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UP - Autonomy Toggle (aka My Private Mod ) 2020-09-28T10:32:10+00:00

Added a toggle to enable/disable emotional walks.

Activities For All!
Activities For All!more_vert
Activities For All! 2020-09-28T07:43:17+00:00close

So... yeah, they're fun to do, I added a bunch, you can find them under the travel menu on the phone - Travel To...

I was using another mod for this, but no one can make myself happy like myself...

These activities are meant to help with management and for all those times you don't feel like going through a loading screen. Some specific activities will help with the management of some traits just like doing those activities with the sim would (Gym for Active Sims, shopping for Materialistic, Walk for Outdoor loving... just a few of examples) some others will rise a relative skill (like going to the Spa, it will rise wellness and also give your sim one of the Spa activity buffs), decrease stress, some are to rise needs (going to see movie will increase fun, and give one of the movies buffs) just experiment with them.

Walking and Shopping have also another effect: while walking your sim increases herbalism and pick up flowers. When shopping they'll buy random stuff.

The enjoyment of the activity depends on your sim personality (bookworms will enjoy the library... foodies will NOT enjoy the fast food...)

The Coffee Bar is the only one that rises energy

NOTE: if you have Basemental Drugs, going to the bar has the chance to make your sim drunk (not straight edge, no children... but I didn't blacklist teens)

You need to send children or bring them. Sending them to the playground or other activities will ease some childhood phases and the playground specifically will also decrease fat and increase motor and social skill (and give them the Jungle Gym buff)


Sims will now meet other Sims while away.

Media (1)

Capture.JPG (40.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Zero_ActivitiesForAll.package (77.8KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3842100 - 28 Sep 20 08:16
Will they meet new sims when they go places? Cause the mod I use for this now, they don't, and it would be nice if they could. Anyway, these latest mods you've made sound great, I will definitely be downloading them when I have time to get back into playing.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 08:56
Nope... I didn't add that... I can see to add it for some activities like playground
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 09:50
user avatar
User #4057598 - 28 Sep 20 08:45
This is great. It has always bugged me when playing with bigger families that with many different personalities that they hang out together at home all the time -and get stressed about it- or if I want them to go somewhere I have to basically make it a field trip for all- no matter their preferences. Thank you.
I'll not be accepting translations anymore 2020-09-28T05:37:59+00:00

Starting from now.

I woke up like this, this morning.

First I asked for translations to be sent via email, someone did, someone not... translations still came all over the place. I have problems with management and I either manage or create... I'd rather create so this is one reason.

I've been thinking lately about just how much I don't... care... for my mods to be translated at all...

I do them for myself and share them because I like to share, but I don't really care to be famous, or anything like that, that's another thing I cannot manage... I like to stay in my bubble, never cared much about how I'm perceived from the outside or what people think about me, that's absolutely none of my business... so you're not making me a favour translating my mods to make them more popular... quite the opposite, in fact... they're in English because I play my game in English (and I play it in English to avoid translations of other mods, mind you... and I don't want the game to be half in English and half in Italian).

Another thing I can't manage are people demands about credits for translations, links or whatever. Lastly, I wrote something just few days ago on my profile and no one read it... so that's the last strain.

That said, if you want to translate my mods and redistribuite them, feel free to do it, I don't need to know about it. I'll not manage that part anymore.

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #35214702 - 28 Sep 20 13:12
staying in your own bubble can bring great self happiness
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 14:41
Also because you can't know or control what other people think about you in any case... That's a path of self-destruction. I've always been in my own bubble and never had problems with it (always had problems with people trying to take me out of it, though)
user avatar
User #10925202 - 28 Sep 20 05:43
Not sure what post you're talking about, but for what it's worth I want you to know I read all your posts. Sorry you're having a rough time with this translation thing. But I do understand what you're saying.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 05:44
This is a problem that is easily solved. This was my policy right from the beginning and has been ignored for too long already.
user avatar
User #37244553 - 28 Sep 20 06:52
Sorry the situation went out of hand. It seems like a reasonable decision and I wish you happy creating :) Now, this might sound silly, but I tried to get my game in english for awhile cause I hate having it in polish. I'd rather have all the mods and game in english as well, but I've been trying to do it in the past and found out that I can't change it. Now that you mentioned it, I'm checking again, I must have missed something!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 07:01
It's Origin... it must be in English if I remember correctly
user avatar
User #489388 - 28 Sep 20 07:43
Hi. It's not possible. Russian, Polish and Czech sims 4 are region locked. Nothing works for this one. You can only change it with language changers etc if you don't have the region locked version of the game. If you try to change it via some methods on the internet it'll say that sims 4 is not authorized to run in this language and it'll crash
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 07:47
Not even setting the operative system of the PC in english?!
user avatar
User #37244553 - 28 Sep 20 08:22
Sadly. I've been googling just now to make sure I haven't missed anything and there is no way, my game is locked to 3 language options as P S mentioned above. This is so silly. I would have ti buy the game and everything again to change it xD unbelievable. Wish I knew it back then when I bought it. Gonna keep that in mind for future though .
user avatar
User #489388 - 28 Sep 20 09:24
Lol yeah customer service would tell you to buy the game again and all the packs (you'd have to move a different country or use VPN). I also had this problem. How about no...
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 09:32
What a bullshit...
Ages Behaviour Tweak 2 - Now featuring...
Ages Behaviour Tweak 2 - Now featuring...more_vert
Ages Behaviour Tweak 2 - Now featuring... 2020-09-27T15:09:20+00:00close


Morgyn and Darrel are constantly arguing in my save, they're both argumentative... and I was bored of them arguing about music... so I wanted to add more...

In order to achieve this... I had a pretty bad argument with the game... it doesn't like arguments to be injected... so I had to merge this mod with ages behaviour tweaks and add the interactions directly in the buffs.

The original description of AGES BEHAVOIUR TWEAK:

Children and teens will not decide to collect dishes and trash autonomously, you will have to influence them, or force them to do it, they will be more messy.

Adults and elders will not browse the phone as much, they will prefer reading.

All ages will choose way less to do pointless things like view art or sculpture because I don't play the game to look at pixel people looking at something, nodding like idiots.

This one is the same with more arguments type added. Some arguments are restricted to some kind of occults:

Mermaids can argue about living on land

Aliens about intergalactic travel

Vampires about drinking blood

Witches about magic

Some are exclusive of some traits. Some are exclusive between husband and wife. There are a bunch, I'll not list them all. Put both files in your folder and remove the old mod if you had it.


09/28 fixed balloons... I tried not to care...

Media (1)

09-27-20_4-56-05_PM.jpg (1.3MiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #26106285 - 28 Sep 20 09:35
I feel like the more specific the responses the better to have depth and kind of unexpected outcome, so it feels like really finding out things you don't know, do you think it's possible to execute it with the common and major buffs only things like embarrassed, starving, grungy etc.or maybe a combination of both?
user avatar
User #26106285 - 27 Sep 20 19:58
Again zero you proof your one of the best modders in the community with the new mods you're getting out , I check your page almost every day and you really don't disappoint me,
user avatar
User #26106285 - 27 Sep 20 20:04
anyway i had an idea and was hoping if it would be possible to implement in a new mod, it consists of having an interaction like get to know or as if single but it's about asking about how life is going for example and the response would be in the shape of stating any active buff the target sim has in a notification as the answer, I think it will add depth to the social interaction and let the player know more about what other sims are going through, hope you try it if you like it enough and think its possible to implement, much love :)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 06:02
can be based on two things, mood and buffs category and the first one would be better. Can't be based on buffs for two reasons: there are too many, and would be a mess to keep up with the new packs.. but the answer can totally be based on the mood of the target.
user avatar
User #6423654 - 27 Sep 20 15:35
This looks AWESOME!!! É's aunt and uncle argue ALL THE TIME too. It's nice to have more stuff to argue about.
user avatar
User #21375765 - 27 Sep 20 17:05
Lovely!! The problem I have is that after every mean interaction sims automatically do something or say something nice. Even one time I argued at the landlord and he went in my apartment and im like omg what is he gonna do 😱😱 Boom! He started washing dishes 😳 So I was wondering if you had a mod to stop nice interactions directly after mean ones?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 27 Sep 20 17:12
this one may help but doesn't stop it completely
user avatar
User #21375765 - 27 Sep 20 17:20
Longer Terms - INFO 2020-09-26T11:06:49+00:00

It was reported that this mod causes the terms to always end in A+. I verified it myself and looked at the files, but I don't seem to be able to find the cause or the way to prevent it. It's probably just because the terms are longer. Luckily, MCCC has the setting for how hard you want the university to be. And they work with the mod. After you set the rate on the PC, though, remember to flag your sim for university rate change from the MCCC menu on the sim itself or the setting will not apply.

Info added to the mod's post too.

Occults Activities - Witches and Vampires 2020-09-25T12:50:30+00:00

Can't leave occults alone for long.

Added 4 activities for witches and 2 for Vampires (for now, I may come up with more)

Witches can go foraging, go to the Realm, go to a Coven Gathering or take a walk in the forest without you following them (many times I'm not in the mood of going through a loading screen)

Going to the Realm, to the Coven and taking a walk increases Witches XP, it also has the chance to unlock spells in the following schools:

The Realm - Untamed

The Coven - Mischief

The Forest - Practical

Going foraging reduces stress and gives you ingredients for potions. They go to Granite Falls, so they mostly get items from there (and Forgotten Hollow)

Vampires can Go Hunting.

This fills their thirst, gives XP and the recently drank buff... oh, they hunt for people so you probably better leave Caleb at home:

Clan Gathering rises social, XP and Vampire Lore

Only witches and Vampires have these options on the phone, under travel

Requires the XML INJECTOR


Sorry, I just got inspired.


Attachments (1)

Zero_OccultsActivities.package (34.2KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #6224462 - 25 Sep 20 14:20
ouuuu will the clan gathering increase relationships between offsprings and masters as well as servants?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 25 Sep 20 14:25
If you send them together yes.
user avatar
User #284973 - 26 Sep 20 18:44
These are awesome. Could some of these options be added to club activities?I haven't looked lately to see whose done what but there are so many club activities missing.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 27 Sep 20 02:02
I never use clubs...
user avatar
User #284973 - 27 Sep 20 05:24
Ah, okay. I use them a lot for various things.
user avatar
User #18761469 - 25 Sep 20 15:29
i love it!!! ty!
user avatar
User #32080161 - 26 Sep 20 09:34
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
user avatar
User #32080161 - 27 Sep 20 21:20
Translation updated!
user avatar
User #3459242 - 26 Sep 20 16:08
This is brilliant! Thank you!
Non Occult Mods - MasterPost
Non Occult Mods - MasterPostmore_vert
Post file flag
Non Occult Mods - MasterPost 2020-09-25T08:23:14+00:00close

All other not specifically occults related Mods



ECO LIFESTYLE - Community Annoyances Post



Mental Health

Hormone Replacement Therapy



NEW IR-Cheating

It's still missing some interactions... I don't really remember the ones that were included in the old mod, every help is appreciated.

Improved Relationships

IR - Divorce!


Storytelling Mods

Utilities mods I use to write, not very suited for gameplay.


All my mods require Ability To Read

Most of my mods require THE XML INJECTOR

Media (1)

04-19-20_2-45-44_AM.jpg (936.6KiB)

Occults Mods - Masterpost
Occults Mods - Masterpostmore_vert
Post file flag
Occults Mods - Masterpost 2020-09-25T08:13:51+00:00close

Links to the Master Post for mods related to Occults.

REALM OF MAGIC MODS > All RoM mods not on this page

VAMPIRES MODS > All Vampires mods not on this page




Turn your Sim into an evil black Magician. Sell other Sims Souls to the Old Gods to get Magical Power and new spells.


Option to turn Vampires into Spellcaster and keep the ability to alter the Dark Form. It's a new Magic System specifically studied for Vampires that doesn't mess with Maxis System.


If you're a witch, you know what I'm talking about: spirits work. Summon spirits and ask them for magical power and to be taught magic, without relying on Sages and Magic Schools... for a witch must be one with the wild.

Nephele as The Hermit of GF (and Traditional Witch)

The Witch of The Forest from my Comic CROSSING as the Hermit of Granite Falls.


Become a specialized mage in one of the three schools, ask a Sage to be your teacher, unlock special interactions with the Sages and abilities.


Vampire Cure, Sunlight Reversal, Draught of Reconfiguration and Vampire Resistance potions craftable at the Cauldron. (Needs Vampires Pack)


New type of duel... challenge other mages to death!


Actually be the Sage when you visit the Realm with one of them


Time Lords

Batuu Occults powers Enabled


All my mods require Ability To Read

Most of my mods require THE XML INJECTOR

Media (1)

04-09-20_10-38-23_PM.jpg (1.0MiB)

Mental Health - Official Release
Mental Health - Official Releasemore_vert
Mental Health - Official Release 2020-09-24T16:27:32+00:00close

The main picture of this post describes perfectly how I feel right now. I tested this mod all day, solved a bunch of issues and got my girlfriend angry at me because sleeping so few like I did in these days is not good for my own mental health... so I'll be taking a break after this...



To deal with the Gender Dysphoria included in this mod, you need Hormone Replacement Therapy

I think most of you know what this mod is about, at this point... but here we go again:

This Mod adds a Mental Health System into the game, Psychotherapy, Pharmacological Therapy and the possibility to get a Diagnosis.

There are 11 possible Disorders that can be diagnosed to your Sim:

ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline, Clinical Depression, Dependant Personality, Eating Disorder, Gender Dysphoria, Narcissistic Disorder, OCD, Schizoid.

And 2 not Chronic ones:

PTSD and General Depression

You can read more about them HERE

They are not meant to be a 100% accurate representation of real life disorders! They're more a generic, Sims version of them. There are too many variables depending on sigle individuals to represent something like this properly.

To get started, you can click on your Sim's phone and go to get a diagnosis:

Your Sim will be away for a while, and come back with a diagnosis based on their pre-existing personality. Many factors can impact the outcome, but it's still very much random, so it's pointless to list it all (for example, men should be more likely to get the narcissistic and schizoid outcome than women, like teen are more likely to have eating disorders).

You'll get an hidden trait, and the trait will impact your sim. Now, most of this relies on multipliers and mood modifiers, so unless you look at it closely, you'll not see this huge -10000 angry you can see in many other personality traits with the same purpose, but I still advice you to turn off emotional dead... 'cause Morty piled up enough anger to drop dead a couple of times in my testing. I didn't want to do something that relied on buffs and over-powered emotions, so most of it happens in the background.

Apart from the diagnosis system, this mod adds the possibility to buy general anxiolytic and antidepressants from the PC, that help dealing with stress and sadness. the medical system is mostly used with the diagnosis.

The psychotherapy, on the other hand, is useful for everyone.

You can go to a therapist from the phone or the PC. You can have family sessions and couple sessions. Therapy helps getting rid of negative emotions, helps with childhood phases (and, by the way, you can also encourage it... it increases conflict resolution)

Rises the relationship if done together and gives a random buff. (The one you get from the couple therapy affects your sims social behaviour for the time it's active).

Disorders can pile on each other if you ask more than a consult, and can be misdiagnosed. If you get Bipolar and go to diagnosis again chances are high that your diagnosis will change.

There is a cheat menu from where you can force an outcome (you still need to take the diagnosis, and it's not 100% a sure method) or directly add the trait you want:

To use it, enable testingcheats on and shift click on your Sim (there are other cheats if you have Tmex all cheats unlock, to trigger the symptoms and bipolar phases, but I suggest you to avoid using them). Via cheat it's also possible to remove the disorders.

Children can do everything in this mod, you need to send or bring them to therapy, they can get 3 diagnosis (schizoid, dependant, ADHD) and also take the prescription.

The prescription is only one for everyone, but the effect on the sims is different and based on the disorder they have.

Don't use anxiolytics when you don't need them... just an advice.

I Had fun making the Psychotherapy, so I also added... Support Groups!

They're way less effective than therapy, but they're free.

Friends in Griefs helps dealing with sadness and loss; New Steps helps dealing with gender Dysphoria but it's open to everyone, rises fun and social need, also helps with childhood phases; Addicted Anonymous doesn't actually help with addictions but helps dealing with symptoms like stress, anger and discomfort, also rises social need. P to P (Parent to Parent) reduces anger, stress, and increases parenting skills; Self Help deals with mental disorders;

...then, in the middle of doing this... Caleb spoke to my mind and told me that this was the perfect occasion to give him a place to vent, and since I always do mods for Morgyn, I decided to make him happy... so the last one is exclusive for Vampires who don't want to drink from sims (you can select non vampires but they'll not go, the good vampire perk is not required) the Vampires Support Group offers free packs... so yeah, going increases thirst and also reduces the decay rate for some hours, it also reduces eventual stress if your Vampire was unable to control themselves.


The Sim reset when drinking the medicines from sitting. I have no idea why, but I'll keep investigating (this happens also in the HRT mod)... doesn't happen when they're standing.

Media (1)

Gabhail_scaileain_240.jpg (758.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Zero - Mental (369.9KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #4291141 - 26 Sep 20 02:28
This is incredible! Great work! Thank you for all hard work. Now make sure you get some rest 😊 💜
user avatar
User #32080161 - 25 Sep 20 15:05
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 25 Sep 20 16:38
I already got another translation in Russian for this one. I'm going to wait uploading translations for it because I have the feeling that there may be more strings to fix that I didn't notice.
user avatar
User #4621834 - 25 Sep 20 02:20
I appreciate you so much. Take care of yourself first and don't ignore your girlfriend :)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 25 Sep 20 04:30
Oh she's pretty chill and let me go wild, usually... That's the only reason we work... She's only angry because I slept like 2 hours per day in the last week. I'll try to rest a bit now.
user avatar
User #6285640 - 26 Sep 20 13:55
Oh my, I def need this right now.I'm sad to say I have been having more suicidal ideations and through my Sims I get support and comfort. Thank you so much for this. Do you know if there are any known conflicts with any other mods? Thanks
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 26 Sep 20 15:10
All new tuning, shouldn't conflict with anything.
BG - Utility: Ability To Read
BG - Utility: Ability To Readmore_vert
BG - Utility: Ability To Read 2020-09-23T04:05:24+00:00close

Shared tuning file required by many mods. Feel free to use it as a requirement in your mods.

Original Mod by REVO for Cities Skylines, converted to Sims 4.

Media (1)

09-23-20_6-00-58_AM.jpg (1.5MiB)

Attachments (1)

Zero_Ability-To-Read.package (12.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #10925202 - 23 Sep 20 04:44
Okay, I'm trying to figure out what this does, but the description in the mod makes me feel confident I shouldn't load it in my game! 😜
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 23 Sep 20 06:29
actually, it's a book you can buy from the bookcase.
user avatar
User #14340595 - 23 Sep 20 08:40
The site say: Provides 10K entertainment bonus. Only visible in Asset Editor. Thanks for the update
Mental Health - Testing Phase 1.2
Mental Health - Testing Phase 1.2more_vert
Mental Health - Testing Phase 1.2 2020-09-20T09:30:09+00:00close

I really... really need help to test this mod.



So, the mod is stable enough to be used already and I have the main frame for the other features I'm going to introduce ready, so I can release an official testing version.

What is this mod about?

There are a lot of traits around that mean to simulate various mental conditions, and I used some in the past... what i don't like about making them Personality traits is:

1. I don't think they are Personality traits, more a stretch of already existing personality traits;

2. They are often overpowered;

3. No treatments.

So I came up with this system, it relies on traits the same, but they're hidden. To get started, you need to click on the phone, and visit a psychiatrist for a consult:

Your sim will go away for a couple of hours, and will come back with a diagnosis that can vary:

The diagnosis depends on many factors, like pre-existing traits, mood at the time of the visit, pre-existing medical conditions, gender options in Cas, age...

There are 7 included conditions that can be diagnosed to your sim (I plan at least a couple more).

Some traits give you almost for sure at least one condition, these are Erratic, Genius and Paranoid. It's almost impossible for a sim with these traits to come out of the consult without at least a condition. Other sim can, but more often than not will not. Also, the outcome is only influenced by the traits, but still pretty much random, so if you don't like random, this mod is not for you (I added cheats though)


Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is stealthy, most of the time you si will seem to act and feel normal, but they're NOT. Their ability to have Fun, learn skills and feel something that is not sadness or boredom is compromised 24/7.

At random, they can have extreme feelings of emptiness or sadness (affects autonomy if you have that on)

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Gloomy trait

- Lazy, Slob and Geek (Plus Erratic and Genius)

- Being Sad or Bored during the visit

- Teens, YoungAdults and Elders are more likely to get this diagnosis.

Cheerful sims will never get this diagnosis.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sims with this disorder will have to deal with random intrusive thought that will push them to have obsessive behaviour if you have autonomy on, and will make them very tense. Also, they will feel stress and discomfort way more intensly.

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Perfectionist, Neat and Geek

- Paranoid and Squeamish (Plus Erratic and Genius)

- Pre-existing conditions of Eating or Anxiety Disorders

- Being Stressed or Uncomfortable during the visit

Slob sims will never get this diagnosis.


Gender Dysphoria

This has two effects: upon having the diagnosis, if your sim gender and clothing preference MATCH, they will get a tense, embarrassed or uncomfortable buff that will not go away until you bring them in CAS and change the clothing preference to the one of the opposite sex. Even then, though, they'll get those feeling at random unless you start HRT. This right now is the only condition you can treat with Hormone Replacement Therapy mod (updated for the occasion)

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Having a prescription for HRT or having made the research about it will almost surely give this result.

- Having already mis-matched gender/clothing preference or other gender settings will almost surely give this diagnosis (the physical frame doesn't count).

- Having the trait isCustomGender (not much because I still have to understand how it gets given, Darrel Charm has it in my game)

- Adults and Elders are less likely but not blacklisted from having this result.


Borderline Personality

This is an hard one... all emotions will be intensified. Especially anger, stress and sadness. They should be able to throw tantrums. At random (you'll not see this) they will be the most lovely persons in the world, the funniest friend you can have, the most lovely partner, or straight up cold and mean.

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Hot Headed, Jealous, Erratic, Non-Committal and Paranoid

- Self Adsorbed, Mean and Childish (Plus Genius)

- Teens cannot get this diagnosis (too soon).

- Being Angry or Stressed during the visit

Being just fine reduces a bit the chance.

Anxiety Disorder

This is a generic anxiety disorder (technically OCD should be an anxiety disorder too if I remember correctly). They'll feel stress more intensely and have an harder time getting rid of it. There is the chance of panic attacks.

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Loner, Ambitious, Paranoid and Squamish

- Pre-existing conditions of OCD or Eating Disorders

- Erratic and Genius

- Elders and Teens are more likely to get this.

- Being stressed during the visit greatly increases the chance to get this.


Eating Disorder

This is a generic eating disorder to cover both bulimia and anorexia. Sims with this one will have the compulsion to eat at random, and then vomit (on autonomy). They can also get embarrassed after eating.

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Glutton, Foodie and Squamish

- Pre-existing conditions of OCD or Anxiety Disorders

- Erratic, Paranoid and Genius

- Teens are more likely to get this.

- Being stressed or embarrassed during the visit increases the chance to get this.


Bipolar Disorder

And here arrives the fun... I didn't do 3 of them, I kept things more or less generic here too... Bipolar sims will be normal most of the time, but at any given moment there is a chance of a phase triggering. When a phase trigger, they'll be able to feel it... they'll start to feel sad (or happy) ... then more sad (or happy) ... then even more sad (or happy) until the phase arrives.

They can get a depressive phase or a manic phase... and there is no pattern, so it's possible that, during a sim life, a maniac phase never triggers.

Depressive phase is mostly the same as clinical depression.

Mania is exactly the opposite. The sim will learn faster, feel more positive buffs, and less negative buffs (all but anger) and can get some random intense moods: they can go in hyper focus, become incredibly creative, become incredibly energized, be over confident and hypersexual, or being very angry. A phase can last days or months (there isn't a pattern in this either, every time the sim has the chance to get a random mood, the possibility of the phase ending also exist.)

Risky Factors (in order of relevance):

- Active, Creative and Genius and Non Committal

- Pre-existing conditions of Clinical Depression

- Hot Headed, Erratic, Dance Machine, Music Lover, Cheerful, and Gloomy

- Teens cannot get this diagnosis (too soon).

- Being energized, angry or sad at the visit increases the chance

Being just fine reduces a bit the chance. This one can be misdiagnosed as Clinical depression. Meaning: a Bipolar cannot be diagnosed also with Clinical depression, but a chronically depressed can be re-diagnosed as Bipolar. In that case, the depression trait gets replaced with bipolar.



Major disorder, can be misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder or Borderline. Sims with this disorder are mostly normal but they crave attention, they have a low self-esteem deep down, so they need people to keep recognizing the grandiosity they try show to the world. They’ll be ok, as long as they have positive social interactions reinforcing their mask, this is especially true for compliments, but they’ll feel bad if these attentions are lacking, and they can get extremely frustrated or sad. They can also manipulate people trying to convince them of their grandiosity, in case of success, they’ll have the strongest confident feel they can get, in case of failure, they’ll just get angry.


Sims with this disorder will mostly have problems to focus. Energized emotions will be amplified, when focused ones will be penalized, they also have problems learning skills. They can become hyperactive or very irritable at times, and not be able to stay put. ADHD is the only disorder that can be diagnosed since the child age.

I also changed a bit of things around. Children should now be able to ask for a diagnosis.


You can force the outcome of the diagnosis. Enable testingcheats on and shift click on your sim, under the Mental Health manu you'll find the various possible outcomes.


Right now the diagnosis will tell you that you can purchase the therapy and visit the doctor.. you can't... I've yet to add those features.


I suggest you to leave all the package in their folders, I'll merge them in the future.

Media (1)

Gabhail_scaileain_228.png (1.2MiB)

Attachments (1) (146.7KiB)

Comments (41)
user avatar
User #25157709 - 21 Sep 20 02:27
I tried and enjoyed it. 3 out of 4 of my adults got a diagnosis. After maybe a day (?) the diagnosis changed. So, the adult depressed woman wasn't depressed anymore and I got a notification. The elderly one went from depressed to chronic depression. After that, I kept getting notifications about these two constantly changing how they were feeling. I ended up deleting it because I couldn't find other notifications. Other than that, it was fun!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 03:54
The first part (changing diagnosis) is intended, the second part no. I need to know what notifications you were getting.
user avatar
User #25157709 - 21 Sep 20 04:26
They were constantly changing notifications. I just downloaded it again. This time, she got a diagnosis for PTSD and it said I can go on the computer for treatment. I believe you said the treatment part isn’t ready yet though. And then the next day she was having a panic attack moodlet from her eating disorder. But she was never diagnosed with an eating disorder. No it’s doing what I was talking about before. I get a notification at the top right that says “Constance is feeling a lot better.”
user avatar
User #25157709 - 21 Sep 20 04:27
And then immediately after she gets one that says, “Constance PTSD became chronic.” And then I keep getting a new notification about her mental health changing and it switches between those two messages back to back. I have 8 in a minute maybe.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 04:32
It's written i the description that there is the notification but not the treatment yet. I think i got this fixed already in the next release.
user avatar
User #4057598 - 20 Sep 20 13:43
Again I have to say thank you :D I always use similar mods but I also feel that it is both more realistic and interesting to play when your sims can actually do something about their symptoms. Eventhough I am very adamant about the conditions a few of my sims have storywise I have to say that for some reason I love the idea that the diagnosis is random ~the cheat is great too obviously.
user avatar
User #37994806 - 24 Sep 20 01:18
Thanks for this mod! Glad to see not just mental health represented but realistic opportunities to live with them!
user avatar
User #13272477 - 21 Sep 20 18:02
do i need all versions of this. or just the new one you posted
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 18:17
Only the most recent one
user avatar
User #36618764 - 20 Sep 20 20:19
I like this one...Ive not used the injector but I will with this and let you know if it works. Other times it has not. I also have traits that have these disorders I will test with them on and off. Thanks again!
user avatar
User #25309267 - 20 Sep 20 14:52
This is amazing, and so much better than personality traits . Thanks!
user avatar
User #8911701 - 20 Sep 20 14:58
Also I think it would be kind of cool if you could somehow incorporate Basemental drugs into your mod, maybe as an addon or something, Im not a programmer so Im not sure how you could do that. But he has different pills, and some of those pills could treat some of the conditions. Just an idea, not that you have to do it or anything, just something to think about. Again Thank you soo much for making this mod :-)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 20 Sep 20 17:32
Basemental mostly uses the same method I used to affect gameplay, so technically you can already use drugs to "treat" these disorders... just like in real life curing yourself like this is not going to give the best result, though.
user avatar
User #8911701 - 20 Sep 20 22:45
haha no doubt.. but that's cool I can use them though.. I will have to give it a try.. I havent been able to do to much testing, I haven't received any errors so far.
user avatar
User #8911701 - 21 Sep 20 02:26
So Ive been playing around with the gender dysphoria. I had a male sim start using the Hormonal therapy, and then had him go to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed.. Afterwards, they got the tense moodlet for not having the right clothing preference. So I went into CAS through the dresser, and changed his preference to Feminine, the tense moodlet went away. However the next day the tense moodlet came back for same reason. I went in and made sure to change everything in CAS to feminine clothing through the dresser.. is there something I need to do? Do I need to remove the genitals? will this fix it? Or is there something I am missing? Do I need to change the sim in CAS through cheats? Also, another sim was diagnosed with Anxiety and I tried taking some of Basemental Xanax, I also tried a few other drugs and it did nothing. Once my sim is diagnosed what is it that I can do to help resolve the tense moodlet? or have u not fully implemented that yet? Im sorry, I feel like Im missing something. Maybe I am not reading properly
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 09:09
I have to implement the cures yet. the behaviour of the gender dysphoria is intended, until you're under hormones the buffs will keep coming back (but they should be timed) only thing that stop this is keeping up with hormones.
user avatar
User #13095854 - 24 Sep 20 14:10
i downloaded this mod into gameplay however it does not show, any reason why
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 24 Sep 20 16:36
you don't have the xml injector. get the official release of this one, the one posted here was a testing version.
user avatar
User #1017064 - 20 Sep 20 10:51
This is amazing!!! As usual you have thought up a relevant and interesting way to increase depth in The Sims 4. This is indeed way better than assigning a trait, which feels too deeply embedded in the sim and like you said there is no treatment. Are you planning expand more on Psychopathy/sociopathy (which would be great for the black widow challenge), ADHD, postnatal disorders like depression or psychosis (these can happen to anyone because of the wild hormonal flood leading up to and after giving birth) etc? I could imagine though that it would just get too big though so understandable if not.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 20 Sep 20 13:13
I'll try adhd mostly because it can be diagnosed to children and this would give me the possibility to include them too. I have plans for narcissistic disorder too.
user avatar
User #1017064 - 20 Sep 20 13:15
That would indeed be really cool. Well, I am going to erase many of the traits I have downloaded to try to achieve these and test out this mod as soon as possible! Thanks again for this great mod.
user avatar
User #21226589 - 21 Sep 20 20:28
I noticed a small bug. I have Hormone Therapy. And when my sim was diagnosed with Gender Dysmorphia, I could no longer click on any computer at all with her. Nothing happened when I clicked on any computer. But the other sims, one with General Depression and one with Borderline Personality, the computer works just fine. I was so confused why I couldn't buy meds for them, but then I just read that it hasn't been added yet. Can't wait for that!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 21:29
That's a problem in the snipped most likely related to the new interactions I added, I must have messed up something, I'll look into it, thanks!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 21:36
user avatar
User #21226589 - 22 Sep 20 21:51
thanks! Edit: Spoke too soon. just booted it up, still broken. Sorry. :(
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 25 Sep 20 14:38
Did you clean the cache? ( The problem was actually in a sim data file so you need to clean the cache )
user avatar
User #8355352 - 20 Sep 20 20:01
Wow thats awesome! One of my sims has diagnosed gender dysphoria, but I can't find the option to search online for informations about the "Hormone Replacement Therapy", just lettin' you know. (but maybe I'm to stupid to find it lol)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 20 Sep 20 22:05
Nope it's another mod entirely (you can find it in the main page. Hormone replacement therapy, I forgot to link it)
user avatar
User #16240015 - 22 Sep 20 16:53
This is such a great idea! I’m wondering if you can make it possible to ‘stack’ the disorders? Since that’s something that happens in real life, and some of them are even genetic. Several of the ones you have listed, I actually have, both chronic and non-chronic. I haven’t gotten to look into this mod yet, but I was wondering which Type your Bipolar is based off? (Don’t know if it matters but I don’t mind sharing, and I’ve studied psychology too so I’m happy to list my mental issues: DID ((Multiple Personality Disorder, caused by trauma)), Bipolar Type 2, PTSD, Chronic Depression- though it use to be General Depression, Anxiety- that can sometimes slip into Social Anxiety
user avatar
User #16240015 - 22 Sep 20 17:22
((Everything I wrote after this disappeared so I’m rewriting it)) I also have very mild ‘Ant-Social-Disorder’ apparently. Which is what they’ve lumped anyone with the slightest bit of Sciophathy or Psychopathy together. It’s now a sliding scale that you can be placed on after getting an MRI brain scan, or having a bad therapist. They changed the name because media has misrepresented and mixed the two up; almost all serial killers used to turn out to be Psychopaths, but they unchangably used the word Sociopath. While both can /technically/ make emotional connections with others, it is FAR less likely a Psychopath would unless they can benefit from it and usually would feel more possessive than anything close to emotional. They’d be more likely to kill the person once they outlive their usefulness, question them, and/or so no one else could have them. Sorry this is all so long and rambling! I’m fascinated with psychology- it’s why I studied bits of Behavioral Psychology. If you don’t find me too annoying, I’d be happy to talk with you about this mod any time. I don’t know anything about mods, but I know about how people react to certain things, and that pretty much no form of mental issue ‘goes away’ it just gets manageable.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 22 Sep 20 18:26
The bipolar is mostly based on mine (it's type 3 with full maniac phases), that's one that varies too much between types and people, the way I set it up though should makes it so that it can behave differently based on the singular sims (because it's very random). Disorders can already stack and be misdiagnosed. Some of them like borderline, bipolar and narcissist can't coexist but can be misdiagnosed. Some of them can and are likely to coexist like anxiety and ocd.
user avatar
User #16240015 - 22 Sep 20 23:02
Ah, so the Bipolar would work more towards whatever your Sims personality is! That makes a LOT of sense. I love that you can be misdiagnosed; does it work for conflicting mental issues? I know they tried to diagnose me as Borderline on top of everything else at one point, but that therapist wasn’t very good at their job. For OCD would it be more extreme based on the Sims personality, or just one type? Sorry for so many questions! The thought you’ve put into this is really exciting and just wonderful!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 23 Sep 20 08:15
Narcissist, Borderline and Bipolar can be misdiagnosed for each other multiple times, they conflict so upon a new diagnosis, the old one is removed... OCD is only one but can pile up with other disorders and has various compulsive behaviour like washing hands or cleaning the house.
user avatar
User #16240015 - 23 Sep 20 13:55
That’s really cool! I love how much thought you’ve put into this. I also love the little nods you’re doing with the different Doctors and their specialities.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 24 Sep 20 01:37
My girlfriend is a psychologist, i got help.
user avatar
User #16240015 - 24 Sep 20 05:32
Ah! That definitely explains how it’s so realistic! Well thank you very much for this mod! And thank your girlfriend too for me for helping with proper, realistic representation please!
user avatar
User #489388 - 20 Sep 20 10:29
Damn, I didn't expect to see my personality disorder (borderline). Interesting mod, that's for sure. Adds a lot of realism
user avatar
User #8911701 - 20 Sep 20 14:55
Thank you for making this mod. Many people in the community have been asking for something like this. I really appreciate ur hard work on all ur mods. I will try testing this with my mods installed first to see if it gives me any errors, and what errors it may give me. Then I will try with no mods and do some more thorough testing.
user avatar
User #4057598 - 23 Sep 20 14:48
Not very helpful feedback at this point but I love those therapy options. I'm laughing so much that my companion waked up in the other room...
user avatar
User #37244553 - 20 Sep 20 17:38
I'd love to be of help with testing but is seems I can't with my game in different language. Usually it would just show english text when there is no translation but right now it only shows empty string with just the price when I chose the option on the phone. My sim went to be diagnosed but when she came back there was no pop-up regarding the diagnosis. Nothing seems to be changed. I'm not familiar with making mods, my guess is that it's just because I'm running polish version of the game.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 20 Sep 20 19:15
I forgot the string tables, I'll add them in the next update
COMING NEXT... 2020-09-19T22:45:38+00:00

Visit a psychiatrist to get a diagnosis

Take a medical treatment if you got a diagnosis

Attend Psychotherapy

You will not get to chose the diagnosis, it depends on personality traits, gender options, mood and age.

BTW the diagnosis will affect your sim behaviour of course.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #37994806 - 19 Sep 20 23:40
Love this so much! Thank you!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 20 Sep 20 00:58
I have ocd, anxiety, depression, gender dysphoria, eating disorder and borderline done so far. I kept it pretty generic for eating disorders and anxiety though 'cause otherwise the mod would become too complex. I'll add bipolar too but I think I'll keep it generic for that too without making three of them (making one seems complicated enough already, but I may change my mind)
user avatar
User #100849 - 20 Sep 20 01:16
I'm so excited!!
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapymore_vert
Hormone Replacement Therapy 2020-09-18T12:50:05+00:00close

This is another mod that has been on my to-do list for a while.

As the title suggest, this mod gives your Sim the option to take HRT for transitioning or other story telling purposes. It adds 3 new items you can purchase on the Computer:

Tostran 2% Gel (Testosterone), EstradiolGel 0.1% Gel (Estrogen) and Anti-androgen Treatment

(there are various solutions for taking hormones, I chose to introduce only the gel ones for various reasons, one of them is that the shots are monthly and I don't know what lifespan/season length other people play)

To unlock the option to buy them, you need to visit a doctor to get the prescription:

Research Hormone Replacement Therapy on the web. Once done, the option to visit the Doctor will unlock on the phone:

Your Sim will be away for a while

Once they got the prescription, you can purchase hormones from the PC under the "order" menu

Taking the Therapy:

To keep up with the therapy, you need to take hormones on a daily basis. The effect wears off in 24 hours. You'll not be able to take hormones twice a day.


The effects of the hormones are different between estrogens and testosterone (they actually vary from person to person, like I never experienced more sex drive, for example, but I went for a standard approach in this mod)

FtM therapy:

You only need Testosterone.


Immediate: gives a +1 energized buff and makes them more likely to exercise for a couple of hours

Increases muscle gain, increases fat loss, increases physical stamina, increases hunger, on an emotional level, makes your sim more irritable (anger will decrease slower and they will feel it a bit more) increases the sexual drive (flirty buffs) and all the energized buffs. Lasts 24 hours

Testosterone can give random angry, flirty or energized buffs;

MtF therapy:

You need both Estrogen and Anti-Androgen to have the full ride.


Immediate: gives a +1 confident buff and makes them more likely to flirt for a couple of hours

Increases fat gain, decreases hunger, makes harder to build muscles, on an emotional level, makes the Sim generally more emotional. Lasts 24 hours.

Estrogen can give mood swings (Optional) - to add this, I would have had to replace a lot of tuning from Maxis. Since I didn't want to, I used a trick... the estrogen buff will add the uncontrolled emotions trait to your sim (unless they already have it, or have the controlled emotions one) and will remove it once it's removed. THE PROBLEM: this method will remove the trait also if the sim has it from aging up... you'll need to add it back manually at the end of the therapy. For this reason, this feature is optional (estrogen, though, gives moods swings on high doses like the ones for HRT, and I wanted this realism)

Anti Androgen:

Increases muscles loss

This is only for the transition phase, you'll still need to go in CAS and fix the gender options/sliders in case you want to... also, usually you need to take the therapy all life long, but in the game you can actually stop once you got the desired result, I chose to not cast this hassle on your sims.

You can use this mod to play other things too, like hypogonadism, 'cause I put no restrictions of genders on buying the hormones.




ADDED (This was supposed to be a small, simple mod...):

-Made the research on the PC relevant. Now, before unlocking the option on the phone, you need to make the research on the PC.

- Making the research on the PC will also unlock the option to tell other sims about your sim's intention to start the therapy.

- Once the other sim knows, they can ask your sim about the therapy.

Media (1)

Capture.JPG (30.9KiB)

Comments (23)
user avatar
User #21226589 - 19 Sep 20 13:30
Its not working for me. I installed the XML injector, and the optional mood swings package. Yet, the option to research on the computer is not showing up. Trying the regular version now to see if it will work.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 19 Sep 20 16:47
You need both files.
user avatar
User #21226589 - 21 Sep 20 16:35
Oh! thank you for that! I tried that and it worked perfectly. However, I have one small bug. my sim is MtF. I put the green bottle and the brown bottle in my inventory. Yet when my sim goes to work and comes back, the green bottle is in her inventory, but the brown bottle is always missing, no matter how much I buy.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 25 Sep 20 15:09
Did you try updating the mod? may be related to the bug where the sims were throwing away the hormones while cleaning dishes.
user avatar
User #9407108 - 27 Sep 20 22:23
I'm experiencing a conflict with this mod. The "Gender Transition" string is overriding the "University" Pie Menu and I can't figure out why
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 28 Sep 20 03:33
Solved 4 days ago.
user avatar
User #14596469 - 19 Sep 20 00:14
When I got the short notification on my watch with just the title, I thought it was for menopause! Laughing at myself now.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 19 Sep 20 00:17
Can be for that too! The gel used is exactly the same.
user avatar
User #8911701 - 21 Sep 20 03:58
So I found that an option to empty dirty dishes from inventory appears, and actually throws away the meds.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 04:12
thanks... I tried to remove some states, see if it's fixed now.
user avatar
User #8911701 - 21 Sep 20 04:56
I re downloaded both mods, the clean empty dishes option is still there. I had the sim clean up and same thing happened
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 21 Sep 20 05:34
fixed now.
user avatar
User #14596469 - 19 Sep 20 00:18
Oh really? Thanks, I didn’t know that!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 19 Sep 20 00:22
I think you need to take less than for transitioning (like hypogonadism vs transitioning FtM, the gel is the same in that case too but the dose is inferior for biological males) so applying the gel maybe once every two days can recreate a therapy for menopause.
user avatar
User #32080161 - 19 Sep 20 21:07
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 19 Sep 20 22:34
Thanks! I'll add both the translations I have so far in the next update
user avatar
User #32080161 - 23 Sep 20 18:58
Translation updated!
user avatar
User #26648098 - 18 Sep 20 14:53
😯 I love this inclusivity! I feel I could use this for nefarious purposes as well ... 😈
user avatar
User #23176259 - 18 Sep 20 22:37
I'm a trans man who uses gel - thanks for this!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 18 Sep 20 23:24
I did the Gel too.
user avatar
User #27927464 - 18 Sep 20 18:56
As someone whose partner is Trans, I really appreciate this level of inclusivity! 💜💜💜
user avatar
User #515741 - 24 Sep 20 17:23
This is amazing! I really love the attention to detail you've put in. Also, "Your sim can now decide when they're done, and request a change of documents. Be ware that it's pricey, and requires time." Don't I know it...
user avatar
User #37994806 - 18 Sep 20 23:42
I can finally put realistic versions of my brother and my friends in my game. This is f*cking AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!!
Season - Less Frequent Surprise Holiday 2020-09-17T16:40:15+00:00

I hate these too...

It doesn't seem like there is a proper way to nuke them entirely with tuning... but I increased the cooldown and the schedule, multiplied by 4... should make them appear less often.


Attachments (1)

Zero_SurpriseHolidays.package (3.7KiB)

UP - Nephele as The Hermit of GF 2020-09-16T22:20:11+00:00

I recently had to unmerge all my CC so I took the opportunity to export a CC version of Nephele, and I added her to the post, too... so she can look in your game as she looks in mine. I use these default eyes that are not included: whisperer eyes

If the skintone doesn't show, I think it's one of these

Comments (3)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 18 Sep 20 16:54
Put the tray files of the sim into the tray folder, the mods and the package on the other post go inside the mods folder
user avatar
User #21158180 - 18 Sep 20 18:11
user avatar
User #21158180 - 18 Sep 20 16:52
How do you install this?
UP - Potions Ingredients Overhaul 2020-09-16T21:32:04+00:00

Made some changes to the ingredients. Then I decided to go crazy, and use the cannabis from Basemental Drugs... why? Because weed is used in witchcraft since the ancient times.

Pick only the regular or the weed version for witches and for vampires if you have vampire magic. The weed version requires Basemental Drugs or it will not work. I only used the object definition of the uncured weed.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4057598 - 17 Sep 20 08:46
Ok, you just gave me a reason to test Basemental Drugs :D I do have sims who use different stuff for other reasons, but it is more story based sidepaths so I haven't tested the basement mod yet. But I do have many mystics, traditional wiches, shamans and I love to give them more herb options. It also suits well for spiritual orders I have. So thank you again <3
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 17 Sep 20 11:53
You'll find that it has interesting options for shamans (ayahuasca, that's how I play shamans in my game)
RoM - No Confident Reaction after Casting Spells! 2020-09-16T02:35:44+00:00

After ONE YEAR of resetting my Sims just after they successfully cast a spell, I found the way to...






They do after casting a spell.

BG - Gender Neutral Standing Idle 2020-09-16T02:17:08+00:00

If you've been following me for a while you know that I don't like the fact that the standing animations are different between males and females for teen+ (they go back to be the same for elders) ...

I found this while I was trying to fix the mod that was causing the annoying "mh-mh" clip to play at random in my game... so...

I changed the default standing idles to be the same for both males and females. And I used the males one because it's the most gender neutral of the two (the female one is a bit too smiley for my taste, otherwise I would have probably made a mix)

This is very likely only an annoyance I have...

I also include a package that removes the special idles for elders and changes them to be the same as adults (the mod I was trying to fix was supposed to reduce just that)

I may have another good news, though...

Brew Herbalism Remedies with the Cauldron 2020-09-15T22:31:58+00:00

Another stupid integration for RoM with previous packs that are not integrated with it... OR is one of my favourite packs, and why on earth a witch should brew herbalism remedies on the stove or grill when a cauldron is available?!

Since the cauldron makes 4 remedies, the ingredients requirement is 4 times the one to brew on the stove.

Also... if you don't want the insects into the remedies, I have a version of the recipes without the insects... this is based on my personal overhaul (I was using LMS Sam one, but, for a change, I didn't like some choices for the ingredients) so I'll include that too. No pictures because I'm lazy today.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6224462 - 16 Sep 20 01:57
Does this work with lms more herbalism recipe.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 16 Sep 20 02:19
Lms new recipes will simply not be included on the cauldron. (this is a brand new interaction with brand new recipes)
Updates - Deadly Duels / Vampire Magic 2020-09-15T21:11:38+00:00

Deadly Duels

Added option for Vampire Witches

Vampire Magic

General fixes

Season - Remove Decorations on Every Lot 2020-09-14T19:42:37+00:00

Trying to play the game a bit...

- Had to replace doors and windows

- The camera controls in Tab mode don't work anymore (page Up/Down)

- I'm having a random clip audio playing around in the Magic Real (a sim making the "mh-mh" sound)

And then there is this old fucking bug of the holiday decorations on community lots that once up stay stuck until the next holiday and cannot be taken down, that according to the QA site was fixed ages ago... like for fuck is fixed!

So I made a debug interaction to take down the bloody decorations on every lot.

Testing cheats on, shift click on terrain, take down decorations.

Needs the Xml Injector.


Attachments (1)

Zero_Debug_ToggleDecorations.package (1.2KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #3842100 - 15 Sep 20 03:58
This is great, thanks! I have Bienchien's deco options for unowned lots, but that requires the deco box, plus she hasn't been updating for the last couple months, so this is great to have instead!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 15 Sep 20 15:56
I used that too, but it requires the box and it was a pain in the ass to put it down every time.
user avatar
User #3459242 - 26 Sep 20 16:23
LIFESAVER. Thank you!
user avatar
User #22923118 - 16 Sep 20 19:10
user avatar
User #10925202 - 14 Sep 20 19:44
Oh, wow! THANK YOU!! That was so annoying.
user avatar
User #21375765 - 14 Sep 20 20:07
Who approved of this feature?😂😂
user avatar
User #26766309 - 15 Sep 20 07:49
Thank you so much. I'm looking for a mod like this for a long time.
Updates For Batuu Gamepack 2020-09-11T01:50:40+00:00

A bunch of mods needed updating:

- Vampire Magic, only the walkby package

- Celebrities Quarantine

- EL Community Jobs

- Nephele as the Hermit, only the package

- No good vampires night time bite

- RoM Portal Only Spellcasters

- Don't turn my npcs into spellcasters

- Walkby Overhaul

Everything is included in the .zip below.

No Random Townies (Testing) is updated too in its own post


Attachments (1)

09-11 (677.2KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #2963354 - 13 Sep 20 04:55
Do we need the update if we don't have the game pack too? :)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 13 Sep 20 11:54
Not strictly necessary... This update really serves only to prevent Batuu aliens from escaping their world.
user avatar
User #8651532 - 12 Sep 20 12:21
Hey there Zero! I've discovered that your More Drinks for Vampires mod causes the bar in Batuu to break - you can't order drinks from it. Thought I'd let you know :)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 12 Sep 20 12:40
fixed. Thanks!
user avatar
User #11026567 - 11 Sep 20 04:09
What mod is this from? - No good vampires night time bite Or, what does it do?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 05:30
It just blacklist Vampires with the regained humanity trait from appearing in the night time visit situation
Working on Updating mods containing filters... 2020-09-10T23:12:30+00:00

Right now. If there are other modders reading who don't want to buy the new stupid GP and need to update mods with filters, traits relative to Batuu npcs were added to almost every filter in game. I'll include a couple of Xmls in case someone needs them.

UP - Master Magic 2020-09-10T21:33:54+00:00

I missed a couple of spells, now they're added too:

Batuu Occults powers Enabled
Batuu Occults powers Enabledmore_vert
Batuu Occults powers Enabled 2020-09-10T21:06:51+00:00close

Maxis took the disturb to block everything on Batuu, and I took the disturb to unblock it.

Vampires and Mermaid powers unblocked as well.

There are some conflicts with other of my mods, in case you have the conflicting mods, only install the packages that don't conflict and you're good to go. Details are inside the .zip.

Media (1)

09-10-20_10-54-22_PM.jpg (2.0MiB)

Attachments (1)

Batuu Occults Powers (382.6KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #23490390 - 13 Sep 20 13:20
Thank you for this one Zero! Question : I think Alien powers are also suppressed from what I've read up and I see them not being included in the mod. Is there a way to add those too?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 13 Sep 20 13:22
yeah... I never play with aliens but I'm going to take a look at the files later.
user avatar
User #23490390 - 13 Sep 20 15:37
Thanks! I don't play with them either but it felt like this pack was the one to finally play around with them a bit. Sadly the devs decided against that :(
user avatar
User #8310123 - 11 Sep 20 15:58
This restriction from EA and Maxis proof that they haven't seen or taken note from an episode from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 to 2020) and forget the character of Merrin who is a Nightsister from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019). In the animation of Star Wars: Clone Wars they have being the introduction of Dathomir Magic (Blend the concept of the Force and Force Powers) performed by Witches of Dathomir. Plus, the Nightsisters (former known as Witches of Dathomir) use their dark arts with their force - driven Magics and their supernatural technique Shadow Magic! Sorry, I'm not the hardcore Star Wars but a Casual fan but still this makes no sense with the restriction with other supernatural abilities.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 17:37
I think they put the restriction just because the pack is so easy that having occults powers makes it a joke.
user avatar
User #8310123 - 12 Sep 20 12:01
I agree. It since they haven't looked into the Nightsisters lore and abilities since they're part of the Star Wars Canon.
user avatar
User #27590989 - 10 Sep 20 23:36
"This is what I think about restrictions..." This is so you! lol
user avatar
User #21375765 - 10 Sep 20 21:14
I love you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
user avatar
User #27590989 - 10 Sep 20 23:36
NEW IR-Cheating - Official Release
NEW IR-Cheating - Official Releasemore_vert
NEW IR-Cheating - Official Release 2020-09-06T13:18:31+00:00close

This is the new version of the old IR-Cheating Mod. If you have the old version, remove it before installing this one, especially the script. This mod doesn't need a script anymore, instead, you need the XML INJECTOR

- Please wait to translate this mod, I still have to add more interactions and strings.

If you had the old IR Cheating, you know what this mod is about, I reworked it from scratch though, to eliminate the need for the constructor and some bugs I could not address otherwise. The mod now relies on broadcasters instead of proximity buff, so it doesn't matter anymore if the jealous sim walks away, and it's a lot faster and precise to identify the parts. It also doesn't add traits anymore, everything works with temporary buffs.

IR Cheating is a rework of the game jealousy system.

As it is in vanilla, the jealousy system is pretty lame. For example, there is no way to tell the partner that it was a misunderstanding if a random sim flirts whit yours, the partner of the jealous sim doesn't acknowledge the jealousy, doesn't even stop flirting or talking with the other sim. IR Cheating attempts to fix all of this.

Main Features:

The MAIN file of IR Cheating can be used on its own. The most basic features are giving a reaction to the cheater sim and make it stop talking with the other sim:

Giving a buff to the sim who flirted with the partner (only in case of a romance relationship present, a random flirt will not trigger the buff on the third sim), and give the possibility to the potential cheater to explain the situation to the partner, thus removing the jealousy buffs and fixing the relationship. The new interactions are under their own pie menu:

The cheater has the possibility to explain themselves or apologize for the flirting. Be ware that the mod knows how serious the cheating was, so the interactions have the possibility to make the situation worse if there is a high enough romance between the cheater and the third person:

Relationship Awareness:

This is separated and optional. When installing this package, the mod will also know the relationship existing between the person that was cheated with, and the third sim, and the reactions will change accordingly:

The mod recognizes and changes the reaction based on:

- Friendly relationships between the sim cheated on and the sim cheated with:

Friends, BFF, Enemies, Disliked Sims will have different reactions.

- Family relationships between the sim cheated on and the sim cheated with:

Siblings, Parents, Children, Family Members will have different reactions.

Broken up/divorced and a special situation for Ghosts with widows.

Romantic relationships.

Flirts, Lovers, Committed Relationships.

Wicked Whims Addon:

NOTICE: This mod doesn't include anything from Wicked Whims, only calls the instance ID of the traits, for these interactions to work correctly you need Wicked Whims, you can use them even without but they'll do nothing at all.

These are the interactions I wanted to add. I don't play much relationships in game (I go for achievements) so I have no idea of how most of it works, much less I play with WW sex features, I only use them for writing, so don't ask me something related to sex in this mod, because I quite frankly don't know shit about sex. But I decided to rely on wicked whims for this feature because it's way better than anything I could come up with.

This is just a more "Immersive" way to add to your Sims the traits from WW that you can add with the mod menu:

Instead of going in the menu, you can now ask your sim's partner to be in a poly relationship, in a sexually open relationship, you can reveal fertility issues or asexuality.

What happens when you perform the interactions, is that your sims get the reward traits from WW (Polygamous, Adulterer, Infertile and Sexually Abstinent). In case of polygamy and open relationship, both sims involved in the interaction get the trait. In case of infertility and asexuality only the actor gets the trait (you can still perform the interaction even after, but only once per sim, once you said it, the sim knows).

What happens after you get the traits is on Wicked Whims.

A Poly relationship specifically will show in the relationship panel, will be removed if the sims break up the maxis standard relationship and can be removed anytime, but doesn't replace the "girlfriend/boyfriend" or any other maxis relbit in sense of functionality... is just something you can have for storytelling purpose.

The interactions can be used without wicked whims but they do nothing at all (apart adding the relbit)


The mod can already be used as it is. Since there are a ton of variables, and I can't test them all, please report any weirdness you find.

(there are some weird situations when the sims are all romantically involved, those will be addressed when I'll add more interactions. By the way, if the sim reacting has a romance with the third sim, they'll be flagged as cheaters too and will have the possibility to apologize or explain the situation to both the original cheater and the third sim.)

The String Tables are separated. You need the STBL package for the text to appear in game.

Media (1)

09-06-20_6-03-25_AM.png (598.8KiB)

Attachments (1) (167.1KiB)

Comments (31)
user avatar
User #42128005 - 10 Sep 20 17:08
Please help me. I loved the old mod and since the 166.139.1020 update I removed the old and downloaded the new version of the mod and the xml injector. I put them all in the mod folder and loaded the game. I tried testing it out by making sims flirt in front of spouse and nothing happened. There is no pie menu for confront partner, blame other sim, fight for cheating, no buffs added and when I looked with MCCC add or remove buff and checked add buff, I went through them all and did not see any buffs related to the IR Cheating mod. Is there something I am doing wrong?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 10 Sep 20 17:30
This seems like a problem with the xml injector. Check that you have the script mod enabled. If the injector is not working the mod will not work either. Also check if you can see the injector specific test interactions on the phone and mailbox
user avatar
User #42128005 - 10 Sep 20 17:38
I saw the test interaction on the mailbox and when I tried it, it said that it was installed and working correctly.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 10 Sep 20 21:32
Does the sim yours was flirting with have an high enough romance to trigger the reactions? Under 15 points the only reaction you get is the tense buff on the cheater, but the interactions should be unblocked too, they're under their own pie menu now. I did it this way to solve some bugs the other version had.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 10 Sep 20 22:48
No they are basically strangers. I will try it on a couple with high romance levels who are dating. Thank you for your reply.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 10 Sep 20 23:56
I tried it again and had a mutual friend sim of the couple flirt with the female engaged sim and the engaged male sim had the flirty wife buff and the female engaged sim had the tense caught cheating buff when she did not accept the flirt. The engaged couple have full green and pink bars and the sim who flirted with had halfway green for friend of the two. I did not see anything under friendly or mean to confront, fight etc. on the 2 sims that were caught flirting and no separate pie menu. Is there supposed to be a pie menu like friendly, romance, mean, etc. that says something like cheating or are the interactions under the mean or friendly like the old version? Thanks for your help. The game isn't the same without this mod.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 02:01
There is a separate pie menu that's called Relationship, unless you have the WW addon, you'll see it only when a sim has the caught cheating buff on. Click on the sim that was cheated on and it should be there. I still have to add some of the features from the old mod and some interactions.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 11 Sep 20 03:08
I saw the pie menu called Relationship, but the cheated on sim was too angry to use it. The other sim had 4 or 5 options about proposing open relationship, etc. I did not see anything about confronting or fighting the 2 sims flirting. The spouse of the sim that was flirted with didn't accept the flirt and had the caught cheating buff and under mean I think it had convince the sim it was their fault for cheating and under friendly had apologize for cheating and another one like relieve guilt for cheating. The older version had the one that was cheated on confront, demand explanation, or fight the other sim who did the flirting with their spouse or partner or fight their partner or spouse if they were the one who did the flirting with another sim. I do not see any of the confront, demand explanation, or fight at all. Is that included in the new version?
user avatar
User #25666910 - 13 Sep 20 04:08
I need help please! So I don't think the relationship awareness feature is working in my game, I have re-downloaded the mod and xml-injector a few times and I still get the same issue where the buff will not show up say if I had a married sims cheat with their partners sibling. Is there something I am doing wrong when installing the mod?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 05:33
Right now I included only 2 options for the cheater to apologize and explain the situation. I've yet to add more if I manage to finally use the "argue" function that came with parenthood.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 11 Sep 20 13:30
What options are included for the one cheated on? I didn't see anything towards the one who initiated the cheating with the partner/spouse or towards the spouse/partner who accepted or didn't accept flirting.
user avatar
User #27590989 - 6 Sep 20 13:59
Wow! This is another level! 🤩
user avatar
User #4744068 - 6 Sep 20 15:50
Wow, this is really cool! Just yesterday I was playing, and when it was my Sims birthday her boyfriend autonomously flirted with some Sims he was talking to (to be fair to the guy, he was 'very flirty' and so the autonomous behaviour just went with it lol). She became 'enraged' and it ruined the whole event. Being able to make him apologise and explain the situation will be so cool. I have to say, I love your mods so much! (Slight side note, I have your Carmilla as the vampire sage mod and Mircalla is also in my game and MCCC made Mircalla get married to Don Lothario lol)
user avatar
User #25666910 - 13 Sep 20 16:07
No, they didn't have the embarrassed buff instead they got the enraged buff of caught cheating but the cheated on sim did get the with my sibling buff.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 13 Sep 20 16:34
The only instance this can happen is when the three sims all have a romantic relationship with each other.
user avatar
User #25666910 - 13 Sep 20 20:28
Oh okay but yeah no all three sims don't have a romantic relationship, but I'll just keep playing around with it to see what happens because it seems to be working since I had one of the buffs but thanks for your help!
user avatar
User #11026567 - 8 Sep 20 17:03
Really like the WW addon for more immersively adding the traits.
user avatar
User #25666910 - 13 Sep 20 04:09
The cheated on sims will also not react if I have the married sim flirt with another in front of them.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 13 Sep 20 11:58
For the relationships awareness be to kick in the cheating needs to be serious (there needs to be an high enough romantic relationship between the cheater and the other sim.) The cheated on sim not reacting is a problem that's not caused by this mod since it doesn't touch anything from that, but may be the cause this mod is not working because if they don't react my mod can't fire at all.
user avatar
User #25666910 - 13 Sep 20 14:52
Thanks for getting back to me! But the cheater and the other sim pink motive was filled all the way as well as the married couple and the buffs still did not pop up, I only got the enraged buff for flirty spouse for the cheated on sim and not the with my sibling buff since the other sim that cheated with the cheater was their sibling. and the cheating sims had the caught cheating buff, but I did cheat the romantic relationship with MCCC between the cheating sim and the sibling, could this be the issue why they still did not trigger?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 13 Sep 20 15:29
No. Did the sibling have the embarrassed buff? If they didn't get it, that's the problem.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 14:30
None for now. After making 100 buffs by hand I was a bit tired.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 11 Sep 20 15:17
Okay, so the mod is actually working with my game, just doesn't have all the features as the older version of the mod. Thanks again and I will check back in the future to see when you update it again.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 17:35
Yeah it still doesn't. I want the features to work better than before since now the mod is not tied to a tool anymore and there are more things I can do.
user avatar
User #42128005 - 16 Sep 20 07:15
Sorry it's me again. Been playing around with the mod and under Relationships only had the option to apologize for cheating, no explain the situation. I just left the sim angry and did not have the sim apologize for cheating because they didn't initialize the flirt.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 16 Sep 20 07:37
Romance between the cheated on sim and the cheater wasn't high enough, that's the only reason one of the two can appears and the other one no. It must be 30+.... not enough trust to explain the situation under that score.
user avatar
User #32080161 - 6 Sep 20 16:16
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
user avatar
User #32080161 - 7 Sep 20 19:10
Translation updated!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 7 Sep 20 21:03
user avatar
User #9320124 - 6 Sep 20 17:23
Hey, is this compatible with the realistic reactions mod?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 6 Sep 20 18:39
Should be compatible with everything
I forgot how funny this mod can be... 2020-09-05T14:00:12+00:00

So yeah... this works too, even with the new method.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #10657202 - 5 Sep 20 16:51
What Mod is it ?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 5 Sep 20 17:09
Ir cheating, in testing, it's pinned
user avatar
User #19313387 - 5 Sep 20 16:22
Those are fabulous!! Now if I could just find time to sit down and play!!
TESTING - IR Cheating NEW VERSION!more_vert
Post file flag
TESTING - IR Cheating NEW VERSION! 2020-09-05T04:52:56+00:00close


Media (1)

09-05-20_5-20-35_AM.png (643.2KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #5133561 - 5 Sep 20 07:01
Is it possible to change the pie menu name for romantic option, for Sims in a not open relationship, to something like "cheating". Maybe it's weird, but just a thought. Maybe as an add on. Was thinking it might make sense for the Sims in relationship to know that this isn't considered normal romantic actions anymore, it's something else, and they will get consequences.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 5 Sep 20 07:05
You mean the regular maxis pie menu? I don't think it's testable, but I'll give a look at the tdesc
user avatar
User #14045685 - 6 Sep 20 03:55
I love this! there should be something like this for sims arguments to they can apologise but it's always accepted
user avatar
User #19313387 - 5 Sep 20 05:31
This looks amazing!!!!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 5 Sep 20 13:37
I second that!
Patch PC: / Mac: Mods Status 2020-09-04T05:53:32+00:00

So... yesterday patch broke all the rabbit hole tunings... affected mods should be the roommate appropriate food, and most likely teen/children jump schools. I'm patching now and I'll export the new tunings/check the mods later. Meanwhile let me know if you find other mods affected.


Appropriate food has been updated.

The other mods were not affected by the change.

Master Magic has been updated (not patch related, but I forgot to fix the snippet)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #35214702 - 4 Sep 20 11:51
Will the new updates come as their own post or will we have to go to the original post?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 4 Sep 20 18:47
Original post, so far the only one that was affected seem to be that one though
user avatar
User #19291126 - 9 Sep 20 19:25
Hey Zero, love your mods and how dedicated you are. I use your appropriate food mod for my game. I honestly am just having trouble finding the mod or the update. Can you help me out, thanks.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 9 Sep 20 19:57
It's in the list but under a different name. here
BG - Loners Be Tense From Making New Friends 2020-09-03T16:23:55+00:00

Another small mod I did while waiting for my game to load... I think loners should actually feel tense from having a new potential stalker calling and coming at their door night and day... either that you take it as misanthropy or social anxiety... instead they feel... happy, like everyone else.

VARIOUS - Cat&Dog Lover and Vegetarian as Reward Traits
VARIOUS - Cat&Dog Lover and Vegetarian as Reward Traitsmore_vert
VARIOUS - Cat&Dog Lover and Vegetarian as Reward Traits 2020-09-03T12:04:18+00:00close

This mod requires the XML Injector, make sure you have Version 3 (the injector was updated further since February despite the note on the site)


This is a mod that's been in my to-do list for a long time. I like the Dog and Cat lovers trait, what I don't like is them being Personality traits. To me, they don't impact gameplay in such a way to justify them taking a Personality slot. I always though they'd work better as rewards, so I moved them.

Since they're used in a number of things, I can't clone them, they need to be overridden, as a result, if you install this mod, you need to go around and manually fix those sims that had the traits as personality. The trait they had will be awarded automatically:

But on loading the game, you'll get this notification:

That's because one personality trait has been removed from these sims. I suggest you to go around and fix them as soon as possible.

Every other effect these traits have will be the same.


Added - Vegetarian. Same instructions apply, so I'll not make a new post.

Media (1)

Capture3.JPG (58.3KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #33620381 - 3 Sep 20 12:52
such a great idea, has anyone done this for vegeterian?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 3 Sep 20 13:16
Nope. But I can do that too.
user avatar
User #14596469 - 4 Sep 20 19:11
OMG, this is the mod I didn't know I needed. Thank you!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 5 Sep 20 13:07
That happens a lot with me!
user avatar
User #10925202 - 3 Sep 20 14:30
Will the "Items Removed" notification come up once or more than that if I use this mod?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 3 Sep 20 14:46
Only once per save. If you start a new game it will remove the traits from maxis premades too
Bugfix - Freelancer Dramanode 2020-09-03T10:00:38+00:00

I don't know if someone fixed this already... it was annoying me and it was easier to just look at the files...

Sims are getting the notification of gigs being available when NOT in a freelancer career. Maxis forgot a test in the dramanode for the Maker Freelancer career.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16349846 - 3 Sep 20 14:14
Oh my ! I spent so many time roaming through my mods folder, thinking that I had conflicting mods, even though I'm very careful. And as always, it was a vanilla bug, of course. Thank you so very much <3
BG - Slob Sims are NOT uncomfortable With Low Hygiene 2020-09-02T10:04:08+00:00

- One makes them just not have a buff at all, it's replaced by an hidden one.

- One makes them be happy about it.

Version with or without the green VFX of both.

Pick only one.


Comments (8)
user avatar
User #12792404 - 10 Sep 20 13:17
Hey Zero, I have an idea for another mod. essentially making DU Utili-bots Always Max Enhancement and making them Waterproof. The First aspect is because it's a pain to Enhance them manually using the Bot Making Station, and that a recent bug that came with Eco Lifestyle made them Randomly jump Enhancement Levels and reset back to level one. the second because it is annoying that when it rains my utili-bots are always shorting out when it rains (it's easier in Strangerville because it rarely rains there, not so much in San Myshuno where the odds of it raining are much greater). Also does your Patreon not accept direct messages, or is that something only patrons have.
user avatar
User #27003706 - 2 Sep 20 23:28
Hello, once again I again kkk I updated the translation of your mod master magic, and added the new lines and translated them. Thank you for including my translations <3 Link:
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 11:27
Only slob Sims. You can find the mod to remove it from bienchen83. I removed it from here to get in line with her mod (this is a new buff I made to replace Maxis)
user avatar
User #3910830 - 2 Sep 20 10:55
Oh, that's a great idea! Thanks for this! Quick question, is the removal of the green VFX only for Slob Sims, or is it for every Sim?
user avatar
User #9267623 - 2 Sep 20 20:16
Dumb question... what is VFX in this context?
user avatar
User #6233808 - 2 Sep 20 23:16
It's that green smoke looking stuff that surrounds the sims when they are low hygiene.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 23:44
The green stuff that's around the sim when he's dirty.
user avatar
User #9267623 - 3 Sep 20 15:46
Ah! Thanks for the responses!
UPDATES 2020-09-01T23:34:54+00:00

Fixed some problems in Master Magic, details are in the post:

Updated the No Random Townies test mod to make it less strict with vendors and other roles:

Uploaded translations here and there (I have more to add sitting around). The ones for Master Magic are most likely in need to be redone, because I added a ton of lines while the mod was being translated, so I didn't add those. I need to know if the translations are up to date (I'm most likely not going to add more lines.)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #12792404 - 2 Sep 20 04:52
Forgive me, but I had trouble sending you a direct message, and I'm not sure on your TOU on requests, but would it be possible to create a mod that either Nukes or Reverses the Negative buff of -100 Hygiene on Slob Sims.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 09:36
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 09:37
do you still want them to play the vfx or not?
user avatar
User #27590989 - 2 Sep 20 13:29
That is a great idea!
TUTORIAL - Tests and TestSets 2020-09-01T20:29:17+00:00

Been a while since I made a tutorial. I already did a tutorial about this, but the stuff can be confusing and that was only for the Test Autonomous. This is, more in general, about tests. If you try to do a mod, you'll find tests everywhere. I have two opened here that I know quite well:

They're quite different, and to show you how much, I'll collapse everything is inside the main <L n="test"> list in both:

GP08 - Teach Magic TestSet:

GP04 - Vampire Can Drink TestSet:

So, what's different?

The Vampire Can Drink TestSet is a singular list of ANDs, meaning that the sims involved in the interaction that calls this test need to meet all requirements in order to pass it and for the interaction to run. Here is the reading of the Vampire Can Drink TestSet:

The Teach Spell TestSet is 3 lists of ANDs, separated by an OR. Meaning that the sims must pass everything inside one of the three lists, but it's not required that they pass all of the three lists of OR, passing what's inside one of the three <L> is enough. Here is the reading of the Teach Spell TestSet:

You'll find tests everywhere, as I said, for example, in the interactions, two important ones are at the bottom. The Autonomous test and the Global test:

The autonomous test decides who can run this interaction autonomously, and can be, often is, a list of OR:

It's not required for a sim to pass the whole test, one or the two OR in this case, is enough.

The test global decides if the interaction is or is not available at all for a sim, and as far as I can tell, is always a list of ANDs:

Meaning that the sim must pass the whole global test to have the interaction appear at all.

Roommates and Magic Venue Sims Put Away the Bloody Books! 2020-09-01T13:46:16+00:00

Should help them finding the bookcase to put away books.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5130464 - 1 Sep 20 17:15
Turned out the sim that mine married was a spellcaster. Found the constant wanting to put books away annoying when at HQ. Thanks so much for this mod.
BG - Jealousy Tweak 2020-09-01T12:38:18+00:00

I'm looking into reworking IR Cheating now that I know how to move around the files a bit better, I promise nothing yet, because Maxis jealousy system is very messy, so I may need to work my own system to identify the cheater and the person cheated on, anyway...

Something that bugs me... the jealousy reaction, by default, happens only for committed relationships and for sims that have +30 points in romance... meaning that you can kiss a love interest in front of another love interest with no consequences at all... I never liked it, so I lowered the score a bit and added the condition that if you recently had a first kiss or woohoo with someone, they will react.

This may become redundant if I get around reworking IR cheating.


Attachments (1)

Zero_JealousyTweak.package (552.0B)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #19313387 - 1 Sep 20 23:49
Oh excellent! Thank you!
BG - Mean less Mean 2020-08-31T17:41:48+00:00

Should reduce a bit the autonomy of the mean interactions for the mean trait.


Attachments (1)

Zero_MeanLessMean.package (689.0B)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #27003706 - 31 Aug 20 19:26
Hello, my name is Melqui. I've been following your mods for about a year, and I really love them! I sometimes translate them for personal use. But then I decided to export them for you to include them in the original mods, I exported only the STBLs in folders with the names of the translated mods. Anyway, thank you so much for creating amazing mods !!!! Incidentally, can I give you a spell suggestion? Please create a poisoned apple tome (death caused by food poisoning), very cool series !! Similar to The Sims 3, you know? anyway, thank you very much !! Link:
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 21:34
Thanks! I'll look into making the apple, I know what animation to use already.
user avatar
User #8527642 - 31 Aug 20 17:45
oh jeez, I need this.. so many times I have re-traited a sim due to how cruel the mean trait can be when I just kinda wanted the to be a mild douche.... example being Wolfgang... lol Insulting your partner after "woohoo" isn't appropriate 💔 I suppose hot-headed would be a nice alternative to mean but nonetheless I plan to use this. Thanks! 💜
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 17:50
me too... I always end replacing it because it's too unbalanced... it's easier to befriend Vlad than Wolfgang... and he's Evil and Loner.
user avatar
User #8527642 - 31 Aug 20 17:52
lol so true!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 31 Aug 20 22:25
Ty! Maybe now I can start using it (never did before).
UP - Improved Relationships 2020-08-31T10:19:55+00:00

Finally gave up and manually fixed it. I may manually fix it more in the future to get rid of the Constructor all together. The "rock group medium 01" bug should be gone now.

TESTING - No Random Townies 2020-08-31T08:48:14+00:00

I had problems with NPCC lately, sadly, because I love the assign townies function of that mod... I have problems with townies overhaul less fame too, because it alters a lot of filters and conflicts with a lot of mods, so I made my own version, easy to manage and pinpoint problems in case of conflicts. I need some help testing this mod, though...

So, this is basically the same as townie overhaul, the concept is exactly the same, but, as I said, I needed something I could manage, so I separated the altered filters by EP/GP/SP, so that if I get a problem in University world, I know where I need to look.

If you're about to test this mod, here are the instructions:

Keep all the files inside their folder. Don't mix it with other mods:

Like this

There are a bunch of mods that conflict with it, of mine:

They're all updated to work with it, and if you install it, they need to go in the Overrides folder. All the updated versions are included in the In Overrides archive of this post, not in their own post.

Conflicts with mods from other creators:

Probably conflicts with a lot of mods from other creators too... if you suspect a conflict, open the mod and look for sim filter tunings:

if they're overrides of maxis tuning (the name of the modder is not in front of the name of the tuning) then it conflicts. I'll post a tutorial on how to make them work together.

KEEP THIS MOD OUT OF THE OVERRIDES FOLDER. Move all the conflicting mods into the overrides.

If you get a problem, I need to know where and in what occasion, example:

Random townie generated during college organization gathering in University world.


This will probably NOT completely stop townies. I still get a random adult generated in University, for example, and don't know where the hell he's coming from... but it will reduce them for sure.


Fixed the non assignation of role, now, in order to fix it, I excluded them, so the game will still generate randoms if it can't find a good sim to use. Sims not getting the roles was exactly the problem I had with the other mods, the best solution I found is remove the roles from the mod all together and set MCCC to import the new generated sims from the tray 'cause if I remove some things from the filter, then the game gives the roles to sims I don't want to (like Vlad that was picked as a vendor, the problem I had with NPCC)



- removed some stuff that I don't think it's necessary, I may be wrong though

- reduced the number of conflicting mods. Don't turn my npc into spallcasters is now included in this mod. The others are updated separately

- Separated the game breaking jobs from the main mod, in case the game fails to pick sims for jobs, you can do two things:

1- remove the important job package, let the game generate those sims, put the package back when you're satisfied with the number of workers you have

2 - Use Npcc to assign the roles, then remove the mod.


Attachments (1) (425.4KiB)

Comments (22)
user avatar
User #11596346 - 31 Aug 20 16:45
can you assaign townies like you can with npcc. love that mod but the author has been mia for two months with no word so i am looking for a alternative.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 17:20
nope, this is just a filters override. I'll see if I can do the same for some townies. I love npcc too but it's giving me a lot of problems.
user avatar
User #11596346 - 1 Sep 20 04:11
Dont know if iam doing anything wrong but with your mod no townie jobs are beinb filled. I traveled to several neighborhoods and the different types of venues , all had no workers. Removed your mod and jobs were filled. Nothing in my mod list conflicts with yours tunning.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 1 Sep 20 04:13
You're doing nothing wrong, you can say that's intended behaviour... NPCC has the same issue on some setting... you need to put more jobless sims in the world.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 01:32
QUESTION: do you also have walkby ovehaul?
user avatar
User #22345125 - 12 Sep 20 12:57
I love this Mod and after setting it up with MCCC's, I have absolutely no randoms. None. This gives me only the Townies from my own Library and I've play-tested (Yes, I sat here and played it that long) for a good 48 hrs. There were no Maxis generated oddly "My Mamma forgot to show me how to put my pants on the right way" dressed townies dropping in.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 3 Sep 20 11:11
Hello ! I must ask because I'm not sure I understood the whole process: Do I need to remove NPCC ? Thank you :)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 3 Sep 20 11:23
yep, move it out... NPCC bypass every filter tuning.
user avatar
User #40793212 - 11 Sep 20 07:02
can you please show us a tutorial on how you update your mods? so it can be compatible on the new version
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 08:34
This would depend on the singular mod, I can't do a tutorial that teaches how to update all of them.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 4 Sep 20 16:31
So ! The mod is excellent, truly. No random NPC especially in San Myshuno, no useless townie. Residents were used to fill mixologist job when needed, without losing their "real" job. Good. But actually the mod is TOO good: No NPC are generated for the actor career, so it's now unplayable. I had only 3 of my co-stars, no makeup artist, no producers (even though they're always useless), and no director. I used to save my game before entering the actor set, so I didn't lose anything. Besides this problem, everything was great. Keep up the great job.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 4 Sep 20 17:27
So the game is not picking sims from the world for that, either. This happens when you stop the random generation and the game is out of sims to pick. In any case you wouldn't have lost anything since you only need to remove the mod for sims to be back. I'll exclude those sims from the mod too.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 4 Sep 20 19:32
English is not my first language, so I apologize for my rough explanations. Anyway, I indeed remove the no-random folder and put back my NPCC folder, and was able to start and finish the gig without using a previous save ^^ FYI, I use MCCC to pick only my tagged townies, about 12 households of 8 in total.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 5 Sep 20 06:06
Npcc has a way to force the game to pick sims only from the household you chose. The problem I have with it is that it goes around my modifications to the townies allowed in the Magic Realm whatever I set it, and turns non occults sims into occults despite my filter, so I can't use it.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 06:58
I would gladly drop NPCC for your system in a blink of eyes. Besides the little problem with active careers (I didn't test science or detective yet), your way works definitively better. Only necessary to no townies roaming the streets and venues make the game run so much better. Oh I forgot to tell that I had 3 tourists in front of my celebrity's house, but they were residents dressed with that ugly outfit. No big deal.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 5 Sep 20 07:03
Situation job outfits are controlled in another file. I already excluded sims from active careers from the mod, so they should work.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 07:04
Oh and the only thing I'd miss from NPCC is the possibility to disable shifts, to keep the same NPCs in their role when i'm in a venue. I think I saw 3 NPCs picked from my tray quit their job as mixologists at 8PM and never came back and they weren't replaced after that. I have to confirm, so don't take it for granted for now. The mixologist I hired in the arts center was a resident, and stayed all the time until 23pm when I left the lot, and that's a fact.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 07:06
Testing in progress.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 07:11
(I know I'm chatty, sorry) I remember better now: the 3 bouncers at Starlight accolade were pick from tray because of LMS' mod "LittleMsSam_RSM_BouncerOnlyHomelessSims" (in the overrides folder obviously). but they left the lot all together at 8pm and were never replaced. That's it.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 5 Sep 20 07:23
That's most likely a maxis "bug" and not controlled by filters. Shift are very likely controlled by the walkby director (but I'm not sure)... I'd need to replace all of them and the risk of conflicts is too high.
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 09:39
The Actor career now works impeccably indeed, thanks !
user avatar
User #16349846 - 5 Sep 20 11:52
I tested the other 3 active careers without any problem + visited a gym, a café and a karaoke. The world was absolutely empty, no sims at all. Well, no unecessary NPCs were created, and all NPCs have been reutilised later to fill other situations when necessary. I'll definitely stick to that now, it works amazingly. I'll let you know if I ran into new issues, but I doubt it. Thanks again ! <3
RoM - Floralorial can spawn Outdoor Retreat Plants 2020-08-30T11:06:12+00:00

Another small mod... doesn't need explanations. I just added OR plants to the list.

Just found out that it's Herbio, whatever...


Attachments (1)

RoM_Floralorial_SpawnOR_Plants.package (1.2KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14596469 - 31 Aug 20 18:06
We knew what you meant!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 1 Sep 20 17:47
I almost never use practical magic.... makes the everything too easy
MASTER MAGIC! Magic Schools Made Relevant.
MASTER MAGIC! Magic Schools Made Relevant.more_vert
MASTER MAGIC! Magic Schools Made Relevant. 2020-08-30T09:56:42+00:00close

PLUS: Ask the Sages to be your teachers and build a relationship with special interactions!


This mod modifies in game mechanics and has some incompatibilities, I'll not give support if you didn't read.

This mod requires the XML INJECTOR

So Maxis gave us three schools of magic that matters NOTHING. I've been wanting to do this mod for a while but I knew that, while not technically difficult, it was a pain in the ass. In the end I decided to just do it...

What's the purpose of this mod?

The purpose of the mod is personalize your mage by giving them a specialization in one of the three schools. Being a specialized mage means that when try to use magic from another school of magic, they'll fail more often than not. The purpose is purely story telling/roleplay, i didn't add a bonus for the spells of the chosen school, because, honestly, there is no need... they already barely fails at magic.

This mod adds three traits you can pick from:

Mischief Mage: specialized in Mischief Magic, they stand more or less in the middle. They have a hard time casting spells from other schools, but not as much as an Untamed mage casting Practical spells. They're more in line with Untamed Magic.

Untamed Mage: specialized in Untamed Magic, they have a hard time with Practical spells, not so much with mischief ones, especially the one in line with their school (like the fight spell). Be ware that Untamed Magic is the harder to use if you're not a specialist.

Practical Mage: specialized in Practical Magic, they have a hard time with Untamed spells. Not so much with mischief ones, especially the ones in line with their school, like the transform and the love spell.

How do you become a specialized Mage?

The Sages have new interactions. You can ask your chosen Sage to become your teacher:

You can also ask them information about their school of magic before choosing. You can drop the teacher at any time, but you'll not be able to have them as teachers again, if you do.

If you drop your teacher, you'll be able to pick another.

Once you picked a Sage, you'll still be able to learn from the other ones, but not ask them to be your teacher. Having a teacher will give you the specialization trait:

At this point, my modifications to the success and failure rate of the spells will apply.

You will have special interactions with your teacher! You can, for example, ask them about magic or about the magic realm:

And they will ACTUALLY teach you:

Once learned the Ultimate Spell, you can ask them to complete your training, at that point you will have a new interaction to ask your ex-teacher for advice (the informative interactions about magic and the magic realm will not be available anymore, since at that point you should be well versed in that.) The chosen Sage will show in the relationship panel as your teacher.


Make it mandatory - the system IS NOT mandatory by default. meaning that you can have the option without being forced to use it. There is a package to make it MANDATORY, it will remove the "ask to teach spell" interaction until you chose a Sage.

Specialized Sages - Makes the sages Specialized Mages by default. This option is not compatible with Play As The Sage... the mod is updated to include it. If you use it, DON'T INSTAL THE BUFFS PACKAGE, just grab the update.

Untamed Spells - the modified untamed spells are not compatible with Untamed Magic is Untamed, the mod is updated to include the changes. You need either this package or the Untamed magic is Untamed for this mod to work as intended.

Traditional Witchcraft:

Becoming a traditional witch will remove the specialization


Untamed Magic is Untamed can be both V1 or V2



Added 2 new interactions with your teacher:

Ask Lesson - They will give you some information about the various spells in their school of magic. These are in line with Maxis canon in order to fit everyone's game.

Chit-Chat - you can now just chit chat with your teacher! Maybe you'll get a gift.


If you play as the sage, you'll have the options to ask your students about their progresses and to chit chat with them.

___ 08/31

Fixed a problem in the string tables.

Added Bonus:

Untamed Mages: build less charge

Mischief Mages: increase mischief skill faster

Practical Mages: gain more XP

All the Mages will have more desire to socialize with their teachers when left on autonomy (and the teacher is on their role)


Mischief Mages can now tell the future!

This is an ability only Mischief Mages have (they have less spells than the others in vanilla, so...).

You can ask a Mischief Mage to tell your future (they can't tell other Mischief Mages future, though) and there are 4 outcomes:

Neutral - no effects

Bright - affects positively your sim day

Bad - affect negatively your sim day

Doom - better send your sim to bed...

They can tell their own future by looking in the mirror, the outcomes are the same.

Under Faba's request: there is a new Mischief interaction exclusive to Mischief Mages: Predict Doom, with this, they can actively ruin another sim day.

The emotional buffs last few hours, the effects last 24 hours.

A word of advice: don't ask if you failed drinking the luck potion... it can only get worse.


Untamed Mages can now cast Curses!

These are not Maxis curses (they're set to work only on Witches and are jokes, anyway), these are brand new curses I did from scratch. There are 5 custom curses, in order:

Curse Of Misfortune - makes the sim have a very bad luck.

Curse Of Infinite Loneliness - no social interaction for the sim under this curse will succeed.

Curse Of Perpetual Flame - it will be very likely for the sim under this curse to accidentally cause a fire...

Curse Of Unreachable Happiness - the sim under this curse will not feel happiness... or any positive emotion, for what matters. on the other hand, negative emotions will be twice as strong as normal.

Evil Eye - all the above, all together.

The curses unlock as you rank up, you'll not find them in the spell book. And they have their own category (curses). The first one unlocks at rank 2.

Be ware that there is a rule in Magic... when you use magic to cause harm, you risk bringing the same harm into your life... yep, these curses increment YOUR risk to get a curse, too... even when you succeed casting them.


Practical Mages can remove the above curses

At Rank 2, they can remove them from themselves, at Rank 3, they can be asked to remove them, too. Only Practical Mages can remove the curse cast by an Untamed Mage.

- Ok, I'm done now, promise.


Integrated with Traditional Witchcraft. Curses, fortune telling and ability to remove curses unlocked for Traditional Witches and Vampire Traditional Witches.

Now I'm done for real.


Russian (Trail_of_blood) - Portuguese (Melqui Viana)


09/10 - I missed a couple of spells, added them to the mod. I'll not update this to add the region restriction Maxis put on Batuu.

Media (1)

08-30-20_10-34-53_AM.jpg (449.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

Zero - Master (389.8KiB)

Comments (27)
user avatar
User #4805997 - 15 Sep 20 07:34
Another question though. if I have the package Zero- VampireWitches_Spells_UNTAMED, should I skipp the Zero_MasterMagic_SpecializedMages_UntamedSpells? I still want untamed magic Is untamed version 2 in my game for both humans and vampires.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 15 Sep 20 15:54
Yup... untamed magic is untamed already includes what's needed for the specialization to work+
user avatar
User #4805997 - 14 Sep 20 07:56
Does this work with vampire magic as well, can vampires become specialized mages too?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 14 Sep 20 12:56
Nope, vampire magic works in another way, I'm afraid introducing this system would make casting spells with vampires way too hard.
user avatar
User #4805997 - 14 Sep 20 19:04
I feel you, honestly wish vampires had their own "magic" instead, seperated from humans, like the blood magic thaumaturgy that the tremere clan from world of darkness has.
user avatar
User #27590989 - 30 Aug 20 10:45
You did it! I can't believe you did it! This is a game changer! Now finally my sim will be able to start small and upgrade if they want to do so LATER. This is so exciting. It makes me want to get out of bed (I've been sick lately, but I'm getting better. Thanks for the wishes, btw). When you put your mind to something, you really do it. I admire this so much! 💕 Thanks for sharing this with us!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 1 Sep 20 10:19
"You’re a little scary sometimes, you know that? Brilliant, but scary." From HP1 PS: Please, don't ever stop! ;)
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 1 Sep 20 12:39
I go maniac from time to time, ahah.
user avatar
User #3459242 - 5 Sep 20 17:49
This looks like such a cool mod. I'm glad you made the effects optional, so some mages can choose to specialize and others can be generalists. More storytelling possibilities! Thank you so very much!
user avatar
User #11026567 - 11 Sep 20 12:42
Am I reading this right that you can master one branch and then change teachers and master another? or do you lose you mastery with changing your teacher?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 14:28
You lose your mastery and the ability to learn from that teacher again. I'm not maxis, decisions have consequences.
user avatar
User #11026567 - 11 Sep 20 14:38
Just clarifying whether or not you lose the trait. Second question: If your a Master of Untamed can you still cast the uncurses from Practical?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 11 Sep 20 14:59
Yup you lose the trait. An nope, the spells are tied to the trait you choose, so they keep being exclusive to one school of magic.
user avatar
User #11026567 - 13 Sep 20 15:19
Bleh, I'm having issues getting all three mods to work together. Some options are showing up but the actual joining options for both Black and Mastery are not showing up in the menus. Whats a link to your discord channel?
user avatar
User #4057598 - 30 Aug 20 15:43
Is it ok to use "Zero- VampireWitches_Spells_UNTAMED" part of the vampire witches mod with this? I also use Zero_RoM_UntamedmagicIsUntamed-V1in my game and I'm going to test this Master Magic without the modified untamed magic-part now. I also use Black magic and traditional witchcraft. Sorry if this information is written somewhere, I tried to read all, but still a bit feverish mind I think.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 15:58
Yes, the Vampire part is all custom tunings so it doesn't conflict. Black Magic and Traditional Witchcraft are not affected at all. Without the modified file my modifications will not apply to the fire, freeze and lightning spells on sims.
user avatar
User #4057598 - 30 Aug 20 16:28
Ok. I thought that using the updated version of untamed V2 "is enough" since I can't have both that and the MAster magic modified untamed magic part together. Or did I misunderstand that I can only have other one in game.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 18:40
both V1 and V2 of Untamed Magic are updated to work with this mod. Update that and don't install the UNTAMED package from this mod.
user avatar
User #4057598 - 30 Aug 20 19:12
Ok that is what I did. Sorry for doublechecking, This is one of those days when half of my brains are asleep. Love these mods so I have to test them right now anyway :D Thank you <3
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 19:45
Don't worry. have fun!
user avatar
User #14596469 - 31 Aug 20 18:08
Watching my teen witch fail at "Scrubaroo" over and over again (after committing to Untamed Magic) was also oddly satisfying. Thank you again for adding some challenge to this part of the game.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 18:19
There is a way to make the spells succeed but you need the perk master caster and charge. At least the perk is useful for something
user avatar
User #32080161 - 3 Sep 20 02:12
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
user avatar
User #35039456 - 31 Aug 20 22:19
This is too awesome! Makes the RoM pack more worthwhile to play. I have a question about the modifications made to "Zero_MasterMagic_SpecializedMages_UntamedSpells". What kind of modifications were done to this file so I can compare to the V1 and V2 files in the other thread on Untamed Spells? Many thanks to these great mods you made!
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 22:55
The modifications done to this one are only on the success/failure rate for non untamed mages, the effects of the spells are vanilla. Untamed Magic is untamed also makes those spells dangerous.
user avatar
User #14596469 - 31 Aug 20 12:30
Thank you for this, I really enjoyed playing with it yesterday. I also installed the mod that requires a higher relationship with the sages to ask them to be your teacher, and Faba is so mean that my sim couldn’t build a relationship with her! That was nice because it adds some unpredictability to the game.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 12:35
I have more to add to the mischief mages... coming soon
RoM - Harder Sages and No Curses 2020-08-30T06:56:05+00:00

Two small mods I did for an upcoming mod I was working on:

Harder Sages will make it so the relationship required with the Sages in order for them to teach you will need to be higher (50+, 15+ if the witch is past rank 3)

No Curses... remove the curses (because I think they're only annoyances)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #27590989 - 30 Aug 20 11:42
Never mind. Your post after this one just saved my life!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 30 Aug 20 11:42
Question: Are you able to read minds or something?
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 11:55
Not yet. What post are you talking about? (Master Magic?)
user avatar
User #27590989 - 31 Aug 20 15:38
I meant YOU! haha Because you've read mine! lol I've always wanted to stick with one magic school only. Master Magic does just that!
user avatar
User #27590989 - 31 Aug 20 15:40
Don't mind me. That was just an attempt of a joke. hehe
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 17:25
Oh... I always wanted the same, too.... I didn't like the way maxis did it since the beginning, they do things too easy.
user avatar
User #27590989 - 30 Aug 20 09:30
I've always thought they were too easy (sages)! And maybe now my sim will stick with white magic only? 🤷
NO Ring Door Bell 2020-08-29T13:03:56+00:00

Does what it says, disables ring door bell situation, because it's annoying.

Pick and choose.

Vampires - No vampires ringing at your door (they come just to hang out anyway)

With relationship - No friends stalking you ("friends"... they usually are sims I met once)

No Neighbours - like fucking Johnny Zest

The stupid option on the door doesn't work (doesn't stick if you quit the game or travel)

I didn't disable the family members... yet (there aren't many of those. these one run 100 times a day)

Added: No welcome wagon (I left the strangerville one though)

UP: Fixed LE on the others too.

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #5115315 - 29 Aug 20 13:11
yay, thank you! I keep choosing "disallow vampires" on the door but 10min later, I have to do it again...
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 29 Aug 20 13:25
I know... it doesn't work.
user avatar
User #6423654 - 30 Aug 20 04:05
THANK YOU!!! I was wondering why I all of a sudden had random Sims knocking at my door...
user avatar
User #10657202 - 29 Aug 20 23:52
You hate Johnny Zest ? XD Well I kinda see him as a bit of an asshole.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 10:25
Nope, actually I like him (I like all the ambitious sims)... but he's a stalker.
user avatar
User #25046850 - 29 Aug 20 13:36
*chefs kiss*
user avatar
User #8527642 - 29 Aug 20 15:34
Oh, thank god... The mod I used to use for No Welcome Wagon broke a while back and had to resort to LMS housewarming party. I hate the welcome wagon with a passion ever since it made one of my foodie sims get that hates eating glitch from the stupid fruitcake. I felt so bad for him. Thank you.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 29 Aug 20 15:48
It's a situation in case some update breaks it again... I left only the duration in it so the pre-situation will not start the welcome wagon one.
user avatar
User #21872883 - 29 Aug 20 14:02
I dont mind vampires or other people coming to visit. It's free fresh "on the hoof" blood coming right to your door. 😈 . What annoys me is the Welcome Wagon. Unless for some reason I have a specific reason to meet the neighbors its just annoying. Especially if your newly moved in sim is a vampire, like wtf am I going to do with a fruitcake? Bring me a plasma bag or plasma fruit or something useful at least 😒🤦‍♀️Worse if you are just a sim on a blank lot or have a building but no actual door on it the whole event glitches out because it requires a door. 🤦‍♀️ I'm glad you can set the door to deny Solicitors which includes the WW assuming you remember to set it before anyone gets there. 🤣.
user avatar
zer0_Mods_ - 29 Aug 20 15:05
Yeah, I hated that they introduced it again... I think it may be a dramaNode... let's see...
UP - Vampire Magic and Nephele as the Hermit 2020-08-29T08:53:50+00:00


Some bugfixes, and updated for Nephele to work


Nephele can now teach magic, and will behave autonomously like a witch (give her a cauldron, she will use it)

By the way, whatever witch or vampire witch you give the traditional witch status and the trait trait_isMasterHerbalist will behave this way and be able to teach magic, so you can make your own witch of the forest (in that case, you only need the package)

To make a sim the hermit of the forest, load them into a lot, enable testingcheats on and use the cheat:

traits.equip_trait trait_isMasterHerbalist

Then evict them.

Comments (13)
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User #4744068 - 12 Sep 20 00:51
Hi! I don't know if you take requests or not, and no worries if you don't of course. I had an idea for a mod for Vampires that I think would be amazing for a story I have. Basically, Bloodlines for Vampires. Though slightly different from Spellcaster Bloodlines, so maybe they'd be called Vampire Bloodline instead. Like Spellcasters, they'd have a Weak Vampire Bloodline, Strong Vampire Bloodline, and Ancient Vampire Bloodline. Also like Spellcasters, each new rank makes them earn power points slightly faster and stuff. Maybe the stronger their Bloodline, they could also have a few more perks. Like weaknesses affecting them less, powers they gain being slightly stronger, but honestly I wouldn't mind if it just increased the rate points were earned. More for story telling than anything! (It could also be compatible with your Vampire Witches and they could have both Spellcaster Bloodlines and Vampire Bloodlines depending on breeding) The Bloodlines would pass on by breeding like Spellcasters, with their kid having the next tier. But with Vampires, if it's possible, their Bloodline could also pass on via turning another Sim. However that Bloodline would be weakened. So if a vampire with an Ancient Bloodline turned a Sim, that new Fledgling would have a Strong Bloodline instead, and if the Strong turned a Sim they would have Weak... and then if a Weak turned a Sim, they'd have no Bloodline. (I don't know if this would be possible or not though) Existing Vampires in the game wouldn't have a Bloodline set (I wouldn't mind going in and adding Bloodlines to existing Sims myself), but maybe generated Vampires could have a chance of being generated with either a Weak or Strong Bloodline. Maybe even Ancient on rare occasions. I just thought of this because in my story, there's a Vampiress called Lila Delarosa who turns a human, and she's very ancient and powerful, and because she was the one who turned him he's stronger than the average vampire but not as strong as her. Anyway that was my idea 😅 Sorry to bother you and for the length, feel free to ignore if you don't take requests or anything, I don't want to overstep lol 😊
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zer0_Mods_ - 12 Sep 20 12:44
This has been asked a number of times already... spellcasters bloodlines are decided in the Cas tuning, I can't make vampires one work the same way. I'll see if I can find a workaround.... but it will never be the same.
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User #24563232 - 30 Aug 20 09:11
HI! I don't know if it's from this updates but some vampire spell in the spellcaster spellbook appear with no names, and after i learn them from Carmilla with my spellcaster, some blank option appears in the spell menu
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zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 11:07
do you play the game in english?
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User #27590989 - 29 Aug 20 09:03
Nephele is so pretty and perfect, but is always good to have the option! Thank you!
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zer0_Mods_ - 29 Aug 20 09:05
Most importantly, she'll never die because she's a vampire, so the hermit will never be replaced by a random crazy pear shaped sim.
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User #27590989 - 31 Aug 20 21:44
Oh. I haven't even thought about that! That's perfect!!!
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User #24563232 - 30 Aug 20 11:26
nope italian, but i always have the mod text in english
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zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 11:39
Oh.. allora posso anche scrivere in italiano! Strano che le opzioni siano vuote per Camilla, non ho aggiornato quel file per nulla, solo il file principale. Di solito quando c'è un problema del genere è colpa di una traduzione. Ci do un'occhiata.
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User #24563232 - 30 Aug 20 11:49
Ah non sapevo fossi italiano, scusami io sono un rompi scatole unico, ma se vedo qualcosa di strano penso sia sempre meglio fare un report ! :D
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zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 11:53
fai bene. dovrebbe essere apposto adesso, anche se i mod li vedi in inglese, se hai il gioco in italiano usa the string tables dell'italiano (che in questo caso sono ancora in inglese perché devo ancora tradurlo sto mod) infatti non le avevo aggiornate. scarica il package che ho caricato fuori dall'archivio zip, più tardi aggiungo tutto insieme.
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User #24563232 - 30 Aug 20 12:27
Grazie mille!
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User #24563232 - 30 Aug 20 16:29
Scusami ma nella sezione vampire magic oltre al zip principale e al tray file di Carmilla vedo solo un package walkby and sage che credo sia correlato ad un altra tua mod ( forse), non trovo il package di cui parli fuori dall'archivio zip
Nephele as The Hermit of GF (and Traditional Witch)
Nephele as The Hermit of GF (and Traditional Witch)more_vert
Nephele as The Hermit of GF (and Traditional Witch) 2020-08-28T20:50:48+00:00close

I've been asked to share The Witch of the Forest from Crossing (the sims I also used in the preview of Traditional Witchcraft) in the role of the Hermit of Granite Falls, similar to Carmilla in Vampire Magic, so here she is. I had to remove her CC so she'll look a bit different in your game.

To use her, you need both Vampire Magic (grab the update I did for her to work) and Traditional Witchcraft (grab the update of this one, too) because she's a Vampire and a Witch. She'll cover the regular role of Maxis Hermit plus she'll be a traditional witch you can ask information about the old ways, too. She's immune to sun, so she'll not die in your game. To make her work, put the .package in your mod folder and the tray files in your tray folder. I didn't test her with NPCC but it probably messes up her spawning. The mod should work with townies overhaul as long as the package is in the Overrides folder.

You'll find her in your Library (enable to show CC, she has custom traits that she'll keep when placed in world) place her in a lot and evict her to have her take the hermit role.

I also made the Hermit trait playable, meaning that it will not be removed if the sim is added to the active household, but the Hermit will not be there or will be replaced by a random in that case.

- Locked her thirst and Vampire Powers motives.

To make your own witch of the forest:

Whatever witch or vampire witch you give the traditional witch status and the trait trait_isMasterHerbalist will behave this way and be able to teach magic, so you can make your own witch of the forest (in that case, you only need the package)

To make a sim the hermit of the forest, load them into a lot, enable testingcheats on and use the cheat:

traits.equip_trait trait_isMasterHerbalist

Then evict them.


UPDATES (Only the package file)


- Batuu Update

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04-15-20_3-58-16_PM.jpg (225.5KiB)

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User #8659222 - 30 Aug 20 22:04
can i ask where to get the cc for her? (like that cloak???)
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zer0_Mods_ - 31 Aug 20 01:40
I think the site where I got it is Valhalla sims or something like that, game of thrones inspired cloak.
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User #27590989 - 28 Aug 20 21:52
OmG! Thank you so much!!! That was a gift! I feel so much closer to the stories now! It's so exciting!
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zer0_Mods_ - 28 Aug 20 21:56
You're welcome! get better soon.
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User #27003706 - 1 Sep 20 18:31
Hi, letting me know that the NPCC does not interfere in the hermit's spawning. Yesterday I created a yes Witch I did everything in the description and she appeared there normally even with the NPCC.
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zer0_Mods_ - 2 Sep 20 10:44
RoM - Potion of Nausea is Poison 2020-08-28T19:24:35+00:00

On the same note of the other mod, the potion of nausea will now make the sim just vomit only initially... once the nausea effect will wear off.... it will reveal itself for actual, deadly, poison. 100% deadly, no antidots will work... they have some chance to overcome the poison, but if they fail to... they're left to enjoy a slow and painful death.

(Requires Jungle Adventure)


Russian (trail_of_blood) - Portuguese ( Melqui Viana )


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Zero_RoM_PotionOfNauseaIsPoison.package (13.0KiB)

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User #21872883 - 29 Aug 20 14:09
Yay! 😁😁😁😈😈😈😈
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User #4291141 - 30 Aug 20 13:58
Really?! Oh my gosh that would be so awesome!!! Thank you 💕💕💕💕
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zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 14:19
I need to look into it but there is the "give weird fruit" interaction that would work nicely for that.
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User #4291141 - 29 Aug 20 23:15
Wow!!! This is epic! Thank you!! It's wild cause I was just thinking how i missed the poisoned apple in the sims 3. This works well. Thank you!
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zer0_Mods_ - 30 Aug 20 13:41
I think I can make a poisonous apple too.... i have the interaction to use (would require strangerville though)
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User #32080161 - 28 Aug 20 21:48
Hi! I translated the mod into Russian.
RoM - REAL Potion of Rejuvenation!
RoM - REAL Potion of Rejuvenation!more_vert
RoM - REAL Potion of Rejuvenation! 2020-08-28T17:39:56+00:00close

Yup. The stupid potion will now actually age down your sim... or age them up, if it fails.

Careful: it can bring you down to child.

I'm not sure children can drink it, but if they can, it will reset their age progression on success.

For elders, it will fill the progression on failure.

Mod idea of Jaqueline Vatore.

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08-28-20_7-17-35_PM.jpg (431.1KiB)

Comments (5)
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User #27590989 - 28 Aug 20 17:46
That was fast! I love the idea of surprises like this in TS4.
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zer0_Mods_ - 28 Aug 20 17:53
I already knew how to do it, I did the same in the Time Lords mod so I didn't have to look around in the files to understand how it works.
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User #21872883 - 28 Aug 20 18:31
YES!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍
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User #3459242 - 5 Sep 20 17:50
This can come in quite handy. Thank you very much!
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User #13574913 - 28 Aug 20 18:05
This is great! I've been using TopRapidity's "Age Manipulator" mod. the problem is he seems to have tried to make a 5th level spell as a 4th level with spell books and that throws exceptions and kinda borks the game a bit. This is what I really wanted... along with your tutorials!
RoM - Potions Ingredients Overhaul 2020-08-28T14:35:49+00:00

There is another mod like this around, and I used it for a while, but there are two things I didn't like about it: the use of fishes and crystals in potions. I wanted to use ingredients from Outdoor Retreat, so I made my own version a while ago an never shared it. If someone is interested in it, though, here it is.

The ingredients on the Potions are changed to this:

Forced Friendship: Moth Luna , 2xToxic Chamomile, Jezebel

Prompt Resurrection: 2xJewel Beetle, 2xPomegranade, Death Flower

Plentiful Needs: 5xValerian Roots, 2xMorel, 5xElderberry

Masterful Insults: Fire ant, 10xMadnip, Morel Toxic

Immortality: 2xDeath Flower, 3xPomegranade, Forbidden Fruit, 10xPlasma Pack

Rejuvenation: Forbidden Fruit, 2xMorel Toxic, 2xCrow Feather

Transcendent Charmer: Mantis, 10xSnowdrop, Moth Luna

Good Fortune: 2xFirefly Rainbow, Rainbow Fish

Magical Aura: Firefly Rainbow, Fireleaf Toxic

Emotional Stability: Soot Spirit, 2xHuckleberry Toxic, 2xChamomile

Alluring Aura: Heartfrog, 2xBlue Morpho, 2xElderberry Toxic

Nausea: 2xMorel Toxic, 4xChamomile Toxic

Curse Cleansing: 2xSnowdrop, Morel Toxic, 2xElderberry Toxic, 3xMandrakes

Perk Purging: Moth Luna, 6xMandrakes

Nimble Mind: 5xValerian Roots, Bee

This mod requires Outdoor Retreat, Season and Pets.

I didn't want to make it too hard but I also wanted to use ingredients that made sense, and make some potions more hard to do (like the potion of immortality). Clearly, with this mod a witch has to know herbalism.

I also have the version of the potions with these ingredients for Vampire Magic, replace the standard one with this one if you want the same ingredients to apply to potions made by vampires.

Comments (5)
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User #21872883 - 28 Aug 20 15:05
Anyone else think the Potion Of Rejuvenation should drop an Elder or Adult Sim's age down to Young Adult when consumed instead of it being just another rehash of the Potion If Youth? 😒 Or is it just me? 🤦‍♀️🤣
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zer0_Mods_ - 28 Aug 20 16:21
can do that, I think. I need to look at the tdesc again though
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User #27590989 - 28 Aug 20 17:22
Finally! Maybe I can play RoM now. Thank you so much!
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User #32617956 - 28 Aug 20 16:36
Yes! Thank you! I hate the damn fish. They always rot before I get around to using them.
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User #21872883 - 28 Aug 20 18:36
Not sure if it matters if the fish rot or not by the time you get to them. 🤔 I was able to make fish required potions and they were beyond foul by the time I got to using them and the potion came out fine. 🤷‍♀️
UP - Change into EveryDay for Classes 2020-08-28T14:01:34+00:00

It was working only for the go to class early interaction, now should work for the standard go to class too.


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