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4K projector guide - your questions 2020-06-28T08:00:28+00:00

Just putting the final touches to the DIY projector guide. Do you guys have any specific questions? If you leave them here I'll make sure they're covered in the guide if they aren't already.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #20554905 - 28 Jun 20 10:45
Yes to echo the above I'd also like to know more about using a standalone (and high refresh rate) LCD screen with HDMI input. The phone route is really limiting..ie how would one connect a pc or console? Also if using a physically larger LCD panel how does this affect lens choice?
user avatar
User #6850439 - 28 Jun 20 09:40
Cool. I have a few questions. If we use an lcd with a control board instead of the phone do we still need to mimic the infinite battery? And can something like a raspberry pi be added instead for control if there’s no phone Internally. For the step adding the projector lens and mirror do they need to be in that specific order with the lens first or can the mirror reflect the image into the lens and have the lens on the front of the projector instead? Not a major build question. Just thought it’d be cool aesthetically if it was possible.
user avatar
User #6850439 - 28 Jun 20 09:50
Actually forgot this one but is there a difference between wide angle and large format camera lens? Can a wide angle be used instead if i cant find a large format?
user avatar
User #37290953 - 28 Jun 20 11:31
You can actually change order. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT9enQ4HIJ4
user avatar
User #3010032 - 28 Jun 20 14:01
As Matt explained in the video, the large format lens is necessary due to the size of the LCD screen. Some medium format lenses may work as well depending on what camera they're designed for, as medium format doesn't have a set dimension as standard. So if you were to look for an old medium format lens, you'd need to make sure it's designed for camera film larger than the LCD screen being used.
user avatar
User #37290953 - 28 Jun 20 12:19
Hi Matt! I have been planning to build something like this for a long time and thank you for making a detailed video. I'm planning everything because shipment takes forever from China and import taxes are more expensive than some parts in my country. Things I'd love to have covered in the guide: 1. Lenses I don't know much about the lenses and I still couldn't find one for my build. In my research I found out I'll need a lens with "Throw Ratio: 1.70 - 2.50, f/2.1 - f/2.5" features. Specially something like Barco Zoom EN41/EN61 lens. But since these are professional lenses and costs a lot, I couldn't find something similar. My throw distance is 5 meters and screen size will be 100". 2. Cooling of the LED and LCD. In my design, It's sucking air from front to the back with fans on the middle and back. Middle fans are for the LCD and back fans are for LED and other components: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2wblhjtjo3yh6y/Screenshot%202020-06-28%2015.12.12.png?dl=0 I have couple questions: 1. I'm guessing you put LCD after both lenses because It's a touch screen. Can we put LCD on the middle of both lenses like in my design? Because if it's after the converging lens, after couple centimeters, light would miss the corners (it did not in your case). I'm wondering if my calculations are wrong. Checkout this image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7b8gtv3gy2vez9q/Screenshot%202020-06-28%2014.54.40.png?dl=0 2. I'm planning to cover sides of the light (check first image) so I can use that space for components and make projector smaller (55cm in width right now), and light won't heat all components. What you think about this? Here is an example: https://youtu.be/CT9enQ4HIJ4?t=81 3. If we flip the LCD in both ways, will we still need a mirror since it'll be in the reversed direction? Example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3bg55msll07lye/Screenshot%202020-06-28%2015.02.10.png?dl=0 4. More specific question: I'll use a 2K 5.5" screen for my first build and I'll connect a Xbox One S. Since these displays are in portrait orientation, I don't know if they will display correctly. Did you tried a source like this before? Hope you can answer, sorry if I asked a lot of questions Thank you again :)
user avatar
User #37905039 - 28 Jun 20 13:37
Excellent project! thanks for this! Can you please provide more details about gt2 timing belt pulley? how can I get the actual interior that screws on the rods? thanks
user avatar
User #4125592 - 28 Jun 20 13:01
I dont have any questions, just want to say thank you for this and all you have done. It's always a blast to see truly resourceful and novel uses for old items being applied and creating genuinely interesting and useful items.
user avatar
User #7073139 - 28 Jun 20 09:29
hey Matt! the projector is amazing...definitely a project i'd like to try. could you go into a little more detail about the focal length ranges and options for the various lenses please? maybe in the form of two examples to illustrate how a different lens impacts the build size, focal range and throw distance. on a side note i recently found out that CD/DVD disks are basically fresnel lenses with a shiny backing, so if you remove the foil you're left with a clear lens. or you can use them as a culminating reflector (i think). thought you might find that interesting :-)
Patreon suggestions 2020-05-29T20:09:58+00:00

Hi everyone! I'm re-energising my Patreon page so if you guys have any suggestions or wants in regards to tiers and cool 'perks' you'd like - let me know!

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #12809765 - 16 Jun 20 06:22
Hey Matt, This might be a huge one, but could be amazing! How about a smart-home like system? Speakers and microphones throughout the house, using voice commands to control music or other assistant features in specific rooms or the whole house (eg. Play music in bedroom, whole house or specific rooms) Maybe even controlling lights or diy motorized blinds/curtains. Or even startup routines, to open the blinds at sunrise, and prepare a cup of coffee? Love your work, and your wholesome happy energy!
user avatar
User #18236964 - 29 May 20 20:37
Maybe add a 1$ tier just for contribute something.
user avatar
User #36241106 - 30 May 20 08:23
Hi there. I remember you saying in one of your videos you’d be making a Q&A video, and, maybe I’m mistaken, but I don’t think you ever did. Perhaps it might be a good idea to make it now you’ve surpassed two million subscribers? :)
user avatar
DIYPerks - 30 May 20 21:19
That's a good idea!
user avatar
User #8748078 - 1 Jun 20 08:30
Hey Matt. 3 suggestions: 1) Video's looking back and possibly doing upgrades/improvements to past projects. The concrete speaker, for example, had alot of comments about making the recharging integrated. Seeing tear-downs and rebuilds could be a nice new spin on the content. 2) Portable solar chargers with integrated batteries and inverters. Tons of videos out there on these but I think you would make a particularly good one that others could replicate. 3) Practical how-to guides on home-tech, like expanding your broadband or phone signal at home, would be good given the times we're all in now. To reiterate what others have said - keep up the good work! Your channel is one of the best about.
user avatar
DIYPerks - 2 Jun 20 07:18
Good suggestions Luke! I will definitely integrate some of them, particularly #1
user avatar
User #37507848 - 20 Jun 20 16:26
I love your videos and that's why I decided to contribute. I am disappointed though, the video that hooked me was your DIY studio lights, throughout the video you referenced your patreon page a couple times, so I decided to contribute and unless I'm missing something I don't see plans for the DIY studio lights anywhere. Would you be able to add those plans, and parts list. I looked through the YouTube video description and some of those parts aren't available anymore. Would you be able to upload that to your patreon as soon as possible. Thanks Matt
user avatar
DIYPerks - 24 Jun 20 07:47
Hi Spencer, unfortunately I don't do guides for all projects - just the more complicated ones. I'll be going through the links soon though and update them, and if you have any questions regarding building it just send them my way and I'll answer as soon as I can.
user avatar
User #36283378 - 30 May 20 01:24
Hello, first of all I'm new here and I wanted to say thanks for the content. I have some parts ordered for several projects that I want to build and I've been very happy with your videos. Excellent quality 👌👍 I subscribed to your Patreon looking for sponsor free videos and behind the scenes content. I'm not used to the platform so maybe I don't know how this works but it seems like there is not much here? If I'm missing things please excuse me, that's my bad. If not (and you're looking for suggestions) then may I suggest simply more content? Also, if Patreons had exclusive content, that would be pretty cool too! Thanks again for your hard work, you really do a fantastic job.
user avatar
User #13510338 - 29 May 20 20:28
Some behind the scenes videos or Q+A sessions for Patreons would be great.
user avatar
User #19785915 - 29 May 20 20:22
More access to patterns, plans, etc. Make it a monthly thing? And every month you change what is available.

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