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[Process] Theurgy pg70
[Process] Theurgy pg70more_vert
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[Process] Theurgy pg70 2019-06-26T19:00:02+00:00close

Here's my step by step process for this page!

1. I didn't have thumbnails for this page, but I did have these quick panel draws in my sketchbook I knew I wanted to use for this scene, although I flipped the order they happened in.

2. Sketch/Pencils

3. Lineart/Inks

4. Flat colors

5. Shading - I tried to do a softer shading style for this whole scene to add another layer of separation for the dreamy feel and I'm pretty fond of how it turned out!

6. Pinkish overlay and soft lighting on edges

7. Finishing touches - Coloring lines and blurring the edges

All done! This scene is almost done so we'll have a new color scheme and some more traditional layout sketches soon! :)

Theurgy Part 1 | Page 70
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 70more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 70 2019-06-25T18:01:01+00:00close

Surprise, extra update for patrons! You'll get the normal update on Thursday as well, so Patreon will now have early page updates!

Soon I'll be introducing the new tiers and rewards that will start in July, early updates will be on the $5/month tier.

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2408884 - 25 Jun 19 18:40
wooohooo 😍😍😍😍 also that look in the last panel 🀣 *surprise* πŸ˜†
user avatar
User #6123501 - 25 Jun 19 19:37
Freak I can’t type cause I’m so excited lol
user avatar
User #10191939 - 25 Jun 19 18:38
user avatar
User #6123501 - 25 Jun 19 19:37
user avatar
User #6123501 - 25 Jun 19 19:37
user avatar
User #832293 - 25 Jun 19 20:03
OH 😍
user avatar
User #11212292 - 26 Jun 19 19:02
His eyes are finally open... What happens next??? Will the surprise turn into something else?? I'm so excited
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 69
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 69more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 69 2019-06-19T18:01:00+00:00close


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16023653 - 19 Jun 19 18:05
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 68
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 68more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 68 2019-06-12T18:00:03+00:00close


working on getting earlier content for patrons - hold tight, it's coming soon!

[Process] Theurgy pg 67
[Process] Theurgy pg 67more_vert
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[Process] Theurgy pg 67 2019-06-07T19:00:02+00:00close

Here's my process for this page:

1. pencils / sketch
2. inks / lineart + close up -- the comics-creating process and Theurgy has definitely helped me become more confident in my line work
3. flat colors based on previous page
4. shading, done in two layers - the first is for the backlit feel, and then another for smaller details
5. reddish overlay and backlight glow -- the glow is added by putting a layer on top of the lines, putting white in the blank background spaces on that layer, and then using the gaussian blur filter on that layer.
6. final touches - colored some lines, such as the blush marks, and added the blurry edges for the dream feel

All Done! :)

Theurgy Part 1 | Page 67
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 67more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 67 2019-06-06T18:00:03+00:00close


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #11388920 - 6 Jun 19 20:43
Yes!!! Altho I have a feeling this is a dream...although, who's dream is it? πŸ€”
user avatar
User #2408884 - 6 Jun 19 18:10
user avatar
User #2451256 - 6 Jun 19 21:24
Erica or is someone being a sneaky demon? πŸ€”πŸ€”
user avatar
User #832293 - 6 Jun 19 19:34
Patreon Changes -- New Tiers and Rewards! 2019-07-01T17:19:57+00:00

Hiya guys! I've been working on some updates for my patreon to give you guys more options and rewards! Here's what the new tiers look like:

$2 / month

  • My undying gratitude
  • Access to polls so you can have a voice in what you'd like to see from me
  • Early Access to art before I post it anywhere else
  • WIPs - see my work in progress posts so you know what's coming next before anyone else

$5 / month

  • All previous rewards
  • Early Theurgy pages and previews, when available - get pages before the public, and you'll get sneak peeks at what's coming up as I work on new pages
  • Sketchbook - you'll get to see warm ups, studies, and other drawings I don't normally post anywhere else

$10 / month

  • All previous rewards
  • NSFW sketchbook - you'll get to see spicy drawings I don't post anywhere else
  • Process Shots and Explanations - see step by step images of how I work while I explain what and how I’m doing it, includes both comics and illustrations

If you are already a $1/mo patron, you will automatically get access to the $2/mo tier as a thanks for your early support! Whether you'd like to stay at that $1/mo or up your pledge is totally up to you and your support is very much appreciated either way. <3

I have some plans for things I'd love to add in the future as well, including livestreams, commissions and requests, extra comics, and physical rewards, etc! Thanks a bunch for your support already, I hope some of these new options look interesting for you guys! :)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #7188945 - 2 Jul 19 06:10
I am ready for the nsfw stuff 😊
user avatar
User #4224196 - 1 Jul 19 18:25
I can't found where I can change to the 5$, One
user avatar
User #17027216 - 1 Jul 19 17:25
Just pledged to $10! You deserve it!! β™₯️
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 1 Jul 19 17:27
tysm!! <3
user avatar
User #4224196 - 1 Jul 19 18:30
Nvm the app is wried
user avatar
User #18785353 - 1 Jul 19 21:06
yeay! I'm so excited! Can't wait for the NSFW stuffs
Drarry smooch
Drarry smoochmore_vert
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Drarry smooch 2019-06-10T18:00:03+00:00close

I've drawn a lot of almost-kissing soft drarries but somehow very rarely actually draw them kissing so hERE WE GO haha this was an extra drawing for my drarry zine!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3993749 - 18 Jun 19 18:33
This is cute!
What do you want to see from me? 2019-06-02T18:00:02+00:00

Hello all! Now that I'm done with my convention season for a while, I'm planning on adding some more content and options to my patreon! Thanks so much for those of you who have followed and/or joined in on the tip tier already!

I definitely have some ideas for things I'd like to add in mind already, but if there are specific things you guys would like to see from me, I'd love to know so I can consider those as well!

ANYWAY I'll definitely update you all before I make any changes / add the new stuff, but lemme know in the comments if you have things you'd like to see! Thanks! :)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #16092682 - 2 Jun 19 22:30
I love to see advance pages, sketches etc, and it's super fun when artists take suggestions and bonus material (NSFW??)
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 2 Jun 19 23:03
Great, these are all on my radar as things to possibly add!! Thanks for the input! :)
user avatar
User #20827826 - 28 Jun 19 17:39
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 28 Jun 19 17:45
NSFW rewards are coming in July! :)
user avatar
User #20156239 - 2 Jun 19 18:06
Is it silly just to ask for more? I'm new to the whole patreon app and am eating up every post. 😁
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 2 Jun 19 20:18
haha "more" counts and is definitely on the way! :)
user avatar
User #18785353 - 6 Jun 19 01:55
NSFW pretty please!
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 6 Jun 19 02:01
Definitely on the to-add list!! :)
user avatar
User #15290281 - 13 Oct 19 14:34
Cuddly wallpapers for laptops and iPhones :) And definitely more of what you already do
user avatar
User #832293 - 2 Jun 19 18:29
I like early pages when they’re a possibility, and extra sketches and misc art too.
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 2 Jun 19 20:19
good to know! early pages and sketchbook stuff are both likely! :)
[process] Aaravos
[process] Aaravosmore_vert
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[process] Aaravos 2019-05-28T17:37:05+00:00close

Hiya guys, here's the process images for my Aaravos illustration I posted last week!

1. Rough sketch! Normally I do some more ideation or thumbnails for an illustration I know I'm going to finish, but I knew what I wanted this one to be straight from the get-go.

2. Clean lineart! I had fun doing the hair on this one, I'm not sure the last time I drew long/flowy hair! ouo

3. Flat colors! I just did the whole background on this stage too since it's all on one layer. It's just based off the colors and look of the window in the background in the show with some blurry/unfocused colors, here's the reference image I used:

4. Color details, adding the stars and patterns on his skin. I used a star brush for this, but I've had it for so long I don't remember where it's from. I probably just googled "star brush photoshop" and found one I liked at the time!

5. Shading! A little back-lit because of the bright window behind him.

6. Some overlays to adjust the color and try to add a bit of a behind-the-mirror look.

7. Finishing touches like coloring some of the lineart and adding some fly-away hairs. All done!

Post file flag
Aaravos 2019-05-24T02:02:00+00:00close

Finished this up! I love this trashy elf.

This will be a print and I'll have the process images / summary up for patrons soon! :)

[Process] Theurgy pg66
[Process] Theurgy pg66more_vert
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[Process] Theurgy pg66 2019-05-31T19:00:02+00:00close

As I mentioned on the last page, I did the process for this scene kind of oddly, so I don't have thumbnails -- I just went straight to sketching out the page. Here's the steps shown:

1. pencils / sketch -- I took some weird as heck reference photos for this scene. For a reference of a shirt being pushed up, I put a shirt on a stuffed animal :')
2. inks / lineart
3. flat colors - I actually did the flats for this page before the previous one so I could have a more full page to settle on the colors for the scene.
4. shading - this scene so far is kind of backlit, so the first pass of shading is actually put on with the paint bucket and then the edges are erased away for the light. then, some extra detail shading goes on top.
5. reddish overlay and backlight glow
6. final touches - colored some of the lines and added the blur on the edges. In the close up here, you can see the blur on the back of Gabe's hair. It's a bit subtle as I didn't want it to be overwhelming or make the pages visually confusing, but I think it helps with the overall dreamy look.

All done! I'm not sure if there's a better way for me to show you guys the steps of my process, but if you right click on the blown up image and select "open image in new tab", you can see everything much bigger if you're interested in the details!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #18785353 - 6 Jun 19 02:09
I love this
[Process] Theurgy pg 65
[Process] Theurgy pg 65more_vert
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[Process] Theurgy pg 65 2019-05-24T19:00:02+00:00close

The process for this scene ended up being kind of different from my normal -- I have never written/scripted a spicy scene so when I got to this part in my text document layout I wasn't really sure where to start to be honest! SO! I did what I wouldn't actually recommend for normal a comic process and went straight into drawing the pages in full so I could just kind of figure out what I wanted to show as I went along. I drew this entire scene pretty out of order and swapped panels around on pages a couple times to eventually get the general flow I wanted. This entire scene is already drawn because of this, although the pages are not finished just yet. Anyway, here's the process that the images show:

1. 'pencils' / sketching
2. inking / lineart
3. flat colors
4. shading
5. added an overlay to adjust the colors and backlit glow for the dreamy feel
6. added blur around the edges, which you can hopefully see in this closeup -- the goal was to help the kind of vague dreamy feeling that this scene should have

All done!

Theurgy Part 1 | Page 66
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 66more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 66 2019-05-30T18:01:00+00:00close

eyeball emojis x100

Process post for this page will be up soon for patrons!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2408884 - 30 May 19 18:05
gorgeous!! colours & expressions & pacing 😍😍😍
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 30 May 19 19:16
thank you! <33
user avatar
User #2451256 - 30 May 19 20:00
Nice light...sneaky deamonπŸ˜πŸ˜™
user avatar
User #832293 - 31 May 19 19:27
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 65
Theurgy Part 1 | Page 65more_vert
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Theurgy Part 1 | Page 65 2019-05-23T18:01:00+00:00close

hmmmmm :) con season is wrapping up for me, so we should have some regular updates for a while now and maybe try to get some early or extra content for you patrons!

Process post for this page will be up soon for patrons!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #832293 - 24 May 19 02:45
[WIP] Aaravos
[WIP] Aaravosmore_vert
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[WIP] Aaravos 2019-05-17T18:00:04+00:00close

I finally watched season 2 of The Dragon Prince and no surprise I love this awful elf as much as everyone else so here's a rough sketch of a drawing I'm working on :) This will be a print when I'm done with it!

Vampire Drarry
Vampire Drarrymore_vert
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Vampire Drarry 2019-05-16T03:23:23+00:00close

If you follow me on other social media you probably know that I'm into vampire Drarry :') These were some extra drawings I did for my drarry zine!

[Process] Theurgy pg 51
[Process] Theurgy pg 51more_vert
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[Process] Theurgy pg 51 2019-05-11T18:00:02+00:00close

So, the current Theurgy pages I'm working on are a rare sort that have a different process than most so I thought the first Theurgy process you guys see should be a more normal page -- So! Here is the process for page 51 of Theurgy!

Before any of these steps, I have a rough story outline that my co-creator and I wrote together so that I know what the goals story and mood wise are for each scene.

1. I start every page with layouts! In the above image is what my rough layout sketch for the page -- this one is a little more detailed than an average one because I was originally having some problems figuring out the composition of panels on this page. Here's what the text layout and scripting for this page looks like, which I usually do at the same time:

2. Next is 'pencils'! I usually take a photo of my layouts with my phone and upload it, then use that as the base for the page. On top of that, I sketch out the page. My brush of choice for sketching is Kyle T Webster's 'Non Photo Blue Pencil' brush. If you have photoshop CC, this is free in one of Kyle's sets.

3. Typesetting, and then I lower the opacity of the sketch layer and 'ink' the page. For Theurgy pages, I do the lines with Kyle T Webster's 'Mr Natural Brush'.

4. Time for color! The exact process of this step is not always the same, as my co-creator works on the colors as well. She will normally do the flats/first pass and I will finish up/do the final touches. The stages shown here are: flats -> shading -> adjustment layers and overlays.

5. Final step for most pages is I lock the lineart layer and color the lines where I feel it is needed, such as blush marks, sound effects, some background lines, etc.

All Done!I'll have new Theurgy pages to share with you all soon! :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2451256 - 12 May 19 01:45
That is one lovesick demon! :P
[Process] Toga
[Process] Togamore_vert
Post file flag
[Process] Toga 2019-05-06T21:10:40+00:00close

Here's the process for a drawing of Toga from BNHA I've been working on! My basic steps as they align with the process image:

1. This drawing is a panel redraw from the main comic, so this is the screenshot I started with as a reference.

2. Normally I would do some rough sketching first, but since I was trying to directly mimic the reference here, I just went straight for the lines. I used the stumpy pencil brush and eraser (downloadable for free here) for the entirety of this drawing. The lines are not quite black and are instead a very dark gray so that the color overlay would effect them (in step 5).

3. I decided I wanted to deviate from the reference a bit so that it matched my previous Dabi redraw I had done, so I roughed out some options for lighting and tones on Toga.

4. I decided on the lighting from the left, so I added some gray tones while using my Dabi drawing as reference. The clouds in the background have a gradient on them so they are lighter at the top, but everything else is solid gray tones.

5. In a layer on top of everything else, I used a soft round brush (the default that comes with photoshop) on a low opacity to put some soft colors down just wherever I thought looked good, not actually coloring in the drawing (mostly purple and pink with a little blue). I then set this layer to "overlay" so it effected the color of the lines and gray tones.

6. Some finishing touches -- I merged all the layers and made everything a bit darker so it better matched my Dabi drawing, and then I applied a noise filter to the merged layer to give it a bit of that natural rough/sketchy look (Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise). All done!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #2408884 - 7 May 19 02:37
patreon is weird - no account name or profile pic for you?
user avatar
User #2408884 - 7 May 19 02:37
ah just my patreon app acting up, sorry!!! πŸ’–
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 7 May 19 02:40
no worries thanks for updating ahah I was looking at my settings trying to fix it :')
user avatar
User #2408884 - 7 May 19 02:42
so sorry for the confusion!!
user avatar
User #2408884 - 7 May 19 00:51
ooh i love that!! thank you so much for explaining your process in detail!! also!! I can't wait for you to reach your first milestone ;D i love hanging out in live streams and watching the progress and chatting with my favourite artists!! wheeeee
user avatar
β˜… midgart - 7 May 19 02:26
Thank you!! I'm glad, I really enjoy watching other artists' livestreams as well :)

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