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A Natural Upgrade, Pages 04, 05 and 06.
A Natural Upgrade, Pages 04, 05 and 06.more_vert
Post file flag
A Natural Upgrade, Pages 04, 05 and 06. 2020-05-25T04:13:45+00:00close

How are you enjoying the comics so far? Noticing the recurring theme yet? ;)

Media (3)

ANaturalUpgrade4.png (796.4KiB)
ANaturalUpgrade5.png (723.3KiB)
ANaturalUpgrade6.png (621.8KiB)

A Natural Upgrade -- Page 01
A Natural Upgrade -- Page 01more_vert
Post file flag
A Natural Upgrade -- Page 01 2020-05-23T07:19:16+00:00close

A comic with art by O-Laughalot, writing by me. First page is open to the public, Patrons get access as they're made. As of now there are Six pages. Please note that pages with nudity will be posted on DA, just to adhere to proper age gating.

Media (1)

ANaturalUpgrade.png (1.2MiB)

Another Comic on the Horizon?  Yes Please.
Another Comic on the Horizon? Yes Please.more_vert
Post file flag
Another Comic on the Horizon? Yes Please. 2020-05-15T05:09:13+00:00close

A promo for another comic in the Spacebearverse. Patrons get early access, but it'll be posted on DA eventually.

Media (1)

ANaturalUpgradepromo.png (139.1KiB)

Consultation -- Part 03 (of Three)
Consultation -- Part 03 (of Three)more_vert
Post file flag
Consultation -- Part 03 (of Three) 2020-05-04T02:57:38+00:00close

Patrons only for now, but will be going in DA eventually.

Media (1)

consultation03.png (935.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #11939391 - 4 May 20 03:04
That was a great comic! Hope they’ll be more
Consultation -- Part 02 (of Three)
Consultation -- Part 02 (of Three)more_vert
Post file flag
Consultation -- Part 02 (of Three) 2020-05-04T02:55:02+00:00close

Part 2, patrons only for now, but will be going on DA eventually.

Edit: Posted to DA on 05/08, so changed to public.


Media (1)

consultation02.png (828.5KiB)

Consultation -- Part 01 (of Three)
Consultation -- Part 01 (of Three)more_vert
Post file flag
Consultation -- Part 01 (of Three) 2020-05-04T02:44:27+00:00close

A little something to get you through these trying times. Heh.

Art by one of my patrons / partners in crime.

Media (1)

consultation01.png (521.2KiB)

There's some big news just past the fence.
There's some big news just past the fence.more_vert
Post file flag
There's some big news just past the fence. 2020-03-06T05:58:02+00:00close

Media (3)

boobnoteteaser.jpg (294.5KiB)
accidentalphoto_phone.png (116.1KiB)
BoobNoteTease02.jpg (76.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #11939391 - 4 May 20 03:05
Looks interesting! Can’t wait till it comes out. Is this like a CHYOA?
New Boob Note Episode -- Chapter 8
New Boob Note Episode -- Chapter 8more_vert
Post file flag
New Boob Note Episode -- Chapter 8 2020-03-04T04:21:41+00:00close

Lots of stories posted lately, but this is the mark of going back to what put me on the map. Enjoy some new boob related mystery. What's Heather up to with the convention? How is Chris going to get out of his current predicament? What is Elle doing in New York? Stay tuned to find out.

Remember. You don't need to be a patron to read Boob Note. Just follow my DA. But following does get you some info on some really exciting news on the horizon. Hint. Hint.

Media (1)

Season02-08.jpg (97.5KiB)

Is it Wrong to Get Tits from a Dungeon?
Is it Wrong to Get Tits from a Dungeon?more_vert
Post file flag
Is it Wrong to Get Tits from a Dungeon? 2020-02-22T07:54:01+00:00close

One of the running series I publish on DA. The title is a jab at the odd naming conventions of recent Anime, but it borrows more from classic D&D. It's definitely a fun and sexy read.

It follows Farah, a Ranger, who picked up a nasty curse. Spoilers. It involves tits.

Check it out. It's eleven chapters strong and a new one is coming soon!

Embed data


Provider URL

Is it Wrong to get Tits from a Dungeon? -- One by ShamusBaran on DeviantArt

Lauren woke up to the blaring beeping of her alarm clock. She stirred in her bed for a moment before throwing the covers off of her. It was 8:00 sharp, one hour before Lauren's shift started. She climbed out of the bed, and went straight to her closet to get dressed.



New Boob Note Chapter!  -- Check it out on DA
New Boob Note Chapter! -- Check it out on DAmore_vert
Post file flag
New Boob Note Chapter! -- Check it out on DA 2020-02-12T04:26:45+00:00close


Season Two is Back and back to basics, the holiday dust has been shaken off and the new threat will be exposed soon. --Enjoy

Media (1)

Season2-07.jpg (94.2KiB)

When the Bear gets paid, he commissions art.
When the Bear gets paid, he commissions art.more_vert
Post file flag
When the Bear gets paid, he commissions art. 2019-08-01T23:11:06+00:00close

A piece of art by SidneyMT. While I like Zero's version of Elle Sid made a fun sequence with his take on Boob Note's gothic deuteragonist.

Media (1)

boob_note_sequence.png (416.0KiB)

Yo man, where's the Boob Note? 2019-08-01T22:09:50+00:00

While I've been very busy with writing, there's been a distinct lack of my main story. This is because while I have ever going support from core contributors, I don't have much in the way of a 'base'.

So, as such, it's put me in a position where I focus on paid commissions-- to which business has been good-- and fulfilling my obligations to my higher tier patrons. Those on the inside (by definition those that have access to my discord) get all sorts of goodies. Access to art, stories before they go on DA and other future projects.

So, please, if you can find it in your heart, please consider signing on as a one dollar donor. It doesn't take much for me to justify devoting time for weekly Boob Note issues. Even a dollar makes a huge difference.

I'd like to get to the point where Boob Note and random for fun stories are possible for me. But a bear needs to keep the lights on in his cave, you know?

Boob Note -- Season 2 2019-04-11T19:42:25+00:00

While I'm terrible about updating here, Boob Note is back with a simpler format. As of today, there's five chapters out with none other than Heather at the wheel. For those used to the old grouping method this is the continuation of H-Path.

Check it out on my Deviant Art Page .

Look for the new banners:

Read Chapter One here. They come out twice a month.

Minor Update 11/1/18 2018-11-01T21:47:50+00:00

While I'm rather terrible about updating Patreon, the content has been coming on strong. Boob Note is on a hiatus at the moment as most of my business has been coming from commissions and the select few big monthly donors.

That's not to say I don't have plans for Boob Note. When I'm not writing for it. I'm planning for it. In the mean time, check out my Deviant Art Page for the recent stories I've put out. They're just as fun and crazy as anything you'd come to expect from the Space Bear.


That's' not to say it's not worth being a contributor now, at any donation level I provide plenty of great content (namely stories in progress that others have to wait for and random giveaways for flash fiction.)

Patron or not, keep tuned to my DA page, there's always cool stuff popping up there.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 17 Dec 18 01:51
Boob Note -- H-Path -- 17-2
Boob Note -- H-Path -- 17-2more_vert
Post file flag
Boob Note -- H-Path -- 17-2 2018-07-31T23:24:36+00:00close

Embed data


Provider URL

Boob Note -- H-Path -- 17-2

I gave Chris and Kate a parting wave. He gave me a concerned glance before Kate led him to her room next too. That list was going to keep him busy for hours- if not days. But I had everything I needed to get things going.



Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8481611 - 19 Oct 18 08:42
S-Path, Profile Picture -- Samantha
S-Path, Profile Picture -- Samanthamore_vert
Post file flag
S-Path, Profile Picture -- Samantha 2018-06-07T17:22:12+00:00close

Art by Zerohour99 (Link to original full color pic)

The leading lady of the first prequel path of Boob Note. Samantha plays a big part in how Chris ultimately ends up with the notebook. You can even go so far as to say she's solely responsible.

Sam is rough around the edges, despite the *ahem* softness that's apparent at a glance. Nothing is ever easy when it comes to Sam, despite her generally simple approach to life. Punch first. Ask questions later.

Outside of S-Path, Samantha makes her presence known as she's got as bit of a history with Heather. Needless to say it's not an entirely pleasant one.

Look for this Banner to follow her adventures on my DA page:

First Appearance: Boob Note: H-Path 1-1

BEware of Gaming Addiction, Kitty and Gina
BEware of Gaming Addiction, Kitty and Ginamore_vert
Post file flag
BEware of Gaming Addiction, Kitty and Gina 2018-05-19T03:57:39+00:00close

A commissioned art piece by SidneyMT a two for one art piece of the Protagonist of BEware of Gaming Addiction, Gina and her alter ego Kitty.

The person that requested the story helped foot the bill for the picture and I think it turned out pretty darn great.

Remember, the bigger the Patreon gets, the more surprises I can set up. ;)

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a sequel to this story soon. Gina's best friend JJ gets in on the action.

P-Path, Profile Picture -- Penelope
P-Path, Profile Picture -- Penelopemore_vert
Post file flag
P-Path, Profile Picture -- Penelope 2018-05-01T17:54:24+00:00close

Art by the Legendary TLink (retired)

The leading lady of the alternate path of Boob Note. Chaotic and conniving, to a level that almost predictable.

Penelope is the very definition of a blonde bombshell and catches Chris'
eye on both paths. However, it's on P-path when she leverages a certain someone to help net Chris as a main squeeze.

Penelope has a go with the flow attitude at times, but when the flow get's a little dull she's quick to throw in some monkey wrenches into the natural order. Spoilers: it usually involves tits.

Look for this Banner to follow her adventures on my DA page:

First Appearance: Boob Note: H-Path 1-2

Plastic Plague -- A New Space Bear Flavored Comic Draws Near
Plastic Plague -- A New Space Bear Flavored Comic Draws Nearmore_vert
Post file flag
Plastic Plague -- A New Space Bear Flavored Comic Draws Near 2018-03-24T16:22:15+00:00close

Plastic Plague is a story written from a rather clever prompt from the loyal fan base at BotComics, given a space-bear twist by the creator of the series ‘Boob Note’, Shamus Baran. In it, you can expect plenty of sex, expansion deviancy and high octane super-secret agent twists, betrayals and, of course: giant tits.

The tone is kept deliberately light, but just like Boob Note and some of Shamus Baran’s other short stories, it will have real consequences and characters with motives and goals outside of Raul’s quest for expansion porn. That said, a focus on story won’t take away from the expansion porn goodness.

Raul is deliberately written as relatable and lovingly adorkable, with character flaws burying a rather decent fellow when the chips are down. And with his luck? The chips are usually in the gutter with his mindset.

The story will focus on breast expansion, but Raul’s devotion to all things porn will bleed into other fetishes, namely villainesses ‘inadvertently’ themed around other fan followings. Like Dark Stocking’s domineering personality, for example. That said, Plastic Plague has a little something for everyone. Buckle on your technicolor jumpsuits and get ready for a bumpy ride. Bumpy… cuz you know… boobs n’ butts.

Check it out here: https://bestoryclub.com/chapter/plastic-plague-part-1/

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6670856 - 12 Apr 18 22:18
H-Path -- Profile Picture, Heather
H-Path -- Profile Picture, Heathermore_vert
Post file flag
H-Path -- Profile Picture, Heather 2018-03-01T22:17:15+00:00close

Art by SydneyMT

The leading lady of the main path of Boob Note. She seems innocent and sunny, but that belies a razor sharp wit and cunning.

You can't deny Heather has a certain girl-next-door charm and has known Chris longer than any of the other girls, but like the all too common best friend archetype, she has only recently captured his affections.

Heather's a real mover and shaker when it comes to the plot of Boob Note and certainly has come to contribute 'plot' as well.

First Appearance: Boob Note: H-Path 1-1

Look for this banner to follow her adventures on my DA Page!

Writing / Boob Note Schedule for January 2018 2018-01-08T23:54:35+00:00

Monday 01/01 -- Boob Note -- Coffee Tea, and Me Part 1

Tuesday 01/02 -- P-Path 9-1

Wednesday 01/03 -- Boob Note -- Coffee Tea, and Me Part 2

Thursday 01/04 -- Boob Note -- L-Path 2-2

Friday 01/05 -- Boob Note -- Coffee Tea, and Me Part 3

Tuesday 01/09 -- Boob Note -- H-Path

Thursday 01/11 -- Boob Note -- -S-Path

Friday 01/12 -- Commission -- A Jolly Bet

Tuesday 01/16 -- Boob Note -- P-Path

Thursday 01/18 -- Boob Note -- L-Path

Friday 01/19 -- D&D cups -- A New Campaign

Tuesday 01/23 -- Boob Note -- H-Path

Thursday 01/26 -- Boob Note -- S-Path

Tuesday 01/30 -- Boob Note -- P-Path

Wednesday -- 01/31 -- Shop of Wonders -- Visit 09

Lots of Commission Work this month... 2017-12-22T00:10:57+00:00

...so it'll be going on my DA for free. Yay, extra content. :) Make sure to thank the people that made it happen.

The Spellbook: https://shamusbaran.deviantart.com/art/The-Spellbook-Commission-711240616

A Change for Better or for Worse: https://shamusbaran.deviantart.com/art/A-Change-for-Better-or-for-Worse-Commission-717675615

The Otter and the Wolf (Furry Content): TBA

The Legend of the Eiken Club (Psuedo, Fan Fiction / Heavy Sex Content): TBA

Boob Note: Coffee Tea, or Me: TBA

Read what's out, look forward to the parts still coming. :)

What happened in September? 2017-09-22T04:48:44+00:00

What has happened, what will happen.

9-4 Boob Note -- H-Path -- 12-2

9-7 Boob Note -- S-Path -- 1-3

9-11 Boob Note -- P-Path -- 7-2

9-14 Boob Note -- S-Path -- 1-4

9-17 Commission -- Dungeons & D-Cups Chapter Two, Part 3

9-19 Boob Note -- H-Path -- 12-3

9-21 Boob Note -- S-Path -- 1-5

9-26 Boob Note -- P-Path -- 7-3

9-28 Boob Note -- S-Path -- 1-6

??? -- Commission -- Dungeons & D-Cups Chapter Two, Finale

??? -- Commission -- Little Shop of Wonders -- Visit 07

??? -- Dodged -- Epilogue

What happened in August? 2017-08-21T07:28:39+00:00

8/01/17 - Dodged, chapters 33

8/02/17 - Dodged, chapter 34

8/03/17 - Dodged, Chapter 35 and 36

8/04/17 - Dodged 37 and Finale

8/07/17 - Boob Note H-Path 11-6

8/10/17 - Boob Note S-Path 1-1 (NEW!!)

8/14/17 - Boob Note P-Path 6-4

8/16/17 - Little Shop of Wonders, Visit 06

8/18/17 - Beats -- 500 Word Flash Fiction

8/19/17 - Darkness -- 500 Word Flash Fiction

8/21/17 - Boob Note H-Path 12-1

8/24/17 - Boob Note S-Path 1-2

8/28/17 - Boob Note P-Path 7-1

All on https://shamusbaran.deviantart.com/

H Path 11-5 and the final stretch of Dodged. 2017-07-27T04:25:20+00:00


The newest Chapter of Boob Note H-Path is live!


Also, July is almost over so Dodged is almost complete. I'm just at the edge of 'winning' Nanowrimo, but I'm ahead of Par. So there is a full Dodgeball game (China) that got cut.

So if you're interested in having me finish that (it would add about 10,000 words to the novel, let me know with your support.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Dodged, as I've had a great time writing it. The epic conclusion of Fran's story is coming. Stay tuned!

Boob Note P-Path 6-2 is Live! 2017-07-18T01:44:26+00:00


Chris goes on the offensive!

Also things are going well with Dodged. Well over par at the 30,000+ word mark.


Remember my 50,000 word BE novel is updated DAILY for the month of July.

--Shamus Baran

Everyday content! 2017-07-04T05:06:32+00:00

I'll be posting once a day on my Deviant Art during NaNo but Boob Note Marches on. An Extra Episode of P-Path showed up today:


...as well as P-Path 6-1.


If you want to read my NaNo novel as it unfolds follow me on DA. Otherwise it'll all be posted here:


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5594748 - 8 Jul 17 08:34
NaNoWrimo 2017-07-01T07:35:52+00:00

While I do NaNoWriMo every year, I wanted to do something BE related, so I'll be writing 'Dodged' a BE Novel written in 30 days. Call it a publicity stunt cuz' it's free. FREE!

Want to cheer me on? You can see my live progress here:

For those not in the know. NaNo is a race to write 50,000 words in one month. And before you ask, I'll still be doing my regular updates. So Boob Note will still be written on a weekly basis.

Now, just a few things: This is an unedited novel. I have it outlined, but the novel is bound to have some missteps and occasional errors. Editing will be done after July is over. BUT I pride myself on making an interesting story in one pass. So if you ever wanted to see a novel shape up in real time, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Also you can tip if you don't want to Patreon. That works too!


Space Bear Flash Back -- December 23rd, 2016
Space Bear Flash Back -- December 23rd, 2016more_vert
Post file flag
Space Bear Flash Back -- December 23rd, 2016 2017-05-28T06:26:20+00:00close

Did you know I drop random short fiction sometimes? You might have missed this one.

Remember, the bigger my Patreon gets, the more generous I'll be about random tales like this one!

Embed data


Provider URL

A Southern Holiday (Original Story)

Heidi sat at the bedside, tapping her foot against the cool stone floor. The gentle repeating 'paff' triggered memories of the snowstorm, nearly one year ago. "Has time flown so quickly?" She inhaled the scent of sweat and semen, closing her eyes to better see the moments when her life nearly came to an end.



Part 1:<br /><br />Heidi sat at the bedside, tapping her foot against the cool stone floor. &nbsp;The gentle repeating &#8216;paff&#8217; triggered memories of the snowstorm, nearly one year ago.<br />&#8220;Has time flown so quickly?&#8221;<br />She inhaled the scent of sweat and semen, closing her eyes to better see the moments when her life nearly came to an end. &nbsp;A time where she nearly met her gods or at least the mistress of Hell.<br />Had death taken her. &nbsp;It would have been one fit for a coward-- alone and frozen in an icy cave.<br />She curled her toes against the stone floor. &nbsp;Refined stone made by soft southerners, not the stuff mother earth crafted mountains of. &nbsp;T
H Path 10-4 is out!
H Path 10-4 is out!more_vert
Post file flag
H Path 10-4 is out! 2017-05-16T00:38:28+00:00close


Embed data


Provider URL

Boob Note -- H-Path -- 10-4

Chris surrendered to Adeola's attention, admiring the way her breasts mashed against his back. The water soothed his aching muscles. He let the worry bleed from him and drifted away from the pool edge while holding onto the ladder to give Adeola more room to work.



Chris surrendered to Adeola&#8217;s attention, admiring the way her breasts mashed against his back. &nbsp;The water soothed his aching muscles. &nbsp;He let the worry bleed from him and drifted away from the pool edge while holding onto the ladder to give Adeola more room to work.<br />Water was an amazing thing when it came to breasts. &nbsp;It gave Chris a glimpse of what it would be like to make love in space. &nbsp;The alluring way Adeola&#8217;s breasts shimmied would otherwise be impossible at their size. &nbsp;He closed his eyes and envisioned them defying gravity and quivering at the slightest motion.<br />No point worrying about Melissa now. &nbsp;He reminded himself of t
Flash Fiction -- Remote 2017-05-08T02:28:12+00:00


The remote shattered under the ball of Janice’s shoe. That’s not what I meant when I said I wanted to find the damn thing.

A red ‘V’ appeared with a chain of bars, rallying to the right side of the screen. Yapping dogs blared from the television—full volume thanks to the dying command of the remote.

She stooped over scooped up the remnants. It was nothing but a pile of broken plastic now. Tossing it aside she moved to the TV, feeling around the edges trying to remember where the damn manual controls were. The barking stung her ears, like little needles poking her ear drums.

D-damn it a fucking poodle dog show of all things? She backed off. Wait there was a spare in the kitchen.

She hurried over ripping open the nearest drawer and pulled out an unopened universal remote. Inside she found no instructions.

Piece of crap! She found the batteries, put them in and tried her luck with the auto search function. C’mon c’mon…

She aimed it at the T.V. Nothing. Tried the second setting. Nothing. On the third, the little red light blinked thrice. Yes!

A Red ‘B’ appeared on the screen with five bars beside it, but she’d already started mashing the down arrow. Anything to make the barking stop. A bar vanished, then another. Nothing. The volume didn’t change. She squinted, fighting back a budding migraine from the dogs. But now, she’d almost gotten used to it.

Stay calm it’s gotta be… Something felt wrong. As if my instinct, she scratched her ribs with her thumb and caught her bra. It felt loose. Her breasts jiggled under her blouse feeling weirdly unrestricted. Worse, they felt… emptier.

The light blinked and she tried the down arrow again. The B appeared again and she kept mashing the down arrow. With two bars vanishing she realized… her breasts were shrinking! Her bra dangled uselessly under her shirt. Tiny A cups rested against the silk, a sad facsimile of her usual Double D’s. She mashed the ‘up’ button quickly—hoping upon hope she could reverse the process.

Janice’s panic stuck the button down. A tense moment passed—nothing, then red bars popped onto the screen one after another. She gasped, arching her back as her breasts returned with a vengeance, filling the bra and straining her blouse alike. The yapping did nothing to drown out the unsettling gurgle coming from her chest.

Her tits quivered, causing the strap of her bra to dig into her back. The fibers of her blouse stretched and ripped. Splitting clean down the middle. The bra was much more stubborn, stretching and holding on, digging against her stretching areola. Fields of pink topped with chubby nipples poked over the top and—snap.

Relief washed over her as her breasts flopped free. The bars hit the side of the screen. It’d stopped.

Janice laughed down at the remote and her uselessly tattered top. Guess I know what the B stands for.

A New Look
A New Lookmore_vert
Post file flag
A New Look 2017-05-07T09:18:26+00:00close

As new opportunities present themselves, so comes change. I'm retiring the Monokuma Mask in a Varia Suit look for a new sleeker (and less copyright infringing) model.

This logo was lovingly created by https://www.patreon.com/RuffNTumble/ who I whole heartedly recommend supporting. (Heck I do!)

From here on out, this logo means you'll be getting top notch expansion material from your friendly neighborhood Space Bear.

July is Fan Appreciation Month 2017-04-12T14:35:41+00:00

One of the things I find most endearing from readers is how specific chapters get favorited. I mean, I could go all gloomy bear and take that as 'they only like that specific chapter' but I don't.

It really reminds me that Boob Note is a story that touches on an array of interests (though we're mostlyunified by a love of big boobs getting bigger... but I digress.)

Those rogue favorites are very important to me as they help me gaugewhen I hit someone's big red happy button. Especially when it comes to adult content, it's hard to get people to step up and say 'I like this.'

I lose track easily of who favorited what when. I haven't showered thanks on those brave souls nearly enough. So thanks for that.

It's not much, but I wanted to offer a general bit of thanks to everyone by making Camp NaNoWriMo (the summer version of a writing event I do every year) a space bear infused porn fest. So yeah. A 50,000-word Breast Expansion Themed Novel. This happens through the month of July, so it'll give you all plenty of time to chime in on what you'd like to see. People in my Patreon get the biggest say-- hint, hint www.patreon.com/shamusbaran -- but I'm leaning on all of you to help me outline this over the next three months.

The only stipulation is that Breast Expansion must be the primary theme.

This is something I do every year anyway. At least the November one. But I figure I'd channel my inner space bear this time.

Good Stuff Incoming. 2017-03-15T00:29:14+00:00

So there's three, count em, three stories on the horizon for this week. As usual, the patrons get a sneak peek (and even a say on what happens in em!) Look forward to some other stuff besides the weekly Boob Notes.

Discord! 2017-02-12T02:30:34+00:00

I have several loyal patrons that have been around for months. If you didn't know we have a Discord Channel "Space Bear Lair".

(Just message me if your name on Discord is different than your Patreon one so I can get you proper permissions) https://discord.gg/z78BaCn

Come in and say hi. Or lurk. Whatever. We have cookies. OK I lied. No cookies, but I do post boobie pictures in there. (Sneak peeks for upcoming stuff Space Bear related.)

Boob Note Valentine's Day Special 2017-02-12T02:18:07+00:00

Just a heads up, Boob Note will be getting two episodes this week.

P Path will release on 02/13

H Path will release on 02/14

And just a reminder, a few random stories have popped up lately

February 1st: Commission -- Shop of Wonder, Visit 01


February 4th: NEW Series, World of Chaos, Part 01 -- Hera


The more support I get on the Patreon, the more stories come out. Here's kudos to the awesome people that make this possible!

Valentine's Love 2017-02-10T23:44:15+00:00

As if the random stories on the horizon weren't enough, there's TWO Boob Note episodes coming out this week. P Path on 02/13 and H Path on 02/14. As always it's on my page on Deviant Art!

The Future of Boob Note. 2016-12-25T23:46:08+00:00

I told you there would be Christmas surprises in store and these a doozies.

I've been sitting on two big secrets.

First, I've shared a script with Expansion Fan Comics (http://expansion-fan-comics.deviantart.com/) In the near future (TBA), Chris' story will be turned into a comic! Please note that this unique script is specifically for them and will have some surprise twists and turns from H-Path and P-Path.

I'll keep you all in the loop with details. Needless to say supporting this upcoming comic will help the next bit of big news.

A Boob Note... Game.

That's right. I'm working with select number of talented people to turn Boob Note CHOYA into a full fledged Visual Novel. While a full functioning demo is a small ways out, there will be a text only demo we're pulling together.

You can get in on this in two ways:

1. Comment on this Journal Entry and give me a really good reason why you would make a great beta tester for it.
2. Be a Patron right here (You support me, and you get in to the beta squad automagically. (Depending on response, this may eventually be gated!)

Looking forward, there will be a Kickstarter backers can get in on the game (It isn't a monthly payment like Patreon). There will be stretch goals and such, ways to simply cover your copy of the game, or pitch in a bit more for extras.

I'm super stoked about this becoming a reality.

What I can say:

1. This is based on the CHOYA. You will control a nameable protagonist to run amok with the boob note in college.
2. The Demo will focus on Shannon, the RA across the hall.
3. There are a TON of paths in the game.
4. It works off a simple alignment system (Like CHOYA except not shitty, lol.)
5. You can independently increase Trust and Affection with the girls. There might be other factors too.
6. Good guys will be rewarded for being honest and straightforward, but need to keep their head on straight.
7. Evil jerks will need to be underhanded and search for weaknesses to exploit. Being blatant might get you a game over!
8. Those that are in between? Dumb luck might be your best ally.

Get hype guys and gals. I know I am!

Note, that being my patron will unwittingly get you insight on these upcoming projects. *hint hint*

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User #256601 - 26 Dec 16 18:12
I'd be a good beta tester because I'm the first to comment.
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shamusbaran - 26 Dec 16 18:14
You're good to go buddy, you're already a backer. ;) If you haven't already, check out the discord.
Happy holidays!   Big News incoming for Boob Note!
Happy holidays! Big News incoming for Boob Note!more_vert
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Happy holidays! Big News incoming for Boob Note! 2016-12-22T23:38:39+00:00close

(I just realized I never posted this here on Patreon. This is a picture from a good friend of mine, SidneyMT. Check out his stuff here: )




Anyway, I have a Christmas tale coming on top of my usual boob note chapter (which will be posted X-mas morning).

Make sure to watch me on DA to get it ASAP.


Xmas Surprise 2016-12-22T23:32:20+00:00

Outside of the big news the Discord folks already know about, I'm working on a little something for DA. I'll be posting it some time tommorrow or Saturday, but if you want a sneak peek or put a comment on there, feel free.


Happy Holidays all.

Good news everyone! 2016-11-11T14:23:11+00:00

I'll hold on to opening the flood gates until promotional material comes out for it, but I just got the word that Expansion Comics approved the script for a God amongst Women.

If you haven't put it together, this is a comic form of Boob Note with some small changes. Mostly it comes down to Samantha being renamed Jo(sephine), to avoid Clah with their IP the cleavage crusader.

Two scripts have been approved and hopefully more will come.

I just thought you guys would want to hear about it first.

I have the day off so I'll be working on CHOYA for a good portion of it.

General update -- what I'm working on. 2016-11-08T18:55:30+00:00

(11/13) -- H Path --> Chris is 'dating' Elle with the hopes of drawing the attention of the old Notebook User. (more info for patrons)

(11/20) -- P Path --> (want to know more? Patrons get the skinny.)

(Ongoing) -- CHYOA --> working to full the gaps on Sadie. I want ALL alignments and ask character states able to get her to the bedroom.

Patron update 2016-11-08T18:52:23+00:00

You're a part of a small circle (For now) so as such I wanna spoil you guys a little. I've seen two of you on discord and chatted with me, you know who you are.

Don't be shy about tossing ideas at me. I try to implement suggestions as much as possible.

I read discord daily, so just plop the ideas there like as suggestion box. I also installed out on my phone in hopes to check it more often.

I can't promise to chat art all hours, but I can make time for you if need be.

(11/13) -- H Path --> Chris is 'dating' Elle with the hopes of drawing the attention of the old Notebook User. Next episode will be an indirect confrontation with the other notebook user. Chris and Elle will presume it's Lisa, but that's actually another person with the notebook.

(11/20) -- P Path --> Chris gets a call from Sharnel, checking up on him after he lost his job. She wants to meet up. Chris decides to keep quiet about her to Penelope, which is a very very bad idea. Sharnel and Pen get along like oil and water.

(Ongoing) -- CHYOA --> working to full the gaps on Sadie. I want ALL alignments and ask character states able to get her to the bedroom.

Nano-what-mo? 2016-11-03T21:48:14+00:00

Hey, everyone. If you haven't heard of it, Nanowrimo (short for National Novel Writer's Month) is on. I participate every yea. It keeps my writing muscles sharp. What I write for it isn't fetish stuff (sorry guys) but it makes my work generally better in the long run.


What is it? I hear you ask? It's basically writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. Sounds hard, huh? Not for me. I average about 5,000 words a day in writing. So another 1633 a day for thirty days is just a drop in the bucket.

It also tends to give me good story ideas for Boob Note and the other stuff. In fact getting stuck in NaNo is what got me writing my fetish stuff (It's great for unclogging the creative pipes... ok that sounds a little dirty.)

Anyway. This will probably mean more stuff for Boob Note and CHOYAfor this very reason. I mention it more to inspire other writers to participate. If not officially, just write something! I'll even give you feedback if you want it.


A Few changes. I thought it fair to warn you. 2016-10-29T05:23:07+00:00

My Patreon will now support Boob Note and get it back on track to be a weekly publication. If things start to take off, I plan to offer a special treat for my early supporters.

I had a change in employment recently so I want to test the waters... see how much I can lean on this as a way to put food on the table. Better it goes, the more I can devote myself to writing about growing boobs.

So spread the word. I'll make it worth your while.


Boob Note -- Choose Your Own Adventure
Boob Note -- Choose Your Own Adventuremore_vert
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Boob Note -- Choose Your Own Adventure 2016-10-29T05:17:41+00:00close

This is a prototype / prequel for Boob Note's potential visual novel. Lots of boob growing fun and it's FREE.

Keep checking it for new content. I update it a lot. A LOT.

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You are a college junior, a ne'er-do-well with average grades and an unannounced major. Like many of your peers, you party a little too much for your own good. -Your Alignment is 50, meaning you're not a bad person per say, but also no paragon of justice either- Last night was no exception, a particularly bad bender that's left you hung over and penniless.




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