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Belial WIP
Belial WIPmore_vert
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Belial WIP 2014-10-03T02:06:04+00:00close

Here is a rough draft for the Nine Hells coloring book. Featured here is Belial, Arch-Devil of the Hell of Lust.

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Erebus 2014-10-02T04:14:12+00:00close

A piece I just finished for my Nine Hells Coloring Book. This is the Hell of Lust, where molesters and rapists are punished and swept up in the Carnal Storm.

Gates of Acheron
Gates of Acheronmore_vert
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Gates of Acheron 2014-10-02T02:40:04+00:00close

I'm working on a Nine Hells coloring book. Yeah.... you read that correctly.

Troll Bridge WIP
Troll Bridge WIPmore_vert
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Troll Bridge WIP 2014-10-02T00:46:05+00:00close

Here is a work in progress.

Kappa Ninja
Kappa Ninjamore_vert
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Kappa Ninja 2014-09-30T04:50:53+00:00close

At the end of the story featuring the Sanguine Hand ninja, there was an encounter with four kappa ninja.

Sanguine Hand Ninja
Sanguine Hand Ninjamore_vert
Post file flag
Sanguine Hand Ninja 2014-09-29T22:35:08+00:00close

The finished version of the Sanguine Hand ninja. These hobgoblins served as the first villains of the Path Less Traveled. Perhaps they shall make a future appearance.

Sanguin Hand Ninja Lines
Sanguin Hand Ninja Linesmore_vert
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Sanguin Hand Ninja Lines 2014-09-29T06:06:04+00:00close

A work in progress for the Sanguine Hand ninja.

The Path Less Traveled Party
The Path Less Traveled Partymore_vert
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The Path Less Traveled Party 2014-09-23T00:21:06+00:00close

As I have all four of the characters drawn, I threw them together in a fun "cover piece."

Famished Queen redux
Famished Queen reduxmore_vert
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Famished Queen redux 2014-09-22T19:40:28+00:00close

After it was pointed out that the Famished Queen beared a resemblance to a character from Magic: The Gathering, I altered her head dress. Now, she is totally my own!

The Famished Queen
The Famished Queenmore_vert
Post file flag
The Famished Queen 2014-09-21T01:31:11+00:00close

This is a villain I have planned for the Path Less Traveled

Untitled 2014-09-19T17:04:02+00:00

And a special "Thank You" goes to Tear Ann Lynn for becoming my newest Patron!

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Untitled 2014-09-18T22:50:47+00:00close

The most excellent Justin Andrew Mason created this logo for the Path Less Traveled!

Post file flag
Bjornhelm 2014-09-18T04:09:35+00:00close

This is the final, colored Bjornhelm illustration. With him done, all of the four main characters from the Path Less Traveled have "iconic" pieces of art.

Bjornhelm Lines
Bjornhelm Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
Bjornhelm Lines 2014-09-17T05:03:53+00:00close

This is the line work for the iconic Bjornhelm piece. I hope to have the colors done for this in another day or so. Bjornhelm is the jotunnar member of the party in The Path Less Traveled.

Imperia Final
Imperia Finalmore_vert
Post file flag
Imperia Final 2014-09-15T16:35:03+00:00close

Here is the final colored version of Imperia form The Path Less Traveled.

Post file flag
Untitled 2014-09-15T04:39:32+00:00close

Here is the finished iconic Imperia.

Imperia WIP
Imperia WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Imperia WIP 2014-09-13T03:51:20+00:00close

Here is a rough draft for my iconic Imperia piece.

Untitled 2014-09-12T15:00:23+00:00

Thank you, James Lewis, for becoming a patron!

Path Less Traveled #10 WIP
Path Less Traveled #10 WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Path Less Traveled #10 WIP 2014-09-12T14:55:30+00:00close

I'm working on a new page for the Path Less Traveled. IN this page, we flashback to the days of our wyrd machinesmith Imperia discussing why she hates traditional spellcasters. She tried going several traditional routes, as a child, but found that they did not meet her fine sensibilities. While drawing this, I became inspired to do a spin-off series all about Imperia in her days as a magical schoolgirl. My roommate also gave her a funny nickname that I think I'm going to have to make into a tshirt or button.

Untitled 2014-09-11T21:48:33+00:00

And a special "Thank you" goes out to Mike Lafferty for becoming my first Patron!


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