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CnC 299 High Rez
CnC 299 High Rezmore_vert
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CnC 299 High Rez 2016-04-06T05:38:15+00:00close

Sorry for the Delay in this one guys n gals!!

Strip #298 in High Res!
Strip #298 in High Res!more_vert
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Strip #298 in High Res! 2016-03-26T10:58:04+00:00close

A big thank you to you all! 2016-03-22T11:48:42+00:00

I know we haven't even made it through the first patreon cycle yet, But I wanted to send my thanks to you all. I've noticed a lot of you signed up just for us. Wow guys n gals you make this all seem like it's been worth fighting to keep it going. Now it won't be so much of a fight and I get to bring you all so much great stuff! I look forward to posting bonuses and interacting as we get through the 1st of next month. Talk to you all soon


1st Goal? 2016-03-20T01:03:05+00:00

Well I have to say I'm surprised, Here's hoping none of you are bots LOL! Please do chime in *chuckles* It's a blast having you all help support the comic. Though with the big $250 level out , I know that's not going to be a monthly thing, though if that went out monthly... I'd be like "WOW, Just wow..." , You all are awesome. I look forward to bringing you as much as I can.

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #3015422 - 20 Mar 16 16:28
Only about $40 from the next level whee!
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 20 Mar 16 22:37
Yeah haven't heard from the 250 or the other person on your level. :(
user avatar
User #2319373 - 20 Mar 16 01:17
Definitely a pleasure to help. Seeing a new strip on my birthday is worth my pledge. I should have donated years ago. Thank you for brightening my day
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 20 Mar 16 01:18
Thank you for enjoying it and staying with us through years of changes, also Happy birthday ! :)
user avatar
User #2518522 - 20 Mar 16 03:15
Some people love art and really are more than happy to support it. Keep up the good work and if you do end up with a bot don't get discouraged.
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 20 Mar 16 06:27
Here's hoping it isn't
user avatar
User #127030 - 20 Mar 16 01:48
Wow that's absolutely amazing!
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 20 Mar 16 06:27
I know right?
user avatar
User #96855 - 20 Mar 16 16:21
Wow I am happy this Patreon has been so successful then and will continue to support it as well. As great art and good writing and the fun characters are things I love about this comic.
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 20 Mar 16 22:38
Thanks bud
Strip 297 Full Resolution
Strip 297 Full Resolutionmore_vert
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Strip 297 Full Resolution 2016-03-19T05:06:41+00:00close

2005 Retro Flashback!
2005 Retro Flashback!more_vert
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2005 Retro Flashback! 2016-03-17T07:19:41+00:00close

Here are some super early sketches of Sarina as she was being developed back in 2005. The more "Adult" situation was meant to be the first time Jim and Sari had indulged in anal LOL! Enjoy

First Storyline vote. 2016-03-17T07:12:40+00:00

Okay Patrons, Vote in the comments section below..

I've got a couple ways we can go after the silly short Grigori Run,

1.) Alexia Story line Involving Roger the horse from the Speed Dating Arc

2.) Jake Story line (The Husky talking to Alexia During the speed dating arc) That brings in an Intern and a possible love interest for a female member of the cast.

3.) Josie's Family , Fred her Dad, Joyce her mom, and maybe more on her brothers.

4.) Bella continues to insist on knowing more about Sari's ninja protector

5.) Jayson begins to be haunted by a Mexican mythical creature

6.) More on Lana and Grigori's relationship, possible interactions with Jim and Josie

7.) Feel free to wrting in a suggestion, if it's agree'd with by more people I'll consider it.

Do let me know what if any of the storylines above are something you'd want to see.

Voting closes 3/31/15

Welcome! Storyline updates, and more. 2016-03-13T19:19:26+00:00

I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the supporters who have already signed up in just the first few hours of the Patreon being active and thank you to those just stopping by to check out what we have to offer and consider it! It's been a pick me up to see support for the comic for the first time in a long while. I hope to bring you all some fun interesting extras , and in turn be able to bring the comic to even more people with even more storyline. In the pipe obviously is a little more on Lana and Grigori , though it's part of the whole short stories series. Some of you had mentioned a lack of Alexia. Rest assured there's a good bit of story coming up involving her and some follow ups to the speed dating Arc. Like I had mentioned in a few comic posts and journals on other sites, I'm still sort of trying to wrap up what was SUPPOSED to be all in chapter 10 so long ago. This past arc with Sari, Jim and Jim's mom was suppose to be told a while ago. There's also a silly arc forthcoming that explains just how Jim found a ninja. I know some of you are desirous of other things I may have left on the back burner. Feel free to mention them here in the comments and I'll see what I can do..

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #74680 - 13 Mar 16 20:13
Another long time reader and so glad I could help even just a little bit to help you keep C N C afloat!
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 14 Mar 16 01:31
Much appropriated and thank you!
user avatar
User #96855 - 13 Mar 16 19:28
YAY I am really wonder where and how found that ninja as it not like you can just find them in the phone book right?
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 13 Mar 16 19:38
All in time. All in time.
user avatar
User #51905 - 13 Mar 16 21:36
I've been a reader for a while and I am glad that I can support you in a small way!
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 14 Mar 16 01:31
Always a pleasure having you here Henry
user avatar
User #2319373 - 13 Mar 16 19:49
I'm glad to finally be able to support this awesome story. Been reading since the beginning and would hate to see it end before your story is complete.
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 13 Mar 16 19:50
Thank you so much. Glad to have a long time reader here :)
user avatar
User #3015422 - 13 Mar 16 19:35
I am happy and delighted to donate as patreon here, this will be my only one and I love the strip that much
user avatar
CatsnCameras - 13 Mar 16 19:37
Thank you so much for your support :3
296 Full Sized
296 Full Sizedmore_vert
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296 Full Sized 2016-03-13T04:09:03+00:00close

For our first $5+ plus backers, here is strip 296 in it's full res. Also a special tid bit just for you guys , He's Saying "Wife forget food"


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