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Chapter 4: pg11
Chapter 4: pg11more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg11 2020-01-10T08:45:18+00:00close

A little post-revelation coffee <3

Media (1)

pg11.jpg (414.6KiB)

Happy New Year <3!  Let the 20's roll~
Happy New Year <3! Let the 20's roll~more_vert
Post file flag
Happy New Year <3! Let the 20's roll~ 2020-01-02T03:34:40+00:00close

Well Wishes to all you beautiful people!

Media (1)

2020-web.jpg (150.7KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #58224 - 2 Jan 20 03:48
Happy New Year to you as well!
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Jan 20 12:07
*New Years Dance!* (/ ' w')/
user avatar
User #5315280 - 2 Jan 20 04:02
Thats so cool :o, Happy New Years!
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Jan 20 12:08
Thank you!
Chapter 4: pg10
Chapter 4: pg10more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg10 2020-01-01T10:45:17+00:00close

FIRSTLY, a Happy New Years to all you wonderful people (/ ' 3')/ <3!!!
Secondly, back to whipping out pages and stories~

Media (1)

pg10.jpg (392.1KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 3 Jan 20 04:51
Happy New Years there, and I would be hard at thought too if suddenly went from normal life, to kidnapped, given a taste of power, and now going into the mountains @-@
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Jan 20 12:09
It's going to be a long and arduous journey indeed ; w;
user avatar
User #4447672 - 5 Jan 20 04:48
I'll miss Mam too Ayse !
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Jan 20 12:09
Mam will cheer from afar <3!
 Chapter 4: pg09
Chapter 4: pg09more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg09 2019-12-16T11:51:34+00:00close

Aaand the next page is live!
Looks like the adults need some time alone to chat ' O'

Media (1)

pg09.jpg (423.3KiB)

Chapter 4: pg08
Chapter 4: pg08more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg08 2019-12-09T14:06:43+00:00close

Page 8 is ready to roll (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧ <3!!!
Rose is looking totally thrilled

Media (1)

pg08.jpg (396.1KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 10 Dec 19 19:13
"I was hoping you'd take more time to come up with a decision..."
user avatar
LarkandWren - 12 Dec 19 14:44
Rose was juuust starting to enjoy her time off...
user avatar
User #4447672 - 11 Dec 19 04:14
Pack lots of extra toilet paper Ayse... you don't want to be at a top of a mountain peak without it P:
user avatar
LarkandWren - 12 Dec 19 14:44
Gotta take care of the essentials :3
Chapter 4: pg07
Chapter 4: pg07more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg07 2019-12-02T12:11:35+00:00close

A little catching up to do on the spot.
Ayşe doesn't seem to be sharing in the enthusiasm though :T

Media (1)

pg07.jpg (394.5KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 2 Dec 19 23:44
When your expecting a showdown to find the man, but turns out to be a friendly get together
user avatar
LarkandWren - 3 Dec 19 03:25
Ayşe had her fisticuffs all ready to go ; w; Now she has to resort to boring diplomacy~
user avatar
User #4447672 - 3 Dec 19 04:19
I love her disgruntled expression in the last panel.
user avatar
LarkandWren - 3 Dec 19 04:59
Let's just say that 'impressed' isn't her word of the day.
Chapter 4: pg06
Chapter 4: pg06more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg06 2019-11-22T14:16:47+00:00close

What a small world it is indeed :O!

Media (1)

pg06.jpg (442.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 23 Nov 19 17:25
That fifth panel ayse has the perfect face of "wtf is happening right now?"
user avatar
LarkandWren - 29 Nov 19 05:18
mfw mom is friends with the kidnapper D:!!
Chapter 4: pg05
Chapter 4: pg05more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg05 2019-11-04T07:43:49+00:00close

There's always more information to be found in the back of the store ' w')/ !

Media (1)

pg05.jpg (368.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 6 Nov 19 05:33
That was unexpected...
user avatar
LarkandWren - 12 Nov 19 12:09
Turns out there's a mage kidnapping guild in the back of the store~
Oops, here's the Chapter 04 Title page!
Oops, here's the Chapter 04 Title page!more_vert
Post file flag
Oops, here's the Chapter 04 Title page! 2019-10-24T06:17:25+00:00close

Since this week means a return to posting outside of Patreon again, we needed to make an intro cover for the page~

Media (1)

title.jpg (322.6KiB)

Chapter 4: pg04
Chapter 4: pg04more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg04 2019-10-24T06:15:33+00:00close

This little apothecary gets a lot of foot traffic :3

Media (1)

pg04.jpg (383.1KiB)

Chapter 4: pg03
Chapter 4: pg03more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg03 2019-10-14T14:01:45+00:00close

Permission to attend Mage School granted :3

Media (1)

pg03.png (954.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 14 Oct 19 23:16
Last panel "are they crazy talking?"
user avatar
LarkandWren - 15 Oct 19 07:00
"Ever since mentioning that mage she's never been the same..."
Fleur pg 03
Fleur pg 03more_vert
Post file flag
Fleur pg 03 2019-10-11T10:46:35+00:00close

as mentioned :D it's not new but this is page 3 <3

Media (1)

02.png (1.4MiB)

Chapter 4: pg02
Chapter 4: pg02more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg02 2019-10-07T15:48:48+00:00close

Media (1)

pg02.jpg (345.0KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 8 Oct 19 01:16
"Ignorance is bliss" or "knowledge is power"... best o luck with that conundrum Ayse
user avatar
LarkandWren - 9 Oct 19 08:35
Two very divergent pathes~
user avatar
User #5315280 - 9 Oct 19 04:02
"You could just.. not use the thre-" "IVE TASTED POWER, I MUST KNOW MORE!"
user avatar
LarkandWren - 9 Oct 19 08:36
user avatar
User #463065 - 7 Oct 19 22:45
Always better to know why you don't go into the woods than to be just told not to.
Chapter 4: pg01
Chapter 4: pg01more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 4: pg01 2019-09-30T10:05:48+00:00close

Still got 3 weeks before this chapter goes public, but you wonderful folks get to see them as we hammer them out (ฅ`ω´ฅ) <3


*cracks knuckles*
Time to build up that page buffer :9

Media (1)

pg01.jpg (350.8KiB)

Chapter 3: pg16
Chapter 3: pg16more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg16 2019-09-23T02:34:25+00:00close

Aaaaand, scene!

Time to get chapter 04 and Ayse on the road <3

Media (1)

pg16.jpg (319.8KiB)

Chapter 3: pg14
Chapter 3: pg14more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg14 2019-09-08T09:10:08+00:00close

A lot more fragile than initially expected :Y ~

Media (1)

pg14.jpg (337.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 8 Sep 19 15:32
;^; poor lil guy... RIP
user avatar
User #5315280 - 9 Sep 19 03:42
Well that cant be good
Fleur Tests
Fleur Testsmore_vert
Post file flag
Fleur Tests 2019-09-07T04:49:30+00:00close

If anyone follow's Lark's social media pages, you might have seen these already!
Fleur is a short story that she has been brewing in her mind for almost two years, now--and these two "pages" were tests for a style and format that she was hoping would suit the narrative she had in mind.

The story would be a series of these illustrations, with large narrative gaps between each page, but not large enough to obscure the story nor break up the progression in a manner that makes it difficult to follow. It would be kind of like summarizing a film with a series of choice screenshots and key pieces of dialogue.
It will be rather experimental, but the illustrations will be consistently to this level of polish and consideration.

Would you guys be interested in seeing the process/"making of" for this little story as we progress through it? From thumbnail roughs/story boards, to the sketched pages, rough backgrounds and polish?

While Woven is scheduled weekly, Fleur will take a back seat as more of a "free time" passion project (until Woven is completed, assuming Fleur is not also completed by then), so updates for it would be rather spotty comparatively.
However, I do not want to post Fleur publicly until it is fully complete. Which means our patrons here will be the very first to see it, as the pages are being completed.

Let us know what you think of this! Do these two test pages pique your interest at all? :>

Media (2)

01.png (1.3MiB)
02.png (1.4MiB)

Chapter 3: pg13
Chapter 3: pg13more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg13 2019-09-01T09:02:54+00:00close

Ayşe's water bending abilities seem to be improving ;3

Is this really all there is to magic ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ ?

Media (1)

pg13.jpg (387.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 6 Sep 19 14:07
reminds me of those videogame hacks... the more you use, the more you kinda destroy the world :')
user avatar
LarkandWren - 8 Sep 19 09:08
Tweaking variables until you don't even remember what the original value was ; w;
user avatar
User #5315280 - 2 Sep 19 20:54
*pulls one string that tilts the whole town* oh crap
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Sep 19 14:24
Turns out world physics are tied to these strings ;D
Chapter 3: pg12
Chapter 3: pg12more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg12 2019-08-25T12:20:15+00:00close

Phew! Finally got this one out into the world <3

THANK YOU for being so patient guys!

Lark aka Bees was hit with a strong dose of salmonella poisoning so the schedule was knocked a little off kilter. Regardless, she has done a beautiful job with the background, in particular, the fountain :3c

Stay tuned for page 13 roughs in a day or two!

Media (1)

pg12.jpg (378.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #463065 - 25 Aug 19 13:09
Smart choice, young lady.....
user avatar
LarkandWren - 26 Aug 19 08:01
Curiosity didn't have repercussions this time round~
user avatar
User #5315280 - 25 Aug 19 14:06
Oh right.. she can't actually touch them without the pen. Derp That marble fountain scene though :o
user avatar
LarkandWren - 26 Aug 19 08:03
Luckily there seem to be rules to this stuff <3 And Thank You for loving the fountain scene! We'll get a chance to really show off the fountain soon :3c
Chapter 3: pg11
Chapter 3: pg11more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg11 2019-08-12T11:57:38+00:00close

As other folks pointed out, playing around with things you don't quite understand might not be the best idea...

Media (1)

pg11.jpg (325.0KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 13 Aug 19 03:34
Hm, has me wondering if white handles age or health. But dont touch iiiiiit
user avatar
LarkandWren - 15 Aug 19 15:32
White threads... are very important to say the least
user avatar
User #4447672 - 13 Aug 19 02:37
abstract creepy distance smile in the 3rd panel makes me think thas a BAD idea
user avatar
LarkandWren - 15 Aug 19 15:31
I'm really glad you're are noticing that :3c ~
user avatar
User #4447672 - 13 Aug 19 02:36
nopenopenope leave that repressed memory where it should be
user avatar
User #463065 - 12 Aug 19 15:48
Sometimes knots and tangles serve a purpose.....
user avatar
LarkandWren - 15 Aug 19 15:30
There's definitely a natural order to things, even if you don't understand them ; w;
Chapter 3: pg10
Chapter 3: pg10more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg10 2019-08-04T13:51:45+00:00close

Mom seems to have a rather low opinion of Ayşe's father ; w;
Just a hunch~

Media (1)

pg10.jpg (662.1KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 4 Aug 19 15:15
Dang mum :o
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Aug 19 09:25
user avatar
User #220275 - 4 Aug 19 18:11
I mean that was the question everyone was going to ask! (my theory is she was grafted with a dragon's eye to save her life) Mom's reaction, though.
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Aug 19 09:28
We just wanted to get the dragon dad theory off the table first! That dragon's eye theory is a neat one :3c
Chapter 3: pg09
Chapter 3: pg09more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg09 2019-07-28T12:48:07+00:00close


We are back in the saddle and ready to get this ball rolling again :D
There was a total of 3 weeks, filled with set backs, emergencies and so on, but looks like we cleared the storm <3

It just feels soooo nice to be posting these again!
THANK YOU so much for your patience~

Psst, on a side note, we now have over 50 pages of for the comic! That is a rather juicy milestone and we're glad you are here to share it with us.
Another 9+ Chapters to go >:3c !

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 2 Aug 19 03:58
ahh this page is so nice. glad to see ya'll have recovered and are bringing us more of this juicy plot >:3c
user avatar
LarkandWren - 3 Aug 19 07:47
MANY THANKS! The is much plot juice on the way >;3c
user avatar
User #5315280 - 29 Jul 19 03:52
Welcome back and congrats on the starting milestone!
user avatar
LarkandWren - 29 Jul 19 09:11
Chapter 3: pg08
Chapter 3: pg08more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg08 2019-07-07T14:12:51+00:00close

We get to revisist the prologue's colour palette and see a younger version of Mom <3

Also, it seems like Theo disn't very good at keeping track of his potential students.

Chapter 3: pg07
Chapter 3: pg07more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg07 2019-07-01T05:49:22+00:00close

Hazzah <3!
Looks like we're preparing for a history lesson ;D

Chapter 3: pg06
Chapter 3: pg06more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg06 2019-06-22T12:31:15+00:00close

Chat time is coming up~

Chapter 3: pg05
Chapter 3: pg05more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg05 2019-06-12T09:33:29+00:00close

Aaaaand that's another page in the bag <3

Maybe there is a tinge of pity in Mum's voice~

Chapter 3: pg04
Chapter 3: pg04more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg04 2019-06-04T13:52:19+00:00close

It is a good thing that Theo is sequestered far away in the mountains...

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 7 Jun 19 13:45
Somewhere, in his mountain hideaway, Theo feels a disturbance in the force... coming for him
user avatar
LarkandWren - 8 Jun 19 10:10
as if two voices cried out in absolute anger and disdain.
user avatar
User #5315280 - 5 Jun 19 04:36
The hand gestures make this conversation so much better
user avatar
LarkandWren - 5 Jun 19 10:04
Hands are emotional accessories~
user avatar
User #190701 - 5 Jun 19 23:22
I can't tell you how happy I am that they are appropriately pissed about the kidnapping.
user avatar
LarkandWren - 7 Jun 19 00:42
The momentum of dissatisfaction is increasing at an alarming rate.
Chapter 3: pg03
Chapter 3: pg03more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg03 2019-05-29T09:38:23+00:00close

Now that mum's here, it's the twins' cue to exit, stage left <3
Looks like there is going to be a lot of explaining to do in the next page~

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 29 May 19 13:37
Que comedic double take X3
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:31
Sometimes, being right is not always so good XD
user avatar
User #4453464 - 29 May 19 19:11
i love that they told her they were leaving since she can't see them leave
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:30
They've grown up with Ayse and so they are a pretty tight team overall~ [They're also partially responsible for her overly cheeky attitude >:3c]
Chapter 3: pg02
Chapter 3: pg02more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg02 2019-05-25T05:57:25+00:00close

We're having a heck of a good time with the twins [they only got a few panels the last 2 chapters] so now they get their time to shine :D ~*

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 25 May 19 14:40
Somewhere out there, Talons feelings were suddenly dealt a crushing blow
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:23
*[Somewhere on the other side of the market] He sneezes whilst carrying his ridiculously large bag*
user avatar
User #4453464 - 25 May 19 23:58
i love ayse so much
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:21
Thank you :D <3
user avatar
User #4447672 - 29 May 19 01:00
She's not awake enough for this yet XDD
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:21
Mornings can be tough ; w; Especially after two trips in a cart to and from the countryside XD
Chapter 3: pg01
Chapter 3: pg01more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 3: pg01 2019-05-14T08:28:12+00:00close

Here we go :3c <3!!!

Let the next chapter begin~

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 17 May 19 01:01
cheeky little things. the expressions on these 2 is really fun ! love the way they compliment each other :D
user avatar
LarkandWren - 4 Jun 19 04:20
Thank you! We are really proud of the twins since they kind of organically emerged out of the story [off panel] since page 02 of the first chapter ;D
Chapter 03 Script is complete!
Chapter 03 Script is complete!more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 03 Script is complete! 2019-04-24T10:22:26+00:00close

Lark has just finished the next chapter script, which means we'll be starting on the page roughs shortly!

Can't wait to show you guys as we progress <3

Chapter 2: pg17
Chapter 2: pg17more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 2: pg17 2019-04-17T11:38:49+00:00close


This page's turn around was a lot faster than anticipated :D ! Which is perfect since we're going to need the time to rough out Chapter 03.

We're going to take a break from public posting until the 20th of May BUT all you wonderful patrons will get to see the pages as they are made.
Gonna get that page buffer up and running >:3c !!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 17 Apr 19 22:01
"You're a wizard ayse" Look forward to ch.3!
user avatar
LarkandWren - 18 Apr 19 15:56
*owl smacks into closed window* Looking forward to showing off ch.3 in progress ;D
user avatar
User #4447672 - 20 Apr 19 06:40
Sweet dreams, Ayse. What a great conclusion to chapter 2 and can't wait to see the next installments >:3c
user avatar
LarkandWren - 24 Apr 19 10:24
Can't wait to share the progress as we move along >:D <3 !
Chapter 2: pg16
Chapter 2: pg16more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 2: pg16 2019-04-14T09:06:14+00:00close

Oooooone more page left ; w; !!!
*EXCITE intensifies~~~*

Also, testing out the 'Early Access' function for you folks <3

ie. all patrons will see this page, but it won't go live to the public until tomorrow

[Monday 12:20pm gst +7]]

As we build up our page buffer for chapter 3 in the coming weeks, patrons will get to see the progress before things go live again in late May]

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 14 Apr 19 21:45
Watch as shes bugged for sleeping in now
user avatar
LarkandWren - 17 Apr 19 11:00
Let's hope she gets enough sleep It's going to be a hectic morning...
Chapter 2: Pg13
Chapter 2: Pg13more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 2: Pg13 2019-03-31T10:19:58+00:00close

Whomp whomp, I forgot to POST THIS PAGE HERE kjdshf SORRY GUYS!! ; A; <3

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4447672 - 31 Mar 19 16:07
alas, 7 straight pages of a bloody nose has come to an end... tis the end of an era
user avatar
LarkandWren - 1 Apr 19 04:55
THANK GOD kjsdf but of course now, we don't see him anymore hhh
user avatar
User #5315280 - 31 Mar 19 16:11
Finally clean! XD Must say this interaction went much more smoothly from how I thought it would end.
user avatar
LarkandWren - 1 Apr 19 04:55
catastrophe...mostly??? averted....for now LOL
A little segue for bread
A little segue for breadmore_vert
Post file flag
A little segue for bread 2019-02-16T10:23:28+00:00close

It buoys our hearts to know that our friends are still vested in the world of Abraxas <3

A recent conversation allowed us to explore some possibilities... such as Fig's potential rise to Master Bread Thief...

You people are awesome, thank you (/ ´ ꒳` )/ ~

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5676991 - 16 Feb 19 15:51
hope to get to see more that amazing world. ;v; I've missed it
user avatar
LarkandWren - 17 Feb 19 10:10
oh, us too..! Sean is trying to figure out something small and fun he can make with the current assets, etc..! We have an itch to scratch!
user avatar
User #463065 - 16 Feb 19 13:06
Here's hoping we hear more about it in the near future.
user avatar
LarkandWren - 19 Mar 19 13:45
I've been trying to piece together a fun little offshoot of the game. Want to see if I can get a little isometric room and have the player move Fig [or Bird] around it :D
Chapter 2: pg07
Chapter 2: pg07more_vert
Post file flag
Chapter 2: pg07 2019-02-10T16:47:22+00:00close

Oh..! I was about to post page 8 up and realized I haven't even posted 7 on here! Well..here it is! haha

Life has been busy this month <___> sorry for dropping the ball!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 10 Feb 19 18:42
Damn shes ruthless :o
Ayse by LevelViolet!
Ayse by LevelViolet!more_vert
Post file flag
Ayse by LevelViolet! 2018-09-04T15:48:07+00:00close

Just wanted to take a quick moment to showcase this stunning painting of Ayse by LevelViolet!!

If you're even half as blown away by this beautiful piece as we are, you're gonna wanna click that link and check out the rest of her work..!
We're over the moon!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5315280 - 5 Sep 18 03:41
Amazing :o
Discord channel! 2018-08-13T04:22:37+00:00

Just a casual reminder that we have a Lark & Wren discord channel! We are in the process of spiffing it up, but the gang is all there!

Have at it right over here!


Lark and Wren face reveal!
Lark and Wren face reveal! more_vert
Post file flag
Lark and Wren face reveal! 2018-08-06T10:34:45+00:00close

Super duper accurate portraits of myself (Lark) and Wren--for the brief little bio page I put together on Woven's website!

The Spectral Threads (teaser)
The Spectral Threads (teaser)more_vert
Post file flag
The Spectral Threads (teaser) 2018-07-17T06:12:41+00:00close

Things have been pretty quiet for Lark and Wren these past months, as our dear Wren has embarked on a personal journey of self-healing. Without Wren, started projects halted pretty early into their development, as they are the heart of the team! (I suppose that makes Lark the soul? hehe)
I apologize for the lack of updates and explanation, as I don't feel like it's quite my place to explain their state. Rest assured, they've been working hard for their own well-being and their health has been on the up and up. Thank you for being patient with us during this time..!

After feeling around in the dark for a bit, it seems we may have stumbled upon something that can keep our precarious flywheel of creative output spinning.

We have started (quite on a whim) to try our hand at telling a story via comic format. Hey, if we could make a fully polished game demo, a comic shouldn't be too far of a reach for us, right! I suppose we'll see..!

This is page 1 and 2. Putting them together like this makes it look like they should be read as a single page, but they're not LOL I just didn't wanna make two separate uploads for one teaser...

Each page was done in two days, between the both of us! So that’s cool…

Anyway, I’ve got a 9 paged ‘prologue’ written…so we’re gonna go ahead and get that all done to build ourselves a nice buffer before we start doing regular weekly updates. It sure ain’t Eisner material, but it’s something we can cut our teeth on! * U*

We'll be sharing WIP's and other such things here with you guys on patreon. We hope this will be something we can see through to full completion, and something that you guys can look forward to <3

Cheers and stay tuned!!

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User #572297 - 20 Jul 18 09:10
If there any chance the Abraxas game will be back on track? We still love this project of yours T___T
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LarkandWren - 20 Jul 18 10:36
While we do look forward to returning to ABRAXAS when we are able, we won't be able to within the next year or two. ABRAXAS requires a dedicated team, and we just don't have the funds to maintain it presently Q vQ So, in the meantime, we gotta focus on projects that we can complete between just the two of us. Which, actually--I am really excited about!! I've always wanted to do a comic, and I have had this story floating around in my head for a long time...the characters are a huge comfort to me <3 Hopefully, other folks will like them, too!! :D
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User #572297 - 20 Jul 18 09:10
The comic looks good, btw.
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User #901337 - 17 Jul 18 22:37
Rook and Pawnee sprites!
Rook and Pawnee sprites!more_vert
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Rook and Pawnee sprites! 2018-04-11T04:42:12+00:00close

These were done just for fun..! They're not the assets that'll be in game or anything (those sprites will require rook to be large enough and pawnee to be small enough that pawnee can be carried on rook's back hehe), we just thought it might be cute to do little 50x50 icons of them..!

The Bishops
The Bishopsmore_vert
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The Bishops 2018-04-10T03:43:37+00:00close

Some visual development..!
I'd love the entire game to have sort of a cold, ashy, surreal palette, with the only splash of color being rook's red scarf.

And, of course...The Bishops. They'll be an antagonistic unit that reappears throughout Rook and Pawnee's adventure as one of their most looming and intimidating adversaries.

I've yet to come up with some proper design concepts for them, but that hooked 'plague doctor' esque beak and the narrowed eyes are definitely two elements that I'd like to preserve in their final iterations.

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User #5315280 - 10 Apr 18 04:01
Never go wrong with the plague doctor look to instill creepiness.
Project Jump 'n Poke
Project Jump 'n Pokemore_vert
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Project Jump 'n Poke 2018-04-03T09:12:36+00:00close

It has been a long time...

Way too long, and we have to sincerely thank all of you for sticking with us for the journey.

Although the beginning of 2018 has been rather hectic, it has definitely instilled in us a sense of appreciation for all of you who have helped us throughout this adventure.

Ever since the end of the Abraxas Demo, we have been racking our brains for a new game prototype that we could sink our beaks into.

And now, it seems like we may have chanced upon a most succulent morsel~

Here are the two main protagonists for our upcoming prototype:

Rook & Pawnee

Currently we only have a rough idea of what we want out of this project. Namely, an isometirc puzzle game involving simple but stackable abilities to progress forward in the narrative.

Where looking forward to keeping you folks posted with our upcoming ideas :D

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User #7100971 - 3 Apr 18 16:14
Adorable! Is Abraxas still under development or is it officially over? Cos i really hope you continue it!
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LarkandWren - 5 Apr 18 06:58
Abarxas will never truly end for us, but at the moment the game proper is on hiatus until we can muster up the funds to support all the team members :3c In the meanime, we'll focus on smaller projects to keeps things flowing :D <3
The Herald
The Heraldmore_vert
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The Herald 2017-12-12T06:50:29+00:00close

A quick little drawing of our shape-shifting protagonist.

You're born from the fruit of a tree and given a very plain appearance. Gifted a lantern stick, you're tasked to collect within it the wisps that are scattered across a vast land cloaked in an endless nightfall.
As you collect them, you'll come across strange altars which will request a certain number of these wisps before bestowing you with a blessing that will help you travel the land more easily: the ability to leap over gaps, or climb up steep cliffs, for example. And with it each blessing, you may also gain the ability of shifting your appearance to incorporate elements of the creature from which these abilities are borrowed.

You won't be alone in the world, nor will you complete your quest without assistance from the friends you meet along the way.

At least--this is the idea we've been developing around project Barrow..! :D
More to come, of course..!

Busywork 2017-12-11T09:20:05+00:00

We've decided on the core mechanic for Project Barrow... and hammered out some other important things that I'll share with you guys a bit later. But in the meantime...
While Sean and Crystal slave away on figuring out which toolset would make a suitable foundation for the project, I (mandy) have been making myself busy with sorting out the art direction, etc.
Superficial at this stage in development, but I'm the artist--what else am I gonna do? Programming is witchcraft to me.

So, Aside from working on the protagonists design, I've also started figuring out how I want the playersprite's animations to look. Working it on the placeholder sprite sean produced some time ago.

I started with four frames, which was a touch too choppy...

So I unpacked it into 7 frames, which got the smooth pace I wanted...

Fiddled a bit more....

Yeah, that's pretty close.
Those front hair tufts are a bit out of control and trying to escape the skull they've sprung from, but I'll tame them later...

The first prototype we'll be sharing with you will prooobably just be the (flat)character moving around a small map with assets that we've already got laying around. Nothing spectacular, but every project has to start somewhere..!
Eventually, we'll develop a nice little system where, in Unity, we can switch out things like hairstyles and clothing--without having to hand-animate all the possible unique combinations ourselves..!
But before that can happen, I've gotta hammer out how those animations need to look.

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Abraxas [build 0.1e] aka 'New Horizons' Build
Abraxas [build 0.1e] aka 'New Horizons' Buildmore_vert
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Abraxas [build 0.1e] aka 'New Horizons' Build 2017-12-08T08:54:32+00:00close
Windows Build

Mac Build

Hi all you magnificent people!

Soooo~ A lot of core changes under the hood this time round. There is a new profile system in place that still needs to be streamlined but does allow for more options in the future. The underlying interface and windows have been spruced up to accommodate larger screens without over-expanding the UI windows. For more details, check out the list at the end of this readme~

Graphics wise, we now have a placeholder scene for when you reach the totem! Granted it's not as pretty as J's final scenes, but it's a start ;D

Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way and brought us to were we stand today <3. We have achieved the demo, and it is now a good moment to place down Abraxas for a little bit and allow time for the team to breath. With all that we have learnt making this game, we would like to apply this expanding skillset to a new prototype: Project Barrow. More news shall be coming shortly ;D !

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User #2900375 - 8 Dec 17 15:38
Thank you guys for all your hard work!! You know I'll be here to support you. :0
Changes on the Horizon 2017-12-07T16:12:20+00:00

The past few months has seen us progressing at a snail's pace while we have been speaking to potential investors and ho-humming over how to progress with the funds and resources currently avaliable to us. The limbo this stage has put us in has made itself apparent via a lack of updates and nothing really new to offer in regards to how things are progressing. The next build of ABRAXAS is ready and will be posted within the next day or so. t may be the last build for a while as Sean and I have already begun to explore new concepts and mechanics that utilize our avaliable skillsets and funds a lot more effectively and we are very excited about to share these new ideas with you..!

It is scary to move away from ABRAXAS, even temporarily, while we wait for the opprotunity to return to it--but in the meantime, we must move forward! It is our goal to continue making stuff that you guys will enjoy... So we will continue on that path!

More news to come, following the next ABRAXAS build!

Sunny: Letters from Home
Sunny: Letters from Homemore_vert
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Sunny: Letters from Home 2017-11-13T02:37:12+00:00close

Hi guys, Mandy here with something a little different today..!

This started off as a small, personal project, but I've been dragging other people into it, including Sean... so--I suppose it fits the criteria of being a Lark and Wren property, now!

These are some rough sketches for a small collaboration we're doing with the brilliant Caero! We wanted to do something cute, pleasing, a touch melancholic...and Sunny: Letters from Home hit all the marks.
I (with Sean's help) am drawing up this small sequence of illustrations set to a piece that Caero composes for them. They'll be assembled together in unity with some subtle pan/zoom + parallax effects, as well as particles effects for things like leaves in the wind, dust motes, smoke from chimneys, etc. (I then, have a way to convert it to an MP4 for easy viewing! :D)
The story is set in a township in France during world war 2, not long after the Americans joined the war effort. In this piece, Sunny is tasked to deliver a letter to a house in neighborhood that no longer exists.

Here's the music, so far!

And here's an idea of what the finished images may look like!

Kimet Customs!
Kimet Customs! more_vert
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Kimet Customs! 2017-11-08T02:01:18+00:00close

We've been so wildly busy that I totally forgot to upload this here..!
The completed customs from our last batch of custom Kimet!
It's such a blast working with you guys on these. Your ideas for these beebs are just incredible.

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User #3698747 - 8 Nov 17 02:25
Ooh, I really like the first and last ones.
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User #984712 - 8 Nov 17 02:49
-smooches all these handsome birbs-
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User #3009043 - 8 Nov 17 04:21
The middle one and the last one are my favs ;^;
Abraxas [build 0.1c] aka 'Spooky Unknown' Build
Abraxas [build 0.1c] aka 'Spooky Unknown' Buildmore_vert
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Abraxas [build 0.1c] aka 'Spooky Unknown' Build 2017-11-01T02:18:31+00:00close

A Gloriously Spooky Day to All You Folks!

Windows Build

Mac Build

The story has now moved back out of Jin's study, where he invites you to head towards a previously closed door on the second floor. Depending on how you met up with Jin, his dialogue, demeanour and observations will vary once you both leave the study.

Build Goals:

-See if you can try to leave the second floor [shouldn't be possible].

-If you enter the new door, right now it will load you back to the study.

-Please keep an eye out for dialogue bugs since new options have been added.

Today's image is brought to you by the supremely talented Risto-licious !!!

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User #572297 - 12 Nov 17 21:43
The only problem we got is a problem with sprite positions. it can be strange a little, oe example - the guard is shown at the top of the screen. O:
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LarkandWren - 13 Nov 17 02:45
...well that definitely shouldn't happen! LOL I'll make sure sean sees this! Thanks for mentioning it!!

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