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pat pat
pat patmore_vert
Post file flag
pat pat 2020-04-01T04:53:31+00:00close

Hi everyone
I hope you're doing okay, with all what's going on x3x

Have a cute flygon.

Media (1)

Flygon_2020.png (155.3KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2416379 - 1 Apr 20 06:22
I am so incredibly humbled. :D
Soft, page 1
Soft, page 1more_vert
Post file flag
Soft, page 1 2020-03-26T06:57:19+00:00close

Commission for OceanOtter on fA ouo

Media (2)

OceanOtter_1.png (5.4MiB)
OceanOtter_1.png (418.9KiB)

Such a cutie!
Such a cutie!more_vert
Post file flag
Such a cutie! 2020-02-27T06:46:59+00:00close

For Thoshan


Media (1)

Thoshan_Mana.gif (373.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #235756 - 27 Feb 20 13:34
Very adorable and nicely animated too!
The Hungry Pack, Pages 8 and 9
The Hungry Pack, Pages 8 and 9more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Pages 8 and 9 2020-02-25T13:44:59+00:00close


Media (2)

08.png (235.1KiB)
09.png (235.8KiB)

Valentines 2020 Day comic
Valentines 2020 Day comicmore_vert
Post file flag
Valentines 2020 Day comic 2020-02-14T10:28:21+00:00close

This post is gonna be updated later with more pages.

Media (2)

Valentines_1.png (358.2KiB)
Valentines_2.png (388.0KiB)

Some people 2020-01-30T12:01:01+00:00

The Hungry Pack, Page 7
The Hungry Pack, Page 7more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 7 2019-12-19T06:22:14+00:00close

Its the turn to introduce the next three meals~

Media (1)

07.png (255.4KiB)

Eevee Day
Eevee Daymore_vert
Post file flag
Eevee Day 2019-11-22T04:24:15+00:00close

Happy Eevee Day! Even if slightly late.

Media (1)

EeveeDay_Page_0.png (173.9KiB)

Sketch Round, Part 19
Sketch Round, Part 19more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch Round, Part 19 2019-10-31T11:59:58+00:00close

I drew these around a month and half ago.

Media (5)

Vanilla.gif (191.5KiB)
Luvdiz_DB.gif (603.3KiB)
Maxi.gif (168.9KiB)
Jake_anim.gif (202.4KiB)
Nomad.png (266.8KiB)

Avali doing the chicken dance
Avali doing the chicken dancemore_vert
Post file flag
Avali doing the chicken dance 2019-10-28T11:49:05+00:00close

With an embarrassed Nonine cringing in the background.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3603915 - 28 Oct 19 12:35
This has vastly improved my day.
user avatar
User #461840 - 29 Oct 19 10:33
This made me grin like an idiot! I love the little dance and the embarrassed buddy in the background! I think everyone has been in both positions at least once heh.
The Hungry Pack, Page 6
The Hungry Pack, Page 6more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 6 2019-10-28T11:47:50+00:00close

Time to warp away.

Media (1)

06.png (298.9KiB)

The Hungry Pack, Page 5
The Hungry Pack, Page 5more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 5 2019-10-28T11:46:35+00:00close


Media (1)

05.png (238.7KiB)

The Hungry Pack, Page 4
The Hungry Pack, Page 4more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 4 2019-10-28T11:45:33+00:00close

Finally, more artwork to post!


Media (1)

04.png (230.3KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 9
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 9more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 9 2019-10-02T23:20:26+00:00close

The end~

Media (1)

Pika9.png (815.8KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 8
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 8more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 8 2019-10-02T14:23:19+00:00close


Media (1)

Pika8.png (288.0KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 7
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 7more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 7 2019-10-01T20:08:56+00:00close

I think this is the first time I draw several panels of mouth instead of just a quick nom x3

Media (1)

Pika7.png (328.3KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 6
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 6more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 6 2019-09-30T20:33:12+00:00close

FInally the moment everyone was waiting for :3

Media (1)

Pika6.png (318.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #863773 - 30 Sep 19 23:16
THE MAWSHOT <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
user avatar
User #963071 - 1 Oct 19 13:53
well, I wasn't >:C
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 5
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 5more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 5 2019-09-30T16:19:46+00:00close

You cant forget the condiments ouo

Media (1)

Pika5.png (230.8KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 4
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 4more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 4 2019-09-29T17:42:12+00:00close

Finally the moment everyone wanted to see is coming close ouo

Media (1)

Pika4.png (256.0KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 3
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 3more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 3 2019-09-29T17:40:26+00:00close

I noticed that one of my big problems is that I overload the page with crammed graphics. Almost all the manga I've read lets you flow more easily between panels and hae less stuff in them--

So I'll start opting for less panels, more pages for stuff like this.

Media (1)

Pika3.png (490.1KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 2
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 2more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 2 2019-09-27T02:57:09+00:00close

rawr ouo

Media (1)

Pika2.png (414.4KiB)

Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 1
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 1more_vert
Post file flag
Overconfident Pikachu vs Flygon, Page 1 2019-09-27T02:54:01+00:00close


To see the full size, open the pic, right click, View Image.

Media (1)

PIka1.png (445.7KiB)

Post file flag
Friends 2019-09-21T02:55:22+00:00close

I dont remember when was the last time I colored something like this (with this coloring style).

2012-2013, maybe?

Media (1)

Wallpaper_and_so.png (795.5KiB)

Sketch stream, rounds 17-18
Sketch stream, rounds 17-18more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch stream, rounds 17-18 2019-09-08T14:24:45+00:00close

Stuff worked during the last two weekends owo

I am loving the comics or panels with small animated details x3

Media (14)

Kirbs.png (414.3KiB)
Maxi.png (259.6KiB)
Lunice_yey.png (236.4KiB)
Nomadic_24fps.gif (565.5KiB)
Novali.png (387.8KiB)
Willow.gif (643.5KiB)
Aira.png (329.6KiB)
Scaper.png (147.9KiB)
Hymin.gif (400.8KiB)
Lunice.png (203.5KiB)
Lutro_1.png (356.3KiB)
Nonine.gif (262.5KiB)
Shade.png (257.4KiB)
Renoko_with_internal.png (311.0KiB)

The Hungry Pack, Page 3
The Hungry Pack, Page 3more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 3 2019-08-30T18:15:55+00:00close

Vanilla the Avali makes its appearance.

Media (1)

03.png (285.0KiB)

Image Flood - Sketch rounds 14-16.
Image Flood - Sketch rounds 14-16.more_vert
Post file flag
Image Flood - Sketch rounds 14-16. 2019-08-30T18:11:00+00:00close

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing okay.

After being lost for a month, here's a small art flood. I also gotta say it makes me happy to see Patreon added the option to upload multiple pictures in a single picture post easily. I'll be posting the doodles I've drawn during this month and comic pages I've been working on and finishing.

Also reminding you that my Patreon is still paused.

That's all for now. See you later!

Media (28)

Scaper.png (268.4KiB)
Ofioro.png (300.6KiB)
Zola.png (312.6KiB)
Bluey.png (259.3KiB)
Dewwy.png (226.5KiB)
Lunice.png (328.7KiB)
Muki.png (272.0KiB)
Nonine.png (366.7KiB)
Lutro.png (343.9KiB)
Scaper.png (281.1KiB)
WispDD.gif (559.5KiB)
Novali.png (322.2KiB)
PassyvoreX.png (612.6KiB)
Guil.png (306.4KiB)
Erdno.png (174.3KiB)
Maxi.png (240.8KiB)
Muki.png (286.8KiB)
Nimono.png (202.9KiB)
Nomadic.png (228.2KiB)
Stray.png (193.6KiB)
Wirvla.png (301.1KiB)
Jake.png (351.2KiB)
Lunice.png (384.6KiB)
Nomad.png (263.1KiB)
Guil_eng.png (322.1KiB)
Shade.png (277.5KiB)
Stray.png (339.8KiB)
Vandal.png (256.7KiB)

The Hungry Pack, Page 2
The Hungry Pack, Page 2more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 2 2019-07-27T04:58:33+00:00close

And inside goes the mouse ouo

The Hungry Pack, Page 1
The Hungry Pack, Page 1more_vert
Post file flag
The Hungry Pack, Page 1 2019-07-24T18:20:22+00:00close

This comic's tentative name was "The Trap" but I like The Hungry Pack more. Also I love Avalis.

This is the comic whose slots were sold in February. So it begins.

Sketch flood 2019-07-12T09:47:42+00:00

Hey everyone.

I've been silent again, pretty busy with a lot of things (I need to have everything done by July 24th so thats my hard deadline). Being sick during June only served to scramble everything. Ah well. Still, while I work in the comics I owe and the art packs and so, have most of the commissions I've drawn lately. Each character belong to their respective creators.

There we go owo

Which one(s) are your favoritest?

Working more after recovering 2019-06-21T15:36:53+00:00


After losing over a week being terribly ill [I was told that I was very lucky x3 That if I hadnt taken care or vaccinated, given my general weakness and how easily I get sick, I would've been way worse] I'm working and trying to recover the lost week and finishing everything.

I'll upload wips and the second art pack soon. That's it for now, mainly.

Talk to you later.

YCH: Boss Battle, Page 21
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 21more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 21 2019-05-28T14:53:57+00:00close

True final page of this comic.

Yey another long owed thing is complete/done ♥

I'll post the PDF later today.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #10850107 - 28 May 19 19:45
Original way to end the whole thing, certainly didn't saw that coming! XD
user avatar
User #461840 - 28 May 19 14:57
I love the "Amazing games done very fast" honestly this was a very fun and silly ending to the comic! I love it.
user avatar
htfcuddles - 28 May 19 15:10
I wanted to make that parody ever since I was planning this YCH long ago. Glad you liked it.
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 20
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 20more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 20 2019-05-28T14:51:55+00:00close

Soooo yeah xD Jagkitty lost even if he won.


YCH: Boss Battle, Page 19
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 19more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 19 2019-05-26T11:33:12+00:00close

Well technically he won even if he wanted to lose~

YCH: Boss Battle, Page 18
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 18more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 18 2019-05-26T09:50:09+00:00close

If you're going to handle a shield that will leave you immobile, you gotta know when to let it go.


Thank you Lesh
Thank you Leshmore_vert
Post file flag
Thank you Lesh 2019-05-25T10:43:47+00:00close

This is a thank you picture I drew for Leshana a while ago to thank her for her work in Eka's Portal.


YCH: Boss Battle, Page 17
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 17more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 17 2019-05-25T09:57:36+00:00close


YCH: Boss Battle, Page 16
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 16more_vert
Post file flag
YCH: Boss Battle, Page 16 2019-05-25T09:56:11+00:00close


I need a new name for these posts 2019-05-24T09:20:27+00:00

More artwork.

The upcoming days I'll be posting the ending of the Boss Battle comic too and some rewards.

Boss Fight, Page 15
Boss Fight, Page 15more_vert
Post file flag
Boss Fight, Page 15 2019-05-18T05:53:11+00:00close

Finally a page I can post here xD

Featuring JagKitty.

Post file flag
Dreaming 2019-05-18T05:51:29+00:00close

Nonine and Sheights

More lotsa sketches 2019-05-09T22:35:35+00:00

More sketches I worked.

Maybe one or two were posted before but its fine.

Lotsa sketches 2019-05-05T18:52:06+00:00

Heyo everyone. I hope youre doing well.

I've been pretty busy with a lot of things, both work and in RL. I'll upload the sketch pack for the supporters the next days.

Meanwhile, enjoy these goodies that I've drawn during my sketch sunday streams. rawr.

Fishing ain't safe, Page 2
Fishing ain't safe, Page 2more_vert
Post file flag
Fishing ain't safe, Page 2 2019-05-02T02:38:37+00:00close

Continuation of https://www.patreon.com/posts/23162707

Moar coming soon ouo

What I owe and what I'm delivering this incoming week.
What I owe and what I'm delivering this incoming week.more_vert
Post file flag
What I owe and what I'm delivering this incoming week. 2019-04-21T12:24:13+00:00close

Hello everyone! I've been pretty silent the last days after the flood of pages for the long promised Christmas comic, that I'm glad I finished it. I shouldnt say it but this comic has a couple extra "bonus" pages that will be done in the next days. Still, the comic in itself is complete.

The work is not over, of course. I'm posting this publicly to let people see what I'm working on and what I expect to deliver, since my activity in fA has been becomic erratic at best. Also you can find me actively on Twitter and Mastodon.

Not counting the Patreon stuff or the private commissions, I still owe 3 big comics (with big I mean 20 pages long or more), with one going to be completed this incoming week.

* The Boss Battle one. I need to draw 4 more pages and it'll be done. What slows it down isnt so much the art itself but the lots of things each page has (HP/Mana counter, damage done, dialogs, effects, etc).
* The Pokémon comic. I have the story written, how the plot and panels gotta go, but the comic itself is not done, and it still requires a lot of work. The good thing, at least? This comic is stepping up in terms of story writing. I had multiple versions written up that were scrapped, and I hope to show it in this episode. I cant offer a deadline for it yet, though; this comic is one of the "difficult to work" ones mainly due to the amount of detail put in every page and the heavy amount of characters. Once its done I think I'll limit the roster a lot in upcoming episodes to focus more in the storytelling.
* The Avali comic. This comic is the most recent one, and a pretty interesting one. I expect to stream most of it when I make it, and since its style is gonna be similar to the sketchy style I draw on sundays, pages shouldn't eat as long in terms of time as others's do.

In any case, the next week I'm going to get in the same parole I did to complete the xmas comic, to complete the boss battle one and the Commission/Patreon ones. So hopefully once the week ends I'll have a lot of my older work completed and the huge load lifted off my shoulders.

I'll be posting the stuff as soon as I end it (except for the private ones of course, that I'll be sending to the people who bought em), so you'll be getting the pages before anybody else. Tomorrow peeps in the corresponding tier will be getting a small linearted art pack. However, I still keep the "one page a day" for fA.

Also I have plans for May, that you probably will like to see.

That's it for now.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #270799 - 21 Apr 19 12:28
I’m not sure if you did but I can’t recall ever seeing the other page to my comic. If you did finish it then I must have missed it but I don’t remember ever seeing it
user avatar
htfcuddles - 21 Apr 19 12:41
I sent you a PM to get it sorted out.
Pokémon: EYKIW, Ep9P04
Pokémon: EYKIW, Ep9P04more_vert
Post file flag
Pokémon: EYKIW, Ep9P04 2019-04-18T07:08:41+00:00close


Christmas comic, Page 25
Christmas comic, Page 25more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas comic, Page 25 2019-04-16T22:45:47+00:00close


It's over.

I have a ton of things to say about this but to avoid turning this into a text wall, I'll simply say I'm deeply sorry for how long this took to make.

The first pages and the last ones have a style wildly different, thing that proves the time of difference between them x3; But in spite of everything, I liked the final result.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #264969 - 16 Apr 19 23:02
Didn't the original owner of that bag got eaten? oh that's right. I ate him.
user avatar
htfcuddles - 16 Apr 19 23:03
o,o The original owner of the bag was eaten by Hymin
user avatar
User #264969 - 16 Apr 19 23:15
Really I thought the owner was eaten by me.
user avatar
User #10850107 - 18 Apr 19 22:38
In all case the end result was really enjoyable to watch! Great job! ^^
Christmas comic, page 24
Christmas comic, page 24more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas comic, page 24 2019-04-16T21:10:21+00:00close


Christmas comic, Page 23
Christmas comic, Page 23more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas comic, Page 23 2019-04-16T19:30:20+00:00close

"Stuffed prey, my favorite" -Jake the red panda

Christmas Comic, Page 22
Christmas Comic, Page 22more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas Comic, Page 22 2019-04-16T17:01:23+00:00close

Cute pikachu eevee kitsune ate cute birb


Christmas comic, Page 21
Christmas comic, Page 21more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas comic, Page 21 2019-04-16T14:58:13+00:00close

nom nom nom


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