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ProfessorFlowers (professorflowers)

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Christmas Art
Christmas Artmore_vert
Post file flag
Christmas Art 2019-12-26T00:41:56+00:00close

Some of the pieces I've made this week, taking my week off as a chance to catch up on commissions and such! New pages resume on Monday!

Media (3)

mistletoe1.jpg (380.7KiB)
drag.jpg (459.1KiB)
softtouch2.jpg (391.7KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #18409530 - 26 Dec 19 01:12
Absolutely gorgeous. And soft. <3 Rest well and have a Happy Winterwhatever!
user avatar
User #3871399 - 26 Dec 19 00:42
user avatar
User #19061107 - 26 Dec 19 02:16
Romantic Flight
Romantic Flightmore_vert
Post file flag
Romantic Flight 2019-11-02T20:22:19+00:00close

Indulgent weekend piece of me and my boo!

Media (1)

hugs.jpg (999.6KiB)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #13605462 - 2 Nov 19 20:23
This is lovely and lovey dovey
user avatar
User #9080217 - 2 Nov 19 20:24
This is adorable!!!
user avatar
User #24701257 - 2 Nov 19 21:59
You guys are too cute to handle I sts
user avatar
User #2764596 - 2 Nov 19 20:59
AH I love this!!!
user avatar
User #556559 - 3 Nov 19 00:09
You're both so cute!
user avatar
User #11842355 - 2 Nov 19 20:23
Yall are cute as FUCK
user avatar
User #19061107 - 2 Nov 19 20:35
Wait, apparently I missed this part. Y'all are in a relationship!!?? 😍😍😍
user avatar
professorflowers - 2 Nov 19 20:54
We are!!! We've been together two months now!
user avatar
User #21883813 - 2 Nov 19 22:18
teh cutest :)
user avatar
User #3872457 - 2 Nov 19 20:24
That is so cute its illegal
user avatar
User #25179212 - 30 Nov 19 04:47
Ma bois!! <3
Thank You!!!
Thank You!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Thank You!!! 2019-09-13T12:47:22+00:00close

I go into a longer post for this piece on my Tumblr, but THANK YOU!!!

Media (1)

biglove.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #11557790 - 13 Sep 19 14:37
Love your art! There is so much I haven't seen. I plan to just work my way through your whole Patreon. 💙
user avatar
User #2764596 - 13 Sep 19 13:13
Thank YOU for being the best!
user avatar
User #22988608 - 13 Sep 19 12:59
Thank you for posting your beautiful art!!!!
Lap Nap
Lap Napmore_vert
Post file flag
Lap Nap 2019-09-03T21:51:43+00:00close

And another sketch for the road!

Media (1)

snuggles.jpg (677.2KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #5328410 - 3 Sep 19 21:52
Best spot to nap
user avatar
User #21509645 - 3 Sep 19 22:23
I noticed that in a lot of pics, Zira has his headfeathers out. Is he capable of putting them away and just prefers to have them out since they help him communicate? (And I know they're comforting for him too) Or was that part of Falling for him, that he'd be cursed to never truly look 'human'?
user avatar
professorflowers - 3 Sep 19 23:56
So for Zira's head wings, since they count as his beast mark, they're a permanent fixture of his corporation. It takes him a lot of trial and error to figure out how to miracle them invisible (they're still there and physical, he's knocked things a few times haha) but it takes up a lot of energy to do so for a long time so if he's not in public he leaves them visible for simplicity's sake!
user avatar
professorflowers - 3 Sep 19 23:58
Pretty much all of his corporation maintenance miracles drop when he falls asleep too. That means his wing disguise and the one that stops him drooling LOL
user avatar
User #21509645 - 4 Sep 19 04:09
Makes sense! That's what I suspected, and I can't stop giggling over the idea that Zira manages to convince humans on more than one occasion that ghosts exist simply because his wings knocked something over XDD
user avatar
User #15746809 - 3 Sep 19 21:55
kshdigvokwb honestly, what a great piece of art to wake up to
Discord Sketches
Discord Sketchesmore_vert
Post file flag
Discord Sketches 2019-08-17T15:51:47+00:00close

Some sketches and one (1) cursed image from Discord suggestions!

Media (1)

sketches.jpg (368.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #817013 - 17 Aug 19 18:15
You'll have to clarify which is the "cursed" imagine. :P
Comic Concepts
Comic Conceptsmore_vert
Post file flag
Comic Concepts 2019-08-11T22:06:52+00:00close

We have a name for the new comic! It's going to be called "The Rearrangement" and as you can see I've also done a concept for Aziraphale, so here are the two boys together!

Media (1)

boys.jpg (182.2KiB)

Some Sheens
Some Sheensmore_vert
Post file flag
Some Sheens 2019-07-31T15:11:50+00:00close

Did some doodles of our favourite good boy!

Media (3)

sheen1.jpg (173.4KiB)
sheen2.jpg (127.4KiB)
sheen3.jpg (186.1KiB)

Crowley Bust
Crowley Bustmore_vert
Post file flag
Crowley Bust 2019-07-28T21:53:06+00:00close

A flat bust commission for someone on tumblr!

Lift Home?
Lift Home?more_vert
Post file flag
Lift Home? 2019-07-22T03:58:35+00:00close

I'm love him.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #26975311 - 23 Nov 19 23:37
dude the lighting on this is so pretty... fuckin nailed it!
You what?
You what?more_vert
Post file flag
You what? 2019-07-21T15:29:38+00:00close

I love his long hair something fierce!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #25601621 - 23 Nov 19 03:35
The Faces We Wear (Pages 1-3)
The Faces We Wear (Pages 1-3)more_vert
Post file flag
The Faces We Wear (Pages 1-3) 2019-07-10T00:50:50+00:00close

The first 3 pages of my comic! They're already up on my tumblr but I'm going to post the rest shortly for supporters to see early!

Media (3)

1_copy.jpg (348.5KiB)
2_copy.jpg (408.4KiB)
3_copy.jpg (385.7KiB)


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