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Putting the word out about commissions 2020-04-14T00:47:05+00:00

My list of commissions is the lowest it's been in two years. So if you've been holding onto an idea for a story but have been wanting to see it happen soon instead of in six weeks, now is your chance to contact me and hash out the details. Prices are still $2 per 100 words/$20 per 1000.

Note about Pledges 2018-08-03T11:39:49+00:00

Apparently Patreon has moved to the UK, meaning that credit card companies might decline payments as being unusual. If your pledge has been canceled, this might be the problem.

Out and About 2018-08-01T21:05:27+00:00
So we know Weiss is a fan of dogs. How long until she ends up being mounted by one of them in some out of the way alley in Vale and dragged around town by its knot?

Weiss was pinned underneath a very large dog. The lighting was too bad for her to tell the breed, but she could tell it was a very big dog. So big, in fact, that it’s front paws were resting on the ground, even though Weiss was on all fours.

It was so big, in fact, that Weiss hoped that anyone seeing the two of them would just assume he was breeding his bitch. Which was true, certainly. But Weiss was really hoping they would assume the dog was breeding a canine bitch, and not her. It was those little distinctions that were so important in life.

Weiss’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she got fucked by the street dog. He was so forceful and domineering, using Weiss as nothing more than a hole he could rut in. He didn’t care a bit about anything Weiss thought or did or was. She was a cunt that had presented itself to him; that was all that mattered.

God, Weiss was wet. It felt like there was an inferno inside her, one that got stoked higher and higher with every thrust. Every rough thrust seemed like it reached a foot inside of her, stirring her up in way Weiss could never have believed.

And it wasn’t just that Weiss was getting fucked into a drooling mess by a dog that made her so turned on. There was also the fact that she was stark naked, on all fours and getting screwed by a dog in almost-public. Anybody could look around and see her, see her shameful, disgusting acts.

Weiss didn’t know what would happen if someone saw her. Would they scream? Call the police? Watch? Try and join in? So many horrible, horrible things could happen to Weiss if she was caught. And she loved the thought of them all.

Then Weiss’s mind was utterly shattered as the dog’s knot expanded. The high-pitched sounds Weiss made were nothing more than that of an animal in heat, with nothing connecting them to a human mind. She came time and time again as her inner walls were forced apart by the expanding knot.

Weiss collapsed onto the dirty alleyway, her strength vanishing her as the dog knotted and started cumming in her. Weiss’s mind was overwritten with fireworks, blinding flashes of pleasure that left room for absolutely nothing else. She didn’t even notice when the dog finished cumming and started walking away, dragging her with it.

Weiss only regained a fragile coherence when the dog’s knot slipped out of her stretched pussy. She was left on the ground, the dog running away now that his bitch was no longer attached to him. Weiss rolled on her back, feeling the dog’s semen running out from her gaping lips.

She dazedly looked around, trying to figure out where she was. And how far away her clothes were. It looked like she was in a residential area. And she had started out in the commercial district.

A wave of cold and then heat washed over Weiss. How far would she have to go, and how many people would see her naked, cum-splattered body, before she found where she had stashed her clothes? Weiss had no idea.

And there was only one way to find out.

August Ideas Poll is Now Open 2018-08-01T15:06:50+00:00

Send in your ideas for this month's story, and I'll pick the one I like best. Voting closes on the fifth. However, a word of warning. I'll be flying to the other side of the country tomorrow for a week and a half. I have no idea how much writing time I'll have while on vacation. The story will probably be delayed.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3256160 - 1 Aug 18 15:20
Taylor and Amy like tying themselves/each other up, but usually do too good of a job. Fortunately, they can just call Lisa and/or Vicky, and they'll come over to untie the two. Eventually. And if their rescuer(s) take advantage of their predicament, well, it's not like Taylor and Amy can do anything about it, right?
user avatar
User #2741501 - 2 Aug 18 23:46
Amy gets tired ov Vickys recklessness and decided to punish her with a spanking she also uses her powers to botj make her feel it and make her come afterwards for being a good girl and taking her punishment Vicky on the other hand has no idea what just happened except she wants more and is somewhat ashamed for cumming from her sister spanking her.
user avatar
User #877350 - 1 Aug 18 21:37
Blake wants futa Yang to fuck her mom while she watches from a closet.
user avatar
User #970556 - 1 Aug 18 19:15
In a modern high school au. Raven had been eyeing her student Weiss for some time now. And it's pretty obvious Weiss is returning her attraction. One day she asks Weiss to stay behind and she seduces her. The inexperienced Weiss never stood a chance. Raven sucks Weiss off with Weiss sitting on Raven's desk then Raven fucks herself on Weiss's dick in the amazon position. Raven gets pregnant.
Red Hair, White Milk 2 2018-07-31T22:54:10+00:00

“And here we are!”

Ranma side eyed Nabiki. She knew exactly where the two of them were. Nabiki’s bedroom. It wasn’t like it was a big secret or anything.

Still, Nabiki seemed happy enough as she opened the door and tugged Ranma through. Slamming it shut behind her, Nabiki grinned down at the redhead in front of her. She took a step forward, raising her hands.

“Now, let’s get to mi- helping you out.”

Ranma turned a shade of red fairly close to her hair color. Taking a step back, she twiddled her fingers together, looking around the room.

“Um, uh, right now? Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, uh-?”

“You,” Nabiki snapped her fingers and pointed at Ranma, “are exactly right. What was I thinking? I’ll go and get a jar for you to fill up.” Ranma made a choking noise. “And while I’m gone, you can get out of that shirt.”

Spinning on her heel, Nabiki left the room. Ranma could hear her clattering down the stairs. Using the brief bit of privacy, Ranma breathed in, trying to fight down her nervousness. And ignore the tight, aching feeling in her chest.

It was okay, it was alright, Ranma was just letting one of the Tendo sisters help her out with a feminine problem. The sister she liked the least, and for good reason, but still. It was just Nabiki being a good person. No reason to get all worked up over it.

Telling herself that, Ranma pulled her shirt up and off her head. She shivered at the feeling of the material on her braless breasts, and clutched one arm against her side. Then she massaged her breasts, wincing. Was there really milk in here? Ranma was a guy damnit. Guy’s didn’t make milk.

Ranma’s hands flew back to her sides as Nabiki opened the door, carrying a jug in one hand. She raised an eyebrow at Ranma’s guilty expression but didn’t ask about it. Instead, she lifted the jar up, offering it for inspection.

“Think you can fill this sucker up?”

“Yes,” Ranma grumbled. “And then I’m going to take a long, hot bath.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that,” Nabiki said hastily, her eyes widening. “Those pills flooded your body with female hormones. You won’t like what happens if you change back.”

Ranma’s eyes widened, and then she started stomping around, grumbling to herself. She didn’t notice the look Nabiki was given her swollen breasts as they swung around. Finally, Ranma’s ire subsided enough for her to turn back to Nabiki. She crossed her arms across her chest, then winced and crossed them underneath her breasts.

“Are you kidding me? Fine, fine. How long do I have to wait?”

“Don’t know. The warning label didn’t say,” Nabiki said, shrugging. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

That set off a new wave of grumbling, which Nabiki thoroughly ignored. Instead, she reached forward and pressed down on Ranma’s shoulders. Ranma let herself get forced down to her knees, not really noticing. She did notice when the lip of the jar pressed against her overheated body.

Gasping, Ranma looked down. Her eyes widened even further as Nabiki reached forward with her other hand and grabbed Ranma’s breast. Ranma felt something stir in her lower belly, a feeling she wasn’t very familiar with.

“Nabiki, are you sure-!”

“Yep!” Nabiki said cheerfully.

She had cut Ranma’s question off by squeezing, her fingers lightly sinking into Ranma’s boob. She slightly adjusted the position of her hand and squeezed down again, going deeper this time. This time, Ranma could feel something stirring in her breasts.

“N-Nabiki, I think I’m…” Nope, too embarrassing to say.

Nabiki got the idea by the third squeeze of her hand. The beads of white appearing on Ranma’s nipple were a pretty good clue. And the fourth squeeze got enough to make the milk trickle down into the jar.

There was a problem, though. Nabiki’s hand was getting a bit tired. Ranma could tell by the way she set the jar down and massaged her hand, wincing. For once, Ranma didn’t wear her feelings on her face and stopped herself from rolling her eyes at Nabiki’s weakness.

Nabiki switched hands, now squeezing down much more firmly. Ranma moaned through closed lips as she felt more and more of her milk get forced out. It was feeling really good. Not just the sense of one of her breasts getting lighter, the uncomfortable full feeling going away; but the actual act of milking felt nice too.

By the time Nabiki switched breasts (and the jar was a quarter full), Ranma was practically squirming. Her breath was coming in short pants, and she couldn’t bring herself to look Nabiki in the eyes as the middle Tendo slowly squeezed down on Ranma’s tits.

Ranma’s hands clenched into fists. She was feeling funny. Not just in her breasts, but down in her lower belly. It wasn’t something she had really felt before. Not for years, really, not since Pops had burst into their shared tent one night and seen Ranma with his hand inside his pants.

That had brought on a strenuous enough training regimen that Ranma had lost interest in that sort of thing. And she could understand why it was happening again. After all, Nabiki was touching her breasts, nothing else. Ranma was tightly clutching her knees as Nabiki kept on squeezing.

Ranma realized she was feeling better than she probably ever had before. Her body seemed like it was on fire, and it was such a wonderful feeling. But as good as it was, it wasn’t quite enough. Ranma needed something more, and she had no idea what it was or how she would find it.

When Nabiki finally stopped, Ranma was panting for breath, her cheeks a bright red. She blearily looked up at Nabiki, who shook a half-full bottle of milk. Human milk. From Ranma’s own breasts. Oh, that sent a whole new wave of- shame, it had to shame, through Ranma.

“Good job, Ranma” Nabiki said cheerfully. “Let me know when you start feeling full again. Here’s your shirt, so off you go.” She pushed a still topless, flushed Ranma out of her bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

Ranma realized she would have to do this again. And again. And again.

Late Night Perving 2018-07-30T23:23:38+00:00

-> Prompt A: Weaver is a highly respected member of the Wards, and the same can be said of Panacea in regards to New Wave. Their relationship is good for the links between the two organisations, and greatly helps PR. Sophia has to remind herself of this nightly nowadays. The PRT had decided that a Wards-New Wave bonding trip was just what was needed to cement the ties between the organisations, and Sophia ended up next door to Hebert and Dallon. The walls are far too thin, in Sophia's opinion, and the only entertainment available was watching Panacea walk her bitch of a teammate on a leash and seeing the brunette make Hebert whimper like a dumb little fuckmutt when she played with Weaver's holes through a hole in the wall, which was, while admittedly fantastic masturbation material, annoying after the fifth orgasm. But when Panacea catches a glimpse of her, well... It turns out that Amy has some very interesting ideas about what she calls "domestication". (Maybe a two-parter at most, with Sophia getting off on Amy leashing and fucking Taylor, then her getting caught and being domesticated herself.)

Sophia wished the hole in the wall was bigger. It was only a few inches across, which wasn’t nearly enough room for her to get a good view of what was happening in the other room. If only there weren’t so many lights on in the next room. Then she could slip through the wall and find somewhere to get a better view. As it was, they were sure to see her shadow form.

Or maybe just Panacea would see her. Hebert didn’t look like she was in a state to see much of anything right now. Even with the bad view Sophia had, she could see that the stupid bitch was barely aware of anything but what Panacea told her.

Sophia couldn’t believe her luck at first. Getting to see Panacea literally make that fucking wimp Hebert crawl around on all fours, acting like a dog had been so hot Sophia’s panties had clung to her lower lips as she tried to get out of them. Things had only gotten better when Sophia realized that the tail and dog ears Taylor had were real. Obviously thanks to Panacea, who probably was also responsible for Taylor not saying anything but barks and whimpers and stuff.

Now, though, after Sophia had masturbated herself to orgasm five times in a row, she was ready for it to be over. She would just need the two sluts on the other side of the wall to turn the lights off and go to bed so Sophia could get some sleep. Not that Sophia was focused only on herself. She was quite willing to let Panacea and, heh, Brownie, go at it again tomorrow, preferably after Sophia had widened the hole a bit.

Wiping her fingers clean, Sophia laid down in her bed. She could get dressed before leaving the cabin tomorrow morning. For now, she was fine to go to sleep naked, imagining the fun she’d have with Hebert tomorrow. Sophia may not have Emma’s skill with barbed words, but she was sure she could think of a line or two.

Like maybe about how loud Hebert was cumming, Sophia thought with a flash of irritation. Taylor was being loud enough right now to make Sophia’s ears hurt. Panacea must have brought out that dildo Sophia had seen. The one that was shaped like a dog’s dick, but was the size of a horse’s cock.

Taylor was an extended orgasmer. She must have been whining for twenty seconds straight before she finally shut up. It was almost enough to make Sophia regret she hadn’t kept watching, to see what Hebert looked like with a dog dick stuffed in her pussy or her ass. Sophia felt another tingle of arousal at the thought.

“Good girl,” Panacea said, her voice coming through the wall. “You’ve been such a good bitch tonight, Brownie. Yes you are, yes you are!”

There was a happy bark.

“Now just wait here a bit, okay?” Panacea’s voice took on a new note. “I need to get Blacky.” There was a confused whine from Hebert, and Sophia felt her own brow crinkling in confusion. “She’s going to be your new kitty friend, understand? I’m sure she’ll love to play with you, after how long she watched us tonight.”

Sophia’s blood froze and she jumped off the bed. Oh shit, oh shiiiiiit. She started for the cabin door, bare feet slapping on the floor. She flung it open and took two steps forward, utterly naked and running into the campground.

Then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her and-


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3256160 - 31 Jul 18 06:52
Is this part of the Gene Play arc?
user avatar
ReadingFan - 31 Jul 18 14:06
Not intentionally.
Pleasure Hell 2018-07-30T20:20:04+00:00

(For reference: https://youtu.be/7l0sl1HQpwU )

I moaned as I thrust into the Meme. She, it, whatever, was moaning too, thrashing around underneath me. Right now she didn’t have any eyes, but I was sure that when she did, they would be rolled up in the back of her head.

That was how the Memes always acted. Like they were mocking me in their enjoyment. Grabbing one of their shoulders would make all of them act like they were having the best orgasm of their lives. And actually trying to do anything sexual with them had them (and usually the ones nearby as well) acting like they were having an epileptic fit, no matter how rough or inattentive I was with them.

And it wasn’t even as if they were that good of a lay. Too much flailing around, not enough concentration on my pleasure (I wasn’t sure if they could feel pleasure, or just acted like they could.) Handjobs that took forever for their loose grip to get me anywhere, blowjobs that used too much teeth (always enough to hurt just enough to make any pleasure I’d gotten evaporate, but never enough to actually leave any marks), the list went on.

Hell, it had taken me a long time to accept that, despite how big and bouncy their breasts were, it was beyond frustrating to actually get a good titjob from them. The bouncing their boobs did would have been ridiculous even from one of the hentais it seemed they came from, much less anything an actual girl’s breasts would have done.

Hana’s breasts had never moved like that. Even if they had been the same size of the Meme’s (i.e., bigger than her head), I was sure they would never have constantly been jiggling and bouncing. I should know, of course, I saw her topless often enough. Ditto her ass versus the Memes, as well.

For all that the Memes looked like a parody of Hana, they didn’t have a patch on the real thing. Or even the reflection. If I could have had Hana back in my life, I’d have done so in a heartbeat, getting rid of every last Meme. Hell, I’d even take Dark Hana.

But one was just as impossible as the other. There was no way Dark Hana would ever get bored of watching me try to get pleasure from the Memes, not bored enough to actually let me have sex with her. (Which was my real interest in her, obviously. Dark Hana was a reflection of the real one not on her body, which was usually a perfect copy, but by her personality. Sex, without having to actually spend time with her, was by far the better choice.)

Hana was by far the better choice, but even if I returned to life, I would still need to find her and make up somehow. And that would be a real challenge, given how she’d torn me to pieces when we broke up. Even now, the memory of that stung. Even if a lot of what she said was deserved.

I did spend too much time watching porn. Especially after Hana left me, but even before then, when we were having sex pretty regularly, I beat the meat pretty often. I was sure there was a connection between that and the Memes. If I had been a glutton, would I have been surrounded by gourmet food that tasted like ash?

There was no way to know. All that I was certain about was that I would never get to see Hana again. Or even see that much of Dark Hana. She only came by when… Hell if I could tell what made her come and go. But whatever her motivations were, she didn’t come by to torment me all that often. Instead I was stuck with the endlessly psychedelic gyrations of the Memes surrounding me.

‘Psychedelic gyrations’. If there was any proof needed that the Memes were (intentionally) no good at sex, there it was. I shouldn’t be able to assemble a phrase like that and slip it into a sentence if I was having a good time.

I drew out of the Meme’s oddly textured pussy, my cock standing up straight. She moaned, rolling her head from side to side until she realized I wasn’t putting it back inside her. Pouting, she stood up, an action all the other Memes surrounding me mirrored.

They started doing what would have been a strip-tease if they had been wearing any clothes. As it was, the neon green, red, and blue colors flashing over their skins did a good enough job of hiding details like nipples that they might as well have been wearing something skin tight.

The Memes kept on doing their erotic dancing, wiggling their hips and shaking their tits. Back when I was alive, if I had been watching this on my laptop, my pants would have been down and my cock would have been hard. Well, I didn’t have any pants now and my cock was slowly becoming soft, even as they wiggled and shimmied. And shimmered, their multi-colored flesh slowly becoming barely covered with a bikini. The kind of bikini that would have gotten its wearer expelled from a nude beach for being too provocative.

It was a new bikini. I had a pretty good memory for this kind of thing, and I couldn’t remember the Memes wearing it before. Lucky me, getting to see something so new. Now if only I could convince myself that it was arousing, I might actually be able to enjoy all of this jiggling flesh surrounding me.

I stared at the lewdly dancing figures in front and to the sides and behind me. And I sighed. As unsatisfying as it was to fuck the Memes, I was probably going to grab one of them and try again real soon. It wasn’t as if there was any fucking thing else to do around here. It was me, the Memes and the bizarre lighting. And that was it. I didn’t know where Dark Hana went when she wasn’t with me, or what she did, but I didn’t have the slightest chance of finding her. She would come to me, and until she did, there was nothing to do but have some bad sex with one of the utterly interchangeable Memes.

I turned my head to look at one of the dancing Memes as she, or it, rubbed herself against another Meme, the two of them in utter symmetry. I supposed I might as well try this one. I’d never had the least interest in a hairjob before, but maybe, somehow, there wouldn’t be some hidden flaw that would make the entire thing a waste of time.

Right, and maybe fish could fly. But with nothing else even seeming to be a good idea, I was going to do it. I reached out and grabbed the Meme by the shoulder, hauling her over in front of me. I didn’t try to be gentle. There was no way whatsoever I could hurt the Memes, so I just pulled her over. She, it, turned what should have been a stumble into a sashay, waving her hourglass figure from side to side.

Maybe this one was the Meme I had tried to fuck earlier. Or maybe not. There was no way and no point in trying to tell them apart. A Meme was a Meme was a Meme.

I pushed her onto her knees and started stroking my cock, trying to get as hard as possible. This wasn’t going to be satisfying. I knew it wasn’t going to be satisfying. And I was still going to do it, because there was absolutely nothing else to do. I was surrounded on all sides by acres and acres of hot, curvy female flesh, and it was all so damn pointless.

“How’s my little Shuu?”

The words were quiet but still managed to cut through the never-ending beating music. Just like they would have been heard if I had covered my ears and put my head between my knees. If Dark Hana wanted me to hear what she said, I heard it. No ifs ands or buts.

I turned around, looking for her. It was easy enough to find her, even though I was surrounded by gyrating Memes. She was standing behind me, hands on her hips and a smile on her face. She was wearing Hana’s face right now, instead of the multi-eyed mask she sometimes had.

“Dark Hana,” I muttered under my breath. I was so quiet, and the music so loud, I could barely hear myself.

“Dark?” Her smile widened, going far beyond what a human could manage. She took a few steps towards me, running her fingers along my chest. “Oh, Shuu… I’m the only Hana you deserve. Don’t you know that?”

I glared at her, for all the good it did. Somehow, without moving, her smile shifted from overly-wide and cheery to overly-wide and threatening. I swore her teeth started sharpening into points.

“Why don’t we leave this place, Shuu? Go somewhere a bit more… intimate.”

I opened my mouth, knowing that whatever I said wasn’t going to matter. But I still had my pride. I wasn’t some dog to be led around and toyed with and discarded whenever Dark Hana felt like it. Or at least, I didn’t accept that I was.

It didn’t matter. I hadn’t even gotten the first syllable of my rejection out before we had left the Meme-infested dance floor I was usually left to wander on. Instead, we were in my apartment’s bedroom, just me and Dark Hana.

I stumbled slightly, looking around. It was just like I expected, the lightly-organized mess I had seen in my last few minutes among the living. My bed, my computer on the desk, both of them nearly filling the tiny room. Dark Hana and I were pressed together in what little clear space on the floor there was.

I supposed I should enjoy getting pressed up against the body of my girlfriend, especially when that body was nearly naked. But it being Dark Hana rather sapped the enjoyment out of it. She smirked at me, able to tell how uncomfortable I felt. Not that it was that hard to tell, since my limp dick was pressed against her thigh.

“Oh, what’s the matter, Shuugy?” Dark Hana asked, her saccharine sweet words not hiding the venom underneath. “You never had a problem getting it hard before.” One hand was wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking it. I could feel her too-long nails lightly pressing against my flesh. “Even when I wanted to go to the park or watch a movie, you wanted to just stay sitting in that chair, jacking off to girls with bigger cup sizes than IQs.”

“You’re not Hana,” I said, trying to push her away. It was like trying to knock over a statue. “You’re just wearing her face.” I couldn’t deny anything else she said, even to myself.

“Maybe you’d like to see some of the other faces I could wear,” she snarled, suddenly spitting venom. Almost literally, her jaw opened far too wide as she pushed me back against the desk.

“Or maybe,” she said, suddenly sounding contemplative, “I should just get you all nice and hard again. Yes, that sounds far more fun. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting a stiffy again, won’t you?”

“Yeah, wh-“

Before I could finish saying what I thought of that, Dark Hana had knocked me down to the floor. I grunted, the air driven out of my lungs as I ended up with the upper half of my back pressed against my desk and the rest of me in the small gap between that and my bed. I reached up to rub the back of my head

Like a twisting snake, Dark Hana crawled on top of me. She straddled my stomach, her long, bare legs on either side of me. I tried to left myself up, but even though she felt like she weighed less than I did, I couldn’t move an inch.

“There, isn’t this better?” Dark Hana said, her head stretching down much too far to be next to my face. “Just like that day during the thunderstorm. The two of us made such sweet love during it. I almost didn’t notice how you kept on looking at that box. Wondering when you’d get a chance to watch… Who knows? There’s so many fetishes you obsessed over. Girls getting fucked by their families, lolis getting tentacled, that whole barely legal collection you had.”

I twisted around, wishing I could get away or at least get Dark Hana to shut up. But I really couldn’t. Just like the Memes, I could punch her with all my strength and not do anything, not even bruise my knuckles. Unlike the Memes, Dark Hana wouldn’t just stand there and take it. She’d do… something, God knows what, in retaliation. I didn’t know what exactly it would be, beyond humiliating and painful.

“But all that’s behind you know, isn’t it?” Dark Hana smiled as if in affection. “Now it’s just you and me. Forever. Isn’t that sweet?”

My arms were trapped underneath her, but I could still flip her off. Her smile just grew as she rubbed herself back and forth. I could feel her on my bare torso. Especially because the bikini bottom was so thin it might as well have been painted on. In fact, looking at it more closely, I thought it actually might have been. Or at least, less painted on and more part of her body.

That was disturbing, though hardly the worst thing she had done. Dark Hana saw me looking and her smile widened again, until the corners of her mouth were touching her ears. She ran her hands down the sides of her stomach, down to her crotch.

“Remember all the fun times we had with this?” Dark Hana asked, rubbing two fingers along the entrance to her pussy. “It always felt so much better than your hand, didn’t it? The warmth and the tightness and looking into my eyes as we fucked… I know you never had anything like that.”

It was true. Hana had been amazing, and not just in bed. I had had so much fun with her, doing so many different things. And I had always kept on coming back to my laptop, pulling videos and games and pictures. Masturbating to the kinds of things I could never, should never ask someone to do.

“Maybe I can give you a little taste of Heaven,” Dark Hana tittered, holding a hand up to cover her mouth as she laughed. “Give you a reason to keep on living.” She paused for a moment. “Oh wait, it’s too late for that! Silly me.” Her head was less than an inch from mine, her sickly-sweet breath washing over my face. “Well, then I’m just doing it out of the generosity of my heart.” She paused again. “So say Thank You, Shuu.”

I glared up at her and kept on twisting around, trying to find a way to get free. Dark Hana frowned and grabbed my jawline, making me look up at her. She pulled my mouth open.

“I said, say Thank You.”

“’uck ou,” I replied.

A truly frightening look of anger appeared on Dark Hana’s face for a moment, before washing away. A smile replaced it. I liked the look of that smile less then I did her anger. She tugged my mouth open a bit more and tilted my head back, so I would have been looking at the ceiling if her face hadn’t been blocking the view.

“Now that’s not very nice at all, Shuu,” Dark Hana said in a mockingly disappointed tone. “How can we fix that nasty attitude of yours? I know,” she said in the same breath. “Just hold still.”

Her own mouth opened up wide, revealing a pitch black maw. Then something started pouring out of her mouth. I tried to twist my head away from the bubblegum pink fluid pouring out from her, but I couldn’t. It poured into my mouth, running down the sides of my cheeks. I was forced to quickly swallow it, gulping down mouthfuls of the overly-sweet stuff as more and more kept pouring out of Dark Hana.

It was pretty obvious to tell what this stuff did. I could feel the heat rushing through my body, seeping into every part of me. I could feel my cock getting hard again, even as I coughed and spluttered, forcing the last of Dark Hana’s stuff out of my mouth. She leaned back and wiped her mouth, a few stray droplets clinging to the back of her hand.

“Did that do the trick?” Dark Hana asked, pushing backwards. “Yes, it did!” She smiled as my stiff cock poked against her rear.

“Now that we’re both feeling good, let’s see…” she tapped her fingers against her chin. “Because I’m so nice, I’ll let you have a little taste of Heaven.”

Dark Hana stood and waddled forward until her thighs were on either side of my head. Looking up, I could see her holding onto the edge of my desk as she looked down at me. The fact that her pussy (now bare, and the color of the rest of her skin) was just a few inches away from my face was a lot more pressing.

“Come on, baby,” Dark Hana said. “Give me a kiss.”

I wished I had the strength to say no. To cuss her out, to throw her off of me, to do any number of things. But there was a burning, aching need in my crotch. I needed some relief, and just masturbating didn’t cut it. Even if I could with Dark Hana watching me.

Instead, just like I always had, I gave in to what my body was saying and mind was arguing against. I leaned up and placed a kiss on Dark Hana’s lips. It was just like what I remembered of the real Hana. Soft and wet and sweet.

I heard her coo above me, just like Hana had. That memory was like an icicle reaching into my chest. I did my best to ignore it and kissed Dark Hana’s pussy again. She was getting wetter and wetter, droplets of arousal starting to form and run together. I could taste her flavor on my tongue, overriding the taste of that aphrodisiac she had vomited into my mouth.

All the while, my cock ached. I could feel it lying on my stomach like an iron bar, needing attention. I wondered if I could start jacking off without Dark Hana noticing. Or if she did notice, if she would care.

The answer was yes, probably. But I was horny enough to risk it. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around my dick. And boy, wasn’t that a familiar feeling. No oil or lube like I had used, but just my bare hand had been good enough as a teen, so it would have to serve now.

I started jacking off as I pressed my lips against Dark Hana’s slit. I shivered, feeling the welcome pleasure inside me. That was enough for Dark Hana to notice, or at least to pretend she only realized now what I was doing.

“Oh, are you masturbating again, Shuugy-kins?” I managed to keep my face blank at that disgusting nickname. “Can’t even focus on your own girlfriend’s pleasure for a few minutes without tugging it, can you?” She sighed and shook her head. “Well, I suppose I can let it go. But you better make me scream before you cum, understand?” A certain unpleasant note entered her voice with the last few words.

Dark Hana pressed her crotch against my face, which at least meant I didn’t have to hid my reaction. It did mean I had to start licking, though. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I started rubbing and licking and doing all the kinds of things someone could do with their tongue to make a woman feel good.

And I could tell I was making Dark Hana feel good, as little as that meant to me. More and more of her dew was accumulating along her folds and on my tongue. I kept on going, licking and sucking even as most of my attention was focused on my own pleasure.

I was thinking about… hell, all kinds of things, two new scenarios and fantasies popping into my head every second. Hana, the real Hana, bent over and spreading her lower lips, these two twins I’d known in high school sixty nining, Hana again, this time wearing my cum splattered across her face… And that was just the ideas I had with real people doing mostly legal things. There were a ton of other ideas, more than I could describe.

If I could just focus on one of them and properly envision it, I could probably have cum pretty quickly. But that wasn’t how my mind worked. Instead, I switched from one idea to the next, barely having time to sketch in even the broadest of details before I was envisioning something else.

And in a way, that was something of a good thing. I really fucking doubted that Dark Hana would be very forgiving if I came before she did. She could switch from pleasure to pain in the blink of an eye.

Which was even more motivation for me to keep licking at her pussy. My tongue slid into her folds, slightly spreading them. That coaxed an approving hum from her and she reached down to tussle my hair.

My dick could spread her folds even further apart than my tongue could. If only there was the slightest chance of that happening. I’d been here… God knows how long, there was no way to tell, not even the beating of my heart. The point was, I’d been here for a long while, and I’d never once been allowed to stick my dick into her pussy. In fact, it was rare that Dark Hana did anything pleasant involving my cock at all, not even a handjob.

If I wanted to cum, it would have to be up to me, and within the limitations Dark Hana had arbitrarily imposed on me. I sped up a bit, yanking my closed fist up and down my hard shaft. Meanwhile, Dark Hana had started getting into the flow of things.

She was grinding her hips against my face. I could tell that she was smearing her arousal over my lower face, leaving sticky patches on my skin. She was also making soft noises, cooes so quiet I could barely hear them over the noise I was making.

“That’s it, Shuu,” Dark Hana whispered. “Keep on tending to your darling Hana. See how good you can make your baby feel.”

I wished she’d stop talking. I couldn’t think of a single good thing she had ever said to me. Even stuff like the words she had just said were just a bunch of razor blades wrapped up in a bit of cotton candy.

But even if my mouth was free, there was no way I could get her to shut up. So I kept soldiering on, licking and sucking and doing all the things to pleasure a woman that porn had taught me. And that Hana had later corrected me on, showing what a woman actually enjoyed.

Luckily, Dark Hana’s pussy was the same as the real one’s. So I could do exactly what had made Hana cry out, knowing that it would affect the demon on top of me the same way.

I could tell it was working, even if Dark Hana was a lot less expressive than Hana had been. But her pussy was honest… God, how many times had I read that line in a porn doujinishi? It didn’t matter. What was important was that there was more and more arousal beading on Dark Hana’s folds and falling onto my outstretched tongue.

As I kept on working, I could hear Dark Hana’s breaths getting heavier and heavier. That, and how wet her pussy was getting, did help to spur me on. I might not have liked her, but at least I could pretend it was Hana I was with.

That it was Hana I was making moan, and that Hana would soon be returning the favor. That I’d get to see her bright eyes looking up at me from my crotch, even as small tremors of pleasure ran through her body. That I wasn’t with the Devil right now, getting as close to tasting Heaven as I ever would.

Or at least that the Devil could just look like a demon, and not have sadism of Dark Hana. I’d… appreciated art of cute demon girls wearing skimpy clothes or even less quite a few times. And what I wouldn’t give to have one of those pictures right now, ideally replacing Dark Hana.

I couldn’t get rid of her, though, so I had to keep on licking at her pussy, doing what I had to to make her feel good. Not that I stopped trying to make myself feel good, of course. I was still masturbating, trying to get on top of the burning lust inside me.

I couldn’t really say that it was working. Even as I furiously masturbated, I could feel the lust just growing and growing inside of me, Dark Hana’s lusty soup driving me on. My cock was so hard it ached, not that I could stop myself from running my clenched fist up and down it.

Even the scenarios I had come up with earlier were crumbling, reduced to nothing in the face of my overwhelming need. I so badly needed to cum, arousal screaming inside me. And it was so far away, it seemed.

Was this a trick by Dark Hana? Warn me that I wasn’t allowed to cum, and make sure that I couldn’t regardless of badly I wanted to? That would be her style, alright. Then again, it would also be like her to make me so desperately horny and let me cum to give her an excuse to punish me. It was so hard to tell which nasty trick she was planning at any time.

One thing was sure, though. It would be better if I came before she did, rather than having neither of us cum. Or, it would be better for my long-term health if I made sure Dark Hana came, regardless of whether it was before or after me. I may be almost as invulnerable as the Memes and her, but that was only physically. Dark Hana had a long, long list of ways to humiliate and mentally torture me.

So I kept licking. I kept on tasting her arousal as it collected on my throat and I kept on swallowing it. I really hoped she hadn’t made her dew arousing like she had for that pink goop she had forced down my throat. Even if it would really be in character for her to pull a trick like that, making me more and more aroused even as I tended to her.

But, if it was, and I hoped it wasn’t, there wasn’t anything I could do. I just had to trust in her. Not trust in the goodness of Dark Hana’s heart, but trust that the idea hadn’t occurred to her. And trust that she couldn’t read my mind, which I was about seventy-five percent certain she couldn’t do.

Dark Hana’s body was shaking more and more, and I could tell she was about to cum. I sped up, both with the hand wrapped around my cock and my tongue. In fact, I could blessedly feel my own orgasm rising, the tightening in my lower belly that told me I was about to spurt long, hot strands of cum all over my belly.

God, how long had it been since I had cum? There was no way to tell the hours, not in this timeless hell. But I could remember a long blur of frustration between the last sharp, jagged edges of climax and now. Frowning, I tried to stop thinking about that. It wouldn’t help me or Dark Hana orgasm.

I ran my tongue over Dark Hana’s clit, the nub of sensitive flesh peeking out from its protective hood. That did the trick. Dark Hana called out, in a much more sensual voice than Hana ever had.

“I’m cumming! Oh, yes!”

Her thighs tightened around me, pressing against the sides of my head. I had to start quickly swallowing, my mouth filling up with the arousal that was running out from Dark Hana’s folds in a veritable waterfall. I was even close enough to see her lower lips fluttering, opening and closing slightly as the demon on top of me orgasmed.

Through it all, I kept on masturbating, squeezing down tightly around my shaft. Surely it was okay for me to cum now. It wasn’t as if Dark Hana was the type to go back on her word, after all. I felt safe enough to get away with rolling my eyes.

I was just seconds away from my own orgasm when Dark Hana rolled off of me, ‘coincidently’ knocking my hand away from my dick. I scowled at her as she rose to her feet, kneeling at my side. Her hands reached out to me, one going for my cheek and the other to the top of my head.

“Good boy,” Dark Hana purred, running her fingers through my hair.

One last pat on my face and she was standing up. Dark Hana lasciviously stretched, pushing her breasts out and standing on her toes to better emphasize her legs. I felt a pang of lust inside me as I stared, even if I tried to tell myself I really didn’t and wasn’t.

“In fact, you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll even let you keep on masturbating,” Dark Hana continued, running the toes of her foot along the outside of my thigh. “Better hurry, though. Who knows when my little dose of love juice will wear off?”

And wasn’t that a fucking lovely thought. I put off deeper consideration of her words in favor of grabbing my dick, starting to stroke it hurriedly. I looked up at Dark Hana, lust warring with my hatred of her. Lust won out. I started masturbating to her, not just in front of her. Those breasts, those hips, although not that face, since the smooth mask with too many eyes and too sharp teeth had replaced her features.

I could feel my legs trembling, twitching. I was about to cum, just a few strokes more-

And then Dark Hana, the bitch, screwed me over. As I had been suspecting for quite some time now. Not that it made it any better to experience.

In a flash of not-light, I was gone from my bedroom, and back on the dance floor. Half a dozen Memes were standing over me, looking down at me with identical expressions of lusty surprise on their identical faces. While I’d been gone, they’d switched out their old provocative swimsuits for something like a maid’s costume, though one that would get rejected even by a porn shoot for being too lewd.

They cocked their heads in unison, staring down at me, even as the unending beat of the music started to hammer at my eardrums. I shut my eyes, feeling the lust start to drain away from me. I started furiously masturbating, desperate to get enough stimulation in to cum. I just needed a bit more, even as my arousal vanished. I wasn’t going to let Dark Hana win, not like this.

Layered over the music, if you could call it that, I heard the Memes start to lustily moan. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of looking up to see what they were doing. Instead I called up any fantasy I could, anything to take my mind off of them and keep it on my own pleasure.

Fuck, I was getting as far away from anything connected to the big-boobed, big everything Memes as I could in my head. Right now I was imagining some feminine boy dressed as a schoolgirl getting railed by a burly biker. Not a curve in sight, and I planned to keep it that, for as long as it took me to cum.

The Memes had other ideas. I felt a dozen hands descend on me, hauling me up. I opened my eyes in shock, just in time to see one of them kiss me, cradling my head in her hands.

Much worse, some more hands were on my arms, tugging me away from my dick. I spat a curse into the open mouth of the Meme that had started kissing me, and tried to pull my arm away. I just needed a few more strokes. Just a bit more and I could have a good orgasm.

But it was like pulling at an iron bar. I couldn’t get my limbs free of their grasps, especially as the Memes got closer and closer to me, kissing and caressing me. You would think that having six hot women rubbing themselves all over someone would help them cum, but I could feel myself losing my erection.

I snarled and tried to push them off of me, desperate to get the chance to cum. I could feel the tension inside of me, growing, or at least becoming more prominent, even as the arousal faded. If I didn’t get to cum, I’d have that nervous, unsatisfied energy bouncing around inside me for who knows how long.

I just couldn’t do it. Dark Hana’s arousal juice was wearing off, leaving me with very little left to get excited with. And the Memes could tell I was losing my sense of arousal. Giggling in sync, they backed off, letting me grab my now soft cock. I swore at them, using every curse word I knew, and not getting a single reaction from their frozen faces.

I tried to masturbate again, pumping my hand up and down as much as I could along my soft cock. But it was hopeless. I was soft, and even though I was surrounded by tons of barely-clad, seemingly female flesh, I knew I wasn’t going to be getting hard again, no matter what I tried, by myself or with the Memes.

And there wasn’t even a corner for me to go and sulk in. Instead, there was just an endless dance floor, with brightly colored flashing lights coming from every possible angle and music that seemed to drill into my brain. And the Memes, dancing and playing with each other in a way that should have been impossibly arousing. And inspired about as much lust in me as getting slapped with a dead fish.

I pushed through the group that had interrupted my masturbation, looking for… something. Anything that wasn’t more and more identical Memes on all sides of me, acting out the same lewd gestures in unison. And I didn’t find shit. And I knew I wouldn’t until Dark Hana wanted to play with me again.

But what the hell else was there for me to do? The itching ache in my belly wasn’t nearly bad enough for me to grab a Meme and try to get off like I’d been doing before Dark Hana arrived to toy with me. So I guessed I would just… fuck if I knew what I’d do. Go and see if there was a way out of here again. Maybe if I kept walking long enough, I’d find an exit.

Yeah, right.

Travel Broadens The... 2018-07-30T03:19:24+00:00
In one of the earlier timelines, Moemura went to Kazamino to look for a partnership with veteran magical girl (and secret futa) Kyoko Sakura. She expected to be turned away, or even attacked, but she most certainly did not expect to get her brains fucked out by the more experienced girl. She also didn't expect to like it so much, but she knows she'll have to come back for more.

“Ah! Ah! Miss, Miss Sakura! You’re-oh!” Homura’s voice rose into a wordless moan as Kyouko slammed into her again and again.

“That’s my name, alright,” Kyouko said cheerfully. “Don’t wear it out!”

Kyouko was smiling widely, her fang on full display. And she had a lot to be happy over. A real cutie was bent over in front of her, holding onto the railing for dear life. Kyouko had both of Homura’s braids in her hands, using them as grips as she fucked the shy girl who had come to her for help.

And Kyouko would help her out, she just needed some in help in exchange. Like the help of breaking in a virginal pussy. And Homura had been eager enough to help, even if it had mostly been in silence. Her mouth had hung open and her cheeks had turned red as she had stared at Kyouko’s thick, stiff rod.

Homura had only started making noises recently. Noises from her mouth at least. Her other pair of lips had been doing a whole lot of talking as Kyouko got Homura ready.

Homura’s wet pussy was squeezing down on Kyouko’s cock like only a virgin’s could. It was wonderfully tight, in fact, it almost went from nice and tight to too tight. If Kyouko hadn’t spend all that time getting Homura hot to trot, it might have been painful. But she had, and now Homura was dripping with arousal, welcoming Kyouko’s cock deep inside her untouched folds.

She was dripping right onto her school skirt, in fact. That could be a problem for later, but it would a problem for Homura, not Kyouko. And that was the best kind of problem.

The only problem Kyouko had was if she would cum inside Homura’s pussy or on her ass. Both options were attractive, Kyouko had to admit. She let go of one of Homura’s braids so she could grab that booty, testing it out. It was nice and squishy, one of the few parts of Homura that had any meat on her at all. Kyouko highly approved of it.

Oh, what a choice, what a choice. Stay buried in Homura’s folds until the end and give her a nice creampie (a pie Kyouko would let Homura have all to herself)? Or pull out when she was right on the edge and let Homura walk around all day, feeling Kyouko’s cum seep into her clothing.

As Kyouko mused on the agonizing choice facing her, she pulled back on the braid in her other hand. Homura’s head arced back, a cry escaping her lips. Her pussy also tightened around Kyouko’s cock, so the redhead ignored the whining.

Well, as fun as playing with Homura was (and it was very fun), Kyouko still had to come to a decision on where to cum. Pussy, or butt? Butt or pussy? Ah hell, Kyouko would decide that when she was closer to cumming. For now, she might as well properly enjoy turning Homura into her plaything.

And Kyouko took very good care of her toys.

Relaxation 2018-07-28T23:49:37+00:00
Hey, your tentacle pieces are amazing! How do you feel about busty Winter destressing after a long hard day with a summoned tentamonster that'll take her to cloud 9 in some elegant lingerie and her hair down? Expansion, titfucks, maybe keep the tentacles dry so that she can melt all over them?

Winter didn’t need to snap her fingers to make her summons appear. But she did so, the small act of theatricality speaking to something inside her. Before the sound of her fingers had fully faded, her Semblance had activated, drawing runes on the ground and in the air.

Winter sat down in empty air, trusting the rapidly growing tentacles to catch and support her. And they did so, the glowing white limbs letting her lounge on them as they twined their way down Winter’s legs. She purred in the back of her throat, feeling rubbing against her skin, giving her a nice, low-key massage.

But a massage wasn’t everything Winter had looking for. At the merest touch of her thought, more tentacles started sliding around her upper body, playing with the white and blue lingerie that was the only thing the mature woman was wearing. While some lightly brushed Winter’s lips, most of them payed attention to her chest, the tips of the tentacles brushing past the exposed cleavage.

Winter sighed, snuggling back against the dry, semi-cool, semi-warm embrace of her summoned tentacles. She could feel the stress and tension of the day slowly melting away as the tentacles teased her. Some of those tentacles were inside her bra now, sliding along her breasts.

“Moah…” Winter softly moaned, closing her eyes. She could feel her body tensing up even as she relaxed. Paradoxical, maybe, but she was feeling too good to worry about contradictions right now.

Especially as however many tentacles there were started really taking her up to heaven. Not a single tentacle had brushed by Winter’s pussy yet, and she was already leaving damp and arriving at wet. She slowly twisted and turned in the tentacle’s embrace as the white strands teased her breasts.

Winter could feel them coiling around her mounds, wrapping her sensitive breasts up in them. And then the rhythm started, the push and pull as they lightly squeezed her. It was like she was being milked, not that she had any actual milk to produce. No, the tentacles were just doing exactly what she wanted in the exact way she wanted.

Even with her eyes closed, Winter could tell that her breasts were growing. Swelling, getting bigger and bigger as the summoned tentacles worked at them. She wouldn’t open her eyes, that would ruin the entire thing, but she could tell that her boobs were expanding. Winter was already sure that there was no way her clothes would fit her, her Aura-reinforced breasts tearing apart any shirts or blouses she tried on.

And if they got much bigger, and they would, the tentacles would see to that… Winter shuddered at the thought, a damp spot appearing on her panties. Her chest would be so big it would be the only thing people would pay attention to. They’d see her on the street, and only remember that a huge pair of breasts had walked by, not that they were attached to anyone.

God, that thought was almost enough to get Winter to start masturbating. She could barely stop herself, forcing her hand back to her side. And then, just to make sure, she had a tentacle wrap itself around her, forcing her to start giving a handjob. There, that should keep her wandering hands out of trouble.

That was one of the last truly organized thoughts Winter had for quite some time. The tentacles were really going to work now, making the stern woman melt. They were still pumping away at her breasts, with two small, nub-headed tentacles playing with her stiff nipples, prominent even through the material of her bra.

And another tentacle had come up underneath the bra, and was sliding in and out of Winter’s cleavage, giving her a titfuck even as she was milked for something that wouldn’t come. Winter’s moans were growing louder and louder, barely muffled by the tentacles that continued to play with her lips.

Winter was getting very close to her orgasm. Her first orgasm. Her climaxes today would only be the highlights of her session with the tentacles, not the, heh, climax.

Winter didn’t know of a better way to relax after a hard day’s work.

Meeting the Mother 2018-07-27T23:21:32+00:00
When Pyrrha introduced her girlfriend Joan to her mom Athena, it was love at first sight for the gorgeous and well hung MILF. So when Pyrrha has to go to a sudden meeting with a sponsor, she decides to fuck Joan. Sadly Joan can’t handle something as big as Athena’s monster and her resistance to Athena’s advances breaks as her pussy and womb are ravaged and gets knocked up.

“Oh, my little baby has such good taste!” Athena almost squealed.

The smile Joan wore was less one of embarrassed pride at getting complimented, and more one of mindless bliss. And she wore a very wide smile indeed. So many orgasms, interspersed with near-orgasmic pleasure could do that to a girl.

Joan was wearing the tattered remnants of a sundress, and her panties still dangled around one ankle. Beyond that, though, the blonde girl was utterly naked. Her large, bare chest rose and fell with the force of Athena’s thrusts into her daughter’s girlfriend. Her legs were wrapped around Athena and her hands were clutching the edges of the table as Joan looked upwards.

In short, Joan looked like a girl who was getting the railing of a lifetime.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Joan called out as she orgasmed.

Athena hissed through her teeth as Joan tightened down around her. The blonde’s walls squeezed the older woman’s shaft, trying to milk cum out of it. Athena’s hands tightened on Joan’s hips as she thrust faster and faster into the teen.

“Pyrrha’s told us so much about you,” Athena said in between gasps for air. “And I’m so looking forward to spending some time to get to know you. Like do you really get off on wearing what Pyrrha tells you to wear?”

Joan’s brain was just barely working, enough for her to understand what Athena was saying and what that meant. She groaned and covered her face with her hands. That was just too embarrassing! Even if it was true.

A lot about this was embarrassing, really. Starting with how confidently Athena had started stripping, ripping, really, the clothes off of Joan the second Pyrrha had left. Joan had tried to protest but her words somehow got swallowed up before she could ever actually voice them. Maybe it had something to do with how Athena had pressed Joan’s face into the generous amount of cleavage she had on display.

Whatever it was, Joan had stayed silent and gotten wet as Athena carried her from the living room to the kitchen, praising her the entire way. And now Joan was flat on her back, discovering that the Nikos family didn’t seem to slow down as they got older. Athena was pounding her just as quickly as Pyrrha ever did, and her fingers seemed even better at coaxing lewd sounds out from Joan.

Maybe she could try to pretend that it was Pyrrha fucking her. After all, Athena did look a lot like her daughter. The same long, brilliantly red head, the same beautiful face, the same, Joan blushed, big, bouncy breasts… Joan had never really realized what it meant to be a MLIF before Athena had opened the door of the Nikos home.

The same front door that had just opened. Pyrrha poked her head through and saw her girlfriend naked on the kitchen table, with her mother in between Joan’s legs. There was only one conclusion possible to draw from this, and Pyrrha did so.

Pyrrha crossed her arms underneath her chest and stared at her mother. Joan thought she looked just as cute like that as she did smiling. Although she was still glad that look was directed at someone besides her.

“Oh, Momma!” Pyrrha complained. “I told you I wanted to share Joan with you.”

Teamwork 2018-07-26T18:07:16+00:00
A possible sequel to One withe the pack, or Tension relief?

There was a crackle of paper above me as Lisa moved something from one pile to another. Then she leaned back in her chair and sighed. The sound seem to come from deep in her lungs, a real heavy sound. Then a hand reached underneath the table and patted my hair.

“Almost done, Taylor,” Lisa said. “Just another half hour or so.”

I nodded as much as I could. Just another half hour was easy. I was sure I could manage for that long.

After all, Lisa would probably only cum twice more in that time. I could handle swallowing or wearing two more loads of cum. That was nothing compared to what I had already done.

It was an unusual job, sucking Lisa off as she used her power to plan things. But it had to be done. My efforts kept her power’s drawbacks from manifesting. Or rather, they did, but I kept on sucking them away.

Even after a month or two of doing this, I still found it kind of weird. I couldn’t dispute the fact that if Lisa used her power she got turned on. Or that masturbating didn’t do anything to solve the problem. And once those two facts were established, it was obvious that someone else needed to step in. And Lisa was my friend. So it made sense that whenever she would use her power for a long time, I should keep on giving her blowjobs.

But it still felt weird to give my friend blowjobs while she was working. At least I was getting good at it. I could keep Lisa’s cock inside my mouth even when she was cumming, as what always seemed like gallons of cum flowed down my throat and into my stomach. Or I could keep my face still and not flinch an inch as she came on me, covering my face with her sticky cum.

I wasn’t sure what I would do with Lisa’s next orgasm. She gave me pretty free reign on how I wanted to give her blowjobs. Nowadays, at least. In the beginning, after one to many incidents with my teeth, I’d been forced to use a ring gag until I learned how to avoid that.

I still had that gag somewhere. Or Lisa did. Along with a couple of the other toys that had accumulated. I was wondering if we should test them out someday when the two of us didn’t have anything else going on.

But it wouldn’t be today. Today, I needed to give Lisa a constant blowjob until she was done. I slid her cock deeper into my mouth, feeling her stretch me out. My tongue ran along her length, pressing and licking and doing everything I could to make her feel good.

I leaned my head forward, feeling Lisa slip into my throat. I smiled at the sound of appreciation she made at that, before gently pulling my head back. I was getting pretty good at deepthroats, and blowjobs in general. Lisa said it was because of how much practice I was getting, but I had a suspicion my wide mouth and the lungs I’d gotten from running were the major helpers.

Still, if it let me help out my friend, it was all good. I let Lisa slip back into my throat as she started typing something on a laptop. I was starting to think I should take whatever cumshots Lisa had left on my face. I hadn’t eaten real food for hours, and I wanted to save space in my stomach for something with actual nutrients.

Maybe Lisa and I could go out together. Just two friends, out for a snack. And nobody would suspect that we were both supervillains, and that I had been sucking her off for hours so she could use her power to plan some corporate espionage.

Lisa and I made a great team.

Let Sleeping Siberian Tigers Lie 2018-07-26T17:02:42+00:00

Weiss had suspicions. Suspicions about her partner Ruby, and her recent late-night super-secret sneaking mission as Ruby had insisted on calling it.

Weiss’s suspicions revolved around the fact that even though Ruby had come back without a single shred of anything useful, she had such a big smile on her face she had literally strained her facial muscles. That was very suspicious, to Weiss’s mind. But it wasn’t as if she could just ask Ruby, and get anything useful. Weiss had tried that, and gotten nothing more than some blushing and muttering.

That was why Weiss had been forced to take some additional steps. And it wasn’t as if looking at the unlocked scroll Ruby had left lying around was a very big invasion of privacy. And if it was, it was justified. So Weiss was completely in the clear.

And that was why Weiss was in the building Ruby had marked with a smiley face. It had been easy enough to get her teammates to believe something about SDC business needed her attention for the night, so Weiss had no reason to worry about anyone interrupting her investigations. Her covert investigations, which had required her to leave Myrtenaster in her room, as a full-fledged sword was difficult to explain away.

Nothing could have separated Weiss from her white outfit, of course. That stayed on, even as she sneaked unseen (she hoped) up to the penthouse. She didn’t have the slightest idea of what she would find there, but she hoped it would be worth staying up past her bedtime.

It was easy enough to get into the apartment, though Weiss’s usual tactic of flashing money to make problems go away suffered somewhat with the lock on the door. She still managed it without embarrassing herself too much. And once she was inside, Weiss didn’t expect anything to hinder her. Not with the shower running so loudly.

No sooner had Weiss thought that, then the shower turned off. Flinching, Weiss looked around for a hiding space. Underneath the bed would have to do.

Diving underneath it, Weiss made it just in time. Eyes wide, she turned around to look. All she could see was a pair of brown-skinned legs walking into the room, with only the barest hint of a towel at the top of Weiss’s field of vision. Weiss didn’t recognize whoever it was from the little she saw, although she was sure that if she had ever heard of someone important with those dark markings, almost like tiger stripes. And then even that sight was removed as the person climbed into the bed. At least there was a feminine sounding grunt to let Weiss know at least the gender of whoever was now on top of her.

It was a tense half hour for Weiss as she waited for the woman on top of her to fall asleep, and then another hour for Weiss to be sure she was sleeping soundly enough for her to leave. Weiss slowly crawled out from underneath the bed, her stiff, aching limbs screaming at every movement. Weiss kept her ears peeled for any sign that the woman above her was waking up, but none came.

Weiss slowly stood up, wincing at the pins and needles in her arms and legs. Hobbling around, she looked down at the woman who had forced her into this. Weiss’s immaculately plucked eyebrows rose as she looked down at the woman.

Weiss didn’t know of anyone who slept naked. Well, she supposed she did now, even if she didn’t know anything about this woman’s name. Other things she could tell was that the woman was quite the mature beauty, with wonderfully full breasts and a beautiful face. And then the woman shifted and revealed some more or herself.

Weiss flushed, looking at the thick, semi-soft dick that was revealed. Was this what had made-? No, no, Weiss couldn’t think something so insulting about Ruby. It was thick, so very thick, that Weiss couldn’t believe it. She leaned in for a closer look, her jaw hanging open.

And then the woman struck. Still sound asleep, the woman reached up and wrapped her hands around Weiss’s back. Caught by surprise, Weiss couldn’t react in time as she was dragged down onto the woman’s bed along with her.

Weiss’s shriek of outrage and surprise was quickly muffled as she slapped her hands over her mouth. If the woman hadn’t woken up yet, then she wasn’t going to wake her up now. Not with Weiss’s body already pressed against the woman.

At first, Weiss hoped that the woman thought Weiss was just some oversized teddy bear, and would be fine with keeping her close for a bit. But her hopes were quickly dashed. Weiss didn’t understand what was happening at first, as the woman’s hands slid underneath her clothing. She thought that the older woman was just adjusting her grip. Weiss didn’t realize that her clothes were getting stripped off of her until her bolero was off, leaving her in only her dress and underwear.

Weiss really started struggling then, to absolutely no avail. She wasn’t able to do a thing as she was slowly stripped naked, beyond wincing at the sound of seams tearing in her extremely expensive clothes. Weiss also winced as she noticed the woman’s penis getting harder and harder as Weiss got more and more naked. She was worried about the connection between the two.

Weiss was also worried about the warm, tingly feeling inside her lower belly. It grew every time she looked down at the woman’s naked body, or felt her hands on Weiss’s own frame. Weiss wasn’t nearly so innocent as to not know what arousal was, but she couldn’t believe that it was happening to her, in this time and in this place.

Weiss squirmed around, trying to avoid getting moved into position above the Faunus’s crotch. Especially not above the woman’s huge, hard penis. But there was nothing she could do. Hell, she couldn’t even control her own body enough to stop her from getting more and more turned on from getting stripped like this.

She certainly couldn’t keep herself from getting lowered into the still sleeping woman’s rod. Weiss clapped her hands over her mouth to try and keep herself quiet. She barely muffled her moan, and could do nothing at all about the wet squish from her crotch.

Weiss couldn’t believe the woman underneath her was still asleep. If someone had started fucking Weiss, she would have woken up, no matter how soundly she was sleeping. But the woman was obviously still fast asleep, her face slowly moving from vague expression to vague expression, even as her hands moved Weiss up and down her rod again and again.

Weiss was ashamed at how turned on she was. Her inner walls were getting wetter and wetter, and there was a dull heat in her lower belly that was growing as well. Weiss really, really hoped this was somehow because of pheromones that the Faunus was releasing. The alternative, well, Weiss wasn’t that kind of girl. The kind of girl who got turned on from getting stripped and molested and fucked by a complete stranger, a stranger who didn’t even know what she was doing.

That kind of girl couldn’t possibly be the heiress to the SDC. And since Weiss was the heiress, that meant she wasn’t getting turned on. Her wet pussy and stiff nipples and rasping breath were all just… just… Well, Weiss was sure there was an explanation for those things that she could find in time. Just not right now. There were other things she had to take care of.

Like trying to get off this huge, thick, wonderful cock. But try as Weiss might, it just didn’t seem to be happening. All her struggling did was make her bounce up and down the woman’s shaft without the older, dark-skinned woman’s intervention.

A moan slipped through Weiss’s closed lips as the sensations inside her welled up. This was feeling far too good. Dangerously good, even. If the woman woke up right now, Weiss wasn’t sure what she would do. If she would try and run away, or just keep bouncing up and down on her shaft.

As it turned out, that was the least of what Weiss should be concerned about. She only got her first hint about where her concerns should lie when she felt the rod buried deep inside her twitch. Weiss’s eyes widened. She had read enough, ahem, detailed stories for curious young ladies to realize what that meant. She tried to pull herself off of the woman one final time, and once, again got nothing for her efforts.

Nothing beyond a thick load of hot, sticky cum, pumped deep inside Weiss’s pussy. Weiss groaned, her eyes rolling up in her head as she felt her inner walls get coated with cum. It wasn’t an experience Weiss had ever felt before, and it felt amazing. Weiss shivered and shook atop the woman, lost in the extreme pleasure suddenly rushing through her.

Weiss was so caught up in her orgasm that she didn’t notice the eyes of the woman opening. She only realized the brown-skinned Faunus was awake when she heard a low chuckle. And even then, Weiss couldn’t get herself together enough to actually look down.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” The woman’s voice was low and smoky, amusement hiding behind every word. “Did my little pet tell one of her friends about me? Naughty, naughty,” the woman tsk’ed.

Weiss was only half listening to what was being said. Most of her attention was still focused on the warm, gooey feeling inside of her. She had even reached down to press her palm over her lower belly, as if she could feel the heat radiating out of her.

“Hmm,” the woman hummed to herself. “You certainly have a more exotic look than little red did. In fact…” the woman’s yellow eyes narrowed. “Your Weiss Schnee, aren’t you?” The woman threw her head back and laughed, long enough for Weiss to get her head out of the clouds and look up.

“Wha… what’s so funny?” Weiss murmured.

“Oh, nothing,” the woman responded. “I suppose I was just thinking of all the fun the two of us are going to be having tonight. And you want some more fun, don’t you?”

Weiss was aware of how her hips were shifting back and forth, even without her telling them to do so. In fact, they kept on doing that even when she told them not to. And her own shameful eagerness was matched by the woman, if the still rock-hard shaft inside Weiss’s pussy was any indication.

Weiss looked the woman, whoever she was, in the eyes. She tried to say- not even Weiss could have said what words were forming on her lips. In any case, they died unspoken as the woman shifted around inside Weiss. The cry Weiss gave was nothing more than pure need given vocal form.

“Yes, that’s what I thought,” the woman chuckled, reaching up to grab Weiss. “I think we’ll start be seeing just how much you squeal with my dick up your ass.”

Weiss didn’t have anything to say to that. Nothing beyond a shiver as the woman picked her up. Weiss was scooped up like a baby, her slender body pressed tightly against the woman as she strode over to one of the dressers along the side of the room.

Rummaging through them, the woman supported Weiss with her forearm as she looked for whatever it was. Weiss was too exhausted from her orgasm to want to crane her head to look down at whatever it was that was being searched for. Just staying here right now seemed by far the better choice.

Especially since, if Weiss lowered her head a bit she could press her face between the woman’s cleavage. Weiss did so, and discovered that the woman apparently put on a cinnamon perfume before going to bed. It smelled nice, and Weiss breathed in deeply. The chuckle of the woman brought her back to reality.

“Like that, do you? I suppose everyone wants what they don’t have.” Weiss bristled at that. “Don’t worry, I suppose I can give you a time or two to play with my breasts. Later, though,” she concluded, grabbing Weiss’s rear.

Weiss was dumped onto the bed. She squeaked as she bounced on the deep, well-cushioned mattress. Then a pair of strong, confident hands were on her, first hauling her upright and then pushing her forward. Weiss ended up on all fours, with her rear pointing towards the woman. Weiss blushed, realizing that the woman was getting a very lewd view of her, complete with cum trickling out of her folds.

Weiss tried to pull away, to try and preserve what was left of her modesty. But the woman still had one hand on her hip. And then her other hand made an appearance.

Weiss squealed as she felt a cool, slippery finger probing at her rear. She looked back behind to the woman’s amused smile. Then Weiss looked down at the woman’s dick. It was fully erect, and was shining in the low light of the room. Weiss gulped, realizing what that meant.

“What’s the matter?” the woman asked, somehow sounding sincerely concerned. “Surely a Schnee has a lot of experience with sticks up their asses. This,” she wiggled her hips, making her cock wave from side to side, “is just a little bit bigger.”

The closest Weiss had ever gotten to anal play was the one time she had stumbled across Yang’s collection of anal plugs. Her face had been just as red that time as it was now. Weiss tried to pull away, but the woman still had much too firm a grip on her. That, and the thumb she ran along Weiss’s wet folds made Weiss’s knees go weak enough to put an end to any attempt to pull away.

The woman scooted closer as she finished lubing Weiss up. Weiss shivered as she felt her hot, hard rod land in between her lower cheeks. Instead of the instant penetration she was expecting, instead Weiss found her rear getting caressed, two hands wandering over what rear she had.

“You know, you really do have a nice ass,” the woman said in a musing tone of voice. “It’s not nearly as big as some of the ones I’ve seen, but,” her hand pressed down into what curves Weiss had, “it suits you. Someone with your build shouldn’t have too big a rear anyways.”

Weiss wasn’t sure how to take that. She had never been wild over having the smallest bust of any of the women in her life, and she knew her ass was the smallest of them all as well. Still, Weiss knew how to sniff out an insult disguised as a compliment, and this wasn’t one.

“Yes, it all flows very nicely,” the woman continued half-talking to herself. “Going along like this and…” she trailed off for a few seconds. “Well, let’s see how good you look with my cock in your ass, shall we?”

Weiss wasn’t feeling quite as happily nonchalant about that as the woman sounded. But by the time she tried to do anything about, she could already feel something much thicker than the woman’s finger pressing against the entrance to her tightest hole. Her eyes widened as the woman pushed against her.

Weiss let out a loud keening sound as she was introduced to anal. She threw her head back, wide eyes staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t even that it hurt, so much as that it was intense. It was a fuller feeling than Weiss had ever felt before, in a hole she had never thought about having something like this happen.

And there was so much of it inside her already! Weiss squirmed, feeling like she was going to break apart from the rod getting shoved deeper and deeper inside. The woman’s hands were like iron bars, keeping Weiss firmly in place as she was filled more and more with her cock.

“Good girl,” the woman murmured. “Got the first two inches in already. Just a bit more to go.”

Two inches! It felt like there was already a yard inside Weiss’s bowels, filling her more than she had thought possible. And it wasn’t just the length that was the problem. There was the girth as well. There was a lot of Weiss getting stretched out very far.

There was also a tingling sensation. It was hard for Weiss to exactly where it was, what with the wealth of other sensations rolling through her body. But it seemed to be coming from her lower belly, so something surely stirred up by the woman’s cock.

Weiss reached underneath her to pat her stomach, and missed. Instead, her hand ended up on her crotch, the tips of her fingers brushing against her pussy. And then those fingertips came away wet.

Weiss couldn’t believe it. She was turned on. She was getting aroused from having this huge, uncomfortably large dick shoved deep inside her tightest, most unused hole. It hardly seemed possible. But her fingers were still wet. And now that she knew what she was looking for, Weiss could identify the tingles in her lower belly as arousal.

Cheeks burning, Weiss stared straight ahead and covertly tried to clean her fingers on the bed sheets. There was no reason for the woman to know how turned on Weiss was from getting fucked like this.

Weiss had forgotten how well Faunus could see in the dark. Even as she stared at the dim headboard at the front of the bed, she heard the woman chuckle. A hand ran up Weiss’s back to pat her on the back of the head.

“oh, is my dear little Schnee slut getting turned on by getting fucked in the ass? I’m not surprised. Everyone knows what rich people like to get up to.”

Weiss frowned. She had only had a few sexual partners, nothing at all like what most of the old money in Atlas enjoyed. In fact, this Faunus was taking far more liberties than anyone Weiss had ever slept with before. Not that it would do much good to protest, Weiss was sure.

The hand on her head returned to her hips, detouring to tun through Weiss’s long ponytail. Once the woman was firmly gripping Weiss’s hips again, she started to fuck Weiss’s ass once more, sliding in and in. Weiss squirmed and moaned, constantly hoping that this next thrust would be as far in as the woman could go, and constantly disappointed.

After what felt like an hour, Weiss felt the woman’s hips pressed against her rear. She was finally, finally in. Weiss had done it. She had taken every last inch of the woman’s cock.

Weiss realized she was taking a strange form of pride in this, but couldn’t bring herself to care too much. She had done it one time, which would mean the next few times (and Weiss wasn’t kidding herself about this being an one-time deal) should be easier. Unless the woman picked up her pace.

That thought made Weiss’s eyes widen and her ass tighten down around the intruder in her rear. Weiss was sure she would break in two if the woman fucked her ass at the speed Weiss had ridden her cock earlier. There was just no way Weiss could survive that.

“Enjoying yourself, are we?” The woman chuckled, misinterpreting the signs of Weiss squeezing down around her. “Of course you’re a butt slut. Don’t worry, princess, I’ll give you a lot to feel happy over.”

Weiss opened her mouth to reply, but all that came out was a moan. That was prompted by the woman pulling out of her, letting her walls collapse back in to the tightness they were supposed to have. Well, most of the tightness. Weiss didn’t have long to recover before the woman was pushing back inside, her cock once more forcing Weiss open.

“Oh yes, that feels wonderful. Now let’s see how quickly I can go.”

Weiss didn’t get a say in it. In fact, she barely got a thought in the matter. As the woman picked up her thrusting, it felt like Weiss was getting shaken apart as the woman slid in and out of her at an almost savage pace. Weiss moaned as the woman’s hips slammed into her again and again.

Weiss could feel a burning in her gut as she was fucked in the ass. It was shameful to admit, but she thought she was going to cum from this. Her pussy was steadily dripping more and more and electric tingles were spreading through out her body. Weiss couldn’t believe she was going to cum from her very first experience with anal. But there was nothing she could do to stop it.

It wasn’t even as if her orgasm was coming on very fast. But Weiss could feel it slowly growing with every thrust as she was filled up again and again with the woman’s steadily faster thrusts. It certainly seemed to be coming faster than the woman’s own orgasm did.

The lust inside Weiss boiled more and more, until it finally tipped over. She shuddered underneath the woman’s hands, feeling herself squeeze down around nothing at all in her pussy. The sensations inside her were far too much for her to ride out. Weiss had to give voice to them.

“Gahh! Ah, ah, ah!”

Weiss’s cries as she came were less the calm, cool, collected wording of the Schnee heiress, and more the moanings of a bitch in heat. Her eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she came, her entire body shaking like a willow in the wind. Her orgasm was even more intense than her first one, and from such a much more shameful source.

“Oh yes, oh baby, that did it!”

Before Weiss had even had a chance to recover her bearings, the woman came. Weiss’s eyes widened as she felt the woman’s rod pulse inside her. And then jet after jet of cum was pumped out, landing deep inside Weiss’s bowels.

Weiss moaned, a low, throaty sound as liquid heat blossomed inside her rear. It was reaching so far inside her, even farther than the woman’s dick had. Weiss swore she could taste it on her lips, the cum seemed to be traveling so far up her body. Weiss had thought that, after cumming, a second load shouldn’t be nearly as potent. But this seemed just as huge as the cum trickling out of her pussy.

Weiss had thought she had been stuffed before. But that was nothing compared to how she felt now. The addition of the woman’s thick, sticky load in addition to her too-wide, too-long dick was actually making darkness creep in at the edge of Weiss’s vision. It was almost too much for her to handle.

Weiss whined, showing none of the dignity she usually insisted on, as her body squirmed underneath the woman’s hands. Only when the woman withdrew, her cock finally popping out of Weiss’s rear, could Weiss recover a semblance of normality.

A semblance that was badly undermined by the feeling of the cum flowing out of her ass. Weiss just couldn’t take it anymore. Her arms gave out and she fell face first onto the bed. Her shoulders shook as she felt the hot, sticky cum slowly working its way down her skin, to mingle with the arousal decorating her lower lips.

“That was fun,” the woman said chipperly, not seeming to notice how exhausted Weiss was. “What shall we do next. Oh, I know.”

Weis didn’t know. But she hazily decided she’d just have to wait and see what happened next, since there was no way she could get herself together enough to find out before it happened. For that matter, if it, whatever it was, was subtle enough, Weiss might not know it was happening at all. She was still feeling kind of out of it, from all that cum that had been shoved inside her.

Weiss let herself get readjusted, lying on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. She stared up at the upside-down woman. She was standing in front of Weiss, a smirk on her rather beautiful features. One hand was on her hip, and the other was stroking her still-hard shaft.

“You know, I received a report that you had gone all the way to Beacon to learn how to become a Huntress. Let’s see what other skills they taught you there. Like how to deepthroat.”

By the time Weiss’s orgasm-muddled brain remembered what a deepthroat was, it was much too late for her to say no. In fact, she wasn’t saying much of anything as the woman’s brown cock slid past her lips and into her mouth. Just a half-strangled, half-muffled groan as her jaw was forced open.

Unlike anal, Weiss did have some experience with giving blowjobs. Not from this position, admittedly, but she did know how to please a cock. Even if things had never gone as far as a deepthroat. Although she had to admit that this position was perfect for a deepthroat. The woman would just have to keep pushing her hips forward, burying more and more of her rod inside Weiss, since it was a straight shot from her lips down her throat.

Weiss realized how lewd a thought that was. Par for the course, really. After all, she had already gotten fucked in her ass and her pussy already, so some lewdness was to be expected. But maybe she could be lewd on her own?

Weiss slowly lifted her hand from the rumpled bedsheets. Letting it run over her thigh, she brought it up to her pussy. Her exploring fingers found that there was still a lot of cum left inside her pussy. And that her folds were still sensitive and feeling good.

Weiss started masturbating as she gave a blowjob. The sight was enough to make the woman laugh as she steadily filled Weiss’s mouth. Reaching down, she patted one of Weiss’s bulging cheeks.

“Oh my, you are a little slut, aren’t you? No, don’t stop,” she said as Weiss yanked her hand away. “I want to see just how much Weiss Schnee loves sucking Faunus cock.”

Cheeks red, Weiss returned her hand to her pussy. She closed her eyes as she started masturbating again. Her fingers slid into her slick pussy even as she felt the woman’s cock leave her mouth and enter her throat.

“That’s right…” the woman said. “Just keep on taking my cock. Just a few more inches and you’ll have it all.”

It was a truly bizarre sensation for Weiss to deepthroat someone’s dick. Her throat was getting stretched out like it never had been before. In fact, Weiss wanted to gag, but her reflex had been suppressed by the woman’s cock already in her throat. There was nothing she could do but take it, take every inch of it until the woman finally pressed her thighs against Weiss’s face.

“Good job,” the woman murmured, patting Weiss’s face. “I knew a Schnee could take cock like a champ. Your family must be so proud.”

Weiss barely heard her, most of her focus on trying to breathe around the thick shaft lodged in her throat. Closing her eyes, she tried to calm herself. Weiss hated to admit it, but the experience was kind of erotic. There were tingles throughout her body, especially in her crotch. Even though she was suffering from the lack of air, Weiss was still masturbating, pumping two fingers in and out of her stretched slit.

Thankfully, the woman drew herself back, her cock exiting Weiss’s throat. It stayed in her mouth, but that was enough for Weiss to get the air she needed. She breathed in through her nose, opening her eyes to stare up at the woman.

Such of her as Weiss could see at least. The woman was very close to Weiss’s face, and her breasts were large enough to hide her face from Weiss’s upside-down gaze. And then the woman started pressing her hips forward again, cutting even that part of her body off from Weiss’s view.

The two of them fell into a rhythm, the woman filling Weiss’s throat up for several seconds before withdrawing. Weiss would do her best to breathe in that time, filling her lungs before her air supply was once again cut off. All the while, she would be masturbating, slender fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, making lewd sounds that were entirely drowned out by the sounds of Weiss getting throatfucked.

It took even longer for the woman to cum a third time than it had the previous two. Weiss had only shuddered in one orgasm and was on her way to another by the time the dark-skinned woman came.

Panting, the woman kept her rod buried in Weiss’s throat. Weiss’s eyes shot wide open as she felt it twitch inside her, before a sudden warmth appeared in her stomach. The woman was shooting cum straight down her neck and into her belly.

“Mmgh, mfff!” Weiss said, her vision graying out as warmth settled in her stomach.

“Hm? Oh, right, that whole air thing,” the woman said with a chuckle. Pulling out, she rested her cum-smeared cock on Weiss’s face. It was still rock hard.

“Well, that was fun. But I’m not satisfied yet, and there’s still hours left before I have to go anywhere. So, what shall we do next?”


Weiss had no idea how much time had passed. She wasn’t even sure how many times she had cum, or the woman had cum inside of her. All Weiss was really sure about was that her mind had long since passed the point where it could be described as fogged with lust. By now, Weiss’s thoughts had completely unraveled, and she was nothing more than a willing receptacle for the woman’s lusts.

And it felt so good. Weiss could feel the woman’s cum inside her, filling her up from all the times it had been pumped into her. And there was just as much cum on her body instead of in it.

Weiss’s head lolled around as she stared at herself in the mirror. She could barely recognize herself. The cum-covered, red-cheeked, wild-eyed naked girl was a long, long way away from what Weiss thought she looked like. Her wandering gaze moved up from her body to look over her reflection’s shoulder. The woman was looking at the Weiss in the mirror, too, a smile on her reflected features.

“Look at you,” the woman said, amusement underlying every word. “You’re a proper Schnee slut, aren’t you? Full of my cum, and wanting more.”

Weiss couldn’t find anything in that she could disagree with. She was full of the woman’s cum, and she did want more. More hot, sticky, creamy cum from the huge shaft rubbing against her lower lips.

Weiss’s gaze slid down her reflection, ending at her crotch. The woman’s large, brown dick was there, hiding Weiss’s pussy from her gaze. But if Weiss closed her eyes, she could feel the shaft rubbing against her outer folds, smearing the cum leaking from her pussy all over her skin.

Not that there were many open spots for the woman’s dick to smear cum. Weiss had been used in more sexual positions than she had imagined were possible, and every one ended with a load of cum on or in her. Handjobs, blowjobs, anal, vaginal, Weiss had even given her a titjob, something Weiss had never expected to do. Although, to be fair, the woman had seemed to get off more on looking at Weiss’s panting, cum-covered face than the stimulation her cleavage had provided.

And then, a few seconds after giving Weiss a pearl necklace (far inferior to the other half dozen pearl necklaces Weiss owned), the woman had been hard again and ready to fuck her yet again. They had fucked against every surface in the room, from Weiss getting laid flat on her back and having her pussy stuffed, to bent over the dresser and trying not to scream as she came from getting ass-fucked. Weiss hadn’t even known an anal orgasm was something that could happen to women. But her body had been forced over the edge of pleasure again and again, in ways Weiss would never have expected.

Of course, all that pleasure was taking its toll. That Weiss would sleep for a week once she had the chance was only the lesser manifestation. The larger concern Weiss had was that her brain felt like it had been removed and replaced with pink cotton. She barely felt able to think, or to do much beyond wait in anticipation for the woman’s cock to enter her once again.

“You’re such a pretty looking pet, looking like this,” the woman whispered, her breath puffing against Weiss’s ear. “Don’t you want to sat here forever? Be my little pet, always ready and eager to take my cock all night long? Maybe I can even get your friend back here, so I can have two horny little pets, needy for my cock.” She had started punctuating her words with bites along Weiss’s skin, just hard enough for Weiss to feel the hardness of her teeth.

“I think that would be the perfect way for a Schnee to end up. Don’t you?”

Weiss weakly twitched and groaned. About all she understood was that the woman was saying hse was going to fuck Weiss more. And that sounded wonderful.

Weiss weakly nodded, her head swaying from side to side. The thought of getting more cock and cum (even if Weiss currently was so full she felt like she was about to burst) sounded like a dream come true.

“I am so glad you agree,” the woman said, chuckling. “Shall we fit you for a collar tomorrow, or wait for your red and black friend to come back?”

Weiss couldn’t focus on what the woman was saying. If she hadn’t already made the connection between ‘her friend’ and Ruby, she would have been totally at sea. As it was, the little she could understand was that the woman wanted to do something with her and Ruby. And that sounded fine. Ruby was cute.

“Oh, you poor little slut,” the woman chuckled, ruffling Weiss’s hair in an unacceptably familiar manner. “It’s no fun teasing you if there’s not enough of you there to fight back.” Her thumbs ran in circles around Weiss’s hips, pressing down into the thin amount of skin and muscle over the bones. “Let’s try something else.”

“Weiss?” This question got Weiss’s attention, since it was paired with a very light slap to Weiss’s cheek.

Weiss looked at the reflection of the woman’s eyes. She could barely maintain eye contact, focused more on the feeling of the cum running out of her lower holes. And that, in her pussy, the cum was mixed with her arousal.

“You can stop any time you want,” the woman said as she slowly lowered Weiss down. “Just say the word, and I’ll stop. I’ll even let you shower before you leave.” By now, her lower head was fully inside Weiss’s pussy. “Just say so.”

The sound Weiss made was more like that of an animal in distress rather than the proper attitude of the Schnee Dust Corporation heiress. She bucked her hips, trying to get the cock inside her faster. Her gaze was intently focused on her reflection in the mirror, obviously loving the sight of the slut in it getting fucked.

The long, loud laughter of the woman didn’t even register as she was once again filled with a thick, hot, hard cock.

Red Hair, White Milk 1 2018-07-26T01:17:49+00:00

Ranma popped open the jar of Akane’s candies. The redhead didn’t really know why Akane was keeping so many of these white candies in her room, but she also didn’t care that much. So long as Akane didn’t catch her, it was all good.

Scooping up a handful of them, Ranma put the lid back on top of the jar. Pressing her full hand against her mouth, Ranma wandered away, chowing down on a couple of the mildly sweet candies at a time. Maybe one of these days she should look at the writing on the side of the candy jar to see what it said.

A couple of days later, Ranma came up to Kasumi while the older girl was busy in the kitchen. Ranma’s face was red as she looked around to see if anybody else was in hearing range. Kasumi watched Ranma politely as she stirred a pot of soup. Finally, Ranma inched closer to her and started whispering to Kasumi.

“Hey, Kasumi…” Ranma trailed off at that point, her gaze darting around. Kasumi waited patiently. “Kasumi, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Ranma,” Kasumi said cheerily and loudly, not sharing any of the secretive concerns Ranma had. “What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s my, my breasts,” Ranma said, shamefaced.

“Really? I’ve always thought you had a wonderful pair of breasts,” Kasumi said, glancing down at the red shirt Ranma was wearing.

“Yeah, but,” Ranma shifted from side to side uneasily. “But they’re feeling funny. Like they’re tight and weird, or something.”

Kasumi’s eyebrows rose and she turned around form the pot she was tending to. She leaned forward, her kindly gaze more closely looking at Ranma’s chest. Ranma shifted under her attention, looking away and crossing her arms underneath her chest.

“Really? That does sound unusual,” Kasumi said. “I can take a look, if you’d like. But Dr. Tofu,” a faint blush appeared on Kasumi’s cheeks, “would be the one who would really be able to tell if something was wrong with you.”

“Nah, nah, you sound good,” Ranma said quickly. The chance for someone to figure out what was wrong with her chest now was too good to pass up.

Ranma hauled her shirt up, showing that wearing a bra still wasn’t on her list of things to do. Her large breasts swung back and forth a bit from the force she had used to haul her shirt up. Kasumi hummed to herself as she leaned in, closely looking at Ranma’s breasts.

They were, of course, big and perky. A fat nipple crowned both of them, although Ranma had noticed that her nipples seemed to be getting both bigger and stiffer lately. But the feeling of them rubbing against the inside of her shirts was nothing compared to the unending tight feeling inside her breasts.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen your breasts, Ranma,” Kasumi said. “But,” she reached up and cupped both of Ranma’s orbs in her hands, “they do seem rather warm. Have you noticed this before?”

“Um,” it was hard for Ranma to concentrate all of a sudden. Kasumi’s hands on her breasts felt good, very good indeed. “Not really. Their just my breasts, you know?”

“Hey, sis, when’s- whoa!”

Nabiki had just poked her head into the kitchen, getting an eyeful of Ranma with her shirt hauled up, exposing her chest. Both Ranma and Kasumi turned to look at her. Kasumi let go of Ranma’s breasts as she did so.

“Ranma felt that something was wrong with her breasts.” Ranma’s muttered ‘him’ went unremarked by both of the Tendo sisters. “So I was seeing if I could find anything wrong with them.”

“Really?” Nabiki said as she walked into the kitchen. “Hey, Ranma, it wouldn’t be a full and tight feeling, would it?”

Ranma blinked at Nabiki in shock. Yes, that was it exactly. How had Nabiki known?

Ranma’s confusion was evident on her face. Nabiki sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Then she chuckled. The sound set Ranma on edge.

“I’m guessing you never read the pamphlet that came with those breast-growth pills Akane ordered, did you?” At Ranma’s blank look she sighed. “The big jar of them she keeps in her room? The ones labeled ACME Up Your Cup?”

“Pills? Those are pills?” Ranma was shocked for a second. Then her sense of empathy kicked in. “Ahaha, it would take a lot more than some pills to make that uncute tomboy look good!”

As Ranma laughed over someone else’s misfortune, Nabiki smiled tightly. Crossing her arms underneath her own much more modest bust, she stared at the short, busty redhead.

“So you don’t know about the side effects, Ranma? Like how if you take too many, you start making milk?”

“Haha- what?” Ranma’s gaze snapped to Nabiki while Kasumi quietly sighed.

“Yep!” Nabiki said gleefully. “Looks like you’ve got some milk in those cans of yours!”

She reached forward and grabbed one of Ranma’s still bare breasts. Even a fairly light squeeze sent shockwaves through Ranma. Ranma got halfway through a moan before she realized what she was doing. She stopped, and pulled her back back, so she wasn’t pressing her chest against Nabiki’s hand. She also dropped her shirt, covering up her breasts. Nabiki pouted at her toy getting taken away.

“Hahaha, that’s not funny, Nabiki,” Ranma said, with a hefty dose of nervousness underlying her jovial words.

“Who’s joking?” Nabiki shot back. “You must have took too many of those pills, and now you’re paying the price. Hey, Kasumi,” she turned to look at her sister, “want some fresh milk for dinner tonight?”

“Please leave, both of you,” Kasumi said. Her hands were nervously wringing a ladle as she looked between Ranma and Nabiki. “I’m sorry, Ranma, but I have to go get dinner ready. Maybe Nabiki can help you. Nowpleasegetout.”

Nabiki and Ranma were almost literally shoved out of the kitchen. As soon as their feet hit the hallway floor, Nabiki turned to smile at Ranma. Her expression sent chills down the redhead’s spine.

“Why don’t you come up to my room, Ranma? I’m sure we can figure out a solution to your problem.”

Her chuckle did not reassure Ranma in the slightest.

This will probably be a four-part series, just like My Little Pony!

Scheduling Resolution 2018-07-25T02:13:15+00:00
Can you do a sequel to Scheduling Conflict where Serenity finds our young lad and takes him to a closet and rides his dick?

“I hope my daughter handled things appropriately?”

“Gah! Um, I, yes, Your Majesty!”

The junior pastry chef voice came out as a strangled squeak as he was addressed by Queen Neo-Serenity. His face was quite interesting to watch. First there was some confusion at getting addressed. Then he realized who was talking to him. The blood drained out of his face, only to rush to his cheeks as he remembered what both of the female royals had done to him. It was a lovely sight, and one Queen Neo-Serenity could barely keep herself from laughing over.

“Oh, that’s no good at all,” the queen said, shaking her head sadly. “If my daughter was to do a good job, there shouldn’t be any hesitation at all.” Neo-Serenity cocked her head as it a thought had suddenly struck her. “Allow me to make it up to you.”

A few minutes later, the teen’s cock was buried in Neo-Serenity’s pussy, and his face was buried in her chest. Both were making quite a bit of noise as he tried to play with her. Neo-Serenity was making much softer noises as she played him right back.

Neo-Serenity often helped her servant’s morale out like this. Letting them fuck her, in almost any position they wanted, did such wonderful things for their eagerness to serve the royal family. That it took an exceptionally bad partner for her not to come away satisfied also had a minor, almost unnoticeable effect on her decisions.

Luckily, this boy was a fairly good partner. As Neo-Serenity had expected from what her daughter had told her. His penis wasn’t hugely impressive, but he had the youthful innocence and energy that was really a joy to experience.

“Come on, just angle your hips a bit more,” Queen Neo-Serenity instructed her partner. “You’ll hit- oh! Yes, that’s the right spot!”

She could feel herself practically melting around the servant. It was good a thing that her clothes cleaned so easily. She was making quite a mess of her lower half. And, for that matter, she thought there might have been a tear or two when she had opened up her gown for the boy to start lavishing attention on her chest.

Oh well, what was important was how close Queen Neo-Serenity was to orgasm. And even more importantly, how close the servant was to orgasm. She had a duty to make sure he had a good experience, of course.

And then, of course, her day wasn’t even close to done. There was a council meeting and receiving the Jovian ministers, both in the next hour. Also, Sailor Venus wanted to discuss something she had heard in the nightclubs last night, and then Neo-Serenity would need to ‘consult’ Sailor Mars on ‘religious matters’ for at least two climaxes. Then a luncheon with the Antarian trade delegation. Queen Neo-Serenity was looking forward to that. Apparently, an Antarian tongue could reach up to a foot in length, and they were very eager to secure a trade deal with the Sol system. She was sure they could work something out.

Queen Neo-Serenity gave and gave back to her people.

Late Night Fun 2018-07-24T02:37:24+00:00
Ruby wakes up in the dead of night to find someone having their way with her. It's too dark to see who it is, but she can tell they're big, strong, busty, have a generous cock, and can make her do what they want...

Yup, it was a total mystery who was fucking Ruby. Ruby didn’t have a clue who it was, beyond the same thing happening to her every night, and her vicious attacker always falling asleep next to her after they had cum inside her. It was a riddle for the ages.

Yang’s groan as she thrust deep inside wasn’t nearly muffled enough for Ruby not to recognize the voice of her older sister. Even if Yang insisted on wearing a ski mask that didn’t hide any of her long, blonde hair. Or wearing a shirt that could hide her huge, bouncing boobs. But the mask was just enough for Ruby to pretend she didn’t recognize who had woken her up by sticking their dick inside her.

Not that Ruby could look up at the moment. Her mysterious attacker had Ruby’s head buried in the pillow as they slammed into her achingly wet cunt. Maybe she’d be allowed to come up later, but Ruby doubted it. It was far more likely that she’s only be released once Yang had cum inside her, filling Ruby’s tight, defenseless pussy with Yang’s hot, thick seed.

Ruby shivered at the thought and clamped down even more tightly. Getting a pussy full of her sister’s cum was always so fun. There were things Ruby liked better, but not many of them. And come to think of it, most of the things she liked better also involved her sister.

Like cumming from getting horribly attacked in the middle of the night and raped. God, that was such a turn-on. Ruby moaned into her pillow as she stuck her butt out, trying to get Yang just another fraction of an inch deeper inside her. Just a bit more pleasure, and Ruby was sure she could cum.

Ruby hoped she never stopped getting attacked at nights. After all, what was she supposed to do during the night? Sleep? She slept far better with a load of Yang’s cum inside her. No, not Yang. Some horrible, mysterious stranger who did such utterly horrible things to her again and again, no matter how much Ruby begged and pleaded. Yeah. That was it.

Ruby groaned in pleasure as the attacker reached underneath her shirt and grabbed her breasts. She could feel strong, sure hands groping her, hitting every bit of Ruby’s bust in a way that was making her melt. Her soft breasts, her stiff nipples, every bit of Ruby’s bust.

In fact, Ruby was out right whimpering by now. The feelings inside her were just too much, too good for her to handle. Her pussy was constantly weeping tears of arousal, barely stopped up by Yang’s shaft that was reaching so wonderfully far inside her.

Ruby came, screaming her orgasm into the pillow as she tightened down around Yang. It was like there was an inferno inside her, rising up and up before finally guttering out into a campfire of contentment. Soon to be stoked up again, of course, by the way Yang’s dick was inside her and her hands were on her.

Ruby loved getting attacked like this.

Snow in Summer 3 2018-07-23T22:52:12+00:00

Ruby was tossing and turning even more than was normal for her. Finally, she accepted that sleep simply wasn’t coming. Especially not at- she glanced at the clock- ah man, not at three thirty in the morning.

And Ruby knew why she was so worked up. And there was a way to fix it, hopefully. Climbing out of bed, Ruby tiredly walked into the next room. Or rather, she walked halfway there. Then she stopped and turned back to her dresser. Even though she was super tired, it was still easy enough to slip out of her oversized t-shirt and into the sexiest lingerie she could find.

Ruby was willing to let bygones be bygones, if it meant getting Weiss back in bed with her. And looking hot would be a good first step towards that. Hopefully, they could talk it out and not argue it out. Ruby’s face twitched in the darkness. And the it was… Summer.

Ruby didn’t have a lot of good things to say about her mom, not after the divorce. Their family was messed up now, and for what? If Summer had just- Ruby took a deep breath. Right, now wasn’t the time for that. Now was for making up (and making out?) with Weiss.

Ruby stole back out into the apartment’s main room. In the dim light, she could see the back of the couch, looming up through the gloom. Stopping a few feet away, Ruby took a deep breath. She could do this.

“Hey, Weiss,” Ruby said, breaking halfway through to yawn. “I don’t know if you’re awake, but I’d like to I’m sorry. I’m sorry for snapping at you like that this morn- yesterday morning. It was rude of me and I shouldn’t have done it. Can you forgive me?”

There was no answer. At all. And that was strange. Weiss was a very light sleeper. Just Ruby coming into the room should have woken her up. In fact, Ruby couldn’t even hear Weiss’s breathing.

As an icy needle worked its way into Ruby’s chest, Ruby peered over the back of the couch. There was nothing there. Not even a blanket to say that Weiss had been there but that now she wasn’t. There wasn’t the slightest sign Weiss had been there at all.

In fact, Ruby couldn’t even remember hearing Weiss come home at all. She had thought her girlfriend must have during one of Ruby’s five-minute dips into actual sleep. But if she hadn’t-

Ruby almost tripped over her own feet as she dashed back into the bedroom. Scooping up her phone, she quickly dialed Weiss’s number. Pressing the phone to the side of her head, Ruby closed her eyes, furiously praying that Weiss would pick up.

There was ring after ring, long enough for Ruby’s heart to end up in her stomach. By the time Weiss’s pre-recorded voice came on, Ruby felt bad enough that she was only a step from throwing up.

“Hahah, hi Weiss, call me back when you get this okay?” Ruby said at the beep, her voice as clear and fragile as glass. “Missing you a lot, hope to see you soon.”

Closing the phone, Ruby sat down on her bed clutching her pillow to her chest. Now what?


It took a while for Weiss to figure how the reason for how little she could move. The information slowly assembled itself piece by piece as Weiss’s memory and thinking abilities slowly returned to her as she woke up. Finally, she had complied a theory and opened her eyes to verify it.

Yes, it was exactly as she had suspected. Summer was clinging tightly to her, the older, larger woman thoroughly pinning her to the bed. She had one arm just free enough to reach up to the nightstand, and that was it.

Mentally shrugging, Weiss relaxed back into Summer’s embrace. Why not spend some more time here? All she was doing- Weiss flinched- all she was doing was cheating on her girlfriend with her hot mom.

Put like that, it didn’t sound so innocent. But Weiss wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. She loved Ruby and had for several years. Her smile, her near-constant good cheer, so many things about Ruby that made her so fun and relaxing to spend time with.

But Weiss also thought she was starting to fall in love with Summer. The older woman’s sexual stamina and willingness to do… almost anything made her very attractive as well. And Weiss had had a crush on Summer for a long, long time. Fourteen year old Weiss would have been head over heels at the chance to live out all those masturbation sessions starring Summer she had undergone in the privacy of her bedroom.

The thoughts chased each other around Weiss’s head as the sun slowly climbed. And intruding on them was the idea that she had forgotten something. Frowning, Weiss tried to remember what it was.

It took about five minutes of on and off thinking before it clicked. Ruby. She had meant to call Ruby last night. Luckily, Weiss’s phone was on the nightstand, within easy reach.

Stretching out one pale-skinned arm, Weiss grabbed her phone and turned it on. Or tried to. The screen stubbornly remained dark. Weiss sighed and dropped the phone onto the bed. Of course. It had been at thirty-three percent charge yesterday, so by now it was utterly dead.

Craning her head, Weiss looked around for wherever Summer had put a clock. What time was it? Weiss usually got up around six, and the sun seemed to be too bright for it to still be that.

When Weiss got a look at the actual time, she felt a lightning bolt run down her spine. Her first class was already halfway done, and unless Weiss moved, she’d be missing her second class as well. And in both cases, it would be her first time missing class.

Struggling, Weiss tried to get out of Summer’s clingy grip without disturbing the older woman. And tried, and tried. But it was impossible to gently remove Summer’s hands and when Weiss used enough strength to get them to actually move, she woke Summer up.

The older woman blinked (or winked, with only one eye, it was hard to tell) up at Weiss. She stretched, making Weiss acutely aware of how her body moved underneath the tank top and short shorts she had worn to bed. Swallowing, Weiss dragged her gaze up from Summer’s cleavage to look at her face.

“What’s happening?” Summer asked tiredly, blearily blinking in the morning light.

“It’s super late,” Weiss said. “I need to… I don’t have time for breakfast. I need to get going to class, like right now.” There was urgency in her words, though it didn’t seem to affect the still-sleepy Summer that much.

“Nah,” Summer said, slumping back down.

“Nah?” Weiss repeated, questioningly.

“Nah,” Summer replied, laying back down on the bed. “Spend your time here with me. It’s just one class for one day. What’s the harm?”

It was actually three classes (well, two, now). And the harm would be jeopardizing Weiss’s GPA, which was near-immaculate. And Weiss intended to keep it that way.

She opened her mouth to say as much, but all that came out was an eep. Summer had reached around her, and was stroking Weiss’s crotch. Her fingers had already found Weiss’s penis and had wrapped around it through her underwear.

“Come on, what do you say?” Summer cooed seductively. “Stay with me. We can have all sorts of fun together.”

Weiss’s mouth opened and closed soundlessly as Summer crawled around in front of her. It only took two seconds before her panties were around her ankles, and Summer was rubbing Weiss’s rapidly hardening cock against her face. Summer smirked up at Weiss as she moved her lips in a circle around Weiss’s lower head.

“I can think of plenty of things we can do together,” Summer murmured, sliding down Weiss’s shaft and then back up. “Things that would be really fun.”

Weiss nodded her head, barely aware that she was doing so. She had never gotten a blowjob so soon after waking up, and it felt amazing. But there was still the matter of Summer trying to tempt her away from her studies.

What to do, what to do? How should Weiss express her displeasure over getting seduced away from her college classes? An idea presented itself as her dick hardened and as Summer took it in her mouth.

Weiss’s fingers snaked through Summer’s dark, curly hair. Getting a firm grip, she then pulled Summer’s head forward. The older woman made a surprised sound as her mouth was suddenly stuffed with cock. She didn’t bite down, though, showing what was probably extreme clarity of mind. Or she was so used to having the pace of a blowjob dictated to her that she didn’t even have to think about it.

Either way, she didn’t put up any resistance as Weiss set up a rapid, aggressive pace for the blowjob. That actually took some of the fun out it. Weiss wanted to punish Summer for so successfully tempting her into skipping class. And that meant Summer should put up some resistance. Not a lot, Weiss didn’t have the sadistic urge to do anything her partner wouldn’t enjoy. But even some gagging, or having Summer press her hands against Weiss’s thighs would be nice.

Instead, Summer just stared up at her, letting Weiss set up a rapid, rough pace. Lewd sounds filled the room as drool ran over Summer’s lips and down her chin. Weiss barely noticed that, even though she was looking down at Summer. All she was thinking on were some increasingly detailed fantasies of what she would be doing to Summer as the day went on.

Some anal, Weiss decided. But she’d also have to make sure to leave a hot load of cum inside Summer’s pussy, and do… Well, Weiss wasn’t sure yet about everything she’d be doing with Summer. Beyond showing that the stamina of someone her age was more than a match for the skills of someone Summer’s age.

“Come on, take it,” Weiss muttered. Then she realized what she was saying. She never did dirty talk with Ruby, who always seemed much too innocent to hear something like that. But it seemed so natural to do so with Ruby’s mother.

And Summer didn’t seem to mind. She had glanced up when Weiss had started talking, but then lowered her gaze back to the shaft she was getting pulled along. Emboldened, Weiss licked her lips and tried again.

“Suck my dick, you slut,” Weiss tried to command Summer.

Sadly, she just wasn’t able to get the note of command in her tone that was needed for proper dirty talk. If it wasn’t for the pair of hands holding Summer’s head down, the older woman might have laughed at the squeak that punctuated Weiss’s words. As it was, with Summer’s face pressed against Weiss’s crotch, she didn’t make any sound beyond a bit of gagging.

Mortified, Weiss shut up, only making the occasional moans as she pulled Summer’s head along her rod. The skill of Summer’s mouth and tongue quickly helped make up for any embarrassment. So did the sight of Summer’s hands disappearing into her shorts. After a minute or so, Weiss could hear another set of wet sounds filling the room. And a minute or so after that, Summer had removed them entirely, leaving her in only her short, tight shirt.

Weiss was really enjoying her morning blowjob. Even though it was so rough and energetic. The way Summer was tending to her rod felt so amazing, filling her up with an electric warmth. Weiss closed her eyes and hummed deep in her throat.

Weiss had never once cum within five minutes of waking up, but it seemed she was about to. There was only so much more she could take of Summer’s wet mouth and dexterous tongue working over her shaft. Especially since it had been so many hours since her last orgasm.

And that would mean Summer would get an extra thick load… on her face, Weiss decided. That would look so much hotter than Summer swallowing it as Weiss’s load got pumped into her mouth. Although the truly important thing was that Weiss came. Where she came on Summer was less important, and not just because she knew Summer would make cum anywhere look hot.

Being in charge like this, in such an aggressive way, really turned Weiss on. Her orgasm was growing inside her much quicker than normal, and she couldn’t think of a reason to stop it. Instead, she kept the pace going, pushing and pulling Summer’s head along her shaft. Any second now she was going to cum.

Weiss’s high-pitched breathing was nearly inaudible over the sounds Summer was making as she bounced up and down on Weiss’s cock. Or the sounds Summer was making as she slid two fingers in and out of her slit. Weiss only drowned Summer out when she moaned in orgasm.

“God, Summer, yes! Your mouth-!”

Weiss pulled back just in time. She didn’t even need to stroke herself, she was already cumming. Shot after shot of her cum flew from Weiss’s dick and landed on Summer, splattering all over her face and neck.

Summer had kept her mouth open, letting one large jet of cum land on her tongue. She kept her eyes open and staring at Weiss all the while, even as thick streamers of cum decorated her body. Her own body was shaking, and her hands were busy in between her legs. Weiss could tell that her mature lover was having her own orgasm even as she got a face full of cum.

The thought and the sights and the sounds were enough to get Weiss hard again almost instantly. The cum was still dripping down Summer’s face and obscuring her flushed cheeks. And Weiss’s rod was like an iron bar again, pointing directly at Summer’s welcoming body.

Summer chuckled, withdrawing her fingers from her crotch. Webs of arousal glistened in between her fingers. Looking Weiss in the eyes, she slowly licked her fingers clean before setting them back down.

“You’re feeling feisty today!” Summer said. She grinned sharply. “I like it.” She walked her hands forward, bringing herself closer to Weiss. “What else are you going to make me do? Are you going to make me cry and moan and beg?”

Weiss shivered. She had already worked through her anger at missing class, but there was no reason to stop having fun now. She summoned up her best intimidating face and reached down. She grabbed the sides of Summer’s head, her hands smearing her cum further across the older woman’s face.

“Next, I’m going to take your ass.” That was all Weiss had planned to say, but a momentary flash of inspiration made her ass “And that’s just for starters, bitch.”

Summer smirked up at her. Weiss got the feeling her lover had easily seen through her act. But so long as Summer presented herself like she was doing, that was alright with Weiss.

And Summer knew how to use her body to turn Weiss on. She had turned around and pushed her head down and lifted her ass up. Weiss stared down at the fat cheeks in front of her. Then she turned around, frantically digging through the nightstand’s drawer for the lube Summer had dropped in there last night.

Turning around, Weiss was happy to see Summer swaying from side to side, waving her large ass around. Since her butt was large enough to hide her asshole, Weiss got an idea. She pushed her hips forward, her dick gliding against Summer’s skin, and then up along it.

Weiss looked down and smiled. Her cock was in between Summer’s soft cheeks, getting gently squeezed by them as Weiss inched her hips back and forth. Weiss set up a slow but steady pace, getting what she thought was called a ‘hot-dog’ from Summer’s rear.

While she was comparing an assjob to a boobjob, Weiss flicked open the cap of the lube. Holding it upside down over Summer’s ass, she squeezed. Semi-translucent lube squirted out, falling down to land on Weiss’s dick. She kept on thrusting, feeling the movement get easier as her dick got more and more covered with smooth lube.

A bit of work on Summer’s ass with two lubed fingers, and Weiss was ready for the next part. Dropping the half-empty bottle, she grabbed her rod in one hand. Guiding it in, she rested her lower head against Summer’s gleaming rear entrance. And then she pushed.

Both Summer and Weiss sighed in satisfaction as her dick entered into the older woman. Turning her head to look back, Summer smiled at Weiss. She wiggled her hips from side to side, making Weiss feel wonderful.

“Just how many times have you dreamt of this, Weiss? Dreamed of Mrs. Rose giving you a hands-on education in sex?”

More times that Weiss would like to admit. In fact, she had masturbated to this exact fantasy quite often. The only thing that could make it closer to her dreams was if Summer was wearing that bikini she had when Weiss was a teenager.

But actually feeling Summer’s tightest hole wrapped around her was so much better than Weiss’s hand. Weiss’s moan was all the answer Summer got as the younger girl pushed herself forward, sliding deeper and deeper into Summer. Pretty soon Summer was moaning too, a hand once again returning between her legs to start masturbating.

Weiss ignored that. What was more important was how hot and tight Summer was, and how wonderful she was once again making Weiss feel. Weiss dragged her hips forward and back in long strokes, feeling Summer’s tightness around her.

Weiss lasted a lot longer in Summer’s ass than she had in Summer’s mouth. Maybe her recent orgasm had given her some more stamina. Maybe she had trained up her stamina over the past two days of the marathon-like sex sessions with Summer. Or maybe it was because Summer’s ass was so amazing that it deserved more time spent in it.

Either way, Weiss spent a good long while buried in Summer’s tightest hole. Time and time again, her hips pressed against Summer’s ass as her hands explored Summer’s body. Especially Summer’s ass and breasts. Weiss’s hands returned to them time and time again.

And who could blame her? Summer had an amazing rack and booty. Especially when presented doggy style. The shake of Summer’s ass as Weiss slammed into her particularly awe-inspiring. And sometimes Weiss added to that shaking.

Weiss’s hand flew down to land on Summer’s ass. She was getting better and better at spanking Summer, learning how to angle her hand and deliver the right amount of force to deliver a spanking that looked, sounded and felt great, without making her hand too sore too quickly. And Summer appreciated the work Weiss put into it.

“Harder,” she whined, turning her head to look up at Weiss. Her face was clouded with lust and she was panting. “Spank me harder Weiss. Get a belt if you have to.”

Weiss wasn’t sure she was willing to go that far. But she could certainly keep on punishing Summer’s large, jiggling, slutty ass. She rained down blow after blow, making Summer moan and squeal as she turned the pale flesh underneath her red.

By the time Weiss’s hands finally got too sore to keep on spanking Summer, or almost to even hold into her hips, Summer had been turned into quite the mess. Both her face and her ass. Summer’s rear was glowing a bright red, with several handprints on it from particularly strong blows from Weiss. Weiss swore she could feel the heat radiating off of it if she held her own stinging palm above it.

As for Summer’s face, well, Weiss wanted to take a picture of it to ensure she would never forget a single detail of it. The rolled-up eyes, the cheeks almost as red as Summer’s ass, the drool puddling on the sheets, Summer looked like she was beyond words.

But not beyond pleasure. Her ass was still tight around Weiss’s cock, and the slender girl could still see arousal dripping from Summer’s slit onto the bed. What a mess. Weiss would have to find something to plug Summer’s pussy up. And she had just the instrument in mind.

That would be for later, though. Weiss wasn’t leaving Summer’s ass before she dumped a load of cum into it. And she thought that time was still fairly far away. Even though Weiss was thrusting into Summer very aggressively.

Weiss was staring down at Summer’s head. More specifically, she was staring at Summer’s hair. She was wondering if, one, Summer would let her grab it, and, two, if it would prove to be a good handhold while she kept on fucking Summer like a bitch in heat.

It turned out the thought of doing that, of even more firmly marking Summer as belonging beneath her, was too much for Weiss. Groaning, she thrust herself forward, burying her cock deep inside Summer. She felt herself twitch as she came, shooting cum even deeper into Summer’s bowels.

Summer moaned as she came in turn, the blossoming of liquid heat inside her enough to push her over the edge. The two women shook in shared pleasure as Summer’s rear was filled with white, sticky cum. And since Weiss’s cock didn’t go all that soft, most of the cum stayed inside Summer, deep in her rear.

Withdrawing, Weiss sighed in tired pleasure. Looking down, she smiled at the three-fold combination of Summer’s tanned ass, her wet pussy and the first trickles of cum appearing in her asshole. Any one of those would have been enough to get Weiss ready to go again. With all three, there was almost no time at all before her cock as rock hard and ready for another round.

“So how do you want to do me next?” Summer asked, sublimely confident that Weiss would want a third round with her. “Do you want me to sit in your lap, and put my legs over your shoulders, so you can see every inch of my wet, lewd pussy?” Her smiled showed that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“I, uh, yeah, that sounds great,” Weiss said. Privately, she was wondering just how hard it would be to dom someone who didn’t want to be dommed. There was no way Summer could be normal.

“Oh, that is such a relief,” Summer said, grinning impishly. “I was worried you’d wimp out and not dominate me so roughly. Because that can be such a turn-on,” Summer finished, winking at Weiss.

Weiss swallowed around the suddenly appearing apple in her throat as she and Summer rearranged themselves. Was this going to be a thing with Summer from now on? Or would Summer be using a riding crop on Weiss’s behind tomorrow? It was hard to tell what imp of perversion would take Weiss’s new, older lover next.

But the feeling of Summer’s wet pussy pressed against her cock helped ease any such concerns. It was a pretty usual position the two of them ended up in, but, since Summer’s pussy was available for easy access, Weiss didn’t have too many complaints about it. Just so long as she could slip-

Weiss frowned. She couldn’t get as far inside Summer as she was used to. Not in this position. On the other hand, getting to see Summer’s face and play with her breasts. So she would just have to make do. The sacrifices she made.

“Mmm, that’s good, Weiss,” Summer muttered, her eyes closed. Obviously the depth of penetration didn’t matter that much to her.

Mentally shrugging, Weiss started thrusting in and out as much as she could. And then she discovered yet another disadvantage of this position. It was for her to get much thrusting done. For that matter, Summer wasn’t able to use her hips very much either.

But Weiss just couldn’t bring herself to give up. The thought of losing the feeling of Summer’s wet, tight pussy wrapped around her would be even more awful than changing positions. And Summer was very wet, a welcome change of pace after her ass.

Closing her eyes, Weiss thrust herself in as far as she could, feeling Summer’s folds wrap around her. Weiss had gotten a lot of massages in her life, but the feeling of Summer’s wet pussy tightening down around her dick had to be the best kind she had ever gotten. She felt a twinge of guilt over Ruby, but not nearly enough to stop what she was doing.

Weiss’s hands slid down to grab Summer’s rear. Summer hissed through her teeth, her bottom still obviously sore. But she didn’t tell Weiss to stop, so the slender girl squeezed down, feeling Summer’s skin and muscle underneath her fingers.

Weiss gave Summer’s ass a good kneading, feeling the heat still radiating off of it. All the while, she kept on thrusting as far into Summer as she could, drawing small moans and gasps from the older woman. Summer, in turn, was busy moving her legs around to lock her ankles behind Weiss’s head.

Part of Weiss was glad that Summer was so much taller than her. This position would never have worked with Ruby, not with her short legs. As it was, Summer could drape her long limbs over Weiss’s shoulders, and still have their crotches close enough for some easy access.

For all that it wasn’t a very satisfactory position, Weiss thought she was going to cum soon. Summer’s pussy, even in part, was just that good. Weiss bit her lip, staring down. It was a treat to see her cock sliding in and out of Summer, her shaft streaked with arousal.

“Summer, I’m going to cum soon!”

“God, me too!” Summer replied, her voice high and clear. “Just a bit more, Weiss, just a few more minutes!”

Weiss wasn’t sure if she had a few more minutes. But she did her best for Summer’s sake. She tamped down on her lust, and did her best to concentrate on Summer’s pleasure. She played with the mature woman’s breasts, hands teasing stiff nipples.

It was just barely enough. By the time Summer started shaking in orgasm, Weiss was cumming as well. Moaning, the two of them shook, Summer’s orgasm heightened by the semen getting pumped into her pussy. Her head flew back and Weiss could see her face contorted in pleasure as she stared at the ceiling. It was an absolutely beautiful sight.

But Weiss’s appreciation of the beauty took second stage to her relief in cumming once more. She groaned in turn as she pumped cum deep into Summer’s pussy, painting the older woman’s folds white. Weiss shuddered as she felt the sweet release of orgasm rush through her, filling her up and emptying her out all at once.

Sighing, Weiss smiled at Summer. Summer smiled back, brushing a few errant strands of hair off of her sweat-speckled forehead

“Thank you Weiss. That felt really good. But,” she winced as she slid her legs off of Weiss’s shoulders, “these old bones can only take so much.” She winced theatrically as she massaged her waist.

“Thankfully, I’m going to stay in my early twenties forever,” Weiss replied with a straight face.

Chuckling, Summer scooted backwards a bit. She looked down at the cum trickling out of both her lower holes. She traced a finger around her flushed lower lips before looking back up at Weiss.

“So, what do you want to do next, Weissy? Talk about all the fun memories we have of you as a kid? Or maybe do something a bit more adult?”

Weiss didn’t even need to answer that. Not with words.

Weiss thought she had one more round left in her before she would need to take a break. Go get breakfast and take a shower, that sort of thing. Or make sure her phone got charged. A lot of things to do, all of which could wait until she had one last round with Summer.

Weiss decided not to get fancy this time around. Missionary was tried and true. It would let her sink in nice and deep into Summer. Plus, it would let her look Summer in the eyes while doing her. Pluses all around.

“Come on, one more round,” Weiss whispered to Summer, trying to get the older, larger woman rearranged on the bed.

“Just one?” Summer asked lightly, her eyebrows raised. “You’re slowing down in your old age, Weiss.”

Rolling her eyes, Weiss pushed Summer onto her back. It wasn’t a strong shove, but it didn’t need to be. Summer ended up laying on the bed either way. Lying on the bed, with her legs spread and a smile on her face. Weiss fleetingly wondered what Summer would do if she turned away. And then discarded the thought. Some ideas were too terrible to contemplate.

Instead, Wiess crawled in between Summer’s legs, her small body looming over the older woman’s. Lowering herself down, she rest her weight on her elbows once her and Summer’s bodies were pressed together. She could feel the heat of Summer’s body radiating up through her. She leaned her head down for a kiss.

Summer eagerly responded, the two of them locking lips and trying to suck the breath out of each other’s lungs. They both moaned into each other’s mouths as they pressed their bodies against each other. Weiss’s cock, trapped between their lower bellies, was hard, though not quite as diamond like as it had been earlier.

Still, both of the women gasped in pleasure as Weiss reached down and guided herself in. Their kiss broken, Summer smiled up at Weiss. Weiss smiled back at her before her eyes flicked downwards.

Summer’s breasts were right there. The best chest Weiss had ever had access to, within easy reach of her hands. And there was absolutely no reason not to grab them. Even as Weiss slowly sank in and out of Summer, her hands went to Summer’s large breasts.

Weiss had gotten to play a lot with Summer’s breasts lately, but the wonder was still there. Their size, their softness, the way Summer gasped and twitched as Weiss played with them… All of it was so very wonderful, in so many ways.

Summer wasn’t totally passive as Weiss fucked and toyed with her. Instead, her arms were wrapped around Weiss’s back, keeping the pale girl close against her so she could pepper Weiss’s face with kisses. Either her actual face, or, when Weiss was looking down to better appreciate Summer’s breasts, her forehead. Either way, Summer did a lot more than just squeeze down around Weiss’s shaft.

Though the way she could do that was quite impressive as well. Weiss would have been ready to swear that Summer could crack a walnut with her Kegel muscles. And Summer had plenty of skill to back up her fitness. She could do things with her pussy that Weiss had never dreamed of, making the slender girl convulse in pleasure.

It couldn’t last forever, of course. Even though, or because of, Summer’s body was a wonder for all five senses, Weiss had to reach the limits of pleasure. It took a long time, her body having built up plenty of stamina. But Weiss had to cum eventually.

Thankfully, Summer already had, so Weiss didn’t have to feel guilty over not providing her partner pleasure. In fact, Summer had cum so loudly, announcing her orgasm in an glass-shattering tone of voice, that Weiss had worried there would shortly be a knock at the door. And wouldn’t that be fun to explain to the cops or the super or the neighbors or whoever it was.

Thankfully, nobody came. Or at least, not in time to interrupt Weiss’s orgasm. Weiss could thrust into Summer a few more times, feeling the wet walls close so tightly down around her. And then it was time to withdraw, and even take her hands off Summer’s breasts.

Groaning, Weiss pulled out from Summer’s pussy. Grabbing her engorged rod in one hand, she stroked it twice before she came. Her balls went all out making the cum for her. Shot after shot was pumped out from Weiss’s dick, landing all over Summer’s body. The older woman looked down and smiled as cum landed on her belly, her breasts and her crotch.

Since Summer had never really bothered to clean the cum off of her face, or out of her lower holes, she looked, well… Like a cum-covered slut, a whore who had been ridden hard and put away wet. Not that, even in her newly discovered dominant mood, Weiss would ever say so. But she thought it, and flushed a bit for thinking such a thing of her lover- lover’s mother, of course. All that passed through Weiss’s head in just a few seconds as she stared down at Summer’s panting, semen-splattered body.

Then Weiss sagged backwards on her heels, staring up at the ceiling and panting. Now that the surge of pleasure was done, Weiss was exhausted. She could feel the dull ache behind her eyes that told her she needed some rest. And her growling stomach told her that she needed some food.

But food could wait, especially since Weiss wasn’t sure that Summer had actually bought any food for her new kitchenette yet. Instead, Weiss slumped forward, falling into Summer’s arms. The older woman chuckled, and drew her in close, wrapping her in a hug that felt so very comfortable.

Weiss glanced at the clock. And even though she was feeling so very good, she flinched. There was now no way she could make it to her second class at all, never mind getting to it on time. For that matter, she wasn’t sure she could get to her third class in time even if she left right this moment. And that would be without eating or showering.

And after thinking it over, Weiss accepted that she’d be missing all three classes today. Summer had felt so good wrapped around her that there was no way Weiss could leave her now, not until she had utterly drained the last of her lust into the older woman.

Sure, there wasn’t a lot of lust within Weiss. And most of it was covered with exhaustion. But there was still just enough left for a bit more fun.

“Spread your legs, slut,” Weiss growled in the best physically intimidating voice she could muster.

Thankfully, Summer did so, rather than make any comparisons to small animals and Weiss’s voice. Weiss looked down at Summer’s exposed pussy, still dripping cum, and smiled. She had at least a few more rounds in her before she would need a rest.

And anyway, it was just one day she was missing. There weren’t even any tests or anything. Who could possibly miss her?


Ruby was constantly glancing from her phone to the double doors of the college and back. There was no sign of Weiss, no matter how close it got to the start of class. And she still hadn’t called Ruby despite the additional two messages Ruby had left.

The churning in Ruby’s gut hadn’t stopped ever since she had woken up. She didn’t know what she was going to do if Weiss hadn’t shown up by the end of the next class. Of course, Ruby knew what she would do if Weiss did show up.

Hug Weiss so tightly her ribs would creak, and then tear a strip off her hide for making Ruby worry like this. But first Weiss would need to show up.

And Ruby didn’t know when that would happen.

Giving Thanks 2018-07-23T00:41:50+00:00
PROMPT: After saying Ikuko Tsukino from a lusty monster, the housewife promises to pay Sailor Moon back, and before Usagi has a chance to respond, her mother is already between her legs, teaching the teenaged girl all sorts of fun things she never knew about before.

“No, no, that’s really not needed, Mo- Miss!” Sailor Moon backed up until her back hit the kitchen wall. When she looked to the side to see if there was an escape, Ikuko struck.

In an instant, the mature housewife was on her knees and in between Sailor Moon’s legs. Flipping up the senshi’s skirt, she looked up at the white panties Sailor Moon wore and smiled. Patting the inside of a thigh, she looked up and smiled.

“Don’t worry, dear, I know just how to show how grateful I am.”

Sailor Moon’s explanations that she wasn’t doing this for thanks fell in deaf ears. The moans she made as Ikuko started rubbing her fingers against Sailor Moon’s panties were better received. The way the fabric of Sailor Moon’s panties quickly got wet and clingy were even better.

Drawing the panties aside, Ikuko smiled at what was revealed. Sailor Moon kept herself clean shaven, without a single strand of blonde hair to be seen. And lower down, between her slightly parted lips, there was a gleam of arousal to be seen.

Well, Ikuko wasn’t going to be satisfied with a mere gleam. There was so much more to do to properly thank her rescuer. Like using her mouth to demonstrate her gratefulness. And there were better way to do that than with words.

Ikuko leaned forward and pressed her lips against Sailor Moon’s. Sticking her tongue out, she ran it along Sailor Moon’s folds, coming away with a mouthful of taste. A taste she liked, one of youth and energy and arousal. Ikuko wanted more, and she knew there was nothing stopping her now.

After all, Sailor Moon had stopped trying to downplay her rescue, and was just moaning now. She even had her hands resting in Ikuko’s hair. Just resting and not doing anything more, like forcing Ikuko to keep her face pressed against Sailor Moon’s slit. Even though Ikuko would have been fine with that.

Instead, she just let Ikuko contentedly, devotedly lap at her pussy, coaxing more and more arousal out of it. Soon, Ikuko’s lower face was splattered with honey, and she was still going. She knew Sailor Moon hadn’t cum yet, and she wouldn’t be satisfied until her savior had.

Ikuko used her tongue and lips and fingers to tease and explore Sailor Moon. She knew just what she was doing, and managed to coax some wonderful sounds out of the younger girl. Her knees were starting to ache, but that was nothing compared to how breathy Sailor Moon was starting to sound, or how wet her pussy had gotten.

“Oh. Oh!”

Ikuko knew that sort of cry. Sailor Moon was cumming. In fact, Ikuko could have told anyways, since there was a brief flood of arousal pouring out from the senshi’s pussy. Ikuko did her best to lap it all up, not letting a bit fall to the ground. That was just good manners, after all.

Licking up what had landed on her chin, Ikuko leaned back to smile up at Sailor Moon. The blonde girl looked down at her with an expression of guilty pleasure.

“Thank you so much for rescuing me, Sailor Moon,” Ikuko said demurely. “I do hope this never happens again.”

“Me too,” Sailor Moon said, nodding fervently. Funny, but she sounded even more determined than Ikuko felt.

Ice Creamed 2018-07-21T23:49:39+00:00
Neo getting fucked and bred by the biggest cock her small, tight can take.

It really was a big cock. Not quite as big as Neo’s wrist, but pretty damn close. And she was firmly anchored on it. Her feet were half a foot above the floor, and that was when the guy was on his downstroke. When Neo was at the top of his dick, it was more like a foot and a half.

God, Neo felt wonderful. Her poor, tight, abused, wet cunt was stretched tightly around the cock of… whoever this was. Neo didn’t know his name and didn’t care. What was important was the size of his cock. It was so big that Neo didn’t have the ability to do anything but get used as a cocksleeve.

But she made a very good cocksleeve, even as her eyes rolled up in her head and drool dripped down onto her bare tits. The man had an iron-like grip on her hips and was using it to pull Neo up and down, his cock appearing and disappearing. The only sounds Neo was making were the sounds of her wet pussy reluctantly surrendering its hold on his cock.

Neo was in a state of constant orgasm. She was bouncing in the man’s grip, feeling her pussy squeezing down again and again on his dick. It felt so wonderful.

And that wasn’t even all of it. Neo knew what would happen to her when he came. When he flooded Neo’s fertile cunt with his thick, virile seed. Neo twitched a bit just at the thought.

The thought not only of getting filled with a hot, liquid creampie, but what would happen after. At the thought of Neo’s belly growing and growing, just like her breasts would get all swollen with milk. She’d get knocked up by a stranger and bring his kid to term.

Neo came even stronger than usual at the thought. Some things were just. So. hot. And getting turned into a baby farm by an anonymous stud was one of them. And another was getting Neo’s pussy split in two again and again by his monstrous dick. They were both so good, and Neo planned to enjoy both of them to the hilt.

And right now, that meant wringing every drop of pleasure out of getting fucked silly by this stud. Neo let her head flop backwards, and looked up into the eyes of the man fucking her. She smiled up at him, silently urging him to go faster and harder, to make an utter mess out of her even before he flooded her cunt with cum.

Neo got the message across. She could feel his dick twitch inside her, making her eyes roll upwards in yet another orgasm. And when he started cumming, flooding Neo’s pussy with sticky cum, there’s wasn’t the slightest gap in her orgasms. It was just one peak after another, unending pleasure that burnt out Neo’s ability to even think.

When she came to, Neo was lying on the floor, completely alone. The closest thing she had to clothes was the thick, sticky, hot cum dribbling out from her pussy onto the ground. She didn’t know where the guy was, who had obviously used her to get off and then dumped her. And it didn’t really matter. The only important thing, as ever, was how Neo felt.

And Neo felt amazing.

In The Future 2018-07-21T00:07:49+00:00
the one where Ranma get fucked by future Akane and future Ryoga seems god specially if Akane a real dick to fuck her with

Ranma knew she had only improved with age. Youthful beauty had turned into mature… more beauty. Whatever, Ranma was a martial artist, not a poet. The point was, she was even hotter (though just as short) as she had been as a teenager.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes! God, your body was made for fucking!”

“Take every inch of it! Come on, don’t you want to see how pretty you look with cum all over you?”

Something she was often reminded of. Though the words Ryoga and Akane used to describe her weren’t the same ones Ranma would use. But so long as she lived in the Tendo Dojo as their side dish, she wasn’t in much of a position to object to it.

Ranma was in a very familiar position for her. On all fours, spitroasted between Akane and her husband Ryoga. Her large, bare breasts swinging beneath her as she bounced back and forth along their cocks. Only breathing when Ryoga’s cock wasn’t filling her throat.

Same old, same old, really. The only position more familiar to Ranma was when Ryoga would pick her up and drop her down on his dick, letting Akane press up against Ranma and fill whatever hole wasn’t already stuffed with Ryoga’s bitch breaker. Of course, just because it was familiar didn’t mean Ranma didn’t enjoy it.

Ranma squeezed down around Akane’s cock, trying to get her to cum. And Ranma’s pussy was pretty easy to cum in. For all that Ryoga and Akane had stretched out, Ranma had done a lot of training involving it, so her muscles were more than up for the task of keeping whatever shaft was filling her feeling wonderful.

Ranma did her best, urged on by Akane spanking her. And there was a lot of Ranma to spank. Her hips had only grown in time, giving her a more and more pronounced hourglass figure. That, and her increased bust size, and her eventual willingness to use makeup, had turned Ranma into quite the sex bomb.

Something Akane and Ryoga often said how much they appreciated, though rarely in flowery enough terms to suit Ranma’s also increased ego. Still, so long as they kept on fucking her every which way at least twice a day, the redhead didn’t have much to complain about.

And even if she did, she wouldn’t be able to right now. Not with the exquisite blowjob she was giving Ryoga. Ranma’s blues eyes stared up at him as she sucked him off, mouth and tongue and lips bringing the muscular man to the very heights of bliss.

And over them. Contrary to what he had said, Ryoga came inside Ranma’s mouth. The redhead gagged as jet after thick jet of cum was pumped into her mouth and down her throat. But she kept on sucking, used to even heavier loads of cum than this.

Once Ryoga had finished cumming, Ranma quickly went to work cleaning him up. Her tongue once more ran over every surface, making sure to get every drop of cum off of Ryoga’s cock and down her belly. Where it would soon be close to the load of cum Akane was preparing to fill her pussy with.

Ranma shivered, feeling arousal run down her spread thighs and onto the floor. This was what life was all about. Getting fucked day in and day out by two thick cocks. Ranma had finally found the secret to enjoying life.

And it was getting lots of sex whenever possible.

It's Like I'm Wearing Nothing At All! 2018-07-19T18:28:21+00:00
Worm prompt: Lisa introduces Taylor to liquid latex clothing and all the kinky fun that comes with it.

This is really tight, Lisa. The bugs hovered in the form of the words for several seconds while Lisa stared at them, before dispersing into a cloud. Lisa then looked down at me.

I stared back as best as I could, though it was a bit difficult to meet her gaze. After all, my eyes were covered with the blindfold she had put on me. And then she had put the latex on over that. If I wasn’t able to see through my bugs, I wouldn’t be able to see, period.

“Is it tight, or does it mirror your skin?” Lisa replied. She didn’t sound so concerned, which was easy for her.

After all, she wasn’t the one completely encased in this expensive, TinkerTech latex. Except for a small opening for my hair to escape in a ponytail, I was covered from head to toe in this shiny, clingy stuff. And it was very clingy. And very thin. It was Lisa’s idea, of course, and I still wasn’t sure what I thought about it.

Lisa had demonstrated just how thin it was when her hands had started playing with my chest. Even through the latex, she had heard my ‘eep’ as her fingers played with my jutting nipples. I could hear her muffled laughter as she tugged at my nipples, every curve and bump of them outlined by the latex. I had almost been driven to my knees by it.

Thankfully, I hadn’t been. If I had, it would have been very difficult for me to get back. Lisa had brought my arms behind me and then used the latex to tie them together, so my hands were permanently gripping the elbows of my other arms. For all that the latex was thin and tight, it was strong. There was no way I was breaking out of it on my own.

My legs were in some kind of very weird skirt. It was tightly wrapped around my legs, in addition to the latex running up and down both of my legs. In fact, it was so tight around my ankles that even if I hadn’t been wearing five-inch stiletto high heels, I wouldn’t be able to walk very fast. Since I was, crossing a small room would take at least two minutes.

I knew what I had to look like. Faceless, just a black, shiny oval without any flaws or imperfections. Quite different from my normal face. No way to speak, to see, if I didn’t have my bugs, I would be completely helpless.

God, I was turned on.

And my arousal was only getting worse as Lisa toyed with me. A hand had gone in between my legs, and was confirming that, yes, the level of detail on my nipples was replicated on my pussy. It was weird, feeling the squelch and shift..iness of my honey running around my crotch as Lisa pushed and prodded.

“You know, I have a wand vibrator in my room,” Lisa said. “Why don’t I go and get it? I could tape it to your thigh right here,” she patted me, “and we can see how long it takes before you fall over from the pleasure. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

The ball gag in my mouth meant I couldn’t say what I thought of that. Sure, my bugs could, but they just couldn’t convey the full range of emotions I felt at that idea. Lisa seemed to get the idea, though, as she laughed and patted my cheek.

“Of course I have the best ideas,” she said, smiling brightly. “I’m Tattletale. I know you’re going to love this. In fact,” she said, her smile somehow growing even larger, “why don’t you come with me? There’s just Bitch out in the main room right now. I’m sure she won’t care, seeing you dressed up like this.”

I moaned and twitched inside the latex. Oh God, I hadn’t even considered anyone besides Lisa seeing me like this. Especially not Rachel, with her aggressiveness and strength. Oh God, I could feel my arousal starting to run down my leg, forced there even through the tightness of my skin and the latex.

“I’m glad you agree,” Lisa said, reaching up to pat me on the head. “Just let me go get the leash so I can be sure to guide you around.”

I made a whimpering sound as Lisa turned around to go find the leash that would hook to the black collar around my neck. I still wasn’t sure what to think of Lisa’s idea.

Whether it was a great idea, or the greatest idea.

The Goddess's Personal Companion 2018-07-19T17:06:49+00:00

The Goddess’s Personal Companion

Madoka smiled at Sayaka, who was sitting a few spots down along the table from her. Her blue-haired friend was rapping her fingers on the table while intently staring at her. There was obviously something on Sayaka’s mind. And whatever was concerning her seemed to also be on the minds of all the other magical girls who made up the council for Madokami’s Heaven.

“Is something the matter, Sayaka?” Madoka asked, smiling at her friend.

Sayaka opened her mouth and closed it. She looked at Jeanette for support. The Dutch magical girl glanced meaningfully at Madoka and cleared her throat. Sighing, Sayaka turned back to Madoka.

“It’s about Homura, Madoka.”

Madoka perked up. Homura was one of her favorite topics, especially in the past few weeks.

“I know!” Madoka said gleefully, clapping her gloved hands together. “Isn’t, oh, she amazing? That beautiful hair, and those long legs that look so amazing in those tights and that too cool demeanor! Isn’t she just the most amazing?”

The sucking sound that had filled the room for the entire meeting picked up in speed while Madoka was talking. Madoka’s expression also changed during her short speech, flickers of something washing over her face.

By now, Sayaka, as well as the other half dozen magical girls who made the wholly unnecessary council, all had red on their cheeks. It was a darker red for some than for others, but they all looked embarrassed.

“Yeah, it’s about Homura,” Sayaka said. “Don’t you think the two of you have been doing…” she trailed off, looking for the words, “a bit much since she arrived here?”

“Ah, a bit much what?” Madoka asked, leaning forward. Everyone at the table noticed how much her breasts swung around doing that.

“For the love of…” Sayaka muttered underneath her breath.

Leaning forward, she reached out and grabbed Madoka’s dress. Flipping it up, she bared the goddess’s lower half. Everyone in the room could see Homura there, kneeling in between Madoka’s legs. The dark-haired beauty had her face halfway down Madoka’s fully erect, very large cock.

“That,” Sayaka said flatly. “That’s the problem.”

“It’s a big problem,” Anaishe said from the other end of the table. It was hard to see how much she was blushing with her black skin, but the way she was intently looking at the ceiling was enough of a hint.

“I don’t see why,” Madoka said defensively. “It’s just something between me and Homura.”

“It really isn’t,” Sayaka replied, rubbing her forehead. “I mean,” she paused, trying to get her thoughts in order, “Like, you know how long this has been going on for, right?”

“Yes,” Madoka said nodding. Her skirt was still dislodged, and Homura was still sucking her rod. “Ever since she came back here last month and we made that bed. Oh, that feels wonderful. Do that again, please.” The last two sentences were added while she was still looking directly at Sayaka.

“Bet?” Sayaka’s jaw was slack. “What bet?!”

“The bet Homura and I made, obviously,” Madoka said breezily. “Homura said she’d be fine just being a tool for my benefit. Didn’t you Homura?” Homura made a noise that might be agreement, or, then again, might not be. “I thought there were things she wasn’t willing to do, and so we set up this bet. It’s all pretty simple, really.”

“Simple,” Sayaka said flatly. “You call this-.” She sighed heavily. “Madoka, I’ve done some asking around, and nobody can recall seeing you without her even once since Homura arrived. Not once.”

“The new arrivals think they’ve been forced to join a sex cult,” Shana said from the far end of the table. “Every time you go to welcome them, you have her dangling off you.”

“Oh, that’s not fair,” Madoka said huffily. “I make sure to grow to three meters tall every time I go to meet them so that Homura can keep herself busy, clinging to my shoulders and resting on my rod while I talk to them.”

“That’s not any better,” Sayaka muttered. “The idea,” she said, raising her voice to normal levels, “is that you don’t go to them while wearing Homura at all.”

“I can hardly do that,” Madoka replied, looking shocked. “That would mean losing the bet. And I think I’m real close to winning it. Aren’t I, Homura?”

Homura made an indecipherable noise as her head slid along Madoka’s shaft. Everyone except Rosa was intently looking away from Madoka’s crotch. Rosa was stealing the occasional peek, before wrenching her gaze as her blush steadily grew redder and redder.

“That stupid bet-!” Sayaka shouted, half-rising from the table. Everyone in the room except Homura looked at her as she got control over herself and slowly sat back down. “We don’t care about that bet, Madoka,” Sayaka said in a tone that spoke of iron control over her voice. “We care about how Homura is all over you all the time.”

“Oh, you wouldn’t be saying that if, oh-!” A gleeful look washed over Madoka’s face. “Oh, yes, come on baby, I’m, I’m- yessss!”

Madoka’s head rolled back against the headrest of her oversized chair. Everyone in the room could tell what was happening, and almost all of them looked away, intently staring at the table or the ceiling or anything besides their boss or each other. Rosa was the only one who watched Homura swallow all of Madoka’s cum, though they could all hear the gulping sounds as the dark-haired beauty worked.

It took a lot longer for Homura to finish swallowing the cum than was normal. But that was just one of the perks of being a goddess. Another perk was that Homura could climb up onto Madoka’s length, and immediately impale herself on the iron-hard rod waiting for her.

When the rest of the council turned back to look at Madoka, they all had to struggle to avoid looking at Homura. And that was quite the difficult feat, since Homura was facing them, her expression contorted into one of absolute bliss. She was riding Madoka’s rod, a bulge appearing in her stomach as she lowered herself up and down along the deity’s shaft.

Homura’s head was resting in between the very large mounds of Madoka’s breasts. And it was clear how much Madoka was enjoying Homura’s body. Even through the white material of her dress, her nipples were standing out. From time to time, Homura would turn her head to suck on one of them. Her repeated oral attention was making the material more and more transparent, giving the other magical girls in the room an excellent view of their goddess’s breasts.

“And,” Sayaka sighed deeply, obviously wishing she didn’t have to talk about this, “on a related note, Madoka, we’ve all noticed how you’ve given yourself a… an increase.”

“Like what, Sayaka?” Madoka asked innocently. “If you’re talking about my new height, well, that’s just so that’s it’s easier for Homura to-.”

“No no no no!” Sayaka quickly said. “None of us need to know about that, whatever it is!” There was a look of honest panic across her face as she waved her hands about. A look most of the council shared, with some degree of disgust thrown in.

“It’s just,” Sayaka coughed into her hand, “Well, I’ve known you since we were both down there, Madoka. Your breasts aren’t that big.” And they were very big breasts, even when adjusted for the big frame they were on. Nobody else in the council had breasts even half as big. “And they only started growing when Homura came. We all know that you just did that to impress Homura.”

“Also,” Shana said, speaking up again, “it doesn’t help the new girls to think they’re not expected to be some kind of sex slave, when the first woman they meet has breasts as big as yours.” Both of them carefully skirted around the issue of Madoka’s other overly large sexual organ that was on occasional display.

“No, no, you’ve got it all wrong,” Madoka said, waving her hands. “I didn’t make my breasts grow because Homura likes them. They’re growing because Homura likes them!” Everyone (except Homura) stared at her with flat expressions. Madoka visibly ran her statement back through her mind.

“Okay, okay, I mean that they’re growing because of how much Homura likes to massage them! She gives them at least an hour of love with her fingers every day.”

“How on earth does that work?” Anaishe asked, a hand covering her eyes. “I love chocolate, but that doesn’t mean a bar gets bigger when I eat it.”

“No, you see, it’s because Homura loves me so much that my breasts are so big,” Madoka explained. “Everyone knows that if someone you love and who loves you massages your breasts, they get bigger and bigger. Right, Sayaka?”

Everyone in the room (except Homura turned to look at Sayaka. The blue-haired girl buried her head in her hands and sighed deeply. When she lifted her head up, the expression she wore did not seem to be one appropriate for the wonderland of bliss and pleasure that Madokami’s heaven was supposed to be.

“It’s some stupid Japanese myth,” Sayaka tiredly explained. “Just like drinking from the same glass is an indirect kiss. And,” she turned to stare at Madoka, “it’s not actually true. Your breasts are only getting bigger because you want them to get bigger. And it’s only your breasts or anything else that’s growing. I’ve been wanting to try out a longer hair style for the past three months, and I haven’t gotten a single centimeter.”

There was a sense of discontinuity and Sayaka was suddenly sitting in the middle of a mass of shiny blue hair. There was rather more hair than girl, in fact. Outraged noises could be heard coming from somewhere in the middle as Madoka turned back to the rest of her council.

“I’ve always wanted to look mature anyways,” she said, before sighing in pleasure.

Nobody could tell what exactly Homura was doing to Madoka, and none of them wanted to look too closely. Even Rosa seemed to have gotten her fill, though her legs were still tightly pressed against each other. At least Homura’s mouth was filled with one of Madoka’s cloth-covered nipples, so her moans were somewhat muffled.

“Anyways, I’m sure Homura will be giving in any day now, so I’ll win the bet,” Madoka said brightly. Everyone could tell that she was slightly thrusting her hips back and forth.

A gleaming blue blade appeared in the mass of hair to Madoka’s right. A few quick slices, and Sayaka was once again revealed, scowling thunderously at her boss. The look was echoed to a lesser degree on the rest of the council’s faces.

“And I’m sure she won’t,” Sayaka said flatly. “It’s been a month already! Is Homura any closer to giving in now then when you started?”

“In fact, I think she’s even less likely to give up,” Shana said. “She seems really, um, out of it. Is there enough going through her head to recognize there’s even a bet going on, let alone one she lost?”

“Oh, Homura’s fine,” Madoka said. “You just don’t know her like I do. When she gets focused on something, she gets really focused on it. And she’s busy proving there’s nothing I can ask her to do that she won’t love doing.”

The rest of the council looked at Homura with skeptical expressions. Homura expression was one of mindless bliss as she bounced up and down along Madoka’s rod. Drool was running from one corner of her mouth as she filled herself up with Madoka’s shaft again and again.

Sighing heavily, Sayaka massaged her forehead before looking back up at Madoka. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, Madoka started quickly talking.

“And Homura’s very dedicated. She even takes care of me when she’s sleeping.” There was a strong note of pride in Madoka’s voice. Realizing what was about to happen, several of the council members covered their ears and closed their eyes. “The way she twists around on my dick even when she’s sound asleep, wow, I don’t know how many times I’ve cum from that.” There was a dreamy smile on Madoka’s face.

Sayaka soundlessly mumbled something before looking up at Madoka. Her gaze quickly went past Homura’s fucked-silly face and on up to the goddess’s glowing gold eyes.

“Have you ever-“ Sayaka composed herself and started over. “What did you even bet? Would it be so bad if you lost and Homura won?”

“Well, if I lost then I’d lose, Sayaka,” Madoka said, sounding like she was explaining something simple to a small child. “But if I win, then I win. Duh.”

The entire left side of Sayaka’s face twitched as her mouth opened and closed. Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths. Nobody else on the council was willing to take over arguing with Madoka at the moment.

“If it’s just a matter of pride, Madoka,” Sayaka said, obviously only barely keeping control over her voice, “then maybe you should consider just taking a loss.” Everyone (except for Homura) could hear wood cracking as Sayaka gripped the table edge. “And, and,” she trailed off, groping for another argument.

“Is this really the Homura you knew?” Shana interjected, speaking so quickly her words tumbled over themselves. “You, you said Homura was this cool badass. But look at her,” Shana waved her hand at the girl riding Madoka’s cock, and her mindless smile of bliss. “What’s cool about her now?”

Madoka looked down at Homura and then up at her council. She opened her mouth and closed it again. Frowning, she ran her hands through Homura’s long, silky, cum-stained hair. Sighing, she looked back up at the assembled council, all of whom were intently looking back at her.

“Okay, tell you what. So far, everything that’s happened has been Homura’s doing. But I’ll take an active role in this, alright? And we’ll see what happens.”

Sayaka frowned, not entirely sure that the logic for this tracked. But in the time it took for her to try and assemble her objections, Madoka had reached down and grabbed Homura’s waist. Realizing that there was no chance she would be able to get any concerns heard for the next while, Sayaka sourly settled back to watch.

Once Madoka had a firm grip on Homura’s body, she really started to move. In one second, there was stillness. In the next, Homura was getting slammed up and down Madoka’s shaft about twice every second. Her black hair flew every which way as she was used as little more than a masturbation aid by the goddess.

The loud, lewd squelching sounds from Homura’s wet pussy getting speared by Madoka’s large shaft filled the room. The council had very red faces, and were alternating between looking at each other, looking at their boss and her toy and looking at the floor or ceiling. Again, except for Rosa. She was only watching Madoka, a small trickle of drool running down her brown chin.

As Homura was pulled up and down Madoka’s rod, counter-intuitively, something approaching reason started to appear in her eyes. That wasn’t something any of the council members would have expected, given how energetically Homura was being used. But her groans started to sound like someone without the breath to talk, instead of someone without the mind.

Madoka didn’t seem to notice. In fact, her own expression was slowly turning into a mirror of Homura’s recent fucked-silly expressions. She didn’t notice that Homura’s random failings were becoming more and more coordinated, with Homura’s hands weakly pulling at her arms. She only took notice when a elbow was driven into her side.

Sayaka did not briefly smile at that, and she’d get into a shouting match with anyone who said she did. But she would admit to a certain feeling of relief at having Madoka stop fucking Homura in front of them. Madoka even leaned forward to look down at Homura, her pace slowing to a halt.

“Is something wrong, Homura?” Madoka asked sweetly. She smiled down at Homura’s panting, flushed, sticky face.

“Ma, Madoka,” Homura said, her voice raspy, “what are you doing?”

“Why, I’m fucking you, of course. Remember the bet we made?” Madoka’s voice was cherry and innocent, far more so than Sayaka thought was appropriate. “You said that there was nothing I could ask you to do that you wouldn’t love. So we tried that out.”

“Yeah, but…” Homura looked around, not seeming to realize that she was completely naked in a room full of utter strangers (and Sayaka). “You’re not acting like Madoka. You’re being so rough and forceful.” She stopped and spent a while catching her breath. “And did your breasts get bigger?”

There was a high-pitched whistling noise, like steam escaping from a kettle. Everyone turned and looked at Rosa, who was bent over in laughter. Scowling, Sayaka kicked her underneath the table and turned her attention back to the duo at the head of the table.

“Mmh, yes, they did get bigger,” Madoka said, preening like a cat. “And it’s all thanks to you that I’m a woman now. So be sure to take responsibility, okay?”

The look on Homura’s face was indescribable. And it wasn’t helped that she was still anchored on Madoka’s fully erect shaft. She looked up at Madoka’s face, down at her breasts and around the room. That she was naked in front of strangers still didn’t seem to have registered.

“I, I, okay?” Homura said, sounding as lost as Sayaka felt. “Can we talk about this?”

“Of course, Homura,” Madoka said. “We can talk about anything at all, now that I’ve won the bet.”

The lovely-dovey moment was interrupted by Sayaka repeatedly banging her head against the table. Both Madoka and Homura did their best to ignore that as they looked in each other’s eyes. Smiling, Homura leaned up for a kiss.

“What a touching story of love,” someone on the council muttered, just loud enough for everyone to hear but soft enough to deny.

Sister Swap 2018-07-18T21:34:30+00:00
For a change of pace, Yang and Winter decide to switch sisters for a night

“So how’s my little Rubes?” Yang asked in between thrusts.

“Not as tight as Weiss,” Winter answered, her gaze running up and down Ruby’s body. “But her breasts are a lot bigger.”

“Big boobs. Right. That’s what I think of when I picture Rubble,” Yang flippantly replied. “But I have to agree with you. The way Weiss Cream’s squeezing down on me, man I haven’t felt that since Ruby was twelve. Hear that, Rhododendron? We’re going to have to work on some Kegel exercises.”

If Ruby heard, she didn’t give any sign of it. Instead, she was busy bouncing up on Winter’s cock, just like Weiss was. The two of them even shared identical, fucked-silly expressions as they filled their wet pussies up with large rods.

“I’ve got to say, though,” Yang added, “even though Ruby’s a bit looser, I still like fucking her more. She’s my sister, you know? There’s that special bond between siblings that makes sex so much sweeter.”

“I fully agree,” Winter said, tightening her grip on Ruby’s hips. “Weiss always looks so delicate and perfect when she’s trapped underneath me. Like she belongs on her back, in my bed, stuffed with my cock.”

At the mention of her name, there was a whine from Weiss, though it didn’t get to the point of actually resembling words. Instead, Weiss’s pale blue eyes kept rolling in her head as she bounced up and down on Yang’s cock. Her stiff nipples were more or less holding still, unable to bounce too much on her barely-there breasts.

Even Ruby’s bust was moving more as she impaled herself again and again on Winter’s large dick. At least, they were moving whenever Winter was playing with them, her long, strong fingers expertly teasing Ruby’s sensitive curves. Then, her whining would go up a notch as the pleasure overloaded more and more of her brain.

Getting turned into the cocksleeve of whoever was fucking them wasn’t a hugely unusual experience for either Ruby or Weiss. Most of their sex sessions ended with them staring blankly at the ceiling, drooling cum from at least one hole, and being utterly satisfied. And this session would be no different. In fact, it was likely that they would end up even more stuffed with cum and out it than usual. After all, both Yang and Winter would want to show off the positions Ruby and Weiss looked the cutest in, and there was no reason they couldn’t enjoy a spare hole while doing so.

But that would come later. For now, Winter and Yang were focused on giving their new partners a thorough introduction to the wonders of a new cock. An introduction both Weiss and Ruby were taking to well. They had both cum several times, their high-pitched cries filling the room as their walls tightened down around a strange shaft.

Luckily, all four women here were accustomed to fucking even when one partner had passed out on a steady stream of orgasms. There wouldn’t be any reason to stop, not until both Winter and Yang were thoroughly satisfied that their little sisters had upheld the family honor. And if that meant that both Ruby and Weiss would be unconscious and trembling underneath a thick layer of cum?

It would be worth it.

Shenanigans 2018-07-18T00:05:40+00:00
The Nanban Mirror transports its users through time and space. Happosai, Cologne, Ranma, Akane, Soun and Shampoo go back in time to when Happi and Cologne are randy teens. Happi, Ranma and Genma go into the future where Akane is living happily with Ryoga and their four sons.
Fic prompt: The Nanban Mirror sets up a couple of unusual sex scenes: Young Happi and Cologne (or those two with any of the others, Shampoo and Cologne or Cologne and Ranma might be fun), and Ranma getting cucked by Future Akane and Ryoga in front of himself and his dad.

“Future Great-grandmother! Airen is too too good for Amazon tribe, yes?”

“Hm, yes, I agree,” Cologne said as she ran a hand over the bare skin in front of her.

Shampoo’s smile was wide as she looked at a young Cologne. Cologne nodded approvingly back as she ran an approving eye over Shampoo’s beloved. And that approving eye could take in every detail of Ranma.

The busty redhead was stark naked, her legs spread wide, bent over at the waist, and holding onto her ankles. All Shampoo had needed to do to get Ranma to do this was to tell her that it was the pose all the famous beauties of the Amazon village did for their charm to be evaluated, and surely Ranma wanted to prove she was the most beautiful of them all, right? Two seconds later, clothing had been fluttering down as Ranma assumed the position.

Shampoo and the young Cologne ran approving eyes over Ranma as they circled around the part-time girl. They were also settling the strap-ons they wore more firmly onto their hips. Ranma wasn’t sure what those would be needed for. After all, this was a beauty contest, not a sex contest. At least, Ranma thought it was. Shampoo had rattled off something very fast in Chinese, before she and her eventual great-grandmother (and it was still freaking Ranma out to see a Cologne the same age as Shampoo) had looked at each other and snickered. And there had been a long pause before Shampoo had finally said ‘beauty’.

Still, it wasn’t as if the two of them were going to do something crazy like fuck her- no wait, that was exactly what they were doing. Shampoo and Cologne stepped forward, their strap-on’s pressing against both sets of Ranma’s lips. Ranma made a muffled sound as she was abruptly stuffed from both ends.

“Ah, you did make a good choice, Shampoo,” Cologne said as she pressed her hips forward, moving her artificial phallus down Ranma’s throat. “I can tell your intended will make an excellent wife for you.”

“Thank you, Great-grandma,” Shampoo said as her hips met Ranma’s ass. “If we not back in time when we wed, Shampoo would be honored if Great-grandma join us on wedding night.”

“Why thank you,” Cologne said, a smile appearing on her beautiful features. “While I hope you return to your own time, it would be an honor to get to break in such a wonderful addition to our tribe.” Ranma was currently quickly learning how to breathe around a cock halfway down her neck. “In fact, if you don’t leave for another day or so, I’ll whip an extra-potent Potion of Feminine Impregnation for you to use on Ranma here whenever you want.”

“Really, Great-grandma?” Shampoo said, clasping her hands together. There were stars in her eyes, and she even paused in her thrusting into Ranma’s wet, clenching pussy. “Thank you! Old Great-grandma say I no get until marriage. You hear, Ranma?” Shampoo turned her attention to Ranma. “We may no have to use strap-ons! Can use real thing!”

Ranma moaned around the dildo in her mouth. She was still maintaining her position, hands grabbing her ankles and everything. She wasn’t going to lose out on this contest just because of a few distractions. And distractions included thinking too hard about what Shampoo had meant with that.

Instead, Ranma just tightened her grip. She was going to prove she was the sexiest woman currently in the Amazon village, even with Shampoo and a young Cologne here. Her pride would accept nothing less.

Beach Party 2018-07-17T20:10:21+00:00

Beach Party

“Seriously? When you said you had some hotty to fuck me and show Dean what he’d dumped, I was expecting, you know, a hotty. She’s a girl, Sophia.”

Taylor flushed, hugging herself. The look Glory Girl, Victoria, had given her was not a very nice one, not made any better by what had to be the emotional aura the superheroine possessed. What made it even worse was that a twelve year old girl was standing right next to her, and giving Taylor an almost identical look.

God, Taylor wished she wasn’t here. But, since Sophia had pictures of Taylor fucking her and Emma, she fucking owned Taylor. Something she had made abundantly clear with a lot of hand gestures while explaining that Taylor would be coming to the beach with her today.

The red on Taylor’s face wasn’t just from the shame and embarrassment of getting lambasted by the most famous teenager in the city. It was also from arousal. It wasn’t Taylor’s fault, not really! But how on earth was she supposed to not be aroused? There were two hot girls her age in front of her, both wearing bikinis. Also, one younger girl who was also wearing a bikini (and boy, that was raising some uncomfortable questions for Taylor, both about herself and the little girl).

“Nah, nah, I promised someone to make Dean weep, and I brought them,” Sophia said, waving around a hand. Her smile seemed threatening to Taylor. “Also, what’s with the kneebiter?”

“What? Fuck you Sophia,” the kid in question said. She took a step forward and presented Sophia with a raised middle finger. Taylor wished she hadn’t watched the much younger girl, hoping to see some breast jiggle in her scandalously skimpy bikini.

“Missy overheard me on the phone and figured out what was up,” Victoria said. She looked a bit embarrassed, though not all that much. “Had to bring her along to keep her quiet. Still better than leaving her to make mooneyes at that insensitive jerk, right?” Even Taylor could tell how hollow the following laughter was.

“Right, anyway,” the girl, Missy said, coughing into her fist, “Victoria said you were bringing some huge dick along. But,” she waved a hand at Taylor, “any guy with even breasts that small wouldn’t be that skinny. She’s a girl, Sophia, not a guy.”

A slow, arrogant, nasty smirk spread across Sophia’s face, white teeth gleaming against black skin. Turning to Taylor, she put her hands on her hips. Taylor quietly moaned. She knew what was about to happen next.

“Taylor? Show ‘em.”

Taylor’s hands were already balled up along the hem of her sundress. But she still didn’t actually lift her dress up. God, she didn’t want to flash three people. Especially not right now. Not with the certain problem she had gotten looking at these three girls.

“Photos,” Sophia said in a sing-song voice. Her smile was truly something to behold by now.

Face screwed up, Taylor lifted her sundress. She had on absolutely nothing underneath it, on Sophia’s orders. The bully, the superhero and the kid could all see every inch of Taylor’s naked lower body. And Taylor was sure all they were looking at was her achingly hard dick.

“Whoa ho ho ho,” Victoria said in a shocked and amused voice. “That was hiding underneath there? I am impressed.”

Taylor had shut her eyes. Both out of embarrassment, and in the hope that not staring at the three beautiful women would help her not be quite so hard, especially not in front of them. And then a hand grabbed her rod.

Squealing, Taylor opened her eyes. Sophia had taken two steps closer to her, and had her black, strong fingers tightly wrapped around Taylor’s cock. Sophia slowly pumped her hand up and down Taylor’s dick as she smiled at the other two girls.

“What did I tell you? I told you that I could get a big damn dick out here, and I got you a big damn dick.”

Both Victora and Missy nodded as they stared at Taylor. Taylor thought she was going to die of embarrassment, especially because of how turned on she was. And there was nowhere else to look. Those two were right in front of her. Wearing bikinis that hugged their figures so amazingly, that were so tight that Taylor almost thought she could see Missy’s nipples poking out from her tight top… God, Taylor was a lolicon, wasn’t she? At least she still had a healthy appreciation for girls her age, as a glance at Sophia and Victoria quickly confirmed.

“So let’s get started!” Sophia said. “You brought the video camera, right Victoria?”

“Yeah, yeah I did,” Victoria replied, not looking up from Taylor’s crotch. And oh god, she was actually licking her lips.

“What camera?” Taylor asked in a near panic. She hadn’t been told anything about a camera.

“Calm your tits,” Sophia said dismissively as she kept on giving Taylor a handjob. “You’re just going to be the big dick in it while Victoria and I will be the stars. No reason for anybody to see your face.”

“Not that anyone should be seeing it besides Dean,” Victoria said as she pulled the camera out of a bag. She handed it over to Missy. “Be a dear and film us, okay?”

Taylor couldn’t believe that, despite Sophia’s dismissive words, she was about to star in some amateur pornography. Even worse, unlike the threesome with Sophia and Emma, she knew this was going to happen, instead of only finding out about it when Sophia dangled her phone in front of Taylor’s face. And worst of all, despite the fear churning in Taylor’s stomach, she was still rock hard.

“I was thinking we could start off with a double blowjob,” Sophia said. “And with the runt here, the camera can move around instead of being on a tripod.”

“Sounds good,” Victoria answered. Then she went to her knees, making the sand underneath her push out to the sides.

Taylor gaped at her, not really believing that such a famous superhero would so easily go to her knees for cock. That Sophia joined her a second later was a lot less of a surprise. Then Taylor cut off her vision. Missy had raised the camera to start recording, and the only thing Taylor had to hide her face with was her sundress. Sure, that meant every bit of the rest of her body was bared to the camera lenses, but that was still better than her face appearing.

Through the thin material of the dress, Taylor could see Sophia and Victoria shuffling around until they were on either side of her. She could even tell that they had turned their heads to look at the camera. Taylor shivered as strands of Victoria’s long, blonde hair flicked past her still-hard cock. God, this was fucked up.

“Hi! I’m Victoria Dallon.“

“And I’m Sophia Hess.”

“And together, we’re going to suck and fuck this huge cock.”

Taylor hoped the choking sound she made wasn’t loud enough to get picked up by the camera. Through the yellow material of her dress, she could see the two of them turn back to her. Their heads got closer and closer together and then- oh!

Two sets of lips on her dick at once were just unfair. Taylor’s eyes went wide and her hands opened. Of course, this meant that her sundress fell down, draping itself over the heads of Victoria and Sophia. That prompted quite a bit of commotion, including a giggling Missy who could barely keep the camera straight. It ended when Victoria reached up and yanked the sundress off of Taylor.

Taylor squealed, and tried to cover her suddenly naked body. Her attempt to raise her legs to cover her crotch failed as Victoria and Sophia were still right there, blocking the way. The best she could do was cover up her breasts.

Nobody else noticed or cared about Taylor’s antics. Instead, all three of them were focused on Taylor’s dick. Sophia and Victoria were both sucking on it, and Missy was intently recording it. Taylor was looking around for something, anything, to help take her mind off what was happening down at her crotch.

And she wasn’t succeeding. She couldn’t tell which soft pair of lips belonged to which girl, but she was certain they both felt wonderful. It wasn’t the first blowjob Taylor had gotten, but it was feeling so much better than the one she could barely remember through the alcoholic haze of the forced sleepover with Emma and Sophia.

And looking up to see the video camera aimed directly at her didn’t help Taylor stop being aroused. Even though it really, really should. Especially when it was being held by a lewdly smiling young girl, in a truly shameful swimsuit.

Taylor couldn’t believe that anyone would make a bikini that small and that lewd. Furthermore, she couldn’t believe that, if made, anyone would buy it. It was the sluttiest thing Taylor had ever seen, and she was getting a blowjob from two hot girls and had hatefucked one of those girls and her friend a few nights ago.

The top of it hugged Missy’s small breasts (already the size of Taylor’s own) so tightly and, even with so few curves to cover, still showed a lot of breast. Taylor was shocked (and whished she wasn’t disappointed) that there hadn’t been a nipple yet. A nipple out in the open, at least. They were already poking through Missy’s top. And since it was a white top, and Missy was obviously a lewd girl, Taylor wondered what would happen if she went swimming in it.

The thought of Missy, a girl she had just met and was far too young, wearing a tight, transparent swimsuit made Taylor moan. That wasn’t helping her arousal at all. Nor was the fact that she had only looked at the top half of the swimsuit.

Missy’s bottom half wasn’t any better. Made out of the same tight, thin, white material, it had the side-knots that were practically begging Taylor to tug at, to watch them slide out of the knot and leave Missy bottomless. And again, Taylor thought she could almost see some cameltoe pressing against the crotch of the outfit. It was so hot.

God, Taylor was fucked up. Though Missy wasn’t any better for wearing that kind of outfit. At least Missy wasn’t the one on her knees, staring up at Taylor with her small, dainty hands wrapped around Taylor’s rock-hard cock. Yet. Taylor cursed herself for thinking that.

Instead, it was Victoria and Sophia who were sharing Taylor’s cock between them. They were almost fighting over who got to suck Taylor off, pressing their beautiful, curvy bodies against each other, their full breasts sliding past each other, barely contained in their bikini tops, just waiting for…

Taylor shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. Though that was hard as Sophia and Victoria each tried to be the one to suck her off. And who would have ever thought that Victoria Dallon, Glory Girl, would want a taste of Taylor’s dick?

“Come on, stop shoving,” Sophia grumbled, “there’s plenty of Taylor for the both of us.”

“Oh please,” Victoria replied confidently. “I’m more than capable of handling a shaft this big all by myself. That was one of the things Dean taught me. Remember that, Dean?” She said, turning to look at the camera. “And now that you don’t want me, I’m using those skills on someone with a much bigger cock than yours.”

Taylor wasn’t sure how she felt about being, essentially, the toy Glory Girl was using to get her revenge. Then Victoria put her lips around Taylor’s lower head and sank down. That removed every bit of concern Taylor had.

In fact, it almost made her cum right then and there. Only the fact that they had been going for less than five minutes made her stop herself from giving into pleasure then and there. There was such a thing as pride, after all.

“So how,” Sophia pressed her mouth against Taylor’s cock after every few words, “do you want to take her cum? Catch it in your mouth, make her lick it out your hand, what?”

“I’m not that selfish,” Victoria said laughingly. “We can share.” She cast a knowing look up at Taylor as she sucked on Taylor’s balls. “And that should be in a few seconds.”

Victoria was right on the money. Even though she was trying to hold it back, Taylor was ready to cum. The hot girls, the warm mouths, even them talking about her without her input, all of it made Taylor ready to burst.

Taylor’s closeness to orgasm wasn’t helped at all by how long it had been since she had last cum. Ever since that threesome with Emma and Sophia, Taylor hadn’t been able to masturbate, even as guilty arousal over how good those two had felt filled her thoughts. Taylor couldn’t explain why she couldn’t bring herself to masturbate, but it had meant that her teenage body had a lot of cum stored up.

And it felt like every drop was about to come out. Taylor’s hands clenched into fists as she looked skyward. Her shoulders shook as she tried to gasp out a warning.

“I’m, I’m going to- ahyesss!”

Almost too quickly to be believed, Sophia and Victoria stopped sucking on Taylor’s equipment. Taylor was already so close to the edge that the loss of sensation, or the new sensation of two hands getting wrapped around her rod didn’t matter. She was cumming, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it or speed it up.

Sophia and Victoria pressed their cheeks against each other, both of them staring up at Taylor and grinning widely. They also had their hands laced over each other as they gave Taylor the final few strokes she needed. With a heart-felt groan, Taylor came.

Victoria and Sophia kept Taylor’s penis firmly pointed dead-center between their faces. Shot after shot was pumped out from Taylor, landing on their faces, long strings of white decorating them. It was especially noticeable on Sophia’s black skin, though the way Victoria’s smile grew as more cum was pumped on her was also amazing.

The sight of the two hot girls in front of her getting plastered with cum was almost enough to make Taylor cum again. She gasped for breath ass he stared down at the thick ropes and pools of semen on Sophia and Victoria. Oh God, Victoria. She had just given a facial to Glory Girl. What the fuck.

“Whoa,” Victoria said, smiling. She turned to look at Sophia, a web of cum connecting the two of them before it snapped, splattering back against their cheeks. “That was something else. And hey, you’re a pretty good cocksucker, Sophia.”

“Thanks,” Sophia said, snorting. There was still a smile on her face, and more honest enjoyment in her voice than Taylor had ever heard before. “You’re not so bad yourself.” She stretched, making her breasts noticeably shift in her orange bikini. “So, what do you want to do next?”

Victoria got to her feet. And rather than doing it the normal way like the rest of humanity did so, she used her power. She flew up to around two and a half feet, before extending her legs into the upright position. Once her bare feet were firmly anchored in the hot sand, she gave a big, self-satisfied grin to both Sophia and Taylor.

“I’m sure I’m way better with my pussy than I am with my mouth. Dean’s going to remember exactly what he gave up on the chance to get and I’m going to get all the pleasure I gave Taylor and then some.”

The sharp grin Sophia had was a very familiar one to Taylor. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t nearly so bad to look at when it wasn’t being directed at her. And Taylor couldn’t bring herself to feel too bad about Dean’s suffering, whoever he was. Still, if she was reading this right, she was about to take Glory Girl’s virginity. And that was quite the thought. Quite the ‘Oh God, I hope this doesn’t bite me later’ thought.

Taylor was distracted enough with her internal worries that Glory Girl quickly, but gently, pinning her to the hot sand came as quite a surprise. Taylor’s jaw dropped open and she stared up at Victoria with wide eyes as the blonde crawled on top of her. The feeling of Victoria’s breasts, barely contained inside her tight bikini was more than enough to get Taylor hard again.

“Oh, Taylor, I’m going to do such wonderful things to you,” Victoria whispered, cradling Taylor’s head in her hands, her mouth just inches from Taylor’s own. “You’re going to help me make my first time something really wonderful. Aren’t you?”

The question had a threat so badly hidden inside it, it was barely concealed at all. Taylor hurriedly nodded, feeling her dick rub against Victoria’s hot, soft skin. This was like a dream, feeling Victoria’s soft breasts, smelling her perfume, everything.

“Good girl,” Victoria said, patting Taylor’s cheek. “As soon as Sophia gets me a condom, we can start.” The last was said in a louder voice, with Victoria sitting up to look behind her.

“Sorry,” Sophia said in a tone that wasn’t sorry at all. “I’ve got nothing.” Taylor could see the smile on her face. “But what’s the harm in going bareback?”

Victoria sighed and blew a stray strand of hair out from her face. She was slowly sliding back and forth along Taylor, maybe not even aware she was doing it. But Taylor. She was very aware, especially because Victoria was humping her dick. And Taylor didn’t think that the moisture she could feel was just sweat.

“Fine, fine,” Victoria said. “Those dildoes always felt better plain anyways.” Leaving Taylor to think that comment over, she raised her hips. “Just give me a bit of warning before you cum, got it?”

Taylor’s attention was suddenly absorbed by Victoria pulling the bottom of her bikini to one side. She barely had the presence of mind to nod, enraptured by the sight of Victoria’s shaved bare pussy. It just might be the most beautiful thing Taylor had ever seen. A wonderful shade of pink, with lovely lips, and even a drop of dew running out from between them to drop down to Taylor’s skin.

Taylor made a strangled sound in the back of her throat. Her hands rose up automatically and grabbed Victoria’s hips. The skin underneath her hands felt so good to touch. Taylor hadn’t realized how much she missed human contact until just now. Taylor squeezed down, feeling the muscle move underneath her hands.

Victoria smirked down at her, her face peering over her breasts (so much larger and more perfect than Taylor’s ever would be). A small part of Taylor was wondering, with a bikini that looked to be as thin as a paper napkin, and covered less skin, how Victoria hadn’t shown everyone her bare breasts yet. But the rest of her was eagerly anticipating, needing, that perfect looking set of lips in between Victoria’s legs.

And Victoria was just as riled up as Taylor was. She looked behind her as Sophia grabbed Taylor’s cock, holding it upright. Then she sank slowly down, moving at her own pace. No matter how much Taylor pushed down, she couldn’t make the superheroine descend onto her cock any faster.

Although by the time Victoria had passed Taylor’s lower head, Taylor had stopped caring about the speed. All she could care about now was the sensation. The wonderful, wonderful feeling of Victoria’s pussy sliding down around her cock, every half-inch an amazing sensation of heat and warmth and wet.

Although it was impossible for anyone to feel as good as Taylor was feeling, Victoria came pretty close. She moaned, letting out a deep breath that did wonders for her barely-bound chest. The way she was squeezing down around Taylor had to mean she was feeling good. That constant, rhythmical motion couldn’t mean anything else.

Taylor could feel Victoria’s walls massaging her rod. It was feeling so much better than it had even a few minutes before, the mouths of even two girls nothing compared to the tightness of a pussy. Taylor’s head fell back, her mass of hair cushioning the impact against the sand. This was too good to be believed.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good inside of me,” Victoria moaned. “Keep on fucking me, fill me up all the way.”

Her voice sounded funny, and Taylor realized the blonde was acting for the camera. Whether to rub it in for this Dean person (which made Taylor feel scummy) or because Glory Girl was naturally attracted to any camera around, Taylor couldn’t tell. And she didn’t much care. So long as Victoria kept on doing these amazing things to her pussy, anything she said was alright with Taylor.

And over Victoria’s shoulder, Taylor could see missy getting closer and closer, camera still in her grasp. Then Missy disappeared, kneeling down behind Victoria. Taylor shivered. God, the camera must be getting an up-close and personal view of where the two of them were joined. Taylor could already picture it, Victoria’s pussy stretched out by Taylor’s rod, rising up and down along Taylor’s soaked shaft, vividly displaying how much the two of them were both loving this.

Taylor realized that anybody watching this would be able to identify her. Sure, not now, since Victoria’s ass had to be filling the screen and be the only thing anyone would be interested in watching. But Taylor knew her face had appeared. Her sudden debut into amateur pornography had happened, and unless Taylor wanted to steal from a little girl, there was no getting the camera back to try and figure out how to edit footage.

Thankfully, Victoria had a wonderful method of distracting Taylor. The way she was bouncing on Taylor’s cock, boobs swinging around and hair flying, made it impossible for Taylor to feel too bad. In fact, Taylor was feeling good. Very, very good in fact. Even better than she had the first time she had cum.

Taylor tried to communicate just how good she was feeling, but couldn’t get anything besides a long, low moan out. Victoria, on the other hand, was letting out a lot of short, sharp gasps as she rode Taylor. The smile she was giving Taylor was one full of lust, the smile of a girl who was having the time of her life.

It was all too much for Taylor. Again. She thrust her hips up as much as she could, trying to get as much of her cock as deep inside Victoria as she could. She got decently far, and that ended up being as far as she could go.

Taylor only remembered her promise when it was too late to matter. But she did her best anyhow. She tried to lift Victoria up, even as she started cumming inside her.

“Cu- I’m cumming!”

Victoria didn’t seem to understand what was said. She certainly didn’t try to pull herself off of Taylor. Not even as Taylor’s dick throbbed deep inside her and started pumping cum into her wet, unprotected pussy. Instead, Victoria’s gasps just deepened as her walls were sprayed with semen. And then she came too.

Taylor could tell that it was an orgasm, just by the way Victoria tightened down spasmodically around her. It was like the tall blonde was trying to milk Taylor, to get all the cum out of her that she could. Victoria threw her head back, the two of them shuddering together as pleasure washed through them like a tidal wave.

Finally, the pleasure receded. Enough for Taylor to remember that there was video proof of Victoria Dallon getting her virginity taken, as well as her first creampie, on a public beach. God, that was probably going to end up on the news.

“Oh wow,” Victoria said, thoughts about the future obviously not troubling her one whit. “That was awesome, Taylor.” She reached down and ruffled Taylor’s hair. “I hadn’t thought it could be so good.” Her smile grew even bigger, somehow. “Thanks. I’ll have to call you over again sometime.”

Taylor nervously smiled back. The thought of being Victoria’s sex doll, while certainly hot, well… Taylor could imagine all of New Wave, in full costume, glaring at her while Victoria waxed rhapsodically about Taylor’s skill in bed.

“See? Did I pick good, or did I pick good?” Sophia asked, leaning forward to rest her head on Victoria’s shoulder. The hand dangling at her side was wet, and Taylor didn’t think it was from sea water. “But to really get the best results, you need a bit more interaction.”

“Oh yeah?” Victoria asked. Her voice was still languid, obviously basking in the after-effects of her orgasm. “Well then, why don’t you show us all how it’s done.”

“Sure thing,” Sophia said, smiling benevolently down at the two of them. Then she turned to look at Missy. “Hey, be sure to get a good shot of the cock and cum leaving Victoria.”

“As if I’d miss that,” Missy replied from somewhere behind Victoria. There was a brief pause. “Okay, the camera’s looking at nothing but her ass. Come on up, Victoria. But do it a bit slowly.”

Safe from the camera’s view, Victoria rolled her eyes and grinned. But she still obeyed Missy, slowly rising up and letting Taylor’s dick slip out of her. Taylor’s eye flicked down to watch. She couldn’t believe how hot it was to see her white cum coming out of Victoria’s (Glory fucking Girl!) pussy.

Victoria stepped to one side and turned to face Sophia. Smiling, she waved her hands towards Taylor. She still hadn’t pulled the bottom of her bikini back into place.

“Your ride awaits, milady.” Everyone snorted and smiled.

“You are too kind,” Sophia replied, in a horrible attempt at an upper-class British accent.

Smirking, Sophia sat down, straddling Taylor’s legs. Taylor swallowed nervously, staring up at her bully. Her cock, on the other hand, only registered that a hot, muscular girl was a few inches away from her crotch. She started getting hard again.

Sophia reached down and ran her arms underneath Taylor’s body. She pulled the slender girl up, making her sit up. The two of them were pressed together, bodies against one another. Taylor could feel her breasts pressed against Sophia’s bigger pair, the heat radiating even through Sophia’s bikini.

“Mmh, I can feel how hard you are,” Sophia said softly. She smiled at Taylor, making her heart beat faster. Sophia could be surprisingly cute when she smiled. “Don’t you want to have some fun with your good friend Sophia Hess?”

Taylor’s jaw dropped open at the blatant lie. Sophia interpreted that as an invitation for a kiss. She leaned forward, pressing her firm lips against Taylor’s. Taylor made a strangled sound of surprise as Sophia kissed her.

Sophia’s hands were all over Taylor’s back, running over her sand-studded skin. That also meant Sophia’s body was pressed closer and closer against Taylor’s. When the two of them broke the kiss, Taylor averted her eyes, which meant she was looking downward. The sight of Sophia’s breasts pillowed up against her body, forming some even deeper cleavage, sent a thrill of arousal through her.

Sophia followed her gaze. Then she looked back up, pushing Taylor’s chin up with her fingers. She smiled at the taller, skinner girl.

“See something you like?” Sophia was smirking as she reached behind herself and undid her top. The material fell away, baring Sophia’s breasts. “You can touch them if you like.”

Taylor did. She really did. They weren’t as big as Victoria’s, but the difference in size was a lot less compared to Taylor’s breasts and Sophia’s. They looked so big and soft and wonderful to hold…

Taylor didn’t even realize she was grabbing them until her fingers were digging into the dark skin. Taylor knew how to handle breasts from a lot of practice with herself, even if there hadn’t been nearly as much. She gently massaged Sophia’s breasts, fingers running over the soft skin and teasing the stiff nipples.

Sophia outright purred, arcing her back to press her chest more firmly against Taylor’s hands. She was also grinding her crotch against Taylor’s, to the point where Taylor’s dick actually slipped into her bikini bottoms, trapped between the material and Sophia’s skin.

“That’s right, keep on playing with my tits. Don’t they feel wonderful, so soft and squishy? Can’t you imagine how nice it will be to look back on this and remember how they felt in your hands?”

Taylor whimpered, unbelievably turned on. And she wasn’t the only one. A quick glance to her sides showed both Missy and Victoria closely watching them. Victoria was idly masturbating, one hand underneath her bikini top. Her other hand was stroking the insides of her thighs, running over them.

Missy seemed to be just as turned on as any of the other girls, with red cheeks and parted lips. Taylor could see her nipples poking out from her barely-there bikini. But she kept the camera focused on Sophia and Taylor.

“You know,” Sophia said a in smoky, seductive voice totally unlike her, “it’s been too long since that sleepover. I’m a growing girl, and I have some needs.” Her warm breath puffed against Taylor’s skin as Sophia pressed her face against Taylor’s neck. “And you’ve got this nice, big cock right here. Don’t you think we should solve both our problems at once?”

“Yes!” Taylor squeaked. She could remember how good Sophia had felt wrapped around her. And now that she wasn’t being all bossy and dommy, it would have to feel even better.

Good girl,” Sophia said.

Reaching down, she grabbed Taylor’s cock. Holding it in place, she nudged her bikini bottom to the side, revealing her pussy. Taylor swallowed at the sight. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a triangle, pointing down at Sophia’s wet lips. Looking back up, she swallowed again at Sophia’s knowing smirk.

Sophia sank down pretty quickly. She must have gotten turned on by, well, all the things Taylor had done and had done to her today. Even as she sank down, she leaned forward, pressing her body against Taylor’s in more ways than one. Taylor hesitantly put her arms around Sophia’s waist, and then, when she didn’t object, sank lower.

It was just as good to grab Sophia’s butt as it was to grab her boobs. Even though they were both runners, Sophia had a lot more of an ass to her. Probably because of how big her hips were. Taylor’s fingers could really sink down deep into Sophia’s cheeks, feeling the give and sway of them as Sophia impaled herself on Taylor’s cock.

“Oh yeah, that feels good,” Sophia murmured, closing her eyes in bliss. “You keep doing that, Taylor.”

Taylor kneaded Sophia’s ass again. She was a bit hesitant at first, but seeing how Sophia reacted, she grew more and more firm. Soon she was really getting into it, using what strength she had to molest Sophia’s ass. It was a great way to work out the resentment she felt towards the bully. Even if Sophia was actually treating her pretty nicely at the moment.

“Come on, keep filling me up with your cock,” Sophia said as she lifted herself up and down. “Can’t you feel how wet I am? I need every inch of your dick.”

Sophia’s pussy was so hot Taylor thought her dick was going to melt. The heat and the warmth were better than Taylor had remembered, and even better than Victoria’s pussy. (Though Glory Girl still won out by virtue of being Glory Girl and not Sophia Hess.)

In fact, Taylor felt hot all over. A summer day, sitting on the sand, and doing so much exercise (and all of it so much better than jogging) was making Taylor quite sweaty. She better drink something soon. She wondered if she could talk Victoria into pouring a bottle of water over her breasts and letting Taylor lick it up.

But any concerns about dehydration would have to wait. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop Taylor from fucking Sophia right now. Or letting Sophia fuck her, since the black girl was a lot more active than Taylor.

Sure, Taylor could use her grip on Sophia’s ass to lift her up and down, but it was so much better to play with her cheeks and let Sophia do all the work. Bouncing up and down, grinding from side to side, her inner walls squeezing down, Sophia was doing all sorts of things that made the two of them feel amazing.

Missy was circling around them, the camera intently recording every gasp and jiggle from Taylor and Sophia. Taylor didn’t have the brain power to really look at anything besides the way Sophia’s breasts were bouncing, but Missy was close enough that even Taylor could see a sheen on her thighs that probably wasn’t sweat.

Any glimmers on Victoria’s legs certainly weren’t sweat. She was openly masturbating, having completely discarded her bikini. She was hovering a few inches above the hot sand, one hand playing with her breasts and the other rubbing her clit. Her moans were loud enough that Taylor could clearly make out every gasp even over the sounds Sophia and her were generating.

Well, that just meant Taylor would have to do some talking in turn. But about what?

“Th, thank you, Sophia,” Taylor muttered. “You, you feel really great. Like, really, really good.”

Then Taylor shut up, the inanity of what she was saying washing over her. She blushed, something quite noticeable on her cheeks. Shockingly, Sophia just chuckled, instead of using Taylor’s words in some nasty comeback like she had expected.

“Yeah, I’m feeling good too. So keep your dick hard until I tell you too.”

That wasn’t something Taylor thought she was going to be able to do. Sophia felt so good around her, squeezing down and massaging her shaft, that Taylor thought she was going to cum at any minute. Not even two previous orgasms seemed to be helping her to build up as resistance. But if it felt so good, who cared, right?

Sadly, Taylor’s overdeveloped sense of empathy kept her from just relentlessly pursuing her own pleasure. If Sophia was making her feel so good, Taylor should try and help her in turn, she supposed. Lowering her head, Taylor opened her mouth. It was time to see how Sophia tasted.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Taylor. Keep on doing that.”

Sophia tasted pretty good, Taylor decided as she sucked on her nipple. It was still stiff in her mouth, stiff enough that Taylor lightly, very lightly, bit down. She could feel Sophia’s reaction. The purr went through her whole body and into Taylor’s.

The bit of pain was enough to push Sophia over the edge. She tightened down around Taylor, her pussy squeezing even harder than before. The heat and the wetness increased too, bathing Taylor’s most sensitive member in pleasure.

And so, once again, Taylor came. She grunted as her cock throbbed inside Sophia, her drained balls laboring to produce some more cum. What Sophia got in her pussy couldn’t compare to the amount of cum spread across her face, but Taylor felt better for it anyways.

The two of them slumped forward, arms wrapped around each other’s waists. They were both resting their heads on each other’s shoulders as they panted for breath. Taylor watched Missy circling around them, the camera in her hand recording every post-orgasm details of the two girls.

Taylor had never felt so positive towards Sophia. She could still remember all the petty, awful things Sophia had done to her, but they just didn’t seem to matter as much as they had, not with the pleasure they had shared. It was a really confusing mixture for Taylor, and she wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

So when Missy handed the video camera over to Victoria and took a few steps forward, Taylor was glad of the distraction. The young girl took up quite the aggressive pose, legs spread apart and balled hands on her hips as she looked down at the interracial couple. Of course, she was so short that meant she only had to incline her head a few degrees.

“You two have had enough fun,” Missy declared, her head turning between Sophia and Victoria, “So now it’s my turn.”

All three of the other girls had different expressions. Victoria had a look of amused disbelief on her features, even as she focused the camera’s gaze on Missy. Taylor’s face turned into a look of guilty anticipation, and her cock stirred to life within Sophia. And Sophia smiled, a look of pure triumph.

“Alright,” said a nonchalant Victoria.

“Fair’s fair,” Sophia agreed, climbing off of Taylor. “How do you want to do it? I’d say get flat on your back and let Taylor go to work.”

“Eh? You’re letting me- sure! Yes, that’s a great idea, Sophia,” Missy said, the last half of her statement coming out a lot faster than the first half.

Slightly smiling, Taylor reached out and grabbed Missy’s arm. The young girl squeaked as she was drawn deeper into Taylor’s embrace. Taylor felt guilty for how excited she was over getting to do this with someone of Missy’s age, but not enough to try and stop. Soon, Missy was wrapped in a tight hug by Taylor, their bodies pressed against each other.

Missy looked nervously excited, staring back at Taylor with wide eyes and quivering smile. The two both hesitated before Taylor leaned in for a kiss. It felt weird to be the one taking the initiative, but the sound Missy made when their lips connected was so sweet.

Taylor could feel Missy’s body pressed against hers, and it felt so very good. Taylor’s cock was rock hard once again as she held Missy in a tight embrace. A wandering hand pressed against Missy’s bikini bottom, and Taylor’s eyebrows rose. Missy was drenched, the bottom sliding around Missy’s wet, lubricated skin.

“Are you ready for this?” Taylor asked, shifting around to get a better grip on Missy.

“Yes,” Missy muttered. She, in turn, had wrapped her legs around Taylor’s waist.

“Good,” Taylor replied. She couldn’t wait another second.

Taylor could see Sophia spreading out a blanket behind Missy, obviously for their use. Taylor nodded her thanks and picked Missy up. The small girl squeaked as she was moved backwards a foot, only to fall down onto the blanket behind her.

Taylor’s fingers were clumsy with lust as she tugged at the side ties of Missy’s bottom. She growled with frustration before she finally managed to get them undone, throwing the garment to one side. The sight of what was revealed made Taylor stop for a second, whistling in pleased surprise.

Missy’s crotch was a mess of arousal, sticky with her honey. Victoria leaned in, making sure the camera captured every detail of it as Missy spread her legs widely. Missy’s skin gleamed, arousal spread all over it and more dripping out from between her lower lips.

“Oh fuck!” Taylor cried out.

The sight completely overwhelmed any sense of restraint she had. Throwing herself down, she grabbed her rock-hard dick in one hand and guided it into Missy’s slit. Taylor was only barely aware of the camera focusing on her deflowering Missy. All her attention was on how fucking tight Missy was.

Taylor had never before felt something this tight wrapped around her. It was an effort just to slowly move forward, forcing Missy’s walls to part bit by bit. Even as wet as she was, Taylor couldn’t guess how this felt good for Missy. Or maybe it didn’t, and the pain was why it felt good.

Either way, Missy was obviously enjoying herself. Her limbs were wrapped around Taylor’s back. And, in a demonstration of just how tiny Missy was, her hands weren’t meeting behind even Taylor’s slight frame.

“Come on, Taylor, spread your legs,” Victoria urged from somewhere behind her.

Taylor complied, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. She could guess that Victoria was getting a great view of Missy getting stuffed with Taylor’s cock. God, that was a hot thought.

“Harder,” Missy gasped out. “Do me harder. I can take it.”

That was all the justification Taylor needed to fuck Missy as hard as possible. With a grunt of effort, she pushed herself forward, hilting the rest of her dick inside Missy in one go. Taylor gasped, feeling the entirety of her dick squeezed down by an unbelievably pleasurable tightness.

The effect on Missy was a lot more pronounced. Her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. Her body, trapped underneath Taylor’s, shook and quivered as she was stuffed. There were soft gasps from Sophia and Victoria as they watched get filled to the brim with a near-stranger’s dick.

Now that Taylor had gone in as far as she could into Missy, it was a bit easier to move back and forth. Though Missy was still squeezing down very tightly around her. With a grunt of effort, she pulled her hips back before pushing them back in. Missy made a mewling noise as she was once again filled.

Since Taylor was the one in charge, unlike with Sophia and Victoria, she set the pace. And she found that it was a great way to work out her frustration and bewilderment over everything that was happening to her. She slammed into Missy again and again, filling the petite girl with a thick rod that stretched her previously-virginal pussy out.

“God, God, God, guh,” Missy was gasping as her entire body was jolted by the force of the thrusts Taylor was using.

Taylor might have been worried about how Missy was feeling, if her pussy hadn’t stayed so wet and so tight around her. As it was, she didn’t feel the need to do anything but work her emotions out on Missy. She didn’t even look up to see what the other two girls were doing. All she cared about was fucking Missy into the ground.

Missy was such a mess already Taylor couldn’t tell if the younger girl was cumming. Her pussy was too tight already, and Missy couldn’t control her voice well enough to speak. All she could do was lie flat on her back and let Taylor pound her.

And play with her chest. Missy’s top was so thin Taylor didn’t even bother undoing it. Instead, she just played with Missy’s stiff nipples directly through the fabric. Missy really started thrashing around when Taylor squeezed one of those pointy nubs. And, somehow, her pussy got even wetter as Taylor played with her tits.

“Fuck, I’m going to, oh fuck! Fucking cum!” Taylor gasped out as she slammed deep inside of Missy.

Missy didn’t react to Taylor’s statement. In fact, Taylor thought Missy might have passed out. But since her lips were still turned upwards in a big smile, Taylor had no reason to stop. If she even could. The sheer, unbelievable tightness of Missy had stoked up an even hotter fire inside Taylor than the chance to fuck Sophia or Glory Girl had. Even her testicles had responded to the call, churning with a thick load that needed to be pumped inside Missy.

Taylor jerked her hips forward, pushing herself as far into Missy’s tight, wet pussy as she could. Her cry as she came was one of sweet relief, as she pumped shot after shot of cum into the young girl pinned underneath her. She could feel her dick pulsing, shooting long jets of cum into Missy.

Even in the unthinking, possibly unconscious bliss Missy was experiencing, her body still recognized pleasure. It shook underneath Taylor, accepting as much as it could from Taylor was giving her latest partner. White cum still trickled out from Missy’s pussy, running down her skin onto the beach towel.

“Oh god, that was amazing,” Taylor said as she slumped down, laying on top of Missy.

“I’ll say,” Victoria replied in an impressed voice. It was a struggle for Taylor to lift her head enough to look up the blonde, still recording everything with the video camera. “I didn’t think it was actually possible to get fucked so hard you pass out.” Victoria positioned the camera to focus on Missy’s still slack face.

“And now you want the same to happen to you?” Sophia asked, a chuckle in her voice.

“Too right,” Victoria replied, passing the camera over to Sophia. She knelt down next to Taylor and Missy, and then got on all fours. She smirked as she looked down at Taylor. “How about it? You enough in you for one last round?”

Taylor did, just barely. Four orgasms in a row was enough to drain even a teenager’s stamina. But the thought of getting to feel Glory Girl one more time was enough to get Taylor to tiredly climb off of Missy. She pushed the girl’s legs shut, hiding the thick flow of cum seeping out of her pussy before she staggered over to Victoria.

Sinking down to her knees behind her, Taylor stared at Victoria’s upturned ass. And she had thought it had been fun to play with Sophia’s ass. But actually getting to see the acres and acres of Glory Girl’s ass, out in the open and not trapped underneath her skirt and shorts was like a dream come true.

Taylor reached out and grabbed a handful of flesh from both cheeks. Her fingers sank into Victoria’s fat ass, an utterly wonderful sensation. She gently kneaded it, giving a great show to the intently watching camera.

“Come on, I want more than that,” Victoria said, turning her head to look at Taylor. “You can even,” she flushed and broke eye contact, “do my ass if you want.”

Taylor’s jaw dropped open. That was, uh, quite the offer. And a very tempting one, she had to admit. She looked down at Victoria’s asshole. It was completely clean, and even had a bit of shiny lube glistening there.

“I got ready,” Victoria continued, confessing her perverted desires to Taylor and to the camera. “I wasn’t sure, but, well, it was so hot watching you with the other two. I need something more. So you’ll give it to me, right?”

“Yes! Yes, of course,” Taylor said, nodding her head. Getting to take two of Glory Girl’s virginities, that was… something she never would have expected to have happen an hour ago.

Something clunked off Taylor’s forehead. Rubbing herself, she first looked up at an unapologetic Sophia, and then down at whatever it was. It was a bottle of lube. Taylor picked it up off the sand and swallowed. She looked from it to Victoria’s upturned ass.

Two minutes later, Missy, Sophia and the camera were all intently watching Glory Girl get fucked up the ass for the first time. Taylor had a tight grip on Victoria’s wide hips as she slowly but firmly pushed herself deeper and deeper into Victoria. Sweat was beading on her forehead and making strands of hair stick to her skin. And she wouldn’t stop for anything.

Victoria’s ass was just as tight as Missy’s pussy had been. And it was even hotter than Sophia’s, though not nearly as wet. The best part of it all, though, was how Victoria was acting.

“Oh fuuuuck, more, go even deeper,” Victoria urged, pushing herself back against Taylor. “You’re making me feel so good baby, just a little deeper.”

Just how much Victoria loved anal had come as a surprise to everyone. But the way her whole body had stiffened up when Taylor had put the tip of her penis against her tightest hole had been something to see (and could be seen forever, since Sophia had been focusing on Victoria’s face at that moment.) Taylor couldn’t remember anyone making quite that surprised, bone-deep sound of pleasure just from Taylor entering them.

Taylor’s breath was getting very ragged as she pushed herself forward. Not only was Victoria tight, Taylor was getting exhausted. It had been a long day, and if it wasn’t for just how amazing Victoria’s ass felt, Taylor might not have had the energy to do this. But the tight, hot feeling of Glory Girl’s ass wrapped around her was enough to give Taylor a second wind.

“Come on, fuck her hard,” Sophia urged, the camera viewfinder tightly pressed against her eye. “She’s offering herself up to you like a bitch. Fuck her until she can’t even think straight!”

Taylor wondered if Sophia would be so enthusiastic if she was taking Taylor’s cock up the ass. Well, it didn’t really matter. So long as Victoria kept on loving getting anal, Taylor would keep on fucking her.

Or until Taylor came. In fact, probably the second. Taylor was only flesh and blood, and couldn’t keep on going forever. Once she came, she had to hope Victoria was satisfied.

And an exploring hand told Taylor she probably would be. Taylor’s fingers came away soaked after running them along Victoria’s pussy. She was about to wipe them clean when Taylor saw Sophia’s frantic hand shaking. Guessing what she wanted, Taylor made a show of spreading her fingers, trusting that the camera was zooming in to focus on recording the strands of arousal between her fingers, visual proof of how much Victoria Dallon loved getting ass fucked while on all fours.

Taylor turned her attention back to Victoria and smiled again, not believing that such a wonderful sight (and body) were all hers. This ass, for instance. It was so big and round and wonderful. It just made Taylor want to slap it.

So she did.

Taylor lifted her hand and let it fall, the flat of her palm cracking off of Glory Girl’s upturned rear. The gasp Victoria made was faintly echoed by Sophia. Neither of them told Taylor to stop. In fact, Victoria turned her head around to look at Taylor, a light burning in her eyes.

“If you can put some real force behind that, babe, then do it again.” She wiggled her hips for emphasis, making her rear jiggle in front of Taylor’s eyes.

Taylor did her best, swinging down with all her force. Her hand started stinging immediately afterwards, and she almost stopped fucking Victoria to cradle it to her chest. But it wasn’t enough for the superhero.

“Come on, do it like you mean it, girl! Don’t you want to hear me scream?”

Taylor did, but she wasn’t sure if she had the ability to make that happen. Such muscles as she had were in her legs, not her arms. She gave it one more try, and almost missed the target completely. Which was quite the feat, given how big Victoria’s rear was.

And it wasn’t enough. While Victoria tensed up underneath the impact, a second alter she shook her head and turned back to look at Taylor. There was an odd look of disappointment and lust on her face.

“Go lift some weights and come back to try again, Taylor. You’re just not good enough to spank me.” Taylor deflated under the weight of the words. “Just keep on fucking me.” The lust in Victoria’s voice was growing. “Keep on stuffing my ass full of cock!”

That was something Taylor could do. And she did so with a vengeance, pouring her frustrations on being a poor spanker into her thrusts. Her hips slammed against Victoria’s thighs, making the blonde grunt as she was filled time and time again.

Taylor was pretty close to, god in heaven, her fifth orgasm. What a number. The sheer heat and tightness of Victoria was doing wonders for her dick, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. Any second now, Taylor was sure she was going to erupt in one more orgasm. She had better warn Victoria, though she thought the blonde would love getting cum inside of her ass.

“I’m going to cum,” Taylor shouted, her body shaking, “I’m going to cum straight in your asshole!”

“Yes!” Victoria said. “Do it! Fill me up, shoot so much inside me I taste it!” She squeezed down around Taylor, a level of tightness that would surely have managed to get Taylor to cum all on its own.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Taylor muttered, feeling the pleasure sweeping over her one more time.

Taylor’s empty, tired balls throbbed, desperately trying to pump out just a bit more cum into Victoria’s tight, wonderful body. Her body was trembling like a willow in the wind, legs quivering and body shaking. She leaned forward, her long hair brushing Victoria’s back as she gasped.

The ache in her balls as she pumped cum into Victoria told Taylor that that was it and that there would be nothing more coming today. And she was okay with that. Getting to feel the tsunami of pleasure roaring through her one last time was worth it, especially since it was with Glory Girl.

The events of the day had made a fangirl out of Taylor. She hadn’t really thought that much about Glory Girl or the rest of New Wave before, but she was now hugely in awe of the superhero. Less so regarding the position she took on accountability, or her powers or anything, and more so because of how hot Victoria was, and how wonderful it felt to have her body wrapped around Taylor’s cock.

That wasn’t a position Taylor would bring up at whatever fan clubs existed for New Wave, but it was the driving force for her. And a more worthy motivation, Taylor couldn’t imagine. Surely knowing how good it felt to fuck a superheroine in three different positions was a truly good reason to be their fan.

In her heat and orgasm addled brain, Taylor wondered if Victoria would be willing to found the Taylor Hebert Appreciation Club. Her goofy smile was partly because of that idea, and partly because of how good it felt to pump even a few, thin strands of cum into Victoria’s backside. And cumming inside Victoria Dallon’s rear felt very good indeed.

It felt good for Victoria too. From the instant the first strand of cum had blossomed inside her, Victoria had let out an honest-to-god wail. It was high-pitched, so high-pitched that at first Taylor couldn’t tell if it was in pleasure or pain.

But the way occasional words interspersed the cry, ‘yes’, ‘god’ and so on, told Taylor that Victoria found an ass full of cum to be a very wonderful treat indeed. Taylor just wished she could have given Victoria even more cum to enjoy. But the little her balls had been able to make was all that would get made. Victoria would just have to content herself with what she had gotten.

Taylor slumped down, not caring that her penis slid out of Victoria. That had been intense. Also, wonderful, mind-blowing, and something that Taylor wasn’t ready to do again anytime soon. In fact, all Taylor was ready for was giving a tired smile to the camera and idly watching Victoria’s ass as the blonde stood up and stretched. How on earth could she still have so much energy?

Out of the corner of her eye, Taylor could see Missy slowly, unsteadily walking over to the collection of bags. She pulled out a tripod and brought it back over to the rest of them. Once it was set up, Sophia placed the camera on top of it, and she and Missy came over to Victoria and Taylor.

Victoria, Missy and Sophia all took up position around Taylor. Smiling, all four of them faced the camera. Sophia and Victoria, both to the sides of Taylor wrapped an arm around her in an one-armed hug.

“Thanks for watching our very special beach holiday,” Sophia said. “It was a whole lot of fun for all of us.”

“If you’d like to see more,” Victoria added, “feel free to wish really hard and try to imagine what else the four of us are doing with each other.”

Taylor noticed that there was no reference to Dean. Had Victoria been fucked so hard she had forgotten the theoretical reason for all this? Eh, who cared. Taylor had gotten five amazing orgasms out of the deal, and that was more than worth it. She also noticed that all four of them were completely naked, and that the other three girls had cum dribbling down their legs. This had been some orgy.

Sophia walked back to the camera and switched it off. Turning back around, she gave the other three girls a very large, very satisfied grin. Placing her hands on her hips, she tossed her hair around.

“And that is that, ladies! Hope you all had a good time.”

“Damn right I did,” Victoria said with a matching smile. “So when are we meeting up again?”

If anyone noticed how Taylor flinched at that, they didn’t comment.

“What, just two rolls in the hay aren’t enough for you?” Sophia asked, her smile turning into more of a smirk. “Selfish, selfish.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Missy said, taking a step forward and squaring her shoulders. “What’s important is that if you or Victoria get another round with her, than I do too.”

Taylor noticed that they were talking to Sophia about access to her body, instead of her. Even though she found that kind of insulting, it was also kind of hot. And either way, Taylor was much too worn out to say anything about it now, not when the other three girls were all talking.

“Fine, fine,” Sophia said, holding up her hands. “Emma and I are willing to let the Owners of Taylor’s Cock Club double in membership.” The look Taylor sent her way didn’t have the slightest effect. “Of course, heh, we’re going to have do something pretty good to celebrate such an increase.”

Taylor could see the looks Missy and Victoria were exchanging. The leering smiles on their faces sent a shiver down her back. And a throb to her cock. She’d have to see about getting the name of this club changed (and which she hadn’t even known existed), but she wasn’t at all opposed to getting to have more sex with Missy or Victoria.

Later, though. After a shower and a meal and a nap and doing it somewhere a bit more private than a beach. Taylor was shocked that nobody had interrupted them yet.

“Yep,” Sophia said, throwing her arms around Taylor’s and Victoria’s shoulders, “Emma and I will come up with a great whatever to welcome you two into the club.” Her smile brightened, obviously struck by a new idea. “Heh, we’ll put Taylor on a special diet so you two can get a really creamy treat.”

The three of them smiled and chatted with each other. Taylor’s face was twitching between several different expressions as she tried to decide how she felt. On the one hand, yeah, more sex with amazing, sexy women. On the other hand, actually getting a say in the matter would be nice. On the third hand, Sophia was being quite nice to her, and it was way better to have a nice Sophia than a bullying Sophia.

Taylor figured she could give it a few more rounds before deciding if she was going to stay in the club or not. After all, if this was the closest she was going to get to the Taylor Hebert Appreciation Club, she might as well give it an honest go.

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User #11465867 - 19 Jul 18 19:26
Easily one of your best recent works!
Convention Fun 2018-07-17T04:43:21+00:00
One of the Senshi loses a bet, and ends up having to go to a Comic Convention dressed as themselves, fucking any con goers who proposition them. Or maybe they just do it because they get a kick out of it.

Minako Aino was Sailor Venus, of course. She had the transformation pen and the nightmares and everything. There was nobody else in the universe who could be Sailor Venus but her. All she had to do was grab the pen, shout a phrase, and she’d be in business.

So the reason she owned a physical copy of Sailor Venus’s costume was a bit difficult to explain. But it had a lot to do with how much Mina loved attention and getting recognition for all the hard work she did, day in and day out. And sex. Mina liked sex, too.

That was why Mina was wearing an almost perfect replica of herself as Sailor Venus. And why she was on her knees in a convention floor, gazing upwards at some skinny nerd as she sucked his cock. She smiled up at him as she ran her tongue along his modest shaft.

“T-thank you, Sailor Venus,” the teen stammered. He didn’t know what he had done to deserve this (absolutely nothing), but he didn’t want this miracle to end by offending the beautiful cosplayer in front of him.

“Mmhhm,” Minako said in return, humming as she sank her lips down around his shaft.

This sort of thing was so much fun. Finding one of the many, many guys who attended nerd conventions, and grabbing them one at a time. And then bringing them to some quiet corner, and giving them the time of their loves. Depending on how Mina felt, it could be anything from a blowjob to anal. And if she got caught, well, Mina was a charismatic girl. She could usually work something out. Like getting spitroasted.

Mina hummed to herself as she worked her way down the teen’s dick. She doubted he would be lasting long at all, but that was all right. There were still plenty of other guys to have fun with. And she could go to meet them with a nice load of warm cum in her belly.

“Miss, I’m, I’m-!”

He couldn’t get the words out, but Mina could guess what he meant. The cum filling her mouth was a pretty good clue. Minako quickly started swallowing, sending as much cum as she could handle at once down her throat to fill her stomach.

It was so lovely and warm. Exactly the flavor Minako loved, though eating a woman’s peach had its own appeal. Mina kept a tight seal of her lips around the kid’s cock, making certain not a drop escaped. She also made sure to clean it off real good before she let him draw back.

The nerd was looking like he was ready to worship her. His rapturous expression sent a thrill down Mina’s spine as she stood up. She patted him on the shoulder as he zipped himself back up.

“That was fun, mister. As a soldier of love and justice, I’m always willing to do my part to help someone like you out.” Though there was still an itch in her lower belly that would need a cock in her pussy to really satisfy.

And that was when the screaming started. Out from the middle of the convention floor, a whole lot of people started screaming and running away. Mina could also hear a woman cackling. She sighed.

Sometimes, Mina wondered if evil was unknowingly following her, or if she was unknowingly following evil. Either way, this thing happened a lot. She’d need to go get rid of the nerd, and then Sailor Venus could replace Sailor Venus.

There wasn’t much of Minako Aino to replace.

Camping is Fun! 2018-07-15T23:22:26+00:00
Worm Prompt: The summer camp that Taylor went to was a nature camp that taught girls how to "ride" horses, including a special (drugged) diet to help them become "flexible" and lots of support and positive reinforcement.

“See girls? It’s totally possiblllll!”

Cindy the camp councilor’s voice rose up into a squeal as she slid deeper down the horse dick. But Taylor could still understand her. And, for that matter, see the bulge appearing underneath Cindy’s camp t-shirt.

Taylor was one of the few girls paying complete attention to the instructions. Most of the other girls were masturbating as their councilor got fucked, or helping each other masturbate. Some of them were even trying out the sixty-nine position they had all learned about last night.

Taylor shifted position, catching a glimpse of her arm. It was so much darker now, after spending most of the day outside for two weeks straight. And the tan was all over her body. All the campers here spent their time naked except for shoes. That made it easier for the camp councilor’s to give hands-on demonstrations for everything they were learning.

Some of them were more hands on than others. For instance, Cindy had told them that they weren’t expected to take a horse cock like hers. Not for the first time, at least. Instead, all the young girls would be led to whatever horse they were given. Then, they would be tied to the underside of them, getting to feel the stallion’s erect cock rubbing against their entire bodies as they went for a ride around the perimeter of the camp.

Taylor thought it sounded like fun. Of course, everything at the camp had been fun. Right from the orientation, when they had been given some odd-tasting, but delicious cookies. Since then, Taylor had been on a non-stop whirlwind tour of making new friends and learning new things.

And she was very excited to learn how to ride a horse. That seemed like so much fun, and, even if it hadn’t been, it would be a good idea to do what she was told anyways. Everything was so much more enjoyable when she obeyed.

Like when she had been selected to be one of the girls who went to say thank you to the cooks who made them three meals a day. Taylor hadn’t expected that, but she had gone into the kitchens nonetheless, her slim shoulders held high. And it had been so much fun!

Taylor idly rubbed her pussy, smearing a bit of cum around her fingers. She wondered how much more cum she’d get during the ride. Those huge, hot, hard horse dicks, rubbing against her entire torso, from her (non-existent) breasts to her pussy… The huge testicles pumping out jet after jet of hot, sticky, thick cum over her face… Hearing the cries from her fellow campers as it happened to them too…

Since the lesson had ended, Taylor started masturbating. So were most of her new friends, as they waited for Cindy to get done with the horse that was fucking her. Taylor’s high-pitched voice gasped in pleasure as she explored all the new, wonderful spots she had been taught since coming to camp. And at least some of those spots should get stimulated by whatever stallion she was assigned to.

Taylor had never ridden a horse before, but she was excited for her first time.

The Path To Orgasm 2018-07-15T00:28:52+00:00
Maybe something with Contessa getting gangbanged.

It had taken an additional seventeen steps to make sure her hat stayed on through all this, but it was worth it. Yes, she had been pushed down to the table. Yes, the rest of her clothes had been ripped off of her. Yes, a man was filling her pussy while another slid down her throat.

And all that would have been worthless if Contessa hadn’t managed to keep her hat on. But she had, and knew that it would stay on the half-hour this gangbang would run for. And that was the most important step at all.

Fuck, this bitch is something else,” the man inside her pussy said. His voice had a note of awe in it that wouldn’t normally be expected of such a large, burly man.

At least, expected by someone who didn’t know the level on control Contessa had over her pussy. She knew in advance just when to squeeze down, and how hard, and with what part of her pussy. And she followed the mental guideposts, giving the man thrusting into her the best sex of his life. Contessa knew he would never feel this good again.

Just like the man getting a blowjob would never find any woman who could suck dick with as much skill as her. Or that the man who had dumped a load of cum into her ass ditto ditto ditto. Tonight was the best sex they would ever have for all half dozen men in the room. And for Contessa, it was her nightly fun.

And she was having quite a bit of fun. Contessa had already cum twice, each time using her orgasm to milk another load of cum out of whichever man was inside her pussy at the time. And she knew she would be having another three before all the men were exhausted, and that in between the peaks of climax, there would be plenty of other pleasure. The imprint of her future climaxes were so vivid it was like she was already cumming even now.

Contessa wiggled her hips from side to side, feeling the cock inside of her. It scraped her inner walls, making the wet surfaces warp and cling to the thick shaft. She moaned around the cock in her mouth. Both because it made her feel good, and because she knew it would spur the man fucking her pussy on.

Contessa was right, of course. With a cry, the man picked up his pace, slamming his hips against her presented ass. It felt like Contessa was getting split open, and she loved every second of it.

“Oh fuck, you bitch! Take it all, every last drop!”

And that was even better. As Contessa’s pussy was once again filled with cum, she smiled around the rod in her mouth. That wasn’t quite enough to push her over the edge, but it would once he spanked her. It would just be a single spank, as he pulled out, but it would be the last thing Contessa needed to cum.

Contessa enjoyed her me time.

Backfire 2018-07-14T02:30:14+00:00
For another SM snippet
With her plans coming close to fruition Queen Beryl decided to reward herself with finding and ruining a young girl who closely resembled Princess Serenity.
24 hours later Beryl's been turned in Usagi's personal sex slave amd all thoughts of conquering Earth have been fucked right out of her.

“Oh, oh, yeSSSS!”

Usagi had stopped trying to muffle her orgasmic cries a long time ago. If no one had come to complain about her wailing and moaning so far, then nobody was going to. And Usagi had always liked being true to herself.

Reaching down, Usagi tangled her fingers in the mane of red hair between her legs. She ground her hips against the face the hair was attached to. Usagi was ready for another orgasm. Sure, she had just had her twenty fifth consecutive orgasm, but that was no reason to stop now. Usagi still had a lot more sexual energy built up.

Queen Beryl (and where was she a queen of? Usagi hadn’t gotten that bit) was amazing at oral sex. Sure, Usagi may have been a virgin in every way it was possible to be a virgin before this hot momma had appeared out of nowhere. But surely all those orgasms Queen Beryl had given Usagi with her tongue and fingers and mouth meant she had to be skilled, right? Right.

Usagi reached up to cup her breasts. Who would have thought that getting kidnapped to be a sex slave could be so much fun? Queen Beryl had really made Usagi feel good, over and over again. In fact, sooner or later, Usagi was going to have to repay the favor. She was still a bit fuzzy on how exactly, since she’d spent the entire time lounging on the throne, laying on the bed, whatever, while Queen Beryl brought her to orgasm after orgasm. But, despite everything people might say about her, Usagi was a smart girl. She’d figure out how to make another woman feel good.

Usagi looked down at the beautiful redhead lapping at her slit. Oh. Oh dear. She just now noticed that Queen Beryl was making a mess of the top of her dress. And it was such a nice dress. All the drool and, well, other stuff (Usagi blushed) was dripping down from Queen Beryl’s chin and spreading around on her dress.

Well, there was only one way to solve that problem. Scooting back, Usagi looked down at Queen Beryl. The beautiful older woman was looking back up at Usagi, her eyes dazed.

“We need to get you naked, Your Highness,” Usagi chirped. “We shouldn’t be making a mess of such pretty clothes.”

That was easier said than done, at least for Usagi. She reached down and then paused. She wasn’t sure how to get the other woman undressed. There weren’t any clasps or anything she could see. Or even enough room for Queen Beryl to walk, really.

Then Queen Beryl showed off another benefit of magic. She snapped her fingers and her dress disappeared. Usagi couldn’t tell if her underwear had vanished too, or if Queen Beryl just didn’t wear it. Either way, the sight of that tall, curvy, pale body seriously excited Usagi.

“Oh wowwwww, you look so pretty!” Usagi said, clapping her hands together.

Tugging at Queen Beryl’s arms, she pulled her kidnapper down onto the bed with her. The two fell into a tangle of limbs. Usagi smiled as her hands automatically found Queen Beryl’s breasts.

This was going to be so much fun.

Train Ride Fun 2018-07-12T23:38:39+00:00
So nobody's going to say anything about Neo running around in her illusions and not a goddamn stitch of clothing?

Why would they? After all, Neo’s illusions and reality were very hard to tell apart. And she had enough control over them that the only real hint someone would get would be for her to drop the illusion, or for someone to reach out and touch her.

And as it so happened, both were happening in this train car. Neo had spotted a cute little boy sitting across from her. He obviously wasn’t through his second decade, and just as obviously, suffering from the abundance of hormones that teenagers had to deal with. So when Neo stopped putting out the effort to keep her illusions going, that lucky sap got to see his first real naked woman.

And what a sight it was. Neo knew how hot she was, as good of a shortstack as anyone in real life could get. Curvy hips, big breasts, and a height that topped at someone else’s chest. She knew what people thought of her body and loved it.

The boy sitting with his jaw slackly hanging open looked like he was about to die of blood loss. He had a noteciable tent in his pants, that Neo cast an apprising look at it. No, not quite big enough for her to want to give him his first time. Neo was a total size queen, and only took cocks that would seem to be far too big for her small body.

Then a hand grabbed Neo’s ass and squeezed. Oh right, there had been a guy behind her. A guy who had obviously taken the split-second sight of Neo’s bubble butt as an invitation. A correct invitation, of course. One of the reasons Neo did this was to see who would have the guts to actually take a bit of what she was offering.

And it sure seemed like this guy wanted everything on display. The way his hands groped Neo’s body was making her even more wet than she already was. Grinning, and maintaining eye contact with the teen, she pushed back, feeling the stranger’s fingers sink into her fat rear.

“God, you’re a slut,” the man whispered… six inches over her head, really, but it was quiet enough only Neo’s ears heard him. “Do you even own clothes? Or do you always go around hoping nobody finds out what a disgusting slut you are?”

Neo shivered, her lips parting. Dirty talk was another one of her fetishes. Not one that she personally indulged in, but one she loved none the less.

The man’s other hand snuck around to her front. Neo could see his fingers grabbing her chest, sinking through her illusion to grab the bare flesh underneath. She shivered as he rolled a nipple between his fingers.

“I bet I could fuck you right here, right now. Nobody but that kid would know. And you’d like it, wouldn’t you, you wet bitch?”

Neo nodded, smiling at the boy across the car. He looked like he wasn’t sure if masturbating was appropriate or not. Maybe he’d decide by the time Neo was getting split in two by the mammoth shaft she could feel pressing against her butt.

And if he didn’t? Well, that was his loss. In the meantime, Neo would thoroughly enjoy getting molested and fucked by someone who’s face she hadn’t even seen. She bet she would get at least one orgasm before he dumped a thick load of hot cum in her unprotected cunt.

God, Neo loved public transportation.

Good to be the Queen 2018-07-11T21:49:52+00:00
Good To Be The Queen - Partially inspired by the above story, this prompt features Skitter after a rough patch in her relationship with Grue taking full advantage of her position - i.e. inviting Sierra and Charlotte to her quarters as "a reward for good serviceot." Understandably nervous, Sierra and Charlotte put on the finest clothes - and lingerie, just in case - they own. When they arrive, they find an unmasked Taylor waiting for them in an armchair. She then, after a couple of carefully spiked drinks, begins to give Sierra and Charlotte their reward. Sure, the two have to call Skitter "Mistress" both in private and in public, but the cuddles and the sheer quantity of orgasms Taylor gives her two pets more than make up for it. Besides, there are far worse fates Skitter could have inflicted on them - Sierra in particular is mindful of "Ems", the redheaded supermodel-turned bimbo Skitter regularly walks through the base, having had to clean up the puddles of juices the brainless slut leaves behind on multiple occasions. And besides, the inability to masturbate to anything other than Skitter helps make them better at their jobs. Matter of fact, Charlotte and Sierra are feeling, like, tons better. Maybe adding big numbers together except when Mistress told them too was harder than usual, but that's fine. As long as Mistress was there to guide them, they'd always be fine.




Oh, right. Sierra was her name. She should probably see who was trying to talk to her.

Sierra opened her eyes and immediately felt a wave of lust and devotion. Mistress was standing over her, looking down at Sierra’s prone body. Acting on instinct, Sierra opened her legs further, just in case Mistress wanted a show.

“Sierra, it’s time to get dressed. Wake up Charlotte and get breakfast going.”

Sierra pouted. It had been so nice lying here, with her head resting on whatever it was that she was using as a pillow. And having to get dressed just made things worse. Sierra felt so itchy whenever she was wearing more than the collar Mistress had given her. She knew Charlotte felt the same way. And maybe Ems did, but, honestly, who cared what that airhead thought?

Slowly picking herself, Sierra looked down at whatever had been her pillow for the night. Oh. It was Charlotte’s boobs. How nice. Way softer than a normal pillow. Reaching down, Sierra ran her hand against Charlotte’s slit. It instantly became damp. Smiling, Sierra inserted one finger into Charlotte’s pussy, now that she knew the dark-haired girl could handle it.

Really, she hadn’t needed to check. Ever since that night when Mistress had claimed Sierra and Charlotte in every way there was to be claimed, both of them had always been so wet. Not as wet as Ems, but they both needed to change their panties a couple of times every day.

It took a couple of strokes, thoroughly wetting her finger, before Charlotte started to stir. Opening her eyes, she smiled up at Sierra. She raised her arms and parted her lips for a kiss and hug. Regretfully, Sierra had to stop her.

“Good morning, Charizard,” Sierra giggled, curling her finger inside her friend. “Mistress says its time to go be up at them.”

“Ah,” Charlotte pouted. “Can’t you at least finish me off? It felt, like, so good. Especially what you did last night!”

Charlotte sure woke up faster than Sierra did. Within a few minutes, she was as dressed as either of them cared to be. Namely, loose blouses that showed off their tits, and short skirts so it was easy for them or Mistress to reach up and get a good groping in.

The two of them made breakfast while arguing over which one of them would get to add their peach (with honey glaze) to Mistress’s meal. In the end, they were both disappointed, as Mistress was already using Ems to squeeze orange slices inside her for her morning juice. Pouting, Charlotte and Sierra made up for their disappointment by thoroughly groping each other, leaving what little clothes they wore in total disarray.

Drinking down a cup of water full of the special pills that made Sierra such a good girl for mistress, the dreadlocked woman thought about what to do next. There was always more bookkeeping, though it was so boring. And so hard to do, especially if Sierra hadn’t recently cum. Trying to keep track of all those numbers was a pain. But Sierra always did her best. After all, if she didn’t, why would Mistress keep her around? She already had one dumb slut with Ems, she didn’t need two.

Maybe she could see if Mistress needed a massage. That was always fun to do. Sierra smiled to herself. She could be such a smart girl.

Companionship 2 2018-07-11T18:33:55+00:00

Companionship 2

Charity hadn’t really gotten used to thinking of herself as Bakuda yet. Yes, if there was news report about her or the ABB, she could make the connection between her and the figure on the screen. But she still referred to herself as Charity inside her head.

The same didn’t apply for Lung or Oni Lee. Even though she knew their ‘real’ names, it was somehow impossible to think of them as anything besides Lung and Oni Lee. Even right now, when neither she nor Lee were in costume, or even doing on the job stuff.

“Why are we here, again?” Charity asked, subjecting her companion to a narrow-eyed stare. Lee’s face was barely more expressive without the mask than with it on, but Charity didn’t need many facial cues to guess what he was thinking. When someone suggested they go for some female company, it was easy enough to connect the dots.

Yes, Charity was a lesbian. That didn’t mean her idea of a good time was going to some sort of sleazy strip club to ogle girls who only looked good thanks to the booze and bad lighting. Something that was a good time was indulging her inner genius, making the wonderful, wonderful toys only Charity could make.

If Charity hadn’t stabbed herself with a screwdriver trying to assemble a bomb, she wouldn’t even have listened to Oni Lee. But there was something to be said for taking some time off, which Charity hadn’t in the past two days. So, grumbling all the while, she had packed her gear up and left with Oni Lee.

And now the two of them were standing outside an utterly generic storefront in an utterly generic strip mall. Christ, at least Oni Lee could have the decency to take her to a good strip club. Charity side-eyed the fuck out of Oni Lee before looking back at the building.

As she looked at it, she realized there was a gold seal in the corner of one window. Examining it, she realized that this was an officially-recognized Companion location. That was a surprise. Though she guessed that, as a crime boss, Oni Lee had the money to afford a Companion’s rates.

And that meant that this might not be all that bed. Charity had never visited a Companion before, but they were supposed to be very good at helping people. Part therapist, part conversation partner, part hooker. And Charity did have a thing for older women. Yeah, if there was an experienced woman running this place, she should be able to meet Charity’s standards.

“They do good work here,” Oni Lee said. It was the first time he had spoken since they had left Char- Bakuda’s workshop. “They should help you relax.”

“Right,” Charity said distractedly. She was mostly thinking about what she would ask her Companion to do.

Charity wouldn’t admit it, but she was a bit nervous. She wasn’t a virgin, but the thought of an imminent sexual encounter was a bit unsettling to her. How would Lung take care of this? Okay, bad choice. Well, she’d just have to wait and see who she got before making any further plans.

Following Oni Lee, Charity stepped into the store front. Oni Lee was already talking to the blandly handsome man sitting behind a receptionist’s desk. Getting closer, Charity heard her name being mentioned.

A lot of names followed, shared between Oni Lee and the receptionist. Charity wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, since neither of them explained what they were talking about. She did understand ‘And your female friend can go to room three, on the left.’ Charity started down the hall, wondering just how good this would be.


Charity was disappointed. And, as Cornell University could attest, that was a very bad thing to have happen to her or anyone around her. She was one step away from storming out of here and coming back with an example of what she had been working on.

She had been expecting some older woman, who knew her way around a woman’s body and could pamper Charity. Instead, she was in a small room with a girl even younger than she was. The white girl was as thin as a stick and Charity couldn’t possibly see her knowing how to handle a woman.

“Is this a joke?” Charity snapped, giving her best glare to the girl. She’d been a fool to get her hopes up when she saw the massage table in the center of the room.

“No?” the girl answered. Behind her large glasses, she looked as confused as Charity was. But not nearly as angry. “What do you think is a joke?”

“That you,” Charity pointed a finger at her, “could possibly a Companion. Companions are smart and attractive and a ton of things you obviously aren’t.”

Red appeared on the girl’s cheeks as she obviously bit back her first response. Taking a deep breath, she waited for a few seconds before responding. Obviously counting to ten, something Charity had never bothered with. That was a way for the weak to try and hide their weakness.

“I am a Companion. In training, but still a Companion. My name is Taylor, and your friend especially asked for me to be assigned to you -“

“Lee…” Charity bit out. The bastard chose now to get a sense of humor? Standing up, Charity started for the door, quite willing to walk right over the apprentice they were trying to fob off on her.

“Wait, wait!” Taylor said, holding up her hands. “I can tell you’re upset, and I want to know if there’s any way I can help! Would you like a massage? I’ve been practicing, and can give really good ones.” She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers in demonstration.

Charity kept on glaring at Taylor, her mind turning over the options. On the one hand, she would get some satisfaction about tearing a strip off of this runt’s hide and stalking off. On the other, her shoulders were rather stiff from bending over a workbench for the past two days straight.

“Fine,” Charity bit out. “Do what I’m sure you think is your best.” The look that flashed over Taylor’s face prompted a small, hard smile from Charity.

Grumbling under her breath, Charity undressed. She debated whether to stay in her underwear, or to go completely nude. In the end, she decided to strip all the way. She knew she was beautiful and no reason to hide herself right now.

Laying down on the massage table, she cleared her throat. Taylor turned around and smiled at Charity. Stepping around to the head of the table, she gently pushed Charity’s head down into the head rest. Some soft, vacuous music had started to play, and the lights had dimmed. Charity thought it might have been erotic if Taylor had the kind of body that inspired lust.

Charity tensed up as she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders. They were slick with some kind of oil, that was either naturally warm or transmitted Taylor’s body heat very well. That gave Charity the idea for a kind of bomb, one that would put sticky, clinging napalm to shame. With an effort, she pushed the schematics out of her brain. It would be no good to think about that stuff now when she didn’t have her supplies.

Instead, Charity tried to think on nothing at all. That was actually pretty hard. For as long as she could remember, Charity’s mind had always been buzzing with ideas, facts and theories. And she had never wanted it to stop. Her brain was why the daughter of a dirt-poor refugee and a social worker had managed to get all the way to Cornell. Charity trembled with anger as her thoughts once again touched on the sore spot of what had happened at Cornell.

“Is everything all right?” Taylor asked, her hands leaving the base of Charity’s neck. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

Unseen by anyone, Charity’s lips drew back from the snarl she had unconsciously made. That part of her life was over and done. She was with the ABB now, and wouldn’t have to deal with any moron criticizing her research ever again.

“No… No, I’m fine,” Charity said in a flat voice. “Keep going.”

Taylor didn’t respond, but started massaging Charity after a few seconds. Her long fingers dug into Charity’s skin, pressing against her muscles. Charity forced herself to relax, letting the tension and wariness flow out of her as much as possible.

Since thinking about work was obviously out, Charity did her best to think about Taylor’s massage. And while she had never gotten one before, she had to admit that Taylor seemed to be pretty good. Certainly compared to trying to rub the knots out of her back on her own.

There was pain, yes, but it wasn’t very bad pain. Charity knew it was from Taylor trying to get knots of muscle to relax, digging her fingers, palm, whatever, into the tight knots to get them to relax. There were a lot of knots and built-up tension inside Charity, and in half an hour, Taylor hadn’t once moved away from Charity’s shoulders and neck.

“Would you like to talk about anything?” Taylor asked, her voice barely louder than the synthesized music playing.

“Like what?” Charity had no plans to actually share details with a stranger, but part of her was curious about what other people told a Companion.

“Most anything, really,” Taylor said in a light voice. “People want to talk about their jobs, their families, talk in general, anything, really.”

Charity snorted. Just the kind of idle blabber idiots would do. Why had she bothered to ask? It wasn’t as if ninety percent of people had a real thought in their heads, instead of just repeating anything they were told.

“I’ll pass,” Charity said, amused contempt lacing her voice.

Picking up Charity’s left arm, Taylor dropped it onto the table. Charity was surprised at how different it felt to get a massage on her comparatively meaty arm instead of her bony shoulders. There was a lot more rubbing, with Charity feeling her muscles sliding around underneath her skin. Which, oddly enough, was a very minor version of what the bomb she had been working on did.

“You have a lot of tension built up,” Taylor commented, her fingers pressing almost painfully against a point in Charity’s bicep. “Are you under a lot of stress?”

“Pressure makes diamonds,” Charity muttered into the headrest. That had been what her mother told her every time a younger Charity had complained about the extra classes and courses she had been signed up for.

“Or it breaks the recipient,” Taylor shot back.

Charity bristled, even under the neutral tone Taylor used. She wasn’t used to anybody questioning her, not when she couldn’t easily prove them wrong.

Charity honestly wasn’t sure how much time had passed. There just seemed to be a never ending feeling of Taylor’s warm, skillful hands moving all over Charity’s body. From her neck to her arms down to her legs, Taylor seemed to have a sixth sense for leaving Charity unbelievably relaxed.

By the time Charity felt content enough to be up to talking with Taylor, she couldn’t think of anything to talk about. She was just far too at peace to want to ruin it by opening her mouth and talking. It was so much better to just lay there and let Taylor do her work.

“Turn over, please.”

Charity went along with the request, not caring that she was baring herself to Taylor. The thought of more of this wonderful feeling was more than enough to get Charity to lay on her back, legs slightly spread. And her decision was amply rewarded when Taylor started to massage her front, starting with her shoulders again.

“I think I’ve gotten most of the tension out of your back. I’ll come back in a bit to see if there’s anything I missed. In the meantime, I’ll work on the rest of your body.”

“Alright,” Charity mumbled. Whatever Taylor wanted to do was fine with her. Just so long as those fingers kept on digging into her.

The arm massage that Taylor gave her felt even better the second time around. Maybe it was because of how much more relaxed Charity was feeling. But the fingers and palm and heel making her muscles slide around felt good in ways Charity couldn’t describe. By the time Taylor had worked her way from Charity’s shoulder to her fingers on both arms, Charity didn’t think she was even able to lift her arms anymore.

“If at any point you feel uncomfortable, just let me know,” Taylor said as she slid her hands down Charity’s torso. Charity thought that the warning should have been given earlier, but she honestly didn’t care that much. It wouldn’t do any harm if Taylor got a handful of a grown woman’s breasts.

The few times Charity had been naked in front of another woman, she had been aroused, for obvious reasons. But she wasn’t now, even if she felt a lot better than she had with any of her sexual encounters. It wasn’t that Charity would turn down a fingering from Taylor if it was offered, it was more that she just didn’t see the point. Taylor’s hands, gliding over her body, were so skilled and wonderful that even an orgasm seemed like a waste, a distraction from Taylor’s attentions.

Charity still got aroused when Taylor came to her upper thighs, the girl kneading and rubbing her well-developed muscles there. But it was still only a small spark in a larger sea of leisurely bliss. If Taylor did give her a happy ending, well, Charity wouldn’t complain. But it felt too good for Charity to bother asking.

And if a happy ending was on the table, it seemed that it would only be as a, well, ending. Taylor’s hands stayed resolutely professional, even when her fingers were right at the inner join of Charity’s thighs and body, only an inch or two from Charity’s slit.

Charity wondered what her body looked like right now. Taylor had gone all over her, rubbing that massage oil into her skin. She was probably glistening in the low light. But it was too much of an effort to open her eyes and check. Not when Charity could just keep on lying here, letting Taylor work her magic.

Charity had thought she would be satisfied if she left without the constant twinges of pain in her shoulders and neck. But Taylor was doing so much more. It was almost like she was kneading away Charity’s bones, leaving her more and more relaxed. It felt better than Charity could have guessed, leaving her more loose and flexible than Charity could remember having ever been.

“How long have you been training as a masseuse?” Charity asked in a quiet, relaxed voice. She was curious about how long it took to get this good at pleasurably manipulating someone’s body.

“Well, that’s kind of hard to say,” Taylor said. “Companion training starts at twelve, for me, at least. And we learn about a lot of different things. But I’ve really been focusing on massages for the past five months. Along with dancing, fashion, how to organize a party, and normal school work.”

Charity softly snorted. Who would have thought that the effortless glamor Companions had in popular culture required a lot of hard work? Besides anyone with half a brain. Which excluded most of humanity.

“Also, if you wouldn’t mind filling out a survey when you’re done, that would be appreciated.” There was a note of amused embarrassment in Taylor’s voice.

Charity snorted again. Maybe she’d do that, maybe not. She’d just have to see how she felt when the massage was done. Whenever that was. Charity couldn’t remember how long the session was supposed to be, or how long she had spent in here. It could have been anywhere between twenty minutes or an hour. Charity had never lost herself like this except over her workbench. A small smile flickered over her face. And it was because of her losing herself over the workbench that she was in here.

Charity had closed her eyes at the beginning of the session because there was nothing better to stare at then a dimly lit carpet. But now she had them closed because it would be entirely too much effort to open them. Charity hadn’t felt this relaxed and comfortable in… well, ever. Taylor hands, arms and elbows had done more to get Charity to relax than anything else she could ever remember.

Charity realized she was about to fall asleep, even with someone touching her all over. Taylor was just that good at making her feel relaxed. Even when Taylor started massaging her face, her fingers digging into Charity’s features, she felt nothing more than a bone-deep sense of contentment.

As Taylor kept on working on Charity’s face, she could actually feel her face sagging, her muscles so thoroughly relaxed by Taylor’s hands. It was kind of an odd sensation, yet relaxing at the same time.

Charity wished that she could somehow make a massage bomb. But even if she could, she could already imagine Lung’s reaction when he learned what she had wasted her time (and that meant his time) on. Charity flinched.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Taylor asked anxiously. “I can go to another part of your body if you’d like.” That she raised her hands was something truly terrible for Charity.

“No, just keep going,” Charity muttered, trying to push the idea away.

Even with her eyes closed, Charity could see the doubtful expression on Taylor’s face. But after a few seconds, she started kneading Charity’s face again. Charity could only imagine what kinds of silly expressions she was making as Taylor played with her face.

Taylor’s return to Charity’s neck and shoulders was very brief. She proclaimed herself fully satisfied with the lack of knots and tension in Charity’s upper body. Charity agreed with her. The aches and pains that had been there so long she had gotten used to them had become nothing more than a memory for Charity, entirely due to Taylor’s fingers.

Taylor ran her hands down Charity’s sides in one long, slow, smooth motion. Charity couldn’t believe how good it felt, feeling her skin and muscle slide around underneath Taylor’s hands. In fact, Charity didn’t think there was a single spot of tension left in her entire body. Or any motivation. All Charity wanted to do was to keep on laying there, feeling Taylor knead and massage her body. Not speak, not move around, not do anything but let Taylor work her magic.

Taylor’s hands left Charity’s body, and didn’t come back. It was long enough for her to start wondering what was happening, and if it was worth it to open her eyes. Just as Charity’s tired, relaxed mind had decided it was, a warm blanket was put on top of her. It had obviously been heated, the warmth radiating off of it soaking into Charity’s body.

Charity looked up into Taylor’s eyes. The Companion smiled down at her and patted her shoulder through the blanket. Charity smiled back, and then wondered how long it had been since she had last done that.

“Feel free to stay here as long as you like, ma’am,” Taylor said. “If there’s anything you’d like to talk about, I can stay in here. Or if you’d like to take a nap, that’s fine as well.”

Charity frowned, as much as she could muster up any feeling besides contentment. She didn’t want this to end. She wanted to keep on feeling Taylor’s hands moving over her body forever. And she said as much.

“Hah ah ha,” Taylor laughed, in a light, happy tone. “Thank you for the compliment. But I’m afraid that after an hour’s worth of work, my hands are cramping up something awful. If you’d like, my mother’s in the building. I could see if she’s free and willing to give you another massage. But I’m not sure how much more there is to do. I worked over your muscles pretty thoroughly.” Charity had to agree with that. That, in fact, was why she wanted more. “Unless you want the,” Taylor coughed significantly, “full-body massage, I’m not sure what there is left to do.”

A full-body massage, eh? Charity knew exactly what Taylor was implying with that. And did she want one, especially one from someone who was even more of a stranger than Taylor? An orgasm always felt great, obviously. But the heights of pleasure Charity associated with that didn’t seem like it fit that well with the relaxed contentment that was currently flowing through her body like a fluffy cloud.

“No, that’s fine,” Charity said in a quiet voice. Those two days straight without sleeping were catching up to her. “Just stay…”

Charity was asleep before she could finish the sentence. In the last few seconds of her half-consciousness, she felt a hand slide underneath the blanket and grab her own hand. Charity went to sleep with a smile on her face.

Cinder's Tentacle Playtime 2018-07-10T17:23:24+00:00
Hey, if you're down for tentacles... What about Cinder in some skimpy sleepwear having a wet dream about getting fucked (By Pyrrha or anyone you like) while consentacles slowly tease and rub her body, and when her dream escalates the tentacles do too, groping and fucking her huge tits, penetrating her pussy, fucking her mouth and fucking her on her bed in some slutty nightwear while she dreams about getting fucked by someone? Cumshot over her tits, in her slit and down her throat for her :3?

Cinder always got quite warm when she slept. That meant that she never slept underneath sheets, and only wore underwear because she was living with two horny teenagers. And her underwear was still tight and skimpy enough to both cool down her body and drive any onlookers wild.

And the tentacles slithering up her bed lusted after her just as much as Emerald or Mercury did. They quickly climbed up the bed and onto her body, leaving behind trails of fluid that made Cinder flush even in her sleep. The many, dexterous tentacles undressed Cinder, gently lifting her body to slid her black panties and bra off of her and bare her body to them.

In her sleep, Cinder tossed and turned. She had already been dreaming about Pyrrha, and now, with the arousing fluid of the tentacles, her dreams took on an erotic twist. The newly minted Fall Maiden was on her knees in front of Cinder, staring upward in lustful devotion at Cinder. Cinder raised her dress, revealing her bare, damp pussy to Pyrrha.

Even as Cinder imagined Pyrrha’s lips and tongue pressed against her slit in the dream, a small, flat tentacle pressed against her slit in reality. The arousing liquid it drooled from its tip mingled with the juices Cinder was already making. Cinder started squirming around, even as the tentacles climbed up on top of her.

The soft noises Cinder made were only the faintest echoes of the cries she was making in her dream. She thought she had a slavishly devoted Pyrrha lapping at her pussy, using her fingers and tongue to drive Cinder to greater and greater heights of pleasure. Even with all her power, Pyrrha was still on her knees, submissively serving Cinder. That was almost as great a thrill as the actual oral sex.

In the real world, the tentacles were doing quite a lot to Cinder. Her mouth had been teased open, and a large tentacle was now sliding deeper and deeper inside, nudging against the back of her throat. Her breasts were pushed together, wrapped around another tentacle that was sliding in and out of the tight, warm gap. Her nipples were being teased by two smaller, pointed tentacles that were coaxing the nubs into stiff points. And Cinder’s sopping wet pussy was wrapped around a large tentacle that was filling her.

Cinder was twitching around on the bed, a happy look appearing on her face. She had produced a strap-on from somewhere, and was using it to fuck Pyrrha. The Fall Maiden was on her stomach, with Cinder looming over her, pressing her into the ground. Cinder’s hips were moving at a rapid pace, slamming her red and black shaft into Pyrrha’s shamefully sopping pussy again and again. The Amazon was moaning underneath her, clutching at the ground and begging for more. It was one of the sweetest sights Cinder could imagine.

The tentacles fucking a sleeping Cinder were speeding up, slamming in and out of Cinder and making her body shake all on their own. She still didn’t wake, the fluid made by them keeping her sound asleep and very horny. Her body glistened with sweat, highlighting her muscles as she dreamed of dominance.

The tentacles all came at once. If Cinder had been awake, she would have seen them bulge, seed building up inside them. And when they came, pumping out jet after jet of cum, her body was absolutely covered, inside and out. Even with the tentacle plugging her pussy, cum still leaked out between it and Cinder’s wet walls. And her breasts were completely covered with cum, sticky semen sliding down her chest to leave her entire upper body white.

In her dream, Cinder had an explosive orgasm. She cried out, drowning out the sounds Pyrrha was making as she came. Cinder pulled back on the leash attached to the collar wrapped around Pyrrha’s neck, making Pyrrha’s face rise up, red hair swaying. Cinder felt as if she was on fire, the wonderful stimulation from both Pyrrha’s body and seeing her one-time rival submit herself to Cinder a pleasure like nothing else.

The tentacles slithered out of the room, leaving behind a still-sleeping Cinder. She was an absolute mess, cum decorating her and oozing out of her pussy. Half a dozen energetic men couldn’t have pumped so much cum on her. And there was a small smile on her face.

The next morning…

“Mercury, what the fuck did you do to me last night?!”

Conversion Therapy 2018-07-10T02:43:43+00:00
White on Purple - Lisa's got a fairly good body. Petite, perky breasts, tight pussy and ass, all that jazz. She knows that it looks even better in spandex. She wasn't aware of precisely how much better. Certainly, Lady Photon approves. The blonde has been enjoying it for a while now, to the point where Lisa isn't seriously surprised when a hand swats her ass, or a hard light plug suddenly stretches her anus out. Frankly, Lisa's at the point where waking up with a non-creampied pussy or a face bereft of at least one shot of cum is a cause for alarm. So when she recruits Taylor, she isn't really surprised to wake up the next day with her creampied pussy slowly trickling cum onto her face. She isn't surprised when a futa shaft fills her cunt and a second shaft Taylor's. She's happy, and her pussy is about as dry as the Atlantic, but she isn't surprised.

Lisa loved waking up with an assful of cum. There was something so deliciously depraved about feeling the still-warm fluid shifting around inside her, filling her rear. She had no idea how she had managed before getting ‘rehabilited’ by Lady Photon.

And because Lisa was such a good friend, she had brought Taylor over to the White Side. She had even gotten her friend a spandex costume that looked a lot like her original costume. The look in the MILF’s eyes when she had seen a smiling Lisa hanging off of her blushing friend’s shoulders, both of them wrapped up in colored spandex, had made Lisa feel like a million dollars.

Lisa smiled to herself, her muscles making the cum on her face shift around. She could tell, even without opening her eyes, that her face was still in between Taylor’s legs. What she couldn’t tell was if Taylor was still wearing the black and grey costume Lisa had poured her into last night. Photon Mom had been aggressive with the pair of them, and had marveled over how good the costume had made Taylor look. And then she had shown her appreciation by using the zippers in the costume to get access to all of Taylor’s holes.

She hadn’t done the same to Lisa, and she hadn’t needed to. Lisa had undergone enough rehab with Lady Photon that the superheroine could make a thick, warm hard-light shaft appear in Lisa’s holes even through clothing. She had placed the two of them right next to each other, so she could see two moaning teenage sluts in spandex get stuffed with her dicks, whether real or artificial.

Lisa’s memory of last night got a bit hazy after that. She couldn’t remember what had happened to who. Lady Photon had obviously fucked her in the ass with her real cock, since there was still the cum in it. And she thought she could remember lapping at Taylor’s slit, collecting the drops of cum that falling out from her stretched lips. But everything else was a pleasant haze.

Mentally, Lisa shrugged. Oh well, she, Taylor and Lady Photon could make plenty of excellent memories together later. Like, right now, even. Taylor was starting to twitch, and waking up with a cock inside you was an even better wake-up call than getting a facial.

Lisa started licking her friend’s pussy, feeling it rapidly moisten. Hell, her own pussy was getting wet. She still hadn’t opened her eyes, but she was guessing that Lady Photon was around. And there was no way the superhero would pass up the chance to turn some hot girl on girl action into some sexy threesome action.

Lisa wasn’t at all surprised when a buzzing shaft pressed against her face. Finally opening her eyes, she smiled at the sight of the hard-light shaft in front of her, pressed against her and Taylor, waiting for a chance to enter her friend. She was kind of surprised Lady Photon was intent on Taylor’s pussy, and not her unattended ass. Oh well, Lisa was sure that within half an hour, both her and Taylor would have stretched asses.

Lisa’s guess had little to do with her power, and more with the flesh and blood dick rubbing against her ass. Lisa wiggled her ass, feeling the hot, hard rod move against firm latex and soft skin. It was a good thing her new suit came with zippers, otherwise Lady Photon would have simply ripped a hole whenever she wanted one of Lisa’s other holes.

Lisa smiled as her ass was filled once again. As much as she could, since her tongue was busy playing with Taylor’s clit as the hard-light shaft thrust in and out of her. Taylor was stirring, making soft noises. Man, she was going to have an excellent way to wake up.

God, joining the whitehats had been the best choice that had ever been made for Lisa.

The Terror of the Catdick 2018-07-10T00:51:39+00:00

Normally, the emotion Ranma felt when she was confronted with cats was stark, raving, unreasoning terror. What she was feeling now was just as soul-scouring in its intensity. But there were a lot of other differences between heart-stopping terror and brain-melting arousal.

“Mmpph mnng,” Ranma said, trying to talk around the cock plugging her mouth.

Getting a raised eyebrow in response, Ranma looked up at the dark-skinned lady with even darker tiger stripes feeding her a thick dick. Giving her the best puppy dog eyes she could, Ranma tried to indicate that even martial artists needed to breathe, and two full minutes with a cock lodged in her throat was enough for anyone. Ranma could have used her hands to indicate that, but the daughter of the mother and daughter pair filling her lower holes had here wrists in a tight grip, holding them behind her back.

Thankfully, the mature woman deepthroating Ranma guessed what she was trying to say. She drew her hips back, letting air once again flow into Ranma’s lungs. Ranma’s shoulders rose and fell as she breathed in through her nose. That had been… intense was the only word to describe it.

As Ranma’s oxygen had burned away, she had been left with the feeling of only the cocks pounding into her body. That and the arousal burning inside her, desperately needing some kind of release. She hadn’t quite gotten it, but she was sure the way she had tightened down around the three cocks inside her sure had felt good.

The catwomen fucking her had thought so too. Both of them had groaned in appreciation and congratulated the darker woman (Sienna, Ranma thought) on how tight she had made their shared slut. Actually, only one of them, the older one, had said it in such explicit terms.

Ranma was sure that she would start deepthroating a cock again as soon as the domineering woman in front of her thought she had recovered enough. And she wasn’t entirely opposed to it. She was touch enough to survive deepthroating for a good long while, and there was a certain part of her that, while Ranma would never admit to it, loved getting treated that way.

It was the same part of her that had gotten her underwear wet when she caught a glimpse of the toys the other older woman (Kali, probably) had produced. The thought of those shafts and oils and everything being used on her had sent a shiver down Ranma’s spine. But Ranma could wait for those to be properly used on her. Right now, taking three large cocks from three aggressive women was more than enough for Ranma.

Even a martial artist had their limits, after all. And getting all three of her holes stretched much more tightly than they ever had been before was enough of a challenge for Ranma. Although the rewards for it was more than worth it.

Getting gangbanged felt amazing, especially when it was by women who knew what they were doing. The way they were treating Ranma was making her melt, and she wanted more and more. And she was sure she was going to get it.

Such as the hand that had grabbed her pigtail. Ranma squealed as Sienna pulled her back down onto her shaft, stuffing her throat with cock once again. A squeal that was quickly muffled as the cock sank deep inside her.

As good as getting facefucked like this felt, Ranma had to admit that the rest of her body was feeling even better. Even the tingles from her spanked red ass felt intense, a kind of pleasure rising out of the pain. Ranma hadn’t thought so at the time, as she squealed and squirmed on top of Kali’s lap. But the mature catgirl (catwoman?) had managed to hold her in place and tan her ass pretty thoroughly.

Blake, who had been slowly stroking her cock to the sight, had made some comment about how much more she approved of spanking now that she wasn’t the one getting her rear tanned. That had sparked a reminiscence between mother and daughter, the two of them sweetly chatting with each other. All the while, Kali had kept on spanking Ranma, her hand cracking off the redhead’s full ass.

By the time she was done, Ranma had become quite convinced on the necessity of not rudely commenting on the cat ears all three women were sporting. And of the necessity of sitting down on her stomach for the next few days. Not that that had been an immediate problem, since the three women had instantly descended on her, their erect rods showing how much they enjoyed the sight of a busty redhead moaning and squealing.

And now the pleasure Ranma was feeling from her body was straight pleasure, not the pleasure through pain of the spanking. The way Kali was playing with her breasts was divine, for one. Ranma couldn’t ever recall her breasts feeling as good as they did under Kali’s fingers. Her nipples were stiff nubs, that Kali kept on returning too, playing with them and making Ranma’s body quiver.

As for her lower body? Somehow, it felt even better. Ranma moaned around the cock she was deepthroating, feeling her pussy and her ass get stretched out so very well by the rods inside her. The way they kept on fucking her, filling her up so far she thought she would burst, was a guarantee that she would get to cum soon.

Ranma hadn’t had all that many orgasms before, and almost all of them were thanks to her own fumblings whenever she had a moment of privacy. But she was sure that a triple penetration induced orgasm would leave them all far, far behind. She couldn’t wait.

Therefore, it made sense that she squeezed down around the shafts filling her lower holes. The way they were filling her up, giving her more and more wonderful sensations, was better than Ranma could ever have hoped for. And they were feeling better and better every minute.

“Mmh! Mmnnh!” Ranma said, her orgasm suddenly overtaking her.

The redhead shuddered, anchored on the three cocks filling her up. Inside her, pleasure was sweeping through Ranma, pleasure so intense Ranma found her thoughts momentarily drifting apart. The only reason she didn’t thrash around more due to how effectively her body was held in place by the hands and dicks of the women fucking her.

The catgirls fucking Ranma didn’t give any heed to her orgasm. Nor would she have wanted them to, if she had the ability to speak. Instead, they kept on fucking Ranma hard, exactly like she wanted them to. If there was a bit of vengefulness in their fucking, Ranma didn’t mind. Or even really notice. Her definition of friendship was skewed enough that getting gangbanged because people wanted to work out stress or resentment didn’t strike her as out of the ordinary.

Ranma was appreciative towards these three women for trying to help cure her of her fear of cats. She wasn’t exactly sure this was the best method possible, but Kali had been insistent that association therapy would help the redhead transform her fear of cats into a lust for catgirls. And there had to be some truth to the matter. Ranma had felt something warm and tingly stir to life inside her when she had seen how hard the three of them had gotten admiring her body.

Shortly afterwards, the famous Saotome tact had led to that comment about how Ranma would still fuck them despite the disgusting deformities on top of their heads. Ranma would never have believed how quickly a woman as old as Kali could move. But almost before Ranma had closed her mouth, she had been spread over Kali’s lap. If she hadn’t already been naked, it would only have taken another breath for Kali to strip her of whatever clothes she had on.

Ranma had learned her lesson from that spanking. Her pride wouldn’t let her apologize, but at least she wouldn’t mention the ears around anyone else now. And it was a good thing she had admitted it. Sienna had said something about advanced lessons, using the cat tail in her box of goodies. And Ranma doubted she was referring to a clip-on tail, even if Ranma had any clothes to attach it too.

But that was all behind them now. Currently, there was no way for Ranma to insult anybody at all, even with her diplomatic skills. Sienna didn’t show any signs of planning to remove her cock from Ranma’s throat for quite some time, and Ranma couldn’t even make any insulting gestures with Blake holding her wrists.

For that matter, Blake was helping to make sure that Ranma couldn’t even think of any insulting gestures. The feeling of getting her ass fucked was just as intense, if not quite as pleasurable, as the feeling of getting her pussy stuffed or her mouth filled. Between Sienna’s cock cutting off her air at regular intervals, and Blake’s cock stretching her ass out in ways that it never been stretched before, Ranma was finding it more and more difficult to think straight.

The aftereffects of her orgasm, and the tingles of the one she was building up too, didn’t help Ranma’s mental clarity at all. Even though Ranma wanted to hold on to her reason, to take pride in resisting the effects of being around cat(girls), she wasn’t sure how long she could manage it. Or what would take its place if she failed.

Hopefully, Blake, Sienna and Kali would be able to handle whatever happened if, somehow, Ranma’s will wasn’t strong enough. And Ranma really wasn’t sure what would happen. The catfist was always a possibility, of course. But Ranma also knew she could get affectionate sometimes, with the right people. And, of course, there was the fact that Ranma knew how lusty cats in heat could be. Would she end up like that? Well, if she did, Ranma was certain that the three women fucking her could handle that, even if they couldn’t handle the catfist.

Thinking that much strained Ranma’s diminished mental abilities to the limits. The lust filling her up made it so hard to think on anything besides the hard dicks and sure hands on and in her. There had been a bit of exhausted clarity in the aftermath of her orgasm, but Ranma’s mind was already getting filled up with pink again as the three other women fucked her.

Part of Ranma’s mind was worried about her getting ruined for sex with this gangbang. After all, what kind of sex could compare with the ministrations of three aggressive women with big dicks? Especially women who would treat Ranma in the way she loved and in the way she would never, ever admit to? It wasn’t right for a martial artist to like getting spanked or shoved on her knees, after all. And, normally, Ranma would have put up a big fight over getting treated like this. It was only the three pairs of twitching cat ears atop the women that had stopped Ranma.

Okay, yes, Ryoga would have a fifty/fifty chance of beating her, but then what? As if the Lost Idiot would ever have the guts to do anything with Ranma at the end of a fight. Shampoo would, if there was ever the slightest chance of Ranma losing to her in a fair fight (and there was no way Ranma would ever throw a fight, not even to satisfy the itching, burning sensation in her lower stomach.)

All of that meant that there were fairly good odds that Ranma would never get fucked as hard or as well again as she was currently getting. So that meant she better enjoy this while she had the chance. And that meant Ranma should throw thinking to the side and embrace getting gangbanged for as long as it lasted. She was sure she could get another amazing orgasm out of these ladies before they came and the fun wound down.

So Ranma stared up at Sienna, making the best ‘fuck me’ eyes she could as the dark-skinned woman filled her throat. Behind her, she squeezed down as much as she could around Kali and Blake, wanting to wring as much sensation out of them as she could. Ranma also moved her hips, grinding herself against Kali and feeling the stiff, thick cocks inside her shift around.

The gathered catwomen appreciated Ranma’s new surge of enthusiasm. Somehow, impossible though it seemed, they fucked her even harder, filling the room with wet, lewd sounds as their cocks plunged in and out of Ranma again and again. There were muttered groans and cries about how good Ranma felt wrapped around their cocks.

But as good as they felt, they couldn’t compare to how good Ranma felt. The short, busty redhead could tell that her second orgasm was going to be far better than her first. She couldn’t wait.

“Mom, I’m about to cum,” Blake said, a tense note in her voice. Ranma noticed that she addressed one of the other catgirls she was sharing Ranma with, and not Ranma herself. God, that was hot.

“Hold on just a bit longer, sweetie,” Kali replied, her voice strained. “I’m almost there, I just need a… few… oh, yesss!”

Blake took her mother’s cry as her own signal to cum. And she was right to do so. The first spurt of her cum shot out from her dick maybe half a second after Kali started cumming in Ranma’s unprotected pussy.

Getting her first cumshot, let alone her first double creampie, was quite the experience for Ranma. The hot, hot, bloom of liquid deep inside her was intense, far more so than she would have thought possible. Ranma had already thought that every inch of her insides was getting filled with the cocks pounding into her. But she had been oh so wrong. She only realized how much of her had been left untouched when the cum from two backed-up women started getting pumped into her.

Ranma shook on top of Kali as her air was cut off by Sienna’s shaft and as cum was pumped into her, filling her up more than she would have thought possible. And it felt so good. So very, very good.

Ranma had been wrong. Her second orgasm wasn’t a lot better than her first. It was so superior that it left her first climax far, far behind it. The lack of air making her head spin, the cum filling her up with it’s sticky, hot, pervasive volume, the attention to her breasts, how her holes were getting stretched, it all combined to give Ranma a truly wonderful orgasm.

Ranma felt a starburst appear behind her eyes, turning her vision white as she shuddered on top of the rods impaling her. It felt better than she could have believed possible, filling her up with more and more pleasure, electric heat racing through her, demanding a release that Ranma just wasn’t able to give.

Just because Ranma was shaking and moaning in orgasm was no reason for Sienna to go easy on her. She kept on fucking Ranma’s throat, moaning in pleasure at how Ranma’s throat squeezed down around her, a by-product of the redhead trying to yell herself hoarse. Ranma wasn’t even really aware she was trying to scream, or that all anyone else was hearing were muffled moans. She was barely aware of anything except the pulsing heat inside her lower body.

Ranma didn’t even notice Sienna pulling out of her, didn’t even notice that air was once more flooding her lungs. She did notice when Sienna started cumming on her face. Even someone so far gone with lust as Ranma had to notice the thick, sticky seed getting splashed across her face.

Getting a facial might have gotten Ranma’s attention, but it did nothing to increase her ability to think. In fact, feeling and smelling the cum getting spread across her face scattered the few lines of rational thinking Ranma had managed to reassemble. The smell, especially, the thick, musty smell, managed to scramble Ranma’s brains, leaving her in a post-orgasmic haze that didn’t even register Sienna using her slowly-softening cock to smear her cum across more of Ranma’s face, painting the redhead white with semen.

Blake had finally let go of Ranma’s hands, letting her muscled arms fall to her sides. They hung limply, Ranma still too out of it to do anything with them, such as play with her clit, or explore how much cum there was exactly on her face. Ranma slumped forward, hastily caught by Kali’s arms. The slender catgirl rolled Ranma to one side, letting her rest on her back as the three of them surrounded her.

Sienna did more than just form a circle around Ranma. She let her cock flop onto Ranma’s face, her half-hard rod covering Ranma’s face from cheek to forehead. It also smeared the cum around even more, making Ranma even more of a mess.

Ranma foolishly thought that once the catgirls came, the gangbang was over. Instead, she saw a flicker of light play across Sienna’s body, and then, to Ranma’s shock, the cock pressed against her face grew hard again. Her mouth fell open, which was all the excuse Sienna needed. Grabbing Ranma’s head with both hands, Sienna turned Ranma’s head to the side and guided the redhead down along her cock again.

Both Kali and Blake made dismissive noises as they watched, their own rods hard once again. Putting her hands on her rather prominent hips, Kali looked up at Sienna, ignoring the gagging redhead in between them.

“Sienna, dear, I was rather looking forward to getting a chance to sample Ranma’s oral talents.”

“We can share, don’t worry,” Sienna said, waving a hand in dismissal. “She’s such a good cocksucker, I’m sure she can handle both of us at once.

Ranma felt a surge of pride at getting complimented, even if it was for a skill she couldn’t bring up around others. Well, most others. She was sure Shampoo would be willing to trade sex tips.

“I’m curious,” Blake said. “Do you ever do anything but blowjobs?” She was looking Sienna, slowly stroking her shaft. “Ilia said something-“

Sienna burst out laughing, even as she thrust her hips forward and once more cut off Ranma’s air flow. Ranma still had enough oxygen left to listen to what they were saying. Even if the itch of her wet pussy was starting to claw at her mind.

“Oh, yes,” Sienna said, still chuckling through her words. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget that as long as I live.” Seeing the questioning look from Kali, and the wide-eyed look from Ranma that could be a question, she elaborated. “Ilia had quite the long, flexible tongue. About three feet or so, really. And it’s rather sticky.”

“One day, she was blowing me, and her tongue ended up adhering to my rod. I didn’t want to yank it off, and, as she explained, there was nothing to do but wait. Well, I had a meeting coming up with a bunch of people who knew Ilia. There was nothing for it but to have her, still naked, crawl underneath the table with her tongue attached to my dick. She spent the entire meeting under there, and even ended up giving me another blowjob.” Sienna smiled. “I’ve always loved blowjobs after that.”

That story had quite the effect on Ranma. Hearing that there was someone, anyone, better than her at something Ranma took pride in, fired her up. Even as she choked on Sienna’s thick shaft, she started licking the part of the rod inside her mouth. This Ilia had a long tongue? Well, so did Ranma, after that Martial Arts Fine Dining training. She just needed to get her tongue out between the seal of her lips and Sienna’s cock, and she could show the dark-skinned catgirl how dick was supposed to be sucked.

Ranma didn’t get a chance. Sienna knew how she liked to get blowjobs, and only drew her dick out of Ranma’s throat when Ranma was once again only a few seconds from passing out. By the time Ranma had recovered enough to see straight or to think about using her tongue, Kali and Blake had gotten back into the fun.

Kali was perched over Ranma’s stomach, her cock already in between Ranma’s breasts. Ranma looked at her with one eye. The older woman smiled back at her and grabbed Ranma’s breasts. Ranma gave a whole body shiver at the feeling, especially since Kali had placed her thumbs on Ranma’s nipples. Then she pressed Ranma’s breasts together, forming a tight, warm tunnel for her cock.

Blake did not return to Ranma’s ass. Instead, she stayed near the top of Ranma’s body with the others. Her dick was lying against Ranma’s upturned cheek, rising up each time Sienna’s cock sank down into Ranma’s throat. One of her hands was playing with Ranma’s braid, fingers sliding over it.

“So, how do you want to split access to her mouth?” Blake asked, looking up at Sienna.

“It’s a shame to not get to make her deepthroat me,” Sienna said with a wistful sigh, “but I’m thinking we both get, say, half a dozen strokes with her before we switch. Just don’t go too deep. It will feel so good you won’t want to pull out.”

Ranma listened to them discuss how to share her body with half an ear. Mostly, what she felt was disappointment. Disappointment that they weren’t going to be using her pussy, stuffing that needy, leaking hole up with a thick cock. Ranma really doubted she could cum from switching off between two dicks, or even from the way Kali was playing with her breasts.

Still, complaining wouldn’t do any good. They had never listened to what she had to say before, so why would they start now? All she could do was stay on her back, the plaything to their whims. And put like that, there was quite the appeal to the idea.

When Ranma’s head was pulled off of Sienna’s cock, Blake immediately took advantage. Ranma’s lips hadn’t even closed before Blake’s cockhead was pressing against them, gently but surely nudging them back open to take another dick. And Ranma didn’t try to fight it. Instead, she saw it as a chance to show off her oral skills. Sure, it wouldn’t be as tasty as what Martial Arts Fine Dining had been designed for, but a technique was a technique.

Ranma shot out her tongue, letting it wrap around Blake’s cock all the way to the base, even as Blake sunk deeper into her mouth. The teen’s cat ears stood up in surprise, a move that was almost cute enough to make Ranma forget that they were cat ears. Then Ranma pressed her tongue down, tightening so that her mouth felt as tight as her ass. And even more wet.

“Oh, wow,” Blake gasped, a pleased expression appearing on her face. “That’s, that’s amazing.”

Ranma smiled around the cock. She thrived on praise, and would take it from any source she could get. Even from something as creepy as a catgirl. And since even Ranma could learn, that was a thought she kept between herself and her still red ass.

Even with the extra stimulation Ranma was giving, using her tongue, she could still switch between Blake and Sienna every few strokes. She got a sigh of satisfaction from Sienna, and even an admission that this was almost as good as getting a deepthroat. The shine of spit was a lot more noticeable on Sienna’s brown length that it was on Blake’s, which was one reason Ranma gave the older woman a bit more attention. The other was that Sienna was also a bit bigger, and Ranma enjoyed feeling her mouth get stretched out more by it.

Ranma lay back and let the three catgirls use her body. She hoped they would tired enough of blowjobs and boobjobs to actually fuck her. Sure, there was nothing stopping Ranma from masturbating right now, just reaching down and plunging a finger or two into her cum-stuffed pussy. But it just seemed like such a waste. Here she was, with three people fucking her. Surely at least one of them should be able to fill up her pussy or ass so she could get some pleasure.

Ranma decided her best bet was to make Sienna or Blake cum. They’d be ready again quickly enough, and then, hopefully, they’d be ready to stuff Ranma’s pussy just like she needed it to be. The same would go for Kali, but Ranma didn’t have as much control over how quickly her breasts could be used to make someone cum.

Ranma started blowing the two catgirls on either side of her head with renewed fervor, bobbing her head up and down and using her tongue as best she could. Her wet, needy pussy demanded nothing less. Lewd gagging sounds filled the room as Ranma pushed her mouth along first one shaft, and then another.

“Blake, how would you like to cum together? It was quite fun to watch Little Red when you and your mother did so. I would like to see her reaction to it,” Sienna’s voice was quite calm, as if she was discussing the weather.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Blake said, verbally shrugging. “But how do we make sure we cum at the same time? Ranma is only blowing one of us at a time.”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ranma could see the eyebrows on Sienna’s head rising without even having to look up. “We’re already masturbating whenever she isn’t sucking us off. So long as we tell each other when we’re about to cum, it should be simple enough to speed up the strokes so we both cum on Ranma’s face at the same time.”

Wait, on her face? There was already a lot of cum on Ranma. Sure, there probably wouldn’t be as much this time around, due to both of them having already drained their balls in and on Ranma. But even two cumshots two thirds of the size of Sienna’s first would still leave Ranma a pool of white with a few red hairs sticking out of it.

Actually, that sounded pretty hot. And the sooner Ranma’s face was hidden underneath a pool of sticky semen, the sooner they could get hard and fuck her pussy. Since there wasn’t any other path to success, Ranma decided to go with it. In fact, she’d even go a bit beyond what those two had agreed on.

Reaching up, Ranma grabbed both Sienna’s and Blake’s dicks. It meant she didn’t give quite a good of a blowjob, since her fingers were wrapped around the base of the cock. But, since she made sure to firmly stroke whoever she wasn’t sucking, Ranma didn’t get any complaints.

It only took a few more minutes for the two of them to cum. Minutes in which Ranma got more and more antsy, as Kali’s titjob drove her wild, without the slightest chance to cum. Ranma’s hips were twitching so much, needing relief that she wasn’t going to get, that it was like she was having a seizure that was concentrated in her lower half. And none of the three commented on it. They all just kept using her upper body for their pleasure.

And Ranma was finding a perverse kind of pleasure in it as well. Her mind was getting foggy. Maybe it was from all cock she was sucking, maybe it was from how wet her untended pussy was, but she was finding it hard to think on anything but the rhythmical up and down motion of her face along the shafts. It didn’t take all that long before Ranma couldn’t be bothered to remember which cock she was sucking, even with the visual difference. All that was important was that she kept on sucking the thick, tasty rods in front of her.

“I’m cumming”!

“Me too!”

Ranma didn’t need the verbal warning. She’d gotten all the hints she needed by the way one or the other of them had started to pulse in her mouth. She quickly sped up her stroking of the other one, and felt the telltale pulse in turn.

Popping her head off of whoever she was sucking, Ranma aimed them both at her face. A few quick strokes, and they were both cumming. The sounds of three moaning women filled the air as Ranma’s already cum-smeared face disappeared underneath an even heavier layer of semen.

Ranma had already closed her eyes, and it was a good thing she had. She could feel thick, heavy globs of semen land on her upper face, gluing her eyes shut. More landed on the rest of her face, mingling with the cum Sienna had already pumped on her. It was like it was everywhere, covering every inch of her. Ranma was so absorbed in the sensation she didn’t even notice how much more wet her pussy got. She didn’t even notice how Kali was speeding up between her breasts. There was just the utterly wonderful sensation of her face getting plastered with cum, driving out any input from her senses except for the smell, feel and taste of semen on her skin.

“How do you want to take her next?”

“I was thinking Mom and I could switch the holes we used the last time. Unless you’d like to try something besides her mouth.”

“I think so. There’s a bit of trouble finding it right now.”

The words passed Ranma by completely. There was only one thought her frayed mind was able to latch onto.

Ranma was willing to have a lot more to do with cats, or at least catgirls, if it meant she got treated like this by them.

Let Sleeping Tigers Lie 2018-07-09T22:03:02+00:00

Ruby’s normal outfit was like a ninja’s already. Red and black were what people wanting to be stealthy wore, right? And since she was already supremely comfortable in her normal dark outfit, there was no need to do things like wear a mask or gloves. All she had to do was get up to the upper floors of this apartment building, and look for information on the White Fang. And really, how hard could infiltrating a guerilla organization be?

And so, half an hour later, a supremely confident Ruby Rose was creeping around the top floor of the apartment. And she was impressed. Not because she had found any wall-wide maps with a helpful red X marking the next attack, or anything, but because of how nice it was. If it wasn’t in shades of red and brown, Ruby thought it would be the kind of place Weiss would live in.

The only place left to check was the bedroom. Sneaking around in her big combat boots, Ruby opened the door and slipped in, quietly shutting it behind her. The quiet breathing she could hear told her that she shouldn’t turn the lights on. But maybe the criminal slash terrorist mastermind in here kept a detailed journal full of details about her plots and plans.

Careful groping around the room didn’t reveal anything beyond that whoever was in the room had (had being the operative word) a vase of flowers. Kicking the broken glass and water off of her boots, Ruby realized she would have to search the bed, looking for any drawers underneath the mattress. She quietly shuffled over to it, keenly listening to the even breathing of the sleeping person.

Ruby misjudged how close she was to the bed. Her legs hit the side of it, and, with a muffled squawk, she fell forward. The good news, was that she didn’t wake up the woman (and it was obviously a woman underneath her) in the bed. The bad news, or at least the embarrassing news, was that whoever it was got hot at night. Ruby had a handful of naked boob, and could feel a nipple pressing against her palm.

Gingerly, Ruby tried to withdraw. But she found that while she had been groping the woman, the woman had been groping her. There were two strong, firm arms behind, tugging her back down. Ruby was pulled on top of the woman, a stray hand confirming that even panties were too uncomfortable for the woman to sleep in.

Or possibly even wear. The rod Ruby had accidently wrapped her hand around was soft, but it was still pretty big. It would be quite the feat to fit this thing inside panties if it was what Ruby thought it was.

Well, it wasn’t her problem. All Ruby had to do was get out of this clingy woman’s embrace so she could continue her super-secret spying sortie. Although that was proving harder than anticipated.

The woman wasn’t content with just pulling Ruby down on top of her. Even as Ruby squirmed, trying to get away, the woman kept on grabbing her. The evenness of her breathing told Ruby she was asleep, but the way her hands were clutching at Ruby made her wonder how this lady managed to spend the whole night in her bed and not on the floor.

In fact, she was doing more than just grabbing at Ruby. As Ruby’s corset was unlaced, she realized she was actually getting undressed by someone who was sound asleep. Not that the realization made Ruby feel a whole lot better. Getting nekkid was getting nekkid, after all. And there didn’t seem to be much she could do to stop herself from getting undressed.

The woman’s hands were all over, and Ruby couldn’t use too much force to bat them away. Not if she wanted to keep the lady sleeping, and not asking question like ‘Who are you?’ or ‘What are you dong in my room?’

And there were only so many parts of the woman that Ruby felt she should be touching. While she got a guilty thrill out of the accidental brushes her hand and the woman’s rod had, Ruby was worried that touching that thing too much would not only make it grow faster than it already was, it could wake its owner up.

And as Ruby’s eyes adjusted to the dark, barely lit confines of the room, she could see more and more of the woman. The first thing she noticed was the lady’s unusual skin. It was like she had tiger stripes, lines of darker skin going between her still rather dark regular skin. It was a very striking appearance and Ruby wondered if it was a tattoo or her natural Faunus trait.

While the woman’s skin color was the most interesting thing about her, it wasn’t the most pressing. That honor belonged to the shaft that was rising up through Ruby’s legs, making her skirt poke up. For a few minutes, at least, before the sleeping woman’s hands unbuttoned it, leaving Ruby in nothing but her underwear and leggings.

With most of her body bare, Ruby was becoming of how warm the lady was. No wonder she slept naked, if she was this hot just sleeping. But as nice as the soft, warm skin felt (and of how extra soft her breasts were), Ruby still had places to be, and things to do. And getting stripped by someone who didn’t even know she was doing so wasn’t on the list.

Ruby once again tried to hop off the bed, and once again was pulled back. This time, though, she ended up with the woman’s cock pressed right between the inverted triangle of her thighs and her crotch. Ruby made a soft noise as the hot, hard length brushed her. Oh, this wasn’t good. Ruby’s inner thighs were very sensitive, and contact against them could get her going in a hurry.

Ruby’s arousal wasn’t helped by the fact that it was hot to get stripped by firm yet gentle hands. Especially because those hands didn’t hesitate to grope her, to get a handful of Ruby’s breasts through the material of her bra or to slide along her black panties. Ruby wasn’t getting horny as quickly as the woman obviously was, but there was already some roiling lust inside her belly.

Ruby kept on squirming around, though she was having trouble telling if she was trying to escape or to get even more sensation. And it really didn’t matter, since the woman holding her was obviously only going to let her go in her own time, when she was done with Ruby. And not a minute before.

Which was why Ruby wasn’t all that surprised when she ended up flat on her back with the woman on top of her. She wasn’t happy about it (or, at least, she was telling herself she wasn’t happy about it), but she wasn’t surprised either. What Ruby was surprised about was how honkin’ big the woman’s penis was. Ruby thought her fingertips would barely meet if she tried to wrap her hand around it. She stopped herself from checking only when her hand was halfway there.

What Ruby couldn’t stop was herself from getting stripped the rest of the way. And, to be fair, it was a fairly considerate stripping. There wasn’t a single tear of cloth or anything, which was rather better than Ruby had managed a couple of times. But she still ended up naked, pinned underneath a woman with a rather large cock.

Ruby was happy and optimistic, but she wasn’t an idiot. She knew what was about to happen, and that the only way to stop it would be to make enough of a racket to wake up this White Fang muckity-muck, letting her find a naked intruder in her bed. So Ruby decided to go with the flow, in as much as she could do anything at all.

She could moan, as she discovered as the woman sleepthrust her hips forward, running her cock along Ruby’s lower stomach and inner thighs. It felt good, having that hot, hard rod run against her. Certainly better than Ruby would have liked to admit to.

But the woman’s body obviously wanted to do more than just rub her cock along Ruby’s skin. Ruby might even have helped her, if her wrists weren’t pinned to the bed by the woman’s hands. But they were, so all Ruby could do was squirm around, trying to anticipate where the woman was going to thrust next.

It wasn’t a game Ruby was very good at, and it took a while before the woman (Ruby wondered what her name was) finally managed to sink into her vagina. And when that moment happened, it was a piece of blessed relief for Ruby. The lust inside her had been building and building, without a single way out. Now she was finally getting the chance to scratch that itch, even if it was with a complete stranger who didn’t even know that she and Ruby were fucking.

And the woman knew how to fuck pretty well. Ruby couldn’t begin to imagine what it must be like to have sex with this lady when she was awake, if her skill and energy when she was fast asleep was this impressive. As soon as her dick had actually sunk into Ruby, the woman had started thrusting like a demon. Ruby was forced to bite down on her tongue to keep herself from making too much noise.

Of course, there were some noises she couldn’t hope to muffle. The squelches and squishes from her wet pussy getting spread by a thick dick wasn’t something she could stop by keeping her mouth closed. And there were a lot of sounds from her pussy. The woman was fucking her at a pretty rapid pace, even fast asleep. Her brown hips were slamming against Ruby, driving her cock deep into the little reaper. And Ruby was loving it.

Ruby would have felt even better if her breasts were getting played with, but with her hands pinned down, they couldn’t do anything more than jiggle, her stiff nipples bouncing back and forth on top of her mounds. And the woman’s breasts were doing a whole lot more jiggling. Not only was she moving more, she had a lot bigger boobs. They were really shaking back and forth, dark nipples swaying in a way that made Ruby want to lean up and take one in her mouth.

Ruby swallowed the drool that had accumulated, trying to focus on how good she felt. If she was stuck here for the duration, she might as well enjoy it as much as she could. And it wasn’t very hard to enjoy it.

Ruby’s wet pussy was clinging to the dick that was going in and out of her. She wasn’t even consciously trying that hard to squeeze down around it. It was just happening. And then something more happened.

Ruby didn’t realize what the pulse of the rod inside her meant. Her first clue that the woman fucking her was a quickshot was when she started cumming inside Ruby. And there was a lot of cum. Ruby squealed around closed lips as she felt jet after jet of cum get pumped into her. Ruby had thought that her pussy had already been stuffed with the lady’s cock, but the cum pushed her to even new heights of fullness. Ruby twitched around underneath the woman, unable to tell if she was trying to get away from the swelling feeling inside her or just wiggling around in pleasure.

Ruby hadn’t gotten enough stimulation to cum yet, but it still felt really good to get her insides flooded like this. And she would take a bit of pleasure over an orgasm, especially since it meant Ruby could slip away now that the woman was worn out. Hopefully she could find her clothes without too much cum dripping out of her stuffed slit.

And then Ruby started to get an inkling of just what she was in for tonight. The woman’s cock didn’t deflate. It got a bit soft, but not very much. And, most importantly, it stayed hard inside Ruby, and the lady’s hands kept pinning Ruby down.

Ruby started wiggling, trying to slip off of the lady. One orgasm was more than enough for anyone, she thought, no matter what Yang said to the dates she brought home (and said it all night long, ensuring nobody else on Team RWBY got any kind of sleep). So now it was time to leave, before Ruby’s suspicions about what the rapidly hardening dick inside meant were realized.

Ruby’s suspicions were quite accurate, of course. And her attempt to get away were futile. She was kept down, her back pressed against the soft mattress, her body sinking into it as the lady kept on looming above her. And hardening inside her. Which was the much more pressing concern. Heh, pressing. Ruby might have found some amusement in other circumstances.

Right now, Ruby was mostly worried about how good she was going to feel when the woman started fucking her again. She had a hunch that she would be feeling really good, which wasn’t all that good. After all, she had been stripped, fucked and cum in without some much as a question. Ruby knew she was supposed to be feeling upset over all of that. Instead, she mostly felt curious and hopeful that the next round would make her cum.

Even as the cat-eared woman started slowly fucking Ruby again, Ruby ran over her options. She wasn’t getting out of here until… well, she wasn’t sure how or when she’d be leaving this bed. But since she was stuck here, Ruby might as well enjoy it, right? No sense complaining about the big cock of a stranger getting stuck in her if there was nothing she could about it, right?

Mentally shrugging her shoulders, Ruby did her best to enjoy the fucking she was getting. Letting her body relax and sink into the bed, she closed her eyes to better focus on what was happening inside her pussy. Ruby had never been fucked right after she’d gotten creampied. It was a new experience for her, so she better pay attention.

Ruby found it to be quite the interesting experience. The woman had cum enough that her semen had filled Ruby’s pussy, meaning the little reaper couldn’t feel every detail of the invading rod as clearly as she had the first time around. But there was something so deliciously naughty about getting fucked when her pussy was already full of cum, a sensation that sent a shiver through Ruby.

Ruby opened her eyes when she felt a soft, warm body pressing against her. She saw the woman’s face an inch away from her own, with the rest of her body far more firmly pressed against Ruby’s. Ruby felt utterly dominated and enveloped by the close contact, realizing that to an imaginary viewer above the two of them, she would barely be visible. Only her legs would be sticking out, the rest of her hidden underneath the woman’s broad back.

And the woman was using the closer position to really fuck Ruby hard. The young Huntress could barely keep her moans muffled as the brown-skinned lady entered Ruby time and time again, spreading her wet walls out around the large shaft entering her. It was feeling really good, and Ruby wasn’t sure how long she could keep herself from cumming. Then she realized there was no reason to deny herself the pleasure.

Ruby couldn’t stop herself from moaning as she came, a low, sultry sound. Her walls tightened down around the rod inside her, squeezing it from top to bottom. She felt her entire body shiver and quake as her orgasm rolled through her. When it was finally over, Ruby was left limply lying on the bed, firmly pinned underneath the woman.

Ruby wasn’t at all surprised when the woman kept on fucking Ruby through her orgasm. She kept on using the same long, slow strokes that seemed to fill Ruby up to bursting every time. Ruby squirmed around underneath her, wondering how long it would be before the woman came again. And how many times she could cum before Ruby would have a chance to escape. And how many times Ruby would cum between now and then.

Ruby could feel some cum sliding out of her, trickling in between the seal of her drenched lower lips and the woman’s rod. It felt kind of funny as the semen ran down her skin to puddle underneath her. Ruby was glad it wasn’t her bed they were doing this in. Laundry was bad enough without having to explain any white puddles in it.

It felt nice to have the woman’s breasts pressed against her own. Looking down, Ruby could see their weight forming a pillowing effect, something a lot more pronounced with the woman’s chest than with her own. But Ruby could still feel stiff nipples pressing against her sensitive skin. And Ruby was willing to take any bit of stimulation she could get. Maybe if Ruby leaned into the thrusts, that would get her boobs to move a bit, giving her even more pleasure. It was something to think about.

When the woman came again, Ruby groaned even louder than she had when she had cum. Her pussy was feeling stuffed, with a big cock and now two orgasms worth of cum inside it. And it felt good. It was like every bit of Ruby’s insides were getting stimulated, rubbed with the thick, hot cum.

Ruby twitched around underneath the lady, feeling her pleasure rise as the lady pumped more and more cum into her. Although it, once again, wasn’t enough to carry her over the edge into orgasm, Ruby didn’t mind that much. She was sure the woman wouldn’t be getting any softer or any less interested in Ruby’s body anytime soon. All she had to do was wait, and the heights of pleasure would be hers soon enough.


Ruby wouldn’t have believed her body could hold this much cum. And it was all in one spot, not across her entire body. The woman had cum plenty of times, and, every time, it was always pumped straight into Ruby’s pussy. Every. Single. Time. Ruby wasn’t on the pill, because of how it made her skin feel all itchy. She was really hoping, against all logic, that she wasn’t pregnant.

Well, part of Ruby was thinking that. The small corner of her brain that hadn’t melted into a pink puddle from getting fucked again and again by this sleeping stranger. The rest of her brain, and all of her body, was loving what had happened to her, and had long since stopped doing anything but letting the stranger have her way with Ruby again and again.

But it seemed like all good things had to end. On top of her, the woman was stirring, her face twitching. Ruby could hear soft sounds, even over the squelch of her pussy getting filled with more cum. The woman was about to wake up, though she may not believe she had when she saw what had happened.

Sure enough, when the woman opened her amber eyes and looked down at the panting, cum-filled mess underneath her, she didn’t seem at all surprised. Instead, she softly grinned and ran a hand down Ruby’s flushed cheek. And her cock inside Ruby stayed just as hard as ever.

“What a lovely treat,” she said in a soft, warm whisper as Ruby pressed her head against the palm. “Every night should be like this.”

Ruby whimpered as she pulled out of the little reaper. She was still up for more, even with all the orgasms she had gotten tonight. Ruby could also feel a river of cum come gushing out of her as the lady removed her cock. Lifting her head, Ruby joined the woman in watching, seeing just how far the puddle of cum spread.

It ended up being quite a large puddle. Ruby couldn’t believe all that semen had been inside her unprotected pussy, no matter how much her stomach had bulged. It didn’t seem possible that she could have taken that much and not burst.

The woman found the sight more erotic than awesome. The thick shaft between her legs stirred to life once again, slowly becoming hard. She reached down to stroke it as she looked both at the cum puddle and the girl it had come out of.

Ruby flushed under the lady’s gaze. She knew what she must look like. Pale skin, modest breasts with stiff nipples capping them, a flushed face staring upwards, she looked exactly like a girl who hadn’t been expecting the most fun-filled night of her life.

“What a good little pet you are,” the lady murmured underneath her breath.

She had started to crawl around on the bed, thick shaft swinging underneath her. Ruby watched silently, and a bit nervously, as the woman repositioned herself. Even after all the orgasms she had gotten, Ruby knew this could still turn out badly.

“And does my little pet want to help me out some more?”

Ruby barely heard the question. Instead, her attention was consumed by the thick, semi-soft dick that had just been put on her face. It was still smeared with Ruby’s arousal and the cum that had been pumped into her time and time again. She could feel their mixed juices running down her cheek as the thick, heavy shaft pressed against her skin. From this position, Ruby could smell, well, a lot. It wasn’t that pleasant of a smell, but it did run down Ruby’s spine to press a button marked LUST. Ruby squirmed underneath the woman, feeling herself getting wet again.

Feeling a cock pressed against her face slowly growing hard was a unique experience for Ruby. And while it wouldn’t rank as one of the most interesting things to ever happen to her, there was a certain appeal in slowly feeling the rod covering half of her face getting harder and harder and bigger and bigger.

The one eye that wasn’t covered with a dick was staring up at the lady. And the lady was staring down at her, a lusty, satisfied smile on her face. Ruby kept on glancing from the face to the lady’s breasts. She wasn’t much of a boob girl, but she had to admit, now that the woman had woken up and there wouldn’t be any chance of disturbing her slumber, if Ruby could get her hands (or lips) on those wonderfully brown mounds.

Although Ruby had to admit it was much more likely that she would keep on being a playtoy for this woman, to use how and when she wanted. And Ruby wasn’t naïve enough to not be able to tell what was likely to happen soon, what with the huge dick stretching from her forehead to her lips. But there was no harm in asking.


That had been what the lady had been waiting for. As soon as Ruby opened her mouth to speak, the woman had thrust forward, her cock sliding into Ruby’s mouth. Ruby’s eyes went wide, feeling the thick, hot shaft once again entering her body.

Ruby had sucked cock a few times before, and tried her skills out on toys before that. She knew a thing or two about giving head. But she had never tried to handle a cock so big before. Or one that was used in such a gentle but certain manner. The lady kept on pushing her hips forward, her cock slowly going deeper and deeper inside Ruby. First filling up her mouth, then against the back of her throat, and finally down it.

Ruby was deepthroating a cock. And her pace was entirely set by the woman. The woman with her hands on the sides of Ruby’s head, slowly pulling her up and down, making her bob along the cock. The woman with a confident smile on her face as she looked down at Ruby. The woman who was making Ruby get wet again.

“Come on, take all of it,” the lady whispered. “Take every inch of me. I want to see your entire neck bulging thanks to my dick.”

Ruby couldn’t nod, but she did her best to obey. She felt the woman’s cock sliding deeper and deeper into her, until her throat was bulging. It was a really strange feeling, being this stuffed. Ruby could barely breathe, only the barest wisps of air sneaking past the bulge and into her lungs. It was making Ruby feel lightheaded, in a strangely good way.

When the woman started to draw herself back out, Ruby was shocked at how empty she was left feeling. Somehow, it felt right to have the cock that had been so deep inside her pussy to be so deep inside her throat. And what about her ass- nope, nope, nope! Ruby wasn’t even going there!

Indeed, her deepthroating was taking up all of Ruby’s attention. The cat-eared woman was slow, and gentle, but absolutely firm. There was no way Ruby wasn’t going to swallow that dick until her nose was pressed against the woman’s smooth-shaven, brown skin.

Back and forth, back and forth it went. Ruby found there was something strangely easy about being made to suck a cock like this. She didn’t have to do anything at all, just let the hands on her head guide her back and forth. She could just keep pressing her tongue against the rod in her mouth, and enjoy the light-headed feeling of having her air supply reduced, though never to dangerous levels. Ruby’s eyes fluttered half-closed as she limply lay underneath the woman, her untended pussy drooling arousal to mix with the cum.

When the woman came, it was even more unusual than anything that had happened before. She didn’t pull out, either into Ruby’s mouth or out of her entirely. Instead, she kept her cock buried down Ruby’s throat, slowly pumping cum directly into her stomach. Ruby twitched a bit, feeling the liquid warmth appear in her belly. It seemed to fill her up, joining with the lust in her crotch.

Ruby softly moaned around the still-hard dick in her mouth as her belly was filled. Ruby couldn’t tell how many jets of cum had been pumped into her, but she felt stuffed. As the woman slowly drew herself back, her cock slipping out of Ruby’s mouth, the little reaper looked up at her with dazed eyes.

“Oh, little pet,” the lady said, “we’re going to have so much fun tonight.”

From the way her cock was already hardening again, Ruby was forced to agree. She just wished she knew the name of the woman fucking her.

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Avatar Prompt: the male servants at the Beifong manor love working there, especially since Toph tries to act as unladylike (i.e. slutty) as possible, letting herself get gangbanged all the time.

Working in the Bei Fong manor was a pretty easy gig. No bandits, no Fire Nation soldiers, the lord payed on time, all kinds of perks. And one of the biggest perks was access to his daughter.

Nobody was quite sure how Toph had started getting used by the guards of the manor. But she was, almost every day by every guard. And groom, cook, and so on. Toph took a lot of cock in an effort to prove she didn’t need to be coddled. In fact, she constantly urged the servants to be rougher with her, to slap and spank her, to choke her as they were fucking her, to slather her in cum and make her thank them for it. All kinds of kinky, degrading things that were as far removed from the dressed up doll her parents paraded as was possible.

Right now, she was on her hands and knees in the dirt, getting her ass fucked by a stable boy. Her small, tight hole was stretched around his rod, and she was visibly biting back grunts as he fucked her hard. And spanked her hard. There were bright handprints on her ass from all the blows she had taken.

Despite all that, despite the pain that was racing through Toph’s body, there was a puddle of arousal between her spread legs, a puddle that grew bigger every few seconds. Her lower lips were fluttering, her pussy trying to squeeze something that just wasn’t there.

“Harder,” Toph bit out, her forehead creased. “Can’t you- oh! Can’t you fuck me harder?”

“Shut up, bitch,” the stable boy said in a tone he would never have used with her parents. He smacked her again, jolting her forward an inch. “I’ll fuck you however I want to, and you’ll thank me for it.”

Even as tears formed in Toph’s eyes, she pushed herself back against the boy. She was so horny, and needed what was happening to her so badly. If only there as another servant around, or two, or even three! Then she could really get treated the way she deserved.

And by the way she deserved, Toph meant getting gangbanged by men who didn’t see her as the one and only heir to the Bei Fong family. Instead they would see her as a flat, tight slut who existed to take their cocks, and whose holes were only good for filling with cum. Men who would give her pleasure and pain as they selfishly sought their own orgasm, not caring if Toph came as well.

The stable boy was a frequent participant in those gangbangs, and wasn’t even the most aggressive of them. But, until that orgy happened, Toph would be content with getting her poor little ass stretched out by his thick, hard dick. His cock, pounding into her again and again, making her moan and squirm as he turned her ass a bright red.

Toph came, her pussy clenching down around nothing all. She moaned, head spinning as the pleasure swam through her. Her legs felt weak, and she barely managed to keep herself on all fours.

And through it all, the servant kept on thrusting, kept on fucking Toph’s tight, tender ass. He would cum soon, filling her up with a boiling hot load of cum, shooting it deep inside her body. It would be so intense, Toph knew she would probably faint for a few seconds. And by the time she recovered, she would be alone, the servant walking away from his master’s daughter, leaving her with her face in the dust and an ass full of cum.

And Toph wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Joan (femJaune) tries on her new bikini as opposed to her old one piece when everyone goes to the beach. This however pushes futa Pyrrha over the edge, who can’t resist Joan any longer. She pulls the blonde aside to a private area where she fucks the young Arc into submission to be hers. Whether she likes it or not.

“Pyrrha…” Joan moaned, eyes rolling up in the back of her head. Her plaintive cry did nothing to discourage her girlfriend, and, if anything, spurred her on to pick up the pace.

Joan’s breasts, as small as they were, were still bouncing up and down from the force Pyrrha was using to fuck her. So, for that matter, was her back, sliding up along the back of the wall Pyrrha had dragged her behind. The surface was cool and hard on Joan’s bare skin, but she didn’t care. All she really cared about was how good Pyrrha was making her feel right now.

Joan really hadn’t expected this reaction from her very first bikini. Yes, she looked good in it, and had blushed and felt a warm feeling in her chest at the thought of Pyrrha seeing her in it. But Pyrrha had looked at her less like a girl struck by her girlfriend’s beauty, and more like a wolf staring at a slab of meat. Or Nora staring at a slab of meat.

Joan had worn a deep blush as she presented her new outfit for Pyrrha’s inspection. And her blush had only grown at the same rate the bulge in Pyrrha’s own bikini bottom had increased. After maybe a minute of staring, Pyrrha had almost slung Joan over her shoulder in her haste to take her girlfriend somewhere a bit more private.

“Oh, Joan, you look, you look so…” Pyrrha looked Joan over, trying to find the words. “Beautiful. Prettier than I could ever have imagined. And you’re all,” she thrust in deep, “mine.”

The moan Joan made was half in agreement, half in lust. She’d agree to almost anything right now if Pyrrha kept on sliding in and out, stretching her wet hole like this.

Joan hoped that her bikini survived today. The bottom was puddled around one ankle, where she had pulled it half a second ahead of Pyrrha’s hands. Her redheaded girlfriend had so much lust in her eyes, Joan was sure she would have ripped the swimsuit right off her body if it had presented an obstacle.

Luckily, the blue and gold top was still in place, covering Joan’s breasts from any wandering eyes. Although not from any wandering hands. Both of them were getting thoroughly explored by Pyrrha’s hands. Just the feeling of those strong, sure hands moving over her sensitive mounds would have been enough to make Joan melt, but the combination of her breasts, her pussy and it being Pyrrha was more than enough to make Joan cum.

Although Joan had a hunch that only Pyrrha’s orgasm would mark the end of this encounter. This encounter. Joan was equally sure that Pyrrha would be dragging her off to a secluded corner for as long as they were on the beach. Well, she hoped Pyrrha would drag her off. The thought of getting fucked in public, well… Joan’s cheeks darkened even more, but there was an appeal.

“Oh, Joan, baby, you look so sexy,” Pyrrha said. “How do you do it, look this cute so easily? I love you so much!”

And until Joan found out if she was getting introduced to public sex, there was still some lovely, lovely time to spend with her girlfriend.

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Here's a Story Prompt that's just a shitty pun I came up with and wondered if you can do anything with: Hoemura Akemi.

There were side benefits to being a meguca, in between the mortal danger, the loneliness, the long hours, the constant mental burden… Okay, they weren’t great benefits, but they did exist. And Homura was willing to take full advantage of them.

“So that’s five thousand yen for me and fifteen for my buddy? And no charge for both of us at once?”


For her, the two biggest advantages was how amazing her legs looked in her magical girl outfit, and how much stamina she had. The first lured clients in, and the second meant she didn’t have to wait and recover before finding more of them. Like these two.

They weren’t much to look at, but if Homura wanted a guarantee of only fucking handsome guys, she shouldn’t be selling sexual services. As it was, they could meet her prices, and that was what really mattered. In fact, it was a perverse bonus if they weren’t attractive. The knowledge that Homura would sell her body to anyone with money, no matter how they looked, made her really wet.

Wet enough that any foreplay from the man who had just bought her pussy for a few minutes would be an appreciated extra, instead of a necessity. Homura could feel herself staining her panties with the thought of how, once again, she was literally whoring herself out, selling her body for money she didn’t really need. God, she hoped the guy about to fuck her could satisfy her. For now, at least. There was no way he could finish her off for the entire night.

Homura bent over, sticking her ass out. Looking up at the man who had bought her mouth, she gave him her best needy slut eyes. And it worked wonders, judging by how big a bulge appeared in his pants. His friend was already behind Homura, flipping up her skirt to admire her ass.

Two minutes later, Homura was spitroasted between two strangers, and loving every minute of it. Her palms were pressed against the man facefucking her, moaning around his cock as he used the handful of hair he’d grabbed to roughly pull her back and forth. Behind her, his friend was fucking her shamefully wet pussy, filling it and spanking her ass. Lewd sounds filled the alleyway as two uncaring strangers fucked the magical girl.

Homura was in a shameful heaven. It felt good, so very good indeed to get fucked like this. To have men want her body, not caring about the person that was walking around in it. To see her as meat, to be used and cummed on and forgotten. It was humiliating. It was amazing.

Homura knew they couldn’t last for long. Her pussy and ass were always as tight as a virgin’ easily capable of coaxing a man into surrendering his seed. And her mouth had become very skilled in all the time she had done this. She knew how to get men and women to cum, and to cum hard. Then she’d take her money, fix her ripped, cum-stained costume, and leave, looking for the next client.

And there were always plenty of clients willing to treat her as she deserved and desired.

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Although there were a multitude of excellent ideas, in the end, I will be writing The Terror of the Catdick. But don't worry, at least some of the other ideas will end up as ficlets at least.

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Bashia and Cashia didn’t stop their thrusting as Charlotte walked into the room. And she didn’t stop to acknowledge them. Instead, she stood in front of Skitter and tried to look her boss in the eye. That a mass of pink hair with one black stripe was in the way didn’t faze her, or even seem to register.


“Umf, ugh, yes, Charlotte?” Skitter had wonderful enunciation for someone who had just swallowed a few gallons of cum. Her voice was still raspy because she had taken two cocks down her throat one after another.

“I still haven’t got anyone over to Aspen Hill Mall, but I’ve got some preliminary figures…”

“Preliminary figures.” Cashia said, rolling her eyes. “Is she wearing a three piece suit, or is she wearing a ripped jeans?”

“Maybe she shouldn’t be wearing anything at all,” Bashia said. “How long do you think it would her to notice she was naked? I’m betting at least a block away from us.”

The clones chuckled as they imagined the reaction of somebody’s worst nightmare coming quite true. Their amusement didn’t stop them from thrusting into Skitter, filling both her lower holes with their thick black cocks. In the hour they had been up here, they had each pumped five loads of cum into Skitter, and were working on their sixth.

Skitter had turned out to be a lot better cumdump than either of them would have thought. Her holes had been easy to spread around their thick cocks, and the way she squeezed down around them was simply amazing. In the eighteen hours the two of them had lived since getting pumped out of Echidna, both of them thought that Skitter was by far the best of the one girl they had fucked.

Of course, even someone with as big of a repressed sex drive as Skitter couldn’t keep up with the two of them for as long as it would take for Bashia and Cashia to feel truly satisfied. They could make her belly bulge with cum, paint her body white with it, and leave her tasting nothing but semen for the next few days. And both of the clones would still be hard and ready to go.

“So who do you want to do next?” Cashia asked as Skitter’s pussy clamped down around her. “I’m thinking Tattletale would look funny trying to give orders with my cock in her mouth.”

“Nah,” Bashia said. “Charlotte’s Jewish, I guess. Why don’t we give her some double porking action?”

It wasn’t as if the two of them could split up and take both girls at the same time. The field they had only worked when they were together. In fact, it had been even stronger with Dashia, until that clone had decided to go off and do her own thing. She hadn’t gotten an equal share of the power, and had gotten smashed by a hero within a block. Even worse, her death had reduced the strength of the power the survivors had. Now, people just didn’t think it was worth getting worked up over what they did, instead of not noticing them at all. A major downgrade, and neither of them were willing to see how quickly the mental effects would wear off if they separated, or what lousy power the survivor would get.

So instead the two clones had to agree on more or less everything. It could possibly be tiring, but the thought of getting to have as much sex with hot girls and pretty guys as they wanted to was a pretty good argument to stay together. Also, the death mark they both had as clones of Echidna was another good reason to stay together.

Skitter and Charlotte were still talking, raising their voices to hear each other over the clone’s banter. Skitter had moved her head to see past Cashia’s head so she and Charlotte could look at each other. Neither of the girls commented on the traces of cum still on Skitter’s face.

She hadn’t swallowed all of the cum the clones’ had so graciously decorated her face with. Normally, that would be a spanking, but with such a flat ass, neither Bashia or Cashia could work up the enthusiasm for more than the occasional spank as they filled her pussy and ass with cocks and cum.

Both of the clones thought that it was appropriate that such a skinny, flat, generally unattractive girl was the first person the two of them fucked. They’d work their way up the scale, ending at the hottest woman in the city (they hadn’t decided who that was quite yet). Of course, the actually hottest girl in the city was actually two girls, but they weren’t interested in fucking each other. Fucking Aisha, if they could find her, would be a different story.

Aisha was probably the hottest girl in Brockton Bay, since she had the perfect skin color, perfectly sized breasts, perfect face, all that sort of thing. On the other hand, if all the various capes stayed in the city for a while, that did mean there was a chance Bashia and Cashia could have a chance at Narwhal. And the thought of getting to fuck the exhibitionist made both their dicks even harder than they already were.

Bashia had drawn up a list of who they were going to fuck, although every entry between ‘Skitter’ and ‘The Ultimate Hotty’ were blank. Still, the two of them had all the time in the world to arrange and rearrange whoever made it onto the list. And if they needed to, they could always compare how wet the pussies and how tight the asses of everyone was.

“How long do you think those two will keep fucking you, Skitter?” Charlotte asked. Mostly, her voice sounded curious, but there was a hint of something else in her voice.

“I really can’t say,” Skitter said, shrugging. “I’m doing the best I can to help them along, but,” she shrugged, “they’ll be done when they’re done.”

Skitter was keeping a remarkably level voice for someone who had cum four times and had taken eight shots of cum. It might almost have been dignified if a drop of cum hadn’t rolled off of her cheek and landed on her bare shoulder. Or if Charlotte hadn’t seen the clones escorting her up the stairs an hour ago, giving both of them handjobs as they went.

Bashia and Cashia had talked about buying a video camera to send recordings to their unknowing lovers afterwards. They had both thought that Skitter especially would have a great reaction to seeing herself suck on black dick like it was a popsicle. But they had reluctantly decided that it would draw too much attention to themselves. Instead, the camera recording in the corner was solely for their own enjoyment, if they should ever find themselves without someone hot to fuck.

“Now, in, oh, in the meantiimmeeee!” Skitter’s voice rose to a shriek as she came, tightening down around the thick rods in her pussy and her ass. She leaned backward, pressing herself against Bashia’s chest as she came.

Skitter really did have the most amazing orgasms. Both of them thought so. The faces she made were especially entertaining. Before they had set up the tripod, Cashia had kept it focused on Skitter’s face as Bashia filled her ass. When Skitter had cum from getting fucked in the ass by a thick dick, Cashia had gotten so hard she had almost slapped the bug controller in the face with how hard her cock had gotten.

Skitter’s eyes had rolled back, her face had sagged, drool had run out from between her lips… It had been both humorous and arousing to see the reserved villain cumming her brains out. And her orgasm as she got double-penetrated by her teammate’s warped clones was just as amusing.

Charlotte waited until Skitter had finished cumming before she asked her boss to repeat herself. Skitter did, as soon as she got her breath back. All the while, Bashia and Cashia kept on fucking her, their thick dicks stretching out her holes and sliding deep inside her.

The clones came at the same time. Buried deep inside Skitter, their cocks throbbed, unloading yet another thick load of sticky cum into the famed supervillain. Skitter groaned as her insides, already packed with Bashia’s and Cashia’s cocks and cum, was filled even more with another load of hot semen in both of her lower holes.

“Fuck, Skits, how many guys have you taken to get this good at taking cock?” Bashia asked, patting Skitter’s head. “It’s like you’re a machine, just taking everything we’re giving you.”

Skitter ignored the black clone, not seeing Bashia as someone she needed to respond to. So very insulting. Bashia would need to punish her for that. Maybe by giving her a good long ass-fucking.

“Remind them that just because there was a lot of excitement yesterday, the rules haven’t changed.” Skitter said, leaning forward. That pressed her small, pale breasts against Cashia’s big, black, soft titties. “If they start a fight, I’ll be the one to finish it.” She put a lot of steel in her voice as the clones started fucking her again.

“Okay,” Charlotte said, nodding. “Sierra’s heading out there soon. I’ll tell her.” She paused, and looked at the two black girls fucking her boss. “Uh, will you be able to get over there? You’ve been up here for an hour, after all.” There was some red on her cheeks.

“I don’t know when I’ll be free,” Skitter acknowledged. “But the people on the streets don’t need to know that. All they need to know is that I’ll probably be watching.”

“Christ, I’ve heard enough business for a lifetime,” Cashia groaned. “It’s time for a blowjob again.”

“What are you thinking?” Bashia asked. “Bend her over the desk and get a spitroast going?”

“Yeah,” Cashia responded, wiggling out from underneath Skitter. “I’m pretty sure I trained the gag reflex out of her last time. So let’s see the scariest woman in Brockton Bay deepthroat me.” The clones high-fived each other, both grinning at the thought.

“I think I’ll have to start using my bugs to respond to you,” Skitter calmly said as she was dragged over to a table.

“Of course, boss,” Charlotte said, snatching her hand away from between her thighs. She sat down in the spot where Bashia had just been, and grabbed a pen and paper.

The bugs started spelling out words as Cashia shoved her cock down Skitter’s throat. She sighed in happiness. Who would have guessed that the uptight, no fun allowed, villainess would be such a good cocksucker? Even when the three of them had just started out, Skitter had been able to give Cashia a damn good blowjob. Maybe it was experience from dating the original’s brother.

Cashia and Bashia didn’t know how well their power would affect Aisha, which was one of the reasons they had decided to fuck their way up the hotness list of Brockton Bay’s parahumans. They were both sure that Aisha would be awesome to fuck, in part because of how hot she was (almost as hot as the two of them).

That, and they knew how kinky the original was. Even if impaling Aisha on their cocks and making her cum her brains out wasn’t on the table just yet, the two of them were planning to raid her and Regent’s headquarters while they were away and liberating the supply of sex toys there. That would be so much easier than trying to find a sex shop in Brockton Bay that was still in business, and then trying to find a latex outfit (complete with armbinders, gags and blindfolds) that would fit the two of them.

Sadly, Skitter didn’t have any sex toys around at all, so there was no chance for the two of them to start their collection right now. Instead, Bashia and Cashia just had to make do with turning Taylor into a drooling, cum-covered, fucked-up mess. And possibly knocked up. It was too soon to tell if they were fertile, but it wasn’t as if the prospect bothered either of them. In fact, the thought of Skitter pregnant, and still trying to be a supervillain, was very amusing to both of them.

Not only would be amusing to see her skinny frame supporting a huge belly, she should even thank them for bumping up her cup size once her tits swelled with milk. Sure, it would probably only go from an AA cup to an A cup, but that was the price people without the awesome bodies of Cashia and Bashia paid for being so lame.

And until they found out if they could knock girls up, they could concentrate on fucking those girls into the ground. Starting with Skitter. And maybe returning to her, depending on how slutty the bodies of other girls were. There couldn’t be that many parahumans in the city who could take cock as well as Skitter, after all.

“She kind of looks nice like this, don’t you think?” Bashia asked, her fingertips tracing a pattern on the small of Skitter’s back.

“Bent over a table, buck naked and taking two cocks at once?” Cashia asked. Her hand was underneath Skitter’s throat, tracing the bulge her cock made in it. “Oh yeah. I’m going to need some pictures of her face once I cum on it.”

“It’s a pity Dashia was stupid enough to go try to hump Vista,” Bashia said reflectively. “I mean, yes, loli. Loli’s are great. But…” she shook her head sadly.

“I know,” Cashia said. “Skitter would look so much better with three thick black cocks inside her rather than two. Wouldn’t you, Skits?” Cashia pinched Skitter’s cheek as she sucked on the clone’s cock.

The moaning sound Skitter made might have been the closest thing to words Skitter could make right now, or it might have just been another orgasm sweeping through her. It was hard to tell. And, quite frankly, it didn’t matter than much to either of the clones. So long as Skitter kept on being such an amazing fuck, they didn’t care what she had to say. And once they were done with her, they still wouldn’t care that much what she had to say.

Cashia groaned in appreciation at the way Skitter was using her tongue. The supervillain really was skilled with it, pressing it against Cashia’s shaft, teasing the slit whenever Cashia’s lower head was in her mouth and not her throat, and generally delivering a top tier blowjob. Even though Aisha had never followed her brother and Taylor on their dates, Cashia was sure that Taylor must have spent their together time on her knees, with Brian’s cock in her mouth. There was no other way for her to be so damn good at this.

Looking up along Taylor’s body, Cashia nodded in contentment. The two of them really had done a number on her, and they weren’t finished yet. Skitter’s hair was a mess, spread out across her back and on the table. There was even some semen in it from wandering cumshots. Both of the clones thought cum looked better on skin than on hair, but they had both cum so much, and Skitter had so much hair, that some of her black locks had gotten a bath anyways.

Behind the very small swell of Taylor’s ass, Bashia was still happily thrusting away, filling up Skitter’s asshole. Part of Cashia wondered just how much cum a person’s rear could take. After all, they both came a lot, and Bashia had to have unloaded four or five times into Skitter’s rear already.

Sadly, Skitter’s breasts were much too small to get any benefit from being pressed against the plastic table like they were. Tattletale? Now, Tattletale should get some lovely pillowing going on whenever Cashia and Bashia ended up pressing her against a table or window or whatever.

“Fuck, I think I’m going to cum soon,” Cashia announced. Her hands tightened their grip on Skitter’s head, holding the naked villain down on her dick.

There was a horrible moment of indecision for Cashia. Should she keep her dick in Skitter’s mouth and get every possible moment of stimulation? To be followed up by pumping yet another load of hot, sticky cum into their personal slut’s stomach? Or should she pull out, and decorate Skitter’s face with jet after jet of thick semen? There were so many benefits to both ideas.

With a cry, Cashia pulled out of Skitter. She was already cumming, the first shots of cum shooting from her dick even as her lower head left Taylor’s lips. That meant the first jet landed on Taylor’s tongue. But the rest of it landed on her face.

Taylor didn’t pull away from the veritable fountain of cum that was getting sprayed on her face. All she did was close her eyes and take it, take every last drop from Cashia’s heavy, full balls. The black-skinned clone groaned as she pumped her shaft, coaxing as much cum as she could onto Skitter’s face.

When she was done, Skitter was barely recognizable. The huge amount of semen Cashia had was all over her face, from her forehead to her chin. She looked as if she had been bukkaked, cum running down her cheeks and hanging off her nose.

Skitter made a groaning sound and brought her hands up from the table. Patting at her face, she didn’t manage to do anything besides spread the cum around, covering the few spots that Cashia hadn’t managed to dump some cum onto.

“Woah! I’m ready for a break!” Cashia announced, wiping her forehead.

She wandered over to a sidetable, her still erect dick swinging in between her legs. Grabbing a bottle of water, she turned back to watch her fellow clone and Skitter. It also let her look at Charlotte, who was alternating between intensely watching the two of them and looking away with a bright blush on her cheeks.

The force of Bashia’s thrusts were jolting Skitter forward, making the cum on her face slowly fall off. Cashia also noticed a pool of cum in between her legs, the semen she had put in Skitter’s pussy slowly trickling out. Given how much cum had been pumped into her pussy, versus how much was leaking out, Skitter must really like cum to keep all that inside her.

Cashia wondered how hard it would be to give Skitter a round belly just from the cum they pumped into her. There were so many fun things she and Bashia could do to her. Like pumping yet another load of cum into Skitter’s ass.

Bashia was doing just that, mouth hanging open as she came once again deep inside Skitter. Getting an ass full of cum was obviously enough to push Skitter over the edge as well. She gripped the table she was pressed against, body shaking as she whorishly moaned out an orgasm.

Nodding in satisfaction, Cashia put her water bottle back down. She was rehydrated and ready for round… She had forgotten how many times she had cum inside and on Skitter. But she was ready to do so once again, and that was what was important.

Now the question was how she was going to fuck the supervillain. Cashia pondered the question as she stood in front of Skitter. As her mind mulled over the possibilities, she grabbed her dick in one hand. Skitter still hadn’t cleaned herself off, so it was up to Cashia to do so for her.

Cashia ran her dick along Skitter’s face, coming away with a healthy load of her cum smeared along it. Nodding in satisfaction, she pressed it against Skitter’s lips, forcing her cock into Skitter’s mouth. The lean supervillain obediently opened her mouth, letting Cashia go in as easy as anything. And almost immediately, Skitter started licking Cashia’s dick clean of cum, her tongue working over every inch inside her mouth, making sure the girl in front of her was completely satisfied.

“I’m done with her,” Bashia announced, pulling out of Skitter. Cum followed her, even more than what had already been forced out of Skitter’s rear by the constant injection of more semen.

“Yeah?” Cashia said, not looking up. The sight of Skitter obediently licking the cum off of her dick was much too engrossing.

“Yeah. I’m ready to take Charlotte out for a few rounds.” Charlotte looked up at hearing her name, but soon turned back to the paper she was using to transcribe the words the bugs formed.

“I’ll join you. Just give me a second,” Cashia said. There were only a few more spots of cum on Skitter’s face for her to clean up.

Bashia sauntered over to Charlotte. Her thick, dark cock was poking up, swaying from side to side as she walked over to Skitter’s minion. Once she was there, she leaned over Charlotte, propping her elbows up on her shoulders. Charlotte frowned, but didn’t move to get rid of them.

“So, C-baby,” Cashia looked up at that. “You still a virgin or what?”

Charlotte blushed a bit at that, but still answered.

“No. At Junior Prom, me and my boyfriend took each other’s virginities. We broke up a month later.”

“I see, I see,” Bashia said, nodding sagely. “Any other times you’ve had fun in the sack?”

Charlotte’s blush deepened as she shared her sexual experience with a naked, aroused stranger. But she still did so, not seeing a reason not to humor them.

“There’s been two other boyfriends, but we never got beyond a bit of groping,” Charlotte said, pressing her legs together tightly. “Mostly, if I wanted to blow off steam, there was a vibrator in my bedroom. But ever since… Leviathan,” her face clouded, “I just haven’t had the time. Or the desire.”

“Oh, you poor girl,” Bashia said, melodramatically pressing the back of her hand to her forehead. “I can’t believe how deprived you’ve been. Don’t worry,” she patted Charlotte on the shoulder, “we’ll take good care of you tonight. Right, Cashia?”

“Right,” Cashia said, looking over and leering at Charlotte. Underneath her, Skitter was licking the last of the cum off of her shaft. “But hey, if we’re talking about how much experience the sluts we’re wrapping around our cocks have, how about Skitter? Hey, S-dog,” she said, lightly slapping Skitter’s cheek. “How often do you take cock or eat pussy? I want details.”

All three of the other women in the room looked intently at Taylor. The blush on Charlotte’s cheeks was a lot easier to see then the flush of arousal on Bashia and Cashia.

“Well, Grue and I are dating.” Skitter’s cheeks were the reddest of them all. “We do the kind of thing you’d expect couples to do.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Cashia said, rolling her eyes as she rolled Taylor’s over onto her back. Once there, she started rubbing her cock along Taylor’s small breasts. “But how often have you done it? Have you fucked anyone else? Hell, how often do you masturbate?”

Skitter swallowed nervously, and looked around the room. There was no help coming from her minion and, really, was it so bad to share information like this with strangers. They’d already fucked her every way it was possible to get fucked, after all.

“We’ve had actual sex three times,” Skitter said, shifting around as her stiff nipples ran against Cashia’s cock. “I’ve given him a blowjob twice, and he ate me out once.” Bashia twitched at that and looked consideringly at Charlotte. “Beyond that, we’ve played with each other’s bodies maybe half a dozen times.” Skitter’s thighs were pressed together tightly, smearing Bashia’s and Cashia’s cum against herself. “I’ve never done anything with anyone else before this evening.”

“And…” Cashia said, prompting Skitter to completely answer the original question.

“And I masturbate maybe once a week,” Skitter said, shame-faced. “To a bunch of different things. Guys, girls, my teammates-“

“Charlotte,” Bashia asked. She had given up leaning on Charlotte’s shoulders, and was now rubbing her dick against Charlotte’s cheek.

“…Once,” Skitter admitted. There was a gasp from Charlotte, who had given up even trying to write by now. “I didn’t cum to the thought of her, but she was there.”

Cashia and Bashia met each other’s eyes. Slowly, an identical grin appeared on both of their faces as they nodded in unison. Turning back to Skitter, Cashia patted the supervillain on the cheek.

“Well, well, well. It is your lucky day, Skitter. We’ll go and warm up Charlotte, and then the two of you can have some fun with each other. Won’t that be nice.”

Both Skitter and Charlotte were blushing too deeply to answer. And it wasn’t as if anything they could have said would have changed the clones’ plans. Instead, they glanced at each other, blushed even harder, and looked away.

Chuckling, Cashia joined Bashia in standing next to Charlotte. The pale-skinned, dark-haired girl was flanked on both sides by two thick, hard cocks. She was glancing at them with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness.

“So, Charlotte,” Bashia said, tugging at the girl’s lower lip, “ready to become an Oreo?” Both Bashia and Cashia snickered at that.

“Ah gueth,” Charlotte said, as clearly as she could. Her eyes were flickering between the two big cocks almost brushing her cheeks, the two girls leering down at her, and the sight of her boss on the other side of the room.

“That’s good to hear,” Cashia said, miming wiping the sweat off of her forehead. “No, don’t get undressed,” she said as Charlotte tugged at her shirt. “We’ll take care of that.”

And they did, though with a lot more force than Charlotte probably would have used. The torn fragments of her clothing littered the floor as the two clones ripped Charlotte’s clothes off. She shivered as strong hands quickly moved over her body, stripping her bare.

Soon, Charlotte was left stark naked, standing in between Bashia and Cashia, shivering as the two of them leered at her. The clones had gotten in some good gropes while they had been stripping her, and they didn’t stop now that she was naked. Sure hands and stiff cocks rubbed against Charlotte as the two clones got closer and closer to her.

Bashia was at Charlotte’s front, admiring Charlotte’s breasts. They weren’t as big or as awesome as Bashia’s or Cashia’s, but they were still a lot bigger than Skitter’s. And Charlotte reacted in a lot more amusing manner when Bashia played with them.

Cashia was exploring Charlotte’s ass, and using a bottle of lube to prepare her for her coming DP. Again, unlike Skitter, Charlotte’s ass was a good size, and Cashia was thinking there could be a lot of fun spanking her. Especially if she was bent over doggy style, so Cashia could see those cheeks shaking as Cashia alternately spanked and fucked her ass.

There were traces of arousal slowly running down Charlotte’s inner thighs, proof of how much she enjoyed being between two sexually aggressive black girls with dicks. The wetness increased when Bashia drew her in for a kiss, firmly pressing her lips against Charlotte’s face. The white girl moaned as her mouth was invaded by Bashia’s tongue.

And then she got something else to moan about as something a lot larger than Cashia’s finger pressed against her rear entrance. Knowing what her fellow clone was doing, Bashia held Charlotte closely against her, keeping her pressed against her stunning face and curvy body, ensuring there was no way for to escape as her anal virginity was about to be taken.

Charlotte’s hands scrabbled at Bashia’s body as Cashia got a firm grip on her hips. The clone grunted with effort as she pushed her cock, shiny with lube against Charlotte’s tightest hole. The ring only reluctantly gave way as Cashia oh so slowly sank deeper and deeper into Charlotte. Charlotte was whimpering in pain, so Bashia reached down to give her a distraction.

Charlotte gasped into Bashia’s mouth as her clit was toyed with, the stiff nub sending shocks of pleasure through her as Cashia strained with the effort of forcing her walls open. Charlotte was practically dancing in place as she was fucked in the ass, hips shaking as more and more of Cashia’s cock was pushed into her. Even Cashia was finding it intense, her knuckles whitening with strain as she sank into Charlotte.

By the time Cashia’s hips were pressed against Charlotte’s rear, both of them were panting for breath. Charlotte had practically collapsed against Bashia, held up mainly by the huge dick in her ass and Bashia’s arms wrapped around her.

“She as tight as she looks?” Bashia asked, a smirk on her face. Her own breath was coming in shorter and shorter pants, as she needed to unload herself into a warm body just as much as her fellow clone did.

“It’s like a fucking vise,” Cashia said, sweat beading on her forehead as she pushed herself into Charlotte.

Charlotte didn’t say anything. Speech was beyond her at the moment as her tightest hole was spread wide open by a thick dick. Any pain she was feeling was drowned out by the increasing pleasure, judging by the way Bashia’s finger was getting wet.

“Give me a minute to adjust,” Cashia said as Bashia made ready to slip into Charlotte’s pussy.

Scowling, the clone complied, theatrically watching the clock on the wall to mark one exact minute. When the second hand made a complete sweep around the dial, she grabbed her dick in one hand. A few seconds later, Charlotte was taking the very first double penetration of her life.

She made a funny sound as both her lower holes were stuffed with cock. But there was nothing funny about the way she clenched down around the two of them. Both clones silently gasped as Charlotte’s tight, hot walls squeezed down around their sensitive dicks. They could feel each other inside her, their rods separated only by a thin amount of body.

Not one of the three was sure who had wrapped one of Charlotte’s legs around Bashia. But it was, making Charlotte sink deeper onto the two cocks impaling her. And after a few moments of luxuriating in the sensation of two tight holes wrapped around them, Bashia and Cashia started to fuck Charlotte.

Skitter idly watched the clones fuck her subordinate. Occasionally a hand brushed along her inner thigh, or pinched a nipple. But, by and large, she was too tired to masturbate. And there was still plenty of work that needed doing. Grabbing a computer print-out, she started annotating it, occasionally glancing up to watch her minion get fucked into a drooling mess.

It really didn’t take long at all for that to happen to Charlotte. She didn’t have the stamina of her boss. Neither Cashia nor Bashia had cum once before drool started slipping from Charlotte’s lips. It was enough to get both of them to laugh as the white girl stained her breasts with her spit.

“Damn, who do you think’s better?” Bashia asked. “Skizzle or…” she paused for a moment, face lining with thought. “There’s a joke about Charlotte’s Web here. Help me out with it.”

“Hard to say,” Cashia said, ignoring the potential joke. “Charlotte sure maked a better face. But, damn, it’s a lot easier to fuck Skitter.” Cashia’s shoulders were starting to shake with exertion as she pushed herself in and out of Charlotte’s still very tight ass.

“Ah, don’t worry,” Bashia said, patting Cashia’s hand. “I’m sure we’ll break this slut in quickly enough.”

Neither of the objects of discussion had anything to say on the subject, though they both heard and understood what was being said. And why would they? If there really was a problem, surely someone else would take care of it. And until then, they might as well get along as best they could.

And for Charlotte, that meant taking a lot more and a lot bigger cock than she had ever thought she would. And it felt almost as good for her as it did for the clones. When she came, it was with a lot more noise than Skitter had used, even with her mouth free.

“Fuck! Oh god, god, fuck!”

Both Cashia and Bashia were a bit surprised. They hadn’t thought that Charlotte had enough strength left to cry out. But her voice was loud enough to make Bashia pull back. Then she chuckled. Charlotte’s O-face was quite the sight. She looked ridiculous, with a heavy blush on her cheeks, her mouth hanging wide open and her eyes going every which way.

She would look even better when the two of them came inside her. And again and again. And Charlotte’s first double creampie was going to happen any second now.

Both Cashia and Bashia came at the same time, the increased tightness of Charlotte’s ass compensated for with the wetness of her pussy. Both clones groaned as they felt their dicks pulse inside Charlotte. Orgasms always felt so good, and they were so lucky to get to experience them so many times so close together.

For Charlotte, the feeling of lots of hot, thick cum getting pumped deep inside her pussy and ass was more intense than pleasurable. Her eyes rolled up in her head as the clones thick cocks unloaded their heavy balls deep inside her. It messed her up even more than her orgasm had, and, in fact, drove her over the edge into another climax.

Just because they had cum didn’t mean there was any reason for the two clones to stop. They kept on fucking Charlotte, filling her lower holes up with their thick rods. The chance to fuck another woman was more than enough to keep them going and going, and they didn’t plan to stop until each of them had thoroughly claimed all three of Charlotte’s holes as well as her tits.

And there was nothing stopping the two of them. Even if Charlotte had wanted to say no, she was much too far gone to say anything. And her boss, Skitter, one of the most feared women in the city, didn’t see the slightest thing wrong with two twisted clones of a teammate fucking her subordinate into a cum-covered, incoherent mess.

And it didn’t take long for that to happen to Charlotte. After only her third orgasm and second double cumshot, she was reduced to a moaning mess, unable to do anything but convulsively tighten down around the fat dicks stretching her out. And that was quite alright with Bashia and Cashia. It was just as much fun to pound a fuckdrunk slut as it was to stuff a willing whore.

By the time Bashia and Cashia were actually satisfied with Charlotte, there was next to no trace of the girl left. Unlike Skitter, she hadn’t cleaned the cum off of her face without being told. And since both of the clones had decided it would be more enjoyable to cum on her face rather than down her throat, there was a lot of cum on her face. It was obviously quite impossible for Charlotte to see anything at all, with thick pools of cum covering her closed eyes.

The rest of her face wasn’t in any better shape. Cashia and Bashia had been dedicated in their pursuit of training Charlotte to reach the dick sucking skills of her boss. And with their choice of cumshot targets, that meant if there was one square inch of skin on Charlotte’s face that wasn’t covered with cum, there wasn’t two.

The rest of Charlotte’s body was in better shape, but not by a whole lot. Her round tits had their own healthy covering of cum from the repeated times she was shown how to give first a titfuck, and then a titfuck with a blowjob. And through it all, her nipples had stayed stiff and pointy. In fact, Bashia and Cashia were pretty certain she had cum at least once as she pushed her tits and fingered her nipples to form a tunnel for their cocks to fuck.

Down below, both of Charlotte’s holes were stretched. It was hard to determine how stretched, exactly, since there was still a thick stream of cum pouring from them and onto the floor. The clones hadn’t been particularly gentle in how hard they had fucked Charlotte, and, given how hard she had cum from it, she didn’t have many objections to that.

And now, after a rest just long enough to wipe the sweat off their foreheads, Bashia and Cashia were ready to go again. But with who? Both Charlotte and Skitter looked tempting. Charlotte because she was the perfect, platonic example of a well-fucked slut who had gotten her mind blown by pleasure. Skitter, because she was able to handle their thick rods so much better than Charlotte. That, and Bashia had caught her masturbating now and then to the sight of Charlotte getting turned into a cumdrunk fuckslut.

Then Bashia visibly got an idea. She straightened up and snapped her fingers. She turned to her fellow clone with a large smile spreading across her beautiful face.

“Want to have a competition?”

A few minutes later, Skitter and Charlotte were getting to know each other. As the skinnier, lighter girl, Skitter was on top of Charlotte, her face in between Charlotte’s thighs. This meant she was at most an inch away from the cum that was still leaving her minion’s pussy and ass. Charlotte, meanwhile, had her head resting between Skitter’s thighs. Her cum-smeared thighs, since Skitter had brushed them against Charlotte’s face as she was maneuvered into position.

Charlotte cleaned herself off enough to open her eyes, wiping her white, sticky fingers on her boss’s ass. Almost as soon as she saw what was in front of, she stuck her tongue out. Then she got control of herself and closed her mouth. If she was blushing, it was hard to tell underneath the cum coating her cheeks.

Bashia and Cashia were standing at either end of the sixty-nining duo. Their cocks were hard as they stared at the two cumdumps arrayed against each other. Then they looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be fun.

Cashia rubbed her large dick against Skitter’s face. The tip of her lower head was only inches away from Charlotte’s pussy. The few minutes she had gotten to rest hadn’t done much to restore her pussy. It was still flushed and spread, still obviously claimed by the constantly erect cocks of Cashia and Bashia.

Skitter had gotten more time to recover, and, given how lewd her body was in the first place, had less to recover from. Looking down at her, and resting her cock on Skitter’s forehead, Bashia could see that while there was still a lot of dried cum on her crotch and thighs, her lips and asshole had closed up a bit. Such a shame that they were going to get spread open again, Bashia thought, smiling to herself.

Leaning over the two girls, the clones reached out to give each other a high-five. Drawing back, they both grabbed the pair of hips in front of them, their hard cocks brushing against sensitive skin. They weren’t feeling as desperately horny as they had been when they’d stumbled across Skitter on the street, but they both had a couple more rounds left in them.

“Open up, sluts,” both of them said in sync.

And, obediently, not seeing any reason to refuse, Skitter and Charlotte, opened their mouths. Neither Cashia or Bashia were interested in getting a blowjob right now. Instead, with a wet, pink pussy right in front of them, there was only one real choice.

Skitter and Charlotte both moaned as they once again got stuffed with cock. Thick cocks spread apart tight, wet walls, forcing them apart and sending electric shocks of orgasm through all four of them. Skitter and Charlotte didn’t do much besides staring at the cock fucking the pussy in front of them and squeezing down around the dick inside them.

Bashia and Cashia set a rapid pace, slamming in and out of Skitter’s and Charlotte’s bodies. The girls’ tried to squeeze down around them, but the speed the clones were using put an end to that. Instead, they could do little more than lay there and watch the other get fucked. And feel the cum on Charlotte’s body get spread around, smearing their skins.

When both Cashia and Bashia were about to cum, just a half dozen strokes away from completion, they switched. Drawing completely out of the pussies they had been enjoying, they shoved their cocks into the still open mouths of Skitter and Charlotte. Once the two tongues started doing their work, it didn’t take long at all for the clones to cum.

“Gghhk!” Both Skitter and Charlotte made more or less identical sounds as thick loads of cum were shot into their mouths and down their throats.

After a minute or so of leaving their dicks inside the increasingly skilled mouths, Bashia and Cashia pulled out. They smiled at each other, their cocks still hard and ready to go. They looked down at their sluts, cum trickling out of Skitter’s and Charlotte’s mouths, mixing with the arousal leaking out of their pussies.

“Well, that was a fun Round One,” Bashia said, patting Skitter’s cheek. The supervillain made a gurgling sound as she swallowed the cum in her mouth.

“Yep!” Cashia agreed, leering at the upturned ass in front of her. “But we’re not done yet. It wouldn’t be scientifically rigorous to stop just yet.”

The two of them chuckled, and pushed their cocks back into the mouths of the sluts sandwhiched in between them. This time, instead of facefucking Skitter and Charlotte, they held their cocks still, letting the girls do the work.

And they did. Both Taylor and Charlotte started licking and sucking the dicks inside their mouths, Skitter showing more skill than Charlotte did. But even Charlotte had gotten a chance to learn in the very near past, so her blowjob was better than it had been.

When the clones were about to cum, they drew back, just like last time. This time, they shoved themselves back into the stretched, wet pussies waiting for them. A few strokes, helped by the way both Charlotte and Skitter squeezed down around them, and they came, once again flooding both girls’ pussies with thick, sticky cum.

Leaving their cocks inside the creampied pussies, Bashia and Cashia looked up at each other. They were wearing identical smiles as Skitter and Charlotte squeezed down around them, trying to milk another orgasm out of them.

“What do you think, sis?” Bashia asked, massaging Charlotte’s cum-speckled thigh. “Is Charlotte’s mouth or Skitter’s pussy better?”

“Hhmmm,” Cashia said, tapping her chin and staring at the ceiling. “Hhhhmmmmm.” She was about to do a third rendition when she saw the look on Bashia’s face. “I’m going to have to go with Skitter. Char-Char just can’t suck dick the way Skizzle can take cock. How about you?”

“Looks like Skitter sweeps. She gobbles cock just a bit better than Charlotte’s cunt takes it. But it’s close. Real close.”

Neither Skitter nor Charlotte showed any reaction to having their bodies discussed like this. In fact, they were both helping each other get cleaned up, by licking the cum out of each other’s pussies. This also meant they were giving the clones a toungebath, licking their rods as cum slowly seeped out from around the shafts stretching them.

“Ya know,” Cashia said, looking down at the three holes in front of her, “we’ve only tested out their pussies and mouths.” Bashia started to grin. “To really be fair, we should try out their asses too. How tight they are, how good it feels to cum inside them, all that stuff.”

“And then we’ll have to switch to make sure,” Bashia said, nodding sagely. They grinned at each other, before pulling out and moving their dicks a few inches. “And then we can celebrate the results of the testing with some hardcore fucking.”


“I changed my mind,” Bashia announced.

“Oh yeah?” Cashia said in a distracted tone of voice. She was more focused on how good her cock felt buried inside Charlotte’s body.

“Yeah. I think we should go after Bitch instead of Sierra tomorrow.” Bashia’s sinister smile was a sight to behold. “I bet she’d look real good taking it doggy style.”

“Yeah, I bet she would,” Cashia said. “But come on, we both know how bitchy Tattletale can be. Wouldn’t it be sweet to fuck her so hard she can’t even remember her name? There’s no way she has the endurance Skitzy here does.”

“Yeah, but if we get Bitch at her lair, we could get some of her dogs to fuck her after we’re done. Think about how hot it would be to see her get mounted by that wolf of hers.”

Neither Skitter nor Charlotte had anything to add, or were even concerned about, the plans to degrade the women in discussion. Instead, they were both doing their best to get as much clone cum out of each other’s pussies as possible.

Bashia and Cashia kept on amicably bickering, comparing the merits of each girl as they pumped another load of cum into and onto the master and the minion. As time went on, the only conclusion they reached was that it would be hard for either girl to be a better fuck than Skitter. And that it was getting too late to head out looking.

“Tell you what,” Cashia said, finally pulling out of Charlotte’s pussy. A flood of cum followed her. “Why don’t we take Charlotte out for a few rounds and call it quits?” She stretched, her still-thick cock swinging between her legs. “And then get some grub and some sleep.”

“Sounds good,” Bashia said, pulling out of Skitter as well. A tide of cum just as thick flowed out of Skitter’s stretched pussy. “She’s losing her tightness anyway,” she continued, giving the dark-haired girl a pat on her flat ass.

“Yeah,” Cashia nodded in agreement. “I’ve pumped so much cum in her I could barely feel her pussy walls anymore.”

“Such a shame,” Bashia said, mock-regretfully. “We do so much for them, and they can’t even stay tight after a few dozen rounds of us diddling them? Standards are slipping all over.”

The clones cackled, immensely amused by their own wit. Ignored by both of them, Charlotte slumped over on top of Skitter, her cum covered face falling against Skitter’s semen speckled stomach. Skitter wrapped an arm around her subordinate, holding their naked bodies close. She also took the opportunity to grope her minion’s rear, getting a good handful of seoft flesh, much to the delight of the two clones that had fucked them into the ground stood above them, cocks still hard and balls still full of cum.

Skitter and Charlotte didn’t get long to cuddle together, before Cashia and Bashia dragged Charlotte off of her boss. They still had some lust to burn off, and Charlotte’s body would be the perfect receptacle for a bit more cum. Sure, she wouldn’t be up for much as they fucked her, but the clones could forgive that. So long as she was still wet and tight enough, they’d enjoy fucking her.

And fucking her and fucking her and fucking her. And then, some food, some sleep, and off to find whatever girl would be the next one to get a taste of two thick cocks. There were plenty of hotties out on Brockton Bay, all of them unknowingly waiting for what Bashia and Cashia had to offer.

There were two new girls in town, and they were keen on experiencing every attraction the city had on display.

Fun In The Boy's Room 2018-07-05T17:20:05+00:00
Ukyo and Ranma as kids, or a handy in the boys restroom at school.

“See? This is the kind of thing that could happen every day, Ran-chan,” Ukyo whispered, her body pressed closed against Ranma’s.

She was looking up into his eyes, and her hand was in his pants. She had a wonderful handjob technique, quickly and firmly stroking Ranma’s hard shaft. Ranma had been surprised when she squirted cooking oil onto her hand, but he couldn’t complain with the results. His rod felt amazing as Ukyo stroked it.

Ranma was getting somewhat mixed signals, since Ukyo was wearing her boy’s uniform, and pulling it off quite well. If she wasn’t pressed against his body, letting him feel her soft breasts, Ukyo really would have passed for a boy. And since Ranma had ambivalent sexual feelings towards boys, feelings that had started after he took a splash in China, he really wasn’t sure if his dick should be so hard, or if he should be thinking of Ukyo as a guy or as a girl.

“We’ve been together forever, you know?” Ukyo whispered, quiet enough that only Ranma could have heard her, even if other people had been in the room. “You and me, ever since we were kids.” Her fingers did something amazing to Ranma’s lower head. “But we’re not kids anymore, Ran-chan. It’s time for us to move on, don’t you think?”

“Um, ah…” Ranma stuttered. He had a certain idea of what Ukyo meant, but it was hard to concentrate on anything besides how good his cock felt, wrapped in Ukyo’s strong, sure hand.

“After all, we’re engaged to each other,” Ukyo continued, slowing down and speeding up her pace. “Boyfriends and girlfriends do a lot more than this all the time, and we have something a lot more important than that, don’t we?”

Ranma nodded, his thoughts focused on how long he could hold out. His penis felt better than it ever had, the sensations threatening to overwhelm him. Who would have thought that a simple handjob could bring a master martial artist to his knees like this? At least it felt a whole lot better than getting slammed through a wall or some such.

“So,” Ukyo continued, “I think you should come over to my shop tonight. I close at nine, and then the two of us can show to each other that we really are engaged. Okay, Ran-chan?”

As she spoke, Ukyo kept on stroking Ranma’s shaft. Ranma was twisting around in her grip, his hips jerking forward to try and get more stimulation out from her hand. He didn’t think he could last much longer.

And Ranma couldn’t last at all when Ukyo squeezed down in just the right spot. He slapped a hand over his mouth, groaning, as he came. A dark spot appeared inside his pants, as shot after shot of cum spurted out from his dick to make a mess.

“Heh. Ah, what a mess, what a mess,” Ukyo said, withdrawing her hand. Cum clung to it, forming white bridges in between her fingers. Smirking, she looked Ranma in the eyes as she licked her hand clean. “Now that’s a nice flavor. Wouldn’t do for okonomiyaki, but I’ll want some more tonight.”

Smirking, she left the room, intentionally swaying her hips a lot more than usual. First step? Done. Next step? Well, Ukyo thought she could get a wedding chapel within forty-eight hours.

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User #2901667 - 6 Jul 18 15:11
And that's how you seal the deal.
Moaning Monochrome 2018-07-05T00:05:20+00:00
Rumor has it that Blake and Weiss have regular competitions throughout the school day to see who can last the longest without cumming or being caught with their all of their lower holes filled to the brim with the thickest and strongest vibrators money can afford. Any truth to that?

“Don’t be disgusting,” Weiss answered, giving the questioner a cold a look as was possible. “Those kinds of rumors are spread by sick-minded and jealous people. You might as well ask if I intentionally lose to Grimm so we can get fucked like bitches in heat.”

Sniffing, the haughty heiress turned on her heel and stalked away. As she left, an errant breeze came up, tugging at her skirt. It flew up for a moment, revealing Weiss’s pale blue panties. And how those panties were stretched over two large, round circles. Then Weiss’s skirt fell back into place, hiding anything untoward.

If Blake had a similar arrangement, it was harder to tell, with her concealing pants. Unless someone got very close to her, and wasn’t distracted by the sight of her ass. Then they would be able to tell that her pants bulged with more than just a bubble butt.

To keep each other honest, each girl had the control for the other’s vibrators. A certain sense of détente kept them from turning the other’s toys to the maximum. But every time they could see each other, they fiddled with the remotes, sliding the controls from one setting to another.

The biggest challenge for both of them was not cumming, but not alerting others to their game. The vibrators were very strong, and that meant they had to be very loud as well. In public, that meant that an increase in the intensity was usually followed by one of them stalking off to a corner to get some privacy, along with a vengeful tweak of the control. In private, it usually meant that the ‘suffering’ party rode out the increased pleasure, and would give the offender a challenging stare.

A two inch thick vibrator for the pussy and the ass were standard. There were also toys for the clit and nipples, but they weren’t always used. For one, the nipple vibrators were quite obvious, small bullets straining at the chest, obvious to anyone unless hidden under a sweater. For another, that was quite a few remotes for one person to handle discreetly. And discretion was the name of the game. If Weiss or Blake were to be caught, it was because they had orgasmed loudly in public, not because someone asked too many questions about the small controller the other was fiddling with.

Whenever one of them did cum, that meant the victor got certain rewards. They could vary from making the other dress up as maid and serve the winner drinks, to having them get on their knees and eat out the other. Whatever was chosen, it indisputably marked the victor as the victor, and the loser as the loser.

Both Blake and Weiss were thinking about bringing in Ruby and Yang onto their game. The plan was to do something with randomized controllers, so no one would immediately know whose toys they would be controlling. The major sticking point was Yang’s famous endurance. Both Blake and Weiss could all too well envision Yang riding out both of her vibrators at their maximum setting, before returning the favor to Blake and Weiss.

And that would just be awful.

Gene Play Six 2018-07-03T19:10:44+00:00

“I can’t believe it,” Taylor said, looking at her face in the mirror. “You didn’t do anything to my vocal chords? At all?” One finger was tracing her lips, as if she expected something to suddenly happen to them.

“Nope! Honestly, I just couldn’t think of anything to do that would fit,” Amy said, hugging her girlfriend. Her hands could barely meet as she joined Taylor in looking at herself in the mirror.

They almost needed a bigger mirror. Taylor had always been a tall girl, but now she was big enough to have to duck going through doorways. And turn to the side. Her broad shoulders rippled with muscles, just like the rest of her body. The only bit of her that was soft were her boobs. Otherwise, she was ripped.

“”Thanks,” Taylor said a bit dubiously. “So why turn me into a stacked amazon?”

“Because I want to sit in your lap and have your huge arms envelop me,” Amy replied, tugging Taylor over to a chair. “Hold me close against you, so I can feel your muscles moving underneath your skin as I rest my head on your breasts. Then your hand will slide inside my skirt and…” Amy giggled lustfully.

“I see,” Taylor said smirking. As strong as she was, she didn’t have to go with Amy. In fact, she was pretty certain she was strong enough to pick her girlfriend up with one hand and leave her dangling in the air. But she still went. “And later on, you’ll get trapped between my thighs as you eat me out?”

“Bingo,” Amy said, pushing Taylor down onto the seat. Or trying to. Amy ended up staggering back a few paces, her undeveloped musculature not up to the task of moving Taylor’s six foot six inches frame. “Maybe some bondage later, see how little those muscles can do with just a bit of rope and leather.”

Taylor snorted as she collapsed into the chair. It creaked alarmingly underneath her, but held. Reaching out with her much longer arms, she grabbed Amy and tugged her forward. Amy gleefully leapt into Taylor’s embrace, wrapping her limbs around her girlfriend in a huge hug. And just like she had said, she buried her face in Taylor’s breasts.

And Taylor had some big breasts. Not quite as big as when she was a bimbo or a cow, but they were still large, somewhat firm mounds. It was a pleasure for Amy to shove her face in between them and feel warm flesh rubbing against her cheeks and forehead.

And it got even better when Taylor hugged her, trapping her against the giantess’s body. Strong arms went straight for Amy’s ass, groping and kneading her rear. Amy sighed in satisfaction as the two of them started making out.

The Amazon transformation may not be as much slutty fun as the bondage getup or cowgirl, but Amy was going to get some emotional fulfillment out of it. And after that, who knew? Bunnygirl in a costume, turn Taylor into a feminine boy, there were no end of possibilities the two of them could try.

Amy leaned up and took a nipple in her mouth. As she started sucking on it, she smiled. This was the life.

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User #3174524 - 3 Jul 18 19:27
I'd love to see more of Amazon!Taylor... Doesn't even have to be Gene play stuff, just more of it in general
Even More Unfortunate(?) Events 2018-07-03T00:03:29+00:00
'A Series of Unfortunate(?) Events' is one of the hottest concepts I've read in a long time. Would love to see more like it. Maybe Lisa can get over her hangups this way, too...

“No, please, no, not in public!!!”

Lisa’s cries to the empty air were in vain. There was absolutely no stopping her orgasm, no matter how many people were watching. She shook on top of the stranger she had somehow ended up fucking, an orgasm ripping through her body.

As it passed, Lisa slumped down, barely caught by the arms of the man whose dick she had somehow tripped on. Her pussy was still squeezing down around him, trying to milk out all the cum possible. The delicious, thick cum, whose release deep inside her pussy had pushed her over the edge into orgasm.

“Um, sorry about that, miss,” the man said, an odd look of confusion and bliss on his face. “I’m not really sure how that happened, but, uh, sorry.”

Lisa nodded tiredly. She didn’t know how it was happening either. But it kept on happening. Lisa kept on getting fucked by strangers. And not just by strangers. Somehow the sex toys she had bought to test out her ability to masturbate without overloading on her power kept on ending up inside her as well. In fact, right this very moment, Lisa’s ass was stuffed with a plug, a thick chrome toy whose base proclaimed that its wearer was Daddy’s Little Princess.

Lisa wasn’t exactly happy about somehow tripping over her own two feet and landing on some guy’s naked, erect dick. Especially since it kept on happening. Three times so far, and it wasn’t even lunch. On the other hand, she had also cum three times today, which was three more times than she had managed in the past month.

The same thing had happened to Taylor, Lisa knew. She had complained to Lisa about how embarrassing it was for her to stumble over something and land on her dad’s dick. Especially since he had ended up claiming all three of her virginities, every time by total accident. The way Taylor had blushed and rubbed her legs together (and Lisa had noticed that her friend was wearing short shorts to show off her legs recently) suggested that she wasn’t quite as upset over the random acts of fucking as she said she was.

And Lisa could see where Taylor was coming from. As humiliating as it was to feel the eyes of a dozen people uncaringly run over her nearly-naked body (and where had her shirt gone?), an orgasm was still welcome. It felt so good in fact, that when Lisa tried to pull herself up off of the stranger, her legs gave out. She came back down, almost like she had been pushed.

“Ooaah!” Lisa moaned, the sound of an animal in heat as the slowly softening cock of the stranger went back inside her pussy. “I’m, I’m sorry mister. Let me try that again.”

This time, Lisa made it to her feet. Cum trickled out of her pussy. Since her panties had disappeared somewhere, Lisa was glad she had worn a skirt today. Sure, cum would be trickling down her thighs, but at least it wouldn’t be staining her expensive jeans.

Getting as dressed as she could, Lisa shot a glare at the people around her. But it wasn’t needed that much. Most of the people were moving on with their day, not acting all that shocked that a cute blonde had just gotten fucked to a screaming orgasm in the middle of the street. Well, if they weren’t going to bring it up, then neither was Lisa.

Lisa was burning a lot of calories today. Maybe she should go and get lunch somewhere. And hope that the waiter wouldn’t trip and end up feeding her a sausage when she ordered a salad. Lisa unknowingly licked her lips.

That would be bad. She had a diet to stick to, after all.

Girls Can't Love Girls, But They Can Love Guys 2018-07-01T21:16:21+00:00
Num. 1: It’s not gay if it’s a threesome. Hitomi, Sayaka and Kyouske have a threesome and Hitomi discovers that she quite likes Sayaka’s skilled tongue and fingers.

“Um, girls?” Kyosuke asked hesitantly. “Is there any way you could touch me? At all?”

Both Sayaka and Hitomi ignored him. They were passionately kissing, Hitomi more so than Sayaka. Even as Kyosuke watched, his erection throbbing, Hitomi pushed her friend down to the bed and loomed over her.

Both girls were only half dressed, shirts pulled open to reveal their color-coordinated bras. Kyosuke, in contrast, had just taken off his jacket and unzipped his pants. And Hitomi was steadily reducing the number of clothes she had on. Her skirt slid down her legs, revealing her light green, striped panties.

Sayaka rolled over, pinning Hitomi beneath her. The way the greenhaired girl’s skirt rode up showed off her panties to Kyosuke, sending an ache of arousal through him. It was an effort of will to keep his hand at his side. He didn’t want to masturbate, he wanted to get at least a handjob from one of the two beautiful girls in front of him. Preferably from Hitomi, since she had come up with the idea for the threesome in the first place.

But at the moment, Hitomi didn’t look like she was up fore much of anything. She was flat on her back, hands buried in Sayaka’s hair as the blue-themed girl buried her face in between Hitomi’s legs. The wet, lewd slurping sounds Kyosuke could hear were going to straight to his dick, making him far harder than he ever had been before.

“Oh, yes, that feels amazing, Sayaka!” Hitomi cried out, her back arching as Sayaka did something with her fingers. “More, please give me more!”

“I wouldn’t mind some myself,” Kyosuke said in a forlorn voice. Cumming without anyone touching him was a real possibility, and he wanted to at least feel a set of fingers that didn’t belong to him before that happened.

Kyosuke thought it was really weird that Hitomi had set this up. When he had heard that it would be him, Hitomi and Sayaka, he had thought that meant the two girls would be tending to him, given how much and how loudly Hitomi talked about how straight she was.

And even as they got settled, Hitomi had kept on talking about how attracted to men she was, and how girls liking girls was deviant. Kyosuke had nodded along, anticipating a truly wonderful double blowjob or the like from his two female friends. And now this had happened. Hitomi hadn’t looked at him once, and was instead completely dominating Sayaka’s attentions. It was making Kyosuke feel left out, to be honest.

But he wasn’t sure if it would be okay to lift Sayaka’s skirt and start fucking her, either. That just didn’t seem right. So Kyosuke would keep on sitting here, his dick achingly hard, as he watched two hot girls going at it.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Hitomi screamed, her hands holding Sayaka’s head firmly in between her legs. “More, please give me more!”

At least some of the people here were having fun.

A Kinky Kaname 2018-07-01T17:41:17+00:00

A Kinky Kaname

“No, no, stop, Homura, it hurts!”

At Madoka’s frantic, pained cry, Homura instantly pulled back. The tip of her lower head popped out from between Madoka’s thin, pink lower lips. A worried expression appeared on Homura’s face as she knelt down next to her girlfriend.

“Are you okay, Madoka?” Homura asked, grabbing Madoka’s hands tightly.

“I am now,” Madoka said, still wincing a bit. She slowly uncrossed her legs as she looked up at Homura. “I’m sorry, Homura. You were just too big for me.”

“It’s okay,” Homura said, her thick shaft swaying in between her thighs. “I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“Thank you,” Madoka said, looking away, her cheeks red. “Maybe,” she blushed even harder, “you’d like me to touch you?” She reached out towards Homura’s crotch.

“Of course. I’d love that, Madoka,” Homura said, a strained smile on her face.


A few hours later, Madoka was sound asleep, snoring cutely. Homura, on the other hand, was still wide awake. Tucking her girlfriend in, she left Madoka’s room and wandered the dark hallways of the Kaname house. Maybe a glass of water would help her sleep. Or at least quite the churning, boiling lust inside her lower stomach.

Madoka did her best to make Homura happy, of course. But Homura needed more than just Madoka’s hands to work out the lust she was feeling. And there was no way for Madoka to give that to her. She just wasn’t elastic enough to handle Homura’s rather large shaft.

Those thoughts chased each other through Homura’s head as she entered and then left the bathroom. Trying to take her mind off her frustrated lust, Homura tried to think about anything else. Like how empty the house was.

It was so quiet now, especially with Madoka’s dad and her brother gone for the weekend. Right now, the only people in the house were Madoka and Homura. Something the two of them had exploited, with mostly innocent fun. Jumping on the bed, having dessert first with dinner an afterthought, that sort of thing. And then the attempt at sex. Homura mentally winced. Well, at least they had managed to finish while the house was still quiet and deserted.

Even as Homura thought that, she was made a liar. The front door opened and then nosily swung shit. Homura winced, glad that she had closed the door to Madoka’s bedroom. No reason for her girlfriend to get up to take care of her drunk mother, not when Homura could do the same.

Padding on bare feet over to the front of the house, Homura could see Mrs. Kaname, or Junko, as she insisted on Homura called her, slumped on the floor. She was waving an empty hand around like there was a still a drinking glass in it as she slurred the words to a song she would never sing sober.

“Heyyyy, Madoka,” Junko slurred as Homura knelt down next to her. “You wanna- hey, wait a minute,” she said, an exaggerated note of suspicion entering her voice. “You’re not little Mads.” She turned her head to look at Homura full on. A slow smile spread across her face. “You’re even better!”

Homura realized she hadn’t really gotten dressed when leaving Madoka. Panties didn’t count. Especially when Homura’s dick was big enough to form a noticeable bulge in them. Beyond that, she didn’t have any clothing on. The legs Madoka loved so much, the small breasts that were the smallest in the group, everything Homura had was on display to Junko’s gaze. And the older woman wasn’t nearly drunk enough not to realize what she was seeing.

Homura squeaked and tried to cover herself. It was far too late. Junko had already gotten an eyeful of everything of interest. And she wanted more. A arm landed across Homura’s shoulders as she crouched, turned to one side to try and hide her near-nakedness.

“Hey, Homureh, Homer, Homuhomu. You’ve been treating my daughter right, haven’t you?” Junko glared at Homura, a wave of alcoholic fumes nearly knocking Homura off her feet.

Unable to think of a response to that, Homura tried to get Junko to her feet. It was a lot harder than she thought it should be, especially since Junko was much more interested in staring intently at Homura’s face than at her legs. Reeling from side to side, almost bent double under the older woman’s weight, Homura led Junko to the master bedroom at the end of the house.

Homura collapsed onto the bed with Junko. There wasn’t really a way for her to avoid doing so. The older, uncoordinated woman brought her down in a tangle of limbs, and somehow rolled around so that she ended up laying on top of Homura.

Homura grunted and wiggled, trying to get out from underneath Junko. But it just wasn’t happening, especially with Junko somehow managing to always roll over and block any attempt to get free. Finally giving up, Homura lay back, gathering her strength for the next attempt.

“You really are a cutie, you know that?” Junko said, stroking Homura’s cheek. The young girl froze up at the contact, and not just because Junko had leaned in to let another wave of boozy fumes wash over her. “Where’d you come from, anyway?”

Homura’s mouth dropped open. Did Juno not remember who she was? Was this normal for her? Homura had only gone through five loops so far (and she was sure this would be the last one), so she really didn’t know Junko that well.

Junko smiled, her smile appearing so much larger since her face was only centimeters from Homura’s head. As she stroked Homura’s hair, her body shifted around on top of Homura’s.

So far, Homura had managed to avoid certain thoughts. Thoughts about how an attractive middle-aged woman was on top of her, and how Homura was nearly naked. Or how filled with arousal she still was.

But now that Junko’s suit jacket was brushing over her bare nipples, that was impossible to ignore anymore. To Homura’s shame, she felt herself stiffening, rising out of her panties to press against Junko’s pantyhosed thigh. And despite the shame, she couldn’t stop herself. Homura didn’t think she’d be able to stop herself from growing hard even if Junko wasn’t pressed against her.

Worst of all, was the way Junko knew what she was doing to Homura, and how much she liked it. Her crooked smile became a bit more teasing as she shifted from side to side atop of Homura. Her arms slowly came up, sliding underneath Homura’s head to hold her face up against Junko’s.

Homura was feeling a little drunk herself. Part of it was shock and part of it was worry and part of it was lust. But mostly it was from Junko repeatedly breathing into her face, washing over her with her booze-laden breath.

“It was so good of Tomo to bring you home,” Junko said as she rubbed against Homura. “He knows just the kind of girl I like.” A worried expression appeared on her face as Junko pushed herself up. “You are a girl, right?” she asked, looking Homura’s body over. “Hey, if you’re a crossdresser, that’s fine too.”

“No! No, I’m a girl, Ms. Kaname,” Homura said, blushing and feeling a bit insulted. She wasn’t that flat.

“Oh, don’t call me Ms. Kaname,” Junko said. A leer appeared on her face. “Only people at work do that. But if you want to call me Mistress Kaname, that’s okay.” She pinched Homura’s cheek as she said that.

Homura wasn’t sure what to think of this. She knew Junko usually got drunk with her coworkers. But did she always get so horny as a result? Or was she always this, uh, energetic, and the booze unleashed her? Or was this just a bizarre difference in the timeline, and all the other Junko’s Homura had briefly met weren’t like this at all? Oh God, and since this was going to be the last timeline Homura needed to do, did that mean she was going to be stuck with her girlfriend’s amorous mother?

And then Junko blew those thoughts out of the water by kissing Homura. The slender girl stiffened underneath the kiss, her lips teased apart by a tongue that had lost none of its coordination to the drink. Homura’s mouth was utterly claimed by Junko, the older woman overriding any attempt by Homura to kiss her back.

Junko was a good kisser. Homura was left gasping for breath by the time they separated, with an imprint of bright red lipstick overlapping her lips. Homura was suddenly glad that Madoka and her had already practiced kissing a lot. It would have been a shame to lose out on her first kiss to someone who wouldn’t even remember it in the morning.

“You know, it’s a shame there’s such a difference in how many clothes the both of us have on,” Junko mused, drawing her fingers over Homura’s shoulders. “What do you think? Should I get undressed, or should you put on some more clothes?” Junko laughed at Homura’s frozen expression. “Kidding, I’m kidding.”

Junko sat up and started undoing the buttons on her suit jacket. While Homura didn’t mind watching her undress, she was far more aware of how the shift in Junko’s position had put a lot more weight on her crotch. Not nearly enough to be painful, but there was still a lot more pressure. A lot more good pressure. Homura hoped she didn’t embarrass herself by cumming right now.

Her worries were only redoubled when Junko whisked off her jacket and shirt. Homura’s mouth felt as dry as a desert as she stared at the pale flesh that was exposed. The only reason she didn’t make a mess in her panties was because Junko lifted herself up to remove her skirt. And that left the older woman in nothing but her underwear.

Half an hour ago, nothing and nobody would have been able to get Homura to comment on Junko Kaname’s choice in underwear. If she had somehow been forced to, she would have guessed something along the line of Madoka’s underwear (without ever admitting she knew Madoka’s choice in underwear), plain and practical.

Homura would have been dead wrong, as she could now see. Junko had on black, frilly underwear, that presented her cleavage and made her breasts look even bigger than they actually were. Her panties were hooked to her pantyhose, which she showed no signs of removing. And Homura had thought she had good legs. But the way Junko’s legs looked, shining in her immaculate pantyhose, made Homura think of her own legs as quite inadequate.

Junko was a perfect picture of mature eroticism. Homura thought her heart was going to explode in her chest as she stared up at the older woman. That, or her dick would burst. Homura didn’t think she had ever been harder than she was right now, staring up at Junko. Her entire body burned with lust, needing to find comfort and satisfaction in Junko’s curvy, perfect body.

“Like what you see?” Junko asked, laughter rippling in her voice. “I know I do.” She reached down and grabbed Homura’s chest. “There’s something so cute about small breasts,” she mused, slowly, gently massaging them. Her fingers spread out over far more area than Homura’s breasts could cover. “It always make you look so slim and sleek.”

Homura was wondering just how drunk Junko was. She wasn’t slurring any words, and Homura thought (from an extensive collection of books and movies, which were surely like real life) that she should be tripping over every other word. Was Junko just a bit drunk? Just enough to accept that a nearly naked stranger (Homura didn’t think Junko had realized who she was) was in her house? Did that happen often enough to raise any questions?

Another part of Homura was realizing she had a very good chance to finally burn off that lust that had been building and building inside her. Junko had given birth twice. There was no way she could be as painfully tight as Madoka. That just left the question of cheating on Homura’s beloved girlfriend. And that was a pretty big question.

The way Junko shifted her hips, grinding her crotch against Homura, instantly made that question fly away to the furthest reaches of Homura’s mind. Homura’s breath caught in her throat as she stared up at Junko. The older woman was biting her lip and looking down at Homura with an expression that wasn’t so much hungry as it was ravenous.

“You’re going to be a good girl for me, right? I’ve got a teenage daughter, you know.” For a single instant, a vision of Junko and Madoka together flashed through Homura’s mind. “I know what to give a good girl, and I know how to punish a bad girl.”

“Good!” Homura squeaked. “I’ll be a good girl.” Homura was blushing so hard she thought her cheeks were on fire. Homura didn’t have much experience with good girls versus bad girls, but some part of her told her that she was going to get what she wanted if Junko was pleased with her.

“Good girl,” Junko purred, letting a hand run down Homura’s stomach. Homura’s cock twitched as the older woman grabbed it. “And I didn’t even have to tell you what good girls get.”

Junko decided that showing was better than telling. She raised herself back up again, once more removing that delicious, warm pressure from Homura’s achingly stiff cock. Leering down at Homura, Junko rested her hands on her hips, fingers playing with the sides of her panties. Homura’s breath caught in her throat, getting a pleased smile from Junko. Then the older woman changed tack.

Junko reached down and pulled the bottom of her silk panties to one side. Homura’s gaze went down, down, down, until she saw, for only the second time, another woman’s special place. And she couldn’t believe how wonderful it looked. There was a string of arousal connecting Junko’s panties to her soaked lower lips, lips that were far wetter than Madoka ever had been.

It looked so soft and warm and wet and inviting… Homura closed her eyes and snapped her head away. If she stared at that sight for any longer, she knew she would have cum. And that would be humiliating, cumming without even the lightest of touches on her cock. Homura needed to calm down, to center herself, before she did something stupid.

Junko wasn’t making it any easier for her to calm down. The older woman had started masturbating. Homura peeked at her from under one eyelid, before slamming it back shut. But there was no way she was going to forget the sight of Madoka’s mother playing with herself, pumping one finger in and out of her perfect pussy. And there was certainly no way for Homura to block out the sounds, the wet squelching as Junko fingered herself.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Junko said, finally deigning to take notice of how Homura was squirming. “Is this your first time? Are you worried about impressing me?” She patted Homura’s cheek, leaving behind a wet spot. “What a good girl.”

Homura felt an already familiar pressure settle back down on her crotch. What wasn’t so familiar was the wetness she could feel on her rod. Opening her eyes, she confirmed what she thought. Junko was rubbing her bare, wet, pussy against Homura’s cock. And it felt so good.

“Be a good girl and hold yourself in for just a bit longer,” Junko said, rising back up. Homura could see that her dick was coated with arousal. “There are so many things I can show a good girl like you.”

And with that, Junko lowered herself back down. And this time it was on Homura’s dick, not along it. There wasn’t a bit of resistance, just Homura’s rod spreading aside Junko’s wet folds as the older woman sank down and down onto Homura’s shaft.

Homura’s eyes widened. At the last possible second, she reduced the feelings from her body. She had never had to do this before, but Mami had insisted on teaching her how in the last loop. It was only because of this that Homura didn’t cum immediately. And there was still enough pleasure flowing up into her that it was a close thing.

And all the while, Junko kept on sinking down Homura’s shaft. She didn’t stop until the back of her thighs were pressed against Homura. She smiled down at Homura and then did something-

Oh God. Oh God! Homura could never have imagined how good a pussy could feel wrapped around her cock. The way Junko felt, her slick, hot folds wrapped around Homura, was even better than her dreams. And it wasn’t just the heat, or the wetness. Most of all, it was the way that Junko was massaging her, her inside walls slowly, rhythmically squeezing down on Homura. Junko was starting from the bottom of Homura’s cock and working her way up, before reversing the process and going back down.

It was amazing, so far beyond Madoka’s hands and occasional kiss planted on Homura’s shaft. Homura was surprised with herself that she didn’t cum in the first five seconds, as Junko’s experienced pussy blew her mind. A whine escaped Homura’s lips, a strangled expression of base joy.

Junko knew exactly what she was doing, though she was still a bit unclear on who exactly she was doing it to. She smirked down at Homura, a devilish light in her eyes as she slowly rode the girl underneath her.

“Who’s a good girl? Who’s my perfect little girl?” Junko asked as she rode Homura. “Don’t be afraid to cum for Mommy,” she wiggled her hips from side to side, making Homura’s cock shift around. “Don’t be afraid to give Mommy a nice, thick load of cum, filling me up with all of your love. Show Mommy how much you love her.”

Homura jerkily nodded. Part of her was wondering if Tatsuya was in for a very large surprise in ten years. The rest of her didn’t care about that. All that part of Homura cared about was feeling as good as she possible could.

“And you’re a very strong girl, for holding out for so long, too,” Junko said. Her hands were playing with Homura’s breasts again. “I thought you were going to cum within a minute. But you’ve gone on for so long.” She smiled down at Homura. “But don’t be afraid. You can pump your hot, creamy load into my wet cunt any time you like.”

Homura hesitantly nodded. She didn’t want to give up on this pleasure, not yet. Even if the pleasure of an orgasm would be something beyond anything else she had felt. But right now, she had to keep fucking the older woman. She could see how hard she would cum later. Right now, she had to thrust her hips upward as Junko rose and fell on her cock.

Homura rested her hands on Junko’s hips. She couldn’t believe how warm Junko’s body was. She could feel a bit of sweat beading on Junko’s skin as the older woman rose up and down on her.

As amazing as this felt, Homura was missing the emotional connection she had with Madoka. Her precious pink girlfriend could make Homura’s heart feel warm, a part of her that Junko just wasn’t reaching. But Homura still couldn’t bring herself to try and push Junko off of her. Just like she needed emotional closeness, she also needed physical release, and Junko was giving her the best kind of release possible.

In the dim light, Junko’s body looked perfect. Her pale body was encased in her lingerie, the sensual clothes she had worn to work, spending all day wrapped up in lace as she… negotiated contracts, or whatever it was that she actually did. Homura wasn’t sure.

And it didn’t matter. What did was that Junko was the picture of mature, sensual womanhood, just like her daughter was the picture of adorable cuteness. And Homura, unbelievably, got to experience them both.

“You know, you kind of look like my daughter’s girlfriend,” Junko said as she rode Homura. “Maybe I should wake her up. She loves her momma so much that I’m sure we could share you.”

Homura nearly choked. The thought of Madoka being here in the room, maybe even riding Homura’s face as her mother rode Homura’s cock, was like, was like… Homura didn’t have the words to describe how erotic and tempting she found the idea. But there was no way it could happen. For one, there wasn’t the slightest chance Homura would let Junko climb off of her before she had cum. Homura needed to cum, to work out all the unbearable tension that had built up.

“Or maybe I could show Madoka the ropes,” Junko mused. “You wouldn’t mind helping me teach my daughter how to handle a big, thick dick,” she shifted her hips each time, “would you?”

There was no possible response to that. Instead, Homura tightened her grip on Junko’s hips, pushing upward as much as she could. Anything to avoid having to answer the question. And, luckily, her dick reaching up deep into Junko’s wet pussy helped distract the older woman. She didn’t bring up the question again.

It didn’t help distract Homura, though. Rather, it did, but only from the vividly detailed fantasy of a threesome with the Kaname women. It didn’t help distract her at all from the wonderful, marvelous feeling of Junko’s pussy.

It was too much. The pleasure inside Homura had been rising and rising, and she didn’t have a single trick left to push it off. The boiling, roiling churning in her lower belly told her she was about to cum, and that there was no way left to put if off any longer. Homura’s hands tightened on Junko’s body, fingers whitening with pressure as she squeezed down. Inside Junko’s wet, warm, welcoming folds, her dick twitched.

“Jun- Junko!” Homura gasped, feeling the arousal in her belly tightening. “I’m going to cum!”

“Good girl,” Junko moaned. “Let it all out, pump it all inside me.”

There was absolutely no reason for Homura not to do as she was told. The pleasure inside her had been building and building and she needed release more than she had ever needed anything else in her life. She dropped the mental barriers she had used to disconnect herself from her body. Sensation came roaring back, boosting her orgasm to even greater heights.

Homura’s orgasm was the best in her life. She thrashed around underneath Junko, her cock pulsing as she unloaded jet after jet into the older woman. Her seed seemed so much hotter and thicker than it ever had been before, and there was a lot more of it as well. But the increase in cum couldn’t compare to the increase in pleasure. Homura’s eyes rolled up in the back of her head and tortured fragments of words escaped her lips as she came.

And the feeling of Junko cumming on top of her only prolonged the orgasm. The way the older woman squeezed down on top of her, pussy clenching down in a way even tighter than she had managed before was pure, divine bliss. Homura squirmed around on the bed, her fingers tightening on Junko’s hips as the older woman leaned forward, hands landing on either side of Homura’s head.

Even in the dim light of the bedroom, Homura could see that Junko’s eyes were wide and unfocused. Although the way her breasts were bouncing even when encased in Junko’s bra was just an interesting sight. Homura thought she could even seem her nipples forming small points in the fabric.

Junko slowly slid off of Homura and laid down on the bed next to her. Homura couldn’t believe how much cum was flowing out of Junko’s pussy. It was a veritable flood of semen rushing out of her lower lips, running down her skin to pool on the bed.

“That was fun,” Junko said. There was a tired but satisfied note in her voice. “How soon do you think you’ll be ready again?”

“Eh?!” Homura’s gaze went from Junko’s pussy to her face there was almost a whip crack of displaced air.

“How soon are you going to get hard enough to fuck me again?” Junko said, slowly over-enunciating each word. “You’re young. Surely you’ve got a few more rounds in you.”

Homura didn’t know if she did. Her cock always went soft after an orgasm, and she had always felt satisfied enough after one to not want to seek out another one for a while. Junko opened her eyes and saw the look on Homura’s face. Her smile was a bit sinister.

“Oh, you don’t know? Well, there’s ways to change that. Now,” her tone became a bit distracted as she talked to herself, “where did I leave that lube. The strap-on should be…”

The arm across Homura’s body kept her from leaving as Junko mused to herself about ways to bet Homura’s dick hard again very quickly. Homura didn’t think she understood exactly what was being discussed, but she had a feeling she would be getting a through education on the various terms very soon.

Homura staggered down the hallway back to Madoka’s bedroom. She felt sore, but satisfied. Very sore, in ways she hadn’t expected, but still very satisfied. Who knew how good getting multiple orgasms felt? Her mind was as unbalanced as her body. There were only a few things she could really focus on. One was the hope that Madoka could someday be as skilled a lover as her mother was.

The other was that Madoka would soon be getting another younger sibling. The mental image of Junko pregnant, with a bulging belly, made Homura’s cock twitch. Then she thought of a pregnant Madoka, and quickly had to think of something else to keep herself from getting hard again.

The third thing Homura was thinking about was how bad the lighting had been inside Junko’s room, Hopefully, the older woman wouldn’t realize who had been with her in the morning, when Madoka and Homura had breakfast with her. That would be embarrassing.

As Homura crawled into bed with the still sleeping Madoka, she sighed. She wasn’t sure if she could handle many more sleepovers like this.

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User #190165 - 1 Jul 18 18:11
Absolutely killlllllller~
July Ideas Are Open 2018-07-01T14:28:49+00:00

Start sending in your ideas for this month's piece. Voting will close on the fifth.

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User #3256160 - 1 Jul 18 19:42
An expansion of one of the Gene Play stories.
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User #970556 - 1 Jul 18 15:38
Desperate to make money after her father cut her off, Weiss decides to swallow her pride and run a glory hole. Excited by the idea that the cocks will belong to her fellow students, she sets up in Beacon. Today, Yang, Nora and Pyrrha pay her a visit. They have no idea it's Weiss's mouth they're going to be inside of. Yang goes first, followed by Pyrrha. When it's Nora's turn, Weiss can't take it anymore. She drops her panties, lifts her skirt, and pushes her pussy into the cock. She knows there's no protection but just doesn't care, she needs it inside her. Nora cums inside her, knocking her up.
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User #4078804 - 2 Jul 18 03:16
Ranma-chan getting fucked senseless and bred by Futa!Kali, Futa!Sienna, and Futa!Blake.
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User #5223881 - 1 Jul 18 23:46
Getting Glory’s Girls Continuation: Vicky and Amy team up with Vista and Shadow Stalker to go patrolling for those pesky Undersiders. By luck, they manage to catch Tattletale and Skitter, but before Vista or SS can fall them in they get knocked out by Amy. When the Four awaken, there bodies have been changed but not yet there minds. Vicky loves breaking in sluts personally, and Amy loves to Watch.
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User #11465867 - 4 Jul 18 06:34
As another continuation of Unfortunate Events Aisha decides to target someone a bit further from home, and decides to humiliate Miss Militia at a publicity event.
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User #877350 - 2 Jul 18 22:28
Ditto darik
Anniversary Present 2018-07-01T02:49:20+00:00
Prompt 1 - Anniversary: It has been three months since Lisa and Taylor got together, and the blonde futa wants to show her adorable girlfriend a good time. In short, Lisa uses the funds at her disposal to indulge Taylor's need to be turned into a hypnotised bimbo, temporarily turning her girlfriend into a dumb, horny little slut who can only think in terms of sex with an always-drooling pussy over three hours of serum treatments and hypnosis.

Brains Are Boring

Boobs Are Better

Lisa glanced at the screen and snorted. If she was offered the chance for her IQ to go up ten points in exchange for her cup size going down, she’d take it in a heartbeat. But that wasn’t the choice Taylor had made.

No Clothes

No Cares

Lisa wiped the drool of her girlfriend’s (and even after a year, that word still sent something warm though her) lips. With her other hand, she lifted a syringe. Planting the end of the needle against Taylor’s lips, she slowly, carefully injected the contents.

Cock Goes In

Brain Goes Out

Lisa had paid a premium for this stuff, and the serum started almost immediately. Taylor’s lips started swelling and darkening, turning a bright cherry red as they grew plumper and plumper. Within three minutes, Taylor had a slightly parted pair of cockpillows that would wreak havoc with any attempt to speak. Assuming there would be enough of a brain left to think of words.

Made To Serve

Made To Suck

Lisa hadn’t known this was her fetish when Taylor first shyly suggested it to her. But after thinking on it (and rubbing one out), she had come around to Taylor’s point of view. This was hot, and the two of them had more than enough money to temporarily turn Taylor from the calculating, stick-thin supervillain into an empty-headed, big-boobed slut.

Plastic Is Perfect

There were just a few injections left and another half hour watching the video, and TayTay would be ready to come out and play. Lisa thought she already looked hot enough to fuck for hours and hours right now. Her boobs were the biggest set of knockers Lisa had ever seen. It would have been even hotter if they had looked more natural, but Taylor had insisted on injections that would give her obvious bolt-on boobies, the better to make her look like a bimbo.

Dumb Dumbs Get Cum

Taylor had been watching the screen for a while now. It didn’t have the slightest effect on Lisa, beyond getting her hard. But the pill Taylor had swallowed had made her very receptive to the images. Spirals, flashing lights, degrading messages, naked or near-naked women, bukkakes, gangbangs, a whole bunch of stuff that was supposed to turn Taylor’s mind to mush. And it seemed to be working, judging by the vacant gaze and the drool dripping onto Taylor’s tatas.

Anyone Deserves Your Cunt

Even Taylor’s skin had been redone. It was just a hair paler than it normally was, but all the scars and imperfections from a frankly suicidal career had been washed away, leaving a perfect smoothness. Lisa was pretty sure she could rub herself to completion just on Taylor’s flat stomach now.

Always Giggle

Fuck it, Lisa couldn’t wait. She pulled her jeans down and pulled out her cock. It was as stiff and as achingly hard as it ever had been. She needed some relief so she could think straight. And what do you know, there was a horny, slutty bimbo right in front of her.

Stupid Sluts

Suck And Fuck

Taylor’s cunt was wetter than it had ever been. And even soaked with arousal, it could clamp down with an amazing tightness around Lisa. The blonde gasped, feeling a ripple of pleasure roll through her. Taylor was moaning too, though her eyes stayed fixed on the screen.

Suck Dick

Think Pink

God, Lisa was going to cum any second now. It seemed a waste to dump a load into Taylor’s body so quickly, but there was a way around that. The bimbo package had come with some stimulants to make Lisa hard again within a minute or so. So there was no reason Lisa couldn’t use her slutty, horny bimbo to her heart’s content.

Dumb Is Happy

Of the one anniversary she and Taylor had had, this one was the best.

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User #3256160 - 1 Jul 18 16:01
Sequel prompt: Taylor and Lisa wake up the next morning to two problems: 1) Taylor’s body hasn't changed back like it should have, and 2) whenever Taylor sucks or gets fucked by Lisa's cock, she goes back to bimbo mode for about a half hour to an hour. Lisa's panicking a bit, but for Taylor her wildest dreams have come true.
Traveling Hardships 2018-06-29T23:49:19+00:00
Ruby probably regrets her outfit change in the recent volumes since the less friendly towns thought she was a traveling hooker and broke into her inn room at night for one long free use gangbang.

Ren pulled the pillow over his head as banging and yelling filled the room. He didn’t open his eyes, obviously hoping that it would go away if he didn’t acknowledge it. Wishful thinking wasn’t something he normally did, but he didn’t have any other options.

“Is it Ruby?” Jaune asked. He sounded as exhausted as Ren felt. The two of them were pressed together, back to back. Ren preferred the front to front contact he and Nora had.

“Of course it is,” Nora muttered sleepily. “Isn’t it always?”

And it always was. So far, Team RNJR had yet to spend a single night in a single town that didn’t end with Ruby getting gangbanged by the townsfolk. Something about her traveling outfit drove men absolutely wild. Ren and Jaune and Nora had all pleaded with her to wear something else, even offering to buy her new clothes. But Ruby steadfastly refused, always claiming that next town would be different. It never was, and Ruby always left town lagging behind the others, her legs still spread and her pussy and ass dripping cum.

“We need to start renting two rooms for the night,” Jaune said, shifting away from Ren slightly. He had to speak up over the sounds of Ruby getting enthusiastically fucked by nameless strangers.

“Can’t. Too expensive,” Ren replied, his face buried in the bed underneath him.

“Then we should spend the night camping outside,” Nora said. At least, Ren thought she said outside. The way Ruby loudly announced that her ass was getting fucked at the same time as her pussy drowned out his girlfriend’s last word.

“Can’t.” Jaune said. “The Grimm are even nosier than the guys.”

“Then we need to get better earplugs,” Nora said as she broke the arm of a man who thought all the women in the room were up for grabs.

“It’s a small town. How many guys can there be?” Ren asked hopefully It would be nice to get at least a few hours of sleep in a single night.

None of the rest of the team had the slightest clue how Ruby could get fucked all night, every night, and still be up for a full day of traveling and fighting. They all envied her stamina, though not nearly enough to try and imitate her. Even if there were enough takers for Jaune and Ren to compare to the mobs that swarmed Ruby every night.

At least there was a cock down Ruby’s throat by now. That stopped her from loudly detailing everything that was being done to her. Now the other three travelers just had to deal with the sounds of Ruby getting gangbanged and the occasional commentary from the men fucking her.

It looked to be another sleepless night, but there was one bright spot. The innkeeper was one of the men using Ruby’s body as a cumdump. That meant there were fairly good odds that they’d get some food or a partial refund tomorrow morning as they checked out of the inn. It wasn’t much, but they had to take what they could get. Much like the men of the town were currently taking Ruby’s body.

Traveling really was full of dangers and irritations.

Another Competiton 2018-06-28T21:22:46+00:00
So how did Yang's rematch with Pyrrha go? I heard they did nude weightlifting this time in front of a crowd who were free to fondle them.

It was a good thing there was safety equipment in place to catch the weights. Because, all of a sudden, Yang just couldn’t hold out anymore. She fell to her knees with a thud, followed by a clang as the barbell she had been lifting slammed into its holding rack.

Yang’s legs were spread wide due to more than just the necessity of weight lifting. There was also a whole lot of arousal on her thighs and in between her feet. Her eyes were glazed with lust and her nipples, even if they hadn’t been pinched into erectness, would have been stiff anyway. Yang had surrendered to lust.

Two feet to her right, Pyrrha was still going strong, even though she was getting just as much attention as Yang was. The hands on her toned, firm ass did nothing to distract her as she went up and down, the heavy weight across her shoulders barely weighing her down. It was a good thing Pyrrha was too kind hearted to gloat in her triumph, especially as the surrounding crowd made Yang pay the price for losing.

The penalty for failure was a lot like the challenges the two of them had faced competing against each other in this competition. The main difference was that the bystanders could get their cocks out and rub them on the loser. Or do more than rub. It took roughly five seconds from Yang losing to her having a stranger’s cock tickling the back of her throat. And she could feel something long and hard rubbing against her toned ass.

Pyrrha meanwhile, was posing for pictures. Her naked body gleamed with sweat as she flexed and showed off the muscles that had carried her to victory. And since she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on, every muscle she had was shown off. Well, almost every muscle. Her Kegel muscles remained hidden, despite some requests for Pyrrha to hold her lower lips apart for the cameras to record.

As Pyrrha basked in the glow of both a good work out and victory, Yang was getting her own, unique, post-work out cooldown. Firm hands were everywhere on her body, teasing and groping her as the hard dicks of strangers filled up her holes and slid in between her tits. What her full body massage lacked in skill, it made up for with thoroughness and enthusiasm as the crowd descended on her. She even got a cream to rub into her skin as some quickshots couldn’t wait for a space to open up. Instead, they came on her, painting Yang’s tanned, toned form white.

“Ms. Nikos, how does it feel to have won?” someone asked, shoving a recording scroll into Pyrrha’s face.

“I didn’t do this for victory,” Pyrrha said humbly, lying only a bit. “Yang and I agreed to do this simply for the thrill of competition. She would tell you the same.”

Yang wouldn’t be telling anyone anything for a while, as she deepthroated a stranger’s cock. Under the flash of cameras taking pictures, her nude, exhausted form was used again and again by the crowd surrounding her. Pyrrha, meanwhile, was utterly untouched, her gleaming body just as naked as Yang’s, and entirely unmolested.

It was yet another loss for Yang Xiao Long.


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