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Exclusive Artcard WIP!
Exclusive Artcard WIP! more_vert
Post file flag
Exclusive Artcard WIP! 2020-01-15T00:39:32+00:00close

A quick WIP of the art postcard I’ll be releasing to all $10 tier and above patrons! The final piece will contain nudity so make sure you’re at least 18 when you pledge.
This is an original character I’ve only drawn once before. Her name is Aurelie and she’s quite sexy. 😈

Another WIP coming soon so stay tuned!

Art Card Details! 2020-01-03T20:06:31+00:00

Before I get into the details of the art card I’ll be releasing to all $10 tier patrons and up, I wanted to quickly mention the next art pack release.

I’m in the process of gathering all the files for it. It’s going to be a rather large art pack. It contains basically everything I’ve drawn in the last three or four months. Most of those pieces have separate files for the sketchwork, linework, and some even have process videos that I need to speed up and edit. My plan is to have everything squared away by this time next week, so I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress as well as when I’ll be releasing the art pack.

Now for the art card!

The rules are all rather simple.

  1. To be eligible to receive the art card, you need to pledge in the $10 “Moons” tier or higher before or during the time the art card is being offered (January 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2020).
  2. If you briefly pledge in the $10 tier and then edit your pledge to one of the lower tiers before Patreon has the chance to charge you, you will not qualify for the art card.
  3. You need to have your current shipping information up to date on Patreon.

This art card will be a piece of art that I’m going to create specifically for this event. I’ll post teasers and cropped versions of the piece here and there because I want eligible patrons to be the only ones who have access to this artwork. I will not post the full version anywhere and it will not be available for print. The only time this piece of art will be available is during this event, so make sure you pledge before the 31st if you want access to it!

It will be 100% original artwork on quality cardstock and will be signed and sent to you with a handwritten note sometime in mid to late February.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to speak up! I have a pretty decent idea for what I want to do for this event, but if you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see in particular, drop a line!

2019 Summary of Art
2019 Summary of Artmore_vert
Post file flag
2019 Summary of Art 2019-12-31T22:24:35+00:00close

What a fucking year! Here are some of my personal favorites and strongest pieces of the year. One for each month and then two for the entire year. Quite an improvement from 2018. I experimented a lot with style and painting. I think I’m finally beginning to have my own style—one that I like and am proud of.

I have a lot of fun stuff planned for the new year, much of which will be on Patreon, so make sure you guys keep an eye out!

Have a great holiday, everyone! Stay safe and enjoy yourselves! ❤️❤️❤️

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #812151 - 1 Jan 20 10:50
That's a solid lineup :) Have a great 2020.
user avatar
oneeyedneko - 2 Jan 20 18:43
Thanks, you too!
2020 Announcement! 2019-12-31T19:08:45+00:00

I‘d like to ring in the new year with some news! Starting tomorrow afternoon, I’m introducing a special offer to patrons in the $10 tier and above. Every $10+ patron who pledges in January (this includes existing patrons and new patrons) will get an exclusive, signed art postcard.

This piece of art will not be available for print and the full version will not be posted anywhere. I will draw a detailed illustration specifically for this event.

I will post details and rules that apply once 2020 is officially here, but in the meantime, enjoy your holiday!

Hiatus 2019-10-05T19:28:12+00:00

Sorry, guys, but I’m taking a hiatus effective immediately. I don’t know for how long yet, but with all the shit I’m currently dealing with, I need some kind of break. I’m sure you guys have noticed I haven’t been very active here and there are other things I need to focus on until I’m able to work normally again.

I will send out rewards for September and October together since I’m doing a lot of Inktober art at the moment. This means I won’t be sending out anything for September alone, but I will send rewards for both months in late October/early November.

I plan to keep passive rewards available to anyone who chooses to continue pledging. For instance, the commission discount rewards will stay active but things like prints will not. This is just for the hiatus though. Once I’m able to put more focus on Patreon, all rewards will once again be available. However, I’ll be editing the reward tiers so that any future patrons will know what rewards are going to be active.

For anyone who would prefer to step away, thank you so much for your support! I understand not being interested in maintaining a pledge to someone who isn’t active, and there are no hard feelings. I do hope you come back when I’m able to be active. I’ll make an announcement for it when it happens and I’ll be sure to include followers, not just patrons.

For anyone who will continue to pledge regardless of my status, I sincerely thank you as well. Having financial support will help in one way or another and it’ll help me continue to draw here and there while I work through life stuff during the hiatus.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and thank you all for sticking around for me. ❤️

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14684631 - 31 Dec 19 20:37
I hope you have a good new year's!
Art Pack 4 incoming!
Art Pack 4 incoming!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 4 incoming! 2019-04-28T17:57:23+00:00close

Art pack 4 is on the way, everyone. It’s the last one for April, but I have a lot of exciting stuff for May planned! I have a couple ideas for MerMay and Game of Thrones content, which I will likely do after the series ends. After tonight, there are only three more episodes!

I likely won’t do much this week since my birthday falls this week and I’ll be going to a concert, but I’ll post when I can!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

Draw This In Your Style
Draw This In Your Stylemore_vert
Post file flag
Draw This In Your Style 2019-04-25T00:47:33+00:00close

I've been following the DrawThisInYourStyle tag on Instagram for the longest time and kept trying to make time to try it. I finally tried it! This one was initially a piece by meggles.art on Instagram, who has a pretty awesome style. I'm glad I finally did one of these! Hopefully I'll be able to do more in between commissions. :3


Art Pack 3! 2019-04-25T00:43:21+00:00

Art Pack 3 is up and out, friends! This one includes all the goodies from that cute Candy/Lily piece from a few days back! <3

Enjoy the rewards, guys and have a happy hump day! :D

Commission: Lily and Candy
Commission: Lily and Candymore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Lily and Candy 2019-04-23T00:28:32+00:00close

A sensual and flirty piece featuring two OCs of the client. :3 I think this is the dirtiest thing I've drawn in months xD

The PSD, high-res version, a color alternate, the lines, and sketch will be available for Art Pack 3 for April! :D

Art Pack 2! 2019-04-20T00:19:35+00:00

So, Art Pack 2 is a little late, sorry guys! It's mostly sketch work and such, but also involves a super cool environmental painting I did that I posted a few days ago!

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

Tora! Tora! Tora!
Tora! Tora! Tora!more_vert
Post file flag
Tora! Tora! Tora! 2019-04-16T23:17:32+00:00close

Not too long ago, I attended my first air show. As I was leaving, the Tora! Tora! Tora! performance was in progress. For those who don't know, this is a reenactment of the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese used the code word "tora" (meaning tiger) as a signal to attack the island.

The performance itself was pretty intense. As many of you know, I used to live in Hawaii and I've seen bullet holes from that attack in buildings close to my house.

For the this performance, these pilots didn't drop any real bombs, but they flew over an area that had ordnance rigged to blow as the planes moved, giving the illusion that the planes were dropping bombs. I managed to snap a very ominous and eerie photo as a result and this image is heavily inspired by it. The sun was in the process of setting and with all the smoke and the building on the left covering most of the sun, the whole scene looked like something out of a movie. It's probably one of the coolest photos I've ever taken, and I'll be sharing it with you guys in the rewards this week.

Until then, enjoy the speedpaint. :3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #84588 - 17 Apr 19 02:33
One word: Amazing!
Mashup Poll! 2019-04-06T19:38:34+00:00

Okay, I've made a short list of characters and universes for you guys to choose from. I might use the same characters and universes in future Mashup Polls so if the character and universe combo you prefer doesn't win this time around, there will be another chance in the future. :)

Please choose up to 2 characters and up to 2 universes! Have fun and happy voting!

April: Art Pack 1 Release!
April: Art Pack 1 Release!more_vert
Post file flag
April: Art Pack 1 Release! 2019-04-06T18:13:38+00:00close

Hey friends!

I'm in the process of sending out the first art pack for April. This art pack includes sketches, linework, Photoshop files, and high-res versions of my Zelda Elementalist piece and my Aria Commission piece (the catgirl featured in the Art Pack image above). I also had a recording of my color process for the Aria piece, but for whatever reason, the software didn't record my screen properly, so it's just seven hours of nothing but a black screen and the cursor moving around. D: I'll figure it out for next time though!

I also plan to host a Mashup Poll. I loved blending Zelda and the GW2 universes together so I'm gonna come up with a list of popular ladies in gaming and anime and then come up with a list of popular fictional universes and have you guys decide what I blend next. :)

Until then, thanks for all your support and have an awesome weekend! <3

Commission: Aria
Commission: Ariamore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Aria 2019-04-04T23:50:06+00:00close

Another one down!

The spines were murder but the end result is worth it.

I recorded the coloring process for this too so once I process the video, I'll have the link for ya! :D

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9851845 - 5 Apr 19 06:28
fantastic results on this!
Commission: Aria WIP
Commission: Aria WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Aria WIP 2019-04-02T02:25:46+00:00close

Sooooo much detail, man. It took me about a week to complete just the linework, but it's totally worth it. On to colors! :D

Official Website Up!
Official Website Up!more_vert
Post file flag
Official Website Up! 2019-03-22T23:13:24+00:00close

My website is finally finished! I've been trying to work out some kinks--mainly the fact that both Facebook and Instagram have it blocked. After posting it twice on Facebook, they decided to block it. Can't even send it to people through Messenger. And a few days after that, Instagram wanted me to remove it from my Bio.

Not sure what else to try but regardless, it's up and running. Feel free to poke around. :)

Embed data

Art of OneEyedNeko

Provider URL
Art of OneEyedNeko

Art of OneEyedNeko




Art Pack 3 2019-03-22T23:10:00+00:00

Hey all! Art Pack 3 is on the way. Unfortunately, I've gone and injured myself. I had to go to the ER on Monday thanks to a very poorly-placed pinched nerve. It's located right next to an artery that goes into my brain so it was causing headaches, dizziness, and a bundle of other fun things I had no interest in experiencing.

But, now I'm getting better and will hopefully be able to draw by the time Monday rolls around.

So, here's Art Pack 3 for March. I'm hoping to get another one in before the month ends, but with this stupid pinched nerve, I'm not so sure yet.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! <3

Art Pack 2
Art Pack 2more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 2 2019-03-14T03:50:51+00:00close

Hey guys! I'm sending out art pack 2 for March. Enjoy the rest of your week! :D

Art Pack 1 for March
Art Pack 1 for Marchmore_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 1 for March 2019-03-05T23:58:59+00:00close

Art Pack 1 is on the way, friends! Here's my best friend's OC! Her name is Mei, she's friend to my OC Kel. Here's a portrait of her! She's a Chinese dragon demon who loves gold and all things shiny! This portrait is also a gift to my best friend, whose birthday is tomorrow.

Enjoy your week, friends!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9851845 - 9 Mar 19 05:00
jesus christ those eyes! O.O yes please
user avatar
User #84588 - 6 Mar 19 04:14
Hubba hubba!
Art Pack 4!
Art Pack 4!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 4! 2019-02-28T22:05:12+00:00close

Last art pack of the month. It's been difficult to draw lately so I wasn't sure if I'd get this done but it's done~

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the week!

Art Pack 3
Art Pack 3more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 3 2019-02-22T17:11:18+00:00close

Hey all, Art Pack 3 is on the way! I apologize for the lack of lewd content, as well! Lately, I've found that trying to draw lewd content has started to drain my creative energy, so I'm probably gonna take a short break from it and see if that helps. In the mean time, I'm gonna work on some other clean commissions I have and maybe do more art studies. Hopefully it'll help me out. I know this is common for plenty of hentai artists, but it hasn't happened to be for this long before. Until it passes, I'll keep drawing and working as I can so that I can work on lewd stuff without it zapping me. D:

Enjoy the non-porn for a bit! xD

Art Pack 2 out!
Art Pack 2 out!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 2 out! 2019-02-15T23:09:24+00:00close

Hey all!

So, I know I promised more lewd content, but I think doing so has burned me out a little. I spoke to some of my fellow hentai artists recently and they experience the same thing every now and then. Until it passes, I'm gonna try to keep things relatively in line with what I do, but if I feel myself gravitating toward something cleaner, I'll likely draw it for the time being. I don't want to get art blocked as a result of forcing something, ya know?

But hey, there will at least be cleavage!

Enjoy the art pack, guys and have an awesome weekend! <3

Art Pack 1!
Art Pack 1!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 1! 2019-02-06T23:53:40+00:00close

So, this art pack contains a scene from the film Split. I hadn't seen it before last weekend and it's all. I. can. think. about. So I decided to try my hand at painting a scene and doing my own thing with it. I personally love the result! :D

I needed a break from lewd stuff, but fear not! You'll have your regularly scheduled hentai in the next art pack lol

Art Pack 4
Art Pack 4more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 4 2019-01-31T03:26:06+00:00close

Hey all! Art pack 4 is on the way! This will be the final art pack for January.

I've been getting older files together so that people can purchase art packs from last year and some from the year before if I can find those particular files. Some got lost along the way when I switched computers early last year so I may not have those, but some people have expressed interest in purchasing older art packs separately so I'll be selling those on Gumroad in the coming weeks.

Anyway, here's a quick WIP of the commission I'm working on. Hope ya like it! <3

Portrait Saleeeee!
Portrait Saleeeee!more_vert
Post file flag
Portrait Saleeeee! 2019-01-23T03:33:42+00:00close

My portrait sale is here, everyone! Patrons have priority, so if you're a patron, you will be put to the top of the queue automatically.

In a nutshell, my portrait commissions, which are regularly priced at $50 each, are 20% off of 1 portrait, or a buy 2 portraits, get one portrait free. These can be separate portraits, together, two in one with one separate, etc.

Keep in mind that your commission discounts, if you have them, do NOT apply to miscellaneous commission, which include portraits and sketches. The Patreon-exclusive commission discount only applies to regular, full color commissions. Which is why I host sales--it gives people a chance to get a good deal every now and then.

There will be an extra 5% off for those who wish to have me do portraits of Overwatch characters. They can be in any skin from the game. No concepts or original Overwatch characters will receive the the extra discount. This means that anyone with a skin idea or anyone who wants their own (or another's) fan character based on the Overwatch universe will not be eligible for a discount.

Feel free to message or email me if you're interested! The sale is live and will last until February 12th.

Art Pack 3! 2019-01-22T18:41:15+00:00

Here's the third art pack for January, everyone! I hope you guys had a nice long weekend (for those of you who did have the long weekend). We're almost done with the first month of 2019! That went by quick, huh?

There should be a fourth art pack for January--possibly a fifth. If not, there will be an art pack in the first days of February. :) Enjoy, all!

Commission: Nekisa 2019
Commission: Nekisa 2019more_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Nekisa 2019 2019-01-18T18:23:11+00:00close

Another commission down. I'm about ready to open them again and I can't wait!

For anyone interested, I plan to open up a portrait sale as well! Keep in mind that portrait commissions fall under Miscellaneous Commissions and your discount won't apply, but they will be on sale 20% off for one, and buy two, get one free. :3 So, not a bad deal. If any of you are interested, let me know! Patrons always take priority.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! <3

Art Pack 2! 2019-01-16T16:11:35+00:00

Art Pack 2 is on the way, everyone! I hope January is treating you all well so far <3 Personally, I've been dealing with a sick cat, but she's finally doing a bit better. It's been nice to get back into the habit of drawing every day. The holidays really like to throw a wrench in my drawing routine D: But, things seem to be running back at the normal pace and to help my motivation, I've been doing some anatomy studies (which I'll start to include in my art packs soon) and watching Bob Ross on Netflix while I draw during the day xD

Enjoy this art pack, everyone! <3

Happy Birthday, Joelle!
Happy Birthday, Joelle!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Birthday, Joelle! 2019-01-15T04:18:51+00:00close

One of my best friends is having a birthday and I wanted to make a gift for her.
The character's name (yes, I'm serious) is Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade from the anime Kizumonogatari. Her "human name" is Shinobu Oshino.
I'm not familiar with the anime or the character but I love my friend too much not to make an effort lol
Love ya, Joelle! <3 Happy Birthday!

Ophelia Concept
Ophelia Conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
Ophelia Concept 2019-01-13T07:03:40+00:00close

Working on a rough idea of a demon girl I've been thinking up for a few months. I'm leaning toward Ophelia for the name and her species is a self-created demon called the Maris Demon. In a nutshell, her horn, eyes, and lips change color depending on her mood. "Maris" was the first name of one of the original creators of the mood ring back in the 1970s. Seemed like a fitting term.

You'll likely be seeing some more of her here and there. :)

First Art Pack of 2019!
First Art Pack of 2019!more_vert
Post file flag
First Art Pack of 2019! 2019-01-11T15:04:58+00:00close

I realize I should have probably drawn something to help celebrate the new year, but it's sci-fi porn instead. :D I also included the initial pinup of Jani, the human lady featured here. I was initially commissioned to draw her in late 2016 so it was fun drawing her again.

I have two more commissions to finish up and then I do plan to open commissions again. You'll probably also see an influx in anatomy sketches/studies and shameless Overwatch smut. Possibly some revamped old projects as well and possibly some "Before/After" art. New year means more improvements to make!

Until then, enjoy the hot girl, the sexy alien dude, and the desert sci-fi scene, which was toooootally not loosely inspired by Star Wars. ;)

Art Pack 4!
Art Pack 4!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 4! 2018-12-29T17:27:50+00:00close

Last art pack for the month, guys! Some more commission work! It took a while but I loved working on it. :3 Enjoy, everyone, and have an awesome New Years!

Art Pack 3 (Merry Christmas!)
Art Pack 3 (Merry Christmas!)more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 3 (Merry Christmas!) 2018-12-23T20:24:46+00:00close

Hey all! I'm currently visiting my family for the holidays but I have a third art pack for ya! Not sure if I'll be able to do a fourth just yet--can't figure out if I'll have the time right now, but we'll see!

If you guys don't hear from me until 2019, have an awesome Christmas, New Year's, and whatever else you might celebrate. :D

Art Pack 2!
Art Pack 2!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 2! 2018-12-14T22:11:55+00:00close

Art Pack 2 is out and on the way now! Here we have Nomira, a nymph who enjoys doing guys on a lilypad while floating in the middle of a murky lake! Also an extra piece in there of one of my friends, which is clean but cute. :3

And a head's up--I'll be going home for Christmas this year thankfully, so I *might* not be able to post, but I may end up having time. I'm not totally sure yet. My family doesn't know I'm coming home, so there are no plans, but I might end up with plans. Worst case, I'll have 3 art packs for the month instead of 4, but we'll see! Just wanted to let you guys know in the event I'm not as active while I'm visiting over there.

Enjoy this week's set of art, everyone!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #860907 - 15 Dec 18 18:03
Don't you have a plan to run a gumroad? wanna some of your previous art packs
user avatar
oneeyedneko - 15 Dec 18 19:17
Yep! That's on my to-do list for January. :)
Art Pack 1
Art Pack 1more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 1 2018-12-08T00:14:21+00:00close

Hey all! Art Pack 1 is uploading and will be out shortly. This pack includes the digital version of the Patreon christmas card and the commission featured in the post here, of Vierolin. I included the first time I was commissioned to draw her about a year and a half ago for your viewing pleasure as well! :D

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Christmas Card!
Christmas Card!more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas Card! 2018-12-02T02:36:19+00:00close

Here's the finished Christmas card, everyone. The ones I send out will not have the watermark and there will be a hand-written note on the back of it. <3

Anyone who wants a card, please send me a private message with your name and current address so I can send these out in time.

To those worried that giving me their address will result in their untimely death:

I'm a professional illustrator trying to gain recognition and achieve goals that only my patrons have helped me begin to work on. I've sent plenty of art and goodies to patrons in the past and the present, and I can assure you that none of them are dead lol It's just a Christmas card and a way for me to continue showing my appreciation to you guys for all you help me do.

To those asking if giving me their address will result in boobs:

Yes. And you're welcome. :P

Christmas cards! 2018-11-30T00:39:47+00:00

Hey all! I'd like to do some Christmas cards for you guys this year! If you'd like one, just shoot me a message with your name and address so I can send one out to you. Try to send that info sooner than later if you want one so that I have enough time to send it!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #84588 - 30 Nov 18 04:01
Mighty nice of you, but I suspect I would be dead if I took you up on this...
user avatar
oneeyedneko - 2 Dec 18 02:28
Why would you be dead? lol I'd have any interested patrons message me personally so no one else would end up getting your address. And if you were suggesting you'd wind up dead because of me, then I'd have to let you know it would be terrible business to start killing the people who help make my art possible to begin with lol
user avatar
User #84588 - 2 Dec 18 06:26
Because my wife would kill me when she saw the card ;-P
Art Pack 3 coming out!
Art Pack 3 coming out!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 3 coming out! 2018-11-29T02:31:51+00:00close

Some commission work of Karina--a warrior lady who succumbs to the King of Creatures, her arch enemy!

Don't worry guys, she's having fun. ;)

Art Pack 3 will have the line work, the sketch, and the Photoshop file included. :)


Art Pack 2
Art Pack 2more_vert
Post file flag
Art Pack 2 2018-11-21T01:26:34+00:00close

Hello all! I know it's a little late in the month for Art Pack 2, sorry about that! I've been working on a lot of different ideas/projects at once and because I haven't focused much on just one thing, I've been a bit delayed with posting.

This art pack contains lots of Bowsette! Who I've been meaning to draw since she first gained popularity and never had the time since I was moving. But there are several versions inside along with the PSD as always.

Enjoy, everyone, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! <3

Art Pack 1 Out! 2018-11-08T00:32:01+00:00

Alright guys, here's Art Pack 1 headed to your inboxes. Enjoy! :D

Selphie 2018
Selphie 2018more_vert
Post file flag
Selphie 2018 2018-11-07T02:16:18+00:00close

Finally making some progress on some of the commissions I had in queue. Last year, I did a commission of the same lady character, Selphie. She's the OC of the client, a sultry elf who prefers to parade around topless. :3

Last year it was a tasteful pinup. This year, she's getting dicked down. :D

Art Pack 1 for November will contain this drawing!

Art Pack 4! 2018-10-29T19:39:19+00:00

Hey all! Final art pack for the month. Just a head's up, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this November, which involves writing the first draft of a novel in 30 days. So, lots of writing and not as much drawing, but I'm gonna try and make it work. I've wanted to try and complete this writing challenge for years and I just never properly prepared for it. Now that I have, I'm going to make it a priority.

November will be writing and catching up on some commission work that I know you guys will love. So keep an eye out! I also know I'm bad at posting here. I tend to post on Hentai-Foundry whenever I complete a new piece, but I'll try and post more here too so I can keep you all in the loop.

Have a good week and an even better Halloween!

Art Pack 3! 2018-10-23T01:23:55+00:00

Fair warning, the contents of this art pack are SFW. My sister's and mother's birthdays fall a day apart and I only had so much time to draw their birthday cards. But fret not, dirty things are planned for the next one! :D

Art Pack 2 on the way 2018-10-18T18:31:41+00:00

Sending out Art Pack 2, guys! It's been a little slow and I apologize. I'm all moved into the new house but it's been tough to find time to draw with having to unpack and organize everything. D: Hopefully I'll be able to get back into my routine soon though. Until then, enjoy the shit I'm able to draw in between :)

October Art Pack 1 2018-10-07T05:45:51+00:00

Art Pack 1 is on the way. It's nothing overly elaborate but that'll come soon. I'm still trying to get my hands on a desk and chair. Right now, I've been working at a breakfast bar on a stool that doesn't support my back enough to draw for more than an hour at a time D: It's super frustrating. But I found a good chair today and I'll be buying it soon. Then comes the desk. But the chair is the most important part--that's what allows me to draw properly.

Anyway, things will be back to normal soon! Enjoy for now!

Art Pack 3 (and Update) 2018-09-30T20:21:42+00:00

Hello friends! Long time no chat.

This month has been insane. In the last 30 days, I've packed up my stuff, sent my very anxious dog from Hawaii to Massachusetts, moved completely off of an island, visited my family for two weeks, and then drove from Massachusetts to Arizona. It's been quite the ride and things still aren't settled yet. I've been in Arizona for two days now and so far, I've basically been greeted by sweltering heat and humidity thanks to the coming storm! Which is presently shitting all over the clear, sunny day we were having over here xD

I won't complain too much since I love rain. I just hope the room in my hotel doesn't flood. :P

Hopefully within the next week, I'll be moved into the new house for the most part. I need to purchase some furniture (including a desk and chair) before I can get back into my art routine, so until then, try and be patient with the little art I have. I do have some fun stuff planned once things get back to normal. I also very much plan to jump on the Bowsette train ASAP. :D

Enjoy the content and I'll be back with an update soon!

Art Pack 2 2018-09-18T16:09:26+00:00

Hey friends! I have some content for Art Pack 2. Unfortunately, I don't have any lewd material just yet, but it's tough to draw tits when my mother is sitting next to me xD

Never fear though! My vacation should be over in a couple of weeks and then I'll be settled at the new house in Arizona where I'll be able to get back to my routine. For now, enjoy. :)

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oneeyedneko - 18 Sep 18 18:29
LOL she does xD she also knows what I do, it’s just weird trying to draw lewd stuff with her watching lol
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User #84588 - 18 Sep 18 18:28
Wait, your mother doesn't know about tits?
Art Pack 1 2018-09-09T00:00:20+00:00

Hey all! I'm flying out tonight to visit my family for a couple weeks before heading over to Arizona to move in! This is going to be the most pornographic art for a few weeks since I won't have much privacy, but I'll do my best to draw some relatively suggestive shit if I can.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

Final August Art Pack! 2018-08-30T06:01:08+00:00

Hey all! Finished the last art pack for August. Things have been crazy with the move and I haven't gotten to draw as much as I'd prefer, but I did manage to finish a Baise-Moi commission for one our own here.

Hope you're all gearing up for autumn :D

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User #9851845 - 30 Aug 18 06:03
glad to hear that you are alive! :)
Art Pack 2! 2018-08-09T20:04:35+00:00

Art Pack 2 for August is on the way! Thanks for everyone's support and patience with me at the moment with this move. The stress is real lol

Enjoy the art pack, everyone! :D


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