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Mid-Week Update 2020-10-14T15:13:59+00:00

New Entry for "The Tale of the Nemorvian Band"

  • Iphasea story arc: 25% finished
  • Shadow Mountains/Dwarven story arc: 100% finished
  • Novaoa's story arc: 100% finished.
  • Adventuring Party's story arc: Being Re-outlined

I'm not quite as far along as I hoped to be and I've had to start over on the adventuring parties section. What I had outlined just didn't work and I want to take a better swing at it. I'm still hoping to get this all finished before the end of the weekend, although editing may take a few more days.

Mid-Week Update 2020-10-07T05:55:59+00:00

I've got some good momentum built up and I'm getting writing done pretty consistently. As long as that keeps up I'm going to be posting a mid-week update on just what I have done and what I plan to work on next.

Main Project: New Entry for "The Tale of the Nemorvian Band"

  • Iphasea story arc: 25% finished
  • Shadow Mountains/Dwarven story arc: 50% finished
  • Novaoa's story arc: Outlined
  • Adventuring Party's story arc: Outlined

Although I probably won't meet it, I'm setting a weekly goal of one ebook published each week. The entries for this story are pretty big (and get bigger with each new entry) so it's probably unlikely I'll have this done before the end of the week. So my plan is to release the next ebook in the series, which means that chunk of the story will come off the free page on my website. I've been putting about 20,000 words worth of content into each of the ebooks and that removes about half of what is in the free section. I've already got about 10,000 words done on the new issue so there will soon be way more then enough to make up for that loss.

Once the new section is finished and posted I will probably take a quick dive back into the Time Mage story. I've been aiming for around 10,000 word ebooks with that and now that the story is rolling I should easily be able to knock that out in less than a week.

After that my plan is to put work into "The Northern Outpost". It has been a while since I've touched that one so I'm going to need to re-read it. I might take that time to break the already published sections into different Ebooks. And since that one isn't a poll driven story I will probably take it off the free section of my site.

Monthly Update 2020-09-01T21:18:38+00:00

I'm still struggling with health issues and my meds have been giving me REALLY intense foggy-brain. I also think I've run into the mental wall of genre burnout. So, for a little bit I'm going to try and take a total break from writing and decide which genre I'll shift to. In the meantime I'm going to try and be working on at least a few photomanips each day so I'm getting some kind of output done.

I'm shelving the two games for now. The changes in my health/living situation has made working on them not as easy and my computer has also been pulling renders really slowly. So if you're here for them you should probably unsubscribe at this point. Maybe down the line I'll pick them back up, but for now I will be focusing on writing first (when I'm able) and the photomanips.

General Update 2020-08-21T20:48:09+00:00

I'm trying to keep you all update with what I'm working on and what to expect in the near future. You might have noticed that my output has fallen off in the last week or two. My health is not so good right now, which always slows me down. My computer has also been having some issues and pulling renders has been taking a very long time.

I'm going to try and take it easy fora few weeks and back off the renders till I can figure out what's up with my PC. If you are here mainly to support the two games you might want to drop support for a bit. I'm going to try to get back into working on photomanips again (I was writing so much I had stopped working on them). I am still getting some writing done, just not a lot.

Since working on an interactive fiction requires writing in smaller bursts compared to a normal story I've been working on the second Wasteland Slut book again. I'm close to having the first third of it edited, I'm nearly done first drafting the middle and I'm working on outlining the last third of it. Like I've said before, this is by far the largest project like this I've worked on and there is still a lot of work to be done, but I am making a lot of progress and want to keep pushing on it till I get burnt out.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14605818 - 28 Aug 20 21:51
Hey Philo, I hope you are doing oke. I always loved you pics from hypnocollective and love to see you new work but don't be to hard for your self if your health is not so good right now :)
Update 2020-08-04T23:48:10+00:00

You should expect, for the next little bit, that I'll be posting a lot less of the caption/photomanips. I've been managing to get pretty regular writing done and have been spending most of the rest of my creative energy on the street hypnotist game (I'm about a third done with the new update).

I HAD planned on jumping right in to a follow up to The Cam Girl's Secret but it performed worse than any other book I've released in the last year or so. Maybe sales will pick up eventually, but till then do I need to try and be writing something that will sell better.

Outside the Choose Her Peril stories like this one my best selling series of all time is hands down the Only Man in the Bunker series. So I'm going to be working on finishing the 4th part of that for now, which with as much as I've been writing hopefully won't take too long!

In The Pipeline 2020-07-14T20:26:02+00:00

Going forward I'm going to be putting a lot more of my time into my smutty projects then I have in the past. I still have health issues that will at times interfere with stuff, but my goal is to be getting some kind of work done on projects every day, even if it's very simple stuff. As such I plan on trying to keep you all updated on what I'm working on and where to find stuff as it gets finished. Once I'm publishing ebooks again I will set up some kind of drop file for you all to get copies.

Right now, as I get my creative muscles back in shape, I'm working on a lot of new photomanips. They get posted a few different places but your best bet to catch the most of them is my Bdsmlr. I alternate posts between new things and reposts. Stuff is auto queued to post every few hours, so check back every day or two to check new stuff out!

Writing wise I've been putting more work into the Wasteland Slut choose her peril story I've been working on here and there for years. I have no idea if I'll actually get it finished this pass through at it, but when it is finished it will be hands down the largest, most complex interactive fiction I've ever done. If you all are interested I could try posting some semi-random read through so you can get a peek at what the project looks like.

I've also been putting a little work into the Brain Master visual novel game. Hopefully I'll have an update to post in the next few weeks, but its the project I've currently been struggling the most with getting work done. But as I get my creative muscles back that should hopefully change soon!

Brain Master Superheroine Collector Version 0.2 Released
Brain Master Superheroine Collector Version 0.2 Releasedmore_vert
Post file flag
Brain Master Superheroine Collector Version 0.2 Released 2020-05-24T06:29:00+00:00close

A full scene has been added to the game! It turned out being much longer than I expected it to be and I'm not sure if all the scenes will end up being that long or not.

I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has if they try it out.

Embed data


Provider URL

Brain Master Superheroine Collector V0.2

The perverted supervillain Brain Master has a new lair, a new amplifier for her mind control powers, and a new goal: defeat and capture every superheroine in Megatropolis! This project is in VERY early development. I'm posting it to get some early feedback as I start expanding the story.



"Brain Master: Superheroine Collector" V0.1
"Brain Master: Superheroine Collector" V0.1more_vert
Post file flag
"Brain Master: Superheroine Collector" V0.1 2020-05-20T00:54:21+00:00close

I wanted to start getting some early feedback on this before I dive too much deeper. Right now all that is in the game is the introduction (it ends where the first set of choices are).

As I was working on this I was finding I was able to pull renders with characters in a full scene as fast or faster as I used to do when I was heavily working on comic stuff. Part of why I did that less and less is render times started getting longer and longer (it turned out my graphics card had slowly been dying).

With me able to pull renders this fast I realized I could just be making this basically a choose your own adventure comic (which also cuts WAY down on the work I have to do in the program I'm using to make this).

Anyways, let me know what you think so far. Do you like how it flows now? Do you think I should make this game end after her capture, with future heroines being part of "new" games, or should I just plan on adding to this with new heroines and making this one game bigger and bigger?

Embed data


Provider URL

Brain Master Superheroine Collector

The perverted supervillain Brain Master has a new lair, a new amplifier for her mind control powers, and a new goal: defeat and capture every superheroine in Megatropolis! This project is in VERY early development (all that is there right now is the introduction).



Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2377251 - 20 May 20 10:11
I'd love to see this continue. I think gradually adding other heroines into the game would be best.
user avatar
User #10748344 - 20 May 20 04:02
I enjoyed and definitely would like to see where it goes. I would like to see it continue beyond just the initial heroine.
user avatar
philohunter - 20 May 20 04:09
Would you want other heroines to be part of this game or each heroine to be their own game?
user avatar
User #10748344 - 20 May 20 15:33
I don't have a preference either way. So whichever is easier on you.
Monthly Update 2019-10-03T13:06:49+00:00

Wasteland Slut 2 is moving along slower than I hoped. So to make sure I'm getting something out this month I'm taking a small break to work on a short Wasteland story. I got it outlined and hopefully it won't take too long to type up and get edited, that way I've got something new to go out to you all this month!

Update 2019-09-25T22:34:13+00:00

Good hello all. Sorry you haven't heard form me in a while. I got hit with a double whammy of genre burn out and a dip in health. I've been doing a bit better and thanks to a genre shift getting some writing done again.

I've switched over to post-apocalyptic stuff and started trying to finish the second Wasteland Slut interactive story. Hopefully I'll have it done in a few weeks. In the meantime I have figured out how to convert the first book into a file that can be published on Smashwords. So check your e-mail if your a $3+ supporter!


The formatting in wasteland Slut 1 on Smashwords did not carry over right. The book is readable and all the links work but it looks like a mess. I'm going to reformat it and re-upload it to smashwards and to the download link, but it might take a couple of days cause its tedious work.

- edit -

Okay, the file is fixed and re-uploaded everywhere!

Monthly Update 2019-08-11T05:02:27+00:00

Good hello all! Wanted to post a quick monthly update.

I'm taking a (hopefully) temporary break from the poll 3 driven stories I've been working on. I've been working on an interactive story (still in the fantasy Alaria setting).

I'm striving to keep the scale small and see if its possible to finish it in just a few weeks. The last time I tried that I let the story grow WAY too big. But this time I have a clear main story line planned out and am limiting how many side paths there are.

Anyways, once that's done (or I feel it's taking too long) I go back to the same three poll driven stories.

Monthly Update 2019-08-01T13:46:38+00:00

Good hello all! I'm still busy working on poll driven Fantasy stories. I'm hoping to be able to be getting new sections posted a bit more often than I did last month and MAYBE a few stand alone shorts that backers will get access to via an e-mailed link.

Poll Driven Stories 2019-07-15T12:34:56+00:00

Hey all, just wanted to make sure you all know that I'm focusing on Poll Driven fantasy stories right now! They aren't being posted here but if you head over to my web page you can find them and vote on what you want to be reading!

Changes to Backer Levels 2019-06-07T14:17:29+00:00

To help refocus purely on written works and try to attract back some of the backers I lost (and hopefully some new ones) I've made a few changes to the backing levels.

1$ - This is still the tip jar. You're not getting anything other than the warm glow of supporting me. I post plenty of free stuff elsewhere and this is a good way to thank me.

3$ - At this level I will email you a copy of any new Ebooks I finish (and maybe single stories). There is no guarantee I'll get these out on any kind of regular schedule, but hopefully as I refocus on writing and my health remains good I can get out at least one or two a month.

5$ - At this level you get what the 3$ level gets and I'll also send out an email at the start of the month asking you to chose out one of my past published Ebooks and I will then send you a code to get a copy.

Trying to Save the Patreon 2019-05-21T19:55:37+00:00

Got a message from Patreon saying some of my content is in violation of guidelines. Still hoping its just maybe one or two posts that went too far that I can take down, but my hopes aren't super high.

If this gets taken down I'll still have my discord for posting content and I'll have my webpage for posting links to everything else.


Alright, it looks like I'm going to have to make some really drastic changes to save this source of income. It's not a lot but it makes a big difference and I'd like to keep at least some of it.

First, I'm going through the feed and deleting EVERYTHING. Looking into things I think this is something I'm going to have to do unless I want to just close things down.

Going forward I will no longer be posting/linking to ANY visual stuff here. I'll probably still make photomanips occasionally, but with no way to monetize the 3D comic stuff I probably won't be making any more of those. Personally, I'm not to upset about that. Making them was growing progressively more time consuming and less fun for me.

I'm also thinking I won't be posting any written stuff here directly any more either. I'm going to focus on stuff that can go in Ebooks and when new stuff comes out any backers here will get coupon codes for Smashwords for a "free" copy.

Other than that, there will be no content being posted here. This will just be a way to show your support for me.

I know this means I'll probably lose most of you as backers. I totes understand that am not hurt or upset.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8034548 - 21 May 19 20:20
Where is your Discord anyway?
user avatar
User #7166492 - 22 May 19 01:05
Sorry to hear it, that really sucks. Keep me/us in the loop and we look forward to what you end up doing next!
Interview Story 2019-03-30T13:22:47+00:00

Alright, I've decided to take a swing at an interview story but doing it a little different form the last couple. Instead of being one long interview (I don't think I'll get enough questions) and not having a sex scene I'm going to structure it so there is less questions and a sex scene.

I've got a reporter character I use who hypnotizes people he interviews and then has fun with them. The story will be him interviewing a character then him and his photographer playing with the hypnotized interviewee. Also, since I'm going to be concentrating any shorts I do (it will be covered in my top of the month post on the first) on the Megatropolis Amazons I want to just stick to them for now.

So, who do you want to see interviewed, hypnotized, and played with?

Is there any interest in another interview story? 2019-03-26T00:29:25+00:00

Hey all, not sure how many were around when I did them, but a while ago I did a series of shorts where a superheroine (and one villain) was being interviewed on TV and had been given a truth drug so they had to give honest answers. There wasn't any sex in the story, but they did talk about a lot of dirty stuff.

All of the questions asked in story had come from readers (mostly on here), but the few people who helped out with that aren't around any more. Are any of you interested in doing this? It's a fun way to take a deep dive on a character.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2652511 - 26 Mar 19 02:18
I guess my interest would depend a lot on the characters involved.
user avatar
philohunter - 26 Mar 19 02:34
If theres interest I'll throw a poll up to help choose the character
user avatar
User #8034548 - 26 Mar 19 04:44
I am not a fan of the superheroine in peril genre. Not saying you should not do it. If others like it I'm fine with it. But I am here mainly for Alaria stuff. So I voted not interested.
user avatar
philohunter - 26 Mar 19 14:15
You should probably stop backing for a few months then. I can't really do two different genres at once.
Backing/Rewards Changes 2019-02-12T16:42:58+00:00

I've been struggling to get stuff done at a steady pace again, so I think I'm going to make a permanent change to the patreon. I've edited the pledge levels so now there are just three pledge levels (1, 2, and 5) and none of them are coming with explicit promised rewards.

I'll be posting everything I get done here (except for the photomanips) but I'll no longer be trying to promise any amount of content. If you feel like supporting my kinky art that's great and this is a way to do that, and I'll try to keep the landing page up to date with what content, if any, I am working on. But But you should be expecting frequent periods of inactivity as I struggle with my health issues.

Alaria Card Game Question 2019-01-22T14:47:52+00:00

Hey everyone, I have a question for you all. I have the Alaria card game to a point where it can be played BUT the player cards have not had their layout/wording reworked and there is only one "Hero" deck to fight against. Is anyone interested in me posting what I have right now to test it out?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 25 Feb 19 23:30
Awesome 💗
What Alarian Story should I Work on Finishing? 2018-12-30T01:02:22+00:00

I need a back up story. I had a new idea I was going to work on but I really should be finishing old stuff first so I'm going to let you all decide which one I should be working on. You can vote for as many as you want and I'll probably close the poll after New Years when I'll be shooting to be putting in a lot more writing hours.

Most of these are poll driven stories and what's done of them so far can be found HERE.

New Years Resalution 2018-12-27T22:47:32+00:00

Good hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know that things are becoming a bit more stable for me and that my New Year's resolution is to be trying to get some regular writing done. I'm not willing to declare the Patreon out of hibernation, but I've got my fingers crossed that things might be appearing in the feed more.

My plan is to keep chugging along on the Thren Choose her Peril story. I MIGHT work in some Fantasy shorts unrelated to that, but that's a big maybe. I'm going to be trying for at least few hours of writing a day which will hopefully turn into a new post every couple of days.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #351781 - 31 Dec 18 18:06
Happy to hear you're felling up to it. The choose her peril books are aways fun.
Card Game Workshop 2018-12-10T05:01:51+00:00

(I'm making this post public for non-backers to get a peak at the beginning of this project)

I spent the evening working on the card game and wanted to show you what I've got so far!

First up, I made a little tweak to Thren's card:

I changed one of her defense/skill rolls. From left to right they will represent these kinds of rolls: physical/combat, magical, charisma/intelligence, breasts weakness, female seduction resistance, male seduction resistance.

There are a few words around the borders of her card which represent gear slots. I'm going to design the cards so they can "slot" into them. Here's the first two I've worked on:

I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing for Thren's deck. I know I want items in it and cards that can set her Rage level. And I think I want them to be drawn slowly so that you have to make very careful choices on what to play when.

Finally I've got the first Encounter Card "done", based on the section of the book I've been writing (I should have some more excerpts posted this week by the way).

Would love to hear what you all think!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 17 Dec 18 00:57
Cool :-)
Looking for feedback on something 2018-11-30T23:13:06+00:00

Good hello everyone! First off, I'm making this a public post so all those that have stopped being backers can see it.

I've managed to get some writing done recently and am hoping that's going to continue. I'm no where's ready to say things are full on again, but I am planning on starting to post parts of the Choose Her Peril book I've been working on.

Below I'm going to post the cover I quickly threw together as well as the first chunk of the story. I'm hoping to hear feedback on what you all think before I get too much further into the project.

And again, I'm not at all sure how often I'll be posting things, but hopefully a little here and there is better than nothing.

The cloaked figure moved through the crowded tavern of the Scattered Dove as if no one could see them. He ducked aside as drunken adventurers stumbled past and sidestepped boisterous locals till the figure found a dark, dimly lit corner table to sit at. Alone and cloaked in shadow the figure looked out at those gathered, thinking… searching…

Above the busy tavern, up in the ethereal place the gods of Alaria dwelt in, a group of imposing figures watched the mysterious cloaked man. They knew that the other mortals in the tavern really couldn’t see him, not yet at least. They knew the figure would only reveal himself when he had found a target.

“I like this new game,” one of the gathered gods said to the others, a wicked smile on their face. “We’ve taken the time to do this right, haven’t we? Each of us taking the domain we are gods over and tugging at the world down there in this area, slowly filling this part of Alaria with heavy infusions of the Corruption.”

“Oh yes,” another of the gods replied. “This town, Wildholde, it was once such an innocent place. And such a busy hub for all those adventurers! They flock to the little city in cartloads and thanks to our muddling effects on the world they’re none of them have noticed the changes to the area.”

“What we have done to Wildholde is deliciously perverse,” another of the gods said, “but it is the dungeon that is the TRUE jewel of this endeavor. We’ve taken a moldering underground ruin and turned into one of the most complicated and sexual perverse places in all of Alaria! Now all we need is the right woman to send into its depths…”

“And that is what our mysterious stranger is for. It will be him that will choose the right adventurer to send on the doomed quest. And he will be the one to give her the Ring of Corruption that will ensure we, the Corrupt gods, have sway over her actions!”

“SILENCE!” the largest of the gathered gods boomed. “Look, down in the tavern. It is happening, he is choosing!”

A hush fell over the gathered gods as they watched, intensely, as their agent made his choice…

Down on the mortal plain of Alaria the cloaked figure was staring at a laughing woman on the other side of the room. The woman he watched was a young Human with pale skin and thick build that from behind had led him to think the woman was pudgy. But when she had turned so he could see her front he saw that although her build was thick her body was covered with an equal amount of muscle. Bulky muscles that made it clear she was an adventurer able to tap into the Barbarian’s Rage!

He smiled, pleased at this and knowing this was exactly the kind of woman his divine masters wanted. Reaching out with his magic he began to read her essence. He discovered that this woman, Thren was her name, was the perfect candidate. She was strong and confident and pure of heart and although a coin obsessed adventurer she strove to fight evil and bring only good to the world.

Reading further he found that the thick, muscular young woman was no virgin but that her sexual experiences were few. Oh yes, the mysterious man thought, she is deliciously sexually naive! This is the woman.

Thren had a youthful, pretty face. One side of her head was shaved and the rest of her short brown hair was pulled to the other side. The hairstyle made the young woman look even more youthful, something that stood in strange yet alluring contrast to her thick yet muscular body.

The stranger nodded at those muscles. He knew them well, the bulk of someone who used the Barbarian Rage often. As strong as she looked now he knew the Rage could make her even stronger. The more she tapped that strange power the bigger and more powerful she’d get, growing more and more resident to bodily harm as her physical bulk increased. But like all magic it came at a cost, one he knew his masters enjoyed: in women the more the Barbarian’s Rage was tapped into the bigger their breasts grew!

This Thren was already a woman with impressively sized breasts for a Human. Each was easily larger than her head, bulky fat tits barely held in place by what appeared to be a dragon scale bikini top. The mysterious figure licked his lips, imagining how immensely large those breasts would grow when she mustered when she tapped into her Barbarian’s Rage.

The dragon scale bikini top was obviously enchanted to grow along with her breasts, few female Barbarians lived without such an item. He figured the rest of her outfit, a hodgepodge of unmatched bracers, pauldrons, and leather straps and wrappings, was mostly for show and not enchanted like the bikini top. As a Barbarian she would be unnaturally tough and once her rage was turned on and she bulked up her skin would be as tough as the sturdiest platemail.

Strapped to her back were a massive sword and huge axe, both looking well used yet with a slight glow that showed they held magic of their own. As she was, at her natural strength, she’d be able to only use one at a time and requiring two hands and all her strength to wield it. But once she Raged, once she grew far stronger he was certain she’d wield both, one in each hand, with ease.

“A deadly adventurer,” he mumbled, a new smile pulling at his lips. “All the more delicious to set her up for failure! The Corrupt gods do so love to see powerful women brought low.” He reached into his pocket, fingering the ring there. He felt its power radiating intense heat but knew any other person in this room would not be aware the ring was as powerfully magical as it was. That was, of course, a big part of the ring’s magic: nearly all mortals were not even aware it existed and would never be able to see it even if it was on their own finger.

“I’ll play my tricks, entice her with a quest too rewarding to pass up. And then I’ll befuddle her and get the ring on her finger. Those watching above will be able to do the rest. Once the Ring of Corruption is on her they’ll be able to push and pull at her, ensuring she makes all the wrong decisions.”

For just a moment the smile on his face faded as he pressed to read her essence further. Young, naive, but unmistakably powerful. There was a chance, he realized, that even with the influence of the Ring that she MIGHT actually survive the quest she’d soon be accepting.

He looked up at the ceiling of the tavern as if looking through it to the very heavens themselves. “But you’d like the challenge, wouldn’t you?” he whispered to the gods watching him. “Oh yes, that’s half the fun. The odds will be stacked in your favor but the game isn’t fun if there’s no chance she’ll succeed.”

A moment later he nodded, feeling the will of his gods confirming this woman was who they wanted for their little perverse game. He took a deep breath, muttered a few quick enchantments that would make him appear as just a normal Human noble. Then, able to be seen by those in the tavern, he stood and walked towards Thren the Barbarian.

* * *

Thren laughed and took a large mouthful of the ale. She drained the last of what was in the cup and started to call out for the tavern wench to bring her more when she realized she lacked the coin for another round. She’d drunk away all the reward form the last quest she’d done and was now coinless. The inn above the tavern had been her home these last few nights, but she had only been paid till the previous night.

“I need a new quest,” she muttered, excusing herself from the company she had been keeping to sulk and think things over. I need a quick way to make some coin, she thought as she sat down by herself.

As if in answer to her wish a smiling nobleman approached, asking if she was an adventurer. Instantly her mood improved. She knew this kind of man, wealthy but eager to be richer. And educated and smart enough to have access to books and scrolls that would reveal the location of ruins in the area potentially filled with treasure. But a man like this would be unable and unwilling to risk the dangers guarding those treasures himself, in exchange for a share of those ancient riches he’d be more than willing to “hire” an adventurer like her.

Within minutes Thren had confirmed he did, in fact, have a quest for her, one that would fill her coin purse and perhaps include some useful magically loot. He bought her another mug of ale and began going over the details, pulling out a map and showing her the dungeon’s location. A few days travel out from Wildholde, into the wilds that surround the town.

“It’s not a very large dungeon,” the noble was telling her. “You should be able to handle it on your own. But…” he paused, looking concerned. “Well… I suppose I could give you a little help just in case.” He reached into his pocket and pulled something out, showing it to her.

Suddenly the world around Thren blurred. She was drunk, she thought, that explained it. The thing in his hand, what was it? Small. Metal. A ring? Yes, a ring, a magical ring that would protect her. A gift from him to her. She took it, put it on her finger, felt its power flow into her body. And then she blinked, the strange haze gone and the ring forgotten. The noble slid her the map and wished her luck on her quest then excused himself, leaving Thren sitting alone with an empty mug of ale.

I have a quest, she thought happily, and soon my coin purse will be full. The smile immediately disappeared from her pretty face. AFTER the quest her coin purse would be filled, but right then it was empty.

Normally Thren would simply gather up her gear and head out into the wilds to begin her quest knowing she always had her bedroll and enough spare rations to go on at least one more quest (first thing she did in town after an adventure was stock up on those rations). But for some reason that normal thought didn’t occur to her. She didn’t notice it, but the forgotten ring on her finger was radiating warmth that moved up into her mind, making her overlook the best option before her.

Instead, she looked out the tavern window and saw that it was growing late. “I can’t start my quest as the sun sets,” she said to herself for the first time in her life. “It will have to wait till morning. But I’ve no way to pay for a room…” For a moment she held her empty mug in both hands and stared down into it, worry on her face.

Again the ring on her finger warmed. Again she was blissfully unaware of its power radiating up through her body into her mind, planting an idea she soon thought was her own. “Perhaps I could find someone to share a room with... Yes! That’s it, I’ll find someone willing to share their room with me!” She sat up and looked around the room, eying the figures around her to try and determine WHO she’d try and get a free room out of, not stopping to question what any of those people would expect in return. A moment later she’d choose who she was going to try and get a free room out of.

- A kindly looking aged Human wizard sitting and drinking alone. She thought she had once heard that the man was an adventurer, although mostly retired now. The wizened old man looked friendly and lonely; surely he’d appreciate the company?

- A fat, hairy Human merchant that ogled every woman that walked by him. “Clearly a man so entranced by the female form would happily share a room with me,” she thought naively, not realizing such a man might want to do more than admire.

- In one corner of the tavern a mix of locals and fellow adventurers were playing a game of chance. Perhaps if she looked through her pockets she’d be able to find something of value that would get her in the game? From there she’d hopefully win enough to buy her own room!

- A tall, slender, pretty noblewoman was sitting by herself. It was clear she was not from this region of Alaria and looked a bit lost. Perhaps if Thren offered her some company for the night she’d be happy to share or pay for her room?

- At a far table was a tall, slender, dark-haired Elf who sat alone, looking very much like he wished for company but was clearly too shy around members of other races to ask for it. Perhaps if she offered him some company for the evening he’d reward her by sharing his room with her?

- Not far from where she sat was a large, green-skinned Orc who was busy arm wrestling a stout Dwarf. As she watched it became clear that the Orc was offering a small pile of coin as a reward to any that could defeat him. She watched the huge Orc defeat the Dwarf but realized if she tapped into her Barbarian’s Rage she might be able to beat the Orc and win all that coin!

- Finally there was the innkeeper. Perhaps she could come to some kind of arrangement that would end up with her having a “free” room for the night.

Comments (3)
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User #13839410 - 1 Dec 18 13:51
Looks promising, hope you get to post some more of it :)
user avatar
User #9775162 - 1 Dec 18 00:28
Off to a fun start. Looking forward to it! ?
user avatar
philohunter - 1 Dec 18 00:46
Thanks! Hopefully I'll have more to post sometime next week.

Alright everyone, as you might have noticed I've turned off all the support levels but the 5$ one. I don't see myself getting much new content done over the next few months (at minimum, maybe longer). But that level still gets you an older Ebook and if I do manage to finish anything new anyone who sticks around will also get that.

I totally understand anyone who wants to drop support till I'm creating new content regularly. For those sticking around I very much appreciate it.

Writing update! 2018-10-08T14:58:47+00:00

"The Defeat of Jungle Goddess" is done and published! If your backing under the 5$ level and didn't get the "free" copy of the Ebook you can grab it from Amazon and for a very limited time on Smashwords.

Excerpts from it are queued up to post through most of the rest of the month (but only about 2/3 of the book is being shared that way). I'm going to be moving right on to another one of these and wanted to let you all knew where I am on the various projects in the works:

- The Brain Master book is what I'm supposed to be working on next but I'm still working on outlining it, trying to figure out the overall flow and scope of the book. It's my first one from a villains point of view so it's pretty different form what I've done, and it seems really important to everyone that it have good and bad endings, so working that out is taking some time.

- I need to throw another poll up for creating the Futa villain character and probably will in the next few days.

I have two other ones of these that are ready to be actively written, so I'm going to be working on them. One is a superheroine one featuring a new heroine and I'll be posting some info on that soon to get some feedback before I get to deep into it.

I'll be switching between working on that and the second Wasteland Slut book. It was about half written already but what I had done was for when Inkle worked, so what's there needs major structural reworking. Still, it's the closest to being "Done" so I'm starting there.

As I get those two projects done enough to start posting excerpts I'll probably start "compressing" the release of the Jungle Goddess excerpts, pressing them back to every day instead of every other day. I want those all posted first since they will only be up for a limited time.

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Which deck should I work on for the Heroine card game? 2018-08-28T22:58:15+00:00

Okay, so it is pretty clear you all want me to put some more work into the card game art! But I think I'd like to try and concentrate on one specific deck to try and finish the art for it. But which one? Help me choose!

- Edit -

Something that just occurred to me... I don't really have access to the place I used to post the folder with all the card files in it. I'll be able to be posting individual cards to the feed as I get it done, but as far as posting "The Game" I'm not sure what to do.

Heroines Perilous World Card Game 2018-08-28T21:57:42+00:00

So I haven't touched the card game in.... well, a long time. I never had a good sense of how much people cared about it. So, does anyone care about it? Do you want me to be working towards finishing the card art for it? Did anyone ever bother actually printing parts of it out to play it?

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #351781 - 28 Aug 18 22:05
I never played it but I did enjoy the fantasy of it. Don't make it a priority but if you feel like adding some more villains I say go for it.
user avatar
philohunter - 28 Aug 18 22:11
Well, I'd want to try and finish artwork for cards already made before trying to do any new characters. The Gasser was the only villain deck that had full artwork done. When last I was working on them I was also pulling two versions of renders for each card, one for the card itself and then one (or a few) to turn into a comic to post.
user avatar
User #351781 - 28 Aug 18 22:40
Kill 2 birds with one stone eh?
Monthly Update 2018-09-01T13:01:01+00:00

Hey all! Want to tell you all what my plans are for the month.


- My main focus is going to be on completing the Bovine Justice Choose Her Peril book. Once that is done my plan (for now, you all know it can change with my mood) is to move on to another project like that. The Jungle Goddess one was about two thirds done, although I think it would need some heavy reworking. But that will probably be the next "big" project I work on.

- Although I want to focus on the above, I might need to take a short break once in a while. My plan is to work on either some shorts featuring Lab Rat or perhaps add on to some of the open poll driven stories.

Visual Stuff:

As you've all seen over the last week or so I've been getting a fairly steady stream of 3D stuff done again. I'm going to keep on that while the inspiration is there, cycling through the projects I've recently started and throwing out some short/one panel stuff. It's going to mostly be superheroine stuff, but I'll be doing a smattering of fantasy things.

So, a real quick run down of the projects I currently have in my queue:

- Breaking of Xanthippe
- Silver Elf Fantasy thing
- The Hidden Temple (first part not yet posted)
- Random Superheroine shorts
- Renders for the superheroine card game, and doing a second version of each render to turn into a short comic/pic

((I've putting stuff into the queue as it gets done, but putting the ongoing/continuing stuff towards the top to keep them as heavily in the rotation as possible))


Visual stuff - something posted every other day. Right now I've actually got stuff properly queued up past the 15th. (Question: if I get the queue filled to the end of the month would you rather me stockpile content for the following month, or compress the release schedule to have stuff post more than every other day?)

Written stuff - Something posted every other day as well. Grabbing snippets from the choose her peril story has mostly made it so I can keep this up, but I'm more likely to fall behind on this goal.

Next Choose Her Peril? 2018-08-20T08:13:13+00:00

Every day I get a little closer to having the Bovine Justice Choose Her Peril book done and I'm thinking I'd like to jump right into working on another one, and if so I should start oulining now. So what would you all like me to start doing? I've got a post apocalyptic one thats half done but would probably need MAJOR reworking. I couod easily do some kind of contemorary mind control themed one. And easiest would be another suoerheroine one. Any characters or plots you'd like to see explored?

Comments (3)
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User #2342200 - 21 Aug 18 19:15
You could also do Fire and Ice. It would be nice to see those two again.
user avatar
User #351781 - 20 Aug 18 18:38
One whos not an amazon, that way we can see them interact with the Amazons in it. Someone like Lady Centurion, or Freya as she hasn't goten much attention.
user avatar
philohunter - 21 Aug 18 00:01
Ooooh, Lady Centurion! Yeah, she would work really good. The first part could be her with the Mayor and his assistant with a bunch of sex options to help make the beginning no so repetitive! I don't think Freya is flushed out enough in my head to have her star in something like this...
In The Pipeline and on the shrinking of my digital foot print 2018-08-09T14:40:39+00:00

Firs of: this is very intentionally a public post.

Some of you may have noticed that my digital footprint has become smaller over the last week. I'm not going to go into why, but I was a choice I felt I had to make.

  • My Tumblr is gone and I have no plans of returning to that platform as a content creator. If any of YOU use Tumblr and want to share my stuff you'll get no complaints from me, but I no longer wish to be there directly.
  • Most of my presence in the Erotic Mind Control community is ended. Even though mind control is the biggest tool I use in my stuff I never really felt like I fit in there well. I definitely view mind control as pure fiction and was always really uncomfortable around those who practice/buy into its use in the real world. The kind of kinky art I make didn't really fit besides those people's work and the community they have build, which is probably amazing for them, is not something I wish to be part of anymore (nor am I particularly welcome there anymore anyways).
  • I love interacting with my fans. But let's face it: there is a LARGE portion of even the kink/erotica/porn community that finds some or all of the kinky art/entertainment I create offensive in some way. I want to interact with my FANS, not the public at large. With that in mind I need to stay to places where I feel comfortable doing what I do without worrying who it will piss off, which means most social media type platforms aren't going to be a good fit for me. I'd rather my energy go to creating then dealing with whoever I've offended this week. Experimenting with Discord was fun, but it took my focus away from the fan base who support me financially here on Patreon, which is where my focus should be centered on. Tumblr and various forums did the same thing, taking my focus away from what makes my core base of supporters the most happy.
  • I am primarily a writer, but large chunks of my fan base did not seem to view me that way or even know I put out written stuff. I've various health issues and my brain is frequently in a place where I am not able to work on proper pros writing. But over the last year I had put more and more of my energy into creating visual works, even when my health was decent. A big part of why that was happening was that the visual stuff was bringing in more eyes and more Patreon supporters. But I started realizing that every time I'd take a break form my visual stuff to concentrate on writing those fans who were supporting me primarily for my visual works would quickly become unhappy. I think way less people are going to be disappointed if I keep my focus on my written work. When I DO make something visual I won't be sending it out into the world like I was (I accepted anything visual was going to be pirated so I'd simply try and put it out to places on my own to try and "maintain control"). Any 3D stuff will get posted to my Patreon feed, and I will continue to use the Hypnopics Collective (almost entirely because Terra is the kindest and most supportive person I think I've ever encountered), but that will be about it.
  • Speaking of my 3D stuff everyone should expect a whole lot less of it. I was never prolific, and even after a year of heavy use I still looked at myself as a beginner. But mostly over the last few months I've been feeling the limitations of the medium/software. Daz3d is an amazing program but it has HUGE drawbacks. Creating images with it is VERY time consuming, both posing figures (which I find very tedious and have never enjoyed much) and rendering. Right now the market is moving away from the 3Delight render engine and towards iRay. There are plenty of technical differences but the only one that really matters between those two is render time: on my rig a render that takes about 5-10 minutes in 3Delight takes anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours in iRay. For the kind of stuff I was doing, which tended to have many panels, that just doesn't work. That means most of the newer assets are unusable to me, and that's a BIG problem. One of the constraints of the medium was already the fact that for user like me, who is not creating any custom asserts, you are limited to creating things out of the figures/clothing/scenes you can purchase. Add in how expensive new asserts are, even older stuff, and things get really limited. I've realized that for me its much easier creative wise to just write a story, where the only limitations are my imagination.
  • There's another reason I feel I need to pull back from the 3D stuff: I've had a REALLY hard time keeping my enthusiasm up to finish any project that's more than just a handful of panels. Yes, finishing projects is an issue I have with ALL my stuff, but I feel it was worse when it came to the visual stuff. I really, REALLY, REALLYwant to get better at finishing projects and stepping back from visual stuff (and keeping anything new I do make simple and short) will help that.

So, going forward, for the time being, if you are looking to consume what I'm creating the best place is going to be here on Patreon as a supporter (you can get access to everything in the feed except actual Ebook files for just a dollar). I will be posting everything written I make here and any 3D stuff I do as well (but don't expect a ton of that). After that the next best place is going to be philohunter.com, but that site is now going to be strictly for written stuff, where I won't really be mentioning any visual projects after this point. Beyond those two places you will (hopefully) always be able to find my Ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords.

As for specifically this month I am going to be trying to focus on finishing some things and not starting any new projects. My goal is to be getting a new section of an in progress poll driven fantasy story done every day or two and slowly try to get them all finished off. Because the user base here is not big enough to support the voting on those stories all on their own those stories will be posted to my site, but once they are finished they will be taken down. A completed version of the stories will then be posted to the feed here and after there are enough to be collected into an Ebook that will be published, with the 5$ and higher backers getting a copy.

Aside from those I'm going to be returning to work on the Bovine Justice Choose Her Peril story I started not long ago. I've gone through my outline and chopped a large majority of it out. If I ever hope to finish the damn thing its scope needs to be WAY smaller. The adventure is now going to focus primarily on the stuff with IntelliTek (which makes sense with how I started the story). There will be a couple of threads that lead to her having a "normal" day of patrol but I've cut those WAY back. Originally that was going to be around 2/3 of the book, now it will mostly be just a few things with Brain Master and maybe a couple of other villains at most. What I was doing last time I worked on the story seemed to be working pretty good: every few days of forward progress I'll work through the story, copy pasting sections into one story and posting it, that way there is not only content for the feed but there is a way for the 1$ and 3$ backers to see chunks of it since they won't be getting the Ebook file when it's finished.

Message for those that got declined this month 2018-08-03T20:00:37+00:00

Hey, like a third of you all got declined this month. I saw a couple things saying Patreon changed where they are technically operating out of, from the U.S. to England and that this is why most people have had about a third of backers declined this month. I'm not really sure anything else beyond that but for this month at least I'm going to be sending out photomanips to people that were declined. Hopefully Patreon gets things figured out.

Pic: Aelethdrin Starveil Part 1
Pic: Aelethdrin Starveil Part 1more_vert
Post file flag
Pic: Aelethdrin Starveil Part 1 2018-08-03T17:25:44+00:00close

Spent the morning working on this. I've always felt the fantasy stuff I've done has been super lacking so I wanted to really push what I'd normally do, trying to give it a feel slightly different than the superheroine stuff. I ended up doing WAY more after effects than I normally do. I'm thinking I'll try and continue this, doing these one panel entries. What do you all think?

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #351781 - 3 Aug 18 19:35
Really? I always thought your fantasy stuff was great. So many different themes and situations. The style in this one is great using a scroll style layout for the captions and a jointed font to go with the era. A trap that takes away protection and leaves its victim more vulnerable to the perversion of the corrupt Gods is beautiful.
user avatar
philohunter - 3 Aug 18 19:37
Well, I meant the visual/cg stuff that I've done in Alaria. I've only done a few and they've all been pretty simple and.. I don't know, generic feeling? I like this one thought and it looks like you like it to? You don't think it's to busy?
Quick Update. 2018-08-03T14:05:13+00:00

Hey all, just wanted to drop a line and give you a heads up: I'm like SUPER sick. And this isn't my normal issues, this is like flu sick. It's hitting my pretty hard right now and I'm not sure how long it's going to last.

Bad news: either no written stuff or very little till I'm feeling better.

Good news: I can still get work done on visual stuff, so I'm going to plug along on the photomanips AND I actually opened Daz3d for the first time in a long while. Sticking to fantasy stuff right now, keeping things simple. But I'll probably have a couple of pics to post over the next few days sometime.

New batch of photomanips sent! 2018-08-03T00:32:17+00:00

It's sent out and I hope you all enjoy but I've been wondering if I need to be making these posts to let you all know?

Manip-to-Story: "The Need for His Cum" 2018-07-30T22:59:26+00:00
Here's the winner of the last poll! For the new poll head HERE.


Gail was there, on her knees, waiting for Jonathon when he came home from work. This wasn’t something she’d ever done before and she had expected him to look surprised, but he wasn’t. He just smiled down at her and quietly closed the front door behind him.

“What’s this?” he asked, tossing his keys into the bowl by the door.

“I need you,” Gail gasped, all of the desperate need that had been building up during the day coming out all at once.

She ached for him so bad that it physically pained her. It had been like this for days, slowly getting worse and worse. It had started a few weeks ago, she thought about being with him all the time now, more than even when they first started dating and were fucking like rabbits. But it wasn’t just sex with him she thought about. No, Gail had a more specific fixation.

“I need it,” she whined, fully aware of how pathetic she sounded but not caring.

She had cared at first. She was a smart, independent woman. Jonathon was her partner, not her “boyfriend”, not her “man”. They were equals. At least, they had been… Now, though, she wasn’t so certain.

“Please,” she begged, moving closer to him on her knees and placing her hands on the front of his legs. “Please, Jonathan, I NEED it. I’ve waited all day. I can’t wait anymore!”

She looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes. She had no idea what she would do if he said “no”. But she didn’t think he’d deny her, he had been enjoying her new lust, her new thirst, even more than she had.

For what felt like an eternity he stared down at her, his face blank and expressionless. Then, ever so slightly, his lips started to curl up into a smile and she knew his answer. “Okay,” he said, the word making her want to swoon.

As soon as the word was out of his mouth she was scrambling to unzip his pants, to undo his belt and rip the clothing open. As she yanked his pants open she saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear! Her heart jumped in excitement. Where were his boxers? She’d seen him put a pair on this morning before he left to go to work at the lab. Had he stopped and taken them off on the way home, anticipating this very thing?

The questions didn’t linger in her mind for long. As his pants started to slide down his legs his cock popped up out of them. It was already mostly hard and it sprung up, slapping her in the face. She gasped, pulling back, then giggled nervously. Her eyes fixed on it and for a moment the world froze. She’d always like his dick, it was just the right length and just the right girth. But recently? Recently she’d fallen in love with it. It provided the thing she needed, after all.

Time began to move again and she lunged forward, hands on his thighs and her mouth open. She wanted his cock in her mouth, wanted to be sucking on it with unrestrained eagerness. Gail wanted Jonathon to cum, she wanted him to cum as soon as possible.

But just as his swollen cockhead neared her mouth he grabbed her head, holding it in place. She whimpered and grunted in frustration, so worked up and cock-hungry that she couldn’t even form words.

She looked up, the burning fire of unconstrained lust in her eyes. She started to open her mouth to ask him why he was holding her back but before she could he grabbed his cock by the base and slapped her in the face with it. Once again she gasped, surprised by the meaty smack into the side of her face. Just as she had recovered he smacked her again, harder this time. By then his cock was fully hard so she felt the blow twice as hard.

Then he cock-slapped her again, and again, and again! Each slap harder than the last, each landing with a meaty “thwack” that echoed through the little entry room of their home. He kept slapping her with his cock, but now his dick was starting to leak sticky precum. It began to splatter onto her pretty face with each whack.

At first each cock-blow shocked a gasp out of her. Then a shudder of shame and disbelief that he would treat her in such a humiliating, domineering way. Then, around the time his precum started splattering across her face, she stopped caring. This was his cock, his beautiful, sexy, tasty cock that gave her what she needed. She realized being beaten with it was not just a pleasure but a privilege!

Gail started to giggle and then laugh uncontrollably, louder and more madly with each cock slap. She felt that each meaty blow shattered her mind a little more, that she was being cock-beat into madness, a madness she’d been descending slowly into over the last few weeks and now was embracing. It was a madness where she gave up control of herself and her life and started to live it for one thing and one thing only.

Jonathon pulled his cock to the side, preparing to slap her in the face once again, but stopped. The hand holding her in place slid to the back of her head and he grabbed a handful of hair tightly in hand, then he yanked her head back in one smooth, painful jerk. Her mad laughter was cut off as she gasped in surprise at just how good the pain felt. With eyes and mouth wide open she stared up at Jonathon.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Your cum,” she replied, the words coming out of her mouth before they had even finished forming in her mind.

His smile grew wider. “What will you do to get my cum?”

“Anything,” she spit out, pulling against his hand to get closer to his cock even though it caused him to yank on her hair.

“You’d even do something you always said you hated?”

There was no hesitation. “Yes, anything!”

He stepped to the side and let go of her hair. She had still been pulling forward so this led to her falling face first into the ground with a loud thud that momentarily dazed her. By the time she had recovered Jonathon was naked and laying on the couch in the nearby living room. He had his legs spread wide, one propped up on the back of the couch, the other hanging off the front. He was holding his cock up in the air, staring at her, waiting for her.

“Come get me off with your tits. You’ve always refused, always said you thought it was silly and uncomfortable and slightly humiliating. Well, come debase yourself and your tits to pleasure me and THEN you can have my cum.”

There was no hesitation in Gail. She moved so fast and so eagerly she didn’t even bother to get up, she simply crawled as fast as she could to the couch. As she neared it she got up off all fours, tugging her tank top up and reaching behind herself to unclasp her bra. She shimmied her shoulders so it fell off her body then she scrambled up onto the couch, already grabbing her breasts as she positioned herself between Jonathan’s legs.

What he had said was true, she hated doing this. But at that moment all of that hatred was forgotten. She simply grabbed her tits in both hands and pressed them in around his shaft then started bouncing them up and down.

He groaned in discomfort and she realized in her haste she had forgotten to add any kind of lubrication. She let go of her breasts and bent forward, inhaling his cock into her mouth. She let herself salivate like crazy and bobbed her heads a few times up his shaft, covering it covered in slimy saliva that clung to her mouth in thick strings when she pulled away.

Gail didn’t stop to reach up to wipe her mouth clean. She simply pressed her tits back around his cock and leaned into him so that the underside of his shaft was pressed tight up against her chest. She started again but this time she didn’t bounce her tits, this time she moved her whole body.

She started to laugh madly again. Staring down at his cock, watching her body slide up and down its length, watching his gorgeous cockhead pop in and out of her cleavage, she thought about how this felt, how it looked. He wasn’t doing anything; he was just lying there, enjoying it. He wasn’t fucking her, she was fucking him. Except it wasn’t even that, it was like she was a fleshy sleeve for his cock and was using her body to jerk him off.

That thought stuck in her mind, the thought of herself not as a complete human being but simply as a thing. It filled her with a powerful, perverse thrill she’d never felt before. It filled her with shame and disgust in herself but also filled her with a need to be debased in this way even further, knowing it would bring her a deeply satisfying sexual thrill.

Yes, she was HIS cock-sleeve. If that’s what he wanted, if that’s what made him cum so she could get his delicious, perfect semen then that’s what she’d be. She’d be whatever he wanted whenever he wanted as long as she got his cum.

“You’re close,” she gasped, pressing her tits in tighter around his shaft. She could feel it, feel his body tensing, hear it in how he was breathing. “Oh, god, yes, so close!

She worked his cock with even more wild energy, moving with such lasciviousness it would make most women blush. “Please, Please!” she begged desperately. “Please fucking cum for me. I need your cum. Need to feel it. Taste it. See it even!”

Then, oddly, she had a moment of clarity. She didn’t slow down, didn’t stop working his cock any more vigorously with her chest, but there was clarity she had lacked the last few weeks. “I don’t understand what it is about you now, about your cum, that’s become so undeniably delicious but I think I’m fucking addicted to it now!”

As the words left her mouth the moment of clarity continued and expanded. It had all began when he started work in the new lab, started work on that new drug. What had he been complaining about? That the government wasn’t allowing them to move onto human testing yet? That the other guys in the lab had begun to joke about trying it out on people in their life?

“Oh, Jonathan, no…” she whispered, slowing down for a moment but not stopping. “You did it, didn’t you? You’ve been testing it on me, haven’t you? That’s why I’ve been going through these changes. Yes, I see it now. That’s why you started making my morning coffee, so you could slip the drug to me without me noticing!”

She looked up, looked him in the eye and she knew, knew it was true. She knew and she didn’t care.

“I don’t care,” she said suddenly, all of the desperation back in her voice. She went back to moving her body as quickly as she could. “I don’t care at all; keep drugging me if it will make me feel like this. I don’t care, just please, cum for me!!!”

She felt his muscles tighten and knew her pleading had pushed him over the edge. She let go of her breasts and leaned down, taking his cock into her mouth just as it started to quiver. Moisture exploded into her mouth, amazing, delicious, thick fluid that made every inch of her body explode in ecstasy.

When he was done cumming she slid down away from him, down off the couch. Her head swum and she was struggling between the urge to keep his cum in her mouth so she could keep tasting it and the need to swallow it. His cum belonging in her, down her throat in her belly. All of it, every drop.

“Happy?” he asked, reaching down and running his fingers through her hair.

Yessssss,” she purred contently, but she knew it wouldn’t last. The hunger would return, and each time it did it was stronger than the last time.

“I need to start sucking you off every morning before you leave for work,” she said. “Or… or whatever you want me to do. I just need your cum. And then I’ll need it again as soon as you get home, just like today.” She stopped, but then started right up again. “And maybe I should start coming and visiting you on your lunch break to get a quick fix during your lunch break. And… And you’ll have to let me suck you off in the middle of the night while you sleep.”

“Okay,” Jonathon said with an amused and pleased chuckle. Then he sat up, looking curious. “I wonder,” he asked, not really speaking to Gail, “if all the other guys from the lab are having this kind of success.”

Poll Driven Story: "The Quest to Reclaim the Throne" 2018-07-30T16:05:07+00:00
New entry with some tentacle sex! If you’re looking for the story in its current entirety go HERE.


“Fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into,” she whispered to herself then looked back at Lothdori. A soft, wistful moan slipped through her lips, a swoon of desire that made her realize how hard she had fallen for the stunningly beautiful woman laying asleep beside her.

The realization shook her to the core. She’d always been on her own, caring about no one because no one cared about her. She’d had sexual partners, although far fewer than she’d liked. Even though Lothdori had been domineering during their sex she had been the most attentive and caring partner she’d ever been with. And that, she realized, was something special in a world where physical love between two women was so rare. Female on female love wasn’t something considered a crime in these lands but neither was it something openly acknowledged. Her impression had always been that the society around her didn’t know what to make of it so for the most part simply pretended it didn’t exist.

She’d never felt such an instant, powerful sexual connection with another person. The passion they had just shared… She didn’t have the words for it. But why? Why had this been so different? Why had fucking the deposed Elf queen made her feel so different?

Her mind wandered back to the very beginning, when they had started kissing. That was the moment it was clear to her that this was something different. Lothdori had said her spit did things to non-Elves. Could that explain everything she was feeling? There hadn’t just been uncontrollable lust, there had been overwhelming emotional bonding that left her feeling as if she would remain by this woman’s side till the very end, dying for her if that’s what was needed of her.

As the thought ran through her head she chuckled derisively at herself. “Die for her?” she whispered, barely believing she’d heard herself think such a thing. She wasn’t the kind of woman to die for someone else. She had always followed one rule: self preservation above all else.

Yet here she was, offering to aid someone who, if it was known she still lived, would be the most hunted individual in the city. And it was clear that the woman who deposed her thought little of killing those who opposed herself and there were rumors she’d do far worse depending on her mood.

It was insanity to help Lothdori. The quest to reclaim the Elf’s throne would be dangerous and almost certainly doomed to fail. They’d both end up imprisoned, dead, or worse. It was insanity not to betray Lothdori at the first chance she got. The woman had endangered The Waif simply by coming to her for aid and every minute she didn’t turn her in only increased the danger she was in.

But she couldn’t. Even just thinking about betraying Lothdori made The Waif feel sick.

The Waif shifted, looking at the sleeping Elf. She was… Stunning. The most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She’d seen Elves before and had always been awed by them. They all looked so eternally ageless, beautiful in a way that seemed beyond mortal beauty. But this woman, she was beyond all of that.

She lay sleeping on her side with those enticing massive breasts laying one on top of the other and her huge pregnant belly filling much of the bed. She looked so peaceful, so vulnerable, so innocent. How could one look upon so perfect, unspoiled beauty and not desire to do anything it asked of you?

The Waif pulled away, silently getting up from the bed. She started to nervously pace about the dark room, her bare feet moving with perfect soundless grace on the wooden floor. “Perhaps she’s put a spell on me,” she whispered, sounding frantic and slightly mad. “Or it’s just her biology. Elves are so magical they can’t help but enchant lesser beings. Her spit… if it could do what it did to me what did her womanly juices do? I did, after all, spend quite a bit of time with my face buried between her legs.”

All of her survival instincts were telling her to run. To gather her things and slip out the door as Lothdori slept. Not just leave her but leave the city, get as far away from all of this as she could.

“I can’t,” she whispered, stopping her pacing and staring at Lothdori. “I have to help her. I…” she paused, trying to put what she felt into words. She’d never felt this before, never felt an emotion so overpowering and reckless and selfless. And then it dawned on her what it was she felt.

No, she’d never felt this before. But she knew what it was. “I can’t leave because I love her,” she whispered, the words a soft sigh of acceptance. Silently she moved back to the bed and climbed back up, moving to curl her body next to her new lover’s. She wrapped her small little limbs around the woman’s thick bulk, shivering in joy at the touch of skin on skin.

“I love you,” she whispered, knowing it might mean her doom but not caring. “And I will be by your side till the very end, my Queen.”

* * *

They slept through the day, just as they had planned. The next night, once the world was dark, they prepared as best they could then took to the dark streets. The Waif stayed protectively close to Lothdori as they traveled. The order of the new Queen was far from a perfect one and the nights had grown more dangerous. On top of that the armed guards that patrolled the streets had to be avoided as they would prove even more dangerous to them then the crime they fought to contain.

The palace sat in the center of Gondilfrain, looming over the sprawling city. Partially this was because it was so large and tall, but mostly it was because it was built onto a large rocky upraise, its lower levels partially carved out of the living stone.

It was an ancient place and no one knew who had first built it, although all agreed that it had been constructed before the Great Collapse. It had been rebuilt and added to countless times through the ages and no one living knew all of the secret passages and areas it contained, especially when it came to what lay UNDER the palace. Few even knew that the rocky outcropping it was built upon contained myriad caves and tunnels. Lothdori didn’t know all of them, she wasn’t even sure what the passages would need to be taken from the hidden entry they crawled into, she just knew it was possible to travel through the caves and up into the palace.

The Waif had been hesitant about taking this route but Lothdori had won her over, informing her of how few people even knew the caves existed. Even the royal guard hadn’t been aware of the caves. It might take them time but they WOULD find their way up through them, she was certain.

As soon as they were in the darkness of the caves The Waif pulled out an emberstone torch. She unwrapped the cloth tied tightly around the top of it, revealing a chunk of semi-translucent orange rock that glowed as brightly as a torch, only without the flickering of flame. Holding the emberstone torch up before her cast the cave tunnel they were in with an eerie, steady orange light. Cautiously The Waif began leading the way, with Lothdori close behind her.

“I never liked the glow of emberstone,” Lothdori said quietly. They had quickly found that talking too loud caused echoes. They knew there wouldn’t be any guards down here to hear them but they had no idea how far the echoes would travel. There was also the chance that the caves, although free of people, might have other inhabitants. “I could use some of my magic to cast some mage-light and we could put that ugly orange thing away.”

No,” The Waif said firmly. “You need to save your mana. In fact, it’s probably best if you try not to use any magic yet. I don’t even think you should summon the Staff of Power unless we REALLY need it.”

Lothdori stopped, grabbing The Waif’s arm. “What do you mean? I’m… pretty defenseless without my magic and the staff is my only weapon.”

The Waif turned and looked up into the High Elf’s beautiful eyes. “I know. But I’m here to protect you. Save what you have for when I get you to the throne room, till then let me take care of things. I’m also worried if you use your magic it might give us away.”

“What? How?”

The small woman tried not to roll her eyes. She got the sense that although she was a powerful High Elf she was not immune to what the common folk called “pregnancy brain”. In their short time together The Waif had noticed Lothdori forget things she had just mentioned and saw that frequently she seemed not to know or remember basic facts that should have been second nature to her.

“If the woman who deposed you is as magically powerful as you said don’t you think she might be keeping her senses attuned to the kind of magic you use? You told me it was unique, especially what emanates from the staff. You think she believes you’re dead, but what if you are wrong? Our only chance is stealth so that means you need to hold back from using your magic unless it’s really necessary.”

Lothdori furrowed her brow and looked as if she was going to argue but she didn’t say anything. She had come to The Waif for help and knew listening to her was the best chance she had. “Fine,” she eventually said, clearly the closest she would get to admitting The Waif was right. “Let’s just get moving.”

Shortly after that they came to section of cave that split off in multiple directions. “Do you have any idea which way we should go?” The Waif asked.

“No…” Lothdori replied, clearly unhappy about how uncertain she was. “But I think if any of these passages or caves seem to lead up that’s the way we should take.”

“Okay,” The Waif said, stepping forward and pointing the emberstone torch down each path. “This way, it looks like the ground goes up slightly.”

They traveled for a time in silence, the twisting cave they took slowly heading upwards. Eventually the passage narrowed so that they were barely able to walk side by side. After ten more minutes the passageway started to widen and The Waif started to pick up their pace but Lothdori placed a hand on her shoulder and held her back.

“Wait… can’t you… sense that?”

“What do you mean?” The Waif asked in a whisper.

“There’s a… not a smell, but something. A feeling in the air, a sensation. Not magic, but something like that. A force… I’ve felt it before. It’s becoming more common in the world but I don’t know what it is. It’s not evil but it’s… I don’t know the right word. Antagonistic? And there is a perverse sexual undertone to it…”

“I don’t feel anything,” The Waif said. Regardless, she had no doubt Lothdori was picking up on something. She’d seen countless times the way magic users were able to sense magical currents and auras in ways that others could not.

She started to reach for one of her blades but Lothdori stopped her. “No. We don’t want to antagonize whatever is emanating this feeling. Let’s just press forward, quickly and quietly, and hope we pass by this thing before it takes notice of us.”

The Waif didn’t like this but did as Lothdori said, leading the way unarmed. As they moved on the passage opened up further till they were in a large, wide, tall cave that the emberstone torch was unable to fully illuminate.

“I can smell something now,” The Waif whispered, slowing down nervously. “It smells like—”

Before she could finish her thought the smell grew more intense, becoming a heavy stench that assaulted their senses like a brick wall. It hit them so hard and so suddenly that both women stumbled back, dizzy and disoriented. The two women ended up colliding into each other then falling to the cave floor, the emberstone torch rolling away from them.

It illuminating something that was slowly emerging from the darkness before them and both knew at once it was this thing that the overpowering stench was emanating from. It stood about five feet tall, a slender phallic-shaped tube of flesh about as wide around as a Human’s torso with a slightly bulbous top. At first glance this might have been mistaken as a head but closer inspection would reveal no facial features of any kind. It was propelled forward by a swarm of small tendrils that extended out from under it, countless little arms of flesh that reached forward and pulled the thing towards the two disoriented women.

The Waif rolled over, looking up at the creature moving towards them and pinched her nose closed. “The stench! It’s coming from that thing! What is it?” She turned and looked towards Lothdori but found the disorienting smell had hit her twice as hard as it had hit herself.

The High Elf was lying on her side, one hand protectively on her swollen belly. Her other hand had grabbed one of the see-through strips of cloth that kept her huge swollen breasts in place and pulled it to the side. She was now squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple in a sexual manner, causing milk to stream out onto the cave floor. At the same time she was turned so she could stare at the thing coming towards them. It looked as if the very sight and smell was causing the powerful woman to drool and play with her breast.

“Pull yourself together,” The Waif cried desperately, watching as Lothdori started to crawl towards the thing, then stopping to reach down between her legs to begin touching herself.

The Waif’s instinct was to reach for her weapons but her body seemed not to be following those instincts. To her great horror she felt herself crawling towards the thing as well, one of her hands fumbling with her clothing to open them and expose herself. She summoned all her willpower to fight against whatever this thing was doing to make her so horny and had just grabbed the handle of one of her blades when the creature stopped moving.

She looked up as a strange, loud squelching sound echoed through the open cave. Thick veiny tentacles shot out from all sides of the thing’s body, huge long tendrils that undulated and flew wildly about as they extended. Then, almost as quickly as they had appeared, the tentacles lashed out grabbing both Lothdori and The Waif.

The Waif screamed, holding tightly onto the handle of her blade. But one of the tentacles had wrapped around that wrist and was pulling her arm and preventing her from using the blade. She kicked and screamed, momentarily losing track of Lothdori as her world became just her struggle to escape the thing’s grasp. But the stupefying stench had done much to slow her body and dull her mind. On top of that the tentacles were too numerous, too strong, and to fast to resist for long. Within minutes the thing had torn her clothing off and disarmed her blade.

In near perfect unison two of the tentacles started pushing their way into her mouth and her pussy. She thrashed even harder as the fleshy things invaded her body, revolted at the taste and feel of them. The feeling of them invading both her mouth and pussy reminded her to much of when men had forced themselves on her.

She resisted, but not for long. Both tentacles started ejaculating a thick gooey fluid into her, into both her cunt and her throat. She choked and gagged on it but there was just so much of it, she couldn’t help but swallow some. The stuff started working on her body almost at once, working its evil magic on her body as it was soaked into her cunt and down her throat. It calmed and aroused her. Soon she was no longer struggling nor was she revolted form the now semi-rigid tentacle’s fucking her. She was enjoying feel of them plunging in and out of her mouth and cunt-hole.

It wasn’t long before she started moaning in pleasure that she became aware of Lothdori once again. The High Elf’s clothing had been pulled off as well and she was also ensnared by the tentacles as they fucked her, although unlike the flat chested Waif there were many tentacles wrapped around Lothdori’s huge breasts. Some even seemed to have suckers on the end and were attached to her nipples, drinking her milk!

The creature lifted the two of them up and began repositioning them. The Waif ended up before it on her back, legs pulled open so that a large, thick tentacle could start fucking her pussy. The tentacle in her mouth was removed just as Lothdori was lifted up and flipped over and placed on top of The Waif. Partially supported by tentacles, the High Elf was left sitting on The Waif, bent over so her large breasts were pressed into the smaller woman’s face.

As the thick tentacle pounded her cunt The Waif started sucking Lothdori’s tit, horny thanks to the creatures “cum” and hungry to taste her milk. The creature, its stench, the cum like fluid it had been shooting into them, it had put both women into a stupefied sexual haze and now that their naked bodies were pressed together they couldn’t help but start to fuck. The creature even let go of their hands, allowing them to grope and caress each other as the thing kept fucking them, invading both their cunts with similarly thick tentacles.

They were being fucked by the larger tentacles for a reason. Unseen to them there was a large circular bulge slowly moving up each of these thick tendrils. The thing, the Phallic Slither as it was called by those that knew of its existence, was preparing to insert an egg into each of the women. Except Lothdori was already pregnant and her body would not be able to take the Phallic Slither’s egg, which was a fact the creature was about to discover as the egg closest to insertion was the one meant for her.

What happens to Lothdori and The Waif next? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

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Got another big batch of photomanips finished and sent out.

Hopefully this week will be better than last as far as writing goes, but either way I'll still me making plenty of these and getting em sent out to you guys. And since I only ever post ten a day publicly and most of what I've sent to you all has had more of that in it the period of time most of these remain "exclusive" to you is slowly increasing.

Story: The Two-Thirty Mantra 2018-07-27T03:30:43+00:00

Here's the first story based on a photo manip! Hope you enjoy. I like how it turned out but it felt weird writing something that is so reality based...

for the NEXT one of these stories head HERE for the new poll.


Sheryl’s heart was pounding. After typing every paragraph or two she looked at the time displayed on the bottom right of her computer screen. Each time she looked down it was closer to saying two-thirty.

“Everything okay?”

She practically jumped out of her seat, turning and smiling at the man standing there, the current shift boss, with an embarrassed smile. “Yes, sir, every thing’s fine. I’m just…” she let herself trail off into silence, not sure what to say to him. She couldn’t tell the truth but she hated lying, especially to man.

He smiled kindly down at her, lifting a white mug and taking a sip of coffee. “You’re nervous, aren’t you? It’s your first proper day on the job after your training, right? Is this your first job as a cubicle monkey working for a company this big?”

Sheryl blushed slightly, looking away. “Actually it’s my first job ever.”

The man made her nervous every time she had to talk to him. He was really handsome in a way that reminded her of the man she lived with, the man she called “Master”. Sheryl wasn’t used to being around men other than him, at least ones that her Master hadn’t brought home and introduced her to.

She’d met her Master not long after she turned eighteen and their relationship had gotten very serious very fast. She hadn’t known it till she met him but the thing that made her happiest in the world was being a man’s complete and total slave.

None of her friends or her parents had understood. The longer they dated the more intense her devotion to her Master had gotten. Before long she’d married him, although she didn’t really think of him as her “husband”, he was her MASTER.

The marriage had been the last straw for most of the people in her life. They’d all told her if she went through with it they’d have no choice but to cut her off. She was fine with that, the more devoted to her Master she had gotten the less she had any need for anyone else in her life. The last year of her life had been such bliss, just her and her Master in their home and her not having contact with any person that he didn’t bring home with him.

“Oh,” her boss said, bring her back into the moment. He sounded sincerely surprised. He looked at her as if reappraising the small pretty girl sitting in the cubicle he stood outside of. “Well, I knew you were young I just didn’t realize you were that young.”

“I’m happy I have the job though,” she said quickly. “My M— I mean husband, he said I needed to get a job cause money is tight right now.”

She remembered the conversation. How hard it had been for him to admit that his beautiful little fuck-pet needed to be sent out into the world. She knew it was a blow to his ego that he couldn’t support them all on his own. But she hadn’t minded, in fact the very idea of having to get a job because he told her to had made her so fucking hot.

Her only real issue was that it had been around a year since she had set foot outside of their home. Being out in the world, interacting with men and women she wasn’t expected to fuck, it was confusing. She felt herself constantly distracted when talking to these men out here, wondering what their dicks looked like or what they would taste like in her mouth or feel in her needy little cunt. Especially when they were handsome like the man talking to her was.

Her boss cleared his throat, obviously not sure how to comment on what she had last said. “Well, this job might be boring as shit but it pays well. Although it gets lonely in these cubicles, doesn’t it? I mean, unless someone is walking directly past here it’s like you’re in here all alone.”

“Yes, it is,” she said meekly, glancing at the time. She needed to finish this conversation and for him to go away. It was almost time! And she HAD to do what she had to do at two-thirty. It was one of her oldest rules, one of the very first ones Master had given to her and it was the one she had been following the longest. “But I really should get back to this. I have a quota to make every day, but you know that.”

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. I really shouldn’t be here pestering you. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright. It’s my job to walk the cubicle pit and make sure everything is running smoothly.” He smiled and turned to leave but she noticed that as he turned his eyes had run down her body and monetarily lingered on her legs.

It had been a struggle choosing her work outfits. She had so rarely needed to wear clothes once she moved in with her Master. Over time her wardrobe had gotten smaller and smaller (her Master enjoyed ripping clothing off of her when she wore it and they hadn’t often replaced those ripped clothing) and the whole reason she had to get this job was because money was tight, so she wasn’t really able to buy anything new.

Today she was wearing a tight black camisole that showed off the slight curve of her small breasts. It was the most “professional” top she owned and was probably acceptable for her job except for one thing: she owned no bras. Her breasts were incredibly small, barely enough to fill even an A cup bra. Her biggest worry was that someone would reprimand her for the lack of bra because the tight top made it VERY clear when her little nips got hard. And they got hard a lot because she was almost always horny and aroused. She hadn’t always been like that but her Master had trained her to keep herself in an almost constant state of arousal.

She also had on a white skirt with black patterns on it that looked fairly professional, although it was pushing the limits of decency when it came to length. To try and hide this she had on her least ripped pair of fishnet stockings. But they only came up to just above her knees so sitting down there was about two inches of bare leg displayed between their top and the bottom of her skirt.

It was this that her boss’ eyes had lingered on for just a moment but it was enough for her to notice. Her Master had trained her to be VERY aware of men’s desire. It was her job to please men, ALL men. He was her Master and he owned her but he had always enjoyed sharing her. One of her biggest rules was that she had to do anything sexual a man asked her to do.

Since getting hired to her job she had wondered why her Master hadn’t made some kind of addendum to this rule. She had expected him to alter it in some way like he had done with many of her rules before she moved in with him. Perhaps making it so the rule was only “on” when she was home. But he’d not made any such alteration. It was possible it had just slipped his mind, but it was equally possible it was an intentional choice. Either way it wasn’t her place to question him.

Surprisingly this hadn’t been the thing that had caused her the most anxiety about working out of the home. No, what had been hardest for her was having to take her collar off. She’d worn it since she first started dating her Master and only ever took it off while bathing or to clean it. But he had insisted that she’d HAVE to take it off, first for her in person interview and then for all the time she spent at her job.

It was practically the first command she’d begged him to change his mind over. She’d been hysteric, on her knees crying and begging not to have to take it off for such long stretches of time five days a week. Her Master was firm but he cared dearly about her. He hadn’t punished her, knowing she begged because she loved showing her devotion to him, and they’d come up with a compromise: she was able to wear a piece of her jewelry every day, a simple white choker with fake diamonds set in it that had been part of a costume he had got for her to wear back before he decided he liked her best naked.

It wasn’t a collar but that hadn’t stopped her from thinking of it as her “work collar”. It had felt weird the first few days she wore it when she was going through her training. But by this day, her first day of “real” work at this job, it had started to feel normal. Still, she looked forward to the end of the day when she could go to her car and take it off and put her real collar back on.

She reached up and touched the necklace then looked at the time. Two-twenty-eight. It was just about time!

Once again her heart was pounding. During the days she’d been going through training she’d been able to slip off to the bathroom at this time to follow her rule. In the privacy of a bathroom stall she’d sat on the toilet, quietly reciting her mantra and doing what she needed to do.

But when she had told her Master about this he had been angry. “No,” he’d said firmly, “that’s NOT how that rule works. I know it’s been a year with you just here in the house but think back to how it was when you first started following the rule. Remember how you used to get punished for doing things like this? What are the first two proper lines of the mantra you recite while doing it, after the beginning part?”

She’d bowed her head in shame and recited them. “No matter where I am. No matter what I’m doing.”

So here she was, a minute away from two-thirty and alone in her cubicle. It was time to get ready.

Sheryl quickly glanced to the side. It was just a tiny stretch of the wall that could be seen outside her cubicle which was positioned in the back of the “cubicle pit”. Almost no one ever came back here other than her boss. And someone wouldn’t be able to see her unless they were literally standing besides the opening to her cubicle. Of course that also meant she wouldn’t be able to see someone coming towards her till they could see her, but that was a thought that didn’t occur Sheryl.

She took a deep breath and hiked her skirt up as she spread her legs open. She had no panties on (in fact she didn’t even own any), so her pussy was now full exposed. Slowly she started moving her left hand towards her cunt, watching the time displayed on the bottom of the computer screen.

As soon as the numbers changed to display two-thirty she touched herself and began reciting her mantra. Importantly she was so fixated on the time and what she was now doing that the world around her had practically disappeared to Sheryl.

“It’s two-thirty,” she began saying as her fingers came in contact with her cunt. “I must bare my pussy and repeat my mantra.”

She took another deep breath and spread her legs further open, starting to lightly finger herself her clit. The anticipation had been building so intensely that she was wetter than she expected herself to be. She knew her fingers wouldn’t have to warm her pussy up for long before she could start properly jilling off.

“No matter where I am,” she continued. “No matter what I’m doing. I must now masturbate. Because Master says. And I must please my Master. No matter where I am…”

Her voice trailed off for a moment as she slid her fingers down from her clit into the moist folds of her labia and then into her wet cunt hole, plunging them deep inside herself and forcing a small gasp out of her. She tilted her head back slightly, closing her eyes and placing her other hand on her knee and slowly running it up the inside of her thigh as she started fingering her insides.

“No matter what I’m doing,” she said, beginning to repeat her mantra. “No matter what I’m doing. I must now masturbate. Because Master says. And I must please my Master. No matter where I am…”

Again her voice trailed off. As she pleasured herself Sheryl lost herself in the bliss of doing something that she knew pleased her master so much. They both loved this rule, it made them think of the beginning of their relationship and it reminded them of how long they had been together.

As she masturbated she thought all about this and repeated her mantra over and over again, feeling less and less anxiety with every moment that passed by. She’d done it, here in her cubicle, and no one had caught her! She was so worked up that it didn’t take her long to begin to crest toward climax. As she came she bit her lip to keep herself from moaning, shivering slightly as her body exploded with calming pleasure.

“Done,” she sighed, pulling her hands away from her pussy and starting to close her legs.

“I hope you planned on washing your hands after that,” a voice said, surprisingly close to her.

Sheryl gasped and opened her eyes, turning and realizing her boss was standing inside of her cubical, almost touching her and staring down at her. He had a hungry, predatory grin on her face that made her insides light up with excitement but she pushed that feeling aside as she realized what was happening. She’d been caught!

“Please don’t fire me,” she said quickly, her voice full of desperation and fear.

“We’ll see,” he said, the same hungry grin on his face. “But I think you’re going to need to explain this.”

She started talking, fast and barely thinking about the words as they came out of her mouth. She told him everything, about her Master and her life serving him. About the rules she had follow and how much she loved doing so. He simply listened, smiling and listening. The only thing he asked was for examples of some of the other rules she had. She started listing them off until she came to the one about having to do anything sexual someone asked her to do. After the words left her mouth her eyes opened wide and she closed her mouth looking up at her boss.

“What a very interesting rule,” he said.

She stared at him wondering what would happen next.

“You know, I think I need you to come with me to my office. I’ve just learned a lot of interesting information about you. And as a good boss it’s my job to find out if you’re an employee that tells the truth or lies. If you’re lying I might have to fire you. But if you’re telling the truth, well, I can see you having a very successful career here. Come on, get up, let’s go to my office.”

She got up, her heart racing. She’d seen his office. It was nice, not too big but large enough for there to be a couch in one corner across from his desk. And most importantly there were no windows in the room, once the door was closed they would have complete privacy.

Sheryl was certain what was going to happen. He was going to fuck her. The thought excited her. It was very likely he’d fuck her almost every day she came to work. Her mind raced. What if he told other men that worked her about her rules? Things could start to get out of hand very quickly… Yet that thought excited her even more.

As she stepped into her boss’ office and he closed and locked the door behind her one thing was running through her mind: maybe working away from home wasn’t going to be too bad after all.

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If anyone has got any thoughts on what I've been sending out I'd love to hear them.

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Man, I've really been pounding em out. Hope you all are enjoying.

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So, I'm still going to be plugging along on my fantasy stuff. But I've got an itch to also be doing some short contemporary stuff. I've always wanted to go through my photomanips and turn most of them into shorts, but I've never been able to actually choose on. So You all get to help me choose!

The link will take you to a Tumblr post with ten old photomanips and at the bottom is a link to a poll. Vote for whichever ones you want to see turned into a short story. Which ever wins is what I'll write!

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Alright, I'm in the mood to try somethin...

Alright, I'm in the mood to try something new! I want to start turning some of my photomanips into short stories. But I can’t decide which ones to work on. So I need all you're help.Head HERE to take a poll.



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It seems like I'm back to getting regular writing done but I think I'm going to keep trying to get a batch of these done every few days.

New Poll Driven Story: "The Revenge of Baer’theas Evenfluke the White" 2018-07-24T00:56:39+00:00

This actually started out as a short story but it was... well, kind of too short. But I didn't have any one idea I loved to keep it going. So I made a few changes and have turned it into a poll driven story! The big kink is going to be time stop, which isn't something I've used to much. Also introduces a new god.


Baer’theas Evenfluke the White strode through the city streets simmering with anger. “Filthy, disgusting, vile Dwarf woman,” he muttered under his breath, slamming his wizard’s staff into the ground with each step. “One of her race dare declare me sexually repulsive? ME!? A magnificently beautiful High Elf while she is nothing but a gross, fat-titted Dwarf?”

Many of the people he pushed passed looked at him as he muttered to himself as if he was a madman. He was mad, but not in that sense. Anger filled his veins from his feet to the tips of his elongated pointed ears. He passed a Dwarf and it took all his self-control not to whirl on the figure and cast a spell that would leave them a smoking husk.

But he held back. He was reserving all of his wrath for Lanven Swiftheart, the drunken slut of a bard that had so recently joined the party of adventurers he traveled with. She’d been flirting and flaunting her gross, wide, stout body and those disgustingly oversized tits of hers since she joined them. At first she’d just flirted with everyone around except Baer’theas. But by now she’d done more than flirt, she’d now slept with every member of the party except Baerth’theas, a fact she frequently pointed out.

He simmered in barely contained rage at the remembered slight. He found the sight of Lanven repulsive but knew to most eyes she was stunningly pretty, for a Dwarf at least. He had never wanted to bed the short cretin but everything she had done had made that point moot. As she’d flaunted her sexuality she’d made sure to point out her lust was pointing in every direction, every direction but towards him. She made it very clear she found the towering High Elf wizard gross and often mocked his looks and frequently mused over how shriveled and pathetic his cock must be and pointed out she’d never seen him bed a woman. She had even begun suggesting it must be because he preferred men!

“Foul fat little Dwarven bitch,” he spat.

“Watch it, Elf!” a man shouted as his spittle landed on the man’s foot.

Baer’theas turned to the man, his eyes glowing with barely contained sizzling blue magic. “You watch it, manling, or you’ll be sorry!”

The man glared and moved to reach for the sword he wore on his hip but stopped when Baer’theas’ eyes started to glow so intensely they began to steam. “Whatever you freak,” the man growled and turned to walk quickly away.

“Humans,” he snorted, the one word enough to express the derision he felt for their race. He turned and started pressing through the crowd again, intent on not being distracted again before he reached his destination.

He pushed through the crowd on the main thoroughfare and turned down a side street. It still felt busy here but that was mostly due to this side street being narrowing than the one he had left behind. There were less people here but they were pressed in tighter together. The shops he passed had darkened windows and many of their signs did not proclaim openly what wares they sold. When he started to pass buildings that had red flames lighting their upper windows he knew he was getting close.

Baer’theas didn’t stop till he came to the doors of a large temple. The emblem of the goddess the temple was dedicated to was prominently displayed on the large red banners draped over the front of the temple: a lascivious grin with a coin held between the teeth.

The temple was busy with men and women moving in and out of its large doors. It only took one look to recognize that the devoted moving in and out of the temple seemed a shady lot. The men all looked like scoundrels, an eclectic and diverse gathering of darkly clothed rouges and fat disreputable seeming nobles. The women were more uniform in their appearance: scantily clad and dressed like whores. That made perfect since most, if not all of them, were probably whores. What other woman would be visiting the temple of Baenta, goddess of prostitution?

Baenta was not a goddess Baer’theas had ever prayed too. But he was a very knowledgeable man. His party had always revered him not just for the magical powers he had at his beck and call but for the library of facts he had stored in his head. Most of them were Humans and young ones at that. He’d lived at least three times the longest-lived of them and even though they knew the amount of knowledge he had on call from his mind frequently astounded them. And he hadn’t lived the sheltered life most High Elves lived, he’d spent his long life wandered all across Alaria. There was rarely an encounter his party faced where his hundreds of years of experience and study didn’t aid them.

So even though he had never had reason to worship Baenta he knew in great detail all about the goddess and her followers. More importantly, he knew all about the blessings and relics created with their priests and priestess' faith. There was a very specific charm he was after that day, one he knew most outside their faith was totally ignorant of. He also knew anyone, regardless of their faith, could enter the temple and purchase this charm for the right price.

He strode into the temple and chuckled at the dim red lighting. The place looked more like a brothel then a temple but he supposed the goddess of prostitution saw little difference between the two. The priests and priestesses manning the temple were all young, attractive, and barely clothed. Any man or woman could enter the temple and “pray” with one of them for the right price.

“The gods can do as they please,” he muttered, looking about for someone who looked like they would have access to the relic he needed. “If Baenta wants her place of worship to be a shrine and a whore house at the same time that is up to her.”

A middle-aged Human priest walked up to Baer’theas, smiling pleasantly. He wore only a loincloth and it barely covered his manhood. The wizard looked away from the sight, not happy to have to see another man’s privates. He was as straight as a man could be and that was part of why the foul Dwarf’s jabs had angered him so.

“How may I help you?” the priest asked. “Have you come to worship? I’m afraid we have no High Elf attendants in this temple but I can find many who will be more than happy to pray with one of your kind.”

“I have no doubt,” the wizard said haughtily. High Elves were the pinnacle of physical beauty, to pass up the chance to be with one sexually was madness!

The thought made the rage filling his heart start to bubble up but he quickly pushed it down, not wanting to let the priest see his real feelings. It was madness that a stout foul Dwarfling would turn her nose up at one of his kind!

He forced himself to smile before continuing to speak. “I actually come looking to purchase a certain item I know the faithful of Baenta creates. I have a female companion I wish to… pray to your goddess with.”

“I suspect I know what item you are looking for,” the priest said, giving the wizard a knowing wink. “Tell me, this companion, she is unwilling to ‘pray’ with you of her own free will?”

“Yes,” he replied simply.

“Come with me,” the priest said, waving for the High Elf to follow him as he turned and began to stride away. Baer’theas quickly followed after him, his heavy white robes dragging on the ground under him. “You understand such a potion costs a great deal of coin?” the man asked without turning around.

“I do,” Baer’theas answered. He reached into his robes and pulled out a heavy coin purse and jingled its contents. The party’s last adventure had been very financially rewarding and he drank and feasted less than the rest of his party did when in towns like this. As such he had more than enough coin and then some.

The priest looked back over his shoulder, beaming. “That sound is in its self a prayer to the goddess,” he said happily.

They turned down a hall then stopped at a locked door. The priest lifted his hand in the air and muttered a short prayer. A moment later his hand began to glow and a key took from there. Once it was solid he used it to open the door, leading Baer’theas into a small room, its walls lined with bubbling potions and glowing relics.

“This is the one you are looking for,” the priest said, grabbing a small disk-shaped item that fits in the palm of his hand. He showed it to Baer’theas and the wizard saw that the goddess’ symbol was inset in it. The etched lines glowed faintly with sparking red energy, a kind of magic that Baer’theas recognized as being sexual in nature. “You understand what it will do?” the priest asked him before closing his hand around the item.

“Oh yes,” Baer’theas said with an eager nod. “I know exactly what it does.” He lifted the coin purse up and started spilling its contents into his hand. “How much?”

The priest stared at the gold coins and licked his lips hungrily. He reached out and grabbed nearly all of them and demanded even more. Baer’theas was left with a nearly empty pouch but he didn’t care. “This should suffice,” the priest said. “May Baenta bless you.”

He started to hand the wizard the small relic but stopped. “You know what it will do when you activate it but do you know what is required for its powers to continue working after each use? Should you not do what the goddess requires then its magic will fail.”

“I knew some ritual was required when using it but know not the details. Please, priest, tell me what I must do,” Baer’theas said, sounding impatient but knowing this was important.

“Before you will the item’s power to stop you must place a single coin somewhere on the person you are using it on. The given coin is in return for the sexual services the relic has ensured that person has given you. Baenta expects this. Should you fail to do this the goddess will strip the magic from the charm and curse you.”

“I’d not like the curse of any goddess or god upon me,” Baer’theas replied with a nod. “Thank you for explaining. Now that I understand may I have what I’ve paid for?”

The priest grinned with pride as he handed the item over. “In the temple of Baenta one ALWAYS gets what they pay for.”

* * *

“Where have you been, Elf?” Lanven Swiftheart asked derisively as Baer’theas sat down and rejoined the party. They were taking up a corner of the busy tavern on the first floor of the inn they were all staying in, comfortable chairs pulled around a roaring fire.

“I had an errand to run,” he said, hating the tone the young Dwarf took with him. “I had potions and spell components I used on our last adventure that needed to be replaced,” he lied.

She lowered her brow and laughed. She had a Dwarven xylophone in her lap and wore metal tips on her pointer fingers. She started playing the instrument and singing a song. “Oh, grumpy old Baer’theas Evenfluke the White, unable to feast and revel! He cares only for his spells and potions, has not an eye for the attractive women that surround him. He keeps his robes closed tight and his legs closed even tighter. A cold icy beauty none find comely and all women shun. Yet they whisper it is young boys that flare his carnal Eleven desires!”

The rest of the party erupted into raucous laughter, toasting their mugs of ale to the end of the song. They clapped and laughed asking him if he found the song amusing. They were all so used to her taunts by now that they barely noticed the insult in their intent. On top of that, they were all so drunk any jape would make them laugh till they broke into tears.

Lanven was drunk too but not so drunk that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing. She sat back in her chair, spreading her legs as she rested her hands on the instrument in her laps. The short skirt she wore parted, revealing she wore no clothing underneath. Baer’theas snarled in disgust at the sight of her hairy snatch.

“See,” she said triumphantly. “One whiff of pussy he pulls back. I bet his shriveled little hairless Elf cock has never even been inside of a woman.” She leaned her head forward and smirked contemptibly at him.

He had reached into his robes, grabbing the newly purchased item and touching it as he willed its magic to activate. As she sat with her legs spread and that foul, infuriating smirk on her face he felt the thing burn with powerful magic.

A moment later the world around Baer’theas came to a halt. All sound ceased aside from that of his own breathing and even that sound seemed to be muffled as if it couldn’t properly travel through the air around him. All around him the people filling the busy tavern had become frozen in place as if time had stopped. Even the flickering of the fire and torchlight all through the room was frozen, the light emanating from their flames steady and no longer flickering.

He looked around, awed by the strange magic. “Baenta be praised,” he muttered. As the words left his lips he felt a ripple run through the stagnant air. It was a blast of divine energy that was easy to understand: the goddess who powered the item he had used was pleased to be offered his praise.

With that out of the way, Baer’theas turned back to Lanven. She was frozen perfectly still, leaning back in her chair with her legs spread open and the infuriating smirk locked on her unmoving on her face.

The High Elf wizard pushed himself up from his chair and flew towards her. He wanted to slap the smirk off her face and even raised his hand to strike her but stopped, containing his rage. “No,” he muttered, “I can’t use this item for that.” He lowered his hand and took a few deep calming breaths. “I have to use it for its intended purpose of I’ll anger Baenta.”

He was standing looking down at the mean-spirited Dwarven bard. He glared at her, hating her with every fiber of his body. As he stared at her he knew her features should please him. Her face WAS pretty, although the spiteful look frozen on it erased nearly all of the beauty to his eyes.

Slowly he forced himself to look down from her face. Her body was very Dwarven: squat and wide. On her feet she stood just under five feet tall, tall for one of her kind but not exceptionally so. She looked fat to his eyes but he knew she really wasn’t, that was just how Dwarves were built. Her width was as much muscle as it was fat and the skimpy, revealing outfit she wore left much of her skin revealed. She was thick and wide but he knew to most eyes her curves would be very pleasing. Compared to his lean tall body he knew hers would be grossly soft to his touch but there was something repulsively erotic about that to him.

Most revolting yet enthralling to him were her breasts. They were huge sacks of fat flesh that sagged down her front, barely contained by her top and so big they practically rested in her lap. He took a step closer, grabbing the tight shirt she wore and yanking it up. Her huge breasts spilled out, falling even further down her body. He sneered at the sight of them, sagging heavily from their own massive weight.

Her nipples were disgusting to his eyes and their true form revealed was a shock to him. Not small and perky like proper Elf nipples but instead huge as if the sheer size of her fat breasts had stretched them out. The buds were thick fleshy little lumps, swollen cherry sized beads of flesh. He could see that they were hardened and he knew not if this was from the cold air on her bare skin or if the drunken slut had been aroused as she tormented him. Her areolas were even grosser to him. Huge orbs of dark skin stretched out over her tit-flesh, their surface larger than the palm of his hand and pebbled into little firm lumps from her arousal.

“Gross, fat tits,” he sneered, staring at them as his cock hardened in his pants. As he stared in disgust he reached down and started opening the front of his robes. A moment later he shrugged the thick, heavy, pristinely white garment off, leaving himself standing only in his boots. Normally he wore some clothing underneath but knowing what he had planned for this evening he’d gone without. His cock was rock hard and throbbed painfully. He had to grab hold of it, squeezing it to alleviate some of the pain of the intense erection.

“You’re so proud of these huge gross Dwarven tits,” he said to the bard, knowing she couldn’t hear him but not caring. “You flaunt their gross sagging bulk and use them to entice men to bed you wherever the party goes. You brag about how much men love them, how they are a marvel to behold and feel. And during all your boasting you always make sure to mention I’ll never be able to touch them, not even be given a glance of them.

“Well Lanven, you are wrong. I am looking at them now. They are gross. Fat, gross mounds of flesh. Repulsive yet how hard they make my cock. If time wasn’t frozen what would you think? What would you say to see me holding my cock staring at your tits? Something mocking, a cruel jape at my expense no doubt. And surely you’d tell me I’d never have them even as you sit there exposed and helpless.”

He squeezed his cock again, moaning slightly. His eyes were filled with anger and insane lust. “I’m going to fuck you huge, fat, gross tits. I’m going to fuck them and cum all over them knowing it’s the last thing you’d want me to do to them.”

Baer’theas moved closer, practically sitting down on the exposed Dwarven bard. Even as he pressed his body down onto her’s she remained perfectly still and unmoving, the same mocking smirk on her face.

He grabbed her tits, shuddering at just how big they felt in his hands. They were so large he couldn’t properly grab either of them, he had to simply push and shift their huge heavy weight around his shaft. He leaned in, pressing his throbbing cock down between them and onto her chest then pressed her mounds of tit-meat in tightly around himself.

“Dry,” he muttered. He knew a spell that could summon an oil that would act as a pleasurable lubricant but he decided against using it. Instead, knowing it would anger and repulse her, he leaned forward and let his mouth fill with saliva then pulled her breasts open and let the slimy fluid fall down out of his open mouth onto his cock. He pressed her tits back in around himself, smothering his dick with the slimy spit.

Then, holding her breasts even more tightly around himself and glaring at her, he started to fuck her tits. He moaned in delight, letting loose months of built up hatred and anger as he savagely pounded her breasts.

He’d been fantasizing about this moment for weeks. Had plotted and planned what he’d do as soon as they were in a town with a temple of Baenta. There was so much anticipation built up that he instantly started rocketing towards orgasm.

Baer’theas slammed his body into her huge breasts with one final grunt of pleasure then moaned deep and long, his whole body shuddering as he came. For a time he simply sat, pressed down into her body, his knees resting on the edge of the chair she sat on. He kept her huge thick breasts pressed in tightly around his cock, reveling in the feel of his cum oozing down around his member. He’d been quite backed up and had unloaded a huge load, the idea of so much cum in her tits and how repulsed she’d surely be made him smile.

He knew that when he let go of her tits and pulled away the cum would be messily smeared all over her tits and his cock. He closed his eyes, imagining the sight. Imagining her looking down when time unfroze to discover her shirt pulled open, her tits hanging out, cum all over them. He could picture her snarl of rage and confusion so clearly in his mind and the image brought him such joy.

Finally, his cock now uncomfortably soft, he pulled away. He stood, admiring the sight of her messy cum covered tits. “You are a truly repulsive individual,” he said to the frozen Dwarf. “And your huge gross sagging udders disgust me even more yet it was a great joy to ejaculate in them. I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again, although YOU won’t be aware of it.”

With that in mind, he quickly dressed then went and found the nearest barmaid, grabbing a rag from out of her apron then going back to Lanven and wiping all the oozing cum off her tits. He did so with great sadness, wishing he could leave the cum there. But that was too risky.

Once her chest was cleared off he fixed her clothing so it was exactly as it had been when he had frozen time. He also went and returned the rag to the maid’s apron. Looking about he nodded, seeing that everything other than him was just the way it had been when he froze time. He was just preparing to return to his seat when he stopped, remembering he had to hide a coin on her.

He pulled a single copper coin from his pocket and stood before the smirking woman, trying to decide where to put it. He wanted to place it in her mouth, closing her teeth around it or maybe tucked into her cleavage. But he had no idea if she, or any of the others sitting with them, knew of the item he was using or were familiar with the goddess of prostitution. For now he’d play it safe. He simply tucked the coin into her pocket.

Then he sat back down in his seat, trying to position himself in the same position he had been when he had frozen time. Then, willing the power of the charm to end, time came unfrozen.

Time began moving. Lanven was staring into his eyes, smirking derisively. But as she saw the happy, gloating look now on his face her expression broke. “What are you so happy about?” she demanded drunkenly.

“Oh, nothing,” he said, rising to his feet and stretching as he yawned sleepily. “I’m just… happy. The happiest I’ve been in some time. And I’m ready for bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

With that he excused himself, heading to his rented room upstairs. He left Lanven behind, looking confused. “Crazy Elf,” she muttered, turning to the others and brightening up. “Well, now that his stuffy ass is gone how about we really get this party started?”

She had no idea what had happened.

When and how does Baer’theas use the time stopping charm next? (Choose up to 4 options form this poll)

Poll Driven Story: “The Freeing of Otyx” 2018-07-23T22:14:56+00:00
A new entry! If you're looking for the story in its current entirety go HERE.


After lying on the ground for a while she started to stir, slowly rising. Her mind was still heavily muddled and she felt as though she was in a fog-filled dream as she began putting her clothes back on.

When it came time to put her top on she found it no longer fit, for her breasts were FAR too big now. With a shrug she tossed the top to the side, abandoning it as she continued to dress and gather her gear. She still had her traveling cloak and that could be wrapped over her top, although it hung open with her huge blue tits hanging out.

Finally, she was ready to move on. She started pressing further into the dungeon, whistling happily and not at all realizing how strange it was that her breasts had not only been so enlarged but that she was happily facing the dangers of the dungeon with them hanging out and bouncing all about as she walked forward.

After traveling forward for another ten minutes through the seemingly never-ending central passage her mind was beginning to clear, but only a bit. She still was not able to recognize how strange her current physical state was, but she WAS able to actually pay attention to her surroundings once again.

She had to stop to investigate a large section of wall covered in beautifully carved lettering. The letters were large and drawn with flashy curves as they glowed and sparkled with pretty magical light. But the thing that had made Ryvlull stop to investigate the section of wall was neither how pretty the writing was nor how magical it seemed. No, what had caused her to stop was that she could read the lettering.

When she had first glanced at the lettering it seemed to be written in the same ancient language all the other writing in this place was written in. But when she looked again the letters seemed to have shifted, becoming the clear letters of the common language most in Alaria now spoke.

It was clear to her, even in her muddled mental state, that this section of wall had a powerful enchantment on it to make it so the writing could be read by anyone who viewed it. She felt drawn to the writing, wondering what the creators of this place had found so much more important than anything else written on the dungeon walls. She knew an enchantment like this took great skill but it wouldn’t be particularly draining to create if one knew how to do it. There shouldn’t have been any reason the creators would not have been able to make ALL of the writing in this place like this, readable by all who viewed it.

Holding her staff tightly in one hand she stepped up to the wall, staring at the writing before her. The letters glowed with red sparking energy and they seemed to shift and dance slightly as if the magic making them readable was only barely held in place.

She placed a finger of her free hand onto the first line and slowly began to read the words aloud. “I am a slut,” she said slowly, moving her finger along the line of text, “and I deserve to cum.”

Pausing, she furrowed her brow. “What a strange thing to leave here, written so anyone can read it,” she said to herself. “I wonder if this is the words of an important priest that ran this temple? Or maybe if this place was dedicated to some perverse sexual god these were their words?”

The answers were not apparent so she moved her finger to the next line of text and kept reading. “I am a whore and I deserve to cum. I am a fucktoy and I deserve to cum.”

She stopped, blushing at the perverse words. Yet she had to keep reading, she had to know who had transcribed these words and why. It never occurred to her that the words were not some record of someone who lived ages ago. If her brain had not been so addled she might have stopped reading, fearing the words were actually a trap that was activated by being read.

“I am a cunt and I deserve to cum,” she said, continuing to read the writing on the wall. “I am a bimbo and I deserve to cum. I am a slave to my cunt and I deserve to cum. I am a cock addict and I deserve to cum. I am a cock-sleeve and I deserve to cum. I am a cum bucket and I deserve to cum.”

She paused then, seeing that the words simply repeated after this. She still had her finger under the last line she had read. As she tried to ponder what the words meant the wall where her finger touched started to heat and she felt magical energy building up.

What, if anything, does reading the words out loud do to her? (Choose up to 6 options)

Poll Driven Story: "Never Underestimate a Wizard" 2018-07-23T20:05:42+00:00
A new entry! Sorry its taken so long, my health has been wobbly lately. If you're looking for the story in its current entirety head HERE.


The room was nearly silent with only a few quiet whispers echoing through the large lounge. Looking around Emilee saw that every single person there for the party that night was now gathered around. Even the other hired guards stood in the crowd watching the game. Yet none of them, it seemed, were willing to help her.

Finally someone cleared their throat and came forward. He was a tall man who would have been attractive if not for the angry scowl that seemed always stuck on his face. He had hold of a pretty woman’s hand and was pulling her after him. It was clear by her body language that she did not want to come forward yet she showed no sign of fighting that man pulling her out of the crowd.

“We will help,” the man said, a sickeningly evil smile twisting across his lips. “And by ‘we’ I mean my young, beautiful wife here.” He pulled her forward as if displaying her as an object, not a human being.

The crowd began to murmur. This was Capatia, it was not normal for a husband to be giving commands to his wife, especially not so publicly. And these two were well known to those gathered, both younger members of prominent families that had only recently been married to cement an alliance between two great houses.

Emilee looked up at the couple, relieved but confused. It was clear the woman didn’t really want to be helping. In fact she seemed so repulsed by Emilee’s current “affliction” that she couldn’t even stand to look at her. “Why help me?”

She had spoken to the woman but it was the man that answered. “I’ll tell you why. This woman here, my wife,” he said, spitting the word “wife” out as if saying it had caused him great pain. “See, I hate her but my family forced us to marry. I had agreed to the marriage but only on one condition: that for the first year of our marriage she follows every command I give her.”

The crowd gasped. Such a thing was unheard of in these lands. And it was clear that having the agreement publicly revealed shamed the wife for she hung her head and began to sniff as if holding back tears.

“I’m using my year to make her life as miserable as possible. Oh, I have no doubt she’ll make me miserable for the rest of my life. But being married to her, that was already guaranteed. At least this way I’ll have this glorious year to look back on as I grow old and miserable at her side. But this? This is a chance to humiliate and debase her in a way she’ll never be able to forget. I hate her but I know her well. Your… affliction, it repulses and disgusts her. She was one of the ones that retched when it became visible.”

Emilee wanted to tell the man to fuck off, that she’d never help him debase his young wife this way. She didn’t want to make this poor woman suffer. But she HAD to get rid of the thing between her legs even if that meant making someone else suffer.

“Thank you,” she said, rising to her feet and keeping her hands on her crotch to try and hide her cock.

The man grabbed a nearby bench and pulled it towards where Emilee stood. He then grabbed his wife’s hand and led her to it, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. She seemed repulsed by his touch but didn’t pull away. “She’s not bad looking, is she?” he asked Emilee as he dipped his hands into the front of her red dress. “And her tits, well, if you like big tits these won’t disappoint,” he added, grabbing her breasts and pulling them up and out of her dress so that they plopped heavily out into the open air.

Emilee groaned as the woman’s large, wide, heavy breasts fell into the open. The thing between her legs started to swell as blood rushed into it. The feel of it getting thicker, longer, and harder was incredibly disorienting. But more surprising was the sudden compulsion she felt to grab it.

She did so, squeezing her cock. The pulse of pleasure that she felt made her moan, in pleasure and confusion. She had expected the sexual pleasure from stimulation to the dick to feel just like the pleasure she felt inside her pussy when it was entered. But it didn’t, it felt totally different. Yes, it was pleasure, but pleasure so different that she felt using the same word for the two feelings wasn’t doing either of them justice.

“I can tell you like what you see,” the woman’s husband said with a sickeningly evil smirk. “If you like her big fat tits I think you’ll like her big fat ass even more.” He grabbed his wife and pushed her down onto the bench so that she was laying face down on it. Her large breasts were pressed into it and their bulk bulged out beside her body. He then slid her down so that her ass was positioned at the end of the bench, her legs bent down so her knees were on the ground.

A moment later he threw her dress up, revealing that she wore no under garments under the dress. Like most Capatian woman she had a thick, curvy body and the ass that was revealed was as thick and well shaped as her breasts. Emilee was stunned that the sight of her ass, with her legs spread slightly so there was just a glimpse of her womanhood, was enough to make her cock harden all the way.

Emilee grabbed her dick, no longer caring that the crowd watching gasped and muttered in revulsion. Her attention was fixated on the woman’s cunt. She needed to be inside of it, needed to fuck the woman till she got off. The need for release was maddening!

She wondered if THIS was why men were the way they were. When she felt the need to get off it was a gentle driving desire for pleasurable release. But this, the need for release that was coming from her cock, was totally different. Yes, there would be pleasure when she came, she felt that. But the need to get off wasn’t about feeling that pleasure. It was a greedy, desperate need to be released from the need to cum. It was a violent, selfish thing that left her feeling recklessly not in control of her own actions.

Before she realized what she was doing she had stumbled towards the woman, one hand on her throbbing hard cock as she played with herself. The woman’s husband stepped to the side, telling Emilee to have at his wife. She barely heard his words. As soon as she was behind the woman she moved up to her back side, leaning over her.

She grabbed one of the woman’s plump ass cheeks with one hand, partially to support herself as she leaned on her and partially to pull her ass cheeks open. With her cunt exposed Emilee then pressed into her, using her other hand to grab her cock and help it find her cunt-hole. Her movements were awkward and quick yet she quickly found what she searched for. When her cockhead found the woman’s cunt-hole she felt it was dry. Grunting in annoyance, remembering the times she’d let a man enter her when she was that dry, she pulled back, spit into her hand, then wiped the moisture on her cock before pressing back against the woman’s dry opening.

Then, her cock lubed, she pressed in. Emilee shuddered and moaned then howled in delight as she entered the woman’s cunt. The pleasure! It was like nothing she had imagined. Not better than what she experienced as a woman, but it was more intense and a more selfish pleasure. As her cock slid into the woman then back out and then back in she felt pleasure all along her cock. Felt it and cared not at all whether the woman below her was enjoying this. If anything she cared less and less about the woman with each thrust of her cock into her. All that mattered as continuing to feel this till she could get off, till she could cum and drain her balls.

And it wasn’t even about freeing herself form this curse anymore, in that moment all she cared about was the pleasure her cock felt. Paradoxically the closer she got to climax the more she both wanted this to last forever and wanted to cum instantly.

The outcome was not in question, not in her mind. With each thrust into the woman below her she felt she was that much closer to getting off. She started pounding her harder, faster, desperate to get off no matter what it meant for her partner. The woman below her was braced against the bench, gritting her teeth and trying not to cry yet Emilee no longer cared. In that moment the woman wasn’t even a woman to her, she was just an object, a pleasurable series of holes that existed to act as a cum dump for her and her cock.

What happens to Emilee next? (Choose up to 6 options form this poll)

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I think its good your spreading out.
Poll Driven Story: “The Quest to Reclaim the Throne” 2018-07-16T21:16:27+00:00
First real entry! If you want to read the story in its entirety head HERE.

It took a little longer then I expected to set up both these characters and the sex scene went on a little longer than I expected. I hope the scene hits the right hot buttons for those into girl on girl stuff. I'll be honest, its not something that does anything for me. I'm a bisexual cisgender guy and there is zero things that involve or excite me when two women are going at it. And I know my stuff isn't heavily based in the real world but I try to keep the sex "real" except for when its intentionally not. But hopefully I'm hitting the right strokes and its still an enjoyable sex scene.


* * *

Lothdori Brightmane, deposed queen of Gondilfrain, sat in the dark corner of a one of the most disreputable taverns in the entire city. She wore a heavy cloak, the hood of which was pulled down over her face and she had a scarf wrapped around most of her face, leaving only her bright Elven eyes showing. The bulk of both her impressively large breasts and her huge, pregnant stomach were as well hidden as they could be. Her hope had been that the outfit would leave her looking more like a fat man then a pregnant woman and thanks to a little magic the disguise seemed to be successful.

As she spoke to the figure sitting across from her she also used a spell that altered her voice. “I need to hire you,” she said, sounding like a man and completing her gender bending disguise.

The person across from her was a small, thin woman. She wore robes that were so filthy Lothdori doubted they had ever been washed. The young woman’s face was equally as dirty, long blond hair that was so covered in filth it barely looped more brown then yellow, covered much of her face. There was also a strong unwashed smell coming off the woman that assaulted Lothdori’s enhanced High Elven senses and left her doubting whether not just the woman’s filthy clothing was the only thing that had never been washed.

Dirty and unremarkable, the woman was known as The Waif and she was the most famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) rogue in all of Gondilfrain. Lothdori had heard much about her crimes and had been responsible for raising the reward for the young Human woman’s capture more than once. It pained her to be coming to this woman for help but there was no other person in the entire city that had the skills needed to help her regain her throne.

The Waif was leaning back in her chair, one muck covered boot up on the table as she used a fork to dig the dirt out from under her nails. She stared at her hands, fixated on the fork as she used it to clean her filth covered hands, not looking up at Lothdori as she responded. “And what, exactly, do you need to hire me for?” She paused, flicking some dirt out away from her finger. Lothdori winced, disgusted by such lowborn Human manners. “The person who sent you to me seemed to think you’d be able to pay double or even triple my normal fee. Which is strange, they don’t normally vouch for people.”

Lothdori winced again, thinking about the person The Waif was talking about. They were a captain of the city guard, someone she had always thought loyal to her. But when she had been betrayed they had been there alongside Elayna Chandler. In the days since then she had discovered they were, in truth, one of the most corrupt officials in the city and had long been taking bribes from various criminal elements.

Yet when Elayna had declared her intent to kill Lothdori this person had seemed shocked and she had seen what she thought was regret on their face. She’d taken a huge risk going to this person to plead help and the risk had only half paid off. They agreed not to let anyone know Lothdori was still alive nor to betray her, but the only help they’d offer was putting her in contact with The Waif and vouch for her ability to pay the rouge’s rather large fee for service.

“I need you to help me sneak into the palace,” Lothdori said in her gruff, disguised male voice.

The Waif looked up from her nails, interest on her face. “The palace? I’ve never broken into there…” It was clear the young woman was running the idea through her head, deciding whether she could do it or not. When a smile began to tug at the edges of her thin lips Lothdori knew the woman thought she could do the job. “Do you have a specific destination inside the palace you need to get to?”

“The throne room,” Lothdori said quickly. “But any details beyond that I am not willing to give till you have accepted this job. And you must get me to my destination unharmed. I will only pay AFTER the mission is complete.”

The Waif seemed unsurprised by this stipulation. “Most jobs like this, that’s how it works. Suppose you’re worried I’ll get you half way in then just turn you into the guards.”

“Yes, I’m worried about that,” Lothdori said, certain the small woman before her didn’t understand just how much of a worry it was.

The Waif pulled her filthy boot off the table and let it slam down onto the floor as she sat up, leaning in and getting close to Lothdori’s face. “I’ll take the job, and here’s why. One: although a specific sum hasn’t been named the person who put you in contact with me hinted at how much you’re willing to pay for this which is more than enough for me to retire from the life I lead, at least for a little while. Two: I’m interested in finding out who you are. The spell you’re using to disguise your voice is sublet and impressive and I doubt most people wouldn’t be able to notice it. But I’m not most people, and I DID notice as soon as you spoke.

“Also,” she said as she continued, “the way you’re bundled up its clear you’re not just hiding your identity, which isn’t all that rare in a place like this. Covering your face, disguising your voice, that’s all pretty normal stuff. While I’m certain every other person in this crowded tavern buys you’re a big fat man, I don’t. You’re no man, I’d bet my life on it. And although I wouldn’t bet on this, I’d hazard a guess that you’re not as fat as you appear.”

Two things struck Lothdori as The Waif spoke to her, both revealing much about the tiny Human woman. Even though she was covered in more filth than a street urchin (and as small as she was most who passed her probably assumed that’s what she was) her breath smelt perfectly clean, pleasant even. She spoke with her thin lips help tight around her teeth but when they were visible it was clear that they were flawlessly clean. This told Lothdori that the filthy rag like robes she wore, the dirt covering her face and hair, it was all a mask.

The second thing she noticed was the young woman’s eyes. They were bright and burned with an intelligent intensity that Lothdori rarely saw in Humans and even less rarely saw in any of the lesser races. Their color was a vibrant blue but there were shimmering purple flecks in her irises that revealed this waif of a girl could control powerful magic (which would go a long way to explaining why she was such a successful thief).

But more importantly The Waif’s eyes were stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful.

Lothdori stared into the young rogue’s eyes and felt her chest flutter. Her face was pressed so close to hers, her warm breath blowing on her face. Their lips were almost touching they were so close and Lothdori had to fight the urge to lean forward and kiss the young woman because under all the filth was something young and vibrant and beautiful.

Lothdori had always had a weakness for such women and as a queen had been accustomed to having them whenever she wanted. And she had always been a woman who had desired other women. When there had been a lady before her she had wanted she had taken that woman, it was her right as the queen. Her preference for women was something she didn’t hide yet the city never seemed to accept her sexuality, or least not talk about it openly. As far as she knew there were none outside of the palace that knew she was a lesbian, which explained why so many male suitors had come to try and woo her. Surely if her preference for women had traveled outside the palace these men would not have come as often as they had?

The thought of male suitors made her want to hold her belly protectively but she forced herself not to do this. Doing so would almost instantly destroy the illusion that she was a man. Her mind also flashed to the conception of the child growing in her belly but only for a moment. It was something she chose not to dwell on and if she had her choice would never reveal the details of the event to another living being.

Desire to kiss The Waif also brought memories back of Lothdori’s most frequent lover. That memory ruined her mood, as the one she had shared her bed most often with had been the one that had betrayed and tried to kill her. Even now she wondered if their romance had all been a ploy to make Lothdori blind to her enemy’s true intentions.

“So,” The Waif said, pulling back away from Lothdori slightly. “What should I call you?”

“Nothing for now,” the former queen replied. “I have a place near here, where I have been hiding. If you really are accepting this job I want you to come there with me now. Once safe there I will reveal my identity to you and explain my quest in more detail.”

“Sure,” The Waif said with a nod, standing up. The ragged brown robes she wore were totally unadorned save for a thick belt wrapped around her narrow waist and a old, but sturdy looking, short sward that hung in a well worn scabbard from her it.

As soon as The Waif was on her feet her hand fell to the sword’s handle. Lothdori had thought at first that the move was an instinctive one, there had been no urgency to it and she had moved her arm as if this was just how she stood. But then The Waif started to speak and she realized the impression was just another mask the young woman wore well.

“I want you to follow me closely as we leave,” she said calmly although Lothdori could hear there was dire urgency hidden in her words. “Our conversation was not overheard but there are those who have been watching us as we spoke. I do not think these men are after you. I had hoped this new queen would drop the bounty on me as she seems to be close to much of the criminal element of the city. But it turns out she only likes those she calls friends. She doubled the price for my head and declared she wanted ONLY it brought to her. The old queen, she might have been a stuck up High Elf bitch, but at least she didn’t kill people like me without good cause.”

Lothdori slowly rose to her feet, trying not to move like the pregnant woman she was and ignoring the insult the woman didn’t know was directed at her. “I’ve weapons,” she whispered as she stepped up to The Waif. The small rogue was barely over five feet tall while Lothdori stood over six feet, standing together they looked an almost comical pairing. They looked even more ludicrous as The Waif, unless viewed close, seemed only a street urchin. For such a big fat “man” to be protected by one so mall must have seemed ludicrous to any who noticed them.

“Don’t draw them,” The Waif whispered back, “no matter what happens. I don’t know you or what you can do and suspect you’ll just get in my way. I think I recognize these men and I can handle them. Just stay close and stay out of the way.”

They then left the tavern, pushing their way past drunken patrons and being closely followed by three large men. Once out on the dark streets they walked quickly, turning down the first alleyway they came to. After getting a little ways into it The Waif threw her arm out and pushed Lothdori back as she turned to face the street they had come from. “Just stay behind me and try not to scream.”

“Why would I scream?” Lothdori asked, but before The Waif could reply the three men came around the corner.

They already had their weapons drawn. One had a short sword, the other a club with metal spikes nailed into it, and the final one had what looked like a small blacksmiths hammer. They were gruff and dirty and looked as though they lived their lives as thugs, praying on those poorer and weaker than them.

“Look what we have here,” the biggest of the three said, brandishing his weapon and stepping forward. “The Waif with only an old, unarmed fat man to protect her.”

“Actually, I’m protecting him,” The Waif replied with disinterested disdain in her voice. “We’ve places to go and you are slowing us down.” Her posture was slouched and she leaned one arm against the nearby wall. But Lothdori saw the muscles in the hand resting on the handle of her sword tighten. The young woman was far more ready for combat then she seemed.

“You won’t be making it to that place, where ever it be,” the man said with an evil smirk. “The new queen, she’s put quite a price on your head and we plan on bringing to her. Course, we might not chop it off right away, might not even kill you till later. You is a tiny, malnourished little street mouse but you is still a woman. Might bring you back to our place for some sport before we behead you!”

“I’m sorry,” she said, sounding not at all intimidated, “but I’ve never been much interested in what men have in their pants. I’ve always preferred the company of women.” Lothdori wondered if this was true or just something she was saying to deflect their threats, but asking would have to wait till later.

“A lesbian? Ha! They are the best to fuck into submission,” the man said, moving closer. “Think I’ll enjoy sticking you with my ‘knife’,” he said, grabbing his crotch lewdly at her.

The hand holding The Waif’s sword handle moved so fast Lothdori doubted the men’s Human eyes could have seen what was only a blur to her own Elven eyes. The side of The Waif’s robes flew open and something metal came out. A moment later her hand had shot forward and the thing had been flung forward, moving through the air and reaching its target all in the blink of an eye.

With a look of surprise on his face the man who had been speaking stopped moving forward, stumbling back and reaching up to touch the thing now buried in his neck. He looked down then looked back at the Waif, opening his mouth to talk but instead of words blood came pouring out in a disgusting gurgle.

He dropped to his knees as life began to fade from him, and as he did the knife started to shimmer, becoming blue and ethereal as if no longer solid. It shifted in shimmering air then disappeared completely. The Waif’s hand was back on the handle of her short sword and she now drew it as she casually started to walk forward.

The two remaining goons took a step back, their eyes large and full of fear. The one armed with the club weapon and threw up his hands. “We’re sorry,” he blurted dumbly. “It was all his idea, we’ll just leave you now!”

“I think not,” she said with disinterest in her voice as she continued to stride casually down the alleyway.

Then the air around her began to shimmer and for a moment Lothdori saw a split image of The Waif walking forward. Then one of them leaned down and quickly sprinted forward with her weapon out before her. The other image remained walking forward at a slow, steady pace but flickered and was transparent, as if not really there.

Lothdori knew at once what was happening. The Waif had silently cast a spell that had made her true self invisible and left an illusionary copy of herself striding forward. It was only thanks to her Elven eyes and her own latent magical powers and strong will that allowed her to see the illusion for what it was and see the real Waif running forward.

With astonishing speed The Waif dashed between the two thugs, ducking down then springing up behind the one who had dropped the club and slitting his throat with a knife she had pulled from her robes with her spare hand. At the same time she swung her sword out beside her, lopping the other man’s head off with ease that startled and shocked Lothdori. The two men’s bodies dropped, blood spraying out and the man with the slit throat gurgling as he quickly died.

As soon as she had struck the illusionary version of her had disappeared, leaving only the real Waif standing triumphant. She bent, wiping the blood off of her blades onto the man who was dying at her feet. She then stood, putting her weapons away and walking away from him without a glance back at him.

“Well, that’s taken care of,” The Waif said as if she had just finished a simple and exceedingly tedious chore. “Now take me to this hideout of yours.”

* * *

Once they were in Lothdori’s safe house The Waif had taken off the filthy, ragged robes she wore. Underneath she had on simple, tight fitting clothing that was far cleaner, confirming that the rags were all part of a costume. Lothdori also noticed the stink that had clung to the girl seemed to disappear and she suspected it actually came from some kind of charm on the robes that was only active while she wore them.

The young woman’s body was short and incredibly thin, looking as if she had probably spent most of her life being malnourished. She looked as though she was just barely a woman of age but it was clear her narrow boyish hips and her flat chest would never fill out. Yet there was a stunning beauty to her slender body and an alluring feminine grace in the way she moved.

Her dusty blond hair was long, hanging down past her shoulders. Before it had been wild and hung down over much of her face. But as soon as she had taken her robes off she had pulled a hair tied form her pocket, pulling her hair back and securing it out of her face. It was a small thing but it totally changed the appearance of the young woman, revealing how beautiful her face was.

Lothdori had been so distracted by the young Human’s beauty that it had taken her moment to notice just how many weapons she had secured to her body. The robes had hidden all but the short sword secured to her outer belt but Lothdori now say that she had leather straps running crossed over her torso that were covered in daggers and pockets full of throwing stars as well as another belt around her waist holding pouches and even more small weapons.

Noticing Lothdori staring at all the weapons she smiled sheepishly, as if self conscious about them. “You can never be too prepared, nor have too many daggers.” As she said this she pulled one out, holding up to show Lothdori. The dagger glimmered then became transparent and blue. A moment later it faded from her hand, reappearing where it had been drawn form. “It’s also nice when the daggers come back to you on their own.”

“You are not what I expected,” Lothdori said, standing and looking at the woman who she was starting to grow confident would be her savior. But before they could move on she’d have to reveal her true identify to the girl and see if she was still willing to help her.

Clearly having similar thoughts The Waif bowed slightly and said, “You’ve seen me but I’ve yet to see you. Please, take off the disguise so I can see who, or what, I’ve agreed to work for.”

Lothdori took a deep breath then stood tall as she started to peel of her disguise piece by piece. As she undressed she watched The Waif, observing the way her eyes grow bigger and bigger as she realized who was standing before her.

When Lothdori had escaped the palace it had been at night and she had been dressed in a night garment. It, along with the Staff of Power, where the only possessions she had left to her so it was this night garment she wore under the disguise.

Golden bracelets and leather straps were wrapped up and down arms and on her neck she wore a thick leather choker. Extending from the choker were two strips of semi-transparent white cloth that snuggly moved down over her very large breasts. High Elves breasts were incredibly large and firm by Human standards and Lothdori’s had always been large even for one of her race. Her pregnancy had only led to her breasts growing even larger, although they sagged more than they once had. The cloth covering her mass of chest meat was tucked up under them, connected to a leather strap that ran around her lower chest that rested just under breasts and above the swelling of her belly. The white fabric acted as a kind of sling, keeping her huge milk-swollen breasts in check although the clear fabric made it so her dark pink nipples were clearly visible.

The white fabric was secured to the leather strap around her lower chest then ran down her body, hugging the sides of her huge swollen belly. They met around the bottom, tucked under her belly where they met a small cord that wrapped around her thick waist. The ends of the two clothes were pulled together and hung down by a few inches, a bit of fabric that barely covered her womanhood. Her back end had no covering at all and her large, plump ass was left totally exposed.

She knew the outfit left her almost naked, with nearly every inch of her pale skinned body on display, but she refused to wear anything else except her one disguise that made her look like a man, and even then she kept the garment on underneath. She was rightful queen and her body was a wonder to behold and only in the direst of circumstances would she hide it.

By the way The Waif was openly admiring Lothdori’s ample Elven curves it was clear she had really meant what she had said about preferring women to men. It was also clear that the magical aura all High Elves had was affecting the small Human woman. She took a step back and whispered, “Your Majesty,” then bowed. A moment later she blinked and blushed, embarrassed to have bowed. “That was rather silly of me,” she said, looking away. “I should refuse to treat you with such courtesy,” she quickly added, looking back with anger on her face. “How many times did you send your guards out to capture me?”

“Too many to count,” Lothdori Brightmane said, standing tall and proud but giving her a look that made it clear she had taken no joy in doing so. “I knew not what an exceptional individual you were and was thinking only of keeping law and order in my kingdom.”

“Law and order,” The Waif said with a derisive scoff. She looked at Lothdori, trying to maintain eye contact but her eyes kept wondering down to her large breasts. They were by far the biggest The Waif had ever seen in person and it was clear from the fire in her eyes as she looked at them that she was a fan of large breasts.

She forced herself to look up and meet the Elven queen’s eyes before she spoke again. “Everything makes sense now. You want me to sneak you into the palace so you can confront the woman who deposed you and reclaim your throne. And should you do that you’ll have all the riches of Gondilfrain to reward me with.”

“Yes,” Lothdori said, running her hands through her long blond hair then reaching down and holding her belly. “But it’s not just for me that I wish to regain the throne. I’ve this one to think about. It is destined to be a monarch just as I am, if not greater. I need the throne so that one day this child can sit upon it.”

The Waif furrowed her brow. “You look like you are about to pop, there can’t be more than a month before you are due. Can you really handle a mission like this? It will be tough going and we will almost certainly need to fight our ways through parts of the palace. You’ve seen I can handle myself but I won’t be able to fight all of your fights for you and in your state you may even be a hindrance to me.”

Lothdori smiled. “Elven women are not as useless as Human women in the same state. What I am still capable till astonish you. But my might never came from physical prowess, it came from magic. And this,” she said, raising a hand up. The air shimmered and then a golden spear appeared in her hand. It was tipped with a glowing blue crystal that was pointed as if it was more deadly looking then the blade of a normal spear. Floating beside it were two more such crystals, each hovering a couple of inches lower than it, and together they made the staff look as if it were a trident. The Staff of Power hummed with magical might, strong enough that The Waif could feel it from across the room.

“I’ve this,” the Elven queen declared. “Armed with the Staff of Power my pregnancy and the small way it hinders me physically will not matter. Yes, I’d not be able to take an army on and survive, but I suspect with your help we’d only ever be encountering opponents a few at a time. And there may still be those in the palace who are loyal to me and seeing that I am still alive may aid us.”

“And in return,” The Waif replied, crossing her arms, “I get riches, yet as soon as you are in power your armed forces will simply come to arrest me for my former crimes. No, Your Majesty, knowing now who you are and what you want me to help you do I don’t think I will be taking this job.”

For a moment Lothdori’s heart sank. What would she do without this young woman’s help? And if she was not helping her would she turn on her as well? Had coming to her for help only helped doom her all the quicker?

“Unless,” The Waif said, making hope spring back into Lothdori’s chest. “Unless part of my payment is that you will wipe away all of my crimes. Once back in power it will be as if I was the most outstanding citizen in the city.”

It was a simple request and Lothdori saw no reason to deny it. “Yes, of course,” she said quickly. “So you will help me?” she then pressed.

“Yes,” The Waif said slowly, as if she hadn’t been sure of her answer till she had spoken it aloud. “I will help you. But we must plan this out. I’m sure you know secret ways into the palace and so do I. I say we sit and write out what we know, compare notes as they say. I also know the movement of the guards, or at least how they used to move. The woman who disposed you, well, she’s running the city differently. Either way she should be able to come up with a plan.”

So the two women sat and then they began to plan…

* * *

As a plan formed both women grew accustomed, even comfortable, with each other. Lothdori had lived many hundreds of years, through so many generations of Humans that there were times she struggled not to look down at them as lesser beings. And this woman before her, The Waif, she was young even for a Human! Yet the life she had lived growing up on the streets of her city had been hard and that life had made her wiser than another she had ever encountered who was so young.

As they talked hints at the life The Waif had lived were scattered before Lothdori and they shamed her, knowing such pain and suffering thrived in her city. She’d sat on her throne, dealing with larger issues and forgetting her people were mostly poor overworked peasants. Yet this remarkable young woman been a lowly peasant, she had been even less. The Waif said she had no idea what had happened to her parents and had no memories of them. Her entire life had been that of a homeless, orphan street urchin.

Her life had been misery where those bigger, stronger, and older had prayed on her until she had learned the skills of the rogue. That had changed her life. It had remained hard, maybe even grown harder. But she had gained the skills to wrest control of her life and the hardships she suffered became ones she chose and that had great rewards.

The more Lothdori found out about The Waif the more she admired her. And the more she admired her the more she noticed just how attractive the youthful woman was. In fact, by the time the night had grown late and they were both growing drowsy, Lothdori had a hard time thinking of nothing other than how alluring the young Human was.

The Waif stood from the table they both sat at, stretching and yawning. “We’ve a plan,” she said, looking at the papers spread out on the table, “but we can’t begin till tomorrow night. And we are both tired so I say we sleep through the day. That way we will be well rested for the long night before us.”

Lothdori nodded, pushing her chair back as she held her belly with one hand and stood. “I agree. I’m very tired yet…” She’d been about to say she was horny. She’d often found sleep hard without sexual release no matter how tired she was and as queen she’d only needed proclaim her need for a woman to come and give her what she desired. But she was no longer queen, not truly while she cowered and hid in this place, and The Waif, although serving her, was not her servant.

The Waif smirked. “And yet,” she said, repeating her words and moving around the table with the grace of a cat, her eyes focused on the curvaceous High Elf with predatory lust in them. “It doesn’t make sense for me to head to my home. Honestly, there might be some more thugs waiting there to do me harm. In a way enlisting with you might be the only way to save my life if I want to remain in the city. The new queen, the price she’s put on my head, it will be known by all soon and there will be few I’ll be able to trust. The people I call friends, well, every friendship has a point where a big enough bag of coin will put an end to said friendship.”

She moved up the Lothdori, turning so her back was against the High Elf’s side and stretching up against her, wrapping her arms around her neck and staring up into her eyes. “Can I sleep here? With you? I’m very small and won’t take up much room in your bed.” She slipped a hand back behind Lothdori’s head and ran her fingers up into her golden hair, caressing her scalp. “And I could help with any needs you might have before bed. I’m sure you’re used to servants taking care of your every whim. Let’s play make believe, that you are still queen and I your loyal servent.”

Lothdori started to lean down to kiss The Waif then suddenly stopped, shoving her away from her. “Is this some trick?” she said, shaking. She had realized that she wasn’t just painfully horny and in need of sexual release. She was also scared and felt more alone than she had ever felt in her life. She wanted to be with someone, anyone, to feel less so alone. But it was all jumbled up inside her, making her feel reckless and confused and vulnerable.

The Waif twirled gracefully as Lothdori pushed her away, moving with the grace of a seasoned dancer and ducking down under her arms only to springing back up towards the tall High Elf. “It is no trick,” she said with a light, charming laugh, then sprung up on her toes to kiss Lothdori.

Her arms instantly wrapped around the small Human as she leaned down and opened her mouth to return the kiss. She needed this and didn’t care how reckless this might be, she was giving into the need to be with someone. Besides, she told herself, if the rogue had meant her harm surely she’d already have attacked her. No, she was safe, safe to give into her desires.

Their height difference, as well as Lothdori’s overly large breasts and huge belly, made kissing each other while they stood awkward. Almost at once they both moved to the bed in the corner of the room, climbing up into it where kissing could be done with more ease.

Lothdori was happily surprised to find The Waif was as skilled with her mouth as she was with her blades. Before long the High Elf’s eyes were closed and she was lost in the bliss of making out with another woman.

As they kissed The Waif’s small hands wandered all over Lothdori’s body, gently caressing and squeezing as they went. But after a few moments her kisses and her hands began to grow more frantic and desperate, more firm and slightly less skilled. The Waif pulled away from Lothdori’s mouth and gasped, looking confused. “What is happening to me?” she asked, her face bright red.

Lothdori realized at once what had happened and blushed, looking away. “It’s my saliva,” she whispered. “I’m one of the purest bred High Elves in all Alaria. My blood is so pure that to a Human my spit acts as an aphrodisiac. I had forgotten, it’s been many decades since I’ve been with a Human.”

The Waif chuckled. “So kissing you is going to just make me hornier and hornier?” She grabbed hold of Lothdori’s chin and turned her face back to look at her. “That’s not something to turn your head in shame about. It’s… hot!” She then leaned in, pressing her thin lips against Lothdori’s full lips as her tongue invaded her mouth.

They lay, side by side and kissing, for what felt like hours but was probably only minutes. Lothdori was desperate and in need of physical intimacy while The Waif was having her desires altered and supercharged by Lothdori’s spit. Soon they were both so worked up and horny that they had each wiggled out of their clothing (although this was much less work for Lothdori). Once totally naked they had blown out the last candle in the room then retreated to under the covers to continue kissing, although now their hands wandered more freely across each other’s naked bodies.

As Lothdori got more and more worked up she moved her hands lower down The Waif’s body. It was so small and narrow, free of almost any feminine curves. Her breasts could barely be said to exist, although the nubs of her small nipples were exceedingly plump and hard, something she found very attractive. Her fingers had stopped there to lightly pinch and pull at them before moving on, her hard nipples having been only a temporary stop over towards her fingers true destination.

The Waif moaned appreciatively when Lothdori’s hands finally came to their journey’s end. One hand was wrapped around her little body and grabbed hold of one small, firm ass cheek. The other hand had slide down her stomach till her fingertips reached the edge of the woman’s thick bush.

Lothdori had shuddered with anticipation as she started to move her fingers into the tangle of thick, curly hair. Elves had no hair below the neck so the bush Human women had between their legs was something alien to an Elf. Many were repulsed by it but Lothdori had always liked that hair. It was exotic and exciting and she enjoyed the way the scent of a Human woman’s cunt soaked into the wiry hairs. She was already looking forward to burying her face there and inhaling that scent as her fingers slid down to explore the moist folds of the Human’s womanhood.

“Your Majesty,” The Waif gasped quietly in her partner’s ear, “you’re so skilled with your fingers.” She pressed in, adjusting so Lothdori could finger her with more ease. At the same time she adjusted so her mouth could more easily reach the High Elf’s large breasts.

From the amount of attention she had been giving to them it was clear to Lothdori that The Waif had a strong sexual fixation with breasts. But strangely the young Human had yet to use her mouth on her nipples. She’d groped and pinched and tweaked them, even giggling as some milk had leaked form them and she’d spread it around her nipple making it slippery. But with her mouth she’d only kissed her breasts away from the nipples. She’d run her tongue down the side of their impressive bulk, moving the breast up with her hand to lick all the way down under their fleshy underside. That had made Lothdori moan loudest. Few paid enough attention to the often neglected underside of her breasts, yet The Waif was licking and kissing them enough to make up for one hundred neglectful lovers.

Still, all the breast play was making her nipples ache. She wanted to feel the woman’s mouth around them, wanted to feel her sucking her nipples as her tongue did… well, anything to them. And then there was the fact that when her breasts were as full of milk as they were now the pressure felt maddeningly intense. Having a lover drink her milk was an exquisite joy of pregnancy she had not anticipated but had wholeheartedly enjoyed once it was discovered.

“My nipples ache for you,” she cooed softly to The Waif. “Please, suck on them. I need your mouth!”

The Waif started moving her mouth towards the nearest nipple, planting soft little kisses on Lothdori’s thick, firm breast-meat as she moved closer. When her mouth was a mere inch away she stopped and whispered to the Elf in the dark. “Are you sure? Your milk…”

“Yessssssss,” Lothdori hissed, pulling her hand away from the woman’s firm little ass and grabbing the back of her head. She pulled her up her breasts and pressed her mouth in around her nipples. “My breasts are so full of milk. They are so dense they ache to be drained. My milk will be like my spit, it will further arouse you and it will also make you cum easier. Please, drink your fill.”

As soon as The Waif started sucking Lothdori moaned loud and deep, arching her back slightly as pleasure spread through her body. She plunged two fingers deep into the little woman’s cunt while she held her head to her breast with the other hand. “Yessssss,” she hissed again. “Suck my nipple, drain my tit!”

After a moment The Waif pulled away with a wet breaking of suction. She gasped in some fresh air before speaking. “Your nipples are amazing! Even your areolas are… I’d heard being with an Elf was beyond description and now I understand. Your body, it’s so perfect I don’t even know the words for it.”

“Then don’t bother trying to use them,” Lothdori said, pushing The Waif’s head towards her other breast. “Please, just drink more of my milk. It will help you feel more pleasure and I enjoy the sensation of having them drained.”

She fingered The Waif as she drank her milk, wrapping her free arm around the little women and keeping her pressed in tightly against her body. Before long she felt how her milk was affecting the Human, felt how wet her pussy was becoming. Soon it was leaking so much moisture that it ran down her hand and began to leave a wet patch on the bed.

For her part the Waif was hungrily moving from breast to breast, gasping for air before attaching back onto Lothdori’s breast. Her hips danced and she ground her body down against the Elf’s hand and before long Lothdori felt the Human’s insides tighten as she cum.

The Waif pulled away with another wet breaking of suction and a deep gasp for air. Her breathing was heavy and intense. “Never cum so fast! How can I replay you, my Queen?”

Lothdori grabbed her head and pressed her down back into her breast, not caring at all that the small woman had used her title mockingly. “Just suck on my nipples. They are my weakness… and the ecstasy of having my milk drained is the greatest. Keeping working my tits and I’ll cum before long without you even touching my pussy.”

Her words were quickly revealed to be true as her back arched and her body tensed. She howled in pleasure. She plunged the fingers in The Waif’s cunt deeper, pulling them back out and pound her pussy relentlessly while her other hand pressed the little woman’s face so tightly into her large firm breast that she momentarily suffocated her. As soon as her orgasm began to subside and her grasp was released The Waif pulled away and gasped desperately for air.

“I want to taste your pussy,” The Waif demanded, pulling away from Lothdori and sliding down further into the blankets. The woman’s milk had worked her up into a barely controlled sexual rage and before the High Elf could respond the small Human woman had crawled between her legs, spreading them open and pressing her face into her cunt. There was no gentle build up, no kissing of thighs as she approached. She simple pressed her face into the moist fleshy folds of Lothdori’s cunt with desperate carnal hunger.

Her mouth was open and her tongue pressed out, running once up her slit to lick up the taste of her then back down to savor it once more. She shifted her body slightly and pressed her open mouth around the Elf’s cunt-hole and then started ramming her tongue in and out of it, tongue fucking her.

Lothdori lay on her back, propped up on her elbows and her legs spread wide open. Her large breasts felt slightly deflated, less firm with so much milk having been drunk form them. They hung down her sides, framing her huge belly as she looked down. The room was dark but her Elven eyes could still see, although her view of her partner was obscured. She wished she could see The Waif eating her out and tongue fucking, as watching was something she enjoyed, her but her belly was too big, its bulk totally hiding the Human’s head form her sight.

It didn’t take long for Lothdori to cum again and this orgasm only left her wanting more. “Deeper,” she demanded. “Your tongue isn’t enough, use your fingers.” The Waif did as she was told, shifting and throwing the blanket off of her as she sat up. She rammed two fingers deep into Lothdori’s cunt but they were too small. They were neither thick nor long enough to truly fill her the way she desired. She hissed in frustration. “I need you deeper in me.

“I can’t,” The Waif said, pounding her cunt with her fingers as hard as she could and trying to please her but growing equally frustrated that her efforts weren’t good enough.

“Oh, but you can,” Lothdori said, her eyes starting to glow with steaming magical energy that slightly illuminated the dark room.

The Waif gasped and pulled back away from Lothdori. A frightened look suddenly spread across her face. “What are you doing to me? I can feel the magic!”

“Look down,” Lothdori panted, desperate to be filled as she used her magic on the Human.

Looking down The Waif saw glowing blue energy coalescing around her waist, taking the shape of straps that wrapped around and under her body. In the front a thick, long phallic shape took form and a moment later it all solidified, leaving her wearing a magically summoned strap-on. The phallus was made of a material that was both perfectly smooth yet had a slight bend to it that perfectly imitated a man’s flesh and blood cock. What’s more the faux cock glistened, helpfully already covered in lubrication.

Fuck me,” Lothdori growled, turning her hands over beside her. They glowed and she pulled them in, becoming her partner forward. The Waif felt herself magically thrust forward, the strap-on sliding easily into the Elf as their bodies collided.

She let out a little “Oh,” of surprise then fall forward, hands braced on the bed beside Lothdori. This was not the first time she had used such a device with a woman, although this was the first time she had seen one magically summoned in this way. She knew what to do and at once started fucking Lothdori, pounding her with enough vigor to make her cum almost instantly.

As the High Elf lay cumming under her The Waif started to moan as well. Where the device pressed in on her there was a pleasurable tingling and then she felt the thing changing shape. A moment later something plunged into her cunt, a second dildo making it so the shaft inside Lothdori was now double sided. Each time she thrust into her partner the shaft in her pressed into her own insides. This was something that was new to her and although at first she found it disorienting she quickly warmed to the pleasure it bought.

She pounded Lothdori as the High Elven queen moaned and howled in delight. “I’m cumming!” she screamed. “Cumming so hard!” As she yelled this she grabbed her tits, squeezing them tight and causing thick jets of milk to come shooting out. “I’m cumming and my breasts are squirting!”

* * *

Later, after both women had furiously fucked till their bodies were sore and exhausted, they lay naked in bed, wrapped around each other. Their various fluids had left much of the sheet on the bed damp so they had put the blanket under themselves and now lay in the open air, wrapped together for warmth.

Lothdori’s numerous orgasms had left her pleasantly drained as well as washed away much of the stress she had felt. She was already falling asleep, sated and feeling relieved. “

You were loud,” The Waif whispered with a nervous giggle.

“The safe house has magical wards on it,” she replied, already half asleep. “No one will have heard.” The High Elf was asleep by the time the last word left her lips.

The Waif lay wrapped around her for a time, one hand on one of the woman’s large, firm breasts. She had a satisfied smile on her face but as Lothdori fell into a deeper sleep the content expression melted away. Very carefully she pulled away from the sleeping Elf and got up, sitting on the edge of the bed. She sat, one elbow on her leg and her head resting in that arm’s hand, deep in thought.

Is The Waif planning on betraying Lothdori? (Choose up to 2 options form this poll)

What happens to Lothdori and The Waif next? (Choose up to 11 options form this poll)

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User #351781 - 17 Jul 18 02:17
Such a good entry. Learning about the Waif her abilitys and reasons for coming along. I love the long detail of her first meeting, her filthy habits being a contrast to the prim and proper queen than finding out its an act. Going over their plan I can’t wait to see what misfortune comes for them next.
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philohunter - 17 Jul 18 02:26
I'm glad your liking it! This is why i enjoy the poll driven stories so much, this isn't a pairing i would have done if left all on my own.

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