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Update: Delivery issue resolved and tablet acquired 2018-03-20T20:13:59+00:00

Typing this with the new tablet. Whilst I was preparing myself for the long haul yesterday and believing I would have to focus on traditional artwork for a while, it seems that advices from the Microsoft representative paid off and thus likely led to a panicked delivery man to finally return to my house, my tablet in hand with a claim he had "mistakenly delivered it to the neighbors place".

I have many reasons to doubt it was something so simple and innocuous as I have many reasons there was more of a case of foul play and less innocent "mistakes" at work Friday from the person who made the delivery but having gone at length about it with others I will not go at much more length here for brevity's sake.

This said, the good news is that I have my tablet back(in fact typing this with said new tablet) and that my proper workflow should resume soon. There's still some minor setups to do on it, but it's only a short matter of time and work and experiments with it have already allowed me to already witness some of the improvement over my older tablet.

Now that the nightmare of this delivery is behind me, I can say that I'm very satisfied with my new tool, now that I'm actually able to hold it in my hands and use it.

Traditional Patreon Sketches resuming 2018-03-19T15:38:13+00:00

Sadly digital artwork is still up in the air until a delivery issue with my new tablet is resolved.

But for now traditional sketches and inks will at least resume in the meanwhile. I've jury-rigged my old 5+ years old desktop PC to my scanner which at least allow me a platform to scan traditional pictures on and still enough horsepower to at least do basic adjustment to colors and contrasts to counter-acts the way a scanner can sometime mess with traditional artwork.

I did attempt to connect my old 5+ years old monoprice pen display to it, but the poor viewing angles and conflicts with the second monitor I needed to duplicate display on(so I could double-check the colors of a digital work because of the pen display poor viewing angles) were making the setup too clunky to ensure proper quality of digital artwork. Meanwhile the monoprice setup was taking so much space it would have compromised my ability to efficiently tackle traditional artwork.

Since I only need a scanner and a platform to plug that scanner on to perform traditional artwork, I thus have decided to officially put digital artwork on hold in the meanwhile(until the delivery issue with UPS is resolved and I get my new tablet) and thus focus on traditional artwork that I know I can work on at the same quality that I am usually capable of.

I thank you patrons for your patience and your continued support throughout my current difficulties and hope I can soon make up for it with more contents you will appreciate.

Some more details shots
Some more details shotsmore_vert
Post file flag
Some more details shots 2018-03-14T19:33:35+00:00close

A bit of an example of the discoloration effect close to the corner of the screen that is running alongside the length of the crack. As it is one of the areas in particular that is prone to overheating in the Pro 3 generation, I do not want to take my chances too much with this tablet. I hear it might still be possible to get it replaced/repaired even if at a cost. While getting a new tablet is a way to get a working till in my end much faster, it might still be something I will look into later when I have surplus funds again. If anything(and if accepted by said screen servicing service at Microsoft) it may be a way for me to get this older tablet back as something that I could use as a backup tool in the future. Overall this was my original plan as I was already planning to upgrade later this year and relegate my Surface Pro 3 to the role of backup but the recent incident forced me to do so sooner than I expected(and to consider the backup to happen only later).

A Wild Delay has Appeared.
A Wild Delay has Appeared.more_vert
Post file flag
A Wild Delay has Appeared. 2018-03-14T19:21:42+00:00close

(typed using my phone: ) As can be noticed there has been some... Delays since the last upload. And some shattered glass. As the photos attest I've had a bit of a setback inducing incident with the tablet that i use as my main work platform including for scanning. All of said, even if it represents quite a cost, my new tablet should be here this week and everything should return to their normal pace afterwards. It's quite a cost to order but looking at the numbers I will still be able to"operate" at the same pace than before when it comes to my bill and thus be able rebuild my reserves again. Things will be tight for a bit but if everything goes well they should soon be more relaxed again. Thankfully Windows was still running even with the accident so I still managed to back up online everything that was important. So nothing that I cannot redownload or reinstall was lost. Touch and stylus detection across the screen is dead however and looking at colors of the screen close to some cracks makes me not want to stretch my luck further considering the propensity to overheat of older Surface Pro models(something apparently thankfully fixed in the newer model I ordered). If anything I mostly look forward to the new tablet so that I can put these delays behind me and properly resume my work flow. Thanks everyone for your patience!

Some more detail shots
Some more detail shotsmore_vert
Post file flag
Some more detail shots 2018-03-14T19:24:04+00:00close

As the title say, some more detail shots of the damage when the tablet was still running(the rpg books pdfs from that folder on the other hand are parts of things I'll need to redownload from my store account when I get the new tablet)

February monthly requests-Jack's
February monthly requests-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
February monthly requests-Jack's 2018-02-17T17:01:00+00:00close

New month, February 2018-02-01T15:59:07+00:00

I just returned from a trip to Ontario (where I had plenty of fun and welcomed rest from a couple of life stuff) and a new month has just started! Though I've already got a fair bit on my plate now, it's good to be home and things sound promising!

In the order of priority will be to contact all my monthly request tiers backers for their request of the month, work on the (still as of yet secret) current month's segment of a large traditional commission, and then on another pre-booked digital painting commission involving the recent recurring masked raven.

In other news I've also got some refresh of some of my traditional art tools which should help a lot with my traditional sketches and inks works, something I also look forward to!

[Warm-up]-Tower of Spheres
[Warm-up]-Tower of Spheresmore_vert
Post file flag
[Warm-up]-Tower of Spheres 2018-01-08T16:12:41+00:00close

Latest warm up prior to working on monthly patron sketches requests rewards. The sketch(es) I'll complete today will, as usual, be scanned and uploaded tomorrow morning.

2018-Roundbird(test upload from phone)
2018-Roundbird(test upload from phone)more_vert
Post file flag
2018-Roundbird(test upload from phone) 2018-01-03T20:38:38+00:00close

A bit of a test. There has been news a global security flaw was recently found in Intel processors that is so deep that operating system developers(windows, MacOS, Linux) are forced to rewrite almost entirely the ways OSes can read certain files to the point some are predicting a loss of 5% to 30% in performances in Intel devices. So far out sounds like gaming is one activity that will be least affected by this incoming update but for artists I have found very little infos yet. Sadly my own Surface Pro(and main digital artwork tool) runs an Intel processor and it being basically one of my main source of income I cannot take too much chances until I know more about what we're looking at once this hits the internet the coming week. Thus for now I've simply disconnected my tablet from even local networks to avoid downloading this update until I have more of an idea of the impacts. In the meanwhile I rediscovered that my Surface does support Bluetooth however which allows it to exchange files more directly with my phone that I'm currently using to upload this drawing to Patreon as a trial run of this work around. Since the test seem conclusive I should be able to continue uploading new artwork via this method in the future.

Sumi Brushpen Practice01-Roundburd
Sumi Brushpen Practice01-Roundburdmore_vert
Post file flag
Sumi Brushpen Practice01-Roundburd 2017-12-22T14:13:43+00:00close

Some of the awesome bird and cat I know recently gifted me a couple of new art tools, with some of the most important ones being sumi brush pens.
These are tools I never had the occasion to try out in the past so being gifted something like this has been sincerely most welcome. With them taking replaceable cartridges of ink(and me also receiving a converter cartridge that can be filled with different inks of my choices such as color inks in the future), this is a tool that I hope will be here to stay.

Of course, me getting a new tool also meant me having to doodle a roundburd as the first thing I would draw with them.

Not being a proper scan, this is set to "public" but already I'm scanning two more pictures that will be set to "patrons" only.

December monthly request-Onom's
December monthly request-Onom'smore_vert
Post file flag
December monthly request-Onom's 2017-12-14T18:52:47+00:00close

Some thanks 2017-12-09T14:33:04+00:00

With the warning about the change to fee structure imposed by Patreon made, I've recently been reading a friend's own thoughts on the subject however and there is one thing I want to say, and that is thank you to all who have been and are supporting me through my Patreon.

I've never had an extremely large Patreon, but all of you and your contributions have still been a tremendous help. One that helped me pay my share of groceries, and generally help cover various small expenses I might not have been able to afford to otherwise.

This also helped me cover the expenses for some of the traditional media materials I do use when I needed to replace old pens, buy new toned paper and other things like paint in the past. It also helped me get an headstart on improving my art and commission practices as well as slowly envision projects I might not have otherwise been able to in the past.

I don't know all these new changes will entail for the future and thus I'll be keeping a careful eyes in things. And if new platforms come into being that become more functional to you than Patreon, I will always be most glad to hear of them from you so I can do my work where my patrons are at their most comfortable.

This said, for now and in thanks for all your support has allowed in my life: Thank you, and happy holidays 2017 to all of you and your loved ones.

Changes to the way Patreon processes pledges. 2017-12-08T23:23:50+00:00

Not something I have control over sadly, but I wanted to warn my patrons here before the next month rolls, in, to lesser unwanted surprises.

Some might already know now, but Patreon has recently announced they are going to change the way pledges are processed in the future.

Before, when patrons pledge an amount like 1$, they would pay only that dollar and the creator would receive a cut of it after transaction fees and Patreon's own small cut.

Now, part of those transaction fee will now be paid in part by patrons themselves, something which might not be as visibly disclosed in the cost of pledges. Involving in part a flat fee and some percentage, a 1$ pledge might now actually cost the patron around 1.38$ in practice.

As they are now processing the transaction of every pledges invidually rather than sums amount, this will soon affect every individual pledges(thus two 1$ pledges would be 1.38$ each Rather than 2$+flat rate/percentage).

I am unsure how I feel about this yet since I have many patrons in the 1$ and 5$ pledge range and the flat rate+percentage is such that lower pledges are hit hardest than the higher pledges.
However, I wanted to pre-emptively warn my own patrons so they are nonetheless aware of what's coming to lessen any future surprise.

November monthly requests-Spacix's
November monthly requests-Spacix'smore_vert
Post file flag
November monthly requests-Spacix's 2017-11-03T19:40:08+00:00close

November monthly requests-Anonymous
November monthly requests-Anonymousmore_vert
Post file flag
November monthly requests-Anonymous 2017-11-02T12:56:29+00:00close

Anonymous patron's request was for a "Coffee orca lady" this month :)

November Plans 2017-11-01T13:52:12+00:00

Another month, and Halloween with it, are behind us now which means that plans for the new one needs to be made again.

As it is, November might be somewhat busy-ish!

First as usual there's the monthly sketches requests for patrons of the appropriate level, which I've already started contacting, but at the same time there will be the Inktober "Overtime" as I will attempt completing those Inktober prompts I didn't had time to tackle because of how late I started inktober.

Similarly, this month will be the one where I will begin a new longterm commission for which I cannot say much for a while except that it's for a TF story to be released in about one year from now.
The deadline and the agreed pace of work though means that I should be able to work on this without causing any delay for any other work(in fact, if this go well this month, the result of these discussions might lead me to open for TF commission sequences again outside of the monthly Patreon sketches requests).

Beyond that and any conventional commissions that might come my way, work on Meta Vol.1 should(and already has in private) resume soon.
In fact, 5$+ Patrons should expect a new post giving them a bit of an update on the project(or information on what it is, for those who weren't around when it first started) as well as how I intend to proceed with it vis a vis how I plan to handle sharing it's artwork here in light of it's potential future as a paid art compilation PDF to be released on a venue such as itch.io(or another) once finished.

With all of this said, I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Halloween and wish you all a great month of November!

October sketches requests-Quebecoiswolf's
October sketches requests-Quebecoiswolf'smore_vert
Post file flag
October sketches requests-Quebecoiswolf's 2017-10-18T22:12:43+00:00close

After a bit since the last one, another sketch of their character "Aunt Broken Fang"

October sketch reward-Spacix's
October sketch reward-Spacix'smore_vert
Post file flag
October sketch reward-Spacix's 2017-10-13T01:37:23+00:00close

October Ink request-Jack's
October Ink request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
October Ink request-Jack's 2017-10-11T19:32:10+00:00close

Continuation of their hellhound transformation sequence.

October Sketch Requests-Chris'
October Sketch Requests-Chris'more_vert
Post file flag
October Sketch Requests-Chris' 2017-10-10T20:40:50+00:00close

For this month, they requested this sketch for a friend's cerberus werewolf lady character.

Month of Spookoween 2017-10-03T13:32:25+00:00

Hello everyone. A new month just started, and as usual monthly sketch requests patrons will soon be messenged to asks about their request for this month.

On the menu, things still seem a bit busy.
Ontop of the monthly requests I will soon start working on the commission for the YCH1 offer that was taken toward the end of last month.

Similarly, being Inktober I plan to try to produce a certain amount of personal inked pieces to be shared here with all patrons here. I'm already two days late due to the weekend so I don't know how far I'll get into Inktober's prompts this year but it's my hopes to at least produces a couple of interesting things.

On other fronts, as things have begun to go back to normalcy and my usual work routine last month thanks to clearing the group commission prior, one of my plan is also to resume some of my own personal projects that I wanted to develop over the year before being setback slightly. Right now, that's mainly two things:

1-My Redbubble store which has been left mostly untouched since last year. One of my hope is to start producing and uploading more designs to put up on sale there.

2-Artbooks: A while back I started works for an artbook to be put on sale as a PDF, after discussions with a friend who made the suggestion to me due to her own experience with these.

Production has been set back many times for lengthy periods due o life, but it's a project I do want to resume. As a result I'm considering how content will be handled in it. It was always meant to be a transformation art book, but with some of the pieces have been spread far and wide over different periods of time that I'm wondering if, instead of separating the book by theme, I should separate it's sections by time periods during which various pieces were produced to show some of the evolutions and styles of different period.

Similarly as this is a book which will feature exclusive content of it's own I've been wondering how I might handle uploads of work in progress here; specifically if it should only be a few pieces, the full images and entire collection or put in behind an additional rewards level.

To be honest I'm leery about doing the later since once put for sale those PDF might sell for only 7-12$ whereas many already pay 5$ every months to watch my artwork so if I upload the works here(which I feel might be reward enough for people paying at this level) I might simply put it behind the 5$ pledges and upload the entirety of it since it'd be the least I could do for people who've supported me for so long at this level every months.

That way those who want to see the art as it's produced would be able to whereas those who'd prefer to simply wait and buy the PDF for a single time purchase might still be able to do so(and it'd still remain an option to purchase it separately for 5$ patrons who might just happen to still like having a PDF where all the separate works are collected in a centralized format that's easier to browse than an entire patreon's archive).

I'm still a way to go before I have anything ready to release but these are some of the things I'm considering.

[Commission]-The Relic
[Commission]-The Relicmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-The Relic 2017-10-03T04:29:27+00:00close

YCH commission done for KickahaOta

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #165003 - 3 Oct 17 04:59
The idol and the 'victim' both seem pleased. So am I. :)
YCH4-"The Relic"
YCH4-"The Relic"more_vert
Post file flag
YCH4-"The Relic" 2017-09-28T21:41:38+00:00close

As always, this is first come first served. The character can be any genders, TFing to any species and wear any type of clothings(within reason). The base price is of 75$USD(ten dollars less than my usual painting rate).

Anyone who might be interested, just send me an email at fringecrow@gmail.com and the first email I receive will be the one to get the offer.

I'll also work on different backdrop/themes/scenes for more YCH so keep on the lookout!

[Commission]-Documenting Change
[Commission]-Documenting Changemore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Documenting Change 2017-09-27T23:21:34+00:00close

The result of YCH3, commissioned by Cataena

[Commission]-If fits, he sits
[Commission]-If fits, he sitsmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-If fits, he sits 2017-09-26T02:28:04+00:00close

Commission doodle for Corvomancer on Twitter of a gift for their macro/micro-fan husband, of his catsona doing what he enjoys best: playing pretend kaiju monster smashing through (in this case made of cardboard) city in the ways only a cat would(by getting stuck in a carton box of a '"skyscrapper" like only a cat would).

I don't often advertise those doodle commissions as I exclusively make them in this rougher "cuter" attempt at a style that I first developed with my occasional "roundburd" as a subject that I would doodle to unwind or relax when suffering from anxiety.

Nonetheless when someone is specifically looking for that style and type of subject, I'm always willing to do the work for them.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #176903 - 26 Sep 17 05:06
this is for real one of my fav pics of him, thank you! looking forward to using it as an avatar :D
YCH3-Documenting Change
YCH3-Documenting Changemore_vert
Post file flag
YCH3-Documenting Change 2017-09-23T00:46:04+00:00close

Edit: Taken by tyrantruler101 on furaffinity!

Note: For an example of what the finished work can look like, just look at the finished "Crystal of Change": https://www.patreon.com/posts/ych2-crystal-of-14495446


Third prompt for the YCH TF commissions offers!

As always, this is first come first served. The character can be any genders, TFing to any species and wear any type of clothings(within reason). The base price is of 75$USD(ten dollars less than my usual painting rate).

Anyone who might be interested, just send me an email at fringecrow@gmail.comand the first email I receive will be the one to get the offer.

I'll also work on different backdrop/themes/scenes for more YCH so keep on the lookout!

YCH2-"Crystal of Change"
YCH2-"Crystal of Change"more_vert
Post file flag
YCH2-"Crystal of Change" 2017-09-19T22:46:31+00:00close

Edit: Taken by Spacix! In the meanwhile, "Among the ruins" still hasn't found a taker for anyone interested: https://www.patreon.com/posts/ych1-among-ruins-14443952


One of the forementionned YCH TF commissions offers!

As always, this is first come first served. The character can be any genders, TFing to any species and wear any type of clothings(within reason). The base price is of 75$USD(ten dollars less than my usual painting rate).

Anyone who might be interested, just send me an email at fringecrow@gmail.com and the first email I receive will be the one to get the offer.

I'll also work on different backdrop/themes/scenes for more YCH so keep on the lookout!

Also "Among the ruins" still hasn't found a taker, for those interested! https://www.patreon.com/posts/ych1-among-ruins-14443952

YCH1-"Among the Ruins"
YCH1-"Among the Ruins"more_vert
Post file flag
YCH1-"Among the Ruins" 2017-09-19T00:35:10+00:00close

One of the forementionned YCH TF commissions offers!

As always, this is first come first served. The character can be any genders, TFing to any species and wear any type of clothings(within reason). The base price is of 75$USD(ten dollars less than my usual painting rate).

Anyone who might be interested, just send me an email at fringecrow@gmail.com and the first email I receive will be the one to get the offer.

I'll also work on different backdrop/themes/scenes for more YCH so keep on the lookout!

September Ink Request-Jack's
September Ink Request-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
September Ink Request-Jack's 2017-09-13T01:43:43+00:00close

September sketch request-Spacix'
September sketch request-Spacix'more_vert
Post file flag
September sketch request-Spacix' 2017-09-11T22:21:22+00:00close

September sketch requests-Chris'
September sketch requests-Chris'more_vert
Post file flag
September sketch requests-Chris' 2017-09-09T01:20:34+00:00close

September sketch requests-Quebecoiswolf's
September sketch requests-Quebecoiswolf'smore_vert
Post file flag
September sketch requests-Quebecoiswolf's 2017-09-04T21:18:43+00:00close

August sketches reward-Quebecoiswolf's
August sketches reward-Quebecoiswolf'smore_vert
Post file flag
August sketches reward-Quebecoiswolf's 2017-08-12T01:27:17+00:00close

August sketch reward-Chris'
August sketch reward-Chris'more_vert
Post file flag
August sketch reward-Chris' 2017-08-11T01:34:13+00:00close

A gift for one of their friends.

August ink reward- Jack's
August ink reward- Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
August ink reward- Jack's 2017-08-08T22:18:45+00:00close

August sketch reward-Spacix's
August sketch reward-Spacix'smore_vert
Post file flag
August sketch reward-Spacix's 2017-08-07T22:55:31+00:00close

August Sketch Reward-Anonymous'
August Sketch Reward-Anonymous'more_vert
Post file flag
August Sketch Reward-Anonymous' 2017-08-05T02:18:37+00:00close

A hellhound/monsterdog to start the month's montly sketches commissions with :)

July sketch reward-Anonymous
July sketch reward-Anonymousmore_vert
Post file flag
July sketch reward-Anonymous 2017-07-12T19:25:09+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5594748 - 13 Jul 17 03:39
Well done :)
July sketch reward-Chris'
July sketch reward-Chris'more_vert
Post file flag
July sketch reward-Chris' 2017-07-11T02:05:23+00:00close

Requested as a gift for one of their acquaintances.

July ink reward-Jack's
July ink reward-Jack'smore_vert
Post file flag
July ink reward-Jack's 2017-07-09T00:57:41+00:00close

July sketch reward-Quebecoiswolf
July sketch reward-Quebecoiswolfmore_vert
Post file flag
July sketch reward-Quebecoiswolf 2017-07-07T00:52:06+00:00close

A sketch of one of their werewolves characters, this time one named Jonas.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5594748 - 7 Jul 17 16:12
Good work!
July Sketch reward-Spacix
July Sketch reward-Spacixmore_vert
Post file flag
July Sketch reward-Spacix 2017-07-05T23:23:47+00:00close

July sketch reward-Onom's
July sketch reward-Onom'smore_vert
Post file flag
July sketch reward-Onom's 2017-07-05T01:27:20+00:00close

A sketch of their female wereshark character was their request for this month :)

So allergies happens(CW:hand w/ blisters/welts)
So allergies happens(CW:hand w/ blisters/welts)more_vert
Post file flag
So allergies happens(CW:hand w/ blisters/welts) 2017-06-19T15:10:41+00:00close

Basically a short life update, but after an encounter with a new plant at our house, I might have discovered my first allergy ever(and a newfound lesson on why it's not wise to "check if those thorns are as sharp as they look" especially when it turns out that yes, they are).

Turns out having one's hands covered in hives and minor blisters is not a fun experience ^^;

Hopefully will fade in not too long as it's certainly filled my drawing hand with a lot of slightly annoying sensations <.<

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #158474 - 19 Jun 17 21:08
Those look familiar, I had some on my arm after cutting the grass. There's a rose bush that's a pain in the butt to mow around.
June sketch reward-Lan Hao's
June sketch reward-Lan Hao'smore_vert
Post file flag
June sketch reward-Lan Hao's 2017-06-14T03:38:01+00:00close

Last of the commissions-type sketch reward for the month. Bar any surprise new sketch-commission level patron, the rest of the art will likely be personal pieces, project previews or the likes of digital painting-level commissions.

June Sketch Reward's-Anonymous
June Sketch Reward's-Anonymousmore_vert
Post file flag
June Sketch Reward's-Anonymous 2017-06-12T21:49:13+00:00close

June sketch reward-Quebecoiswolf
June sketch reward-Quebecoiswolfmore_vert
Post file flag
June sketch reward-Quebecoiswolf 2017-06-09T21:00:33+00:00close

A sketch of another character of theirs this month, Aunt Broken Fang

[Commission]-Kaelyn's drastic measure-Public
[Commission]-Kaelyn's drastic measure-Publicmore_vert
Post file flag
[Commission]-Kaelyn's drastic measure-Public 2017-06-09T13:37:04+00:00close

Previously posted as separate images for 5$+ patrons last month. The "nudity" version of the post-TF is still available only to 5$+ patrons right now but I am giving the patron permission to repost those images if they so wishes on their own gallery.

In this case the story is simple and a bit open-ended; the character is either trying to inject herself with a cure to lycanthropy(and it failed), or in the opposite direction is willingly injecting herself with a lycanthropy serum as a drastic last resort to attempt to deal with armed invaders attacking her lab(and potential offscreen colleagues).... in which case one could argue her last ditch measure is working *extremely* right.

June Sketch reward-Spacix
June Sketch reward-Spacixmore_vert
Post file flag
June Sketch reward-Spacix 2017-06-08T20:10:00+00:00close

June sketch reward-Onom's
June sketch reward-Onom'smore_vert
Post file flag
June sketch reward-Onom's 2017-06-07T21:01:23+00:00close


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