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First 2D animation WIP 2020-01-15T01:05:19+00:00

Been working on this 2D animation. would love to know what you think. its rather rough as I have been picking on it and refining it to learn as a go.

check it out.


Attachments (1)

short.gif (386.3KiB)

New year resolutions and plans. 2020-01-01T16:09:38+00:00

2D animation! I want to start learning 2D animation to make simple loops. I am going to be using a program I am familiar with (blender). I am thinking I can enjoy using a 3D program and still practice my 2D skills more this way.

I also plan on switching back to blender to do most of my 3D renders, I don't want to focus on any new models this year and instead fixing the ones I already have made and making them better. the only new model I have planed is the Arkkin as I want to work on a more dragon like creature. if I get inspired I might work on a new character but for the moment, I don't have any plans.

Happy new year!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #287958 - 2 Jan 20 13:17
Happy new year to you too.
user avatar
User #10586667 - 1 Jan 20 16:27
Happy new year to you too ✌
shakura pose WIP
shakura pose WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
shakura pose WIP 2019-12-17T22:27:19+00:00close

this project has been grueling but I think the worst is over. there are just many set backs to this new toon shader I have been working on, worst of being the hard crashes i experience but also, shading the real fur, not just the painted texture. most of my trouble has been blending the real fur with the textured fur. I have tried all sorts of settings and techniques but I think I have something down at last. to avoid taking to long on this project, I want to have something posted by the 20th, if something still looks odd I am going to fix it all in photoshop. sorry for the wait!

Media (1)

lion.jpg (224.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9807961 - 17 Dec 19 22:55
This looks promising :) Excited to see more.
More new style work in progress.
More new style work in progress. more_vert
More new style work in progress. 2019-11-30T03:57:45+00:00close

This month lacked a more provocative pose and a third render, and I am sorry for that. I just have been putting most of my time figuring out this 2D 3D cell shading style I want to go for. After much experimenting I think I have something that I can get ready for early next month. This is just the beginning of a texture I am going to use for the model. I also tweaked the shader to look a little nicer.

Media (1)

Capture.JPG (46.9KiB)

Attachments (1)

wolf.jpg (138.7KiB)

New fur style coming soon!
New fur style coming soon!more_vert
Post file flag
New fur style coming soon! 2019-11-23T04:32:21+00:00close

so I spent a week modeling a wolf with sculpted fur by hand so that I could attempt a painterly render style but going back to the more famalier use of fur tools together with some shader adjustments I made a sample I really really like! the sculpted attempt I was going for I realized later on would not work with dynamic fur that needs to fall swoosh and move so it was never a great option for animation. such a style is still demanding for my hardware but 100x less hair means that animation is feasible and so are hair dynamics as well!

Media (1)

fur.jpg (134.5KiB)

Cell shading and animation. learning something new!
Cell shading and animation. learning something new!more_vert
Post file flag
Cell shading and animation. learning something new! 2019-11-09T23:28:49+00:00close

I have been for a while interested in animation, the only thing keeping me from attempting it is how taxing animation with not just fur, but enough fur to make a creature look realistic can be. I recently got interested in cell shading and thought that do to its lack of any real fur I can attempt to first create some interesting more painterly creations and then eventually learn how to animate them. Beastars as seen in this image was a good bit of inspiration but I don't just want to specifically work on this style, I thought it best to mix my 2D and 3D art work by attempting to make painterly 3D models. At the moment I don't really know how I am going to approach and design such a thing, but I do know that my male wolf model Romeo is going to be my first candidate. I am going to take a little while to polish this style on a new romeo model before working on a render, so this project may end up taking most of this month! I will keep you all posted with WIPS!

Media (1)

04-4.jpg (158.7KiB)

Back in business. Update /future plans and streaming. 2019-09-27T16:42:42+00:00

Im back and connected and moved to a new location, for GOOD this time! I am still settling in to this new location and there is plenty of work to do in my new home. its a bit of a fixer upper.

at the very least I am connected and free to work. During the move I had some time to consider some future plans. for the the near future, I am planning to work on a new 3D model. this one is going to be a female Cabit Cat_rabbit. I plan to work on this project on the side as I work on my current painting (skunk/racoon duo) as well a trio concept sketch of my Arkkin species that I might paint. These projects I plan to stream, for freaking FREE! In addition whenever I stream I will also be taking any questions, these can be about technique, technical questions, future projects or anything in between.

As for further in the future, I plan to learn 3D animation! Not sure if I should learn Maya or blender though. I have to think on it, and more importantly see if anyway is interested enough for me to take some time going to "school" but please let me know if anyone is interested! I might start something next year.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9857619 - 27 Sep 19 17:35
Glad to hear you're settled! :)
apologies for the lack of finished projects this month. 2019-09-20T02:58:28+00:00

This month has been rather awful, I have not had a moment of peace since I moved to this new place and it has been effecting me greatly. before the months end I will be moving again to a more stable and private location where I can work without interruption. It is likely that I will not finish another full project before the end of the month as I just can't find the focus I need to figure out how to tackle the current more complex project. Meanwhile I will be working on a few sketches of my Arkkin creature to so that I can at least have practice.

Prints still open!/I have my own small format printer! 2019-09-09T02:13:29+00:00

A reminder that prints are ALWAYS open, Just send me a message and I will give you all the info!

25$ + 1.50 shipping for small prints. 8.5x11 (using the printer I have for that)

85$ + 5 shipping for large prints, (gotta use another printer for that)

message for more info! nude or censored artworks available!

Also if you had a problem with any prints that you ordered, let me know!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 9 Sep 19 15:39
The prints are very high quality in both sizes and shipped for maximum protection. Definitely going to order more in the future <3
Hunter the puma on bed
Hunter the puma on bedmore_vert
Post file flag
Hunter the puma on bed 2019-08-27T03:49:02+00:00close

This project turned into more of an experiment on creating a more painterly and high contrast image, I was a little disappointed at my previous lion painting as it felt very flat both in composition and lighting. with this one I attempted to try new things and if you look closely you can see the Hodge podge of different brushes that I used in random places, I am not completely happy with this image either. something about the higher angle shot not looking natural to me, like the observer would have to hover pretty high above the bed to get a proper shot from this angle. Next time my angles are going to be lower. I also hope to improve this painterly style.

https://tinyurl.com/y6c93qtg check him out!

Media (1)

Hunter_on_bed.jpg (1.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3151603 - 27 Aug 19 07:18
Nice angle! Observer just stands. And this sexy pants...
UPDATE! shipped prints/shipping charges/upcoming paintings! 2019-08-19T19:57:34+00:00

>If you were one of the few that has paid for a print, they have been shipped! as for other requests they will be printed soon. for those that are waiting, I will let you know once your prints are ready!

>Print requests are still open! the prices for smaller prints is still 25 for small prints and 80 for larger fine art prints respectively, however to pay for packaging and shipping small prints will will cost 1.50 extra for shipping with the larger prints shipped in tubes costing 5$ for shipping! this will help me pay for post and boxing! Have a request? just ask!

>I will be painting a lot more now, and for a while I think. 3D is great, but time consuming, most of the time being spent waiting for renders, that's not fun and most of my renders are lame when I have to cut back to save on time. So now most of my time will be spent on painting. I want to step up on quality and focus a little more on backgrounds and such aswell.

Shukura in aerial silks.
Shukura in aerial silks.more_vert
Post file flag
Shukura in aerial silks. 2019-08-18T23:24:41+00:00close

My first painting in a while! I really hope I did not lose my touch! I wanted to refine this a little more but I think this painterly style sets it apart from the 3D stuff. I used very little fancy brushes and just kept a nice chakly pastel like brush through out most of the project.

I would love to know what yall think!


HD without panties

Media (1)

shukura_painting-2.jpg (2.4MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 19 Aug 19 05:21
She is gorgeous! The silk work and pose are fantastic, wouldn't mind seeing this as a theme for future 2d projects :). She's so fancy <3
user avatar
User #126475 - 19 Aug 19 02:20
This is absolutely INCREDIBLE! 🀭🀭 Your work with anatomy is the best I’ve seen. Will this painting be available with your print options?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 19 Aug 19 04:14
Thank you! and yes they are, both versions!
user avatar
User #2477435 - 19 Aug 19 00:06
What a beauty! <3
user avatar
User #2399596 - 18 Aug 19 23:35
I've missed seeing your painted works
user avatar
User #3151603 - 19 Aug 19 06:05
I guess it is good idea making undies version for every naked :) Undeis are very sexy too.
user avatar
User #9807961 - 19 Aug 19 03:50
Looks awesome! I'm glad you're still doing paintings.
Shukura WIP 2!
Shukura WIP 2!more_vert
Post file flag
Shukura WIP 2! 2019-08-16T19:07:33+00:00close

Media (1)

shukura_painting-2.jpg (1.9MiB)

Shukura aerial silk WIP!
Shukura aerial silk WIP!more_vert
Post file flag
Shukura aerial silk WIP! 2019-08-15T02:41:50+00:00close


Media (1)

shukura_painting-1.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7735833 - 15 Aug 19 02:59
Oh meow!! She is beautiful! Still my favorite.
New topology for mid sized cat model
New topology for mid sized cat modelmore_vert
Post file flag
New topology for mid sized cat model 2019-08-12T21:24:37+00:00close

I feel its about time I once again, maybe for the 5 or something time I update the topology for some of my models. I have done so for the mid sized female cat model for characters such as Valencia the black jaguar. as you can see here that long bit of stretching skin is a new addition too the topology that should make posses where the arms go above the shoulder stretch the topology less and thus avoid ugly bold spots where the fur is thinned to much. I also upped the poly count so that I may be able to sculpt more defined muscles on my models when the put strain on a specific part of the body. I am doing this for feline models first as the shorter fur makes the underlying topology and all its flaws look more apparent.

Media (1)

Capture.PNG (90.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #266292 - 18 Aug 19 11:37
Any possibility of having a cheetah model/character?
Anya butt!
Anya butt!more_vert
Post file flag
Anya butt! 2019-08-11T02:33:20+00:00close

Next project is a painting, though I hope you enjoy this render! had to redo the fur settings for a nicer close up. I hope it looks great!


Media (1)

Anya_butt.jpg (357.6KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #6765231 - 28 Sep 19 11:46
Awesome pose,btw what of your Anya pics are most anatomically correct? You used a lot of different vags on her.
user avatar
User #9807961 - 16 Aug 19 20:49
Loving these closeup butt shots!! Hope that Katsumi gets this treatment at some point- she's my personal favourite among your characters. She's had such awesome poses, but they've all seemed a little wider-angle and less detailed than Helga in the posterior region...Would love to see Katsumi in a head-down, butt up pose like the one that you posted a while back, but with a closeup butt focus like your last Helga pic.
user avatar
User #3151603 - 11 Aug 19 06:57
Nice butt, but - please no bluring! It makes me feel blind. I'm trying to examine her face and can't :(
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 11 Aug 19 07:42
Sorry, I add blur to make the image physically accurate but I sometimes over do it.
user avatar
User #866356 - 11 Aug 19 12:27
Oh, holy... I've always had a particular attraction for bears; they're my favourite species by a margin as enormous as they are. I just adore everything about them; from their broad, squishy muzzles, to their unique and beautiful paws, to their generally massive and powerful bodies, to... this. β™₯ I know I have a massive bias toward bears, but I still think this is among your best explicit-butt-shots to date; that fur looks ridiculously floofy and soft, and I for one actually like the blur effect, makes it look more like a professional photograph... Maybe there could be a blurred and unblurred version though? Also, I wanna add that there's something personally striking about seeing Anya revealed this way after all this time: from previous images of her, it actually looked as though her model didn't have that much geometry detail under the tail, so I'm curious; was that always there or did you update the model for this pic? Anyways, there will never be enough super-high-quality bear butts, but each and every single one is a treasure. β™₯β™₯β™₯
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 11 Aug 19 15:21
The geometry was always, there but a few smoothness modifiers and bump maps helps! I am really glad you like this one, close up's can be a pain.
user avatar
User #866356 - 12 Aug 19 02:18
What makes closeups harder? For me, it's the closer view showing every little flaw in the model and/or composition, making it trickier to clean up and make everything really look right... Was that the sort of thing going on here, or elsewise?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 12 Aug 19 21:17
Yes, and specifically, because I want to make the character as real as I can but getting a closer shot shows the true fur count which is just a little lower than what you would see in a cinematic render for a creature. I just don't have the power yet to go any higher. I will get there with out a doubt in the future though!
First prints!/things to note about orders.
First prints!/things to note about orders.more_vert
Post file flag
First prints!/things to note about orders. 2019-08-11T00:27:17+00:00close

So here is a sample of some prints I just got! at the moment I have to take care of a few things yet at my new home so these are just a few orders I am getting ready, I will be printing other orders some time soon.

Just a few things to note!

>small ones are 25$ and the large one is $80

>do to the nature of the random reso of differing projects, some prints might have borders!

>final thing to note is that you have the option of having a signed print with my artist signature seen in this image! plx let me know if you want a sig!

>prints look nicer than seen here on my crappy phone camera!

Media (1)

20190809_163922.jpg (3.3MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7735833 - 11 Aug 19 00:33
They look great.
user avatar
User #2536759 - 11 Aug 19 01:53
Gonna have to nab me a print if you open up slots again. ^^
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 11 Aug 19 04:28
lol, that slot thingy is gone, orders are open!
Print updates/handling orders 2019-08-06T23:00:14+00:00

So I have a few prints from a few patrons that have requested. at the moment what I am trying to figure out is how to properly and safely send these prints, as well as how to manage orders and payments.

For the moment I do have a few notes down but it would be very helpful if those that have requested a print leave me a message on patreon so that I can more easily manage requests in one place, as well as personally handle payment and delivery information privately. so please if you have requested an image, message me with a link of said image and I will get to you there when I can.

hopefully by the end of the month I will figure out how to handle this new endeavor. thank you!

Butt up Helga
Butt up Helgamore_vert
Post file flag
Butt up Helga 2019-08-05T19:57:07+00:00close

Face down ass up that's the way I like to take a nice picture!

I started working on this project last month but do to all the trouble I never had a time of peace to finish it. this closer shot required a lot of tweaking of the fur and A LOT of waiting for the render. I want to start painting my lion project now that I am done with this one but I also plan on posing another modelβ€”perhaps my male lion as I messed up the fileβ€”as I work.

https://tinyurl.com/y3zbrqs8 HD link!

Media (1)

butt_up_helga.jpg (234.1KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #9807961 - 5 Aug 19 21:04
Would really really love if you did one of Katsumi in this pose in the future!
user avatar
User #13792817 - 13 Aug 19 01:22
It looks so realistic, you did that very well, and since you focus on nudity for canine who are in heat state is that well made, just like i don't ask for stuff it is just i am curious if there will be other things such as openings, or sexy positions haha
user avatar
User #2477435 - 5 Aug 19 21:03
Always great to see Helga, ever so playful! Ain't she a beauty? Well done!
user avatar
User #6022602 - 6 Aug 19 00:38
Omg, so very hot! Helga is the best <3
user avatar
User #866356 - 6 Aug 19 08:43
Well, this is just unabashedly the hottest view of Helga so far... It actually makes me wonder now if Anya's posterior actually has this much geometry detail, were it ever to be revealed this explicitly...
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 6 Aug 19 22:23
I want to use my current models a lot more instead of spending time making new ones. that way I can focus on at least a painting a month with poses of my current 3D models between so yeah, it is likely you will see a pose like that in the near future for Anya!
user avatar
User #467098 - 21 Dec 19 17:19
mrr the details on the tailstar are perfect, makes me want to bury my bone in there
user avatar
User #9807961 - 5 Aug 19 21:01
Wow, this is hot! Holy smoke! One of my favorite poses you've ever done.
Prints update. No limit 2019-08-03T07:12:17+00:00

I did not think more that 3 peeps would ask for an order so quickly so I said freak it. if anyone wants a print just let me know here. just bare with me, I have to learn how to manage addresses and communication with people that want to get prints! I will make a simple list I suppose.

so a few of you asked for prints already. I will contact you via patreon to discuss further details. Feel free to ask any sort of question about prints or what sort of project you would like printed.

3 prints open! 2019-08-03T02:18:16+00:00

So, still thinking about how I am going to handle doing my own prints, but for the time being I want to test interest and what would be a fair price. I am going to start off with 8.5 x11 prints printed from a small scale printer on gloss, but in the future I will be printing with a fancy large format printer using paint, and maybe even canvas if possible!

before I figure out how to sell these myself useing a site like etsy or perhaps my own simple site I am going to open up a first come first serve of just 3 prints at a flat 25$ starting now!

So if anyone is interested just leave me a comment and we can talk! I am not limiting to any specific pieces.

Comments (16)
user avatar
User #7735833 - 3 Aug 19 05:43
I’m definitely interested. The lioness who’s name I cannot spell at the moment. Let me know if it’s not too late.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 07:00
Her name is shukura! what image of her do you like?
user avatar
User #7735833 - 3 Aug 19 15:37
Sorry about that cosmic. πŸ˜•. Got excited and I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday. I really like the one you did of her on her backside you did the other day. Shukura is one of my favorites of your characters. https://www.primeleap.net/#/cosmiclifepinups/gallery/t1721/-shukura-on-bed
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 17:10
awesome. I will keep a note of that.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 18:00
Just to make sure, you want a print of that link you sent me or a print of the more recent where she is bent over?
user avatar
User #7436132 - 3 Aug 19 04:00
I'm interested in at least 3 for sure
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 07:05
you would like to have 3 prints? sure I can do that. what would you like?
user avatar
User #7436132 - 4 Aug 19 04:24
Anya on bed, Anya sits and Romeo on fancy couch.
user avatar
User #14315724 - 3 Aug 19 02:22
I'll buy one! If I can find a sfw piece I want...
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 03:04
look through e621 and let me know what you like!
user avatar
User #7735833 - 3 Aug 19 22:54
That link please and thank you 😁
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 23:48
Got it!
user avatar
User #6022602 - 3 Aug 19 02:32
I'd love a print! The skunk is still my fav
user avatar
User #266292 - 3 Aug 19 02:21
I'm on
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 03:04
what image do you have in mind?
user avatar
User #266292 - 6 Aug 19 00:33
The recent Helga one would be great
Shukura on aerial silk.
Shukura on aerial silk.more_vert
Post file flag
Shukura on aerial silk. 2019-08-02T00:08:35+00:00close

So this is my first sketch after a long time. I would love to know what you think of this idea and pose! I still want to refine a few things before I start painting. I still feel I need to get back into a groove so I hope this form an anatomy is good!

Media (1)

shukura_painting-2.jpg (739.3KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2477435 - 2 Aug 19 01:08
Love everything about this!
user avatar
User #2306294 - 2 Aug 19 00:09
Dude, this looks great! Personally I really dig the pose too. :D
user avatar
User #3151603 - 2 Aug 19 08:52
user avatar
User #9807961 - 2 Aug 19 13:15
Love this idea! Would like if her tail was a little more lifted (in this case in a downward direction) to show off her butt.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 3 Aug 19 18:07
hmm, the tail is already rather extended. her booty might look a little smaller because she is tensing up trying to hold on to the fabric. it might look a little nicer once I contour the area with some shading.
user avatar
User #126475 - 2 Aug 19 00:27
Oh sweet Nature, please finish this! I absolutely adore this pose and theme β€” feral aerial silk is a fantasy I never knew I needed until seeing this, woo!
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 2 Aug 19 01:40
of course! this one is a whole project I plan on finishing!
signed prints!/painting again! 2019-07-31T16:08:59+00:00

Finally finally back in action and living in a new place! the time off has got me thinking and I have new plans.

I am now able to make my own high quality prints, (small and large format) thanks to a friend with some top quality hardware. Because of this I want to manage my own prints so that I can sign, and ship them myself! I want to start off small and print a few small prints of my older painted work to see if there is any interest.

This is why I would love if any of you have a particular painted image, or heck a 3D render that you might like, let me know!

personally, the idea of making prints makes painting feel a lot more gratifying for me, so because of that, I am indeed going to be painting again, starting out slow so that I can get back into the groove!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 31 Jul 19 17:37
So looking forward to it.. so happy for ya dude <3
user avatar
User #412562 - 31 Jul 19 19:53
Im so excited to hear you will be painting again. Personally not a huge fan of 3d images but thats just my preference. I love your painted works!
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 31 Jul 19 20:29
to be honest, I want my more painty stuff to be full body stuff, nothing at angles, I guess I never really liked working with those close up shots at provocative angles because they sorta obscure the semi anthro form that I am going for. 3D can work for those more provocative angles but I really want to make my painty stuff more full body. like my sunk, rabbit, and lynx painting for instance. either way, I might start making a new painting in the middle of this month as I need to refresh. I hope I have not lost touch :x
user avatar
User #412562 - 31 Jul 19 21:15
my favorite painted works were your wolf and early felines. I'm sure whatever you end up painting it will be great. I was always very impressed the way you did fur, it looked so real. :)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 31 Jul 19 22:01
All of those are some of my fav pieces! The wolf was one of the first things I saw of yours and immediately knew I had to support you. Looking forward to what ever you do!
user avatar
User #266292 - 31 Jul 19 16:18
I'd love to see the Aggretsuko and Fenneko drawings printed
Move update. Fire. 2019-07-29T23:19:55+00:00

Yes a few days before I am ready to move into the this new apartment there is a fire in the kitchen in the other household connected to uus. Now we have to wait for the insurance to Checkout the damage before they let us move in.

am hopeing this gets resolved soon. Thank you for sticking with me. This has been a very bad week.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 29 Jul 19 23:55
That fire was a rotten deal, at the very least it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It's been a rough week mam, but here's hoping things start looking up! :)
Update/small break. 2019-07-25T22:15:37+00:00

For those that have not read. this month I am moving into a new apartment and have been in the process of moving things over, except my computer so that I may work. the last of the month has been a little stressful for me, not terribly, more of an annoyance really, but just enough that I am having trouble creating anything without blanking or just outright not feeling attached to the work I am making. I feel it is an obsessive thing, like I first want to get settled in my new home before I start really working. I also feel this is sort of a new chapter for me personally and the prospect of having things changing like this (for better or worse) has me on edge.

so I think I am going to be taking it easy this last month, if only because I am drawing a blank. this means that I most likely will not finish another pose before the months end. I hope y'all understand!

still I am working and thinking up new things, namely approaching fantasy creatures. I want to try my hand at a dragon (drake style) but I also want to incorporate my Arrkin design design into this, I already have a mesh for my Arrkin but I wanted the creature to have a bit more classic dragon styling, so I am making new topology and giving the creature a more plate scale look. besides that, I have considered working on neat things like cabits!

attached is a obj file of the WIP for the new Arkkin topology, if you have any thoughts about this design or anything else let me know!

thank you all for your support!


Attachments (1)

Arkkin body.OBJ (115.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10880145 - 26 Jul 19 03:37
Fantastic artwork!
user avatar
User #866356 - 26 Jul 19 03:33
I don't just understand, I've been there wholesale. Can't get myself into the flow of artistic work without stability and security. Take your time; I hope the transition goes smoothly and easily! β™₯
Baijanthi stands
Baijanthi standsmore_vert
Post file flag
Baijanthi stands 2019-07-22T02:36:52+00:00close

Another standing pose for one of my characters, this one took a little longer as I had to work with completely new topology and textures as the old model was not up to the quality of my current models.

for the end of the month I am going to work on a more provocative pose as an exclusive, using one of my current and ready models. not sure what one yet but you can leave suggestions. working on anything new is just going to take to much time, and this particular Firefox demanded a lot of work.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4355934 - 22 Jul 19 02:40
A lovely panda. I like the color pallet.
user avatar
User #6022602 - 22 Jul 19 02:51
That tail grab! <3 The embodiment of cuteness ^^
user avatar
User #8578999 - 24 Jul 19 02:42
Yes! She's my favorite by far. Great work!
Moving Soon! 2019-07-17T15:45:26+00:00

Thanks to all my patrons I am finally making just enough to move out and afford to help pay rent in a nice duplex apartment. my living arrangements have always been kinda odd, living in my uncles house with gran out in the country, while my mom lives with my sis in the suburb. I usually just help pay internet and a bit of the electric bill but thanks to the continuing support of patrons I am finally moving out into a place I can help pay for myself closer to civilization. ma is also moving in with me to help a little with other expenses.

This month I will be busy getting things ready and moving things bit by bit and leaving the computer for last so I can work until l install internet over in the new apartment. Hopefully if all goes smoothly there will not be any hiccups and can find the time to finish 4 projects this month without any rush.

Romeo stands
Romeo stands more_vert
Post file flag
Romeo stands 2019-07-10T00:01:02+00:00close

This one has an erect version for patrons! https://tinyurl.com/yxnf52xc

Helga standing on couch.
Helga standing on couch. more_vert
Post file flag
Helga standing on couch. 2019-07-05T20:21:33+00:00close


more work put into Helga here with a better groom and nicer lighting using an HDRI.

Let me know what you think!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #20682647 - 8 Jul 19 14:54
Excellent attention to detail, very wolfish head/face, particularly the scruff & fluff around the sides of the face. Really nice tie-in between the wolf and couch and shadows/lighting seem natural - a bit like a photo shoot, but maybe like a window's open on a rainy day too! My one concern would be her general plumpiness and back curvature. Both are done well, and it seems natural, though perhaps the facial expression isn't a perfect match with what I've come to believe is more of a sedentary body size in canines, which I'd expect to be a little more... hmmm contented and cheery in the face maybe? The end effect may be a tad loss of subtlety, though not in a bad way. [Edit: oops - I mean because of the positioning of her full-bodied presentation. I do really like the centered head though; maybe because it allows Helga's cunning wolfishness to take center stage?] You have a number of more subtle works anyway, so no loss there. Also, I want a wolf in a warmly-lit log cabin! (lol) Just my thoughts...! An exceptional piece taken as a whole!
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 14 Jul 19 13:43
In this one I started using a 360 High dynamic range image to light the scene, if you know what those do for a 3D render. I am using a hanger with some lights coming in through some windows and hanger doors and a lot of grey muted concrete, so I suppose that's where the rainy day lighting comes from. I would love to work on full on environments like that but with the fur count on these models even buying a good setting to place them in would tax my computer to much. the polygon count on the fur already takes so much memory! perhaps in the future.
user avatar
User #2477435 - 6 Jul 19 01:44
Nice to see some mix up in background! Helga's looking sweet, also stockier? Even it's just the grooming, I'm diggin' it, looks even more believable! Love her fluffs, each new pic looks better than the last! <3
Shukuras butt, bonus angle!
Shukuras butt, bonus angle!more_vert
Post file flag
Shukuras butt, bonus angle! 2019-06-26T18:06:58+00:00close

There is still so much to learn in order to refine the fur and over all body structure. I feel that every model is a continuing work in progress. Sort of feel that the pose here might be a little stiff and the neck a little odd, but I hope you all still like this bonus pose!


Comments (6)
user avatar
User #20682647 - 8 Jul 19 15:10
Hmmm on the stiff pose: I see what you mean (though only from this angle - it wasn't so apparent in the other IMO). If you work on this one again, maybe relaxing the head/expression could counterbalance stiffness? Something like lowering the neck/head and rolling the head ears back/face toward viewer, toward the couch with one or both eyes contentedly closed. Or twisting the torso and leaning her into a larger couch, half-stretching. Not sure. But I didn't really notice stiffness until I read your own critique! Trying to mimic a cat's grace though - no ideas there, sounds too hard for me. Also, I like bonus angles. Almost seems a shame not to have some! Is it a lot more work to have it work well from multiple angles?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 14 Jul 19 13:36
New poses are not that hard to do. they just take a little time as the rigs I use to pose the characters are very crude and after a pose I need to sculpt some of the odd deformations away. I did think of lowering the head though, I really should of as I don't like the line from the neck to the head here and lowering the head would of fixed that.
user avatar
User #2477435 - 27 Jun 19 01:25
Oouii, bonus angle! <3 Gotta agree she's looking way too cute here! Also, great job with the rimlights, missed 'em!
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 28 Jun 19 01:35
Rim lights in 3D are kinda finicky to make this rim light there is actually a light shining right behind her. as in, in real life you would see a stand with a light. so I guess its physically inaccurate or whatever, but I mean if it looks nice it looks nice.
user avatar
User #866356 - 27 Jun 19 00:07
Despite the focus being on her posterior, something about that angle and expression makes her face look ludicrously adorable... like, seriously high-octane /cute/. But me being me, this does make me wonder, might we ever see Anya this... well-revealed?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 28 Jun 19 01:33
Of course, I have been considering putting a little more time on models I already have, so Anya will for sure get a pose like this some time.
Shukura's Butt
Shukura's Buttmore_vert
Post file flag
Shukura's Butt 2019-06-21T18:10:23+00:00close

Check her out! I feel the fur is a little fuzzy. it might be a sampling issue but the render was already reaching almost 2 hours!

https://tinyurl.com/y2tg93p5 < no panties

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #9807961 - 22 Jun 19 14:32
Wow, very sexy. Would love to see this pose with her tail just a little bit higher...
user avatar
User #6022602 - 22 Jun 19 06:35
Man that booty is hungry for those panties, just eating them right up! Shukura looks amazing. Very well groomed lady with a big ol apple bottom. You can't beat that! Well done dude
user avatar
User #7735833 - 21 Jun 19 18:14
Holy WOW! Cosmic. This has to be your best lioness yet. She is just stunning
user avatar
User #2477435 - 21 Jun 19 22:07
Ooof... nice one! I think only from veeery upclose her fur may look like it's been through some hot hair dryin', but that's minor... really digging everything else, like how much better her face looks with a bit more fluff. Her booty does look a lot rounder this time around! Won't mind seeing one more shot from another angle, if she's okay with that~
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 24 Jun 19 04:31
Yeah. I think it was either that the sampling was to low and the noise makes the fur look fuzzy or I might of overdone it with the fur noise itself. who knows i might make another render. though each one takes a good long while.
THE ARKKIN!more_vert
Post file flag
THE ARKKIN! 2019-06-14T19:49:12+00:00close

Swore I was going to do this further in the future but with a little inspiration I finally decided to tackle and finish a new model for this creature!

I hope you all like it!


Comments (5)
user avatar
User #9731428 - 14 Jun 19 19:50
10/10 would hug, if she promised not to kill me
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 14 Jun 19 19:54
Spooky does not equal evil!
user avatar
User #9731428 - 14 Jun 19 19:55
Then I'd definitely hug!
user avatar
User #9857619 - 14 Jun 19 20:03
Very cool. :)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 14 Jun 19 21:07
She is gorgeous <3
New Arkkin project.
New Arkkin project. more_vert
Post file flag
New Arkkin project. 2019-06-11T15:30:35+00:00close

this month might be a little slow as I finally decided to work on my Arkkin creature. new topology and a new sculpt. working on something with exposed skin is a little different and a little difficult to get right at the moment, so I will be spending a little time on this but also redoing my Lioness character!

so this is basically my attempt at a dragon (female) but with other aesthetics thrown in and my own fancy lore behind it. This is drake style dragon as i'm not to fond of four legged things with wings. might this mean a wyvern style dragon in the future if I decide to work on one? yes!

I hope any of you that more fancy something with more fur still appreciate this new model!


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2477435 - 12 Jun 19 21:29
Yasss, oh this one looks stockier! I like it!
user avatar
User #9731428 - 11 Jun 19 15:32
I rate this a solid O out of wO.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 11 Jun 19 21:51
woh! that's an awesome rateing!
Katsumi the fox on fancy couch
Katsumi the fox on fancy couch more_vert
Post file flag
Katsumi the fox on fancy couch 2019-06-07T03:22:28+00:00close


Tried to finish this one quickly after a bit of a break I took. I hope this Katsumi looks even better!

I don't have any plans for new characters yet as I want to perfect what I already have, though I have thought of working on stuff without fur, perhaps a wingless dragon or something, and my Arkkin creature.

I would love any comments about what sorts of critters you want to see in the future, for now feel free to let me know what current character you would like to see redone!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #9807961 - 22 Jun 19 14:50
Wow, so beautiful. I think Katsumi is my favourite. Would love to see a pose focused straight on her butt with her looking back over her shoulder similar to the one that you did of Helga a little while back. Also, would also love to see Sigrun the reindeer again.
user avatar
User #4355934 - 7 Jun 19 21:21
Certainly a lovely vixen. For the future perhaps Baijanthi the red panda on maybe Zoe the wolverine?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 8 Jun 19 23:33
The model for the redpanda needs to be redone completely but I do have zoes model ready to refur and stuff. i could even make some kind of badger with it.
user avatar
User #2477435 - 7 Jun 19 16:43
Wow, best one yet IMO! Great work with her fur and expression, Katsumi's such a cutie! Loving the idea of any sort of scalie being done for a change, but, I'd like to see some more of Hunter, too!
user avatar
User #9728738 - 8 Jun 19 21:04
Lovely. And a great improvement comparing to the last Katsumi picture. Would love to see more of her.
user avatar
User #562343 - 7 Jun 19 03:25
Lovely. ^w^
Akili the lion on fancy couch!
Akili the lion on fancy couch!more_vert
Post file flag
Akili the lion on fancy couch! 2019-05-30T01:33:49+00:00close


Im doing the clothing thing again!

check out the prime leap link for the uncensored version.

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2477435 - 30 May 19 02:24
Woo! Lion bootay! Gotta ask real quick: did you draw over the clothing, or is it a separated model too? Y'know, I was gonna suggest if you'd consider some sort of clothing to spice up/mix up the pinups a bit sometimes. Kinda like that lynx wrapped in ribbons you did once! Loved the what you did there: https://static1.e621.net/data/aa/26/aa2668ca0c0951e22310b48e0fd043e9.jpg
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 30 May 19 04:01
The clothing is it's own geometry! I just render the lion naked then un hide the undie geo and render just that part. then I overlap it in Photoshop.
user avatar
User #9731428 - 30 May 19 03:22
Goodness, that's fantastic!
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 30 May 19 04:01
Glad you like it!
user avatar
User #942453 - 4 Jun 19 03:42
Really great work, as usual! I do want to give some feedback on PrimeLeap, though. I've been using it with this and a few other artists on Patreon, and I'm sorry to say it's just not a good experience for me. It's pretty slow, nothing opens in new tabs, it keeps logging me out (even if I tell it to keep me logged in for a month, I have to log in every single time I visit the site), and it doesn't work with password managers (it puts the email address in a totally different field that's hidden behind the login window and tries to overwrite the password with a new password). I don't know if there are any better options for creators but PrimeLeap is really a horrible experience for me as a consumer of the great content that gets put there.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 11 Jun 19 22:22
I agree, its a big pain in the ass and I am going to personally speak to the coder behind it. take note this thing is basically in alpha as its a pretty new site. most of the work so far has gone to the system to detect people that leak content so artists can nab any leaking content from the site, which is great for artist, but so far I feel that not alot of work in going to patrons and ease of use for them I will make some noise about this and hopefully more work can be put into this user freindlyness of the site.
user avatar
User #6022602 - 30 May 19 04:25
So glad you brought undie versions back! Akili looks absolutely amazing, well done
Sue andy on couch
Sue andy on couchmore_vert
Post file flag
Sue andy on couch 2019-05-21T22:12:19+00:00close


the new Sue Andy with nicer shaders and better fur. Just noticed how grey this image looks but I think it fits nicely with her fur.

please let me know what you think!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2477435 - 22 May 19 04:18
She's a cutie! Nice transitions between coarse/fluffer fur, that's a lot of detail for sure!
user avatar
User #343671 - 21 May 19 23:19
The fur does look better.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 21 May 19 23:55
I really hope so, with Maya i am able to substantially increase the fur count on my models.
Anya on bed.
Anya on bed.more_vert
Post file flag
Anya on bed. 2019-05-15T21:02:10+00:00close

https://tinyurl.com/y288prpa <HD

here is the new Anya in a sort of familiar pose, now with much more fancy fur. I just hope the bed sheets don't look to odd. I took a while to clean this one up a bit.

let me know your thoughts!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #9857619 - 16 May 19 12:39
I think she looks hot.
user avatar
User #343671 - 15 May 19 23:55
I'd imagine it is ridiculously tough to simulate bed sheets with a 1500 lb bear laying on them. But for the most part that would be the last thing folks would be thinking of while being distracted by her seductive pose.
user avatar
User #2477435 - 16 May 19 03:10
she looks playful!
user avatar
User #20645104 - 22 Jun 19 09:11
Lil update/ sorry for missing any comments 2019-05-11T13:53:47+00:00

For this next project I am reworking Anya! you may have noticed That there is some new furniture in the last two projects I have posted. to save time and focus mainly on character design, I have been spending a little on props to give my characters more life.

Anyway, I am so sorry if I have missed any comments or questions, I don't want to ignore any one that may have questions and especially concerns but I have been having some trouble with patreons messaging system. If i missed anything PLEASE let me know here.

Also feel free to ask any other questions about upcoming projects and such. anything at all.

Romeo on fancy couch.
Romeo on fancy couch.more_vert
Post file flag
Romeo on fancy couch. 2019-05-08T17:53:40+00:00close


getting much better and still learning more! this time I figured that I was using the DOF all wrong, so now it looks much better.

I would love any thoughts! next I think I am going to be redoing Anya the bear!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3151603 - 8 May 19 18:29
Something is missing... some... maleness...
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 8 May 19 21:57
You mean his boys? they are right there, resting oh his leg.
user avatar
User #467098 - 8 May 19 19:13
hm that one step reward works very fine, always says "This Patreon account is already in use." and shows me nothing on the page
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 8 May 19 21:55
Hmm, mind sending me a screen of the problem? though perhaps try re logging first. it's trouble with primeleap right?
user avatar
User #2477435 - 8 May 19 21:43
Woofer! Aye, the fluffs are looking a lot better. He's browner now, ain't he?
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 8 May 19 22:02
Same textures, the new renderer must just display the colors a little different.
Romeo groom.
Romeo groom.more_vert
Post file flag
Romeo groom. 2019-05-05T22:05:28+00:00close

he looks a little derpy in his T pose, but the groom is what I really focused on. alot of Maps used to control clump size and density. This will be my next project, after that I plan to work on Anya the bear!

Bear with me! this month has been a little busy.

Valencia on fancy couch
Valencia on fancy couch more_vert
Post file flag
Valencia on fancy couch 2019-04-29T20:17:02+00:00close

I needed to play with the shaders a bit to get shiny fur down, Arnold sure does do a better job at shiny short fur out the door but I still needed to spend time on balancing the spec to avoid any super bright and odd highlights. I am not completely happy with the spec shine here but I think its a pretty good job for the time being.

also, I started buying some props to texture myself to give my models more life! I would love any thoughts on this one, this pose is similar to an older shot of this model so I hope this is a major improvement to yall! I would love any thoughts.

check out the HD version here! https://tinyurl.com/y5mqbwju

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7735833 - 3 Aug 19 15:32
She’s amazing
user avatar
User #9857619 - 1 May 19 12:16
I think she looks really good. The furniture is great. I think my only critique would be the black background. It seems as if parts of her fur are brown but I take it that's the shine and if so, the color of the light reflecting on her seems very... well, brown.
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 2 May 19 02:45
I think its because I used a warm light as the back light and it kinda screwd with the color.
Valencia 2.0w0
Valencia 2.0w0more_vert
Post file flag
Valencia 2.0w0 2019-04-26T03:51:08+00:00close

her face can do for more work but at the moment this is just fine for a farther off shot. I really want to pose her and finish her for this month. hears hoping!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7735833 - 26 Apr 19 05:30
Mmm holy meow!!
user avatar
User #866356 - 26 Apr 19 13:06
Oh, good heavens that looks badass.
Helga rendered in arnold.
Helga rendered in arnold. more_vert
Post file flag
Helga rendered in arnold. 2019-04-21T15:24:26+00:00close

Finally after such a long time, I am able to bring you my first project finished in Maya and rendered in Arnold, most of my time spent on this was learning Maya and it's ins and outs. Its different from blender so I had to relearn a lot of habits. Maya and Arnold seem to be a little more intensive on my computer as well so a lot of time was also spent making it through a bunch of slow downs and crashes.

So after all this time I really hope you all think this quality is an improvement. I still think I can learn a few more things to make my work nicer, but I really wanted to get something out so that I could at least start on another project this month.

thanks for sticking with me!

https://www.primeleap.net/#/cosmiclifepinups/gallery/t2581/-helga-crawl- <HD

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #467098 - 21 Dec 19 17:29
mrr would totally go for it ^.^
user avatar
User #6022602 - 21 Apr 19 19:14
I said this was your finest work with fur yet, and I stand by it. Just incredible what you do.
user avatar
User #7735833 - 21 Apr 19 16:31
She’s definitely evolved. Your new technique here is quite amazing. I didn’t think you could add any more realism into your work but holy wow I was wrong. Very well done cosmic.
user avatar
User #9807961 - 22 Apr 19 03:14
Yay! Awesome job. You're doing fantastic work.
user avatar
User #8898161 - 21 Apr 19 15:59
Helga model does look improved with this technique. I think it is a solid evolution and was a go. I think the fur does lay a bit better with this. Looks great :)
Helga 2.0w0
Helga 2.0w0more_vert
Post file flag
Helga 2.0w0 2019-04-13T04:59:08+00:00close

It was grueling but with a little crunch I was able to learn the basics of Maya and xgen to recreate the groom on Helga. I think using Maya and Arnold is definitely an improvement. I could not get this sort of fur clumping and density with blender hairs system but Xgen proved to make very complex fur patterns. Arnolds hair shader also gets into those nooks and crannies a lot nicer and give a much smoother spec.

So I do think I will be switching to Maya and giving all my current characters new life. again, I want to finish at least two projects this month, but I am still getting familiar with Maya, so sorry if things take a while. I just hope the up in quality is worth it! and with time its sure to get better from here!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8898161 - 14 Apr 19 06:15
Wow that is very striking, very good. Great results there!
Learning to use Maya. 2019-04-08T02:17:53+00:00

I have really been wanting to use the Arnold render to get some cinema level fur for my characters. there is a plugin being worked on for blender but Its not certain when its coming out! 4 or so days ago I started using Maya and right now I am reworking Helga in Maya with a whole new fur system. if the quality of this project is better than what I already have than I will consider switching to Maya as my main software.

because I am having to learn this new program this month is going to have less projects. I aim to at least finish 2 projects In Maya. I want to take my stuff to the next level and while blender is a great program and even better in some ways than Maya, Maya's hair system and Arnold render seems to me, to be unmatched. So I hope you all will all support me as I take some time to try something new!

Here is an example of what I hope to achieve.


I do not aim for this sort of quality anytime soon but it is a goal I am working towards with my characters.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2536759 - 8 Apr 19 03:06
I'll always support artists trying to improve themselves, so I say take your time and learn some new things. Everyone will benefit from it. ^^
Sue Andy pillow rest
Sue Andy pillow restmore_vert
Post file flag
Sue Andy pillow rest 2019-03-31T22:19:56+00:00close

was able to finish this one just before the month as my 4th. Did some re grooming and tweaked the shaders some. hopefully I can have access to Arnold to make the fur look nicer on all my models by next month.


Anya sits - dark
Anya sits - darkmore_vert
Post file flag
Anya sits - dark 2019-03-23T22:18:33+00:00close

This one is a smaller free-bee. just wanted to try a darker shot.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6022602 - 24 Mar 19 02:48
Love the darker setting. Really intimate
Anya sits
Anya sitsmore_vert
Post file flag
Anya sits 2019-03-22T16:14:22+00:00close


I tried to make clumping more apparent in this one. the fur might appear a little less soft and much more grizzly, but that might be the point!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #14957799 - 22 Mar 19 17:46
Can you give us an otter and red panda in this pose too? ;)
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 22 Mar 19 23:43
Of course, eventually il do more sitting posses.
user avatar
User #866356 - 23 Mar 19 01:23 - revision 2
Easily the snuggliest-looking Anya so far. β™₯ Curious that her eyes look just a mite sad, though...
user avatar
User #9857619 - 23 Mar 19 18:25
This is instantly one of my favs! Very nice work!
user avatar
User #866356 - 23 Mar 19 01:23
Easily the snuggliest-looking Anya so far. β™₯ Curious that her eyes look just a mite sad, though...
user avatar
β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 23 Mar 19 02:13
Hmm. yeah... maybe because her head is tilted up so her eyes kinda slant down a little.
Experimenting learning new stuff (Arnold render engine)
Experimenting learning new stuff (Arnold render engine)more_vert
Post file flag
Experimenting learning new stuff (Arnold render engine) 2019-03-16T11:54:24+00:00close

Recently I have not been focusing on much projects this month as at the moment I am experimenting with and Improving techniques and learning more about 3D applications and what more I can do. This desire to experiment and improve mostly came about when I started re working my jaguar model Valencia. I felt that even though the current render engine was good, and the overall result of the new fur and shaders for Valencia were pretty decent as well, I found that I hit a wall as far as realism goes with the fur. I found that this was a limit with the cycles render engine. the engine is great, but working with Valencia I found that its not particularly great at short fur compared to other engines.

So I experimented with another free engine called luxcore, again a great engine but no good shaders for smooth animal fur. Using the engine also forced me to rollback to blender 2.79 in order to use it, which caused a few bugs that made its difficult to finish a project. At this point I looked at what Arnold could do, and holy heck! Rocket raccoon, Paddington the bear, all rendered with this engine. There are two caveats though, firstly, support for blender is in beta, though I can still use it in 2.8 and the development for the engine and blender integration is going strong I am even part of a discord! Secondly, Its and industry standard render engine and its over 600 a year to get a licence!

So at the moment I am going to try the engine as a demo and get to know how all the shaders work, but I am really considering buying the engine and using it WHEN it runs smoothly on blender 2.8. I want to aim to finish at least 2 models this month (characters I already have) with cycles. I am thinking the raccoon and bear perhaps, but this month I am also considering experimenting with Arnold and tweaking and refining what I already have so I might finish the month with one render.

So anyway, just a quick announcement, so everyone knows where I am at right now. any questions and thoughts? please let me know!

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User #866356 - 17 Mar 19 09:03
This isn't... specifically relevant of this post, but it is generally, I suppose... I dunno, am running on fumes as I type this, should probably stop and post this in the morning. But no, while the thought is fresh: You're doing what I've wanted to do for a good half a decade, but been too chronically ill to even think about. Kinda regard you as a role model of sorts, if I may. I vaguely recall asking some eons back if these 3D projects were something you had a knack for, or more something anyone could learn if they wanted to. Didn't you say it was a bit of both? Eek, I'm digressing. Told you I shoulda waited 'til morning! What I've been meaning to ask for a while is, have you ever considered creating tutorials of some kind? Not necessarily specific blow-by-blow guides from concept to product, but... where does one start, what's the workflow look like, what sort of software and hardware is required? Or rather, are these projects collectively a more personal passion that you'd rather not distribute the means to so easily? Or is it just failing to occur to me to do my own basic research... Oy, I'm gonna reread this in the morning and facedesk... sleep is required! [apologies for all the rambling!]
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β˜… Cosmiclifepinups - 18 Mar 19 03:28
I am more than happy to share my process with people, and have actually imagined making some you tube vids about tutorials and tips. Only thing holding me back is mostly shyness about putting myself out there and speaking on a mic as well as time management. I keep telling myself that I will make some sort of tutorials (specifically for furry art and such) when a garner a few more eyes from the fandom so I might very well create some tutorials. For the moment though I am still trying to find my center (if that make sense) when it comes to my work and where I want to go with it. so that priority #1 right now. And il say this, No, not anyone can learn, though that's not to say that some simply lack the ability. It all boils down to how badly you want to perfect your craft, whatever it may be. most people just don't want to achieve enough. NOT for lack of ability but of dedication. I mean unless there is a "good at art gene" I doubt it though. if there is anything that comes only by nature its ones ability to devote to something they like. 2nd to that I would say that's its incredibly important to know that what ever you do can always be better.
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I have been wanting to revisit some models to change up the fur settings and textures, I want edit another one or two models before I rework the Red panda model completely as the new model this month.

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User #8898161 - 11 Mar 19 12:57
Looks great! I really love his fur there. I think it has a nice brush look. Love the pose it shows off his natural beauty and glow. Can't get enough of Romeo's poses.

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