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May Base-Pack [$1]
May Base-Pack [$1]more_vert
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May Base-Pack [$1] 2020-05-17T23:15:45+00:00close

The new basepack is out on discord now, it will be sent on the end of the month! I really hope you like it <33

You can access this base right now on my Discord server~

Media (1)

Monster_girl_XL.png (7.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #20053470 - 18 May 20 00:10
Wow!!!! It's gorgeous!!!
April Base-Pack [$1]
April Base-Pack [$1]more_vert
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April Base-Pack [$1] 2020-04-27T19:00:58+00:00close

The new basepack is out on discord now, it will be sent out in a couple of days! I really hope you like it <33

You can access this base right now on my Discord server~

Media (1)

April_showers_Base.png (3.7MiB)

Lumils Book [P.1]: Woodelf
Lumils Book [P.1]: Woodelfmore_vert
Lumils Book [P.1]: Woodelf 2020-04-18T05:53:05+00:00close

An excerpt from Lumils book gives you some infos on wood elves- and free bases! <3

This is a little extra basepack for you! I had a lot of fun creating the bases as well as the layout!! I really hope you can get some good use out of it, the basepack meant for this month is still coming soon as well <3

The same rules apply as with the other basepacks and I really hope you like it and can make good use of it <33

Media (1)

Woodelf-entry.png (5.4MiB)

Attachments (1)

Transparentfile_Woodelf.png (247.6KiB)

March Base-Pack [$1+]
March Base-Pack [$1+]more_vert
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March Base-Pack [$1+] 2020-03-27T23:11:11+00:00close

The new basepack is out on discord now, I'm really sorry this was kinda late! But I really hope you like it <33

You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~

Media (1)

Fairy_Blossom.png (3.3MiB)

Patreon Requests!
Patreon Requests!more_vert
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Patreon Requests! 2020-03-10T20:13:24+00:00close

Heey there > v <

Here are the latest Patreon requests! Do NOT use them if these aren't your characters!! I sent every patron their character separately ~

I wanted to go for a softer theme and include blossoms in every one of them, I'm really in spring mood currently * w *

Thank you you so much for giving me the chance to play around with your characters! <33

Media (1)

arcane_requests_-_Kopie.png (1.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #20053470 - 10 Mar 20 23:12
So beautiful!!! 🥰
Little extra F2U Base ~
Little extra F2U Base ~more_vert
Little extra F2U Base ~ 2020-03-05T13:31:21+00:00close

I made this base for the latest free adoptable batch and I thought you guys could get some use out of it! <33

This time there is also a .png version available since it's so simple! Remember that the base rules still apply ~

Media (1)

baby_base_-_Kopie.png (298.4KiB)

Attachments (2)

Base_f2u.png (43.4KiB)
Base_f2u.psd (219.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #20053470 - 5 Mar 20 19:57
This doll is sooooo cute!!!! I absolutely love this one. 💜 Tyyy!!!
user avatar
Lumilium - 6 Mar 20 15:57
thank you so much, thats so kind > w < <3
February Base-Pack [$1+]
February Base-Pack [$1+]more_vert
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February Base-Pack [$1+] 2020-02-09T12:15:18+00:00close

The new basepack is out now and this time it includes TWO bases in the expense of more add-ons, since that is what the higher tiers voted for > w < I really hope you like how it came out and make some good use out of it! <33

You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~

Media (1)

Arcane_Duo.png (3.5MiB)

January Base-Pack [$1+]
January Base-Pack [$1+]more_vert
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January Base-Pack [$1+] 2020-01-14T21:34:21+00:00close

The new basepack is out since yesterday if you didn't see it! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it > v <

You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~

Media (1)

Pudgy_Angel.png (1.3MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #28378008 - 16 Jan 20 00:12
Will you have a png version of the base?
user avatar
Lumilium - 16 Jan 20 03:43
It's currently only available in a .psd or .sai version ^^" But you can open .psd file im Gimp, which is a free programm!
user avatar
User #11626687 - 17 Mar 20 02:00
how come i cant acsess any of these? ;;
Announcement of Tier Changes! 2020-01-01T05:44:51+00:00

Heey there everyone and happy new year > w <

I really hope you all got safely into the new year and are ready to make some nice new memories! I wanted to announce some changes that will start from this month on this Patreon!

As you can see there is a new Patreon Tier available, it's for all of you who are interested in getting access to the request box and get different kind of random art from me of your characters. I had a hard time giving all of the angelic beans their request rewards in the last months since the demand was higher than I expected, but I will definitely finish up the ones that are still due and then have the requests only available for the new arcane beans ! There will be one guaranteed request each second month, if not more when your character really inspires me or I have more time to sketch around > v <)b

If there are still questions about the Tier, don't hesitate to ask me!

There is also another reward added to the ・angelic beans・ Tier, which is to participate in a monthly free Patreon batch! This means I will make a free adoptable batch exclusively for ・angelic beans・ and ・arcane beans・ to choose a design from. It's first come first serve so I will try to give you good updates when it will come out so everyone has a good chance to get a character!

Otherwise I wanted to point out some small things! I will only bring out one basepack per month, that means if someone buys a custom basepack on the Discord Server like last month, that will be the only basepack coming out that month. I really wanted to give you the regular basepack plus the custom one, but I couldn't make it so I don't want to make empty promises that two are coming ; w ;

Also I recently got my hands on a new webcam and I plan to start doing small art streams with mic and webcam on Twitch and Picarto! I'm so excited since I planned this for a long time and took so much time to make the layout look pretty so I hope you'll enjoy it as well > ^ <

Alright I think that is everything important that needed to be said! I'm always open to questions <3

Luv you guys so much aaaaaa <3

Patreon Requests!
Patreon Requests!more_vert
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Patreon Requests! 2019-12-16T21:02:35+00:00close

Heey there > v <

Here are some Patreon requests I made, I decided to post them here as well! Do NOT use them if these aren't your characters!! I sent every patron their character separately ~

The requests rules will change next month so if you want one and aren't a Patron already, stay tuned for next months update post!!

Thank you <33

Media (1)

christmas_chibis_-_Kopie.png (3.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12291806 - 16 Dec 19 21:05
Thank you so much!! <3
user avatar
User #19790823 - 16 Dec 19 21:52
I love mine so much thank you!!
December Base-Pack [$1+]
December Base-Pack [$1+]more_vert
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December Base-Pack [$1+] 2019-12-08T03:30:18+00:00close

Heey there uwu
This is a custom basepack for Off-off this month! She got it through my Patreon Discord currency system > v <)7

I really like that system because it allows active patrons to get extra rewards by simply being active, so if you're interested in that, consider joining the Discord server!

You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~

Media (1)

Angelic_Base.png (1.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
Lumilium - 24 Jan 20 22:31
Yea I got kind of mixed up last month about the basepacks since this was a custom one but don't worry, I will include it in this months reward message! You can find the basepacks on the discord server in the category Lumils Corner and in the channel patreon-bases! There is a downloadable .psd file there ^-^
user avatar
User #26964476 - 24 Jan 20 09:44
Huhuuu~ I have not received this basic package yet and I wanted to ask where I can find the basic packages on discord? <3
November Basepack [$1+] 2/2
November Basepack [$1+] 2/2more_vert
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November Basepack [$1+] 2/2 2019-11-18T15:18:04+00:00close

Helluuu owo
This is the second base pack for this month, and it's a lil cyclops space warrior wanting to kick some butt!
You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~

And thank you guys so much for all the support and activity, we've reached 30 Patrons in the last days and I'm so thrilled because of all the nice words, interactions and experiences with you! I'm so happy I made that discord server because chatting and having fun with you is worth so much to me and I'm really grateful q w q <33

Media (1)

Space_Cyclops.png (4.4MiB)

November Base-Pack [$1+] 1/2
November Base-Pack [$1+] 1/2more_vert
Post file flag
November Base-Pack [$1+] 1/2 2019-11-04T17:01:59+00:00close

Heey there > v <
This is the first base pack for this month, I figured because people really wanted hair and clothing options that I will this prepared basepack as a little extra and give you one with more pretty stuff a little alter this month!
You can access this base right now on my Discord server or you wait until the end of the month when I send out the basepacks ~
Hope you have an awesome day <333

Media (1)

Crying_Oni.png (1.3MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #6924983 - 4 Nov 19 23:52
Ahhh this is the cutest thing ever!!!! Can't wait to make some cuties!
user avatar
User #20053470 - 15 Nov 19 06:16
Adorable!!! 💜
user avatar
User #20053470 - 15 Nov 19 21:29
Where do I download this at? ♥♥♥
user avatar
Lumilium - 15 Nov 19 21:44
You can access it right now on the Discord server in the category "Lumils Corner" in the channel " Patreon Bases" ! Otherwise it'll be send out at the end of the month ^-^ <3
user avatar
User #20053470 - 16 Nov 19 00:23
Oh ok! Thank youuuu! ♥
user avatar
User #18355707 - 12 Nov 19 22:52
I'm very sorry If I am missing something but I joined the discord, I can't figure out how to find the base download. I apologize again, I am very new to discord.
October Base-Pack [1$+ Tier]
October Base-Pack [1$+ Tier]more_vert
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October Base-Pack [1$+ Tier] 2019-10-09T22:08:17+00:00close

The first polished base-pack is revealed for this month! I really hope you like it <3

Make sure to pledge to the 1$-Tier and join the Discord Server to access it right away! Otherwise it will be send out at the end of the month!

Media (1)

monster_guirl_-_Kopeeie.png (308.5KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #18319600 - 15 Dec 19 15:57
Love this! I do not see this one in the discord server o: Is it no longer available?
user avatar
Lumilium - 15 Dec 19 16:16
thank you > v < Patrons will be able to purchase it again very soon!
user avatar
User #20053470 - 15 Nov 19 21:45
Love these. I love all your art. ♥
user avatar
Lumilium - 15 Nov 19 21:45
Thank you so much, I'm really happy to hear that ; w ; <33

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