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March Update! 2020-03-20T01:59:08+00:00

Hi everyone! and welcome to every that has joined recently!

Couple of house keeping things I want to address in this post.

Firstly, obviously there is a bit of a global crisis going on right now--I myself am working from home for a few weeks and hoping to use the extra, unsupervised free time to make a dent in some future writing so there's no content drought like last month.

That being said, as a writer of this kind of stuff I know I have sort of tendencies or patterns to my characters and stories (lol futa lately) but wanted to ask you: what would you like to read that breaks my mold a bit? I'm open to suggestions or requests. Who knows, it may end up being a full-fledged story, at least by FMG standards!

Again, if anyone wants to stop by on discord for office hours I'm going to be on mostly--I show up as offline so don't hesitate to send me a request, just shoot me a message here and I'll give you the info!

I'll have March's story out for you next week :)


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8653101 - 21 Mar 20 00:49
what about a corona growthstory? maybe with spread growth, like it doesnt kill, but grow people
user avatar
User #27057165 - 21 Mar 20 09:42
Perhaps a story about a superheroine who needs to fuck to maintain her power levels... but never seems to get the amount just right to be acceptable to others, or fit in her costume well.
Quick update! 2020-01-23T14:30:24+00:00

it's been a bit of a whirlwind the last couple of weeks and I haven't been able to get much writing done, and the next few weeks will be similarly packed, but rest assured I will have stories out before the end of the month!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #24830025 - 26 Jan 20 19:20
How Can i Access the Stories?
user avatar
User #24830025 - 27 Jan 20 05:24
user avatar
FP909 - 26 Jan 20 19:21
I will put up a new archive soon!
user avatar
User #24830025 - 26 Jan 20 19:23
Can you please send me a Selection of growth Stories by Mail until then?
user avatar
FP909 - 27 Jan 20 00:06
here is a current link: https://sta.sh/2235zt8nq7gk
Roadmap for October 2019-10-03T17:59:22+00:00

Hey all!

here's the plan for this month:

10.7 I'll drop a commission from the raffle winner (Whatever It Takes) which is a "next part" to Mr. Shhh's story of the same name. I tried to do his style justice while still keeping it my own.

Later this month, probably after my birthday, I will drop another story called "All Tied Up."

I'm planning also on getting a commission from JanRockitNik on DA. I haven't decided yet which OC I want to ask for. Do you have any suggestions?

(Good) Announcement! 2019-09-12T13:49:38+00:00

Well, thanks to football season, this is the first time in maybe over a year that I'm actually AHEAD of my writing. My goal is to get a few months deep into next year with what would be considered my regularly scheduled posts. Sitting around and not playing video games does have its perks.

As a result, I'll be open for more commissions (if anyone is interested in that) and also the occasional extra story since down the line i will have more time between writing if my aim is take a bit of a break while my scheduled posts play out. Great for the holidays and better for the content IMO.

If anyone is interested in commissions that hasn't already spoken to me let me know!

Happy July! 2019-07-01T15:12:24+00:00

I am still working on June’s stories but good news! After working every day in June i finally have days off and a normal schedule moving forward to catch up AND stay on schedule.

A note for all you guys: Patreon is doing charges and there have been many declines over the last 2 months. I’ll re-evaluate at the end of the month because n know some of you have unique or different payment situations but if theres 2 months of declined charges I’ll have to clear you. It messes with the site’s projection formula and my planning.

Thank you all! Enjoy the 4th of July if you are American!

June/July Anniversary Special 2019-05-31T15:47:33+00:00

Hey folks--

June is my 5 year patreon anniversary and I wanted to do something extra for y'all other than what my monthly posts are. I'm not sure if I will complete it in June or July (June will be particularly busy this year for me) but I am thinking of ideas that I'll put in the poll below, or you can suggest ideas.

Some of you have been here from the very beginning (or even before!) and some are new, but regardless I want everyone to know how thankful I am for your support over the years. Without you I would be up a creek without a paddle.

Thanks everyone--


Quick Update 2019-05-19T18:24:29+00:00

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that both of my story posts will be the back end of this month for sure (obviously since it’s already past halfway). I haven’t been home much at all this month so less sitting around in general!

hope the month has been good to you all! Also I got some great ideas on DA so I will compile them and put up a poll!

Story Directory Suggestion 2019-03-13T19:20:34+00:00

Hi everyone--

Someone suggested that I put up some kind of directory of previous stories so newcomers know whats up already and can find what they want without having to sift through everything. I'll work on putting something together!

February Status Update 2019-02-19T17:26:00+00:00

Good morning! Here is a status update:


- I owe one from last month. That will come out today.

- I have two more planned to drop before the end of the month. One is more or less finished that needs and edit. This is a growth themed one that was requested that's not like something I've ever done before. If it's not your cup of tea just drop me a line.

- The third will be...something else. Not sure which one yet.

Future Stories:

-I believe from now on, now that I've shifted payment models, I will do usually two per month: one commissioned (or requested) and one of my own. The third will be if things are going well timewise for me.

Future content:

- I will continue commissioning art for you guys. Pegius has been a go to but if there are others you'd like to see let me know.

The new payment model:

-PAtreon says that everyone will be updated when the month rolls over, we'll see how that works. Everyone that already made the switch thanks for that!

Story content:

- As mentioned last fall, Patreon was doing a purge of accounts. Not sure which of my content got flagged but a similar thing is going down on DA. I'll be changing some things about my stories but not much. If you have any questions let me know.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #17124534 - 22 Feb 19 22:05
I would love it if you comissioned some art from Crisshapes for Ashley's Freshman
user avatar
FP909 - 23 Feb 19 03:32
I didn’t realize he was still active would love to get one from him. Love his stuff
ANNOUNCEMENT 2019-02-11T18:34:50+00:00

Starting either this month or next (I think it will be next month since we are already halfway through february) I will be switching to a monthly sub model! One payment a month, that's all.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #152878 - 11 Feb 19 20:54
How many stories will you be posting per month?
user avatar
FP909 - 12 Feb 19 00:40
About the same rate! 2x, more if my schedule allows
user avatar
FP909 - 11 Feb 19 20:56
About the same rate! 2x, more if my schedule allows
Do The Dishes 4 2018-07-26T21:10:22+00:00

I will email in a couple of minutes. If you are subscribed as a $10 or specifically for this post you will receive it!

Update 2018-07-16T05:26:05+00:00

Ok y’all so i was gonna work on some stuff to post this weekend but i got sick Wednesday night and really the only position I could be in since then has been horizontal. And I did learn how to aboutface quickly on the toilet so that’s great. Anyway the big month for me at work is over and i should be back on track tomorrow (Monday). Hope summer is going alright!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #40980 - 16 Jul 18 11:14
Glad you are feeling better
Christmas Vacation Part 2 (NSFW version) 2018-07-05T19:42:06+00:00

Ok so here's the deal. As I was writing in the wee hours of the morning I thought it would be easier to write it with the clit version and then remove it. But as I wrote a bunch of pages I realized that i wanted the main character to be a certain kind of aggressive, but that didn't jive with the original commission.


I will be writing two versions of this. Check your emails for the clit version shortly. I will follow up later this week with the regular version as commission. There will be no extra charge for that one.

Just a reminder that I am emailing based on subscription, so if your email is on the list the site gives me you'll get an email from me in a few minutes. If you leave and come back or whatever, it will not add you to the list because it hasn't charged your account, just FYI.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #295763 - 23 Jul 18 16:30
So I guess I didn’t get this one either?
user avatar
FP909 - 23 Jul 18 16:33
i sent it to the supafly email originally. and just resent it now. check your filters
Obsessive Impulsive 2018-07-01T04:46:26+00:00

I will email this out tomorrow. I think i have a concussion (lol) and need to go to bed before I finish but this is the second of the month. Also I will email out the previous story this month just in case you don't have it!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #40980 - 1 Jul 18 06:30
A concussion!? That's not lol. That's the opposite of lol. What happened??
Would you be down for this kind of story? 2018-06-25T06:55:34+00:00

A normal girl goes to camp and comes back changed--she decides (not so much on her own) that women are superior to men and don't really need them all that much. Her best friend doesn't agree and she spends the next several years proving him and everyone else wrong. Of course this will have muscle growth, and maybe a bit of science experimentation type stuff.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #40980 - 25 Jun 18 09:53
I'm down if she grows a set of prodigious pecs. ;)
user avatar
User #2371485 - 25 Jun 18 06:59
Yes i'm interested ;) maybe she begin to train her muslces in the camp... And continues it at home?
user avatar
User #4130922 - 26 Jun 18 09:49
Yes. Sounds good.
user avatar
User #246054 - 25 Jun 18 12:47
Yes, I'm down for this kind of story!
Make sure.... 2018-06-18T19:41:10+00:00

The emails you have listed on here are current and active. I have a few that have bounced back as not being valid email address and it means you don't get anything I write.

This doesn't count for the folks I accidentally left off the distro....sorry about that! Guess I had too quick fingers.

Emily's Christmas 2018-06-14T21:46:32+00:00

A muscular woman heads out to the country for some Christmas fun.

Two versions are going to your emails!

Comments (15)
user avatar
User #4620475 - 16 Jun 18 01:11
I also never received anything.
user avatar
FP909 - 16 Jun 18 01:20
What’s your email? I emailed again this afternoon
user avatar
User #40980 - 15 Jun 18 00:27
When can we expect them?
user avatar
FP909 - 15 Jun 18 00:57
I emailed them at the time of this post
user avatar
User #40980 - 15 Jun 18 00:58
I should have gotten this, right? I don't have it in my email.
user avatar
User #2644138 - 15 Jun 18 02:57
I also only received the email to expect the stories. Not the email with the stories. I double-checked my spam folder and it didn't end up in there either.
user avatar
FP909 - 15 Jun 18 04:40
Huh weird. I BCCd everyone to keep emails hidden but I wonder if it goofed. I’ll check in the AM when I’m at the computer!
user avatar
User #40980 - 15 Jun 18 14:58
If you re-sent them this morning I still haven't gotten it. :(
user avatar
User #2644138 - 16 Jun 18 14:24
i also didn't receive it after your resend attempt.
user avatar
User #295763 - 6 Jul 18 05:12
Yeah I never got this one
user avatar
FP909 - 6 Jul 18 05:33
i sent it to your email
user avatar
User #4620475 - 16 Jun 18 21:00
Can I send it to you privately?
user avatar
FP909 - 16 Jun 18 21:09
Sure sure!
user avatar
User #4620475 - 16 Jun 18 21:18
Sorry, not sure how to do that.
user avatar
FP909 - 16 Jun 18 23:17
Just send me a private message, you can do it from my main page
Good News! 2018-06-10T02:01:05+00:00

I've been reinstated back to the site. I'll resume posting in the next day or so!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #40980 - 10 Jun 18 02:05
Awesome! :D
user avatar
User #4130922 - 10 Jun 18 10:03
Will there be any changes to your content?
user avatar
FP909 - 10 Jun 18 15:32
slightly but not big ones
user avatar
User #194537 - 13 Jun 18 04:09
What about all previous content posts? They are gone...
user avatar
FP909 - 13 Jun 18 05:09
i'll have to host them someplace else later but because of the guidelines I removed everything just to be sure.
Announcement! 2018-06-07T20:25:25+00:00

Just an FYI for everyone that my page is currently suspended and will be under review by the site. I haven't posted anything yet for June though I had some plans to, but hopefully this will be cleared up soon!

Obviously part of the answer is altering the nature of content. Don't expect it to change too much if/when I can get this resolved but some of the themes will change a bit. This will still be a FMG first page.

I don't know the specifics of the process to this point, but as you can see I've cleared all of my content over the last couple of years on here to prevent any future conflict. I hope it's a step in the right direction!

ok here's the scoop 2018-05-17T00:34:25+00:00

Here's whats going on this month. Obviously I haven't posted anything yet. The two things I'm working on (the android story and something else) are moving at faster than molasses speed but I honestly just want to finish and post them and fingers crossed this is the month lol.

As far as art is concerned, my source may have dried up at the moment, and has encouraged me to use what I have (what I've sent everyone already) to use as templates for other ideas i may have, and to practice my drawing. I'm hoping to get some free time to work on reskinning some of these things and coming up with new stuff this month, so maybe one or two drawings that I've posted (specifically the gymnast).

As far as DA is concerned I have to do more writing there as well so don't forget about that too! I realize it's now the back half of the month and i've been rather quiet but i'm alive!

happy wednesday!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #974719 - 17 May 18 04:13
Do the dishes, man.
Free stuff 2018-05-10T15:58:07+00:00

Some images of my OCs coming to your email if you're $6 or $10 patrons!

Thank you all! 2018-05-04T06:14:31+00:00

Just hit the $300 milestone that I've been working toward for a year, at least! Thank you everyone for contributing to the content that I put out.

If I can ask something of you, if you have the ability to plug me on boards or sites please do! I will be thinking of someway to give everyone a bit of a freebie for hitting this milestone!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Dec 18 14:10
Nice ;-)
user avatar
User #1017240 - 4 May 18 15:27
well its good that you hit this milestone. but really, this kind of subscription is completely weird. first of all, there is no description of ur stories (i like futas and dont know which one is what im looking for). second, i clicked "unlock it now" in "do the dishes 2" post, chose 10$ subscription... and nothing happens.
user avatar
FP909 - 4 May 18 15:58
i was about to type "that's odd" but realized i had been emailing out everything in April. check your email you should have received it. as far as descriptions i will try to be more detailed moving forward as to content, if not the actual plot of the story. i've done a few futa but dunno if i've labeled all of them as such. i'll double check on the sub thing for that post tho
user avatar
FP909 - 4 May 18 16:02
ehhhhhEH i see what happened here seems like i owe the $10 an apology. i just checked it from your end and was able to get into that post retroactively but if you're not seeing it maybe it has something to do with monthly limits or something. at any rate i'll email it out.
user avatar
User #1017240 - 4 May 18 16:12
well, after nothing happens i just chose 2x limit monthly subscription. thank you for ur answers
user avatar
FP909 - 4 May 18 16:14
there's no way on the site to have a patreon that's both pay per post or monthly sub. when i started this i wasn't sure that many people would actually sign up so i made it per post, and i'm not sre what would happen if i went to a strictly sub model, so this was a way to get over that.
user avatar
User #7898725 - 2 Jul 18 20:08
well done, absolutely love your stories.
April Special Surprise 2018-04-30T22:29:43+00:00

I'll be emailing out a google drive link shortly to some downloadable videos that i've wanted to share for awhile, just an example of stuff ive been accumulating that inspires my stories a bit. There is A LOT and at this point still uploading (just two files left) so if you start downloading do it a little later. I'll explain more in the email!

**If you didn't receive this email let me know. I'm going off the patron list which may or may not be incomplete compared to my total patron list

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4351736 - 30 Apr 18 22:43
How much do I need to pledge to get access to these, "emails"? I didn't get the last one that went out. ?
user avatar
FP909 - 30 Apr 18 22:53
i just sent out the email from this post which you should've gotten. sent a follow up also with the last story posts but i still have to update one so it wont go out for an hour or two ive been held up at work >_
user avatar
User #2371485 - 1 May 18 05:57
Thanks a lot! I knew all this girls. I enjoyed this vids :)
Android Story (cont) 2018-04-30T06:04:05+00:00

JT hits the weights but finds himself in a bit of a pickle when the androids jump in.

**I will be working on this to finish the last few page of this part tomorrow (monday) morning. i've been working all day and I'm ready to pass out. Will arrive in your inboxes now and tomorrow AM.

Thought you guys might like this.. 2018-04-30T05:43:54+00:00

When I write a lot of my stories, at least the adult-centered ones, this is sometimes the kind of physique I'm imagining. Attached!


Attachments (1)

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.49.18 PM.jpg (63.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2371485 - 30 Apr 18 07:05
She looks perfect! I knew her... But i don't get it from where. Maybe herbiceps cams? In wich storys you imaged her body?
Hello everyone! 2018-04-28T06:29:28+00:00

Hi new patrons!

If you're just joining us in April, let me know if you'd like the hook up for do the dishes part 3 (part 2 is already up and can be downloaded i think). Also expect the next part of the android story in the next day or so and something else before May!

Do the Dishes 3 2018-04-23T23:20:41+00:00

Check your emails for the next part!

In this part Haley intimidates her brother a little and gets some pointers from her best friend.

New Art 2018-04-23T05:31:37+00:00

From MGF, 1 of my wrestler OC, 4 of my gymnast OC, enjoy!


Attachments (1)

New Art.zip (414.0KiB)

Mid Month Update 2018-04-18T17:16:43+00:00

Hey everyone

just a couple of things:

i'll have stuff this week/thru the end of the month.

I will be going back to emailing out pledge rewards for the time being. There have been a bunch of sign ups and drops and they're probably downloading the stuff which isn't cool. I'll be using the emails your signed up with so check there!

Do The Dishes 2 2018-03-31T04:55:50+00:00

Haley has a small confrontation with her brother and cooks up a plan.

Next part will be her dad or brother coming to terms, but I think it'll be dad first since this part is about her brother.

Remember that if you are subbed to $6+ you received the drawing a couple of days ago...that corresponds with this part of the story!

Happy Easter/Passover if you celebrate, and def enjoy April Fools!


Attachments (1)

Do The Dishes 2.pdf (70.0KiB)

Do the Dishes Part 2 sneak peak.... 2018-03-28T05:37:07+00:00

For $6+, art by guitartist....


Attachments (1)

HalEy.png (179.2KiB)

Next update is soon! 2018-03-22T15:39:43+00:00

New sketches... 2018-03-18T04:57:39+00:00

Some new sketches i had done for gymnast and lifeguard andgirl scout (some you may have seen i keep forgetting which I uploaded)


Attachments (1)

new pics.zip (934.0KiB)

Hi new and old folks! 2018-03-15T23:26:46+00:00

Just a reminder if you sub to me you should expect 2-3 releases a month.

You should have retroactive access to all the old stuff too but if you're missing anything let me know and I'll shoot you an email!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10501461 - 31 Mar 18 14:14
Just a suggestion, but I think it would be good to have a short description of Patron stories for non-patrons, even just a couple sentences, as a general idea.
user avatar
FP909 - 31 Mar 18 15:41
Youuu make a good point!
uh just to clarify 2018-03-08T23:21:36+00:00

the last post was free for patrons just an alt ending :)

Tabitha (alt ending) 2018-03-08T20:31:33+00:00

well just slightly altered as asked for by the commissioner....


Attachments (1)

Tabitha alt.pdf (69.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #93650 - 8 Mar 18 21:27
I have a question, does this count as a second story, meaning I have to pay for 2 stories rather than 1?
user avatar
FP909 - 8 Mar 18 22:11
Nope, is free! Idk how it shows up on your end but this is just a free update
user avatar
User #93650 - 8 Mar 18 22:44
Okay, thanks for the response. :)
hi new folks! 2018-03-07T18:02:12+00:00

and old folks!

make sure to check out prior postings for older stories and pics! and I'll have some stuff out this week for you, so stay tuned!

Some more art from devmgf 2018-03-06T06:39:14+00:00

I'm thinking that you can link gymnast-chan as the Do Your Dishes gymnast....

Also some more Grown up Girl SCout....


Attachments (1)

art.zip (311.2KiB)

Tabitha 2018-03-08T17:00:01+00:00

Tabitha is a sexed up, buffed up trophy wife just trying to make things a little better after a hard day's work......


Attachments (1)

Tabitha.pdf (68.7KiB)

Do the Dishes (new) 2018-03-03T07:08:47+00:00

New story!

Idk how long some of you have been around the FMG story scene, but around 15 years ago there was a geocities page (Mak's Female Muscle Stories) with some really good stuff. You can probably find it on internet archive. Anyway there was a bunch of stories by Mak, in which a boy meets a muscular farm girl, and SHE inspires his little sister and her friend to get muscular and strong, and one night they armwrestle at dinner and she loses.

Anyway, there was a short "alternate universe" spinoff of that story where his younger sister (kate) gets buff and starts to run the household (until we find out her mother is even stronger). Well, I'm getting rid of the mother part in this inspired story, and Haley will definitely run the house with her muscles.

Question is, do you want her to get bigger?


Attachments (1)

Do the Dishes.pdf (68.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #974719 - 4 Mar 18 22:50
For me she doesn't have to get outrageous
user avatar
User #974719 - 4 Mar 18 22:51
Yikes, I meant to say, she doesn't have to get outrageously big, I want her to be increasingly dominant and for the family to fall under her control.. It's the mental part I like!
If you have issues with: 2018-03-03T06:45:12+00:00

- me not being engaging enough, please let me know! Feedback doesn't help me if I find out after you're gone lol it's a two way street, I can't read your minds :)

- the way the pledges work, namely how patreon process access, also LET ME KNOW! If you're not getting my stuff and you paid for it don't let it sit.

I should have something coming out tonight!

Some fresh art 2018-03-02T05:15:31+00:00

Some of this you may have seen (i can't remember which) but there are some new ones in here I think :)

$6 and up!


Attachments (1)

(some) new girls.zip (488.4KiB)

Untitled Android Story (more) 2018-02-28T00:24:14+00:00

The story is fleshing out just as the girls are! The "meat" of the story (pun intended) is coming up but you will understand a bit more what's happening next by what this part presents.

Just so some of you know in advance, one girl will end up with a futa clit, the other without one. something for everyone! This should end up being around 20ish pages when i'm done.


Attachments (1)

Untitled Android Story.pdf (86.3KiB)

Tricked to Transfer *full 2018-02-23T00:21:47+00:00

All done! Let me know what you think

Also I'm thinking of starting "office hours": an hour or two on the weekends where i can stream a google doc and write live. Would anyone be interested in that??


Attachments (1)

Tricked to Transfer.pdf (127.8KiB)

Stuff coming out today! 2018-02-22T20:15:35+00:00

....stay tuned....

My apologies 2018-02-18T00:14:58+00:00

Sorry to be quiet for the first 17 days of Feb. Been dealing with some depression.

I'll def have some content for you all this month, couple stories, and I'm hoping two sketches by Pegius in the next few days or so for the $6/$10 tiers. One will be of Sarah again, another a random woman.

Anyway hit me up if you have questions.

I know i have a couple of outstanding commissions from at least one here, and I promise I am working on it bit by bit. Just been a rough 2018 and we're only 6 weeks in got dayum.


Whats goin on in Feb? 2018-02-05T19:20:27+00:00

Here's what I'm hoping to have finished in Feb:

- The android story

- a second one-off story

- third would be the second half of A Comedy of Muscle!

A Comedy of Muscle 2018-01-31T01:07:21+00:00

Something new, and I'll prob keep this to two parts, just a fun one about a buff comedian and her assistant. Enjoy! Happy Feb.


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One more post!... 2018-01-28T04:13:26+00:00

Before the end of the month!

After which I will send out all rewards to the $10 patrons. if you're missing anything now or later let me know!

(Currently) Untitled Android Story Preview 2018-01-23T01:02:50+00:00

Check it out. It's a preview because it's all I have written currently (lol) but is the brainchild of a commissioner who I was writing for previously, our original idea and arrangement kind of went stale, so we decided to focus efforts on a new story. It's going to end up being 20-25 pages in the end but wanted to post a public preview.

Long story short this ex-athlete will order two androids for uh..pleasure purposes but gets a little more than he bargained for after they start packing on muscle....

This short blurb will set up what is to come!


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