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Evon, 1/12
Evon, 1/12more_vert
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Evon, 1/12 2015-01-11T14:05:23+00:00close

Evon, 12/29
Evon, 12/29more_vert
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Evon, 12/29 2014-12-28T19:09:37+00:00close

Harley -- NSFW
Harley -- NSFWmore_vert
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Harley -- NSFW 2014-12-16T18:43:11+00:00close

Sorry for the slow down in production. I'm not sure how many of you are aware, but I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. I'm still recovering, but I'm starting to feel a lot better now and am trying to get back into drawing. It's going slowly because it still hurts to sit for long periods of time.

I'm currently working on inking Lady in Waiting. Though it's taking a lot longer than I originally planned, I'm hoping to have it completed by the new year.

For now, here is a redesign sketch of a character that I created some time ago. I'm planning on a little project with her that I'm not quite ready to announce yet.

Evon, 11/21
Evon, 11/21more_vert
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Evon, 11/21 2014-11-21T02:02:31+00:00close

Lady In Waiting, page 9 sketch
Lady In Waiting, page 9 sketchmore_vert
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Lady In Waiting, page 9 sketch 2014-11-18T00:18:31+00:00close

Lady In Waiting, page 8 sketch
Lady In Waiting, page 8 sketchmore_vert
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Lady In Waiting, page 8 sketch 2014-11-18T00:17:38+00:00close

Evon, 11/17
Evon, 11/17more_vert
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Evon, 11/17 2014-11-16T21:40:12+00:00close

Warm Up Sketch
Warm Up Sketchmore_vert
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Warm Up Sketch 2014-11-16T21:39:21+00:00close

Quick warm up sketch of a new character of mine, Harley Von Lensenstrum. I've drawn her once before in an older image, but I wanted to redesign her to make her a little more edgy.

Evon, 11/14
Evon, 11/14more_vert
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Evon, 11/14 2014-11-13T19:40:12+00:00close

Warm Up Sketches
Warm Up Sketchesmore_vert
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Warm Up Sketches 2014-11-12T20:01:56+00:00close

A few warm up sketches before I get started on real work today. The top two are of Doctors 11 and 12 and the bottom two are just a couple of random girls :)

The Dent Kids
The Dent Kidsmore_vert
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The Dent Kids 2014-11-09T17:09:54+00:00close

So, the other day a I had bug up my butt about what Evon and Hero's kids would look like (if they actually ever have kids... ;-)). I always pictured them having a boy and a girl so I came up with Alexander and Llian. I imagine Llian is about two to three years older than Alexander. I really like their design and I may flesh them out a little more in the future.

Evon, 11/10
Evon, 11/10more_vert
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Evon, 11/10 2014-11-09T17:06:25+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 7 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 7 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 7 sketch 2014-10-29T16:36:15+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 6 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 6 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 6 sketch 2014-10-27T03:13:26+00:00close

Evon, 10/27
Evon, 10/27more_vert
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Evon, 10/27 2014-10-26T19:39:43+00:00close

KeyBlade Master Evon
KeyBlade Master Evonmore_vert
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KeyBlade Master Evon 2014-10-17T00:44:28+00:00close

An incentive request from one of my fantastic patrons! Any patron can make an incentive request so feel free to let me know!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #249875 - 17 Oct 14 05:39
just wait until she figures out it lets her transverse dimensions, have an alternate spellbook, occasionally glide unaided, breathe water, and transform into alternate shapes of mass destruction.
user avatar
User #127412 - 17 Oct 14 01:54
She looks awesome! I bet she'd love to have the Keyblade in about a week's in the comic! Like what you did to the Mickey outfit from Kingdom Hearts to make it her own.
Evon 10/17
Evon 10/17more_vert
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Evon 10/17 2014-10-16T18:45:50+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 5 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 5 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 5 sketch 2014-10-16T03:57:53+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 4 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 4 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 4 sketch 2014-10-15T20:29:03+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 3 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 3 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 3 sketch 2014-10-15T20:28:23+00:00close

Lady in Waiting, page 2 sketch
Lady in Waiting, page 2 sketchmore_vert
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Lady in Waiting, page 2 sketch 2014-10-15T00:00:23+00:00close

Lady In Waiting, page 1 sketch
Lady In Waiting, page 1 sketchmore_vert
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Lady In Waiting, page 1 sketch 2014-10-13T20:29:05+00:00close

Lady in Waiting is well under way! Thanks so much for everyones patience while I've been busy with other things. As I've mentioned before, I hope to have this one completed before the end of November and while I'm on vacation from my regular job this week I'm planning to get LIW completely sketched as well as finish up some of my remaining commissions.

Evon, 10/13
Evon, 10/13more_vert
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Evon, 10/13 2014-10-12T19:56:15+00:00close

Evon 10/10 2014-10-10T17:20:21+00:00

Sorry for the delay in production. I'm finally starting to feel 100% from whatever bug I caught and am trying to get back into the gear of making stuff! Next week I should be able to get a lot more done and will definitely add more stuff to the Patreon gallery!

Evon, 10/06
Evon, 10/06more_vert
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Evon, 10/06 2014-10-06T16:18:08+00:00close

Lady in Waiting script V1 2014-09-29T01:32:04+00:00

Here is my very rough first draft of Lady in Waiting. With comic making, I try to get everything written down and go through probably two or three drafts before I'm happy enough with it to move onto the actual art making. This script will probably go through at least one more draft before I start drawing. It needs to be condensed a bit since right now it's running a little long. I hope to get the script done soon (when I'm feeling better since right now I'm fighting a cold/flu) and hopefully have the Lady in Waiting done sometime in November. Keep your eye out for progress art :)


Attachments (1)

LIWv2.docx (485.7KiB)

Evon 9/26
Evon 9/26more_vert
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Evon 9/26 2014-09-25T18:07:43+00:00close

Evon 9/23
Evon 9/23more_vert
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Evon 9/23 2014-09-23T16:23:16+00:00close

Evon 9/19
Evon 9/19more_vert
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Evon 9/19 2014-09-17T18:09:17+00:00close

The Doctor and Clara
The Doctor and Claramore_vert
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The Doctor and Clara 2014-09-17T05:14:56+00:00close

For all of you Doctor Who fans, I did a quick sketch of the Doctor and Clara while taking a break from working on commissions. I don't draw humans very often to it provided me with some practice :)

WIP, The Happy Vixen
WIP, The Happy Vixenmore_vert
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WIP, The Happy Vixen 2014-09-17T05:13:00+00:00close

It's been a while since I've done an image for The Happy Vixen, the pub where Hero and Evon first met. I'm working on an image that I just may turn into a sticker later on!

Evon, 9/15
Evon, 9/15more_vert
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Evon, 9/15 2014-09-14T23:21:59+00:00close

Sorry for the slow down in production, picked up a lot of extra hours at work and then felt pretty sick for the last few weeks. I'm starting to feel better now so hopefully I can start to get work done again :)

Evon, 9/1
Evon, 9/1more_vert
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Evon, 9/1 2014-08-29T18:41:32+00:00close

Evon 8/29
Evon 8/29more_vert
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Evon 8/29 2014-08-27T18:12:29+00:00close

Evon 8/25
Evon 8/25more_vert
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Evon 8/25 2014-08-24T20:41:24+00:00close

Evon, 8/22
Evon, 8/22more_vert
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Evon, 8/22 2014-08-20T21:06:21+00:00close

Evon, 8/18
Evon, 8/18more_vert
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Evon, 8/18 2014-08-17T16:56:10+00:00close

Sneak peek at tomorrows update!

Lady in Waiting cover art 2014-08-16T06:24:40+00:00

This is the cover of the first smutty mini comic to be centered around a character from my comic Evon and who better to start things off than everyones favorite royal bitch, Cleo.


Attachments (1)

Lady-In-Waitingcover.jpg (206.7KiB)

Evon, 8/15
Evon, 8/15more_vert
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Evon, 8/15 2014-08-14T18:24:15+00:00close

Early look at tomorrows Evon!

It's Cold Outside (NSFW) 2014-08-14T15:03:26+00:00

Here all the pages to my mini comic It's Cold Outside. As you can see the first few pages are completed, but the remaining pages are still sketched. As Patrons, you get to see the final few pages before anyone else! I hope to have this mini comic completed soon and uploaded to my gallery.


Attachments (10)

itscoldoutside1.jpg (289.7KiB)
Live-model-pg-2.jpg (277.9KiB)
Live-model-pg-3.jpg (255.3KiB)
Live-model-pg-4.jpg (341.1KiB)
Live-model-pg-5.jpg (300.1KiB)
Live-model-pg-6.jpg (414.5KiB)
Live-model-pg-7.jpg (420.8KiB)
Live-model-pg-9.jpg (369.5KiB)
Live-model-pg-8.jpg (408.9KiB)
Live-model-pg-10.jpg (279.6KiB)


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