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Quick Update Regarding Animation Benefits 2020-05-22T17:36:09+00:00

Hey all,

I made a couple updates to my tiers with animations in mind, and I wanted to let you all know how I'm doing this. From this point on I'm making it so any animations I do are accessible to $3 and $5 tiers.

$3 tier is early access to what will be the public animation in 720 quality. Most of these will be in 60fps and I expect I'll post animations 1-2 weeks publicly after I post them here.

$5 tier of the animation will be a Patreon Exclusive video that is 1080 60FPS. These are not going to be made public and are meant as an incentive for people to choose a higher tier.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this, but I believe this is fair considering the higher amount of work that's needed to make animations in general.


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9905103 - 22 May 20 17:48
I think it's an alright addition to the list of perks. Not something that makes the $5 tier worth it on its own, but the tier already has several benefits, so it's all good.
$5 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart
$5 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeartmore_vert
Post file flag
$5 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart 2020-04-23T23:23:12+00:00close

Variants Link

48 total variants for this tier including all outfits (Kitty, Nurse, Nude, Topless) as well as cumming inside and outside variants

$3 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart
$3 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeartmore_vert
Post file flag
$3 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart 2020-04-23T23:22:31+00:00close

Variants Link

There's 18 Variants for this tier that include the Kitty and Nurse outfits. Next tier up features Nude, Open/Exposed Nurse shirt, cumming inside and outside, and some new Lingerie options

Media (1)

Pose5Nurse.png (6.9MiB)

$1 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart
$1 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeartmore_vert
$1 Character Showcase - Nurse RedHeart 2020-04-23T23:22:27+00:00close

All pictures are in the attachments

So here's the result of the character voting showcase. Something that started as 1 picture kept snowballing until I ended up with 8 pictures for just the base $1 tier. Took me a week and a half to make these and all of the variants. I hope you all enjoy.

$1 gets all of the Kitty apparel pictures as a set. $3 tier is 18 variants and will get the Kitty and Nurse outfits. $5 tier is 48 total variants and that includes those two outfits, exposed/open nurse shirt, nude, stocking, topless, and cumming inside and outside variants.

Media (5)

Pose1Kitty.png (5.6MiB)
Pose2Kitty.png (6.6MiB)
Pose3NurseOpen.png (7.0MiB)
Pose4NurseOpen.png (7.3MiB)
Pose5Nurse.png (6.9MiB)

Attachments (8)

Pose1Kitty.png (5.6MiB)
Pose2Kitty.png (6.6MiB)
Pose3Kitty.png (6.6MiB)
Pose4CumKitty.png (6.8MiB)
Pose5Kitty.png (6.1MiB)
Pose6OutsideKitty.png (8.1MiB)
Pose7InsideKitty.png (8.0MiB)
Pose8CumOutsideKitty.png (7.1MiB)

WIP/Update On April's Character Poll
WIP/Update On April's Character Pollmore_vert
Post file flag
WIP/Update On April's Character Poll 2020-04-17T05:24:19+00:00close

For once I'm going to do this update on Patreon instead of posting stuff in the Discord server so everyone can see it. DON'T WORRY this update is mostly good news.

To start Nurse Redheart won the first voting poll which is great considering our RECENT FUN WORLD EVENTS happening now. And I pretty much had the idea to make the picture you're seeing on this post. (Still a WIP btw. Not the final image) But then I kept getting more ideas to add different poses and a few other characters to the scene and I've been basically working all week, making about 1 new pose scene a day and now I'm up to 4.5 different poses. The .5 is because one of the scenes is the same scene with two different camera angles.

THE BAD part of this is it's taking me more time to make everything. I still haven't even started on post production edits yet and so my streak of one photoset of content a week may be broken because this may take me into next week to complete all the edits and variants. The plus side is that you all get more poses and angles than probably any other picture set I've done before, as well as variants for all of them.

So please stay patient and know I'm working on this pretty much every day to get it all done. Thanks all!

Media (2)

hello_nurse1000000.png (1.0MiB)
hello_nurse1000000.png (1.0MiB)

$5 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variants
$5 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variantsmore_vert
Post file flag
$5 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variants 2020-04-13T05:38:06+00:00close

A total of 25 pictures across all 4 poses I did.

Variants Link

I've gotta decide on the next thing now. Either the voted on character or a new idea involving another fetish thing. Just a matter of which one I decide to do first.

Media (2)

Pose3Closed.png (10.8MiB)
Pose3Female.png (11.3MiB)

$3 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variants
$3 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variantsmore_vert
Post file flag
$3 Tier - Fluttershy Transform Variants 2020-04-13T05:38:01+00:00close

Here is the first set of variants. 6 images on this tier for this set which includes at least one picture from each pose I did.

Variants Link

Media (1)

Pose1Clothes.png (10.3MiB)

$1 Tier - Fluttershy Transformation Commission
$1 Tier - Fluttershy Transformation Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
$1 Tier - Fluttershy Transformation Commission 2020-04-13T05:37:55+00:00close

Hey what's up ya'll.

I just finished the last of my commissions from when I was last open. This one is for an artist named SkyspearDW who does transformation art. This is supposed to be a human who has transformed into Fluttershy, hence the shocked expression. I made a few more poses for this one that will be available through the $3 and $5 tiers.

Media (3)

BaseClothes.png (10.3MiB)
BaseNude.png (10.6MiB)
BaseClothesText.png (10.3MiB)

Birthday picture for MuhJob
Birthday picture for MuhJobmore_vert
Post file flag
Birthday picture for MuhJob 2020-04-06T05:56:49+00:00close

Found out it was MuhJob's birthday a few days ago so I made a Rarity picture for him. He actually helped me a lot when I was first starting out so I have him to thank for me sticking with making more art. Go check him out.


Media (2)

Final.png (8.2MiB)
Try2Bday.png (8.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9905103 - 6 Apr 20 11:59
Cake and sex. How could you say no to that
$5 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4
$5 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4more_vert
Post file flag
$5 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4 2020-04-05T16:45:23+00:00close

Variants Link

16 pictures in this one. This contains everything from the $3 variants and the 2nd pose version of those pictures.

Media (1)

Outfits2Cum.png (14.3MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9905103 - 5 Apr 20 16:46
That's one thicc appul
$3 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4
$3 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4more_vert
Post file flag
$3 Variants - A Few Extra Bits 4 2020-04-05T16:45:17+00:00close

Variants Link

7 pictures for the Nude, Bra, Outfits and Cum variants for the first pose. The $5 variants has the 2nd pose included

Media (1)

Bra1.png (12.1MiB)

$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 4 + Clopfic
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 4 + Clopficmore_vert
Post file flag
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 4 + Clopfic 2020-04-05T16:45:12+00:00close

Continuing Applejack's fun kinky adventures, she finds herself on the weird end of one of Twilight's experiments. Magical dicks are unpredictable to say the least.

The story can be found below:

Chapter 4: Everything She Fucks Is Magic

The day at the spa was a relaxing for Applejack, but that time had past. It was now a bright sunny morning over Sweet Apple Acres and the farm mare was loading up a cart with buckets of apples to be delivered in town. Big Mac her big red stallion of a brother finished getting the last bucket into the cart. Aj finished checking off the list to make sure everything was accounted for.

"Seven, eight, nine, ten. Yup, that looks like everything for the Cake's order, and everypony else's orders as well. Alright Big Mac, make sure to finish clearing the trees in the south field while I'm gone." She struggled lifting the cart's pull system up over her head. The weight landed on her shoulders as she managed to barely get it on. "Also make sure Applebloom does her homework too. I don't need another meeting with Cheerilee talking about her education."

"Yup," the stallion responded. "I know it's annoying having to do mom and dad's work, but she'll be out of school soon enough. Take care not to hurt yourself with that load, even I might struggle with that much."

"I will Mac, I'll see you and granny when I get home. I might pick up something as a treat for later." The orange mare waved as she started to pull the loaded apple cart into Ponyville.

The day went smoothly, with the odd hang up from talking to her customers at the drop offs. The longest one being Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie Pie was running the counter. She was going on how she had a new idea, but needed help but didn't want to start it without the right volunteer. Aj had a hard time navigating her way around that conversation to break free to finish up deliveries. By the time she had one left it was now four in the evening. The sun was starting to get low, but still high enough for bright day.

"Dang it, I've wasted so much time today. Especially with Pinkie. That gal knows how to tie someone up without using a rope. At least the last stop is Twilight's. She won't hold me up long, and she's only got the one bucket. Thank goodness this cart isn't that heavy anymore." The farm mare trudged along, forcing her feet to walk the last bit of distance to the crystal like castle in town.

Arriving at her destination she grabbed the bucket of apples from the cart and walked up the steps. On the door was a note stuck to it with her name on it. Opening it, it read. "Dear Applejack, Spike is out assisting Rarity today, and I'm currently busy doing some tests. Let yourself in with the delivery. I'll be in one of the usual spots if you want to grab your payment for the apples." Aj shrugged, and pushed open the door and closed it behind her. It closed with a low thunk as it landed back in place.

Walking to the kitchen, Aj listened for any sounds in the castle to give a sign where Twilight might be. Nothing seemed to echo through the empty halls except the sound of her boots clapping against the shiny tile flooring. Rounding the corner to the kitchen she ran into the purple pony princess making a sandwich.

"Oh Twilight, I'm sorry I'm late, I got your order right here." Applejack held up the bucket of bright red apples. She set them down on the counter, giving her arms respite from the heavy loads of the day.

"Ah Applejack, I was wondering if you got held up somewhere. I've been working away all day on some new spells and I think I've perfected my latest one." Twilight took a bite into her snack. Munching away she tried to speak. "I unno if it's erfect ust yet. I eed to un a few ore tests." She swallowed her bite, washing it down with a swig of water.

"Ah, well that sounds interesting of a story. I've been on my feet all day. Pinkie ate most of it with her usual banter. But I do have a question for you though. About nearly a week ago I had helped Fluttershy out, and she had a bit of a surprise. Said she got it from you. I'm guessing that's what you've been working on?" Aj had a big questioning look in her eyes. Just dying to know if it was truly what her friend had been working on.

"Oh, that. Yes that is part of what I've been working on. Was it good? How did it feel? Was it life like? I'm dying to know. Come on Applejack spill." Twilight had gotten super excited over her question that she retorted with more.

"I guess. It felt real enough to me. Wasn't too the best I've had, but wasn't the worst either." Aj's face had started to show some discomfort. "Twi, can we stop talking about Fluttershy's temporary dick and me. I know you're happy for your magic stuff but it's a little awkward speaking about it."

Twilight stared for a few seconds then blinked, her mind clicking on what was being said. "Oh I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have pushed those on you. Did I offend you? Please don't be angry." Twilight pleaded with the farm pony.

"I'm not offended Twilight, it's more of sensitive topics that make me ere on the edge of caution. Not something I like to share with the world you know." Her emerald eyes told a different story than her tongue.

Twilight nodded in agreement with her. "Well I'm still needing to do one more test. Would you like to help me? Your apple payment is right here." Dropping a small brown bag on the table, the sound of coins could be heard through it. "However you're work as an assistant wouldn't go unrewarded either. How would five hundred bits sound?"

Aj stared at the small bag. No more than ten bits was in that for sure. Five hundred bits however would cover next month with extra to spare to help Big Mac with that ring he was looking at for Sugar Belle. Taking a big gulp, clearing her mouth of the saliva that was building Applejack opened her maw and was speechless. She stood still, not knowing what to say when Twilight cut in again.

"You know what, I'll make it seven hundred. As long as I can use you all night for testing." Twilight folded her arms pushing up her already big bust.

Aj shook her head, trying to clear her ears. Did she hear right, seven hundred bits. "Twi, let me go return my stuff home and let the family know where I'm going to be. I'll be back shortly after from there. Is there anything that I need to bring?"

"Perfect!" Twilight shouted in glee, clapping her hands together. "As for what to bring, you might as well change and shower so you'll be clean. All I need is yourself, so come dressed as you want, but I warn you now to make sure it's something you don't mind getting dirty or slightly damaged. I haven't mastered the spell fully yet."

"Alright, give me two hours at most to get ready, and I'll be back." Aj waved to her friend as she took off running from the castle. She was moving faster than her feet have ever carried her before. Rainbow Dash would be jealous at the speed she was moving.

Twilght waved backed, sandwich in mouth. "Cya oon Aplehack." Twilight scoffed down the rest of her food and drink. Looking at the bucket of apples on the counter got her mind racing. "This gives me an idea that I think will add to the testing." A sly grin crept across the lavender mare's face.

Night had now descended across the town, everypony turning in for the night time. Lanterns lit up the streets as ponies walked to their destinations of rest and relaxation. Applejack however was more in a hurry to return to the castle. She wanted those bits badly. It would make up for her troubles with Big Mac in the past and make sure she had a month that was completely worry free about money. She had gotten showered and down up her hair in a braid, and threw on some older clothes that were still presentable. If they got torn or stained it wouldn't matter, they were used for some of the messier chores around the farm anyways.

Walking up the steps of the castle the sound of the town's last bustle went silent. Turning around the farm mare could see ponies going up and down the street still, but not even a peep from a mouse could be heard. She gave a quick tap on her head to see if she was hearing things or rather something may have blocked them out; nothing changed. Turning back she went to open the door; reaching out with her hand it opened itself. Looking a bit confused, Applejack walked into the tall building. The door closed behind her with a gently thump, assuring her that she hadn't lost her hearing.

The sound of her friend echoed from down a corridor to her left, faintly making out, "I'm this way Applejack!" The noise got louder as she approached towards it with every step. Going down a flight of stairs, then turning a corner, followed by another set of stairs, she arrived in front of the source. Rapping her hand on the door, it creaked open, revealing a well lit room, covered in padding. The room held very little in it. There as a chair, a lay down sofa, and a big white board. The floor was cool to the touch from the laminate flooring and the air cold to the lungs. Twilight stood in the room at the board writing out some sort of math equation on it for all Aj could put together.

"Welcome Applejack," Twilight turned around, with a big smile on her face, she had put on her glasses, and a lab coat, but had nothing else on. "Come in, make yourself comfortable on the sofa, no need to worry about anything just yet." Gesturing towards the furniture she used her magic to lift her friend over. "I'm so excited to get started, but I just need to finish one last thing before we get going." Twilight turned back around and made a few more marks on the board and put her hands down to her hips. "That looks just about right, this should be the perfected version of the spell."

"Um.. Twilight, why is it so cold in here, let alone what's with the silencing spell outside the castle. I could have sworn I went deaf on my way up the stairs." Aj was holding her arms with a shiver, her small clothing wasn't as good an idea as she thought it would be. It was late spring, it should be warm out, but this room was cold. Her nipples were starting to grow erect and poke out of her bra and shirt.

The lavender alicorn turned to her friend, the cold not affecting her at all. "Simple for the first part. This spell gets my body heated up to higher temperatures, so I need to have a cooler environment to cast it without problems. As for the later, it's a bit more complex. Normally this spell wouldn't make a whole lot of noise, but with a subject being involved I don't want that to flood into the streets. We've heard you down the lane as you had fun in the barn with Dash once. So it's a precaution at best."

Cheeks turned deep red for Applejack, showing right through her orange coat. "You girls never said a thing about that. You could have told me cause now I know Granny most likely heard us." Covering her face in shame from knowing that her own grandmother heard her having raunchy sex with Dash was embarrassing at minimum.

"That's the point of that spell. It's so no one else will know what happens here tonight. Now why don't we get started. First thing that I need you to do is simple. Just undo the button on your shorts, that's it." Twilight started to light up her horn, prepping her spell for use.

Applejack snapped back to the task at hand. Standing up she undid the single button holding the shorts. "You don't need me to pull them down, or anything like that?" Her voice sounded confusion to what was to take place.

Twilight just kept her eyes closed, focusing hard on her magic. She gave a slight shush to her friend, and waited a few more seconds. The purple beam of magic flew from her horn down to the groin of the farm mare. It tingled as the magic fed into her body, creating a warming sensation that made the room feel a bit better. Applejack then felt something beginning to grow, and not slowly either. Her panties started to feel tighter as the unknown growth grew bigger, her shorts then started to unzip themselves, pushing downwards til the head of a penis showed from beneath. Gasping from the cold air pemerating against her new member, Aj was surprised at how real the spell made everything. To her it was just something that felt real being inside her, but actually having it cast on her was a whole other impact.

"Almost done," Twilight gritted as she put the last bit of focus on her spell. The light from her horn shut off after a couple more seconds. "There, that should do it. How do you feel now Applejack. That should be the most perfect version I've made where you can actually impregnate a pony with it."

Aj looked down at her new throbbing cock, it was nearly as big as Mac's, but it felt just as real as Fluttershy did. "It feels weird, probably cause I've never had one before. Tingles from time to time from the air touching it, but I can force it myself to bob a bit." Taking hold of it, her cold hands sent a shiver down her spine. It was different feeling herself not from a hole but from a shaft. The mare's brain ran circles trying to figure out what to do with the new feelings. The confusion was all that was needed for her to blow a load right there from her new device. The semen flew out with a blast, coating the floor in white liquid. Aj fell backwards onto the sofa as her jet stream started to die down; the wind taken right out of her.

"Oh wow, I didn't expect it to be that sensitive." Twilight started to jot down notes onto a clipboard with her magic. Leaning down she pulled a vial out from the lab coat and scooped up some of the cum into it, capping the lid off. "It looks just like the real thing, but further testing will be needed to see if it really is fertile. The white is near to Rarity's coat, so it must be the purest form of it without any changes from outside forces, like food or drink." Standing back up, Twilight had some still on her fingers. She gave them a lick, the taste was bland, nothing to it at all. "Hmmm... normally there would be a saltiness or bitterness to it."

Aj lay panting on the couch, her shaft not going limp after it's explosion over the floor. It's twitching increased, moving of it's own accord. The dick started to move towards Twilight, pulling on the body it was attached to. "Ahh... Twi, I think we have a problem." Applejack had panic in her voice. The magical member pulled harder, lifting the orange mare off the couch, lifting her in the air slightly above the floor.

"What the hell?" Falling backwards, Twilight was in shock seeing the spell go abroad. "That's not supposed to happen, I made sure it was correct." Twilight looked up at her board, everything seemed right. Her eyes then caught the mistake, she had miscarried the one. "Don't worry, I've got this." She let out another purple beam at the sentient penis.

The beam struck it's target, causing it to drop Aj on the ground. Now the penis was free, as it flew up in the air. Balls swaying in the wind. It violently shook, swaying all around the room. It then crashed to the ground lifeless as a doll. Silence covered the room as the two mares stared at the now limp magical phallus. Both sighed relief seeing that the problem was now over with, but it was too soon. The magical cock changed color from a matching orange to bright red. It floated back into the air and split into six from the one. Three each flew to the mares and prepared their assault.

"Twilight, what in tarnation is going on now. I thought you knew what you were doing." Applejack shouted out in both frustration and surprise. She was surrounded by a trio of magical cocks, balls hanging in front of her.

"I don't know Applejack, my counter spell should have..." Twilight was silenced as a pecker shoved itself down her throat. It moved back and forth in the lavender mare's throat; balls slapping against her face. The other two that had surround her moved to her exposed vulva, each taking turns rubbing against the sensitive flower.

Applejack received the near same treatment, as one tried to force itself into her mouth. She held her trap tight, making sure to give to it an opportunity get in. However with her focus on not letting that one in, the other two made a swift thrust right into her pucker. That forced her to gasp wide allowing the third to get into her maw. The rear attackers moved in sync with each other, forcing the poor un-lubed ass to be rammed with all the friction they could give. Tears welled in the orange mare's eyes as the pain made it's way straight to her brain. Wanting to scream but unable to from the intruder in her throat. Her screams took on the sounds of gagging.

Twilight on the other hand was getting her pussy pumped with two dicks. She lay on her back in the pool of cum that had been laid out previously. Legs spread wide giving full access for the magical shafts as they penetrated her love canal. She sucked on her mouth blocker, enjoying the meaty taste as it ran itself in and out of her. Twi was losing herself in the moment of carnal pleasure, being reduced to a simple fuck toy for these things. Grabbing hold of the back of the one in her mouth she held it in, choking herself with the blockage. Saliva spewed from the corners of her mouth, coating her neck and the cock. Letting go it resumed it's actions.

The orange mare stared over at her friend who was enjoying herself with the situation. The instinct to fight back was high, but so was letting it just happen and seeing if that ended the spell. Her mind raced with pain, pleasure, love, hatred, a whole vineyard of emotions coursed through. Finally the roulette wheel landed on fuck it, and she let go of everything else. Accepting what was happening, she let the pain in her ass dissipate from her thoughts, and enjoying the throat filler as well. Her tongue lashed across the member as it plunged in and out of her throat pussy. Licking every inch she could with the timing, wanting to taste it all. Her rear intruders had now switched to a one in one out system, where it acted like a see saw going up and down, but in and out instead.

Twilight had now pulled one out of her pussy and relined it with her ass, one for every hole she had. The feeling of having everything filled at once was glorious and new. Never had she had three partners at once, let alone two. Moaning into her gag, her tongue lapped the bottom half. Her pussy sprayed out cunny honey from her orgasm, coating both cocks in her lower half. The feeling was overwhelming as she was plowed in the puddle of jizz. The three in her started to twitch in unison. Balls contracting, and then spraying a giant load for the princess. Her stomach bulged from the flood in her mouth and ass, with a little bit from her vagina. After a couple seconds they pulled out and started to coat the purple pony princess with powerfully potent pony protein. Her mane, coat, face, stomach, all coated with the white goo.

Aj was next to get her prize, as she felt her intruders twitch inside. Her mouth filled, as she forgot to swallow. Cum came out of her nostrils, spraying down her chin, and forcing it's way down her throat. The two in her rear slammed her together as they filled the shit hole up with splooge, coating the inside ivory white. The warm load soothing the aching pain that had been given to her. Aj lay slumped on the ground when they pulled out and coated her ass, mane, and coat with the paint. Her face now laying in a new puddle of jizz and ass leaking out the liquid down her thighs.

As soon as the six magical shafts finished their spray, the fell to the ground and popped into small explosions of more baby batter, splattering the two mares with more. Twilight and Applejack lay unmoving for the next ten minutes. Breathing in all the oxygen they lacked and heaving themselves over onto their sides.

The orange mare gave a glare to her purple friend. "So... do you know what your doing now? I'm hoping I'm getting paid still after all of that too." Her stomach had a small lump to it holding her from rolling onto her stomach.

Twilight let out a laugh at the whole thing. Her fit calming let her talk once again. "Oh you sure are getting paid for that. Successful or not, that was fun I'd have to admit. Though Spike isn't going to like cleaning this up." Twilight let out a sigh as she rolled onto her back. "Wake me up in a few hours, I'm worn out." Her eyes drifted closed.

"Dammit Twi, I'm not gonna be staying awake either." A yawn escaped from her mouth as she spoke. Closing her eyes, the room went dark. She was going to have the most pleasant of sleep in a while with that rutting she received. Another day, another fucking. She was getting better at this, but now it was getting weirder with each pony she made a deal with. Maybe there was more to ponies that she would have never guessed.

Media (2)

Base1Cum.png (13.9MiB)
Base2.png (12.2MiB)

Character Voting April 2020
Character Voting April 2020more_vert
Post file flag
Character Voting April 2020 2020-04-02T03:29:58+00:00close

Hello everyone! Please read in full to see how the voting system works.

I'm starting with with some lesser used characters I've never done in a picture before. I'm going for a simple pinup pose to start and in later month votes, I'll possibly add poses to be voted on as well.


You get a certain number of points based on your level of support

$1 - 2 points

$3 - 5 points

$5 - 12 points

Madlad - 15 points

You can use all your points on one character or divide them among multiple characters.

Voting format should look like this:

Character 1: Point total, Character 2: point total, etc.

Vote in the comments of this post or in the Discord Voting Room

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/WaMDcVZ

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CharacterGrid_April_2020.png (194.9KiB)

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User #178868 - 2 Apr 20 07:28
roseluck: 12 points
Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $5 Tier
Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $5 Tiermore_vert
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Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $5 Tier 2020-03-30T01:03:54+00:00close

Variants Link

Sorry not sorry for the stupid joke :P

This is the full 22 variant images made for this picture set. The variants are clothed, futa, and differing levels of clothing combinations.

Media (1)

CelestiaDickbutt.png (13.4MiB)

Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $3 Tier
Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $3 Tiermore_vert
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Eastern Inspired Pose Variants - $3 Tier 2020-03-30T01:03:46+00:00close

Variants Link

There are a total of 7 extra variants in this tier. The $3 tier is intended to show a small amount of variants but not everything I make. This tier includes the characters in (mostly) full cloths and futa versions.

Media (1)

ZecoraFuta.png (15.1MiB)

Eastern Inspired Pose $1 Tier
Eastern Inspired Pose $1 Tiermore_vert
Eastern Inspired Pose $1 Tier 2020-03-30T01:03:06+00:00close

So begins my try into a new system with how I run my variants. I will make a bigger post to further explain it but I've added a new $3 tier that will have a couple of variants but not the full amount of them.

Anyways, this was just me trying out some more advanced outfits on the models and all of them were sort of ninja and Japanese inspired since they're mostly from the DOA series.

Media (4)

SBNudish2.png (15.2MiB)
CelestiaNudish.png (13.4MiB)
ZecoraNudish.png (14.1MiB)
mgmonzwxvsq31.jpg (265.1KiB)

Attachments (3)

Public1.png (13.4MiB)
Public3.png (14.1MiB)
Public2.png (15.2MiB)

New Patreon Changes - New Tier And New Character Voting Posts
New Patreon Changes - New Tier And New Character Voting Postsmore_vert
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New Patreon Changes - New Tier And New Character Voting Posts 2020-03-30T01:13:39+00:00close


Hi everyone. I hope to find you all as well as you can be in these crazy turbulent times we're experiencing.

I've been reviewing my tiers and how they work and as you may have noticed on my latest post, there's now a third $3 tier that wasn't there before. You may also see a mention of voting points in the image above. Let me explain it all the best I can.

New $3 Tier:

The new $3 tier is intended to give a lower priced option that gives people access to a smaller amount of variants. Usually this will be between 3-5 more images though this amount could vary depending on what kind of variants I do. I feel it's a fair price point for people who may want a few variants but not the large amount I do for the $5 Tier. The $5 tier will still be basically the same.

New Patreon Monthly Event with Voting Points:

So far, I've been doing a monthly pose suggestion post where I gave a pose and people suggested characters to put in that pose. For right now, I'm going to suspend that type of post and replace it something different. I will choose about 5-7 characters and let you all vote on which character you'd like to see in a picture. I may even include a pose in the vote as well. Depending on what level of support you're doing, you're given a certain amount of points to use.

$1 gets 2 points

$3 gets 5 points

$5 gets 12 points

Madlad gets 15 points

You can put all points into one character or you can spread out your points on different characters. You can vote on either the Discord Server or in the comments of the post. After I call for a voting post, I'll tally up the results and will focus on a picture featuring one character.

If there's any questions, please let me know and I'll try my best to explain. I hope these new changes will make everyone feel like they can have more participation in the creative process and that they have more choice in how much content they get.

Thanks all!

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User #9905103 - 30 Mar 20 01:17
Please for the love of god don't put a royalty character (celestia, luna, chrysalis, etc) in every poll. they will always win.
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★ Trails - 30 Mar 20 01:22
I know there are definitely some characters who would almost be an instant win and I aim to try to give some variety or maybe even handicaps to a few of them. Believe me, your concern is very much heard.
$5 Tier - Fan Favorites Commission Variants
$5 Tier - Fan Favorites Commission Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Fan Favorites Commission Variants 2020-03-23T06:29:18+00:00close

20 variant images for this set for stockings, Blindfold/Collar, Daring's hat, and clothing combinations.

Variants Link

Next up is the pose suggestion post which might be the last one of it. I'm considering making a new patron participation thing every month that would let you all use points to vote on characters and poses instead of making character suggestions.

Media (1)

StockingsToplessBDSM.png (8.5MiB)

$1 Tier - Fan Favorites Commission
$1 Tier - Fan Favorites Commissionmore_vert
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$1 Tier - Fan Favorites Commission 2020-03-23T06:29:16+00:00close

A commission done for 2ShyShy. On the rare chance that Rainbow, Spitfire, and Daring Do are alone in the same place, they like to indulge in some playful totally innocent fun with their clothes off. Totally normal.

I tried something new with the eye edits and put a small outline around the iris' I think it helps the eyes stick out more but tell me what you think.

Media (1)

Nude.png (7.9MiB)

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User #9905103 - 23 Mar 20 11:46
Definitely an improvement
Tier Change - $1 Tier Gets Access To Character Pose Suggestions 2020-03-21T16:49:23+00:00

Hi all,

I put out a message on the Discord server but I know not all of you are on there. Each month I do a piece based on a pose I choose and let people make suggestions for which characters they'd like to see in the pose. This latest month saw some low participation and so I've made the decision to get rid of the $2 Tier that was the bottom level of access to those posts completely and give access to those posts to all Patreon supporters. I feel this will increase participation and get rid of a tier that nobody really signed up for anyways. Here's a link to the latest suggestion post which is still going on. Please participate and let me know who you'd like to see


Rarity's Big PSA
Rarity's Big PSAmore_vert
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Rarity's Big PSA 2020-03-18T22:40:40+00:00close

Big amonst other things *cough*

Had this idea because of the current global climate and while it's not fun I figured at least I can try to make some art to cheer some people up. There will be no variants on this one.

I had to actually redraw most of Rarity's face in the mirror because of how pixelated it rendered out as. Looks good now but as you can see from the before and after images it's a big difference.

Back to commission work now!

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User #9905103 - 18 Mar 20 22:41
Imagine getting rewarded with intimacy with Rare every time you washed your hands. We'd never have a pandemic again
$5 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commission Variants
$5 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commission Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commission Variants 2020-03-17T16:05:56+00:00close

27 variants for this one with Futa, Text, combinations of cum and milk, and a bra which I was playing around with.

Variants Link

Next I'll be working on an impromptu Rarity picture. Won't have any variants. Just something quick and fun related to our current world crisis :)

$1 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commission
$1 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commissionmore_vert
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$1 Tier - Milky Dash 2 Commission 2020-03-17T16:03:53+00:00close

Burning Inferno has come back with some more milky Dash goodness. Panic buying at the grocery store has affected your planned milk and cookies session. Lucky for you, Dash has your back in this situation.

I'm sure you'll make a ton of money off your new business venture.

27 variants in the next post.

Media (2)

Base.png (8.7MiB)
FutaFluidsAltText.png (8.8MiB)

$1 Tier - Facesitting Animation Variant - Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy
$1 Tier - Facesitting Animation Variant - Rainbow Dash x Fluttershymore_vert
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$1 Tier - Facesitting Animation Variant - Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy 2020-03-13T23:32:46+00:00close

High Quality with Sound: https://files.catbox.moe/y6cmfo.webm

This is going to also be a $1 Tier animation but in the future, I'm going to consider making animations for only the $5 tier. This could lead to me restructuring how my reward tiers are structured.

So I decided to try to do body swaps for the characters in the first animation to make sure I could do it. This resulted in a few minor disasters happening such as the neck of the character on top separating from the body. and the boob/ass jiggles being different resulting in the animation not looping perfectly. All said and told I have a lot to learn with SFM animation still. I swear my next try at it is going to be a much simpler thing.

Still it was fun to add in the video game bits on the TV. I hope doing something like that will catch people's attention as something you don't normally see in these animations from SFM people in general. I'm glad that my experience in After Effects is able to be used to enhance the stuff I do like this.

Media (1)

Gif.gif (16.5MiB)

Comments (2)
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User #9905103 - 14 Mar 20 01:33
It's very lovely, and I especially love their actual voices being used - that always sounds amazing compared to just generic moans n stuff. Tho, the lack of a tail is a bit distracting. I get that you remove it because it's obtrusive and all, but that doesn't stop it from looking a bit odd.
user avatar
★ Trails - 14 Mar 20 07:17
Appreciate the feedback. I did leave the tail out for the reasons you mentioned. Would have covered the face too much. It's why I'm choosing a simple pose for the next one that will let me include all of the tails and all that
Opening Commissions - PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS 2020-03-12T13:14:03+00:00

Hey all, I'm opening up a few slots for commissions and as I've done in the past, I let people who support me on Patreon get a day head start to commission me before I make it open to the public.

A few things I ask:

-For the most part, have a fully laid out idea.

-Review my pricing and read the Steps to Commission on my Trello page before messaging me. There is a handy form you can fill out in step 2 as well that will help me organize details: https://trello.com/b/PFsBTgIO/trailssfm-commissions

-When you're ready to commission I prefer to be messaged on Discord or Twitter DMs. My discord handle is Trails#8250 and my twitter page is here: https://twitter.com/TrailsSFM

-If you have questions about this I will try to answer as best I can.

Thanks all!


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Spa Commission Alt
Spa Commission Altmore_vert
Post file flag
Spa Commission Alt 2020-03-12T02:15:34+00:00close

I got ahold of two OC cuties from CDV and if you're familiar with his content then you this type of picture is right up these character's alley. Next thing is gonna be an animation alt.

Media (1)

cdvfinal.png (8.0MiB)

$1 Tier - Alaska X Tasse Animation With Sound
$1 Tier - Alaska X Tasse Animation With Soundmore_vert
Post file flag
$1 Tier - Alaska X Tasse Animation With Sound 2020-03-11T01:17:30+00:00close

High Quality w/ Sound: https://files.catbox.moe/mcqym3.mp4

I wanted to get back on animation before I forgot how to do it in SFM and my friend Woo just sent me his new deer OC Alaska who has a gigantic butt. That led me to make something I had wanted to make for some time with a facesitting animation having Tasse live out one of her biggest fantasies. Alaska is not very mindful and is enjoying the game too much to really notice Tasse who is a giant perv. I want to try swapping out bodies for this animation with some canon characters just to make sure I know how to do that so I will probably have a follow up animation to this before the end of the week.

Be on the lookout for a post about my commissions opening too if you're interested in that.

Media (1)

GifTest.gif (16.5MiB)

$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 Variants
$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 Variants 2020-03-02T17:39:01+00:00close

"Finally my own clone!"

This variant set has 31 images for clothing/nude, futa, breast milk, swapping character positions, and selfcest.

Variants Link

Next up is working on the YCH versions for this. I also plan to tentatively open up commissions soon as well so keep an eye out for that announcement.

$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 + Story
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 + Storymore_vert
Post file flag
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 3 + Story 2020-03-02T17:38:52+00:00close

AJ's fetish tour continues, this time with a focus on foot worship. I also have plans to turn this into a YCH with and without the foot fetish option for those who don't care for it.

Story by Nagiman is below:

Chapter 3: Spa Relations

A new month, bills paid, the farm not in trouble and time to spare for the day, Applejack was impressed. Walking through the streets of Ponyville she had a wide grin across her face, some casual wear on, and a purpose in mind. Applejack was going to spend the spare bits she had on a spa day at Aloe and Lotus's place. The twins were well known in Ponyville for there massages and with the coupon Fluttershy had given her, it made it all the more affordable for the farm mare.

Arriving at the spa, Applejack went inside, the lobby clean with a white like glow, the entrance was empty of all customers, and no pony manning the front desk. On the counter sat a single bell, Applejack gave it a ring and waited for service.

"Coming!" The gentle voice of a pony rang from down the hall. A few minutes later a pink mare, with blue mane, and eyes turned the corner, this was Aloe. "Oh good morning Applejack, what brings you to the spa today?"

"Ah've come to relax for once, since I don't have work around the farm, and I've got the bits to spare, plus a coupon here." Applejack slid the coupon across the counter to the other mare.

Aloe picked up the coupon, the usual fifteen percent off, however there was a little pink kiss mark on it indicating her sister Lotus had made a deal with the customer who paid for it. This guest would most likely be willing to enjoy their fun in exchange for the day being free, but it had to be snuck into conversation. "Of course miss, anything in particular that you are wanting?"

"I'm thinking full body massage, with a steam bath to get these old muscles of mine to unwind and quit being so tense." The farm mare rotated her arms at the shoulder, and lifted her legs straight out to show how stiff they were.

"Of course darling, we'll gladly help, head down to the change area and grab your towel, I'll be getting things ready for you." Aloe gesturing towards the hallway. When Applejack headed down the way, Aloe quickly moved to the door, locking it and turning the sign to closed. Her sister and herself were going to have some fun with the big farm mare.

Aloe took off down the hall past the changing area, running into the main area were the hot tub and tables were, she found her sister still prepping for the day. She held up the coupon to the blue mare with pink mane and eyes, she instantly recognized it as her own markings. "So a guest has come then, did you lock the door Aloe?" Lotus questioned her sister.

"Of course silly, our guest is changing right now, quickly now, go make preparations for the rest of the time we'll have with her. Get the good ones too, nothing cheap, we want to make an impression after all." Aloe shooed her sister into another room.

Applejack came strolling into the main area, bath towel wrapped around her chest covering down to her knees, she also had a robe that was left open just to keep most of her warm in the cool environment. Aloe was standing next to a table, with oil at the ready next to the table along with her other supplies like a hand towel, water, and massaging handle for those tough places. With a gleeful smile Aloe gestured to the table, Applejack was all to happy to oblige, setting her robe down and unwrapping her towel, leaving nothing but her white panties for show as she laid chest first.

"So Miss Applejack, how has your days been lately? We don't see you often at the spa, mostly in the market selling your apples." Aloe started into the mare's back, creating friendly conversation. "I've also seen your sister has been growing nicely, she'll be lovely when she's fully grown, and I assume your brother is still single."

"For myself, I've been busy like usual trying to keep the farm a float from the extra bills, was able to rack in extra bits from side work. As for Applebloom, she's becoming more and more mature, she's starting to find out a bit more about the family, and as for Big Mac, he's found somepony but she's not from here so he's antsy anytime he gets to go make a delivery to her shop." Applejack gave a sigh at the relaxing hands working their way through her muscles.

"Well that sounds like you've certainly been busy, especially with that extra work. Do you mind telling me about it, or would you rather keep quiet on it?" Aloe was now probing deeper into the mare's mind as it let it's guard down.

The farm mare didn't pay attention and ended up spilling information that she wanted kept hidden. "Well first I talked with Rarity and Dash, and they gave me this idea to go out to the red-light area and work in a stall, which they gladly took advantage for themselves, which isn't bad, but they could have just been nice and asked me to do some work for them. Next I went out to Fluttershy's to fix a fence that day, which I did, then ended up in some shenanigans with her that I wasn't expecting, that's how I got that coupon too."

Realization hit her like a ton of bricks, covering her mouth, eyes turning to pin pricks, face turning red from embarrassment of what she just admitted too. She turned over, looking at Aloe with the shock on her face. Aloe just gave a simple finger over her lips, and aura of calmness at what was said.

"Do not worry, we can keep secrets, but we also have secrets ourselves. Would you like to experience something more?" Aloe offered her hand out to the orange mare on the table. "In fact, it would make everything free for the day, all it would cost is time. Does that sound better to you?"

Applejack gulped, sweat starting to form on her forehead, heart racing at what lay in store for her if she took this offer. Her mind racing at how fun it was being used by Fluttershy, and the surprise her friends had given her, maybe it would be like that. A thought did come to mind, was Twilight behind this encounter considering her friends had cocks when they hadn't before. Reaching out her hand, she made up her mind, grabbing Aloe's gentle touch, she was pulled to her feet.

"Leave the towel and robe here, all we need is you. Don't worry about customers either, we're now closed for the day." Aloe guiding her new toy towards a backroom of the spa. The room they entered was a stark contrast the clean white rooms of the spa, this room was paneled with wood, looking like a sauna room, however it wasn't hooked up to any device that would indicate it was one. In the room stood Lotus, dressed in a black leather swimsuit with her breasts revealed in the center where a diamond cut lay. In the center of the room was a small stand, big enough for a couple ponies to sit on, or for a single pony to be laid across. The walls held various sexual toys, and various bottles of liquids.

Aloe went to a corner with a blind stand, she threw her working outfit over the top, and pulled something on. Walking out it was the same outfit as her twin had. Their makeup matched the others coat, Aloe wearing blue, and Lotus wearing pink. Their faces were ones that told a story of fun, but not one of pain. Each twin took one of Applejack's hands, walking her towards the center of the room, they took a seat on the center stand, and guided the orange mare to the ground in a sitting position.

"Alright Ms. Applejack, we can get started now. Remember, everything you do here is kept between us and no pony else will hear of it let alone know of it." Lotus put on a comforting smile and held the chin of the mare on the floor. "Now why don't you start with giving us a foot rub dear, our feet don't get that much attention in the run of a day."

Lotus and Aloe both put out their feet, so Applejack could start to work on them at her pace, but with ease of not having to reach up. Applejack took the blue mare's foot into her hands first, the skin was soft to the touch and looked well cared for with the lack of callouses and cracked skin. Starting with a light touch of pushing the bottom of the foot with her thumbs, working into the muscles and tendons with her strong hands. This seemed to please Lotus as she let out a sigh of relief as the her foot was worked over. Applejack picked up the pace a bit, now working her fingers on the sole of the foot and thumbs on the top.

"Oh my, her hands are magical sister, we must certainly get more work out of her sometime." Lotus cooed at the sensations running through her feet. She leaned in and started to give a passionate kiss to the pink mare, swirling tongues in a fight for dominance of the mouths.

Applejack noticed the two mares going at each other, it didn't bother her one bit, she knew the essence of being with one's siblings. Besides, can't criticize when you yourself partake of the forbidden fruit that is incestuous love. She picked up the other foot and started to work her magic hands on it next, while the twins maintained there lustrous wonders. Aloe had started to fondle the breasts of the blue mare out of their home, springing them to life out of the hole cut in Lotus's suit. Her boobs were swollen in size, filled to the brim with milk ready to be emptied out considering she hadn't had someone suckling on them in the past few months. Aloe was all to eager to dig into a beverage treat produced by her sister, grabbing the breast closet to her she started to suckle away.

Applejack finished with massaging the feet of the blue twin, and now moved over to the pink one. Before getting a chance to start she was interrupted by her.

"Oh Ms. Applejack, don't bother with the massage for mine, I'd rather a nice licking instead." Aloe giggled after giving her words, then went back to suckling on her twin's teat.

Applejack stared at the pink feet in front of her, they were clean, but at the same time it was weird licking somepony's feet. Applejack was fine licking anything else, cock, pussy, ass, but never once had she considering moisturizing the bottom of ones walking tools with her tongue. Still hesitant she lifted the mare's tootsie to her mouth, sticking out her mouth muscle she took a long lick along the whole length. It didn't taste bad, but had a distinct hint of lavender, most likely from the soaps and oils the twins had around.

Aloe stopped suckling on the blue mare's breast, gasping out her excitement at having her feet treated like a goddess. Lotus took the opportunity to free her lovers sweater puppies. Aloe's tits weren't as big as her sister's, she'd regularly suckled herself to keep them down in size. Still Lotus got the fun bags out and started to play with the nipple's, twisting them gently, giving them a good rubbing, and small tugs causing them to go erect. Applejack was still licking away at her first foot, the effect it as having on Aloe was showing with the combination of Lotus's teasing making it much easier to please the pink mare.

Applejack decided maybe it was time to try a different approach and stuck the big toe of the mare into her mouth. Sucking on the small nub cause a reaction she didn't expect. Down the legs of the mare started to trickle a clear-ish liquid, all the way from in between the thighs of the pink pony. It reached down to the foot she was suckling the toe of, quickly pulling away she ran her tongue from the base all the way up the leg into the inner thigh eliciting a greater moan of pleasure. Quickly retreating back to her task she was doing the twins stopped their fun and started to whisper back and forth without disrupting the orange pony.

"Should we move on to giving her some fun now Aloe? She's done so well so far." Lotus had leaned in close to her sister's face.

"Why not, I've gotten my big fun out of her, go grab the wearable things while she keeps up the work on me. Oh and grab some smelling oil too, something aromatic. Maybe sage to keep her head clear, and body relaxed." Aloe whispered into her twin's ear.

Without another word Lotus nodded and stood up, she headed to one side of the room where a small cabinet was. Inside were various bottles containing lotions and oils, grabbing the bottle labeled lube, another with sage oil, and a third bottle that was filled with a white liquid. Setting the bottles on the ground next to a small chest, Lotus bent down and opened it, reaching inside she pulled out two strap-ons, each with a stallion shaped cock on them with matching blue and pink colorations. Lotus got herself prepped while her sister was distracting the orange mare, pulling the blue strap-on up, and pulling out a small tube. Grabbing the bottle of white liquid she popped open the lid and started to pour it down the tubing, until half the bottle was empty, then repeated the process to the pink strap-on as well.

Applejack had moved onto Aloe's other foot, giving it the same treatment, licking it til it was coated in a layer of saliva and sucking on her toes. Her panties had started to get wet from the excitement of doing something that was weird but felt so right in the moment, the whiteness of them had started to become see through. They stuck right close to her pussy, showing off her vulva and winking clit. Her attention was focused on the foot in front of her that she never noticed that Lotus had left her spot, and then returned handing Aloe her toy.

"Alright Ms. Applejack, you can stop now." Aloe voiced her commands. She stood up when her foot was let go, the feeling of the mouth liquid squishing against her feet as it touched the floor. "Lay down on the stand, stomach first, it's your turn now."

Applejack gave a nod, and stood up, finally noticing that Lotus was wearing a monstrous sized strap-on that would compare to Big Mac. Her mind raced with excitement of what was going to happen, she wanted to have that dildo inside her. Laying down on the center stand, it was softer than it looked, it had a small amount of padding on it that just happened to be colored like wood. Stretching herself across, her arms hanging over the other side, and legs hanging loosely giving easy access to her rump. Aloe started to get herself ready while Lotus took over, starting with grabbing the white panties, and sensually pulling them down the legs of the mare, wiggling them slowly revealing the most intimate parts. Lotus didn't remove them fully, just enough to have them half way down the farm pony's legs.

Crouching down, the blue mare leaned in and started to lick the winking cunt, working her tongue deep inside. Lapping up the mare juice already flowing out, Lotus kept up a relentless assault of the love tunnel, making sure it was ready for it to receive it's gift. Applejack was already on edge just from the masterful work of the wriggling pink intruder, pushing into her g-spot and causing her cunny to clamp down trying to grasp hold of it. The blue twin stopped her teasing and rose back up, taking the bottle of lube, she poured a good amount across the faux phallus and gave it a good rub in with her other hand making sure it was coated decently.

Aloe was now ready as well with her strap-on, she grabbed the sage oil and moved to the side of the orange mare. Opening the lid she let a drop fall into her hand, feeling that the temperature was just right to use the oil on her target without causing shock. The pink mare hovered the bottle just above Applejack's back, giving a little tip the oil started to spill out, coating a line along the spine curvature, the aroma starting to fill the air with the scent of slight mint mixed with an earthy hit. The smell hit Applejack's nose, eliciting the effects of relaxing her mind, it reminded her of the fields near the Everfree Forest after a fresh rain shower.

Lotus seeing the reaction of the oil's smells on the orange mare took the opportunity to insert her toy deep into the love canal that was laying before her. Applejack's mind hit pure bliss from the phallic intruder penetrating her intimate parts, and the scent of sage clouding her mind. Pulling slowly out, and pushing quickly in, Lotus built a rhythm that kept her balanced without falling over to the smell of the sage as well. Aloe started to rub the oil across the full back and ass of the farm mare, making sure to work it into every crevice she could reach, while her twin got to have fun for now. Her hands went down the ass crack, under the arm pits, along the neck, and under boob that was accessible, the smell now intensifying in the room with it's lack of air circulation other than the door.

Everypony's mind was swirling with calmness, creating a scene of bliss that would make the most peaceful of ponies jealous. Aloe decided that waiting for that back tunnel wasn't going to be worth it, she wanted her clit to feel the stimulation from the strap-on's inner dildo that gave pleasure when giving it. Moving to the front of the farm pony, she presented her fake cock to Applejack's mouth. Applejack was all to happy to receive the treat for her maw, wrapping her mouth around the dick, she started to suck on it. It didn't have a taste like a real penis would, but it was still enjoyable to have the sensation of a stallion in her throat would suffice. The movement of the dildo started to cause the movement inside of Aloe's strap-on tickling her own vagina, giving her mind more to get lost in euphoria.

Lotus saw what her twin had did, and thought it a good idea to switch up her speed, so that her pushes would cause Applejack to give more action to the pecker causing her sister to get more pleasure, and vice versa. Grabbing both ass cheeks, her pace moved to that of a mini jackhammer, pounding with short powerful thrusts. The pounding was enough to push the orange mare further down the toy causing her to gag on it, which in turn then pushed on said toy to pleasure Aloe more. All three mares were having the time of their life, each getting pussy pleasure from one another, moaning in a joyous unison that sounded like an angelic choir.

Aloe was first to orgasm, her pussy clamping down on the pump to the tube filled with white liquid. It sprayed from the tip of the faux penis, coating Applejack's throat with the sticky fluid, it had a more similar taste to that of french vanilla frosting, but the consistency of semen. Applejack was enjoying the treat that she was drinking, pulling the pink mare by the hips into an embrace to make sure she got to drink down the entire cock's worth. This caused Aloe to moan more as it pushed the toy against her clit causing hard clamping of her tunnels forcing the fluid out harder and faster into the maw drinking away. Her mare jizz flowed down the sides of her legs, reaching down to the floor slowly from the sides of the strap-on's panty shaped holder.

Lotus gave a heavy breath as she pumped in to the cunt one last time before her orgasm happened, causing her pussy to perform the same clamping down of the pump. The faux cum sprayed out of the toy coating the orange mare's insides with the sensation of being bred by a stallion. The feeling of being filled was what sent Applejack over the edge, her canal clamped down on the faux cock hard, then it sprayed out all the mare cum it could against the groin of the blue twin, coating it with a sticky yellow white that ran down the legs, mixing in with lotus's own mare juices, creating a puddle on the floor.

The twins removed their toys at roughly the same time, leaving their sex partner gasping for air out of sheer pleasure. The remainder of the fake jizz spilled out of Applejack's now gaping cunt, and rolling along her chin down to her chest, coating it with the white liquid. Rolling over onto her back on the stand, she regained her composure and sat up.

"That was great girls. I didn't expect that type of treatment to be offered here." Applejack now pulling her panties back up. "I'm glad I got to have some fun for myself as well. That faux stallion fluid was a nice addition, did you make it yourself?"

"Thank you Ms. Applejack, it was our pleasure as well. We don't offer that normally, only to our regulars, or as gifts to our regulars that they give out. As for our liquid, it's a combination of sterilized semen, flavoring and a magical preservation to keep it from spoiling. We get it shipped from the Crystal Empire, it costs quite a bit but makes for a good heat treatment." Lotus was taking off her strap-on, revealing the mess she had made inside of it.

"We hope that you do come again for more fun though, we quite enjoyed being a bit rougher than usual. Maybe next time we'll do something much rougher." Aloe was doing the same as her sister, getting cleaned up and ready to open shop again.

"I'll make sure to stop by ladies. I'm hoping it won't cost much, I don't make enough to spend everyday let alone every month." Applejack was wiping down with a towel she was passed.

"If you promise to come back monthly, and willing to do more rough stuff, then we can let the fee slide." Lotus gave a wink to the orange mare.

"Well, it helps me relax, and with no risk of getting pregnant, it's perfect, especially if I hit my heat then." Applejack gave a chuckle. "Now I need to get dressed, and head back home, I've got an order to get packed for Twilight for tomorrow."

"Take care Ms. Applejack, and make sure you come back, we'll be waiting." The twins gave a wave goodbye as they spoke in unison.

Media (2)

Base1.png (9.6MiB)
Public3.png (9.8MiB)

March 2020 Character Suggestion
March 2020 Character Suggestionmore_vert
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March 2020 Character Suggestion 2020-03-01T19:09:41+00:00close

Hey everyone, I almost forgot to do this. March kinda snuck up on me! This is the pose I've chosen for this month. A simple lying down pose with a few lewd implications on where I could go clothing wise. I may even try to use a Japanese inspired setting/clothing too.

The process is simple! Comment on this post which characters you'd like to see in this pose. The only characters that are restricted are the ones I used for last month's pose.

Restricted characters: Twilight Sparkle, Vinyl Scratch, Sassy Saddles, and Marble Pie

Media (1)

mgmonzwxvsq31.jpg (263.5KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #27482939 - 21 Mar 20 16:39
Luna or Celestia
user avatar
User #15490592 - 21 Mar 20 18:07
Rainbow Dash or Scootaloo
user avatar
User #9520185 - 1 Mar 20 19:12
Vinyl Scratch, you can never have too much
user avatar
★ Trails - 1 Mar 20 19:14
Unfortunately Vinyl is one of the restricted characters. The rule has always been that characters who I used in one month aren't going to be used the next month to avoid samey content. Please pick another character for this month and if you really want it, Vinyl will be eligible again in April.
user avatar
User #952911 - 1 Mar 20 19:13
Zecora or Flitter
user avatar
User #9905103 - 21 Mar 20 16:40
Sweetie Belle, Autumn
February 2020 Recap
February 2020 Recapmore_vert
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February 2020 Recap 2020-03-01T19:01:22+00:00close

I spent most of the month of February hiding from the cold weather. The 2 month stretch of January/February is my least favorite time of the year weather wise. That being said, I accomplished a lot this month!

I tried my hand at animation for the first time which received the universal feedback of "Good for a first try" to the point it was a little maddening. I haven't touched animation since finishing which is probably gonna rust my skills all over again but I have not gotten the proper motivation to try it again just yet. When I try again, it'll be a simpler pose with less required moving parts. Maybe a simple doggy style animation.

I also finished up some pieces that were inspired by other artists. I had plans to create the AJ wedding picture for a few months but the Big Butt Ponk picture was impromptu due to Aer0's birthday happening earlier in the month. It was a good excuse to get back to doing what I like best which is Thicc!

The Few Extra Bits series continued on with me dressing AJ up like a dog which stretched my asset finding ability. In the end though, I was able to pull it off!

And finally I was able to finish the pose/character suggestion pose with a simple pose but I think people will like the different expressions and props I used for each character.

Next up is the next picture in the Few Extra Bits series, and I'm even going to try to make a YCH out of it after it releases publicly. It'll involve 3 characters so people can choose a to make a fun threesome with who they like.

And finally, I tentatively plan to open up commissions again this month. As normal, patrons here will get one day first dibs on that before I open to the public so if you're reading this and not a patron but would like a commission, maybe consider supporting me here!

Thanks all!

Media (5)

FebAv3.png (343.8KiB)
FebAv4.png (652.7KiB)
FebAv1.png (174.6KiB)
FebAv5.png (601.3KiB)
FebAv.png (149.0KiB)

$5 Tier - February Character Pose Variants
$5 Tier - February Character Pose Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - February Character Pose Variants 2020-02-24T04:30:14+00:00close

There's 24 variants for this image set for Futa, Futa/Cum, and the variations of socks for each character.

Variants Link

Only 6 more days left in the month. I might take a few days off to relax before starting the next thing.

Media (1)

Vinyl.png (507.4KiB)

$1 Tier - February Character Pose
$1 Tier - February Character Posemore_vert
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$1 Tier - February Character Pose 2020-02-24T04:30:11+00:00close

Here is the result of this month's character suggestion poll. There was a heavy liberty taken with parts of the pose and because trying to replicate the angle of the body turned out to be ridiculous in 3D I settled for a masturbation scene with a fuck machine. Every character suggested was used and I had fun adding in some minor (or in Twilight's case not so minor) extras for each character.

Media (4)

MarbleSocks.png (10.7MiB)
SassyFutaCum.png (10.1MiB)
Twi.png (10.2MiB)
VinylSocks.png (9.0MiB)

$5 Tier - Wedding Day Variants
$5 Tier - Wedding Day Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Wedding Day Variants 2020-02-18T02:52:13+00:00close

I have a total of 29 variants for this one for the different outfits and AJ having flowers in her hair. I left the eyeshadow for only the Lingerie set of images but I'm open to adding to with this with eyeshadow on the other outfits if people want to see those too.

Variants Link

Next up is going to be the Patreon Pose that you all gave suggestions on.

Media (1)

CowGirlToplessFlower.png (9.6MiB)

$1 Tier  - Wedding Night - Longinius Recreation
$1 Tier - Wedding Night - Longinius Recreationmore_vert
$1 Tier - Wedding Night - Longinius Recreation 2020-02-18T02:51:40+00:00close

So short story for this one. A few months ago, I bought a physical art piece from the artist Longinius whose art I'm a big fan of. I asked them if I could eventually make a recreation of the picture and after getting that approval so long ago I finally sat down and worked on it.

There's no way I could recreate everything completely accurately but I tried my best when it came to the pose, lingerie, the flowers, and the accessories, as well as freckles, blush and eye shadow.

I have 29 variants to show for the $5 tier as well.

Media (5)

LingerieText.png (10.1MiB)
OverallsExposedHat.png (10.2MiB)
CowGirl.png (9.7MiB)
AJ.png (390.3KiB)
LingerieHatTopless.png (10.1MiB)

Attachments (4)

LingerieText.png (10.1MiB)
LingerieHatTopless.png (10.1MiB)
CowGirl.png (9.7MiB)
OverallsExposedHat.png (10.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9905103 - 18 Feb 20 17:42
Instantly recognized this beaut.
$5 Tier - Big Butt Ponk Variants
$5 Tier - Big Butt Ponk Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Big Butt Ponk Variants 2020-02-13T07:40:46+00:00close

40 variants for this image set! I went a little crazy on this one and made images with musk, pulled down jeans, cum, anal sex, Pinkie's facial expression and Twilight worshiping Pinkie's giant doughnut.

Variants Link

My next project is another project inspired by an artist I've been meaning to do for awhile. I expect it to have a few outfit variants as well!

Media (1)

Ponk2TwiCum.png (8.2MiB)

$1 Tier - Big Butt Ponk 4 Picture Series
$1 Tier - Big Butt Ponk 4 Picture Seriesmore_vert
$1 Tier - Big Butt Ponk 4 Picture Series 2020-02-13T07:40:37+00:00close

While I was working on the animation, an artist known as Aero-Zero had their birthday. If you don't know, they're mostly known for giant butt/ponut Pinkie art. While I couldn't make anything for their birthday, I still was put into the mood to create something with a big butt Pinkie, so I created this 4 set picture series (also starring Twilight!)

I also ended up making about 40 more variant images for musk, pulled down jeans, cum, anal sex, and Twilight worshiping Pinkie's giant doughnut. That'll be in the next post.

Media (4)

Ponk1Twi.png (8.2MiB)
Ponk2Fucked.png (7.1MiB)
Public1.png (7.4MiB)
Public4.png (7.3MiB)

Attachments (4)

Ponk1Twi.png (8.2MiB)
Ponk2Fucked.png (7.1MiB)
Ponk1Text.png (7.4MiB)
Ponk2GapeCumText.png (7.3MiB)

Comments (1)
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User #9905103 - 13 Feb 20 07:43
Oh my
$1 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Animated with Sound
$1 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Animated with Soundmore_vert
$1 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Animated with Sound 2020-02-09T21:49:29+00:00close

Direct link here: https://redgifs.com/watch/impassionedcalculatingleech

So only a week after asking myself if I should try to make an animation, I've made one out of one of my existing pictures. This was a really interesting process to learn and I think I'll only get better the more I do it. The next one I try to do will be made with an animation in mind from the beginning instead of making it from a poster I've already made. Since this was all learning and the quality is suspect next to other animations, I'll put this as a $1 tier, but if I continue, I can see animated content changing how my tiers on Patreon work in the future.

Attachments (2)

Animation 4_1.webm (4.8MiB)
Animation 4_1.mp4 (12.3MiB)

Embed data


Provider URL

Tied Up In A Meeting Animated Porn GIF by trailssfm | RedGIFs

Watch Tied up in a Meeting Animated by trailssfm on RedGIFs.com, the best porn GIFs site. RedGIFs is the leading free porn GIFs site in the world. Browse millions of hardcore sex GIFs and the NEWEST porn...



Comments (1)
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User #9905103 - 9 Feb 20 21:50
oh my
$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Time Variants
$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Time Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Time Variants 2020-02-03T21:08:54+00:00close

There's 20 Variants for this picture set for clothing, nude, futa combinations, and lactation.

Variants Link

Next up, I'm gonna start up an animation study and try to turn one of my older pictures into an animation. This may take a longer time but I hope I can grasp some new skills and add it to my repertoire of what I'm able to do.

Media (1)

NoDogNoFutaNudeLactation.png (9.6MiB)

$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Time
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Timemore_vert
$1 Tier - A Few Extra Bits Part 2 - A Bitch of a Time 2020-02-03T21:07:29+00:00close

The kinky raunchy adventures of Applejack continue! Month 2 of a planned 12 month picture/story series.

Here's the story in full created by Nagiman:

Chapter 2: A Bitch of a Time (Petplay / BDSM)

Applejack stood there in Fluttershy's bathroom staring down at the box that was left for her on the table in the living. She couldn't believe her eyes. Did she really want to go through with this, or was it just curiosity that was getting the better of her, she just didn't know. Next to the box set the letter from Fluttershy that was with the box it read, "Hi Applejack, I was told you were in need of some extra bits, I know coming to fix the fence was only going to be minor so I planned this out. If you don't want to do this that is fine, however inside this box is more then enough bits to get you by for the next month, however you'll have to follow every instruction, feel free to go into the bathroom and look it over and decide."

Inside the small box was things Applejack hadn't thought that her friend would have let alone be brave enough to get her hands on. There were things that even she wouldn't have bought, mostly due to Applebloom's nature to raid through her room for clothes and make up. The box contained a headband with dog ears on them, a butt plug with a matching tail, a small vibrating bullet with band to tie around her leg and controller to adjust setting speed, some fancy brown negligee that would most likely be her "fur" and to top it all off, a black collar with a tag that read "Bitch". Opening the bag of bits that was inside the box was the worst part, Fluttershy wasn't lying when she said it would cover next month, in fact it was enough to cover the month and extra for her to get something extra for herself, along with a coupon for fifteen percent off at the Aloe and Lotus's spa center.

Applejack let out a heavy sigh, "Time to face some truth, I want those bits badly, but do I truly want to be a treated like a dog for them that much?" Her mind and heart were racing, when a small knock came at the door. She jumped at the sound.

"Applejack are you alright, need help with anything. I know its a big task to ask but you don't have to go through with it" the timid voice of her pegasus friend echo'd through the door into the small room.

Applejack hesitated for a moment, and with a small breath decided right then and there, "I'm fine sugar cube, just getting ready, where's your makeup at, I've got one more idea."

"Oh, um, it's in the drawer at the end, I'll be out in the living room when your done. Thank you so much Applejack." Fluttershy's heart was rushing, she didn't think that this was going to happen and now she was going to get her dream come true.

After ten more minutes Applejack left the bathroom, dressed and dolled up for her night with Fluttershy, her nerves were getting the best of her and she hadn't even started doing anything, but that didn't stop her from getting her panties wet without the bullet even being turned on. Walking out to the living room, the yellow pegasus was sitting on the couch reading a book, dressed in her pink bath robe.

"I'm ready now Fluttershy," Applejack nervously spoke, "but I'm not sure what you have in mind fully with all these things."
Fluttershy turned her head to face her friend, "Oh my Applejack, you really went out of your way to make yourself look more like the real thing."

Applejack added a Black patch around her left eye to look like different color right half, she added spots all over her self as well to add to the illusion, colored her nose brown to look more like a dogs and finished up with some white lines to be her whiskers. Applejack was blushing so hard that the redness of her face started to make her look like her namesake.

"Take a seat, before we begin we need to agree on somethings ahead of time for both comfort and safety, I wouldn't want to see you hurt or in pain because I took things too far." Fluttershy gestured to the chair across from her.

"So what kinda things do we need to talk about?" Applejack questioned as she took a seat. "By the way the box looked it seemed rather clear looking."

"We need to set some boundaries, a safe word, and agreement that what happens stays quiet, even Discord has agreed not to be a peeking perv." Fluttershy was just as nervous looking as the farm horse was.

"So boundaries and a safe word? I thought these things were just go as is no questions asked. Guess I have alot to learn myself." Applejack having a look of some confusion on her face.

"These things are something where all parties need to be in agreement, that way no one is hurt or put in a position that makes that really uncomfortable." Fluttershy seemed to carry sympathy, and seriousness in her voice, as if she had done this before.

"Alright then, guess I would say if I'm dressed like this, I don't really want to be paraded outside, but other than that I think I can handle most things, as for a safe word how bout strawberries. That way its something that I know I don't like and conveys that over as well." The orange mare was feeling more confident now that she could set her terms.

"That sounds good, as for me, I'll be Mistress, your my pet. You'll do as I ask, and not complain a single time, any disobedience will be met with punishment, following orders will be met with rewards. At any point something seems to extreme or something hurts say your safety word, if you are not able to speak gesture with your hand by having your pinkie and thumb only up." Fluttershy held out her hand for a handshake agreement. Applejack returned the gesture, nodded, and was then promptly pulled off the chair onto the floor.
"Bad Jackie, bitches don't get to be on the furniture." Fluttershy's demeanor quickly changed and the look on her face said it was serious time.

Fluttershy stood up and dropped her robe, underneath she was wearing a black leather corset, and panties with a matching garter belt and stockings, with matching high heels to finish off the outfit. Her pink dick slipped out from the top of the panties, still flaccid, her balls hanging low and slightly sticking out from the groin of the confinements of said under garments. Reaching behind her, from where she was sitting she lifted up a small riding crop, likely for striking when doing things wrong. Leaning down and grabbing Applejack's face by the chin, Fluttershy came face to face with her, and gave a sneer of joy that stoked some fear into the orange mare.

"Now, good bitches walk on all fours, and need to know their place in my house. So let's get you started with just a tease." Fluttershy reached down between her friends legs and found the switch for the vibrating bullet, putting it to a low setting, the buzz could be heard faintly. "Come now Jackie, let's go show you how we really do bitch training around here." Fluttershy beckoned Applejack to come along with her index finger, heading toward the stairs.

Applejack stared at the stairs, it wasn't going to be easy to climb them on hands and knees, it would be faster if she could walk up them like normal but she didn't want to anger her mistress further, so the ascent up the stairs began. Reaching the top, her mistress stood waiting, tapping her foot, scowl on her face.

"Took long enough, get moving. My room, now!" Fluttershy used the crop hitting the bitch on her hind leg. Applejack took off as fast as she could crawl to Fluttershy's room with all haste. The crop hurt, Fluttershy wasn't kidding around, but this was only the beginning, maybe she was just giving her a taste of what could happen to get her prepared to use that safe word.

Upon entering her mistress' room it was different from the times she had been in there in the past. Normally there would be a comfy looking bed, with warm colors everywhere lit up with a nice lamp and light. This time however the room was different, the bed was covered in what could be described as a ragged looking sheet covered with various looking stains, there were hand cuffs attached to the bed posts, the lamp was gone and replaced with some candles, along with more around the room, the light was turned off so only the candle glow was there to see with, on the floor was an empty food bowl, and the cabinet that was always shut was now open with various toys, whips, chains, bars, stuff she'd never thought of the shy pegasus to ever own let alone look at or hold.

Staring in awe the sound of the door shutting behind her snapped her back to the now. Fluttershy walked in, crop slapping in her hand, staring down at her, like she was no longer an equal but a lesser.
"Ahh, Fluttershy I..." She was cut off instantly with a loud snap against her flank again.
"Bitches don't speak, they bark like any other animal." The look on the yellow pegasus's face screamed don't defy me, or you'll not get a reward. "Now, up on the bed now, no questions."

Applejack did as she was told and climbed up on the bed, the stains looking a bit more familiar but she couldn't be too sure if they were real or messed in as a design on the fabric themselves. Fluttershy went over to the cabinet and pulled out a metal bar, on the ends of the bar where leather straps.

"Roll over, and spread your legs like a good bitch." Her voice full of confidence. Applejack did as she commanded, rolling onto her back, holding her hands as Winona would with her paws when it came to belly rubs. Fluttershy grabbed her first leg and strapped it into one side of the bar, then the same with the other. Once in place she gave a quick tug to make sure it was tight and wouldn't come off with ease. Then she noticed it, her bitch was already soaking wet.

"Seems your a little too excited, then we'll make you work for your reward harder. If you cum before I do, then you'll get a really bad punishment, however if I finish first you'll get all the orgasms you can handle. Sound like a fair reward Jackie?" Fluttershy grinned devilishly.

"Woof," Applejack was following her orders, no talking, but wanted to agree with enthusiasm. Without a second to realize what was going on, her mistress increased the speed of the bullets vibrations. The urge to release was building fast, and they weren't fully underway, Applejack knew it was going to be hard, but she had to do it, all those bits would be worth this in the end.

Fluttershy then climbed up on the bed, making her way up over Applejack's head, she lowered herself down, presenting her anus to the awaiting bitch below.
"Now Jackie, go on and give me a good licking, my prostate could use the exercise to get you a bone to play with."
Applejack's face contorted into a look of disgust, she didn't really want to lick her friends butt, analingus wasn't something she ever wanted to do let alone try, but did she want to give up so easily and coward out and lose those bits, or stick it out? Her mind was racing but her body did its own thing and stuck out its tongue and started to lick the slightly off yellow butt hole of her mistress.

Lick after lick, it was getting easier, it didn't taste bad at all, it seemed her friend understood the rules of anal play being to clean, clean, clean. After what seemed like minutes, she stuck her tongue up into the perky hole, and licked around inside. It was prompting moans from her mistress, squeaks here and there, and an "oh Celestia" as well. Fluttershy was enjoying the licking, it was amazing to her, the stimulation was beyond compare of a simple toy, her prostate was enjoying it to as her cock became erect.

She grabbed the front of her corset and pulled it down enough for her breasts to slip out; grabbing her nipples and playing with them til they became erect as well. Lost in ecstasy of having her friend do things to her that she never dreamed of, it was glorious. Then returning to reality she got up off her friends face.

"Good Jackie, you must be thirsty, why don't you have a drink from mommy's teats." Fluttershy encouraged as she laid down, breasts at face level with Applejack. Shocked covered Applejack's face to the point of blushing, her mind racing processing what Fluttershy had said. With a swift jolt to the back of her head, Fluttershy pulled the stunned mare towards her bosom to suckle on her nipples effectively forcing her to do her bidding. Applejack sealed her lips around the yellow mare's erect nipple and started to suck, a small dribble of liquid entered into her maw, it was warm, but oddly delicious.

Fluttershy stroked the back of Applejack's head, "That's a good pet, drink up so you can grow big and strong, we wouldn't want you to be the runt of the whole litter now would we?"

Time seemed to slow to a crawl for Applejack, just the soothing petting, the suckling on a breast, and everything coming to a calm pace, but a nagging feeling was building in the back of her mind, there was no way this could be all of it.
That nagging feeling was correct, Fluttershy popped her breast free of Applejack's eager mouth. Standing up, Fluttershy got off the bed and headed to the foot of the bed, when she got there, she quickly grabbed her pet by her legs, yanking her to the edge and flipping her over so her thick ass was up in the air, showing off the tail butt plug peeking over her brown thong.

"Now it's time for mistress to have her fun, this should have warmed you up enough for me." Fluttershy had a harsh tone to her voice as she reached down and pulled on the tail of the plug. Slowly pulling, Applejack could feel it pulling on the sides of her anus, contracting tightly trying to keep it in, it didn't want to let it go. Fluttershy getting annoyed that her pet wasn't letting it go easily gave the bitch a crack on the flank with her riding crop. The shock was just what was needed it for Applejack to let go of the butt plug, it felt so good getting that hit and having the removal of the plug at the same time that she started dripping a bit more into her panties.

"No no, we don't get to cum until Mistress does, or else the bad bitch doesn't get to have a good time after." The riding crop was pushing against the engorged clit poking through, while Fluttershy leaned in just to be close enough to Applejack's ear. "Now mistress is ready for a fun ride, and you better not try anything too funny or you'll get some more cracks of the crop against your flank."

Applejack wanted more of those smacks, they felt better than she expected, she had to get more as she could. She had to be a bad bitch to get what she wanted. As Fluttershy turned up the bullet a bit further in speed, Applejack struck out at her with her bound legs. Crack the sound of the crop hit against her again, leaving a red mark behind where it hit, again she was warned to behave, and again she craved more, it was too wonderful. Biding her time she let the pegasus mount her. The long pink cock sliding into her ass, stretching her, filling her, and causing her to feel things she didn't think she would feel. Once she was full of the mare's cock, feeling the balls touch her cheeks, she went ahead and gave a quick lurch forward, causing the cock to fall out. The crop didn't hit this time.

"Seems my bitch isn't getting the message with a simple crop." Fluttershy was talking out loud as she was looking through her cabinet. Applejack turned her head around to see a big wooden paddle with holes drilled in it, with a big heart hole at the top being pulled out. "Now this should do better, hopefully you'll learn now." The wood cracked against the fleshy ass of the mare, leaving a bigger mark, and causing even more pain. Applejack's mind went haywire, she loved this, she loved being treated like a dog, a lowly animal that was nothing to others.

Fluttershy ready to continue with the fun remounted into the gaping asshole, this time removing the bullet from Applejack's cunt, and inserting it into her ass so she could get some extra fun out of it. The sensation of the vibration in her ass, along with the stretching from the large cock was enough to make Applejack start to drool like a real dog. Tongue hanging out, panting, whining away of wanting more, she seemed like the role was just for her. Normally the stronger mare, Applejack had to give it to Fluttershy, she knew what buttons to push.

Thrusting slowly at first, Fluttershy built up the pace, going faster til her balls slapped against the wet pussy below, bouncing against her pet's clit, driving her more wild. She wanted this so much, and wanted to give her friend the time of her life with a new experience. Fluttershy was getting lost in ecstasy, giving slaps with her hands to the now red flank, and grabbing hold of those thick hips for the most thrust into that tight asshole, the feeling of the bullet vibrating against her dick when she went all the way in. The moment couldn't last forever though, her climax was getting close, she knew she wanted to do one last thing for her pet before giving her a proper reward.

Pulling out of her pet's ass, Fluttershy aimed towards the dog dish on the floor, stroking her cock as fast as she could, she blew her load into the bowl, filling it to the brim, and spraying the leftovers on Applejack's flank. With a big sigh of relieve from the workout, she took a deep breath to regain composure of her role as mistress.

"Alright bitch, your food is ready, time to eat." She pointed at Applejack, then to the food bowl now full of her warm cum. "Finish your meal and you'll get your time to play." Clapping her hands as to hurry her pet along.

Applejack knew what she wanted, it wouldn't be the first time she had to do this, but at the same time she knew it would come down to eating up the warm jizz like a dog lapping at a bowl of water. It wasn't going to be easy, but she'd do it. Climbing down off the bed was tricky with the spreader bar still attached to her legs, then making her way over to the bowl she came to a stop in front of it. Fluttershy stood tapping her foot, staring at Applejack waiting for her to start her meal. That's just what she did, leaning down like a dog, she started to lap the warm liquid into her mouth, thick and gooey as it was, the taste didn't bother her. Lap after lap, she felt like she deserved all of this, and was glad to be cleaning up the entire bowl, after a few more minutes she finished her meal, and as she looked up, a flaccid pink cock dropped in front of her, still covered with leftovers on the tip. She licked the cock clean of everything, cum and fluids.

"Good girl, now back up on the bed, mommy promised a reward, and her bitch is going to get what she deserves." Fluttershy gave Applejack a pet on the head. Going back to the cabinet one more time she rummaged through as Applejack got back on the bed. Fluttershy pulled out a massive dildo shaped like a dog's cock, with a knot on the base of it the size of a fist, she also brought out a ball gag, a bottle of white liquid, a clear tube, and syringe.

Applejack's eyes went wide with horror, there was no way that was going to fit in her, at least not the whole thing. Fluttershy noticed the abject look in her friends eyes, setting everything down on the bed, she did what she did best, put her friends worry at ease.

"Don't panic, if it hurts, all you have to do is give me your sign and I'll stop, but trust me, you'll love it once you get started. I'll even remove the leg bars so you can move your legs around." Doing just that she undid the spreader bar on Applejack's legs.

Setting the bar aside, she grabbed the bottle of lube from her side tables drawer, pouring a good amount on the big dog dildo, and then some more onto her hand, she slipped it under the soaking wet thong at this point and gave a good rubbing to her friends pussy to make sure it was well lubricated as well. Next she put the ball gag in Applejack's mouth, grabbed the butt plug and reinserted it back into her anus for that dog look. Final step was getting the syringe filled with the white liquid, and attaching it to the dildo. With everything now ready, she pulled the wet thong aside and started with slowly sliding the big dildo into her friends waiting wet love hole.

Applejack didn't feel much with just the tip in, it was smaller than most things she had put in there, but knowing what was to come was the real scare factor. The tip was now fully in, and starting to approach the middle of the cock, the feeling in her pussy was starting to cause her to quiver with both pain and pleasure. Inches more and now most of it was in, she wasn't minding the stretching feeling in her pussy now, it was a wonderful feeling painful enough to not hurt much, but pleasurable to be orgasmic. Finally the moment of truth, the big knot on the end, slowly Fluttershy pushed it into her pet's pussy, just teasing it against the lips, over and over it was touching, pushing Applejack to the edge, she could feel herself getting closer as it was pushed into her love hole.

With what seemed like hours, Fluttershy jammed the knot right into the quivering pussy, causing the best reaction she had ever seen. Applejack's eyes rolled back, a big moan of pleasure into the ball gag that could be heard clear as day through it, her friends pussy spasming to no end, trying to milk the dildo dry, her clit now winking at full speed, and juices spraying everywhere. Fluttershy pushed hard on the syringe shooting the white liquid directly into Applejack's pussy through the dildo. After a few more minutes, everything settled down. Fluttershy slowly removed the dildo out of her friend, removing the butt plug next, and finally the ball gag.

Applejack was trying to catch her breath and speak at the same time. "That... was... amazing... Fluttershy. I didn't expect it to be this much fun." Air finally returning to her, body calming down to a state balance.

"I hope I didn't hurt you, I know it was your first time doing something like this and knowing that it could cause some undesirable stigmas about the whole pet play thing." Fluttershy returned to her normal shy attitude.

"Everything is alright sugar cube, I haven't felt that good in I don't know how long. You have more things in that cabinet then I would have expected of you to even have. At least you know how to use them, but how did you pay for all this stuff?" Applejack feeling more relieved to be able to rub her ankles where the bar had been strapped to.

"Alot of stallions and mares like being belittled by someone else, and usually someone who wouldn't be like that normally. I was offered a good some of bits by one stallion that got me started, he is the one who also made that wooden paddle to be used on him. Word of mouth on the underside of things got around and I built my own little clientele bringing enough bits in to pay for more toys, and having more than enough to keep the animals well treated. Some even come by to help with the animals too, or play with them too." Fluttershy blushed as if she was giving away her entire life's secrets.

"That's pretty interesting to know... wait play with the animals? As in you know, what we just did but with them?" Applejack had a big look of confusion on her face.

"Yes, and no. Some actually play with them in their spare time cause they don't really have some pony to be with so they make friends with them, and others want something different in their life then just a mistress, sometimes something more exotic. Everything is done though with full consent, and the animals are okay. I standby and watch to make sure no one is hurt, and the animals aren't in pain either." Fluttershy slightly raising her voice to show she wasn't going to let anyone hurt her animal friends.

"Well then, I guess that's something I'm a bit more glad you didn't put me through, even though you did get me dressed up as a dog, and was calling me a bitch." Applejack yawned, stretching her arms out. "I guess I'm ready to hit the hay, I'll just use your shower and grab my things then leave."

"You can stay the night if you want, it's already dark out. Plus we can cuddle, that's one thing I know everypony likes." Fluttershy sheepishly said while pressing her fingers together with a big blush across her face.

"That's mighty nice of you sugar cube, I'll be able to get cleaned up in the morning after some rest. Though I still have one thing on my mind. Where did you get a beast like that, I don't remember you having that last time we went to the beach." Applejack pointed towards the cock that now had retreated into it's sheath.

"Twilight gave me it with her magic. She said she's been testing new magic and I agreed to help out. It'll only last for another day or two. I thought to make good use out of it though." Fluttershy gave a sly grin.

"Twilight you say, well I might have an order to bring to her in a few days. I'll talk more with her then. Time to hit the hay then." Applejack threw the covers up and over top of her and Fluttershy. Wrapping her arm around the pegasus, she whispered into her ear, "Thanks again for tonight Fluttershy." With a simple kiss on the back of her head, the pair dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

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User #9905103 - 3 Feb 20 22:58
Why not just drink it straight from the source smh
January 2020 Recap - Should I Learn Animation?
January 2020 Recap - Should I Learn Animation?more_vert
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January 2020 Recap - Should I Learn Animation? 2020-02-03T17:53:39+00:00close

January has come and gone and wow I didn't realize how much work I had done until I actually went back through the previous posts. Out of 5 weeks of January, I produced 6 different picture sets, and ran a YCH based on one of those picture sets.

3 of those sets were commissions that I opened up again which was fun because I hadn't done those in awhile. Overall, a productive month!

Upcoming plans is that considering it's a shorter month, I'm weighing options on starting to learn SFM animation. One of the commissions I did has been pointed out that it could be a good starting point to learn the basics and I'm very tempted to give that a try. BUT, this would also potentially mean that I wouldn't be as productive this month compared to others. I have my two Patreon pictures each month I do (one of which is all but done as I type this) so those will happen but my normal schedule of doing one picture set a week may not happen if I try for that.

Thoughts on that? I think it'd be a good investment in my future content to at least learn those basics but let me know. If I don't do that, then it'll be business as usual. Depending on how things progress, I may opt to open up commissions again in the later part of the month as well.

Media (5)

avatar2.png (903.6KiB)
avatar3.png (435.1KiB)
avatar4.png (439.4KiB)
avatar8.png (297.0KiB)
avatar10.png (362.9KiB)

Comments (1)
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User #952911 - 3 Feb 20 21:17
It would be good, even if it ended up with just making gifs from the animations.
Character Suggestion for February
Character Suggestion for Februarymore_vert
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Character Suggestion for February 2020-02-01T23:30:43+00:00close

Hey all, we've made it to February!

Pretty straight forward pose this month and I might even try to recreate the background scene a little too. List which character do you want in this pose in the comments.

The only ones you CAN'T choose are Celestia, Cadence, Fleur De Lis, Rarity, and Golden Brooch since they were used last month.

Media (1)

yv7dmiui5ld41.jpg (167.7KiB)

Comments (4)
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User #9520185 - 19 Feb 20 08:35
user avatar
User #15490592 - 1 Feb 20 23:31
user avatar
User #454177 - 2 Feb 20 00:30
Sassy saddles
user avatar
User #4278980 - 2 Feb 20 09:46
Marble Pie
$1 Tier January Pose Results
$1 Tier January Pose Resultsmore_vert
$1 Tier January Pose Results 2020-01-29T04:10:17+00:00close

The finals of the pose results I made earlier this month. I used models that don't work with the clothing I have so I settled on making more different character combinations than focus on pure variants. I even made one with Celestia because I liked her character in the role too much.

I'll be deciding and posting next month's Pose for you all to suggest things on in a few days.

Attachments (5)

Cadence.png (7.0MiB)
Celestia.png (7.8MiB)
Fleur.png (7.5MiB)
GoldenBrooch.png (6.5MiB)
Rarity.png (7.8MiB)

$5 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Variants
$5 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Tied up in a Meeting Variants 2020-01-24T00:26:38+00:00close

24 Variant images for this picture set for various futa combinations, bondage gear, strap on gear, a fancy dress for Twi/Octavia and an exposing bathrobe for Celestia. Pretty much all variants don't have cum but there's precum everywhere!

Variants Link

Next up is the monthly pose picture!

Media (3)

OctStraponBDSM.png (12.0MiB)
TwiCellyFutaDresses.png (12.3MiB)
TwiFuta.png (11.5MiB)

$1 Tier - Tied up In a Meeting
$1 Tier - Tied up In a Meetingmore_vert
$1 Tier - Tied up In a Meeting 2020-01-24T00:26:27+00:00close

3rd commission and final commission done this month. Octavaia and Celestia aren't most people's first picks as a pair but it's what the person asked for. I supplemented this with the idea to replace Octavia with Twilight as an alt image for a more familiar pair. I guess Celestia wanted to try out bondage play and got exactly what she was hoping for.

Variants image coming soon.

Media (2)

Public1.png (12.2MiB)
Public2.png (11.6MiB)

Attachments (2)

Public2.png (11.6MiB)
Public1.png (12.2MiB)

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User #9905103 - 24 Jan 20 18:06
love that tittyfuck
$5 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling Variants
$5 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling Variantsmore_vert
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$5 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling Variants 2020-01-19T03:31:16+00:00close

There are 16 total images variants on this picture set including Cum, Futa, and a variety of different outfits.

Variant Link

Media (1)

BunnySuit.png (10.9MiB)

$1 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling!
$1 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling!more_vert
$1 Tier - Go Wild and Explore Darling! 2020-01-19T03:31:11+00:00close

Another commission piece for someone who wants to be anonymous. Rarijack and consensual bondage? Looks like the two of them are in for a fun evening!

The $5 tier has a total of 16 images, most of which are all costume variants. The commissioner wanted them in a bunch of different clothing styles so go catch those images in the next post.

Media (4)

Bathrobe.png (9.3MiB)
Jeans.png (8.3MiB)
Futa.png (8.1MiB)
Nude.png (7.9MiB)

Attachments (4)

Futa.png (8.1MiB)
Jeans.png (8.3MiB)
Bathrobe.png (9.3MiB)
Nude.png (7.9MiB)

Comments (3)
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User #9905103 - 19 Jan 20 03:35
This is every :ok_hand: i have, take them 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
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★ Trails - 19 Jan 20 03:49
You know you have a reputation when the person who commissioned me for this mentioned you and said you'd probably like this
user avatar
User #9905103 - 19 Jan 20 04:16
$1 Tier - Milky Self Indulgence Commission for Burning Inferno (UPDATE - MORE PICTURES)
$1 Tier - Milky Self Indulgence Commission for Burning Inferno (UPDATE - MORE PICTURES)more_vert
$1 Tier - Milky Self Indulgence Commission for Burning Inferno (UPDATE - MORE PICTURES) 2020-01-12T10:06:52+00:00close

UPDATE: As it looks like I'm gonna turn this into a YCH I made a few more copies with some other characters and because of that I'm sharing all of the practice pictures with you all.

I've become another casualty of Burning Inferno's rampage in the pony fandom of rainbow socks and lactating Rainbow Dash tits. This was a fun commission to do and it leads me into the next commission which will have a LOT of variants based on what the person who hired me asked me to do.

Media (5)

Dash_No_Milk.png (9.5MiB)
DashFinal.png (9.6MiB)
AJMilk.png (8.6MiB)
FleetFootMilk.png (9.4MiB)
CelestiaMilk.png (10.3MiB)

Attachments (5)

AJMilk.png (8.6MiB)
Dash No Milk.png (9.5MiB)
DashFinal.png (9.6MiB)
FleetFootMilk.png (9.4MiB)
CelestiaMilk.png (10.3MiB)

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User #15490592 - 12 Jan 20 15:27
I am inevitable.
$1 Tier - 1000 Twitter Followers (Part 1)
$1 Tier - 1000 Twitter Followers (Part 1)more_vert
$1 Tier - 1000 Twitter Followers (Part 1) 2020-01-09T04:32:00+00:00close

This is a presumptuous picture because I haven't yet reached 1000 Twitter followers, but I'm assuming that since I'm around 960 at the moment that it's happening soon. When I reach that, I'll be posting these publicly no matter which day it happens on.

This is "Part 1" because you may see the various background pieces such as the bed, chair and beach blanket. My plan for Part 2 is to run some kind of poll to see which characters should be paired together to be fucking each other on those background pieces.

As for the picture itself, I wanted to come up with different body types of the characters based on my interpretation. Hopefully you enjoy the choices I made.

Up next is a commission piece for Burning Inferno that I'll start on in the next few days.

Media (3)

1000FinalNoText.png (16.2MiB)
1000Final.png (16.0MiB)
1000FinalFutaNoText.png (16.4MiB)

Attachments (4)

1000Final.png (16.0MiB)
1000FinalFuta.png (16.2MiB)
1000FinalFutaNoText.png (16.4MiB)
1000FinalNoText.png (16.2MiB)

Comments (1)
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User #9905103 - 9 Jan 20 05:52
I’ll take that AJ to go, please.
Commissions are open! 2020-01-06T04:22:25+00:00

Please read everything before messaging me

Hi all again everyone. I'm in a comfortable spot again now where I feel I can open a few commission slots. I'm thinking two spots now and possibly more if the first ones don't take too long. To see pricing, see the Trello page I've linked above.

These commission slots will be exclusive to Patrons here up until the end of January 6th
(Central US time which is about 26 hours from this posting) so you all get first dibs. If I don't get commissions here then I will open them to the public on Twitter.

Please click all of the boxes in the first column labeled Steps to Commission to read my terms of service and fill out the details of the commission request before contacting me for a commission. If you have any questions about pricing or options, don't hesitate to ask.


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