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Fran Meneses (frannerd)

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Jas is running a marathon!
Jas is running a marathon!more_vert
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Jas is running a marathon! 2019-03-18T13:48:15+00:00close

Ma loves, HAPPY MONDAAAY! I hope you had a lovely weekeeeeend :)

A couple of days ago Jas wrote me an email saying she's going to run a marathon dressed as the Hulk (yep, a half marathon dressed as the Hulk) to raise funds for the AT Society:

"It's for the A-T society, which does research for a disease that Otti's best friend has. It's a rare, incurable, genetic condition that people die VERY young from. There's going to be a whole hoard of us Hulks running this thing to raise money. It's going to be crazy!" she told me.

I'm already going to donate under your name (because you're awesome and you're already doing so much for me) but if you wanna give a little extra, here's the link of Jas' donate page. Jas is running the marathon this Sunday 24th, but you can donate until March 30th!

Also: I'm going to send you pictures of Jas' costume cause I really need to see that.

That's it ma loves, have a super productive and awesome Mondaaaay! All my love and coffee from here!

ps. Just realized you may not know: Jas is the lovely woman I work with in Hastings (UK), and Otti is her nephew!

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #7853355 - 18 Mar 19 17:25
Wow, this is super cool (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Believe in the us that believes you Jas!
user avatar
User #30753787 - 17 Feb 20 22:06
I aspire to be like you x,x
user avatar
User #5470197 - 18 Mar 19 13:58
Happy to donate to such a great cause. I had a classmate who two children were diagnosed with AT and I learned it is so incredibly important to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for these kiddos. Good luck Jas!
user avatar
User #12849533 - 22 Mar 19 20:32
I also want to join you, thanks for the link! It seems to me that if you can do at least a small good deed, then do it! DO NOT THINK! From a good deed and the soul becomes good. Much better than when you yourself receive a gift even!)) May everyone be healthy, especially children!
user avatar
User #13275104 - 10 May 19 23:13
Fran Im so happy to be here in Patron! You were my inspiration 😊 so, thanks. And for all the Nerds community check my last VR 360 video! https://youtu.be/guZ2BDijoNU Thanks for support 😘
user avatar
User #22529808 - 1 Nov 19 14:20
En Argentina ya no se puede pagar con paypal y me bajaron la cuenta ¿A alguien mas le pasó??
user avatar
User #29801338 - 29 Jan 20 11:58
user avatar
User #17795397 - 8 Apr 19 16:40
user avatar
User #2836942 - 3 Aug 19 16:08
Jas nos tiene que compartir una foto con su outfit! Run Jas Run!! 👊🏼
user avatar
User #11473838 - 18 Mar 19 14:31
Go Jas, go ! 💪
user avatar
User #15167060 - 18 Mar 19 16:17
#RunJasHulkRun lol! Glad to support her Fran!
user avatar
User #13694285 - 18 Mar 19 19:28
Go, Jas, go! And hugs to her nephew.
This week's videooo!
This week's videooo!more_vert
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This week's videooo! 2017-11-14T21:11:40+00:00close

NEEEERDS! How are youuuu! Here's this week's videoo! Since I JUST upload it, there's no subtitles or links, but I hope you still like it. I know most of you already know all the process behind the planner (because I shared pictures, sketches and talked about it a lot during those months) but I do really love to see behind the scenes on long-term projects. SEE YOU ALL this friday for our podcast newsletteeeer, until then have a wonderful rest of the week :)

~ NEEEEERDS!!! Cómo estáaaaan? Aquí está el video de esta semanaa! Como lo ACABO de subir, aun no tiene subtítulos ni links, pero espero que les guste de todos modos. Yo sé que la mayoría de ustedes ya sabía del proceso detrás de la agenda (porque compartí muchas fotos, bocetos y hable mucho de esto durante esos meses) pero me gusta mucho ver los detrás de las cámaras de proyectos de largo aliento. NOS VEMOS TODOS este viernes para nuestro podcast newletteeeeer, hasta entonces que tengan una maravillosa semana :)

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From start to finish: how I made my planner ~ Frannerd




Comments (23)
user avatar
User #822126 - 15 Nov 17 04:14
Thank you for sharing the process with us. You made a great job! 😍
user avatar
User #8217869 - 15 Nov 17 00:23
Congrats, you have over 1000 patrons!
user avatar
User #5744711 - 15 Nov 17 14:00
...and also: you should sell the dust bags for them selves 💗 soooo cute and useful!
user avatar
User #5744711 - 15 Nov 17 22:22
Sweden 🇸🇪
user avatar
User #10185340 - 13 Mar 18 09:42
WOW! so much work goes in to it!
user avatar
User #8415823 - 15 Nov 17 20:35
Suave y deliciosa Cereal <3 Estoy muy feliz que tanto esfuerzo se vea recompensado con tanto amor una segunda impresión! Suena super raro, pero me alegra CALETA ver como la gente bacán logra cosas bacanes. Mucha suerte y éxito en todo! <3
user avatar
User #5456023 - 14 Nov 17 22:53
¡Bravo, bravo y mil aplausos! ¡Fran, te felicito sinceramente! Estás haciendo cosas fantásticas (bakanes para hablar en tu estilo). Tu trabajo es admirable y me has motivado mucho con cada video, podcast y todos estos ejemplos de esfuerzo, humanidad, sencillez, entrega y valores. Te mereces cada valioso momento que estás viviendo. Sigue así, siempre creciendo, siempre compartiendo, siempre inspirando. Extiende mis felicitaciones a tu pequeño equipazo de trabajo (Ed, Jas, Cereal y Hamburguesa). ;)
user avatar
User #660335 - 2 Apr 18 17:55
user avatar
User #6658556 - 15 Nov 17 19:57
Great video, as usual! I haven't got the planner yet, but I did ask for some of your planner range for my birthday (early December) so I'll def make sure and let you know how I like it / use it! Congrats again and I'm sooo excited for you!
user avatar
User #5881344 - 15 Nov 17 07:37
Felicidades! muy bonito todo, me encanta ver el "behind the scenes" de las cosas, normalmente mucha gente enseña solo los resultados y lo hace ver como algo muy fácil cuando hay todo un proceso detrás y creo que por esta razón nos hemos vuelto mas impacientes con nuestros proyectos, porque tenemos la impresión de que todo es fácil y rápido. Gracias por compartir!
user avatar
User #3071486 - 15 Nov 17 01:29
¡Me encantan estos videos! Los videos con el seguimiento de procesos que haces siempre son mis favoritos ✨ ✨ ✨
user avatar
User #3319539 - 15 Nov 17 00:45
user avatar
User #3971354 - 10 Jul 18 10:38
Omg I agree!! She's so cute ❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #7654714 - 17 Nov 17 16:23
hey Fran! Thank you for shared all the process of making a planner! It's really nice to see the process and changes. Now I saw even more that the planner worth every penny! Congrats to stay focused and strong during this process. :)
user avatar
User #6780786 - 14 Nov 17 22:38
I love seeing the behind the scenes process and revisions/refining that you did between the start and finish. I'm in the process of trying to write/illustrate a picture book and it's such a process. I didn't even realize how much would be involved.
user avatar
User #7853355 - 16 Nov 17 17:49
It's nice to see everything broken down and talked about in a not so scary way. Creating merchandise is insane and I respect any artist who gives it a genuine go, I hope to one day be able to say that I've done the same. Good Job Guys! The planner truly looks fantastic, I can see what some people are saying about the colors not being for them (which is kind of crazy if you think about how pink was initially a boys color or so they say). To be honest I think it's fine but I'm sure pastel greens or maybe warmer colors like fall themed would look lovely too
user avatar
User #7569550 - 16 Nov 17 14:27
Hello Fran! I really liked this video, and I was super excited when I heard that there will be a planner, but in the end I decided I wont purchase one. I know it sounds super mean, but I'm writing it to you to give some feedback: I really like the quality of your product and the many many extra you put into it I really like the open dates so basically we can start it anytime. I hate that there are a lot of planner out there and I know that many of them won't be purchased and the big companies will just burn them at the end of the year. I really like the extra pages with the coupons and everything All in all it is a super nice planner. I decided not to buy it this year is because it is super girly. I mean.... the cover is pink. I know, it's not a big deal, but man, you just shut out of the game half of the human population. I know a plenty of boys who want a nice calendar but I can't buy this them as present, because they will feel super weird with a pastel pink notebook. (Maybe it is because of the country I live in, maybe it is not everywhere) I don't prefer pink so much either to buy a fully pink covered planner. Maybe if it would be partly pink, ok, but a whole cover pink notebook is too much for me for this pirce. I know, that I am the minority in this pink question, but I think it would be nice, if next year you could do two covers: one super girly and cute and one for the tomboys :) I know, that in Chile you published your planner with the cloudy cover too, I think that is super cute! I hope I wasn't too harsh. Have a nice day, and hold on with the planner madness :) Sophie
user avatar
User #7398987 - 14 Nov 17 23:03
I've recievied your lovely monthly planner just last week and let me tell you im enjoying it so much!! I take it with me everywhere i go and feel like im more organized and less scatter brained than usual. Silly I know but im such a procrastinator and your planner has already given me the motivation to organize my life a bit. Everyday im eagerly excited to cross off that day in exitement for conquring it and planning the next month!!!! Thank you so much Fran!!!
user avatar
User #884609 - 15 Nov 17 17:40
😃 this is all so great to see.
user avatar
User #2869961 - 15 Nov 17 04:14
I just received your planner and I cant wait to use it! My current planner ends in December so I’ll start in January with your awesome one. One very small request for your next one or maybe just your next set of weekly or monthly calendars is if you could make a version where the week starts on Sunday? Only if it’s not too much trouble to do that. At work all of the schedules and calendars I deal with start with Sunday so when I try to compare with the planner it throws me off a bit. It’s not a huge thing though, totally understandable if its too much trouble or if you don’t think it’s worth the bother. I love love love your planner and cant wait to use it in the new year! You’re the best ❤️
user avatar
User #7336170 - 15 Nov 17 01:54
Felicidades Fran! Eres una inspiración para mí...concretas tus sueños 💝
user avatar
User #5744711 - 15 Nov 17 13:59
Thank u for letting us participate in your Journey 💗. Must ask: If I order the planner now... will I receive it before Christmas?
user avatar
frannerd - 15 Nov 17 14:28
Hi Mikaaa! YES, but just checking: where do you live?
Post file flag
HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO FILM LIKE THIS 2016-04-19T13:35:55+00:00close

I love Hamburguesa ❤️ happy Tuesday my nerds 🐈 ~ COMO SE SUPONE QUE VOY A GRABAR ASI Amo a Hamburguesa ❤️ feliz martes nerds 🐈

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #10513608 - 4 Apr 18 07:39
Woo!! hamburgesa is so adorable (´・∀・`)
user avatar
User #3030683 - 26 Apr 16 15:55
jajaja las mascotas siempre se adueñan de los asientos
user avatar
User #925887 - 16 May 16 16:38
Si, siempre lo hacen y mas los gatos.
user avatar
User #14300595 - 1 Nov 18 17:18
I love her name!!
user avatar
User #3498789 - 16 Jun 16 20:42
Omg haha!! Hi! I would appreciate if you could look around my Creator page and comment something I could improve on. (And maybe even pledge, if you really love it! 😉)
user avatar
User #2863755 - 19 Apr 16 22:27
I guess Hamburgesa wants to be the next youtube cat! She's so adorable!
user avatar
User #925887 - 16 May 16 16:39
yes, she is
user avatar
User #15369038 - 2 Dec 18 08:49
Whould you mind being my first patron? Or share my page
user avatar
User #884609 - 20 Apr 16 00:27
Hamburguesa is always epic.
user avatar
User #36032 - 21 Apr 16 22:06
YAAAY! $1000!!!
YAAAY! $1000!!!more_vert
Post file flag
YAAAY! $1000!!! 2016-02-17T16:49:34+00:00close

Thanks you guys, you're super duper awesome <3

Gracias mis nerds, son mega hiper geniales <3

Comments (21)
user avatar
User #2854510 - 17 Feb 16 21:46
Yay! Congratulations!
user avatar
User #2762681 - 17 Feb 16 20:42
Felicitaciones Frannn!!!! Por muchos más!!!! :3 :3
user avatar
User #921131 - 17 Feb 16 20:18
Congrats girl! You deserve that and more!
user avatar
User #2744218 - 17 Feb 16 16:54
Great News!! You deserve it :) Keep making great content!! Love you! x
user avatar
User #2476473 - 17 Feb 16 16:50
Hell yeah, Fran!
user avatar
User #2745356 - 18 Feb 16 15:03
Genial Fran!!! Se viene el calendario ehehehehe🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
user avatar
User #2786328 - 18 Feb 16 22:07
yey guuuurl! :)
user avatar
User #2757479 - 18 Feb 16 21:08
More than 170 are more than happy to Support you. :) When do you gonna post the calendar-files? After your organisation Videos im so motivated to get started. :D
user avatar
User #2757479 - 18 Feb 16 21:09
More than 190* people :D
user avatar
User #424186 - 19 Feb 16 08:25
user avatar
User #2869961 - 17 Feb 16 17:04
Congrats you're awesome! I'm happy to support a fellow artist. Thank you for giving us so much insight into your process. It makes me feel less alone in my journey to find my own illustration style. 💕
user avatar
User #2832721 - 18 Feb 16 00:28
user avatar
User #89017 - 17 Feb 16 17:17
Congrats Fran!! Well deserved! 🎉🎈🎈🎈
user avatar
User #2772364 - 18 Feb 16 09:25
user avatar
User #2751958 - 17 Feb 16 19:07
This is so great ^0^ ✨🍾✨
user avatar
User #2762191 - 17 Feb 16 19:04
¡¡¡Genial Fran!!! ¿Qué tendrá el gato del fondo en las zarpas? ¿Dos pescados? :-)
user avatar
User #8229682 - 25 Nov 17 09:38
❤️❤️❤️❤️ felicidades!!!!!!
user avatar
User #2497163 - 17 Feb 16 17:32
Congratulations Fran!!!!
user avatar
User #2890598 - 17 Feb 16 17:07
well deserved! felicidades~
user avatar
User #2746705 - 17 Feb 16 17:07
Yay Fran! You're an amazing artist💕
user avatar
User #2744435 - 17 Feb 16 20:15
I would shower you in money if I could ---- so happy we are able to help you create more of your beautiful content as a group. makes me so happy and I feel like I am in the company of a friend when I come online and watch your videos or enjoy your paintings... :) <3 Have a great week!

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