size of any dragonfly you’ve seen. You gaze in awe as the thing darts through the air, just as nimble as its smaller counterpart.

You start to follow it, your eyes darting back and forth to track its movements. Somehow, the thing has you mesmerized. At one point, you see it dive down into the grass, and suddenly it returns, a small bird in its jaws as it crutches through its meal before it can even make a cry of pain or terror. With that, the dragonfly takes off, and you think you can see a couple more flying further in the field.

You consider following, but at that moment, a savory smell reaches your nostrils, and you raise your head and sniff their air. Your nostrils seem more flared than usual, but you don’t pay it much mind at the prospect of such an enticing scent. You recognize it as the odor of cooked meat, and you make your way over to it, salivating as you do so. Your stomach growls, and you can’t recall the last time you felt this hungry. As you do, you can feel something pressing against the seat of your pants, but a quick finger to adjust the waistband slightly alleviates the irritation.

To your shock, you arrive back at your fire to see Vicki, ripping into the meat with a fervor you’ve never seen before in your life. Juices seem to be dripping from her mouth as she eats, barely taking the time to chew before swallowing. She doesn’t even look up from her meal as you arrive, having eaten about half the food you’d brought to cook for supper.

You go to open your mouth when the smell of the meat hits your nose once more. Your hunger demands that you grab your fill before it is all gone. You bite into a steak, its juices running down your chin as you eat as though afraid of having your meal interrupted. Soon the first is gone, and you eat another, finding yourself a little off-put by the taste. To you, it seems overcooked, though a part of you recognizes it is technically only medium-rare. The thought of something warm, something bloody, becomes appealing. You'd never enjoyed raw meat before, but now that the idea is firmly implanted in your mind, you can't imagine ever wanting to taste anything else.

A distant shout arouses your attention as you raise your head in the direction of the noise. “Jess! Jess, what’s wrong!” You hear Terry calling, sounding panicked. You get up, moving to the source of his distressing cries, hoping that your friends are alright. As you do, you can see something twitching in your girlfriend’s pants, but you don’t pay it much mind as you move to intercept your friends.

Coming out into the clearing once more, you can see something running towards you, small and low to the ground. Terry is at the other end, calling out towards Jessica, but you can’t see her.

Yet you are distracted from your search by the sight of the thing still running in your direction. It is much smaller than a person, but it seems to be running on two legs. You stare blankly ahead, slightly stunned at the impossibility of the sight. It seems to run awkwardly, as though heavier than you'd expect something of that size. You want to tear your gaze away, not only from the alien sight but the fact that it is moving so fast that you cannot focus on it. But soon, it stops, its attention focused elsewhere, and you get a good look at the thing.

It stands about 3 feet tall, propped up on two legs as you initially assumed. Its face is angular, jaws prognathous, and atop a long neck. A long, thin tail scratches behind it, wagging its impatience. Its flesh is ashen gray, shimmering in the sunlight. It has two large clawed hands, and short arms below thinning shoulders.

Yet the most distinguishing feature is the large sheet hanging off its form, held up by shoulders that seem to visibly sink into its trunk as you watch. The shirt is very familiar, and it takes you a moment to realize where you’ve seen it, not expecting it to be there. But there is no mistaking it is Jessica's shirt. A billowing shirt sat atop something that looked suspiciously like a dinosaur.

It must be your imagination. There is no way that a dinosaur could exist in front of you. Even more impossible was the notion that Jessica could have turned into one. Yet, as you watch, the creature continues to shrink, losing another foot before your eyes. Its maw grows wider, its tail stretches, and its shoulders sink into the exposed torso as the shirt collar sides off it. With an excited yip, the thing leaps from its confines rags, hopping nimbly now that it seems to be free.

You barely notice the dragonfly before the dinosaur leaps up, biting into it and cutting it in two. Gripping it in its jaws, it raises its head, craning its neck up and down as it tries to swallow something too large for its mouth. As it does, you can tell it seems to continue shrinking, reaching the dimensions of what you assume would be a small carnivorous dinosaur.

Terry runs up, startling the dinosaur that might have only moments ago been his girlfriend. As he does, sharp pain in his back makes him keel over, and you see what appears to be a green-skinned tail sprout from his backside, wagging in the air in agitation. You hadn’t noticed it before, but Terry’s clothes are loose on his body, and as his shirt begins to slide off him, more of that shimmering scaled skin is exposed to the sunlight.

Terry looks up at you with pleading eyes, and you see a sickly yellowed shade as they become slits. The human light seems to leave them as his face presses forward, his dagger-like teeth exposed as he cries out, a high pitched voice that no human could elicit.

His clothes fall off his frame as he continues to shrink, and his clawed hands try to pull them away. You can almost hear the snaps and cracks of his bones as they diminish in size, reconfiguring his body into a more saurian shape. His chest barrels out as his shoulders compress into his torso. His hips are starting to widen a little, seeming to sink into his belly as it distends. But you can tell, as his former girlfriend, that Terry will still be able to walk on two legs, balanced by his tail.

Suddenly, you see the dinosaur that has become Jessica, coming up behind the writhing Terry, extending her neck and sniffing at Terry’s crotch. You want to avert your gaze, but you can't help but notice something tiny and long extended from her crotch, looking for all the world like a penis the portions you would expect on such a creature. As much as you want to look away, you can’t help but notice Terry’s own cock was absent, only a single hole remaining where his cock and anus once were.

The changing Terry inclines slightly as his former girlfriend mounts him, struggling with her smaller size as she chitters her excitement. Terry tries to cry out, but can only chitter in response as his body continues to shrink around her tight reptilian cock. His struggles turn to thrashings of pleasure as he seems to give in to the instincts of the new saurian body.

Mesmerized by the strange sight, you are barely aware of another chittering that reaches your ears. You turn your head to see a much larger creature than the two dinosaurs before you. It is less changed, however, retaining more human features on its face. The human hair, the still-human skin, and short neck all remind you of Vicky. And although her clothing is tight in some places, you have no doubt of her average size-feminine form still entrapped in them.

But her eyes are no longer human. Like your former friends, they are entire golden, reptilian slits staring relentlessly out at you. Her hair is starting to part, giving rise to a red protrusion of flesh that reminds you of a rooster’s crest. Her arms seem to lose their muscle mass, and her nails are starting to thicken as they protrude. Something is piercing the leather of her shoes, and you can see what looks like dark nails twitching as they touch the ground. Her heels seem to push at the backs of the shoes, giving her an awkward stance. Whatever is happening, Vicki seems to be much larger than your other friends!

Yet you don’t panic at the display of your girlfriend’s changed visage. You can’t tear your eyes away from the sight, and you know the predatory features should shake you to the core. There is no denying that such a creature could kill you if she wanted. But the sight of her saurian features make you...strangely aroused? You can’t help but feel your crotch beginning to moisten as her scaled muscled form continues to warp.

At the sight of her body, you can feel a twitch in your pants as something pushes through the back, the alien sensation of a tail moving making you especially uncomfortable. You try to reach back to touch it, but your arms seem to be more restricted than they should be. You want to rub them, but you catch sight of your nails, getting thicker as they curve outward at the beginning of reptilian claws. You are changing too!

It is almost as though the realization is a catalyst to further the alien alteration to your form. The itching from before intensifies and looking back to your arm, you can clearly see yellowish-brown scales forming underneath the peeling skin. Your reddened flesh bubbles all over as the new saurian skin takes over. The sensations are running all over your chest and legs, covering your entire body. Each follicle of mammalian hair falls away with your peeling flesh. You can tell that your human hair is gone, giving way to a similar protrusion above your skull.

A rather alluring scent reaches your nose, distracting you from the panic of your changing form. As though in response, your jaw seems to ache as it becomes visible in front of your eyes. You can see your nostrils flaring into slits as your olfactory capability enhances, partial to a potent musk in the air, one that stirs your arousal once more. You can feel your sex leaking from the prospect of that potent stink. You can’t reach them with your shortening arms, but your widening hips and readjusting pelvis start to force tears down the back of your jeans.

At the sight of you, Vicki seems to be accelerating in her own changes. You can see her lips starting to peel away, revealing lengthening fangs that glisten in the sunlight. Her neck is much longer, allowing her muzzled cranium to bounce up and down. Her shirt starts to tear as her chest barrels, and her breastless torso becomes covered with those saurian scales. Her widening hips and thunder thighs take care of her shorts, and her shoes are doomed the moment her claws tore from her three-toed feet. Her scalp has formed a ridged crown, it's brilliant red a contrast to the scales that envelop every inch of former human flesh.

You are fully aware of her form now as the sight of her changed body wakes you from your feral stupor. You have to blink a few times, trying to eliminate the fluids from your eyes and adjust to the change in your perspective. As your muzzle continues to grow, your eyes are shoved to the side, limiting your distance vision. Yet somehow, movement and sharpness are enhanced, and you become enticed by the scenes of the world before settling your sights back on your former girlfriend.

As your nostrils continue to breathe in the scent of your girlfriend, your own changes seem to expedite. You try your best to hold them off, but your mind is quickly distracted and makes it difficult to focus on your humanity. You can feel your spine extending, separating your abdomen from your ribs, and forcing your tail even longer. Your balance is a little off, but your tail helps make up for that. You groan a little, feeling your toes start to tear through your shoes. Like Vicky's, the toes seem to have fused, your stretched heels adding to your height as your new reptilian claws dig into the soil.

Vicki seems to be completely changed now, though she is distracted by the rags of clothing she is trying to remove. She, too, has become a carnivorous dinosaur. One that closely resembles your friends, at least in body type. Down to the protrusion atop her head, which, from the feelings from your own, is filled with hollow bone. You figure you are all becoming related species, though perhaps you and Vicky are getting the better end of the deal, being creatures slightly taller than your human selves, if not twice the length.

Part of your mind tries to fathom how this could be happening. It can't be a coincidence that you are all becoming dinosaurs after Jessica talking about being in contact with ancient DNA. But that doesn’t explain the different changes that the two of you and your friend had undergone. Nor does it provide a reason why the plant and insect life around you is altering towards something clearly no longer on this planet.

Yet you find it hard to think as the coarse, reptilian skin spreads over your body. Your torso aches as your ribs crack forward, and your belly thins with lean reptilian muscle. Your hips continue to tear away at your pants, making them fall on the ground as your clawed toes kick away the remnants of your shoes. Your ears are gone, simple holes in the side of your head, but you can still hear somewhat, if not as much as you are accustomed. Your face cracks out a few more inches, and more of that thick, musky stench hits your nose. You want to reach down to rub your sex, but your hands no longer possess that ability.

Something in your peripheral catches your attention, and you sniff the air, more of that intoxicating aroma overwhelming your senses. You turn to see the creature that has become of Vicki, evidently further lost to the instincts than you. Her bobbing erection confuses you for a moment, wondering not only why she has become male, but why you find the reptilian penis so powerfully attractive. Yet the answer is as obvious as the lack of a similar growth from your own cloaca. You have also changed sex, and you desire nothing more than to be fucked into your new form by your girlfriend’s dinosaur dick.

An image flashes through your mind, the crest you see in your girlfriend’s head and your own invoking a familiar visage from an old film. What was it called? Dillo...Di...Dilophosaurus? Did it matter? You can’t focus on human things, not with the scent of a virile male in your nostrils.

You can see your girlfriend is erect and ready, and you present yourself, your throbbing cloaca needing desperately to be filled. The primal need from your primitive mind overrides any notions of resistance. Your body easily holds her weight as she gets into position. You hiss, feeling your former girlfriend’s saurian dick thrusting in and out, preparing to blow her load inside you.

Your fading humanity realizes that you are being bred, fucked into your new form as a female dinosaur. But your developing instincts relish the thought. It is impossible to fight the desire to procreate, impossible to deny the pleasure raiding from your loins. You hiss once more, a chittering reptilian sound as your mate’s seed splashes against your inside, fertilizing the eggs you know you have stored in your body.

Spent, the two of you take only a moment to rest before the scents of prey waft into your nostrils. A familiar fragrance amidst the foreign ones that seemed to perforate the world you are in. Your mate’s seed has landed on the ground, seeking to fuel the growth of plant life whose design sits better in your saurian psyche. But you don’t care about that now. The odors of prey are firm in your nostrils, and you take off, your mate in tow, as you run to hunt the pair of Coelophysis that will comprise your first saurian meal.


Several weeks later, you lie in your nest, an ache in your crotch leaving you prone as you mate travels out to hunt for you both. At first, the prey felt strange, a series of mammals that are far too large than they should be. But as time goes on, you can taste scaled, feathery flesh that sits better to your taste buds. The world around you, once too cold at night, is now warmer, more humid, better suited for hunting and activity at all hours of the day.

Every now and then, bits of your humanity shine through, as was the case this morning. Vicki seems not to share in your recollections of former humanity, as best as you can tell from her actions. Yet you are often horrified by the realization of what you are, what you are doing. The taste of fresh blood on your mouth, of the reptilian cock in your cloaca is deeply disturbing. Yet the more you experience the saurian instincts, the more comfortable your human mind becomes. Something is satisfying about living from day to day, the simplest of bestial life more fulfilling than anything the human you had known.

You squat down over your nest, pushing hard to alleviate the pain in your gut as something begins to extrude from your cloaca. The human you is horrified by the perceptions, but your lizard brain is excited, knowing you are about to achieve an ultimate purpose. The sensations of your egg pressing against your feminine insides force waves of bliss through your entire being. You hiss, giving up your humanity to the pleasure as the beginning of several eggs press out of your cloaca, set gently in your nest. You continue to push out your brood, birthing the first of your race in 200 million years, to begin to retake the planet once more.

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User #653588 - 3 Aug 20 16:19
Lots of fun stuff coming down the pipeline. :3
Recognizing Your Best Parts 2020-08-03T16:11:21+00:00

Leung let out a sigh of relief as he stepped into his cool studio and turned on the lights. He had closed down during his trip, and although it was a little musty, it was just as he’d left it. It would be some time to get things in order, but Leung was prepared to put out the necessary advertisements for his reopening. He knew there would be demand for his collection, both buyers and sellers lined up, having been waiting weeks to see his wares. Already his redirected mail had been piling up.

The work allowed him to divert his focus from the elephant in the room. Or dragon in his case. It felt STRANGE to bring his draconic being into his former human life, such as it was. But Oberon was more than a part of him. It WAS him, and under the cum formed visage he wore for the rest of the world lay his true draconic form.

Oberon was essentially invisible to humans as he was now, not only through sight but through scent, which was a blessing. He had come to terms with his pungent male stick, finding it rather enjoyable. Yet he doubted others would feel the same way!

Leung made his living as an antiques and art dealer, having made many connections within the city and even surrounding areas. Though most of his acquisition was for sale, he kept a small collection of his own in the back. Later that day, he was drawn to gaze at those things that had captivated him for so many years. Much of it was dyed red and golden to match the scales he now possessed. Many, predictably, carried images of dragons, even ones that mirrored his current visage. Yet, somehow, all of these seemed dull. They paled in comparison to the treasures he now possessed in his cave, a fraction of the wealth he’d amassed as a dragon. Still, some were worthy of a home in his hoard, and he made a note to bring some back to his cave on his next visit.

Leung caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, the pungent male stink of his covering not enough to hide the knowledge of Oberon's true form from himself. It was only a minor grievance to revert to his draconic glory. His muzzle grinned back at him, a scene especially for him to see. Leung's cock grew hard from the sight, and he realized with a smirk that he was done work for the day. There were more pressing matters to attend to!


It took some time to put his affairs in order, and Leung spent the better part of the week making the necessary arrangements. Most of his backlog of messages was from contacts he knew and who were very happy to hear from him. Yet one invitation was rather unexpected. It was from a company he had never heard of, Guld enterprises, a technology firm located downtown in the heart of the city.

Their corporate heads wanted to see him in person at his earliest convenience, with a sample of his most valuable possessions. He supposed it wasn’t the first time a CEO was interested in his modest collection of art or antiques. Still, the urgent nature seemed rather atypical. Surely word of his wares hadn’t spread so fast even in the time he was gone!

Leung got in contact with a secretary, who passed along the message that his presence was requested immediately, with the promise of financial compensation for his haste. The dragon he now was smiled at the prospect of increasing his hoard, so he agreed to travel downtown the next day.

He spent some time preparing his showpieces, from both his human collection as well as several artifacts from his draconic stash. Though it was a lengthy trip, his powerful wings made it an easy excursion, and he eventually managed to put together a rather impressive showing. Though his draconic mind was hesitant to sell any of his possessions, the promise of even more wealth from a profitable deal was sufficient incentive to make the journey.

Leung was rather surprised the address was for a massive skyscraper, located in the center of the city. It was prime real estate for a company he had such difficulty researching. They seemed to be a tech development firm, but there was little information to indicate what it was they actually produced. Notions of shady weapons deals came to the forefront of his thoughts Leung was a little unnerved, but ultimately decided it wasn’t his business so long as they were strictly interested in his collection.

Upon arrival, he was greeted by three staff members, a man, and two women. Though he assumed they were assistants, they quickly introduced themselves as the board of company directors. The man looked to be the youngest of the three and introduced himself as Eric. A tall, blond woman introduced herself as Hydia, and a shorter, dark-haired woman of Asian descent introduced herself as Rene. Leung found himself wondering why he was being greeted personally by the company heads. Didn’t the company employ any secretaries or guards?

Leung was led to an elevator, a lavish structure evidently reserved for company executives. Eric went on to describe the lovely view of the entire city from the conference room in the penthouse suite they were headed to. Yet Leung wasn’t paying attention, not really. And it was not only due to the bizarre nature of the situation. There was something else, something that Leung couldn't put his finger on. Something wasn’t right, but not in the HUMAN sense.

With a bit of trepidation, Leung allowed himself to be led into the elevator, trying not to seem nervous as the door closed behind him. But he was certain his waves of nervousness were not lost on his captors. As though in response, his three hosts took turns patting him on the shoulders, physical contact that should have made him back away. Yet, it did seem to have a calming effect, and Leung allowed himself to relax at their presence. He was fearful that their touch would expose his cum-based skin, but it seemed to hold, maintaining its illusion.

As the elevator slowly ascended the building, a peculiar odor wafted into Leung’s nose, one that held his attention. He sniffed the air, attempting to drink it in, before realizing how weird it would be for a trio of humans, to see him acting like a beast. Leung's eyes shifted to his entourage, trying to determine if they noticed the peculiar behavior. He was a little startled to see that their eyes had been focused on him as well, though they quickly tried to make it seem as if they, too, were averting their gaze.

The freight was taking an eternity to reach the top. Though it was perhaps perceived that way due to Leung’s impatience over the effects of the odor. The longer he scented, the more...familiar it seemed to a part of his mind. In fact, it reminded him much of the smell in his cave before he and Oberon had become one. It bore a striking semblance to a draconic hormone, something that he would only be able to detect in close quarters. But what would be its source in a place like this?

Leung was hardly able to focus on anything else. The pungent scent burned into his nostrils, awakening something that neither part of his mind was familiar with. Even when he was simply Oberon, he had not smelled anything like this in hundreds of years. Oberon had become so accustomed to his pungent male musk that it took Leung’s separate recollections to even begin to form the theory that its source was draconic hormones.

Even though Leung’s confusion, a sudden warmth playing over his skin was not lost on him. It burned at the underlayer of his human facade, as though his true draconic nature was trying to break free. The heat caused an uncomfortable itch, and he went to discreetly scratch his arm when the sight of it gave him pause. The flesh carried a familiar pattern, one of his lovely red and gold interlocking scales. As he stared, the cum-formed human skin started to stretch in the shape of his draconic flesh.

Leung pulled his arm back quickly, willing his draconic scales away and the covering of cum to return. Yet his true nature threatened to stretch and rip the cum-skin in several places, as though eager to be free from the perceived human trappings.

Leung tucked his arm behind him, praying that he was not noticed. He dared not towards his benefactors for fear of setting them off to his secret. Still, they remained quiet, which was enough for Leung to proceed.

At last, they step into a rather lavish conference room, with the usual large table, posh decorations, and modern furniture designs. But of most distinction was an expansive statue of an eastern dragon, contorted around the entire surface of the ceiling. Its face sported antler-like horns, massive whiskers atop of a long, canine-like snout. Its body was impossibly long, serpentine segments coiled in on each other and adorned with interlocking scales. Each of its arms sported massive claws, and a long, frilly row of spines ran all the way back to a forked, fluffy tail. Leung had to admire the draconic features, so different than himself yet no less lovely. Its design was so vivid that he almost swore it was alive!

Coming out of his enthrallment, Leung hoped that perhaps in the open air, free from dragon stink, he would be able to maintain his human form, and the business at hand. Yet, for some reason, the scent in the room was even sharper, nearly making the dragon gag. He stifled a cough, forcing a smile at his benefactors as he brought his belongings into the center table.

Yet every step seemed to take a Herculean effort as every inch of his body screamed its need to be released. With the pungent stench pervading his senses, Leung thought it best to try and make a graceful exit, lest his hidden self be exposed. “I...I’m sorry, my friends. I seem to have come down with a sudden fever. Might it be best to resume our discussion at another time?"

Rene spoke up, a warm smile on her face that made Leung relax. “We won’t take too long, I assure you, sir. You’ve come all this way, why not take us up on our offer? It’s a true pleasure to have such an esteemed collector in our presence, and it would be amiss to waste that opportunity.”

Somehow, the words seemed to relax the dragon, and he carefully set out his wares in his well-practiced fashion. Proud of his work, he turned to look as his entourage when the spectacle startled him. All three were enraptured, as though their eyes had never fallen upon such sights. Leung was hard-pressed to determine if it was the wares or perhaps himself that had acquired their attention.

Still, it did not escape Leung’s notice that the pungent scent in the room had intensified. It swirled around the dragon's nose, making it impossible to avoid sniffing the alluring aroma. His previous demeanor changed, sniffing the air audibly in an attempt to drink in the potent musk as best he could.

It was getting harder to keep himself at the moment as Leung’s mind was drawn to that fateful day when he became one with his other half. These scents carried with them the musk of draconic seed, the cum that he and Oberon had spilled time and time again during their mating and merger. There was no mistaking the odor, burned into his being as it was. Visions of dragons and fusion played over his mind, making his slit ooze as his cock reawakened from within. He knew he needed to resist such notions, but in the presence of such promise, he could hardly control himself!

Even though lost in the pleasant memory, Leung began to realize the source of the other scent swirling in the room. The three had to be dragons themselves, pervading the air with their hormones. Leung regarded the company heads with a new sense of certainty. They, too, were sniffing the air, enthralled by the musky fragrances that seemed now mingled with Leung’s own. Leung hadn’t realized it, but his own cum-soaked scent had leaked into the room, overlaying the other three with its lovely perfume.

For a moment, Oberon was confused. There was no way that there could be others of his kind here, least of all in the middle of a human city. The part of his mind that was Leung chalked it up to be from work-related fatigue. It must have been some sort of illusion, a false hope that his dragon self was desperately clinging to. Even the scents in the room could be chalked up to his over-productive hormones.

Yet even reason and logic were not enough to quell his powerful arousal. Leung could feel his shaft start to extend from his sheath, pressing against its imprisonment and eager for release. The only thing more potent to his sexuality than pleasuring his own body was the thought of it being with others of his kind!

Leung felt he could no longer keep up the vision of his human form as the scent grew stronger. He wanted to fully let down his illusion and reveal his draconian glory to the first creatures he'd met of his own race. Every scent, every molecule assured Leung that they were of his kind. Affirming his suspicions, the looks of lust on all three faces were well in line with his own. They regarded him with eyes that slowly shifted, revealed the draconic slits that he had come to admire in his reflections.

The feelings of his taut shaft against the modest human clothing were becoming painfully tight. Yet, even the frail fabric was enough to stimulate the swelling need in his testicles. He moaned, feeling his balls bunching up as he shouted and shot a thick load of cream into his briefs. His cock rocked back and forth, spilling his masculine load into his pants as it started oozing down his legs. His shaft continued to spurt, the sheer quantity spraying up under his shirt as it dripped down his pants.

For a moment, he was lost in the reverie of the intense odor. The draconic pheromones that he was exuding into the air mingled exquisitely with that of his benefactors. Yet, soon, his entire sticky form was filled with embarrassment and shame. He was certain his clients were draconic as well, but what if they weren’t? He'd wanted to try and hide his shame, yet instead, he exposed himself and his secret. It was nearly impossible for anyone to deny the rank scent of male seed, or the sticky fluids plopping from his shirt and pant legs.

To his absolute horror, the act of orgasm started to break down the illusion of his form. His secondary heart, which was inactive while in his human disguise, started to beat to life. It sent a shiver through the near-by testicles as it began to pump, to fuel his regression to his draconic form. The secondary, parallel venous system bulged against his skin as his beating second heart started pumping draconic cum through them. He could feel them pressing tightly against his red-scaled flesh, their cum leaking out from his hidden scales into the human shell that was covering him. Leung growled; he knew from experience that once the second heart started beating cum beside his veins, there was no way to stop the reversion until it was complete!

His second heart was beating far too rapidly to slow now. More of his red scales popped out from under the melting jism, which was pulled back inside to fuel his power. The remains of his solid flesh became etched with interlocking scales as they pressed insistently against the weakening outer shell.

Leung had no idea what to do. He had no power to control the swelling of his true form, no way to hide from the others in the room. Yet to his shock, Eric stepped forward, smiling at the sight of the dragon being formed before him. Leung couldn’t help but notice the erection in his pants. Yet of more note was the dripping cum staining his pants, leaking onto the floor in a pungent puddle, nearly as yellowed and thick as Leung’s own!

“At last! It truly is you! We’ve been searching for hundreds of years, my Lord. And now, we are finally able to bask in your presence once more! Hail, our radiant Lord Oberon!” Eric exclaimed as he bent the knee. The two women followed suit, in evident reverence of Oberon’s presence.

Leung was shocked that not only were his benefactors dragons, but they seemed to know that he was Oberon. His vast memory knew not of these dragons. He had been alone for so long. Surely, Oberson should surely have known of having retainers, even if it was so long ago!

His confused expression was not lost on his benefactors. “It has been a long time, my Lord. No wonder that you don’t recognize your servants,” said Eric with a heart-warming smile. “During your separation, many of your memories were likely lost to you. We know that you have only recently merged. We sensed it, tied to you as we are. As soon as you returned, we sent for you,” he finished, eager to explain the situation.

One of the women, Hylda, piped up. “We have prepared this empire, changing our human forms regularly to keep up the centuries long-facade. We have amassed much power and wealth in your glory, awaiting your return. We have done this subtly until the source of the magic that separated you had disappeared from the world. But even with that threat removed, we had no idea where it was you had gone, or what form the human side had reincarnated into. Yet the power from your merge was potent enough that we could sense it even from here. Naturally, we made all preparations to see you at once.”

Leung took a few moments to try and process the information. Had Oberon been that influential? He could hardly believe it, but what did these fellow dragons have to hide?

The second woman, Rene, came up to rub at his flesh, encouraging the scales to burn through. “Do you remember those who separated you? Those who feared your power? Do you understand WHY?” She asked, searching Leung’s human features.

Leung wracked Oberon’s memories, trying to recall what he could about their past. Yet, to his dismay, Oberon held very few recollections of his past self, even after rejoining with Leung. “Other than the great power I possessed, and perhaps the loyal followers under my command?” He said, his words sending a shiver of excitement through his entourage. He could scarcely comprehend being revered in such a manner, but it did make a kind of sense for a being such as he.

“It was more than that, my Lord,” Eric said, rubbing Oberon’s forehead to encourage more of the scales to force their way through. “You had finally found a way to increase your power, to dominate your enemies. The spell that separated you and allowed you to merge once more could be used on others. We had agreed to become one with you, to fuse our essences with you and create a being with more power than even all of us separately. We were to willingly submit ourselves to you, that you might be the true force we knew you could be,” he finished, his own human skin started to melt off his draconic form.

Leung could hardly fathom the meaning behind those words. He was already one with Oberon, as he should always have been. But these were separate dragons were not. What right did he have to take their beings into himself?

His thoughts were not lost on his followers, it seemed. “We exist because of your glory, and only to serve your further grandeur. It is no sacrifice for us to give our beings to make you stronger. We will be with you truly, able to serve you in the way that we were always meant to be,” said the blond woman, regarding her master with an almost pleading look in her eyes.

Leung could feel the desire wafting from their fragrances as they imagined what it would be like to be one with their master. The scents wafting from their draconic cum were all too familiar. They wanted to merge, to bond with him as Oberon had. The memories of that day were fresh in his mind and were often at the forefront of his thoughts. How could Leung deny them that? How could he deny himself?

His words were not needed for his followers to know that he had accepted. They moved to surround him, the man and the taller woman playing over his form. Rene, however, moved towards Leung’s display. Leung was confused for a moment, even as she produced what appeared to be an incense burner. It had come from Oberon’s own collection, he was certain. In fact, he had been compelled to bring it, more so that many of the treasures that Leung thought it meaningful to show off to the human world.

As the woman approached him, the scent of it burned into the air and brought Leung’s memories back to the cave. So much of the seed released from their mating and merging had spilled onto his possessions, covering them in his essence. “This artifact, bathed in the seed of your merging, will allow all of us to become one. It need only be covered by our combined lust and our wish to join, and then the process can begin!” She exclaimed, setting the object at Leung’s feet.

At that, Leung’s penis rose to full attention, causing a slight tear to ring through his clothing. His servants were on him in an instant, rubbing his flesh, and removing all resistance Leung was still harboring. His clothes were torn off, useless human garments that were easily replaced. They were trivial things to dragons as powerful as they.

Leung’s flesh started to melt faster, the bulging veins and popping scales on full display. He could feel his human testicles drawing inside his slit as the base of his cock expanded its entire width. He was dripping all over the floor, his pointed red tip throbbing, cum-soaked veins running all the way down to his bulbous base. The head was deep crimson, pointing at the tip as its surface erupted with throbbing ridges.

Lost in the attention, Leung marveled as the familiar interlocking patterns pressed through the liquid mess, a deep red shade forming underneath as his beautiful dragon self took shape. Human hands rubbed away the cum as it sank back into his body, allowing smooth scales to push through. Leung loved the idea of being worshiped, in the manner he had worshiped Oberon and been worshiped in kind.

While Rene teased up his arms, Eric took both Leung’s hands in his own, forcing the flesh of Leung’s to turn to cum and be absorbed into the thick veins just under their surface. They teased Leung’s fingers, literally rubbing the cum from his flesh as his red scales bore through. The cum, now returned into his body, was sufficient to fuel the expansion of his claws. Leung growled a reptilian sound as his powerful golden claws pierced through, extending to their proper length as Leung slowly flexed them.

The deft hands played over his biceps, eliminating the human definition he had formed for himself, melting away the fake flesh for the draconic perfection underneath. Those same fingers that removed his human disguise seemed eager to explore the level of definition that Oberon's draconic glory granted him. His bulging biceps, already immaculate, even by human standards, only served to swell the more cum was absorbed to fuel their growth. Even divot, every ridge, and every bulge were worshipped, encouraged to grow.

A hidden strength in the arms of his worshippers tore away the human shirt, exposing his pecs and belly. The hands went to his chest and stomach, his human from melting to reveal the golden scutes that comprised his underbelly, an armor that kept his innards protected. His scalped perfection was on full display as every yellowed scale was teased out of the human shell, running down to his needy groin.

Avoiding his groin, for now, at least, his pants were torn away, and human legs were explored before their flesh was eliminated. Leung allowed himself to enjoy the sensation of the false muscles receding to reveal his own draconic limbs. His followers played over his feet, lapping away at the cum with their tongues. Like his hands, the cum fueling his skin was converted into the energy necessary for change. He could feel his golden claws erupting from his feet, his heels stretching and literally tearing through the cum on his ankles before it had a chance to recede. His stance shifted awkwardly, but all three of his followers were there to stabilize him as they worshiped his developing draconic form.

Eric was behind him now, rubbing at his hips, allowing the fake fat of human buttocks to recede into powerful draconic flanks. Oberon snarled at the sensual sensation of his anus moving to its proper position, and Eric's still human fingers opening him up was a welcome experience.

The man's deft hands worked up Oberon's back, making the muscles spasm as they started to crack through his cum-skin even as it dissolved. The weakened cum seemed to absorb into his spine as a nub started to flex and grow. He twitched the appendage, savoring its growth as it pushed out and out, thickening to a girth befitting a beast such as he. Cum was converted to energy to fuel the muscle and extension of his spine as it played over the man’s chest, making the dragon growl with the need to revert. Yet they would hold off until their master was truly with them once more!

With so much cum back in his body, Oberon was able to allow himself to expand into the proper proportions. The jism in his veins allowed his muscles to build their proper force, adding height to his form. He roared as more male seed pooled above the scales on his back, covering his shoulders and allowing two thin, cum dripping limbs to sprout. A thick claw formed at the end, from which two fingers ran all the way down to his back, twitching as each oozed enough cum to drip between the gaps and give him a functional set of draconic wings.

At last, all three sets of fingers played over his head, the human features already melting away to reveal his reptilian snout. His cheeks absorbed enough cum to force his face forward, and Oberon smiled as his human teeth dissolved, drawn back into the cum-tube opening of his glottis. Immediately, the bones of his reptilian jaw erupted froth, his forked tongue playing over his ferocious form.

His skull continued to expand, and Oberon loved how the seed-filled scales forced his lovely golden draconic accents to sweep over his features. His hair melted away into cum as well, forcing sharp-tipped, curling golden horns to sprout from his sloping scalp as they swept up his head. His eyes shifted apart to make room for his extending snout, and he grinned a sharp-toothed grin as his forked tongue twitched in and out, barely concealing the cum producing organ just underneath.

Soon, the magnificent red beast was able to take in the human forms from his proper vantage. He could truly smell their cum-soaked facade now, confirmation of their draconic beings. He knew with a certainty that he was more powerful than all three, perhaps combined. Such a realization only served to send a burble of cum through his own reptilian member. He would mate them all, take them into his form as they wished!

The dark-haired woman gazed at his majesty, before lowering herself to suck at his thick, rigid member. Oberon moaned deeply, shooting a small load in her mouth, giving Rene the initial dose of cum to fuel her changes. His excess seed sprayed over her mouth, melting with her flesh and forcing the feminine visage to dissolve. Her hair, her lips, and skin were all reduced into yellow jism, exposing vibrant white, red, and gold underneath. Though the image should have been horrifying, even the human Leung found her more beautiful with the beginnings of draconic features!

The other woman, naked now, presented her rather ample breasts for her master's inspection. Oberon reached out with his forked tongue, tasting the cum-flesh as he lapped at the supple flesh. Not as interested in women even as his human self, Oberon nonetheless had to enjoy the sight of feminine curves as he lapped at them, causing them to meld into her torso as greenish scales became exposed underneath.

Rene continued to work over Oberon's cock with gusto, allowing each drop of his seed to fuel her own regression. Something was exhilarating about allowing her master to dictate her reversion. And if she was being honest, she had not permitted herself to resume her draconic visage in some time, needing her human form for the daily management of the company. It felt good to give in fully for this final time before giving herself to her master in body as well!

Rene's eagerness seemed to accelerate her transition as a blue and white-tipped horn burst from her melting face with an audible 'POP!". Flattened, with a pointed tip, the growth appeared more like a dagger than the thicker horns of Oberon’s visage. Its forward side became accented by a golden edge as it continued to grow, outstripping the contours of her human skull before it had the chance to grow to draconic dimensions. It seemed to weigh heavy on Rene’s head as her skull swelled from the infusion of cum in its struggle to catch up.

Two bumps in her temples burst forth with bone-like growths that seemed eager to be free. Two blue scaled horns swept up her sloping forehead, as more white and red scales absorbed the cum of her disguise. It seemed as though the bones underneath were swelling to form ridges, their growth fueling by the fluid flesh and the addition of her master’s essence. A trail of thick, blue, and gold scales accented their base as two more blade-like structures tore from behind and swept upward behind the crimson scales that comprised her scalp.

Something moved in the periphery of his vision, and Oberon turned his head slightly to see two massive objects extending around him. A crack resonating through his ears reminded him of the wings bursting through his own flesh. The limbs continued to stretch to encompass the other dragons with a 'CRRRAAAAACCCCKKK' as their silvery tip reached behind Hylda, seeming to wrap around the four of them in a protective blanket.

Yet Oberon was distracted by the now-familiar sensation of dragon cock pressed against the underside of his tail. Oberon raised his tail, letting the scaled penis tip touch his pucker. Eager to relieve the sensation, Oberon thrust his hips backward, allowing his eager pucker to fully envelop the slick cock. He needn't have worried; his new physiology was more than up to the task of making each mating act clean and fluid. Still, it was more rewarding, allowing the anticipation as his anus was penetrated for the first time since he had initially merged with Oberon.

From his position, Oberon could not see the dragon that was taking him from behind. Another one of his followers was being birthed from the human shell, and eager to fill his master's unused hole to Oberon's content! Oberon took a moment to marvel as the massive limbs that stretched around them, as a single finger burst forth and started oozing foul-scented fluid. The cum seemed to congeal far faster as it dripped towards the floor, forming the basis of the beast's new wings. Oberon did take a moment to marvel how massive they would be, especially concerning his own!

It was a Herculean task to focus on the three warm bodies before him. It would be a simple matter to be encompassed by any one of the three sexual acts, but Oberon was a powerful dragon, and master of all three before him. It was within his control to allow any of them to revert! He could focus his attention, control their reversion, and assert his dominance over each as they seemed to deeply desire.

A hiss from Hylda drew his focus, her eagerness to have him lap at her humanity echoing in the tone. It was a need that Oberon was more than happy to satisfy. The cum-formed breasts continued to melt, and Oberon kept lapping over the supple flesh like a fine wine, savoring the unique, musty flavor the cum had to offer. Never before in his memory had he savored the taste of another dragon, and he planned to enjoy it fully before it eventually became part of him.

As he lapped away with his forked tongue with an audible 'SLLUUURRRRRRPPP', he could see the fruits of his labor spreading over her flattening chest. Her scutes were orange, trailing down her chest, as contracted black scales accented her bare arms. Oberon's tongue seemed to absorb her cum into his glottis, drinking it in to fuel his own power. He wanted to work over her slowly, to lap away her scales while his other beasts serviced his ass and groin.

Oberon could feel a forked, thick tongue playing over the ridges of his member, making them flare with the desire to remain tied into a mate. Though a part of his human thoughts worried the spines might damage Rene, the inside of her developing mouth was made of sturdier stuff, and the process had no ill effect. In fact, it only served to accentuate the fully formed dragon’s pleasure! The insides of the developing dragon's maw were proficient in pleasuring the anatomy of one of its own!

Rene’s muzzle continued to lengthen, and her head drew back, better able to take more of Oberon’s penis inside. Glistening fangs erupted from pink gums, and flared nostrils sat upon a white-scaled muzzle, drinking in the scent of her master. Her sloping forehead brought with it dissension of her horn blade, giving it more room to encompass her skull. Oberon couldn’t help but notice that it seemed more mechanical in nature than his own features, making him question its origin. Was there more to draconic anatomy than he was aware?

Yet the orgy surrounding him made it difficult to form coherent thoughts. Oberon growled, the feelings ebbing from his cock washing over his entire form, and forcing the cum to pump vigorously from the second heart just beside his testes. The life-giving seed, though potent in mammals, was the lifeblood of the draconic race, the source of their magic and ability. The intimacy of its exchange could fuel powerful rituals, such as the one they were about to undergo! With four mighty beasts in one place, the energies ebbing from them would have destroyed the tower, had it not been enchanted for such an eventuality.

The sexual energy in the room served as an aura of sorts, an additional sense allowing Oberon deeper connection with his servants. He could feel them spiritually, as much as he could scent their musk, hear their lusty hisses, or see each beast take form. As Oberon allowed their energies to flow over him, parts of his psyche opened up to perceive the world through their senses. If he focused himself, he could separate a part of himself from their actions, and view the group as a whole. In this manner, he was witness to all their changes simultaneously!

Yet it was more than that. Oberon was aware of their thoughts, could hear them inside of him as much as he did Oberon's Or...Leung’s? It was sometimes difficult to tell them apart since the merger. Yet these three new voices echoed differently in his mind, retaining their individuality, unlike the perfect fusion between himself and Oberon. But underneath that was the desire to become...whole. They perceived that their destiny was to belong to their master in body as well as soul. There was no doubt in Leung’s mind that the three truly wished to be one with him and add their power to his own. He relaxed, allowing the orgy to continue as their energy built.

Oberon allowed his secondary sense to drink in the changes of his charges, perhaps for the final time if the ritual was successful. The dragon fucking his tail hole drew his attention, and Oberon took pride in slowing his transition as he was steadily bred. Oberon felt a certain kinship with Eric, being the only other male of the group. He wanted nothing more than to directly partake in the birth of a male form worthy of pleasing his master's prostate.

The wings protruding from Eric's back continued to wrap around them, far beyond the draconic proportions that Oberon assumed comprised Eric's natural form. The extensions of his shoulder blades had begun to solidify, forming a massive, silvery claw at the tip as three fingers stretched from its base. Cum flowed from the single thumbs, leaking in between each digit to congeal into the webbing that would allow him the draconic gift of flight. The silver tipped fingers were completed engulfed in cum, hardening into a rippled red pattern that flowed all the way down the ends. Each clawed fingertip burst forth into a golden spike, accenting the red beautifully. The silvery skin of the final claw swept over the back of each wing as the cum solidified to form his true draconic wings in all their glory.

The second set of wings tore out of the weakened human flesh, though not nearly as majestic as the first pair. Lacking the distinctive silver outlines, they still possessed spike-like fingers and would allow added flight muscles to support the powerful, muscled frame of Eric's dragon form. Oberon could see flight muscles rippling under the skin, forcing large chunks of cum to fall away as they melted and sank into crimson scales that shined in the light of the office.

Yet the ache in his cock as it was sucked off expertly could no longer be ignored. Deciding to focus his attention on the woman working over his cock, Oberon allowed his influx of seed to accelerate her changes ahead of the others. Gratefully, Rene looked up towards her master's eyes, while her own, slitted blue and gold ones brimmed with lust.

The contours of Rene's scalp continued to warp towards the dimensions of a dragon, expanding as her rounded skull flattered and swept into her growing muzzle. The blunt end of the muzzle, in tandem with her forked tongue and squared nostrils, gave her a serpentine visage that Oberon found rather fetching.

Underneath the mushy cum of her cheek burst an extension of flesh, tearing out at a 90-degree angle. It's bright blue, flattened side continued to expand, separating at the tip as the ends formed rounded edges, accented by lines of white, red, and gold. They resembled Oberon's webbed ears, though her actual auditory canals had shrunk, smaller concerning her expanding skull though far more sensitive than the human counterparts. Oberon was fascinated by how artificial the two additional horns appeared to be, jutting out her cranium in perfect symmetry. They were a stark contrast to the more natural, bony growths that covered her skull. Yet, they were still adorned with the same blue, yellow, red, and white scaled coverings that comprised the rest of the flesh of her face.

As Rene was pumped full of Oberon’s jism, the changes accelerated, the cum bubbling from her master's penis pooling in her gullet, and drawn into her cum-veins to accelerate the transformation. The addition of such potent semen sent her second heart into overdrive. Though she was accustomed to the change from her many years of hiding among humans, the form she was being granted was far more majestic than anything she had ever known!

An audible "RRRAAAWWWWRRRRR" resonated through her muzzle as she drank down all that Oberon offered. The flesh on her neck faded away as its rapid growth tore apart the cum-skin with a 'SHHRRRRIIIPPP' before it could ooze back between the scales. The fading cum skin fueled the growth of her neck, forcing her to readjust her stance several times, not wanting to miss a drop of seed from her master. The exposed draconic plates remained white on the underside, while red and gold lines spread down her neck. A dorsal spine burst forth between the cum, causing flecks to fly before touching into her skin once more.

Her breasts melted like wax, their fat a facade made of cum that now served to fuel the expansion of enormous red pecs. Her sloped shoulders grew swollen underneath, the cum fueling the development of armor-like blue shoulder pads, barely covering the bulging blue biceps underneath. The reabsorbed seed was forced outward to form thick, blue-shaded armor, the yellowed accents oozing with cum. The remains of the human mush on her hands were taken by the plates, exposing white-scaled hands that soon erupted with sharp draconic nails.

Oberon found himself wondering about the unnatural additions to her form, artificial structures that were a far cry from his own feral features. Though based on her reptilian scales in nature, the armor-like protrusions were far more mechanical in composition. It seemed, in tandem with the horns adorning her head, that non-organic elements had been incorporated directly into her natural anatomy. Was this a normal evolutionary adaptation? Oberon's knowledge of his people was limited to his physiology, likely due to the lapse in memory.

Rene’s thoughts spoke out to him in response, bringing attention to the power of the link they all shared. It was part of a ‘secret’ project within the company, a use for the research that remained largely off the books. Rene's goal had been to give herself techno-organic upgrades with the latest human technology. She was able to fuse those elements she deemed worthy into her draconic flesh, using the seed within her body to recreate them whenever she wished to transition. Oberon found himself fascinated that such a process could exist, and more so that Rene could convey the techniques to him through their eventual merger. She already had a few ideas for technological enhancements she hoped her master found pleasing!

The thick, red scutes lightened to orange down Rene's chest as the mushy flesh peeled away to expose hard scutes all the way down to her sex. Lines of blue, white, and orange scales ran down towards her altering groin, a vibrant contrast of color. The feminine contours of her vulva melted away, rigid scales encircling the opening as Oberon’s own did.

Rene carried her own pseudo-penis within a wider slit than that of the males, and its turgid length was leaking its own musky fluids. Oberon scented it before he saw it, finding its presence fascinating. Once more, Rene’s words resonated in his mind with images of her female anatomy, ovaries that could be fertilized with eggs when she willed it, for the preservation of the species. She had not copulated for reproductive purposes in many years, not wanting to expand her circle lest the powers that sought to keep them from her master found their numbers easier to detect. And besides, there was no need for biological reproduction once she gave herself over fully to the merger!

Still, Oberon marveled at the masculine essence of his servant as Rene's own shaft grew as turgid as the one he possessed. The cum-pumping heart located where her testes lay maintained primarily masculine sex traits in both genders of the draconic species. The sheer force of cum being emptied into Rene’s body forced her throbbing penis out of her slit as it dripped fluids of its own. In response, her exposed blue armored hips started thrusting forward, her cock desiring to be enveloped as her changes accelerated.

A wet crack resonated through the room as two new arms burst forth out of the twitching scaled back of his benefactor. Oberon could almost feel the relief in his lover as they grew skyward, their developing fingers flexing in anticipation as soon as they were birthed onto her arms. The golden-nailed digits reached outward, their length tripling drastically to reach down towards the ground. From the pores at the base of each finger, a torrent of cum began flowing towards the tips. The hardened cum formed a thin sheen of orange and red webbing that would comprise her wings. They were further supported by a set of three fingers protruding from her elbows, working their way through the cum-webbing to provide extra joints to work the appendages.

Oberon was curious when Rene’s shoulder blades split in two once more, and the second set of bones burst upward. This set lacked the articulation of an elbow or wrist and did not form a second set of fingers. The ends were split in two, a mechanical separation that reminded Oberon of the armor that donned Rene’s flesh. They were not part of her original physiology, yet had been adapted to integrate with it, powered by her cum network. Their edges were adorned with the familiar pattern of scales, though they seemed to be affected with an additional internal power source, one that Oberon clearly associated with artificial weapons of some sort.

A quick scan of her mind revealed how much Rene had modified herself, exploring the limits of technological fusion with draconic physiology. A series of mechanical extensions along her additional limbs could be used to generate thunderbolts, while under the primary articulating cannons, a set of light generated blades could be extended if needed. It truly weaponized her body beyond even the draconic power she already possessed!

Rene’s reversion was almost complete, a form far more appealing to Oberon's psyche. The infusion of cum had fused with her spine, pressing outward into a twitching tail. Several large spines erupted just beyond the base as the thicker, blue armor plates accented the upper side. The underside was more organic, with white dragon scales running all the way to the tip. The tip itself split into two, more of those technorganic scales forming a bladed weapon in its own right.

Rene’s stance shifted as her heels extended, and massive claws burst from three of her digits. Her height had increased drastically, though she just barely matched Oberon's own. Her feet were simple, yet deadly, retaining all the crushing power of draconic talons.

Yet the added size to her frame did little to hinder her careful ministrations over the master's cock. Oberon had an almost infinite reservoir of jism, and each wave he released served only to empower his followers while they worked to properly please him!

Eventually, the dragon let go of his cock, and Oberon growled, the lack of stimulation to his member interrupting the flow of their t. Yet soon, that handsome muzzle was replaced by the warm, slick inviting tunnel, a turgid rod bouncing against his own reminiscent of his rut with Leung. His cock was immediately sucked inside with a wet 'SHHHUUULLLLKKK', Oberon's pleasure accumulated by the sensation of a rigid dick rubbing his own as he started to mate in earnest.

Yet even that bit of pleasure did little to distract his overview of the changes coursing over all three servants. Rene's transition complete, Oberon's focus turned to the male rutting his tight draconic asshole. He wanted to witness every inch of Eric's true form birthed from the mushy human covering, as the male's cock plowed deeper into Oberon's folds. Oberon could feel every inch growing to proper draconic proportions, forcefully expanding his insides and opening him fully. Its girth formed familiar ridges, stimulating the master dragon's tough, inner walls and elicited a hiss as Oberon continued his work of licking humanity from his other servant's body.

The more cum he and Rene exchanged, the faster Oberon's second heart beat, forcing the excess cum through his entire body. Pooling within his rectum, the fluid mixed with Eric's own, forcing his body to swell with the forced return to his draconic glory. Eric roared his bestial cry that made Oberon's body shiver with excitement. It seemed he was truly in possession of worthy servants, after all!

Oberon revealed in the effect of his ass-fucking as the human moniker of Eric was replace with draconic glory. The faster Eric pumped, the more cum-flesh dissolved off his skin to reveal while scutes underneath. The plates extended under former human tone, the liquid jism fading into the spaces between the scales until it formed a perfectly protected underbelly for the beast. Each scute grew thicker, more projected as they rose towards the former human pecs. Lines of reptilian muscle rippled under the scales, forcing the last remnants of sticky, stubborn jism to flake away into the veins just underneath. The scales were bumpy, a rough saurian covering that seemed to extend all the way down Eric's sides and revealing his neck.

The cum-skin covering his shoulders started to crack as powerful muscles were soaked from the venous semen system that ran just beside them. They were forced to swell beyond human confines as they threatened to break the skin before it could stretch to keep up! Even the elasticity of the cum-skin that hid Eric's form was no match for the force of such powerful muscles and was torn apart in large chunks as more magnificent crimson peeled through.

Audible pops resonated in the hall as Eric's forearms and hands succumbed to the growth as the weak shell was ripped apart and reabsorbed to fuel further expansion. His talons birthed bloodlessly from all five fingers as he flexed them a few times, eager for their returned strength. His palms expanded to wield a weapon larger than his own body if he so wished. An image erupted into Oberon's mind, of a mighty lance that had been crafted in ancient times and enhanced with Rene's research. Eric's pride, he referred to it by the moniker 'Ambrosius'. Oberon sent a silent nod of acknowledgment that only made Eric wish to fuck his master harder to show his approval!

At Eric's insistent ministrations, more of his weak human flesh dissolved away to reveal his draconic glory underneath. Some bits of cum failed to fully reabsorb, sinking into the crevasses of Eric's scales and filling the gaps. An addition of Eric's own design, they hardened into multifaceted gems, glinting in the room and accenting the dragon's glorious visage well. He truly was a beast out of Arthurian lore, a knight in his own right. In many respects, he was; a knight's sworn duty was to serve his true master, and he bathed in every bit of magnificence this final change would grant him!

The changes continued down his legs as his hips erupted with power, and the semen system fueled his muscles. Eric's stance was heightened, forcing him to readjust himself in his mate. Yet Oberon's tight pucker had not been properly used in some time and was not willing to let go of its prize! Of course, Eric was cumming and cumming again, with only a brief refractory period in between to allow the production of the next virile load. As a dragon, Eric was not inclined to lose his erection, only to have his ridges relax briefly before rapidly expanding to make his male mate moan once more!

The rapid-fire orgasms did not hinder Eric's regression. In fact, the mixture of semen from Oberon's own system was sufficient to reinfuse Eric's body and ensure the steady march of scales under the mushy cum-skin. The merging of their male essence only made Eric's dragon self more daunting, a force worthy to serve his master and lend his being to the great dragon, that he might truly be an unchallenged force in the world.

The scales spreading down his chest served to cover his groin as well, all traces of the human skin and hair eroding away to make way for his crotch plates. Much of Eric's testicles were enveloped inside already, swelling from being bathed directly by the excessive semen leaking from Oberon's abused hole. Each moment was ecstasy to the newly reunited dragon, and Oberon was eager to take every ounce of cum into his body and return its potency ten-fold into the magnificent male!

Groin bathed in semen, Eric could feel his spine starting to unfuse, the cum in his system pooling at the base to fuel its extension. Eric released a roar through his still-human mouth, even as his jaw was accented with the beginnings of massive fangs. The growth rippled with muscle and bone as red-scaled flesh rushed to cover every inch. The white scutes on his belly crawled down its underside, while the crimson glory worked its way over the back as Eric started to swish his tail back and forth for the first time in ages. Cum along its surface was forced into spines that ran down half its length. Eric's tail began to pool behind him, trashing on the ground like an eager serpent on the hunt. To top off its glory, a lovely golden bladed tip erupted from the end, accenting the similar points of Eric's wings rather well.

The ripples of lust rose up Eric's back, making it tremble as more cum oozed from the base of his wings. In his eagerness, their fervent flapping washed all four rutting dragons with cum like a shower of sorts, but in their lust-fueled haze, a little more cum was not noticed, simply absorbing into their scales.

Eric's wings were vast, easily twice the size of his soon-to-be body. As the cum forming the flaps began to harden, several tears rippled across their width, more akin to battle scars. Eric seemed to prefer their presence, giving his body more character. It was an aesthetic Oberon would keep in mind for their final form, a tribute of sorts to the servants that had aided his rise to power!

The useless cum skin peeled all the way down to Eric's feet, exposing more of the rough, crimson scales adorned with gem-like hardened jism. His hips sank into the flanks of his taller body, the limbs themselves thick as tree trunks as he lifted Oberon in the air, maintaining his cock under his master's tail. Oberon stretched his heels, his girth supported by his lady lovers as Eric's feet expanded, tearing out of their cum-skin as three massive white and golden talons dug into the floor.

At last, Eric's visage was allowed to resume the form so eagerly waiting just underneath it. His thicker neck bulged with scales and veins, as it started to press outward into the beginnings of a muzzle. His nose literally melted into the flesh of his face, forcing his upper jaw into a menacing sort of hook, exposing teeth that were erupting all the way down the expanding mouth that marked his draconic presence.

Gone was the human-shaped skull dome, as his entire head flowed outward at level with his still-stretching muzzle. The same red scales covered his v-shaped scalp, removing all traces of humanity around his already green slitted eyes. His muzzle forced them apart slightly, though they were still forward-facing, like those of the deadly predator he was.

A series of spines burst out of his thickening neck, running down the length as cum flowed from his scales and spread up in between each, much as the webbing that had formed his wings. The spines ran down to just above his shoulders, deeper red than his scales as a more translucent crimson webbing filled their gaps to form a webbed fin of sorts.

Strings of cum started to burst out from the space above his flaring nostrils, as though something was poking from just underneath. With a growl that was more irritation than pain, a thick, golden-white horn burst through in a shower of jism. It continued to tear apart the red-scaled flesh, rising higher than even his wings in the air. The base half the diameter of his nose, it was soon joined by two, much smaller protrusions, poking up from the skin towards his eyes. With another spurt of cum, a series of blades tore out above his shoulders like a crown, each bone white and sharpened into deadly points.

Ripples of growth forced apart the remaining fringes of cum under Eric's chin as several, dark tendrils rippled through with an 'SSSHHHHRRRRIIIIPPP’! Fueled by the dissolving cum, they began wriggling of their own accord, their bases expanding to encompass every inch of Eric's chin until they touched. They formed a crown of sorts as Eric's human ears began to protrude, separating into three distinct lines that were filled in by flowing cum. The waving tendrils stopped just before the fin around the flesh that had once been his ear. The cum-venious formed under his tongue reached out into each, as their points grew hollow and began twitching of their own accord. They were potent seed sharing appendages in their own right!

At last, four massive, bone-white horns erupted in the divots of Eric's skull, pushing his head back from their sheer size with an audible ‘CCRRAAAAAAACCCCKKKK’. They swept back along the length of his scalp, the crunch of bone weighing it down if not for the massive shoulder and neck muscles that kept his skull in place. Their ends glowed golden with the same ornaments that accented his wingtips and tails, an artificial inclusion of his own design.

A pimple erupted from the space of his scalp just above his golden eyes, twitching and writhing as though something was trying to break free. Eric winced a little from the pressure as a fluid filled membrane started to form just under the surface as the skin prepared to recede. With a sickening POP, the organ burst open and a third eye started to twitch back and forth, its pupil dilating within the golden iris. Larger than his primary two, Eric let loose a low growl to signal his pleasure at once more having a third perspective on the world. Eric released a mighty roar that reverberated over the four of them, making them respond in kind.

Hylda, meanwhile, enjoyed having her melting cum drunk fervently by her master. Each lap allowed more of her form to return to draconic glory. Black scales shone through the vacant patches of flesh as her muscle returned to its proper definition. Several lines of bluish light lit the outside of her arms like scars, their glow fueled from the cum channels underneath them.

Hylda’s reversion was slowed by the lack of direct cum-exchange between the two. Judging from Hylda's emotions, however, she seemed to prefer a more gradual regression.

A low growl resonated through her as her chest coverings became exposed to the air. Their plates were thicker and more serpentine than the scales adorning her upper arms. The flesh seemed to writhe like serpents as masculine muscles swelled underneath powerful forearms. Yet it was a far cry from the power that Oberon perceived as her potential.

Oberon could literally feel the cum being sucked from her skin as he continued to drink of her essence. Her fingers were laid bare, black scales accenting them as Hylda moaned her approval. Blunt, white claws burst forth with a spray of jism, literally popping off their human remnants. Each joint grew swollen and fattened, as they recessed into the skin of a widening black-scaled palm. Her pinky finger was removed entirely, with no traces of its former presence.

The more Hylda’s hands changed, the more bestial they became compared to the rest of the gathered dragons. Her front paws settled on Oberon’s shoulders, solidifying her stance. Her own shoulders started to slowly compress, sinking into the flanks of her torso. Oberon was left lapping at her barreling chest and neck as her belly continued to distant into a more animalistic configuration.

Cracks resonated through her torso as her hips swelled and flattened into her belly. Her asshole ballooned as her thickened thighs and stretched calves forced her stance to shift, her expanding weight pressuring Oberon. Yet even being fucked and sucked as he was, Oberon’s strength and focus were sufficient to keep the dragon-woman in place as she continued to change.

Hylda’s heels began to stretch as her stance widened, forcing more pressure onto her flattening lower feet. Like her hands, her toes diminished into fattened stumps, blunt claws digging into the floor as her mass continued to increase.

The same, scar-like blue lines glowed from her lower legs, fueled by the cum and a sign of the magic she had spent centuries perfect. Oberon could sense that it was her gathered energies that might cement the merger. He was thrilled to see the fruits of the effort all three had undergone just to have the chance to serve him in such an intimate manner!

Soon a well-known scent wafted into Oberon’s nose, and he started to drool as Hylda’s slit opened up, and her clit extended in a familiar draconic penis. Its drooling, reddened trip reached towards the ground, the ridges throbbing as it continued to lengthen from the wider female slit. The stench was intoxicating, and Oberon started to growl his need. He desperately wanted to suck that cock, far more eager than he had been to tease the former feminine breasts of his servant.

Sensing her master’s desires, Hylda slowly crawled her expansive bulk up his shoulders, though the task was somewhat difficult with her thick wrists. Still, with the help of Oberon’s bulging muscles, he was able to grip her sides and hold her up as she reared onto her hind legs, her thick, throbbing cock bouncing before him.

Oberon could wait no longer. His forked tongue teased the oozing tip before the flavor forced him further forward. Immediately, he extended his neck, desperate to take in as much as he could. His thick, widening muzzle wrapped around its entire length down to the bulbous base. His jaws started to suck fervently, desperate to drink down her fluids.

The musky, rich flavor forced all of his focus on the turgid rod even as his other lovers pumped their jism into him, and he blew his own in kind. Enough spunk was pumped between the four of them that it spilled onto the ground, allowing the vessel underneath to fill and start to glow. Oberon was growing excited to know that he would soon be infused with the essence of the other three.

Even in his lust-fueled reverie, Oberon slowly became aware of something else in the room, a mass of power enough to be detected over their own combined energy. It seemed to be emanating from the ceiling above. He was currently unable to raise his head, still entranced by that salty flavor invading his maw. Yet the other three dragons could look up, and Oberon was able to see through their eyes as well as they.

The sight from the ceiling was truly one to behold. The very foundation began to shake as the stone dragon started to move with a sharp ‘CRACK’. The petrified beast, one that Oberon had assumed was a statue, twitched and writhed. Its body curved around on itself as its connection to the ceiling tore from the base. A shower of stone fell upon the four of them, but to Oberon’s delight, it seemed to be infused with draconic cum. It was a different flavor than their own, but one that gathered his curiosity.

The creature continued to wriggle free, its body falling from the ceiling slowly, though its flapping stone wings allowed it to remain aloft. It continued to writhe as its arms and legs stretched slowly, as though awakening from a long nap. Its eyes seemed to flutter open, green slits that blinked away the stone covering their lids.

Oberon then heard Rene's voice resonating through his head in explanation. This dragon was a roamer, a creature from an Asianic land with no fellows of its own. Though it had no allegiance to Oberon or his followers, it did take some comfort in the presence of other dragons. It found the rituals and practices of distant kin rather intriguing and had formed a sort of kinship with Rene.

Lacking the ability to transform, unlike the other dragons, and finding itself in a world that was increasingly run by humans, the eastern dragon decided to enter a dormant state, resting in the magic protected space of the upper office. It had not stirred in many years, and Rene was not sure what might wake it. She surmised that it might be curious about the level of energy that swirled around the room, but was unable to form the connection to hear its thoughts as the other four mating beasts currently enjoyed.

As the dragon slowly curled and swam through the air, its stone gray covering flaked away to reveal vibrant, yellowed layers underneath. The interlocking chainmail-like scales shone through, as though the years of slumber had rejuvenated any age the creature might have shown. Its digits twitched experimentally as the gray stone fell away to reveal golden-brownish claws. Its tail flicked, the feathers at the tips a brilliant green as they twitched independently. Its thick reptilian scutes were lighter yellow, distinct from the scales across its body. The ridges along its back were a deep crimson, a beautiful contrast to the gold that covered its form.

Yet it was the head that Oberon found most magnificent, adorned with golden scales and long whiskers flowing elegantly in the air. Its fangs glistened in the light as it opened its mighty jaws, exposing a serpentine tongue and glottis underneath. Its massive horns swept back as its body snaked across the ceiling. With green-slitted eyes and a red crown, its visage was a sight to behold.

Oberon tried to return his focus to their own ritual, but with all four of them distracted by the sight of the beast above them, it was nearly impossible. The creature seemed to hover for an eternity, curious about the display of mating dragons below him. Oberon would have invited the beast to join them if he could. But it was a sacred ritual and not one that any casual observer could partake in. The consequences would be irreversible. Still, he was content to allow an observer, unembarrassed by the intimate actions.

Yet, to his shock, the massive serpent started to descend, its long, flowing body stretching around the room as it seemed to circle in on all four of the other dragons. Oberon thought for a moment that the creature wanted to see them up close, but soon it began to wrap itself tighter around their rutting forms. It came so close that its scales touched Eric’s wings, sending shivers that resounded through all four bonded dragons.

As it did so, a pungent stench entered Oberon’s olfaction, one reminiscent of the cum that each dragon exuded. Yet it was different, far...spicier? Oberon wasn’t sure that was an accurate phrase. He was a little shocked to learn that even a dragon so removed in physiology was still fueled by the same secondary cum-forming heart. Would it be possible that the serpentine dragon could partake in their rite? Was it also possible that he desired it?

The more that the eastern dragon swirled around them, the more the pungent stench grew. Oberon could see, from all his perspectives, that thick, oozing cum started to leak from all over the dragon’s pores. The odor took a few moments to grow accustomed to, but as Oberon was steadily exposed, he found it starting to grow on him. Oberon desired to ask the creature to come closer so that Oberon could drink in its unique flavor. Yet with his mouth currently occupied by a female dragon’s cock, he did not have the opportunity.

More and more of the eastern dragon’s cum leaked onto the floor, pooling around the legs of the four rutting dragons. Oberon could feel the sticky fluid sending a shock through his body. It seemed to react to his presence, almost like a living organism, or perhaps an extension of the eastern dragon’s body.

The pooling jism suddenly reached out from the ground, forming what almost appeared to be thickening tendrils. Their pointed tips drew closer to the dragons, as though eager to caress their rippled, scaled flesh. Several of the tendrils reached towards Eric’s anus, which was as of yet unstimulated. The tendrils seemed to hesitate only a moment before they forcibly stretched open the dragon’s flared flesh and made Eric roar from the contact.

Yet unlike the fluid jism that seemed to comprise them, the tendrils that pierced Eric’s rectum were solid, capable of lifting the dragon in the air. Yet Eric was not harmed by the penetration. In fact, he seemed to welcome it, roaring as the eastern dragon’s jism seemed to merge with his own. The infusion of seed foreign to their bodies burned slightly. Yet soon, it seemed to flow freely, not taking over its host, but rather, merging with it.

Intense excitement rippled through all four dragons, a surge of ecstasy that surpassed even their all-encompassing rut. The tendrils, seeming aroused by the reaction, reached out for the other three dragons, who eagerly welcomed the connection. Each dragon moaned in tandem as the pointed tendrils pierced their flesh, invading each unused hole, inserting themselves into mouths, anuses, and even the crevasses between penetration of penis and maw or rectum.

More cum than seemed possible wept from the eastern dragon’s pores, dripping readily all over the floor to fuel the grasping tendrils as they sought further purchase in their mates. Yet he did not seem to tire or weaken from the exertion. In fact, the more cum he excreted, the more vital his body seemed to become as his scales glowed radiently.

The tendrils themselves seemed to thicken as they inserted themselves further into their hosts, merging with their own networks of cum-veins. Yet none of the dragons were harmed by the invasion. In fact, it served only to heighten their pleasure, beyond what any of the dragons had thought possible.

Lost in his lust-fueled reverie, Oberon was barely aware of a pulsating as what looked like thick orbs were forced up from the tentacles, injected into the points of penetration. The insertion of thick, semi-solid coagulated cum should have been painful as their skin and muscles were forced apart by the intrusion. Yet the properties of the jism allowed their bodies to rapidly repair over the growth. Any agony they felt was soon erased from the intimacy of the intrusion!

Thickened from their base, the cum-tendrils effortlessly forced all four dragons into the air. Oberon found it unnerving to feel himself rise from the floor, yet the support did not seem to hinder their sexual acts. Rather, his position fucking Rene became more comfortable, as though the tendrils were maneuvering them intentionally to accentuate their sex. Similarly, Oberon felt Eric’s cock insert itself even deeper into his anus, the pleasuring against his prostate injecting more spunk from his cock into Rene’s slick folds. Hylda’s cock flared in his muzzle as more cum was shot into his gullet, which was

The injection of such power allowed Hylda’s changes to take hold, her body writhing into its proper shape. The fleshy cum disguise on her back melted away, absorbed by her scales to merge with the foreign semen entering her body. Her shoulders split apart with an audible ‘SSSHHHHRRRRIIIIPPP’ as two five-fingered claws tore through her flesh. The black-scaled limbs stretched towards the sky, looking healthy and vibrant from the infusion of power that flowed through the room. Their new thumbs folded in on the other digits as they literally reached towards the ceiling, nearly touching the worn concrete. Cum oozed from the insides of her fingers, dripping to merge with the cum on the floor as they stretched to form magnificent wings in her own right.

Her torso was thickening all the while, chest bulking up as her neck bulged with muscle. With a ‘SLLLUUURRRPPPP’ her neck started to rise, the bones in her spine extended to allow her head the support it would require. The scutes from her belly continued upward towards her chin, while a series of short, red spines erupted from her neck. Cum oozed from between each ridge to form fins, two adorning the sides, and one facing forward.

Hylda's eyes glowed with a misty blue essence, excited by the prospect of returning to her actual form. Right above them, a second set erupted, the flesh fading into lenses that blinked back and forth as her vision adjusted. The bones under her eyebrows started throbbing as the rounded skull of her cranium began to stretch, flowing into her nasal and parietal sections. Hylda sneezed for a moment as her crescent-shaped nostrils breathed in the pungent, musk-filled air.

The bones under her scalp started to writhe as two protrusions pierced the flesh. Their bone-white surfaces curved slightly as their length pulled back across her head, while their baes sat heavy under the stretched skin. Her ears split apart into three separate sections, their pointed tips extending outwards while the cum oozing from their base filled them into frills like those that adorned her neck. Her newly formed maw opened, as with a hiss, she expressed her pleasure from being sucked off in her draconic form once more.

Hylda’s weight was now fully supported by the tendrils that were pumping through her body. Oberon no longer had to strain to suck her pseudo penis from the position she was being held at. Similarly, Rene had perfect access to his penis rutting in and out of her slit, her own rubbing against his in kind. Another jolt forced more draconic jism through his cock as Eric's prostate provided further stimulation and spurred on Oberon’s efforts.

Lost as they were in their mating reverie, a sudden increase in stature was nearly unnoticed. Oberon rolled his eyes upward to see that the ceiling was much closer than it should have been, even when considering his position in the air. It was as though the seed being injected into him was pumping him full, settling into bones and muscle and veins and converting into the energy required to fuel their inevitable expansion.

Comically, the cum seemed to seep into their bellies, making them swell beyond the confines that their bodies could safely hold. Oberon could feel his stomach expanding, its boundaries being pushed to their limits as more and more of the eastern dragon’s essence was being pumped inside. It continued to pool in his belly, far too much for his system to reroute.

Soon, Oberon’s belly was expanded to the breaking point, his scutes pushed so tautly that the cum-veins underneath started leaking, thick jism flowing out of his ballooning flesh. It was almost painful, yet the sensation of being filled only served to excite Oberon even more. The prospect of strength the infusion of semen would grant him made it worth the present discomfort.

Oberon could feel Eric's rounded belly pressing against his wings, so fat that it nearly forced his cock out of his lover’s anus. Rene’s stomach was nearly touching Oberon’s own, and it was becoming more and more troublesome to maintain his position in her dripping cunt lips. Even Hylda’s cock was growing too engorged in his maw, the cum in her body having no other place to go than to be forced down her master’s gullet.

Yet the tentacles had no intention of limiting their orgy. Eventually, their bodies started to adapt to the infusion of foreign seed and melded it into their forms to fuel their own magic. The pain and pressure began to release as the rest of their bodies slowly swelled. The tentacles did their best to keep them in place, allowing the support they needed so that their rut could continue uninterrupted while their bodies began to adapt.

It was becoming evident that their mass was increasing, incorporating the foreign semen to influence their ability to transform. Oberon, who had started off no taller than 1.8 meters, was now double that and still growing. Each of the other dragons seemed to expand as their stomachs deflated from lack of excess seed. Their secondary veins rerouted the jism to bathe their muscles, their bones, and bodies with the life-inducing semen.

Despite the increase in mass, the tentacles were not strained. Their thick base was easily able to hold all four dragons aloft as they expanded relative to the chamber. Oberon was thankful his servants had seen it fit to provide such a space for their merger!

It was more than a simple growth in size, however. Oberon could feel the power radiating through his form, the sexual energy adding to his magics, and that of the ritual they were performing. He could sense the presence of the vessel underneath them, gathering the combined nature of their rut. It was radiant with the potent essence it had gathered, as though ready for their ritual to commence.

Oberon’s gaze shifted to the dragon who had intruded on their fun, wishing to thank him for the gift but unable to. He could not read the dragon's thoughts as he could his fellows. Yet the infusion of that dragon’s essence in their ritual container did give him some insight into the dragon's intentions.

The noodle dragon had found their practice curious, and upon closer examination, he wished to partake. It had been lonely, all those years, being the only one of his breed. Therefore, his attempt to join their merger was made in the hopes that, even if not successful, would allow him to give something back to one of his kin. Oberon couldn't be certain, but with the foreign cum merged with their own, enhancing their magic, there was every chance they could bring the eastern dragon into the fold!

Oberon's attention was soon drawn by Hylda, who seemed to be resisting the effects of a forced reversion. With the power that had been forced on her body, there was no holding it back as her chest became more expansive. Yet the size of the head did not seem to match her body, even as its growth slowed down. It almost appeared comically out of place on a dragon for her size.

The space on either side of her shoulders writhed from underneath. With a wet ‘RRRIIIIPPPPP’, two pieces of flesh torn from the base of her neck, as her separated spine pushed out from the gaps. Two cum soaked appendages rose into the air, waving back and forth as the muscles developed within. They almost resembled her neck in size as they continued to ooze upward on either side, growing in strength the further they erupted.

The tips of each ballooned out as the flesh thickened all the way to the top, the cum-dripping skin filling in like a zipper. As the flesh knitted together, Oberon could see the orange scutes accented by black scales that ran all the way to the tips. A wet *SSSLLLLUUUUPPPP* was proceeded with the growth of reddened spines. Cum moved to fill in the gaps until a matching set of fins adorned her developing new necks.

But it was the change to the apex of the growth that really drew Oberon's notice. A gaping hole split across each, grinning lewdly as cum dripped fangs burst forth from developing gums. Two pairs of eyes on each extension blinked past her protruding muzzle as two thick horns wetly popped from the back of her head. Muscle and bone and cum swelled from the protuberances until Hylda was left with three perfectly matched heads! It seemed that Hylda's name was appropriate to her form of a hydra!

It was then that Oberon truly understood what was to become of him. Though the notion might have frightened him before, the power he felt as each creature rutted and changed and merged their essence with his own was divine. Even the eastern dragon, still holding them firm with his tendrils, seemed intent on fusing his being with theirs. Everyone was giving him a piece of themselves, and it was Oberon's duty to allow them.

By now, all four of them were well over 4 meters high, not accounting for the length of their wings and tails. The candle in the center of their rut glowed brightly. It housed more than sufficient power needed for the ritual. Oberon had no idea how to proceed, but the three around him did. Oberon needed to do nothing but to allow the incantation to happen. Their orgy had provided the necessary energy!

Oberon could feel a heat rising from Eric as his cock started to force itself even further into his form. The warm sensation of skin touched Oberon's flesh, and the scales began sliding into his own. Their cum veins started to link as more of the brilliant, crimson hide slid effortlessly into Oberon's own. The fusion forced them together as though the surface of their skin was meant to be joined. He could hear a hiss from the dragon above him; the sensations of change and merger made their connection more potent than either could have imagined.

Hylda's body began to ripple, her massive hydra form apparently accumulating excess jism. It began to pour from her black scales in torrents, threatening to leak onto the ground and combine with the eastern dragon's release. Yet soon, it took on the shape of those same tentacles that kept them all aloft. They waved in the air, motile, and fluid as they searched for a target.

Sensing the presence of the other beasts, they bore into the skin of the other three dragons, fueled by the infusion of cum that had increased their respective girth. It was more painful than the eastern dragon's intrusion, Hylda's cum thick with a latex-like consistency. Yet none of the other dragons minded the brief agony, lost in the sensations of fusion as they were. She was helping along with their merger, setting the pace of the final ritual they would each use to serve their master!

Oberon could feel the warmth of Eric's belly touching his back. The flesh pushed inward as Oberon's own body moved to match, their skin literally melding together into one. Even individual cells were swimming through the now shared intracellular spaces, looking to link up with their counterparts to perfect the merger.

Oberon could feel their combined seed coursing into each other as their cum networks linked up. Each secondary heart pumped semen through both bodies in an endless loop. That connection seemed to pull Eric further inside, making Oberon's own body bugle.

Eric's penis was impossibly far inside Oberon's rectum, the flesh forcing its way towards Oberon's own genitals. Oberon could feel every inch of Eric's penis stimulating his prostate as his body seemed to be readjusting to make room for it to move into position. Its flesh was literally stuck to the insides of Oberon’s anus, hollowing it out as it sought its other half in Oberon's own shaft. The dragon's balls shook as they rubbed against Oberon's, the flesh merging seamlessly to fill his testicles with their combined cum.

"RRRAAAWWW YES...MORE!" Oberon roared, the stimulation almost too much.

It seemed the connection worked both ways, allowing each dragon the sensory pleasure of the other. The sensations Eric felt from losing his own cock were exquisite, but he was also starting to receive direct signals from Oberon's own penis as their connection deepened. It was as though Oberon's penis was Eric's now, as attached to him as his own phallus. That same member was still in the throes of fusion with Rene's, well on its way to becoming the primary penis for all three dragons.

"Mine...grrr...MINE!" Oberon roared, eager to take all that was being offered. Both dragons felt immense satisfaction from the words of their master. They were his to take, and nothing could surpass the fulfillment of serving that function at long last.

Their innards started to touch as Eric's body closed in on his master's. Eric was being forced inside as much as Oberon's body sought him out, bringing their secondary hearts closer and closer. They began to vibrate in unison from their proximity and the impending merger.

The moment they touched, the combined reservoir of seed sent several orgasmic ripples through Oberon's body, soaking his cock and Rene's slit so much that cum began to plop onto the ground. Their access seed flowed into the tendrils holding their bodies, effectively being pumped back into their systems and fueling their continued merger.

As Eric’s penis finally reached the apex inside Oberon’s own, the force of its girth ripped away the reddened skin. The tip started to tear all the way to the base, a newer cock head taking shape underneath, far fatter than anything Oberon could have envisioned on his own body. The massive knot at the base of his joined cock tore from inside Oberon’s slit. The bottom surface was sheared apart by new, throbbing ridges underneath as new veins pumped both cum and jism into the engorged organ. The remnants of Oberon’s former cock fell to dissolve into the cum-pool still present on the floor.

"RRRAAAWWW...MY COCK! SO...BIG!" Oberon cried a mix of pain and delight in his voice.

A sensation of another phallus on his own drew his attention to Rene. She had already readjusted her stance to merge into her master from the other side. The warm flesh of each penis aligned as the bottom of Oberon's dick merged with the flesh adorning the top of Rene's own. The tip of Rene’s eager member attempted to stretch to meet the tip of his own. It was more erotic than any of their copulations thus far, and promised to bring him to a state of being akin to his first time anticipating becoming a dragon!

The strength of the merger sent a shock through Oberon's penis as it forced itself further into Rene's own. The sensation of his swelling cock tearing at the skin was once more all-encompassing. His urethra oozed thick, syrupy fluids as more of the bulging red flesh burst through. Oberon’s bulge pushed out relentlessly as his slit once more as his body readjusted to accommodate its new girth.

“RRRAAAAWWW...AAGGGGGHHHHHH!” Oberon roared, a mix of pain and pleasure that was soon joined by both his servants in unison.

Rene, once fully inside her master’s penis, felt a surge of Oberon’s fluid through her former clit, and she panted profusely, lost in the rapture of such alien sensations. All three could perceive her thoughts, and her current focus was surprising to the males present. It was surreal for all of them to see from her perspective how it was like to be male!

Rene's tail was forced beneath Oberon's own as her back dragged towards her master's now-flattened belly. Her mechanical wings flapped as the cum fueling them began to fall away, the limbs contracting as they moved to the sides in preparation. Her arms moved reflexively as the flesh brushed the crimson muscles of her master, their brilliant colors combining to lighten the crimson of Oberon’s scales.

The further her form was pulled into her master's, the more Oberon’s body started to swell. It was even beyond the confines granted by the Eastern dragon, threatening to excel him beyond the size of the room if it kept at this rate! The added mass threatened to make him a beast that surpassed the dimension of all his followers combined!

Rene’s thoughts flowed into Oberon’s own as she continued to fuse with his flesh. She had hoped the Eastern dragon might join them, his own body a potent addition to the ritual. She’d had no idea such a thing were possible, but given the effects of his presence, it had been well worth the gamble!

Meanwhile, Eric’s stomach was entirely enveloped as it merged with the flesh on Oberon’s back. He could feel the warrior dragon’s belly moving as though it belonged inside Oberon. Similarly. Rene’s body was drawn into Oberon’s stomach, both dragons now as much of part of Oberon’s physiology as his own.

Oberon’s heart beat more frantically as he felt Eric’s sliding into his own, its ability to pump blood enhanced from the contact. His lungs drank in more air as the penetration of each dragon on either side fueled their expansion. His stomach gurgled as acids from three beings interacted at once, but the cum that still filled their bellies quelled any discomfort. All of his internal organs followed suit, their cum-venous systems keeping all vital functions intact as the cells in their bodies became one.

Oberon could feel his tail stop twitching as Eric’s tail brushed at the root, and both appendages started mixing from the base like a zipper. Though Eric’s limb was much longer, he could still perceive it merging all the way towards the end. As the tails fused to the tip, Eric’s kept going, pulling the overall length of their new appendage with it. To Oberon’s delight, the golden spear remained intact as his mighty tail thrashed its excitement.

Rene’s tail was brought between his loins, its colored tip proceeding to merge from the bottom. The white scales at the base hid the lines of cum as the entire appendage was thickened from the introduction of a third tail. Its length and flexibility were influenced by Eric’s addition, and Oberon delighted in its exploration. It swept far past the table, almost reached the elevator where they had initially entered.

By now, their torsos were nearly one, the last remnants of Eric’s back and Rene’s white belly sinking into Oberon’s own. Rene’s weaponry, having retreated into her back for the merger, suddenly tore through once more, stretching from the second venous systems as they found their pace in Oberon’s physiology. He marveled at the cold difference between his body and their presence. Yet it was impossible to deny how good they felt.

The cold metal stretched well above each of their heads, almost touching the ceiling as they stared at the tips to channel the surge of current flowing between. Their metal retained all of Rene’s former colors as the tips bulged to better contain the energy they possessed. The bases formed a sort of ball joint that Oberon felt he could use to move the ‘cannons’ in almost any direction, even between his shoulder blades. He wanted to fire them, but dared not from fear of destroying the building!

Accentuated by Rene’s former cannons, the blades that lay at the bases of each weapon flared to life as Oberon learned how to operate the foreign additions. They, too, had extended from the new machinery, able to rotate separately from their main body. He played with their bluish radiance, practicing how to move them about his body, to extend them from the cannons, or have them move on a foe from the sides.

“What power!” Oberon exclaimed, clearly excited that Rene’s additions had been added to his body. Oberon loved the technology she had incorporated, and the touch of her mind gave him so many more notions for future additions!

Suddenly, Oberon felt his stance shift as Rene’s legs moved under him, lining themselves up to the inner sides of each of her master’s legs. She growled as her hips receded, and the outside of each leg was drawn inward into the crimson-scaled flesh. The rest of her hips aligned with an audible snap. Everything down to the calcium of her bones sank into the cells of her master’s. Her spine fully aligned, allowing control of her limbs to be relinquished.

Her legs stiffened as they pushed together with her master’s, the flesh sinking in and adding their strength. As the muscles and skin of their thighs and calves knitted together, the armor from Rene’s legs started to ooze from Oberon’s flesh, melting out of the cum. They became accented with the same red, orange, and blue of Rene’s skin, bleeding into the red scales of Oberoan’s form.

“GGGGRRRRRR…” Moaned Oberon, loving the swelling muscle in his as his legs lifted him upward.

Everything above the heel had fused with Oberon’s own, save her feet, which hovered awkwardly out of Oberon’s calves. Her talons were unable to twitch as the pads alighted on the top of Oberon’s and began to sink down. Oberon could feel his padded dragon soles moving towards the base of his servant’s, the warmth of the merger flowing up his legs.

Each toe lined up in sequence, the three claws almost digging into Oberon’s foot before sinking inside. Rene winced but soon grew accustomed to the sensations of the red talons fusing with her own, the bones turning to latex as the flesh became one. Their new, massive claws ding into the floor as the steel-like nail swelled to twice its size. Oberon moaned a little, the sensation of her rear talon merging with his heel bone and giving him control of a foreign digit for the first time since his original fusion with Leung.

No sooner had Rene's feet become one with her master’s, but their fused limb was forced to lift as Eric's shifted underneath. Oberon groaned as the top of Eric’s foot touched the flesh of his sole, and began to sink inside. Oberon’s toes twitched as they sought the tops of Eric’s own golden tipped talons.

Eric twitched his toes a final time before they sank into Oberon’s. The swelling flesh made it impossible to move until the new claws reshaped enough to allow a modicum of dexterity. Rough patterned scales formed over the surface of Oberon’s feet as more of Eric’s body helped them swell with mass. Finally, as his padded soles pushed all the way to Eric’s former claws, Oberon could feel the floor underneath his feet, now three times their former size. His nails retained Eric’s signature golden tips, much to the delight of both dragons.

Eric could feel his arms touching the back of his master’s, drawn in more readily as several of Hylda’s tendrils pierced the skin. His muscles accented Oberon’s own as his biceps were drawn in to add to the already expansive muscle mass. The short wings on Eric’s arms stayed present at the side, integrating into Oberon’s own physiology.

His 5 fingers lined up perfectly with Oberon’s, and soon, the tips of each touched with familiar warmth. Curious of the process, Oberon lifted both sets of hands, becoming aware of the control that he was now granted over both. Turning them over to watch his palms, he winced a little as Eric’s hand melded with his own. His palm pads twitched and shifted as Eric’s own were added to them, causing his hands to swell.

“Fascinating…” He muttered, watching the flesh knit together until it was impossible to know they were once separate beings. Lost on the pleasure of the change, he hadn’t bothered to view the process first hand until now!

A lovely warmth flowed through the appendages as each finger was drawn together, one after the other. The phalanges of Oberon’s bones stretched to meet Erics as their new combined digits took shape. The keratin of Oberon’s smaller claw melded into Erics as it expanded from the intrusion, its golden tip accentuating each. The round scaled backs on Eric’s hands surfaced atop Oberon’s own, forming hard ridges that accented the new appendages.

Soon, Rene’s arms moved towards the back of his Oberon’s hands as he felt them reflexively stiffen. Her pads touched him as they began to skin in. Her digits were much smaller now, their white flesh easily absorbed into the crimson of her master. The sank inside, the bones and tissues merging seamlessly and adding their mass to his own.

The rest of Rene’s arms lined up for their final fusion into Oberon’s form. The blue-ringed shoulder pads sank into Oberon’s bulging biceps, giving him added protection as her mechanical features merged perfectly into his cum-network. Oberon felt his muscles swelling up under it, making the armor tight before it could grow to match. Similarly, the armor above her wrists snapped into place along Oberon’s forearms, their curved blades expanding three times their former size to accommodate the much larger limbs.

The remnants of Eric’s arm-wings touched Oberon’s own as the massive thumb on the top rubbed Oberon’s smaller, yellowed claw. Oberon’s curved claw melted into the massive, silvered accent of Eric’s, turning yellow but retaining its size. Their long, spindly fingers stiffened to line and fuse all the way to the golden tips, Eric’s silver overtaken by Oberon’s yellow.

Directly after, Rene’s fingers connected with the new mass to add their influence. Even as they swelled slightly once more, it was the second set of limbs that drew Oberon’s attention. Finding their place at the base of Oberon’s cannons, their fingers formed a webbing that fused with the lower part of Oberon’s spine. He shivered, unaccustomed to the added appendages beyond anything his draconic form could support.

Extra sets of tendrils reached out from Hylda’s body, touching the thumbs at the tips of Oberon’s merged wings. They sank in painfully, actively pumping latex as all three dragons winced from the contact. Thick, viscous fluid seeped from the thumb, running between the fingers to the tips of each. Such much was forced through that it was reabsorbed by the Eastern dragon’s fluid, redirected into the tendrils.

The latex cum started to congeal, forming reddish-orange scaled patterns all the way down to the fingertips. In reflex, Oberon flapped the new appendages, feeling all four move as the excess cum was flung across the entire room. His wings swept the expansive hall, accenting his merged majesty well. Even with his massive size, he was certain they would grant him flight as easily as his wings had before.

Hylda’s tendrils continued to sink into all three as what remained of Eric’s and Rene’s torsos finished folding into either side of their master. Their latex infusion of seed accelerated the merger by providing each cell the power needed to merge itself with its matching counterpart. The black tendrils ensured nothing was left of his minion’s upper bodies, as both dragons roared while they still retained separate muzzles.

All that remained of the former dragons were their necks and heads. Eric closed his eyes, wanting to be first. A whispered “For you, master”, escaped his lips as he allowed the rest of his body to fuse. His muzzle opened and touched the back of Oberon’s head, slowly retracting in with a sickening 'SLOOSSSHHH'. The upper part of his muzzle slid into the tip of Oberon’s head while the lower part pushed into his neck.

“RRRAAAAKKKE MMMEEE!” He roared, a final declaration to the world before he lost the ability.

Eric could no longer move his jaws independently. In fact, upon experimentation, his neck, his nose, and even his eyes were no longer within his control. He allowed his thoughts to drift, feeling his form through Oberon as his brain started to shut down. Yet he was aware of the sensations running from Oberon’s body as much as he had been his own. He existed as a ‘dragonality’ to assist in motor and body control of Oberon’s body when its final form was solidified.

As Eric pushed into his scalp, Oberon could feel his muzzle pressing outward with the added mass. His nostrils flared as Eric’s own nose drew towards it, expanding his nasal cavities and allowing him an enhanced ability to detect the odors in the room.

His tongue twitched as a second was forced inside his own. Oberon could feel the edges of his muzzle stretching forward as Eric’s jaw within his skull crept seamlessly forward while his teeth grew longer. Oberon’s head was enlarging to compensate, the flesh twitching as it expanded to make room for the mass of Eric’s cheeks squeezing into his own.

Eric could no longer see as his eyes were inserted into Oberon’s skull. At the same time, Oberon winced, his eyes being squeezed shut as Eric’s own merged with his own. He struggled, having to blink a few times to adapt to the new senses. As he did so, the room around him began to light up, his perception sharper than it had been. Oberon’s vision became more sensitive to movement and layers of difference in color and shape. Eric’s thoughts and memories flowed into Oberon’s, and the master dragon realized that such was the eyesight of a dragon attuned to hunting, a warrior.

As Eric's muzzle relentlessly sought out his master’s own, Oberon could feel the tip of his nose ache as a protrusion started forcing forward. He sneezed as the horn took shape, Eric's own having melted into his nose. It rose upward, drawing Oberon’s gaze before it settled on the sight of the golden horn accenting his glory.

Eric’s former scalp was now inserted into Oberon’s. Oberon gagged for a moment, Eric’s glottis merging with Oberon’s own and forcing more cum to pool into his muzzle. Oberon swallowed a bit, the jism entering his belly before being reabsorbed into their second hearts. His flexible tongue teased the base, savoring the combined musky flavor that was now a part of him forever.

The last bits of Eric’s skull settled into Oberon’s with a 'CRRRUUUNNNCCHHHH', their horns lining up as the bone merged seamlessly into one. Oberon’s smaller adornments sank into the contours of Eric’s, the final product influenced by the former male. The tips of his horns still ended in that golden accent that made the former Eric glorious. At last, the final traces of Eric’s body were gone, though Oberon’s face acquired traces of cum-gems and coarse, red scales.

Rene’s neck, which had rotated to align perfectly with Oberon’s chest, began zipping towards her head. She would soon fully join the two, and she relished the chance.

“Take me, my master,” Rene said as her scalp moved towards Oberon’s wide-open jaw.

Oberon’s much larger jaws were sufficient to engulf his servant’s head as it was pulled inside his own. Her horns presented a little bit of a problem, though they quickly melted away into the cum of her skull with a slick 'SLLUUURRRRPPP'. As they did, Oberon could feel his own massive horns began to curve, their upper side tuning blue all the way to the golden tips.

More of Rene’s skull was drawn into Oberon’s maw, her mechanical appendages disappearing as similar extensions poked out of the sides of his head. Her eyes closed, no longer able to see as her brain started to fade into her master. Her mind added a new ‘dragonality’, one with a curiosity for the world and for study. Her focus was on scientific and technological endeavors, in particular, the weapons she had integrated into their merged body.

The rest of Rene’s head was eagerly pulled forward as her jaw closed, no longer possessing the ability to move. The contours of her blunt muzzle influenced Oberon’s own, down to the white serpentine scales down his cheeks. The base of his horn extended with the introduction of Rene’s own, its upper surface turning blue up to its golden tip.

With that, the merger was completed. Oberon fully contained the bodies of his followers as they intended. In particular, Rene’s thoughts came to the forefront, excited with the final result. It was everything she wanted and more, existing as a merged being and privy to every sensation of the powerful body she had helped to birth.

Now that his two former servants had been enveloped, Oberon was aware that it was time for the final merger to begin. The tendrils warping into Oberon’s body finally released, making the master dragon moan. All three of Hylda’s heads grinned as she turned around, her ample backside on full display. Her tail twitched, teasing the tip of Oberon’s massive penis, eliciting a deep rumble from his powerful form.

“RRRRAAAARRRRWWWW...YESSS...JOIN ME!” Oberon hissed as he felt the tip of Hylda’s tail touching the head of his wide-open piss slit.

The instant it did, he could feel it being sucked inside, threatening to tear his urethra. Something so thick should have been impossible to take inside his member. Yet seemed as though his body was melting Hylda’s enveloped form, her mass dissolving into the black latex she had used to aid the prior mergers. Was that its purpose, to prepare Oberon for this eventuality?

As more of Hylda’s tail forced its way inside, Oberon could feel a corresponding tingling in his own backside. The flesh at the tip started to bubble as more vertebrae were added. His scales darkened, though not all the way to black as were his servants. It served as a sign that her body was being taken up for his own!

“MYYY...TOO MUCH...CAN’T…” Oberon’s voice boomed, the latex forcing its way into his cum veins almost more than he could bear.

Lost in the sensual sensations, Oberon was shocked when something sniffed and licked at his rear. He turned around, not having noticed the eastern dragon had stopped whirling around him as was now curled against one corner of the room. His long tongue had reached out and was teasing the cum stained contours of his rectum. Oberon wanted to protest, but the feelings were rather exquisite.

Distracted by the sensations, Oberon failed to notice the tendrils rising from the floor had receded, their work in assisting the initial merger done. He was not prepared to suddenly plunge themselves into the flesh around Oberon’s anus.

“WHAATT...GGRRR...AAARRRGGHHH!” He roared from the unexpected intrusion to such a sensitive area. Their tips began to pump jism into his rectum, filling it in and allowing his pucker to swell.

Oberon was not expecting the Eastern dragon's head to follow. Oberon felt his pucker being teased seconds before the Eastern dragon’s head forced it open, his whickers teasing the fringes of Oberon’s rectum.

Soon, the massive eastern dragon’s entire head was inserted into Oberon’s intestines as it continued to crawl inside. Oberon was much more massive in his new form, but even the increase in size was not enough to allow such a beast inside.

Yet as the dragon burrowed its way further inside Oberon’s bowels, a warm, sticky sensation seemed to ooze into his own cum network. It was now a familiar sensation, as though the latex tendrils were burrowing into his intestines. The Eastern dragon’s body was dissolving into the latex and being forced directly into Oberon’s body from the other end!

Oberon had no idea how Hylda’s merger process mimicked the eastern dragon's own. It was painful to fuse in such a direct way, but Oberon welcomed the intrusion. The pain was soon dulled by the pleasure of his anatomy being stimulated all at once. His cock and asshole were on fire from the erotic contact!

Hylda’s headquarters were next to follow as her back and shoulders positioned themselves to be absorbed. Oberon’s piss-slit seemed to widen, though, with the latex consistency of Hylda’s body, it did not seem necessary. Her tendril’s pointed tips protruded into Oberon, oozing latex-like flesh and solidifying her place inside her master. Any pain from the absorption was quickly whited away in the ecstasy of feeling the massive female dragon from entering his body.

By now, the sperm that comprised Hylda's wings had dripped onto the ground, leaving the limbs bare as they were pulled towards her master's opening. Her wings folded towards her torso and were pulled in along with her back. The bones and flesh and muscle all melted into the black latex that was taken into Oberon's body to fuel its growth to his final form.

The Eastern dragon was meanwhile working its way into Oberon's rectum, its expansive body working its way in far further than Oberon's anatomy should have allowed. Oberon was startled; surely, the creature's head had dissolved into jism by now and thus would lack the cognitive capabilities to pursue such a merger. But despite Oberon's preconceived notions, the dragon seemed to force its way further inside Oberon's anus.

The Eastern dragon was dissolving, its cum melding with Oberon's own network. Despite the difference in composition, the dragon seemed to absorb seamlessly into Oberon's anatomy. Was it perhaps a product of the infusion of the beast's essence? All Oberon knew was that the sensation of the serpentine body against him was exquisite.

As the Eastern dragon's wings collapsed and it was more than halfway inside, Oberon realized there was something unique about the process. Every inch of Hylda's form reshaped his physiology. It was as though the Eastern dragon was dissolving seamlessly into Oberon's form without adding so much as an increase in girth. What was the purpose of such a process?

Meanwhile, Hylda’s chest, her stomach, and organs all melted into the thick latex that oozed its way inside Oberon’s penis. All of her bodily systems transitioned seamlessly as her cum-system took over her life functions. Her arms stiffened as her shoulders hunched, and her legs retracted into her hips before being sucked inside.

Every inch of Hylda’s form made Oberon bulk up even further. The added latex and jism pressed almost painfully against his flesh, making it bulge out and leak cum. Oberon felt bloated, his body being pumped full from Hylda before his own could accommodate. The shade of his skin darkened, but still maintained his primary red accents. Yet some of Hylda’s bluish patterns glowed from beneath the scales on his legs and arms.

The Eastern dragon was inside up to his legs now, as they folded forward. The process was as seamless as the other three that had become part of Oberon’s being. Yet the Eastern dragon’s influence seemed to have no effect on his physiology, at least none that Oberon was aware of.

By now, all that was left of Hylda was her heads, necks, and groin. His necks started to stiffen, a sign that her autonomy was waning under the change. She hissed, a pleasured sound to signal her rapture in the process. Oberon felt his piss while being stretched impossibly far as all three necks were pulled in unison. The lights went out in her eyes as they closed, the bliss firmly implanted in her expression as all three heads were pulled inside with a wet ‘PLLOOPPP!’

The rest of the Eastern dragon’s form writhed its way inside, his tail twitching and teasing Oberon’s pucker. The pressure against his prostate started the wane as the rest of the dragon’s body dissolved into seed. Oberon felt no noticeable change from the process, but it was difficult to ascertain with the sensation of being invaded from both ends as he was.

The only thing remaining of Hylda was the clit-like penis being pulled into his own, its size just small enough to enter without stretching him. Her member did not dissolve in the fashion of the rest of Hylda’s body but seemed to sit inside Oberon’s cock, swelling to merge with its urethra and vas deferens.

“GGGRRRRR…” Oberon muttered, the feelings more sensual that he could have fathomed. He enjoyed the sight of her body being pumped from his penis and into his groin before melding with his secondary heart.

Yet even after Hylda should have been fully integrated, the pleasurable sensations ebbing from his penis had not abated. In fact, he could sense pressure at his cock tip, as though the insides were being pulled in two directions. The head started to thicken, his urethra widening as it began to ooze black liquid latex.

“W-What...is this?” He moaned, an intense quivering ebbing from his penis as the tension in his cock began to rise.

Oberon reached down to touch himself when the sight of his mutating penis left him stunned. The tip started to split, peeling perfectly down the center as the two halves pulled apart. Oberon felt no pain from the process, only an intense stimulation that shot powerful waves of ecstasy into his prostate. The sensations grew more intense as his penis started to swell, quivering as though preparing to split all the way down the center. Oberon couldn’t believe what was happening!

His shaft was pulled apart as each separate member swelled even larger than the initial penis. It continued to distend, running all the way to the base as the waves of pleasure reached his prostate and made him moan. He hardly noticed that the right shaft was beginning to tremble as well, its head forming a second tear that painlessly split his meat in two. Oberon was to gain a third penis!

Enraptured by the sensation of his penis splitting, Oberon was almost oblivious to the feeling of his skull throbbing. The dull ache soon erupted into a splitting headache, and he was forced to lift his claws from his cock to hold his head. It began to extend on either side, the flesh bubbling as the tissues tore apart, each piece swelling with replacement sinew as a sign of separation. The pressure was almost a reverse of the merger he just experienced!

A resounding rip echoed in the space as a tear ran from both sides of Oberon's cheeks and muzzle. Two separate protrusions popped forth with flesh and cum with fuel their expansions. The muscle and sinew within continued splitting as new meat took form. Oberon felt that the process should have drained him, but the jism he’d absorbed left more than enough power to fuel his alteration.

The two additional forms ripping from his body reminded Oberon of viewing Hylda’s reversion. Yet it was far more bizarre to feel the flesh peeling away from his perspective. Each new protrusion developed lips as a fat tongue plopped out from the insides, and the surfaces prickled with new fangs. Pointed, forked tongues rolled out of his new maws as their muzzles took shape, growing towards proportions to match Oberon’s own magnificence.

Two holes rippled from the ends of each and began to flare. Oberon could feel his new nostrils suck in air for the first time, their passageways merging with his own at the base of his neck. Oberon grimaced for a moment as two sets of eyes popped open from each head, and in shock, Oberon realized that he could see from multiple angles. Though he was now accustomed to seeing from the mind’s eye of his subordinates, never had he done so from his own perspective!

The minds of each new head began to open as their brains gained functionality, though were not separate from Oberon’s own, as he might have expected. Rather, his own conscientious flowed into each, giving him control of their facilities. Oberon had wondered if they contained the minds of the others in his body, but they were as much a part of him as his own head, now his center, he realized.

Their developing craniums started to sport horns. One at the tip of his nose and several down his back and neck matched Oberon's counterparts in the center. Accentuated with the same vibrant colors, his scales gleamed as they took their form and ripped apart the remaining sinew and cum that coated them.

Oberon experimented with his new additions, moving all his necks in tandem rather than separately. It took a little time to master, but with Hylda’s influence, he soon gained as much mastery as though he’d been born with them. It seemed her dragonility was present in his mind to provide knowledge of merger and control of the cum-veinous system that had been enhanced by the fusion.

As the change neared its completion, something else started to rip their way from the cum veins and scales of Oberon’s back, pulling at the flesh as they expanded towards his head. Yet these did not take the same dimensions as his hydra visage. Jaws opened at the end of each, gleaming with yellowed scales as twin, antlered horns burst from the tops. Pairs of wispy whiskers accented the tips of the jaws as their new necks stretched even further than his own heads.

Oberon now understood how the Eastern dragon’s influence had been incorporated into his form. He took a few moments to learn their abilities and was surprised to discover they could fully retract into his back, just above his wings. Two muscle membrane slits could close around them, rendering them hidden. Yet their golden scaled forms could stretch all the way to his groin if they wished, and Oberon had some notion of how he might use them!

The process was finally complete. The aches and twinges that signaled Oberon's change were gone now. He was certain that this was his true body. The endless strength flowing through his form was truly a force to be reckoned. He was very aware that no creature as powerful as he existed in the world, to the best of his senses. His mere existence was a threat to any being he sought fit to dispatch!

The sheer intensity of his form was awe-inspiring. He knew no human weapons could harm him, and the force of his aura could make weak-willed beings to his whims. The world was his to take, the likelihood of creatures powerful enough to stop him from control more minimal at best.

For now, he had more pressing matters to tend to. He had a mission, to be sure, to subjugate the other beasts that existed to threaten his power. Yet, in this space, he was safe. It had been set up to hide his presence from the world, a sanctuary of sorts like his cave. Though even his firmer lair could not contain the lustrous form that he now possessed. In this space, he was free to fully explore the body he’d been granted.

He was more powerfully aroused than at any point in his life. His eagerness was accelerated 5 fold by each of the dragons that had merged their lives with his. They wanted Oberon to explore his body as much as Oberon did, to experience what they had created and felt their master’s own pleasure.

His massive heads reached down in reverence of his triple cock heads. Each was more than double the size of the cock he possessed after merging with Oberon. It was nearly impossible to resist the potent stench wafting from each. The sheer lust their sight elicited forced ripples through his prostate and caused cum to leak from the tips. He only had a single cum-heart to fuel his cocks, but its reservoir was composed of sperm from multiple dragons. He would never run out at this rate!

Each head hovered over his cocks in anticipation before their forked tongues reached out and tasted the tips. The pleasure was all-consuming; Oberon could not have fathomed the feeling of sucking three separate cocks at once! He lapped with fervor, happily drinking in each cock’s offering. Each lick sent tremors through his throbbing shafts, running all the way down the ridges of his cock to their base, and triggering tremors of ecstasy that enveloped his single cum-heart.

Before he realized it, each head had sucked down the length of its chosen shaft, drawn towards the back of his throats. Thankfully, none of his heads had a gag reflex, and he was able to take each cock all the way to the bulbous base with no issue. He could feel every inch of each phallus stroked by his tongues and the pallets of his expansive maws. It was like a dream, Oberon’s consciousness swept away in a sea of bliss beyond even what he could bear. It was a far cry even from even the myriad of sensations he had experienced thus far today!

A shiver ran through his body as something suddenly caressed his weighty testicles. He was alone in the room. What could possibly be touching him? Without realizing it, his pair of serpentine heads stretched all the way underneath him, using their gummy maws to take each testicle in tandem. Their weakened jaws perfectly fit even balls the size as the ones Oberon possessed.

The stimulation was nearly too much for him to take. The swelling in his testicles, fueled by his cum heart, threatened to send him into the most potent release he’d ever felt. Part of his remaining psyche wondered if he should hold back, perhaps savor the moment of his baptism. But with his own needs in tandem with the cries of desire from his other personas, Oberon could not resist the urge as his testicles bunched up, and his cocks throbbed to herald their release.

Oberon resisted the urge to roar as all three of his penises came in tandem, spraying thick wads of jism down his throats and into his gullet. Nothing was left of Oberon’s awareness as the pleasure of his flesh became his entire world. More jism that had even been spilled by the Eastern dragon’s pores was pumped into his gullet, filling his belly and making distend before his body could absorb it.

His entire body rocked and shook with violent orgasms, each more potent than the last. No matter how much cum he produced, his weighty balls and massive secondary heart continued to eject even more jism. It seemed as though he had an infinite reservoir of seed from which he could drink. His massive maws savored the intense flavor and myriad textures it granted. The skillful serpentine limbs massage his testicles, coaxing their cum into Oberon’s mouths.

Oberon stood there for an eternity, drinking down his cum as his thick cocks blew their load into the nuzzling muzzles. Not a drop of the sticky seed was wasted as his seeking tongues continued to lick any stray cum leaking off his shafts.

There was a powerful sense of purpose in his subconscious, one made more potent at the inclusion of the four powerful beings within his psyche. None of the individual minds were gone, not entirely. They had no say in the actions of his body, but they had known that reality when they committed to the ritual. They existed in a sort of limbo, subject to all the pleasure Oberon would feel. Each served a purpose in his new existence, able to help or guide their master and worship his greater glory.

Oberon stood there, reveling in the post-orgasmic bliss of his final release. He felt, at long last, he was done. At least for the time being. Yet his new form carried with it some challenges. He was simply too strong, to ...big.

He couldn’t imagine the sheer amount of cum he’d need to cover his hydra-like form to allow a human disguise. His thick, musky jism coated the floor, but that seemed hardly enough. How many times would he need to nut before drawing out sufficient power to transform? Even with the amount he could shoot from his cocks at once, it might take days!

Just then, the sound of an elevator caught his attention, and his three heads turned to see a human-sized red dragon walk out with a bipedal stride. He was red, thick, plate-like scales accenting his lower arms and legs. A short tail waved behind him, adorned with blunt spines. The fingers comprising his wings matched the size of the ones adorning his hands. A thin, fifth digit stretched down to merge with a digit extending from his elbow to allow his flight.

His head was rather handsome. Two large horns and several smaller ones ran down his neck, with a fetching, reddish mane of hair in between. His fat, uncut cock dangled from a white-scaled chest, the scales running to the underside of his muzzle. His pores wept the same cum that Oberon recognized as one of his own, though this dragon’s breed was much smaller than he’d encountered.

“M-master? Is that you?” The dragon stuttered, taken aback by the sight of the massive beast in the room.

“YESSS,” Oberon said, focusing all his attention on the newcomer. He was very enamored by the smaller, nervous servent.

The creature seemed nervous, though Oberon could hardly blame him. It must have been a disturbing sight to have such an expansive beast in place of his former masters. By sifting through memories of his followers, it seemed evident that the entire company was staffed by magical creatures.

“M-May I do anything for you, master? How m-man I serve you?” The smaller creature stuttered, obviously taking a moment to get used to him as the new head of the company.

At the sight of his, the new appendage below Oberon’s tail twitched, and the memories of the Eastern dragon flooded into his mind. He had been silent this entire time, but Oberon could sense his presence. The noodle dragon, too, had a feature for allowing others of his race to join him in fusion and power. It was a much less complete, yet a far quicker procedure than the merger process he was now accustomed to.

Oberon regarded his new servant, a wicked idea coming into his mind. He needed a smaller form to hide his glory from the rest of the world. Even with all his servants, he lacked the data in his DNA to take on a shape small enough. But this dragon, on the other hand...

"Perhaps there is something you can do for me immediately. Are you willing to serve me in full?" Oberon asked, regarded the lesser dragon with interest. The scents wafting from the dragon seemed to indicate he was aroused by the presence of his master. The simple idea of servitude made this dragon hard!

"Ye...es, my...my master!" The dragon stammered, the lust dripping his voice. His glazed-over eyes and limp stance were all Oberon needed to know that he was ready for what Oberon had in mind!

“Then simply stay still and serve your master in body and soul,” Oberon boomed, moving closer towards the elevator. He wasn't sure how to use the new appendage, but the Eastern dragon did.

With a sudden strike, the appendage unfurled and tore from his backside, stretching towards the dragon, who had no time to react. The pointed tip started to hollow, its end widening rapidly to create a tunnel of sorts, the width of a human body. Oberon could tell that the flesh was highly elastic, the inner walls ribbed to allow a victim to be drawn up inside all the way into Oberon’s loins.

Oberon felt a peculiar change at the hollow tip, the edges growing pointed as a set of eyes popped startlingly open, and a slight serpentine muzzle pushed out. Oberon rotated his necks back to see the golden-scaled serpentine visage of the Eastern dragon opening his maw before taking in his prey.

Too late, the smaller dragon realized what was happening, and impulsively tried to run. But the tight, elastic tips of the appendages encompassed his form, and he was pulled upwards towards Oberon’s secondary heart. The servant struggled for a few moments against the force around his body, wanting desperately to escape whatever trap had been laid out for him. Yet as the cum within leaked into his veins, he started to relax, feeling his out form dissolve away as the seed absorbed his physical being.

Secreted juices within the Eastern dragon’s ‘body’ began merging with the cum and caused the dragon to melt, in a sense. It was akin to taking that dragon’s cum and integrating it into his own. Their natural transformation ability would force the dragon’s physical form into the cum-network, thereby integrating it into Oberon’s physiology. It was a more direct form of fusion, one that did not allow a total mental merger as occurred with his other servants. Yet this new dragon would not die, not really. His consciousness would still be a part of the whole, though less aware.

The melting dragon continued to move through the Eastern dragon’s extension, being pushed towards Oberon’s gullet. The remnants dissolved fully into seed that surged its way into all corners of his master.

“GGRRR YYYEEESSSS! Be mine!” Oberon shouted the sensations of absorption more erotic than he’d expected. It was dwarfed only by the pleasure of sucking his own loins directly. Oberon briefly pondered the practicality of performing this type of absorption on any other servants he deemed worthy.

Yet now, it was time to allow him to enjoy the fruits of his acquisition. The shape of the servant dragon’s body was firmly entrenched into Oberon’s form. He allowed himself to change, the excess latex of Hylda’s contribution oozing from his scales, compacting around him and compressing his draconic features. It forced his claws, his wings, and his tail to tightly contract as it was wrapped in the tight, shifting latex coat. It was almost uncomfortable, like his true form was right under the surface, ready to burst forth at any moment.

His three pensis merged back into one, attaching from the sides as the dragon shivered in pleasure. The human-shaped cock of his servant seemed appealing, and Oberon worked it into his form. He now possessed a fat, uncut tip oozing pre as it stood turgid, bobbing above a pair of white, weighty testicles. Oberon desired to explore them, the power contained inside one small vessel previously spread between three. In doing so, he might trigger a reversion to his true self. He knew that was defeating the purpose, at least for now.

His heads cracked as they shrank into his form, zipping up from the base as the flesh of their necks melded back into the one. Each head touched the sides of the one in the center, merging into the head much as they had ripped apart initially. His extra eyes closed, and his mouths went limp as they slid back inside. Yet this time, they did not add extra girth to Oberon’s form, though he did notice an excess of cum oozing out of his system.

It was disorientating to lose his new worldly perspectives so soon after being granted them, but as his extra eyes and ears shut down, the memories of having a limited view returned and became natural.

The many horns on his head all merged into one, their edges patterned to mimic the Eastern dragon that had allowed Oberon this new ability. All that remained were his ears, long and pointed, more canine than his other features.

As he changed and shrank, the excess cum that his form was covered with the outer latex layer, forced under high pressure within his body. Oberon could feel how compressed it was, and even his best efforts could not prevent some of it leaking out of his skin. It was very uncomfortable having it contained in a form that was one-tenth of his size!

Despite the uncomfortableness of being confined, he allowed himself to enjoy the features granted his body. Much to Oberon’s delight, he maintained a rather luscious lock of silvery hair. It flowed over his sloping forehead all the way down his back near the base of his tail. The fur grew out around his muzzle, thickening into a rather fetching equine-like mane! He reached up to touch it, tracing his nimble, humanoid fingers through its locks. He’d never thought of having hair like this!

His muzzle shrank down, rather blunt in comparison to his former visage, though his large canines jutted out. He had confidence in his smirk, the knowledge that he was more powerful than a dragon his size should be. The rest of his body slimmed down, similar to his size as Oberon. Though part of him wished to return to that form, it was lost in the perfect merger of their ritual. It was why this new servant had been necessary to achieve this more stable form.

His claws were black now, sticking out of dexterous, 5-fingered hands that twitched with human flexibility. His muscled chest and abs melded over his form, leaving him with the physic beyond any human bodybuilder. His wings thinned, their cum congealing to a thin layer, the extra arms able to cover him like a cloak. His long tail flicked behind him, waving back and forth with feather hairs that left him with a more Asian look. Many of his features seemed to mimic his Eastern dragon benefactor, but that suited Oberon just fine.

As he fell into his new shape, the voice of the other dragon echoed in his head. The dragon did not resent his master for being used in such a manner. Rather, he relished the chance to serve and felt it fitting that his master would settle on a form so much like his own as his visage!

Oberon’s new form regarded himself in the mirror, loving how handsome he appeared in this new body. It was a perfect disguise; he hardly exuded a semblance of the power he contained. It would fool any creature that came in contact with him. Any enemies would instantly underestimate him, allowing him to have the upper hand against any potential foe. But with the way he felt, it was unlikely that any creature could stand up to him now!

Though a little reluctantly, he allowed his form to shrink into the weakened human body he needed to interact with the world. He wished more time to revel in his new shape, but now was not the time for such things. It was a far much easier endeavor now that his form was smaller. The cum covering him continued to compress his body, forcing his draconic feature into the former Leung’s body, one he now seemed to view as a shell.

It was extremely confining having some much of his body wrapped up in the liquid latex. His wings, his tail, and his claws were pushed inside, as though prepared to be mailed. Oberon realized with a thought, the latex would break apart to resume a more natural form. Even his new draconic disguise did little to bring comfort, his true visage the natural extension of his power. He knew with certainty that it would be little effort to revert once in the safety of this chamber.

As he drew him out a layer of jism from his scales to remake his visage, Oberon realized that he was willingly reverting to the form of Leung. With all the personalities part of his mind, why was he automatically converting to the shape he knew best? How much control did he have over this new ability? Oberon smiled, his thoughts playing over the possibilities.

He realized he was naked and found himself wondering if there was clothing in the former CEO’s office. Oberon imagined his human self, wearing a lavish business suit he’d gleaned the design from his internal servants. As though responding to his thoughts, part of the cum-flesh started to darken to a black shade, the consistency of a human business suit. His new body had many abilities indeed!

All at once, the cum covering him solidified into the familiar features of the human Leung. The cum coating was part of his body, able to respond to his will and reabsorb into his body whenever he revered into one of his draconic forms. He was thankful for its property of compression; Oberon was sure it would be a simple task to revert to his new draconic visage or even his Hydra self with little effort. The true him was compressed in the suit of fake skin, ready to spring forth at his prompting.

The once more powerful Oberon walked out into the lobby, the attendants regarding him and nodding. It seemed as though his influence was felt by everyone in the company. They, too, were magical creatures, all in human disguises, and using the company to hide, serving the three dragons whose purpose was ultimately to serve Oberon.

None of the other creatures questioned his presence as he strutted confidently towards the building. It was as though he was in charge of the organization all along. In fact, he had been, in a sense. He had all the memories of his benefactors, as well as their experiences. He had all the resources his servants had gathered at his disposal, a mass of wealth and magical artifacts to use as he saw fit.

As Oberon walked out into the evening light, a bizarre sensation washed over him. It was as though he could reach out his aura into the city, feeling a ping at the location of every creature that exuded magical energy. He had not been aware of it before and was surprised to note that there were, in fact, a wide variety of magical beasts even in the city. His range extended far beyond that, sensing creatures in distant lands as well.

Oberon smiled. He had assessed so much power, there would be no one to rival his dominance. There were more out there who might submit themselves to him, to serve such a dominant beast. And, perhaps even more desirable, some might wish to join his ritual, to merge themselves with him and add to his glory. Candle in hand, Oberon walked out into the new world, a confidence that he was truly its master, and had the power to reshape it as he saw fit.

Wolf Anatomy 2020-08-03T14:03:00+00:00

You feel the needle prick your skin, and a warm tingling around the spot signals the serum has been successfully administered. You are entirely naked, wanting to see every bit of your change as it happens. You rub the spot above your leg in anticipation, the heat rising from your flesh a prelude of what is to come. A light itch erupts from the area, as though you are having a reaction. But the feelings your fingers report signal something else entirely!

Gingerly, you remove your fingers, allowing you full view of the pricking hairs poking from your skin. You watch in fascination as short, black hairs pepper the area around your thigh, making it hard to see your skin. You can tell the shade of your flesh is somewhat lighter than its human equivalent, but it is more difficult to see as the black hair envelopes every inch of skin in a thick undercoat. You find the black fur rather soft and enjoy the feeling as it slowly spreads from the spot, pooling over your thigh and spreading up your hips and ass, and down your calves towards your feet.

"I-it's happening!" you shout enthusiastically, rubbing the spot as though encouraging the fur to grow. You've waited so long for this day, and little can stifle your excitement!

Yet even in the spaces covered with fur continue to itch as longer hairs erupt from your skin. You rub the flesh excitedly, the fur lancing up twice the length of your underfur. They are guard hairs, designed to keep you warm even on the coldest of winter nights. Unlike the soft black undercoat, your guard fur is coarser, growing thick enough to hide the close-cropped black hair underneath. The pelage is a mix of colors, mostly gray with undertones of brown, black, and white, as it comprises the beginnings of a rather beautiful pelt.

At this point, the uncomfortable itching is spreading from your leg all the way up to your torso. The itching seems to erupt all over, faster than you can rub the skin. You allow yourself to get used to the sensation, knowing there is nothing you can do for now. The guard fur remains a variety of colors, though primarily gray, to make up your classic lupine coat. Yet some spots, particularly your belly, chest, and throat, erupt with finner, almost white hair. Patterns of darker brown accent spots along your shoulders. Soon, every inch of your skin starts to tingle with what you know will be your lupine coat. Even your human beard starts to thicken into the beginnings of thicker, wolfish tufts.

You are distracted by a sensation in your spine as your coccyx starts to unfuse. You can feel the extension pressing against the flesh of your back, forming a bump of skin that extends along with the growth of bone. The five bones within start to lengthen before pinching off at the ends, and then repeating the process several more times. As additional bones are added, the length of the bump seems to extend to accommodate them, never allowing the bone to pierce the flesh.

As what you know to be your new tail continues to grow, you can feel a new muscle swelling from your coccyx, a coccygeus muscle that fills in the flesh of your new growth. As joints and tendons develop in the gaps, a jolt up your spine makes you realize you now can move the new appendage. You start to wag your tail, delighting in having something that did not exist on your body before now. Its range of motion is impressive, able to wriggle back and forth, up and down with several joints that allow independent mobility. The longer it grows, the more integrated the movements become. You can even move it down between your legs, recalling it to be a canine response of fear or a submissive response.

"Fuck...it's so weird!" You giggle, playing with your new appendage like an adolescent pup.

A tingling in your hands brings your attention to their tips. You observe them pushing outward at the ends, their translucent shade darkening to muted brown. Soon, the nails are nearly as thick as your fingertips themselves and are starting to curve somewhat as the nails become blunt. They are not too sharp, but you know your lupine physiology will mostly require them for gripping on the ground as you run. You cannot retract them, as would a feline, but you do not need to keep them sharp and deadly for hunting. Your soon-to-be jaw will take care of that!

A similar sensation explodes from your feet, and you take a moment to observe the nails growing thick there as well. The same dark nails erupt on four of your toes, though your large toe remains absent of such an adornment. You wonder about that for a moment, but the changes pressing onward give you little time for contemplation.

The tingling over your flesh raises towards your ears now, and you reach up a still tactile hand to touch their surface. The warm skin is stretching, growing thinner as they expand towards the back of your hair. To your surprise, they seem to remain in the same location as your human ears. Their edges remain thicker, and they start to curve, allowing more space for their thinner membranes. Their edges become adorned with long, sparse hairs, protecting the inner ears from the cold while allowing the same level of auditory acuity as other canines.

Your ears jerk suddenly as developing zygomaticus and pineal muscles allow you a level of flexibility unknown to your human self. You find you can twitch them directionally in response to auditory stimulation. Your ears can detect nearly double the level of vibrations at once then your human counterparts. Though in case you are ever overwhelmed, a developing muscle allows you to close off parts of your inner ear to prevent damage and help filter certain sounds.

By now, your ears have stretched well behind your skull, twitching as they reach their proper lupine length. Your ears are overall smaller than an average canine’s, though more pointed, better able to protect from colder climates. You take a moment to marvel at all the evolutionary adaptations that are slowly making you a successful apex predator!

A dull ache in your toes reminds you that your feet have a long way to go, and you brace yourself for the alteration in your stance as your lower leg shifts. First, you can feel your toes contracting, the phalanges themselves diminishing in size compared to their human counterparts. Yet you are startled to feel your metatarsals stretching, rising you up to what is essentially your tiptoes. The bones continue to expand, forcing your heels longer to compensate. Your tarsal bones are overall much shorter than your human versions, yet are still only slightly shorter than your metatarsals as your heel is forced all the way off the ground, making you wobble unsteadily.

As you watch, your large toes start to diminish, crawling up your leg as their joints, skin, and tendons all dissolve into nothing. It is a little alarming to feel them losing all their features as they both reduce to vestigial traces not needed for your body. Only a stub of a bone is to remain attached to your metatarsal, nothing visible from the outside as all that remains is a phantom tingle to denote their former presence.

The ability to flex your toes is taken from you as a thick layer of webbing starts to form from the base, spreading them apart. Your toes are wider, more spaced out to better balance your weight. The still-bare skin starts to thicken, bubbling up from the pink flesh as it blackens into coarse, protective pads. The level of sensitivity is almost zero at the same padding forms from the minute flesh just behind your toes. Sparse fur spreads through the webbing, allowing what you assume is further protection from the cold.

So enraptured in the sensations of your feet changing, you hardly notice the same thing is happening to your hands. Your phalanges are contracting, causing your fingers to shrink into your palms. Yet unlike your toes, your thumbs are not to become completely vestigial. They are not extending up your wrist, as you might have anticipated, but rather pulled along with your stretching carpal bones. All flexibility is removed as the digits stick stiffly at the sides of your wrists, a canine dewclaw.

"Huh...guess wolves don't...need hands...," You lament, wincing a little from the discomforting sensations. Instead, you try to focus on the changes. You can't worry about what you are losing when there is so much to gain!

Your carpal bones are stretching, much as your tarsals had. Your wrists seem to lose their range of motion, only capable of moving back and forth. The same webbing causes your shortened fingers to stick together, widening as each individual digit loses mobility. Your fingertips and palms thicken with those same blackened paw pads, bubbling up from the flesh and covering the entire surface. Another patch of skin above your carpals starts to inflate outward into a much longer pad than your others. This carpal pad will help to support you when running on rough terrain.

Your hands are now canine paws, containing much less utility than their human counterparts, though still maintaining some use for your new form. You momentarily laminate the lack of opposable thumbs or digits, your hands reduced to the role of clutching the ground and supporting your weight. But there's still some ability to grip with your stagnant blunt claws.

Your hairless arms start to itch as small grey fur thickens upon their surface. The fur is just as thick as the black undercoat, except the familiar guard hairs are absent. They are short, elastic, and closely adjacent as they run all the way down to the bones of your fingers. The shorter fur seems to stop as your elbows, running under the thicker hairs that are beginning to envelop your upper arms. Similarly, the skin of your lower legs starts to itch, and you can see mostly gray hairs prickling from the backs of what remains of your new paw, running up your calves towards the thicker fur on your thighs.

The changes have been exciting, almost arousing, and had you not been alone, you might feel slightly embarrassed to notice your cock is at attention. You want to reach down and touch it, though you no longer have the ability to with your paws. Yet as it prepares to alter into its lupine configuration, you know you will soon require release!

A second layer of skin starts to form from the base of your cock, and looking down, you can tell that your foreskin is regrowing. The warm, thickening flesh runs up your cock, enveloping your member all the way to the tip like a cocoon. The covering forces your cock straight up in the air, making your moan as the flesh merges with the skin of your flattening belly. Your balls pull up under the sheath as well, becoming more streamlined than your human counterparts.

"GGGGRRRR...ROOOO GGGGOOORRD…," You growl, startled at the canine inflections that come out so naturally. It won't be much longer now, and all your excitement from transformation seems to be centering on your member!

You recall something you read about apes, how having their genitals presenting is part of their mating rituals, adaptations that were passed on to humans. Such displays are unnecessary to canines, your developing scent glands a powerful attractant in their own right. As you contemplate your hidden canine maleness, a forest of white-gray fur covers the entire surface of your sheath, running down over your testicles as they start to swell with lupine seed.

Yet your erection is not to remain in its home for long. As the tip starts to peel away the foreskin, you can see the crown of your cock head merging with the shaft of your penis. The head itself starts to compress, growing pointed as the urethral opening becomes smaller on the tip. A deep red shade runs down the entire length of your dick, and the image of lipstick makes you chuckle internally. The shaft starts to bulge a bit down its length as veins pop out from the engorged organ. You are sure it's a little smaller than your human counterpart, but you don’t mind.

Something much thicker starts to balloon from the base of your flesh, pushing almost painfully from your sheath. You can see the bulbose base preparing to pop out, engorged with blood. You love how massive it is compared to the rest of your genitals, a unique carnivore adaptation, able to force into a female's vulva or a male’s anus before it engorges to its final girth. Such a thing will keep you inside your mate until you orgasm, ensuring a proper breeding.

The muscles and bones in your lower legs start to ache, and you lower yourself unto your front paws. Though uncomfortable, you don’t want to fall awkwardly as your legs warp and change shape. Your calves shrink, though not as much as your thighs, which force your femurs to contract along with them. The loss in relative length allows your quadrupedal stance to become more comfortable, at least in your hindquarters. Your thighs are forced closer towards your hips, which themselves are starting to ache with change.

Above your femur, your hips start to compress, their wide primate stance unnecessary to your canine physiology. You pant a little, this part of the change more painful than the rest of the process. You can feel your glutes flattening, having less area for them to cover as your ass and hips start to recede. With an audible crunch, your hips are forced forward, compressing themselves in the flanks of your abdomen. Your three hip bones all move at once, reorienting their position on your spine. Your shortened femur brings your knees close to your belly, and an attachment of loose skin and fur makes it seem as though they are one with your contracting torso.

You can feel your still-growing tail itch as your lupine fur erupts from the tip and spreads all the way up to your thinning hips. Your tail is relatively longer than most canines, helping you balance during longer runs. It swishes down over your moderately long legs, which, too, will aid in your runs in northern climates.

Your nose starts to tingle, followed by a warm, damp sensation. Your wet nose, fueled by the developed mucus membranes inside, will better be able to capture scent particles. You can see the blackened bulb pushing out from your face, stretching to merge with the flesh of your upper lip. Two slits form from either side of your nostrils, creating a wider opening, and allowing air another exit to not interrupt the flow of incoming scents.

You can’t feel the same level of complexity from the more minute changes, but you know that inside your nasal cavity is forming what is called a Jacobson’s organ, running from your nose to the inside of your mouth. It is a source of secondary chemical reception to give your form an even wider range of olfactory imput. You’d read that your new organ has its own separate nerve pathway to your canine brain. By curling your lip and flaring your nose, your ability to detect odors is multiplied by a magnitude of thousands!

You take a few sniffs, getting used to the sheer sensitivity you possess. You know how many people have been in here for the past several days. You can tell if they are male or female, healthy or sick, and even the last things they ate. You inhale deeply, blown away by the plethora of information the human you was blind to. Over 100 million olfactory receptors now exist in your nose, an enlarged part of your increasingly canine brain specifically designed to sift through that information. A dog’s nose is up to 10000 times more sensitive than a human’s, and a wolf’s abilities surpassed even that much!

"MMMRRRRR...SMMEELLLS...RRRRROO RRRRROOD...," You growl, drinking in the scents as only a canine can.

Yet the most pungent scent in the vicinity is the musky stench wafting from your own genitals. The level of detail is only amplified by the development of canine scent glands, specialized for detection by other canine noses. You can smell how virile, how MALE you are. The mere notion sends fresh waves of arousal through your loins.

A damp sensation runs down your cock as your arousal reaches its peak. You can feel a tingling in your anus as the entire cavity seems to move further up your hindquarters, rotating towards the base of your tail. It feels like the shift in your perineal region pulls your penis and testicles upward as well, reorienting them for your quadrupedal stance. You know they are better positioned to mate in your new body, and the mere thought of breeding as you need sends your heightened senses into overdrive!

"GGGRRRR...RRYEEESS...MMMOOOORRREEE!" You growl, loving how close you are, how deep your voice is already. The changes feel so exquisite, and you have no desire to go back.

The force of your changed pelvis, in tandem with your shifting testicles, puts intense pressure on your prostate, so much so that you don’t require any external stimulation. You can feel the tension building in your testicles, and know you can’t hold off your release. Your knot flares as it begins to spasm uncontrollably. You moan, a deeper sound that you are accustomed to as your lupine cock shoots a modest load onto your furry belly and the floor. With your increased arousal from the change, the force of your release is stronger than anything in recent recollection!

AAARRRRRRRRROOOOOWWW!" You howl, as more cum than you think possible coats your developing lupine form. The pungent stink of seed only serves to accentuate your release as your throbbing balls fully empty your burden.

Coming down from your orgasmic high, you start to feel the rest of the changes take hold of your torso. Your knot deflates, and you can feel your seed sticking to your fuzzy paunch even as its girth retracts into your lupine sheath. Your belly starts to thin as your spine elongates, creating more linkages between your pelvis and ribcage, giving your lower body an increase in flexibility.

You can feel your nipples tingling, moving from your still-shapely pecs to a spot just below your ribs. The surface of each starts to tingle as similar sensations run down the length of your belly. They itch a bit, and you want to rub them, the thought making your cock stick out slightly. There are four pairs in all, and you make a note to try playing over them with your developed canine tongue later. In your semi-aroused state, their sensitivity seems to be enhanced ten-fold even now!

Your belly remains streamlined right behind your ribs, giving you greater awareness of how much your rib cage is expanding. Your groan momentarily as your rib cage barrels out, deepening farther than your human body could ever support. Your ribs press against the skin, allowing room for hardier lungs, heart, and a carnivorous digestive tract. Your entire body is more compact than the average canines', giving you a sturdy frame and allowing you room for the necessary muscle. You are a distance runner, needing to chase down more powerful prey.

Your chest continues to barrel forward, cracking as the muscle expands around your massive ribs. The force presses your shoulders forward as the blades thin, and your upper arms are pulled along your widening rib cage. You can feel the muscles in your biceps and deltoids contracting, diminishing in length along with your shortened humerus. Loose skin from your elbow connects it with your expanding chest, and you realize you can no longer move your arms side to side. Your stance is awkward, but with your radius and ulna lengthening to compensate for a shorter humorous, you are allowed a proper length to balance your hindquarters.

The muscles in your neck start to thicken, and you know they are needed to support the powerful jaw that you will soon possess. Your trapezius, already developed in your human form, is relatively larger in your wolven self, necessary to support your heavy skull. A crack responds in your head as your spine lengthens further, allowing more room for those expansive muscles. Your reorientated cranium forces your head forward, resting more comfortably on your quadrupedal body.

Your back is itching as the longest guard hairs yet erupt from the bare remnants of your pores. A series of coarse, black fur forms from your withers into a ruff or crest of sorts. Your own human hair is starting to reduce, changing texture and color to match the fur spreading up from your neck. The itch of your thickened beard makes you regret not having hands, but you’ve mostly gotten used to the sensations now. The fur on your face form tufts that accent the contours of your more angular profile rather fetchingly.

"GGGRRRR RRROO RRRROOOOWWWW!" You try to speak once more, but your human voice is gone. Yet it only serves to remind you how close you are to your dream of being a wolf!

The only human features left on your frame are in your head as you complete your transformation. Your cranium starts to shift under the skin, and you are thankful for the painless process. You can almost feel the thickening of bone around your skull, adding on layers of calcified tissue to protect your soon-to-be smaller brain. Your sagittal chest elongates vertically, giving you another layer of protection. You will need it while hunting, as damage to your skull from an arrant hoof could mean your death.

Now your forehead starts to slope, extending outward as the parietal bones compress, and the back of the latter creates the bulk of your sagittal crest. What remains of your forehead widens, past all other canines, and even a bit larger than your human self. You can feel your contracting skull pushing on your braincase, and your grey matter starts to reduce in mass. But not too much, not as much as many animals you could be becoming. Yours is the brain of a predator, needing to learn, to study, and adapt so that you can successfully hunt and fill your belly. And the process allows you a semblance of your human mind, allowing you to fully delve into the lupine experience.

At last, the most iconic change encompasses your visage as your face starts to extend. This growth is fueled by the extension of your maxilla, mandible, and zygomatic process, bones that are easily twice the length of their human equivalents, and thicker for support. Your masticatory sets of muscles thicken around them, providing the force necessary for your lupine bite. You experiment with your jaw a few times, loving how wide it seems to open. It is relatively blunt when compared with the average length of most canine muzzles, but has the added benefit of increasing your potential bite force. Your extending maw and altering gumline forces some of your teeth apart, which is a little disconcerting. But you know that your new lupine teeth will soon fill in those gaps.

The force of your growing muzzle shifts your eyes slightly apart, and for a moment, you enjoy a wider range of vision than you did as a human. Yet the further away they are, the more you start to realize that you are nearsighted. Your eyes diminish a little in size, though remain larger against your skull, saving you the discomfort of having your eyes squeezed. You can’t see it, but you are certain your iris are turning amber, the pupils rounded to give you a menacing glare.

The colors of the room start to shift a little, and you know that there is a reduction in the number of cones in your retinas. The warmer shades, the reds, oranges, yellows, and even greens are lost to you, leaving only shades of beige, influenced by blues and violets. Yet with the loss of cones comes an increase in rods, and you find the fading light in the room becoming sharper to your senses. And your lack of vision is a small price to pay with all the improvements to your other senses!

As your face stretches forward, you can tell that your gums are itching, your teeth beginning to ache as they prepare to enter their canine configuration. Your black, rubbery lips start to give way to extra teeth, ten more than your human form. Two more sets of incisors grow to fill the gaps in front, bringing the total up to 12. You will use these for tearing meat from bone, and now for grooming. Your premolars too increase in number, 16 total, sharpening along the tips to sheer your meal. You have fewer molars than your human self, lacking your removed wisdom teeth, but you don’t need as many grinding molars for your meat-based diet.

But it is your lengthening canines that truly excite you. You maintain the same four as you did while human, yet these are much further developed. Your lower teeth thicken, becoming significantly larger than your incisions, but your upper fangs are a class of their own. You can feel the layers of dentine adding twice the size of your human equivalents, bringing them to two and a half inches in length! They are sharpened, able to puncture into the neck of your prey, even through bone. They can kill outright or cause enough damage to slowly weaken your prey before you go in for the kill. Your bite force is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom, nearly 1200 PSI, and able to crack through bone with little detriment to your mouth.

Your face has taken on an iconic visage, one that invokes both reverence and terror the world over. With that, the change is complete. You are now a gray wolf, an apex predator in your domain. You run out into the night, enjoying all the power that your changed body has granted you. Racing through the woods seems like a breeze as you work your way through branches and underbrush. You stop only occasionally to raise your leg and urinate, marking your territory with various scent glands to claim this land as yours.

At last, you reach a clearing, the moonlit sky smiling down on your feral form. You are an alpha in your domain, and you revel in the sensations. You raise your head, an urge to call out welling in your mind.


You release an echoing howl into the night sky, signaling your presence to the world. But it is not just for yourself that you call. You know the term ‘lone wolf’ is a myth. Deep down, you long for companionship, and your siren song sings for a mate, someone to share in the powerful canine existence that you have now been blessed with.

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Donkey Anatomy-detailed description of bringing out your inner donk

Poetic justice-be careful who you make fun of in high school...

Zoomorphic virus-getting ready for your new lives on the farm, whether you want to or not

and the next installment of "Alien Bug" for ark1456 as a $40 reward story

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Very cool !
Come Serve a Dragon as You Should 2020-07-29T17:31:30+00:00

“Nice, huh? I found this route a little while ago, and it seems to be super old,” Jason exclaimed to Gabe, while the latter took the time to admire the view.

Far off their usual hiking route, Jason had led the two of them to a place he'd heard about, a seldom traveled trail with a beautiful view. Gabe had grumbled the entire trek, unaccustomed to making his own trails through untamed brush. But, even he had to admit it was worth it to see the evening sun filtering through the trees, overlooking a cliff with an exquisite view of a nearby lake. It was breathtaking!

Gabe rested against a tree, catching his breath as his weight shook it slightly. He barely registered the branches moving before something hit the ground with a loud BONK!

Gabe nearly jumped out of his skin, realizing he was inches away from being struck by something falling out of a tree. Both men turned their heads as Jason walked over to find the source of the disturbance. He bent over, picking what looked like a golden statue of a dragon.

“Huh, the fuck?” Jason said, raising the statue for both of their inspections. It was certainly not the first thing either of them expected on an abandoned hiking trail. It was a solid color, perhaps gold, given the weight of it. The statue depicted a standing dragon, wings hunched over folded arms. The neck was long, face and muzzle lowered over it.

“Maybe it’s worth something,” Gabe said, before reaching out to touch it.

Yet as both their fingers brushed against it, a strange glow erupted from the statue, enveloping them both. Startled, Jason dropped the statue, but it did not fall to the ground as he might have anticipated. The thing righted itself in mid-air, floating between them as though hanging from a wire.

“What the…” Both men muttered in unison as the glow intensified, mesmerizing both men.

Two rays of energy erupted from the statue, striking both men before they had a chance to react or respond. Its glow radiated through them, filling them with warmth as it froze them in place. Both gasped in shock as the rays seemed to disintegrate every atom of the fabric. Their shirts, pants, shoes, and even their underwear all crinkled apart as though on fire. The errant scraps floated away on the wind, not a trace of them to be found as both stood naked in the woods.

Both men stood there, naked and afraid of the power that the statue seemed to radiate. The golden glow seemed to fade from Gabe's bare body, but Jason was not so lucky. The golden radiance focused itself on Jason's wrists and ankles, lighted them up as it enveloped his flesh. Rather than pain, however, the stunned man could feel something cool and solid against his wrists and ankles. As the brilliant light faded, Jason was left staring at a pair of golden cuffs that clamped tightly around his arms.

"Wha-what the hell just happened, and where did these come from?" Jason asked, lifting them up in obvious disbelief.

“Nevermind the cuffs, where are my clothes!?” Gabe yelled, exasperated by Jason’s lack of notice. Suddenly ashamed of his nude state, Gabe raced to put his hands in front of his junk. The last thing he needed was to have his buddy see him naked!. How were they going to get out of here without any clothes!

Yet as he moved his hands, a bizarre tingling overtook them, worse than having them suddenly going numb. Forgetting his modesty, Gabe lifted his hands, shocked to see a thin layer of flesh spreading from between each digit.

“Huh…” Gabe muttered as he continued to watch a layer of what he could only call webbing spreading between each of his fingers. He stared in stunned silence as the webbing spread all the way to the tips of his fingers, which themselves had started to thicken.

“M-My hands!” Gabe cried out, helpless as his middle and ring finger started to stick together and merge like clay, while his other three digits thickened in tandem. He tried to flex the individual fingers, but could only move them as a whole as they fused seamlessly into one.

But it was worse than that. Gabe's hands were getting wider, growing out past the dimensions of his wrists, though they were soon to follow. His widening palms stretched to match his larger digits, while the color began to lighten from his normal, tanned tone. And if he didn’t know any better, he’d say that his nails were thickening, to look like the claws of a beast!

“What’s happening to us!?” Jason cried, his own skin darkening as the changes wracked his body. Feeling a little dizzy, he looked up to see that the trees were rising before him. It was bizarre, distracting him from the other odd sensations plaguing his body. It was as though the entire forest was getting bigger. Or maybe…

“Jason, you’re shrinking!” Gabe cried out, realized that his buddy was diminishing in size, as much as Gabe was growing.

The changes were spreading more rapidly if the aches of growth were any indication. Gabe no longer had functional fingers; they had extended far beyond the confines of his hands, stretching the length of his wrists alone with the webbing between them. The flaps of skin had turned thicker, and the expanding flesh even ran down his thumb, threatening to overtake his elbow. His face had grown plump, sticking out into a blunt muzzle, warping the confines of his human visage. His ears were pointy, almost elven in appearance as they stuck out of his pale skull.

Jason was changing just as rapidly as his skin broke out in purple lumps that formed patterns resembling scales. Unlike Gabe’s, his own black hair was fading away into his darkening scalp, leaving him nearly bald as the contours of his face stretched out into a blunt muzzle to match his buddy’s. The patches of purple scales were spreading all over his form, and as Jason rubbed his arm, he could see his fingers shortening, the tips adorned with their own pointy nails.

Now at least a foot shorter, Jason could feel an ache in his spine. He craned his long neck to see a bump erupting from his backside, stretching up from the extending bones in his coccyx. If he tried, he realized he could wriggle the damn thing. It almost looked like a...

“Is that a tail?!” Jason gasped, the realization of his fate sinking in. He was growing a tail like some sort of animal!

Gabe watched his buddy’s new growth with rapture, ignoring his own bulge in his backside. His neck had grown decidedly longer, towering over his buddy as patches of off with scales began to rise from the skin. His own ears had widened almost half the width of his head and were still continuing to grow. Yet unlike his friend, Gabe’s long, brown hair remained intact, stretching down his neck into a sort of mane.

Yet Gabe was hardly cognizant of the changes to his body. He was far too enraptured by the sight of his buddy’s asshole, on full display just under his tail. Jason wasn’t aware that Gabe was staring, lost in his own changes. But Gabe couldn’t avert his gaze, even as he realized how wrong it was to be so fascinated by it. That plump ass, the tight pucker just below a thickening tail...Gabe had never thought about it before, having always identified as straight, but his buddy looked...really hot!“Oh God, make it stop!” Jason cried, unaware of his buddy's insistent gaze. He was far too panicked form the changes stealing his humanity!

His tail was getting thicker as it pushed further out his backside, brushing over lengthening heels. The force of his changing feet pressed him into a digitigrade stance, lifting him up even with his shortened stature. His darkening skin was a deep lavender now, as patterns of interlocking scales continued to erupt, looking more in place on reptilian flesh. His face continued to protrude towards a muzzle, visible in front of his eyes.

Gabe, meanwhile, was finally aware of the extent of his own changes. His own flesh was primarily covered with white scales, though his belly hardened with contrasting bluish shade scutes. His ears had broken into segments, webbed just as his hands now were. His arms were essentially wings, sporting thin membranes between fingers that were long and bony, unsuitable for grasping but perhaps capable of flight. His face was a muzzle now, stretching out as his teeth sharpened into reptilian fangs.

“How? What do we do...what did...did...mmmf...oooh…” Gabe tried to say, but the feelings from his changing body make it so hard for him to properly think. His interest in his friend's reptilian form was only compounded by how small it was compared to his own. His thoughts of fear and words of protest were erased by intense feelings of arousal.

Gabe's own tail was thickening, wagging over his own puckered anus as the white scales spread to cover them. His heels started to stretch, raising him up as his toes expanded. His big toes lost mobility as they dissolved into his extending heel, useless for his new form. Two of his toes followed the same fate as his fingers, merging together onto a single digit that grew powerful talons and was swept up by the white scales cascading over his form.

“Gabe, what are...ommmfff oooh…” Jason moaned, the sensations flowing over him, making it hard to think. His own feet had taken a similar configuration to Gabe's, as muscles swelled up his calves and relatively thicker thighs. As the final changes took hold over his diminished form, he, too, found it nearly impossible to think about anything but the sensual sensations wracking his frame. It felt so...arousing?

Both of their heads were fully reptilian now, their muzzles extended into pointed visages, scaled. Long, flat tongues ran over serrated fangs as their cheeks flushed with arousal. A pair of thick, bony horns had erupted from each of their temples, running the length of their longer skulls, Gabe's a deep brown while Jason's were white. Jason’s pronounced cheekbones were accented by a series of short horns, while Gabe’s ears had erupted into several frilly spines.

Yet it was the sensations erupting from their dicks that begged the most urgent attention. Their former human members, now fully erect, began to darken, Gabe’s a deep crimson while Jason’s darker purple to match his hard scutes. Their fat cock heads grew more streamlined, pointed at the tip as the crown receded into the shaft. Their engorged cocks formed firm divots on the undersides, ridges to keep their mates in place while rutting. The bases flared, just above a pooling of flesh that would comprise a sheath when not in use. But from how painfully needy the two of them were, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon!



Both reptilians blushed as their throbbing testicles forced copious fluids down the length of their turgid rods. Their minds were steadily fading, giving in to the instincts and lusts of their powerful new forms. It was so hard to remember their previous panic at the alterations. It simply felt too GOOD to allow the instincts to flood into their minds, to take over their sensibilities to allow them to revel in their new bodies.

The changes were now complete. The powerful wyvern that had once been Gabe towered over his former friend, lust in his features. He recognized the smaller, purple beast as a kobold, a lizard creature used by dragons as servants. Deep down, he knew that the kobold had once been human, had been his friend. But that mattered very little to his sex-starved mind.

Sexy kobold Gabe found himself thinking as he looked over the small creature with desire. He could tell the kobold was just as horny as he, his purple features red and flushed while his clawed hand threatened to brush against his erection. He knew the lesser dragon would be highly suggestable in this state, and now was the time for Gabe to take what he wanted!

“Come kobold, serve a dragon as you should,” Gabe said simply, staring down at his would-be charge. He flexed his wings, putting his blue, muscled pecs on display. His words carried a certain weight, amplified by his presence. He was a mighty wyvern, worthy of having such a creature as his servant.

“Big Dragon? Yes...Yes, must...serve...dragon master…” Jason muttered, fully entranced by the magnificence of the beast. He could think of nothing but how sexy the wyvern was, and he blushed further from the notion that such a creature was taking notice of HIM.

Jason's maw was wide open, panting as he looked up at the wyvern with lusty eyes. Nothing had ever seemed so sexy to him as the creature before him. His desire was only compounded by the wyvern's demand for servitude. Never had Jason wanted to satisfy someone so fully, to please all of the dragon's desires. The idea of submitting himself, in mind, body, and soul promised fulfillment beyond anything the human Jason could ever have fathomed!

Knowing that he had his thrall where he wanted him, Gabe lay down on his back, giving his soon-to-be lover a beckoning look. His red cock was on full display, its thick girth leaking all over his blue scutes. Jason wasted no time crawling over his new master, snaking his tongue up to entwine it with the wyvern's own.

The feeling of closeness with his new master made Jason flush with lust, leaking his fluids over the wyvern's blue chest. His tail teased the tip of Gabe's cock, a brief preview of what was to come. He was eager to take his master’s seed but desired to extend their pleasure for this first time. He had to prove himself worthy, of course!

Yet the needs in their cocks were becoming insistent, and the smaller kobold eventually crawled lower down his wyvern’s belly, careful of Gabe’s massive penis until he was in the proper position. Rubbing his smaller cock over his lover’s, he settled into a rhythm, thrusting back and forth and using his entire body to serve his master!

The aches in his own loins began to take prescience, and Jason worked his smaller hips back over his master’s cock. Though he lacked experience, his new body was easily adapted to taking a member much larger than his physiology should have been able. The moment his tight pucker brushed the pointed tip of Gabe’s draconic member, his clamps opened and took the cock head inside. Hissing with the exertion, Jason lowered his lithe body over the massive wyvern cock, barely feeling any pain from the effect.

Using his hips to work over his wyvern’s cock, his hands traced over the contours of the beast’s muscled belly, learning which areas gained him the most favor. A shiver of sensual pleasure ran through the kobold as he worshipped the muscled chest and arms of his wyvern. Though the dragon no longer possessed mammalian nipples, those spots on his pecs where such things once existed were evidently an erogenous zone. A reptilian hiss elicited from his master’s hips made the kobold certain he was doing a good job!

Both beasts growled as Jason took his master’s member as deep as he could, setting Jason’s prostate alight as his rectal walls stimulated every inch. His lover’s scaled ridges distended, holding it securely in place inside the kobold. Yet, instead of pain, the feelings of being tied with his master only made Jason more excited. He was serving his master in body and prepared to serve the wyvern in soul as he started thrusting up and down, aligning his hips as he rode his master expertly.

The feelings of precum leaking into his bowels made Jason all the more excited, wanting desperately to take the wyvern’s cum. His own modest member, rubbing against Gabe’s belly in tandem with his prostate stimulation, sent Jason's entire body into a rapture the human could never have dreamed of!

Gabe growled in his deep draconic baritone, overstimulated by the skilled care of his servant's ass as the lithe kobold rode his cock. Jason’s tight stretched pucker clamped expertly over his master’s cock, magnifying the sensations ten-fold. Caught up in the scents of draconic musk, neither beast could last long. The change seemed to amplify their already enhanced libidos, and neither wanted to hold back from experiencing their first orgasm as wyvern and kobold.

Gabe’s neck craned as his entire body tensed and prepared to shoot his load. At the twitching of master’s cock, Jason rocked his body faster, rubbing his overstimulated cock against his lover’s own. The thought of taking his master’s seed was more potent an aphrodisiac than anything the former human had ever experienced. With a cry of delight, the smaller kobold rocked uncontrollably, shooting a modest load of spunk out of his cock all over his shaft and his new lover’s blue scaled belly.

The feeling of his kobold slut’s anus clamping sporadically over Gabe’s gigantic wyvern dick was more than the white-scaled beast could handle. With a mighty roar, Gabe raised his head as his cock blew its testicular contents into Jason’s willing bowels. He could feel the entirety of his ridged dick stimulated all at once as it shot load after load of wyvern jism inside his mate. More cum than Jason’s kobold rectum could ever hope to contain was injected inside of him, the extreme amount of excess spilling out and covering Gabe’s balls and belly with the rank smelling seed. Enough seed was planted that any male would know that the purple kobold belonged to the mighty white wyvern.

Both reptilian beasts held each other tight, savoring the sensation of closeness in post-orgasmic bliss. Gabe’s wings remained wrapped around his kobold servant, keeping him safe and protected. He needed the kobold's service; Gabe couldn’t touch himself with no hands and had no desire for a female with a male kobold around. His new form was certainly virile, and he would need to empty his balls multiple times a day inside his new servant’s tight pucker!

Jason felt opened up, completely dominated by the powerful wyvern. His smaller frame made him feel vulnerable, and he enjoyed the protection that such a beast as Gabe could provide him. But it was more than that. The idea of serving a wyvern, to be needed and owned and taken, was more powerfully arousing than anything the human Jason had known. He would enjoy many years of servitude, his loins ripped open again and again, malleable to take a cock even the size of Gabe’s as he reveled in the pleasure of servitude.

Vague recollections remanded in their minds, to denote their previous lives as humans. Had those thoughts been at the forefront of their minds, they might have been concerned for their futures, how they would live in a world of men as draconic beasts. But that notion was not important. Soon, Gabe would flap his wings, taking them both far away from here to find a cave and start their new lives. Gabe would use his strength to amass a hoard, and Jason would take care of both it and their sexual desires.

But there was no rush. For now, both dragons were content to lie together, enjoying the smell of their musky bodies, and the sensations of drying seed as they snuggled in close, a preview of what was to be their new lives.

Role Reversal 2020-07-28T18:14:19+00:00

Ian woke up slowly, rubbing his head, wondering how he had such a bad hangover after just a single beer. He couldn’t recall the last time he’d been so stiff and sore. He’d been drinking with his coworker, Trevor, a couple of beers at an establishment just outside the zoo where they were both animal caretakers. It was a ritual of sorts, especially on days they didn’t have to report to work in the early morning. As that was the case, they’d only partaken in one apiece, maybe two at most. Then they’d walked outside...and...fuck, his head hurt!

“Hey, Ian? What the fuck?!” A familiar voice rang out. Ian looked up to see his buddy Trever, stuck in a cage of some kind. To Ian’s horror, it looked very much like the bars of the cages in their zoo, in particular the ones that protected their charges. Ian’s eyes swept over his own holding, noticing he was alone in a similar prison. It was clear they were in some sort of vast room, not the familiar surroundings of the zoo. There was no way he’d gotten THIS drunk!

It barely escaped his notice, but the cool air and the sight of his buddy’s naked body were enough to know that he, too, was without his clothes. Who had taken them?! He felt over his body, hoping to all hope he hadn’t been raped, tortured, or taken advantage of. All he felt was a sore spot on his arm, one that made him incredibly afraid he’d been injected with something that his body was having an adverse reaction to.

The heady scent of stinky cats wafted into his nose, and his eyes swept the room to find a pair of cages opposite their own. Pacing them were two familiar visages, ones that might frighten most men, but of which Ian and Trevor were familiar. Charlie the lion and Tony the tiger, welcome attractions of the local zoo and personal charges of the two men. It was their job to hold daily talks on the habits of the zoo’s residents, as well as perform the regular caregiver duties.

Both cats seemed agitated at their confined spaces, which was far less than even what the zoo provided them. In an attempt to relax, Charlie turned around and took a very audible piss, the pungent feline urine an attempt to mark his place in this unfamiliar territory. Much to Trevor’s disgust, a bit of cat pee splashed on the floor and got onto his skin, making him wrinkle his nose. A few splashes hit Ian as well, and he moaned, hating how dumb these two males were. They didn't even bother to aim!

Though he needed the job and had done his best to do it diligently, lest he found himself out in the street from unemployment, Ian hated working with the cats. For some, it might be considered the job of a lifetime. For Ian, however, it was the most demeaning thing he’d ever had to do. The big cats were surprisingly messy, and Ian hated having to clean up after their meals or their leavings. It was especially begrudging since he was only being paid minimum wage! He and Trevor shared the sentiment, hence the friendship they’d struck.

Lost in his contemplation, Ian hardly noticed that they were not alone in the room. There was no sound to indicate the presence of anyone else, yet Ian couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of dread. Fearful, he went to turn his gaze when he caught Trevor’s eye. Trevor was staring behind them, a look of pure terror on his face. It was one Ian had never seen in his friend and sent a shiver down his own spine as Ian turned to see what it was that had triggered that look of primal fear.

The sight before them was shockingly familiar, yet horrific all the same. The beings were tall, far larger than descriptions had implied, perhaps closer to 6.5 inches in height. Yet there was no doubt in Ian's mind that he was staring and honest-to-God extraterrestrials. Their lanky gray forms closely matched his image of a typical alien. Far from naked, a sort of silvery uniform covered their entire bodies, just sufficient a contrast to their ashen skin. Their arms looked weak, with four long spindly fingers adorning oversized hands.

But it was their heads that were most alarming. They largely lacked distinct facial features or at least compared to what one might expect in a human. No mouth, no hair, with only two slits to comprise a nose. It was their eyes that mostly dominated their visages. Each being sported massive, almond-shaped eyes, shimmering various shades of black and white, with multi-colored dots that seemed to alternate colors. They were the stuff of nightmares, haunting eyes that stared into the souls of their captors. Save the possibility of a costume, which Ian was thinking was more and more unlikely, it seemed evident that these were actual live aliens!

Trevor was shaking at this point, brought down to his knees from the literal alien forms that had the two men, and cats, at their mercy. “Please, don’t probe us!” He pleaded in a voice that Ian would normally find humiliating. Yet, in this case, Ian found the response thoroughly valid!

One of the beings stepped forward, its eyes shimmering with a multitude of colors that gave Ian the impression that the being was emoting through its eyes alone. If he had to guess, the alien was showing more contemplation towards its captors, rather than the expected malice.

All at once, a sharp pain resonated through Ian's skull, and he raised his hand to his temple in an attempt to relieve the pain. Ian could see Trevor doing the same, and he tried to call out, when suddenly something echoed in his mind, a voice that was not a voice. After a moment, the pain started to ebb as what sounded like English words resonated through their minds.



The frightening words echoed in his skull, making Ian shiver at the thought of what was to happen to them. They really were going to be experimented upon! Despite his fear of such a situation, he had to ask what was to become of them. Ian opened his mouth to speak, but the voice in his head silenced him before he had the chance.


Ian stated at the aliens with a look of disbelief. The words, though condescending, were far too...human? Was that the term? This was not at all what he’d expected from such an encounter. Though, without missing a beat, the voice responded to his inquiry. Its eyes shimmered color briefly, a golden shade that seemed to elicit dominance or superiority.


Ian was mildly surprised at the condescending tone the creature used. It was one thing to be unwillingly abducted, but the beings didn't have to be assholes on top of everything else! Yet Ian hardly had time to protest. The being lifted one frail hand and pointed it towards Charlie and Tony, who, to Ian’s surprise, seemed rather oblivious to the aliens.


At that, Ian could feel itching on his arm from the site of apparent injection. All at once, his fingers started spasming, an audible crack in his ears as the digits receded. Ian stared in horror as his ability to move them waned as they retreated into little more than nubs, held together by a fine layer of webbing. His thumbs were perhaps worse off, receding uncomfortably up his wrists and becoming entirely immobile. Ian growled as his nails fell off, and pain wracked his stubby digits. Thick keratin erupted from one of the joints within each finger and curved out bloodlessly into thick feline claws.

Decorations of orange and black encroached over his flesh, proceeded by an intense itch as fine hairs started to lance up between his human ones. The patterns were familiar even to a layperson, but ones that Ian saw every day. They were tiger stripes, covering feline paws and spreading rapidly up his arms. Was he turning into a tiger?

As if to confirm his suspicions, a quick glance to Trevor revealed him staring at similar appendages, only covered with tawny fur instead of black and orange. He moaned, feeling the muscles of his arms tense as they swelled with power, far beyond human dimensions. His flattening shoulders and tawny, fur-covered skin looked more in place on Charlie!

Ian looked over to the cats, evidently his future if the itching up his arm and the aches in his muscle were any indications. Yet the sight before him filled him with even more dread. Both cats were flexing digits that were expanding, the joints popping audibly with renewed flexibility as their claws receded, and their thumbs extended. Rough paw pads melted into tactile skin that truly felt the floor for the first time. His lost hands now sat at the end of bestial arms!

Ian looked in fear to see two of the alien's holding devices, rather simple in design with a large knob in the center. Ian realized that the knobs were slowly turning, not manually, but with either an automatic process or perhaps via telekinesis. Were they the source of the terrifying transformation?



“No, stop this! You can’t do this!” Ian cried, the aches of change rippling up his arms. He moaned as his shoulders popped and flattened, twisting forward and forcing his chest to barrel. Ian tried desperately to flex his arms, but as the muscles changed, the ability to rotate them seemed to be stolen from him. He sifted a moan as his ribs started to expand, and his arms were permanently forced into a forward stance as his chest and stomach streamlined into feline proportions.


Ian’s gaze fell towards Tony, watched as humans started exploring human muscle and flesh as quickly as it formed from receding fur. Every inch of Ian's humanity robbed from him was being transplanted into the cat, an animal!

Ian could only moan as he watched his changes mirrored in Trever. His buddy's chest barreled as his ribs cracked outward, and his spine lengthened. He cried, tears running down still-human cheeks as his thinning stomach grew fuzzy with short, coarse lion-fur. Ian could see Trevor trying frantically to rub at several sensitive spots erupted from his chest, but his paws lacked the flexibility to do so.

Ian quickly understood his buddy’s discomfort as the same sensations plagued his own striped flesh. He tried his best to look down, but he couldn’t see past his chest. Yet from seeing Trevor’s stomach, he knew he was developing lines of feline nipples, irritated by the lancing striped fur coating his chest and belly.

“Ian...I...fuck! It’s not stopping!" Trevor cried out, moaning from discomfort. Ian watched his buddy’s belly lengthening, growing thin with feline muscle. It was only a brief distraction from the changes he knew were mirrored in his own frame. The leonine features were only a smidge different from his own developing tiger body!


The voices mocked them, laughing in their heads in a manner that was far too human from such alien-looking creatures. Their tormentors seemed to reveal in the cruel fate they were forced upon two innocent men.

It seemed as though the aliens favored treatment towards the cats, and Ian hoped in vain that the cats were just as distressed at the thought of changing into weak humans as much as they were scared of becoming simple beasts. Yet a quick glance towards the former felines revealed looks of elation in their cat-like features. Deft fingers explored every inch of their bodies, excited at exploring the areas their fur and muscle had been taken. They enjoyed playing over their pecs and nipples, rubbing their new distended bellies as the changes raced onward. How could anyone be enjoying this!

Ian wanted desperately to turn away as their hips started to expand, their thighs bulging as their pelvises began to rotate. He tried his best to force his own hips to stay in their human configuration but knew as the cats were about to gain a bipedal stance, he was soon to lose his. Shifting in his own hips made him reach out reflexively to balance himself against the bars of his prison. But forgetting he now only had paws, he stumbled forward, hitting his body on the cage and crying out in pain.

"Ian!" He heard Trevor cry out as Ian looked up, seeing his friend's expression of fear. Trevor wasn't faring much better as he cried out, a crack resonating through the bars of the cage as his pelvis forced itself forward. Trevor stumbled as his hips flattered and moved forward with it as he was robbed of his bipedal stance. His hips were being absorbed into his belly, and with his expanding heels and shortening calves, he wasn’t going to stand much longer!

“Fuck! Trever!” Ian yelled, doing his best to stay on two legs, but knowing it was futile as his own pelvis pushed painfully forward. He braced himself as his bones cracked into inhuman shapes, trying desperately to remain upright. But, even with the support, the pain in his stretching heel made it nearly impossible. His heels lengthened as his calves diminished into feline proportions. He could feel the rest of his feet contracting, his toes desperately trying to grip into the ground even as they shrank into stubs held in place by a layer of webbing.

At last, the pain of change was too much, and Ian fell to the floor, cursing in shock as his paws hit the ground hard, and his feet continued to change. The same pads that adorned his hands were covering the bottoms of his toes and feet, blackened and course for gripping the jungle floor, not for fitting into human shoes as he’d been accustomed all his life! The backs of his feet itched as striped skin was proceeded by fur, giving him a perfect set of tiger legs!

Glancing up, he could see the former cats growing accustomed to being upright as their feet finished stretching to a plantigrade stance. They looked as bizarre as Ian felt; furless human bodies with swaying tails and perfectly formed feline heads sat atop them. Their hands were playing over their bodies, groping the new muscles as they traced the contours of their humanity.

Unlike both Ian and Trevor, however, both of the former cats were not protesting their transformations. Ian couldn’t read their golden, yellowed eyes very well, but judging from their actions, the changes to their forms seemed to excite them. They played over arms and legs with an almost child-like curiosity, comprehending far more about the implications of the changes than Ian ever could believe a lion or a tiger could.


“No, you can’t...I don’t want to be a tiger for the rest of my life!” Ian cried, the reality of his situation set in. He was absolutely helpless to prevent that fate if his captors had no intention to reverse the changes! All he could do was beg, humiliating himself before these superior beings, to whom he was completely at the mercy of.

Much to Ian’s shock, both men still sported feline-like cocks and testes, something that Ian hated seeing every day. As he starred in horror, he could see the tiger’s balls deflating, the inner walls of his tights spreading to allow his back-ward facing cock to drop out of a receding sheath. Its reddish shade faded to pink as the tip widened, and its flaccid length dangled atop pubic hair-covered testicles.

He tried to turn his head away, not wanting to see his buddy’s dick, even on another body. But the alternative was to turn his attention to Trevor, watching his balls swell as they moved in tandem with his anus to position themselves right below the lion-man’s spine.

“Fuck, not my cock! Please don’t make me a lion!” Trevor called as his smaller, pointed feline dick moved back just below, facing the opposite direction. He blushed with the embarrassment that he would now piss backward, often if Charlie's bathroom habits carried over to his new life!

Tears ran down Ian’s cheeks as his own cock shrank, his former foreskin lengthening as it spread to merge with his groin. He moaned, feeling his testes swell with tiger cum as they moved embarrassingly towards his anus, which itself was becoming larger and puckered. With Ian's back to the aliens, his privates were on full display without even a tiger’s tail to cover them!

Ian looked to Trevor, seeing the tears reflected in his buddy’s visage. But as he did, something in the expression gave him pause. His buddy's brown eyes started to lighten, familiar gold flecks appearing as they expanded to encompass the entirety of the pupal. The tear streaks down his face blackened as they traced around his nose, which itself was starting to grow flat. His cheeks were puffy, and fur was popping out from his beard, spreading up towards a thickening mane. His face was turning into a lion’s!

Ian cried out in vain, wanting desperately to maintain his humanity, his voice while he still could. But the deep, unexpected rumble made him close his mouth. His voice was all wrong, warped and inhuman. He wanted to cry out once more, but was afraid that his voice would sound too much like Tony’s!

Tears ran down his cheek, helpless as the streaks formed under his eyes, which he could tell were enlarging uncomfortably. He blinked a few times, his eyes watering as an unfamiliar lens crossed over them. When Ian opened them, the world was clad in muted shades that looked alien when compared to his human visual acuity.

The rest of his face changed against his well, his jaws sore as they expanded to accommodate the lengthening yellowed fangs within. As he exhaled, he caught a whiff of his breath and nearly gagged, reminded of the smell of his charge. Several of his teeth fell away as his canines extended, while his tongue was aggravated by the growth of tiny spines. He could feel his gums growing rubbery as his puffy cheeks were irritated by the growth of feline whiskers.

He regarded his friend's face once more, seeing the last vestiges of humanity fade into a leonine visage. The bestial eyes had a pleading look even as they glowed amber, sat above a growing muzzle with sharp teeth. His twitching ears grew rounded, and moved up the former man’s head, triggering a corresponding twitch in Ian’s own feline ears, and both were shocked at the level of the auditory detail that the cats seemed to possess. Both men’s faces itched fiercely, a thick mane of white, black, and orange hair on Ian’s cheeks that was surpassed by the massive black mane that matched the lion Trevor had become.

Watching Charlie’s face transplanted onto Trevor’s, seeing his nose pink and flattened, reminded Ian that his own had changed. Unconsciously, he breathed in deeply, startled by the musky odors in the room. The randy scent of cat was fresh in his nose, both from his body and his buddy’s. And he could smell the two humans, rubbing their hands over receding fur, extended noses, and dull primate teeth. The alien's themselves seemed to omit no odor, the otherwise sterile scent sin the room making Ian wonder if the aliens were actually present.

The changes were almost complete, and the erect former felines ran their hands over their bodies. They were nearly human, save for the tails sticking out of their backsides. As though to encourage the transfer, both men started thrashing their tails, willing the appenages into their spines to force them out of their former masters.

NO! Ian cried internally, not wanting the changes to complete. He had to resist, he didn’t want to sacrifice his humanity to some stupid cats! Ian focused all his will on his backend, forcing his spine to stay under the skin, not to extend into a tail. He winced visibly, prompting Trevor to take the same stance, to not let the final bits of their humanity wane.

The familiar tingle of transformation absent, both cats opened their eyes to see their former bodies rubbing at their tails, seemingly shocked at the suspension in their change. They frantically swished them back and forth, trying to will them away. But from the pause of the process, it seemed as though the human's mental fortitude was working!


The words echoed in their heads, and both men tried with all their might to concentrate on their backsides. The ache of tails threatening to burst forth was ever-present, but if they held out, maybe they coil change back. It was a slim hope, but it was one they had to cling onto. And in a battle of wills, they could surely best a couple of former cats, right?


A burst of laughter erupted from the other cage, eerily familiar to Ian’s ears. It was a sound that echoed in the pub each night he and Trevor went there after work. Yet it had a cruel inflection to it, one that he had never heard in their own voices.

But it was the implication that truly made him fearful. No sooner had the laughter commenced, but the force of growth erupted from his backside, an extension of his coccyx that forced itself relentlessly out of his backside. A roar from the other cage showed that Trevor was experiencing the same thing, his fur-covered tail wagging back and forth in agitation as the tip grew tufted with fur the texture of the lion's mane.

Ian tried to focus his force of will on the tail, to halt its growth. But his thoughts had zero effect. It was as though his previous efforts had been meaningless. Like they had no effect, perhaps staged. Were these fucking aliens playing some sort of sick joke?!


The grim reality sank in as their spines continued to unfurl and rip from their buttocks. The hysterical laughter in their heads told them all they dreaded to know. The delay in their tail growth was the last bit of humiliation towards them, one final slight. To give them the hope that they might return to their forms only to have it robbed it from them was almost worse than the changes themselves.

Ian desperately wanted to stop his tail from moving. He didn’t want to feel the tip twitching, the enhanced flexibility as it moved of its own accord. It seemed to be swaying impatiently in response to his mental state. A soft click resonated in his ears as the tail reached its full length. The change was done. He was a tiger now, and might be one forever! He threw all his weight, his power against the cage, but it was to no avail.


“Oh, we have plenty of ideas, don’t we, ‘Ian’?” The man formerly Charlie smiled at Tony, both exiting the cage and picking up the piles of clothes that had materialized. Ian tried to yell out, but only a roar escaped his lips, echoed by Trevor’s desperate feline cries.

But it was no use. Only maniacal laughter echoed in their heads, combined by the familiar sounds of their former voices taunting their new charges. Ian continued to roar helplessly until a prick of a needle hit his flank, and slowly his eyes fluttered shut as he drifted off to a hopeless sleep.


Ian stared helplessly as the crowd stared at him, taking pictures and yelling in admiration. He wanted to paw at the door to his private sanctuary, but Tony had made sure it was locked. Ian was forced to go through his days, desperately resisting the urge to give in to his bodily functions. But he could not withstand the urge to eat, to spray and mark his territory, or spend hours upon hours of licking his dirty fur, much to the delight of those watching.

The past few weeks had been a living hell. Tony, now Ian, it seemed, had all his memories, knowledge, and experiences. He even sounded like Ian! It was eternally creepy to have to see someone who was him, five days a week, as he went about Ian’s former job duties. Ian was literally forced to watch another human living part of his life. Worse than that, perhaps, was the knowledge that Tony was now living Ian’s life, leaving the new tiger unaware of what was happening outside the walls.

Sometimes, Tony taunted Ian by telling him about the latest woman he's slept with, some good weed or beer he'd experienced, some extra cash he'd saved for a video game that Ian wished he could play. Ian was denied such simple pleasures. Even the possibility of sex was robbed from him, though worse was the event that the zoo got a female and forced him to mate with a total tiger!

He and Trevor had woken up in familiar zoo settings, the habitats for the lion and tiger that they had become. He tried to roar, hearing what he assumed was Trevor roaring in unison from the nearby lion habitat. Their cries echoed well into the morning, forcing the zookeepers to dart them, lulling them back into an uncomfortable sleep.

Upon awakening, they did their best to come up with another way to communicate their lost humanity. Yet the former cats, now their human selves, did everything in their power to eliminate all traces of those attempts. Messages in the dirt were removed, things in their habitats were returned back to their former places. Ian did not even have the choice to attack; whatever process used to change them would not allow them to inflict any harm upon their caretakers.

They had no way to talk to anyone, not even each other from their seperate cages. Each day was spent being gawked at by visitors to the zoo. Ian often wondered if it would be a mercy to lose his human awareness to the simple mind of a cat. But, instead, they remained bored out of their minds. They retained no semblance of privacy as every action of their lives was on display for all to see. The simple feline enrichments such as toys and food rewards were of little reprieve to the monotony of everyday life.

Charlie and Tony had no qualms about treating the two cats in the manner they had been treated. Missed meals, delayed cage cleaning, and worst of all, making their private retreats inaccessible during work hours. The stench of their living quarters, never preferable to their human noses, was far more pungent to their feline senses. It was terrible on the best of days when their cages were clean, but that was rarely the case for the neglected animals they now were! Much as before, their superiors paid no mind to the negligence as Ian and Trevor were forced to live in animalistic squalor.

Worse, perhaps, was that the aliens were never far from them. He could not see or smell them, but he could hear them, each and every night from their cloaked ship in the night sky. They would remain for many months, studying how the transformed humans and animals adjusted to their new lives. It was just one more fact of their situation Ian and Trevor were forced to adapt to.

Yet, the aliens did not use their mental words to communicate their presence. That would have been a mercy, to be talked to as sentient beings. No, there was only one sound the aliens used, one that echoed through their heads each and every night. Deranged laughter at their eternal torment they inflicted towards the former humans...

The Bonding Ritual (2) 2020-07-27T17:35:38+00:00

King Virion walked out into the cool night air, the relief on his body instant. He felt he was finally able to relax somewhat, though the damn itching on his skin had not abated. He rubbed absently at the of his neck, certain that the rash hadn’t been there before. Its hard, scaly texture should have made him nervous. Yet his thoughts were cloudy, and could only focus on the single goal of seeing his dragon companion Dayrdyr. It had been some time since he had ridden, and going at night was ill-advised. Still, the powerful urge welling in his psyche told him that now was the time.

Instinctively, he sniffed at the air, the musky, heady odor of dragons stirring something unknown in his loins. A flush of embarrassment plagued his thoughts, knowing that such notions were unbecoming of a king. It had been some time since he’d properly sated his arousal with either his queen or a concubine. He reasoned that to be the cause of his unnatural lusts, and did his best to will away his need.

Yet it was impossible to eliminate the intrusive thoughts crawling over his mind. They, in tandem with the smell, slowly overwhelmed him, causing the King to forget his prior worry. He walked instinctively towards what his brain perceived as the source of the odor. Though he was not in a state to admit, the scents of dragon, in particular one that stood out, kept his erection at half-mast and acted as a guide to his target.

At last, Virion reached the stables, a large open area just outside the castle walls. The dragons could come and go as they wished, and this area provided them a rest bit when not hunting, exercising, or training. All of the dragons would be present this night, his own included. Though Virion could not see in the dark, as dragons had little need of ambient light, he instinctively knew where to go. The scent was strong in his nostrils, even more so as they flared and expanded out towards his growing snout.

Dayrdyr had his own place in the stables, a solidary sleeping chamber as befitting the mount of the King. As Virion approached, Dayrdyr’s golden slitted eyes opened, the sounds of the approaching elf not lost to the senses of the magnificent beast. He was the largest dragon of the defense force, a brilliant golden scaled beast the envy of his race. He knew his master’s scent well; the two had fought in battle many times, and Virion had more than earned Dayrdyr’s trust.

Yet something about the familiar scent was unusual. There was a thick sour odor, one that Dayrdyr had not detected on an elf before. It was a mingling of scents, reminding him of his home, of his kin as much as they did of his master. And there was a third odor, one that went even further back in his memory. It reminded him of the draconic scent, in particular of a male in need. Yet none in the immediate vicinity could account for its source.

He had not smelled the scents of dragon sex ever since he had left his mate and brood to join the defense force. Such an act was reserved with a female in need. It had been renounced since his new appointment as a ridden knight. Only those young, foolish males debased themselves in such a vile manner, and even those tended to be shunned by the other dragons, forced to take the worst quarters of rest.

Yet it seemed as though the pungent stink was wafting off the elf he called master. Soon confusion turned into revulsion. The way his master smelled made him desire to...No! That was repugnant! No dragon, or elf, would corrupt himself with another of a different species, let alone a male! It was true that some dragons could take humanoid form with old, forbidden magic, but it was of a despicable type that his own did not practice. Yet he could not deny the temptation from the disgusting scent. A rumble echoed from his maw, a warning to keep such things out of his presence lest he strike to destroy them.

Virion could hear the growl coming from his mount, and for a minute, the first since they’d bonded, was fearful to step forward. Yet the ache in his loins could not be ignored. Virion stared at the magnificent beast with passion and desire. A part of his mind was disgusted by the feelings of his body. But it was moving of its own accord, despite his intentions.

Soon his armor, and underclothing, and even his britches were on the ground. Virion stood there, naked, his turgid cock pointing towards the massive dragon. That musky scent was free to waft into Dayrdyr’s nostrils, and the dragon snorted, the musk a little dizzying. He took a step back, unsure of how to handle the elf who exuded such a scent.

That was all the King, in his spell induced stupor, required. He moved forward rapidly, needing the touch of the dragon’s scales against his own. As though in response, his own skin lit up with a warmth that melted away the outer flesh, allowing the spreading golden scales to begin to encompass his own. His arms, his legs, his back, and even his face started to tingle as patterns of interlocking scales took hold.

Dayrdyr growled, moving towards his King in an attempt to attack. The idea of a creature advancing him with any kind of sexual intention made him disgusted. Despite the potential pain and death from forcibly severing their bond, he could not allow his King near him in such a state! Could he?

In that brief moment of confusion, Virion was able to approach and touch the warm, scaled flesh of his mount. A tingling rang through the massive golden dragon, leaving him stunned. He tried to move, but the sensations left him completely immobile. Dayrdyr didn't know of any spell or incantation that could leave him frozen like this, but he was deeply angered!

Virion, meanwhile, started rubbing his body over the warmth of his mount, desperate to quell the heat burning in his loins. He struggled in vain to resist, to pull away, and maintain some semblance of sanity. But he was a slave to the alien urges in his body as he moved his hands over the magnificently smooth draconic scales.

A low growl escaped his lips as the tips of his fingers tore apart from the force of growing claws. His tactile senses declined as his fingers grew rough, the digits themselves diminishing as his talons grew thick and deadly. Thumbs were reduced to stubs on his wrists as the elven flexibility he enjoyed was robbed from him. More of his flesh peeled away, bubbling into patterned ridges that resembled the scales of his mount. His arms started to bulk up with muscle, as though his body required heat from the dragon to further fuel his transformation.

The strange sensations in his body should have disgusted him, and, in fact, they did. However, worse than that were the dwellings of shame playing over his mind. He was aroused beyond belief, and the source seemed to be the musk wafting from his long time mount and companion! Such a thought should have never crossed his mind. It was repugnant beyond belief for an elf of his position and stature. Yet his body craved the act with both one of a different species and incompatible anatomical structures!

The feelings in his cock urged him on, as he felt his draconic claw hand guiding it towards the dragon's hindquarters. It was an undeniable urge to rut, to spill himself into his mate, and assert his dominance. The massive beast was his to command, and the thoughts plaguing his mind were only enhanced by the size of his mount. It was inconceivable to perform such an act with their obvious difference in size. Yet the sheer impossibility only made the elf hornier!

Virion's desires seemed to spur on the intense tingles that supported the reshaping of his form. He could feel his modest elven penis grow even larger, prickles running down its surface to denote change. The surface, slick with fluids, started growing rough as ridges dominated the length, and the base expanded into plump draconic testicles. The blood in his body was rushing to fuel it's growth, making it even more difficult for Virion to resit as he moved his way towards the beast's backside.

Dayrdyr meanwhile, was unable to unroot from the spot, save his neck as he turned it around to see his master near his rump. Whatever magic the mortal had used was very ancient and powerful! Dayrdyr had no idea whether his master came of it through accident or design, and could not release the effect it was having over his body!

The thick male musk of a dominant dragon played pungently over his nostrils. Although it unnerved him, it was nearly impossible to block out. Thoughts hazy for a moment, Dayrdyr was hardly aware that his member had slid from its sheath or his unused anus throbbed with the foreign desire to be filled. Soon, his former master was rubbing his clenching hole as Virion desperately tried to guide his growing girth towards the object of his desire.

In his magically lust-induced haze, Dayrdyr was helpless to remove his master as the King of the realm tried desperately to insert himself inside the golden beast. Dayrdyr was visibly shuddering now, the need to be filled all-consuming despite the differences in their statures. In reflex, he started to lower himself, positioning his anus as close as his body allowed to encompass that increasingly-draconic cock that his master sported. He knew his anus was so large it could take half the elf himself, let alone the modest member. Yet regardless of how tiny it was, he needed nothing more than to feel the lust in his loins!

Yet the disappointing tickle of the elf’s modest prick began to wane as the tip was easily angled into Dayrdyr’s anus. The promise of prostate pleasure seeped into Dayrdyr’s mind and forced his balls to leak copiously over the straw of his bedding. He needed to release his pent-up seed in the worst way, and the only thing that would serve to sate his lust was the prick of the soon-to-be dragon below him.

Virion was overcome from the heat in his body as his muscles bulged well beyond elvish proportions. A resounding tear rippled from his shoulders into the second pair of arms bursts forth, and Virion shuddered from the strange sensation. He felt fingers bursting from the tips, far more flexible than his new front paws. The elongating digits lost their flexibility, however, as a thick sheen of webbing filled the gaps, and each finger stretched impossibly large over his back. Reflexively flapping the digits, Virion realized that he was now in possession of a developing pair of draconic wings. Could he soon fly under his own power?

Pain in his feet erupted as his toes merged, and new claws buried themselves into the straw. Yet his stretching heels added to his height and allowed him to better fuck his mate. His spine tore its way from his backside as the new appenage twitched in excitement. It felt so good to change, the sensation forcing waves of stimulation through to his own prostate.

With a roar more beast than human, the brief stimulation forced wave after wave of jism into the unexpected dragon as the former elf unloaded his weighty balls. Virion's entire lanky frame shook violently as the sheer volume of spunk dripped all over his scaly legs, covering him in the foul-smelling stench. Yet despite the thick load, he'd messed himself with, his balls were not yet done. He still needed desperately to fuck!

His extending snout allowed him to better drink in his mate’s musk. He should have been terrified of the bizarre metamorphosis, but all he could focus on was the swelling in his cock and the bulging hips that drew his cock further inside the warm moist tunnel of his desire.

The roars of the twin rutting beasts echoed in the city made the act all the more shameful as they awoke every elf in the city. Though none of the elves would bother to approach, assuming it was just a natural occurrence, there was no denying that everyone could hear their activities.

Yet they could not remain hidden from the senses of the other dragons. The rest of the mounts would keep quiet, knowing that, for now, their leader and King were the ones partaking in the debauchery. There was no hiding their shame from their fellows, and they would always be labeled outcasts and miscreants. Yet even that knowledge was not enough to cease their rut as they revealed in their baser instincts without a shred of resistance.


Dakath stared out at the setting sun with longing, thankful for the hundredth time that his window did not face the dragon’s stables. The needs in his loins would not abate, even if he was to debase his genitals. The spell burned in his mind, worse now that he was parted from his dragon. He assumed his lust would be sated if he were to give in, as it had been during the return trip. But how could he do such a thing in the middle of the city? His bright future would be ripped from him as well as his morality and his heterosexuality.

The needs in his body had left him bedridden for the better part of a week, forcing him to postpone the induction ceremony. He turned away all of his visiting kinsmen. It was becoming increasingly difficult to explain his need for absence, even to healers that insisted on checking him over.

Yet thankfully, the King had seemed out of sorts, bedridden himself, and had not called for the ceremony to continue uninterrupted. It was perhaps the only reprieve that he was granted. Dakath briefly recalled the strange tingling he’d felt when he shook the king's hand but thought little of it in the ensuing days.

And so he waited, using every form of medication and practice to try to quell the lust in his loins. For a time, it seemed to work to stave off the cravings. But as the days rolled on, it became evident he would not be able to resist forever without further risk to his health, and perhaps his dragon. Though he could not see Chelbot, the bond they shared was ever-present, and it was likely the curse afflicted Chelbot’s health as much as the elf’s own.

Yet that night, a roar echoed in his ears that could not be ignored. He thought he had heard something his first night, but chalked it up to a fever dream. But this time, there was no mistaking the source of the roars. It was a male dragon in heat, beckoning another male beast to breed his tail hole. It sent a shiver through his spine, making him put his hands over his loins in embarrassment. He didn’t want to give in, but the sound was giving the urges permission to indulge those dark desires.

Dakath could not resist the siren song in his head as he headed on into the night. It was as though his body was moving of its own accord. Dakath tried everything he could to dissuade his steady advance. All the memories of his training, of his place in his court. All the goals, his dreams, and the admiration of his peers would be robbed for him if he underwent the depraved acts his body craved. Yet, to experience even one iota of the pleasure he'd felt that day, Dakath would...


Chelbot, too, was out of sorts in the absence of his rider. It had started with the heat in his body, centering in his groins that would not abate, no matter how much he tried to focus his thoughts elsewhere. He spent his days segregated from the other dragons, ignoring their offers of kinship in hunting. Isolation was not unknown to him, but this time he had a reason. He could not bring his member back in his sheath. He wanted desperately to hide his shame from his kin, lest he be further ostracized for such a base act. Being a black dragon among chromatics made him outcast enough, but one who gave in to baser instincts would make him a true pariah.

Chelbot truly thought he could resist the urge to rut, especially in the absence of any stimuli. He was certain Dakath felt ill as well and would do anything to avoid his mount lest their secret be discovered. Unfortunately, the unmistakable odors in the air made him aware he was not the only male in heat. The same scent of male musk and cum that had scarred his mind. It was a different elf; Chelbot was bound to Dakath and could sense his presence in the city no matter how far away they were. There was another in the kingdom afflicted with the same spell as they. How it had come to pass, he did not know. But he could not deny how aroused it brought him!

It was then that Chelbot knew for certain he would not be able to resist an advance from Dakath, no matter what his mind told him. No matter what the consequences to his standing or even his future. He would submit himself and begged to be fucked by the beast he knew Dakath could become. To be used in the way he heard the other dragon being taken, that had haunted his dreams ever since their first encounter...Chelbot would give up anything!


The sounds of rut were unmistakable as Dakath approached the stables. Though he instinctively knew that it was not Chelbot, the sounds he'd heard echoing in the night were ones that mirrored that first time in the mountains. Despite the desire to meet his mount, curiosity won out and allowed Dakath to investigate this second source of draconic lust. Besides, the scents were nearly as intoxicating as the ones he knew would waft from his dragon!

The sight that greeted Dakath’s eyes was more extraordinary than anything he could have prepared for. Even in the low light, he could make out King Virion standing below the rear end of his dragon, naked with his night garments littering the stable floor. The King's modest elven prick was on full display, unbothered by the cool evening air. But more than that, he was currently licking at the dragon’s male cunt, teasing the edges with his tongue as an increasingly scaled claw rubbed at the dragon’s own erection.

Dakath could hardly comprehend the conflicting feelings surging through his mind at that moment. One part of him was terrified that the ritual had been recreated. Surely it was not the King’s own error in the spell all those years ago when he had undergone the rite. Such an act, even by one of the highest authorities, would not go unnoticed by the court. Dakath's thoughts returned to the handshake they had shared that night, the electrical tingle that had so discomforted him. Had the curse somehow been transferred from knight to King?

Yet, of course, the needs in his own loins were reawakened with a vengeance, and Dakath shivered, his own garb dropping to the ground as he raced towards his own mount. There was no question in his mind now. He would make Chelbot submit to him, feeling his tiny elven cock grow into one worthy of the beast as his draconic seed was spilled to cement their bond. All elvish reason and thought were erased for the promise of pleasure that fucking his mate could provide!

From the corner of his eye, Dakath could see the King’s golden tail wagging as his dragon mate lowered himself further. Virion's ass was massive, hanches ballooning outward against the ground as his growing tail beat insistently in lust and agony. His cock wasn’t nearly large enough to meet his mate, but his golden mount was insistent. Dakath could see the pained look of lust on the beast's face as he lowered his hanches even further, audibly begging to be fucked

“Please, my King...I want to...be your slut once more...take me...fuck me...I’m yours...I’m your bitch!”

The golden dragon’s words rang true as the King’s ass expanded further, his own taut pucker on full display as his growing tail covered it. Dakath could not help but notice the plump golden scaled balls barely concealed underneath as they swelled with draconic seed. The red, ridged flaring cock was on full display, inching closer and closer to the desired hole. Virion's hips and legs started to balloon outward to impossible proportions compared to the rest of his lithe elven frame.

Virion grew into a beast worthy of fucking a magnificent golden dragon, growling softly as the new pointed tip lightly tease the rim of Dayrdyr's anus. As Virion’s lower body ballooned outwards, his balls jerked uncontrollably, shooting a modest load all over his mount’s backside. Even in the low light, Dakath could tell that King’s cheeks were flushed with red in embarrassment from such a premature orgasm. But even that explosive release did not detract from Virion’s libido, an effect that Dakath knew well. The thick, pungent cream only served to lube up his advances as his pointed red draconic cock prepared to make the mighty dragon his bitch!

Dakath had enough. He ran in the direction he sensed his own mount to be, tearing off his clothes as he went. His thick, elven cock was already changing in response to the sights and scents of his King’s display. He needed to fuck, as much as his King had needed to get off just now.

He had no way to know which stable Chelbot had made his home, having not visited since his return. But he could feel it, the powerful bond between rider and mount that had been forged from the ritual. He was going in the right direction. He knew Chelbot was waiting for him, sensing the black dragon’s lust and need as much as he felt his own.

The sight greeting the elf was everything Dakath could have hoped for. His dragon’s ass was turned towards him, tail lifted and pucker on full display. Chelbot was as low to the ground as was possible, twitching his tail and clenching and unclenching his anus with the familiar need. The black dragon’s golden eyes were trained on the elf, reflecting equal parts lust and shame. It was a look that Dakath knew well, and he was sure it was displayed in his own expression. Still, it did little to curb his actions.

“Please master...fuck me! You know I need it! I don’t care...how wrong it is..what it’s done to us...fuck me….make me yours!” Chelbot roared, loud enough that all the other stabled dragons surely heard him. But there was no recourse for him other than to be mated like the subserviently beta his master made him feel like!

Dakath could feel the heat flowing over him, the familiar warmth of his body burning up as the black scales bubbled from his flesh. His ass was growing, his hips snapped as his pelvis forced itself forward. The semi-quadrupedal stance, in tandem with his widening hips, made his advance more awkward as he waddled towards his mount. But the delay only served to heighten his arousal, his lips literally drooling from the sight of his scale mount’s fuck hole on full display.

Absentmindedly, Dakath scratched at the skin of his arms, feeling his shiny black scales poking through. He growled in a deeper baritone than he was accustomed to as teeth erupted from his gums. Yet his muzzle was already stretching to accommodate them, scaled lips keeping them hidden. His forked, reptilian tongue was already licking his scared lips in anticipation of the fucking he would give his draconic bitch!

The changes were coming faster than that first time, but Dakath wasn't concerned. The sensation of his spine bursting forth into the beginnings of a tail was heaven-sent. It no longer pained him to feel every inch erupted from his backside, its upper side pricking as spines adorned it all the way to the twitching tip. Dakath could nearly feel it touch the ground as it grew impossible large for his lithe elven frame.

As before, his lower half seemed to expand far more rapidly than his body should be able to support. It was as though his bestial cock required the shifting of his lower half, a direct response to its primal desires. His now-scaled belly distended, allowing his thighs to merge with the mass as he lowered himself onto all fours. Yet he welcomed the force of his hips swelling, his asshole puckering and moving up under his expansive tail. Yet it only served to remind him of the object of his desire on his own mate.

Dakath let his body go into autopilot, the last remnants of his resistance eroded at the promise of pleasing that his draconic form could grant him. Part of his elven mind screamed at him to stop, to fight the instincts that were dominating his body. But he could no more fight the bestial desires than he could stop the tides. It was far too late to resist, regardless of the consequences!

A few careful sniffs told him all he needed to know of Chelbot's need. His draconic tongue reached up to lick over the black dragon's balls and taint as gently as a lover. His body seemed to contort to his desires as his neck thickened, stretched outward to better reach his lover's rump, sending a shiver through the massive beast. The taste was wonderful; Dakath lapped over the dragon's private areas, the contact forcing his transformation further along.

His ballooning hips and widened ass rose him off the ground, closer to the object of his desires. He continued to lick at his lover’s asshole, rimming the beast and making him squirm. The power and sway he held over the dragon was a powerful aphrodisiac, making his own member leak viscous fluids all over his swelling scaled testicles.

His swelling backside pressed painfully against his still-elven sized prostate, forcing a surge of stress that resonated into his swelling testicles. With a roar of primal need, waves of jism flowed from weighty balls and shot at high pressure out his cock. As he'd just witnessed, the sheer volume of draconic cum was enough to fill his mate's bowels into the lower intestine. The backflow of jism splatted out of Chelbot's rectum, covering both the dragon's backside and Dakath's swelling tights and growing, clawed hind paws.

His modest elven cock, still soaked in his juices, started to throb to life from his draconic stamina as it darkened to deep red. Soon the pointed head raised well into Chelbot's rectum as ridges erupted from the lower side and pulsated with need. They would keep him in place as he entered Chelbot’s tail hole, making sure the subby dragon would take his cum and stink of Dakath's essence!

“Yes...that cock...I need it inside me once more...take me...FUCK ME!” Cried the black dragon as he felt the thick red cock of his master enter into him. He had missed the sensation, craved it so many hours of each day.

Dakath could feel his claws digging into the side of his mate, even as his fingers lost their dexterity, and thumbs sank into widening wrists. His shoulders hunched, making his grip tighter as he struggled to grow into his proper body, a mate worthy of such a powerful beast. His heels were stretching, allowing him better leverage as his new, thick talons dug into the earth. He shoved his cock deeper into the dragon’s fuck hole, every inch gained allowing him to better fuck the black dragon. He could feel his powerful legs pushing him deeper into his lover’s rump, far enough for his cockhead to eject his cum deep in Chelbot's rectum.

His head was expanding, horns erupted from his bald head as black scales swept over his visage. His shoulder blades unfurred, massive arms that flexed as thick membranes burst forth from stretching fingertips. His new wings wrapped around his lover, holding him close. His stretching spine and neck allowed him to hover over Chelbot’s subby form. His tail slapped excitedly up and down on the ground as spines burst forth from his back, accented his draconic form well.

The churning in his balls was becoming more insistent, forcing Dakath’s hips forward with purpose. He needed to cum, to empty his weighty testicles as they continued slapping against the ones below him. He had so much cum inside him, and rapidly, the pressure was becoming too much to bear!

Dakath roared, his cock floating away inside his mate as the sheer volume of draconic spunk oozed out and covered their lower bodies in a scent, musky coat. It was easier to remain tied to his lover as his barbs flared, and his size continued to grow to match his mate. His writhing muzzle stretched forth, biting into his mate's lower neck to keep chelbot in place as he filled the larger dragon with thick cum. Yet his form was not to remain the smaller of the two. Ankles stretched, tights thickened, and wings spread as Dakath towered over his bitch.

One orgasm was hardly sufficient to handle the pent-up lusts both beasts had been resisting ever since they returned to the kingdom. Their first time allowed a five-day journey without incident, and perhaps tonight's session would hold the needs at bay longer. Still, they had quite a bit further to go before their testicles were sufficiently emptied!

The sounds and scents of the King and his mount could be detected even over their own lusts. The sensory overload overwhelmed Dakath as he prepared to spill another load inside of his own. At the thought of two more powerful dragon’s mating, Dakath’s draconic form burst inside his lover’s male cunt for the second time. He needed to assert his dominance as he made the now-smaller dragon his bitch!

All four beasts roared in unison, making their presence known to the kingdom as they all blew their draconic spunk in succession. No experience could compare to the sensations of their balls throbbing, slick scales rubbing in tandem as they fucked and rutted away their darkest desires. Yet even their post-orgasmic reverie could not drown out the realization that their bestial chorus had woken the entire kingdom. The sounds of alarm through the night sent a shiver down the former elves' shrinking bodies.

Unaware of the mystical, ancient energies their rutting had invoked, the former elves dismounted their charges, dashing to the keep to avoid unwanted attention. They left their armor, their clothes, and belongings where they sat, not caring about the consequences of being caught without them. All that mattered was avoiding the deep-seated shame that overcame their psyches. There was an agony of knowing they were no better than simple, homosexual beasts, slaves to lust, and the whims of their baser instincts.

Still, the magic remained swirling well into the night, long enough to play over each dragon in turn. Their noses scented the spell, and its presence alarmed them. But there was something about the scent that kept them attentive, their nostrils seeking more of it. At first, a simple want to find the source was an excusable explanation. But that did little to stem the deep-seated desires even the briefest whiff seemed to instill.

Each male dragon, all who once shunned the scents of wickedness in their fellows, now felt an insistent tingling in their loins, ones they thought long ago abandoned. Each would have blushed if such an action was possible through their scales. But their cravings were undeniable. They no more condoned the acts of bestial lust than they had when first scenting draconic spunk less than a week ago. But it was steadily becoming clear in each of the beast's minds of what would occur the next time their mounts came to tend to them. They would echo the actions of their fellows, and hope to all heavens that the spell would turn their masters in dragons so that they might be fucked in turn!

A Bearable Weight 2020-07-24T19:58:39+00:00

“Hey, man, look at that spread!” Your friend, George, exclaims at the sight of the buffet before you both.

You whistle audibly at the sight of the lavish display of food. It is an annual early fall function, a paid dinner for attendees of the local fair. You and your friend George have been waiting for the event all year and were first in line for tickets. All of the food is prepared locally, many dishes specifically for the event, enough to feed an army. It is all for charity, but that is of little concern to the two of you. A banquet of home-cooked food is worth twice the amount for your rather poor culinary skills.

Yet it is a little shocking that you are first. You had both headed over early, skipping breakfast to save more room for the feast. Yet, you are certain that you’d see some of the caterers setting up, buzzing about to make sure everything was set out, and to attend to serving the food. The fair itself is not set to start for another few hours; though someone was present at the gates to take your tickets, there is no one else in the entire space. It's like a ghost town!

“Maybe they’re all waiting to yell, surprise?” You question, making George chuckle. He always seemed to appreciate your wit.

“But, no, seriously. Where is everyone? I wanna eat!” You moan with a slight whine to your voice. You always get a little hangry from lack of food.

An audible rumble omits from George's belly, and he pats his rather extensive gut in anticipation. Both of you are bigger guys, a little overweight from your usual indulgence in fast fried food. It is part of the reason you love coming here, to indulge your piggish natures at an all you can eat buffet. You have each dressed for the occasion, XL shirts and loose pants that will stretch to allow you to enjoy your meals without pain.

George checks his phone with a puzzled expression on his face. “It's set to start in, like, 15 minutes? Where the hell is everyone?” He asked, his tone sharing your own sentiment. As hungry as you are, you don’t want to wait any longer than necessary!

Cautiously, you walk around the tables, salivating at the succulent scents wafting off the buffet. Before your eyes are various cooked meats, roasted chicken, sauced ribs, glazed hams, and turkey. Massive bowls of salad sat on one table, as well as dishes of casseroles, potato salad, pasta, and soups. Home-baked bread, rolls, croissants, and trays of butter and other condiments lined each table for the ease of the consumers. But, most exciting to you are trays upon trays of home-made desserts! Cookies, cakes, buns, squares, and other sweats make your mouth water.

Both of you circle the tables a few times, daring not to touch anything lest you are kicked out for breaking any of the rules. But after ten minutes of seeing no one else, your stomach starts to get the better of you. There is still no one in sight, and you had paid your ticket admission, right? You both still carried the ticket stubs!

You see George checking his phone once more, looking at you with a pleading glance. You don’t need him to remind you that it's past time for the buffet to start. It seems almost as though he is asking permission to start. You look around for someone to give you confirmation. But no one is in sight.

“What the hell. We aren't breaking any rules,” you say, and with that, you are both moving quickly towards the plates, gathering the necessary utensils, and making your way to the food. Though you are tempted to go straight for the desserts, you decide the chicken looks amazing. You pile your plate with several large chunks, all coated in gravy. George does the same, and you both lick your lips as you find the closest table and plop yourselves down and begin to feast.

No words are exchanged as you gorge yourself on savory meats, not taking time to observe proper manners. As best as you can tell, no one is present to see your piggish behaviors, anyway. Soon the first plate is done, and you allow yourself the relief of a hearty belch, much to the amusement of George. “Hot,” He chuckles, and you both get up to make your way for seconds.

This trip, you balance your plates with a mix of meat, potato, and even some salad as you take your time. You feel that you need to let your stomach settle a moment from your feasting, but as you glance at the food, your stomach rumbles once more, and you salivate from excitement. Your hunger seems only to be growing, and despite initial hesitation, you dive into your plate, almost forgetting you have a fork and knife.

Just as the first plate, this one is devoured in five minutes. Looking up, George is licking his lips as well, but you can see stains of sauces and other things on his face. You go to tell him to use a napkin, but you belch hard once again, and the two of you laugh. In your amusement, you forget what it was you are going to say.

The scents of food waft into both of your noses once more, and you get up, knowing you are still hungry and can eat more. As you do, you realize your waistband is starting to get tight, your bulging belly pressing against it. You find it a little odd; it usually takes the entire meal for you to need to notch your belt. You’ve eaten quite a bit, so far, but not quite your usual fullness. Had you put on that much weight since last year?

Worse than that, however, is that you are still hungry. You can’t recall ever needing to eat so much. Normally, at this point, you’d be slowing down, but from the growling of your belly, you'd swear you hadn't eaten all day. The food is still mouth-watering, and you have no reservations about piling your plate with a little bit of everything as you desperately desire to devour everything in sight!

Yet as you do, the irritation of your tightening clothes gets the better of you, and you growl a little, struggling to move. Your shirt has ridden up your hairy belly, exposing it to the cool autumn air, but it is more than that. Your sleeves are pulled taut across your flabby arms, and even rotating your shoulders does little to alleviate the irritation. Your pants are uncomfortable all over, not just in your waist. Your swelling hips and calves have pulled your pant legs tight, the cuffs exposing the flesh of your lower legs, and you stumble forward in the confining clothes.

Yet it is hard to focus on such things when the emptiness in your belly demands such substance. You are barely able to keep your third course from falling onto the ground as you set it down, licking your lips. Something seems to obscure your vision, something black that you can see if you cross your eyes slightly. But your eyes are still focused on your goal, and you dive in head first, not bothering to use your utensils. Eating that way is far too slow, and wouldn’t help you sate your extensive appetite!

You use your hands to shovels as much food into your mouth as possible, barely taking the time to chew as you try to fill the void in the pit of your stomach. There is some urgency in the act, a need to fill your belly before...what? Regardless of the reason, it's hard to deny the urge to consume as much as possible. You feel no pain, no discomfort as you keep eating, seemingly able to polish off far more food than humanly possible.

Your hands only stop shoveling food into your maw long enough to tend to an intense itching that has started on your belly. It is running up to your chest, under the shirt, and down to your groin. You scratch and scratch with your one hand, but the itching only appears to grow worse. You can feel a coarse sensation brushing against your flesh, seeming to get thicker the more you rub. It feels like a shaggy carpet, but you're too engrossed in your meal to pay it much mind beyond the slight discomfort.

The more you eat, the faster you can feel your shirt rising, growing closer to your fattening pecs, which themselves can nearly be called moobs at this point. You are putting on so much weight in such a short time, but you don’t seem to care. Your need to eat overrides all reason. You wish you could pull off your shirt, but your hands are both occupied. And even if they weren’t, your shirt is far too tight for that!

You shuffle in your seat a little from strange pain, causing you discomfort. It's as though your spine is distended and pressing into the chair, nearly crushed by your ass. You squirm and writhe in your seat, but you can’t find a position that makes your twitching tail comfortable. Wait, tail? You want to ponder it further, but your expanding ass is already pressed into the chair, and you get up, knocking it over in the process and relieving the pressure somewhat.

Your plate is empty once more, yet you're still hungering for more. There is persistent pain in your jaw, likely from all the consumption. But despite that, you still feel the need to fill your belly. You can see that black patch in front of your eyes, thicker now and making it hard to see your empty plate. It seems to be preceded by a visible width of skin, corresponding to the ache in your jaw. The whole thing makes it harder to see, only compounded by how dim your eyesight is in the fading light. Wait, fading light? Isn’t it still in the afternoon? Then why is it so hard for you so see beyond a few feet in front of your face?

But it doesn’t matter too much to you at the moment with how good everything SMELLED! It is as though your nose is drinking in the world far beyond your sight. The perfumes of the park are amplified, and you are aware that you could smell fragrances of people that are not currently in the area. Yet the most pungent one wafts up from your friend across the table. George is giving off a thick, sweaty odor as well, overheated from digesting his meal.

Yet nothing compares to the smell of FOOD that is dominating your senses. The buffet smelled so good before now, but now it is like experiencing things all over again! The food elicits a primal need in your mind, one that beckons to your senses and overrides all concerns from your body. You need to EAT, the itching and tightness and aches and pain in your frame be damned.

George is rising to get another plate, and you follow suit, finding it a little difficult to stand. It's not just the tightening clothes that have you restrained. There is an ache in your back, and you try to reach back to rub it, but your arms are having difficulty moving in your tightening sleeves. You pitch a bit, your massive hips and jiggling ass having trouble, but you manage to stumble towards the tables. In your struggle, you forget your plate, but that seems a low priority at the moment.

The wafting smells draw you in, and you eye the food with desire before dropping onto the table, making it shudder from the force of your girth. You know you should grab a plate, but that thought seems to fade. Why waste time when your meal is right here? And besides, none of the scents in the park are recent. There is no one else but George here, and you have no qualms about sharing this feast with your good buddy!

Giving no consideration to manners, you shove your face into the plate of ham, biting and chewing and rending off bits of meat and sinew as you swallow it greedily. Your hands are reaching into bowls of potato salads and chips, shoving them into your mouth in between bites of the meat. Your snout covered in grease and sauce, you continue to chow down, finally feeling the void in your belly starting to ebb. Your body swells with girth the more you eat, making your hungrier and hungrier. It seems as though the food is directly urging on your growth, but you don't mind too much. The food simply tastes too good!

Suddenly, the table is jerked forward, and with an audible crash, the food is thrown from your face to the ground as the table follows suit. Looking up, you realize that George has tipped over the table with his weight, having leaned on it too hard. There seems to be something off about his visage, but it's harder to make out as he lowers himself with a grunt, the audible sounds of his shirt tearing preceding the sounds of chewing and swallowing. He seems not to care that your meal is on the ground, continuing to shovel the food into his snout.

You don’t find it too odd a prospect as you lower yourself down to eat off the ground as well, not wanting it to go to waste. As you do, you can feel the back of your pants rip, spreading from the center and running down your asscrack. Your fattening hips seem to crack, the bones underneath throb dull from the sensations. You could swear they had just rearranged, but in your frenzy to eat, you aren’t bothered.

Once more, you start shoveling food into your mouth, barely taking time to savor the flavor in your attempt to quell the cries from your guts. But as you do, the now-familiar aches and pains seem to wrack your hands, and it is getting harder to grip things as you end up dropping some of the rolls and cakes you have been grasping. You try to flex your fingers, but the joints don’t seem to move the way they should.

Bringing them close to your face, closer than you normally require due to your dull eyesight, you start to see why. The tips are pointed, your nails stretched and thick and still-growing, as best you can tell. But the fingers themselves are much shorter, cracking and writhing as they lose their flexibility. You watch in stunned silence, as your thumbs are reduced to stubs, and what remaining skin grows rough. And if you didn’t know any better, you are certain that the backs are covered with dark hair, which almost appears like fur.

A deep grunt catches you off guard, and you look up to see George, gorging himself much as you had been. Like you, he seems unable to use his hands, and you assume beyond your line of sight are a pair of paws much like your own. But it is his face that catches you off guard. His nose is long and black, hanging from a snout dripping sauces and leftover food. It hangs several inches from his face, looking more at home on an animal than a human. His eyes have a dull, glazed look, not paying attention to your stares as he goes about his meal. His ears seem small and round, flicking above his head as buzzing insects light upon them.

The memory of your own face causes you to cross your eyes, looking down at a thick, fur-covered muzzle and a bulbous black nose. You can feel the intense itching encroaching upon your face, far more insistent than any beard as it spreads all the way to your human hair. You want to raise a hand to touch your head, but the tingling in your ears as they grow rounded is enough to know your own visage is on its way to matching George’s. Both of your faces bear striking resemblances to...well, bears!

Yet it is nearly impossible to keep your thoughts on that worry with the hunger still plaguing you. Why worry when food is abundant? And besides, can’t you smell it better now? Use your larger maw to consume even faster? You lower your head, grunting in an ursine baritone as you crunch into your meal, barely aware of the itching and growth of more fat as you eat your fill.

Your shirt is becoming impossibly tight over your frame as your growing gut threatens to pull it off. Your chest is barreling outward, your shoulders popping, flattening, and tugging at the seams as the frail material is pulled to the breaking point. Irritated by the fabric on your fur, you grunt and force your shoulders forward, craving the tear as your shirt pops off. You finally feel some comfort, easily able to amble from one pile of food to another as the fabric falls off your fattening frame.

Your tight pants aren’t able to last much longer either, but you welcome the extending split. Your belt is pulled impossibly tight, stretching to the point of snapping. Your thickening gut and tightening waist pop off the button and zipper of your pants, until the rip encroaches all the way to the band, and you can struggle out of them. Your fat ass wiggles as you try and get out of your undergarments, the tight underwear pressing irritatingly against your exposed anus. You breathe in deeply, pushing your gut out until the elastic pops, and your backside is laid bare.

All that remains of your clothing is your shoes, but those are fleeting as they are assaulted by widening heels from one end and sharp ursine claws on the other. The shoes are ripped apart at the soles, popping audibly as your furry feet are finally allowed to breathe. You rear your back legs up, your hindquarters off balance as your fat thighs meld into your bulging belly, and rotating pelvis sinks into ursine proportions.

Yet you don’t care as your body bulks up with thick fat, though hard muscle does exist underneath. You can’t feel it yourself, but you know you are heavy, and getting heavier the more you consume. Your face is getting longer, larger, obscuring your vision. Yet your nose makes up with that in spades. You eat and eat, your sharper teeth able to chew up your meal as you lumber around the various piles on the ground, savoring the range of flavors and textures.

Eventually, you make your way over to George, who is eating away at the same remnants of dishes as your tongues lap in tandem. You accidentally lip his licks, and the flavor causes you to lap at his snout, cleaning him up and making him snort in delight. You feel a deep sense of comfort being close to this man, who has turned into a black bear with you.

At that, you feel your cock begin to harden, thickening at the base as the shaft starts to leak. You've never been aroused by a male, but Geroge’s scent is so comforting. You let your cock hang low as the tip grows pointed, the base thickening while a warmth encroaches over it and your belly, filling with thick black fur. An enticing scent wafts from your fellow bear, and you take a deep whiff, savoring the male musk.

A fading part of you knows there is something wrong, that you have not always been a bear. But it's harder to focus on such things. Thoughts of terror of transformation are much less favorable to the desire to stuff your belly. Feeding has a purpose, filling you with contentment that washes away trivial human concerns. You are a bear, a massive beast, and you have another male with you to comfort you. What other worries could you possibly have?

Finally, you are full, despite the feast that is still before you. You know you can come back here later to feed, but the scents of humans in the area mildly concern you, so you decide it is best to retreat. George is already leaving, trying foolishly to stumble on his hind legs. He is only able to make it a few feet before falling to all fours. You follow suit, lumbering on all four legs, finding it much more comfortable than you might have expected. You briefly wonder why you had memories of walking so far on two legs, but it fades into your mind as you find a treeline and dash towards it, George in tow.

The scents of the woods light up in your nose, and you breathe deeply, inhaling all that it has to offer. There are few human scents in here, and less the further you go. Though the path is rough, your massive bodies and thick skin are unbothered by stray branches and twigs as you lumber into your new domain. You are made to be here, and your mind starts to relax the further you go into the woods.

Yet the most prominent perfume in your nose is that of your fellow. You can smell his heady musky, the scents of food still on his muzzle and breath. You recall the sumptuous meal you have just eaten and experience a sense of relief, knowing that you have packed on the necessary weight for this day. Your bulbous gut sways as the two of you walk at a much more reasonable pace, as you convert more of your meal to fat.

You feel a sense of power here, knowing that in the absence of humans, there is no one to challenge the two of you. You don’t feel any sort of rivalry with the other male, far from it. In fact, his presence fills you with a sense of both comfort and purpose. You can’t imagine wanting to leave his side.

You can’t help but notice a certain sexiness to George’s backside as he lumbers before you. You've never seen your friend that way, but his swinging belly and thick thighs and ass are almost mesmerizing. He looks...full, healthy, fat with food and the beginnings of a bulbous stomach that will last him through the winter. A perfect mate, you find yourself thinking, despite yourself. Yet with your diminished ursine sensibilities, you don’t question the formerly intrusive thoughts.

Your cock starts sliding out of your sheath, nearly touching the ground as you make your way towards George’s backside. The scents wafting off his plump rump, though a little off-putting from such proximity, have undertones of scent that make him easy to identify. Powerful scent glands line his tight pucker, and, combined with his bodily functions, give you the assurance that he is indeed a virile, healthy male, worthy to be your mate.

Sensing your presence, George stops, bellowing in his ursine baritone to signal his own lust. You can't see it with your poor vision and your buddy’s girth in the way, but you can scent the fluids leaking from his cock and are craving a taste. His swaying sweaty balls beckon your attention as your friend pauses, flagging his tail to show his own interest in intimacy.

You sniff his backside with fervor, lapping at the fluids and flesh that your buddy has to offer. He grunts from the attention, seeming to rotate his hips into the laps of your thick ursine tongue. You work your way over his asshole, tease his furry balls, savoring the flavors that accompany his musky, ursine odor.

Your dexterous tongue snakes down under his legs, past his swelling cock, and towards his turgid cock. Even from your angle, you can tease the contours of his fuzzy black bear sheath, licking inside and teasing up the length of his shaft. His salty fluids excite you, the flavor even better than some of the food you’ve eaten earlier today. You lick with insistence, forcing more of that flavor into your maw, and making your mate shiver with delight. You would have never found such sexual acts appearing, but your enhanced sense of smell is sufficient to spur on your advance. You've never been so horny in all your life!

You pull away, not wanting to bring his end so quickly. Your tongue moves up to his plump rump once more, slobbering over his tight pucker to prepare it for your intrusion. He grunts as your curled tongue work its way into his asshole, salivating over the inside as the human part of you finds it fit to curve your tongue and push it in and out, preparing him for anal penetration. He seems to lean into it, excited by the prospect of easing the tension in his own cock.

At last, the needs in your own cock start to take precedence, and you back up slightly, looking for the right angle to mount your mate. You leap, careful of your top-heavy body as you crawl up his backside, gaining purchase with your claws. As soon as you feel your thick cock head touch his rump, you start humping, desperate to find the hole you so lovingly prepared. Yet lost in your instincts, you have difficulty aiming as high as you need to, and your cock careens off his expansive rear, even as George lowers himself to allow you better vantage.

Finally, you perceive your cock catch on his tail, and you know your target his close. With a little bit of angling, you feel your moist penis entering something, and you thrust forward, your member encompassed by a hot, damp tunnel. You start humping frantically, a bestial need to spill your seed as you take your pleasure from your friend’s ursine body. Your grunts of pleasure are echoed by a bear’s baritone as you feel him eagerly clenching on your rod. In the back of your mind, you are sure you have hurt him slightly from the forceful intrusion, but you don’t seem to care.

Lost in ursine lust, neither of you last long. You had brought George so close that he quickly roars as his cum spills on the forest floor. His clenching rectal clamps take you with him, and your roars echo as you thick balls shoot a modest load of bear cum into his abused anus. Your entire body rocks in release, needing to empty every ounce of jism into your mate, to claim him properly as your own.

You both lie there and grunt, your thick cock still lodged in your bear as the last human thoughts leak from your mate's asshole. You are tired as fuck, and content to lie in the woods as the fat beasts you are. Yet soon, a chill wind washes over you, and even the warmth of your plump bodies is insufficient to fully shield yourself from it. George wakes too, your seed leaking from his asshole a pungent scent of your nose. Tentatively as so not to startle him, you reach out with your tongue, cleaning him off as he rumbles in contentment.

Both of you are driven with the same urge to find a place to stay for the night. But it's more than that. The chill in the air signals that winter is coming. Though you have both feasted well, you know that you still have pounds to pack to make it through the barren winter months. There is still time, and the woods are ripe with the scents of food, to sate even your combined appetites once you’ve slept off this meal.

Thankfully, there is a den not too far from you, one left abandoned from others of your kind due to its relative proximity to humans. It is vacant of the stench of others and ripe for you both to claim. You allow George to stumble in, following him and enjoying the stink of your cum on his rump. There is an expanse cavern within, a comfortable chamber large enough to hold your bodies. You curl up with your mate, the last of your human thoughts fading as you lie together and prepare for winter’s rest and your new lives together as black bears.

Cat Got Your Tongue 2020-07-24T18:48:38+00:00

Sally Davidson stared down at the vial in her hand, hesitating at the prospect of transformation she was to undergo. This assignment went well and above her pay grade. But, she had to admit there was some excitement to live out a childhood fantasy while serving her agency and country. It was why she initially volunteered for the assignment. And besides, there was no chance for her to back out now.

Sally had been a detective for almost ten years now. Her unit was currently assigned to investigate a well known high-seated crime lord, Zanobi Lenza, for evidence to make the myriad charges against him stick. It should have been an easy task, but this man kept all his ducks in a row, as it were. The investigation had continued almost a year, and the department heads were becoming aggressive to get concrete results.

So far, all efforts to expose Lenza of wrongdoings had been met with failure. He lived in a mansion on the outskirts of the city with his family. Their security was the best their vast wealth could afford, rendering all attempts to survey the property useless. Witnesses set to testify all underwent mysterious disappearances or deaths, despite police protection. Any attempts for undercover infiltration were greeted with failure, as the officer in question always seemed to be relocated to a non-vital, non-incriminating part of the crime lord’s enterprise.

So Sally's team was down to their last, most desperate tactic. The agency owned an experimental serum, one that could rapidly alter the DNA of one creature into another. It was a temporary process and had only been used in the field a handful of times. The serum lacked the stability to turn a human into another human, which would have been far more advantageous. Yet the brain waves of a human mind interfered too much with the subject's own mentality, causing irreparable brain damage.

However, the serum could change the user into another non-human species. Sally’s proposal had been to find an animal that could easily infiltrate the Lenza house, something that would go unnoticed. Among the 'on the book’s' holdings of the Crime boss’s estate, there were records of a cat purchased last year, likely as a present for the boss’s daughter. Apparently, animal abuse wasn’t among the family’s crimes. The cat was taken for regular annual check-ups at a local vet, and the agency had an officer with a veterinary background to work at the clinic in secret for the assignment. After that, it would be a short time to wait until the day of the appointment.

Sally couldn’t believe that she had agreed to do this. From what she understood, she would be privy to the whims of feline instinct while transformed. But, she hoped that she would be able to retain enough of her mind to perform the mission. What would being a cat be like? How would she see, smell, and hear? Could she focus enough to achieve her goal?

Not only was the change itself rather risky, but the assignment also came with a whole host of potential hazards. Was the cat even allowed near any areas where Lenza kept his secrets? Or was she and his daughter in a separate area of the mansion? Would Sally be able to find any evidence that would convict him? There were so many unknown variables.

Not to mention testimony from a cat wouldn't hold up in court. Sally would have to find some evidence that could lead her colleagues to an arrest, some note about a felony, or meeting location where they could stakeout. Hell, even a tip on a potential inside man, someone tipping off Lenza would be helpful!

So here she was, at the vet’s office awaiting the arrival of the cat, its blood a necessary component for the formula. It would change Sally into an exact replica of the cat in question, a perfect match. There was no way that the girl or anyone else would be able to discern that Sally was any different than the cat they had always had. It really was the perfect cover, assuming everything went well. Still, Sally had taken the time to put all her affairs in order, should the worst happen. It was something she always did as a cop, and the update hadn't taken much time. Yet, for some reason, Sally felt the danger of this particular assignment to be greater than her usual tasks.

Before too long, their undercover operative, Carter, entered the back area with a vial of blood and a crate holding the silent cat. The cat would be kept onsite for the duration of the experiment, well-tended to. All it would take was a little blood added to the formula and a quick injection to Sally's arm to activate the process. And of course, several samples of Sally’s blood were collected beforehand, so that sufficient genetic material would be present to allow her to change back later.

The blood mixed entirely with the yellow fluid as Carter prepared the syringe. “Ready?” Her other colleague, Daniels, asked as Sally pulled up her sleeve. There was no point in taking off her clothes; the cat she was to become would shrink in them, and she wanted to preserve her modesty as best she could.

“Go for it,” Sally replied as she turned away, not wanting to see the serum being injected into her system. Though she barely felt a prick, the idea of needles made Sally a little woozy.

She could feel an odd warmth flowing through her arm, followed by prickling of itchy hair, like when she’d gone too long without shaving her legs. Despite her trepidation, Sally glanced down to see the patch of black fur spreading up and down her arm. The muscles underneath felt warm and started to tense as they changed. Thankfully, the changes were not expected to be painful, but there was an unnerving discomfort that caused Sally to take in slow, steady breaths to keep her growing anxiety down.

The tingling started centering in her fingers, and an audible crack made Sally cry out in surprise. It didn’t hurt, not exactly, but the sounds accompanying the changes were more than a little unnerving. Two of the bones in each finger snapped, as though disconnecting, and she cried out in panic as sharp points tore from the ends of her digits. They were feline claws, and Sally was startled when the new points started contracting and expending as she tried to flex her fingers.

Soon the tips of each former finger became hard and calloused as pink flesh bubbled underneath. Soon Sally's new pads were joined by one forming over her dwindling palms as they started stretching concerning her arm. Her retreating thumbs crawled up her wrists and lost motility as they became a simple retracting claw. Soon she possessed a perfect pair of feline paws.

Suddenly her balance felt off, and she nearly toppled over, her ankles stretching and forcing her on the balls of her feet. She tried to reach out to grasp a table for balance but forgot she did not own human fingers. Sally yelped as she fell to the floor, feeling her toes shrinking and her paws falling out of her shoes.

“You OK down there Sally?” Daniels said, trying to stifle the chuckle in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m GRRRRRROOOWWWWW!” Sally replied with a feline inflection in her voice that made her pause.

The itching spread down her chest and over her breasts, which themselves were receding into her chest. Sally was thankful for that. She didn’t want to hear about it from the guys on the force after she returned to her human form. As they did, a series of pinpricks emanated down her chest, and Sally identified them as feline nipples. They felt rather sensitive, and for a moment, Sally wished her hands hadn’t been the first to change so she could...Sally chastised herself. She was an officer, a professional! She tried her best to focus, to ignore what she felt to be the initial stirrings of feline instincts.

Sally didn’t bother trying to stand up now, knowing she soon wouldn't be walking on two legs for a while anyway. Her feet were changing, the big toes crawling up her ankles as her thumbs had. Only this time, they were reduced to nothing, melting into her flesh and reminded Sally that cats had only four toes per hind paw. The familiar sensation of bones parting and feline nails tearing from the new distended joints had her playing with all sets of claws at once, loving the feeling of them sliding in and out of her sheaths. Her stretching ankles left only the balls of her feet to walk on, and those soon became adorned with pink pads as did her four remaining toes. Sally would have laughed if she were alone. She was now in possession of perfect sets of toe beans!

Lost in the distraction of playing with feline paws, Sally was largely unaware of her change in perspective of the dimensions of the room. Though even in her stupor, Sally soon knew it was she who was shrinking. She was getting smaller as her clothes felt loose around her form, a long way from her eventual feline stature. Soon her clothes started billowing around her as her socks slipped off her paws, and her shirt formed a tent. She was worried for a moment about the speed of her transformation. She didn’t want to be seen naked while she was still so human!

Thankfully, a familiar tingling played over her sex as the entire surface became covered with soft white fur. The outer edges of her labia started pulling in on themselves, covering up her sex from view. Sally recalled that a feline’s sex was situated near their backside to allow a better position for mating. Her anus, too, was rotating closer to her coccyx, a pucked feline butthole that suddenly made her feel embarrassed. She hadn’t considered it before about it, but cats had no modesty about such things!

A strange ache in her coccyx made her sigh in relief. The bones within started unfurling and pressed against her backside, taking the fur-covered flesh along from the ride. The sensations of the stretching bones and forming joints were initially alarming, but soon, Sally became enamored by the feelings of playing with the twitching tail she was developing. She ran it over her backside, loving how it covered her modesty if she wished it.

The changes were coming faster now as her hips started flattening into her sides while the fat from her ass recessed into her body, leaving her backside exposed. A sharp crunch from her spine solidified her four-legged posture as her thighs too melted into her flat stomach. Her shoulder blades pushed forward to her ribs and restricted her forward motion. Her entire body was itching with fur growth, black on her back and front legs, while white down her chest and legs. She hadn't studied the cat in question, but it seemed as though she was turning into a tuxedo pattern feline.

The only part of her body that still remained human was her face. What a sight she must have made, a woman's head atop a feline frame. But that was soon to change. Her short-cropped human hair fell away around her as her scalp itched with the growth of her new feline coat. Her ears tingled as they stretched upwards, the ends growing pointed and the tips adorned with black fur. New muscles allowed her to twitch them, and her shriveling ears took in far more knowledge than she could process!

Reflexively she sneezed from an irritating itching just below her nose. She winced as several dozen hairs burst forth from her cheeks. A similar tingling erupted above her eyes, and Sally realized she now owned feline whiskers. She twitched them a few times, suddenly aware of all the vibrations in the room that they were able to detect. It was almost like having a second set of arms to reach out in front of her face, as sensitive as her tactile sense had been.

Her nose was folding in on itself, flattening into her skull as it grew to merge with her quivering lips. The room came alive with scents, a cornucopia of new information. Yet as her skill cracked and slowed, developing into a feline configuration, she realized that she didn't care about most of them. Some were of larger animals, that elicited fear when she sniffed them. Others were of her own kind, evoking a more territorial response. Sally could hardly believe how feline she was in her thinking already!

Sally could feel her eyes watering, and she blinked a few times, trying to clear the irritation. She was stunned by the level of complexity that her expanding feline eyes granted. The contours of the room seemed so much...sharper. Sally was surprised to notice she could see in color, though the shades were a little different than she recalled. And most of the images made her...bored? She wasn’t sure if that was the appropriate term. The only thing that attracted her attention was the movements of the humans in the room with her.

Her jaw ached slightly as the final changes took hold. Her cheeks puffed out as her muzzle extended, and Sally was certain that the last vestiges of her human voice had gone with it. Her teeth ached as some shrank into her skull. Of course, her fangs grew into deadly daggers, but it was her front that made her curious. Several more tiny front teeth sprouted out between existing ones, and Sally ran a flattening tongue over them. She slowly realized that in consort with the keratin spines on her tongue were to be used for grooming.

Finally, the new cat looked up, staring at the towering spire that was her partner. Everything seemed so much...bigger. She was so powerful, so energetic. Without effort, she lept from her position on the floor to the table, looking up at her partner with curious eyes.

“You still in there, detective?” Daniels asked, regarding the small, bright-eyed creature. Sally wanted to nod but found it a little difficult to focus. Still, after some effort, she managed the gesture.

Remembering the plan, Sally reluctantly entered the cage to be transported to the Lenza household. Yet she felt a massive pang of reluctance, even hissing at her partner when he latched the door. What was wrong with her? She could still think, but it was so hard to focus with all the instincts running through her head.

The crate was lifted and taken to the front of the clinic, where Sally would be picked up and taken to the target home. The plan was that she would return for an overnight visit in a week, and Sally would return to her human form with whatever information she'd acquired. Sally would be looking for ledgers, documents, anything that might lead her team to a bust or an arrest. Sally was sure to earn the promotion she deserved for this! She always had to work three times as hard as her male colleagues, and none of them would allow themselves to be turned into a cat for an undercover job!

The car ride was extremely nerve-wracking. It took every fiber of her being not to panic, and even so, she found herself yowling uncontrollably. The girl in the seat beside her tried to reassure her, but Sally didn’t know this human. Wait, human? Didn’t she mean...why was it so hard to think?

After several days she became used to life as a feline in the Lenza household. She had been disgusted by the thought of consuming cat food, but as soon as it was placed before the appetizing scent made her mouth water and she couldn’t help it. Her bathroom and grooming habits were unnerving, but oftentimes, her mind would slip, and she'd find herself engaged in cat-like behavior without even realizing it! And catnip...it truly was more thrilling than any other high Sally had ever experienced. Heightening all her senses, making her hyper-focused on hunting, on play. It was amazing!

Sally was given the run of the place for the most part, though closed doors were often an issue. She couldn’t leave the grounds, of course, likely in case someone tried to get revenge on the family by poisoning their daughter’s cat. The mob boss was many things, but at least he wasn’t a negligent cat owner!

Sally spent much of the time trying to follow Lenza himself, learning his patterns to discover the whereabouts of anything that she might find useful. She could tell that the human did not approve of her presence, given his hostile attitude. But Sally didn't pay it much mind. In that regard, she was able to work with feline instincts and cuddle up to him, forcing his tolerance to her presence. In contrast, she found that the girl was far more annoying, and any time she was taken from her target, she reacted with hostility. The girl's frustrations only got in her way, when she was hunting the man to do...what?

Soon into her tenure as a cat, Sally found it troublesome to retain her human thought process towards the mission. She was quickly diverted from her goal whenever she was presented with a toy, nip, or other stimuli. Often she would lose hours only to wake up to grooming or stalking a bird from a window. She was often exhausted, sleeping for anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day. It gave her very little time to explore for evidence and made it tedious to care about the task at hand.

Finally, she found it. It was hard for her feline brain to focus on it, but there was unmistakably a wall safe. This part of the house was off-limits to all his staff, and even his wife and daughter. She had to wait until Lenza actually approached it, and did her best to stay in the area, determined not to miss the opportunity.

Her days of patience eventually paid off. Lenza’s familiar scent wafted into the room, and Sally stayed out of sight, even though a cat was not inherently suspicious. She watched as what appeared to be the covering was pulled away, revealing a numbered keypad. Though a monumental task, she was able to observe Lenza’s fingers as he typed in a nine-digit code. Sally memorized it, straining to keep her feline eyes on the prize as the safe swung open, and Lenza pulled something out, a ledger of some kind that he proceeded to open and write in.

At last, the man left, and she was alone in the room with the target of her mission. She had been pondering the method of attack the entire time, her tiny body unable to reach the safe or push something against the wall. Yet, to her delight, one of the chairs in the room had wheels! It was still a Herculean feat to move even that with her feline body, but, at last, she succeeded! Even better was that the chair had been left fully raised, giving her just enough purchase to reach the keypad with her paws.

She lept atop the chair, still marveling at the feline body’s ability to clear several body lengths in a single leap. Yet, she had miscalculated, and the chair moved out of range, eliciting an annoyed growl. However, a second attempt, with a more precision jump, allowed her the position she needed!

She stared at the open keypad, having recited the sequence in her mind several dozen times so that even her feline instincts would not override her memory. However, she was presented with a new problem as her oval eyes stared at the device. What were the numbers? She could recite them in her mind, but...what did they look like?

Sally shook her head furiously, trying in vain to recall the simple shapes that had been learned in her pre-school time. But each time the images floated into her mind, some sound, some scent caught her feline senses and ripped them away. Sally meowed her frustrations, her feline instincts nearly overpowering. Why couldn’t she remember the sights of numbers!?

Yet her attention was drawn to the keypad briefly enough that its pattern triggered a memory. If the numbers were in order, then it didn’t matter if she couldn’t comprehend them! Using her recollections, Sally lifted one paw to the pad, realizing it was a little too large for the task. But, after gently extending one of her claws, the familiar ding echoed in her ears to signal that she had entered the right number.

She knew she had to work fast, lest the device reset, and an alarm sound to alert the don of her presence. It was hard to move her paw into place, but with some effort, she managed to hit the next key she thought was in the proper position. 3...4...7…1...At last! The whoosh of the safe door resonated in her ears as she felt the door gently hit her side. She had done it!

Yet as she entered the safe, a familiar smell wafted into her nose from the vents below. She recalled a kitchen was in this wing, and the savory scents of fish overrode her senses. It took all her might to resist, but eventually, she was able to cling onto her goal and enter the metal box, where, thankfully, the odors could not penetrate. The feline part of her mind relaxed; she was safe in here from predators, able to make herself small and invisible.

Among several other artifacts and cash sat an open ledger. Sally couldn’t be sure until she saw the page, but the book was one that held Lenza's scent strongly. A whisper of human recognition came to the forefront of her thoughts; electronic data could be hacked, interrupted. Journals stayed quiet so long as they remained hidden. This had to be it.

Sure enough, she could indeed make out numbers on the page that she recognized as longitude and latitude. Only...what? What did those things mean? And the numbers beside them...dates? Which ones?

Drawing every ounce of human strength, she tried to focus on the shapes, desperate to recall them. Some bit of her feline mind was able to help; her eyes had caught the symbols on the keys, allowing her human mind to commit them to memory. She knew she needed to recall each number exactly; one mistake would cost her team the information and make the entire mission be for naught.

Her night vision was sufficient in the low light of the enclosed space to make out the numbers. She spent as long as she dared, reading and rereading until she was sure the numbers were correct in her mind. She had done it! Her mission had been a success!

She jumped down, the siren song of the food beckoning her forward. She could no longer fight the feline instincts plaguing her mind, but thankfully, the human side of her had completed the mission by now. She had no way to close the safe and hoped it wouldn’t compromise her mission or the life of someone Lenza deemed responsible for accessing his private documents. But such thoughts were overridden by the scents of food as she trotted down to beg for scraps.

The day finally came when she was put into the crate to be taken back to the vet. She protested, of course; she didn't like being picked up and hated the confining prison of the carrier. The girl seemed concerned; it was normal for her cat to act like this, right? Perhaps the additional vet visit would aid in that regard.

She was brought into that backroom, her cage sat on a table near another such pen. The odor wafting from the feline within only one other feline that seemed familiar. It was...her? She hissed and snarled at the beast, who responded in kind. The human in the room said something, but she could hardly understand in her rage-induced state at what her feline brain could only determine as herself, hissing and spitting at her mirror image.

A clatter hit her ears as the attendant dropped his phone, and he cursed his luck as he bent down to grab it. Yet too focused on seeing if his phone was damaged, he barely paid attention to the low table as he slammed his head against it hard. The intensity of the blow on the flimsy wooden structure sent both cages clattering to the floor, making both their doors pop open. Sally yowled at the force of the impact as she slowly crawled from the cage.

The sounds of cursing entered the attendant's ears as he rubbed his bruised head. Yet Sally could hardly pay attention as she felt the nose of the other female sniffing her body. It seemed as though the other cat was enraptured by an animal that smelled so much like herself. Sally too sniffed at the other feline, her instincts confused by her own scent in another place. Both cats walked around each other, sniffing at the impossibility of another the same as they.

As the attendant came to, he looked down to see the released felines, and carefully picked each up, pulling them away as he placed them back into their cages. Sally protested, of course, but slowly remembered she needed to be placed in her like a cat before her team returned.

As if on cue, another familiar scent floated into her nose, and she looked up to see two of those two-legged cats walk in...only this one..? The human part of her mind sprang forth, and she remembered who she was, what she was doing. It was Daniels and Carter. They were here to change her back!

Sally felt a sudden sense of elation at the idea of returning to her human form. She’d been a cat for...how long? It was maddening! She wasn’t an animal, she was human! Sally waited patiently for her cage to be opened and for Carter to inject her with the serum that would restore her human form.

But that didn’t happen. “Alright, girl...I mean, detective, let’s get you back to your old self,” Daniel's voice said he knelt down to pick up something else. The cage with the other cat! Sally slowly realized that the cage she was in had been labeled with her name. If Sally had been placed in the wrong, then her partners thought the other cat was her!

Sally stared in horror as the real cat was lifted and placed on the table, and Carter gently jabbed the familiar needle into its side. There was nothing Sally could do, but watch as the feline squirmed with the beginning of a rather uncomfortable transfiguration. Sally wanted to look away, fearful she would be staring at a future that had been robbed from her. But it was impossible to ignore the tuxedo fur receding to pink skin, the doubling, tripling in size, tail and claws and fangs all fading into a body with fingers and hair and flattened teeth. All the while, the former cat screamed, fading from feline yowls to a voice that sounded alarming like her own.

After a few moments of agonizing shrieks, a woman, the perfect facsimile of her former self, was sitting on the table and looking around the room with frightful eyes. The naked human turned around in a circle as though attempting to get comfortable, screaming an inhuman cry in distress. She tried to jump down, but lacked the muscles from her feline form and ended up stumbling forward. Her back hunched, and she tried to hiss, but the sound that came from her lips startled even her. She stared frantically around the room in a panic, clenching human fingers that could not account for her former feline nails.

“Why is she acting like this?” Daniels asked as Carter quickly grabbed the woman's arm and injected her with something to help her sleep.

“She must have been a cat too long...this is the longest trial we've performed. The instincts are always strong, but maybe this is a side effect?” Carter responded, concerned. "There really hasn't been a precedent for this kind of case. The detective took the job too carelessly."

Sally could tell that Daniels's scent was one of disappointment or sorrow. He felt for his partner whose mind had been altered so drastically. Sally had been such an amazing, ambitious officer, well on the way to promotion if her info yielded positive results. Now, what was she? A beast in a woman’s body? Was there any chance to save her?

A cry from the cage on the floor attracted both officers, and they looked to see Sally slamming on her prison door, trying desperately to get their attention. If Sally could show them she was the human, maybe they could change her back, fix the mistake!

“Hey doc, is it...did we get the wrong one? That cat’s acting awfully anxious. Do you think that’s Sally?” Daniels asked, hopefully. He didn’t know why Sally would be kept in the cage without the label, but it was possible, wasn’t it?

“Why would the original be in the wrong cage? It makes no sense! Besides, we barely have enough serum for one more change! We could turn her into a human, but not the other woman back into a cat! If their daughter's pet is killed, what do you think Lenza will do to this establishment?!” Carter said, doing herself best to hide her exasperation.

“But if I’m right, then we’ve condemned a fellow officer to be an animal!” Daniels countered.

“We'd have to be absolutely sure. Perhaps an intelligence test? We could see if she can read by writing out a set of instructions,” Carter suggested, pulling out a pen and paper.

Sally felt elated. This was it! She could prove she was human! Daniels scribbled something on the piece of paper and unlocked the carrier. Immediately, Sally stepped out to read the words he'd written, wondering what her instruction would be. Yet the words on the page were indescribable. Why would Daniels not write them in English? It made no sense!

Sally tried to stare at the words, hoping to make sense of them. Yet it was harder for her feline instincts to remain focused on the motionless thing before her. Soon the scents of other cats distracted her, and she lept up, hissing at the other beasts that had encroached upon her territory.

Daniels sighed, the sight of the feral beast removing what little hope he maintained. "Fuck. You're right. That must mean..." His voice trailed off as he regarded the sleeping woman that had once been his friend.

Carter put her hand on his shoulder in a gesture of comfort. “This...there has to be a way to bring her back. Something we missed. We’ll get her back, Daniels!” She said, her voice soothing.

“Yeah….”Daniel replied, his voice trailing off. “We’ve got to. She has to be in there somewhere,” he said as they prepared to return her to the precinct and a hospital equipped to treat her mental condition.

Sally yowled for attention, rubbing against their legs in an attempt to win them back. Daniels looked down with confusion in his eyes once more. But she had failed the test, right? Was it that the cat smelled herself on the human woman? He kicked her away, much to Sally’s fear.

But her cries of protest were not in vain. They were answered by another cat in the backroom, an unfixed male. She could smell him coming, likely at the clinic for a neutering operation that had not yet occurred.

The male’s randy scent started driving her mad. A strange ache in her loins became all-consuming, and it took every ounce of willpower she could muster not to let it envelop her. But it was already so hard to think…

Before she realized what she was doing, Sally's back was raised, and she had hunkered down, yowling in need as her tail raised up and to the side, exposing her moistening sex. The male wasted no time; all at once, he was on her back and pounding at her moist sex with his stiff feline prick. Sally's body was a slave to its instincts as she yowled from the agony of feline spines against the walls of her cervix.

Yet through the pain was a powerful sensation of satisfaction, of knowing she was to be mated. It was a brief quell of the heat that was plaguing her, and the notion caused a surge of pleasure to run from her body as the male's sperm entered her womb. Filled with seed and sated for the moment, thoughts of her human life, and escape were washed away by thoughts of nursing kittens.

She was hardly aware that Daniels had scoffed, muttering something as he started to leave. “Yeah, there’s no way that’s her. Sally would never debase herself like that. Let’s go,” He said sadly.

Wrapping her up, they carried the former cat out into their waiting car and towards what they thought was the help and rehabilitation she needed. At the sound of the door opening and quickly closing, it took Sally’s last chance of humanity with it.

No amount of protesting would bring them back, and Sally was left alone to fend for herself in the back room of the clinic. The male was there, of course, tending to the heat in Sally’s loins that had still not abated. Eventually, she fell asleep, dreams of hunting, of mating, and of suckling young were at the forefront as she twitched and trembled in her sleep. So lost in the reverie of the simplicity of feline thoughts, it was hard to remember why she'd been so worried before.

"Teacup? What are you doing out of your cage? Naughty girl!" Said an unfamiliar voice. Sally awoke to the sensation of being picked up and placed inside of a crate. She took a quick swipe at the hand, but the door was locked before she could connect. Sally yowled and hissed, but the unconcerned vet only tried to reassure her with a soothing voice. "Shhhh. There there. Your mommy's going to be by very soon. It will be OK," said the vet, reassuringly, as she hoisted up Sally's cage and brought it out into the main room.

Weeks went by with no indication that anyone realized something was amiss. Sally found it hard to recall human things, but the moments she did haunt her. She'd failed to deliver the intel of Lenza, and judging from his odor, he still went about his daily business uninterrupted.

No one would ever suspect she was here, trapped in this feral form. It was easier just to give in to the gnawing feline instincts, allowing her mind to become completely feline. Of course, there was another distraction from her humanity, one that the humans hadn’t yet noticed. But Sally was painfully aware of these new feline urges, and those thoughts plagued her more than any other. There was life growing in her belly, new life placed there by the frequent mating sessions. She was soon to be a mother...

Making a Mule 2020-07-14T20:00:38+00:00

Despite the late afternoon heat and exertion from a good workout, Mike still stormed stubbornly forward, rage fueling his tired stride. He had gone for his weekly swimming training and felt relaxed for the first time in days. Yet all it took was a single text to piss him off. It had been a fucking MONTH since Mike had bothered to ask for the 500 dollars still owing, though, with work and life, he'd become distracted. But now, staring at a screen of excuses and promises, his rage returned with a vengeance.

Mike was certain that Greg had pseudologia, and despite the myriad of chances he had given his former friend, nothing had changed. Ever since they were little, Mike was always loaning his friend money. Greg likely owed him twice that amount through all the years. Certainly more from the stress and possibly years Greg's actions had worked off from Mike’s life.

For too long, Mike allowed himself to be taken advantage of, always falling for the looks of sympathy and ignoring the excuses and lies. In truth, part of him wanted to keep the childhood friendship alive no matter what. But as Greg’s life steadily declined, much of his own obvious making, Mike found it harder and harder to stay within his circle. Part of it was in the vain hope to get his money back, but Mike’s caring heart ended up loaning that asshole even more funds with the broken promises of future repayments. It was a trap of his own design that Mike could not escape.

This time, however, Mike had finally decided enough was enough. He wouldn't let Greg make a fool of him anymore. He spent the entire walk home, thinking of how he might obtain vengeance on his deadbeat former friend. It felt far too insufficient to simply get the money back, as unlikely as that was.

Lost in vengeful thoughts, Mike was hardly aware he’d taken a wrong turn. Reorienting himself to the surroundings, he managed to find a path down an older street that was certain to lead to the main road and his trip home.

Mike’s attention was drawn upwards to take in the sights of the new street. In particular, one well-colored sign caught his attention.


<< We carry the latest and greatest limited edition collectibles >>

Mike had never seen the store, but a quick look in the window piqued his interest. It seemed to cater to memorabilia from various pop culture movies and tv shows. Being a consumer of many such forms of media, Mike decided what the hell and headed inside, seeing it had not yet closed for the day. He could use a distraction from the shitty thoughts that had been plaguing him!

A quick glance inside made him certain he would not be disappointed. He quickly floated from one display to another, a literal treasure trove of items greeting his eyes. A TNG Starfleet communicator signed by Brent Spiner. A pair of Michael J. Fox signed Back To The Future Air Mag Sneakers. A set of Freddy Krueger gloves signed by Robert Englund & Heather Langenkamp. Dozens of photographs from all of Mike’s favorite shows and movies, all signed by the actors and bearing certificates of authenticity. Mike could spend hours in here and still find new things he would wish to purchase!

Yet sadly, most of them were too expensive for Mike to simply buy on a whim. Thankfully, he lacked enough money in his wallet to tempt him. He made a note to return, however, wondering on the off chance that if Greg paid him back, Mike could spend that currency here.

As he was leaving, a collection of elegant stones in a display next to the cash register caught his attention. In particular, one appeared as an exact replica of the glass rainbow wishing rock from the 2009 movie 'Shorts'. Feeling guilty due to lack of purchasing anything under the shopkeeper's watchful gaze, he decided to inquire about it, using the excuse that he would eventually need to pick up something for his godson’s upcoming birthday.


Yet to his surprise, the shopkeeper seemed hesitant to give him a figure. The argument was that it was the actual prop from the film, and he did not intend it for sale. Mike held onto his annoyance that it was on display, yet not for sale. It was a film that he and his godson had viewed together and would make the perfect thoughtful gift.

After what felt like hours of insistent haggling, the shopkeeper, somewhat reluctantly, agreed to part with it. He did, however, request a sum that Mike would not have paid had he not spent all that effort trying to obtain it in the first place. As the shopkeeper wrapped it up, he made an off-hand comment about the stone, that it could grant him only three wishes, unlike in the film. Mike simply chucked at that, telling him his godson would enjoy the present. Yet there was no hint of jest in the man’s tone, which made Mike feel unnerved. Did the guy actually believe that? Mike simply smiled and bid him a good evening as he put the stone in the pocket of his green hoodie.

Trying to put the unnerving experiences of the day behind him, Mike took a shower and sat down to some evening TV. After a few minutes of channel surfing, he settled on a rerun of CSI: Miami. He recalled it was from season two, featuring the murder of a paparazzi for snapping photos of two cheating lovebirds in the act for blackmail.

At this, Mike’s gaze settled on his Lumix SIR camera, gathering dust on his shelf. It had been a few years, but Mike was likely still proficient from his prior photography courses. Provided he was given the opportunity, he had a very good idea of how to get his vengeance. Mike was well aware that Greg was bisexual, and given his perchance to boasting, had drunkenly let Mike know about a little affair with a man named Shawn. As far as Mike was aware, Shawn’s wife was oblivious to their actions. Therefore, if he could catch Greg in the act…

Mike spent the rest of the evening going through old texts that Greg had sent, too vague to use as proof by themselves, but with Mike’s in-depth knowledge of the situation, enough to piece together the timings of their rendezvous. It seemed as though Greg’s mother was never home until late Friday nights, and Greg himself had the time booked every week for a “guy’s night.” If only Shawn's wife had any idea what really went on! A quick text to Greg to meet tomorrow was met with “other plans,” making Mike certain that those plans would entail a hot fuck.

Mike began prepping for his plan, making sure his camera was in working order before heading to Greg’s place, the most likely spot for their rendezvous. He decided to bring his green hoodie once more, just in case. As a recent acquisition, it was unlikely to attract Greg’s attention if the event that he was seen. And so far, it seemed to bring Mike luck.

A quick walk around the neighborhood allowed Mike the chance to carefully judge where it might be best to take photos from without attracting unwanted attention. Fortunately, on a Friday night, it was unlikely anyone would be home looking out for foul play. Most of the windows had curtains, but certain ones lacked sufficient coverage and would likely make good spots for at least one incriminating photo!

Mike decided to leave and wait until Greg was likely inside. Thankfully, by that time, it was dark, yet not too much so that he couldn't get a picture. Getting himself set up, Mike looked for a spot where the lights were still on, assumingly for the two lovebirds to make contact when they did their nasty. The living room curtain was closed, but Mike could make out two figures, sipping wine if the shadows on the walls were any indication. Thankfully, it had been hot those past few days, and Mike could clearly hear Greg’s voice coming from an open window. This was his chance!

Mike wasn’t particularly interested in the activities themselves and paid them little mind as he snapped his photos. It looked as though Greg was down on his knees, sucking his lover’s rather large cock. They seemed to move in sync, as though they’d been at their adultery for months, which was accurate given the time table.

Greg got up to kiss his lover, and although Mike tried to readjust the angle, he was unable to catch their faces. Then Shawn got down to return the favor, and Mike finally got several shots of them in the act. Yet afterward, they moved their activities back to the couch, out of view of Mike’s hiding position.

Mike was feeling hopeful, having snapped many photos in rapid succession. Yet a quick glance of the shots revealed they were a little too blurry to be useful. And worse than that, all most of them were of Greg's face, coming down on a cock belonging to a man difficult to prove as Shawn. Mike went back and forth through the photos as many times as he dared, but could not reasonably conclude that any would serve. Thus, he was left with one course of action.

Carefully creeping up to the door, Mike turned the knob and went in, closing it slightly behind him. The slick sounds of sweaty skin and low moans of lust could be heard from the other room, but it did not sound like he’d been discovered. He knew it was against the law, but since the door wasn’t locked, he didn’t think he could be charged. It would be impossible to leave without getting caught, but what did it matter if Greg knew or not? Mike would have the photos and his vengeance, and two naked men weren’t going to chase him out of the house to stop him!

Mike had to stifle a chuckle when he heard an asinine cry that wasn’t Greg. Shawn sounded like a fucking animal during sex! "Ha! Shawn’s about to make an ass of himself! I wish he knew what it was like to be an ass before he met Greg! Otherwise, he'd never have landed in this mess!” He muttered under his breath as he slowly crept forward. Unbeknownst to him, a warm glow emitted from the stone in his pocket as he finished muttering the words.

Mike crept slowly towards the living room, hoping to all hope that they would be in the midst of the act in time to snap a photo. Yet to his luck, both men were facing away from the entrance, deeply invested in their carnal pleasures. Mike was able to duck behind an armchair with sufficient view to take pictures to his heart's content, and maybe even get out unseen!

Shawn was currently ass-deep in Mike’s former friend, his balls slapping against Greg’s as they fucked doggie style. Both men were moaning, bestial sounds that made Mike’s ears burn. Still, as much as he didn’t want to see such an intimate moment, he had his revenge to take and raised his camera to snap several photos. He wished he had his cell for a video, but the pictures would do nicely!

Yet as he snapped his photos, something rather bizarre happened, making Mike take a double-take. Lost in their pleasure, it was obvious that Shawn hadn't noticed. But as Mike watched, the man's ears started wriggling of their own accord, stretching up the sides of his head as they sprouted luscious gray fur. They continued to grow, looking very out of place on the man’s head as they moved far above his scalp and started twitching. They almost looked...like the ears of a jackass!

Mike stared in horror as the man’s head continued to slope, wondering what the fuck was happening. Was he high? Yet suddenly, Mike was reminded of the words he’d spoken not moments ago. He had made a comment about Shawn being a jackass, hadn't he? But that was…

A warmth in his pocket momentarily drew Mike’s gaze downward, enough to see a strange glow emanating from within. He reached in and pulled out the stone, just now recalling he’d had it. It’s glow reminded him of the actual stone in the movie when a wish was granted. It was a neat addition, but as near as Mike could figure, it was an actual stone, with no battery or any other mechanism present.

A bestial bray drew his attention back to the rutting Shawn and the continued changes to his visage. His nose was growing bulbous as it lowered to merge with his lips, which themselves looked a little black and rubbery. Though it was difficult to see from his angle, it appeared as though Shawn’s teeth were yellowed, sticking out of a mouth too small to fit them. His beard was thickening across his cheeks, turning gray as it rose to cover his chin and face, even spreading outward to cover his prognathous jaw as it continued to wetly crack forward.

It was obvious to Mike that Shawn was changing into a donkey. The coincidence was too obvious to ignore. What exactly had he muttered? ‘I wished Shawn knew what it was like to be an ass?'

“Holy shit! This is insane. Shawn is really changing into a fucking donkey. Is the stone doing this, or what? Hmmm…” finished Mike, contemplatively. As bizarre as it was, there was no other explanation!

Mike continued to watch, more fascinated than anything as Shawn continued to change. His hair was stretching atop his head, becoming coarse and bristly as it ran down his thickening neck. His face expanded, and his thick tongue rolled out of his mouth. His lusty moans became thick and guttural, the occasional bray becoming clearer the more the changing beast fucked his male mate. He was worried for a moment that Shawn might be able to see now that his eyes were forced farther apart on his asinine head. Yet the donkey-headed man seemed only to be focused on rutting the man underneath him.

The more Shawn changed, the more his demeanor seemed to match his animalistic appearance. What had been a gentle, steady pace was becoming more forced, thrusting in and out with a bestial disregard for his mate’s pleasure. It was as though Shawn was changing in mind as much as in body. The pleasured brays and placid expression seemed to indicate such a fate!

Mike wondered for a moment how it was possible for Greg to be enjoying Shawn’s cock while his partner was growing heavier and changing above him. He’d specified wishing Shawn would know what it was like to be a jackass BEFORE getting involved with Greg. Did that mean Greg now knew his lover had been an actual donkey, and his thoughts were changing to accommodate the wish? The stone really must have been powerful!

Shawn was still changing all the while, both men still evidently oblivious. Mike could hear a wet crunch of bone and sinew as Shawn’s ribs pressed out, his shoulder blades cracking forward and compressing his chest along with them. Pepperings of gray fur spread over his ballooning flanks as the bristly mane ran down his neck and his spine popped up above his back. It seemed as though his spine was lengthening, making him reposition himself several times to keep his cock deep in his mate’s bowels.

Shawn’s hands were having a more difficult time gripping Greg’s shapely ass as his shoulders forced his arms into a limited posture. The fingers themselves seemed to lose their grip, all but the middle ones twitching and shrinking into thinning wrists. The bones within his middle digits seemed to lengthen beyond his former palms and wrists as they slid up his mate’s back in an attempt to hold on, desperately grasping at Greg’s sides.

Mike watched, entranced, as Shawn’s nails seemed to darken, forming around the entire tip as they swelled with girth. They seemed to be thickening with shiny, black keratin that started to take on a curved shape, beyond the size of his thinning wrists. Soon two, large, hooves were all that remained of Shawn’s former digits, barely able to hold on to his mate. It looked like Shawn was on his way to becoming a total ass!

The more Mike watched, coming to terms with the power of the wish, the happier he became. This was a far better vengeance than anything he could have hoped for, pictures of his former friend being fucked by an animal. He raised his camera a few more times for good measure. He would wait for the change to complete, as well, but part of him wanted evidence of the bizarre transformation. No one would believe him without pictures of Shawn mid-change!

Yet the more he watched the display, the more Mike wondered if perceived bestiality was sufficient punishment. Could the stone do something far worse to make up for all the past transgressions and agony Greg put Mike through? He decided to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

"Let's make this fun. Greg uses people for his own gains and just treats them as things. I wish that Greg learns to get used by becoming Shawn's huge black donkey cock, ready to fuck a jenny or mare whenever Shawn desires it. And make sure he feels and remembers himself while being aware of everything Shawn does with him."

Mike felt the rock heating up in his hand, and the glow emitted from it was visible around the room. He stared with bated breath at Greg, wondering how the changes would begin and wanting to see his fall from both humanity and autonomy.

Greg was gripping the sofa’s arm, enjoying the sensation of being fucked as the donkey’s ballooning belly pressed painfully against his back, threatening to crush him. Mike watched with excitement as Shawn's hips started to flatten, and his cock started to grow within Greg’s ass. The girth of the penis swelled to encompass Greg's insides, sticking to his inner walls as it did so. Mike was certain that Shawn’s penis must have been altering to become a urethra inside what was soon to become his donkey cock.

Much to Mike’s delight, he did not specify that Greg had always been Shawn’s penis. Instead of Greg's previous compliance with the changes, at the sensations of something swelling and fusing to his insides, Greg started to panic. But even as he came to his senses, Mike knew it was far too late for him, already stuck to the soon-to-be donkey above him.

"W...what's happened with my ass? Why can't I move away?” He moaned, struggling as he gripped the couch, tugging with all his strength. But even if he didn’t have a massive donkey humping away and crushing him, his ass was now tied to the cock inside him as he prepared to become much more intimate with it!

Mike wanted to reveal himself but wasn’t ready, just yet. He wanted as much time as possible to watch Greg suffer before Mike let his former friend know that he was the source of it all!

Mike suppressed a giggle as the bone and muscle in Greg's feet seemed to dissolve away with a satisfying sloshing sound. His toes were drawn into his feet as his boneless knees started to bend in unnatural ways. Greg’s hip bones melted away as his thighs swelled up with fluid, growing rounded and bulbous into what Mike could only assume was the beginning of equine balls!

"Oh, God! What’s happening with my legs! Heeelp!" Screamed Greg as his legs continued to warp into heavy black donkey testicles. Mike wasn’t sure who he was calling to. No one would hear him as he turned into a donkey’s cock!

All the while, the bones in his body made a disturbing sloshing sound as they started to dissolve. Mike envisioned Shawn’s fromer cock fusing with the remnants of Greg’s spine, holding him up as his legs continued to balloon with donkey cum. Greg’s own cock shot out a modest load of seed, making him moan in release between panicked cries. The remnants of his cock sank into his former groin, pulled upward along with his testicles until nothing remained except for a smooth surface.

By now, the skin of his former legs had turned leathery and dark. The black flesh was beginning to spread all the way up to the man’s chest. The crunch of bone dissolving resonated from Greg's trunk as it started to expand, its contours fading into the darkening flesh. The overall circumference grew rounded, thinning from its former human size, and Mike was certain all the internal organs were shutting down as they broke into a much more simple urethra. The muscles of Greg's hose-like body had been changed into corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum tissues. His spine had also regressed into a simple deep dorsal vein, branching into dorsal arteries.

Greg finally released his grip on the couch, knowing he could no longer pull himself forward. Instead, he tried tugging at his torso, in an attempt to free himself from Shawn’s body. But it soon proved to be a mistake. The instant his arms touched the flesh, the bones in Greg’s arms melted away, and the entire limbs were pulled inside without fanfare. With a slick, sloshing sound, his arms lost any mobility they once had and were formed to add mass to Greg’s trunk.

"Oh no...Not my arms! They’re stuck! Make it stop! Pleeease... " Greg whimpered in vain. But it was no use as his former arms merged seamlessly with the rest of his body.

With each pathetic whimper, Greg’s body continued to shrink towards the dimensions that Mike assumed would comprise a donkey’s penis. His neck fattened to the width of his body, making him unable to turn around to view his changes. His flesh was mostly black, mottled with pink patches as bulging veins sprung along the surface and grew engorged with blood. His shoulders hunched, rounding into a preputial ring as the bones and muscle all dissolved away.

Shawn, meanwhile, was growing larger, as though Greg’s lost mass was fueling his continued changes. Shawn had moved his way off the couch, his hips and legs hunched to match his upper frame while Greg hung awkwardly in the air. Shawn’s ass raised up as his heels extended, the bones in his foot pushed upward to accommodate his thickening toe bones. The surface of each middle toe thickened with a ballooning nail as the rest of the digits regressed into his heel. His cracked hips merged into his ribs as his pelvis flipped forward, lowering him down into a quadrupedal stance as his calves bulged with muscle and diminished into a proper asinine length.

Finally, Shawn’s spine started to bulge as a growth burst forth, wagging of its own accord as the gray hair moved to cover it. Thick fur erupting from the tip seemed to irritate it as the ropey tail swayed back and forth. Mike was granted a rather embarrassing perspective of Shawn’s backside changing, his pucker thickening with muscle as his hips receded and left him with an exposed donkey’s anus. Shawn was now a full jackass, save for his cock with its still human head. Yet if the current rate of change continued, it wasn’t to last long!

Greg’s panic intensified as the full reality of his situation was starting to sink in. "Nnno....ssssstop iht...Ahhh! Don't....wannna....bee...a fouckin...cock!" He cried, helpless against his regression into a simple bestial appendage.

Greg was unable to move or even shudder as a thick, warm muscle played over his head. It was the donkey’s muzzle, intent on feeling its pleasure and bringing it to orgasm! Greg was disgusted while the remnants of his hair falling away as the donkey licked away his humanity. Worse, however, was the feelings of pleasure that radiated from his sensitive flesh, and the taste of hot, salty fluid building up in the back of his throat!

"Herrlgllp Mmeeeggllele!" He tried to gurgle, but his mouth involuntarily let out the first bits of donkey precum. He tried to cry out once more, but slowly lost the ability to move his lips as they condensed into Shawn’s new piss-slit! His face was flattening, its features diminishing as his mouth was lowered as it prepared to release the ejaculate that was rising in his former throat.

Mike was no longer able to hide his laughter at the fate of his former friend. Greg had spent his entire life fucking people over, and would continue to fuck, though for the rest of his life, only jennies or mares! Mike wondered if he should eventually turn both men back, but he had plenty of time to decide that.

It was time to make himself known before Greg lost his eyes. He walked in front of the donkey, whose attention was taken by pleasuring his long thick cock. Despite the presence of the muzzle in front of him, Mike could see Greg’s eyes bulge in fear from the sight of his former friend’s face.

“Ha! you shouldn’t have fucked me so bad Greg! Now you can fuck whenever Shawn gets horny! I wish I could see your cocky face when your jackass tries to fuck a big-ass broodmare in heat!" Mike laughed, finally getting the satisfaction he’d been craving for years!

Yet immediately after his statement, he covered his mouth with both his hands, realizing the words that he had uttered. He’d made a careless wish!

He hoped to all heaven that the stone did not hear him. Yet there was no denying the warm, now-familiar glow from the stone in his pocket that signaled his wish would unwittingly be granted.

"SHIT! What have I done!" Yelled Mike through his hands, but sadly it was already too late for him. There was nothing he could do now that a spell was invoked, but wait and see the consequences of his words.

Carefully, he took his hands away from his mouth, waiting with bated breath to see what would happen. Suddenly, a crack resonated through his wrists, as though the joints had snapped painfully. Though they could still move back and forth, they seemed to flex better in the opposite direction now. Mike winced as he saw his middle fingers bulging as had Shawn’s, the tips of which thickened with a shiny, hoof-like nail.

He quickly shucked off his clothes, not wanting to get trapped in them lest he cause himself pain. And part of him knew that he would no longer need them once the curse took full effect. He had just enough time to remove their burden before his fingers lost their functionality, staring down in vain at his green jacket, holding the cursed stone that had done this to him!

Mike panicked, trying desperately to twitch his fingers and keep them moving. Yet they relentlessly marched up to his flattening wrists, pulling into the skin as though they never existed. His middle fingers continued to bulge as the bones in each extended well beyond their human counterparts. Soon each nail began ballooning outward rapidly as they quickly reached the circumference of his former palms. Yet it escaped his notice that his hardening oval hooves were facing in the opposite direction of his hand. The painful snapping of his elbows did not make his attention either, or at least the fact that the same change had not occurred in Shawn.

“Please! I wish I hadn’t made that last wish!” He yelled, frantically, believing that the stone would glow and reverse the grotesque transformation that threatened to take his human form. He couldn’t reach for the stone anymore, not with his hoof hands. But it was clear the glow that signaled the stone had heard his wish was absent. He had forgotten the shopkeeper’s words, that the stone granted only three wishes, and he was just given his third and final one!

Mike was overcome by stress emanating from his tailbone, likely the start of an equine tail. His shoulders were bulking up, forming large masses of muscle and fat as they swelled beyond the confines of his neck, steadily absorbing it into their flesh. His shoulder bladers seemed to be contracting, even as they rotated backward, and the blades grew thinner.

"No, no, this can't happen to me too!" yelled Mike, hoping that somehow, someone might be able to help him. But like Greg, there was no one to spare him from this horrific fate.

Mike felt his ass cheeks pulling apart, and was certain he was soon to grow an equine’s ass. Yet the sensations were much stranger than he could have expected. His anus seemed to be stretching outward, impossibly large, filling with muscles that started twitching beyond his control. Mike's ass cheeks, meanwhile, seemed to be contracting. His pelvis widened and reversed as each bone recessed into the flanks of his belly.

Mike needed to see what was happening to him. The changes were surely different that Shawn’s had been, though it was clear he was turning into an animal as well. Yet he couldn’t turn his head back to look, as though his neck was completely gone. He tried in vain, but his hulking shoulders seemed to have swallowed the ability to flex his neck.

Mike reoriented himself toward the window, hoping the reflection of the glass might be sufficient. As he did so, he could feel new, strange muscle sticking out of his ass as the cheeks recessed further. The entire surface prickled with the growth of fur as what felt like a hole opened at one end, and then soon two more erupted from above it. The entire protrusion was moving now, the larger hole opening and closing in a way that terrified Mike to the core.

The reflection in the mirror was just sufficient to see the horror that was birthing itself from his backside. Sticking out from what used to be Mike's anus was a pseudo equine muzzle, moving and shaking as it gained increased articulation. It looked like something out of a Cronenberg movie, the head trying to cry out without vocal cords. The head lacked eyes or ears, but the shape of it was clearly a horse. Mike shuddered as he could feel developing gum lines sprout thick, yellow splotched blocky teeth. A tongue stretched from his anal cavity and lolled up and down, licking over newly formed lips.

Yet most disgusting was the two bumps above his developing nose that suddenly opened and sent Mike reeling backward. They were EYES, two brown orbs sat upon a flaring nose, and below two points that seemed to twitch into equine ears. In Mike’s shock, he was hardly cognizant of his ability to see from them. It was not seeing, not exactly. It was more as though he was aware of the sensory inputs into a second brain that was only now beginning to form. The more he felt the skull sloping and thickening, the better Mike was able to process the information as much as the new beast’s brain was.

There was very little of Mike’s backside left as the equine head took final form. Mike’s penis and balls were gone completely, recessed into the neck of the horse he had growing from his backside. The beasts’ ears started twitching as they took their proper shape, and his tailbone stretched out into the head as it branched into a new spinal column that fused with the primitive brain of the beast. Mike was stunned when the mouth opened and the horse head WHINNIED, a horrific guttural sound that no man or beast should be capable of uttering.

The changes were not done there, however. Mike's body continued to warp mercilessly as his middle toes stretched much like his hands had, the joints of his wrists reversing direction as all the remaining toes disappeared into his new hooves. Thankfully, his front legs helped in holding up the weight of his equine head, and decreasing the strain on his altering body. His belly distended, though was thickening from his chest rather than his stomach, which itself was barrelling out. His body continued to bulk up, and Mike realized with horror that he was losing the ability to move the strange backward limbs!

His skin started itching as the flesh turned leathery into black equine hide. Any place covered by the equine hide was quickly covered by thick, short black fur as his skin began frothing with sweat from the exertion. It spread all over, making Mike regret that he could not relieve the irritation. In his captive horror from the impossible changes, Mike was hardly aware that his face was also starting to turn leathery, his face and mouth growing rough with the same dark skin, though no hair grew from the flesh.

Meanwhile, his expanding rib cage grew from the opposite perspective as his lower ribs lengthened, and his upper ribs shortened. Mike felt extremely queasy as his internal organs reoriented themselves, all while growing into equine proportions. His stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver all expanded at one end and contracted in others as they reoriented themselves for this backward physiology. A sensitive spot erupted from his chest and started to balloon outward, rounding into flesh blacks with two lumps. Mike was unaware of it, but they resembled black leathery mare teats.

The big mare head was nearly fully formed now. Its neck was still thickening and itched relentlessly as tickling black horse hairs erupted into a mane all the down to its new neck. It moved on its own, as though experimenting with its newfound existence. Mike could feel the mare licking her lips, blinking her eyes as she snorted through the discomforting changes. Yet Mike was helpless to control her actions. It was as though her brain was her own, and she now had full control over his former body.

But it was the tingling in Mike's human head that was most concerning. It was the only part of his body that was as of yet unchanged. And in his mind, there was only one possibility left for his head. There was no way...but...

Even as the realization washed over him, Mike was aware his leathery head was deflating, pulsating as the bones and teeth all started melting into nothing. He could feel his hair falling away as his skull started contracting into the leathery headquarters of the mare. In its place, his spinal column pushed out of his forehead, wagging of its own accord as it lost connection to his former human brain.

Even as his vision began to ripple, he was still able to make out his former shoulders around him, ballooning up into plump equine asscheeks. There was no denying the truth of his situation. He would see Greg’s cock fucking a mare for the first time, from the position of the mare’s vagina that was his former mouth!

"Ouch, it hurts... When will this.... sshit... finally sstop... " Mike moaned uneasily in his shaky voice. His shrinking brain made it more difficult to form coherent sentences, as it started to dissolve into the beginnings of equine ovaries in his new body.

The pain of his tail forced relentlessly out of his skull as it ran down the length of his forehead and thick equine hairs itched from the surface. Mike groaned as it filled with muscle and sinew, swishing on its own power.

Some of the hair tickled his still-human nose, which itself had begun to change. It was flat in the absence of a proper bridge, and the two nostrils seemed to be pushed together into one hole. The edges were beginning to flare, taking on a rough, puckered-like appearance as the opening expanded. His former nasal cavity seemed to have changed into an equine rectum, moving back to link with the mare's readjusted colon. He could no longer breath, but no longer needed to from this end of his body.

The hairs tickled him again, and Mike did his best to stifle a sneeze, wondering where the urge was coming from with his degrading throat. Yet the sensation built up, and a disgusting scent hit his senses, one that stank of a barn and of fresh shit. He tried his best to hold back, but the explosion of air passed his nose with an 'fffftttt' that sounded like a horse's fart! He would have blushed in shame if his skin still had that ability.

“Mmmnnhhheelp!” Mike tried to yell with the last of his strength. Yet his teeth were gone, and his vocal cords were closing up, converting into his new mare’s vaginal canal. And even if he could articulate the words, the only one who could hear him was the jackass still in the room with him!

His lips were now large and rubbery, a thick grayish blade shade that matched the rest of his former face. His ability to move them waned as the change continued. He could hardly open or close his eyes, the lids almost non-functional as they moved to either side of his donut-shaped horse's asshole.

At last, his throat and trachea disappeared completely into the internal organs of the mare's vagina his mouth was to be. His Adam's apple had been relocated to form the beginnings of a mare's bladder, though Mike was hardly aware of it. Both hemispheres of his human brain had shrunk into 3 inch sized ovaries. Mike should have been braindead, nothing of his human existence remaining in the mare's upside-down body. Yet, somehow, he could still feel, smell, see and hear without a brain or sensory organs. He felt the wish had granted him the ability, much as he assumed it had given Greg.

A sound echoed from the room, and Mike the mare cunt was brought face to face with the donkey cock that was once Greg, hanging in the air as the donkey approached. His mouth was locked in a silent scream as precum oozed from it. He was nearly a complete cock at this point, only his eyes remaining to let him know that it was Mike's face he would be fucking.

Though Greg's body was completely an appendage now, all humanity lost, he could still perceive the world through non-existent senses. He knew it was Mike before him, knew it was a mare's cunt that was dripping wet, winking opened and closed where Mike's mouth once sat. Despite the horror of the situation, he needed to fuck. His sensitive flesh was fixated on the thought of a tight, hot tunnel, being driven back and forth to spray his intestinal contents. His thoughts were dim, as though degraded into the heat and seed that had become of his brain.

Mike was flushed with a similar heat at the sight of Greg's penis body dangling between Shawn's legs. The remains of his slitted mouth started opening and closing of their own accord, dripping a bead of moisture.

Mike was powerless to move away as the jack's head approached, seemingly entranced by the powerful, musky aromas wafting from Mike's slit mouth. He could feel the legs of his mare’s body grow weaker, as the mare he had become seemed to respond in kind to the horny jack. Much to Mike's disgust, he could taste both urine and vaginal juices leak from his mouth, though he was powerless to stop his lips from opening and closing in anticipation.

His world was thrown off as his body moved to position itself to be mated. Mike was barely aware of the mare’s legs kicking something away, something that felt like fabric. He tried to use the mare’s ears to hear the sound of the stone skittering across the room. His one chance of salvation was kicked across the room, landing under the couch and hidden from view.

When Mike's focus returned, he realized, with horror, that he no longer had eyes. But he was still aware of the jack's tongue on his lips, sending shivers through what remnants of his body Mike still had. He could feel his mouth leaking more fluids as it trembled with anticipation of being filled. He was almost disappointed when the warm moist tongue left his lips, but at seeing Greg dangling before him, Mike grew excited once more.

Greg, meanwhile, felt his entire length jiggling as he was hoisted towards Mike's opening. There was a slight sense of satisfaction, knowing that the man who cursed him was getting his own karma, but such thoughts were taken away the moment he felt his head touch the edges of Mike's mouth. Greg wanted to scream out; the pleasure was far too much! Yet he was only able to let himself feel every inch of his sensitive flesh flare with ecstasy as he was shoved mercilessly into Mike's waiting folds.

The sensations of being fucked where like nothing Mike could have imagined. His entire mouth centered around that delicious organ, its girth touching every inch of his insides he had control over. Mike could taste the salty fluids leaking from Greg's mouth, yet they only served to excite him more as his own juices leaked out. He found himself craving more of those fluids inside him, deeper down than even his former throat. There was something inside of him that begged to be washed in donkey semen. The taste itself was enough to make him clench to taste the jack's load!

Greg could feel himself being stimulated all over, but as he was thrust back and forth, a surge of fluid thickened from his former stomach, making him feel the need to vomit. Yet, instead of the disgust of bile, the taste of his seminal fluids was rather pleasant and made Greg crave to be used, to throw up his stomach contents inside the mare. The closer he got to release, the better the stimulation became.

Greg, the donkey dick, let himself go as torrents of donkey jism shot out of his throat. The salty taste overloaded his senses as it was pumped into Mike's mouth. His opening was filled with so much sticky donkey cum he could no longer taste Mike's sweet feminine juices, but it mattered little as his load continued to work its way into Mike's cunt mouth. He could no longer hear, see, or smell, but he could taste, and for a brief moment, no longer cared that his world was limited to only the pleasures of an equine phallus as he unleashed his load!

Mike could feel Greg throbbing uncontrollably in his mouth as torrents of foul-tasting cum shot into his mouth. Mike would have gagged from the sheer quantity, but he no longer had that ability as he was filled up with an impossible load of equine jism. Yet the taste made him crave the much more pleasurable flavor, finding it preferable than the mare's urine had been. It stimulated his insides and made him feel warm, full, as it settled where his belly once was, coating the sides and being drawn inwards by the design of his form.

At last, the jack moved off his mare, leaving Mike's mouth leaking cum uncontrollably. Mike wished he could wipe it off but was stuck with the taste of cum in his mouth as it oozed out in large dollops. Greg, too, felt more drops of seed dripping from his mouth but could do nothing about it as his body went limp. He felt the warmth of a fuzzy blanket covering him and was drawn upwards into a dark, hot tunnel that should have terrified him. But, lost in the rapture of being enveloped in equine orgasm, he allowed his thoughts to slip as he was pulled upwards into his new home, still covered with drying, sticky juices.

Mike could thankfully still hear through his mare body’s ears, though he could not work them with his own power. Yet still, he was aware of the door of Greg’s home opening and recalled, dimly, that Greg lived with his mother Nell. A cry of shock, followed by a series of enraged curses hit his ears as Nell’s familiar form walked into view. His mare’s body was not deterred, however, more focused on swishing her tail over Mike’s leaking face. He could hear Nell racing into another room, calling animal control and leaving Mike no doubt as to what his fate would be.


Many months later, the pregnant broodmare that was formerly Mike was grazing on the farm that was now his home. He was still painfully aware of his former humanity and now primarily experienced the world from the opposite perspective. Though disgusting, he had grown accustomed to the daily bodily functions of the mare he’d become. The remnants of his former facial senses were ever-present, the ability to taste and smell from the now bestial offices an eternal hell. Yet, it did him a small comfort to know that Greg, now only a donkey cock, had a much more limited perspective, unlikely to hear or see or taste, save the acidic flavor of donkey urine he experienced several times a day. Mike’s own fate was nearly as disgusting, but at least he was not entirely blind to the world from his former ass!

Yet soon he was to encounter something new, something which he both dreaded and anticipated in equal measure. He had thus far endured everything that could both enter and leave his anus and cunt. But something unique had been growing in his womb for the past 12 months. Soon his body would give birth, and he would feel a new life exiting his former mouth, just as all those days ago, Greg had entered his mouth to place it there...

Natural Equine Enhancement 2020-07-13T18:52:50+00:00

Nat sighed, feeling bored and tired from the long work week that had passed him by like an eternity. By the time he finally got a day off, the exhaustion had left Nat with no desire to get out and do anything fun. Instead, his tired body had plopped onto the couch, engrossed with a video game, and some soda he’d had the foresight to purchase a few days in advance.

Nat had gotten up to grab something from the fridge when he realized he’d forgotten to check the mail in the last several days. He was largely unconcerned, having not ordered anything specific. But there were likely at least a few bills in the mix, and he thought it best to make sure there were none that needed his immediate attention lest he received repercussions later.

Groaning, he made his way out to the mailbox, stuffed with the usual fliers he’d come to expect. Such a waste of good trees. And, as he’d feared, there were a few urgent bills in the stack that he’d have to pay with relative haste. Yet one package caught his eye. It wasn’t addressed to him specifically, but rather the occupant of the apartment. He normally would have trashed such a thing, yet something inside rattled when he picked it up.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he carried it into the apartment and opened it up. He did not expect the sizable bottle of what appeared to be pills. The product read “Natural Equine Enhancement", and it was clear from a quick read that they were some sort of male sex-drive stimulate. ‘Guaranteed to boost libido’. It was obvious that Nat had never ordered such a product, nor accidentally scoured the internet for anything that could remotely resemble it!

Nat turned the bottle over in his hands a few times before trying to open it. Inside were several large, horse-sized pills, smelling faintly of wheat or hay. They were certainly bigger than anything he’d ever tried to swallow, save for the Omega 3 supplements he had been taking to get in shape. They had clearly been sealed, with no obvious evidence of tampering that Nat could discern. And if they were dangerous, he would have heard something on the news, right? More to the point, they wouldn’t have made it through the mail system if they were a scam!

Nat figured what the hell. They were free, after all, and it had been a while since he’d gotten off. He’d had no desire to touch himself in weeks, and he could use a good go or two to really relax after a hard week of work. Not bothering to read the instructions, he took two, one at a time with a generous amount of water. They went down a little tight, but Nat was able to swallow them without choking, at least.

He set the bottle back on the table, his thumb hovering over the warning words at the bottom, reading ‘For equine use only. Take one every few days. Side effects could occur from human consumption.’

Nat went back to his seat on the couch, deciding to channel surf until they had the desired effect on his libido, assuming they worked at all. He soon found himself engrossed in a documentary and forgetting about the pills. About 15 minutes later, he felt an odd tingling swelling from his stomach, making him flush a little. Was it the pills kicking in so quickly? That didn’t seem right.

Yet soon, the sensations were centering towards his groin, and Nat was hit with a wave of arousal. It was as though every liter of his blood was redirected towards his cock as it expanded painfully in the confines of his pants. How was it happening so fast!? If the instance ache in his cock kept up, he would blow his load in his pants before even getting to enjoy it! What was in those pills, anyway?

Nat leapt up and headed into to his bedroom, hoping to at least grab some tissue before the ache in his cock took care of itself. He could see the bulge in his pants swelling against the front of his jeans, far larger than the outline he was familiar with. From the gradual increase in size, Nat was worried it might burst out of his jeans! Nat struggled to readjust his pants, finding a position that allowed him to alleviate the ache, though the tightness had not abated. In fact, it had only gotten worse!

There was no way a pill could bring him to erection this rapidly. It wasn’t natural. The cock he was packing was larger than he should be able to obtain. And if the insistent pressure was any indication, it was still growing! No matter how much Nat wanted to deny it, his cock was expanding beyond anything his lithe frame could support.

He felt another wave of dizziness overtaking him, the quantity of blood required to maintain such a beast more than his body could provide. Nat took a moment to steady himself, balancing against a dresser as he reached down for his zipper. He needed to free the beast, so to speak, or it might rupture something!

He tried to tug down his zipper, yet was unprepared for the pressure in his pants. His still-growing rod pulled almost painfully taut against the fabric. The size of the package he was packing was far more than the pants were meant to contain and made lowering the zipper impossible.

He stared in confusion at his massive meat, still unsure how he could be sporting such a thing. Yet it was impossible to deny how...good the pressure against his cock head felt. Even the briefest touch to his cock sent shivers of sensation down his spine, and despite his initial trepidation, he had to touch himself. His fingers traced over the tip, jeans slightly moist from the sheer amount of clear fluid he was leaking. A moan escaped his lips as his deft fingers played over the cockhead, exploring the new contours of its larger size. He was massive, his head growing beyond the width of two fingers, and his pisshole large enough to finger as well!

Exploratory fingers reached over the size of the shaft, tracing the bulge all the way down to the base as he trembled from the sensitivity it now seemed to possess. Far beyond his modest 5 inches, the anaconda in his pants was pushing closer to 10, and was still slowly growing. Nat closed his eyes, awash in bliss from the sensations his penis awarded him. No masturbatory session had even granted him such pleasure!

Nat was scarcely aware of the sensations of prickling skin spreading down his legs, centering in his thighs. He could feel the heat playing over them, relaxing the muscle as it expanded to take up more space in his pants. It nearly caused him to fall over, his muscles feeling like putty as he continued to tease his tip though leaking jeans. He could feel an uncomfortable series of twinges in the limbs, as though his muscles were expanding and contracting with rapid succession. One hand reached down to explore the skin through the fabric as his average-sized thighs continued swelling at his touch.

The heat started moving past his knees, and all the way down to his calves. He flexed the muscles subconsciously, feeling their power as his calves too became swollen, pulling up the once-loose cuffs. His legs felt almost spring-loaded, brimming with a strength that had not existed in his minute frame. He could clearly see the contours of his muscular limbs through the jeans. Hands off his cock for a moment, Nat traced his fingers over the firm flesh, marveling at the tone his body was acquiring in mere minutes. There was no way a sexual supplement could be doing this, right?

As his exploratory fingers played over the skin, he was suddenly aware of a bizarre prickling that seemed to overtake them. It covered his legs like a carpet, as though ants were walking over the surface. Nat reached down to scratch, rubbing all the way down his legs as every inch of his skin prickled with the energy. It reminded him of a growing beard, but Nat had never had any significant amount of body hair before! He wanted to take off his pants but was too preoccupied with one hand teasing his cock and the other trying desperately to alleviate the annoying tingling.

Yet even though the distractions, Nat was still aware of a new pressure swelling in his feet, centering on his middle toes as their tips seemed to tingle. It felt as though the nails were being stimulated, spreading over the flesh of the digit as the keratin started to thicken, leaving Nat confused. His entire foot seemed a little tight in the shoe, as though they, too, were growing.

The sensations were bizarre enough that Nat was distracted from the throbbing in his cock to stare down at his shoe. He could feel his toes scrunched up in the ends as they continued to swell to unnatural sizes! It was quickly becoming evident that his feet were swelling several sizes too large for the shoes he had purchased. The growth of his feet was making it painfully tight in shoes that were not meant to contain them.

He quickly became aware that his heel, too, was starting to extend, the bones within expanding and making Nat pitch forward. He walked over to sit on the bed as his heel continued to lengthen several inches, leaving him unbalanced. He felt a little queasy at the notion that he might be growing a little taller from the enhanced leg length.

The size of his still-growing foot made it difficult for the modestly priced shoes to manage. He could see the laces pulled impossibly tight, until, with an audible pop, their bonds were undone. The glue binding the seams started to tear at the sides, the tiny opening extending as his larger feet sought freedom. It was obvious that his feet were not fated to last any longer in the confining shoes. Yet with how swollen his muscled legs had become in the strained pants, he had little recourse but to watch the seams tear apart in the center as the mass of his new feet came into view. Their girth continued to remove the binding, pulling the laces apart as the entire circumference of the shoe gave way.

Soon his new feet, double their former width, had entirely burst out of their confinement, leaving only stretched remains of torn leather in their place. Nat kicked them off, feeling their discomfort starting to annoy him. His socks were next to go, even though the white fabric was stretchy. Nat was thankful he always opted for cheaper socks; otherwise, he might feel a pang of guilt for their loss. A few sharp tears echoed in his ears as the socks were stretched beyond their limit, with no place to go as they tore around the center and exposed his changed feet.

Staring back at him were feet twice the size of their human counterparts. The nail on his middle toes was a muddied brown, swelling to encompass its entire surface. It seemed as though the distal tarsal was growing, pushing against the rest, causing his toe to expand. It steadily lengthened, growing double, triple the length of his other toes as the entire space started to swell, pushing the rest of the sides. A light crack resonated through his foot as the bones of his sole began to contract to make room for the lengthening toe bones. Nat was happy he was sitting down; otherwise, he might have fallen over from his changing stature!

The sensations were flowing over the rest of his toes now, the familiar tingle indicative of change. Yet, in this case, the bones and tendons of his other toes seemed to be growing smaller and more flimsy. They lacked the same nail that adorned his middle digits, making him a little concerned. It seemed as though the toes were being pulled into his feet, while the middle digits ballooned outward.

Nat tried to wriggle his toes, but the muscles necessary seemed to have turned vestigial as his toes pulled further up his leg and sank into the warm flesh. It was incredibly uncomfortable, though thankfully not painful as his toes lost all feeling, as though they were no longer part of him. Nat could still tell they were dissolving into his skin, but all the nerves to denote their presence were absent.

It was far different than even the numbness in his middle toes; Nat could still feel a pressure from the middle digits to denote his floor underneath. He had only a single toe to hold him up, yet it had grown enough to support a creature much larger than his human self had been! The shiny keratin was thickening all over into an oval shape, the distal tarsal growing within to support them. The dimensions of the nails were increasing all at once, bringing their circumference beyond that of Nat's ankle! The bottom seemed flat, sturdy against the ground as the tip continued in that crescent shape that looked frighteningly familiar. Nat seemed to be staring at a pair of equine hooves!

!t was becoming obvious to Nat what was happening. He appeared to be changing to resemble a horse, much as was depicted on the pill bottle. Such things were impossible, yet there was no denying the evidence before his eyes. Humans didn’t have hooves, after all!

His stretching ankles pulled his jeans up somewhat, and Nat was momentarily distracted by the sight of black hairs peppering the skin. Was that the source of the previous prickling? Yet it didn’t give him too much alarm. If he had horse’s hooves, it would also make sense he’d grow fur, right?

Nat knew he needed to get up and retrieve the pill bottle to find either a warning label or perhaps a number he could call. But it was nearly impossible to tear himself out of the reverie that the transformation had caught him in. His legs seemed to have completed their growth but were painfully tight in his pants. He needed to get them off, lest he ripped them, or worse, hurt himself.

Yet the sight of the outline of his dick captivated him once more. The stain from his expanding cock spread even lower than his knees, far beyond the confines of human anatomy would allow. His hands were back on his cock in an instant, rubbing at the tip and sending shivers of pleasure through his entire frame. It felt amazing, urging on his cock, making more musky pre leak from the tip. It was as though every touch, every sliver of sensation was urging his dick to expand ever so slightly inside his confining jeans. The sight of his expanding bulge was nearly enough to make him want to cum on its own, but Nat was in no hurry. The changes were rolling slowly over him, and he intended to savor every second!

A part of him deep down should have been horrified by the changes. He was turning into an animal after taking some strange pills. It was hardly an everyday experience! Still, even from the minor alterations to his limbs, it was evident that he was not to become entirely equine. The legs he had obtained were still very much aligned with his human ones, even though they had taken on very equine properties. And, even if he had a mind to be afraid, the pleasures ebbing from his growing cock were simply too sublime to grant him a moment of fear. Nat wanted to close his eyes and allow himself the rapture of touching such a mammoth penis. But if he did that, he would miss the alterations to his body!

The tingling of change seemed to stem from his hands now, and even as Nat continued to touch himself, he trained his eyes of his digits as the middle ones started to swell much as his toes had. The nail was thickening even as it turned muddy brown and started working its way around the entire surface of the digit. However, unlike his feet, the same nail was encompassing the rest of his fingers and thumbs.

A few cracks of stretching bone and accommodating joints resonated through his body as his hands started to swell up and a peppering of black hairs started to coat the backs of his hands. But instead of being on their way to full horse’s hooves, as had become of his feet, it seemed as though he was destined to keep his hands, even though the thick nailed figures disallowed him the level of tactile sensation his human digits granted.

His palms continued to swell, the veins writhing underneath the flesh as shortened black fur erupted all the way down to the bulbous tip of each. Each digit thickened, lengthening slightly, though retaining their human range of motion as they trailed the thick stain of pre that coated his jeans all the way to his knees. They were easily twice the size of their human counterparts, looking comically out of place at the end of his still human-sized arms!

The prickling of fur growth no longer bothered him; though Nat was tempted to feel it, he knew his fingers would be unable to detect much. And besides, they were far too involved in pleasuring his cock!

Nat was surprised he hadn’t cum yet, but was impressed at the level of stamina that his form gave him. Still, from the amount of tension his teasing was providing, he was certain his first equine orgasmic would drown the floor in foul-smelling spunk!

His wrists finally began to widen to accommodate his massive palms while the pricklings of sprouting fur and muscle growth were spreading up his arms. Nat’s eyes were drawn to the sight of swelling forearms, how the muscle seemed to press taut against the skin as their layers literally doubled and tripled before him in mere minutes. Yet the skin always seemed to catch up before Nat could feel any discomfort from the alterations. Soon, thick, black horsehide pooled like liquid in a glass over the pale human flesh and was swept over by black fur, growing like weeds from the pores as his own very sparse hair altered to match.

Soon the changes swept over his upper arms, which excited Nat. He pulled his hands off his cock, wanting to feel the sensation of swelling under his touch. He admired the building, popping muscles as his arms slowly expanded. Nat closed his eyes for a moment, imagining what he would look like as a linebacker. He’d never fathomed this level of build on his human frame, but he couldn't deny how sexy it was to grow so much girth without lifting so much as a barbell!

Nat wanted to pull up his shirtsleeves to see what was becoming of his arms, but lost in his rapture, he had not done so in time. The building, rippling muscles were swelling the insides of his shirt sleeve, leaving the formerly loose sleeves impossibly tight. Nat tried to get his equine-nailed fingers under the cuffs, but they were too thick. Nat was forced to watch as his sleeves were pulled up on his bulging biceps as they continued to ripple with layers of muscle. The detailed definition took shape under his shirt sleeves, accenting his larger arms well as they ballooned beyond what he fathomed could be possible on human proportions!

The tugging against his shirt continued as his chest started to puff out, the muscles underneath swelling as well. In particular, his pecs felt like they might tear at the skin from the speed of their expansion. But he need not have worried. The skin painlessly stretched to accommodate his pecs, and soon they were comically wide before the rest of his torso could grow to meet them. Each end tugged at the corners of the shirt, filling the space until his shirt was forced upward to expose his still-human belly.

Next, his ribs stretched out against the skin of his chest, making him moan slightly as they made room for the larger internal organs whose growth made him feel momentary discomfort.. His human equivalents were evidently far too inferior to meet the requirements of his horsey body!

The muscles underneath his chest expanded, forcing his skin to stretch in proportion to the rest of his growing frame. He enjoyed running his fingers across his flattened pecs, loving how his shoulders bulked up and allowed more muscle to be supported on his still-bulging biceps. He was on his way to becoming a magnificent muscled beast!

Soon the tingling stretched up from his fuzzy groin to his belly, and his formerly thin stomach started bulking up with fat. He could feel his already taut shirt tugged upward from the force of the expansion. It looked as though he had eaten a big meal, followed by drinking a beer keg on his own as his gut seemed to protrude. Yet it wasn't nearly large enough to obscure the sight of his cock, even as bent and confined as it was in his jeans.

Nat ran a hand over his swelling gut, feeling how firm it was, even despite the size it seemed to possess. There was certainly fat there, but underneath were layers of hard-packed muscles as befitted the beast he was soon to become! Nat had to admire the bear-like body he was growing into, even as his swelling paunch tugged insistently at the bottoms of his already awkwardly tight jeans.

His groin tingled, and he scratched it, keeping his equine digits above the waistband of his briefs. He could see the peppering of black horsehair, preceded by the spread of leathery hide, slowly encompassing his swollen belly and spreading up to his chest.

Soon his shirt was stretched to the limit as his beefy arms continued to grow to match the equine form he was destined for. The only irritation came from the continued prickling of equine hide, the short hair uncomfortable against the fabric of the shirt. But Nat had no way to remove it without tearing the clothing, and it wasn’t ready for it to give up the ghost quite yet. He was surprised that the tiny shirt could contain the horse-man he was becoming and had to give credit to the maker as his upper arms swelled to take every inch they possibly could in the taut fabric.

Yet it seemed that his growth spurt had not yet ended. He watched in fascination as his fuzzy belly continued to grow, the hard-packed muscle and fat that befit only the most diligent of bodybuilders. Each inch seemed to force his shirt up even higher to compensate as his belly continued to balloon. Soon, his shirt was tugged nearly towards his chest, looking more like a belly top than a properly fitting shirt!

Yet the more his belly grew, the tighter his pants felt against his swelling waist and growing gut. Nat tried for a moment to keep it in, but the growth of his stomach would not relent. It didn’t help that his girthy cock was also getting in the way, adding to the strain from the sheer arousal such growth provided him. It was starting to become uncomfortable, and Nat was worried he might hurt himself.

Despite the low chance of success, his seeking fingers attempted to find purchase under the waistband, only to be met by too much resistance. Once again, his fingers tried in vain to pull down the zipper, but it had grown even tauter against his unrelenting cockhead. His fingers were far too thick and unruly to grasp the metal of the zipper, or even unbutton the jeans or unbuckle his belt. He was trapped!

With a heavy sigh, he leaned back on his bed, bracing himself as his massive body prepared to forcibly tear from the human entrapments. He had little reprieve from the pain as the stretched leather of his cheap belt started to pull apart, a tear forming from either side at the pressure his changing body was providing. With a sharp snap, the belt gave up its struggle, bursting in two as the clasp clicked against the metal, and Nat breathed a sigh of relief.

The button on his jeans wasn’t far behind, struggling a bit between the fabric as the stitches holding it in place finally gave out, and it popped off, landing somewhere out of sight. His cock head sought an exit from the enclosure of the zipper, and with a snap, the first metal connector gave way. It was though permission was granted to the other connectors to release with a series of satisfying snaps. With a mighty pop, the front of his jeans finally gave way, a welcome reprieve from the pressure plaguing both his cock and belly!

With that, the meaty horsecock he now possessed flopped outward, still confined in his undies but far more comfortable than it had been. Nat breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the tension relent, and the surge of growth in his cock double now that the pressure was released!

The faucet of leaking precum in his already damp pants drew Nat’s attention downward to the girthy horse cock he had ignored for too long. Grunting from pleasure, he ran his new, meaty hands over his manhood, making it bounce up from his touch. With delight, he realized he was feeling the head change shape under his touch. The tip of his cock seemed to be flattening through the fabric, but it was impossible to know for sure. Exactly what did a horse’s cock look like?

The head of his leaking cock melted into the cleft as its entire surface flared and pressed against his already soaked briefs. Its circumference continued to expand, and as Nat traced his thick fingers over it, he could feel a bulbous ring form from the flesh in the center, an equine medial ring. His other hand reached down, teasing the weighty balls that were swelling with horse cum and making even his breathable briefs uncomfortably tight.

At last, the twinges of changes started encroaching over his neck, making Nat wonder what he might look like with an equine head atop his new body. The fur and horseflesh crawled up his neck, and Nat could feel his jaw start to twitch uncontrollably. A raised hand met warm skin and even warmer horse fur as his jaw ached slightly and started to press forward. His teeth felt off, and a seeking tongue ran over rubbery lips and gums. The dentures themselves were thickening, flattened into a herbivorous configuration even as the space between his front teeth and molars was separated with an expanding gumline. A quick glaze in the mirror revealed a growing snout with raised lips and hilariously splotchy horse gums and teeth!

Nat could see his nose extended towards his equine lips, even without aid from the mirror. He sneezed a little as the nostrils expanded, and the tip of his pink nose tickled with equine fur. The motion forced him to inhale deeply, and his heightened olfactory abilities detected the thin layer of sweat his body had been acquiring. The scents were a little unfamiliar, but their potency only served to send a twinge of arousal into his cock, making Nat moan in a much lower pitch than he was accustomed to.

He paused a moment, a little off-put by the sound of his voice. He tried speaking a few times, voice cracking as his throat and neck continued to expand. He was frightened at first, trying to work his new muzzle to enunciate his words. But soon, his tone started to stabilize, and Nat found himself moaning in his new deeper baritone, loving how the deep, masculine voice accented his powerful, muscled visage.

Lost in the pleasures of his new equine body, Nat was scarcely aware his expanding nose bridge was pushing his thin glasses off his frame. Too late, he tried to reach and grab them, but his clumsy fingers lacked the dexterity as his glasses fell with a thump to the floor. He momentarily cursed the broken glass, but then realized that his new hooves were hardly bothered by stepping on even the largest glass fragment. Besides, his eyes were shifting, and although they were positioned awkwardly on his growing skull, their visual acuity seemed improved compared to his human counterparts!

His entire skull cracked from the force of the change, yet Nat felt no pain. On the contrary, the sensations only served to send more shivers of pleasure through Nat’s equine member. He was somewhat shocked that he hadn’t reached orgasm yet! He could feel the short-cropped human hair atop his head sprout like weeds into a mop of black equine mane. His forehead sloped even as his head continued to stretch forward, and Nat stared fascinated as his skull shifted his ears relatively higher. The tips began to grow pointed and sprouted their own coat of black fur before the flesh melted like putty as they reached above his horse head. Nat nearly giggled when he realized the flexibility they possessed and spent a few seconds moving them this way and that with their new muscles.

A rather equine gasp of surprise left his lips as something above his expansive ass seemed crushed into the mattress. He stood up abruptly, reached back to feel a mass that twitched the instant he touched it. Craning back his long neck, he was able to see the growth swelling out of his tailbone. It began to wriggle as the tip and then the entire surface erupted with coarse fur, the same as on the top of his head. It grew several inches, hanging down from his backside as it involuntarily tickled the back of his legs and his ass, making him giggle that equine tone.

At last, the tingling seemed to subside, and Nat regarded his form in the mirror, the stallion-man visage he now seemed to carry. Despite the horror of such a drastic alteration, Nat had to admit that it looked rather fetching on his frame. He was a far cry from the scrawny human he had been, at least a few hundred pounds heavier than he had been (all muscle, of course) and at least an inch or two taller.

His clothes were painfully stretched all over, though Nat didn’t mind. It was amazing how...TIGHT they were now. His shirt was a small, stretched over his now XXL frame. His bulbous gut pulled the shirt taut up his chest, the bulging biceps stretching the arm sleeves to the breaking point. He flexed a brawny arm, and with a satisfying pop, a few of the seams came undone. He was so massive now, so powerful, and the clothes didn’t feel worthy of the muscled beast he’d become!

From the way they had pulled themselves expertly over the contours of his body, he could see every divot and rise in his new musculature. His pants were just as tight as his shirt, his powerful muscled thighs stretching against the fabric. They, too, accented his exquisite tone. The lines of muscle raced all the way down to the cuffs, which themselves were pulled tight up his calves. If he flexed them a little, he could hear a few micro-tears in the denim. He felt that even standing up or walking might tear them off his massive frame!

Nat figured he should finally go get the bottle, now that the changes were over. It didn’t matter if he liked the results. The fact they had occurred at all was more than unnerving. People turning into stallion-men was not a common occurrence!

Yet as he started to move towards the kitchen, another wave of dizziness raced over him, making him pause to reorient himself. His entire body slowly tingled in that now-familiar way that signaled increased growth. It was almost if he was continuing to change, though he had no idea why. Wasn’t he done? His mind raced for a few moments before recalling he had downed not one pill, but two. Was the second pill starting to kick in now?

He looked up, the ceiling dizzyingly closer than he would have preferred. He seemed to inch slightly closer with each passing moment as his calves and torso stretched. How big was he going to get? His arms seemed a little longer, aching slightly from the strain of expansion. With every inch, his cuffs grew more strained, and the bottom of his shirt pulled almost painfully tight, beyond what it could manage. He was going to burst out of his clothes at any second!

A snap in the elastic band of his underwear indicated the first of several strings giving way from the force of his cock. The flared cock tip shoved its way against the frail fabric, and with it, another popped band. Nat stared excitedly, unwilling to touch himself at such a crucial moment. The idea of ripping from his clothing from a muscled stallion-man body was the most erotic thing he could think of!

The still-present fabric of his white undies stimulated his flattened cock head exquisitely, making it push against its prison as it grew inch by inch. Nat couldn't believe how massive it was, or how big it might still get if the changes continued!

With a final pop and a tear of the damp, musky fabric, his equine cock was finally free, flopping into the stale air of his bedroom, before it's turgid length started to force outward once more. Nat gazed in fascination as his new shaft grew thicker, it's surface mottled with pink and black as its veins pulsed. Nat could feel a tingling from the base of his cock as a patch of skin drew its way upward over his formerly cut dick. The warm skin covered him like a cocoon, spreading up to merge with the flesh of his groin, just under his protruding belly.

Nat started to stroke his cock, gently feeling every inch as his ample precum provided the proper lubrication. The other hand reached down to cup the softball-sized horse testicles that were now part of his anatomy. It was as though he could feel them swelling with thick equine cum that he longed to spill. He could feel his body steadily growing, and knew that his muscled frame would soon tear from his human trappings. The thought of being big enough to rip apart his clothing was a powerful aphrodisiac.

By this point, his shirt was riding all the way up to his chest. The seams in the arm sleeves stretched to their limits as more of the individual ones gave way. His muscles were already so massive, beyond human proportions, and still managing to add on more layers as each once stretched and tore and rebuilt even larger in mere minutes. Yet Nat felt none of the pain experienced by bodybuilders as the pills allowed him to simply swell into a more equine visage.

Soon, a tear resounded from the back of his shirt, running down from the neck and the bottom as Nat’s swelling shoulders demanded more room. His biceps tore away the cuffs, two distinct tears running up to the arm sleeves. All of the remaining strings keeping his arm sleeve to his shirt relented from the force of his straining pecs, and Nat rejoiced at the release of pressure as his powerful frame outgrew the need for them.

Nat could feel his ass cheeks bubbling up against warped remnants of his jeans as his tail played over them. The previous relief he felt was gone as his furry hips swelled with bulk that made even the torn jeans prepare to pop off. Yet his muscled body was hardly more than slightly discomforted from the tightness, and any agony he might still have felt was taken from the pleasure ebbing from his horse-dick.

He was barely aware of the cuffs of his pants being pulled up his calves, ripped tight at the edges as they raised as high as possible. Yet soon, the still-growing girth of his lower legs was simply too much, and the soft sounds of tearing made his ears twitch. Even that was not sufficient to remove the pressure in the fabrics. A series of tears resonated up his calves, covering his hips and exceeding hard-packed horse muscle and fur everywhere the jeans gave way.

Nat could tell his waistband was soon to go, as his gut continued to distend, and his ass and hips continued to groan their growth. The tightness was starting to become uncomfortable once more, and Nat reflexively tucked in his gut, though with a different goal in mind than allowing a brief reprieve. He inhaled deeply, forcing his powerful paunch against the frail fabric as with a pop, his hips and ass tore out the back. The remaining strings were pulled undone, and the jeans were left to hang over the sheer size of his hips and ass. Several more satisfying rips resounded, allowing his sweaty horsehide to breathe. The ripped remains of his jeans started to fall off in chunks until nothing remained to hide his muscled equine legs, which had still not ceased their growth.

Nat was aware of slight dizziness as his stretching legs and growing chest allowed him a few more precious inches. The stain was not lost on his shirt as it continued to tear at both the back and front, the rips inching closer and closer to each other. It was obvious that Nat would outgrow them, but the relief in pressure was starting to show in the tearing. To accelerate the process and rid himself of the rags, Nat flexed, allowing his already shapely pecs and biceps to literally pop out with double, even triple the number of visible muscles. The tears accelerated until his shirt was pulled clean apart, falling to the floor in split haves as he lightly dusted off his black-furred horsehide.

Finally free from any human garments, Nat stood up to admire his equine frame in the mirror. He loved the sight of his horse-man self reflected back at him, his thick nailed hands stroking his cock as the pressure built in his balls. Nat could REALLY smell himself now, the odor of sweaty horse mixed in with the precum leaking from his engorged horse cock. The masculine stench reeked of power and virility and made him hornier than he'd ever been in his life. He had to admit, the pills delivered on their promise!

The familiar prickling played over his chest, and Nat wondered for a moment what was happening. It seemed as though the testosterone fueling his veins wasn’t quite done with him yet as the coat of horse fur became peppered with thickening hairs stemming from his groin. The prickling ran all the way up from his bulbous gut towards his powerful pecs. It gave him the look of a treasure trail, one carried by only the biggest bears. Nat had to admit, it accentuated the look of his muscled, equine body rather well!

Finally, the prickling settled on his face, where a beard would have existed if his human form had the proper genetics to grow one. But it was something his equine body made up in spades. He watched in the mirror as long, black hair peppered the surface, growing thicker as they stretched from his equine chin. He marveled at the sight of the facial hair accentuating the contours of his equine muzzle. He now sported a rather fetching goatee!

The sight of his testosterone-fueled fur growth was more than enough to send him over the edge. His powerful arms stroked lovely up and down his horse cock, threatening to explode at any moment as the pressure built. He could feel his balls starting to churn as they prepared to release their equine load. His strokes became erratic as his pleasure built, and he let out a loud bestial cry as his release blew over him!

Even the equine sounds coming from Nat’s mouth did little to disturb him as torrents of horse jism shot from the tip of his equine cock and coated his hand, the carpet, and his mirror with his seed. The rank male scent of ejaculate only served to spur on his pleasure as his balls throbbed, and his cock jerked and spurted out load after load. No sexual experience could ever equate this first equine orgasm, and Nat was nearly blown away from the sheer force of his masculine release.

Finally spent, Nat collapsed, his powerful legs giving out from the force of release. His body, big as it was, lacking the readiness to fully handle the sensations, and Nat fell hard onto his bed. His twitching ears were greeted to the sounds of the wood in his box spring cracking apart. Similarly, the springs in the mattress were crushed, and the metal was bent beyond repair. Yet Nat felt no pain from the impact; his massive, partially equine body was far too sturdy to be injured by such a thing.

He rose slowly, careful of maintaining balance in his new body as he did so. He felt a little unsteady on his hooves, but his legs were sufficiently large enough to lift himself steadily. He took a long hard look at his equine body in the mirror, admiring every contour his new form had to offer. He could still see some of his human self in the face, though the features were mostly equine. The masculine goatee had been a nice touch, hanging off his horsey chin from the sheer volume of testosterone pumping through his veins. Thankfully, his eyes remained mostly forward-facing and human, but his scent, hearing, and even taste were more in line with a horse. He was thankful he packed the fridge full of greens!

But it was his muscled, manly form that had really enraptured his attention. He traced his heavy nailed fingers over his pecks, drawing over their length, marveling over their thickness and ease of flexibility. His fingers trailed down over his bulbous belly, hardly able to even see his legs and feet from its sheer size. Yet it was far from fat, his shapely belly full of bulges and veins and hard-packed muscle under the sturdy beer belly of a draft horse.

His arms, too, held much promise, lines of muscle, and depressions of tone that couldn't have existed on his human frame. Endless lines of divots, ridges, and veins poked out just under the warm, sweaty horsehide. In a trance, Nat traced his fingers over each, trying to commit each to memory, in case this form was temporary. They continued exploring the long muscles in his legs, stretched taut and stringy, and leaving long lines of tone in the skin that ran all the way down to his calves. His horse tail flicked casually over his hips and ass, ticking the ridges of his asshole and making Nat nicker in delight.

Lost in his exploration, Nat could feel his horsecock rise to the occasion, sliding out of its fuzzy, cum stained home as it sought to bring him the pleasure of equine release once more. Now better able to control himself, Nat was able to bring his hand down to cup his massive testicles, to truly feel how BIG he was. Even with his strength, his balls felt heavy, swelling with seed as the testosterone surged through his body. And his cock was so long, swaying back and forth as it relaxed, steadily growing from his sheer enjoyment of the new form. Nat must have been standing 8 ft tall, but he was able to nearly touch his horsecock with his muzzle if he tried hard enough!

Nat just stood there for what felt like an eternity, enjoying the swelling of his equine cock once more, aroused at the thick male musk in the air. He was quite impressed with the effects of only two pills. Yet Nat found himself wondering what more could do. He figured perhaps now wasn't the time to overdose and risk inhuman alterations to his form. But what about after the recommended time? How big would another pair of pills make him? The thought sent another burble of cum from his girthy horse-meat.

Another part of him wondered if he should contact the pill provider, try and figure out what was in those things that could turn a man into a muscled stallion. Maybe they could change him back? Yet with a horse’s cock in between his legs, massive and needy, and smelling of rank virility, did he even want to go back? Smiling, he rubbed his thick nailed hands into the volcano of precum erupting from his horse cock, and prepared for another round of emptying his thick black balls from their heavy burden.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #20768038 - 13 Jul 20 23:43
Love the detail in the TF here, esp how his clothing slowly succumbs to his changes. I wonder what would happen if he hooked up with someone...
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 14 Jul 20 01:04
hehe, maybe slip them the pills first? ;3
user avatar
User #20768038 - 14 Jul 20 01:21
Unless there's some residual left over in his body fluids... :P
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 14 Jul 20 14:36
someone coming over to see what all the whinning is about ;)
Shoot Me Story Prompts! 2020-07-10T20:45:22+00:00

Fun Little Idea I had. I have a collection of prompts for my patreons to vote on, but I wanted to get an idea for some from the community! Here are the rules:

1. Must be no more than two-three sentences

2. Must contain scenario, trigger, victims, and species

3. I will pick these based on ones I like/number I get (if I only get one, I'll likely do it!)

4. Only one per person per post!

5. Must be started here, and not in a private note!

6. These are not commissions! I will just be using the prompt for a story idea that I may submit for the monthly voting list! (I can credit you with the prompt though if you like)

7. Have fun!

Comments (22)
user avatar
User #9115477 - 15 Jul 20 13:24
Guy at bar when someone orders a round of hair of the dog for everyone. People drink as they slowly not the smell in the room and start to act more dog like sniffing eachother, panting ecen marking their seats so no one takes them while they go somewhere else until its a dog on dog full on orgy as everyone finds that escape and release they were looking for at this sleazy out of the way bar. Bar owner brings our collars and leashes for em after?
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 16 Jul 20 01:50
love it!
user avatar
User #8711733 - 11 Jul 20 00:18
You've always wanted to get huge, but just as you've finally gotten motivated to go to the gym, they've been shut down because of some 'animal virus'. Luckily, you've heard of a gym that's taking people on to train one-on-one. The gym name is a big strange, and it smells like a barn inside, but that's not going to stop you from getting beefy. ;3
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 11 Jul 20 00:32
hehe that has potential!
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 25 Aug 20 02:16
were you thinking feral or anthro? in the likely event that this idea gets enough votes for next month...
user avatar
User #8711733 - 2 Sep 20 11:13
Totally up to you! I'd be happy to see either :3
user avatar
User #6604049 - 10 Jul 20 20:55
Chubby guy eats garbage and becomes semi-fit raccoon
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 10 Jul 20 23:05
i haven't done any raccoons yet!
user avatar
User #3284828 - 10 Jul 20 23:07
Pair of stoners cut open a toy mouse after hearing they can get high on catnip. Lighting it up turns them into a pair of affectionate housecats who end up playing with the remains of the toy together.
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 11 Jul 20 00:32
anthro or feral? both are of interest! (anthro reminds me of an artwork i've see)
user avatar
User #3284828 - 11 Jul 20 00:35
Feral was what I was thinking.
user avatar
User #256092 - 11 Jul 20 08:05
Very nice idea, and catnip makes almost all cats high, so also the big cats.
user avatar
User #12432239 - 11 Jul 20 04:02
A straight office guy who goes to a bar at the end of the day, complains about work to the bartender and makes an ass of himself, bartender gives him a special drink at the end of the night. The next day he begins his slow, straight to gay public transformation into a donkey, unaware of his changes as mental and physical changes become apparent to all around him. He now can become what he really is, and escape his regular job for something more liberating :)
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 11 Jul 20 13:30
Thinking this is a two part idea. Agree?
user avatar
User #12432239 - 11 Jul 20 13:36
It could be, what idea did you have in mind for a two parter?
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 11 Jul 20 13:44
More focus on the straight to gay in the first, and the ass in the second. I think if this idea gets picked then I'll start writing it and decide as I go if it I wanna spread it into 2
user avatar
User #12432239 - 11 Jul 20 14:11
That would be insanely hot, I really hope you choose to do this. It’ll be an amazing piece by you as always :)
user avatar
User #16500061 - 10 Jul 20 22:27
Fat boy walks deep in forest. Three bullies from high school meet him and start bullying him about being fat and perhaps moobs (to make poetic justice easier). Fairies deal out some poetic justice by turning the bullies into feral animals representing being fat and/or having boobs, and the fat boy in some very sleek/thin/very masculine forest animal.
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 10 Jul 20 23:05
love it!
user avatar
User #256092 - 11 Jul 20 08:12
A zoo visitor annoys the lonely leopard at the zoo. He comes too close to the grating and the cat marks him with urine. He doesn't notice the transformation yet, but he curses the cat especially strongly. Suddenly he gets horny, he is desperate to mate with the leopardess. He looks for a way into the enclosure to the leopardess. When he is with her, he notices that his body already has fur, beautiful black fur, he will become a panther. In the end both leopards lie next to each other in a familiar way.
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 11 Jul 20 13:31
I like it :) another man happier with a beautiful fur coat!
user avatar
User #256092 - 11 Jul 20 13:59
What goes through my mind, why should always only men tease animals, it can also be a woman, who then becomes a needy cat there. Male cats can also urinate very precisely to the back when they mark their territory. A nice fur looks good on every cat, and a woman might also be happy about a nice fur coat. It does not necessarily have to be a leopard (panther), it can be almost any other big cat like jaguar, snow leopard, tiger, puma or clouded leopard.
Where do all my patreons call home? 2020-07-03T19:48:07+00:00

I'm Canadian myself, in Ontario! (Bit more north than most Ontario Cities)

Fell free to mention where in the comments if your comfortable!

Comments (12)
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User #6423199 - 4 Jul 20 06:14
US ~ Indiana
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 4 Jul 20 20:32
user avatar
User #27553471 - 18 Jul 20 00:49
Vancouver B.C & Seoul
user avatar
User #653588 - 6 Jul 20 03:04
*waves from Mississauga*
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 6 Jul 20 17:25
waves back from Sudbury
user avatar
User #8711733 - 4 Jul 20 13:10
Hello fellow Ontarian! :3
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 4 Jul 20 20:33
Oh nice! Sudbury here! Though originally from New Brunswick
user avatar
User #8711733 - 4 Jul 20 22:45
Currently in Waterloo doing school, but originally from the prairies. Small world!
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 5 Jul 20 17:41
Very! By chance have you attended any fur cons in the province (obviously not this year xD) ?
user avatar
User #8711733 - 11 Jul 20 14:50
I haven't due to general school busyness. I finally had some time this year but, well.. :p Hopefully I'll have a chance to attend a con sometime soon!
user avatar
User #137541 - 3 Jul 20 23:59
user avatar
GabrielMoon - 4 Jul 20 20:30
Wow nice! It's amazing to have people all over the world enjoying my work!
That's a Good Horny Ninetails 2020-07-03T19:06:09+00:00

I walked into the empty training area, no sign of my buddy Jason. After weeks of not hearing from him, he contacted me out of the blue to join him at a Pokemon adoption center. He always kept in contact via Rotom phone, and for him to disappear for such a long time was concerning. But now I knew where he was, and I might get a new pokemon partner in the process!

At the other end of the stadium, I squinted to see an off-white fox approaching with nine massive tails trailing behind it. A Ninetails? Was this one of the Pokemon to be rehomed? I’d always admired them, and now I had the chance to be one's trainer!

“Hey, buddy, are you lost?” I said as I carefully approached, not wanting to startle him. He was lovely, regal as he neared with his tails raised and on display. He was all white, save for accents of black fur at the tips of his mane. It was rather fetching, I had to admit.

No, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. And so are you, Gabe, Sounded a voice in my head. I stopped, startled as I looked around for the source. Save for the Ninetails, there was no one else here. He couldn’t be speaking to me...could he? I was certain that Ninetails wasn’t psychic, but...

As my gaze fell upon the fox Pokemon, I noticed his eyes were glowing an eerie red. I stared, mesmerized, unable to look away as the Pokemon’s muzzle opened in a sort of smile that unnerved me. It looked...almost human…

Just then, I felt a warmth flowing over my body, enveloping me in a comfortable blanket as I stared into the eyes of the fox Pokemon. My skin itched, in particular around my chest and ears, and I rubbed at the spots, trying to alleviate the sensations. Yet the heat was becoming unbearable, and I pulled off my shirt, panting from the exertion. Though, to my surprise, I was not sweating. I wanted to tear my pants off as well, but couldn’t bear the embarrassment, even in the presence of only a Pokemon.

I rubbed the bare flesh of my chest, the heat running up into my arm as my seeking hands landed on something unexpected. It was soft, almost like...hair? Glancing down, I was greeted to a spreading patch of off-white hair that was frighteningly familiar. It looked like the fur of a Ninetails!

The itching in my ears drew my fingers up to feel the same fur spreading over the expanding appendages. I was horrified to realize that they were expanding into pointy tips as their surface became adorned with white. I shivered despite the heat as they started twitching of their own accord. I didn’t have a mirror, but it only took one look at my captor to realize I likely shared the same pointed vulpine ears as him!

An ache in my spine drew my touch as something started tearing from the flesh of my lower back. I think somewhere, deep down, I knew what to expect. Yet I was still startled by the feeling of warm skin protruding from my spine, followed by the peppering of soft white fur. The thing twitched at my touch, making me aware of the new neural connections required to move such a thing. I had a tail! The first of many, if my assumption was correct.

While trailing my hand over the expanse of white and brown fur adorning my growing tail, I began to realize that my fingers felt stiff, a sharp tingling disallowed their flexibility. Horrified, I pulled back my hand to see the fingers curling on themselves, the nails sharp and black. Thick, black pads were forming from the pale human skin, covering each of my four fingers and my palms as my entire hand continued to shrink. My thumbs moved all the way up my wrist as the rest of the digits continued to shrink. I flailed my fingers uselessly, trying to maintain their flexibility, but my efforts were fruitless. I could no longer move them at all as they reduced in diameter to tiny stubs, a thick webbing between them to hold them in place as they formed a bestial paw!

I was changing, somehow, to resemble the creature before me. I stared in terror at the Ninetails, whose gaze had not left me since the ordeal started. Those red eyes regarded me with focus, and even as I drew my attention back to them, their glow intensified and sent a surge of pain into my tail, as the thick bone split in two and started pushing outwards. In mere moments I had a second tail birthing from the base of the first, rapidly forming bone and muscle even as the tip turned brown with fur that faded into off-white. How could a Pokemon be doing this to me?!

Don’t you recognize me, Gabe? It’s me, Jason, The voice echoed in my head. I stared transfixed at the fox’s features, finally seeing something familiar in the expression, the hair. Could it be…? But no, it was impossible, wasn’t it? But then, what could explain the changes to my own body?

“W-what’s going on?” I asked, fear in my voice as I struggled with the pain of my third tail pushing out of my split spine, and out of my pants to hang with the first two. Even in my panic, I felt them swaying much as the other Ninetails-no, Jason-was moving his own!

It’s it obvious? Now that I’m a Ninetails, I want you to join me as my perfect mate. Said the voice in a sultry tone that startled me. I only now became aware of the red rocket hanging just below Jason’s belly. It was the cock of an animal, wrapped in a sheath as it leaked all over the floor. He really was turned on!

The glow in his red eyes intensified once more, and I was assaulted with a wave of dizziness that lowered me onto my knees. I recalled some of the abilities of a Ninetails, how they could use hypnosis to distract their opponents, but I’d never known it could be used on a human. I struggled but was helpless to resist as I felt the fur on my chest spreading, running up to meet my neck as my shaven face became enveloped in a soft coat. My itching paw started to thin as the Ninetails fur peppered my wrist and started covering my shrinking arm. Even the fur on my ears was spreading, running down to meet the bushy white bead I now had over my face.

Yet I was still trapped by the hypnotic stare, unable to stop the changes as my body warped against my wishes. I could feel my heels extending as the balls of my feet diminished to match the dimensions of my paw. Nails thickened and dug into the floor as my toes stopped twitching. My hind toe was reduced to a dewclaw as the same webbing stuck the remaining reduced digits together.

Yet all my focus was on the lovely red eyes staring into my soul, urging on my transformation. It seemed that Jason was enjoying changing me as he had evidently been changed. Struggling though I tried, I couldn’t take my mind off his thick vulpine cock, eager and erect at the sight of my transformation. The fuzzy sheath, thick red knot, and pointed tip were mesmerizing.

Despite myself, I could feel my own cock hardening in my jeans. Without thinking, my still-human hand reached down to undo the zipper, letting my rocket hang out into the air. The warmth of change enveloped its length, erect from the sight of the sexy beast before me. I grunted, feeling the tip starting to point as the cock-head merged with the cleft, leaving me with a tapered head. Although I could not look down, I was sure it was turning a deep crimson to match my mate’s. The changes swept down to my balls, swelling as they plumped up with virile vulpine seed and covered with a soft white fuzz. That same fuzz flowed up my shaft into a sheath that attached itself to my thinning belly. Yet it was insufficient to envelop my thick canine knot as it hungered for a male’s tail hole.

I stood there, trying to fight off the erection, but the Ninetails that had once been my best friend was just so sexy. It simply felt too good to be hung like a Ninetails! I felt my cock burble another thick drop of precum onto the floor as the tingling in my spine intensified. Another tail was branching off from the thickening stump, giving me a fourth flowing tail as it too filled out with muscle and bone and soft velvety white fur.

Good Ninetails have beautiful, flowing tails, Jason’s voice echoed in my head, obviously aware of my interest in the growths. I wanted to fight and struggle, but he was right. Each tail felt so good, so right on my backside, making me feel more like the Ninetails he wanted me to be.

“Y-yes we...th-they do...” I muttered in my trance-like state. As I did so, another extension of my spine started to branch out into a lovely white tail, bringing the total up to five.

The transformation was coming faster, but I was slowly starting to welcome it. Jason’s words and hypnotic stare were powerfully arousing, and the knowledge that I was pleasing him by becoming a Ninetails could not be ignored. I could feel my jaw stretching, my teeth sharpening as my nose grew black and filled my field of vision. Yet I did not mind. My developing muzzle mirrored the sexy visage of my mate, and I welcomed its growth and the plethora of scents that it brought with it. My blackened nostril flared, and I was able to drink in my mate’s musk, smelling his randiness, and his desire to breed!

The fur was continuing to cover my body, running up my barreling chest and spreading over my shoulders. I could feel it growing from the roots of my human hair, spreading to change my lovely long brown into the short white mane of a Ninetails. I could feel my eyes watering, and opened them to a world that was shaded in different hues than what my human vision had perceived.

The fur was continuing to cover my shoulders, running down my left arm as the fingers started to snap and contract. Part of my mind wanted to flex them, to retain what little I still had of my humanity. But why did I need human fingers? I was a lovely Ninetails now, right? Ninetails didn’t have hands! I wasn’t sure where the intrusive thought had arisen from, but I found it nearly impossible to resist as blackening pads formed at the tips of my fingers and palms as my digits contorted into stubby stumps with thick nailed claws.

I knew the change was coming faster, and that I needed to resist. I wasn’t a fox Pokemon, no matter how good it felt. But I couldn’t think of a good reason to. If it felt this good to be a Ninetails, why was I so distressed? I was becoming beautiful, sexy, and powerful. And I was pleasing this lovely male. I could scent his seed leaking in the air, which sent a shiver of ecstasy through my sex, making my loins ache with the need to hump and rut.

“It’s getting h-hard to...th-think…” I whined, struggling with my waning human thoughts. It was getting harder and harder to hold on to my human form, to recall why it was terrible to give in to the new sensations playing over my body.

A good horny Ninetails like you doesn’t need to think! Jason’s hypnotic voice echoed in my skull and burned into my very soul. It was like his words gave me permission to give in to the pleasure swelling all over my form. If Jason told me it was OK, then it was surely safe, right?

As my thoughts started to center on the wonderful transformation, a fiery warmth swelled from my spine as more splits rose to form two more lovely protrusions of flowing white tails, while two more erupted from the edges of those. Soon I could feel all nine tails trailing from the base of my slender spine, looking just as lovely as the tails adorning my mate. Wait, mate? Was that right? Yet every word of my best friend’s hypnotic voice played over my mind, assuring me that he was indeed my mate. As a beautiful Ninetails myself, I should have nine, lovely brown tipped, white, fluffy tails to show off to the world!

It felt now as though my body was desperate to match what I saw in my mind’s eye. My body was starting to become trim and lithe, shrinking to match the dimensions of my mate’s own. I could feel my waist slimming, and my pants and underwear fell to the floor as I gingerly stepped out of them, careful of my new hind paws. It was getting a little hard to stand as my hips continued to compress, rotating forward up into my thinning stomach. My body cracked as my chest barreled, and my shoulders shoved forward. I started to fall, unable to keep my upward posture. But soon, Jason was at my side, holding me upright as my front paws rested on his back and my transition completed.

Now, let’s get you down on all fours where you belong, sang Jason's sultry voice in my mind as he slowly slid away from me, allowing me to fall to the ground gently. I yipped, unable to speak anymore as the changes in my body solidified, and my stance settled. I was fully a Ninetails now, and excited at the power of my new body.

So you can breed away the rest of that dwindling humanity, he finished the thought as he turned around and lifted all nine of his tails. A musky odor wafted into my nostrils as his pinkish pucker sat exposed to the air. I found myself drawn to it, sniffing the sweaty scents of his penis and balls as my own cock drooled pre onto the floor. I was rock hard, and my mate was ready and eager for me!

Deep down, I know that’s all you can think of, Said my mate in my mind, but the words had little meaning by themselves. I knew he wanted me to breed him, and it was indeed all I could think of. But it was the scents wafting off his virile body beckoned me forward, knowing that he needed me to breed him as badly as I wanted to fuck!

I reached out my tongue to lap at my mate’s offering, playing over his plump balls and moist cock tip before licking at his tail hole, preparing it for my entry. He simply whined his approval, making me leak down into my sheath until I could hold back no longer.

Yipping, I reared up, gripping hindquarters with my paws as I speared his tail hole with my turgid, vulpine cock. With minimal effort, his entrance opened and enveloped me fully. I wasted no time, forcing myself all the way in, needing to rut as I desperately began humping for all I was worth.

That’s it, my mate. Breed away that humanity. You’re just a Ninetails now. A sexy fox Pokemon with a thick cock. You just need to breed your male mate now, don’t you? Answered Jason in my mind, though I could hardly understand the words now. But I didn't need to. Simply knowing my mate needed me was enough.

I started humping in earnest, any twinges of human thought in my mind fading away into the seed in my testicles. I could feel my pointed cock tip leaking as his rectal walls gripped me expertly, squeezing every drop from my virile balls. Every thrust lit my senses on fire as the pressure in my vulpine orbs grew, and my weighty knot slapped instantly against his stretched opening.

That’s it Ninetails. Be a good fox for your mate. Good Ninetails cum in their mates.

Those words erased all remnants of humanity in my mind as I felt my balls twitching from their heavy burden. With a yip of excitement, I felt my knot push into my mate’s tail hole, tying us together. No sooner had I forced myself all the way inside than I could feel my mate’s asshole clenching on my cock as he went into orgasm with an audible yip, spraying all over the floor with his sweet-smelling spunk.

I couldn't hold back the torrent of seed in my testicles, and I didn't want to. A powerful fire Pokemon like me deserved a willing mate to take my cum whenever I was horny. I yipped and shot several thick blasts of cum from my cock, filling the tight space with Ninetails jism as the sheer quality leaked out of his pucker. The entirety of my senses was overwhelmed with bestial rapture, no human thoughts or inclinations to hinder my bliss as I collapsed onto my mate. We remained tied together in the knowledge that we belonged to each other, free to explore the joys of vulpine lust for the rest of our lives.


Jason felt his new mate’s knot soften as he pulled out and collapsed into a heap with the newly changed Ninetails. Jason turned around to lick his new mate’s muzzle before snuggling into a warm pile with the dominant Ninetails. He knew Gabe would love it, even though he had sunk into the instincts and desires of a horny gay male Ninetails. He would make an excellent mate to satisfy both their sexual desires.

A man walked in, the distinctive R on his shirt, unnoticed by the sleeping Gabe as he patted Jason’s black fur. “That’s a good boy, Jason. You’ve done such good work hypnotizing all those trainers into obedient Pokemon for our cause. I hope you enjoy your reward. Your own mate, to live and breed undisturbed, until we need you for more work, of course.”

Jason leaned into the petting, panting in contentment from his master’s praise. He had done good work, and they kept up their end of the bargain. He had gotten his perfect mate in his best friend Gabe, and now they could spend the rest of their lives sharing their sexy vulpine bodies!

Spin to Win (Or, Gambling's got Your Yote) 2020-07-02T19:39:02+00:00

“Fuck yeah!” Travis yelled, trying not to shout too loud lest he alerted the entire establishment. He'd had shitty luck all day, but finally had won something! Yet in his inebriated state, he wasn't sure how well he could control the volume of his voice.

Travis decided to let loose for once, heading to a casino near the outskirts of town. It wasn't Vegas, though a nice enough establishment with a decent prize pool. He'd been working for weeks straight on a photography project, and now with a fat paycheck and a week off, he wanted to do something fun and impulsive. He'd never been to a casino before, so he figured what the hell. Carpe Diem, right!?

He hadn’t had any luck all afternoon, embarrassing himself in front of the blackjack and craps tables with jeers from the more seasoned players. So he'd made his way to the slots, tying his luck. A few drinks in, due to the diligence of the wait staff, Travis didn't want to leave until he'd either won or expired the few hundred dollars he'd set aside. He was certain he'd figured out the winning pattern but was always just slightly off.

Feeling frustrated, he finally turned his head around and pulled the lever without peeking. Imagine his shock when the sounds of the machine's music alerted him that he won something! Yet he didn't see the usual rush of coins that signaled his winnings. He sat there for a full minute, getting annoyed now that he was once more the unwanted center of attention.

Finally, a woman came up to him, sporting an elegant, glittering dress and a warm smile. "H-*huc* hey miss! Did I win? What did I *huc* win!" He called out, laughing at his own voice. That last cocktail was one too many!

"The Grand Prize! You're one lucky customer. I don't think I've seen you before? Is perhaps your first time at our establishment?" She asked, always holding that warm smile. Travis knew deep down that it was likely a practiced gesture, one she gave all the patrons here, but he couldn't help but feel special.

"Yeah *hic* Yuppers! First time! It's fun!" He said, not realizing how silly it sounded until the words were out of his mouth. How drunk was he?

Yet the woman seemed not to be deterred by Travis's drunken stupor. "Well, then how lucky! You've won a chance for a special spin! Regardless of how you spin, you win! Now just follow me!"

Travis got up, careful of his balance as he moved to follow her. She led him into a set of locked doors into a single room with one lone slot machine in the center. The room sported the same red velvet to match the decorum of the rest of the casino. A unisex washroom sat in one corner, and another door stood on the wall alongside it. Given the line of light coming in, it likely led to the outside world.

Travis walked over and plopped himself down at the stool, doing his best not to trip over the carpet. He gave the machine a once over before deciding to reach up and grab the lever. Travis noticed a myriad of animal silhouettes, frogs, horses, lizards, snakes, wolves, panthers, and other symbols Travis couldn't quite make out. He stared at them for a moment, wondering why they differed so much from the other machines. He had no way to tell what each one meant!

"H-hey miss! *Hic* h-how do I *huc* win! Haha!” Travis said, laughing at his own lack of sobriety.

“Why, you spin the slot, of course! You have unlimited spins, and you’ll know when you've won since the machine will ding several times. Your prize will be presented to you right away! Now, if you need anything, I’ll be right outside! Enjoy, and congrats again!” The woman said as she opened the door into the main area with a soft click behind her.

Travis wanted to ask once more what each token meant. But, he figured, that might be cheating, knowledge he wasn't privy to. What the hell, Travis thought as he took the first spin. He hoped he'd win at least enough money to compensate for the few hundred he’d already spent. But whatever. It was the first time he’d ever won something like this, so whatever the outcome, he was a winner, right? Just like the woman said!

Travis waited a long moment before pulling the lever. He looked on as the first slot started to slow, then stop, landing on the picture of the wolf he’d seen. Was wolf good? Upon further inspection, the features were too thin, the body too small on the silhouette to be a wolf. A coyote, maybe? That made more sense. There were some in this area, after all. All the animal images seemed to be local, for whatever reason.

Bracing himself, he pulled the lever twice more in rapid succession, waiting with bated breath to see where it would land. He didn’t want to look lest he once more got caught in the trap of trying to force things in his favor. This was all up to lady luck. He slowly opened his eyes, seeing the second line land on...a second coyote head! If the third lined up, then…

The spinner slowed, then stopped, passing frog, rabbit, bear, and then finally, a third coyote! Travis braced himself for the expected ding of victory. But to his surprise, nothing sounded. As he regarded the screen in confusion, he realized that the symbols had unexpectedly changed. Instead of the animal silhouettes, images of paws, ears, a tail, and others such as a human, a flame, and a circle with a cross underneath were now present.

He sat there a few moments, wondering if he should spin the wheel again or wait. Yet the woman's words echoed in Travis's head, recalling that he was to play until his prize became evident. So, without any further thought, he pulled the lever, this time all three bars spinning in tandem. He watched them rushing by until the first stopped on the human icon. The second bar hit a pair of pointed canine ears, as did the third, yet did not elicit the telltale beep he was expecting.

Travis wanted to spin again but was aware that his buzz was wearing off. He could have one more drink safely, right? Travis got out of the seat for the door, absently rubbing at a tingle coming from his beard. A thick patch of hair greeted his fingers, and he was puzzled for a moment, sure he had shaven this morning. And when was the last time his beard was so thick and...soft? He chalked it up to numb fingers and slightly buzzed state.

Yet as Travis grasped for the doorknob and twisted, he found with shock that it appeared locked. He struggled with it a few more times, but no matter how he twisted and turned, it wouldn’t seem to budge! Grunting his frustration, he tugged with all his might, but to no avail. It was as though he was locked in from the inside!

Before he had the chance to call for help, an ache in his ears drew his hands to rub them. The same soft texture greeted his fingers, followed by a shifting of tissue that he found disconcerting. His seeking digits played over the tips, tracing them as they started to expand into a point of flesh soon overtaken by hair. His entire ear seemed to throb as it apparently grew longer than a human ear should be. No amount of drunkenness could explain this!

Travis suddenly recalled there was a bathroom and took off towards it, hoping to find a mirror. Despite his fear of the unnatural alterations, he still needed to see what was going on. Yet he was ill-prepared for the image reflected back at him. His ears looked inhuman, sticking out of his head at an odd angle and definitely more triangular than he was used to. It appeared they were stretching before his eyes, growing more pointed as a light peppering of brownish fur covered their tips.

That was not the only change to his face. Travis’s beard was replaced by the same brownish hair that bore a resemblance to fur. It continued to pepper his cheeks, spreading up towards the ears and even running down his neck. If he looked carefully, he could see a strange discoloration on his nose, the tip having turned slightly black. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say that he was slowly developing animalistic features!

Yet it was his ears that were the primary source of change, leaving Travis feeling disconcerted. They continued to elongate, molding as though made of putty as they swept back the length of his head. They expanded well beyond the dimensions of his former appendages as they grew curved and long, sparse hairs adorned the insides. As Travis focused on them, they suddenly twitched, making him cry out in shock.

A knock on the door startled him, much louder to his new ears as they rotated in that direction. He excitedly realized that beyond the door might be his salvation, someone that could explain the pair of coyote ears atop his head.

Yet his hopes were dashed at the sight of the woman from before. It was not her presence that disheartened him, but rather the sinister grin on her face at his exposed canine appendages. It was as though she was expecting them and pleased they were present!

“Well, it seems you've settled on your prize! Looks like you’ll be right at home as the desert’s newest coyote!” Said the woman with a laugh that sent shivers down Travis’s spine.

“Wh-what the fuck’s happening?!” He yelled, trying to ignore the itching running down his neck, or the discomfort in his leaking nose. He was clearly changing, even though such a thing was impossible! Yet he still needed to know what was to become of him.

“Humans are so stupid. I just told you! Your first spin dictates the type of prize you'll win. You got rather lucky, I think. Lower risk of predation, relative safely from humans, should you choose to live in the wilderness. And you’ll never want for money again! An animal such as you will be content simply with the company of fellows and a full belly!”

“Change me back, please! I didn’t want this!” Travis begged, not caring and the fear that was oozing from his cries. Such a thing was impossible to fathom and left him shaken to the core!

“Even if I wanted to, I no longer possess that power!” The woman said with a chuckle. “You’ve chosen your category, and you cannot leave until you’ve won! Of course, there is a chance that you’ll lose it all. Should you get three ‘human’ silhouettes, you’ll be free to leave as you were, with nothing to show for it,” She finished with a smirk.

Travis’s ears perked up at that. “I’ll do it!” He said, making his way towards the machines. He didn’t know what sick and twisted game she was playing, or how it was even possible to change him in such a fashion. But even if he could leave now, how could he live with a pair of coyote ears? He had no other choice.

The woman followed, her make-up unable to hide the expression of excitement. “I do love to watch one of our guests play our special prize game. Each has such a wonderful and unique expression when they receive their winnings!” She said, the malice dripping from her words not lost to Travis.

Yet, for now, he ignored her and sat down at the slots. He looked over the images on the screen one more time, trying to figure out what they meant. Many of them were body parts, like the ears he’d landed on the last time. Would getting three of another image change him more? And what were some of the other symbols? A flame? A circle with a cross underneath? They didn’t make any sense!

Forcing his courage, Travis pulled the lever, watching the images flash by on the screen. Like before, he closed his eyes and tugged once more, knowing the game was rigged if he tried to line them up from sight alone. His eyes carefully opened as the first bar came to a stop, on the symbol for 'human'!

“Yes!” He yelled, excited that he would win his freedom from just one round! Excitedly, he pulled it again, only to have it slowly come to a stop on an image of a flowing coyote’s tail. His heart sank. Yet his hand was already on the lever, and before he could stop it, the third image was on the screen, a matching tail side by side as the device flashed.

Travis turned around and looked helplessly at his captor before a shooting pain assaulted his spine. He climbed from the chair, holding his ass as something began tearing its way out of his backside. A trembled hand rubbed its way over the bony appendage as it twitched impulsively, and it worked its way out inch by inch. A shudder ran its way all up the length of his spine, his brain suddenly becoming aware of its new connections to the growth.

Yet he could do little more than feel it lower itself between his legs as the entire surface became adorned with the same brown-gray yote' fur that was stealing his humanity. He looked up helplessly at the woman, his tail moving out of his control, a constant reminder of his fall from humanity.

“What a lovely appendage you’ve won! Congratulations!” Laughed the witch, clearly unsympathetic. How could she do this to him, to anyone?! Travis had a life, friends, and family to get back to! He’d only come here to unwind for one day! He didn’t deserve this!

Defiantly, he stood up, ignoring the pain in his backside. He glared at the woman, his only act of rebellion as he turned around to the machine. “Time to land on human,” he said as he pulled the lever.

The woman said nothing as the first of the slots slowed to land on ears once more. Travis was a little confused as to what that meant, but he wasn’t deterred. It couldn’t influence his change if it already happened, right?

The second bar got his hopes up as it landed on ‘human’. He wouldn’t change back, but there was no way he should succumb to an additional change this round. Without the worry of falling further, he pulled the lever one more time, this time seeing it land on a picture was of a coyote’s face, a black nose at the end of a long, pointed muzzle, a sloped forehead, and pointed ears the same as the one that now adorned his head. The image sent a shiver down his spine, the idea that such a visage could someday adorn his own head.

He turned to smile at the woman, a brief moment of triumph before his gums started to ache, and his eye teeth stuck painfully outward. He reached up to touch them, only to realize that his entire face was stretching, and he’d hit his nose harder than intended. He sneezed a little, feeling that his nostrils were different than what he’d expected. A tentative rub reported flesh that was rough and a little moist, much like the nose of a canine. There was no denying it. He was changing, even without having landed on more than one symbol!

His pained, frightened, grimace was greeted with a cruel expression that he had come to loath. “You’ll find the rules aren’t quite in line with those of the main floor. But I can assure you that you still require three human silhouettes to reverse the changes!

"Why rrreeeee rrrou rrroing this…" Travis tried to speak, but words were becoming more difficult to form. He could feel his jaw crack as his face was forced painfully. The sensation left him numb as the muscles writhed underneath, pressing into a thin snout and taking his black nose for the ride. His tongue seemed to lengthen beyond that, its flattening surface panting a canine stink into the air. His powerful snout breathed in the scent of canine breath, leaving Travis revolted. He didn’t want to be a coyote!

Yet whatever magic was in this place had no intention of granting his wish. Travis could feel his teeth ache, sliding out of gums that were rubbery and black now. His maw filled with fangs, sharpened predatory teeth that felt like they were tearing through gums in some places. Extra teeth filled the gaps to form his new canine maw, one he would be cursed with if the changes did not cease!

Yet it was his nose that garnered the most attention, as it merged with his quivering lips. Pinpricks of pain erupted from the sides as sharp whickers poked from his flesh. The twin nostrils breathed in the air of the room much more deeply that his human consciousness could fully comprehend. Most of the scents were of little interest, artificial human things like the carpets and machines. But underneath that were smells that scared Travis to the core. The odors of other humans merged with animals that he could only begin to guess at, all peppered with the fear likely felt by the changing patrons as they succumbed to their animal fates. How many people had been changed similarly?

He could feel his entire face itching, brown and gray and black fur spreading over his muzzle, and leaving every inch of his scalp covered. His forehead started to crack audible, sloped to fit the streamlined appearance brought on by his muzzle. His eyes began to water, and Travis closed them, trying desperately to alleviate the discomfort. He could feel them bulging a little with the shape of his shrinking skull. Travis didn’t want to open them, knowing they had changed, but couldn’t keep them shut forever. Tentatively, he opened one, and then the other, to a world that was far removed from the one he’d seen moments again. The image was dull, the colors seemed washed out, certain shades appearing only in off-green or reds that were nearly impossible to distinguish. He had the eyes of a coyote!

The woman held down a mirror, and despite the horror of the visage that regarded him, Travis had to look. Staring back at him was an alien image, one of an animal, a head that looked awkward on his still-human neck. But try as he might, the image would not go away. It was his head now, the head of a common beast!

*AARRROOOWWW RROOOOWW RROOOWWWW!” Travis tried to yell, but there was nothing human in his voice any longer. After a few failed attempts, he stopped, not wanting to act like a beast in front of the woman, lest she capitalized on his shame.

“What was that? I can’t understand you. Perhaps I should bring in one of the beasts from outside to translate, hmm?” Chuckled the witch, taking obvious pleasure in his suffering.

Travis was changed so much already, but he couldn’t give up. He would show this witch that he was a man and that he deserved to be one again!

This time his fingers hesitated on the lever, not wanting to accelerate his fall from humanity. But he had no choice but to keep playing this sadistic woman’s game. How could he live the rest of his life with these changes, even if he was allowed to leave? He pulled more slowly this time, allowing each image to fall into place before tugging it again. He had to be careful, to hold onto what humanity he could.

Yet, to his surprise, none of the three bars landed on an image of coyote anatomy. In fact, all three were showing the circle with the cross underneath. Travis squinted, trying to make out anything familiar in the image. It did seem to strike a chord with him, but he could not for the life of him recall where he might have come across such a thing before.

Lost in thought as he was, Travis was hardly aware of the throbbing in his crotch, one he initially chalked up to spreading fur. Yet the ache grew more insistent, centered in his cock head and making him moan he crouched over, feeling his pisshole widen, sending tremors through his groin. What the fuck was happening to him?

Despite his disgust of doing such a thing in front of the woman, he needed to see what was becoming of his sex. Travis tentatively touched the skin through the fabric, before lowering his fingers and forcing them off, until he was left clad only in his undies. Gone was the usual imprint of his bulge; though he was not large by any means, he was shocked to see only a damp spot in place of his human member.

With only a hint of hesitation, curiosity winning out, he pulled down the waistband of his jeans, bracing himself for the sight that might greet him. To his horror, the shape of his groin was far removed from what he’d grown accustomed to. His balls were shriveled, and with a gasp, he could feel the last of his tiny load blowing onto his hand without even having touched himself. He whined as his balls continued to collapse in on themselves, now empty of their cum.

But it was his penis that caught his attention most. The shaft was nearly gone, his cock head had opened up into a cleft that was steadily widening to take in his shriveled balls. His penis head, what little remained, had sunk into a fold of flesh near the top of the new cavern. The entire orifice was now composed of lips surrounding a hot, moist tunnel, the image frighteningly familiar to Travis’s mind.

It was then he recalled where he had seen that symbol before, on countless ads and bathroom signs and books. It was the symbol for 'female'. Not only had Travis been robbed of his humanity, but it seemed he was doomed to lose his gender as well!

He whined, looking pitifully at the woman with sorrowful eyes. Had he still had the ability, he would have sobbed from the humiliation of losing his manhood in such a shameful way. He couldn’t believe he had a female’s cunt lips now, the backside of an animal!

“Why so distressed? You now have an important role in populating your new species! What was a waste of a human like you going to achieve that was more fulfilling? No mate, and a job lousy enough to bring you to an establishment to blow all that money? No, I think the bestial life I’ve granted you will do much better!’

Travis’s whines of depression were replaced by a furious growl of anger. How DARE she make that assumption! It might not be the ideal life, but it was HIS, damnit! His humanity hung in the balance, and this witch had no right to take it from him!

Travis reached up for that cursed lever, pulling it three times in succession, hoping to all hope that it would not change him more. Once more, the human image taunted him, staring back on the screen from the first slot. Another one stopped, though Travis was horrified to see the back legs and paws of a ‘yote'. Was that to be his next change?

The final image settled on the flame, allowing Travis a momentary hope that it would, in fact, not change him any further. But those hopes were quickly dashed as his hindquarters cracked, his hips flattening forward and taking his pelvis along for the ride. Helplessly, Travis fell forward, feeling his spine lengthen to readjust to his new posture. He tried desperately to stand once more, but his backside no longer worked that way.

His hips were contracting, smaller than his human frame was meant to hold as his pants and underwear fell uselessly to the floor. Feeling confined, Travis stumbled out of them, losing his shoes and socks in the process as his heels thinned and pulled up his calves like putty. The calves themselves began to contract while his haunches sank into the folds of his belly. He was on all fours for life now!

Travis winced as a now-familiar change enveloped his feet. His toes contracted into the soles of his feet even as the tips became adorned with thick coyote paw pads. He could feel a slight ache as nails burst forth from the flesh and dug into the carpet, desperate to stop the changes to is feet. But Travis was helpless as his toes all shrank into minute stubs as his large toes reduced to nothing and rotated into the dewclaw atop his heel.

Finally, the sensations of change centered on his new sex, and he could feel it shifting backward, pushing his anus up just below the flesh of his tail as his labia situated itself just below that. Travis panted, feeling the already aching cunt lips start to expand as a bead of fluid leaked from the lips. It was followed by a slick moistening that moved all the way through his insides. The tingling sensations sent Travis shivering, as though every inch of his cavernous sex was desperate to be touched.

It was then he realized what the fire symbol meant. It was heat, like the heat now being given off by his loins. His female body was in season! He growled, trying his best to focus on anything other than the ache in his crotch. But still, it sat there, burning a hole in his backside as even inch of it begged to be stimulated. Alien thoughts started to flood his psyche, of male cock and knots and warm cream that would fuel his future cubs, allow them to suck on his...NO! His mind screamed at him. There was no way the changes could possibly make him want that!

Lost in his fight against the sensations wrecking his body, Travis was hardly aware of the woman’s words. “I’d say, you have about once more chance to spin the wheel before you’re too far gone. That heat in your loins is only going to get worse, and soon you’ll be begging to be let out to get fucked by the first male you meet!” Laughed the woman, a horrible sound that was beginning to grate on Travis's changed ears.

Defiantly, he got up on his hind legs and reached up to pull the lever. Yet even the slightest movement triggered the heat in his loins and made him whine his lust. He could feel his belly tingling, his nipples growing more sensitive as they stood pronounced on his increasingly furry chest. How wonderful it would be, to have them filled with milk, to suckle pups from them…

No! His mind cried out at the intrusion as he spun the slot. He was not only losing his body but his mind as well! The woman was right. If he didn’t pull the lever, he might not retain enough humanity to do so!

Pulling himself up onto the chair, he hoisted up his hips till he was somewhat stable. The chair felt embarrassingly awkward against his exposed anus, but at the angle he was attempting, lifting up his haunches would cause him to fall. So instead, he gingerly reached up to pull the lever, hoping that his body was up to the task. It was close, but he managed to pull the lever down, feeling his balance on the chair starting to falter. In rapid succession, he pulled it two more times before falling to the ground with a yip and a spilled chair that missed him by inches.

Even with his dim eyesight, he could still make out the slots slowing, forced by his desperate ministrations. The first bar slowed, the human form staring him in the muzzle. He could do this! The second, too, slowed and stopped on 'human' as the last one followed suit. He was so close...just a little more…

The machine dinged as the final bar stopped, and the image displayed his fate. It took a moment to register the image, and for a moment, Travis was sure it was the third 'human'. As if to confirm his suspicions, a tingling on his arms where the fur had grown seemed to intensify, and he looked down to see that his fur had retreated, that he would soon regain his human form.

Yet the sight that greeted him sent shivers down his spine. The fur was growing, not retracting, spreading down to his hands as it covered the backs in a relentless wave. Yet that was the least of his worries. His fingers started to ache, the tips bulging with thick flesh on one side while his nails darkened to a muddy brown. He watched in horror as thickened flesh adorned the tips even as the digits themselves began mercilessly shrinking into his diminishing palms. The image on the screen hit him full force. It was an image of a canine paw!

He watched in horror, trying desperately to maintain the flexibility in his digits. Yet like all the other changes, he was helpless to eliminate them as the cracking of bone and muscle assaulted his hands, forcing the fingers into tiny nubs that remained perfectly motionless. A fine layer of webbing held them in place. They continued to crack and shake, making Travis whine as his palms extended relative to his tiny wrists. Worse of all, his thumbs twitched and became useless as they crawled up his wrists. The thickening pads and claws solidified their presence as canine paws. He would never be able to grab, to hold, or lift or turn ever again!

Travis howled pitifully, holding the useless things in front of his face, even as his ribs started to crack, making the position uncomfortable. All he could do was to mourn their loss and with it any chance of his humanity. How could he attempt to free himself if he had no way to pull the lever?

“It's nice to see how eager you were to join the desert! You’ll make a wonderful coyote, and likely make a male very happy when he helps you deal with your heat and fills you with his cubs!” The woman laughed cruelly, no remorse for that fate she had forced upon him. It was becoming increasingly true, however, that her words would come to pass. Without hands, how could he work the machine? And did it matter if he was still changing without the air of the curse to fuel his humiliation?

Travis looked up at the machine with horror, not wanting its fate to be true, but unsure how to reverse it. He still had a chance, if he spun the wheel again, right? Even if he was fully changed, Travis still had to cling to that minute hope and not give in to the heat that tormented his body. The last thing he needed to do was to listen to the coyote's thoughts plaguing his mind!

He walked around the machine again, his dim eyes trying to make out the shapes in the display, certain that the human silhouettes were all over the screen. If he was able to pull the leaver, he would surely be able to change back!

No matter how he stared at the device, he wasn't sure how to jump up and grab it. It seemed so far away to his much smaller stature. His body was still altering, shifting into a form better suited for a bestial existence. The remains of his skin were covered with coarse, brown, and white fur. All of the body fat from his human body had faded away from the lean muscle of the beast he’d become. His stomach had barreled into a proper canine chest, his shoulders and hips sinking into the new flanks, nearly completing his transition.

Yet Travis hardly noticed it with the lusts still playing over his form. It was getting so hard to think with the heat building up in his vagina, the need for stimulation nearly-all consuming. Though he was focused on the machine, it became increasingly difficult to recall why. It smelled of human things and held little interest in his devolving mind. Of much more importance was the heady stench wafting from his loins!

Without really thinking, Travis bent over, using newfound flexibility to bring his nose closer to his loins. The smell was even more intense, and Travis's tongue was out before he realized what was going on. The flavor of his feminine juices was a little off-putting at first, but the sensations of satisfaction ebbing from his cunt lips removed any hesitation he might have had. Soon, his canine tongue was lapping with gusto, savoring tremors of pleasure flooding from his vagina. It was a far cry from alleviating his heat, though it served to soothe his sex, and Travis lapped over and over, targeting his clit. His thoughts started to drift, recollections of human things, of why he was trying to resist, all buried in bestial pleasures.

“Haha! It looks like you are a beast in body now! In a few moments, your mind will follow, and there will be nothing of the human to save! But don’t worry my little beast. The outside world is kind to a predator such as yourself, and I’m sure you’ll come to love your new life,” The woman said with a chuckle.

Travis, hearing her words, trying his best to pull his tongue away from his crotch. Yet each lick sent shivers over his sex and spurred on the advance of his canine tongue. It was a monumental effect to resist the pleasures of his femininity, or even to remember why he needed to. Yet the woman’s voice grated on the last nerves in his humanity, forcing his head up in defiance. How dare she embarrass him like this, by taking both his humanity and his masculinity!

Yet a wonderful smell entered his nose, one that beckoned his attention more than the prospect of retaining his humanity. It held much more promise to his developing mind, a stark contrast against the stale human stink that existed in his presence. He was hardly aware of it, but in the back of his mind, he had heard the woman opening the exit door, the one leading to the outside. But instead of the expected parking lot filled with cars and the lights of the city beyond, Travis only saw miles of a vast desert, patches of grassland and woods that much better suited the form he now possessed. What would it be like, to explore that world and fully indulge his new senses?

Travis shook his head several times, trying desperately to fight against the animal urges running through his mind. He did his best to focus on human things, his work, his friends, and his family. But all of that seemed like such a struggle against the promise of excitement that existed beyond the door. The night air carried with it a myriad of succulent scents, begging for him to explore. It seemed so exciting a prospect to spend a lifetime exploring, far more fulfilling than the life of monotony that his humanity would grant him.

Hesitantly, he took a step forward, his flared nostrils twitching as the scents of the outside beckoning him. Every inch Travis's nose turned to the door amplified the call of the wild and carried Travis forward without a hint of resistance. One scent, in particular, grazed the corners of his mind, the ones desperate to satisfy the needs burning in his loins. They smelled of him, only masculine, the pungent scent of virile male coyotes. They promised to alleviate his lusts and quell the fire that had been assaulting his senses ever since the changes began.

He could no more stave off the desires than could a drowning man air. He was a helpless slave to his instincts, and the slivers of his human resistance faulted just enough for the coyote in his mind to take control of his motor functions. Travis ran out into the cool evening air, the sights and sounds of the casino too much for his larger ears.

As he did so, he could hear the ding of the machine, the thing he had been so anticipating now sounding a death knell for his humanity. He ran and ran, the last changes and tingles running through his body signaled he would not return to his human form. There was nothing in the world of man for him anymore, and even though he knew it would seal his fate, he had no control over his actions to escape.

It was getting harder and harder to think as he raced into the wilderness, feeling more relaxed as he did so. The scents and sights of his new home spoke to the bestial desires in his mind, and it was impossible to resist the lull of the desert. He paused for a moment, panting from the fatigue when a pungent odor assaulted his senses. His new canine nose detected a thick, musky scent, and part of his mind recognized it as one of his own, another coyote.

Soon the creature came into Travis's field of view, and his heady stench sent a shiver of need into Travis's loins. She was aware not only of the loss of her species but also her gender as a powerful wave of heat flashed over her loins. Her sex dripped fluids that clearly caught the male’s attention as he walked over to her backside and began sniffing insistently. Travis was disgusted by the prospect by being mated by a male. But the heat in her body could not be ignored, the animal brain overtaking any human resistances he desperately tried to cling to. Slowly, Travis raised her tail, wafting the scents of her sex into the male’s muzzle. She was rewarded by a thick tongue against her sex, and she yelped at the waves of ecstasy the male’s foreplay elicited over her lean canine body.

Travis was helpless to resist as the male climbed onto his-now her-back and began spearing at the new coyote’s needy hole. She reflexively leaned back into his intrusion and yelped out as the male’s stiff prick entered her moist needy folds. Travis found herself wondering if he, too, was a victim of the woman and her slot machine, but that mattered little as her sex fully wrapped itself around the male’s cock. Her folds clenched on the quivering member, desiring to milk it for all it was worth as she felt her own pleasure growing, the need to rut all-consuming.

The beast started thrusting, and the last vestiges of Travis the human were erased, lost in a sea of a rut, and desire to fulfill such a primal need. Yet the last human thoughts were one of the exciting prospects as she allowed herself to give in to the mating act. The new female yipped her pleasure as the male spilled his seed inside her, her own loins sending orgasmic tremors through her body as the male’s knot kept them tired together to ensure fertilization.

The woman chuckled to herself as she watched the new beast running out into the world, deprived of his humanity. She could still see her in her mind’s eye, being bred and mated as the last bits of her humanity were erased to make room for the coyote instincts that would control his actions from now on. Such men were best suited to be simple animals, and this one would spawn many generations of her new kind, she was certain. She had to admit, there was a certain degree of satisfaction in seeing the eyes glaze over as the last human thoughts leaked from their minds. Though it was a job, there was no reason she couldn’t enjoy it properly, after all.

The goddess closed her eyes, returning to another plane of existence as the door to her secret room dissolved into the back, ready to be opened for the next unlucky gambler to seal their fate and become one with the desert.

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patreon exclusives

ziggy pig-patreon tier reward-feral rat (Slow change, pampered pleasure) tf-5000

2 men-feral bear mates-weight gain/hybrnation (torpor) tf-5000

wolf anatomy study-5000 (second personal, detailed male to male wolf focus

people-dinosaur virus-5000 (slow burn people into dinosaurs, explores a group of campers that change slowly, start of a potential series


- xakrai (commission-multiple male dragons, mating with bonded dragon mounts, embarrassment )-5000

-loldude94-(trade-man-anthro stallion-5000+

-bukefalos (commission-men-stallion and donkey-wish based, punishment and backfiring) 7000-8000

-liangweib (commission-people-dragon merger, sequel and merger) 5,000+

-rlawp012 (commission-feral lion/tiger, swap between zoo keepers and animals, punishment and embarrassment) 5000

-bukefalos-(waiting for prompt)

-ShinigamiDuo370-(commission-woman-trout egg, mental experiences about living through life cycle/willing)-6000-7000

-Joel H-(commission-man-feral primate-man is stranded on as island and ends up Incorporated into its beastly inhabitants)-5000

-BeastLover-(commission-real McCoy sequel-men to beast and dark beast during a night of fun)-5500

-Franklin P-(commission-2 men-fursonas-night of romance turns furry)-6000

-hung stud-(commission-2 men-feral donkeys-in the zoomorphic virus world, two men lose contact with the outside world and change in isolation) 10000-11000

-osprey hawk-(commission-man and woman/feral horses-wife being hypnotized into a stallion and husband tries to rescue her)

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“Welcome to yer first day, boy!” Randy said as he extended a beefy hand. Mark took it reluctantly, not wanting to get it covered with grease. He knew that was silly; he’d be a grease monkey himself by the time the day was out! But still, it was the first time he’d worked in a junkyard, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to go all-in just yet.

20 years old, Mark had reluctantly returned to his hometown after dropping out of his second year of college. He’d barely scraped by in the first year, and his declining grades did not bode well for his continued education. With little remaining money, he was begrudgingly forced to move back home with his parents, leaving his friends, his activities, and the life he was working for all behind. Not desirous of a 'freeloader' back at his house, his dad was insistent that Mark find a job right away. Mark had no intention of flipping burgers, but even those establishments wouldn't take him on, citing his resume was either 'too lacking' or that his college years made him 'too overqualified'.

At last, Mark’s dad, frustrated by his son’s lack of success, called in a favor from one of his buddies that ran a junkyard outside of town. The guy was in his forties and had run the shop as long as Mark could remember. He hated the idea of dealing in auto repairs but hated the idea of manual labor even more. Mark was not happy to be stuck out here all summer, or perhaps longer, knowing that if he failed to show up to work, he would be out on the street. But, without the income to survive on his own again, Mark had little choice but to comply.

Tepidly, Mark reached out and shook his new boss's hand, almost forced to rock up and down from the beefy man’s strength. While thankful for the employment, how was someone like Mark supposed to work at a place like this? What would Randy have him do?

It was as though the bigger man could read his thoughts. “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll make a man out of you before the day’s done,” said Randy with a chuckle that made Mark unnerved.

Mark's chores for the day were listed out for him, and the first of many tasks was to clean and sort supplies on an old greasy workbench. Mark sighted, the filthy rag supplied him barely getting at the top layer of grim. His hands were already black from soot, and he now carried the distinct scent of oil, grease, and cigarette smoke covering his ragged clothes as he carried on with the demeaning labor.

After about half an hour, a cold, damp nose on his hand suddenly startled him, and Mark looked down to gaze into the brown eyes of an excited Rottweiler. Mark went to pull his hand away in trepidation but was quickly reminded of the dogs he'd seen here in his youth. They, too, were Rotties, the friendliest dogs he’d ever seen. Though they sometimes barked aggressively at customers, it was all for show. Mark spent much of his time playing around the yard with them whenever his dad forced Mark to accompany him here.

Pausing his work, he reached down to pet the dog, who responded by nuzzling Mark's hand and guiding it to his ears, which Mark scratched eagerly. The dog whined his approval, and Mark was instantly transported to those childhood days. He didn’t recognize this dog but figured that the ones he knew in his youth might not be around anymore. This dog was clearly male; Mark could see his testicles as the Rottie walked away, wagging his tail.

“That there’s Russ. Just got em a couple months ago. You ‘member the dogs I had when you were a kid, right? Well, I had to put em’ down a couple years back. Took me a while to build up the courage to pick up another one. He’s just as cowardly as my old boys, and still a real suck!” Randy laughed from under one of the cars in the garage. “Now, better get back to er’!” Randy said as he wheeled himself back under the car.

Mark sighed as the day wore on. He missed all that college had to offer; his friends, the booze and weed, and the parties and women. His strict Christian father allowed none of those things under his roof. There was nothing for Mark in this town. And until he could put away the cash for it, there was no getting out. He wasn't sure what this guy was paying, but it was unlikely above min wage, under the table as it was. And with the rent his dad was charging him, it would take all he could save to eventually grant him freedom once more!

A few hours into the workday, Randy approached Mark with a cup in his hand. “Hey boy! Yer’ doin’ fine enough for your first day! Have a drink!” He said, handing the cup over to Mark.

Mark picked up the clear fluid and, with a cautious sniff, realized it was some kind of alcohol. A confused expression in his eyes, Mark raised his eyes to see Randy smiling down on him. “One of the perks of the job, boy. Ya get ta drink whenever ya feel like. Well, whenever I say you can when yer’ on my clock. Anyways, this here’s a homegrown moonshine! It’ll put some whiskers on dem’ cheeks a yers’!” He said, waiting for Mark to try his beverage.

Mark was an experienced drinker but figured this might be too much for even him. Yet the idea of doing the work while slightly buzzed held a certain appeal, and with a smile, Mark thankfully took a big gulp. It was much sweeter than Mark had expected and provided a welcome burn on the way down. Within a few moments, Mark had consumed the entire drink and looked up at his new boss with a bit of gratitude.

“I take it ya liked that boy? Well, you do a good job, and I’ll have more rewards for ya,” Randy said with a twinkle in his eyes as he went back to his task.

Mark, too, went back to work, his head ringing from the drink. Still, he found it easier to focus in his buzzed state, and before long, the bench was as clean as the day it was bought. Mark had worked up quite a sweat, and his oversized t-shirt was already hanging off him a little, getting in the way as Mark about his chores. He found himself wishing he brought a second one with him, or that he could head home and grab a shower before heading back to work in the afternoon heat of the unairconditioned garage.

Mark looked around for Randy, who had left the garage a little while ago. But the crunch of gravel under boots indicated he was on his way back. The bigger man walked in, shirtless with his bear of a belly in full view. There was quite a bit of flab there, but underneath seemed to lay hard-packed muscle, likely from years of manual labor. His pecs too were expensive, the contours of his paunch rather shapely, again indicative of hands-on work. Yet of most significant note was the amount of HAIR the massive man sprouted. He was covered in thick black hair, focused in a treasure trail all the way down to his belly button, and likely extending the length of his bulging groin. It reminded Mark of a shaggy carpet.

Mark knew it was weird to keep staring, but for some reason, he couldn’t quite tear his gaze away. Even though the dampness in his shorts, Mark could feel his cock growing erect, which made him blush in embarrassment. Why was Randy so...enticing? Mark had never been into men before, certainly not one twice his age. Even the sight of Randy reaching down to scratch his groin in plain sight made Mark moan. He couldn’t deny how hot he found the big man!

Mark found himself staring longing into the big man’s belly before Randy walked over and put a beefy hand in his shoulder. “Ya getting hot there boy? Why don’t ya take off yer shirt too!” He said as he walked away, giving Mark a view of the big man's furry back. Mark pulled off his soaking shirt with little fanfare, feeling a little embarrassed about his own flat, bare chest. He rubbed at it a little, his slick sweat fingers tracing over the plain surface. Hey, if nothing else, the job might give him some muscle tone!

He went back to work soon after, cleaning and organizing another shelving area. The task went faster this time, Mark’s full attention trying to distract him from the gay thoughts still plaguing him. Why had he found that guy so hot? Must have been the moonshine. Right?

As the afternoon wore on, a particular fragrance in the room started to waft into his nose, one that he hadn't noticed before over the pungent odors of dirt, grease, and cigarette smoke. He raised his nose, the stench starting to grow on him and bringing with it that familiar tenting in his shorts. He stood up and walked around a little, unconsciously seeking the alluring aroma.

“Ya smell that, son?” That is the scent of a hard day of work!” Randy said, walking over and slapping Mark on the back. This time his massive hand stayed on Mark’s sweaty back a little longer, and Mark felt he should protest or swat him away. But the disorientating scent had intensified, and Mark had a hard time pulling away from the evident source of the odor. He wobbled a little bit, unsteady on his legs as the perfume took hold over his facilities.

“You alright there, boy? I think it's time for a break! Come on, sit down!” Randy said as his hand returned to Mark’s shoulder and guided him towards an inner door. Past it was an office, dirty from overuse, with papers and wrappers and other refuse littered around the floor.

Mark was led to a dingy old couch in the corner, stained with what looked like oil, though Mark found himself hoping that was all it was. Still, he had to sit down, and the well-worn couch was surprisingly comfortable, giving him a moment to compose himself until the room stopped spinning. That pungent scent from the garage was even stronger in here, and though Mark still couldn’t place it, he found it to be the only thing he could focus on.

“I don’t let anyone cept' the employees in here boy. Even yer dad’s never been here! Consider yourself lucky!” Randy said as he went to the corner and pulled out a bottle of clear liquid that had to be more moonshine. Mark wanted to protest, but before he could say anything, a cup was in his hand, and he was sipping it back, his head swimming and finding it difficult to focus on why he’d been worried.

Mark’s eyes subconsciously scanned the room and noted several calendars of what appeared to show naked women, the kind of thing that he’d expect in such an office. Yet on closer inspection, they were too large, too muscled to be women. Mark squinted, and indeed the pictures were of mostly naked men, wearing only helmets to denote their place of work and silky underwear that barely hid python sized bulges. Some of the men were muscled, some were simply large and hairy. Some, in fact, reminded him all too much of his new boss. At that, his own modest member tented in his pants, making him move his hand to cover the embarrassment and shame.

Yet, to his chagrin, his unintentional reaction had not gone unnoticed. “Ya like that boy? I bet you do. Nothin’ wrong with the male body, now, is there?” Randy sat down beside him, putting an arm around the back of the couch. Again Mark felt he should have moved away, but he was suddenly aware that the pungent stink was amplified ten-fold in the presence of the older man’s sweaty body. The realization hit him all at once; it was the scent of the perspiring man that had enraptured Mark’s attention!

Randy seemed to get the signal to move in closer. Part of Mark wanted to protest, but that part felt far away. His thoughts were swirling, his sensibilities jumbled as he tried to make sense of what was happening. Was he drugged? It seemed likely. And yet, he couldn’t will himself out of this current funk. The scent in the room seemed to entrance him, making it difficult to long for escape.

This fact did not seem lost on his boss. “Ya like what ya smell, boy? It’s alright to be a little curious. Why don’t ya get in close and take a good whiff? And you work for me now, boy. You gotta do what I tell you if you want that paycheck!”

“Ummm...yeah…” Mark said, his thoughts feeling fuzzy. That wasn’t right, was it? His boss couldn’t make him...could he? He needed the money, didn’t he? For...what?

Without much hesitation, Mark found himself moving closer to the burly man beside him on the couch. This only served to accentuate the scents permeating the room, and he couldn't help by turning his head to sniff the sweaty furry body before him. The moment he did, the man’s mammoth arm was on his back and shoving his head directly into the hairy armpit that lay before him. Mark almost gagged from the putrid scent wafting into his nose while the man’s powerful limb kept him firmly in place. Yet, the longer he remained there, the more desirable the male musk grew in his nostrils and made him crave it all the more. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the heady odor of grease and sweat that made his mouth water.

“There ya go, boy, see? I knew ya’d like it. Ol’ Randy knows what’s best for ya! If you wanna do anything else in there, feel free! It’s all yers, and would make your Master mighty pleased!”

Part of Mark’s brain was a little confused by that statement. Sure, such a sexy man wanted to show off? Sexy? Was that...right? Mark was certain it wasn't, but...wasn’t he boned right now? And something else was off. Master? Did Randy call himself...Master? Not boss? No...he wasn’t Master, right?

Randy seemed to notice the delay. “Why don’t you take just a little lick there boy? That could clear dem thoughts up, I bet!”

Without hesitation, Mark did what the words instructed. Head still buried in the man’s armpit, Mark reached out with his tongue and gingerly sampled the sweaty skin. The moment he did, the savory salty flavor washed over his tongue and forced his lips over the succulent flesh. Though there was a hit of putrid B.O., the longer Mark licked, the more his senses found the natural odors accentuating the already pleasant qualities. Soon Mark was lapping at the man’s skin with gusto, the scent and flavor washing over him like a wave.

“That’s a good boy. You just show me how good a boy you are. You just enjoy your Master’s bod like a good Pup,” Randy said soothingly, as he stroked the young man’s hair, encouraging his ministrations.

Lost in the reverie of servicing the magnificent male, the words failed to register in Mark’s mind. He knew there was something wrong with the words. “Master” and “Pup” seemed like foreign, strange words to him, and in such a context should have disturbed him. But part of his mind seemed to regard the terms in a different context. Something deeper, more...fulfilling? Yet it was difficult to think about such things with so much of his focus on Randy's sweaty body.

Finding it laborious to breathe, Mark finally raised his head, looking hazily into Randy's eyes. He had a sort of half-smile on his face, having enjoyed sucking at the masculine flesh. He was still uncertain about how the whole ordeal made him feel. Yet from the wide-grinned visage from his...boss? Master? Either was fine. Mark started to feel a little more relaxed.

“That’s a good Pup. Such a good dog! Let’s get you another drink, to get you where you need to be,” Randy said, taking his nearly empty glass and pouring a healthy amount of moonshine. Mark was handed the cup and took another swig of the drink. A swallow the size that would have normally forced him to vomit this time went down his gullet like spring water, and the entire cup was emptied before Mark realized what he’d done.

A portion of his mind screamed at him, knowing that he shouldn’t have drunk that. It was getting more troublesome to think, and he knew that whatever was going on was prompted by the drink. He tried his best to stand up, woozy from the booze but determined to resist. Yet in his drunken stupor, he fell over once more, head landing in his boss’s lap, and Randy chuckled.

“HeHe, a little lightweight there pup? Not to worry! It’ll pass soon, then you’ll be right as rain to serve your Master,” said Randy, still grinning.

Again, the words flowed through Mark’s subconscious, and he tried desperately to stave them off, knowing that they shouldn't have held such a sway over him. But he couldn't deny how much weight they carried. And his Master smelled really good. He was a burly bear of a beast, and the sight of him made Mark's cock burble another drop of precum onto his shorts.

“Those things look like there’s gettin’ in the way, boy. Why don’t you get them off so Master can have a proper look? Let’s both get more comfortable. It’s awfully hot in here, ain’t it?” Randy said as he reached down for Mark’s pants.

Part of his mind screamed at him to stop the man's intrusion, but Mark couldn’t force himself to heed the warning. It was different than rape, he was sure. Though Mark had little experience with such things, he’d been drunk plenty of times before. While it had impaired his judgment, he still had little desire to partake in activities he would not want to do sober. And here it was much the same. The voices in his head told him he SHOULDN’T want this. But there was a deep-seated desire to explore these sensations to their proper conclusion. He wasn’t sure why he liked the sweaty stink of the much older man, but he couldn't deny the obvious attraction.

Grinning like a fool, he allowed Randy to pull down his zipper and helped the big man pull down his old jeans, exposing his gray underwear, stained with his rather taut cock. Randy took that beefy hand and teased the edges of Mark’s member, making the skinny man moan. Despite the girth of his fingers, Randy’s hands were rather experienced, and delightedly Mark felt the lust building inside of him, making his shiver as one of the bear's thick fingers reached down to tease his balls.

Lost in the sensations of being pleasured, Mark hardly noticed a massive hand reach down and gently cup his buttocks, raising him up slightly. The skinny man's form seemed to pose no trouble for the muscled giant, and even as Randy lifted him up, he was able to run a finger over Mark's ass to find where his anus lay. Mark gasped as he felt his opening being teased through the thin damp fabric of his underwear. He'd never felt anything like that before and had to admit that it wasn't all that invasive. In fact, even the limited contact was highly erotic in tandem with the gentle touch over his manhood.

In his lust-filled haze, Mark barely felt the orgasmic onslaught before his testicles shot a modest load of cream into his underpants while his body shook and trembled. Allowing the burly man to pleasure him in this way was far more intense than anything he'd learned from his experimentation with women. Perhaps he really did prefer.men? Particularly older ones...

Randy chuckled as he sat the boy back done on the couch, panting and dripping with sweat. Mark was still shivering; he had not been expecting something so intense and was still vibrating from the extensive orgasm. The booze, and whatever else, was still flowing through his system and was likely the culprit for his relaxed zen-like post-orgasmic state. But Mark couldn't deny how good it felt!

Even in his lusty stupor, he was acutely aware that Randy had been scratching at a sizable bulge in his own pants. Mark was embarrassed to say he was drooling at the sight of such a thick python hidden away in those tiny shorts. This did not go unnoticed by the bear-like shop owner.

“Aww, that’s a good pup! You wanna return the favor and have a little taste? You go right ahead pup. Let's get my rod all nice and prepped for you to go for a ride,” Randy said as he pulled down his underwear, letting an impressively thick penis flop out into the humid air for Mark to see.

Once more, the hesitation crept into Mark’s mind, knowing he shouldn't be doing this but unable to stop himself as he got onto the floor. It was fucking EMBASSASSING to be on his knees, ready to sexually service a 40-year-old man who smelled of sweat and B.O. and engine grease. No matter how good it made him feel, no matter how much he craved more, it was wrong to indulge such sick lusts. He’d been given some kind of fucked-up drink, and this guy used such confusing phrasing. Boy? Master? PUP?

Yet the Master’s words hung heavily in Mark’s mind as he moved his face close to thick, beckoning cock, licking his lips as the smell hit his nose full force. The sweaty muck drenched in the cock’s fluids made Mark’s head swim. “Get a good sniff Pup. Commit Master’s scent to memory. You want to be a good Pup for Master, don’t you?” Randy said huskily, making Mark draw closer inch by inch as he stared at the dripping cock head. Maybe just a little taste wouldn’t hurt...

Before Mark realized what was happening, Randy's hand was on the back of his head and pushing him down on his thick cock head. The moment Mark’s lips touched the surface and tasted the first bit of precum, his mouth was already struggling to get over the tip, desperate to take in more. He gagged a little from the size, but the flavor was intoxicating, and he couldn't get enough. Despite never having tasted cock or even having gone down on a female lover before, the sexual juices were stimulated, the musky flavor growing more potent the more his mouth took in and tasted. More than that, however, were the moans of encouragement he recei