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Icey (crosspath)

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Progress gifs? 2019-08-11T23:51:50+00:00

Been debating making some progress gifs here to show off how I make art, it's been something I've been thinking about for a bit, but I figured it would be a great thing for Patreon! What do you guys think?

(Also! Going to be setting up a queue in a few days so expect some posts!)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4453844 - 12 Aug 19 01:48
Ooh, that sounds like it'd be fun!!!
Announcement! Posting on site again! 2019-08-05T05:47:57+00:00

Figured I'd let everyone know that while Discord will still always be updated, I've decided to start updating directly to the Patreon site as well! I know there are a few patrons who don't have a Discord so I hope you look forward to it!

I'll likely be posting a ton of stuff that's already finished (including patron rewards from other months) and whatnot, but I'll try to not spam anyone ^^

As a reminder!! 2019-03-19T02:44:34+00:00

I've messaged everyone who I need information from for their pledge prizes! So feel free to answer me whenever you can! ^^ Also I'm still posting pretty much everything on Discord, I've been mulling over crossposting to Patreon itself as well just in case someone doesn't have a Discord, so I'll keep you updated! c:

Reminder!: Discord server, journal mention 2019-02-12T21:41:06+00:00

Just your random reminder to hook up your Discord account to Patreon and get access to my Patreon Discord! I'm most active there, so if you'd like some extra content and some extra surprises, feel free to check it out!

ALSO! I do a little mention thing in my FA journal, so if you haven't been mentioned yet in my journal, feel free to remind me of your username and I'll add you in!

Post file flag
Ashes 2018-01-21T18:18:19+00:00close

Forgot to post this last night, another bust- this time of my MLP character Ashes! She's a mortician. Because EDGY MLP CHARACTERS.

Post file flag
Aru 2018-01-20T22:52:23+00:00close

And lastly for now!! My character Aru~

Post file flag
Ariel 2018-01-20T22:51:47+00:00close

Aaaaand another, this time of my character Ariel!!

Post file flag
Arcade 2018-01-20T22:50:59+00:00close

Another bust of my character Arcade!

Post file flag
Anathema 2018-01-20T22:43:01+00:00close

Picking back up those busts I wanted to do all of last year but... didn't XD

Here's my Goatlings character, Anathema!!

Fun fact, the character Icey, and my given name is Anathema... SO YEAH

Also Kennedy
Also Kennedymore_vert
Post file flag
Also Kennedy 2018-01-16T23:42:06+00:00close

AND another. My female sona, Kennedy the maned wolf!

Again, someone I haven't drawn since like 2013 DANG... I really need to give my characters love ;w;

Aaaand ZEPHYRmore_vert
Post file flag
Aaaand ZEPHYR 2018-01-16T23:39:41+00:00close

Want to give love to my characters who I haven't in a while!!

This is Zephyr, one of my alt sonas. They're a mischievous, excitable red panda who gets into trouble without trying lmao.

I haven't drawn them since like... 2013.... I should make a side-by-side to see my improvements owo

So much love
So much lovemore_vert
Post file flag
So much love 2018-01-09T20:52:18+00:00close

Another piece for my dearest heart, Nate!! Of Equinox and Apollo <3

Yule cuddles
Yule cuddlesmore_vert
Post file flag
Yule cuddles 2018-01-09T20:50:32+00:00close

A Yule picture for Nate <3 Of Deirdre and Jericho!!

Melting in your eyes
Melting in your eyesmore_vert
Post file flag
Melting in your eyes 2018-01-09T20:43:14+00:00close

A sweet lovey picture for Nate~ Of our Wendigo and Dogma <3

Lava Slug Darkky
Lava Slug Darkkymore_vert
Post file flag
Lava Slug Darkky 2018-01-09T20:39:05+00:00close

My very own Darkky! They're a species by Lupesvulpes. She goes by a different username now, and I believe Orijyn? owns Darkkys now BUT HERE'S MY VERY OWN

Post file flag
Moody 2018-01-09T20:34:32+00:00close

Just a moody doodle of Icey I did a while ago!

Post file flag
Romero 2018-01-09T20:33:14+00:00close

Just a quick Romero headshot I've been working on for... over a year xwx for Nate!

Playful Disneyland Foxes
Playful Disneyland Foxesmore_vert
Post file flag
Playful Disneyland Foxes 2018-01-09T20:27:34+00:00close

Just something for Nate since we went to Disneyland for his birthday last August <3 His character Gatchapon (left) and mine, Miyu (right).

Monster form Vaudeville
Monster form Vaudevillemore_vert
Post file flag
Monster form Vaudeville 2018-01-09T20:26:10+00:00close

Just a concept for the Monster form for my sona, Vaudeville.

Infinite the Jackal
Infinite the Jackalmore_vert
Post file flag
Infinite the Jackal 2018-01-09T20:24:55+00:00close

I have... an interest. I love this guy. He's basically my emo edgy sonic oc but official.

Covered in fennecs
Covered in fennecsmore_vert
Post file flag
Covered in fennecs 2018-01-09T20:23:13+00:00close

Something a drew almost a year ago for the Serpant festival on Furvilla. I have Dogma as a villager there and they were breeding cloud fennecs to hopefully get rarer ones... which was chaos XD

Post file flag
August 2018-01-09T20:21:37+00:00close

This is one of my newest characters, August!! They like camping and adventuring!

Mlem serval
Mlem servalmore_vert
Post file flag
Mlem serval 2018-01-09T20:15:01+00:00close

I drew this probably exactly a year ago? I was planning on using it as a base for clothing ref for Icey BUT..... I never did that lmao

So here's a kitty!

And the raffle results are in! 2018-01-09T19:48:18+00:00

AND........... YOU ALL GET ART. Because it took me forever to pick the raffles back up so honestly you all would probably have won anyways ;3

I'll be doing it based off of tier.

$1 & $5 tiers will get a headshot

$10 & $20 tiers will get a full body

$100 tier will get two full body pieces!

Please post here will the refs of the character(s) you want me to draw!! Thank you very much! Starting next month I'll be picking up the regular raffles :3

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #897890 - 9 Jan 18 19:49
You're too sweet ;-; could you draw Jenga?
user avatar
crosspath - 9 Jan 18 20:05
I'd be more than happy to!! ^^
user avatar
User #897890 - 9 Jan 18 20:05
Thanks so much hun ???
user avatar
user avatar
crosspath - 10 Jan 18 19:55
Definitely can do, my friend! ^^
user avatar
User #8183687 - 9 Jan 18 20:48
Awww, thank you so much! ;A; <3
Discord server and the future! Happy 2018!! 2018-01-01T01:15:02+00:00

First off, here's a link to my Patreon Discord!


I believe if you just link your Discord to Patreon then it'll automatically add you in the server too, if that helps!

I post mostly through there as of late, though I'll try to keep up the habit of posting in both places~

Alsooo I have quite a many plans for the future of this Patreon!

Starting tomorrow I'll be doing all the raffles I've missed and making a plan to start giving back to my wonderful Patrons. Thank you all for sticking by me even when things were rough. I hope 2018 treats you all well! Stay safe and have fun~

"No Fee" tiers created! 2017-12-09T21:22:36+00:00

I've been mulling over Patreon's most recent change. I truly don't believe it's fair to you guys, my Patrons, to have to shoulder the fee I had been shouldering this whole time. You guys have been my lifeline in times of my life where everything was going wrong and my whole life was crumbling around me. There have been times where I have solely fell upon my Patreon's income to carry me through rough times, and I can never truly express my gratitude to you, my friends.

So I've decided to create "No Fee" Patron Tiers. Essentially you will be paying the same amount (or lower by a few cents) as you have been before! So if that is something that interests you, please feel free to change your pledge to the "No Fee" version of your current pledge!

If you choose to stay at the pledge you currently are, starting December 18th, Patreon will be taking fees directly from Patrons, rather than Creators. That means that I will be receiving more money, but at the expense of your wallets. I calculated the amount per patronage, and aside my $100 tier, all fees are $1 or lower. So instead of paying $10, you will be paying $11 (or less). (As opposed to the $9 No Fee tier where you will be paying about $10 as you originally have been).

So the choice is your's!


IF it turns out a miscalculated and you are charged more than you are comfortable with the next payment cycle PLEASE contact me and I will reimburse you!

Thank you guys SO much and I do hope that you will continue to be a part of my Patreon family! I promise I have so many cool things planned for 2018 that I do hope you will be a part of!

Introducing: Kanvas!
Introducing: Kanvas!more_vert
Post file flag
Introducing: Kanvas! 2017-12-05T04:12:05+00:00close

This little Cat/Kitsune is going to be popping up here and there on this Patreon! Mostly used for TF work and Patreon specific pieces ^^ I hope you like them!!

Raffles incoming soon! 2017-12-05T04:05:39+00:00

Was mulling over the idea of raffles for a bit and whether or not they are legal? But I think we're in the clear! SO in order to make up for not having one for a few months, I'll be doing three of them! Hope you all are having a wonderful December thus far!

Hello hello! 2017-11-11T05:12:26+00:00

Hey guys! Sorry for the silence lately, just got back from visiting my dad and if you follow my journal then you'll know how poorly that went.

I'll be updating and doing things here soon! I have some big things planned ^^

Freebie: Sirberus
Freebie: Sirberusmore_vert
Post file flag
Freebie: Sirberus 2017-10-23T05:57:41+00:00close

Another freebie doodle!! I really like arctic foxes ;w;

Freebie: Deeayen
Freebie: Deeayenmore_vert
Post file flag
Freebie: Deeayen 2017-10-23T05:55:35+00:00close

A little freebie I did today!! I wanted to try drawing your Peridot character, I really hope you like!

Freebie doodles!! 2017-10-23T00:23:33+00:00

Anyone want a freebie doodle? Just let me know! I know I have some refs so I may pick some from through but yeah!

(If you're in the Discord feel free to drop refs and/or ideas in the "freebies" channel!!)

And a great big thank you 2017-10-20T06:10:43+00:00

Thank you all so much for being a part of my Patreon! I've finally made it so that my Patreon covers my part of rent, which is more than I can ever ask for. I know I've been silent this month, unfortunately things have been incredibly rough for me. Had a huge mental breakdown today from all the stress, but things will be alright!

Just thank you all so much for your support. I will work hard to make you all proud!

Thanks to recent pledges, I've hit many goals and will be figuring ways to work in rewards and promises as soon as I can!

I'm Alive
I'm Alivemore_vert
Post file flag
I'm Alive 2017-10-20T06:08:26+00:00close

" Everybody wants me to be who they want me to be except you
All I wanna do is be with you
They all tell me that there’s something strange
I don’t wanna be with nobody new
All I wanna do is be with you

Life sounds like
I’m alive"

- I'm Alive - Micheal Franti & Spearhead

Just a nice happy lovey pic for Nate!!

Post file flag
Mourir 2017-10-20T06:07:41+00:00close

My pet on a petsite named Kaylune named Mourir!

Soni doodle
Soni doodlemore_vert
Post file flag
Soni doodle 2017-10-20T06:07:03+00:00close

Just a doodle of Soni

Hurry Hurry
Hurry Hurrymore_vert
Post file flag
Hurry Hurry 2017-10-20T06:04:47+00:00close

"" A year goes by you wonder why not much is done
You blew right past your precious time with everyone
You've run too much in parallel
Now hurry, hurry is your hell

The output is what you put in, and it ain't enough
If you're not focused on the most important stuff
Then all that you've got left to show
Is hurry, hurry on the go

I'm gonna miss something
If I keep bumping
The most significant stuff
All my friends and all the loose ends
And this love of mine
Cause I'm running out of time "

- Hurry, Hurry - Air Traffic Controller

Another vent because this song explains how I feel about life lmao

Post file flag
Believe 2017-10-20T06:02:08+00:00close

"I can't believe
That when I breathe
There's something good inside of me
Just one good thing inside of me"

- Believe, Hollywood Undead

Just a venty sketch of Icey

WIP Pixel: Soni
WIP Pixel: Sonimore_vert
Post file flag
WIP Pixel: Soni 2017-10-20T06:01:22+00:00close

Just a work in progress of a pixel of my sona Soni

Welcome! + My Patron Discord! 2017-10-16T03:06:38+00:00

Hello to new Patrons!! And it seems a few of you stumbled into my Patron Discord! It's something I've been planning for a bit and I'm SUPER glad it's being utilized now! It's a perfect way to get a hold of me whenever you'd like. Of course, with that said I'm still testing it out so yeah!

Also raffles will be happening very soon! This month has been a tad hectic for me, but I do have some WIPs and art to share soon too! ^^

(Late) Welcome to October! 2017-10-09T01:47:01+00:00

Hey hey! I hope you all have enjoyed your first week of my favorite month! I'll be doing some neato things soon, so stay tuned! Just gotta catch up for my down time while I was sick. I'll be doing the raffles likely by the end of the night!!

Will be doing more freebies soon! 2017-09-30T03:55:13+00:00

Unfortunately I've been a bit caught up with preparing for next month, but once the 1st rolls around I have a ton of plans for doodling freebies!! ^^

Once again, you are welcome to throw your character refs my way or give me permission to doodle them if you'd like!

WIP: Lovely
WIP: Lovelymore_vert
Post file flag
WIP: Lovely 2017-09-20T01:55:49+00:00close

Something I started for Nate's birthday that I haven't finished yet! His March and my Vaudeville!

WIP: Disney Fox Mates
WIP: Disney Fox Matesmore_vert
Post file flag
WIP: Disney Fox Mates 2017-09-20T01:19:15+00:00close

Another doodle for my sweet, Nate! His character (Gatchapon, left) and mine (Miyu, right) having some fun at Disneyland!

Death and Dying
Death and Dyingmore_vert
Post file flag
Death and Dying 2017-09-20T01:18:23+00:00close

Just Icey expressing how I've been feeling lately lmao

Post file flag
Soren! 2017-09-20T01:15:06+00:00close

A quick little thing for Nate of his character Soren!

FEED ME MOAR REFS for free art (Or permission to draw your character?) 2017-09-19T03:33:18+00:00

I want to draw all the free art for my Patrons so GIVE THE REFS!!!!!! Even if I'm currently drawing you something or you've already asked for a freebie just gimme gimme gimme

If you're unsure, just let me know if I have permission to doodle your characters at random!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #107113 - 19 Sep 17 14:09
You're certainly welcome to draw any of my characters, if you like. Sirber.us And look around. Any of them you like, feel free to draw.
user avatar
crosspath - 20 Sep 17 00:59
Wonderful!! I'm very excited to be able to draw your characters! :D
user avatar
User #606112 - 21 Sep 17 11:40
A little late, but you have permission to doodle either of my characters if you like. You're already drawing something for one of them (Rezen), but http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23482871/ is the other one :)
user avatar
crosspath - 23 Sep 17 02:11
I would be more than happy to doodle the both of them!! ^^ Also welcome to my Patreon!
Freebie: Kane
Freebie: Kanemore_vert
Post file flag
Freebie: Kane 2017-09-19T03:32:06+00:00close

For Kay!! I hope you and your friend like it!! I went a little wild on the aesthetic.... honestly I've always wanted to draw a glowy triangle background trippy 80s thing!

Anyone want some free art? 2017-09-16T04:00:16+00:00

Need some more warm up fodder, so just send me your refs!

Also no worries if I've drawn you stuff before, I'm always down to draw more! c:

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #897890 - 16 Sep 17 04:04
Could you draw this dork?
user avatar
user avatar
crosspath - 16 Sep 17 04:37
Definitely can do! :D
Raffle: Terror Bust
Raffle: Terror Bustmore_vert
Post file flag
Raffle: Terror Bust 2017-09-05T04:07:02+00:00close

The bust for the $10+ patron Raffle winner, Terror!

Hope you like it man!! The waist up will be coming shortly c:

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #343940 - 5 Sep 17 17:31
heyyy thats awesome dood!!! Thanks sooo much :)

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