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PL Xantara Lightingrod
PL Xantara Lightingrodmore_vert
Post file flag
PL Xantara Lightingrod 2019-12-29T02:17:50+00:00close

Secret Santa gift for the Pure Light exchange. :)

Elsa public
Elsa publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Elsa public 2019-11-25T08:52:55+00:00close

While seeing if I had any art from 2009 I might want to remake, I found my librarian satyr Elsa. :) Thought I’d give her a quick draw to wind down from writing assessment reports. XD

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #980148 - 2 Dec 19 14:51
Love her design! She is super cute!
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 6 Dec 19 10:56
Thank you! :) I’ve had her for awhile and now I wanna do more with her. :)
Angel Dust public
Angel Dust public more_vert
Post file flag
Angel Dust public 2019-11-23T06:12:05+00:00close

Here’s Angel Dust from the Hazbin Hotel pilot. Him and Charlie have my favorite designs; still a bit overdone but they stand out against the setting more. Also him funny. XD

Got some glasses with a wider, clearer lens just to help me focus and it’s a huge help! I feel like it took a lot less than to finish this up with these. Yay!

Winter Rat public
Winter Rat public more_vert
Post file flag
Winter Rat public 2019-11-02T11:11:25+00:00close

It snowed big time just after I made the other self portrait and I feel like being seasonally accurate. Also this captures how I feel more accurately; even that cartoon smile felt tired and forced to me. Maybe after the holidays I’ll perk up. Hard to know right now.

Anyway. You’ll never guess which state I’m from and have an overblown sense of pride in! XD pretty sure I have more Colorado merch than any tourist. Also the state logo is tattooed on my arm, so there’s that. :D As usual, this is all clothing I own and go outside in. :D

Autumnal, Tired public
Autumnal, Tired public more_vert
Post file flag
Autumnal, Tired public 2019-10-24T09:55:37+00:00close

Playing with adding scruffy fur back into my design. I like it well enough. The color palette being more washed out is definitely accurate for me right now. Yes the eyes are janky on purpose. Y’all know why. XD

Ages of Elora Reignited public
Ages of Elora Reignited public more_vert
Post file flag
Ages of Elora Reignited public 2019-10-19T04:53:15+00:00close

A cute commission of Elora at different ages. :)

Gold Star public
Gold Star public more_vert
Post file flag
Gold Star public 2019-10-19T04:41:41+00:00close

A friend joked that he wanted a gold star sticker after I pestered him to get his flu shot. He got the shot so here’s the gold star. XD

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9790017 - 19 Oct 19 22:07
oh that's so cool! great composition!
Michael public
Michael public more_vert
Post file flag
Michael public 2019-10-04T04:33:49+00:00close

Saw a thing about drawing your old OCs in October so here’s a guy maybe one of you has seen because I only draw him every ten years or so. XD It’s Michael the deinonychus/tiger hybrid I came up with in high school! XD He’s probably an atheist now and divorced (he was kind of a player for being a missionary). This guy was one of my few “Mary Sue” kinda characters and I feel like that should have been a clue to teenage me about some things but it wasn’t. XD He’s totally still wearing that old sleeveless tank top under the hoodie. :D

Queens at Rest public
Queens at Rest public more_vert
Post file flag
Queens at Rest public 2019-09-18T22:34:49+00:00close

Ava and Nevy, long after the war, enjoying their peace together. :)

Characters from Ava’s Demon


Desert Runners public
Desert Runners public more_vert
Post file flag
Desert Runners public 2019-08-17T08:12:01+00:00close

A couple characters for an idea I don’t think will see the light of day, but Fenn and Trichos are fun. Maybe they’ll wind up in something of their own someday.

Faun Fluff public
Faun Fluff public more_vert
Post file flag
Faun Fluff public 2019-08-14T00:26:51+00:00close

My own take on a mix between classic and Reignited Elora. :)

On Pause public
On Pause public more_vert
Post file flag
On Pause public 2019-08-13T07:38:00+00:00close

zera’s new sleeping idle anumat is very cute. I couldn’t resist. :)

You can play Zera: Other Worlds now over here:


All Tied Up public
All Tied Up public more_vert
Post file flag
All Tied Up public 2019-07-30T03:35:39+00:00close

Finished commission. :) Someone‘s in trouble if she gets loose. XD

Why not both? public
Why not both? public more_vert
Post file flag
Why not both? public 2019-07-27T06:20:29+00:00close

Starting to feel like neither rat nor dragon fits so I’m messing around with a rat/dragon mix

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #554223 - 27 Jul 19 06:29
Hmmmmm Would that make you a Ragon? A Drat? Whatever you are, it's real cute :D
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 28 Jul 19 23:59
I am totally taking ownership of "drat" as my species name. XD
Oh Hey public
Oh Hey public more_vert
Post file flag
Oh Hey public 2019-07-11T00:50:45+00:00close

I don’t actually remember the last time I just drew something at random. It feels like I’m still getting the hang of things again but this was soothing to do.

Pridecon 2019 public
Pridecon 2019 publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Pridecon 2019 public 2019-06-02T06:00:40+00:00close

Pride month is a pretty lonely time for me in part because my identity and sexuality are complicated. I decided to try and make something that encompasses most of it. I’m queer because it does contain everything I am, which includes being only attracted to women while also being asexual and having no gender (yes I am transgender, right down to having physicalally transitioned). Y’all are free to ask questions just please be respectful as much as you can. Questions about my junk will be met with questions about the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in public. :D The only flag I didn’t include was the lesbian flag because I just don’t know how to relate to that even though non-binary lesbians are a thing.

I want that agender ace shirt to be real now that I’ve seen it. XD

Out of Spoons public
Out of Spoons public more_vert
Post file flag
Out of Spoons public 2019-05-24T08:58:02+00:00close

I’ve heard these two don’t get along but I like the idea of Mew wanting to comfort Mewtwo when the chips are down.

Goodbye public
Goodbye public more_vert
Post file flag
Goodbye public 2019-05-23T08:01:26+00:00close

Cora Louise Pfister

June 25, 1931 - May 4, 2019

Love you always.

It's Official 2018-11-28T05:03:02+00:00

I can't draw anymore.

My vision might come back after surgery a couple years from now, but for the foreseeable (har) future, I can't do the art thing anymore. Not exactly how I planned to end 32 years of an art career, but that's reality for you.

On the bright side, I'm getting my BA in special education next weekend! I'm super excited about this! Already registered and set up for my MA in teaching the visually impaired/blind and I might even have a job in the field by spring. Woo/aaaahhh! XD

When one door closes, you kick out a window and strap on your jet pack, I guess. :D

Not sure what I'm gonna do here moving forward. I'm hoping to get back into writing as a hobby once some of the crushing stress and depression lifts. I'm not pressuring myself for anything at the moment.

If anyone wants to head out because the art is gone, I won't hold it against you. :) It's been a fun fifteen-ish years and maybe I'll get to draw again down the road, but it's not going to be for awhile, if ever. I'm glad so many of you were here for the ride and I hope to keep seeing you around! :)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #576959 - 29 Jan 19 11:03
<3 thanku for inspiring me when i was a teen. u still mean so much to me
user avatar
User #2293307 - 28 Nov 18 05:11
Also photos from your new career in sculpting or mixed media collage!
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 1 Dec 18 07:51
Haha! I don't think you'll see those; I have a pathological hatred of sculpting. XD I might be picking up small loom knitting though. :D Also, I apologize for never replying to your really well thought out email! It sat in my inbox for months ans I wanted to reply and managed to never get to do so. ;_;
user avatar
User #555069 - 28 Nov 18 13:58
I’m gonna miss your art so much, but you still left a legacy of amazing art. On top of that if it wasn’t your art, I wouldn’t have been inspired by it’s amazing whacky style and I wouldn’t have come far with my art skills probably and discovered the online art community, but most importantly, such an amazing friend. Congrats on your other achievements and goals though and hopefully you will find some other happiness in your life, because I imagine how painful it is to be an artist full of ideas, but not be able to draw anymore. I wish you good luck with your other projects. Oh also I...don’t wanna be rude, but I unfortunately will cancel my pledge to you. It’s not because you won’t post anything, but I am just in not such a good financial state rn along with having problems with my shit father or begetter I should say since I don’t even wanna call him father anymore and I gotta save every single penny now in order to save up and move out finally.
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 1 Dec 18 07:52
I completely understand! And I'm SO happy to hear your moving out! I think you'll be a lot happier on your own and you'll be more successful than you expect. :)
user avatar
User #2293307 - 28 Nov 18 05:10
Heart you tons, Razz. Congratulations on your graduation and master's program! I'd love to have you keep this going for anything you are inspired to post, be it writing, photos of your dog, or fun facts about braille. Can you email me if you've moved since last summer?
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 1 Dec 18 07:50
If you still have my Greeley address, it's the same now. :) I moved out of the Evans place. Haha, I need to post more funny doggo pics here; currently they make up at least 47% of my Twitter. XD
Elora and Rat public
Elora and Rat public more_vert
Post file flag
Elora and Rat public 2018-09-16T08:28:22+00:00close

This was close enough to done that I could finish it. :) It’s unlikely I’ll get to play the Reignited Trilogy itself, but I’m glad I got to see my favorite character reimagined. :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #376709 - 17 Sep 18 20:34
Very sweet and adorable X)
Elora and Elora public
Elora and Elora public more_vert
Post file flag
Elora and Elora public 2018-08-25T22:08:57+00:00close

Sekhmet public
Sekhmet public more_vert
Post file flag
Sekhmet public 2018-08-12T01:29:14+00:00close

Testing out a different cheap stylus by finishing this sketch. I watched a documentary about competitive rubix cube solving while I finished this. XD

Cursed Image public
Cursed Image public more_vert
Post file flag
Cursed Image public 2018-08-07T02:34:20+00:00close

Inspired by a screenshot and a fan sculpture with no eyes. XD I feel like I really overdid the blending but meh. Drawn entirely with my index finger bec i no longer have a stylus.

One Punch Rat public
One Punch Rat public more_vert
Post file flag
One Punch Rat public 2018-08-06T06:31:39+00:00close

I’m just an artist who draws for fun. XD

Guess who’s rewatc One Punch Man? XD

Also my iPad stylus actually came apart while I was drawing this. 8D Hopefully the other one that came with it is still around and working. If not, I will probably go back to just drawing with my fingers, if at all. Kinda not worth the expense to buy a stylus for drawing with my vision still degrading.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossomsmore_vert
Post file flag
Cherry Blossoms 2018-07-14T07:48:36+00:00close

A bit of old Freedom Planet art that got lost in the shuffle, reposted here for a fellow Carol/Lilac fan! :) These two are what got me playing the game and it's one of my all-time favorites to this day. Still excited for the sequel! :)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #980148 - 14 Jul 18 11:31
I need to get this game and it’s sequel! It looks super fun and cute!
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 15 Jul 18 02:49
The sequel is still in development but the first game is frequently on sale on Steam and it's coming out for Switch soon too. Gameplay wise, it fixed all the issues I had with classic Sonic games, and I honestly like the story even if it is cheesy at times. XD
user avatar
User #128494 - 14 Jul 18 07:56
Those two are so pretty <3 Lovely work! :D
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 14 Jul 18 07:59
I love their designs so much, and they just got even better in the sequel. ^_^
user avatar
User #980148 - 14 Jul 18 11:31 - revision 2
I need to get this game and it’s sequel! It looks super fun and cute!
Gail the Snail public
Gail the Snail public more_vert
Post file flag
Gail the Snail public 2018-07-05T20:01:47+00:00close

And she’s done! I tried using a pencil brush for the hatching this time. I kinda like it and I might play with it more.

Smooch public
Smooch public more_vert
Post file flag
Smooch public 2018-06-19T07:00:19+00:00close

It’s been humid and my stylus doesn’t like that so I thought I’d finish a personal pic that wound up becoming more detailed than expected. XD They like each other. ^_^

Braille Pennies 1: The Braille Cell
Braille Pennies 1: The Braille Cellmore_vert
Post file flag
Braille Pennies 1: The Braille Cell 2018-06-18T04:09:05+00:00close

As promised, here’s the first video about braille! Thank you guys for the inspiration. <3 More is on the way!

Embed data


Provider URL

Braille Pennies 1: The Braille Cell

A quick introduction to braille, the reading and writing system for the blind, using pennies! Please don’t be shy about asking questions or for me to clarify anything! I’ll be making more videos about braille and my experience as someone who’s blind as I have the time. :)



Comments (6)
user avatar
User #980148 - 18 Jun 18 06:01
This is awesome, love the video!!!!
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 26 Jun 18 06:47
Thanks! I'm planning to make some more so I can eventually get up to answering your question about what I use to write and how. XD
user avatar
User #9790017 - 18 Jun 18 21:16
Ooo that's cool! Thank you. Very clear and concise explanation :)
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 26 Jun 18 06:47
Yay, I'm glad it makes sense! I'm basically working on refining this as a teaching tool. XD You guys are the second group I've done it for; the first was my parents. XD
user avatar
User #2293307 - 18 Jun 18 05:17
Hello 124 1235! (PSA: those are the dots for f and r, which means friend) I like the pennies idea. I just thought of using half an egg carton as well, but it might be more conceptually difficult to grasp the cell idea with something much larger than pennies, just as it's hard to read a cell that doesn't fit under your fingertip. On the other hand, one of my friends was a skilled braille reader until she developed neuropathy in her hands, so identifying individual large dots would probably be easier for her.
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 26 Jun 18 08:33
Hi fr! :D Yeah, in my own experience, using anything too large makes it very difficult to understand braille as a concept. The nice thing about pennies is that you can have them with you all the time. :) As far as neuropathy goes, unfortunately what I've seen is that those folks just stop reading. Large braille tends to be just outright unreadable.
Cookies > drama
Cookies > dramamore_vert
Post file flag
Cookies > drama 2018-06-08T04:53:02+00:00close

A really quick doodle for Michelle Czajkowski, creator of the comic Ava’s Demon. i only support two Patreons and hers is one of them because I respect her as an artist and even more as a person. You’ve had to put up with a lot of bad you never deserved Michelle but you haven’t let the mouldy peanut gallery keep you down no matter how hard they try. Keep going!

And thank you for your great work. :)

check out the comic here:


And Michelle’s Patreon over here:


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #85848 - 8 Jun 18 05:10
Wow thank you so much!!! This means more to me than you know, I will keep this drawing safe :D
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 9 Jun 18 05:23
It's a silly thing, but I learned a lot about myself through you and your comic, a lot good but some bad, and I really appreciate that insight. If I can't see the comic to the end (in a literal sense; going blind is super great 8D), I'm totally going to pester people to describe the updates until it's done. :D And after that day, I hope I'll get to see whatever you want to do next. :)
user avatar
User #980148 - 8 Jun 18 06:42
Thanks to you I get to read a wonderful comic!
user avatar
confiscatedretina - 9 Jun 18 05:21
It's a really neat comic! I'm always surprised by where it goes and I'm looking forward to seeing where it ends up. I did almost stop at one point, but then a certain scene happened and I couldn't. XD
Pride 2018 public
Pride 2018 public more_vert
Post file flag
Pride 2018 public 2018-06-06T04:38:06+00:00close

A quick thing for queer/LGBTIA+ pride month 2018. :) I haven’t seen anything Spyro related to celebrate the ace folks in the fandom and larger community, so here’s aromatic Ember and autochorisexual Elora being ace buds. :)

Owlex public
Owlex public more_vert
Post file flag
Owlex public 2018-05-21T21:23:14+00:00close

Instead of finishing what I was supposed to, I made my friend this fursona he nev wanted. :D

Lookin’ public
Lookin’ public more_vert
Post file flag
Lookin’ public 2018-05-07T00:55:57+00:00close

Real talk: I saw a comment by one of the people who went after me last year that went something like them being glad I wasn’t looking at their work at one time. It made me laugh. XD I don’t really look at their work because most of it isn’t my jam but it’s not like my filthy eyes haven’t been all over it and there’s no way they can stop or control that. XD

As a result, here’s Spyro-style dergin Razz looking at you and aaaaall you’re stuff. :D But not judging. That’s not my thing. As long as nobody is being hurt, you do you. :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9790017 - 12 May 18 20:25
love this lil guy XD
Cat Doll 2 public
Cat Doll 2 public more_vert
Post file flag
Cat Doll 2 public 2018-04-26T13:10:56+00:00close

She’s starting to become her own thing now, though I don’t know what kind of story she’d be in. She keeps needless in her fingers and toes in case emergency sewing needs to be done. XD

Cat Doll public
Cat Doll public more_vert
Post file flag
Cat Doll public 2018-04-24T16:38:02+00:00close

Inspired by a design from a comic with nice art drawn by bad people I’ve stopped reading their work but all the awfulness around the creators that’s come to light reminded me that I did like this character at one time.

Mexican Mole Lizard public
Mexican Mole Lizard publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Mexican Mole Lizard public 2018-04-21T06:59:30+00:00close

A Mexican mole lizard in a top hat, inspired by Jesse and Leonard (even though he's a legless lizard) at Animal Wonders Montana! :)


Thumbs public
Thumbs publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Thumbs public 2018-04-07T13:26:04+00:00close

After 20 years, Spyro has thumbs! 8O He...didn't think about his word choices very well in his excitement. XD

I lost an entire day to making this. XD

Human Maniko public
Human Maniko public more_vert
Post file flag
Human Maniko public 2018-04-03T01:56:00+00:00close

Today (April 2) is Meister Li’s birthday! I finished up this human version of his tiny bunny avatar in time for it, at least in my time zone. XD

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9790017 - 3 Apr 18 03:29
Baroness of Hell public
Baroness of Hell public more_vert
Post file flag
Baroness of Hell public 2018-04-03T01:45:59+00:00close

I had no idea what the enemies in Doom were like, but I love being able to draw lady versions of monsters that don’t have to be sexy. 8D Awesomely fun commission for Micah! :)

Dragon Dan public
Dragon Dan public more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Dan public 2018-03-27T22:28:29+00:00close

Dangon? Dan Avidragon? I did the sketch for this with my finger in class randomly. Dan Avidan as a dragon! He’s blue cuz it’s Danny’s favorite color. :) I’d like to do something with Brian now but him as a dragon seems a bit too obvious...

Typhon Infection public
Typhon Infection public more_vert
Post file flag
Typhon Infection public 2018-03-26T16:39:35+00:00close

‪Morgan from Prey enduring a Typhon transformation for dazzmazingdazz! I don’t know anything about this game but I had fun drawing this guy. :)‬

Dragon Girlfriends public
Dragon Girlfriends public more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Girlfriends public 2018-03-25T14:35:25+00:00close

It’s MeisterLi’s adorable dragon girlfriends! :) I loved these two from the first sketch he posted of them. ^_^

Bang Bang public
Bang Bang public more_vert
Post file flag
Bang Bang public 2018-03-24T22:46:25+00:00close

‪Got the pleasure of drawing one of JenKollic’s bad ass ladies! Bianca in her war form with a pair of pistols perfect for tomb raiding, among other things. XD ‬

Graffiti Rose Tracer public
Graffiti Rose Tracer public more_vert
Post file flag
Graffiti Rose Tracer public 2018-03-20T18:08:43+00:00close

I mashed together the rose and graffiti skins for this Tracer for a certain someone who helped me get into my current house and who likes speedy canon lesbian. :)

Cool Lady public
Cool Lady public more_vert
Post file flag
Cool Lady public 2018-03-19T03:16:45+00:00close

Finished commission for the patient and awesome :iconNuru-sama: of this cool lady! And thus ends my color commissions. It was fun!

One Happy Dragon public
One Happy Dragon public more_vert
Post file flag
One Happy Dragon public 2018-03-16T06:29:21+00:00close

Finished commission for Thornacious and my second to last color pic for pay. It’s always ffun doing art for Thorn and I can’t recommend working with him enough. :)

Rat in Hat 2 Sketch
Rat in Hat 2 Sketch more_vert
Post file flag
Rat in Hat 2 Sketch 2018-02-28T10:08:28+00:00close

So I honestly don’t really like the other icon. It looks okay but feels totally wrong and I kinda want something more representative y’know? This feels better already. XD Devious rat creature, always plotting, will be wearing much more green this time. XD

Rat in Hat public
Rat in Hat publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Rat in Hat public 2018-02-21T01:13:21+00:00close

This makes me look more gangster than redneck, which is hilarious because I am not that cool. I'm legit white trash irl and okay with it. XD Anyway, just a quick little icon to reflect what I look like now a bit more: big ol' Stevie Wonder shades, a hat to block out the light, and my usual terrible shirt. :D

Serthal public
Serthal publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Serthal public 2018-02-05T04:12:44+00:00close

Commission for Rurik of this jerk. :D

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9790017 - 18 Feb 18 04:46
This pic is so cool! Really love it :)
Sisters public
Sisters public more_vert
Post file flag
Sisters public 2018-01-30T01:01:46+00:00close

I love these gals by :icona7xsparx: :)

https://a7xsparx.deviantart.com/art/MONSTERS-UNIVERSITY-REJECTS-727802574" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">https://a7xsparx.deviantart.com/art/MONSTERS-UNIVERSITY-REJECTS-727802574

Sisters more_vert
Post file flag
Sisters 2018-01-30T01:00:57+00:00close

I love these gals by :icona7xsparx: :)



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