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Progress to slow down a little bit.
Progress to slow down a little bit.more_vert
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Progress to slow down a little bit. 2019-10-13T20:49:28+00:00close

Weekly releases are now going to turn into monthly releases.

Like I said before, my work schedule is going to impact how much I can work on this game. So don't expect releases to be as fast as they have been. Next release might be late October or early November. Hopefully this project gets enough support to eventually work on it full time, but right now progress is unfortunately going to have to slow down a bit.

Thank you everyone who is currently supporting this game!

Media (1)

ravenpublicsexlib_10.png (1.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9612205 - 21 Oct 19 04:42
Give it time and youll get more supporters. game is good
user avatar
User #25695146 - 14 Oct 19 18:38
Love this game, still waiting for the new update! <3
Hinata Hyuga to be added in next release!!!
Hinata Hyuga to be added in next release!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Hinata Hyuga to be added in next release!!! 2019-10-10T20:25:01+00:00close

Hinata Hyuga was the most voted for Bonus Character for this month!

This is why it's good to suggest a Character early! The earlier you suggest a character, the more likely they are going to be added in! Since every release is planned to have at least one bonus character added, that gives a big advantage to any early suggestions since there isn't a lot to choose from!

Thank you to Darkness for suggesting this character! Shes personally one of my favorites too, so I was pretty happy to have it suggested!

Media (1)

Hinata-Hyuga.png (203.3KiB)

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #9612205 - 13 Oct 19 08:17
gotta say ive played many games from patreons but this by far has the most potential. i hope the game gets completed though. ive seen a lot of patreons abandon games half way through
user avatar
Paradicezone - 13 Oct 19 08:44
Glad you enjoy it! I'll be working on the game as much as I can, even if it doesn't get enough support for me to work on it a lot.
user avatar
User #9827028 - 11 Oct 19 15:06
Damn I should have voted
user avatar
User #5410205 - 12 Oct 19 23:22
Do u host the polls on here my man? I’m a new Patreon
user avatar
User #4140418 - 13 Oct 19 03:02
They're on the discord
user avatar
User #5410205 - 13 Oct 19 18:31
Ah thx man!
user avatar
User #96335 - 14 Oct 19 10:16
Now you explained it I feel a bit more comfortable, but I would recommend you to write a post regarding this, I think this brought some confusion. I’ll be back to the PL ;)
user avatar
Paradicezone - 14 Oct 19 10:24
Yeah sorry about that, it was my fault for not making things more clear, It was an oversight. I've added it to the description and will be making a post about it tomorrow! Thanks again for all your support!
user avatar
User #96335 - 14 Oct 19 09:30
It seems that the polls are no worth, this character never show on it
user avatar
Paradicezone - 14 Oct 19 09:32
I don't know what you mean? This character was the most voted for character when I needed a bonus character and she had the most with 20 votes. I removed her when I put it in accepted.
user avatar
User #96335 - 14 Oct 19 09:41
I no longer have full access to Discord since I’ve dropped from my Platinum level, but I remember that there were supposed to be a Patreon poll after the characters got 10+ votes. It seems that you don’t care about your Patreon pledgers preferring Discord users
user avatar
Paradicezone - 14 Oct 19 09:52
I think there's a bit of confusion, the patreon polls were with 10 characters, not 10 votes. The plan was to run patreon polls to choose which 3 out of the 10 were going to be featured in the game, I thought I would get a lot more suggestions for bonus characters so it would make sense, however there's simply not enough people suggesting characters, Since there's so little suggested, and I'm going to be adding a lot of bonus characters, The ones in discord are pretty much going to be added in, so it just doesn't make sense to run a patreon poll when there already going to be added in the game.
user avatar
Paradicezone - 14 Oct 19 09:54
This is still early in development, and I want to add bonus characters for the game, so this is just a temporary thing for bonus characters only, and only because there's very little suggested. Main characters will still only be pledgers, and if suggestions pick up, it will be the same. Nothings changed. Sorry if it seemed like I didn't appreciate my supporters, I should have made the plan a little clearer.
Public Sex Life v0.14 Release!!!
Public Sex Life v0.14 Release!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Public Sex Life v0.14 Release!!! 2019-10-10T02:26:21+00:00close

This release features 8 new animated scenes involving C18, focusing on getting her caught up to Ravens progress.

Bonus Character will be added in by next release! So hurry, make your suggestions and vote!


  • 8 new animated scenes for C18!
  • Added labels to help navigate!
  • Fixed bug that disabled skipping!
  • Chalkboard now passes the time to Evenings!


PC | Mac

Media (1)

public_sex_life_cover.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5410205 - 10 Oct 19 03:33
Love the game even tho I’m not a huge hentai fan but hope u keep up the gr8 wrk!
user avatar
User #514068 - 10 Oct 19 12:52
Love the game, man, the gap of C18 from the start to now is amazing. Also, *Spoiler Alert (lol) at the public scene where C18 is dripping, is that Shizuku from Hakoiri Drops at the front row?
Public Sex Life 0.13 Froppy Release!!!
Public Sex Life 0.13 Froppy Release!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Public Sex Life 0.13 Froppy Release!!! 2019-10-02T07:59:52+00:00close

As I have previously stated, the plan is Bi monthly releases, however I have decided to release this one pretty much 15 days early, so this release won't count for October, so you will still get two more releases this month if my schedule allows it. This is purely a Froppy release, there is no new content with any other characters. Next release will focus primarily on Android 18, as well as adding some new content for Froppy.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this early release!

Change log:

- Froppy is officially in the game!

- Inventory system added

- Energy system added

- 4 new animated scenes

- 3 new non animated scenes

- Can now work at Night if endurance is high enough!

- Raven can now be found in the Mornings


Pc: https://mega.nz/#!RsQnTIQZ!dqT6kL2j_e3AzUAIl_2r5_o99PeRhbqrlXhUIQj8UM4

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!VhQnzQhY!_LRC6losAsts1c4McPwLw3TQEWedISr18xF0Yk_BmtE

Media (1)

public_sex_life_cover.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #495943 - 3 Oct 19 00:15
So when you said Bimonthly you ment twice a month right? Not once every two months
user avatar
Paradicezone - 3 Oct 19 00:29
yeah, I mean twice a month.
user avatar
User #96335 - 2 Oct 19 15:17
I think that the Mac link is wrong, it is showing the pc version :(
user avatar
Paradicezone - 2 Oct 19 19:05
Thanks, it should be fixed now
Expect new release to arrive a lot sooner than expected!
Expect new release to arrive a lot sooner than expected!more_vert
Post file flag
Expect new release to arrive a lot sooner than expected! 2019-09-25T04:01:50+00:00close

Froppy is officially in the game!

I've been working pretty hard to get as much done as possible, I think I've made enough progress for a mid October release at the latest. It can also be released much sooner, if I'm able to keep my pace, but it all depends on my schedule. My goal for each month is 20-30 new animated scenes, but right now i'm considering on doing bi monthly updates, at least in early development. What that means is, each release will have at least 10 or more scenes, sort of like the month of September.

Thank you everyone for all the support!

Please make sure to check out the Discord if you want to suggest or vote on new characters!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #495943 - 25 Sep 19 17:27
Froppy best girl
Both Main Character and Bonus Character Suggestions are open!
Both Main Character and Bonus Character Suggestions are open!more_vert
Post file flag
Both Main Character and Bonus Character Suggestions are open! 2019-09-21T23:20:40+00:00close

I figured I would open up the character suggestions to give early supporters a higher chance of getting their characters in the game! The earlier you make a suggestion, the less competition your going to have!

Right now, you will be able to suggest characters you want to be added in the game! Once there are enough votes, your character will be added into the public poll! The current plan is to add one bonus character per release, so after each new release, the suggestions will be reset, and you will be able to request a new or old character!

You can also make a suggestion for a new Main Character, however this process will be much slower than the Bonus one, considering the current support. However your character will remain in suggestions, so as we grow, more and more people will be voting! Main Character voting will be a long process, and suggestions will remain open for a considerable amount of time, this allows as much voting as possible, so we can narrow down which character is the best character possible to be added into the game!

If the character you suggested is added into the game, you will receive a unique Patreon role, as a trophy!

If you haven't joined the discord yet, I highly encourage it!


Discord and Bonus Character suggestions are now open!
Discord and Bonus Character suggestions are now open!more_vert
Post file flag
Discord and Bonus Character suggestions are now open! 2019-09-20T10:11:55+00:00close

Discord: https://discord.gg/fRgcWAF

I have made a Public Discord!

If you want to help support this project further, I highly encourage joining! This way if you have any suggestions or problems with the game, you will be able to properly communicate it! I will also be able to answer any questions, that you might want to ask about the game! So if you want to know how much I've been working on the project, or about any future plans for the game, Discord is the best place to find that information!

If you are a Silver Tier supporter, you will finally be able to suggest a Bonus Character to be added for next release! More details are found in the discord, so I encourage you to check it out!

Main Character suggestions are closed until I reach a certain point in the games development. I will make sure to keep everyone updated when I decide to open this one up.

All early supporters will receive the Limited time Early Supporter role!

If this project ever takes off, the first 20 supporters will be the only ones to have this unique role!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #495943 - 21 Sep 19 02:22
limited time early supporter role is for any tier?
user avatar
Paradicezone - 21 Sep 19 03:05
Yeah, as long as your supporter, even for a dollar, you'll get it.
Public Sex Life v0.12 release!
Public Sex Life v0.12 release!more_vert
Post file flag
Public Sex Life v0.12 release! 2019-09-18T02:00:42+00:00close

Keep in mind this is still in early development, many things are subject to change, and many things are yet to be added. That being said, there are about 14 new animated Sex Scenes in this current build with 23 animated scenes total, most revolving Raven currently. I had to release this a little early with 6 less scenes than originally planned because of a work schedule that I didn't account for. Hopefully releasing it 3 days early makes up for it!


- 10 new animated sex scenes for Raven!

- 4 new animated sex scenes for C18

- You can now work in the Evening.

- Raven can now work for you.

- Added commands for Raven

- Small favors no longer pass the time for C18

- Compressed the game thanks to bas.

- Made shortcuts more noticeable.


PC: https://mega.nz/#!o9YBDIBK!oVNmZ2Ke-ingy50Blw6kKi8Vz_CRYSfa-Z994uRGGDQ

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!Vl4R3CpQ!aGhQEvs8K4ojqXC51QKsn1crxftNhs1tLLNuMugbEhM

Thanks for all the feedback! Hopefully I fixed most of the problems from last release! If you enjoyed this game, please consider supporting it's development!

Media (1)

public_sex_life_cover.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #28628642 - 28 Dec 19 03:10
How do I save my progress on Android?
user avatar
User #7615874 - 26 Dec 19 07:57
file is gone btw
user avatar
User #495943 - 19 Sep 19 17:53
What sort of release schedule should we be looking at? A monthly update?
user avatar
Paradicezone - 19 Sep 19 21:13
Monthly, however the month of October i'm not going to be able to work on it as much, so it's possible next release won't be until November.
user avatar
User #96335 - 18 Sep 19 14:55
Any recommendation/walkthrough? In the previous version I was only able to unlock a kiss from C18, I couldn't even find Raven, I'm at a loss on how to navigate :(
user avatar
Paradicezone - 18 Sep 19 19:44
All that should have been fixed with the new update. The beginning now tells you where raven is, she's in the library in the afternoons, right of the classroom. Don't know why you were only able to unlock a kiss from C18? I never encountered a bug like that, and no ones reported that issue. I'd recommend restarting and see if that fixes it. I hope that helps.
Next release is about 40-50 percent done.
Next release is about 40-50 percent done.more_vert
Post file flag
Next release is about 40-50 percent done. 2019-09-11T22:06:43+00:00close

Just giving a small update, letting everyone know of my progress. I've got about 10 new scenes so far, so I'm about 10 away from reaching my goal. I've also implemented some new features that are pretty much a requirement for all Trainer games. I'd say I'm on track for a release within the month, could be as soon as the 20th.

Like I said before, this release focused primarily on Raven, however there are a couple new scenes for C18 as well. Next release won't come as fast, since I need to work in order to pay the bills, but next release will feature Froppy! Both C18 and Froppy will be the primarily focus for next release. I'm hoping to get Froppy, and C18 caught up to Ravens progress, so it becomes a full fledged game.

Thanks for the people who have chosen to support me! I hope you enjoy this project, and continue to help me work on it! I'm happy to learn there is at least a good amount of interest in this, so I'll be working on it as much as I can!

Media (1)

midnalist.png (354.1KiB)

Current Development. 2019-09-08T09:09:49+00:00

I've currently compressed the game, so it's no longer so big. It was an easy enough fix. So most of the month, i'm going to focus purely on content, Since the release yesterday, I've already added a couple new scenes for Raven.

(There will also be some minor fixes, like adding a better shortcut system, and making it so you can work in the evening.)

My Goal for the month of September is to at least get 20 new animated scenes for Raven and Android 18. If there is time to add Froppy, I will, but she might come after the next release, My plan for the first three girls is for each of them to have separate mechanics with varying difficulty, so there's a little more uniqueness to each one.Android 18 has a money mechanic, which makes it a little more difficult, Raven has a simple talking mechanic, which makes her the easiest, and Froppy will most likely have an energy based Mechanic. Froppy mechanic is already in the code, I just have to implement it into the game itself.

Thank you all for following this project! I intend to work on it no matter how much support I receive! With that being said, if you want more frequent releases, I hope you will become a Patreon, anything helps!

If you have any suggestions for the game, please don't hesitate to give me some feedback!

Public Sex Life first release!
Public Sex Life first release!more_vert
Post file flag
Public Sex Life first release! 2019-09-07T05:19:42+00:00close

Keep in mind this is an incredibly early build, many things are subject to change, and many things are yet to be added. That being said, there are about 9 animated Sex Scenes in this current build, most revolving Raven. So enjoy this small demo!


PC: https://mega.nz/#!t8pmjQzZ!co2odyIdHRZk8o3Rcw0QXQ9Xnhgi1nQj6K6zx6C-IDU

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!ct4GhA7D!RCpvhHYj6K74VcTSIp4AywJT__jJKAe9KBS4aH6EyBM


Media (1)

public_sex_life_cover.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #575569 - 8 Sep 19 07:20
Awesome demo! I was curious how do you extract the characters made like those from Koikatu?
user avatar
User #4745910 - 8 Sep 19 06:32
I could see great potential from the demo! Btw, better setup a discord server or something similar for the game. It allows fans and players to discuss on the server. You could as well make some of the channel accessibility as patreon reward, enabling those who've paid with the privilege (maybe character poll or some fan services). Anyways I'm keeping an eye on the game and good luck~
user avatar
User #4745910 - 8 Sep 19 06:37
one more thing the Kanji of library and storage room are currently wrong storage room is current named as 図書館(library) and the library is named 理事長室(Office of the Chairman) please fix it asap
user avatar
Paradicezone - 8 Sep 19 08:52
That's a great suggestion! Once the games a little more development and I gain more followers, i'll definitely consider doing that! Thanks for following!

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