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Nami 2017-12-03T20:13:33+00:00close

Another b/w commission. First time I draw Nami from ONE PIECE.

Tessa Theus Nov b/w commission
Tessa Theus Nov b/w commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
Tessa Theus Nov b/w commission 2017-12-03T15:44:34+00:00close

No comment.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 3 Dec 17 16:06
looking cute and sexy as always. Nice job.
Tessa doesn't give a f*ck.
Tessa doesn't give a f*ck.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa doesn't give a f*ck. 2017-12-02T13:06:25+00:00close

Even when you shoot at her.

Preview from MANIFEST #38.

Tiers changed. 2017-12-01T12:45:02+00:00

Thank you!

Post file flag
Erinni 2017-11-27T13:29:43+00:00close

A character from MANIFEST you'll see next year. Is she good? Is she bad? One thing is sure: she is part of the female characters with the "Blessing of Ruuh" (the uber-boobers of the Manifest world, for those still not reading the series). Stay tuned!

Patreon tiers update soon 2017-11-25T14:01:14+00:00

Hello guys!

Starting from December I'm gonna change the tiers. Probably three tiers ($1, $2, and $5). Honestly, I'm too busy with comics and commissions to keep the schedule I had in mind for Patreon in terms of contents.

BUT, this is going to be the MAIN platform for new illustrations, preview pages, covers, character designs etc..I'll make every content I post here accessible for the $1-2 tiers. The $5 is going to be a discount for commissions most likely.

This way should be better for you and for me. It was becoming too stressful for me, and also I don't like the idea of making things more or less accessible to people.

Another reason for this change is the s*itty way Patreon deals with the payments, leaving contents makers too exposed to frauds and fake accounts.

I hope you all understand!

See ya,


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 25 Nov 17 14:22
Thanks for letting me know.
user avatar
onesheeparmy - 25 Nov 17 14:30
Of course! ;)
Scarlet Witch (colors)
Scarlet Witch (colors)more_vert
Post file flag
Scarlet Witch (colors) 2017-11-24T21:12:49+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12293955 - 4 Oct 18 06:15
Great job! \(^0^)/
user avatar
User #3256997 - 25 Nov 17 00:43
Nice colors.
Scarlet Witch (b/w)
Scarlet Witch (b/w)more_vert
Post file flag
Scarlet Witch (b/w) 2017-11-24T16:52:15+00:00close

A colored "Scarlet Witch" pinup is on its way, fellas!

She's my fav female Avengers, alongside Wasp.

Without colors, this could pass as a Polaris' pinup, too...

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 24 Nov 17 20:32
She looks gorgeous. Great job.
MANIFEST eXXXtra #3 promo sketch
MANIFEST eXXXtra #3 promo sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
MANIFEST eXXXtra #3 promo sketch 2017-11-18T20:53:26+00:00close

Stay tuned for more previews in the near future!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #461269 - 18 Nov 17 21:31
Of course
user avatar
User #3256997 - 19 Nov 17 05:33
Looking forward to it.
MANIFEST #33 cover
MANIFEST #33 covermore_vert
Post file flag
MANIFEST #33 cover 2017-11-18T17:31:42+00:00close

Out 11/29.

MANIFEST #33 cover (b/w)
MANIFEST #33 cover (b/w)more_vert
Post file flag
MANIFEST #33 cover (b/w) 2017-11-17T19:14:45+00:00close

Guess what.

The colored version tomorrow.

Twilight/Negative Lady
Twilight/Negative Ladymore_vert
Post file flag
Twilight/Negative Lady 2017-11-15T18:10:54+00:00close

From the future pages of MANIFEST, a new character...not that new, actually! I thought about doing a mini with her at least a year before MANIFEST started (check my dA gallery). As you can see (if you read the comicbook), she seems to have powers similar to Blind Sparrow and a body similar to Tessa's. Expect to see a lot more characters with the Blessing of Ruuh in the future stories of MANIFEST: huge boobs lovers, you've been warned!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 16 Nov 17 01:17
Nice outfit. Fits her well. ;)
user avatar
User #461269 - 18 Nov 17 17:43
Awesome work here!!
Post file flag
Summer 2017-11-13T22:42:40+00:00close

Commission of MisterDisposable's spooky OC Summer.

Molly Dominatrix
Molly Dominatrixmore_vert
Post file flag
Molly Dominatrix 2017-11-08T17:25:35+00:00close

Molly is (c) ArchivistOmega

Tessa and Patreon charges.
Tessa and Patreon charges.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa and Patreon charges. 2017-11-01T20:59:40+00:00close

The joke sounds better in italian: we pronounce "fuck" and "faq" the same way.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 1 Nov 17 21:45
Nice play on words.
Tessa and a motel room.
Tessa and a motel room.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa and a motel room. 2017-11-01T20:54:22+00:00close

Room? What room?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 1 Nov 17 21:43
Improvement indeed.
Cemetery Girl doesn't like Halloween.
Cemetery Girl doesn't like Halloween.more_vert
Post file flag
Cemetery Girl doesn't like Halloween. 2017-11-01T10:08:00+00:00close

Last pic of the Halloween-themed miniset, aka "Just another excuse to draw curves!"

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 1 Nov 17 16:27
Nice curves indeed. Nice job.
Reptilia as...err...Thunder Girl.
Reptilia as...err...Thunder Girl.more_vert
Post file flag
Reptilia as...err...Thunder Girl. 2017-10-31T15:07:25+00:00close

I tried a couple of ideas, but liked none. So I said: "What the hell! Let's try with that!"

It's simple, but I like it! Isn't she cute? Maybe I'll do a follow-up.

Marzia as Little Red Riding Hood
Marzia as Little Red Riding Hoodmore_vert
Post file flag
Marzia as Little Red Riding Hood 2017-10-30T22:06:20+00:00close

Third pic of the Halloween set.

Zudhra as Morticia.
Zudhra as Morticia.more_vert
Post file flag
Zudhra as Morticia. 2017-10-30T12:05:13+00:00close

One weird milf dressed as (one of) the first weird milfs!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 30 Oct 17 15:55
She looks gorgeous.
Tessa Theus as Morrigan
Tessa Theus as Morriganmore_vert
Post file flag
Tessa Theus as Morrigan 2017-10-29T14:17:12+00:00close

Yeah, I know I said I was going to post the Halloween Cosplay mini-set in one archive, but I changed my mind. I hope you don't mind!

Let's start with the one you're a already familiar!

Tessa and her marketing skills, pt.2
Tessa and her marketing skills, pt.2more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa and her marketing skills, pt.2 2017-10-27T19:45:51+00:00close

WHERE? WHERE? On Gumroad!

MANIFEST 1-15 | 16-24 | 25-32 | eXXXtra 1-2

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 28 Oct 17 04:42
Nice bundles indeed.
Tessa as Morrigan (b/w)
Tessa as Morrigan (b/w)more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa as Morrigan (b/w) 2017-10-27T16:32:36+00:00close

Here's the inked version of the little Halloween set of pics I'm going to release next week!

Morrigan is fine, but Tessa isn't bad either!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 28 Oct 17 04:39
She looks great with that costume. ;)
Tessa's halloween costume (sketch)
Tessa's halloween costume (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa's halloween costume (sketch) 2017-10-23T20:56:36+00:00close

Tessa will dress as Morrigan from Capcom's "Darkstalkers." Alongside Cammy's, Morrigan's bodysuit was an inspiration for Tessa's too.

Next week exactly (more or less) I'm going to post the link for the .rar/zip set (5 pics right now, starring Zudhra, Reptilia, Marzia, and Cemetery Girl).

I could use a suggestion for Marzia's costume. Must be horror-oriented.

Suggestion for the other characters are welcome!

Tessa is a great messenger.
Tessa is a great messenger.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa is a great messenger. 2017-10-23T15:40:00+00:00close

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 23 Oct 17 15:54
A nice way to tell your status on your future project. No problem on your post. I have a felling it's going to be worth the wait. ;)
MANIFEST #32 cover
MANIFEST #32 covermore_vert
Post file flag
MANIFEST #32 cover 2017-10-21T10:58:58+00:00close

Here's the final version.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 21 Oct 17 14:08
Great cover. Nice job.
Manifest #32 cover (lineart)
Manifest #32 cover (lineart)more_vert
Post file flag
Manifest #32 cover (lineart) 2017-10-20T21:26:33+00:00close

Now, to finish ink and colors!

Post file flag
Moonbird 2017-10-16T19:42:46+00:00close

She's one of the few characters who could match Tessa's physical strength. Her level on issues -16-19 was slightly superior to Tessa's right before training with Methis (##25-27), minus the psionic powers and the far superior resistence to the Resonance that Tessa has.

Her mother, Blind-Sparrow (issues 30-31 version) is slightly weaker in terms of physical strength , but overall superior: more experienced, high-level psionic abilities, the Forma Celata mode make Mara more powerful than her daughter on paper.

Tessa is a marketing guru.
Tessa is a marketing guru.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa is a marketing guru. 2017-10-16T16:44:20+00:00close

I'd give my money to her...and I'm her creator! O_O

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 16 Oct 17 16:49
Nice advertisement.
Moonbird (ink)
Moonbird (ink)more_vert
Post file flag
Moonbird (ink) 2017-10-16T14:38:40+00:00close

Later I'll post the colored version.

Should I use Marzia, Vespa, and the Soprano (also) as MANIFEST characters? 2017-10-14T22:22:27+00:00

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #807532 - 14 Oct 17 22:49
Yes! Especially Marzia
user avatar
User #393479 - 16 Oct 17 17:22
Why the fuck not?!
Jo Anna
Jo Annamore_vert
Post file flag
Jo Anna 2017-10-12T13:19:05+00:00close

commission for Newtypemo starring one of his OCs.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 12 Oct 17 14:42
She looks gorgeous.
user avatar
User #461269 - 13 Oct 17 20:51
She's my character. And thanks for liking her.
user avatar
User #461269 - 13 Oct 17 02:46
Awesome job. Thanks again!
Cemetery Girl commission
Cemetery Girl commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
Cemetery Girl commission 2017-10-10T19:36:29+00:00close

She's starting to be popular.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 10 Oct 17 20:53
popular indeed. lol
Adriana Topaz Race-Queen
Adriana Topaz Race-Queenmore_vert
Post file flag
Adriana Topaz Race-Queen 2017-10-06T22:50:28+00:00close

Commission to ArchivistOmega, starring one of his OCs, Adriana.

Post file flag
Sketch 2017-10-03T09:23:05+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 3 Oct 17 16:01
Nice sketch.
Post file flag
Valentina 2017-10-01T19:22:00+00:00close

First time I draw something for Inktober. Nothing fancy, but I'm posting it anyway!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 1 Oct 17 19:24
Nice outfit.
A name for her cleavage.
A name for her cleavage.more_vert
Post file flag
A name for her cleavage. 2017-10-01T18:50:27+00:00close

Posted yesterday on Tumblr.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 1 Oct 17 18:58
They are worthy of a great name.
Cemetery Girl's joyride.
Cemetery Girl's joyride.more_vert
Post file flag
Cemetery Girl's joyride. 2017-09-28T21:51:16+00:00close

Done between commission jobs.

Tessa is worried.
Tessa is worried.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa is worried. 2017-09-27T21:36:34+00:00close


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 28 Sep 17 00:02
Interesting "problems" indeed. lol
Tessa and her idea of marketing.
Tessa and her idea of marketing.more_vert
Post file flag
Tessa and her idea of marketing. 2017-09-26T21:24:03+00:00close

In a few hours, MANIFEST #31 will be available on Gumroad and Drivethrucomics.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2421262 - 26 Sep 17 21:56
It's effective, tho ??
user avatar
User #3256997 - 27 Sep 17 03:47
Nice way to advertise, nice job. lol
Cemetery Girl's typical date.
Cemetery Girl's typical date.more_vert
Post file flag
Cemetery Girl's typical date. 2017-09-26T14:42:18+00:00close

Answer-pic from my Tumblr's Ask section.

Different lettering.

Cemetery Girl is surprised
Cemetery Girl is surprisedmore_vert
Post file flag
Cemetery Girl is surprised 2017-09-25T23:17:29+00:00close

Last drawing before bed.

To think I didn't want to attend!
To think I didn't want to attend!more_vert
Post file flag
To think I didn't want to attend! 2017-09-25T21:49:37+00:00close

Something less cartoon-y. It's good to go back to a more "traditional" approach from time to time!

Lubna being Lubna.
Lubna being Lubna.more_vert
Post file flag
Lubna being Lubna. 2017-09-25T20:05:39+00:00close

(you don’t want me to translate her words. Trust me.)

Btw, she's a character from an italian comicbook (published also on "Heavy Metal" in the US) titled Ranxerox. It's a very extreme comicbook. A masterpiece! One of my favourites. This is a little tribute.

Bitterfly (early preview)
Bitterfly (early preview)more_vert
Post file flag
Bitterfly (early preview) 2017-09-24T16:12:32+00:00close

Remember this pic?

This character is called Bitterfly and I'm currently working on her debut on MANIFEST (you'll see these stories on 2018).

I said "her," right?

Formerly, she was a he...I can't tell you much without spoilers, but for you high-tier patrons, I can reveal that she's the youngest son of Jill Kore, Nikki. At some point, he disappeared from Manifest. Her body has been enanched in multiple ways, and as you can see. Just like Tessa Theus, Bitterfly - who idolizes Tessa - uses her a weapon.

Noticed something, aside from her super-powered butt&legs?

Call her a TS or a futa, it doesn't matter at this point. One thing is sure: when I created her, I had one simple goal in mind: to make my readers feel confuse about their sexual orientation! XD

Confession: she's one of my fav characters. She's an all-around rad character, not just on the erotic side. (I know, I shouldn't say that, considering I'm the author, but still...)

I think I'm going to draw a pic w/ young Blind Sparrow, Reptilia, and her: the battle of the thickest! (TT is as thick as these three, but her boobs would be too distracting.)

I hope you like this character! Let me know!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 24 Sep 17 19:27
She looks awesome. Nice costume as well.
Post file flag
Bulma. 2017-09-23T19:31:21+00:00close


Post file flag
Struggle. 2017-09-23T10:06:58+00:00close

Posted on tumblr, too.

But this one is bigger.

Reptilia is curious about her naga's nature.
Reptilia is curious about her naga's nature.more_vert
Post file flag
Reptilia is curious about her naga's nature. 2017-09-22T17:47:58+00:00close

She's starting to understand why one of her ancestors tried some snake-men's love.

[The creature belongs to the "Long-neck" nagas. Long-necks were the dominant race on the Wide-Lands. They have two d*cks.]

Reptilia and her pride.
Reptilia and her pride.more_vert
Post file flag
Reptilia and her pride. 2017-09-21T22:28:22+00:00close

Fiiiine, Uma! You are!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 22 Sep 17 04:21
THICC indeed.
Reptilia loves some company.
Reptilia loves some company.more_vert
Post file flag
Reptilia loves some company. 2017-09-21T19:35:51+00:00close

I'm doing more X-rated content. Have you noticed?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3256997 - 22 Sep 17 04:20
She likes the company. lol

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