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It's a tie?
It's a tie?more_vert
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It's a tie? 2016-03-12T06:09:05+00:00close

There hasn't been a clear winner for the Straw poll i made, so instead of picking one of the top choices i decided to go for the loser. Rainbow Dash with only two votes wins by default XD

P.s. I just heard about the season 6 premiere this 26, all post until that day will be pony related.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #972940 - 17 Mar 16 11:20
By the way, this is one of my favorites.
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Piemore_vert
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Pinkie Pie 2016-03-09T10:38:21+00:00close

I suddenly got the need of drawing mlp stuff. Hope y’all like my chubby Pinkie Pie.

Vote for your favorite ponyhttp://strawpoll.me/7039910

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2282315 - 10 Mar 16 12:29
I voted for Twilight and Applejack. I hope you make Applejack really busty. I like me some busty Cowboy Girls, especially with the freckles.
Post file flag
Wang 2016-03-05T00:48:42+00:00close

Allow me to introduce you to Wang the offspring of the Yellow dragon and the The Busty Empress of China.

Age: 15 yrs old

Likes: his mother and older sisters

Dislikes: The Jade Emperor (adoptive father)

Magical element: being descendant of one of the celestial dragons he possess magic of lightning

The youngest child of the empress four children. Wang is a friendly, simple-minded and determined young boy with a massive cock (the biggest in all of china). Adventurous and curious about the world Wang is very popular with the concubines of the palace which make his mother and sisters very jealous and over protective of him, but the Jade emperor is not happy with the attention Wang is getting.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2282315 - 5 Mar 16 02:16
I like where this is going. Though you did refer to Wang as a she in the Magical element section.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 5 Mar 16 02:25
user avatar
User #2282315 - 5 Mar 16 02:26
lol there is no need to apologize. >_<
Ask the TotaLolis #9
Ask the TotaLolis #9more_vert
Post file flag
Ask the TotaLolis #9 2016-03-03T02:57:58+00:00close

What's the matter Gwen? Are you hiding something from us? XD

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #141987 - 3 Mar 16 03:09
lol aw who can be mad at that face
user avatar
User #2282315 - 3 Mar 16 12:15
Ah, good ol' Gwencest. Also, return of the oppai loli! Hurray!
NTR in a nut shell
NTR in a nut shellmore_vert
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NTR in a nut shell 2016-02-23T19:09:52+00:00close

I have been watching some Netorare hentai lately and is by far the most laughable genres i have ever seen. The heroine is a dumbass, the character that we are supposed to feel sorry for does absolutely nothing but stand there and cry like a baby while people rape her girlfriend/wife and the story have like a million plot holes with no answer.

it is quite stupid, but enjoyable.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #241115 - 23 Feb 16 22:47
Hentai manga and anime hentai kind of bores me these days, I mostly prefer adult comic's like "Rooie Oortjes", "Soy Naco", "Cavewoman", "Tarot - witch of the black rose", and "Playboy Little Annie Fanny"
user avatar
User #447794 - 23 Feb 16 19:46
If the art is good almost every genre is enjoyable.....ALMOST XD P.S. fuck you i was eating XD that "sob" made me choke lol
My daily life 2016-02-21T19:01:57+00:00

A few weeks back my little brother who goes to a christian/catholic (i don't know they're the same to me) school, so he ask me to draw the virgin Mary for some kind of play and i only have a few hours before bedtime. Now i'm not used to draw outside of my anime/cartoon style so every line i made was a mistake to my eyes and after failing 3 times i said FUCK IT! im doing it my way. so the next day it didn't surprise the reaction of my mom and lil bro when they saw my "Masterpiece" they both know what i do for living, but even i wouldn't go as far as doing dirty things to a religious figure. In my opinion it was fine, but to them it was sacrilegious "she's too sexy" they said, but there was no time to change it XD

In the end they didn't use it for the same reason which i think is ridiculous, why can some one as the virgin Mary can't look attractive, Are you saying she must be ugly to be worshiped?

I'm gonna try to take a picture of it so you can judge by your self, apparently the image was too sexy that it was confiscated by one of the nuns and they wont give it back.


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2282315 - 21 Feb 16 19:57
I'm afraid the only thing I have to say about theistic religion is "LOL" followed by a tired sigh. Respect for sticking by your guns, though.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 22 Feb 16 22:51
user avatar
User #447794 - 21 Feb 16 19:10
Haven't they ever seen Jesus on the cross? The guy is ripped! XD But still that shit is funny, I think its an overeaction cause deities and other holy figures can be made to look good and generally appealing to everyone, its not your fault that your folks found the sweet holy mary as "seductive" it seems to be their own little perception of your design :D
user avatar
User #141987 - 21 Feb 16 20:49
to be fair catholics are pretty crazy even among the religuse
More Lee time
More Lee timemore_vert
Post file flag
More Lee time 2016-02-18T15:33:08+00:00close

(new panels)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #447794 - 18 Feb 16 15:39
"Oh you aint getting to me Lee Kanker!" Sorry i just always wanted to use that line :D
user avatar
user avatar
User #2282315 - 18 Feb 16 15:42
Mmm yes, more delicious Lee. Some shoulder freckles would be nice though I think.
Lee time
Lee timemore_vert
Post file flag
Lee time 2016-02-13T20:46:56+00:00close

looking after two younger sisters could be very stressful.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2282315 - 14 Feb 16 10:58
I began to like Lee Kanker ever since the artist Bigdad began drawing an older version of her. I'm quite pleased that you're depiction of her is also pretty great. I always pictured Lee as being the bustiest of the three sisters by far.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 15 Feb 16 00:43
I think we all agree in that statement
Cyborg of justice
Cyborg of justicemore_vert
Post file flag
Cyborg of justice 2016-02-13T08:14:01+00:00close
Inspector GadgetinTotaLoli
Post file flag
No! 2016-02-11T06:25:03+00:00close


Comments (5)
user avatar
User #447794 - 11 Feb 16 06:27
I linked it before and i shall link it again https://youtu.be/tCmonVKi7w4
user avatar
User #241115 - 11 Feb 16 07:11
I take it that she saw her new design for the reboot.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 12 Feb 16 07:21
Actually i think gwen's design is really cute, unfortunately i can NOT say the same for the others
user avatar
User #141987 - 11 Feb 16 14:08
user avatar
User #2282315 - 11 Feb 16 06:33
Gwen's response to me requesting her to give me a lap-dance in her underwear.
A new start 2016-02-01T08:44:30+00:00

Well, hello again friends. First of all, I must thank you for your kind support. It wouldn't be the same without all of you. My intended goal with this new page is to start fresh. With the old one i made quite a mess making promises that never came, leaving unfinished projects and so on. but this time for real im gonna do things right and finish whatever i started until the end.

This year i'll be focusing on TotaLoli (yes the waiting is over)with tons of action, comedy and slice of life moments while fighting antagonist you all know and some of my own creation in mind that will play a big part in an all encompassing story.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much i enjoy making them

Comments (16)
user avatar
User #2282315 - 1 Feb 16 16:58
I edited my earlier message and saved, and Patreon showed me the altered post, but now it's reverted back to it's first state. Why are Patreon comments such garbage? And can someone explain to me how I go down a line without using Enter?
user avatar
User #447794 - 1 Feb 16 16:25
And guess who your first subscriber is! A HAHAHAHAHA NOW I'M ALL YOU GOT!!!!
user avatar
SamsonArt - 1 Feb 16 18:53
Hehe, Thanks
user avatar
User #96855 - 1 Feb 16 16:30
Nope That would be me
user avatar
user avatar
SamsonArt - 1 Feb 16 18:53
happy to have you onboard
user avatar
User #2282315 - 1 Feb 16 17:02
I am very confused about how the pledges are being handled, and would like you to clarrify things. At the top right display it says "x Patrons $xx per" with nothing afterwards. Is this not a monthly scheme? I am only prepared to pay monthly, and not prepared to pay per picture, and I will have to cancel my patronage period if it's any other scheme. Also, i canceled the last pledge on your old Patreon, but it claimed I was charged $1(what I changed my pledge to until you got your Patreon retooling done) per image for the last 3 images on your old Patreon. When I deleted my pledge, Patreon told me I was charged $3. My bank account is currently drained at the moment, so if I have been charged your Patreon will have caused me to go overdrawn.(assuming the transaction went through). So just what kind of Patreon is this? monthly, per image? The "$x per BLANK SPACE" is not giving me much.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 1 Feb 16 18:51
I don't see the "x Patrons $xx per" you're describing, there must be a glitch in patreon system.
user avatar
User #2282315 - 1 Feb 16 18:57
Well, what I actually see is "4 patrons $53.99 per" but there is nothing after the "per". The x's were indicators of a potentially changing variable.
user avatar
User #2282315 - 1 Feb 16 19:02
Anyway, my confirmation from Patreon for pledging $15 is as thus. "Evil Emperor Proteus, thank you for your pledge of $15 per None created by Samson Art! No charge has been placed yet. You've pledged to a "per creation" campaign and you will only be charged if Samson Art makes a paid post before the end of the month. Your pledge renews automatically and is charged every month. Creators may post different numbers of creations, which changes your monthly charge. You can cancel at anytime by visiting your home page and clicking "Edit Pledge". You can read our terms here. " Will the charge occur only once for that month so long as you make at least one "paid" post? That is to say, pledgers will not be charged if you don't make a paid post, but we will be charged once for that month if you make one or more paid posts? Just trying to make sure I understand this properly, since Patreon has this "per None" thing.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 1 Feb 16 19:22
you should ask the staff about this.
user avatar
User #2282315 - 2 Feb 16 10:39
Patreon attempted to charge me $3 for each of the images you uploaded to your last Patreon. This patreon payment scheme is per picture you upload. So since my pledge for this new one was $15, I will be charged $15 per picture. I was only prepared to pay for a monthly scheme, will you be going back to that one? Otherwise I may have to end my patronage. :(
user avatar
SamsonArt - 2 Feb 16 19:12
I'm trying to make sense with one patreon employee, if things doesn't resolve then, the only thing that seems fair is to lower my reward cost to $1 and $5.
user avatar
User #2282315 - 2 Feb 16 19:20
Can't you just do the monthly thing again? The problem I see with per image is that it means I could be paying a potentially random amount of money each month based on how active you are being. For personal needs I require the amount to be static for budgeting reasons, otherwise this Patreon alone could end up costing more money than I was willing to give, was able to give and forcively prevent me from doing other things with my own money. For example, I would prefer to set aside a set amount for the Patreon, so I do, and then I have left over disposable income for other things like Books, but then you could suddenly make some posts and now I owe your Patreon my money. Like I said with the previous patreon, it charged me $3 earlier for leaving the Patreon for your last three images, and that's because I lowered my pledge to $1 until you sorted your new Patreon out. If I had left it at $15 as was the original pledge, I would have been charged $55, which is far above what I originally signed up for.
user avatar
User #2282315 - 1 Feb 16 16:47
Welcome back. The settings says "per creation" so I'm a bit confused. How will this one work? I will not pay per image posted, I was only prepared to do the monthly pledge scheme.
user avatar
SamsonArt - 1 Feb 16 18:54
i'm as confused as you
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