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(NSFW WIP) Almost there~
(NSFW WIP) Almost there~more_vert
Post file flag
(NSFW WIP) Almost there~ 2020-02-14T03:34:31+00:00close

Shading added to the hair, and a little more done to the skin to enhance the shadows a bit. I decided to leave the bedsheets alone since they look fine with the rest of the piece.

I also decided to have two versions, one with underwear and one without. It'll all be released together tomorrow! Keep an eye out for the lewd post!

Media (1)

Marr_Pre_3.PNG (1.0MiB)

(ANIM WIP) Investigator
(ANIM WIP) Investigatormore_vert
Post file flag
(ANIM WIP) Investigator 2020-02-14T03:29:33+00:00close

The story's starting to get more interesting... Well... About as interesting as overdosing on Caffeine can get.

Good progress made today but I neglected to take screenshots DURING the process like I normally do, so here's a few stills.

(NSFW WIP) Comfy?
(NSFW WIP) Comfy?more_vert
Post file flag
(NSFW WIP) Comfy? 2020-02-13T06:39:56+00:00close

Trying my hand at bedsheet texture and stuff. So far so good it seems! A little bit more shading to be done on the body though, the shadows aren't quite as dark as I'd like them to be. Especially considering the setting around her. More to do, but hey, looks pretty comfy doesn't it?

Media (1)

marrIIpreII.PNG (714.0KiB)

(Small WIP)
(Small WIP)more_vert
Post file flag
(Small WIP) 2020-02-12T05:29:47+00:00close

Back home and back at it with Animation!

Not too much done this time around but thankfully I am getting back into my flow. Mostly of Saker walking around his chaotic home once more, eventually to find Scruby's aftermath.

Will post more as the week goes, tomorrow I'm going to do more art and animation combined.

Media (1)

20200211223855_1.jpg (797.0KiB)

(WIP) Maroon Beauty II
(WIP) Maroon Beauty IImore_vert
Post file flag
(WIP) Maroon Beauty II 2020-02-11T04:18:45+00:00close

Finally I am back home and back to my regular work schedule!!

Already well on my way for the next piece of my new character, Marr. The new painterly approach to shading and lighting I've gone with lately is a bunch of fun. It's especially helpful at finding correct placement for shadows (even though I did have to kinda fix my pressure sensitivity since it was bugging out a bit). I can't wait to try it on some other character pieces I hope to have in the works soon. One in particular might be a piece of my Hunter in Destiny 2, and one might be of my Dark Knight in BDO (Black Desert Online). There's a bunch of ideas I wanna get to very soon, and believe me, it feels even better to do this on 1. A better PC, and 2. Actually good display screens.

Even after this is posted, I'm definitely binge drawing tonight as much as I can. Or binge shading?... Binge Arting!

Media (1)

MarrIIPre.PNG (323.8KiB)

(NSFW Piece!) Marr I
(NSFW Piece!) Marr Imore_vert
Post file flag
(NSFW Piece!) Marr I 2020-02-04T17:54:08+00:00close

At last my newest piece is out after a very chaotic and ill-filled week. Apologies for being so late on this, I'm still slightly sick at the time of writing this, however I am well on my way for the next piece featuring our maroon beauty: Marr!

Within the next day or two, I'll finally be home and back on my usual workflow.

I also decided that it would be best to release to all applicable tiers instead of early access like usual since you guys have been waiting long enough for it. I'll be posting more progress on the next piece as well, and after I'm home, there's more animation to be done as well. Have a good day, pancake buddies!

Media (1)

2020_-_Marr_I.png (21.2MiB)

(WIP) More Marr!
(WIP) More Marr!more_vert
Post file flag
(WIP) More Marr! 2020-02-01T02:09:46+00:00close

Honestly loving this new process for shading I'm trying out. It's a lot of fun and it certainly looks much better than I initially thought it would.

I'm really hoping to finish this one soon, but with my next couple days being incredibly busy with family stuff, it'll certainly be later than I thought before. At least when I arrive back home I'll be able to follow my schedule better for working. For now at least I can find some good time in between all the chaos.

Have a good day buddies! <3

Media (1)

Capture.PNG (519.2KiB)

(WIP) Trying New Shading with New Character!
(WIP) Trying New Shading with New Character!more_vert
Post file flag
(WIP) Trying New Shading with New Character! 2020-01-29T00:14:49+00:00close

A new character approaches!

Decided to kinda have an experimental approach to this piece. Still working out the kinks with the skin shading but I think it'll work quite well when it's complete!

Tomorrow I head out for my flight with family so It'll be a tad quiet the next couple days. I'll hopefully have time to finish this piece during that time and release it by Friday or Saturday. Afterwards, I have a few more pieces with the same character to compliment this one that I'd love to get to shading on as well!

Media (2)

Marr_Pre.PNG (465.9KiB)
marr_pre_2.PNG (248.1KiB)

!UPDATE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD! 2020-01-27T05:14:17+00:00

This week will be a little out of the ordinary as I'm going on a family trip for my brother's wedding on Wednesday and spending a week with them.

There will be some WIP posts for tomorrow and possibly Tuesday and an NSFW piece or two being released this week as scheduled. More than likely it will be released on Friday evening, however I will be on the trip by then so it may be later in the evening or passing to Saturday. As for the Monday and Tuesday for the week ahead, there may be WIP posts depending on how much free time I'm able to get during the trip to draw stuff.

Love you all, see you guys later this week! <3

(ANIM WIP) Caffeine.mp4
(ANIM WIP) Caffeine.mp4more_vert
Post file flag
(ANIM WIP) Caffeine.mp4 2020-01-24T04:55:44+00:00close

Progress upon the next "lore" entry in Scruby's strange behaviors/stories. Including a throwback to an older joke I had with a Sniper and a Clock in an unfinished series I called "Scout's Ball". An alarm clock with Serj's screams from Chop Suey. Perfect combination!

This takes place after a gigantic party after New Years. Though the chaotic pancake-loving Rooble is nowhere to be found. Where may she be?

On a bit of a dimmer note, this shirtless Sniper model doesn't exactly have the greatest of face posing since it comes from the actual in game model instead of HWM (Hardware Morph) which is necessary for animating more natural facial expressions. So there's a small dip in quality there at least but not entirely too noticeable thankfully. The next shot after the Kiwi birds in the wardrobe will have him actually clothed so it's not like I have to worry about that particular issue for long.

Other bright side of working on this is I don't have to grab extra voices since both characters (Scruby and my TF2 Sona) are played by me.

Also I felt like putting a bunch of Kiwi birds in for no other reason than they're adorable.

Media (5)

20200123124451_1.jpg (309.4KiB)
20200123140305_1.jpg (475.7KiB)
20200123174331_1.jpg (769.0KiB)
20200123174340_1.jpg (489.9KiB)
20200123223659_1.jpg (486.8KiB)

(ANIM WIP) The Start Of It All / Caffeine
(ANIM WIP) The Start Of It All / Caffeinemore_vert
Post file flag
(ANIM WIP) The Start Of It All / Caffeine 2020-01-22T03:38:22+00:00close

(1/2/3) A bit of progress made on the next video. Unfortunately slightly halted by difficulties in the form of poorly rigged models and certain ideas being scrapped due to no face posing on others. The models of team RWBY are wonderful (albiet missing clavicle bones like HL2 citizens) but team JNPR Models are quite low quality; none of them have face posing, so I had to settle for a model of Neo.

Polishing what I can at the moment before I move on to face/finger posing for this part. Since I'm waiting on voice files, there's not much I can do at the moment with the hallway scene considering I need audio to sync it to.

(4) Alongside this small vid, I'm also working on a short little gag video with Scuby. Not too much to show yet, but the ideas are put together.

(WIP Stuff and Update!) New Year, New Process!
(WIP Stuff and Update!) New Year, New Process!more_vert
Post file flag
(WIP Stuff and Update!) New Year, New Process! 2020-01-17T19:04:49+00:00close

Hey all!

2020 is here and it's time I actually followed a new year's resolution for once and organized myself a bit better than last year.

When I opened this page, I attempted at posting full/wip projects every Friday. While I met some of the deadlines, I felt lacking in multiple ways. Generally, the end of the year in 2019 was rather chaotic and while that contributed a great deal, I was highly unorganized from the start.

With that being said, I'm trying a different approach to having a more consistent flow of work and posts.

I will be releasing finished pieces every other week on Fridays and post progress updates on my various projects upon the other weekdays. This will not only keep you guys in the loop of what I'm currently working on, but it will also keep things organized for me day by day as I continue work on my passions.

As always I greatly appreciate all you guys' support and I can't thank you enough for helping me continue what I love to do.

Have a good one!

Media (3)

20200107161348_1.jpg (792.8KiB)
one.PNG (135.6KiB)
two.PNG (280.4KiB)

Merry Crimbo from Miuu and the Mistletoe!
Merry Crimbo from Miuu and the Mistletoe!more_vert
Post file flag
Merry Crimbo from Miuu and the Mistletoe! 2019-12-24T18:01:03+00:00close

Miuu is here to spread some cheer!

I had more in the works but my holiday week got more and more chaotic as time went on. Family, presents, you name it. I wish I could have drawn more for my page but unfortunately didn't have much time to. On another side, I still am trying to improve and be happy about my art, so you may see more WIP pieces/doodles in the near future.

With that being said, enjoy a lil bit of Miuu!

I'll be posting more WIP and other lewds here soon. Merry Crimbo!

Media (1)

MiuuCrimbo.jpg (2.5MiB)

Smol Update
Smol Updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Smol Update 2019-12-13T05:05:45+00:00close

My week's been pretty chaotic, and while I've been working on my art, unfortunately I was working on my lewds for this week when my brain decided to go "hey your art is shit rn, fix it".

So I've been practicing more body stuff and some poses with our girl of the week: Miuu!

There will be a new fully fledged piece of her soon, however I wanna make sure that it's the best I can do. For now, here's a few nice poses I've been working on with her. My aim is to get better at the lower abdomen and middle of the body

See you all soon with some quality tiddy <3

Media (1)

yeeter.PNG (214.1KiB)

First of Many! (WIP)
First of Many! (WIP)more_vert
Post file flag
First of Many! (WIP) 2019-12-07T02:04:56+00:00close

You might be able to guess what's going on here ;)

It's been one hell of a rollercoaster this week. So many different things happening, but hey, that doesn't quite get in the way of me drawing some tiddy ^-^

(and a lil' bit o' dat dicc on the side lol)

This is just one of the many pieces I'm working on for the next drop of lewds next week! I can't wait to share it all with you guys when it's done!

Media (2)

sneekmiuu1.PNG (292.2KiB)
miuusneek.PNG (296.1KiB)

A lil' bit of Coco in my life
A lil' bit of Coco in my lifemore_vert
Post file flag
A lil' bit of Coco in my life 2019-12-02T18:01:01+00:00close

My first piece with the lovable and busty Coco from Code Vein!

You can probs tell why she's one of my favorites <3

Media (2)

Coco2019NSFW.jpg (1.2MiB)
Coco20191.jpg (1.2MiB)

Gamon, the Fair!
Gamon, the Fair!more_vert
Post file flag
Gamon, the Fair! 2019-11-22T09:44:16+00:00close

(Note: Apologies for the late release to other tiers! This week has been rather shifty and so I haven't been all too focused on my art. I am now back at my next piece which you'll see a WIP of later today!)

An adorably thicc dog girl having a nice rest!

Gamon was once a one time character (who initially had no name) I drew once about a year back. I decided it was time to spruce her up a bit ^-^

Media (1)

Gamon.png (6.6MiB)

One Busty WIP
One Busty WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
One Busty WIP 2019-11-22T18:01:01+00:00close

Working on a new piece that may or may not have an NSFW version.
(I say that and literally I started drafting one as soon as I started typing this)

Only truly cultured minds would want to warm up with a lil bit of this when it gets cold~

Media (1)

sneek3.PNG (439.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8886179 - 22 Nov 19 18:28
Before it gets cold you say. Hmmm
Lovely Elva
Lovely Elvamore_vert
Post file flag
Lovely Elva 2019-11-11T22:42:02+00:00close

My character Elva in some wonderful lewdness~

While her little title card piece was made with old shading, the hentai pieces were made with the new shading process I have. In fact, these were the first I experimented with!

Media (3)

ElvaHentai3.png (2.8MiB)
ElvaHentai1.png (4.8MiB)
ElvaHentai2.png (4.3MiB)

(Late but Great) Kabocha the Witch 2019
(Late but Great) Kabocha the Witch 2019more_vert
Post file flag
(Late but Great) Kabocha the Witch 2019 2019-11-11T22:41:40+00:00close

A lewd version of the 2019 Halloween piece with my lovely Kabocha the Witch!

Media (1)

Kabocha2019Nude.png (3.1MiB)

(Oldie) Ullioraq after a Workout
(Oldie) Ullioraq after a Workoutmore_vert
Post file flag
(Oldie) Ullioraq after a Workout 2019-11-11T22:41:26+00:00close

A varied piece of my character, Ullioraq, after a long day of hard work.

Old piece, old shading, not one of my finest pieces IMO.

Media (4)

Ullioraq.png (3.0MiB)
UllioraqCum.png (3.0MiB)
UllioraqNude.png (2.8MiB)
UllioraqNudeCum.png (2.8MiB)

(Oldie) Miuu Chinese Dress
(Oldie) Miuu Chinese Dressmore_vert
Post file flag
(Oldie) Miuu Chinese Dress 2019-11-11T22:41:08+00:00close

My lovely Miuu in a chinese dress (and without :3)

Like the bikini piece, this was made in an old shading style.

Media (3)

MiuuDress.png (1.8MiB)
MiuuDressless.png (1.8MiB)
MiuuDresslesscum.png (2.1MiB)

(Oldie) Miuu Bikini
(Oldie) Miuu Bikinimore_vert
Post file flag
(Oldie) Miuu Bikini 2019-11-11T22:40:54+00:00close

Here is a piece in a few different versions of my lovely buxom character: Miuu!

Oldie but goldie, I made this about a few months back before I went to my new shading process.

Media (3)

MiuuHentai1.png (2.4MiB)
MiuuHentai2.png (2.4MiB)
MiuuHentai2Cum.png (2.5MiB)

Panpan, the Syrup girl!
Panpan, the Syrup girl!more_vert
Post file flag
Panpan, the Syrup girl! 2019-11-11T22:42:12+00:00close

So many people love slime girls... So I thought I'd take it up a notch and introduce a sexy pancake buddy - Panpan!

Media (1)

PanPan.png (11.7MiB)


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