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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 28 – Mitosis Mechanics
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 28 – Mitosis Mechanicsmore_vert
Post file flag
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 28 – Mitosis Mechanics 2020-07-02T06:50:51+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

How does it work for mutants who undergo full mitosis. Do they become two or more separate individuals or can they still have a connection to each other despite the physical lack of connection. Are there any cases of one mutant having many different bodies but all still just be one person?

I hate to cop out on this one, but the answer is both. Sometimes, mutants will split into two bodies that have two completely separate brains and it will essentially be an instance of rapid cloning. Sometimes the two brains will retain a connection, which we don’t entirely understand. It could be the same 4th dimensional theoretical connection that we think some modular mutants have.

And yes, this means that there are instances of a mutant who has several different bodies but just one mind. There’s not much of a difference from, say, ET Girlfriend who can split her body into three independent parts that she can move with one mind, and a mutant with three bodies and one mind. The basic premise is the same.

In a sense, mitosis mutations and modular mutations are pretty much the same thing, mechanically. It’s just that one deals with independent body parts moving and one deals with whole bodies moving. Otherwise, the biology and physics is practically identical.

Dr. Jessica Park


Media (2)

28.png (1.2MiB)
28.png (1.2MiB)

The Mysterious Rattle 05
The Mysterious Rattle 05more_vert
Post file flag
The Mysterious Rattle 05 2020-07-02T04:17:35+00:00close

Original Idea: Sophiie93

The next morning, James woke up on the couch. He shook his hair, stretched his arms and sat up. The memories slowly returned to him, he had brought a mutant to his house the day before. He wondered if Melany would still be sleeping in the bed.

James got up; adjusting his clothes and moves his left arm while holding the shoulder with his right hand. "Oof… sleeping on the sofa is painful indeed," he thought, but immediately remembered Melany's smiles as she knew that she would sleep in a bed after so long and he smiled "On second thought, it's not that bad..."

Walking slowly into the bedroom and being careful of not waking her up James approached the bed, finding Melany sound asleep. Covered up to her necks in the sheets, with one of her arms exposed and her heads resting against each other. From this perspective, it seems as if she was two twin sisters sleeping embraced. "She is definitely a very rare mutant to see" James smiled and slowly moved Melany's arm, tucking it inside the sheets again and covering it properly.

James looked at his watch and was surprised at how late it was. He would not have time for breakfast and he have to hurry to go to work. He turned to go to the bathroom and saw the blouse Melany was wearing the night before lying on the chair.

He turned his head and looked at Melany, who was still sleeping. He remembered the lack of clothing on Melany’s arm and shoulder when he covered it seconds before "Is... is she naked?!" his face turned red as a tomato while his mind played dirty games to him. Imagining that the sheets were not there while he remembered the amount of breasts of the girl. He shook his head trying to think in something else "Okay, yes... work" he walked out of the room heading to the bathroom and getting ready to leave, but not before taking a second to write a note to Melany with instructions and leaving it on the dining room table.

Minutes later, James arrives at the branch of Hydra Project, a video game design and programming company well known worldwide, where he has a programmer position, recognized as one of the best despite the fact that he denies it. Upon arrival his coworkers welcomed him while he sat in his cubicle to work, being interrupted an hour later by his partner Tom, who works in the cubicle next to him.

"Hey, what happened at the house the other day? I saw on the news that a large section collapsed, you were already gone, right? ” Tom asks curiously.

"Uh... something like that, I... I was..." James does not know what to answer, looking at his monitor as if he was hiding something. Tom immediately realize about it, staring at him with a suspicious face.

"I was... still in the mansion but not in the part that collapsed, the storm was too strong... and I had to go home with no umbrella because certain FRIENDS took the van!" James said looking at him with disappointment.

Tom changed his expression of doubt to a nervous smile "Oh... I, uh... it was Chuck's idea!" He said trying to find an excuse. James just shook his head and in a more joking tone said “And what was the reason? You were scared?"

Tom's eyes widened “No! Not at all, it was late and we did not want... James? Are you listening to me?" James was distracted, looking off to the side. Observing a very pretty girl who entered the office, with a long blonde hair and a rather provocative uniform. Tom sighs and waits until James comes out of his trance.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" James asks coming back to reality.

"Will you ever tell Caroline how you feel?"

"I don't think so. I don't think she will accept me..."

"You should try, you have nothing to lose... and with how busy your life is, she may be your only chance"

"Y... yes... you're right," said Tom, refocusing on the work.

Melany on her part saw herself in a dark room. There were two dark figures talking and debating with a third, who nodded and approached her with something sharp in their hand. Melany backed away scared until her back was against a wall, being cornered by the figure who took one of her six hands firmly, pulling her.

"Ah!" Melany woke up, opening both pairs of eyes, with an expression of fear. She blinked several times looking at the ceiling of James's bedroom and then sat on the bed, letting the sheets fall and expose her bare chest. She raised her upper right hand and touched the forehead of her right head as with her left hand she inspected her extra arms, touching them. "They're still here... calm down Melany, it was just a dream" she said to herself.

She got out of bed and slowly walked towards the chair she took the blouse putting it on while she finished waking up with a big yawn with each mouth. She walked into the living room looking at the sheets on the couch, with no sign of James anywhere.

"James?" she asked with both heads in a higher tone, trying to make James hear her, but there was no answer. Arriving at the dining room and not knowing very well what to do, she found James's note:


I know you need a good rest so I let you continue sleeping. I hope you have rested well!

I went to work, I will return at noon for lunch. I know it is sudden and weird for you but feel at home. If you are hungry, eat what you need. I will take more provisions on the way home.


Melany's heart raced and James's words touched her almost to tears. In her mind, she imagined herself being thrown out the next morning but apparently, James surprises her more and more "Maybe I'm so used to bad people... James is different," she said smiling and holding the note against her chest fondly. "Okay... I have to do something for him," she said to herself, getting down to work.

Around noon, James returned home and starts calling Melany as he closed the door behind him. When he turn around, Melany held him from his clothes with one hand, two expressions of shame and sadness invading the girl's faces. "Melany? What happened? Are you okay?" James said worriedly while Melany showed him a glass broken at the tip. "I... I'm sorry, it was an accident, I will do whatever it takes to make up for it," Melany said concerned about James's reaction.

James just patted her on the left head and smiled "Don't worry, it's nothing serious... you didn't cut yourself, it's the important part," he said as he walked through the house. The smell of perfume invaded his nose, which surprised James who started looking in all directions. The house gleamed from cleanliness. Melany had done the work of three people in a few hours.

James started to laugh with happiness, which surprised Melany who was still huddled behind him with embarrassment "If this is the payment, please keep breaking more glasses" said putting a hand on Melany's right head "Don't you want to stay longer?" Melany blushed and smiled with both heads, nodding repeatedly. “Good… oh, and about the glass. Is a joke, please don’t broke them” Melany giggled and nod “Yes!” she said with both heads.

Media (1)

05.png (914.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3339341 - 2 Jul 20 05:07
Loving This story continue the good work
user avatar
User #11660676 - 2 Jul 20 09:37
So wholesome :3
Color - Antonella!
Color - Antonella!more_vert
Post file flag
Color - Antonella! 2020-07-01T00:39:44+00:00close

We present our new character Antonella! She is a professional writer who lives in Port Solei and yes, she is a single person with two heads!

You could see its origin in https://www.patreon.com/posts/color-tales-of-38592200. In the Mutant Monthly of July 2020 you can learn more about her.

Media (1)

Sexy.png (695.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #11660676 - 1 Jul 20 05:11
She's incredibly sexy!
user avatar
User #5060427 - 1 Jul 20 00:41
omg i love her
user avatar
User #742360 - 1 Jul 20 16:03
The origin link seems to be broken..??
user avatar
accessworld - 1 Jul 20 16:04
Black & White - Laura (Street Fighter)
Black & White - Laura (Street Fighter)more_vert
Post file flag
Black & White - Laura (Street Fighter) 2020-06-30T22:13:03+00:00close

Taking an interval between so many fights, a moment of relaxation is necessary. And obviously some "recreational" activity.

Media (1)

laura_SF.png (536.2KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #293191 - 30 Jun 20 22:18
user avatar
User #2975979 - 30 Jun 20 23:03
I see they have 3 "bad habits", playing with hair, biting fingernails and masturbating. This is perfect^^
user avatar
User #2859581 - 1 Jul 20 17:26
Laura was hot already, but becoming a 3-headed amazon has tripled her sexiness! <3
Color - Through the shyness
Color - Through the shynessmore_vert
Post file flag
Color - Through the shyness 2020-06-30T02:10:58+00:00close

I always thought that shyness was a positive factor when it came to finding a partner for me. It doesn't matter how many people I ask, a shy girl is always attractive and tender to everyone. Despite that, in my case it seems different, probably because I am TOO shy to the point of scaring away the men around me. I hardly share my intimate life or thoughts; I do not show much emotion and I hide my body from the sight of people, even when there are mutants more exaggerated than me around. I wish I could change that aspect of me, is always creating problems in my life.

After years of being single, I finally decided to go on a date with a person. I was chatting and talking to this boy on the phone for almost two months until I started to feel that he was losing his interest in me. Damn! I like this boy too much and my shyness is playing tricks on me again, so I plucked up my courage and decided to propose him a date for the next day, which he accepted happily.

However, of course there was something missing. My shyness was so great that everything he had seen of me was simple selfies; he knew absolutely nothing about my mutation. I didn't even mention that I am a mutant! I just hope he is not very conservationist and accepts me as I am.

The time of the appointment came and I still didn’t told him about it, I went to the date with my usual coat, covering my extra limbs and hiding my tail. Although the fact that four feet were clearly visible beneath me caught his attention, so I felt forced to confess about my mutation. The date continued normally to the point where I was worried about it; I asked him if he doesn't mind that I'm a mutant and what he answered me blushed completely: "I like you much more now."

Our relationship progressed more and more with the days, he respects me a lot and patiently waits for me to overcome my shyness and be honest with him, I could even wear normal clothes in front of him without hiding my body. I think I really found the right person! Eventually we became a couple, but my shyness was still there. I had gone to eat at his house and we had slept together in the same bed, but we never had sex.

Despite the fact that he did not show that he was upset about it, I am sure that he wanted it and I confirmed it that night, while he was showering, my curiosity led me to inspect his room and I accidentally find a adult magazine that to my surprise was of mutants! Apparently, he loved them, but I couldn't investigate much more after hearing him come out of the bathroom. I immediately hid the magazine back in its place. Then I realize he's waiting for me to be ready for sex, I must do something! He lay down next to me and we lay on our backs against each other in bed, my hands were trembling a lot and I was unable to move or do anything until I felt that he finally fell asleep, I have failed again.

The next morning he woke me up with a kiss on my cheek, saying goodbye before going to work, he offered me to stay at his house and relax. He is incredibly kind to me, his smile as he walked out the door stayed with me all day.

I stayed at his house and decided to clean every corner as a way to pay him all his kindness, but the situation from the night before did not leave me alone, I had to tell him and know what it was the meaning behind it. I sent him a message explaining everything, to what he replied: "Yes, I have had that magazine for a long time, but I haven't taken it from there since I've been with you, no mutant there is as pretty as you." That was it, my face turned fully red, he was doing so much for me and I was not able to give him back something so simple. I took the magazine he had stored and put a collection of information, poses for different body types, trying to find something that would fit me.

With everything in my head, the time comes when he comes back from work, I took off my clothes and looks at myself in front of the mirror and for the first time I smiled, my body would probably like him a lot if I rely on the standards of the magazine. I took a chair and carried it to the entrance of his bedroom, making the back of the chair point towards the door. I passed two of my legs over it and slowly flexed them as I sit on the chair, which was cold enough to support my vaginas on it, but the sacrifice will surely be worth it. I looked at the clock to be sure he will arrive in a couple of minutes. The nerves were killing me! I placed my front arms on the back of the chair, which I was holding with my back arms and waited for him.

I heard when he opened the door and I called him. Seconds later, he entered with a somewhat tired walk, but when he saw me his face lit up and his tiredness disappeared. I think using the magazine as a guide was worth it

Media (1)

shySeductionAttempt.png (1.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #130225 - 30 Jun 20 04:41
That's just so sweet. :D
user avatar
User #5060427 - 30 Jun 20 02:24
i love this. the story is really cute and her pose is perfect
Black & White - POISON (SF)
Black & White - POISON (SF)more_vert
Post file flag
Black & White - POISON (SF) 2020-06-30T00:07:25+00:00close

Although I find it difficult to draw Fanarts, when I like the character a lot it is usually simpler.

And I really like Poison, I like conjoined ones and I like Self-Fucking.

Media (1)

poison.png (313.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #5362300 - 30 Jun 20 02:12
This picture is awesome! Love Poison so Double Poison is even better. The expressions they have are great too. Any chance we could see something of Juri in the future as well? Not sure where you stand on them but figured I would ask.
user avatar
accessworld - 30 Jun 20 02:13
In the Accessverse everything is possible ;-)
user avatar
User #2975979 - 30 Jun 20 00:56
Well done^^
Sketch - Two Girls
Sketch - Two Girlsmore_vert
Post file flag
Sketch - Two Girls 2020-06-29T22:07:36+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch_two_Girls.png (139.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6339289 - 30 Jun 20 22:52
Back boobs!!!! <3
user avatar
User #3585155 - 29 Jun 20 22:14
OH my... more cock clothing! :D
Swiss Army Girl - Go Fishing!
Swiss Army Girl - Go Fishing!more_vert
Post file flag
Swiss Army Girl - Go Fishing! 2020-06-29T05:26:59+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch-swiss_knife_Girl_02.png (162.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #33440473 - 29 Jun 20 07:37
Wait, does her hair turn into a net to capture the fish?
user avatar
accessworld - 29 Jun 20 22:08
This girl is a suprise box
user avatar
User #33440473 - 29 Jun 20 22:12
She sure is, can‘t wait to see the extend of her surprises ^^
Sketch - SORRY! (not sorry) 02
Sketch - SORRY! (not sorry) 02more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch - SORRY! (not sorry) 02 2020-06-29T05:15:29+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch_sorryNotSorry02.png (98.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #130225 - 29 Jun 20 06:23
Well... It will be interesting to see the difference in her reactions this series compared to the first...
Color - The Fearsome Arachne!
Color - The Fearsome Arachne!more_vert
Post file flag
Color - The Fearsome Arachne! 2020-06-28T23:01:59+00:00close

Nuria Mairmi is an actress who became famous for playing various roles as a villain in Class B Movies, during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Her particular spider-like mutation allowed her to develop her character "The fearsome Arachne" with which she starred in several monster films.

Although, in the beginning her inclusion in these films was widely criticized for the incipient number of mutant women who claimed that mutations were caricatured as monstrous beings or a new type of Freakshow. Nuria with her beauty, sensuality, and above all, her great personality contributed in making visible and open spaces for the naturalization of mutations, in a time when it was still a relatively taboo subject.

Today, Nuria is retired but she continues to attend to events and fan meetings, as well as managing a line of beauty products. Despite her years, her mutant genes continue to keep this extraordinary woman beautiful and healthy.

Media (1)

Arachne.png (866.4KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3585155 - 29 Jun 20 22:15
This is soooo neat!
user avatar
User #2975979 - 29 Jun 20 17:27
Really cool design, you should do human-arachne more often^^
user avatar
User #5060427 - 30 Jun 20 02:26
this is fantastic
user avatar
User #742360 - 28 Jun 20 23:52
Hmm....is that a spider abdomen, or part of her costume? (-:
 Lineart - A shy seduction attempt
Lineart - A shy seduction attemptmore_vert
Post file flag
Lineart - A shy seduction attempt 2020-06-28T18:59:28+00:00close


Media (1)

lineart_shySeductionAttempt.png (640.5KiB)

Color - Gaby with Cookie and Cream
Color - Gaby with Cookie and Creammore_vert
Post file flag
Color - Gaby with Cookie and Cream 2020-06-28T18:06:44+00:00close

Hello, I show you this Crossover of characters, with our dearest Gaby and the adorable Cookie and Cream, from a friend author that some of you may know, InfiniteApple, on the occasion of his birthday.

DA: https://www.deviantart.com/infiniteapple

Patreon: www.patreon.com/infiniteapple

Media (1)

apples.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #130225 - 28 Jun 20 18:38
It's been a long time since I last saw anything from InfiniteApple. I hope they're okay.
user avatar
accessworld - 28 Jun 20 19:16
Yes, he is ok. Possibly later he will upload new material.
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 27 – Mutant Accommodations
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 27 – Mutant Accommodationsmore_vert
Post file flag
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 27 – Mutant Accommodations 2020-06-28T06:13:09+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Ms. Jessica,

What kinds of accommodations are in place or available for mutants? I imagine it's hard to find cars for taurs and building access must be a nightmare for those too large to enter doorways. All of that is saying nothing about finding clothing for all the different possible shapes mutants can come in.

Well, that’s going to differ depending on where you live. Here in Port Solei we have a high mutant population so you can find a lot of mutant accommodations. In general, major metropolitan areas always have advanced mutant accommodations too. However, smaller, more rural towns with lower mutant populations get iffier.

Luckily, a lot of accommodations are easier to make than you think. Specialty clothing shops, for example, are not all that hard to set up. Mutant clothing, unfortunately, cannot be mass produced, so there are a lot of specialty tailors that will make clothing to order. It’s a bit expensive, but that’s just the price of specialty clothing. A lot of mutants will also buy standard human clothing items and take them to tailors for modification. It’s actually not that hard to cut a few new arm holes in a top, or to stitch two pairs of jeans together for a four legged girl. Any experienced tailor can do it.

Cars are also not so bad. We were making specialty cars for handicapped people well before mutations became common, and the same rules apply here. Taurs tend to get big card, like mini-vans or SUVs, because it better accommodates their long body. However, given this space, it’s not all that hard to create an extra wide door, and to take up a single spot in the back seat for your second set of legs.

Most human sized doorways accommodate mutants just fine. Some exceptionally large mutants might struggle, but for the most part the same laws that are in place to prevent discrimination against the handicapped prevent discrimination against mutants. Hallways have to be wide, stairs have to have an accompanying ramp, entranceways have to be wide and sometimes double doored, all this stuff was in place way before humans started to mutate.

Progress in this area kind of happens on a case by case basis. If a mutant shows up that struggles with the infrastructure that we have in place, then governing bodies usually turn to scientists to answer a few questions. How many people share this mutation? How difficult is the mutants life?

If the mutation is relatively rare then it’s usually more cost-effective for the mutant to get a special prosthetic or medical device to help them adapt. Once again, medical insurance programs vary from country to country, but most modern day insurance programs make prosthetics like this very affordable. Just don’t try to get one in the U.S.A. They will charge you an arm and a leg. It’s a good thing mutants got them to spare! HAH! Just a little joke.

If the mutation is relatively common, or if multiple mutants with different mutations will still struggle with a piece of existing infrastructure, then cities will usually start thinking about changing the infrastructure. Unfortunately, these changes can take years to enact, so there usually has to be some stop gap measures put in place in the meantime.

I’d like to get deeper into this, but we are straying into the realm of social policy, and my specialty is biology. You’d have to ask another professor for more details.

Dr. Jessica Park


Media (1)

27.png (793.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4050234 - 28 Jun 20 07:32
Stiill no read all the issue, but reading the first paragraph, make me ask for a issue covering gigantism, than at mutants can be even more giant than human gigantism
user avatar
User #3585155 - 29 Jun 20 22:15
I love this... so much. I love the tandem bicycle for a humantaur. The slice of life stuff which of course is changed a bit for the unique anatomies is by far your best stuff, Access :D
Accessland High School 25
Accessland High School 25more_vert
Post file flag
Accessland High School 25 2020-06-28T02:03:46+00:00close

Brittany makes an interesting reflection on Niccole's attitude. And it is that she has something to spare: "pride in her own mutation".

Media (1)

AccessLand_25_vol01.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11660676 - 28 Jun 20 21:32
I think grammatically correct would be for Cathy to say: "I think we should have hazed her"
user avatar
accessworld - 28 Jun 20 21:43
Corrected! Thanks!
Sketch - Poledance!
Sketch - Poledance!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch - Poledance! 2020-06-28T01:47:16+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch_poledance.png (69.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3585155 - 29 Jun 20 22:16
I'm surprised the heels aren't taller ;)
Sketch - Good Morning
Sketch - Good Morningmore_vert
Post file flag
Sketch - Good Morning 2020-06-28T01:30:15+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch_hello.png (205.8KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3585155 - 29 Jun 20 22:16
Oh this is sexy :D
Color - CRASH!
Color - CRASH!more_vert
Post file flag
Color - CRASH! 2020-06-26T20:23:02+00:00close


The sound of a breaking vase was heard throughout her apartment… but it wasn’t a vase that broke. Laura was desperately trying to stay on her feet despite the fear and confusion.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happening!” she muttered to herself, shivering in disbelief.

This beautiful woman was standing in her kitchen, now headless and somehow in shock that she could still see the expressionless pieces of what once was her head scattered about her kitchen floor.

“This is crazy. How am I thinking… how am I doing anything without a head? Is… is this a mutation? I thought I was too old to mutate?” Laura’s thoughts were going through her head a mile a minute.

Laura had felt strange for the past few days. Her head felt light, foggy, almost like it was empty. Her vision seemed, off somehow, like she wasn’t seeing from her eyes. Today she felt a very drastic numbness in her head and neck, and it caused her to stumble around a bit. It wasn’t a surprise when she accidentally hit her head on the open door of the cupboard. It was a surprise when her head came clean off.

“What am I going to do now?” she thought to herself. “How the heck can I still see and hear!?” It was true, and bizarre. Despite not having eyes and ears she still saw and heard just fine. She could still see the pieces of her former head on the floor. “How long was it just a hollow shell?” she thought.

She noted that she could still feel… lips though. She meekly spoke “testing… one, two…” and then shivered feeling her vagina vocalize every sound. She moved her tongue and felt it wriggle around down there. She could even fondle her own clit with it. “Well… I guess that answers the question of how I will speak and eat from now on.

She grabbed an empty shoebox from the closed and began gathering the pieces of her former head inside it. It was nothing but useless debris right now, but she couldn’t just toss out something that had been a part of her for almost thirty years. “I guess I’ll save a lot on makeup and earrings this way” she said trying to console herself. She knew the next few days would be filled with paper work and doctors’ visits, but suddenly she remembered.

“Shit! I have a date in an hour!”

She was going to have to get used to this new mutation fast.

Media (1)

crash.png (469.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5316984 - 27 Jun 20 03:43
The story really enhances this one. Excellent writing for an excellent drawing!
Color - Social Distancing
Color - Social Distancingmore_vert
Post file flag
Color - Social Distancing 2020-06-26T04:20:47+00:00close

Q: Why is social distancing important?

A: Social distancing is crucial for preventing the spread of contagious illnesses such as COVID-19 (coronavirus). COVID-19 can spread through coughing, sneezing and close contact. By minimizing the amount of close contact we have with others, we reduce our chances of catching the virus and spreading it to our loved ones and within our community.

Media (1)

socialDistance.png (442.6KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #657342 - 29 Jun 20 01:52
i would love to be quarantined with her <3 <3 <3
user avatar
User #4050234 - 26 Jun 20 09:15
sorry to ak it. Im from Argentina. Chile tiene cuarentena?
user avatar
accessworld - 26 Jun 20 20:55
user avatar
User #3623083 - 26 Jun 20 10:52
Well, that cop's getting fired.
user avatar
accessworld - 26 Jun 20 20:55
True?. total lack of judgment
The Mysterious Rattle 04
The Mysterious Rattle 04more_vert
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The Mysterious Rattle 04 2020-06-25T04:59:58+00:00close

James was sitting on the sofa wondering what he was going to do with his new “guest” when Melany came out of the bathroom wearing a new pair of clean clothes. “Where did you get these?” she said.

“Oh, I just cut down some of my old clothes to fit your body. Don’t worry, I have plenty more, you can keep them” James replied.

Melany’s eyes filled with tears of joy. “Thank you!” she said, both head smiling brightly. She walked over to the small bag that she tried so hard to rescue. Inside were a few scattered belongings including a picture of a pre-mutation Melany and her parents. James couldn’t see much else with all of Melany’s hands roaming around inside.

“It’s not much, but it’s the lead I can do” Melany said, taking a coin out of her bag and offering it to James.

“No, no. Keep them” James said. “You’ve been through a lot today and you lost your house. You don’t have to pay me anything.”

Melany gave a soft nod and pu the coins away.

“Tell me…” James inquired “how did you end up living alone in that house. I saw a picture in that bag of yours. Are those your parents? Where are they?”

Melany’s eyes lowered and her tail made an agitated rattling sound. “Yes, they are my parents, and they are good people… even after…” She stopped. Her faces were twisted in anguish.

James quickly changed the subject. “Well you were cute before you were a mutant… ER… uh… not that you aren’t cute now don’t get me wrong.”

Melany sighed heavily. “You don’t have to pretend. I know I’m not pretty now. I’m strange even for mutants. I have animal parts and two heads and all these arms, “she said, raising her tail to accentuate her sentence.

James gave her a soft smile. “Well you still look amazing to me. I think you are a very pretty girl and you are being too hard on yourself. I mean, have you been on the internet. There are mutants way more extreme than you.”

Melany laughed a bit and James laughed along with her, but what followed was an awkward silence. James tried to think of anything to break the stillness. “So, uh… what age did you mutate?”

“When I was thirteen” Melany said. “It’s been seven years. I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve spent most of that time in that house… alone. People aren’t all that interested in approaching me after they see… well… this.” One of Melany’s arms came up to scratch shyly at a cheek. “I’m… not proud of what I had to do to survive.”

James knew better than to ask for more details. He stood up and motioned for Melany to follow. “Come with me. I already ate dinner earlier today but I’d be happy to make something for you.”

Melany followed him enthusiastically. James wasn’t much of a cook, but he did have some leftover fish. He heated it up in the microwave and poured Melany a cup of juice. “I’m uh, sorry you had to live alone al that time…” he said, just trying to make conversation.

“No, it’s nothing. I’m just… an unlucky mutant I guess.” Melany’s right head spoke to James while the left focused on the food inside the microwave, practically drooling.

James couldn’t help but chuckle. “So, having two heads makes it harder to hide what you want, eh?” James pulled the fish out of the microwave, setting it on the table and sitting on the other side.

Melany was thrilled. She hadn’t used forks or hot food in so long. She began scarfing down the fish as if she hadn’t eaten in days, which was partially true. She guzzled the juice and even licked the scraps off the plate.

“Oh god I’m stuffed,” she said. “It’s been so long since I have been this full. Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it,” James said. “But… do you really have nowhere to go?”

Melany shook her two heads at once, solemnly.

“Well I can’t have you living on the street. You can stay here for now. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

Melany protested! “N-n-no! That’s too much! I can sleep on the sofa! I mean I’ve slept on the floor for so long I’m sure it will be-“

“That’s exactly why!” James interrupted. “How long has it bit since you had a good nights sleep?”

Melany froze and tried to recall the last time she slept on a bed. She couldn’t. She instead just decided to hug James tightly with all her arms. “Thank you” she softly whispered. She walked toward his room bidding him a soft “goodnight” as she entered and closed the door behind her.

Melany was practically paralyzed looking at James’s bed. It was perfectly made, almost as if she was staying at a hotel. It looked so soft. Without wasting a second she took off her shirt and pants and jumped onto the bed, laying down, looking at the ceiling, and snuggling under the blankets. She was asleep in seconds.

Meanwhile, James was setting up his bed on the sofa, recalling the hug, and the tiny bit of Melany’s mutation that he had just noticed. “She has six breasts too?”

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:27
I love her nails!
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User #33440473 - 25 Jun 20 05:33
Wow, she is so adorable!
Color - Tales of a slow mutation.
Color - Tales of a slow mutation.more_vert
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Color - Tales of a slow mutation. 2020-06-25T02:10:29+00:00close

Original Idea: Sophiie93

Copy Editor: Leena

I remember. I was running on a street. I was exhausted. I must have been running for a long time. My heart was pounding. My body was hot. “Something’s wrong.” I thought. I stopped in the middle of the road but my body just kept getting hotter. My hands were sweaty. “How did I get here?” I thought. Everything was dark. I could only hear my heartbeat. I saw a shadowy figure in front of me. She was a girl, my height, but something was different. Her form was warped, mutated. I tried to look closer, but suddenly she started running at me. I screamed!

“AAAAH!” I woke up with a jolt in bed. “What a nightmare…” I said. I was drenched in sweat. I tried to take a deep breath and lie down again.

As soon as I took a breath, I felt a spasm rock my body. It was as if I pulled every muscle in my body. I quickly took my blouse off and saw them. Small lumps forming under my breasts. More lumps on my sides. “I… I’m starting to mutate!” I told myself. I knew it was coming. The doctors said it would happen any day now.

I got up and felt something tug at my panties. It was as if something was stretching them tight, pulling them from behind. I noticed a small lump on my backside. A tail? And are these lumps new breasts and arms? What was I becoming?

It was a slow process. I heard stories of girls suddenly bursting out of their skin as brand new mutants. That wasn’t the case for me. The lumps grew maybe an inch or two each second. I could hear the muscles slurp, the bones crack as they grew. It didn’t hurt. Maybe it was too slow to hurt. It felt… almost orgasmic really.

I saw the lumps start to balloon out, smaller lumps growing on them, fingers that would soon become hands. They twitched. It made me shiver. I watched the new arms grow out, snapping into new elbows, cracking as they formed new shoulders. The feeling of them first moving was a rush. I stayed on my knes enjoying the new sensations. Movement came very natural. It was as if my brain mutated before my body. Maybe that shadowy mutant in my dream was me…

My body felt so good I almost lost consciousness. I gripped tightly onto the sheets with my upper arms. My new fingers were almost fully formed. They cracked as they moved for the first time. I put them in front of my face, moving them with a silent awe.

I could hear slurps from behind me as my tail continued to grow. It wasn’t quite as natural, but I could feel it slithering down my leg. It felt good.

I turned my attention back to my four new arms. I tried to move the middle pair. It was hard. They didn’t want to move separately from my other arms at first, but I started to get used to it. I continued “practicing” with my new limbs. It felt so good to move them. I had never imagined that simply moving your arms could feel so good. They were just so sensitive.

I looked down to my chest. The new lumps had blossomed into full breasts, growing slightly bigger with each breath. New nipples formed with slight pinching sensations. I shakily moved my lower hands to cup a new pair. My god it felt amazing. The pleasure from simply touching them was unreal.

I wasted no time, tossing aside my bra. I arched my back and looked in the mirror. Six arms. Six breasts. I was a beauty of a mutant.

Then something peculiar happened at the end of my growing tail. It was as if a pressure grew, and with it a bulge. I found myself pushing, as it grew more and more. New eyes opened, a new mouth started breathing, even new hair grew. Before I knew it, I had another head at the end of my new tail.

My mind was like a tsunami as a wave of new thoughts crashed inside me. The sound in the room intensified. I was getting vision from two eyes at once. I tried to say “this is so strange” but I hear it twice, like everything in my head was an echo.

I raised a free hand to stroke the cheek of my new face. I could feel it perfectly. My new eyes looked up at me. I could see me… seeing myself.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. “This is my head” came one pair of thoughts. “This is my tail” came the other. With practice, I could hear each individually, though they both happened at the same time. It was almost… comforting, to always be beside myself, to have me be my own companion.

I crawled on all eight limbs like some bizarre spider, reaching the table and grabbing my phone. I passed it from hand to hand until it reached my lower hands. I showed it to my tail head. It could see the screen perfectly. I used my lower hands to surf the net a bit without looking with my original. It was a good way to break the new head in, so to speak. It was like living two parallel lives. I could think and speak and do whatever I wanted with one head while doing something completely different.

“This is incredible!” I thought. But there was something more interesting to my tail head than the phone. It was the wetness in my panties. I took them off, stripping naked to look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t imagine that this body, the six arms, the many breasts, were all mine. Yet somehow, I felt like I had this body my whole life.

My libido had skyrocketed. My two heads looked at each other. “We should do it!” I thought in tandem. “We? “ I hesitated. Why did I say that? Am I still me?

Now wasn’t the time for thinking about that. I leaned back on the bed, supporting myself with my upper arms. I guided my tail up so that it reached my face, looking at me close up. My lower arms stroked down my thigh and gently teased over my pussy lips while my middle arms fondled my breasts.

My tail head moved in and touched lips to lips. I kissed myself. Pleasure ran through my body. It was a chill, an electricity surging through my entire being too powerful to describe. I fell onto my back and started fondling my breasts harder. I caressed my tail head with one of my upper arms. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. It was kissing another person, twice, and she was me. I was a good kisser. I just didn’t know how good.

My phone rang. I looked over. It was my boss. I reached over, hit the power button and turned my phone off, throwing it to the floor. I’ll be taking today off I think. After all, I need to “practice” with my new body.

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User #11660676 - 25 Jun 20 05:41
I'd love to see the final result as well ^^
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accessworld - 1 Jul 20 00:42
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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:27
Oh fun!
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 26 – Less is more
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 26 – Less is moremore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 26 – Less is more 2020-06-24T22:38:28+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Dear Ms. Jessica,

I have a few questions regarding the loss of body parts due to mutation. How and why are there fusions and mutations that occur where the people mutating only lose limbs and other body parts? (SWBs for example) And how do mutants that have lost their eyes, ears, and/or mouth retain their basic senses? Do they have different internal mechanisms for these processes, or do they require outside assistance?

Well, a good portion of this question was answered in issues 16 and 19, which I’m aware haven’t been posted at time of writing, so I’ll include a copy in this response.

I do think there is a fundamental question here that is worth answering though: why? Why do mutants mutate to lose body parts, or otherwise mutate in a way that seems like it would make life more difficult?

It is the prevailing theory that all mutations are beneficial. The only reason why a mutation would not be fought off by the immune system would be if the body somehow “thought” that the mutated body was better than the human body. Note, your body doesn’t actually think. This is just cold unfeeling chemical, biological, and genetic machinery doing what is best for survival. Also note, I’m only talking about mutations caused by an active mutant gene. Other mutations, like random genetic mutations to other parts of our genetic code, can still be harmful. Random is random afterall.

So what is “better” about losing body parts? Well, as I mentioned in issue 16, SWBs have a much more efficient organ system than full humans. People with no face adopt new forms of sensing that many times provide better spacial awareness than before.

This might be a little hard to wrap your head around, so let’s take another example. Surely you have seen mutants with snake-like tails instead of legs. For all intents and purposes, they are losing two legs, which seems detrimental. But then when you look at the data things come into focus.

And what data are we going to look at? Watermelons!

It’s become a bit of a trend online to attempt to break watermelons between your thighs. To do so, you would need to be able to exert approximately 21 pounds of pressure per square foot, or 1005 pascals of pressure. It’s a fairly impressive feat, for human legs.

For snakes, on the other hand, it’s barely a trick at all! An anaconda’s crush strength is estimated to be 90 psi, that’s pounds per square INCH not foot. Do you know how many pascals of pressure that is? 620,528! An anaconda can crush 617 watermelons at once while a human struggles to crush one! And snake mutant tails are thicker, wider, and stronger than anaconda tails, since they are generally larger in volume.

A little bit of math like this can reveal quite a bit about some mutations. An average SWB weighs about 70 pounds, but their leg strength is comparable to an average human of 150 pounds. This allows them to run faster, jump higher, and be active for longer distances than most humans.

Or let’s look at merged fingers and toes. Surely having three fingers on your hands is worse than having five, right? Wrong! An average five fingered human can exert about 35 kilograms of force with their grip. However, distributing the same muscles over just three fingers instead of five increases that grip strength to well over 80 kilograms of force!

Doesn’t make sense? Well think about mutants who have even fewer fingers. Mutants who have crab-like pincers. They can exert well over 200 kilograms of force with their grip strength!

Or think of tentacles. Mutants with tentacles lose their bones and fingers and lots of dexterity right? Wrong! They retain a lot of their dexterity and obtain strength similar to the measurements we got from snakes, earlier. Yes, that means a mutant with tentacle legs can also easily crush watermelons without a thought. Honestly, I’ll never get these TikTok crazes.

So the next time you see a mutant who has lost something, ask yourself “what have they gained?” I’ll bet you it was a whole lot more than whatever they lost.

Before you ask, no, I’m not going to make a video of myself crushing a watermelon between my thighs.

Dr. Jessica Park


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User #3501586 - 26 Jun 20 01:16
I’d love to see the yoga aftermath in the shower.
Color - F.O.M.O.
Color - F.O.M.O.more_vert
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Color - F.O.M.O. 2020-06-22T23:03:18+00:00close

“Ouch!” Alice exclaimed, walking straight into a lamppost in the middle of the street. This was, unfortunately, a pattern with her. She would get too distracted with her phone and end up walking into objects, people, tripping over the curb, and much much more. She blushed heavily at the giggles and stares from the crowd and quickly made her way to work.

But first…

“Hey there! Alice here, reporting in before going to work. I hope all of you are doing well. I’m going to have to go radio silent for a while. My boss reprimanded me for using my phone too much while on the job.” She gave a quick smile and uploaded the video as her new status.

Alice was having a bit of trouble at her new job. She was a bit of an internet addict, so you’d think that working at the local cell phone store would be amazing for her. It wasn’t. All the phones just taunted her and reminded her of all the time she could be spending online… but instead she was working this stupid job.

She went upstairs to check in, saying hi to the secretary along the way, a mutant with two heads.

“Hey Hana… how’re things today?” Alice’s eyes bounced from one head to another.

“Calm” Hana said, one head looking up to Alice while the other stared furiously at a computer screen, continuing her work. “We haven’t gotten many clients yet, so you might as well go prepare your workstation.”

Alice just stood there staring at Hana, holding a conversation and working at the same time. In fact, she stared so long that Hana noticed. “Is… there something you want to ask me?”

“Oh uh, nothing it’s just… so you… uh” Alice stammered over herself. “You can do two things at once right? Like work and talk to me? Cause you have two heads right? That sounds useful!” Alice said rapidly looking between Hana’s two heads.

Hana laughed “Well, you tested positive for the mutant gene right? If you mutate, are you hoping you end up like me?”

Alice blushed and put up her hands in denial. “No! No don’t make it sound so creepy! I just… ugh… never mind.” She turned away to head to her station, waiting for a client to arrive. It took thirty minutes for any sign of life to walk through the door. It was the same routine. Happy smile. Upsell a new phone. Log the sale. Send him on his way. She sighed heavily, her fake smile turning into an exhausted frown as soon as the customer left. This was her life, day in and day out.

When Alice got home that day she seriously thought about quitting her job. It just wasn’t worth all the boredom. She threw herself on the bed, thinking of how to word her resignation.

But suddenly, she started feeling hot. She thought it was just anxiety, but she just kept getting hotter. She was sweating through her clothes. She tried hard to catch her breath and then, CRACK, a loud sound came from her body. CRACK! CRRREEEEAK! Her bones ached and felt like they were moving inside her.

“Oh god wait… is this it? Am I mutating!?” She quickly tossed off her clothes and jumped off the bed, trying to stagger to the bathroom. CRRRRRACK! Her hips popped and dislocated, expanding. CRUUUUUNCH! She bend over and felt her spine expand backward. She breathed heavily as a new torso started to form. SNAAAAAP! New bones started to form, protrusions from her new torso, a new set of hips, a new pair of legs.

“Nnnngh am I b-becoming a humantaur! That will just make my life harder. I wanted to have two leads like Hana NNNGH!” She spoke too soon as the sensation simply wasn’t going away. With a large BURST she felt two new arms explode out of her second pair of hips along with a very long tail. She started instinctively pushing as a budge formed at the tip. Eyes formed. A mouth formed. Soon a whole second head pushed out of her backside.

She felt woozy as she felt two pairs of senses rush to her brain. “Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Hana will envy me hehe” She almost felt drunk, and then passed out from exhaustion.

The next day she told her boss what happened. She was offered the day off, but she decided she would go in anyway. She merely had to stop at a mutant clothing store first, and drop off some government paperwork to register as freshly mutated. The next few days would be filled with lots of doctor’s visits but she had a way to pass the time.

As she walked into work she flashed everyone a big smile. Her boss even congratulated her. “Coming into work on the very day you mutated. Now that’s dedication!” He was very pleased.

“Oh a little mutation won’t stop me from doing my duty boss!” Alice said, more happy and animated than ever. Little did anyone know that her tail head and second arms were on her phone the whole time.

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:27
I do love the dress!
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 25 – Mutant Studies
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 25 – Mutant Studiesmore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 25 – Mutant Studies 2020-06-22T00:46:12+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Dear Ms. Jessica,

I’m interested in mutant studies and possibly pursuing a career in mutant science. What can I do?

Always interested in helping someone who is pursuing higher education. Here are some places you can look into.

First let me recommend my alma mater, the University of Port Soleil. In addition to having one of the largest mutant student bodies and faculty in the world, they also have one of the highest accredited mutant studies programs. There, you can study mutant biology and physiology, mutant psychology and neuroscience, mutant sociology and culture studies, and much more. Applications are a little competitive, what with mutant science becoming such a fast growing field, but it’s still worth it to try.

Second, I’d like to recommend Access Labs. They are constantly letting in new interns and volunteers for their work study program. They are extremely nice too. I’m friends with the head of research there, Dr. Maddie. The head of the lab is a little… er… eccentric, and the pay isn’t great (I wonder why they always have money problems) but the first hand lab experience is second to none.

If you are a mutant yourself, you may want to look into the International Mutant Observation and Study program. IMOS offers you a stipend in exchange for allowing mutant scientists to study your mutation. Of course, you get to be involved in the process, so if you are looking to understand more about your body, this is probably the best way to go about it.

The Mutant Genome Project is a coalition of universities and research labs that is looking to catalogue all human junk DNA and the different ways it can manifest. They offer work study programs, but only at the graduate level. You’ll room with other mutant researched and work fairly long hours mapping out possible mutant genomes, but it’s real cutting edge stuff.

Finally there is the Mutant Life Collective, which I think I’d categorize as “alternative” education. It’s less of a university and more of a study program where you get to, for a few years, live, work, and learn in an all mutant setting. Yes, you’ll be living in small towns and communities made of nothing but mutants. This program is less technical and more focused on the liberal arts. They talk a lot about mutant philosophy and ask questions like “what is a mutant’s place in the world” and “what really is the definition of humanity.” It won’t really get you a degree you can use, but many of my students have said that a year or two in the collective is an experience like no other.

Study hard, because the future of mutant kind depends on you!

Dr. Jessica Park


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25.png (629.4KiB)

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:27
Hehe, nothing like watching a three-legged girl run :D
Color Volleyball practice
Color Volleyball practicemore_vert
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Color Volleyball practice 2020-06-21T14:00:04+00:00close

“Hey, aren’t you coming?” Daniel said, waving me over.

“Nah, go on ahead.” I said from the front door of the school.

“Hah! Bet you’re gonna watch her play again, right?” Daniel said walking away. “Someday, you’ll have to tell her!”

I dropped my shoulders with a heavy sigh and walked to the gym where the girls’ volleyball team was practicing. I was there to see one girl, a mutant girl who sits beside me in class, a mutant girl whose pictures I look at longingly on my phone… because I’d never have the courage to talk to her.

I mean… what are the chances that someone like her would be interested in me. She’s the only mutant in our class! People are either infatuated with her or scared of her. The demon horns don’t do her any favors, though her personality is nothing like a demons.

I sat down on the bleachers to enjoy the practice games. She always shines on the court. She would use her back hands to heft the ball while her front hands smacked it down with almost supernatural force. She was a volleyball star.

I remember when we had just entered school. She seemed so fragile and innocent. Bullies would make fun of her horns but she would never defend herself. She just kept her head down and tried to wait until it all went away.

That day was the only day I was brave enough to talk with her. I said “Your horns are very pretty.” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and smiles. I blushed so hard and ran back to my seat before she could say anything else.

THUMP! THUMP THUMP! The sound of a ball hitting the ground broke me out of my reminiscence. I picked it up and there she was, standing with her four hand extended waiting to receive the ball. She took it without saying a word, her fingers gently brushing against mine.

“F…Freya I…” I said her name quietly under my breath as she walked away. I still wasn’t brave enough to talk to her directly. I sat down, but I saw her pause before she headed back to the court. On no! Did she hear me!? Crap did I make a fool out of myself?

She turned to look at me with a deep flush to her cheeks, using one of her hands to pull her hair behind her here. “Uhm…. Thanks for coming to see me every day!” she said, breaking the same smile she gave me all those years ago. Then, before I had a chance to respond she headed back to the court.

I sat back down, my heart pounding in my chest louder than the ball on the court. “She talked to me. She actually talked to me.” I thought. It was gonna be hard, but if she could do that, the least I could do was return the favor.

Media (1)

voleyball.png (1.5MiB)

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:27
I love her hair!
Color -  SORRY! (not sorry) 01
Color - SORRY! (not sorry) 01more_vert
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Color - SORRY! (not sorry) 01 2020-06-20T20:51:18+00:00close

A warm and pleasant wind hit the boy’s face from the open bus window. It was hot nearly year around in Port Solei, and now that he had been accepted to Port Solei University, he was going to have to get used to the weather quick.
“I can’t believe I got in!” thought the boy. “I just have to focus and do my best. I can’t afford to fail.”
The boy’s face turned a little pale when he let a few errant thoughts of cousin sneak in. “Ugh I just hope she lets me….”
His aunt was very nice to let him stay in her house for his university study. His uncle was on a long business trip, so only his aunt and her daughter, his mischievous cousin, were home. Yes, he remembered her way, the girl who took his sleep away so many years ago, the girl that got him punished. He still remembered her parting words. “Don’t worry… I’ll handle the accidents this time.”
“Come on man, focus, focus!” he said, banishing thoughts of her from his brain.
Soon he would have to deal with the real thing.
After a short tour of the neighborhood and a short walk thereafter, the boy arrived at his aunt’s beautiful house, one of the many villas built into the cliffs and mountains of the coastal city. It had a beautiful view of the bay, and a beautiful view of…
Oh no….
At the door, a familiar face greeted him.
“Wow loser! You finally made it into PSU” said his cousin leaning against the doorframe. She looked spectacular. Her top showed off her triple boobs. Her tight shorts showed her beautiful legs, and her package was barely poking out underneath. Her tail fell gracefully next to her legs, curling up a bit around her left ankle. And those black heeled sandals…. Mmmmm
The boy’s eyes nearly popped out of their socket. His throat was dry and his voice cracked as he said “H-hello cousin! Yes! I uh… managed to do it!” He sounded pathetic and nervous.
“You look like garbage” she replied. She snapped her fingers “snap out of it weirdo! What are you getting high on the sea air or something?”
“No it… it was just a long trip” said the boy. “But… uh… you look good! Are you going out?”
“No idiot! This is just how I usually dress!” she said leaning against the doorframe in a sexy pose.
“That a lie…” came the voice of the boy’s aunt from upstairs. “She usually dresses in baggy sweats. She went shopping yesterday and picked out these clothes. She was going crazy.” She peeked her head out to greet her nephew. “It’s so nice to see you! I hope your trip went well.” She gave him a hug with her two right arms.
The girl blushed, paralyzed by her mother ruining her ruse. “Shut up mom!” she said angrily. She nervously turned back to the boy. “Look I’m just trying out new things OK? I’m going to be dressing… different around the house for a while… and it’s not for you!” She turned with a huff and walked up the stairs.
“Oh you know what she’s like” said the boy’s aunt. “Anyway, I hope you’ve come prepared. Port Solei University is very demanding.”
“Ah… port… uni… wha?” the boy stammered, still watching his cousin ascend the stairs.
“Hahahha funny” laughed his aunt. “You must be tired. Your room is at the end of the hall on the top floor. Don’t get confused.”
The boy went to his room but as he shut the door, he could see his cousin peeking in from her bedroom across the way. She flashed him a mischievous smile and shut her door as well. He sat on his bed looking up at the ceiling. “This is going to be more difficult… and more pleasant… than I thought.”

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:28
Underboob :D
user avatar
User #657342 - 22 Jun 20 08:08
i love cousin very much, but now im wondering what aunty looks like :)
The Mysterious Rattle 03
The Mysterious Rattle 03more_vert
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The Mysterious Rattle 03 2020-06-20T15:55:52+00:00close

“Th-thanks” Melay said with a small smile. She got up off the muddy ground to meet James’s gaze. “Uh….”

“James” he said, smiling back.

“Nice same” Melany’s right head said with a grin. However, James could tell it was a fake smile. Her left head still looked worried and scared. He figured they were wasting time here and should probably just leave.

He tugged on Melany’s hand trying to lead her out of the house, but she did not want to move. “Wait… my things. I have some food and clothes and…”

James cut her off, patting her right head softly. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you more food and clothes. Right now we have to get out of here.”

One of Melany’s heads nodded while the other looked behind her, as if saying goodbye to her old broken home. When they finally got outside, James lent Melany his coat. He looked for his friends’ van, but only saw tire tracks. “This is a problem…” he said. “My house is about ten minutes from here. I know the rain is bad but do you think you can make it?”

Melany meekly nodded with both heads. They both walked, Melany clutching tight to James’s side, hiding herself in her coat. Police cars and fire trucks roared past them halfway through the walk. Melany jerked back in fear.

“It looks like someone else called 911” James said. “Thank goodness, there’s gonna be debris flying around everywhere. You know… they could help you. Find you a good place to live. Is there a reason why you are so scared?”

Melany didn’t answer. “I understand. You don’t have to say anything” James reassured her.

By the time they had reached James’s house the rain had died down. James started digging in his pockets for his keys while Melany looked at the front door as if it were the gates of paradise. It was no mansion, but it was warm, comforting, safer than the old abandoned manor she lived in.

“Come in!” James said with a smile. Melany hurried inside tracking mud in from the front door. The change in temperature was immediately noticeable. Sweet sweet warmth. She hadn’t felt like this in years. She just stood there, soaking up the heat, waiting for James to tell her what to do next. She was surprised when he took a towel and started drying her hair.

“Wow, your hair is super long” he laughed. “And super wet.”

“Y-yes” Melany squeaked out. She kept her hands at her sides, afraid to make any sudden movements.

“You need to take a shower, come here” James said motioning to the bathroom.

Melany felt a little lost. She wasn’t sure what comforts she should take part in. She almost felt guilty, like she didn’t deserve it. She just obeyed everything James said. He directed her into the shower and turned on the water.

James left the room to let her get clean. She disrobed and stepped into the gentle hot water which relaxed her aching muscled. “CLACK” She heard the door closed. Was James spying on her!? She immediately curled up in a ball until she heard…

“Make sure to close the door. You’ll let the cold air in. I’ll find you some clean clothes.”

Melany was starting to feel more at ease. Maybe James was just a nice person. Maybe she had nothing to worry about.

The hot shower felt like a dream. It fell over her head, down her necks, across her body, releasing all the tension stored in her. She had her eyes closed, just enjoying the feeling of something other than the cold air. It felt like hours before she heard a knock at the door again.

“Melany? I’m just going to leave your clothes here.” Melany poked a head outside the curtain to see James dropping off a pile of fresh clothes and a towel.

“Thank you!” she replied in an excited and grateful tone. She took the shampoo and washed her hair, scrubbed her body, it was so long since she had been clean.

James sat on the sofa after drying himself off. It was then that the situation started to sink in. A strange mutant he just met was showering in his house. “Well… I couldn’t just leave her there” he thought… convincing himself that this was the right thing to do.

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MR_03.png (2.1MiB)

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User #246415 - 20 Jun 20 19:14
Wow she's beautiful
Color Free - Sophie and Lucy - Bikini tease!
Color Free - Sophie and Lucy - Bikini tease!more_vert
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Color Free - Sophie and Lucy - Bikini tease! 2020-06-19T04:44:54+00:00close

" Bikinis aren't tempting enough on their own, don't you want to see more? "

For https://www.deviantart.com/sophiie93/

Media (1)

SL_Bikini.png (511.3KiB)

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User #3585155 - 25 Jun 20 14:28
Dream boats!
Color - Therapy
Color - Therapymore_vert
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Color - Therapy 2020-06-19T02:11:30+00:00close

“Mutant Aid Group” said the sign on the door. I stood there, reading and rereading it over and over again. I couldn’t believe I was here. I could only hope that they could help me.

It’s been four days since my mutation. It’s not very serious as far as mutations go, but I still feel very uncomfortable with my body. My breasts have grown two sizes, I’ve grown another set of eyes, and I could probably deal with all of this except… I grew a penis as well.

I just can’t get used to having it there all the time. I don’t even want to touch it. I try to distract myself with work or chores but nothing works. It’s just… there all the time. I feel like I’m in a body that’s not mine. What do they call that? Dysphoria? I constantly feel it. I just can’t get it out of my head.

I couldn’t live like this… so I came here, a place for new mutants to talk about the problems their mutations cause. I opened the door ready for the session… but seeing everyone there just made me more embarrassed.

Everyone there was at least a level 3 mutant. I’m not even a level 2. These were people who had to change their whole way of life and here I am, complaining about a dick.

One by one they all told their stories. Eventually I told mine. I thought they would judge me, but they all clapped supportively.

But there was this one girl, this one girl who would not stop staring at me. It was like she was undressing me with her eyes. She told her story… which made me even more flustered. She had become a humantaur, but the extra legs weren’t the problem. It was the libido. She had become a total nymphomaniac and she couldn’t find a partner that could satisfy her.

The session lasted for about an hour. We talked about ways to look at our mutations positively and adapt to our new bodies. It was a positive experience… but as I was preparing to walk home, I was approached by the humantaur girl.

She took my arm and, out of nowhere, put it against her chest. “What’s going on?” I said alarmed.

“I listened to your story… and I think I can be the solution to all your problems,” she said in a deep lusty voice.

“That’s… just the nymphomania speaking” I said in protest. She shook her head and laughed.

“Are we gonna do this?” she said teasingly, trailing a finger down my chest. I had never seen myself being with another girl before… but I was also willing to try anything.

“OK, but… if this doesn’t work don’t ask again!”

“No problem!” she said, eagerly grabbing my hand.

I guess you could call this my first date as a mutant. We walked a few minutes, talking, getting to know each other, until we eventually found our way to a small hotel and got a room for the night.

As soon as we were through the door she pushed me onto the bed and straddled me with all four legs. She began undressing, exposing her breasts, taking off her pants. Her body was so beautiful, worthy of a model. I had never looked at another woman like this but… she was so hot. My dick immediately sprung to life, pushing itself in between her hind legs. She gave a small but cute yelp before looking at me seductively and turning around.

“Would you help me take off my hind pants? It’s hard for me to reach them.” She gently touched her lip with a finger, giggling to herself naughtily.

I pulled down her pants and felt the tip of my penis push against her vagina. It was so warm, so wet. It was the first time I felt pleasure like this. It was strange… but it wasn’t bad at all.

“Please… don’t make me wait any longer…” the girl said bucking her hips backward into me. I felt myself slowly slide into her, groaning as she enveloped me. It felt so good. I never imagined being inside a humantaur would be like this.

She was right… this was exactly what I needed. I guess I’ll be coming to these meetings more often.

Media (2)

Humantaur_SEX.png (1.2MiB)
Humantaur_SEX.png (1.3MiB)

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User #3585155 - 22 Jun 20 13:51
This one is gorgeous. Hehe. She seems so fun!
Draw This Again - June 2020 - 02
Draw This Again - June 2020 - 02more_vert
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Draw This Again - June 2020 - 02 2020-06-18T03:38:32+00:00close

This was one of my first openly sexiest drawings. It was drawn with an ink pen and colored in Paint Shop Pro 4.0 (very rudimentary).

Media (3)

DTA_Jun2020_02.png (2.0MiB)
DTA_Jun2020_02_.png (1.2MiB)
access12.jpg (83.4KiB)

The Mysterious Rattle 02
The Mysterious Rattle 02more_vert
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The Mysterious Rattle 02 2020-06-18T02:44:38+00:00close

James cautiously peeked into the room, seeing the figure he was chasing cloaked in darkness. It appears to be searching for something, kneeled over an old chest. He slowly pointed his flashlight at it, prompting the figure to turn and stare directly at him with animalistic eyes.

James was petrified in shock. In front of him wasn’t a ghost, but a mutant, and one of the strangest mutants he had ever seen. She had two heads, six arms, and a long slender tail that ended in a rattle that twitched nervously at his presence.

“H-hi there?” James said in a shaky voice. This mutant looked like she had been through hell. Her hair unkempt, her clothes were torn, she was covered in dirt, and she was wearing a backpack that was falling apart. There was one thing that was out of place though, an expensive looking microphone in their hands… Chuck’s microphone, which the mutant dropped to the floor before taking a step back cautiously.

“Who, are you?” James said gently.

“Ah! G-go away!” both heads said in unison, grabbing a small bag from the open chest and turning to flee.

“Wait!” James pleaded giving chase. He was curious, but also concerned for her safety. If this house was going to crumble in the storm he didn’t want them to be stuck inside. He eventually cornered them in a large courtyard near the back of the house. The rain was coming down in a torrent and the mutant was running into a room on the far side to take refuge from it. He sighed, ruffled his hair, and made a mad sprint through the falling water to keep up.

Upon entering the room he saw the mutant curled in a ball in the corner. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to protect herself from the rain or from him. He stopped dead in his tracks, approaching her slowly as if she were a frightened animal. “Calm down, I don’t want to hurt you…” James said, doing his best not to scare her, though honestly he sounded plenty scared himself.

“Go away!” the mutant’s right head shouted. “This is my home!”

James put up his hands submissively trying to calm her down. “It’s OK, It’s OK. I understand. But listen. I think we need to leave. The house is in bad shape and I’m not sure it will survive the storm. I know a safe place…”

“No! This is my house! Go away!” the left head replied. They were practically yelling so they could be heard above the noise of the storm.

James tried to speak but was interrupted by a small piece of rubble falling on his shoulder. Looking up he saw a crack in the roof quickly getting bigger. He decided action was better than words at this point and simply grabbed the mutant’s wrist and began dragging her outside. She struggled, but the surge of adrenaline James was feeling was enough to overpower her.

James pushed the door open and dragged the mutant into the courtyard as the room crumbled behind them. They collapsed on the grass as the crumbling room caused a chain reaction, support pillars falling, ceilings crumbling in, until more than half the house was nothing but a pile of debris. James put his arms around the mutants, shielding them from the shrapnel and the loud deafening crash. His thick coat and backpack was enough to protect him from the damage.

When the carnage subsided, James heard soft sobs coming from within his arms. He stepped back. The mutant was in shock. “M-my house” both heads said in a wavering voice. James took off his coat and put it over the girl’s head to keep them dry, giving them time to gather themselves. He took out his phone to call 911 but before he could the mutant slapped the phone out of his hands “Don’t!” they pleaded.

“But… I have to. This is serious, you need medical attention!” The mutants turned to flee at James’s protests but he grabbed their wrist again, preventing them. “No wait! Where do you plan to go? You can’t just run.”

“Nowhere ok!” one of her heads said. “I have nowhere! I don’t have a home anymore! I have nowhere to go!” she dropped to her kneed and started to cry.

James assumed the neighbors would have been alerted from the loud noise and if they got involved things would just get more complicated. He put his hands on the mutant’s upper pair of shoulders reassuringly. “Okay Okay I won’t call 911. Just please calm down you two.”

“Melany…” both heads said.

“Sorry?” James replied confused.

“My name is Melany. Not ‘you two,’ just one, me, Melany,” the left head said. A hand came up to wipe some tears from the right head’s eyes. “I know, you’ve never seen a mutant like me.”

James laughed to himself remembering some mutants can have two heads but one personality. “No look you two… I mean… look Melany, your mutation doesn’t matter right now. We are stuck in the rain, the house is falling down, and you don’t want to call 911. We can’t stay here, so what do you want?”

“…Food?” Melany said cautiously, her tail twitching in the rain. James figured she must be so hungry that the rain was barely even a concern for her. “Ok. Come to my house and we can get you some food. I just want to get you out of the rain.”

“Alright.” Melany said, gently taking James hand. “Alright.”

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MR_02.png (1.6MiB)

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User #2975979 - 18 Jun 20 13:11
I knew she had two heads.^^
user avatar
User #3339341 - 18 Jun 20 05:24
I love reading these keep up the good work also wondering what happens next
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User #742360 - 18 Jun 20 15:28
Hopefully there will be sequel(s). !!
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accessworld - 18 Jun 20 15:42
ooohhh ,. surely yes
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 24 – Feeling the Synergy
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 24 – Feeling the Synergymore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 24 – Feeling the Synergy 2020-06-17T21:39:52+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Dear. Ms Jessica.

I’m interested in the kind of mutation that fused people together. Specifically the kind of fusion that results in a complete, almost normal body made up of half one person, and half the other. The one that results in a complete if slightly asymmetrical face with two eyes, one nose, and one mouth.

I have three questions regarding this.

1: What determines whether their minds fuse or not.

2: If their minds don’t fuse, Do both sides control the entire body, or do they only control their respective halves?

3: Adding to the previous question. How does speech work when two individuals share one mouth? Do they both control the entire mouth? And what happens when both try to say different things at the same time?

Sorry for the long question.

Ah yes, I had expected this line of questioning eventually. A lot of people are curious about this ever since Synergy struck pop idol status. It’s OK. I love her recent album too, and I may or may not have a few of her t-shirts. What? Don’t think an old teacher like me can go to concerts? I’ll have you know I was quite the fan back in the day. Hitting the road, chasing bands from festival to festival… but enough about me. On to the question!

First, if we were able to accurately predict mutations, then mutation science and medicine would be much more advanced than it currently is. Unfortunately, we don’t know what determines whether minds fuse or stay separate. There are patterns though.

For example, if the brains stay separate, their minds stay separate. If the brains fuse, more often than not their minds will fuse as well. Sometimes if the brains fuse the minds won’t fuse, but will occupy the same brain. At this point, the vestiges of the two separate minds are essentially analogous to someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and, with time, may integrate.

Whether or not a personality controls a different side of the body is really a matter of how the nervous system is wired. If, for example, the individual has two brains and one is only wired to one side of the body, one wired to the other, then of course one would control one side and one would control the other. This is very, very rare however. Remember, fusion mutations happen because the two bodies essentially feel that they work better genetically together than separate, and this usually means a fusion of nervous systems. The body you describe usually has one brain, in which case the same brain controls the whole body. If there are still two personalities, which once again is rare, then they would body have control of the entire body.

And what happens if two personalities try to control a body part at the same time? The same thing that happens when a non-mutant human with Dissociative Identity Disorder has two personalities that try to control the same body part at one time. Twitching, mumbling, mixed and distorted signals. If a mutant were to have two personalities but one body with one set of limbs, they would have to learn to work together to have a chance of being functional. However, once again this is rare. Almost all mutants that fuse into one body this way have one personality, and even those that don’t eventually integrate into one later in life.

Hope that answered your question. See you at the next Synergy concert! I love her new single “We all are one!”

We’re all in this together

We all are one

We need to live in har-mon-yyyyy



Don’t judge me. It’s a bop!

Dr. Jessica Park


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24.png (1.8MiB)

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User #4050234 - 18 Jun 20 02:23
Las fusiones de mutantes, hablan parecido a la fusión Metamoru de Dragonball?
user avatar
User #26615263 - 17 Jun 20 21:41
Ner cuid what?
user avatar
accessworld - 17 Jun 20 21:43
Lineart - Sorry (not Sorry) 01
Lineart - Sorry (not Sorry) 01more_vert
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Lineart - Sorry (not Sorry) 01 2020-06-16T22:53:40+00:00close


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lineart_sorryNotSorry01.png (136.3KiB)

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User #35410943 - 16 Jun 20 23:12
So this is part to nice
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User #293191 - 16 Jun 20 23:01
Sketch - Therapy Humantaur
Sketch - Therapy Humantaurmore_vert
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Sketch - Therapy Humantaur 2020-06-16T06:30:33+00:00close


Media (1)

sketch_Humantaur_SEX.png (95.9KiB)

Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 23 – Fusing at first touch
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 23 – Fusing at first touchmore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 23 – Fusing at first touch 2020-06-16T05:07:59+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Ms. Jessica;

I’ve heard that one person’s mutant gene activating can pull in somebody else with the mutant gene, but inactive into their mutation. How often does this happen? And given the low incidence of male mutations, how many of these account for what proportion of their mutations?

You are correct. Fusions, mergings, conjoinment, whatever you want to call it, is a peculiar mutation indeed. It occurs when two beings, both with a mutant gene, have areas of junk DNA similar enough that their bodies cannot tell the difference between each other’s cells. They, for all intents and purposes, grow into each other, like two trees spliced together.

For this to happen they both, of course, have to have the mutant gene. Not only that, but their mutant gene needs to be capable of reading the same sequence of DNA. As you can expect, this is rare, but of course the more active your mutant gene is the higher the chance of it happening. More often than not, two active mutants fuse than an active and an inactive mutant.

Remember, whether or not your mutant gene is “active” really only refers to whether it is reading portions of your DNA outside normal human boundaries. The more of this junk DNA your genetic machinery is able to read, the more you can mutate. Thus, the more junk DNA is available to read,

An active mutant can fuse with an inactive mutant. Once again, this is done through a sort of activation process when the cells in one body stop recognizing themselves as distinct from the cells in another. You’ll note that more females end up mutating than males, but approximately the same amount of females and males have the mutant gene.

So yes, a female mutant with an active mutant gene can “activate” and fuse with a male mutant, and this happens about as often as female on female fusions. However, fusions of this sort are so rare to begin with there isn’t really relevant statistical information on that.

There is one thing worth noting however. Mutations respond to body chemistry, specifically female body chemistry, which is why they happen to females more than males. If a female starts fusing with a male, their body chemistry’s will mix, and this will usually cause them to mutate even further. For that matter, it usually ends up with the male looking more feminine, or in some cases completely feminine. It’s fairly clear that mutations are female dominant, and flooding a male body with female hormones and cells while activating a mutant gene almost always ends up with them looking… well… female. They may retain their male sex characteristics, like a penis, but most of the time they will simply look like a conjoined female mutant. This is why you can’t usually tell when a fusion was male/female just by looking at them.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Studies are happening right now to understand why there is such a huge split in the rate of male and female mutations and, if we can understand that more, maybe we can understand male/female fusions better too.

Dr. Jessica Park


Media (2)

23.png (720.9KiB)
23.png (721.7KiB)

Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 22 – 20/20/20/20/20 Vision
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 22 – 20/20/20/20/20 Visionmore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 22 – 20/20/20/20/20 Vision 2020-06-15T03:04:30+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Ms. Jessica,

I see girls with four or more eyes all the time. I have to wonder, how does multi-eye vision work?

Now this is something I can answer from personal experience.

Let me ask you something. How do your eyes work? For most humans they work like this. Each eye receives photons that excite photoactivator cells on your retina. These cells send electric signals to your brain, forming two images of the world. Your brain then processes these images and merges them into one, so as long as you aren’t thinking about it you just have one long field of vision. If you are thinking about it, however, you start seeing your nose and you go all cross-eyed and things get really weird.

Mutants with multi-eyes do the same thing, just on a grander scale. I, for example, receive five images from my eyes, but my brain just merges them into one. As long as I don’t think of the space between my eyes they all work in concert otherwise… OOP there I go, getting all goofy and cross-eyed again.

Of course, there is a reason humans have two eyes. An extra eye gives them extra information about the world. For example, it allows them to calculate depth instinctively by comparing tiny differences in each eye’s picture.

With more than two eyes, this effect is just more pronounced. Multi-eyed mutants can see father and have a much expanded field of view, able to see things at the sides and even in back of their head, depending on their eye position. The more eyes, the greater the detail, the wider the field of vision, and the further away they can see.

Some mutants have eyes on stalks, tentacles, or their limbs. Sometimes these mutants process sight a bit differently. If the brain cannot effectively merge the two pictures, then they simply “see” from two different locations. Imagine it something like driving a car. You have the view in front, but you also have different views in your mirrors.

But have enough eyes and your brain eventually will be able to merge them into one picture no matter how far apart they are. For example, if you had multiple eyes on tentacles, you could see 360 degrees around you for miles! Better not challenge a mutant like that to a game of hide-and-seek!

Oh, and one more thing I can say from personal experience? Multi-eyed glasses are very, very, expensive. It’s a good thing that multi-eyed mutants tend to have good vision!

Dr. Jessica Park


Media (1)

22.png (923.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:10
Oh my... she looks great!
user avatar
User #33440473 - 18 Jun 20 20:19
The Mysterious Rattle 01
The Mysterious Rattle 01more_vert
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The Mysterious Rattle 01 2020-06-14T04:41:22+00:00close

There is a rumor in Greeport, a rumor about an abandoned old house. No one has lived there for ages, but people report sightings of lights at night, footsteps on the creaky floor, and mysterious hisses and rattles, as if a giant snake walked its halls. It became known as the Rattling House.

Any urban myth draws people curious to test it out. Children would dare each other to enter, despite their parents’ protest, but few would be brave enough to open the foreboding door. Paranormal teams had come and gone, but hadn’t had any luck. No signs of life, no EM pulses, nothing that could be put together for a reality show. A few people tried staying the night, but the mysterious lights and noises would never come. The house only rattled when no one was around.

Tonight, it was James, Tom, and Chuck’s turn. They had a small YouTube channel and figured they could film a bit in the house to drum up some traffic. They met up early one cloudy Saturday, armed with a barebones paranormal investigator kit, flashlights, and a backpack.

“Come on James, what’re you waiting for?” Chuck said.

James was zoning out, looking at the house in its state of disrepair.

“Hello? Earth to James? Aren’t you excited? Or are you just gonna stand there all day?”

Chuck patted him on the back as he walked past. The jolt was able to knock James out of his absent minded trance.

“Oh uh… true… sorry. It’s just, I’m wondering if the house is… you know… safe?” He whispered the words under his breath, as if not trying to scare away the ghost that lie inside.

Tom was already at the front door. He pulled it open and a loud creak echoed through the house. Dust and cobwebs fell off the walls that shook as the door swung. A waft of mold and humidity blew past the boys. It was as if no one had bene here for ages.

“This place stinks!” Tom shouted.

“Keep quiet!” Chuck said in a hushed tone. “We don’t want the neighbors knowing we are here. It’s still trespassing.”

They switched on their flashlights to get a better look at the place. Nothing. Just empty halls as far as the eyes could see. Still, James felt like he was being watched.

“W-well, where should we star-“ His mumbled words were cut off by a sudden sound, the mythical sound of footsteps. Everyone froze, but it seemed to come from everyone and nowhere at once.

“Hah! There it is!” Chuck said excited. “Looks like the stories are true. Come on let’s investigate!”

“You know it’s probably just a homeless guy right?” Tom said skeptically.

“A homeless guy with a rattle?” Chuck retorted.

“Guys, can we just do our job… please?” James said, eager to get this over with. He made his way from room to room, using a microphone to amplify and record ambient sound. Tom and Chuck went into different rooms; Tom was scanning with the EMF reader while Chuck was setting up infrared cameras.

Nothing. Nothing for hours and hours and hours.

The boys were ready to give up until…

“What the heck was that!?” James suddenly picked up the sound of a rattle from his gear. Tom and Chuck, hearing his cry over the radio, immediately ran to meet up.

“What’s going on?”

“Where did you hear it?”

“Are you sure?”

James stopped the rapid fire questions, hushing his friends as he pointed to two large doors leading to a warehouse. “I looked in that room before. There’s only one way out so whatever made that noise should still be in there.” The three boys nervously walked up to the doors and burst inside!


Nothing again. Just a cold and empty room.

“Are you sure it came from here?” Tom said.

“Yes, I swear! I heard it clear as day!” James pleaded.

The boys were getting frustrated. It was 2 AM and they had spent the entire day walking around this dusty old pile of cracked wood and crumbling furniture. The wind was howling outside, shaking the creaky old house with it. A storm was coming, which only made the boys more nervous.

“This house is gonna collapse any minute” Tom said. “We should get out of here.”

Tom and Chuck headed for the front door, but James didn’t move. “What’s up man? You coming?” Chuck said.

“I know what I heard.” James said. “I don’t know if someone’s playing a trick on me, but something was in there and I want to find it.”

Chuck laughed “If the house collapses we will have to find you.”

Tom sighed “Just let him do his thing Chuck. It’s nice that he’s excited for once.” Tom patted Chuck on the shoulder and they both turn and left.

James spent quite a bit of time searching through the old house. Eventually the wind turned to rain, and thunder boomed in the background. James was starting to get worried himself. “Maybe I should just woah!” A large thunderclap caused him to jump, dropping his flashlight on the ground.

“Goddammit, calm down James” he said to himself, leaning down to pick up the light. “Wait a minute…” The light was shining on something peculiar. Scuff marks all along the floor, leading to the wall. He leaned on the wall and knocked on it slightly….


He had found a false wall! Excitedly he began pulling the wall toward him, opening a secret door leading to a long hallway. He waved his flashlight inside, and for a second he saw someone or something running into a room. He once again heard the mythical rattle. Running as fast as he could he followed the figure, opening up the door to the room it retreated into.

James had seen a lot in his paranormal investigations, but nothing could have prepared him for this…

Media (1)

MR_01.png (481.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2975979 - 15 Jun 20 12:33
Looks like some kind of two-headed monster girl(s) to me.
user avatar
User #33440473 - 14 Jun 20 18:09
Probably a savage two-headed naga, who grew up in that mansion. Maybe she was abandoned by her parents when she was a little girl because they were afraid of her
user avatar
User #250748 - 14 Jun 20 12:25
A poor, homeless mutate, naga style with a rattler. Calling it here.
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 21 – Mutant Taxonomy
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 21 – Mutant Taxonomymore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 21 – Mutant Taxonomy 2020-06-14T02:37:19+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Dear Ms. Jessica,

I don't think it's been asked before here, but how are mutants classified, and what are the different classifications?

I actually went into this a bit in my lecture on the basics of mutants. I suggest you read that for a brief overview. But if you’d like to dive deeper into the taxonomy of mutants, I’ll give you a rundown.

There are four common levels of mutant:

· Level 1 mutants have small changes that don’t noticeably alter their body or lifestyle. An extra finger or eye, a different hair color, a pair of fangs, all of these are level 1 mutations. Level 1 mutants are, for the most part, human, but just a little different.

· Level 2 mutations have major, noticeable changes but their lifestyle and general way of life still doesn’t change. If a mutant has six arms and many breasts, for example. They may be fairly recognizable as a mutant, and have many new abilities, but they can still, for the most part, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, use the same stairs, and otherwise live the same life as humans do.

· Level 3 mutations have major changes to the extent that their life drastically changes as well. They tend to have either extremely altered body systems or at the very least extremely altered needs. A snake mutant that is now cold blooded would be a level 3 mutation. Some humantaurs are. Level 3 mutations are drastic and require a major adjustment to a new life, but don’t break the boundaries of science.

· Level 4 mutations do break the boundaries of science. They are extreme changes that we can’t yet fully explain or understand. Modularity is a major level 4 mutation that is being actively studied, as is some forms of elongation. Many level 4 mutants manifest abilities that people might consider magical or something out of a comic book. This is the extreme limit of mutation.

That being said, there actually is such a thing as a level 5 mutant. Level 5 mutants are mutants that have mutated so much that they are no longer recognizable as human. The way they think, act, operate, heck, even the stuff they are made of is so far outside the boundaries of science that we cannot even begin to think about what makes them tick.

To this day, there exists no level 5 mutant in public. All level 5 mutants that have ever been recorded have spent their lives in research facilities or, due to the nature of their mutation, now exist in a space that we can no longer detect or study. Level 5 mutations and the science surrounding them are heavily classified by world governments and I have never seen a picture of one let alone seen one up close.

That’s how we classify mutants themselves, but I have also talked about specific mutation classifications as well.

· Benign mutations have no function to them. So for example, if your belly button was replaced with a pair of lips, but those lips couldn’t even move, it would be a benign mutation.

· Aesthetic mutations are mutations that appear to have full function but in reality have none. If you could move your bellybutton lips and tongue yet the mouth lead nowhere, i.e. it was just a fleshy dead end inside, that mouth would be aesthetic.

· Semi-functional mutations partially function as what they appear to be. If the mouth on your bellybutton could eat, it would be semi-functional.

· Functional mutations have all the functions of a normal body part. If the mouth at your belly could eat, breathe, taste, and talk, it would be a functional mutation.

· Meta-functional mutations have functions beyond their normal analogue. If your belly mouth had a tongue tentacle, could breathe fire, or could produce eggs, it would be meta-functional

There is also one other classification of mutation, the proxy mutations. Proxy mutations are when one mutation replaces the function of another body part. Let’s say you mutated such that your head disappeared, but eyes opened up where your nipples would normally be. Those eye nipples are proxy mutations. They are standing in, acting as “proxies” for your eyes.

Mutations are also categorized by their general appearance and effect. You must excuse the naming convention here. Taxonomic scientists love their Latin

· Animalia – Mutations that mimic other living animals

· Aestheticia – Mutations that somehow aesthetically change the body, like hair or skin color

· Multicia – Growing excess or multiple body parts

· Reducia – Losing body parts (for example SWBs or three fingered hands)

· Mergo – Two or more beings becoming one being

· Magnitudo – Mutations that grow or shrink body parts or the body as a whole (i.e. elongation)

· Ordinaria – Mutations that rearrange or shift the purpose of body parts

· Genium – Mutations that grant abilities uncommon to the human species

· Separatus – Mutations that allow bodyparts to detach

· Sensus – Mutations that effect the senses

· Cognitia – Mutations that effect the mind, personality, or thought processes

· Novus – Any mutation that is new and as of yet unclassifiable

Many mutants have several of these mutations types.

Finally, we have several ways that we classify the state of your mutant gene.

· Negative – You do not have the mutant gene and cannot mutate

· Inert – You have the mutant gene, but it’s incompatible with the rest of your genetic code and thus you will not mutate.

· Dormant – You have the mutant gene and there is a possibility you will mutate, but nothing is actively causing your genetic machinery to read anything outside normal human boundaries at this time.

· Unstable – You have the mutant gene and chemical changes in your body have causes your genetic machinery to start reading junk DNA. Your body is fighting off unhelpful and unhealthy mutations, but there is a chance that it will accept one and you will mutate.

· Activated – You have the mutant gene and your cells are actively reading a new genetic code and producing new altered cells. You will mutate and soon. Help from a doctor or specialist is required.

· Developing – You are currently in the process of mutating. Care and observation is recommended.

· Stabilized – You have mutated in some fashion and your mutant gene is now inert. You will not mutate again.

· Interstitial - You have mutated, but your mutant gene is classified as dormant, unstable, or activated. You have a chance of mutating further.

Phew. That was a mouthful. If you have a hard time remembering these classifications, most modern biology textbooks include charts showing examples of each one.

Note that these are just scientific categories. You probably aren’t going to say “Hey, look at that stabilized, functional, level 2, multicia mutant.” You are probably going to say “Hey, look at the girl with extra arms.”

The language of science can be daunting at times.

Dr. Jessica Park


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User #370863 - 14 Jun 20 02:55
Well wow. I did not expect my question to come up. This is really awesome. I loved how much further detail Dr. Park went into on this over the first time it came up. Admittedly I did mess up and had not seen the original article when I asked this. (Didn't see the PDF at the bottom of the Patreon post.) But was so excited to see all the additional details that the answer provided.
Emily - A tale about mutation 05
Emily - A tale about mutation 05more_vert
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Emily - A tale about mutation 05 2020-06-13T22:46:18+00:00close

“Did you go to the hospital?” Paul asked, concerned. He didn’t know much about the mutation process but he had read articles online that said they could sometimes cause health complications.

Emily couldn’t help but laugh. The whole situation was absurd. “Relax,” she said “If you mutated I would have also asked the same question. It’s strange though. I haven’t seen them. I didn’t want to enter in a public restroom standing barefoot to check. But I feel them. The sudden growth of my leg distracted me but… I could kind of feel them opening up, rewiring my insides as I was changing.”

“Well, that makes things weirder” said Paul.

“Right? I mean, what will I do when I go to the bathroom? What if it comes out of the wrong hole? Or both at the same time!? -Emily exclaimed flailing her hands, eyes open wide.

“I think you should seek professional help. Isn't there a number to call to help new mutants?”

“Oh right!” Emily said as she searched her wallet for her emergency card. It had been years since she first underwent tests to detect the mutant gene. The doctors detected several abnormalities, less body odor and perspiration, naturally silky hair, a slightly faster metabolism, at the time she figured if those were the only mutations she could live a happy life. The lack of sweat and faster metabolism meant she overheated easily, but that was a minor annoyance that she fixed by drinking a lot of water staying in cool placed.

But the doctors said that her mutations were nowhere near done expressing themselves. They said that her mutant gene was a “bomb” that could be detonated at any time. That’s when they gave her this card, complete with a tracking number and a phone number for a mutant assistance hotline. She was instructed to call should any new mutations show themselves. To be honest, it made her uncomfortable. Being associated with an tracking number made her feel kind of like cattle. So she buried the card deep in her purse and forgot about it. Of course, that meant it totally slipped her mind when she really needed it.

She plugged her phone into a charger and as soon as it started up, she dialed the number of the mutant assistance hotline. She took her shoes off and arranged herself into a three legged “lotus” position as the phone rang. She had to go through a million robo-menus before she finally got to talk to someone. It felt like an eternity, but eventually a kind female voice answered.

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User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:10
Love the pose :D
Draw This Again - June 2020
Draw This Again - June 2020more_vert
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Draw This Again - June 2020 2020-06-13T20:03:38+00:00close

The original draw was made with graphite pencil and coloured pencils, in a math notebook. Year 2000.

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access31.jpg (37.4KiB)
DTA_Jun2020_01_.png (226.3KiB)
DTA_Jun2020_01.png (1001.3KiB)
access31.jpg (37.4KiB)

Comments (1)
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User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:10
It is amazing to see how far your artwork has come, Access!
Swiss Army Girl  - Camping food
Swiss Army Girl - Camping foodmore_vert
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Swiss Army Girl - Camping food 2020-06-13T15:00:02+00:00close

“I uh… I didn’t manage to find anything to eat” said Ron ruefully. “Sorry Sue, I guess I’m not at good at this whole camping thing as I thought.”

“It’s OK, Ron,” Sue said. “I’ve never camped before myself. You were nice enough to bring me along and it was me who insisted I wanted a real down to earth camping trip, no packaged meals or anything.”

“I’m not worried about who to blame I’m worried about how we are going to get food. If we can’t find anything we will have to cut the trip short and head back to town,” Ron replied sadly.

Sue thought for a second. “Ron, do you like eggs?” she said.

“Uh… yeah… I mean they aren’t my favorite but right now a few eggs would be great. Anything would be great!”

Sue stood up and walked a few meters in front of him. “OK, I’m going to show you something but you need to promise me to keep it a secret.”

“Uh… I guess… but if I don’t know what it is I can’t-“

“Just promise me!” Sue interrupted. “It’s very important to me OK?”

“Alright, alright. I solemnly swear to keep whatever you want to show me between us.”

Sue gave him a nod and started to pull down her pants. Rob blushed quickly. He liked sue very much. She was a cute, intelligent, kind girl, but he didn’t expect things to go so quickly. Did she have feelings for him.

She bent down in front of him and gave a grunt. “Come on, just a good pair of eggs. Nnnngh” She bit her lower lip and pushed a bit harder. Her pussy lips spread open as a pearly white egg twice the size of a chicken egg started to push its way out of her with wet slurping sounds. She huffed heavily as she pushed some more, forcing a second one out as well.

Ron was dumbfounded. “W-what? Are you a mutant?” he said in disbelief. “Is your mutation laying eggs? Are you some kind of chicken girl?”

“No not exactly.” Sue said with a laugh a she pulled up her pants. “I… really don’t know how to put it, but my body adapts to whatever my current needs are. If I need food, my body produces it. Water? Same deal. Every part of me can change and adapt to my situation. My hair. My skin. Even weirder things. My body always adapts. I’m a level 4 mutant… weird I know considering I basically look human.”

“Wow, so you are like some kind of human Swiss Army Knife…” said Ron, still quite amazed.

“I guess you can say that” said Sue. She began gathering up some dry branches into a pie and then opened her mouth, releasing a small plume of fire that immediately set their new campfire ablaze. “I wanted to come camping to test my limits. But I didn’t want to do it alone. Despite my mutation… it’s scary being in the woods alone. I mean, what if a bear attacked me or… well you get it.”

Ron laughed “so you expected me to not be able to find us any food?”

Sue blushed a bit “Uh, yeah… sorry! No offense.”

“None taken!” said Ron laughing to himself. “To tell you the truth I feel safer with you here too! This weekend is going to be very interesting.”

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User #33440473 - 13 Jun 20 16:07
She still needs to take in stuff that wasn’t produced from her body, right? Otherwise her existence and body functions would violate the law of conservation of mass. But on the other hand she said she is a level 4 mutant (mutants that our science can’t explain). Which is it?
user avatar
User #33440473 - 13 Jun 20 16:13
I mean if latter was true, then it would be really mind-blowing O.O
user avatar
accessworld - 13 Jun 20 17:17
The truth is that his "powers" are very limited. It cannot create mass, only transform what it already possesses.
user avatar
User #4050234 - 15 Jun 20 17:44
then those eggs bigger than chicken, are actually her eggs, just made them several times bigger than usual
user avatar
User #33440473 - 13 Jun 20 15:11
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accessworld - 13 Jun 20 15:29
Oh, this is just beginning
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User #33440473 - 13 Jun 20 15:33
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 20 – Living like an animal
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 20 – Living like an animalmore_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 20 – Living like an animal 2020-06-13T02:04:23+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

Dear Ms. Jessica,

I have a question about mutants that look like animals. Do they have to live like animals? Can dog mutants have chocolate? Can mutants with wings fly? Do spider mutants have to suck blood and eat their boyfriends! Scary!!!

Well, first of all, spiders don’t suck blood. They actually tend to inject digestive enzyme into their prey via their fangs to liquefy them from the inside out, and then suck this liquefied substance through their prey’s exoskeleton. Other spiders will shred their prey with their mandibles and teeth before inserting digestive enzymes into the wound and then consuming the resulting digested mass.

… I have a feeling this hasn’t made them any less scary.

Anyway, the answer is yes and no. Animal mutants do tend to have greatly changed biological systems that sometimes mimic the animals they resemble, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their lives completely change.

For example, dogs cannot have chocolate because of their body mass. Chocolate has caffeine in it, and a dog’s smaller body simply cannot metabolize the caffeine quickly enough to survive it’s negative effects. However, a dog mutant has roughly the same body mass as a human, along with human sized organs. So they can eat chocolate and have a caffeine addiction like the rest of us.

I should get myself another cup of coffee.

As for winged mutants, some can fly and some can’t. It largely depends on their body mass and how their wings are designed. It takes a LOT of force to lift human body weight off the ground through wind resistance. The mutant would have to be able to flap their wings hard enough to produce enough counter-force to get their entire body off the ground.

This, as you can imagine, could be quite hard. Imagine doing a pull-up, but you are pulling yourself up on the air.

Oddly enough, the question really just comes down to fitness. A mutant that works out their wings can probably fly, or at the very least glide for long periods of time. A mutant that doesn’t… probably won’t be able to. If I had wings, I probably couldn’t be able to. I can’t do pull-ups for the life of me, even with all these arms!

Luckily, not everyone wants to fly, so many mutants don’t work out their wings and are absolutely fine with them being simply aesthetic.

Finally, we have spider mutants. Spiders eat the way they do because they have very small mouth parts and rely on their fangs and mandibles. They have no particular way to, say, chop up their prey and cook it, chew it, and swallow it. Spider mutants, on the other hand, do. They have a mouth, and teeth, and hands, and usually a decent set of cookware… or at the very least the number of a good take-out place on speed-dial. So they have no particular reason to inject venom into something, followed by digestive enzymes, and then suck up the liquefied mass. They do all that digesting on the inside, and for good reason! It’s just more efficient that way.

That’s not saying that a spider mutant COULDN’T inject enzymes into something and suck out the resulting liquefied mass but… I’m sure it wouldn’t taste very good.

So that’s the basic answer. Animal mutants tend to have the best of both worlds. As I said before, mutations tend to be advantageous. So there’s very little reason a mutation would get rid of the benefits the human body already has.

… Now I want to get take-out…

Dr. Jessica Park


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20.png (809.5KiB)

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User #4050234 - 15 Jun 20 01:37
I guess spider mutants with fangs are used to eat like a spider.
user avatar
User #3623083 - 13 Jun 20 05:49
Part of Dogs not being able to eat Chocolate is also Theobromine. In sufficient amounts, it can cause muscle tremors, seizures, internal bleeding or a heart attack. But the thing to bear in mind is a girl with dog mutations isn't likely to her ENTIRE Digestive system replaced by that of a dog's, and it probably would take proportionally more for one to even feel sick.
Color - Tenis for two
Color - Tenis for twomore_vert
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Color - Tenis for two 2020-06-12T04:20:09+00:00close

“Come ooooon! Just one more match?” I pleaded with the owner of the tennis court.

“No! It’s late. You’ve been playing for four hours straight! There is a line of other players who have been waiting all day to play. This isn’t just your court!” She pointed angrily to a group of players who were quickly losing patience on the sidelines.”

“Grrr, just my luck…”

No one understands how much I love Tennis. I’ve been playing since I was four, and I’ve been addicted since the first time I ever held a racket in my hand. To tell you the truth, pretty much everything else bores me. I only feel alive when I’m on the court perfecting my swing. I want to go pro one day, win a cup, become a champion! Maybe I’ll even play at Wimbledon one day! But I’ll never make it there if I can’t practice!

I remember when our Tennis coach made us play doubles. I HATE doubles. I was able to beat two players at one even before I mutated. I hate depending on someone else when I can win just as good without them.

Ah! I haven’t explained my mutation have I? Well it’s not as dramatic a story as most mutants. I knew I had an active mutant gene from a very young age. The doctors were able to predict by mutation pretty easily. Me and my family were prepared for it, we just didn’t know what it would be.

It wasn’t painful or anything. In fact, I don’t even remember it because it happened in the middle of the night. I slept right through it. I woke up in a new body, a new me so to speak. I had grown another pair of breasts and instead of legs I had a tail, a tail that ended in another me. I shredded my favorite pair of pjs that night. I still haven’t found a comfier pair.

I remember my two heads looking at each other. I panicked for a minute, wondering if I wouldn’t be able to move as fast as I used to without legs, but I was wrong. My tail was blinding fast, and could whip be across the court in seconds. Not only that, but I could be on both sides of the court at the same time. Who better to practice with than me!

Unfortunately, people don’t really get my mutation. Every court I go to It’s the same story. “You can’t play here! Move to the doubles courts!”

“But I’m one person!” I cry, just dying to get some practice in.

“Exactly! The singles courts are for two people playing against each other. Move to the doubles courts so more people can play. No excuses!”

I… really hate my bad luck sometimes. I told you, I HATE doubles, but now I have to play them for life! I guess the only thing I have left to do is become the best.

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a_single_a_little_double.png (3.2MiB)

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User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:11
Sketch -  A shy seduction attempt
Sketch - A shy seduction attemptmore_vert
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Sketch - A shy seduction attempt 2020-06-12T02:34:44+00:00close


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sketch_shySeductionAttempt.png (115.0KiB)

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User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:11
Oh my
user avatar
User #246415 - 12 Jun 20 03:02
A girl as beautiful as that wouldn't have to twist my arm very much
Cover from Mutant Monthly JUN 2020
Cover from Mutant Monthly JUN 2020more_vert
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Cover from Mutant Monthly JUN 2020 2020-06-12T00:19:09+00:00close

Cover of the Mutant Monthly Magazine of June 2020.

I shared a low-quality image on my deviantart, so I thought it appropriate to share a high-quality image on my Patreon.

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Preview_00.png (145.5KiB)
00.png (2.1MiB)

Comments (1)
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User #3585155 - 15 Jun 20 20:11
I love these magazine covers!!!
Sketch - Swiss Knife Girl
Sketch - Swiss Knife Girlmore_vert
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Sketch - Swiss Knife Girl 2020-06-10T05:11:46+00:00close


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sketch_swiss_knife_Girl_01.png (171.0KiB)

Sketch - The Queen's Lover
Sketch - The Queen's Lovermore_vert
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Sketch - The Queen's Lover 2020-06-10T04:47:24+00:00close


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sketch3theQueenslover.png (192.0KiB)

Comments (1)
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User #602775 - 10 Jun 20 05:13
I've always loved queen style conjoinments.
Sketch - Crash!
Sketch - Crash!more_vert
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Sketch - Crash! 2020-06-10T00:18:28+00:00close


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sketch_crash.png (120.8KiB)

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User #2885893 - 10 Jun 20 01:05
se puede reparar?
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accessworld - 10 Jun 20 01:15
Se ve casi imposible.
user avatar
User #2885893 - 10 Jun 20 01:22
tendra que acostumbrarse
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 19 – No eyes, no face, no problem!
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 19 – No eyes, no face, no problem!more_vert
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Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 19 – No eyes, no face, no problem! 2020-06-09T01:37:18+00:00close

(The content for Ask Ms. Jessica comes from real questions from real people sent to AskMsJessica@gmail.com)

How do the mutants who have no visible face (eyes mouth, nose) function, breathe, see and eat? How do they communicate or live regular lives?

A very good question. I always love answering questions about level 4 mutations like this.

First, let’s tackle communication. It’s worth noting that speaking isn’t the only method of communication. Many deaf people who cannot hear communication via sign language. Many mutants without a mouth do the same. They can also use technology to communicate as well. Everyone has a smartphone these days and smartphones can talk for you if you don’t have a mouth, and hear for you can’t hear.

That’s not to say that mutants without ears cannot hear. On the contrary. “Hearing” is just the ability to sense vibrations in the air. People with ears can sense this through their eardrum, while mutants without ears tend to sense vibrations through their skin, or perhaps another mutated sensory organ. They may not “hear” as we do, but they are certainly aware of air pressure waves around them, and can interpret them as speech just fine.

In fact, this is how they “see” too. While they cannot process visual information, converting photons into brain wave patterns, they can “feel” people around them. Every person who is walking creates a vibration in the ground, for example, and they can feel that. Every person who moves creates a vibration in the air, and they can feel that. For that matter, when these mutants walk and move they create vibrations in the air and ground which then bounce back to them. They can use this as a sort of echolocation to produce fairly vivid pictures of the world around themselves.

Finally there is the matter of eating and breathing. For the most part “faceless” mutants still have an opening somewhere that can take in air and food. It might not be a mouth as you know it, and in fact they may have two openings in two different areas for breathing and food intake, but it usually exists. As I said before, mutations generally “improve” upon the body in some way, and removing the ability to get oxygen or nutrients is simply not an improvement. It is a mutation that would be fought off by the immune system.

That being said, there are some workarounds that some mutants have found. For example, some level 3 and 4 mutants can take in oxygen through their skin and pores. This also results in increased blood flow to their skin, so it might take on a reddish or pinkish hue. There are also mutants that can create food through photosynthesis like plants. These mutants would have a greenish hue to their skin, due to the chlorophyll found in their cells. These are mutations that can occur in any mutant, not just faceless ones, but variations of these systems can be used to allow a faceless mutant to breathe and eat without actually having a mouth to take in air or food.

I think the best way to answer your question, however, is that humans are adaptable. Well before mutations became commonplace, humans figured out how to deal with missing eyes or limbs due to injury or malformation before birth. We are a resilient species that knows how to survive. As I said before, most mutations are beneficial, so if we were able to survive before them, we should be able to survive even easier after them.

No mutation is a handicap.

Dr. Jessica Park


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19.png (786.6KiB)

Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 18
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 18 more_vert
Ask Ms. Jessica Issue 18 2020-06-08T00:20:25+00:00close

The answer can be downloaded from the PDF.

Unfortunately there are words that trigger the alerts of the Patreon moderators, and we all already know the latest controversies about the "anime style" that have been.

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18.png (956.2KiB)

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User #5059840 - 8 Jun 20 01:47
Gotta love tentacles!
user avatar
User #4050234 - 8 Jun 20 19:01
I prefer women without testcles, maybe is possible produce sperm with internal testicles
user avatar
User #5059840 - 8 Jun 20 21:45
Testicle are outside the body because sperm can't survive at constant internal temperatures. Think it's pretty straightforward that no balls equals no sperm, not that that means they can't ejaculated other things.
Accessland High School 24
Accessland High School 24more_vert
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Accessland High School 24 2020-06-07T15:08:13+00:00close

The intense first day of school ends and Gaby is jealous of Niccole's friendship with Eri.

In addition, the girls plan a Girl's Night to celebrate their return to school.

Media (1)

AccessLand_24_vol01.png (1.3MiB)

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User #2975979 - 7 Jun 20 20:57
I really like Mary-Marin's new design. ^^

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