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Ace Visibility
Ace Visibilitymore_vert
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Ace Visibility 2020-05-09T22:51:53+00:00close

So I'm a little late to Ace Visibility Day, I spent most of it in a fever dream due to gone off milk.

Regardless, for folks that don't know, I identify as asexual and have done for a good number of years now! I've personally always loved the colour scheme of the asexual flag and I thought I'd have some fun dunking some asexual goop on Glaz.

Media (1)

glaz_ace.png (613.8KiB)

Patron Update 2020-04-06T21:55:23+00:00

Just doing a slight big of spring cleaning and deleted the higher tiers as they were functionally the same.

I think in theory people still are connected to patreon, you are just put to the only remaining tier left? If not please connect up to the tier to continue supporting me!

So the idea is that you put in as much as you want! A minimum of $2 to get access to the server, and all of the other early access perks c:

How do you fix your tier? Go to your list of pledges at www.patreon.com/pledges, click "edit" on your pledge to Glaz, then you can either adjust the amount for the custom pledge or click edit on the right to select the $2 tier.

Birthday Present - Simmy
Birthday Present - Simmymore_vert
Post file flag
Birthday Present - Simmy 2020-01-11T21:45:23+00:00close

It's my boyfriend's birthday today! So i tried to doodle him a cute lil picture of his fursona!

Media (1)

simmy.png (298.6KiB)

Colour Palette Christmas Commissions
Colour Palette Christmas Commissionsmore_vert
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Colour Palette Christmas Commissions 2019-12-11T22:05:20+00:00close

Hello everyone! I'd thought I'd try out something interesting this year with themed christmas commissions! Small character commissions set to a specific restricted colour palette (as we can see with Glaz modelling them!) in a festive context.

Patrons are allowed to use their piggy bank balance for these commissions.

As I will be with family during the christmas week, I can try and see if my amazon fire could be used to draw stuff (i cant bring my drawing tablet to my family basically) so it could be the case where drawings might be done in the new year, so they can be new year themed too!

If you are interested in getting one of these commissions, fill in this form and I will get in contact with you soon:


Media (2)

christmas_price.png (1.0MiB)
christmas_glaz.png (825.7KiB)

Wehf Duips - Glaz's First Ever Game
Wehf Duips - Glaz's First Ever Gamemore_vert
Post file flag
Wehf Duips - Glaz's First Ever Game 2019-08-23T02:00:16+00:00close

In today's stream, I was working on a 3D model with patron Hiro helping to co-host! I hope you all enjoy this little treat and a blast from the past 9 years ago!

During the stream, Hiro made a delightful discovery and they managed to uncover an old exe file of a game I was making in college! My first ever game when I was studying Games Development!

Named after me mashing the keyboard when asked for a game maker project file title to save the game, Wehf Duips is certainly an interesting beast. A platformer where the gimmick is visually based on that one tower ninja fight in Samurai Jack. As a white ninja, you can only stand on white objects, if you transition into a grey area, you switch colours into a black ninja, who can only step on black.

Meta-narratively, it's about Glaz learning how to make things work in Game Maker and learning game design in general. With each level generally being a new mechanic he learnt to code, or learning to how to further implement it and push on the design. Most importantly, learning how to make a clear bug in the movement mechanics into the core gameplay mechanic.

So a major bug was discovered when I made the game. Namely that if the player held the left arrow key down against a wall, and the up arrow key down (the jump button) continuously, then the character would climb up that wall unimpeded. And only the left side of a wall. I couldn't fix it, so I made all of the levels with that in mind, haha.

The game is super clunky and in later levels can get pretty frustrating with pixel perfect hit detection but with that mind, there's a lot of promise to wehf duips!

Controls: Arrow Keys to move (WASD to move the other player in vs mode)
R - Reset the level
Enter - Pause Game

Backspace - Exit to title screen
Shift (on title screen) - Skip to the "Champaigne" level

Embed data


Provider URL


Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!



YCH Auction - The Fall Of Sweet Mountain (Deadline 23rd August)
YCH Auction - The Fall Of Sweet Mountain (Deadline 23rd August)more_vert
Post file flag
YCH Auction - The Fall Of Sweet Mountain (Deadline 23rd August) 2019-08-19T13:03:54+00:00close

If you are interested in taking part in the YCH Auction, then follow this link:



The apocalypse had finally come for the denizens of Gourmandia. It was always foretold that a monster of adipose would suddenly appear and devour the very lands and seas themselves till nothing but themselves remained. What they didn't account for, that there would be more than one.

The fat fur's dream~

Media (1)

YCH_Auction_8_August_sketch.png (4.3MiB)

Stream Gif - Battling the Heat
Stream Gif - Battling the Heatmore_vert
Post file flag
Stream Gif - Battling the Heat 2019-07-26T12:52:13+00:00close

In my stream yesterday, I made this crude little 2 frame animation to represent how i was currently feeling in the heatwave thats currently striking europe. I've been reduced to crayons D:

Update - 28th July 2019-06-28T01:52:04+00:00

So I've been informed by many concerned patrons that there's rumours about Patreon changing their TOS in relation to how they approach certain fetish materials on the platform. Thank you all for contacting me in relation to this, I really appreciate it.

For those unaware, the gist of it is that forced transformation such as "feminization, sissification, bimbofication, expansion, and muscle growth" are all allegedly considered a glorification of sexual violence.

Naturally as you all know, I don't take part in a few of these kinks however seeing as "expansion" is included as a umbrella term, I imagine that can then extend into things such as force feeding, weight gain, inflation, etc. Especially as people like to get commissions where one person inflates/expands another without them realising, etc.

Not to mention that the above are only a few explicit examples. The nature of corruption and the aesthetics of hypnosis that tends to appear in my work and commissions may very well fall under violation of this, if it's considered forced/unwilling.

Allegedly they have also changed the TOS so that linking to said materials whilst on patreon is also in violation, so just to be safe, I'm adjusting how I upload my artwork here as a precaution!

If a piece that contains hypnosis/corruption/forcefeeding or another theme that could affect these new terms, I will upload a thumbnailed piece onto Patreon but have the full image available on the patron discord as always.

Any patron of any donation tier should have access to the patron discord, (if not and you wish to be in it, please contact me and I can confirm things and sort things out for you) .

For those that aren't interested in joining the patron server and wish to see the images early still, then said a private message my way and I can contact you through telegram/discord/twitter.

Late Night Drinks and Drawing Tablets Don't Mix 2019-06-15T10:53:15+00:00

Could be the name of an indie instrumental math rock album!

In all seriousness, if people haven't heard the news on twitter or the discord server by now, I had a bit of an accident last night. I had a minor spillage last night and spilt cola over my graphics tablet and despite my best efforts, I've fried it. The device isn't even registering that its plugged in to any usb port I try.

So a big thank you to everyone who has paid into patreon this month, donated even more than that and have offered to take emergency commissions from me. Without your support I would be dead in the water. I have a replacement tablet coming in a few days!

Updated Commission Prices
Updated Commission Pricesmore_vert
Post file flag
Updated Commission Prices 2019-05-04T03:04:12+00:00close

After debating for a few months and having multiple discussions with patrons on the patron server, I've decided to adjust my prices for the future. I've not updated my rates in roughly three years and felt it best to update it considering that this is my full time job currently.

The $80 discount per commission limit on Patron Piggy Banks will still remain in effect. Meaning that if you save $80 in your piggy bank balance, you can use up to $80 on a discount for a commission. This could mean getting a potential full body simple shade commission for free or a heavily discounted full body commission!

Starting on the next batch of commissions, my commission prices will be updated to the following provided in the picture:

Full Body Commissions

Doodle - $10
Sketch - $20
Ink - $40
Shaded Ink - $50
Flat Colour - $60
Simple Shade - $80
Full Colour - $120

Backgrounds - Prices vary depending on complexity
Extra Characters - Half the price of the quality tier you selected. Quarter price if that character is Glaz

Headshot Commissions

Nice and simple to remember, they are half the price of Full Body Commissions!

Thank you all for supporting me and I hope that this won't put you off from wanting to commission me in the future.

 The Haunted Feast - Growth Drive Part 2
The Haunted Feast - Growth Drive Part 2more_vert
Post file flag
The Haunted Feast - Growth Drive Part 2 2019-04-10T13:37:34+00:00close

The bun was took with surprise as ghosts descended upon him! Some pushed themselves into him, others brought forward strange fattening foods for him to eat. Others even softly teased, prodded,poked and squished at the growing frame of the rabbit. One ghost in particular was particularly invested in the growth of the bun, a very rotund deer squeezed in straining formal wear.

If you are interested in contributing, here is how you can add to the bun's weight:

Paypal: samuel.duckworth[at]yahoo.co.uk (as goods and services, no address needed)
paypal.me/SamuelDuckworth (no address needed)

I will update it in parts (most likely in $200 milestones), using the top donors as ghosts feeding our rabbit! Top donators will only appear once in the sequence. The top donator here was patron SilentIron!

Mood Sketch
Mood Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Mood Sketch 2019-04-06T10:32:20+00:00close

I did a warm up sketch to get me into the drawing mindset yesterday and I ended up making a mood piece with myself in my flat haha.

I'm not quite as chunky here but its not too far off. Theres always those quiet moments people have to themselves that always mean a lot to me. Even if its just a small thing of hearing the birds chirp outside and deciding when to get up and start the day

The Haunted Feast - Growth Drive
The Haunted Feast - Growth Drivemore_vert
Post file flag
The Haunted Feast - Growth Drive 2019-04-02T18:40:34+00:00close

The ghosts of the manor always want to feed their new guest to the fullest, and it just so happens a new guest has unknowingly arrived~

I don't expect to reach the target goal but I appreciate any donation given to me to help alleviate current financial issues. I've been hit by an increase into rent along with some unexpected bills, which has left me at a unfortunate situation. I'm hoping that doing this might help alleviate this issue a bit!

If you are interested in contributing, here is how you can add to the bun's weight:

Paypal: samuel.duckworth[at]yahoo.co.uk (as goods and services, no address needed)
paypal.me/SamuelDuckworth (no address needed)

I will update it in parts (most likely in $200 milestones), using the top donors as ghosts feeding our rabbit! Top donators will only appear once in the sequence.

Update to The Piggy Bank System 2019-02-15T18:26:27+00:00

I've been thinking about the piggy bank system lately and decided to add an additional rule to the system. Going forwards past this current commission block:

Patrons can spend up to $80 at a time with their patron piggy bank balance.

All prior rules to the system still apply

For example, if a patron had $90 saved they could their balance to have a single full body full colour character commission, leaving $10 left over for next time. Or alternatively, having up to a $80 discount on a large commission order.

For many, this may not be an issue in the first place! But I understand that this might be frustrating for those that want complicated pieces from me and I hope that this doesn't deter you from wanting to commission me.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #6683695 - 15 Feb 19 18:27
Well... Damn. I was wanting a nice group pic, but I didn't couldn't really pay for it all at once. xwx
user avatar
glaz - 15 Feb 19 19:32
I do offer payment plans for people if they are willing to pay over a period of time if they can't afford to pay for a commission in one go c:
user avatar
User #6683695 - 15 Feb 19 19:46
Oh fantastic! When I'm ready I'll let you know. :D
The Golden Major Arcana Tarot Card Pack
The Golden Major Arcana Tarot Card Packmore_vert
Post file flag
The Golden Major Arcana Tarot Card Pack 2019-02-06T23:19:24+00:00close

Glaztek presents the Golden Major Arcana Tarot Card Pack!


Due to popular demand, we have set up this tarot card pack for those wishing to have a physical deck!

Inside contains:

⦁ 23 full colour, high resolution tarot cards, with industry standard resolution, bleed and cut zones

⦁ High resolution, print ready poster

Preview image was designed by Kimberly Grey (http://berly.kim/)

So What Happens Now? 2019-02-05T13:51:53+00:00

With the conclusion of our Major Arcana tarot deck reached, what do we do?

Well according to my commission list, we have four more tarot themed commissions (three minor arcana cards and one alternate The Hermit card) before I reopen for normal commissions again, with patrons getting priority access as always.

A lot of people have expressed interest in buying this deck as a physical product. I'll be looking into making a one off print order for this, I am currently looking into the logistics of it all. I'll also be doing an exclusive glaz themed tarot card for patrons and owners of the physical copy!

if deemed popular, I'll look into doing a second print!

Comments (1)
user avatar
glaz - 5 Feb 19 14:56
I'm also thinkling that people who commissioned the cards will receive a complimentary deck as a way of thanks for making this project happen c:
Fat Wishes and A Happy New Year~
Fat Wishes and A Happy New Year~more_vert
Post file flag
Fat Wishes and A Happy New Year~ 2018-12-23T23:09:08+00:00close

Happy holidays from three speedy and strong boys~

I know a bunch of patrons support me for sonic stuff so I decided to do a quick drawing as a sign off for the year with my favourite sonic characters.

Thank you everyone that has supported me this year, its been a scary year for me and I've had to take a massive leap of faith. I hope you all continue to follow me into the new year and we all have fun. Here's to a better year!

This Fox is Too Hot For Tumblr
This Fox is Too Hot For Tumblrmore_vert
Post file flag
This Fox is Too Hot For Tumblr 2018-12-03T23:50:34+00:00close

So... I'm sure many of you are aware of the "pornocalypse" currently taking place on Tumblr right now as we speak. The Doodleglaz blog was flagged in nearly all of it's entirety, so there is a big chance that it might be purged come 17th December.

So to all new patrons that have joined my little patreon (Thank you ever so much! <3), have you connected discord up to patreon? If you haven't, you are missing out on The Big Fox Discord!

There, me and other patrons chill and hang out! See exclusive work in progress drawings, see drawings earlier before being uploaded anywhere else, take part in the monthly suggestion box, or even take part in the monthly creative quest!

Its a nice little community that's pretty laid back and chill~

Tarot Card Commissions In The New Year
Tarot Card Commissions In The New Yearmore_vert
Post file flag
Tarot Card Commissions In The New Year 2018-11-19T22:50:52+00:00close

With the tarot card commission I did recently, that sparked many people asking me if there were going to be more in a series or if they could potentially get one themselves. I decided that I would make this a new theme commission series for the new year! Want to be a part of Glaz's Major Arcana Tarot Deck? Let me know!

If you are interested enough in wanting a tarot card commission, I've provided a handy spreadsheet that you can put your name and card preferences into the waiting list for the new year. Give it a good read, I provided the general idea and rulings for these commissions. Patrons are likely take priority as to what card they want.


Patron Commission - But Thou Must
Patron Commission - But Thou Mustmore_vert
Post file flag
Patron Commission - But Thou Must 2018-10-16T20:56:13+00:00close

Patron Commission for Selph!

The arcane behemoth offers you a drink. He insists with an inviting gesture from one of his clawed hands, but after you peer at the condition of the intoxicated cat at his side, you feel inclined to refuse the offer. When asked again, "would you like a drink," Selph looks pointedly in your direction, and you meet his searing azure gaze. You feel compelled to answer. He won't ask a third time.

I had a lot of fun with doing the colours and lighting for this one! Perfect for the halloween season!

Creative License get! 2018-09-07T19:22:20+00:00

As a thank you to my patrons, your total continued support each month has now allowed me to legally purchase a license for adobe creative cloud! Rather than borrowing one from my previous job or pirating software, I can continue to use Photoshop along with other programs to make all these strange artistic oddities~

It is because of you all that I am able to do this all above board and I cannot appreciate you all enough.

The Big Fox Patreon Discord
The Big Fox Patreon Discordmore_vert
Post file flag
The Big Fox Patreon Discord 2018-09-03T18:27:58+00:00close

Hey there everyone! 3 days to go and then I can do this full time! I drew up a quick headshot to help advertise what's going on.

As that day approaches, I've been making a few changes to the patreon. The biggest one is that I've connected it up to a discord server exclusive for patrons called The Big Fox. There, I will also be uploading WIP shots, talk with patrons, sharing my future plans and even ask for monthly drawing suggestions. I hope to foster a community as you all help me continue to grow!

Important Life Update 2018-08-09T13:02:20+00:00

Hey everyone, I thought I'd best explain what will be happening this month and partially the next. I have returned to work from injury leave so most of my free time will be eaten up again so updates, commissions etc will be slower to arrive than before.

On the same subject of work, I have handed in my resignation letter with the company I work for and will officially leave September 7th. Afterwards, I decided that at least for the time being, I will try my best to work as a freelance illustrator/commission art full time. This past month has been a good testing ground and so far, it's made me hopeful for the future.

I hope that you will all stick with me in this new chapter of my life, and still want to consider supporting me through it!

The Biggest Rockstar In The World Drive - Update 2
The Biggest Rockstar In The World Drive - Update 2more_vert
Post file flag
The Biggest Rockstar In The World Drive - Update 2 2018-07-20T00:37:15+00:00close

The growth drive is certainly getting popular and I'm always so surprised by it! I thought it nice that the next biggest donator was my friend Dayken, so that there's a panda cheering him on in the crowd!

The Biggest Rockstar In The World! Drive
The Biggest Rockstar In The World! Drivemore_vert
Post file flag
The Biggest Rockstar In The World! Drive 2018-07-14T00:07:44+00:00close

Hello new patrons! There's been an influx of you lately so let me say hello!

This month is an awkward time for me at the moment, as I am currently off work with a leg injury with statutory sick pay. Which.. Is basically nothing, not even covering my rent for the month.

So this month I've been trying to do more commissions to make up for this fact and I decided today that I should try and raise some money with a growth drive!

I think I've created a cute little character and theme for this one, let's make this up and comer musician world famous!

Well this is embarrassing..
Well this is embarrassing..more_vert
Post file flag
Well this is embarrassing.. 2018-06-19T07:16:24+00:00close

Hey everyone! I'd thought I'd give you all an update! It's an embarrassing one, haha.

On the 17th, after working on a patron commission I decided to do some cardio workouts. I pushed myself a little too hard during a particular set and dislocated my left kneecap.

Immediately hit the floor and almost past out; tunnel vision, stars in my eyes, nausea, tinnitus, the works! Like The Revenant, I dragged my useless body over to my freezer and started applying ice and painkillers. Making a makeshift splint out of a trashbag in an attempt to stabilise my leg. I couldn't put any of my weight on it (and I'm a big guy so that was an issue)

Nonetheless, I tried to continue at home, being as careful as I could. Managed to get some sleep and such. But when I woke up on the 18th, the pain had gotten worse so I decided to call a non emergency helpline, and they eventually sent an ambulance round to my flat.

They got me into hospital, realligned my "wildly unstable" knee (their exact words) gave me gas and painkillers, a splint, two crutches and an appointment in 2 weeks time with an acute knee clinic! So..

I suppose the moral of the story is that exercise will kill you ;)

All kidding aside, it looks like I'm working from home for a bit and I should be able to work on commissions and such during my lunchbreaks without fear of pesky wandering coworker eyes!

Thank you for your support and patience! 2018-05-14T20:24:23+00:00

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for your support and patience. Your donations this month have already been a massive help in paying for medicine.

To let people know what's been going on, I'm currently dealing with a pretty nasty skin infection, the doctor thinks it's cellulitis. It's either a bad case or just very resistant to antibiotics at the moment. Regardless, I'm in my 3rd course of treatment taking 12 pills a day.

Point is, I'm in a lot of frustrating pain at the moment so my artwork has been affected by this. Hard to draw when you are distracted by itchiness and pain, or the bouts of nausea from the drugs meant to help you haha.

I hope you are all doing well and I will try to push through and get stuff out for you!

Plans for April 2018-04-11T14:26:55+00:00

Oh jeez, it's the 11th April already? Days are kinda blurring into one another with overtime at work. Regardless, I shall strive to press on and continue to draw!

With that said, here's what I've got in mind for April:

- Two commissions left from my current batch

- Taking on two patron commissions from patrons Shard and Kim

- Hopefully an drawing or two! (either Fat Sonic stuff or maybe even Glaz stuff! )

On a little personal note, on the 21st April, I'll be 25! Also a small question for you guys. Other than the commissions, I have been doing some art for a local D&D group. Mostly character head tokens and on the odd occasion, a recreation of a scene people really enjoyed. Would you all be interested in seeing these artworks?

Mozark Blackpaw
Mozark Blackpawmore_vert
Post file flag
Mozark Blackpaw 2018-02-26T19:24:34+00:00close

BOOM! The patreon walls rumble and shake before a massive blast sends the walls scattering through the internet. In the dust and confusion, you look around and find several gnolls running through the new entance and begin to attack! With a larger gnoll standing in the entrance, his meaty paw glowing with arcane energy. Roll for initiative!


I was asked to DM a game of D&D 5e at work and this was essentially their first encounter! It was a tough fight, the players left mostly unconcious but alive, swearing revenge on the gnoll leader that got away. The gnoll leader was revealed to be on a bounty list as Mozark Blackpaw! So... Why not make a bit of money whilst you get your revenge?

The character left an impression on the players and they asked me to draw them!

Commission - Best Of Friends
Commission - Best Of Friendsmore_vert
Commission - Best Of Friends 2018-02-25T23:45:46+00:00close

Commission for Marble and KiefDesh! They requested their two characters fighting each other based on two characters from Tekken!

Attachments (1)

marble 2 psd.psd (67.0MiB)

To Ask Of A Personal Question 2018-02-20T00:40:09+00:00

Hey there everyone! I hope people have been enjoying February so far, I hope to do some more drawings and start up commissions again within the coming weeks! And at this time, I can't help but ask you all a personal question. If you do experience it, how do you guys cope with depression? I am trying my best to balance now online social life, a work life and an art pursuing life. But lately I've been feeling stretched thin and finding it hard to get the motivation going to work on all three. I never want to disappoint you all and that lingering feeling that I'm not doing enough on all facets is overwhelming at times.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #3028091 - 20 Feb 18 01:48
I don't know if I'm entirely qualified to give advice as my moments were temporary. I managed to figure out the source and just admitting what the problem is helps me out a lot.
user avatar
User #7429462 - 20 Feb 18 02:12
I'm sure you have a list of friends ready and willing to be there for you to vent! If that fails, what works for me personally are deep breathing exercises and trying to stay 'zen' and objective minded aka telling myself that falling apart is NOT an option and not something I have time for. The best advice is to try seeking professional help, though!
user avatar
User #7429462 - 20 Feb 18 02:15
Emotional support from friends is only ever part of the battle; if after a while depression is feeling like a cycle you dip in and out of, try finding a professional that suits your needs. It can be an undertaking finally finding a therapist or psychiatrist that's right for you, but you may find after that fact that you'd wish you'd started seeing someone far sooner.
user avatar
User #7429462 - 20 Feb 18 02:16
You deserve the best quality of life in terms of mental health and if you aren't at that point now, you owe it to yourself to get there. It's daunting and it's something I know I'm working on myself lmfao, but yeah I wish you the best of luck, dude
user avatar
glaz - 20 Feb 18 11:21
Thank you for the replies! To clarify a few things, don't worry guys I'm not in a spiral or anything like that! I'm just very aware of my own depression and my battles with it. Late night musings when you should be asleep leads to throwing out a question to receive a different perspective on things :)
Valentine Dedede
Valentine Dededemore_vert
Post file flag
Valentine Dedede 2018-02-14T20:58:53+00:00close

King Dedede! Happy valentines!

Valentine Sonic
Valentine Sonicmore_vert
Post file flag
Valentine Sonic 2018-02-14T20:26:05+00:00close

Happy valentines day! Here is a big ol sonic speedster!

Valentine Knuckles
Valentine Knucklesmore_vert
Post file flag
Valentine Knuckles 2018-02-14T19:49:08+00:00close

Happy valentines day! Here's a big ol' knuxster sending you some love!

Valentine Bowser
Valentine Bowsermore_vert
Post file flag
Valentine Bowser 2018-02-14T18:53:12+00:00close

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy a big ol bowser, full of love! Up next, sonic and knuckles!

Tumblr Ask - Fat Shadow Masterpost 2018-02-05T22:50:16+00:00

Here are the images and the psd!This is kind of the best way for me to upload all the images in one post. Bit of an eh workaround, but it'll do I suppose! :D


Attachments (3)

sonicandshadow_1.png (1014.4KiB)
sonicandshadow_2.png (1.7MiB)
sonicandshadow.psd (31.1MiB)

Tumblr Ask - Fat Shadow Part 2
Tumblr Ask - Fat Shadow Part 2more_vert
Post file flag
Tumblr Ask - Fat Shadow Part 2 2018-02-05T22:19:46+00:00close

And now the conclusion! Ah, if only Patreon allowed for multiple image uploads..

I imagine it's a lot easier for the news to tell the two apart now. That was always a weird plot point in the games...

Tumblr Reply - Fat Shadow? Part 1
Tumblr Reply - Fat Shadow? Part 1more_vert
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Tumblr Reply - Fat Shadow? Part 1 2018-02-05T22:17:00+00:00close

As many of you know, I tend to reply to some tumblr asks with fun and silly jokes and drawings. As an excuse to draw some more fat sonic, I am going to reply to an ask that wants to see some fat shadow!

Commission - Filled with Ice Cream
Commission - Filled with Ice Creammore_vert
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Commission - Filled with Ice Cream 2018-02-03T17:36:41+00:00close

Commission for Naota Wolf!

They commissioned me to have their character Naota as ice cream fattening up their friend Felix! Felix certainly appears to be enjoying themselves too~

With that, my current block of commissions his finished! I'm gonna try draw a few of my own ideas I've got whirling around my my brain and reopen commissions again soon. Though for patron supporters, you guys always have access for commissions! c:

Commission - PD1992
Commission - PD1992more_vert
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Commission - PD1992 2018-02-01T09:57:44+00:00close

A headshot commission for PD1992 on FA!

They requested their character here be drawn, I had a lot of fun doing the details like the waistcoat and the glowing balls in the ears! :D

Commission - Customer Check Out
Commission - Customer Check Outmore_vert
Commission - Customer Check Out 2018-01-25T19:44:04+00:00close

Patron DarkPiggy commissioned me to draw his character being rather large and intimidating, working the tills at a 7 Eleven! It's so strange, during his shifts there appears to be no customers but lots of empty vehicles~

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User #7429462 - 25 Jan 18 19:47
I swoon
Pastry Filled Panda
Pastry Filled Pandamore_vert
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Pastry Filled Panda 2018-01-21T15:43:38+00:00close

In between my doodles of fat sonic characters and working on commissions, I found myself looking back at a set of doodles I did 6 years ago. I quite liked the overall shape I did and so I decided to recreate it!

A hypnotised Dayken, most likely under the influence of Glaz, stuffing himself full of donuts and pastries. Always wanting more~

Commission - Cursed Attire
Commission - Cursed Attiremore_vert
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Commission - Cursed Attire 2018-01-14T23:39:10+00:00close

Commission for Cynical_Gage!

There was a rumble as it was happening, Tom idly rubbing at his growing girth, unaware of what was truly happening. He had recently bought a set of clothes he found for cheap as a joke but he found it surprisingly comfy! His thin lithe form began to grow plush and showed no sign of stopping...

They wanted their human character Tom to wear a cursed set of clothes that begins to fatten him out and make more gluttonous and confident.

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User #7720496 - 15 Jan 18 17:51
ten out of ten would buy and wear all the time
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User #3028091 - 14 Jan 18 23:47
I need a hoodie like that.
Birthday Sketch - Fattening Voice Calls
Birthday Sketch - Fattening Voice Callsmore_vert
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Birthday Sketch - Fattening Voice Calls 2018-01-11T18:42:34+00:00close

I very quickly sketched this up in between commission work as a happy birthday to Simmywolf!

When i asked people on twitter what I should draw regarding glaz, Simmy replied with fattening up and hypnotising people over voice calls with just his voice. Which is always a fun premise~

I've been playing a bit of Quiplash with friends over Discord and I normally end up doing the narration. So... Glaz is doing that here~

Commission - Tons of Bull
Commission - Tons of Bullmore_vert
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Commission - Tons of Bull 2018-01-10T22:15:20+00:00close

Beta testing those Glaztek goggles have certainly had quite the influence of Marcus. I'm sure Glaztek are receiving a lot of valuable research data!

Commission for @Kroznik, who wanted a full colour headshot picture of a very blobby Marcus.

Commission - Filling Up The Couch
Commission - Filling Up The Couchmore_vert
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Commission - Filling Up The Couch 2018-01-08T01:54:00+00:00close

Commission for Wolfgang Wolfe!

When you have two very large specimens, space can soon be a rare commodity.

I had a lot of fun with doing the angles here, sorta like a low angle selfie with a bit of fish eye lens applied to it!

Commission - Breaking News!
Commission - Breaking News!more_vert
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Commission - Breaking News! 2018-01-07T15:01:11+00:00close

The extraction will no doubt take a while...

A commission for @AWholeLotOfDerg on twitter! After some discussions, they wanted to recreate the typical news segments you tend to see when someone becomes very fat. Just taken to some slight extremes~

Patron Commission - Planetary Consumption
Patron Commission - Planetary Consumptionmore_vert
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Patron Commission - Planetary Consumption 2018-01-02T22:46:31+00:00close

Patreon commission for Nik Vulper! They wanted this lovely tiger to be eating up a world, and I'm happy to oblige! It feels like a good way to bring in the new year, haha.

Patron Commission - Crushing the Bed
Patron Commission - Crushing the Bedmore_vert
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Patron Commission - Crushing the Bed 2018-01-02T18:57:26+00:00close

Patron Commission for Kim! They asked for their character to be utterly smothering a bed whilst snuggling up and smooching with their friend!

Patron Commission - Selfie Under The Panda
Patron Commission - Selfie Under The Pandamore_vert
Patron Commission - Selfie Under The Panda 2018-01-01T21:37:21+00:00close

Patreon commission for HiroRwar! They asked for their character to be taking a selfie while their friend Dayken found themselves wedged between two skyscrapers. A fairly regular occurrence to be fair!

This was a pretty ambitious one for me, I'm not the best at rear shots and I really wanted to try some extreme angles here, I think it worked out well!

I should hopefully be able to finish two more patron commissions very soon!

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hiro_selfie_under_the_panda.png (1.9MiB)
Hiro_pandaselfie.psd (59.7MiB)


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