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DECLINES :(more_vert
Post file flag
DECLINES :( 2019-07-05T13:17:25+00:00close

Hey everyone! I wanted to make this public for everyone! There were A LOT of declines this month. More so than usual!

If you haven't received your patreon receipt, you may need to update your payment!

I'll be dropping all 20 photos of Pikachu later for everyone, but it'll only be available to the Patrons that are still subbed!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5314863 - 5 Jul 19 13:18
Im good right?
user avatar
β˜… sirynrae - 5 Jul 19 13:45
Yep, looks like it!
Welcome to July!
Welcome to July! more_vert
Post file flag
Welcome to July! 2019-07-01T18:06:28+00:00close

Hello loves! I had such a successful June! Thank you so much for all your love!

Here's what I'm thinking for July:

Moar makeup tests! Charmander and Pikachu coming next! Then I'm thinking of switching gears.

Other starters? Eeveelutions? Non-Pokemon, like Crystal Gems or Adventure Time?

Shooting some big costumes that haven't gotten some love yet - Ashe, Ursula, Morrigan?

WIP on San from Princess Mononoke and Bulbasaur?

Re-releasing a double dose of Video Game Pin-Ups?

I'm interested in what you're looking for! Lemme know!

Love you all!

Sailor Moon Boudoir Set Drops Today!!!
Sailor Moon Boudoir Set Drops Today!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Sailor Moon Boudoir Set Drops Today!!! 2019-06-05T19:53:51+00:00close

The full boudoir set is done and dropped for Druid and Paladin tiers!Rogues got the official prints for this set!

Tomorrow I'm re-releasing the Velma cosplay and boudoir bundle!

I am anxiously awaiting my demon set coming soon from Yiaz Yang. Her other models have started to get their photos, so it should be soon. Then May stuff will be finished!

Vulpix Goodness!
Vulpix Goodness!more_vert
Post file flag
Vulpix Goodness! 2019-04-24T21:32:42+00:00close

Hey loves! I dropped all of the Vulpix digital rewards just now for all the corresponding tiers! Get on those!

I'm putting the finishing touches on a couple cosplays and starting to get the items for my next project: San from Princess Mononoke. n
It should be done by June so I can wear it to Smallville!

I'm gonna work on a Vulpix tail tutorial for this weekend so you all can build it on your own!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 24 Apr 19 22:02
Planet Comicon!!!!!!!!
Planet Comicon!!!!!!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Planet Comicon!!!!!!!! 2019-03-28T16:13:47+00:00close

I'm at Planet Comicon all weekend! Come check me out at booth C78 in the Cosplay Showcase area! I'm debuting 2 brand new costumes on Friday and Saturday and bringing out Mad Moxxi for Sunday with some new props.

I have brand new prints for the public. All patrons get bonus prints at all my con appearances!

I'm on 4 panels:

Friday - 2504AB - A Cosplayer's Guide to Photo Shoots at 2:30 pm

Saturday - 2502B - Ultimate Star Trek Crew at 12:00pm 2502A - Cosplay is For Everyone at 2:00 pm

Sunday - 2502B - Ranking the MCU: A Tournament at 11:00 am


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 28 Mar 19 18:21
Screen Heroes Tonight at 8pm CST
Screen Heroes Tonight at 8pm CSTmore_vert
Post file flag
Screen Heroes Tonight at 8pm CST 2019-03-12T23:30:28+00:00close

My podcast is live tonight on Twitch (like every Tuesday) and we're doing. Captain Marvel review. Join us if you want to talk about it too!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 12 Mar 19 23:33
Keep going ❀️❀️
user avatar
User #3249285 - 13 Mar 19 00:12
I haven't seen it yet and I'm avoiding spoilers, but have fun! I hope it was awesome.
Cosplay Announcement!
Cosplay Announcement!more_vert
Post file flag
Cosplay Announcement! 2019-03-06T18:53:05+00:00close

I will be starting on MK11 Kitana (one of my all time favorite characters) April 1! This project will be completed for May rewards, but will be your WIP for April.

As it's shaping up, here's the rewards situation for the next few months:

February: Death, Spider-Gwen boudoir, Snow White
March: Ashe, Ursula, Alola Vulpix
April: Morrigan, April O'Neil, Tennis Peach
May: Kitana, Boudoir Sailor Moon, ???

New Rewards Start Today! 2019-03-01T22:54:11+00:00

Luna <3
Luna <3more_vert
Post file flag
Luna <3 2019-02-28T15:01:19+00:00close

I don't talk about my personal life very often. While cosplay is very personal to me and my patrons are very important to me, I will always want to protect the privacy of my family.

That being said, something very personal happened to me yesterday. My dog Luna (a 4 year old Husky mix) had an anaphylactic reaction to something. She began vomiting and bleeding rectally for an unknown amount of time. She was lethargic and very weak. All while I was at work.

Luckily, my SO left work early and found her, scared and dehydrated, just hugging her water bowl (she likes to do this after our 3 mile walks in the summer). He was able to carry her to the car and take her to our vet.

She has been in critical emergency care for over 15 hours at this point. I authorized them to do whatever they could to keep her alive and they have. She is strong and wonderful and my world. And even though I've had pets before, I've never had one so connected to me. I would do anything for her.

Now, this has greatly set me back in working on costumes and finances. I hope you all can understand that and be patient with me.

Today I will be dropping digital rewards early for the stuff that I have (all the selfies and digital files so far). I will be adding to them as I get more work done throughout the day and weekend.

Some people have offered to help, and that is greatly appreciated and will not be turned down.

I have a ko-fi that I rarely use where you can donate to: ko-fi.com/sirynrae

Or I have a print store if you want to purchase something from me: https://www.storenvy.com/stores/671085-sirynrae

Truly, anything and everything helps, but please do not feel obligated. You all already do so much for me.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17831217 - 28 Feb 19 15:04
I am so sorry ! I have been in the same position as you with a beloved pet ! I know it can be tough and hard, hang in there ! I want to help !
Updated Wishlist for April Cosplays
Updated Wishlist for April Cosplaysmore_vert
Post file flag
Updated Wishlist for April Cosplays 2019-02-27T18:46:41+00:00close

Hey all! I've updated my Amazon wishlists for April Cosplays. Anyone who purchases off the wishlist, gets a free print pack, whether you get physical rewards usually or not! Print packs include: 1 8x12, 1 5x7, 1 4x6, 1 Polaroid!

April O'Neil http://a.co/d3K7MlC

Tennis Peach http://a.co/dqwJM1p

February Updates and March Plans!
February Updates and March Plans!more_vert
Post file flag
February Updates and March Plans! 2019-02-18T19:43:18+00:00close

Long post incoming! Please read!!

Let's start with where we're at for February!

Feb's Lewd Shoot - Spider-Gwen and company. The rest of the set should drop next week. The photographer is editing those instead of me since I am working on my two other cosplays NONSTOP!

Feb's BIG BUILD - Ashe - Cosplay is currently at 74% done and photo shoot is tentatively set on 2/24.

Feb's MEDIUM BUILD - Morrigan Aensland - Cosplay is at 65% done and photo shoot is tentatively set on 2/28

That means the full sets will drop in between 2/24 and 3/3 and rewards will be mailed out by the 10th.

I will be doing the Ralph Breaks the Internet version of Snow White this weekend with a GIANT ASS group of ladies (2/23), it will not be available for physical February rewards but will be part of February's digital rewards.

March Plans

March's Lewd Shoot - Lewd Ashe - photo shoot set for 3/7

March's BIG BUILD - Ursula - cosplay at 25%, photo shoot TBD

March's MEDIUM BUILD - Alolan Vulpix or "Icy" - cosplay at 15%, photo shoot with KCLane Cosplay on 3/17

I was inspired by OhMySophii's 48 hour challenge and MIGHT TRY IT in March with a genderbent Bakugou from My Hero Academia. I already have some pieces for this costume, so I'll really just be making the armor and weapons. If I have everything else on track, then I'll be able to do it!

March brings two conventions for me:
Nakakon - 3/15-3/17 - I'll be appearing for a brief time on Sunday. I may be able to make Saturday, but no guarantees!
Planet Comicon - 3/29-3/31 - I'll be appearing all 3 days as a Cosplay Guest.


Starting in March, I'll be changing up the tiers a bit. This is after some research, some soul searching, and some polls from you all. I'll be releasing these shortly to the public, but here are the new official images/tier explanations:

For the Bard/$1 tier-
You still get full access to everything on the feed, which includes selfies through the Lens feature on Patreon, WIP posts, and participation in polls. I'm ADDING shoutouts on Twitter for all $1 patrons when you sign up, on your Patreon anniversary, and your birthday!

Rogues/$5 tier
You'll receive the same stuff the Bards do, plus a monthly digital download of all the selfies I took that month! I'm adding access to my Snapchat. You'll have snaps sent directly to you, as opposed to following my stories. I will be doing snaps every time I'm in costume that month as well as videos of me singing in costume (1-2 a month).


For this tier, you'll get everything from the Rogues tier and the usual 5x7 physical print of this month's BIG BUILD cosplay. I'll also be adding in a 4x6 of the LEWD shoot this month. Your digital rewards will be the official prints from all 2-3 shoots that month and permission to print them yourself.


This tier is keeping the physical rewards, gaining the addition of the monthly 4x6, and will receive digital downloads of entire photo sets!

I am getting rid of the Wizards tier after review!


Warriors will now receive double physical prints (2 8x12s, 2 5x7s, 2 4x6s) every month. And they will be getting 3 polaroids every month specific to them!

My plan is to have everything built and shot by the end of the month. Lewd shoots will be done at the beginning of the month with sets dropped the first or second week. Editing takes me A LONG TIME, so sets will often be released in multiple parts right as I finish them (that's why some drop after midnight or right at 8:00 am). All sets will be dropped by the first weekend of the following month. I'll put up polls for the next month's lewd shoot when they apply (sometimes, I'll be teaming up for more group boudoir and we'll just go off of what we all want to do as a group). In the summer, the lewd shoots may also turn into pool shoots instead. Digital and physical rewards will be mailed out FROM NOW ON before the 15th of the following month!

Here's what I'm working on personally:

I get in my head sometimes, I suffer from depression, I get lazy and distraught. I'm working on it. I'm going to keep you all more updated on these things. Sometimes, I bite off way more than I can accomplish, and I'm going to be honest about that too. I know that with a full time job in the medical field and a full time cosplay job, I can only get so much accomplished and sometimes, I have to push cosplay to the side in order to prioritize my family and health. I can't guarantee every costume will get finished or every month will have the same rewards/expectations. What I can guarantee is my effort to be as upfront as possible with you all. All I can ask is your continued support and patience. I promise that I've got some cool things that I'm doing!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 19 Feb 19 02:43
Good luck for March plans
2019 Tier changes! 2019-02-05T15:42:19+00:00

Hey everyone! I'm going to be working on adjusting the tiers over the next few days. I want to simplify them but keep everyone happy in the mean time! So be on the look out for that beginning in March! AND! If you have any ideas on what you want to see, lemme know.

Thicc and Sweet Shoot Tomorrow! 2019-01-18T20:32:31+00:00

Hey everyone! My first shoot of the year is tomorrow! It's the Thicc and Sweet Lingerie/Pin-Up Shoot that I've been preparing. Since I lost power this week, I AM SO BEHIND and will be staying up late to get everything finished up!

I plan on recording some short videos and taking a BUNCH of selfies by myself and with the models! Then Sunday starts back up on Raven and Ursula!!! MUCH EXCITE!

Today's Giveaway
Today's Giveawaymore_vert
Post file flag
Today's Giveaway 2018-12-21T16:01:30+00:00close

Check out IG, FB, and Twitter to enter!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 26 Dec 18 02:47
Gorgeous ❀️
Welcomes and What's New?!
Welcomes and What's New?!more_vert
Post file flag
Welcomes and What's New?! 2018-12-17T19:59:29+00:00close

OMG! So I've gotten a few new patrons this month and that's made me feel so loved! Thank you and welcome, newbies! I want to prep everyone for what's coming in the new year!

So 2018 was kind of a ton of bricks that hit. I keep telling people that Mar-June were the longest 4 years of my life. And I got WAY behind on my cosplay goals. Totally unfair to you all. I hope I've done a decent job of making it all up to you. My goal is to stay on top of my mental health for 2019 and not bog myself down at all. I truly struggle with my depression and anxiety, and it impacts my daily life, including cosplay. So, I resolve to be honest with you when shit hits hard and to take advantage of my good days.

Let's talk December -
I'm shooting 3 holiday looks, the Super Crown Meme cosplays, and maybe a boudoir or two of some of my previous cosplays. So that's December's rewards.

Starting in 2019 -
I'm adding a few things to my patreon and how I cosplay!

*4x6 - a new reward for the $10 patrons - 5x7 of the big cosplay that month, 4x6 of the boudoir/small/other cosplay
*themed months - I like working on collections and cosplays that have things in common, so all the months in 2019 will be themed with what I want to work on at that time. The months will be announced ahead of time, BUT I have the right to be a whimsical jerk and change my mind :P
*Twitch streaming - I can't do this every week yet like I'd like, but I can do twice a month. I'll be hanging out and working on cosplays while I watch a movie. I'll hang as long as the movie goes, or if we're having good conversation, I'll start another one. I'll announce the dates for the streams the beginning of every month.

January theme - "2018 Sloppy Seconds"
It's a shitty theme, but it's accurate! I have a few costumes that didn't quite finish this year, so January will be the debut! I am also doing two group shoots, including a Ralph Breaks the Internet Disney Princess shoot and my BIRTHDAY shoot! That's right; it's that wonderful time where I take something that shouldn't be sexy and make it sexy for no reason! The theme for my birthday this year is: Thicc and Sweet! All the ladies will be a sexy dessert. I'm gonna be a lollipop and if that's not gonna get phallic, then I don't know what will! So you'll have plenty of January offerings!


I WANT YOU ALL TO REQUEST SOME COSPLAYS FOR ME!!!! Lemme know what you'd like to see!

Love you all! I'm looking forward to the New Year! I hope you are too!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #79699 - 17 Dec 18 20:29
First, you are amazing and kick ass, never forget that. Second, as far as requests, I think you could kill it as Lady Jaye from GI Joe, and Belle would be one I have wanted to see.
user avatar
User #306578 - 21 Dec 18 03:16
Genderbent Sora in honor of the KH3 launch?
Giveaway Day 6!!!
Giveaway Day 6!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway Day 6!!! 2018-12-16T22:29:30+00:00close

Tomorrow's theme is Poison Ivy!!! Be sure to join in on FB, IG, and Twitter!

Just some selfies...
Just some selfies...more_vert
Post file flag
Just some selfies... 2018-12-14T04:50:40+00:00close

Cause I was feeling myself tonight!!! More on Lens for Patrons only!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 14 Dec 18 11:23
user avatar
User #14889568 - 17 Dec 18 01:59
Post file flag
Wishlist 2018-12-12T18:02:28+00:00close

I've gotten a few messages about a Wishlist! As always, I TRULY appreciate every time someone sends me something!

Here are the two lists I have right now:

Dorothy/Harley Quinn mash up

Ashe from Overwatch

Should you send me anything, I will gladly return the love with some prints of your choice!!!

Thank you for all your support and love and wanting to see me do more! I love it!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 12 Dec 18 19:29
Good luck with your whitelist
Kigu Full Set!!!!
Kigu Full Set!!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Kigu Full Set!!!! 2018-12-11T13:06:44+00:00close

Hope you enjoy!!! I love these so much! I want to buy more kigus and do more shoots like these. I really had a good time and enjoyed myself! The kigurumi set will be a part of the giveaways and I will be including them in November physical rewards along with Zatanna - otherwise there will be just too much December goodness!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 14 Dec 18 13:06
Holiday Cosplay
Holiday Cosplaymore_vert
Post file flag
Holiday Cosplay 2018-12-10T22:51:35+00:00close

Okay, so in cosplay, there's all this pressure to do holiday-related content, and I succumb to bandwagons so easy. Soooooo....I have a holiday photo shoot planned this weekend.

It's boudoir...like I do.

It's weird...like I do.

And all my patrons will get either a digital or physical holiday card from me!

Look for the selfies this weekend!

BTW - Kigu set drops tomorrow!!!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 14 Dec 18 00:06
Marry Christmas πŸ’•πŸŽ…
Giveaway Day 4 tomorrow!
Giveaway Day 4 tomorrow! more_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway Day 4 tomorrow! 2018-12-10T17:03:13+00:00close

Tomorrow is my Warrior Woman set, featuring Teela, Genderbent Link, and Wonder Woman!

Be sure to enter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for 3 chances to win!

EDIT - Link will be in another set! Tomorrow's set will feature Kitana from Mortal Kombat instead of Link! Sorry for the confusion!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 10 Dec 18 18:21
Stunning 😍
Giveaway #3!!!
Giveaway #3!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway #3!!! 2018-12-07T17:21:08+00:00close

Tomorrow is a big SirynRae day! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???!!!!

I'm on call for my muggle job, so that means I'm shooting quite a few little cosplays that I'm behind on. So you can expect some selfies and maybe some little videos on Lens tomorrow!

I'm doing the 3rd Giveaway, which is Anime themed, and the winner gets a Midnight, Ryuk, and Lucoa print!

I'm also gonna take my dog to see Santa, get some painting done, play some Katamari Damacy Reroll, and bake some cookies!

What are you up to this weekend??

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #763682 - 7 Dec 18 18:41
Always beautiful in and out of cosplay!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ
user avatar
User #9118573 - 7 Dec 18 18:16
Good luck ❀️
Giveaway Number 2 hits tomorrow!!!
Giveaway Number 2 hits tomorrow!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway Number 2 hits tomorrow!!! 2018-12-05T04:14:52+00:00close

Look out for the Ladies of DC giveaway tomorrow!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 5 Dec 18 19:44
Great work πŸ’–πŸ’–
12 Days of SirynRae Giveaways
12 Days of SirynRae Giveawaysmore_vert
Post file flag
12 Days of SirynRae Giveaways 2018-11-30T22:06:34+00:00close

I have figured out ways to make this BE AWESOME!!!!

12 random days in December will bring 12 opportunities to get a FREE PRINT SET!!!

Each set will include 3 8x12 prints from either 2017 or 2018 cosplay shoots (including ones shot in December! I didn't forget about my photo shoots to come!), a Poison Ivy magnet, a SirynRae sticker, and a classic SirynRae/Super Sirens print!

I will announce in my Instagram and Facebook stories, my Twitter, and my Patreon Lenses the night before a giveaway goes live.


1. You'll be able to enter 3 times for each giveaway - Like/Share post on FB, Comment on IG, Like/Retweet on Twitter
2. This is for US residents only - I know that's somewhat unfair, but stampage gets insane for international shipping
3. Winners will be selected at random from a name generator. I have every intention of preventing multiple wins by the same person

Here's the themes to the print sets!

Day 1 - 1 Ridiculous Pin-up Video Game Print Set

Day 2 - 1 Super Crown Print Set

Day 3 - 1 Warrior Women Print Set

Day 4 - 1 Anime Print Set

Day 5 - 1 Poison Ivy Print Set

Day 6 - 1 Kigurumi Print Set

Day 7 - 1 Women of Marvel Print Set

Day 8 - 1 Women of DC Print Set

Day 9 - 1 Rainbow Print Set

Day 10 - 1 Ridiculous Pin-Up Video Game Print Set 2

Day 11 - 1 Boudoir Print Set

Day 12 - 1 2018 Print Set

The first giveaway will be on 12/2!!!! I hope you'll enjoy what I've got in store for you!!!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #763682 - 30 Nov 18 22:12
Can't wait !!! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—β€β€β€
Midnight Part 2
Midnight Part 2more_vert
Post file flag
Midnight Part 2 2018-11-29T13:40:12+00:00close


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 9 Dec 18 13:54
Girl that's super cute ❀️
Trying my best...
Trying my best...more_vert
Post file flag
Trying my best... 2018-11-27T19:39:50+00:00close

I'm not that great at Photoshop yet and I'm using Zatanna to try out new skills. I hope you like what I've done!

Simplistic, but I tried to keep it cute for you all!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 30 Nov 18 21:21
Good job
user avatar
User #254883 - 28 Nov 18 03:44
These look fantastic. You always do this character justice.
user avatar
User #2406090 - 27 Nov 18 19:40
Looking great! Good job!
Zatanna, Part 1
Zatanna, Part 1more_vert
Post file flag
Zatanna, Part 1 2018-11-26T14:01:34+00:00close

These photos are taking me a lot longer to edit, so here are the ones I have finished so far!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #763682 - 29 Nov 18 14:44
Wow Sirynrae you are amazing. You look stunning!! ❀❀❀❀
Tis the Season...
Tis the Season...more_vert
Post file flag
Tis the Season... 2018-11-20T20:50:28+00:00close

For booty! ;)

I'm working simultaneously on...about 4 costumes. I have my cosplay restlessness to blame and finances going up and down, only letting me purchase random pieces at random times.

So while I'm working on these, I'm going to turn my lingerie drawer into some fun boudoir shoots for you all, featuring some sexy(ier) versions of all my favorites.



*Black Widow


*Wicked Witch

*Killer Frost

Pick which one goes first!!!

You'll get these mini sets first and they'll be open for December prints (I might make some Holiday cards out of these too!)

I will be running a Black Friday sale in my shop this weekend because I'm a bandwagon trash cosplayer! :P All of my prints will be $5 with a BOGO deal. Each order will get a BONUS print thrown in there (all bonus prints will be prints from 2015-2017 of myself, Nerdy Nereid, or both of us).

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #13274524 - 21 Nov 18 19:06
user avatar
User #254883 - 20 Nov 18 21:25
Wow! What a selection. You’ll likely melt my phone with the hotness of any of these, but I’d vote Killer Frost no.1 mostly because your presentation was so unique and cool. My 2nd choice would be Moxxi, because you seemed to be having a ton of fun with that design.
user avatar
User #3249285 - 20 Nov 18 23:04
Given Black Widow's normal state, I'd like to know what she looks like when she is Trying to be sexy.
user avatar
User #254883 - 20 Nov 18 21:26
... maybe a write-vote for Zatanna? Would it count if I wrote it backwards???
user avatar
β˜… sirynrae - 20 Nov 18 21:58
Zatanna is totally an option!!! If you've seen the costume on me before, then I'll let you know if it's possible or not.
Bean Set!!!!
Bean Set!!!!more_vert
Post file flag
Bean Set!!!! 2018-11-09T13:30:13+00:00close

I edited these on my own! In photoshop! Something I've never done before! And I like it! SOOOOOOO....sets are going to be bigger now. Lately, my minimum has been 6 for a set. Now, I'm going to edit however many photos I want. If I like them all...THEN SO BE IT!!!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #13274524 - 12 Nov 18 17:48
user avatar
User #8881557 - 9 Nov 18 14:05
I'm anxiously awaiting a Bean-doir shoot! 😍😁 Great work!
user avatar
User #79699 - 8 Dec 18 18:14
Damn! I think this is my favorite you’ve ever done!!!
Updates! more_vert
Post file flag
Updates! 2018-11-02T15:58:45+00:00close

Thank you for a fun October! I look forward to November!

I spent most of it working and gathering supplies for the rest of the year, so I should be able to fulfill all those 2018 promises!

I'm shooting the Boosette, Bowsette, Yoshette trilogy this Saturday, so look forward to that!

October and September rewards are going to be mailed out together! And I'm dropping the digital stuff today for you, loves!

Raven, Oblina, and my Dorothy/Harley are my big ones this month. I want to squeeze in a tub shoot this month too!

Love you all!!!

Vanellope! more_vert
Post file flag
Vanellope! 2018-10-31T14:02:54+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8585121 - 1 Nov 18 00:42
I like it. But I'm kind of confused by Lens. The video always seems to be stuck on one frame.
user avatar
User #9118573 - 31 Oct 18 14:17
Yes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Barrel Solo Pics - Last Part
Barrel Solo Pics - Last Partmore_vert
Post file flag
Barrel Solo Pics - Last Part 2018-10-29T14:28:02+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 1 Nov 18 18:32
Gorgeous ❀️
Barrel! more_vert
Post file flag
Barrel! 2018-10-20T14:38:58+00:00close

I'm shooting Barrel today with KCLane as Shock and Nerdy Nereid as Lock! Keep up with Lens so you can see selfies galore!

My photo shoots this week
My photo shoots this weekmore_vert
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My photo shoots this week 2018-10-10T13:47:58+00:00close

I'm a crazy person, so this is what my week looks like.

Tonight, I'm going to do Mad Moxxi and Midnight. Since those were for September, you can expect those rewards VERY soon (like this week soon).

Saturday is my Bean shoot! Sunday is my Boosette shoot!

I'm excited. I love these cosplays a lot.

Kaylee Frye, Full Set!
Kaylee Frye, Full Set! more_vert
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Kaylee Frye, Full Set! 2018-10-06T22:10:18+00:00close


Pinkie Pie FULL SET
Pinkie Pie FULL SETmore_vert
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Pinkie Pie FULL SET 2018-10-05T18:44:54+00:00close

Those are the new pictures. I've also attached the previously released pictures just ICYMI!!!!

Pictures done by Team Nerdy Nereid and Team KC Lane Cosplay

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User #9118573 - 8 Oct 18 18:57
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User #8881557 - 5 Oct 18 19:04
You are so freaking adorable!❀
Pinkie Pie, Part 2
Pinkie Pie, Part 2more_vert
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Pinkie Pie, Part 2 2018-10-03T15:18:17+00:00close

This set will be rolling in slowly! I think I have about another 5 photos that are still be edited!

These were done by the awesome Team KCLane!

Makeuptober Day 2
Makeuptober Day 2more_vert
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Makeuptober Day 2 2018-10-03T03:51:55+00:00close

Glittery! This was a lot more fun for me, but just as messy. I literally sneezed during glitter appliance, guys. Tomorrow's prompt: Incendiary

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User #9118573 - 3 Oct 18 15:14
Great work ❀️
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β˜… sirynrae - 3 Oct 18 15:21
Thank you! I'm having some fun with these
Pinkie Pie Goodness Part 1
Pinkie Pie Goodness Part 1 more_vert
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Pinkie Pie Goodness Part 1 2018-10-02T19:23:24+00:00close

First part of the set! Shot by Buster Props and edited by Nerdy Nereid

October Rewards!!!
October Rewards!!! more_vert
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October Rewards!!! 2018-10-01T14:41:52+00:00close

Here's what we're looking at this month: Boosette - jumping on the hype train because it's fun and I'm going to reuse parts from my Mog cosplay! Should be finished next week or so. Barrel - joining KCLane and Nerdy Nereid to form the Nightmare Before Christmas trio. This will be shot on October 20th! Vanellope - my official Halloween costume to be worn on Halloween! Official, Patreon only shoot in November. Bean - I threw this together for the RenFest this weekend, where I'm gonna do a quick shoot exclusive to Patreon. Rocketeer Bettie - I did not get to it this past month because I'm a pile of busy most of the time, so I'm determined to make it happen this month. Raven - my big bad cosplay I've been secretly working on! Rewards and Classes! Warriors - 8x12 prints of Raven, Boosette, Bettie, digital prints of all 5 cosplays, 5x7 print of Bean, snaps, polaroids of all costumes, selfies, fan sign Wizards - 8x12 prints of Raven and Boosette, snaps, 5x7 of Bean, digital prints of all 5 cosplays, selfies, fan sign Paladins - 8x12 of Raven, 5x7 of Bean, digital prints of all 5 cosplays, selfies, fan sign Druids - 5x7 of Bean, digital prints of all 5 cosplays, selfies, fan signs Rogues - digital prints of all 5 cosplays, selfies, fan sign Bards - fan sign Thank you all for another great month! I hope you enjoy it all!

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User #2406090 - 1 Oct 18 14:42
There's so much awesomeness here
Lady Explosion Murder
Lady Explosion Murdermore_vert
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Lady Explosion Murder 2018-09-28T01:48:43+00:00close

Cannot button the top....oh well

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User #8881557 - 28 Sep 18 01:51
I have to say I don't know what this is from! Looks good though! Also #bigtiddyproblems
Photo Shoots and Twitch
Photo Shoots and Twitchmore_vert
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Photo Shoots and Twitch 2018-09-27T21:03:39+00:00close

Hey everyone!

Everything has kinda slowed down a bit. No more cons for the rest of the year, so I can really focus on going out with a bang this year!

I got behind on some of my photo shoots this month and I'm having to squeeze three into this weekend (BLARG), and I'm working for that to not happen next month. From now on (most) Wednesdays are gonna be photo shoot night. I am planning on streaming those. They'll be short streams. My photo shoots usually take less than 30 minutes once I'm ready to go. But it gets me back to consistent streams for the time being.

Here's next week schedule:

10/3 Boosette at 6:30pm (ish)

I'm also live every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm on my movie talk show: Screen Heroes.


Cosplay Announcement: Peachy Boo
Cosplay Announcement: Peachy Boomore_vert
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Cosplay Announcement: Peachy Boo 2018-09-26T04:03:36+00:00close

Bandwagon cosplays are super fun. I wasn't gonna do it, but with I just so happen to have MOST of this already, so I can put it together lickety split. I'm sorry I said lickety split.

New Cosplay: Kaylee!!!
New Cosplay: Kaylee!!!more_vert
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New Cosplay: Kaylee!!! 2018-09-20T23:05:10+00:00close

Every once in awhile, I do specific cosplays when patrons request it! This is one of those! Set should be up this weekend!

Inktober...or MakeupTober
Inktober...or MakeupTobermore_vert
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Inktober...or MakeupTober 2018-09-19T16:25:58+00:00close

I am considering participating in Inktober this year, but instead of drawing, I'd like to do some fun makeups. I'm not entirely sure I want to use this list.


Gimme some adjectives (for example: shiny, electric, green)
Gimme some nouns (for example: heaven, candy, leaf)
Gimme any ideas that you've wanted me to cosplay before and I will create a list of 31 different makeup ideas for October. Make them weird, difficult, easy...whatever.

I'll try and have a comprehensive list this weekend.

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User #2406090 - 19 Sep 18 18:12
Green skeleton! Like a glow in the dark skull
Wishlist Updates
Wishlist Updatesmore_vert
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Wishlist Updates 2018-09-13T21:59:40+00:00close

I know, I know...it seems silly to have one of these, but I get asked, so I do it.

Right now, I have two cosplays that I am gathering pieces for:

Pajama Snow White from Ralph Breaks the Internet http://a.co/a5Izi5P

Dorothy/Harley mash-up http://a.co/iUBTx6f


*8x12 print of cosplay in your next rewards set (this is available to everyone, so please provide an address if you only get digital rewards now.)

*A polaroid of me in the cosplay (this is available to everyone, so please provide an address if you only get digital rewards now.)

Thank you for always asking how you can help me! I am always grateful! <3 YOU!!!

Updates, Timelines, and New Projects
Updates, Timelines, and New Projectsmore_vert
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Updates, Timelines, and New Projects 2018-09-10T17:13:17+00:00close

I'm officially starting Demon Raven from DC Legends (mobile game) this week.

I'm taking today and tomorrow to decompress from my trip to Tulsa, and then this is happening. Wednesday, I'll start with the spikes and horn portions which will be made out of foam that I already have a ton of in my basement. Hopefully this will be done by October and shot for prints that month, but, I'm not gonna rush this at all!


I had a blast! Easily one of my most successful cons! I really hope I get brought back for more Wizard Worlds at some point.

I held 3 panels and hosted the costume contest, which was the highlight of my con!


If everything goes to plan, I will be shooting Mad Moxxi, Midnight, and Kaylee Frye this weekend. These will all be part of the September madness! Next week, I'm shooting my Rocketeer Bettie as my boudoir for this month. During the last week, I'm scheduled to shoot my new Pinkie Pie cosplay with some really talented cosplayers and I'm doing a femme Bakugo from My Hero Academia to match KCLane's femme Todoroki! We're seeing the movie in cosplay and probably won't be shooting these until next month. We are talking about teaming up for a Midnight/Mt. Lady shoot too, but no confirmation yet.

Here's how rewards will break down:

Warriors - 8x12 prints of Midnight, Moxxi, and Rocketeer, polaroids from 7 cosplays, 5x7 Midnight print, snaps in cosplay, full photo sets digitally, digital prints, selfies, fansign in Pinkie Pie

Wizards - 8x12 prints of Midnight and Moxxi, 5x7 Midnight print, snaps in cosplay, full photo sets digitally, digital prints, selfies, fansign in Pinkie Pie

Paladins - 8x12 print of Midnight, 5x7 print of Midnight, full photo sets digitally, digital prints, selfies, fansign in Pinkie Pie

Druids - 5x7 print of Midnight, digital prints, selfies, fansign in Pinkie Pie

Rogues - Digital prints, selfies, fansign in Pinkie Pie

Bards - fansign in Pinkie Pie

Full sets of photos will now be available to Paladins and higher tiers, delivered in a post, not in a message.

Digital prints will only be the photos I intend to print physically and no longer the entire photo set.

If you receive the digital prints reward, you have permission to print them yourself, BUT NEVER TO SELL THEM.


I am revamping the store this week to include all of the Ridiculous Pin-Up cosplays, calendar pre-orders, and non-Patreon shoots like Kaylee Frye, Pinkie Pie, and Beetlejuice. Patrons will get your discount code sent privately once it's up.

New Cosplay Debut!!!
New Cosplay Debut!!!more_vert
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New Cosplay Debut!!! 2018-09-09T15:21:50+00:00close

Midnight from BNHA!!!! The R Rated Hero! This set will be Patreon exclusive this month...I've decided it!

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User #3447886 - 11 Sep 18 00:05
Never heard of this before. Cool looking outfit.
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β˜… sirynrae - 12 Sep 18 14:27
It's a fun anime about superheroes!
Mad Moxxi Lens Clips!
Mad Moxxi Lens Clips! more_vert
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Mad Moxxi Lens Clips! 2018-09-08T17:48:17+00:00close

Pay attention to the lens clips today, patrons!!! I'm updating them every hour or so!

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User #7744907 - 10 Sep 18 01:43
I'm mad for Moxxi!
Fan Signs!!!
Fan Signs!!! more_vert
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Fan Signs!!! 2018-09-05T21:04:42+00:00close

I thought I'd put them up in a post since the Bards don't receive digital rewards.

That's all folks!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I promise I will switch up the order every month!

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User #7744907 - 7 Sep 18 02:21
You are very welcome Rae. We all love you and what you do very much.

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