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Oh those wishes...
Oh those wishes...more_vert
Post file flag
Oh those wishes... 2016-02-11T00:11:04+00:00close

Preview image for Little silly wishes, which has become longer that the original idea, I've finished the rendering today with a total of 65 images, I will do the editing soon and I expect to send it to the first october patrons next week, and I will send to the rest of patrons when the month is over. The genre of the story is tall girl, and it contains growing, shrinking and breast expansion.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2830119 - 11 Feb 16 00:38
Haha, that looks like a sweet couple. And wow, the background is amazing in detail!
user avatar
nyom - 11 Feb 16 00:52
Thank you! Oh the story is sweet, they will have a lot fun with the faery ring!
Scrub all the dirtiness!
Scrub all the dirtiness!more_vert
Post file flag
Scrub all the dirtiness! 2016-02-06T00:39:35+00:00close

And another one, closer this time... she is a lovely model, it has so much details! I expect to post the commissions raffle rules soon and start with it next week. Oh if a current patron don't have the first two stories just ask for them and I will send them to you! pd: Some comment will be nice... just saying...

Naughty massage.
Naughty massage.more_vert
Post file flag
Naughty massage. 2016-02-06T00:35:42+00:00close

Though not so naughty! Their pose is a bit deceptive! Another test for the lost island project, looks good, stone texture plus grass and plants is a winner combination!

Changes. 2016-02-03T00:43:12+00:00

I'm going to change the pledge system a little, here is my proposal:

Curious supporter. 5$

-Access to a short story of your choice.

- To hell with convetionalisms * first pledge.

- Access patreon exclusive images. (Included commisions)

Main supporter. 10$

-Access to monthly comic package

- To hell with convetionalism * first pledge.

- Out of the blue * first pledge.

- Extra short stories * further pledges.

- Access to patreon exclusive images (Included commisions).

- Chance to win a free commission every month.

New supporter. 15$

- Access to monthly comic package

- To hell with convetionalisms * first pledge

- out of the blue * first pledge

- Extra short stories * further pledges.

- Access to patreon exclusive images. (Included commisions)

- Chance to win a free commission every month.

- * Access to a long story chapter/ short story of your choice.*

Impacient new supporter. 20$

- Access to monthly comic package.

- To hell with convetionalism * first pledge

- Out of the blue * first pledge

- Extra short stories * further pledges.

- Access to patreon exclusive images.

- Chance to win a free commission every month.

-* Access to two story chapters or three short stories of your choice.*

The main changes, new patrons will get a couple of short stories before the first payment, and the monthy package after the confirmed payment, actual patrons will get the package as previously ( with the current system someone could just made new accounts and get the stuff of the month without ever pay anything)

New supporter pledges now will allow new patrons to choose what stuff they want, not like before where I put a specific comic.

All pledges pledges aside the curious supporter will have a chance to get a free commission (more details about this soon!)

And I think that's it for now, I welcome any critic or suggestion!

January package will be sent tomorrow!
January package will be sent tomorrow!more_vert
Post file flag
January package will be sent tomorrow! 2016-01-29T00:21:44+00:00close

I took me a little more than expected, though this month package is the biggest one with a total of 144 images! way over the 100 hundred scheduled. Aside that the short story for the first patrons (from october) should be ready to send during the first 2 weeks of february, the rest of patrons would get a month later, before I start releasing it at DA.

The honeymoon chapter II sneak peak 2.
The honeymoon chapter II sneak peak 2.more_vert
Post file flag
The honeymoon chapter II sneak peak 2. 2016-01-25T00:18:44+00:00close

And the second sneak peak, oh that pillow again... Aside the release next week I expect to made some changes to the new supporter pledges and allow people to choose the content that the want to get, but for the details you will have to wait a little.

The Honeymoon chapter II My huge wife sneak peak 1.
The Honeymoon chapter II My huge wife sneak peak 1.more_vert
Post file flag
The Honeymoon chapter II My huge wife sneak peak 1. 2016-01-25T00:05:51+00:00close

And here goes a couple images from this month comic, the second chapter of The honeymoon, whichwill be full of naughtiness, shrinking and affectionate femdom like the previous one, but this time the size diference between the newlyweds will be much bigger than before! The comic will be a litte longer than expected, because I have done 130 images and I have not finished it yet, so I expect to have it done during the next week.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2587357 - 26 Jan 16 00:09
Look forward to seeing the finished package. Keep it up!
user avatar
nyom - 26 Jan 16 00:58
I will! thanks for your comment!
Introducing Eve.
Introducing Eve.more_vert
Post file flag
Introducing Eve. 2016-01-15T00:14:47+00:00close

Just finished the rendering of this one, an early test of the lost island main female character, Eve, I spend some hours today working on the background rocks, aside that, the jungle floor, the forest and the dinosaur are a quick work to place the female character in a "decent"scenario, but the final scene would need more work.

I expect to keep her shape like this during the story, keeping her growth just for size, or maybe the story will start with a more modest shape and then grow into this one... I like her overall look; the skin textures (which have a dirt option), the clothes and accessories really improves and fits the survival atmosphere that I want for this story . Not much more to say, I'm working on the honeymoon chapter II too and it should be done for the last of the month as expected.

Lost in the swamp
Lost in the swampmore_vert
Post file flag
Lost in the swamp 2016-01-07T00:24:41+00:00close

And I guess he will be lost for a while... damn I would be lost years there anytime!

I bought some stuff for vue today (notice those reeds!) and wanted to test them, so I did a quick image, a bit like the old nymph images but a bit more perverted. I used those great water objects from the liquid package too.

well aside the new image, ( I expect to add some more soon) it time to resume plans and new projects.

First; I think that the january package will be just a bigger chapter of the honeymoon (about 120-130 images) there is lot of to do with those sizes!

Second: I said months ago that the october patrons would get a short comic, today just got some flying agarics for the fairy magic ring, it will be a short light-hearted and romantic story, it wil be exclusive for some time, after it I will publish it at DA (not so slow as other releases, but it won't be fast).

Third: The free Titanic Tina story, I got some stuff for it today, as I expect to test the new bodysuit and flest out the hero side ofthe story.

A wall of text, and I got late... hum lastly I would like to ask for some feedback about new and old projects, even it's bad!

December short story will be sent tomorrow!
December short story will be sent tomorrow!more_vert
Post file flag
December short story will be sent tomorrow! 2016-01-04T00:24:48+00:00close

The micro themed short story "microsized you are!" will be sent tomorrow, it's longer than expected and I just finished the editing right now, but it's a bit late and checking, prepare the files and sending them would take me another hour, so I will wait till tomorrow. Aside that I expect to add more standalone images here and detail new projects soon!

Comments (29)
user avatar
User #2612189 - 15 Jun 16 16:09
So it would be a total of 25 dollars for 3 stories?
user avatar
nyom - 15 Jun 16 23:39
user avatar
User #2612189 - 14 Jun 16 21:28
So nyom I dont have any more questions about the microsized you are story but what if i pledged more money like 45 dollars for 3 stories
user avatar
User #2612189 - 2 Jul 16 22:56
Ok the second chapter of big time plus the first chapter and microsized you are
user avatar
User #2915230 - 22 Feb 16 15:53
How can I get this story? I am a new patron and this was the December reward
user avatar
nyom - 23 Feb 16 23:09
It's written in the pledge description, send me a message here or at m ye- mail and I will sent you the comics when the pledges are processed in the early days of march.
user avatar
User #2612189 - 16 Jun 16 00:09
What if on a phone
user avatar
nyom - 16 Jun 16 15:03
no clue about that...
user avatar
nyom - 2 Jul 16 09:30
And now you asking for two short stories instead of three... do I add the second chapter of big time to that and we finally settle this?
user avatar
nyom - 19 Jul 16 10:44
33 pages-> so it's short, long stories are around 100 pages...
user avatar
User #2612189 - 12 Jun 16 16:15
Nyom where would i get that welcome package at. Is it an email?
user avatar
User #2612189 - 15 Jun 16 23:46
So i looked at the pledge stuff and I put in 20 dollars so on July I should get the and also I dont know where to find the messages
user avatar
nyom - 13 Jun 16 13:47
I will send it when your pledge is processed in the early day of july...
user avatar
User #2612189 - 1 Jul 16 04:06
So nyom first the only reason I'm still messaging you this way is be cause I'm really lazy and can't figure out how to message on the phone and second when July hits I would like microsized you are, the honey moon, and big time
user avatar
User #2612189 - 11 Jun 16 10:32
Cool thank you
user avatar
User #2612189 - 11 Jun 16 00:14
So all i do is send you a message at your email
user avatar
nyom - 11 Jun 16 10:31
You don't have to send me an e-mail or message if you are not a 15$ or 20$ pledger (those pledgers have to request me the old comics that they want), once I notice that your are a patron I will send you the stuff, expect the welcoming package today.
user avatar
nyom - 12 Jun 16 23:28
You should have received it at the e-mail you provided to patreon...
user avatar
nyom - 15 Jun 16 10:15
Yes, you can overpledge and 45 $ would result in 10$ for the monthly package and 35$ for old chapters/ short stories, and since It's 5$ per old stuff it would 35/5=7 chapters or short stories... by the way, for this doubts better use the messages rather than it comment here
user avatar
nyom - 16 Jun 16 00:08
Right click on my name-> open new tab-> send message on the top of the screen...
user avatar
User #2612189 - 2 Jul 16 03:14
So that would be the first chapter of honey moon and big time or 1 and 1 or 3 short stories. So if that's the case I will ask for microsized you are and the first chapter of big time
user avatar
nyom - 13 Jun 16 09:21
It's additive ,10$ for the monthly package and the extra 5$ for an old story of your choice...
user avatar
User #2612189 - 13 Jun 16 09:26
So if I ask for microsized you are after i pledge the five you'll send it to me
user avatar
User #2612189 - 19 Jul 16 12:53
Cool thanks
user avatar
User #2612189 - 13 Jun 16 16:05
Cool thank you
user avatar
nyom - 1 Jul 16 14:54
eeer your pledge has been processed at 20$ and you are asking for a big story and two short stories... , it's two big stories or three short stories, or one of each other... plus you are not tell me the chapters you are asking for...
user avatar
User #2612189 - 18 Jul 16 11:05
Hey Nyom what is that Up to the task story. Would it be considered a long story or short story?
user avatar
User #2612189 - 15 Jun 16 23:41
user avatar
User #2612189 - 13 Jun 16 00:24
So if I pledge 5 more dollars could i ask for microsized or would i have to pledge a brand new 15
December reward part I sent
December reward part I sentmore_vert
Post file flag
December reward part I sent 2015-12-23T00:35:51+00:00close

I've just sent the first part of december package, the second chapter of Titanic Tina, to current patrons. (patrons that withdrew the pledge after getting thestuff or declined pledges won't get it till an actual payment is confirmed in january) the second part ( the short story) wil be sent next week, aside that I will be out the rest of the current week, so I couldn't send stuff to new patrons.

Titanic Tina chapter II: sizes to explore sneak peak.
Titanic Tina chapter II: sizes to explore sneak peak.more_vert
Post file flag
Titanic Tina chapter II: sizes to explore sneak peak. 2015-12-17T00:26:42+00:00close

I know, I have not been very productive lately, just had a moody period, gladly it seems over, right now I'm busy working on the second chapter of Titanic tina, it should be ready to send for next week,even if it's a bit bigger than expected (over a 100 images). Since the christmas (you know visit the family and the rest of the stuff) got in the middle the short story would have to wait till late of the month or at worst, the early days of january ( in that case it still would be sent to december patrons)

November package will be sent tomorrow.
November package will be sent tomorrow.more_vert
Post file flag
November package will be sent tomorrow. 2015-11-26T00:35:00+00:00close

Or just at the end of the current day, I could send it in about half an hour, but I prefer to check the stuff a couple more times searching for mistakes or cut words, and checking is not to be done at 2 am, so I will wait till tomorrow, besides I'm going to add a size chart to the honeymoon story too. I add a preview image from Out of the blue, the story has ended with 35 images instead of 25, so more stuff for you!

November package incoming... soon!
November package incoming... soon!more_vert
Post file flag
November package incoming... soon! 2015-11-21T00:13:34+00:00close

I haven't updated in a while so time for a little update, The november package will be ready about wednesday of next week, and yes, that's an small delay, but I had some problems along the way, the rendering of the first chapter of the honeymoon story is done, and I have edited 60/87 of its images, the megagiantess story is taking me some time, but it think I will manage to have it done in a couple of days. I add a teaser image from the honeymoon story.

The Honeymoon Test 03
The Honeymoon Test 03more_vert
Post file flag
The Honeymoon Test 03 2015-11-09T22:33:48+00:00close

And last one here, I will probably will add some at DA soon.

The Honeymoon Test 02
The Honeymoon Test 02more_vert
Post file flag
The Honeymoon Test 02 2015-11-09T22:29:06+00:00close

Another image, I will expect her to shrink him a lot, though I will like the process to be slow too, so the story probably will have more than one part .

The honeymoon Test 01
The honeymoon Test 01more_vert
Post file flag
The honeymoon Test 01 2015-11-09T22:18:00+00:00close

First test of november long story, the honymoon, it would be a slow shrinking/size stealing story, with plenty of naughtiness between the characters.

You know what comes next?
You know what comes next?more_vert
Post file flag
You know what comes next? 2015-11-06T01:19:14+00:00close

A quick test for a idea I had, I had tried to use high quality carpets models, but the files were huge,pretty demanding and slow to use, so I use a different aproach, I added a plain carpet, modificated the textures into an ecosystem, added a grass plant but changed its color texture... and here is the result! That carpet would work perfect in a micro scenario...

Quick news and updates. 2015-11-04T11:32:58+00:00
  • I want to thank all my current patrons, this first month I didn't have any declined pledges!
  • The problem with google drive is solved, so people without a gmail account will have access to the files too.
  • I didn't notice when I created the first pledge, but since the stuff is released during the month, until I release the November package the new pledges will get the October package, and when it's released they will receive the november package too. It will help encourage new patrons, but it's a bit unfair with my first patrons that only got a package for their money, so I will create an exclusive small reward just for you.
  • I've already spent some money on getting new stuff, the first image done with it it's already available on DevianArt (the mega giantess one), but I still haven't used most of what I bought so stay tuned for a mini giantess exclusive image soon.
  • Finally, I'm busy right now creating the November package, the first scene for the long story should be ready today or tomorrow, so I will add an exclusive testing image here too.

Note: As I wrote in the pledge exclusive images will be just stuff that could not be posted on DevianArt, just in case someone get the wrong impression.

Sending files: Cloud storage and headaches... 2015-10-29T22:27:47+00:00

Well, first I would like to say that I'm pretty surprised for the current support, way more than I expected...

And second, I'm finding some problems to send the comic files to my patrons, when I created the first shipping e-mail with gmail this morning I noticed that I couldn't attach the files because they were to big (Titanic Tina 124mb and the short story 43 mb) instead, it allowed me to add a link through google drive, the google cloud storage server, so I did it.

Later I received a message here from one of the users, he couldn't download the files, He tried to use his gmail account too, but that account wasn't granted access because I just had granted access to the emails that I had in the patreon manager list. After I granted him access with the new gmail account, I began to search for a better way to share my stuff, and found a myriad of options...

And pretty much the same core problem...

With google drive I can grant complete access ( to see the files and to download them) to any gmail users and at the same time I keep control over the files, but users without a gmail account just can see the files...

And some of the free cloud storing options that I have seen have pretty much the same problem, what to share a private file with dropbox? the other users needs a dropbox account too... and drop box don't offer you control over your files for free accounts...

So I don't know what to do... should I ask people to just give me gmail e-mails? But I understand that some people won't want to use it... should I keep looking for a better alternative? but the month is almost done... should I add various storage options? Buff that could be a pain... should I look for a paying specific solution? seems like the best solution for the long term, but I wouldn't want to start paying when I still hasn't pondered all the free options...

For now I will send an email to all patrons with the links, so at least non gmail users could view the files... and if some patron has given a non gmail e-mail contact in patreon, but actually has one, or has it created recently, just email me at nyom1987@gmail.com or sent me a message here and I will grant the access as soon as I see it.

Finally, If someone has any suggestion about how I could share or send my stuff I would be more than grateful!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #613371 - 2 Nov 15 03:29
Try box.com. I use it, but I pay for it. It works well enough for me. Free storage all have restriction unfortunately...
user avatar
nyom - 4 Nov 15 11:13
For now I'm going to keep with google drive, now I still retain control over the files and it doesn't have access restrictions...
First image
First imagemore_vert
Post file flag
First image 2015-10-28T23:49:49+00:00close

Testing the post creation, this is a quick image done with the characters of the october comic Titanic Tina

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #728804 - 9 Nov 15 13:52
where can I get this comic?
user avatar
nyom - 9 Nov 15 22:37
I will sent it to you e-mail.
user avatar
User #389671 - 29 Oct 15 14:11
Haha AFter reading the comic i can tell you, it definitely needs a part two when she grows that big.
user avatar
nyom - 29 Oct 15 14:53
Of course it needs a second part, she is still small! but I'm not sure if she will grow that big in the comic yet, this is about 30 meters tall!
Unbalance 1-2 1534593798

A two-part short story from April and June 2016.


Big Countryside Girl 1-3 1534591789

A three-part short story from July, October, and December 2016.


Big Time 1-3 1534573232

A three-part short story from February, March, and April 2016.


Little silly wishes - 2016-02-23 1513549206