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More Understone Walls...
More Understone Walls...more_vert
Post file flag
More Understone Walls... 2020-03-28T05:38:54+00:00close

I added some more types to the Understone Walls catalog. I find these type of wall systems to be super useful when building a table, for example the attached picture of the Rangers of Shadow Deep game I played tonight had a top of a beacon tower battle. So I used the "parapet" style short walls I made to create that look. I also made some bars and gates sections, as well as a set of "ruined" sections.


Also, if you haven't seen it already FROSTGRAVE and Solo Frostgrave expansions are FREE!! You should totally go grab these rule books if you haven't already dug into Frostgrave. Such a good game.

Spell marker tokens
Spell marker tokensmore_vert
Post file flag
Spell marker tokens 2020-03-26T04:32:05+00:00close

I needed some token to mark a spot where I can cast a spell in a solo Frostgrave game. (The first scenario from the 10 part Solo Frostgrave campaign from Bexim's Bazaar... It's lockdown gaming at it's finest!)

So I created this cool looking spell book podium thing... To increase the usefulness of the marker, I also created 1-4 markers by adding that number of skulls at the base in addition to the plain one. I got this idea from a Wyloch video where he talks about objective markers and instead of using numbers, he uses X number of things to differentiate them. I think they were necron or something, but I really liked that idea so I use that when making any kind of marker.

To keep myself sane I am doing a Rangers of Shadow Deep series of missions, and starting the Frostgrave one. I do have to compete with my kid for table space, he is doing home schooling now during lockdown (and is quite frankly none to happy about it).

How is everyone else holding up?

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #23006459 - 27 Mar 20 02:11
Holding up well! Which episode of Bexim's Bazaar has the first scenario? I'm intrigued by more solo Frostgrave scenarios.
user avatar
sablebadger - 27 Mar 20 02:19
March 2019 Issue #3 for this. it's the first episode of a 10 part series.
Speeder proxy for Legion
Speeder proxy for Legionmore_vert
Post file flag
Speeder proxy for Legion 2020-03-25T21:32:06+00:00close

As promised here is the clean version of the landspeeder. I tried to build in supports but I'm still not happy with the underside of the side engines, luckily these are never really seen. I included an unsupported version if you have a better support regime than I do.

Media (1)

speeder_proxy_preview.png (577.7KiB)

Sci Fi platforms update
Sci Fi platforms updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Sci Fi platforms update 2020-03-24T20:16:50+00:00close

Thanks to Hans for catching the error in the riser files, I updated those files and uploaded them again. I also added two new riser frames to the collection that I've been wanting to add. First was an open hex shaped mesh style , and then I added a "chemical tank" to the middle of the frame.

I have plans for a few more in this style including an "elevator" section. Square room style inside the riser frame, and an open door for the players to go in and out of . Could have a number of uses actually. Soon on that, but I need to knock out a few things first.

Media (1)

Risers_Update_render.png (269.1KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #29651846 - 25 Mar 20 19:02
Printed some out and went fine without supports
user avatar
User #29651846 - 26 Mar 20 07:43
If you take any kind of requests, then walkways of both styles in a version witch can bridge half heigh to full heigh and still use the slots on make them stay in place would be an awesome addition, so its not only stairs and ladders to change height :)
user avatar
sablebadger - 26 Mar 20 08:07
It's on my list
user avatar
User #29651846 - 25 Mar 20 10:57
Just curious, how are you printing the risers, full support? still wish there were easy to place custom supports in Cura to help with the bridgeing
user avatar
sablebadger - 25 Mar 20 17:24
Should not need support if your printer does bridging half way decent.
KS is live.
KS is live.more_vert
Post file flag
KS is live. 2020-03-23T23:02:35+00:00close

If you're interested, the kickstarter that I'm a part of is live! Members of my Patreon will get the Longhouse and Smaller House models (3 styles of roof, 3 styles of walls, and 8 doors) when the KS is complete. If you're interested in the other models, you can join their Patreon, or back the KS, but my models will be shared with this patreon. Support free models in a viking theme, and pretty fair price.

Embed data


Provider URL

Nine Worlds

Ill Gotten Games is raising funds for Nine Worlds on Kickstarter! A collection of 3d Printable miniatures and terrain inspired by Norse mythology.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="480" height="270" scrolling="no" title="Kickstarter embed" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
sometimes this gig is a little strange...
sometimes this gig is a little strange...more_vert
Post file flag
sometimes this gig is a little strange... 2020-03-23T06:11:03+00:00close

So, in Rangers of Shadow Deep there is a Scenario with random room layouts (Tor Varden scenario 2). One of the rooms could be a Torture Room, so I figured I'd model up some scenery stuff for the room if I rolled it. I actually played through it before I finished this, but regardless I made it.

I actually sat down and modeled an "Iron Maiden" set piece. Spikes and all. I actually sat back in the middle of modelling this and went "huh, weird..." for a moment. But all in all I'm pretty happy how it came out. I am not experienced at sculpting faces at the moment, so instead of butchering it in Mesmmixer, I opted to use my handy public domain scanned skull component I keep on hand. I think it turned out well enough.

I'll print this first though before sharing it because I'm not 100% sure it will print supportless.


Media (1)

iron_maiden_preview.png (243.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4934141 - 23 Mar 20 13:50
Wow, this looks freaking awesome. I immediately pictured that scene in Bill and Ted's when they both say Iron Maiden and play air guitar, haha. Your modeling skills are really coming along. You've got some great detail here.
user avatar
sablebadger - 24 Mar 20 02:25
Gasland - Elevated Freeways
Gasland - Elevated Freewaysmore_vert
Post file flag
Gasland - Elevated Freeways 2020-03-22T23:06:10+00:00close

This one came together surprisingly quickly, so I'm going to go ahead and release it to you guys. Since I'm in lockdown here in Seattle area, I've been making a TON more models than usual because quite simply I have nothing else to do. So it's a good time to be a patron I think. :) I went ahead and added some details to the road because it was easy enough. When I had added the guardrails, it just seemed natural to add those details and didn't take too long.

The most difficult part of this build was the angled sections, going from one height to another. I really wanted to make them use the same two column heights and not have a bunch of custom columns. So for the 30mm to 60mm jump, I had to add a spacer for the lower section, but it works out pretty well.

The angled sections also were a challenge to be able to print flat, but have angled cuts for the columns. I solved this by building supports into the model, they should just snap right out. On my test print they came off easily.

Heights... Should I create a 90mm height column set?

Should be able to create some pretty epic table builds with this, files are in March download folder. I've got some pieces printing now to paint up, I'll show them off later.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #6028096 - 22 Mar 20 23:50
That would work good for me, thanks!
user avatar
User #6028096 - 22 Mar 20 23:39
This is awesome! Yes I would love a 90mm height column set, also would you be willing to do a freeway Y interchange? I think I would love to build a freeway race course for my group to play on.
user avatar
sablebadger - 22 Mar 20 23:48
Sure thing, I can do that. For the Y interchange are you ok with me taking the curved section and just making the Y from that?
user avatar
sablebadger - 23 Mar 20 03:48
The 90mm is in the folder. The Y will take a little longer, it wasn't working to just cut the curved piece in half and slap it together. :) I'll get it though.
WIP - question on Gaslands freeways
WIP - question on Gaslands freewaysmore_vert
Post file flag
WIP - question on Gaslands freeways 2020-03-20T02:47:41+00:00close

Ok, so I got distracted from my to do list, but I blocked out a potential set of freeway onramp and freeway sections for Gaslands terrain. Mostly I am thinking of sections of freeway with jagged torn ends to use as background scenery for Gaslands and maybe 28mm post-apocalyptic. I've got two sets of of riser heights, 30mm and 60mm with a two lane freeway section, and a ramp to go from ground to 30mm, and 30mm to 60mm heights. The freeway sections will print flat on the bed, and the columns will print separately so they can be take on and off as needed and print easier. I wasn't going to do ramps, but then I figured it's Gaslands, someone is going to want to jump that sucker. LOL

I will have clean versions, and Ruined versions for the apocalypse/mad max themed games. I'm using the earthquake freeway damage as inspiration for the damaged versions.


Should I bother detailing the road surface?

Like add road lines, and side lines, etc. Or do I just leave it plain and let you paint it in when you do that part?

List of Project components:

  • Flat section 150mm - clean, ruined 1 side, 2 side.
  • Angled section 30mm rise - clean, ruined
  • Ramp to get on freeway, clean ruined
  • Columns 60mm, 30mm for Flat
  • Columns 60mm, 30mm for angled.
  • Columns ruined free standing

Media (2)

freeway_WIP_1.png (245.4KiB)
freeway_WIP_2.png (274.7KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #17668595 - 20 Mar 20 10:47
cracks in the pavement could make it look older.
user avatar
sablebadger - 20 Mar 20 17:36
good call. i will have a clean version, and a wrecked version.
user avatar
User #26373701 - 20 Mar 20 03:04
Leave it plain. Stripes are easy enough, and it's the wastelands. No need to be tidy :(
user avatar
User #28859846 - 22 Mar 20 21:34
Yeah, some cracks would be cool, plain is also just fine.
user avatar
User #29486066 - 20 Mar 20 02:56
I'm all for leaving it plain and throwing paint on it. And yes, there will be jumping...lots of jumping!
Understone Walls
Understone Wallsmore_vert
Post file flag
Understone Walls 2020-03-18T22:04:03+00:00close

I needed some walls to run a scenario in Rangers of Shadow Deep. I have a ton of the Tilestone Walls around, but not quite a enough and since they are pretty beefy they take a while to print. So I got inspired to create a smaller thinner faster printing set with my Understone style bricks. These use the same idea as the Tilestone set, but are not inter-compatible due to size differences. I am happy to report they work GREAT! I'm super pleased with how this came out.

Right now I have the basic walls, some knotwork versions, and doorways with slots to insert doors. The doors come with print in place hinges so they can actually open and shut. Also included some portcullis bars for flavor.

If you're running the Tor Varden series in RoSD these are great. Plus they store well.

Comments (20)
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 03:42
I found this as a reference.
user avatar
User #2492446 - 18 Mar 20 23:42
let me do the math, i'll come back to you with some measurements tonight.
user avatar
sablebadger - 18 Mar 20 23:53
Sounds good.
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 13:40
I took some pictures of the rule book, have a look at the configuration possible. As you can see the tile are divided in 3x3. Zombicide map exemples
user avatar
User #9477793 - 20 Mar 20 16:27
these are terrific! Very flexible, and perfect for RoSD
user avatar
User #2492446 - 18 Mar 20 22:31
Hi! Quick question. Would this fit a board of zombicide? I'm really looking to get some walls in my game!
user avatar
sablebadger - 18 Mar 20 22:39
ooh, good question. I don't have zombicide. I really should, but haven't yet. (does it have solo mode? lol)
user avatar
sablebadger - 18 Mar 20 22:39
I can make the walls different lengths, so let me know what length wall you would need and I can accommodate.
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 01:55
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 01:55
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 01:59
this is basically the measurements that i got. might not be pixel perfect but close enough to get a descent wall system that fit the scale of the tile. honestly i'd be sooooo happy to get that kind of stl! i've been looking for so long!!
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 02:03
there's beautiful art on the website too! have a look!
user avatar
sablebadger - 19 Mar 20 02:20
where does the wall go on the tile?
user avatar
sablebadger - 19 Mar 20 02:35
Since I am not familiar with the game, I would need a little more direction on what to make, but I think it's totally something that would work. What I will need to get from you is a list of walls you need, width and length. and what junctions you need, aka only corners? are they always a square? from your notes I see you need them 5mm? Also, what's a hedge?
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 03:21
Nice! Well, basically, there's 3 types of walls in the game, there's the basic plain wall, the wall with a doorway right in the middle and the wall with a doorway+door in the middle. I think the corner pieces that you've design is covering all types of connections possible. The L shape, the T shape, the X shape. The straight. The full tile is 250mm x 250mm divided in 3x3 squares (83.33mm x 83.33mm) So the wall system should fit in that grid. From what i've seen 5mm is the correct thickness for the walls. For the hedges, don't worry about this. It's just a feature in the game where you have to traverse hedges that's basically just line of sight blocking. Let me know if it's not clear enough ;)
user avatar
sablebadger - 19 Mar 20 05:01
when you say "250mm x 250mm divided in 3x3 squares" does that mean you only need to build a wall 250mm x 250mm? Or do you need to be able to do a 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 set up inside that space? In the former, I would need to make sure I could make a 250mm stretch including junctions, for the latter, I would need each wall to fit a 83mm pace with the ends on.
user avatar
sablebadger - 19 Mar 20 05:03
Also, how tall should the walls be?
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 13:31
Yes, you're correct. The game map is a set of multiple 250mm x 250mm tile that are each divided in a 3x3 squares. This means that you need to build a serie of room config (as you said 1x1, 1x2, 1x3... so on..). If i understand well, to make sure the grid is tilable the wall system should excess the lenght of a tile (250x250) by half a wall thickness on both side. Assuming that the walls are 5mm thick the correct lenght for the whole system (walls section + connectors) would be 255mm. Not sure how tall should the walls be, I'd say tall enough fit a standard 28mm standard door.
user avatar
sablebadger - 19 Mar 20 20:20
Ok, I've got enough to work on now. It's going to take me a bit, since I'll have to rework most of the components, but it sounds fun... and I'm stuck at home anyway.
user avatar
User #2492446 - 19 Mar 20 21:21
awsome man! hit me up if you got any questions!!
Frostgrave - Wall spells
Frostgrave - Wall spellsmore_vert
Post file flag
Frostgrave - Wall spells 2020-03-17T04:35:11+00:00close

Something I've had on my list for a while, and since I'm bunkered in at home... I figured I'd give it a go. In Frostgrave, the spells Fog and Wall put an actual wall on the table with various effects. I made a wall (easy enough) but added some cool runes for funsies.

For the Fog spell I sculpted it to look all cloud-like, an added runes as well. 6" x 3" in scale which the spell text specifies. Offered in both runed and plain if you have a preference.

I think the Fog one could be cool printed in translucent filament, with no infill or minimal infill.

Frostgrave is on my brain at the moment as I'm gearing up for the 10 part solo campaign from Bexim's Bazaar. Can't leave the house much so why not, eh?


Media (1)

Frostgrave_wall_spells.png (438.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4934141 - 17 Mar 20 13:14
Could the fog spell be printed in vase mode with translucent filament? I haven't tried that before.
user avatar
sablebadger - 17 Mar 20 20:07
I did some previewing in Prusa Slicer, and the runed version is not possible, but the plain version looks like a maybe. the main issue is the top of the model where it rounds over. The layers get spread apart too far, and there are gaps. maybe a smaller layer height? But it certainly would look cool, so it might be worth trying.
Stasis Chamber
Stasis Chambermore_vert
Post file flag
Stasis Chamber 2020-03-15T06:51:58+00:00close

I was cleaning the kitchen and I came across one of the empties from my pill bottles. I have gnarly allergies year round, so I have a lot of these. These are from Costco and are great for holding dice sets etc. I had a random flash of inspiration, and threw together a quick proof of concept for it.

Some sci fi stasis chamber, or teleport tube, or maybe a energy prison? I don't know, but it sure looks cool as hell. I need to clean up some stuff on the top part, and make it a little longer to cover the lid fully. Plus I want to make a version for the smaller version we get sometimes. These things seem pretty standard, not sure if you all have the same pill bottles in your are. The base of the pill container is 48.5mm and the lid is 54mm roughly. The smaller ones we get are 32.2mm at the base and the cap is 37.7mm about.

I'll make some tweaks, and make a version for the small one. If you have a differen pill container you want me to scale this to, send me the measurements. I'll post the final models after some changes.

Media (2)

IMG_20200314_234028.jpg (993.7KiB)
IMG_20200314_234006.jpg (1.8MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #18611600 - 15 Mar 20 15:45
Put some gel in there and a fig to have a body suspended and waiting to be released... Or dissected.
user avatar
sablebadger - 15 Mar 20 20:43
user avatar
User #4934141 - 15 Mar 20 14:27
This could work as a scifi engine part or generator too. Mount it horizontal and have end caps with big housings and hoses, etc.
Crashed speeder... again. 2020-03-14T03:46:25+00:00

Apparently I derped HARD last month on posting the actual files for the crashed speeder. I put them in the feb folder, and copied it to march just to be sure. Thanks to Mikeal for catching that. Files are up! Ooops!

Sci Fi - Building bits and parts
Sci Fi - Building bits and partsmore_vert
Post file flag
Sci Fi - Building bits and parts 2020-03-12T21:18:21+00:00close

By request, I broke out all the little greeblies I use to make sci fi look well... sci fi-ish. In the March Folder. These bits will be useful for building out some terrain building for Star Wars Legion or other Sci Fi setting without printing big structures. Print and glue these onto boxes, foam or whatever to make quick terrain.

My city is currently on a major lockdown due to Corona Virus, so my productivity might increase or I might go crazy locked in with family, who knows. All I know is, wash your hands, and avoid crowds. This thing is going to get worse before it gets better.

I'm playing some Rangers of Shadow Deep games to bide the time, and might talk my son into playing some Gaslands with me. He wanted to use Minecraft carts so I am modelling some clip on weapons for them now. Could be fun.


Media (1)

components_preview.png (692.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #23757509 - 12 Mar 20 21:49
They look great. Thanks for separating them out.
user avatar
sablebadger - 13 Mar 20 00:01
Let me know if you want any other pieces, I can add them into my queue of projects. I think i need to do some doors still.
You ROCK!more_vert
Post file flag
You ROCK! 2020-03-10T19:11:07+00:00close

Or rather, you have rocks? Ok, so clever banter is not my thing. But I made some rocks. They aren't glamorous, or epic, but they do serve a very vital function on the skirmish board... Naming providing rough terrain, adding cover for your miniatures and monsters, and generally cluttering up the battlefield to make it more interesting.

I made a lot of variations to suit whatever needs you might have, and to be honest, suit my needs for an upcoming game of Ranger's of Shadow Deep here at home. We're all bunkered down here due to Coronavirus hitting our city very hard, so entertainment at home is a must. We've got aged grandparents, and two of my sons best friends are somewhat immuno-comprimised so we have to be extra careful. (Wash your hands!)

Anyway, rocks. I started with a basic shape, and sculpted these into four different rock variations. Then I started using those as a starting point to combine, and position them into useful configurations such as clusters, rows, etc. Made some larger versions for Line of Sight blocking, as well as some rough terrain rock fields.

Then I made some more "fancy" versions with carved spirals as an experiment, as well as the monster cave for fun. (that one might need supports for the cave mouth.) I also included a couple carved arrows for when your players are JUST NOT GETTING the message. :)

also... wash your hands.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #8603613 - 10 Mar 20 19:23
NICE... been looking for some good terrain to use in my miniatures game. Anyone heard or play Open Combat? Generic skirmish rules that will use any of your miniatures you already own so all those on the shelf can be taken down and used.
user avatar
sablebadger - 10 Mar 20 20:31
Haven't heard of that one, but I do like miniatures agnostic skirmish games.
user avatar
User #8603613 - 10 Mar 20 23:35
BBG link My brother and I play this a lot and never the same results.. HINT: ranged rules :)
Second residental building
Second residental buildingmore_vert
Post file flag
Second residental building 2020-03-09T21:44:33+00:00close

Finished the second style building for the residential line. This one features a different window style, square with an arched top, and small bricks for base texture. Also created two different roof styles as well.

Should be fully compatible with the large brick/round top release from last month, and I've added two more stair options as well. I'm not going to make integrated stair floors anymore, because size, but also more options to vary up the styles. My goal is to make it so you can mix and match several styles to create different looks with the building sets to create a urban landscape. If you look at these type of buildings they all look fairly similar, but they do vary between each other on some elements, and even in the same building floor to floor.

Also, a quick preview of the retail store front floor (VERY MUCH WIP). This will use the same footprint, but is intended to be used without the basement riser level. You can and should use the apartment floors above it, since that is super common in cities, but all the regular roofs will work just as well if you only want a single level.

I plan on having a three styles, door right, door left, and door middle. Each store will come with a bracket to hold a sign, so you can vary the business names. Going to try for an awning or two as well so you can really vary the buildings. There will be blank signs for printing your own graphics and glueing them in, as well as some 3D business signs. I will be looking for fun business names from you guys, so get your creative suggestions ready! (Plus $10 patrons will get a custom sign just for them!)


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #20924668 - 14 Mar 20 03:56
Would it be very challenging to offer versions of the riser, ground and middle floors that don't have an actual floor to them? Obviously the roof needs to have it so there's a roof, and I can see how anyone using it for role playing might want actual floors to move around in, but when the primary purpose is for wargaming and the interior isn't needed, those first few big square layers add a big chunk to the print time, and it looks like the walls are thick enough to adhere to the bed by themselves and be structurally strong enough, but you're the expert!
user avatar
sablebadger - 14 Mar 20 04:53
I debated that quite a bit, and went for playable interiors over speed, but I will take a look and see how hard it would be to remove the floor. Shouldn't be an issue though. Good thought.
Gaslands guns and rams
Gaslands guns and ramsmore_vert
Post file flag
Gaslands guns and rams 2020-03-08T07:59:13+00:00close

I made a couple more side mounted weapons to test out in builds with a smaller Machine gun, and a Flamethower. also, I stacked a couple guns together for fun, because more guns = more funs?

Then I also made some more front rams, spikey bladed style with a few skulls.

Media (2)

side_mounted_guns.png (1.1MiB)
spiked_rams.png (769.3KiB)

teaser for KS project
teaser for KS projectmore_vert
Post file flag
teaser for KS project 2020-03-07T23:44:07+00:00close

I mentioned last month that I'm collaborating with Ill Gotten Games to create some models for their next Kickstarter project. It's viking themed, so I was asked to make some houses, and longhouse models. I'm doing it modular as you might expect... the teaser pic is on of the styles I'm working on. There will be 3 different wall styles, 3 different roof styles, and 7 different doors that slide in. The doors are also feature print in place hinges, so you can have a moveable door too. :)

More on this project later, and the good news is that all patrons $5 and above will get all my models as part of your monthly rewards! Anyway, just wanted to show off my work so far.

Media (1)

teaser.png (371.1KiB)

test prints
test printsmore_vert
Post file flag
test prints 2020-03-04T21:10:58+00:00close

Ok, I mocked up a couple guns in the side mount config I was thinking. I would love to see some test prints and builds to see what you guys think and what needs fixing?

Big Question: Can the ammo belt make it through the print, with supports? Does it fit on cars? too big? too small? Too fragile?

Check the downloads folder for test print files.

Media (1)

side_mounted_weapons_test.png (1.0MiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #6028096 - 5 Mar 20 17:01
I got it printed out with supports and they came out pretty good and the belts seem pretty strong and once mounted on a vehicle I don't see them breaking. The guns are a bit large for regular cars but would fit on vans or semi trucks. The large guns the belts are pretty far away from the gun so it will be a bit hard to fit on a car even scaled down, but tomorrow (I got a 23 hour print going right now); I'm going to scale them down maybe around 30% and give that a try.
user avatar
sablebadger - 5 Mar 20 17:19
I scaled them down a little, and shortened the belt a little. Try v1.4 when you print next.
user avatar
User #6028096 - 5 Mar 20 20:47
My 23 hour print failed so I had a chance to try the v1.4 files and they print great! Looks like the perfect size, here is a picture of them, the v1.1 on top and the v1.4 on the bottom:
user avatar
sablebadger - 5 Mar 20 20:54
user avatar
User #110255 - 5 Mar 20 21:36
Here's some images of the 1.4 smaller scale weapons against car doors. as you can see even they are a little on the large size, with where the ammo feed ends up. They all printed fine without any supports.
user avatar
sablebadger - 5 Mar 20 21:41
I hazard a guess that the details will be lost if we go too much smaller, especially with FDM. Worth a shot though. I tend to favor slightly oversized weapons in style for my builds, but your mileage may vary.
user avatar
User #28065014 - 5 Mar 20 21:33
I printed them in an SLA printer (Anycubic Photon). They printed fine. The only problem is that none of them fit any of the Hot Wheels I use to play. For Hot Wheels, they must be resized.
user avatar
sablebadger - 5 Mar 20 21:38
Are you printing 1.4? or 1.1? 1.4 is resized 30% smaller with a tighter arc on the ammo belt.
user avatar
User #110255 - 5 Mar 20 09:47
Got a set running now on a Prusa Mk3, going to be about 4 hours though as doing it detailed to help with any overhang.
user avatar
User #110255 - 5 Mar 20 11:32
So first attempt failed, the larger ones have a bit where the ammo belt is lower in the middle, so we think without supports it is where it went wrong. Tried printing one of the smaller guns and it came out fine, so we are running off the other three smaller ones. Only got the one small gun to judge for scale and no car handy, but that seems about the right size.
Mini Bases - Ovals? 2020-03-03T21:27:22+00:00

Quick question, do you guys have a need for non-circular mini bases? Like the Oval base type? And if so, what sizes? Or any other shape? I can add the blank to my workspace for making bases, and just generate them when do textures...

Oval, Square, Hex? Anything else?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #26373701 - 3 Mar 20 21:36
If I use ovals it's usually for bikes or other cavalry. Depending on the game, either 25×50 or larger.
March folder and New sci fi mini bases
March folder and New sci fi mini basesmore_vert
Post file flag
March folder and New sci fi mini bases 2020-03-03T06:45:25+00:00close

I just sent out links for the download folder access for each tier, and since no one likes an empty folder I went ahead and made some quick Sci Fi Bases. I used the tile that I created the Sci Fi Dungeon plates as a source making a center cut, and a corner cut of the pattern to create two different base styles.

The poll has a LOT of responses, which is awesome, so I'll be getting started soon on the recommendations. It appears that side mounted guns for Gaslands is a top priority, but I will always have more than a few models going at one time. I don't tend to work on any one thing straight through, I mix it up to keep it fresh.

Also, with Corvid-19 about to come on strong, don't forget to wash your hands often. It's the best defense we have. (and really a Pandemic caused by a virus named Corvid-19... that just sounds like a zombie game scenario if ever I heard one...)

Media (1)

Mini_Base_-_Sci_Fi_2_preview.png (976.6KiB)

March ideas... Pick your favorites. 2020-03-02T16:01:00+00:00

For march I have a long to do list, so I wanted to get some help from you guys on what you would like to see first. Not sure I can do ALL of this in a month, but I will certainly give it a go. Anything I have missed? Said I would do and then never got around to? Other suggestions? Post in the comments!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #23757509 - 2 Mar 20 18:45
For legion, I like to make the buildings from xps foam and add 3d printed elements to give them more character. This saves on filament and my printer bed is small so I can’t print big buildings. In addition to adding elements to 3d printed buildings would it be possible to make the elements separate files so we could print them and use them on scratch built buildings?
user avatar
sablebadger - 3 Mar 20 02:30
Sure, make a list of the elements you want and send it over!
user avatar
User #23757509 - 3 Mar 20 19:56
I was thinking things like pipes, valves, electrical panels, control panels, keypads, vents, grates, canisters, chimneys, random mechanical bits, etc. Maybe I am looking for greebles more than elements. Basically, anything that can be glued to the exterior of a foam building to make it look more Legion-ish.
user avatar
sablebadger - 3 Mar 20 20:01
I got the basic idea. I’ll add it to my list..
user avatar
User #23757509 - 3 Mar 20 20:07
I just realized that your Desert House N1 buildings have all kinds of cool bits attatched to the exterior, and it looks great. That would be the effect I was going for.
user avatar
sablebadger - 3 Mar 20 20:08
Yeah, that’s how I build most of the time so it will be easy enough to collect and export bits.
user avatar
User #23757509 - 3 Mar 20 20:13
I have to say, you do good work. Thanks for the steady stream of projects you are putting out.
Star Wars Legion - Crashed Landspeeder
Star Wars Legion - Crashed Landspeedermore_vert
Post file flag
Star Wars Legion - Crashed Landspeeder 2020-02-29T08:50:43+00:00close

So, this month got away from me a little bit, so tonight I have to apologize for the mass of postings. I wanted to get these models out this month since they had been worked on and promoted this month. With job interviews and stuff I got behind a little, plus it is a few days short.

Regardless I had this one nearly finished so I did the tweaks I wanted to do after the test print (the primed print in the pictures above) and it should be good.

I also included a fun one, where I had forgotten to select the body when it exported so it came out missing a few parts. It looks like it had been properly stripped by Jawas, so I included the model for the fun of it. Might be printable with supports. LOL

Are any of the legion players here interested in the plain clean model for use as a proxy in games? Just let me know.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #28754490 - 1 Mar 20 02:43
all in please
user avatar
User #10510673 - 29 Feb 20 17:09
Will the speeder be available to download today?
user avatar
sablebadger - 29 Feb 20 20:20
Sadly I won't be able to publish that today, I'm leaving for a get away pretty much right away, and the model needs a few tweaks still before its ready to print solo. Plus it needs a base, so the proxy will go out next month. Apologies.
user avatar
User #20971295 - 29 Feb 20 16:10
I think this would make great terrain! I would be interested in a clean model as a proxy too
user avatar
sablebadger - 29 Feb 20 20:20
Awesome. I'll have that out in the first part of next month.
Mini Base Article in  Bexim's Bazaar
Mini Base Article in Bexim's Bazaarmore_vert
Post file flag
Mini Base Article in Bexim's Bazaar 2020-02-29T05:25:05+00:00close

This month I also wrote another article for Bexim's Bazaar, which I have mentioned before. I included the bases I created in the folder for everyone if you want them. I wrote about how to create miniature bases and went through the steps for making a few different styles. This is my third article so far, and I have a couple more planned.

If you haven't checked out Bexim's Bazaar you really should give it look, it's packed with good stuff for gamers.

The bases I made for the article are in the Feb download folder.

Media (1)

Making-Minis-final.png (9.8MiB)

Urban Residential Building
Urban Residential Buildingmore_vert
Post file flag
Urban Residential Building 2020-02-29T05:09:58+00:00close

Finally, I got the building done! For February, it will only be this style, next month I will add the other small brick style, and possible some retail space bottom floors. This also has the inset door and window insert method, which I think be much better than my previous attempt. I was having to work with thickness of less than a MM and try and get some detail out of them. Just didn't work, and the window frame just didn't look right. So they on the inside now.

Doors - 3 styles included, Numbered (sequential for neighbors), Non-Numbered, and Ruined versions for that sweet sweet Zombie action.

Windows - 2 simple styles in Plain, Smashed, and Boarded up varieties.

This might need supports for the windows although my printer was able to handle them just fine. The issue with supports is that it will fill in the little dimples on the bottom that are used for stacking, so if you do add supports you'll either need to clean those out, or just use your slicer to exclude those spots.

SCALED FOR 40MM Currently. I got deep into the weeds trying to figure out scaling to 28mm scale, but ran out of time to deliver this month. I need to sit down and make some tests to really nail this down and take some notes. Searching for the answer leads to a 100 different answers at least. Feel free to attempt scaling on your own, and if you come up with the answer for 28mm or gaslands please let me know.

Reminder I am out of town for a few days to celebrate my birthday till Tuesday.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #20924668 - 29 Feb 20 19:46
Any chance of the steps on the bottom layer being seperated? It is making that layer too big for my print plate, and I don't want to shrink it as I want to use it at 40mm scale. Thanks!
user avatar
sablebadger - 29 Feb 20 20:18
Good call, I uploaded the files broken out. There is set of holes in the stairs and basement, and a connector piece to insert into it help glue it together. Let me know if the connector fits well, I was guessing on the tolerances.
user avatar
User #20924668 - 1 Mar 20 18:21
Ok, have printed the riser and stairs separately, they've printed nicely, but the the right hand "stair rail" as you look at the building printed as a separate piece. I didn't realise until I picked it off the build plate, it looked and printed like one piece up to that point. Otherwise looking good so far!
user avatar
sablebadger - 3 Mar 20 02:36
oops! I'll get to fixing that. Glad it was in one piece though, hopefully easy fix.
user avatar
sablebadger - 8 Mar 20 08:53
Hey, sorry it took so long, but the updated stair piece is updated, the "steps" section did not extend the tiny little bit into the side rail, it was CLOSE, but not quite there.
Dungeon Plates - Sci Fi release
Dungeon Plates - Sci Fi releasemore_vert
Post file flag
Dungeon Plates - Sci Fi release 2020-02-28T23:44:28+00:00close

Just wrapped up the Dungeon Plates Sci Fi release, and posted to the folder. I've got a couple more things to wrap up before I head out of town for a quick getaway to the Coast for my birthday. I'll be back on Tuesday, so today I'll try to get as many out as I can.

Also, I got a little more organized and put the plates into folders based on type. I've developed a pattern for how to make these and have my list. Let me know if I've missed any useful shapes.

Media (1)

Preview_Image.png (953.1KiB)

Star Breach - mini agnostic sci fi skirmish game.
Star Breach - mini agnostic sci fi skirmish game.more_vert
Post file flag
Star Breach - mini agnostic sci fi skirmish game. 2020-02-28T01:22:21+00:00close

Recently there has been quite a bit of buzz around a new Skirmish game called Star Breach (apparently used to be called Starfall). The pitch for this game is that it is a simple broad rule-set with a wide array of factions that can be used with any miniatures. The basic idea is that you can play a 40k warband against your Star Wars Legion Darth Vader and storm troopers miniatures. Not kidding. It would be a "Legion of Mankind" vs "Dark Path". They have analogs for nearly every sci fi game tropes.

Check out GMG reviewing it here: it's a fun looking game. lt uses an interesting system for unit selection, and giving orders use dice Order Dice. I went ahead and made some because that's the kind of person I am.

The rules are here: the non-deluxe version of the rules is free to download and play. 3D models are in the February folder.

Media (2)

Preview-_Star_Breach.png (289.1KiB)
IMG_20200227_140811.jpg (669.4KiB)

Dungeon Plates in Sci Fi?
Dungeon Plates in Sci Fi?more_vert
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Dungeon Plates in Sci Fi? 2020-02-27T03:30:51+00:00close

i put together a render of what that might look like. Any Interest? I would make the full set of plates in this style, plus a few others like maybe a couple hex shaped rooms...

Media (1)

test_image.png (612.6KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #10510673 - 28 Feb 20 02:16
user avatar
User #7208016 - 27 Feb 20 03:53
Be fun to make rooms with them
user avatar
User #110255 - 27 Feb 20 07:01
Be great for a lot of the games I play
user avatar
sablebadger - 28 Feb 20 15:50
Ok, seems like there is interest, I'll go ahead and start on the set.
Guest designer on a KS 2020-02-26T08:19:29+00:00

DutchMogul recently posted about it so I can talk about now. I was asked by Ill Gotten Games and Dutchmogul to join in their next Kickstarter with some of my designs. They are doing a viking themed miniatures and terrain set this time, and I'll be contributing some houses and scatter to the campaign. Pretty awesome.

And the best part is that I'll be able to share my designs with you guys as part of the normal Patreon stuff after it gets funded. I'll post some WIP stuff here and there, but it won't be available until after the KS is over.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15397237 - 26 Feb 20 11:22
Congrats! I hope this opens up many more opportunities for you.
user avatar
User #4934141 - 26 Feb 20 10:04
That's awesome! I'm glad to see you and your work are getting more exposure.
More work in progress shots
More work in progress shotsmore_vert
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More work in progress shots 2020-02-25T06:08:03+00:00close

These urban buildings are taking longer than I want, mostly because I have to study real buildings, and not just make it up as I go along. LOL. Tough life, I know. Anyway, I've got a good groove going now and am nearly complete with the second texture/look namely Brick with the more architectural style windows/doors.

I am going to have to go back and rework the window/door inserts though because I am just not happy with the current design. I think if I inset them into the inside of teh building it will look SO much better in the end. I've got the concept firmly in mind so it won't take long to rework what I have once I finish the current style. Getting closer.

Media (1)

wip3.png (533.8KiB)

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Trash 2020-02-22T07:13:53+00:00close

The prints came out ok, and I tweaked the models to fix the few issues that did come up. The trash can lid needed a little more thickness, and the snap on hinges for the dumpster needed to be stronger. Also, I got rid of the lettering on the surface, it just isn't going to print well when I scale it down.

Uploaded the 40mm versions to the folder, I'll scale them down in the next couple days for 28mm and maybe gaslands if the details hold up. The dumpster hinges might not make it, so those might need to be solid at the smallest scale.

Post file flag
Garbage 2020-02-21T08:16:42+00:00close

Sometimes, this hobby takes me places I don't expect. Like having to look up the exact dimensions of Dumpster. And finding out just how many different sizes of dumpsters there are! Who knew?! (for the record, the dumpster pictured above is a "2 Yard" sized dumpster. They go up to 20. Fascinating!

Anyway, I figured if I was doing urban terrain, I would need some trash. And trash cans, and dumpsters. The things I do for you guys.

I'm going to test print these and tweak them if they need it before posting.

Also, check out the building! All three floors and roof printed. I need to do the doors/windows next and figure out the standard fire escape to go with it, but making good progress. I think it turned out pretty good. A couple variant windows, and you can fill a good sized city terrain board.

Media (2)

scatter_garbage_preview.png (566.2KiB)
IMG_20200221_001227.jpg (720.4KiB)

Urban building progress
Urban building progressmore_vert
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Urban building progress 2020-02-17T09:55:44+00:00close

Made some substantial progress on the urban building set. Currently it's only one design, but it is modular so you make your city skyline as high as you want by printing more middle floors. the lower floor on this one is half height to simulate a lower level, and allow the overall profile to look like the NYC/Chicago Brownstone style. If you want, you can leave off the steps, and you have a different building.

Next steps for this is to design a few different window and door treatments, and then create at least one shell set with a smaller brick texture. this will allow for a fair amount of mixing and matching to create different city block without too much repetition. But this style of row house duplicate a lot, so it's fine to have a few that are the same.

The hard part is done though, getting the shell and shape nailed down as being a real pain. And I will scale these to 28mm as well, and maybe I'll do a gaslands scale too but I will have to alter some details because they won't print that small.

Then... Destroy! Wreck at least two middle floors, and a base layer for post apocalypse and make some boarded or cracked window inserts.

Media (2)

urban_progress_2.png (131.1KiB)
urban_progress.png (189.3KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #110255 - 17 Feb 20 10:08
It’s looking amazing, be great for Superhero games, urban warfare and Gaslands street races.
user avatar
User #28754490 - 18 Feb 20 13:16
Well that's disappointing. Any chance you could break them down to smaller pieces? Like wall, roof etc? I really love these designs.
user avatar
sablebadger - 18 Feb 20 16:11
what size is your max print on the printer, let me see what I can do. Also what scale are you wanting to print for? 40mm (Marvel Crisis), 28/32mm (semi-standard) or Hotwheels/Matchbox scale for gaslands?
user avatar
User #28754490 - 18 Feb 20 16:19
I have a qidi shadow 5.5 28 to 32mm as for plate size it will have to be after work. Sir you may have just gained another patreon!
user avatar
User #28754490 - 17 Feb 20 10:57
Will these work on a smaller platform printer? Like a resin printer without having to scale them down to fit the plate?
user avatar
sablebadger - 18 Feb 20 10:53
Not really, especially at 40mm scale. might be able to with a gaslands scale, but not sure yet as I haven't done the conversion yet.
user avatar
User #28754490 - 18 Feb 20 22:36
My plate measured 8.5cm x 13cm worse case I could down size them and tip it windows to the sky
user avatar
sablebadger - 20 Feb 20 05:42
Once i get the set finished, and scaled down to the different sizes I can take a look at some kind of modular system.
print test building
print test buildingmore_vert
Post file flag
print test building 2020-02-16T20:34:08+00:00close

Obvisously some problems with the windows. and it feels too wide, but other than that I think it works. Don't mind the dramatic layer lines, that's just the lighting at my desk.

I'll make it one set of bricks thinner width, and thicken the bricks. And start work on the first floor tweaks, and the basement/steps floor.

Media (1)

IMG_20200216_122649.jpg (1.8MiB)

Urban - Windows?
Urban - Windows?more_vert
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Urban - Windows? 2020-02-15T23:06:36+00:00close

sorry for the quiet around here lately, but I actually had a job interview yesterday!! So I was prepping for that leading up to it.

Regardless, I'm working on the urban building set up, and have it scaled now, but working on the style. Specifically, How many windows should it have? Seems like a wierd problem, but in the photos of this type of building they are crammed together with no breaks inbetween. So should I bother with the side details? Or should I assume on the table they will be spaced out more? Plus, I'm pretty sure I'll need to designs a fire escape to fit on these buildings, to get the right look.

Anyway, I have a test print going right now and I'll show this later.


Media (1)

progress_building_2.png (99.0KiB)

Dice cages - three ways
Dice cages - three waysmore_vert
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Dice cages - three ways 2020-02-12T17:23:23+00:00close

Just posted these files up in the Feb Folder. Three sizes of the final design of the Dice Cage. Again these were developed for my retail partner on Etsy, but I'm sharing all my work with folks as well.

It took quite a bit to nail the threaded top, like at least eight revisions which is about five more than it usually takes. But now it works great, and I'm really happy with this model on a functional level.

Small will hold a standard 7 piece poly set. Medium will hold a full set of 12+ dice. Large can hold at least two standard (7) sets, or a 12 piece set and a 7 piece set.

Dungeon Plates - Cobblestone 1
Dungeon Plates - Cobblestone 1more_vert
Post file flag
Dungeon Plates - Cobblestone 1 2020-02-10T22:40:04+00:00close

First cobblestone set done. The poll was "too close to call" since the tie breaking vote was mine, I decided to make both sets. Cobblestone 2 will be the closely packed variant.

I made what I consider to be a decent full set of plates for this, you should be able to create most dungeon maps with these, and the others should be able to be formed out of the odder shaped pieces made for this purpose (the corners, or end caps, half rounds, etc)

If you're new to this style, Dungeon Plates are thin fast printing dungeon layout tiles. Not trying to be a full epic dungeon like Dragonlock, or Printable Scenery, this is all about fast printing for a full map. There are clip on doors, and stairs as well.

I've ended up on 1.25" scale so a mini fits within the grid which seems to be a good choice. I've done a few other styles and plan on releasing new ones as I see fit.

I wish there was a way to automate the creation of these, because once I create the base texture, it's not difficult, just tedious. For example, this release is 64 files. :)

Measuring - Chainsword
Measuring - Chainswordmore_vert
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Measuring - Chainsword 2020-02-10T19:59:46+00:00close

I added another style to the game measuring rulers. This one came about from a conversation that Arian from IllGottenGames (which if you're not following his patreon, you're missing out, tons of support free minis and terrain) about the sword and axe rulers. he was all like "dude, do a chainsword!" and I was all like "Bruh, yeah!". Which is totally how we talk. (ok, not really).

Anyway, I am really pleased with this, and it's fun to play around with. The teeth on the chainsaw part are 1/2" spaced as well, so it can also be part of the measuring. So, yeah, 40k players, want to up your measuring game? and disembowel your opponents if they take too long making a move, this is the ruler for you!

Uploaded to Feb folder.

Media (1)

IMG_20200124_231727_1.jpg (1.7MiB)

gaslands case
gaslands casemore_vert
Post file flag
gaslands case 2020-02-10T01:36:03+00:00close

needed a last minute birthday gift for a buddy of mine, so I took some of the prototype prints, and parts from my personal gaslands kit and made a case for it. It went over REALLY well, and a couple other people wanted one too. I think I'll make some themed ones to go with the sets as well. I need to add a pole position marker though.

I will post these files to the folder (without the name I added to personalize it) for anyone who wants this while I work the the themed files. (which is lower down the list at the moment.)


Media (2)

IMG_20200208_132324.jpg (2.3MiB)
IMG_20200208_132305.jpg (1.3MiB)

Some In Progress test prints...
Some In Progress test prints...more_vert
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Some In Progress test prints... 2020-02-07T03:28:41+00:00close

I've got a few projects going on right now and a few prints have come off the Prusa to see how they look printed.

Still noodling around with the Dice Cage concept, this print is getting closer to what I want. The height is mid way between the mini and the large one I first printed. It holds a full 12 piece Kraken set plus a few extras dice (this set has a jumbo d20 and a mini d20 as well. The threads are working great which makes me happy, and I think I need to figure out a couple little tweaks and call it done.

For dice collectors, I am adapting the shelf concept (yet again) to fit the standard sized Chessex box (37.5mm square x 70mm). It uses the same side clips, but it can't use the standard side rails since the spacing won't fit more than one row, so I will be making a new one to fit it.

Gaslands - diamond plate patter templates completed and printed, I'll be posting those soon.

Legion - Finally got the sizing right on the speeder, and I'll make a version with stand that can be used as a proxy if you want for the speeder. I am also starting the modeling for the "crashed" speeder for terrain now that I have the base model where I want it.

In other news, the Urban building is still WIP, but getting closer. I got the scaling down, just need to wrap it up and split the ground level. The inside will be bare, but that should be ok I hope.


Gaslands - Scrap metal armor upgrades
Gaslands - Scrap metal armor upgradesmore_vert
Post file flag
Gaslands - Scrap metal armor upgrades 2020-02-03T23:57:21+00:00close

In the wasteland you use what you have on hand to upgrade your ride. Made a set of "scrap metal" style armor plates to upgrade your junker cars for the battle in the desert. I printed these at .1mm layer height and they come out pretty good. My pla is a little stringy a the moment which you'll see in the close up shot. The prints are also thin enough you could trim them with decent scissors to fit the car. You can also heat them up with a hair dryer and bend them to fit curved surfaces.

Edit: added a roughly 50mm square sheet of the basic texture to use for crafting, or cutting to fit a build.

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #23757509 - 4 Feb 20 02:54
Always nice to have armor option to make the cars look different. Would it be possible to make bigger sizes without the bolts/rivets to use for terrain building?
user avatar
sablebadger - 4 Feb 20 03:43
Yeah, sure I uploaded a square sheet of it roughly 50mm square to print and use.
user avatar
User #23757509 - 4 Feb 20 03:51
Thank you! I am on a Gaslands terrain binge lately. I already have the metal water tower you created mostly done.
user avatar
User #110255 - 12 Feb 20 11:21
Didn't even need to heat them to shape the plates to wrap over the side door of one of my cars.
user avatar
sablebadger - 12 Feb 20 17:34
Awesome, glad to hear it.
user avatar
User #6028096 - 4 Feb 20 16:08
Thanks for this! Really appreciate it, already printing them out.
user avatar
User #15254481 - 4 Feb 20 02:07
These are cool! This is a great way to get the look of them without having to kitbash tiny textures for it.
Mini Bases - Cobblestone (3 ways) 2020-02-03T21:47:30+00:00

I was experimenting with a new technique of importing textures into models, and came up with an interesting method. I made some mini bases out of them in the standard set of sizes to do some print tests. I have a favorite but I would be curious to see if you guys have a preference? The top vote-getter will be made into a dungeon plates set later this month.

If you want to print them for your self, the files up in the new February folder link I just sent out to patrons.


Comments (2)
user avatar
sablebadger - 5 Feb 20 08:03
Ooh, packed stones made a run for it while I wasn't looking! Last time I checked Rounded Stones had it in the bag, but now it's a virtual tie (since one of the votes for rounded stones was mine). I'll let this simmer for a couple more days.
user avatar
sablebadger - 9 Feb 20 08:01
Ok, looks like I'll have to make both then. :) I'll do the rounded stones one first.
Dice Cage - mini
Dice Cage - minimore_vert
Post file flag
Dice Cage - mini 2020-02-01T08:22:06+00:00close

I've been playing around with threads and working on a "Dice Jail" concept for selling online (by request from my Etsy partner, Dice Jails sell well apparently.)

I think I have the threads worked out, there was a nice little Shape Generator tool in Tinkercad that created what I needed, just had to work out tolerances, and printability. I have some larger ones in progress, but this one worked out pretty well so I thought I would share one last model for January. (ok, technically it's 19 minutes after midnight here... shhh.)

Up in January folder.

Post file flag
Props? 2020-01-31T18:54:16+00:00close

Hey, anyone watching the Mandalorian? My wife wanted to do the Armorer cosplay so I've been printing a bunch of stuff. We purchased the helmet model, but I modeled the Hammer so I thought I'd share it with you guys if you want it.

It's in the January Folder if you want.

Prints in three parts, with inserts included to join it together. I ended up printing the head standing up to get some better detail, but it's a tricky print that will require some kind of supports. Just superglue or epoxy the handle together with the included inserts to make it nice and strong.

Media (4)

hammer_prop.png (366.0KiB)
armorer.png (151.0KiB)
Armorer_Tools_The_Mandalorian.png (31.5KiB)
hammer_prop_2.png (99.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15254481 - 1 Feb 20 00:16
Nice that looks awesome! I love it :)
user avatar
User #845530 - 1 Feb 20 15:14
This is the way.
In progress shot - urban building
In progress shot - urban buildingmore_vert
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In progress shot - urban building 2020-01-29T07:35:50+00:00close

This is something I've been working on on and off this month, and not sure I'll be able to get done this month but soon. It's somewhat based on the typical NY brownstone type building. Could scale to Gaslands up to Marvel Crisis. the plan is Base unit, a couple variations on the floors all the same size, and a couple roofs. Once I get the base unit one I will make some variants with bricks sizing, window shapes, doorway shape, and maybe bars on some window. But it will be the same basic block. Different paint schemes and minimal variations and you can build a whole city block I figure.

Things I still need to work out.

Interior? Probably going to leave it blank inside. I need to resolve how to handle split level entryway typical of these buildings, since I can't actually go below the table surface.

Scaling? Like how big should it be for Gaslands, 28/32mm scale, and 40mm Marvel scale. Once I get one size down, it will be easy enough, but I'm struggling a little getting the right scale.

Urban vs Post Apocalyptic. Thinking about how I can make it work for both. Shattered windows vs plain windows is one option. Boarded doorways and windows as options. The rest could be done in paint schemes maybe? Or have at least one ruined variation?

Still working on it. Suggestions or Preferences comment below.

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User #20924668 - 29 Jan 20 17:42
Your timing is impeccable, I was just looking for exactly this sort of thing for Crisis Protocol. The only other thing I found was a commercially available STL, and that was scaled for 40K etc, their advice was to scale at ~125% for Crisis, if that helps any?
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User #6028096 - 29 Jan 20 15:49
I really like it, I would love the post apocalyptic themed ones since I'm going to be running more than a few post apoc games this year.
dice display benches (wide)
dice display benches (wide)more_vert
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dice display benches (wide) 2020-01-29T02:56:10+00:00close

For those dice enthusiasts and collectors I made an updated, wider version of my popular dice display bench in a few variations. These benches can be displayed as single bench holding 1 set of dice, or combined with the previously released display sides (in 3,5,7 tiers as well as a shelf) to create a display shelf.

Files up in the January 2020 folder.

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wide_dice_display_benchs.png (198.6KiB)

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User #4781895 - 29 Jan 20 04:22
I've been a collector for a while but i appreciate how your displays allow me to show off the dice instead of keeping in a box or bag. Definitely encouraged me to expand my collection of shiny click clacks
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User #4781895 - 29 Jan 20 04:21
Wonderful. I printed your standing tiers, then the vertical displays, now I want to reprint everything in the long displays. Super like being able to display entire Kraken collections now. I'll probably convert my standing displays for minis
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sablebadger - 29 Jan 20 04:28
Print one first, to make sure. the d2 is a little tricky. I found they have two sizes and had to go back and design it to accomodate. Let me know if anything is off or needs tweaking. I've printed multiples so it should be good.
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User #4781895 - 29 Jan 20 03:58
I love it. Every time I think I'm done printing your display shelves, you come out with an awesome improvement
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sablebadger - 29 Jan 20 04:18
Hey, I'm a collector too. :) I started this because I wanted to take sweet photos to show off my dice purchases. That was the first "bench". Then I got the bright idea to make it modular (I've been known to do that) and made some tiered displays. Immediately sold some to a game store too. Now that bench+sides modular concept has grown to include minis, paint bottles, and more. :)
Dice collectors...
Dice collectors...more_vert
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Dice collectors... 2020-01-28T19:29:45+00:00close

Working on a longer version of the standard dice bench for display. Working on a set of shelves that are compatible with my display sides.

I will have a 10 dice, 11 dice, and 11 dice with Kraken d2 holder.

The pictured shelf still needs some final tweaks, namely a better d12 indent, a few tiny spacing adjustments and increase the d2 slot to allow for the thicker 8mm versions.

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IMG_20200128_112133.jpg (1.9MiB)

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User #4781895 - 28 Jan 20 19:49
That'll be so awesome, thank you I have double D20s for many of my sets. I actually made a D2 variant of your shelves, just for all my Kraken D2s. It'll be nice to include it with the rest of the set
Dungeon plates - prototype cobblestone
Dungeon plates - prototype cobblestonemore_vert
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Dungeon plates - prototype cobblestone 2020-01-28T02:56:37+00:00close

Working on a more natural stone style floor for the Dungeon Plates, going with a "cobblestone" vibe. Came up with this as a prototype. Thoughts?

Like? Dislike? Need to see a test print to be sure? Why, oh god why?!

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cobblestone_-proto.png (191.7KiB)

Diamond plate movement templates
Diamond plate movement templatesmore_vert
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Diamond plate movement templates 2020-01-26T08:21:56+00:00close

Just some I was playing with for a new style of templates.

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post_file.png (2.4MiB)

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User #29520878 - 7 Feb 20 03:04
What’s your process of printing with two color? Are you just swapping mid print or your printer support two filaments ?
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sablebadger - 7 Feb 20 03:14
I use Prusa Slicer 2.0 to add an automatic stop at a specific layer height, then I just manually swap filament and restart.
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User #29520878 - 7 Feb 20 04:08
Awesome solution thanks
February suggestion thread! 2020-01-23T03:33:14+00:00

My main plan every month is to make sure i have something cooking for each of the major genres that I work in. Namely Sci Fi, Fantasy, Gaslands, Post Apocalyptic/Urban, and General Gaming. I try to have at least one big project in one of those, and making sure to rotate around so it's not always the same. Then I make sure I've got something in all the others genres that people might want. The audience here is fairly varied which can be a challenge to make sure everyone gets something of value for the patronage.

SOooo............ Whatcha want? All suggestions are welcome! Extra weight goes of course to the level of patronage, sorry, but money talks. LOL. I'm still looking for work, which sucks big time. I haven't been out of work this long in literally decades.

Throw your ideas into the thread below, "upvote" ones you're interested in by commenting on those.

If no one posts, I'll just carry on with my usual. :)

Comments (15)
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User #24719460 - 23 Jan 20 04:53
I'm having a blast printing your Gaslands stuff. So I'd love to see more gaslands/apoc scatter terrain. Blasted out buildings. Above ground pipes and valves. Rocks, craters, etc that can be used as walls. maybe even parts to build a truckasaurus... that'd be cool...
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sablebadger - 24 Jan 20 02:53
Good call, I will certainly be doing stuff like that. If you have specific request hit me up.
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User #7208016 - 23 Jan 20 15:54
More Legion terrain. And would be cool to dip into Marvel Crisis Protocol terrain. Thank you for all that you do. I hope a good job finds you sooner than later. A lot of companies are hiring.
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sablebadger - 24 Jan 20 02:54
Thanks! I think I have a few things that will be workable for Marvel. I'm probably going to do some "post apocalyptic" type stuff, but make clean versions too so they can do double duty.
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User #285046 - 23 Jan 20 03:55
What can I say, I'm always looking for stuff for my Mass Effect Andromeda game. Remnant tech, Vaults, Monoliths or things that look like they belong in that world. Which, frankly, is most of your scifi stuff. Especially a forward station, which I can see being a big "must reach this point" goal on our game board once we pick up again. If you need links, I can get you links. That, and natural terrain is always good stuff.
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sablebadger - 24 Jan 20 02:51
keep doing sci fi, got it. :)
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User #4781895 - 23 Jan 20 20:46
Dice trays for ten dice sets (4 D6)
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sablebadger - 24 Jan 20 02:54
Good call. What exactly is in the typical10 dice set?
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User #4781895 - 24 Jan 20 04:16
It's a 7 set, but with four D6s
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User #4781895 - 24 Jan 20 04:18
One of each of the traditionals, but 3 extra D6s. 1d4, 4d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d%, 1d12, 1d20
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User #6028096 - 23 Jan 20 15:17
More Gaslands vehicle mods is something I'm interested in.
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sablebadger - 24 Jan 20 02:53
Anything in particular?
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User #6028096 - 24 Jan 20 03:17
Various flat sheets of different textured armor that can be cut up and glued on the vehicles would be very useful.
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User #29312078 - 24 Jan 20 11:43
Well, Gaslands is one of the most popular shows on Mars, right? So where are the cameras? I think Camera bunkers and/or towers, Stadium Lighting, and Satellite and Communication Equipment all would be great scatter terrain for a Gaslands Death Race. I think the challenge will be how to give sleek modern Mars technology that dirty earthy feel that Gaslands is know for.
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sablebadger - 25 Jan 20 05:26
Good call, I had a couple ideas for cameras and camera platforms bouncing around in my head a while back. I'll pull that back onto the front burner. One project that is already on my list is taking the base for the metal water tower, and building a platform with cameras pointing in all directions, and a area to hold the race name sign. Similar to the speaker platform I built for the wooden platform idea.
what is it?  It's a mystery!
what is it? It's a mystery!more_vert
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what is it? It's a mystery! 2020-01-21T08:39:03+00:00close

Came up with these things the other night. The idea is terrain that looks impressive, and mysterious that can be used for a lot of different things. Objective marker (with style), a temple, a cursed location where the spire is haunted by the spirits of those sacrificed to the mad god, etc. Or it could just be something cool looking that blocks Line of Sight. :)

I was inspired by these Art Deco looking spires/obelisks found on bridges in the State of Oregon. Not sure what the story is, but going down the coast on a road trip each bridge had all sorts of cool art deco stonework and obelisks. Really neat.

Uploaded to January folder.

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obelisks_preview.png (160.3KiB)


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