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[Premium Early Access]-Moebius inspired rat
[Premium Early Access]-Moebius inspired rat more_vert
Post file flag
[Premium Early Access]-Moebius inspired rat 2019-04-12T23:32:23+00:00close

A new picture for me. Specifically experimenting with flat colors as a formalized style for me while trying to draw some inspiration from one of my favorite french science fiction and fantasy artist, Moebius.

[Premium Early Access]-Kobold Trader
[Premium Early Access]-Kobold Tradermore_vert
Post file flag
[Premium Early Access]-Kobold Trader 2019-04-12T13:52:12+00:00close

New premium picture(I've realized it's been a while since I last posted one!). As with othe recent works this will also be early access but I wanted to share the results of this recent forray in traditional colors again; in this case with color pencils and dry pastels of an inked drawing.

I'm not sure yet how much more I might attempt with such but I'm considering it since it's still a bit less logistics than watercolors(which I still want to try making more of).

Future non-commissioned(thus, personal) color works might be similarly uploaded as premium(5$ patrons and more) early access as well.

[Commission]-Rider and Mount
[Commission]-Rider and Mountmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Rider and Mount 2019-04-02T14:44:39+00:00close

Color shaded commission completed for Vyurem and Gracie :)

03-18-Serpentine monster
03-18-Serpentine monster more_vert
Post file flag
03-18-Serpentine monster 2019-03-18T16:27:51+00:00close

As this was a piece where I had full personal freedom, I allowed mysed to be a bit more experimental not just in the subject of the monster thing(which is a pretty traditional thing) but also technique and tools such as used an old dried marker for some of the "shading" as I'd seen others do in the past and wanted to try and experiment with myself.

LEBELB-Early "Bete" concept
LEBELB-Early "Bete" conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
LEBELB-Early "Bete" concept 2019-03-02T20:33:53+00:00close

An early rough concept for "Bete". As a concept piece, I worked on this primarily with ballpoint pens and no underlying sketch to force me to draw nonstop without spending too much time in endless retouches. The idea was not to produce a "refined" piece but the earliest version of something that could be then used as a possible reference for later more refined concept pieces

[Commission]-Meset Helena
[Commission]-Meset Helenamore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Meset Helena 2019-02-19T13:50:45+00:00close

Commission for xvarchonvx!

19/02/19-10h40: Edited based on additional commissioner feedback.

LBELB-"Pot" expression sketches
LBELB-"Pot" expression sketchesmore_vert
Post file flag
LBELB-"Pot" expression sketches 2019-02-11T17:21:53+00:00close

A series of very quick and rough sketches of "Le Beau et la Bete" 's sentient pot character, trying to explore different expression that could be conveyed by out pot-shaped friend her even with only but a single ornate eye to convey them.

LBELB-"Pot" character(public reupload)
LBELB-"Pot" character(public reupload)more_vert
Post file flag
LBELB-"Pot" character(public reupload) 2019-02-11T17:18:00+00:00close

Originally an unrelated character, this sketch of a sentient alchemical/cooking pot was once done as a fun character design exercise between me and . Once we decided to start working on the concept of "Le Beau et la Bete", Arinn suggested me we could try bringing this character back as a servant of the Beast whom Beau might befriend over the course of the story.

I was utterly happy to oblige!

LBELB-"Beau" early concepts
LBELB-"Beau" early conceptsmore_vert
Post file flag
LBELB-"Beau" early concepts 2019-02-11T17:08:21+00:00close

Project reveal and early concepts sketches for a character named "Beau" for a future comic called "Le Beau et la Bete", a genderswitch of Beauty and the Beast which I'm working on based on scripts commissioned from Arinn Dembo thanks to her micro-commission tier on her own Patreon at !

These are some of the earliest concept but more might be comic and I'd like to soon start on concepts of the first pages since part of the first issue's scripts are already written.

Do look forward for more!

Next upload will be of a likely secondary character in the comic, whom Beau may befriend over the course of the story.

Working on commissions+new sketches today 2019-02-10T16:08:34+00:00

The last week of my day job kicked my energy pool hard but I'm currently working on some commissions I'm hoping to complete either today or tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I have a quantity of sketches to upload today for all patrons, including some concept pieces for a project I'm involved in.

Monthly request reward-Jack's
Monthly request reward-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly request reward-Jack's 2019-01-29T15:05:36+00:00close

More of that wereraven couple. He's starting to open his eyes now!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 26 Feb 19 04:17
Happy new 2019! 2019-01-03T14:15:46+00:00

And thanks again for your continued support into this new year!

The holidays were busier than anticipated but I guess that's holidays for you. As it stands I still have about a week off until I return to my drafting job so I'm trying to make the most of it to prepare the start of this new year.

In the plans for now:

1-Make illustrations for a new, updated, commissions pricelist for 2019. Expect some of the resulting work to be shared here before the pricelist proper is assembled.

2-Formally advertise opening for commissions again(obviously)

3-Continue concept work for a project I'll tentatively refer to as LBELB for now(those letters will make more sense later, don't worry ^^; )

4-Work on some gifts for very close friends, now that the holidays post services rush should be passed, which works will nonetheless be shared here once completed and sent.

I do intend to have more done obviously(even if only warmup/practice works to loosen my hand and practice for the more formal projects mentioned above) but these are some of the primary things I want to get underway now that the new year has started.

Monthly Ink Request-Jack's
Monthly Ink Request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Ink Request-Jack's 2018-12-30T02:49:20+00:00close

More of these two

State of the Crow, December 2018 2018-12-23T19:46:17+00:00

First of all, I wish everyone here who follow my work awesome holidays and a soon happy new year! Without your support, I don't know where I'd be.

Now, time to kick off some two months of cobwebs!

To be honest I've been much less active here than I'd have liked. Granted a case of "Surprise, we'd have a new job for you!" in the form of new (and decently paying!) employment might not have "helped" but it's not entirely an excuse.

Nonetheless it represented a major change to a routine I was getting used to a degree over the years now, and I now realized there's been a couple of critical areas where I often tried to overcompensate for it on my days off, leading to nasty cases of extreme (by my personal standards) procrastination which I kept trying to blame on many things though a large cause was, in part, myself. I've finally had some time today to try to better reflect on it so now that I have(thanks to the nature of the job) some holidays vacations to think things through, I hope to be able to correct my aim so that 2019 can hopefully start on a much better note than 2018 was starting to head to if I didn't do something now.

One of the major(potentially temporary) changes I did now was to leave a couple of social medias that I overextended myself upon, often at the cost of time I could have better spent not just on art... but even just on relaxing better during my periods of rest proper. That's the easy part, of course. Harder will be trying to fix my sleep schedule, as I began to notices the way I'd frequently badly overcompensate the strict sleep schedules of my work days with foregoing sleep until absurdly late the very days after the end of my week's work days.
That had the ruinous effect of screwing up my sleep schedules on the days I do have off and thus the ones where I *would* have time for art but thus never had the energy to. As it was standing, I was regularly undersleeping from going to bed later than even the latest I would normally go before even starting that job.

Hopefully, by the time my vacations will be over I should have this under control again and start having a more stable output of art again as well.

Incoming posts 2018-12-11T16:08:25+00:00

Still working on the digital painting teased to patrons last week, but I've nonetheless found some times for other works. Among today's offerings will thus be a pair of otters images, a subject I enjoy drawing for some friends, but today's uploads will also include early previews of an upcoming project that I hope will prove of interest to people here :)

Weekend art uploads 2018-11-17T16:19:40+00:00

Been having a slow time with artwork as I adapt to the new job but I'm (albeit) slowly catching up to my queue. This said I've noticed that uploads of personal non-commissioned pieces have been lagging a lot this month.
Perhaps it's a result of the frantic pace I had to uphold during October but for this reason I decided to try and make an amount of personal artwork as I can this weekend to try and at least make sure November gets at least a minimum of personal Patreon-exclusive pieces.

I hope you will enjoy the works and thank you again for your continued support!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 5 Dec 18 18:25
New month starting 2018-11-05T15:41:53+00:00

First of all, thank you again for your continued support!

A new month is starting which as usual will mean new artwork :)
Something a bit different this month is that I've recently started last week a new job as a part-time technical drafter for one of my old employers. To be honest, this will be a much needed boon to my finances just before these upcoming holidays.

It does however represent a bit less time for artwork. Nonetheless it's currently only 2/days weeks which should affect productions too much and still leave me time for commissions artwork during the first half of the week and even additional personal pieces as well on the weekend which will also be untouched by the new job.

As for current plans, I have already a sequence commissions pre-booked for this month and on which I should be starting work as soon as today so this is something patrons here can soon expect more artwork of!

[Commission]-Raven Relic 3/6
[Commission]-Raven Relic 3/6more_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Raven Relic 3/6 2018-10-25T16:00:04+00:00close

Continued from , an inked sequence commission for Lightningfire.

The next three pages will be coming next month!

Round Bird(Aka Birb Orb)
Round Bird(Aka Birb Orb)more_vert
Post file flag
Round Bird(Aka Birb Orb) 2018-10-22T17:55:51+00:00close

A rare bonus extra for everyone. All the recent's inktober efforts have done wonders for my workflow in that medium which for a rare occasion has finally given me time for truly personal/for-fun artwork so I knew I had to draw one of these adorable fluff orbs again.

[Commission]-Raven Relic 2/6
[Commission]-Raven Relic 2/6more_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Raven Relic 2/6 2018-10-20T16:00:03+00:00close

Continuation of for Lightningfire

[Commission]-Raven Relic 1/6
[Commission]-Raven Relic 1/6more_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Raven Relic 1/6 2018-10-19T16:01:01+00:00close

Ongoing commission for Lightningfire! This one will be multiple months, starting with three pictures(this one included) this month.

Inktober Update-All caught up! 2018-10-07T14:14:49+00:00

I'd been a bit a bit late with my art productions in the last few days but I finally all caught up on inktober production and ready to upload all of the last few day's production! This mean inktober pieces #4(Spell), #5(Chicken) and #6(Drooling)!

Expect all of these to upload today around 12pm EST!

I'm also considering a small poll about the frequency of uploads soon today though, as I've been musing about whether I should stick to a daily upload rate as much as possibly or more substantial updates on a less frequent basis(such as weekly updates every saturdays or sundays for example).

Post file flag
[Commission]-VyBeast 2018-09-16T18:39:45+00:00close

A commission for one Vyruem of their fursona's beast form!

[Commission]-Spotty predicament
[Commission]-Spotty predicamentmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Spotty predicament 2018-09-15T16:01:01+00:00close

Sketch commission for Kyetwolf of their character transforming into a spotted genet

Monthly ink reward-Jack's
Monthly ink reward-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly ink reward-Jack's 2018-09-07T23:09:53+00:00close

The last picture in the Valravn sequence! Next month should see a new subject ^_^

Monthly Ink reward-Arki's
Monthly Ink reward-Arki'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Ink reward-Arki's 2018-09-05T16:01:01+00:00close

Another one of her character! I have to say it very fun to draw her again and explore the character from a different angle and concept!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #647227 - 5 Sep 18 16:05
I looooove it!
user avatar
Fringecrow - 5 Sep 18 16:55
Thank you for telling me so <3 <3
July monthly ink request-Jack's
July monthly ink request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
July monthly ink request-Jack's 2018-08-08T16:00:43+00:00close

The latest page in the patron's ongoing Valravn transformation sequence!

[Commission]-Wereraven doctor
[Commission]-Wereraven doctormore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Wereraven doctor 2018-07-25T17:01:00+00:00close

Digital Painting commission for Doosker-Roo!

Post file flag
[Commission]-Pangomonsterlin 2018-07-17T16:00:00+00:00close

A 25USD sketch commission for Werwolfram, a new client.

They specifically asked for a monstrous pangolin-inspired beast.

New Surface Pro tablet... is dead 2018-07-13T17:35:59+00:00

Well, I still need to test and try if I can reinitialize it with an USB recovery drive but so far it's not been looking good and we suspect a damaged SSD.

(We suspect it's possibly the result of then unknown damage initially caused by the deliveryman that had attempted to steal it in the original ordeal I had to go through when first getting it shipped here back in March. The shipping box had been emptied of all the styrofoam beads normally used to prevent concussions damages while being shipped so we suspect the damage started there and only reached their conclusion recently).

Long story told short Windows doesn't boot anymore and until I can see if I can fixes it even just temporarily(so I can at least back up my files... again) with a recovery drive, I simply cannot use it. I

In the meanwhile, I've put back my old desktop computer so I can at least do stuff like typing this update and have a platform I can connect my scanner to so I can scan traditional artwork, especially since April has alread thought me I can fall back on such exclusively in an emergency. Nonethless, to say I'm disapointed is still an understatement.

Thankfully, I've always had a good experience with Microsoft Support so far so it's still my hope that it shouldn't be too hard to get a tablet barely 4 months old replaced when the warranty is for a entire year. Hopefully it shouldn't take too much time to do so either but we'll only see how much it takes when I finally ship back my current tablet to have it replaced.

As a safety measure, I've also dusted off my old Monoprise 19in Pen display so when my old desktop finishes installing all the due Windows updates it missed in the period I didn't use it, I will likely try to start experimenting with it to see if I can recycle it as a digital artwork tool should the process to replace my Surface Pro 2017 takes too long or run into unforeseen troubles.

Either ways, you have all been supporting me for so long, I wanted to make sure my Patrons were up to date on the recent events. At least I'm almost glad that it failed yesterday since it gives me the weekend to do a lot of these experiment with the monoprice or traditional art to see what I will be doing next week to mitigate the effects of this turn of event. And same reason I'm at least thankful for this failure to happen now rather than past the waranty period like when I broke the Pro 3 in an accident.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #158474 - 14 Jul 18 01:47
Wow that's ridiculous. Hope you get everything straightened out.
July monthly ink request-Jack's
July monthly ink request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
July monthly ink request-Jack's 2018-07-06T23:05:51+00:00close

Continuation of the Valravn transformation sequence.

Posted a bit later than I intended but here it is!

Whew! New month, Canada day and soon America day. 2018-07-03T23:30:54+00:00

New month just started out, but it's already been a bit busy both with art and outside! First there was Canada day recently which kept me a bit busy and a still ongoing heatwave is slowing my speed a bit but nonetheless I've still been working on art.

Uploads have been a bit absent for now but I have a couple of things cooking up in parallel to each others. Patrons can already expect a new commission page from the wereweasel sequence of the last couple of month directly tomorrow.

But I've not just been working on commissions lately and I've actually got a couple of personal pieces in the work lately that I hope to upload in the coming days as well alongside the commission and ink reward of the month. Afterward do expect some news for commissions opening alongside more personal works!

Also, with the 4th of July coming soon for my American followers I pre-emptively wish you a good one!

Post file flag
SKETCHBOOK-02-09 2018-06-28T16:00:59+00:00close

More World tree themed illustration.

Monthly Ink Request-Jack's
Monthly Ink Request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
Monthly Ink Request-Jack's 2018-06-21T16:00:00+00:00close

Continuation of the Valravn sequence. Currently at page 4.

Sketches levels pledges ending on the 21st, plans for July 2018-06-19T21:41:44+00:00

As said before, the Ink-level commission pledge will remain.

I've been contacting all of the sketch-level commissions pledges nonetheless as their pledge will indeed be honored with one last sketch before the end of the month, even after the 21st.

This is simply a thing I will be doing to make sure to avoid any confusion on the start of July next month.

With that change, I thus plan to more formally re-center my Patreon as a place to share my warm-up and experiment pieces, as well as personal artwork and the content that could go into more advanced projects such as future artbooks in style of Knick-Knacks.

Sketches will thus be reshuffled to more conventional commissions offers and openings on my public galleries as a way of better keeping commissioned and personal artwork separate from each others.

June Monthly requests-Onom's
June Monthly requests-Onom'smore_vert
Post file flag
June Monthly requests-Onom's 2018-06-16T16:00:59+00:00close

Slow Start 2018-06-05T11:56:31+00:00

June is starting a bit slower than intended, but I'm now in the process of contacting sketch commissions patrons again for their request this month.

There's also a couple of things I'm musing for later, so there is a possibility of an announcement on these subjects once there is something more defined to announce.

Dogsitting 2018-05-16T15:02:38+00:00

As title implies I am currently having to babysit a large malamute/pyrennee crossbreed for the next 4-5 days at my brother's house. It's a slightly long story but at least I've already setup a temporary makeshift workspace for the time being though access to a scanner might be slightly spotty(though still possible as there's chances of eating dinner at my parent's place a couple of times during that period which will let me have access to a scanner).

I'll thus see how things will go but as a result there might be more delays in between finishing traditional art pictures and being able to post them. This said I've already finished a new quality inked image yesterday that 5+ patrons should have access to today at 12pm EST and should get my new digital stylus tomorrow normally which should allow me to start tackling a new recent digital commission that has been waiting purely for me to get this new pen to start working on it.

All of this said, I thank you all for your continued support and hope that you will continue to enjoy the work I produce!

Post file flag
[Commission]-QuebecoisWolf 2018-05-04T16:00:05+00:00close

One of their character

New Month, new content 2018-05-02T13:02:00+00:00

The month of May has just started which means that as usual I'll be kicking off the month with the new batch of monthly sketches/ink commissions requests for my Patrons.
In fact, the first one is already scheduled to upload today at noon, 12pm and as a bonus I've snuck in a new practice piece with my ink brushpen. I'll be soon finishing up my last cartridge of ink so it might be some time before I can do more of these but I wanted to make sure I can produces as much out of this last cartridge before I order more ink(probably a whole pot to be used for a manual-load cartridge I was gifted alongside the original brushpen).

Nonetheless I intend to post more artwork than just that. However a bug discovered on the Surface Pro 2017 where an issue with the way cursor tracking is programmed to react to tilt direction has caused inaccuracies while recent to my pen nibs further compounded the problem So until I can order a new pen(ideally not supporting tilt detection to avoid the issue), I will thus focus again on more traditional artwork in the meanwhile.

To help fund the new pen I've actually considered creating a new artbook like Knick-Knacks** featuring exclusively traditional artwork, many of which will be previewed or shared here before the whole compilation will be made on
As a result, unlike Knick-Knacks Vol1, this new artbook would be made fully from brand new artworks rather than being a compilation of older Patreon and rare exclusive pieces or other updated pictures.

With all of this stated, I wish you all a great month of May and thank you for your continued support as I hope you will appreciate the coming artwork this month as well!


**5$+ Patrons can find a copy of Knick-Knacks here, where it is made available to 5$+ patrons until May 15th after which it will be available exclusively on the page:

[Commission]-Reptile MidTF
[Commission]-Reptile MidTFmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Reptile MidTF 2018-04-27T16:00:02+00:00close

MidTF Sketch commission for Felix

[Commission]-Dragon post-TF
[Commission]-Dragon post-TFmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Dragon post-TF 2018-04-26T16:01:01+00:00close

Another commissioned sketch for Wyvernknight :)

[Commission]-Dragon TFTG
[Commission]-Dragon TFTGmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Dragon TFTG 2018-04-24T16:01:00+00:00close

Mid MtF TFTG commission for Wyvernknight

[Commission]-Valia MidTF
[Commission]-Valia MidTFmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Valia MidTF 2018-04-24T16:01:00+00:00close

MidTF Commission for Wyvernknight!

Open for Commissions![April2018]
Open for Commissions![April2018]more_vert
Post file flag
Open for Commissions![April2018] 2018-04-12T16:00:01+00:00close

I've been posting about this elsewhere already so I might as well post this here too!

My current queue is pretty light, so I'm open for commission!
(though I have yet to ever "close" for commissions, even during busier times! ^^; )

I also take TF sequences commissions again, thanks to the experience I got from sequential monthly requests here and a special projects I recently finished(but cannot post about here yet because the commissioner also paid for the rights to the image for a project of their own).

The way things will now works is that I will take sequences commissions again, and even accepts any length. So people can commissions sequences as small as only two images to as large as a whopping 15!

The one condition is thus, though: to avoid my queue being swamped by a lone work that I cannot post until completion, larger sequence will be capped at a workflow of 2-3 images per months.
That means a 4 pages commission would normally be spread over two months. A 6 page commission could be spread over two or three months depending on negotiation, and so on.

The reason is simply that this allow me to spread the work in a way that doesn't overwhelm me yet add a regularity that allows me to tackle every segment with a "fresh" outlook that overall allows for a higher quality in my opinion.

This does mean less of an instant income boost for me, but the added "predictability" it adds to the concept of monthly workload/confirmed earnings more than make it up by allowing me to "know" what to expect I can make the following month even after completing all of a current month's work.

Without such a structure, I would not be able to tackle larger commission such as the (still secret) 15 pages work I recently completed. I could complete such a work that would dominate an entire month only to leave me the stress of complete unknown expectations for the following month.

So, this rule being stated, if a client is okay with this I can absolutely work on a sequence commission for them, no matter the length of it. Just as long as they are okay with the paced structure of the work.

April monthly request-Onom's
April monthly request-Onom's more_vert
Post file flag
April monthly request-Onom's 2018-04-10T16:01:00+00:00close

Some snake-themed transformation, with hints of the likely source of the TF if you look closely enough.

April monthly request-Jack's
April monthly request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
April monthly request-Jack's 2018-04-08T16:00:01+00:00close

A continuation of last month's image.

[Early Access]-Werewolf lady for Onom
[Early Access]-Werewolf lady for Onommore_vert
Post file flag
[Early Access]-Werewolf lady for Onom 2018-03-31T16:01:00+00:00close

A digital painting for Onom of their newest werewolf character.

March monthly requests-Onom's
March monthly requests-Onom'smore_vert
Post file flag
March monthly requests-Onom's 2018-03-21T19:08:19+00:00close

A gryphon monster humanoid as their request. More might be coming ^^

Update: Delivery issue resolved and tablet acquired 2018-03-20T20:13:59+00:00

Typing this with the new tablet. Whilst I was preparing myself for the long haul yesterday and believing I would have to focus on traditional artwork for a while, it seems that advices from the Microsoft representative paid off and thus likely led to a panicked delivery man to finally return to my house, my tablet in hand with a claim he had "mistakenly delivered it to the neighbors place".

I have many reasons to doubt it was something so simple and innocuous as I have many reasons there was more of a case of foul play and less innocent "mistakes" at work Friday from the person who made the delivery but having gone at length about it with others I will not go at much more length here for brevity's sake.

This said, the good news is that I have my tablet back(in fact typing this with said new tablet) and that my proper workflow should resume soon. There's still some minor setups to do on it, but it's only a short matter of time and work and experiments with it have already allowed me to already witness some of the improvement over my older tablet.

Now that the nightmare of this delivery is behind me, I can say that I'm very satisfied with my new tool, now that I'm actually able to hold it in my hands and use it.


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