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Oasis Oh No
Oasis Oh Nomore_vert
Post file flag
Oasis Oh No 2020-10-08T13:54:25+00:00close

A macro commission for Sphrog for his partner, Corvomancer.

Media (2)

img461.jpg (543.1KiB)
OasisOhNo.jpg (6.8MiB)

Moving to a tip jar model. 2020-07-11T18:28:09+00:00

First I want to thank you all here for the continued support.

It's not easy for me to write this as I'd been mulling this over the last month and a half, but looking at my output over the last couple of months, it's clear that my current situation with my new day job and it's current full time schedules means that the current way of doing things for me here is sadly not working out.

As a result, at least for the time being, I will be moving toward making this account fully a "tip jar" of sort. There might be the occasional exclusive sketch/etc but due to the haphazard unreliable amount of time I can devote to art, using this as the platform for some of my formal projects(like the polls) is not going to work out as I cannot produce exclusive art at a pace that I feel is worth most patrons' money for the time being.

Thus all art I create will be posted on every galleries as it comes, rather than have any exclusivity except for a very few occasional WIPs.

Thus if you wishes to cancel your pledge or reset it to a lower tier, I heartily encourage you to as I am honestly unsure how long this situation is going to last.

In the meanwhile, I still intend to try and finish the weresnake illustration (as shown by recent concepts)from the last poll in-between working on other personal art when I have openings, but this might honestly take longer than I originally excepted so I am unsure if I can give any ETA on when I might have something finalized.

All of this said, no matter what you decide about this situation, I wishes to thank you all for your support throughout these months and years as I try to get an handle on this situation.

The New Old Job 2020-06-07T16:59:10+00:00

Hello patrons!
A bit of a surprise to me came this last week as my previous employer (for whom I worked from October 2019 to February 2020, and November 2018 to April 2019 before that) has called me to help them with ongoing works again.

Unlike previous times(where I worked part-time), I'm starting the next week full-time and will be working full-time shifts monday to friday there. Potentially the following weeks will be full-time as well, though depending on how things flow I might revert to more of a part-time schedule against once the work load ease up again.

As a result this mean two things:
One is that schedule-wise I will have much less time for art. I'll still try and work on Saturdays on a new project of mine(more about that later) but it does means that, baring some evenings, art flow will likely slow down a fair bit. I will see how things go, but if it does get bad enough I will consider freezing pledges for a temporary time so that patrons don't get unduly charged next month if I feel I can't get good enough of an output to warrant keeping this active.

Two is that with such schedules and a small raise to boot, I will be most likely financially secure while this is ongoing. So if I see things do indeed end up on the busier end of thing at my workplace, I might indeed put the pledge freeze sooner than later since I'll be secure money wise and I don't want my patrons to be charged during a time where my art output is diminished.

In the meanwhile, I want to thank you all for your continued patience and support and I hope to surprise you again with more art as soon as things stabilize!

From May to June (general update) 2020-05-30T20:54:43+00:00

Thanks you to everyone supporting me and reading this, it means a lot that you continue to support my work!

As you can see May has proved, to make an euphemism, quite eventful and it sounds like things are likely to continue that way in the coming month of June as well. I'm getting a bit of my work pace back, but it would be a lie to claim it didn't have an effect on my productivity which I apologize for. I've also had to make some minor changes to my schedules for some projects(more on that later).

My plans for June are twofold and as follow:

-Try and pick back up my productivity to get more art out more regularly. This means not just commission but also personal pieces between commissions during periods of slowdown. For that matter, I've switched comic work from Friday to Saturday to have more time during the week for commissions and other project, but I might re-adjust since I also work another project in parallel on Saturdays.

-Start the illustration for the last poll. The subject chosen was "Weresnake Paladin" after a pair of polls, and I intend to get this started soon. I've mused idea so I think I have interesting ones but I'll admit the process also led to some indecisive procrastination in regarding to scheduling time for the art but also trying to think out how exactly I want to tackle this. The realization I have to make is that it's not just about the idea but also that at some point I just need to actually draw -something- out. As a result however, I might tackle this prompt differently from the rest and create some concept sketches and art before tackling the illustration proper for this. I hope that by starting with simpler concept illustrations first I might be able to deliver something quicker a but also have a clearer idea of how to tackle the full illustration afterward. As usual, all WIPs will be All-Access exclusive.

With all this said, I thank you so much for your continued patience and interest in my work and I hope June proves fruitful with art that you will enjoy!

It's a tie!
It's a tie!more_vert
Post file flag
It's a tie! 2020-05-03T21:35:50+00:00close

As a surprise, the last illustration poll resulted in a threeway tie between wererat, werewolf and weresnake!

As a result, all-access patrons(5$+) can cast a new vote again in an attempt to break this tie here https://www.patreon.com/posts/36711327 . Just be warned the new poll ends on Wednesday, 12pm EST!

Media (1)

Tiebreaker.jpg (560.9KiB)

[Personal]-Portraits practices
[Personal]-Portraits practicesmore_vert
Post file flag
[Personal]-Portraits practices 2020-02-26T19:10:42+00:00close

Some more recent illustrations to practice the portrait option for my future comissions. I'm particularly happy how the ratfolk/wererat came out.

Will become public on March 4th.

Media (5)

img354preview2.png (5.6MiB)
wererat.jpg (1.1MiB)
werewolf.jpg (887.7KiB)
werewolf.jpg (887.7KiB)
wererat.jpg (1.1MiB)

[Early Access]-Mixed Media-Werewolf
[Early Access]-Mixed Media-Werewolfmore_vert
Post file flag
[Early Access]-Mixed Media-Werewolf 2020-02-04T17:09:12+00:00close

A recent-ish werewolf piece I managed to work on during my free time, in style slightly similar to that of my previous early access mixed media piece: https://www.patreon.com/posts/early-access-and-29541197

As early access art, this piece will become public on Tuesday the 11th at 12pm.

Media (2)

HaloWerewolf.jpg (2.6MiB)
HaloWerewolfNoColors.jpg (3.0MiB)

Illustration Poll 2 subject decided: Werecreature TF 2020-02-02T21:28:58+00:00

Illustration Poll 2 is over and the winner is the illustration of a non-werewolf werecreature in the midst of transformation. Second best was " Science-fantasy character and environment involving the exploration of strange ruins ".

While I have commissions to work on tomorrow, I will be working on conceiving the exact detail of the TF very soon. I've got a couple of ideas and I definitely hope to craft something that every patrons will enjoy :)

As usual, the upcoming WIPs will be exclusive to 5$ patrons, but the final result will be visible by all patrons levels and posted to my other galleries as well.

New commission post coming soon 2020-01-23T03:15:12+00:00

Just finished a new commission recently, so a new commission(and the patrons-exclusive WIPs) should soon be uploaded here soon in the coming days!

Art delays updates(commissions-only) 2020-01-11T15:41:07+00:00

A bit of a commissions/work's head's up but commission art will be on a short hiatus next week as I'm working more hour at my dayjob to help with a glut of "everything falling all at once". This should be a temporary situation however so expect future updates as soon as I can!

As said this apply only to commissions and personal projects such as Le Beau et la Bete and the polls illustrations should be largely unaffected. In fact, today I begin work on LBELB's third page and I'm already planning the choices for the next illustration polls!

To come next 2019-12-30T03:09:55+00:00

I've just finished the illustration for the first Patrons' Poll(thank you again everyone for the support that made this possible!), so the plans for the next week should go as follow:

Sometime this week: Post the next patrons' poll as I really liked this project and definitely want to see what the next vote will have me work on!

Monday: Commissions art

Tuesday: New year's eve, possibly some more commissions during the day.

Wednesday: Commission, though perhaps at a relaxed pace for the New Year(I already rested plenty this weekend, thankfully)

Thursday: Commissions art, unless I manage to clear my queue by then

Friday: Catching up on Le Beau et la Bete , since I fell behind a bit from my pace!

Weekend: Rest, mostly, perhaps art if I can work on low-stress personal drawing or doodles that helps with relaxing.

The week after might ends up being busier again with less art getting done however, which is why I hope I can cram in as much as I can this week; I have a dentist appointment on Monday the 6th, and resume work at the office normally on thursday the 9th.

Subsequent week might thus see readjustment to my art schedule due to the return to my office job and the section of the week it(and the sleep schedule it require of me due to my work commute) will take over.

Before the holidays I realized I hadn't given myself a proper work/rest balance so by the time of the holidays I'd very much run myself ragged, which I suspect has contributed to the slower start of art during these "free" days. I'm thus trying to see how I might best schedule myself days of "rest" during the week for the best effect that would allow me to avoid this exhaustion again and still produce decent amount of art. This said it might ends up meaning some less days dedicated to art during my weeks, though I hope the greater rest would allow me to maintain a more steady pace of production during those days.

With all of this said, I thank you again for your continued support in my work as I hope to continue producing content that you enjoy and send you my wishes in advance for an hopefully great 2020!

Holidays Schedule! 2019-12-16T20:39:16+00:00

The holidays are almost here! Sadly, this means a small shake-up of my schedule. Mostly events this weekend has delayed progress on commissions and similarly a shift to my office job's schedule this week has also thrown a bit of a wrench in my plan. Thus art schedule will go as follow:

COMMISSIONS: Commissions have been delayed a fair bit. For today, I will focus on getting sketch for one or two of my pending commissions today. Then due to the schedule shake-up this week I might try to sketch the rest next Saturday and Sunday. The idea is laying down the foundations for current commissions project so that completing them in the subsequent week(where my day job won't be in the way until next month) will go promptly even with Christmas stuff(of which there should be thankfully a bit less to deal with this year).

Patreon comic WIPs and Poll Illustration: Personal project such as the ongoing comic, Le Beau et La Bete, I've begun to tease on my Patreon as well as the illustrations for the 5$+ patrons' poll were normally worked on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sadly due to the schedule shake-up this week, it's impossible to do them at the usual date so I will instead try to do some of that work on Friday instead.

With all of this said, I want to thank all of my commissioners and patrons for their wonderful patience and support and wishes you all happy holidays!

[Public]-Working on Le Beau et la Bete
[Public]-Working on Le Beau et la Betemore_vert
Post file flag
[Public]-Working on Le Beau et la Bete 2019-12-11T20:11:36+00:00close

A rare public one, here is a look what it looks like when I've begun laying out one of the pages for Le Beau et la Bete, a comic project for a genderbent take on The Beauty and the Beast that I am working on and which work is currently visible for 5$+ patrons.

While I primarily ink traditionally, the rest of the page is almost exclusively made digitally in Clip Studio Paint Ex. Notably, ontop of panels layout and so on, my work process involve a lot of going back over my ink to redefine faded lines(which were numerous in this case) or clean out areas that are too messy to really see details properly.

Once that is done, I tend to move toward what I refer to as preparing my color layers by coloring characters silouhette in single and simple unique colors to set up my "colors/layers layout".

Once that is done, I use the resulting layouts to create selections allowing me to color elements of the picture(or in this case, panels) without accidently spilling over the other elements.

Notably a variant of this is one of the strength of Clip Studio overall as the panels structure is such that everything that is in a panel will never spill outside of it. Allowing you to even draw images larger than the panel and move them around or resize them for the perfect focus shot without them showing outside of the panels' limits!

I hope you appreciate this insight in my work process and comic project and thank you for your curiosity and continued support!

Media (2)

panelsWIP.jpg (1.9MiB)
panelsWIP2.jpg (945.4KiB)

Commissions Queue Update
Commissions Queue Updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Commissions Queue Update 2019-12-11T19:49:12+00:00close

Updates on current ongoing commissions. Since I have begun to make an habit of posting these on my main galleries, I figured I might start trying to make an habit of post this here too!


Weekly queue update! I've recently finished a pair of new commissions and had some slots taken by new commissioners, but there are still two openings left! If anything interests you, just email me at fringecrow@gmail.com as usual .


Current queue

1-Ink+Colors for tallerthanstalin

2-Ink+color illustration for Mmbvcxz

3-Ink+color(+extra character) for Pathia



Media (1)

CommissionsQuickAdvertNEW3.jpg (373.6KiB)

Illustration Poll Reminder! 2019-11-10T18:53:28+00:00

Reminder that there is a poll for 5$+ patrons to choose an illustration I will work on based on the subject picked up by patrons!


Reminder that the poll also ends monday at 9pm, so there's only today and tomorrow left to vote!

Open for 2 Commissions
Open for 2 Commissionsmore_vert
Post file flag
Open for 2 Commissions 2019-11-04T16:06:06+00:00close

Edit 05/11/2019 : Updated Queue to reflect the new slot taken. Two slots are still left! / Mis à jour la liste d'attente pour refléter l'une des position qui vient d'etre prisent. Il rest encore deux ouvertures!


Just cleared another commission in my queue! With ongoing sequence pending until I receive more informations, I still have three priority slots open. So if anything interests you just email me at fringecrow[at]gmail.com !


Je viens juste de terminer une autre commission dans ma liste! Avec des séquences en suspens en attendant plus d'informations, j'ai encore trois ouvertures prioritaires de disponible. Alors si quoique ce soit vous intéresse vous n'avez qu'à mécrire un courriel à fringecrow@gmail.com!


Current queue / liste de commissions en attente présentement:
1-Inked illustration for Erebus Studios(page 4 of 5)
2-Illustration for xvarchonvx
5-Ink+colors illustration for tallerthanstalin(page 3 of 4, awaiting informations)

Media (1)

TwitterTest.jpg (840.4KiB)

Post file flag
[Werewolves]-Trespassing 2019-10-30T04:30:19+00:00close

10-30-2019 - Quick morning test led me to decide to try out an alternate version turning the black linework for blue lines instead.


Early Access piece

Just in time for werewolves wednesday and some time before Halloween too, my first personal piece in a while and one involving werewolves.

This was a fun, no stress, much needed environment practice and using werewolves as a personal prompt for it made for a relaxing rather than stressful experience. I don't know how it compare to other works of mine, but I'm otherwise content with the results here at least.

Media (2)

WolvesForest.jpg (2.2MiB)
BlueLines.jpg (2.0MiB)

[Update] - Commissions-style Tier removed 2019-10-29T16:31:12+00:00

Hello and thanks to everyone who support my Patreon! Without people who support my work like you, I probably wouldn't be making as much art as I can. Today is a small update but potentially a very notable one as I've decided to remove the commission-style pledges from my Patreon. This won't affect the majority of you and I will still continue to offer commissioned work in the future, but from now on it will be through traditional commissions announcements when I have opening in my queues as I do everywhere else.

To get into more details, the commission-style pledges didn't fit anymore the kind of intent I created my Patreon(as an avenue to personal projects and practices) for but also didn't work either for commissions in the way I'm normally able to best perform with paid works.

Specifically, the pledge structure for commission-style pledged ended butting with a notable low-key anxiety of mine when I receive a payment for work I haven't even begun yet(which has already influenced my decision to send commission invoices only when I have a WIP underway with conventional commissions).
With Patreon this was becoming double because I receive payment not only before even starting the work, but before even knowing the subject I'll work on.

When I have such pending projects over my head but no easy way to start them, it often lead me to unwittingly start procrastinating on the kind of personal projects I could upload for other tiers, as starting new projects when I have "unfinished" paid works often lead me to feel some kind of paralyzing guilt over "procrastinating" on "owed" project even when I lack the information or references to actually start the owed project.

It was also the anxiety of not only the pressure from trying to make the best work I can for a client who had already sent me money(unlike one who only has to pay if indeed the WIP I sent answers their expectations, which I only send if I feel it answers mine as well), but it was also starting to turn into anxiety about asking every month my commission-style patrons what idea they wanted me to work on.... even if they themselves hadn't even had the time to think of one yet.

Thus that structure was just not working out for me, and rather than worry about "owed" works or have months go with my receiving money and nothing to show for a client(who merely might not have had the time to think of an idea, and could do without the pressure of me badgering them about it), I decided to take out commissions-style pledges entirely.

I've already discussed it with the current patron in that category and they were okay with the decision while on my end I will complete all the work I currently owe them(one piece of which was already completed yesterday night) in return so the rewards for their pledge will indeed be honored.

Over time I might tweak my existing pledge structure with more rewards(one which I have been eyeing for a while and which might happen soon is polls with choices of different prompts to determine the subject of some monthly pieces) but for now on I'll try and focus on personal works, warmups and practice pieces that I will share here , and with the hopes that content I will upload here will continue to be to the standards of the wonderful patrons here who have supported my work for so long!

[Commission]-The Beast's cave
[Commission]-The Beast's cavemore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-The Beast's cave 2019-10-16T19:07:57+00:00close

A new werehyena color+ink commission for WCJ!

Media (1)

WCJmonsterhyena.jpg (1.7MiB)

Post file flag
[Inktober2019]-Bait 2019-10-12T16:46:30+00:00close

And for something completely different, here's a cute otter going fishing :)

Media (1)

inktober19_Bait.jpg (910.9KiB)

Post file flag
[Inktober2019]-Mindless 2019-10-12T16:45:19+00:00close

Morrigi Screamer from the Sword of the Stars universe. I'm really happy how this turned out!

Morrigis are a creation of Kerberos Productions ( https://twitter.com/solforce , http://www.kerberos-productions.com/ ) and notably Arinn Dembo ( https://twitter.com/Erinys , https://www.patreon.com/erinys ) !

Media (1)

ThoseMadeToScream.jpg (1.4MiB)

Post file flag
[Inktober2019]-Ring 2019-10-08T15:34:09+00:00close

This piece come from how inspired I frequently am by the themes of sacred tree(as some have seen by some of my own world tress-inspired pieces in the past). At first the image of only a full moon came to me but as I wished to do something different than following my usual habits defaulting to werecreatures illustrations on every occasion.

So instead the image of keeping the full moon theme(but with an human character) and instead have it shine through a tree whose branches would form the titular "ring" came to me.

Public post as will all other inktober pieces!

Media (1)

Inktober19_Ring.jpg (230.1KiB)

[Commission]-Ottstober Toy Witch
[Commission]-Ottstober Toy Witchmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Ottstober Toy Witch 2019-10-01T17:01:16+00:00close

A commission for MiniMinkArt and Oneironott

Media (1)

VloeiWitch.png (401.4KiB)

New(sorta!) job soon. 2019-09-23T13:34:25+00:00

My old technical drafting job at an industrial pipe welding shop from November2018-April2019 just called me again asking if I had openings for another go of part-time employment there. Thus Thursday I will be starting there again as a technical drafting two days per weeks(though if like the last year, I might do three days weeks occasionally during some stretches where the demand is more intensive).

The money will help me get a bit more stability while still leaving me plenty of time for artwork. In fact, the many changes I brought to my process(particularly on the inks+color front) after my last go there means I'd likely have a much easier time at it this year than the last!

This said, since it's not until Thursday I will be focusing on current artwork still in the meanwhile(though I might take it a bit slower to prevent overstraining my carpal tunnel prior to doing full work days at a computer with mouse+keyboard**) so expect at least one commission or two more to show up here again!

Once the weekend rolls in I might try and see how the week went to determine how I will schedule art for upcoming weeks(whether I will stick to formal monday-tuesday-wednesday for art before the drafting shift, or if I will instead decide on saturday-sunday-monday... or perhaps a more informal schedule priorizing less strict schedules and more ability to do the work considering my propensity for carpal strain).

This said things I can say to sum up what to expect of coming months:

-This is part-time work, so even the more intense weeks are purely three days long, leaving time for other stuff(in fact this is the reason perhaps a more informal schedule for art might be best since situations can go back and forth with the lenght of drafting weeks).
-This is somewhat intensive work for my carpal tunnel even as a part-time deal(hence why I'm considering more flexible art schedule to avoid the strain of feeling "forced' to work if my carpal is already strained). I'll try to alleviate this by looking into ergonomic mouse models if I can be allowed to use my own mouse at work but it's a thing to keep in mind. I might also put a temporary hiatus on full painting commissions since they are more strain on my wrist than my humbler ink+color style.
-This is a job with sometimes impredictable production cycles; they are very dependent on a very few key clients which means that the lenght of this contract will likely be impredictable. It could be as short than a single month and a half or as long as getting well into the next year such as spring or almost into summer. So it's hard to say how long this will last.

All of this said, I want to thank you all for the continued support and I fully intend to continue producing art projects that I hope you will continue to enjoy!

Monthly Request-Jack's
Monthly Request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request-Jack's 2019-09-06T18:58:39+00:00close

The latest page of their ongoing series, this time being the page for this September now that I was able to complete it earlier in the month than previous pages.

Media (1)

HunterAndFox7P.jpg (4.2MiB)

Status upte: Recovering from cold 2019-09-03T17:24:40+00:00

Fighting a minor spat with surprise illness so the first updates of the month might be a bit slow. Thank you everyone for your continued support <3

Monthly Request-Jack's
Monthly Request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request-Jack's 2019-09-01T15:56:55+00:00close

Jack's monthly request for August

Media (1)

HunterAndFox6P.jpg (3.7MiB)

[Commission]-Ehks' changes
[Commission]-Ehks' changesmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Ehks' changes 2019-08-17T01:29:11+00:00close

Digital painting commission for Ehksidian

Media (1)

EhkPainting1200.jpg (263.9KiB)

Monthly Request(July)-Rhentin
Monthly Request(July)-Rhentinmore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request(July)-Rhentin 2019-08-15T18:25:12+00:00close

First of the Monthly Requests for Rhentin's 50$ pledge, a yeenzilla version of her character. This one is SFW therefore available for public view ^^

Media (1)

Yeenzilla.jpg (1.1MiB)

50$ Pledge Tier update: New inked digital color option 2019-08-15T18:23:37+00:00

Small update, but I've now inked the 50$ monthly pledge commission tier to cover not just toned paper inked illustrations but also digitally colored inked illustrations such as those that can be found on my commissions spreadsheet.

This said, unlike the all-traditional toned paper option, the digital portion of digitally colored requests under this tier cannot be physically shipped.

Monthly Request(July)-Jack's
Monthly Request(July)-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request(July)-Jack's 2019-08-05T16:06:02+00:00close

Latest of that monthly request sequence! Now it's back to the fox herself this time.

Also there's a new monthly request patron, so expect more to come this month, especially as I will be drawing both their request of this month and the one for July when they first started their pledge.

Media (1)

HunterAndFox5P.jpg (9.6MiB)

[Gift Art]-Honeychomping
[Gift Art]-Honeychompingmore_vert
Post file flag
[Gift Art]-Honeychomping 2019-08-05T13:09:51+00:00close

Made this piece for artist acquaintance Lorekeeperwren of her character, the awesome Reylai chomping on some honeycomb as she enjoys doing. Lorekeeperwren helped me a lot with art advice, including ones that have been particularly useful for how I tackle coloring now, so I'd wished to do something in return for her since a long while now.

Public upload as this is gift art and SFW.

Media (1)

Reylai.jpg (1.4MiB)

[Early Access]-Crow
[Early Access]-Crowmore_vert
Post file flag
[Early Access]-Crow 2019-08-02T16:57:19+00:00close

Small illustration of a crow I'd made for hypothetical new avathar. This said I'm a bit disapointed by this one so a newer one might be made later instead.

I'm also currently working on already showcased WIPs and others.

Media (1)

Crow.jpg (2.8MiB)

[Early Access]-Prayer to the Goddess Moon
[Early Access]-Prayer to the Goddess Moonmore_vert
Post file flag
[Early Access]-Prayer to the Goddess Moon 2019-07-06T17:34:41+00:00close

Latest early access piece. I'm very pleased how this one turned out.

This one will become public on the 13th at 12h01 AM.

[Early Access]-Lady of the Court
[Early Access]-Lady of the Courtmore_vert
Post file flag
[Early Access]-Lady of the Court 2019-06-30T18:26:54+00:00close

The (possibly werewolf?) ruling Lady of a most peculiar Court.

A new early access piece, to be released to the public on the 7th of July.


And here's the finished version, with hair color inspired by a good wolf goddess friend of mine. I modified a lot of the ink, including the entirety of the chains/beads of her jewelry for which I made a new digital brush to make it much easier to make without having to manually draw/redraw every single beads that were too messy from the original ink.

 Monthly Request(June)-Jack's
Monthly Request(June)-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request(June)-Jack's 2019-06-29T22:54:11+00:00close

The latest page of their sequence for this month

Monthly Request(May)-Jack's
Monthly Request(May)-Jack's more_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Request(May)-Jack's 2019-06-29T22:43:48+00:00close

Posted late, but here's their reward from May.

Brushpen pieces and WIPs uploads today 2019-06-24T13:57:44+00:00

Just a head's up that today I have a bunch of brushpen pieces coming up in moments that I'd done a while back and finally scanned, as well as the WIP of both a commission and another personal piece separately. The commission will be ink only however I plan to eventually color the personal artwork, so that's something for patrons to look forward to in my 5$+ early access for finished pieces :)

June update-Continued rest 2019-06-04T12:02:41+00:00

Just a popping in for a quick update for my supporters here.
I took as full a day of rest as possible from soliciting my hands yesterday to try and hasten recovery from the strain injury I suspect I inflicted on myself unwittingly last month(which I suspect was due to weakness introduced by what much have been similar injury received at my recent November-April drafting job).
It's still a bit sore and sensitive(especially some finger knuckles on the localized area I'm trying to be the most careful about) so I'm continuing to take it easy however it's starting to feel good enough to for me to use the keyboard for short periods of time to pop in for a quick update.

As "proper" recovery still seem slow however I'm trying to schedule a meeting with my doctor. There can always be some delays here so I don't know when I'll get to actually meet her but even if my hand starts feeling truly better by then I feel like having that meeting may still be important since the recent pain flares I experienced last month have been so long lasting, and easily relapsing from the lightest strain when I thought things were improving, that I feel it might still be good to have that meeting to discuss prevention and exercises I could practice to diminish the odds of a later relapse.

Now as said my hand *is* still a bit sensitive so I'll try to continue resting this week to not jinx my luck and compromise what might be the start of my recovery. This said I do want to keep a minimum of activity art wise so I've begun dabbling into brushpen inking as it's less demanding on my hands in term of strain and could become a mean for me to keep warmed up until recovery is full.

Pencil sketching(and thus soon fineliner inking) is starting to feel within reach again so it's my hope to resume commissions soon but as mentioned with the experiences of the last month I want to make sure my recovery is as complete as possible before attempting more demanding mediums.

In the meanwhile, thank you very much for your continued support throughout all this as I try to recover from all this so I can hopefully soon make artworks for you to enjoy again.

End of May update, possible slow start to June 2019-05-31T14:32:08+00:00

Last day of the month today, so a few thing:

-Still got a Patreon commission for a inked illustration on toned paper. Already have ideas of how I'll tackle it so it shouldn't be too long. Nonetheless I'll try to pace production throughout the day to lessen the strain on my drawing arm a bit. Which brings me to the next point.

-Hand/arm pain in my drawing arm. That's something I'm a bit worried with. The last two week have particularly been plagued with a lot of such. I was already feeling some strain the week before when I finished all the month's sequence commission but back then I'd paced myself that once the weekend rolled in I was mostly fine again... at least I thought as I did something myself during that weekend that brought it back in full force.

I've done some personal art in the meanwhile as you've seen by recent werewolves illustrations but as you can see my output wasn't the greatest which is a mite.... frustrating. I really find frustrated to be forced into "idling" but I'm starting to suspect trying to complete these might have slowed recovery.

So for a bit of bad news/good news:

The bad news: until I'm fully recovered my art output might be slowed down for the early part of the next month. It sucks but as I'm suspecting it might be best to force myself into a full rest for my primary hand. I'm starting to legimitely consider getting a wrist/hand brace if this doesn't ease soon.

The "good" news: if my hunch are right, the primary trigger of this recent flare up wasn't art related. In fact I suspect today's is less the same prolonged flare than being dumb with what might have been a cause of the recent flare of yesterday/today.
To explain this, it's not the first times I have pains in my wrist/etc. In 2018 it could happen for me to feel soreness in my wrist(even shoulder) at times but I'd grown used to the specific triggers for it so I'd gotten a good idea of how to avoid triggering these specific pains to the point it's been over half a year since the last "flare" before the end of 2018.

But a thing I probably hadn't fully planned for was a recent factor which wasn't there before in the technical computer-assisted drafting job I accepted and worked between November and April, specifically the intensive computer mouse use it required. I already stopped using a mouse at home years ago because it's one of the most reliable source of wrist strain for me but at work there wasn't much option to "not" use it with the software I used.
I think this was the "trigger" to a lot of these recent pain as the most specific hurdle I'm dealing with right now is not soreness in the wrist itself but instead very localized soreness/pain in the index and middle finger.... something that specifically first happened at said workplace even when starting my workshift feeling perfectly normal with a prolonged two days of rest before where I wouldn't touch artwork(since I would often be too distracted to feel efficient at making art on days before drafting work shift).

I don't work at the drafting job anymore since early April but recent flares make me suspect I probably didn't take enough time to truly recover and allow this part of my hand to fully heal before I went full time doing art. It feel also notable that when recent flares happened it was almost exlusively doing things unrelated to artwork even if it would afterward hinder my ability to create art.
This is one of my "good" news there specifically as it allows me to narrow down the sources of this and better manage it to try and ease my recovery since art alone wasn't enough to cause this to crop up in the end. I can develop light strain from art but generally it's other activities that "tip it over" so to speak into something that last longer as this it. So far all of these tend to have in common to require notable localized pressure from the finger(s) that are most affected and again correspond to a type of strain comparable to the mouse I had to use at my drafting job(which reinforce my feeling that this is where this really began).

So far the culprits tend to be.
-Games(+): some video games tend to have control schemes that tend to tap a lot on buttons requiring use of my primary hand and specifically this area of my hand. This include a very few that I enjoy a lot but I'd rather have an healthy hand so I'm okay with playing them less or not at all(which right now has resulted in not turning these games on once of the last couple of weeks). So that's an easy one to bypass and if I actually want to play games I have a lot of alternative not as intensive on my drawing hand(amusingly one of these are recent games of the pokemon franchise which feature splendid optional support for play using primarily buttons on the side of the offhand. This has helped a lot with the recent bouts of forced inactivity as I try to rest and recover)

-Typing(+): I'd be lying if typing all this wasn't a source of strain right now even on my tablet keyboard but thankfully it's somewhat easier to pace myself with a text like this than real-time conversation. And it still remain easier on my hand than the alternative.

-Texting/Touchscreen(+++): thus far the most reliable way to trigger this again in the midst of recovery. I tend to text a lot using only the index finger and so on which means it get the entirety of the kind of pressure that tend to awake this strain and pain again. Thankfully at least when I'm home I have the alternative of my tablet and keyboard which remains a lesser source of strain when I need to communicate by text which make it possible to leave the phone aside and used only for voice calls.

-Digital art stylus(++): possibly a frustrating one. The flare began after prolonged period of digital art. It's also one of the weird "good" news bit as though it's a notable source of it, I know exactly what about my work process made this easier and an interesting development of my new style for digitally coloring actually make it easier to work in a fashion that will make it easy to avoid this happening again to the same degree in the future.
For the full dislosure, the biggest culprit is my overdepency on the side-button shortcut on my stylus for the color picker which I would make extreme use of when switching colors during digital painting. This was due to working with my tablet exclusively in portrait orientation due to the difficulties of seeing a whole picture(unless it was itself a landscape composition) when having to draw and then paint something digitally from the ground up where composition had me needing an easy way to get a full vision of the picture when I worked and the ability to work at a zoom level large enough to render detail easily.
As my style has recently transitioned to works that are inked traditionally even when digitally colored, this composition issue is already handled before even getting into OpenCanvas which, as I've discovered when coloring the recent werewolves pieces, make it much easier to work with my tablet in a more laptop-like landscape orientation setup where my keyboard is much easier to use, allowing my offhand to take a lot of the workload(and at lesser strain) that my primary drawing hand often had to exclusively do on it's own in previous setup. While I'm still limited in my ability in the short term due to current pains, it means that in the longterm it should be even easier to limit the strain I could experience from creating digital works. It also gives me avenues to explore ways of limiting that strain even with more intensive digital works such as painting(a possibility could be to use my recent inked work experience to create "composition" sketch traditionally, with the greater ease it allows in envisioning the full layout of a picture over UI-ridden digital canvas, before doing any digitally painted work for example even if these would be digitally sketched over again).


So what does this all mean?

A couple of things. In the short term it means that, after today's inked illustration, the early part of June might indeed sadly see less artwork than usual as I take more time to dedicatedly rest my hand and arm to make sure I'm fully recovered before going at my full(er) work pace again.

On the other hand, it also means I'm cornering already most of the things I should watch for to avoid such spells of forced inactivity again. If I can be careful as I think and hope I can be, such incident should become not only fewer but also shorter in the future as I get more used to all this again thanks to my acquired experience. I had a good handle of this before the drafting job introduced strain I hadn't planned for and I can get a good handle on it again if I'm careful. In time, if I pay enough attention and care(especially by allowing myself properly schedule periods of rest again, something I lost the habit of this year, while also potentially developing good exercises habit), it might even eventually become a near non-issue allowing myself to keep a more sustained pace of work for longer periods again.

In the meanwhile, I want to thank you all for your continued support of my work, without which a lot of the artwork I'm making would likely have not been possible in the first place.

2019-29-05: Dentist update, resting, pains 2019-05-29T15:39:33+00:00

Taking things a bit easy this week as I just had two wisdom teeth extracted last monday. It's already less painful than on monday itself but I'm still resting a bit.

Similarly I'm trying to rest a bit as I'm also dealing with some hand pain this week which might have been from pushing too hard earlier this month. Notably I suspect possibly something that I got from my november-april job due to the localized nature of it and how the first time I ever felt these pains was specifically from the prolonged day use of my workstation's computer mouse at the forementioned drafting job. I don't work there anymore but seeing this crop up even as I stopped working there make me think I might have to be careful and pace myself out for a bit before I can hopefully make a true full recovery there.

I've notably noticed that the light pressure from using that hand to text on my phone can be a notable way of triggering it as I've also noticed the side-buttons of my stylus used for the color selector tool when doing digital art are notable means of causing the same pain to return. There's ways to avoid this but it does mean being more careful, at least until this is truly gone, if I want to continue doing art at an acceptable pace.

It does make me worried(especially as pain in these specific locations was not something I ever experienced prior to accepting that contract) though because while I accepted that drafting job to help with giving myself a bit more financial stability, I hope it will not have come at the cost of suffering long term liability at my ability to perform in anything else(including that job itself). So even if they call back with the possibility of another contract, I'm not yet sure what I could answer.

I know for sure a lot more work would need to be done for the ergonomy of my work station and possibly computer mouse in particular to make sure it wouldn't make this wok.

In the meantime I've at least managed to get a new personal piece inked(thanks to pacing myself out), ontop of the recent commission for Seria, and might color it later so I'm not utterly unable to do anything but sensation in my hand after being done inking do mean I have to be careful about pacing myself out as said.

[Commission]-Mermay Xena
[Commission]-Mermay Xenamore_vert
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[Commission]-Mermay Xena 2019-05-18T15:05:41+00:00close

A commission for ehksidian!

[Early Access]-Cave explorer
[Early Access]-Cave explorermore_vert
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[Early Access]-Cave explorer 2019-05-12T16:50:01+00:00close

Early access piece of a sci-fantasy warrior exploring some unknown caverns.

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[Commission]-MetamorphApp 2019-05-11T20:41:57+00:00close

A recent commission for Plasma206 I completed this last friday as the end of my queue for the week. I'm pretty happy how it generally turned out!

[Commission]-Divine Ascenscion
[Commission]-Divine Ascenscionmore_vert
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[Commission]-Divine Ascenscion 2019-05-06T12:41:02+00:00close

Another commission for the awesome Onom, of one of their newer characters becoming the new avathar of a forgotten divinity!

Been pretty busy on the commission front lately and with more coming this week I might try and take today to do some more personal sketching here :)

[April Monthly Reward]-Jack's
[April Monthly Reward]-Jack'smore_vert
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[April Monthly Reward]-Jack's 2019-05-01T19:24:17+00:00close

The sequel image to March's, recently completed yesterday

[March Monthly Reward]-Jack's
[March Monthly Reward]-Jack'smore_vert
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[March Monthly Reward]-Jack's 2019-05-01T19:21:42+00:00close

Toned paper inked patreon commission for Jack. This one was meant to be posted in March but I'm fixing my forgetfullness now.

[Warmup-Early Access]-Werewolf 25-04-19
[Warmup-Early Access]-Werewolf 25-04-19more_vert
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[Warmup-Early Access]-Werewolf 25-04-19 2019-04-25T16:37:20+00:00close

Warmup speedpaint sketch portrait of a werewolf.

I've not done much painted-style techniques works lately so in a bit of a lull this morning I decided to rectify this with this warmup piece.

BeauEtLaBete-Test Page
BeauEtLaBete-Test Pagemore_vert
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BeauEtLaBete-Test Page 2019-04-24T00:29:13+00:00close

In no ways a final work, but this was a test page I worked on while exploring coloring styles and other detailsfor comic format for this project.

[Warmup]-Werewolf portrait practice
[Warmup]-Werewolf portrait practicemore_vert
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[Warmup]-Werewolf portrait practice 2019-04-19T01:19:59+00:00close

Note: This piece is an early access to be released on the 26th of April.

Another page of warmups, this time exclusively exploring a variety of werewolf concepts and facial morphology while experimenting a little bit with expressions as well. Pesonally I'm actually more satisfied with this page than the sequence as I really like how some of the faces came out.


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